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Company Info:

Rating: 1.40

Address: 10919 J St, Omaha, NE, 68137

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    Comments (5):

    1. Matt H.
    I wish I could give the Econolodge in Omaha a half-star, but Yelp won't let me so I am forced to award it an undeserved entire star.   The place smelled like an armpit and the service was non existent.  I was in town for the College World Series and spent most of the time drinking so my expectations and requirements were low.  For a weekend sports trip I have three simple standards: The cleanliness of a slightly above average college dorm room, a delicious breakfast, and a pool for curing my hangovers.  
    Despite my minor requirements, the Econolodge failed.  I cannot blame them for the pool because my friend booked the hotel room and he approached this simple task with the aplomb of a dancing brontosaurus.  The breakfast was crap, and normally this would be fine as long as it was minimally edible, but hotels need to make up the difference with good newspapers and decent orange juice.  USA Today doesn't cut the mustard and the orange juice tasted like what orange juice pee would probably taste like.  The room was clean by my bedroom's standards but filthy by hotel standards.  The TV sucked, too.  I'm surprised it didn't have knobs.

    Screw this place.  If you take a trip to the CWS you have two realistic options.  Pay a decent price for a decent hotel, or find a homely local girl and sleep at her crib.  Don't go cheap on this one folks.  Not in Omaha.

    14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Pat M.
    I had been pleasantly surprised by the last econolodge I stayed at so I decided to give this one a shot.  It was a bad decision. The place did in fact smell like am armpit.  The comforter was stained and falling apart. The mini fridge didn't close all the way. There was no alarm clock. there was no fitted sheet and the one they used barely covered the top of the mattress. Oh and the lights and tv used every single outlet except for the one outside the bathroom. Yuck.

    17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Photo L.
    If I were able to give this place zero stars, that is what I would give them.  Before I get too much into it all, the appeal of this place is obviously the price.  It is very cheap.  If you have no expectations, then this place will work just fine.   To be clear though, you can't have ANY expectations.  Not low, ZERO. Or if you do have expectations, expect it to suck.  When we arrived, we were told the pool that they advertise so nicely online was "out of service."  So there's that.  Then we were given room 113.  There is nothing wrong with that until it gets to be about 6:00 in the morning and you're woke up by all the folks out there eating their free breakfast that is located right outside your room.  So yeah, there are certain rooms that you can forget about getting to sleep in.  The walls are paper thin and you can hear every word of what people who are up and eating breakfast are saying.  The rooms themselves are gross.  The sheet on the bed isn't even fitted so it quickly gets totally messed up under you and is really wrinkled and uncomfortable.  The refrigerator that they give you, if it works, is so loud when turned on you'd think there was a simi in your room.   The bathroom was disgusting.  I think they clean them once a year.  Then came the most unpleasant part.  I ended up leaving a day sooner and went to ask for a refund for the day I would not be staying there.  They kept telling me that they had not charged me at all yet so they just wouldn't charge me for the last night when I check out.  However, they HAD charged me when I checked in.  I had the receipt and then money had been taken out of my checking account.  I had all the proof there in front of them and they still neglected at first to believe me-implying that I was trying to be shady.  When it finally became clear that I had been charged, they told me they would give me a refund.  So I accepted this and we left.  I checked my account the next day.  Not only did they NOT refund me, they charged me for TWO more additional days.  So I stayed there 2 nights and was charged for 5.  Yeah! Seriously, that's what they did.  So they are cheap, but they are also shady, dishonest, thieves, and their customer service skills are nonexistent.  I am supposed to get a call back from their manager today.  We'll see how they try to make the situation right again if they do at all.  Regardless, don't ever stay here. Ever  if you don't have any other choice, I'd still recomend that your stay in your car.

    I did not recieve a call back from the manager at the time I was told that I would.  I checked back in with them and was told that they had no way of finding the manager.  That sure is reasuring.  They also hung up on me.  So that is the type of service you will recieve if there is a problem, and I promise you-there will be a problem if you stay there.  NEVER stay at this place.

    19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Kelly V.
    Worst, sketchiest most unenjoyable experience ever. In a frenzy to find a place for the night, shame shame shame on me for not reading the reviews. Do NOT recommend this place for even my worst enemy.

    Awful - dirty and smokey smelling - we have backpacked and gotten into some dodgy situations but none compare to this place.

    The only positive thing I have to say is that I didn't see any bugs.

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Bob W.
    If you stay here I would recommend that you MapQuest or use a GPS. One wrong turn and you will find yourself on the Freeway. I did.

    My room was OK, remember you get what you pay for. There was problem with water backing up on the ground floors and there was a slight musty smell. My bed was OK and everything in the room worked. Breakfast was in a large hallway next to the office coffee breads and waffles. There was several coin operated washing machines near by.

    At the time of my stay Econo Lodge used stamps for their bonus program, at check out they were out of stamps. The desk clerk said they will mail the stamps. I was a little worried but gave them my address. When I arrived home several days later the stamps along with a note was waiting.

    07/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0