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Home2 Suites By Hilton in Omaha, NE

Home2 Suites By Hilton in Omaha, NE

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.33

Address: 17889 Chicago St, Omaha, NE, 68118

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    Comments (3):

    1. Layne R.
    This hotel has some good potential, but it might take a little time to reach it. To be fair, we were there on a very busy weekend (NCAA tournament was in town, not why wee were there though) and that might have played a role in some of the issues I have with the place, but not all of them.  

    For starters, the hotel is in a growing area so there isn't a ton of stuff in the immediate area though there is an outdoor mall just up the street. Getting in and out isn't the best as right now there is construction in the area and there isn't super direct access to the hotel from the 180th & Dodge exit. Getting to 180th to go to Dodge is easy but you can't take that same way off of 180th, which is a little annoying. But otherwise the area is fine.

    When we arrived at the hotel shortly after check in started, we immediately noticed laundry spread out all over a long table that was the very first thing you see. Um... not a great first impression. We found the front desk and there was nobody at it at the moment. A woman was talking to a young shirtless man that clearly got out of the pool recently over at the "market" area and once we got to the counter and stood there a second, she greets us from where she is standing and talking to the guy and then comes over to help us. That would be fine if she was helping this guy with something and he was a resident but he continued to mill about the lobby and halfway through our check in process he interrupts her and calls her by name to ask if he can have a coffee or something from over by what was the breakfast area, like he was asking permission from his friend who works there... It was pretty obvious that he was with the woman working the front desk and not a guest and was there just hanging out (and now getting attention over us, the customers). Not great. We finished up and headed to our room.

    So checking in wasn't a great first step. We get our stuff and head to our room.  The room was pretty nice and had a lot to offer. First up, the room (Queen studio or something along those lines) has a pretty extensive kitchenette (apartment sized fridge with freezer, microwave/convection oven, kitchen sink with disposal, dishwasher, and a supply of plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils. Nice!  From there you have a desk with pull out desk/table for more space, the TV on top of a cabinet and set of drawers, another length of counter space and then a closet space. On the opposite wall, from the entry you have the bathroom, living room space with a couch and ottoman, and the queen bed (there is a curtain to separate the living and bed areas if you want). The window has a blackout shade that does the job well and a privacy shade if you don't need total darkness.  

    The bed was pretty darn comfortable and pillows, while just having 3, were more than enough. I am picky about pillows and this one was really good. The AC in the room has a thermostat which is nice and I think was motion activated so when you left for the day it returned to a warmer setting but the moment you got back in would drop back to where you set it. The room was comfortable and provided a good night's sleep (the first night... more on that in a minute).

    The wifi took a minute to get worked out (I had to open internet explorer instead of firefox to get it to go where it needed to get running) but was fine. The TV is large and high quality. The bathroom is nice. Hot water in the shower took a little time.  Bathroom has a sliding door which I've had elsewhere and not liked but here it had a lock which was the biggest issue I've had with it in other places. The handle to slide it though is small and not necessarily decided for adult human fingers...  

    Breakfast area isn't big so i was expecting disappointment but actually it turned out to be a nice plus. They have a pretty solid selection for a standard continental breakfast. They have the prerequisite waffle station but had lots of topping options to go with it.  also had cereal and oatmeal area but also had lots of things you could add to it to dress it up. They had prepackaged breakfast sandwiches (like you'd get at a gas station) to microwave which were really pretty tasty. They had biscuits and gravy as well. Breakfast was a win.

    So other than the first impression, we were pretty happy.  One room complaint:  There is a light in the kitchen that is on a motion sensor that comes on if you get up to pee in the middle of the night. You can turn it off once it is on but not keep it from coming on to start with. I want it to stay dark! This needs a fix!

    Other issue, thin walls & bath vent direct to adjacent room? Our second night we had a group of teen girls being loud until 1 am. The walls suddenly seemed thin (maybe they were just that loud) and the vent allowed me to hear their convo in the bathroom CLEARLY.  Yelled at them and it was fine. Not hotel's fault but looks like they comp'd that night w/o me asking (yay)

    Would stay again, need fix the motion light though

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Kimberly Y.
    Rooms are large, clean, modern, plenty of power outlets. Fast, reliable wifi. The fitness center is the best I've ever had in a hotel. Friendly, helpful front desk staff. Located in a nice part of town.

    Very unimpressive breakfast. When I checked in they sent me to a room that hadn't been serviced but made up for it with a free upgrade. There are always people smoking right outside the front entrance.

    06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Christopher G.
    My first time staying staying at a Home2 Suite.  Definately very friendly staff and a good breakfast.  The bed was very comfortable and the room setup was very cool.  Definately would stay at one if I needed a longer stay... I like cooking for myself and a full fridge, dishes, and other items added to the potential.  This is a new building and noticed some "punch list" items that might need to be addressed.  Also, the water was either off or used for the first time at my stay... made horrible racket for 5 minutes when I first turned it on.  If I'm in Omaha again I would definately stay here again.

    08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0