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Hotel Deco XV in Omaha, NE

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.50

Address: 1504 Harney St, Omaha, NE, 68102

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    Comments (28):

    1. Myra R.
    My husband stayed here in mid-September when there was a promotional deal on expedia where a two night stay earns you a third night free.  We were excited since it was in the downtown area and the hotel had been completely remodeled.  Upon our arrival we noticed you have to use the valet service for your car but here is the great part.  It's free!  That's right I said free. The lobby and hotel was donned in modern decor which was a nice change from all the other hotels in Omaha.  The high points about this hotel are the multiple shower heads and comfy bed.  Hotel Deco's bed was one of the best hotel beds I have slept in and they had plenty of pillows to use.  As for the shower heads, you didn't just have you standard above your head shower head but multiple ones going along the wall.  If you had them all going and your back faced towards them you got a full upper body massage.  HELLO!  A good way to end your day.  

    You are probably wondering why I only gave Deco four stars instead of five with all my glowing comments.  Well come Friday night and time for sleepy time, my husband and I could hear all the bar patrons down below having a grand ol' time.  The windows aren't double paned and I can't imagine what winter months will be like without this added feature to the windows.  Guests will be turning up the heat and the hotel will be spending up the ass for heat.  Other than that , I hope to convince my husband to stay there again even with the noise issue cause I can't say no to that bed, location, and shower heads.

    26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Topo T.
    Not worth the money.  It looks well renovated on the surface, then you discover how poorly done it really is when the bathroom floor floods when you shower, the hair dryer doesn't work, the room safe doesn't work, there is no coffee maker in your room, the mini-refrigerator is empty, etc. etc.  Went to the lounge for a pre-dinner cocktail, but it was filled with small, rambunctious children.

    Your stay will be more comfortable for the money at a nearby downtown hotel such as Double Tree, Marriott, or Hilton.

    02/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Danny H.
    To be clear, I've only been in the lobby. I'm meeting a client here to repair his iPhone, however this lobby is insanely cool. For someone who regularly stays in Sheraton, Marriott, & Embassy, this is a refreshing change. Modern, upscale, and cut totally out of a swanky New York feel. Touché!

    To be clear, I've only been in the lobby. I'm meeting a client here to repair his iPhone, however this lobby is insanely cool. For someone who regularly stays in Sheraton, Marriott, & Embassy, this is a refreshing change. Modern, upscale, and cut totally out of a swanky New York feel. Touché!

    16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. OldIrvingPoodle H.
    You may think super vintage when u walk in and see the lobby, then the elevators. But when u get into your room...u will be happy. Large bathroom with two sinks. Complimentary valet parking with a shuttle. Service was so great (Victoria, Ivory, Tyrone, Chase) - I learned everyone's name. Con: strange noises from the pipes kept me up one night.

    08/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Jonathan W.
    I came into Omaha for a wedding and decided to give this boutique hotel a chance.  Outstanding service.  The room was very clean and modern.  Discovered this was a historic hotel site after arriving.  Within walking distance to downtown so your close to everything Omaha has to offer.  

    The prices were very competitive for a "boutique" hotel .  

    I would stay here again.

    28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Chris R.
    Not bad old gone new and contemporary. Lobby bar is nothing more than that but the Zin Room is very nice. Overall good service, neat, clean.

    30/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Kirs P.
    Two words: Free Wi-Fi.

    There is nothing more annoying that traveling on business, getting to your hotel, and being asked to fork over $19.95 for the privilege of using the hotel's crappy wi-fi. At least I get to charge it on my corporate AmEx, but still. It's the principal of the thing.

    Loved getting into my beautifully decorated room, with super comfy bed, and really awesome shower, logging into my computer and seeing the hotel's Wi-Fi ready for use. Without forking over a credit card.

    If I ever have to come to the lovely city of Omaha again- I'll definitely stay at the Deco.

    10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Carol K.
    Beautiful. I wish my grandfather was alive to see his beautiful building still magnificent.

    04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Matthew W.
    Before getting too carried away let me qualify my 5 stars is especially for the price I paid... Still an easy 4.5 at market rate. I had never been to Omaha and a friend told me about the Old Market area in downtown.  I set the navi and headed that way with no idea where I would sleep that night.  For the first time I used The Negotiator (Priceline) to locate Hotels.  Have to admit I thought it was Hokey but the iPad 3G made it with the search.

    Heres where it gets good... Facing East dodging the blazing lowering western sun I pulled over in a strategic searching spot.  Dawning the 3G, Priceline had a deal not 75 ft from Hotel Deco.  It looked really cool, kind of old but clearly renovated with a themed "Deco" motif.  

    Searching P Line they had Deco at $100.  Hmmm seems pretty good especially being 3 short blocks from Old Market where I could grab some atmosphere and my first meal of the day (dinner).  I went inside and to my disappointment my best business rate for that Tuesday night was $200.  You know what's next... Dude seriously do I need to go across the  street and have some character actor from Star Treck  get me a better deal.  The dest clerk said yes and I did... $ YES,, $100 from across the street $200 at the door.  

    I could get attitude about my extra step to book the room at the best price from a remote location, but if you ARE YOU LISTENING.  I booked the cheapest 2 queen room since it was just me for the $100.  The great lady at the desk said hey I have a King if you want... Even better!  The room was SPOTLESS/ Emaculate and frankly really cool.  The Shower was the best I have ever experienced and I have a full spa multi nozzle shower in my master bath.  I started to photo the shower but realized an  unforeseen reflection my distract from my review.

    I did not go to the bar or Zin so let others review that for you..  I will not search elsewhere on my next visit to Omaha as long as The Negotiator has my back..

    10/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Stef W.
    Built in the 1920s with most of the original material in lobby, Deco is one of the few if not only historic hotels in Nebraska. Lobby would make as a great meeting spot for clients, interviews, etc.

    We got a good deal on Priceline--$94 per night.

    It's well renovated, but the shower did leak onto the bathroom floor & the toilet clogged & had to be plunged. However, it was built in 1920s, so those may be expected things you have to prepair yourself for.

    Despite this, the shower fixture was the BEST shower fixture I've experienced in a while. The shower head was excellent & I spent a few extra minutes in there just because it was so great. I want to buy one like it for my house!

    Room Service was slow, but staff was pleasant.

    The restaurant--The Zin Room--was very, very good and a delectable, gourmet treat. Tons of wine & signature cocktails. Bacon wrapped dates were my fav.

    Good location next to the Orpheum Theater.

    Wished the hot tub worked during my stay. I never asked why it wasn't working, so perhaps it will one day...

    There was no coffee maker, but they have free Starbucks & tea in the lobby.


    30/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Shelley G.
    WOW! I was here about a month ago and the service was great. Now, the service is awful. The hostess at the front are drinking out of styrofoam cups and eating cookies while ignoring most patrons entering the establishment. The live music is patronizing. The service is despicable and complacent.  The attempt at appealing decor is truly the only thing remotely redeeming, but the more I sit here I realize that the atmosphere is completely contrived and designed only to distract from the substandard service. Really and truly disappointing. And, if you drive a vehicle larger than a sedan you are charged $12 for parking so your car "doesn't get dinged." As if this weren't bad enough, we woke up the next morning to order room service and all the phones went straight to voicemail for an hour! We eventually had to walk our order down to the front office.

    10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Rose L.
    I would give it five, but BF would give it three, so I will compromise.  This is in a book of historic hotels, so it has lots of character and history.  My kind of place!  I don't think either of us had complaints about ambiance and decor.  Stunning all around!  

    We had two issues, one major.  Minor one first.  When we asked for late checkout (30 minutes), we were told they had a large party checking in and they really needed us out at noon.  Really???  The excuse was that "the girls" needed to clean.  After a conversation with the manager, we got our late checkout.  The other issue was with the valet.  BF's BMW was backed into a spot by a valet and the bumper was scraped.  He chose not to address this, as most definitely they would have denied it.  However, BF is impeccable with the beamer, and he notices every nick and scratch, and he keeps it squeaky clean.  In fact, the first thing we did when we got to Omaha was wash it, so he saw the scuff free bumper then.  Also, he never ever backs into anywhere.  The bad thing is, this hotel has nothing but valet parking, unless you can find a spot on the street, and that's all metered parking.  This was the fault of the very careless valet.  No bueno.  Oh, one more issue for me.  No free wifi.  Dang!  Why do upscale places charge for it?  Oh well.  

    Otherwise, this place is really nice.  Decor is contemporary but compliments the aged character.  The shower has a rain head and four massage jets that shoot out from the wall. I had to tack an extra ten minutes onto my getting-ready time to enjoy it.  Toiletries are nicely scented, noise level is acceptable, and I can run the fan constantly.  Linens are all white and high quality cotton.  No in-room coffee, though.  I like making my own but here you have to order room service.  A nice lounge and restaurant are located off the lobby.  I didn't try it, but it looks good.  

    This is within walking distance of Old Market.

    27/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Captain C.
    Hotel Deco is a well-situated hotel in downtown Omaha, near decent dining and evening entertainment. However, what sets the hotel apart is the friendliness and willingness to help from the entire staff.

    During my stay, my rental car battery died overnight. The next morning, it was an all-hands effort to locate jumper cables and get me on my way. Everyone involved was glad to help and I couldn't have asked for more.

    Any hotel staff that pitches in like this early in the morning is a group of people that will make your visit as comfortable as possible.

    11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Trudy F.
    Very contemporary, crisp and clean decor. Was disappointed no bathtub at first, but then i saw their incredible multi head shower.  The staff was very warm and friendly, offering great dining and shopping choices, and shuttling us to and from in their black Mercedes.  Morning coffee service was delivered complimentary on time.  No, this hotel is not quiet.  Outdoor road noise is significant, but that's the price you pay for a great location.  Request room far from elevators.  The constant dinging could be heard above the quiet hum of the HVAC system.  Lovely hotel and a great first visit to Omaha.

    26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Shelby G.
    Love the hotel which is why I decided to have my bridal party and I get ready there the day of our wedding. What a nightmare. I booked the hotel months in advance to ensure we would have the room we wanted and paid extra for early check in. Early check in was at noon. Which was when out hair and makeup people arrived. The day of the wedding they had double booked rooms, luckily we still got ours, but we weren't able to check in until close to 12:30. 30 minutes on your wedding day is a lifetime when you have things scheduled back to back. My mom had scheduled for the shuttle to take my husband and I to the airport the next morning for our honeymoons, which was late and we almost missed our flight to Hawaii. I've tried reaching the manager since this fiasco and have yet to hear a response. Our wedding was two months ago. What terrible customer service, management and display of professionalism. Even though its a pretty hotel, I will never stay here again or recommend it to anyone.

    09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Jon S.
    This hotel looks great on the website, and does have an amazing location. I can't stress that enough, because if you aren't picky and location is the end all for you, this is the place. Be warned though, it isn't the awesome little boutique hotel it looks like online.

    When we were checking in, they were having a wedding rehearsal that took up the entire downstairs, with cheap black curtains strung up on plumbing pipes, cutting off the lobby and making it look like we were checking into a flophouse. Jammed in, it took forever for the staff to get around to checking us in. Once we were in, there were water stains on our ceiling, a missing fire detector, and almost nothing in the mini fridge (a bottle of water and a can of juice). I don't mind the all-grey decor, but don't look too close. Shoddy craftsmanship and cheap accessories abound.

    Maybe the staff or the car service the others have mentioned are great - I wouldn't know, didn't see any staff and wasn't told about the car service. Our room wasn't huge, and overlooked a construction site. Our friends were booked on a different floor, even though we made the reservations under the same name.

    The worst part is that we made reservations and they charged us on the day we made the reservations. When we actually stayed there, a month later, they charged us again. No problem, right? Just call them up and fix it. Wrong. The general manager, Tony, told us to "dispute it with the credit card company" and he'd agree to the dispute. Well, he didn't. So five months later I'm still trying to get my money back for a day I was never there, at a place I didn't like. Ugh. Stay away from this dirty, cheap, poorly run little sham of hotel.

    28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. Heather Z.
    It was a comfortable hotel. I was disappointed however. My mother booked a room for us for my Birthday and we expected more based on what AAA, and the ads told us. First, the hot tub was out of order. The dry sauna was out of order. Then the bar was closed since it was a Tuesday. They did not tell us that the bar was closed that night but only open on Wed through Saturdays. I have never stayed at a hotel that didn't have a bar open at least 6 days a week. It seemed odd since it was nearing the Thanksgiving holiday.
    Our room was large and comfortable. The beds were comfortable, and the staff was professional. That was the plus side to this hotel. But I would strongly suggest, call before you stay there. If you want some ammenities that they suggest, make sure they are working before your stay. My mother was rather sad that the hotel was not quite what they advertised. For the price of the room, it really was too bad that our stay was just okay.

    29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. Amy R.
    Just finished a stay in Omaha with one night at Hotel Deco XV and really enjoyed it.  Looked at prices for one other hotel in the downtown area and they were the same so I thought a 'boutique' hotel would be fun.  
    The décor is really really deco from the white leather Barcelona chairs to the velvety deep gray sofas, the lobby, the rooms and all parts of this hotel are deco-ed out.  My friend wanted to buy Marilyn Monroe wigs and do the spin, spin, spin thing in the lobby.
    Service was phenomenal from the desk staff to the valet and the room service gal...everyone was nice, nice, nice.
    We happened to catch the end (hopefully) of Omaha's monsoon season so weren't able to get out and about as much as we wanted but got to the Old Market and had to drink for hours just to avoid the rain.

    23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Amanda R.
    Hotel Deco looks great on paper.  I booked this place about a month before our anniversary weekend and we could not wait to stay there.  It's surrounded by shops, restaurants, wine bars,breweries, and the orpheum theatre.  All within about a 5 minute walking distance.  
    When we walked in there were black curtains hung sloppily to hide a reception about to happen in the next room.  No big deal really, we made our way to our room. Our bed was just thrown together. The bed skirt was all over the floor and the sheets and comforter were half tucked in, half not. The smoke detector was missing and the wires were just hanging down.  The white ottoman had a large stain on it, so gross.  I looked in the mini fridge and it appeared as though the snacks had just been tossed in there(make note of this).  The fancy patterned wall paper was black and you could see the seams in the paper, it looked cheap.  The best part of this place was the awesome shower head.  One of the best i would say.
    We went to the Zin room next door and the hostess told us to have a seat at the bar for cocktails.  We sat there for quite sometime, and when we looked back there were 3 people at the hostess stand now and no one offered to summon the bartender.  We waited a few more moments and then awkwardly left.

    We basically spent $150 on a prime location.  The day after we checked out a $3 charge showed up on my card.  Out of curiosity I called and asked what it was for.  I was told we took 2 bottles of water out of the mini fridge.  I explained how it looked rummaged through and told the lady we had not taken anything.  She said she would speak to her supervisor, the charge was never removed.  I assume they need that three dollars to put toward smoke detectors so they'll be within guidelines.  

    Not going here again, ever.

    18/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Jeff G.
    worst hotel I've ever stayed at. housekeeping sucks and the service is awful   the drivers are awesome but the front desk people are no help. we we're waiting 45 minutes for a shuttle that the front desk workers forgot to send out. when they "clean" the room all they do is make the bed.

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Chelsie P.
    This is a pretty schwanky hotel! Very true to the Art Deco namesake. The decor is modern and sleek. White leather chairs and plush grey couches line the entryways. There are chandeliers galore and you enter feeling like Marilyn Monroe. I'll have to go to the Old Market in search of her iconic white dress to complete the experience.

    The rooms are well appointed. Again the grey, white and silver theme can be see throughout. The massive size of the room does dwarf the size of the TV as it is a ways from the bed but that's not a big issue. The bed however IS a BIG issue!

    HELLO CALIFORNIA KING, HIGH THREAD COUNT SHEETS, SQUISHY PILLOWS, AND DOWN COMFORTER!!! How I yearn to be lost in your purity, caressed by quality of your sheets and enveloped in a sea of comfort! I could literally stay here in this very spot forever and be content!

    The bathroom has very clean lines, although a bit small. The multiple head rain shower I'll have to review later in the week. It looks FUN!

    The only caveats I have with the amenities would be the fact there is no coffee maker or a bath tub. I'm a sucker for both... There is something about a relaxing bath to sooth you before retiring for the night and a hot cup of coffee to revive you from your slumber. (The ONLY reason I deducted one star.)

    30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Karen A.
    I LOVE this place! It's the ONLY place I will stay when I come to OMAHA. The staff is always so professional and comforting. They also keep really nice luxury cars on standby for transportation. The sounds of Frank Sinatra can be heard throughout the hotel at times. The decor is so contemporary. I LOVE IT!

    19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Tiffany N.
    Oh man, Hotel Deco is my kind of hotel. The feel is very mid century modern, the rooms are beautifully done, and the staff is so, so friendly.

    They also have a car service that will not only drop you off anywhere in Omaha, you can also call them for a pick-up. And it's free! Drivers can take tips of course.

    They have a morning coffee service and are attached to a restaurant that has regular happy hour, reverse happy hour, and offers room service.

    Speaking of rooms, mine was bigger than a San Francisco apartment. It had an entry way, a small sitting area with two chairs, a desk, and a kitchenette, the bedroom with a king bed, and a nicely updated bathroom.

    Hotel Deco is a lovely place to stay in Omaha and I definitely see myself staying here again on future trips.

    25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Corey D.
    Despite the fact that everything is gray... and I like gray, HDXV was a perfect place to pop my head for a night. The sweet suite upgrade, say that ten times fast, was uber spacious, larger than my one bedroom condo, with more places to sit than I knew what to do with. (I actually tried to sit in every chair before I left, but I couldn't do it... there were that many.)

    The staff up front was lovely. Gave me some great direction about navigating the area, and had I been longer I would have loved to check out the resto which by the looks of the menu is probs pretty tasty.

    14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Ashley S.
    Very disappointed with management.

    I booked an advance purchase for my parents wedding anniversary. Michelle who worked the front desk was AMAZING. I purchased zoo tickets and she was going to place them in their room along with a bottle of champagne. Upon my parents leaving their home my mother fell down the stairs and was rushed to the hospital. I immediately called the hotel and cancelled the reservation. I knew that I paid an advanced deposit on the room but I was hoping the following week I could possible speak to management about a refund, a partial refund, or something that would allow my parents to come another day.

    The manager was never in the office and when I finally spoke to her she really seemed like she wanted to help me. She had me email her a copy of my receipt because she "didn't know how to do a refund on an advance deposit" so she was going to look into it.

    Once my mother received her discharge papers I gathered a copy of that and emailed to her as well. I did not want the hotel to think that we were scamming them because I do work in the same industry.

    I have stayed at Hotel Deco before with some friends and was hoping for the same customer service that I have had in the past. It seems that only the front desk staff is aware of what that means and upper management doesn't understand that responding to a guest promptly is very important in the hospitality industry.

    11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Patrick W.
    I want to give Hotel Deco more than just three stars but I can't.  There are just too many details that are missed that prevent this place from being a great hotel:

    1. The bed in the first room was extremely noisy.  Whether we sat down, rolled over, or stood up, the bed made noise.  As a result, we asked for another room.

    2. The bed was quiet and comfortable in the second room.  Unfortunately, we noticed gouges in the walls and the furniture in both rooms.  I'm suspect that the cleaning staff is not careful when cleaning.  Or perhaps its guest moving stuff around and not paying attention or caring.  Either way, this should be remedied.

    3. The rooms were pretty clean minus the dusty baseboards which also had marks from furniture.

    4. The lobby had a chunk of the plaster missing from the ceiling.  It's probably not something that most notice since the ceiling are so high but, again, it's all about the details.

    5. The wine room off the side of the bar was being used as storage and took away from the ambiance.  

    Despite the issues noted above, the beds and pillows were comfortable.  While I could hear some noise through the walls, it wasn't too bad and I slept well.  I also enjoyed the shower.  The fact that they offer free valet is also nice.  I found the employees to be friendly but none went above and beyond except for the gal working the front desk when we checked out Saturday afternoon.  

    My wife and I live in Omaha so it is rare that we stay in any of the hotels in the area unless it is for a special event as was the case with this stay.  It was our five year anniversary and decided to spend a night out on the town.  All-in-all, it was a good experience though I'm not sure that I'd stay again nor would I recommend unless they begin paying attention to the little things.

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Jennifer S.
    Gosh, I really wanted to give this hotel 5-stars! Here's the reason why I could not: There was a group of 4-5 loud, obnoxiously drunk guys staying in the room next to us. They started being super duper loud around 9PM, but we didn't call to complain because it was still early, and during March Madness, so yeah, we get it. Until we heard them / smelled their cigarettes RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW. My husband looked out, and sure enough, these guys were standing on the ledge, smoking and drinking, and peering into our windows!!!

    We called down to the front desk to politely complain, and they were super receptive and apologetic, and asked us to call them back immediately if there were further issues. Ended up calling back 30 mins later, as the guys were still out there... yelling, smoking, and partying on the ledge right outside our windows.

    Somehow, the staff reprimanded them enough to get them inside their room after our 2nd call. However, then they were just shouting and partying loudly inside, which was almost as loud, until about 11:30pm, when we heard them holler to each other that they were all gonna head to a bar. My husband and I were dead tired at this point (this was actually his surprise birthday "staycation" present, staying the first night away from our 7-month-old, so we don't typically get a lot of sleep anyway!), so we were thankful for the respite and went to sleep.

    At about 1:15AM, the guys very loudly returned and were super loud until 3:30AM. During this time, we called the front desk twice more, and were assured things would be taken care of each time. I think the only reason the matter was "resolved" is because the group of guys finally passed out for the night, not because of the staff's repeated warnings/scoldings.

    At one point, my husband saw a staff member knocking on their door (through our peephole), and watched/listened to the staff member tell the guys that "maybe you guys should go to bed now, because they can hear everything" and pointed directly at OUR ROOM. Uhm, okay... so, that made us feel like we were being unreasonable partypoopers, and the staff was just humoring us!! After that, we didn't bother calling the front desk again.

    We did, however, complain to the front desk as we were checking out, and were told that the night manager, Latavia, would call us later on that day to talk it over. She did call, and was very, very nice. She simply offered to us that next time we stay with them, I should book directly with her and she would give us a good deal. I told her I wasn't sure how much good that would do us, because we don't get away much with a 7-month-old, and that's the WHOLE POINT of this issue... this was supposed to be a special night, but it was ruined by a bunch of loud jerks and a staff that was not heavy-handed enough to kick them out on their drunk bums.

    I get why companies/managers do not want to refund your money, or even give us a percentage off, but doing so probably would have shut me up at least. :-/

    I will say, the loud guys weren't the staff's fault, per se, but their handling of them was beyond poor. And everything else about the hotel is amazing, seriously: The decor is lovely and minimalist and chic; the showers are unique and amaaaaazing; the location is awesome; the breakfast buffet & specialty coffee was yummy; the amenities and services were superb; and the staff was all incredibly friendly and helpful.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. John A.
    Excellent hotel. I travel for business regularly and Hotel Deco had the most comfortable beds and most amazing German showers of any hotel I've ever stayed in. The lobby staff and porters are world class and even bought beer and brought it to my room after hours for a cash tip. The building is old and beautiful, but newly renovated and cool looking inside. Fast elevators. There is a restaurant and workout facility as well. Valet service is incredibly quick.

    Simply put this place is awesome and very comfy. I don't give good reviews unless the place deserves it, we stayed four days and it was consistently awesome. Using Kayak it was a great deal. I've stayed at the Hilton Omaha and prefer Hotel Deco because it is cooler and easier to get in and out of quickly.

    Very near bars and restaurants in Omaha.

    12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0