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Company Info:

Rating: 3.44

Address: 1615 Howard St, Omaha, NE, 68102

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    Comments (70):

    1. Denise C.
    My husband and I recently stayed at this property.  After a long flight we checked into the hotel late in the evening. The hotel looked like it was closing for the night. We did not feel welcome felt like after the party feel. We checked into our room and when we went to put our room key into the door the door was slightly open. The room was completely dark. We thought someone was in the room. It frighten us so my husband called out. No answer. We stumbled to find the light to turn it on. The bed was located upstairs. Odd place! We both had to drag our suitcases up a flight of stairs. Never was told of the odd room layout upon check in. The bathroom tub face was broken in the corner exposing the water pipes.  There were sharp plastic shards on the floor. Very dangerous! The bed looked like someone laid on it. Not made up professionally. The card that appeared on the bed if you wish to order breakfast via room service looked like someone sleep with it! Upon check out the next morning. I stood at the front desk with no acknowledgment from the women behind the desk speaking to someone about some computer issue. She never even looked up from the computer to acknowledge I was there.  I just left the room key on the desk and departed from the hotel never to return ever! This pain and suffering cost close to $200

    19/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Bridget G.
    My husband and booked a room at the Magnolia for an overnight stay in Omaha for our wedding anniversary based on the positive reviews. Unfortunately, our stay in this hotel turned to be one problem after another. We arrived at 2pm, an hour before our scheduled check in and were told that our room would be ready by 3.  My husband and I went to a nearby bistro for a drink and came back at close to 4, only to be told that our room was still not ready and that we would have to wait another hour! After informing them that I paid for a room that was supposed to be ready by 3, they gave us an "executive queen suite" which turned out to be a downgrade from the King corner room I originally requested. Room smelled of mildew and the carpeted floor was soaking wet. My husband went to ask for another room and our original room still wasn't ready! Our only option was to change our clothes and go to dinner while they held our bags hoping that we would get another room! We finally got a room but the only compensation we were given for our crappy experience was a comp for parking and a $50 credit for the lounge restaurant. To add insult to injury, the food at the lounge was HORRID. I had moldy fruit in my 'fresh' fruit plate and my pancakes were rubbery and tasteless. I would not wish this hotel on my worst enemy. Despite this awful hotel experience, my husband and I had a great anniversary and now have something to laugh about every time we think of our worst anniversary experiences.

    27/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Nicole D.
    We saw that this was rated very high for reviews and we got a great rate thru expedia. From the pictures it looked very nice. When we first pulled up it looked run down. we were a little worried, the lobby smelled old. It has been remodeled ALOT. everything has been re-done and looks repainted.  They only reason we may not stay again is because we have a child and it stinks they don't have a pool.
    It was very close to the zoo where we went which was great. Right down the street the old market. They are truly amazing with customer service. I mean on the ball. We normally stay at the hilton or embassy suties so we're used to a little more. They breakfast was okay, we did have to pay for eggs the way we wanted which kind of stinks, i think it should all be free. That is why i love Embassy so much. They make everything for free!
    we may stay here again, they valet for $15 a day unlimited in and out. NOTHING BEATS the milk and cookies everynight from 8-10pm i didn't want to leave the cookies were so good and milk was icy cold!!!

    02/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Deb K.
    Having stayed at the version in Denver, it was an easy choice to book this hotel in Omaha. The staff could not have been more attentive and fresh hot cookies? What's not to like? We had a slight issue on entering our room - sweltering heat. The staff was on it like white on rice, fixed in a jiffy with apologies to spare. Our room was well appointed and overlooked the courtyard, which was host to an evening wedding ceremony below with glimmering lights. It was nothing short of enchanting. The breakfast bar the next morning was well-stocked and there was a nice metropolitan-like buzz in the lobby. This will be my go-to place on my next trip to Omaha.

    30/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Cami R.
    Great hotel great location and super service. Everyone in the bar area was helpful and friendly they even let us order different drinks when the wine we ordered tasted awful ( the bottle had been open a long time). Also my friend that took me there for a weekend away for my birthday even got us a bottle of wine (good vino too boot!) sent to the room on our arrival. My only small complaint would be that the rooms could use some fresh paint, other than that all was fantastic!

    03/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Amy A.
    3 stars because of the bar, happy hour and the friendly staff. Otherwise, things looked like they could use an update throughout. The rooms have small ancient TVs, odd doors to the bathroom lack privacy, I found both the bed and pillows uncomfortable. Probably one of the worst night's sleep I have had in a while, and I have 2 kids under 19 months... The breakfast was so-so, but free.

    This was supposed to be our night to refresh and celebrate our anniversary... a little disappointing.

    31/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Stephen S.
    Stayed here one night recently on a business trip. Was happy to find out that I was upgraded for free to one of their "loft suites," which was very spacious and could have held my whole family had they been with me and in need of a full kitchen and lounging around space. The hotel as a whole seems to aspire to a certain boutique-ness, but falls short on many counts. Examples: 1) there are lots of towels, but they are not close to plush. 2) They have a cookie bar in the evening but the cookies seem to be store bought. 3) The morning breakfast buffet is pretty basic in its offerings. I don't know what the bathrooms are like in the non-loft rooms, but mine had almost zero space to put ones toiletries. The shower lacked any small shelves for soap or shampoo. On the positive side the bed was comfortable and the hotel is well situated for walking to the river and historic part of town with shops, galleries, etc.

    06/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. James H.
    Very friendly staff, great location, shame about the rooms. Not clean and the suites are so not worth there money.

    26/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Christopher C.
    I stayed here when I came to Omaha for the College World Series.  If you are just doing your business or sightseeing in downtown Omaha then you don't need a car.  The hotel is in a perfect location to walk to the Old Market and it isn't a far walk to North Downtown where the sports stadiums and the more modern bars are.  Anyways, if you don't want to walk the hotel will offer a complimentary shuttle to anywhere within a 3 mile radius which is great.  The hotel also offers free wine and beer from 5:30 to 6:30 PM and then free milk and cookies later on during the night.  They also always have water right next to the front desk for the hot Omaha summer days.  All of the staff members were very friendly to me and my friend.  Each room has its own thermostat so you can decide how warm or cool you want the room to be.  I didn't have any of the problems that people with low reviews gave...wifi was fine, there weren't any loud parties, and there really was no smell.

    29/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Dylan G.
    Continuing my tour of most of the finer hotels in Omaha, I spent a night in a Queen Loft Suite at the Magnolia hotel in downtown Omaha this weekend to celebrate the wedding of a friend.

    To summarize quickly (not something I'm known for around these parts), I'd classify the hotel itself as "odd" and the stay as "okay, but nothing to really recommend."

    After booking a room through Hotwire a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to upgrade the room so that we could have a few visitors in the afternoon. Remembering how small the regular rooms were when this was a Sheraton, I contacted one of the hotel's concierges via email.

    The price he quoted me for the upgrade to a loft suite was fair, so I pulled the trigger. This, of course, was not the price of the upgrade when I arrived to check in the morning of my stay (it was significantly more expensive). Since I'm somewhat used to getting the shaft as a Hotwire customer (it seems more often than not that the check in people hold you at arm's length, as if you're some hayseed who sneaked in before the doors locked), I let it slide.

    You can tell from the moment you enter the Magnolia that this is a hotel with an identity crisis, as if they want to be considered a modern boutique hotel but don't want to drop the coin to really update things (aside from their bar, which is nice). This is also unfortunate because you can tell the building is actually quite classic, and this is the look they should be capitalizing on.

    Instead, you get strange touches like a basin sink in an otherwise unremarkable bathroom with what was easily the shallowest bathtub I've ever seen. I half expected a Lilliputian to pop out of the drain at any moment. The bath products were generic and unremarkable, and seemed like they came from some well traveled person's massive collection of random yet unrelated free samples.

    Oh, and you'd better hope neither of the adjacent suites are stuffed with wedding party revelers, because you might - as my girlfriend did - get the chance to experience the joys of hearing someone next door vomit while you use your restroom.

    The bed was comfortable.. The pillows were too thick and lumpy.

    Oh, and if you're dropping close to $250 on a room, wouldn't  you kind of expect at this point in the hotel game that you'd be getting a halfway decent -- maybe even a flat screen -- television in your room? Not here. I think I finally found out where the TV in my college dorm went to die, and it was at the foot of the bed in our suite.

    The paint was flaking and drab. The carpet was old. The furniture was uninviting and uncomfortable. These suites could have been very cool... the potential is there, they just haven't put any effort into making the rooms cool at all.

    My girlfriend wanted to enjoy breakfast in bed, but after all the disappointment I'd had with everything else, I told her we should cut our losses and head to a favorite restaurant instead. If this is how the Magnolia does a suite, I'd hate to see what their steak and eggs looked like.

    01/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Erika s.
    My husband and I stayed here for a few days while visiting family in Omaha. Good value hotel. Walking distance to Old Market which we enjoyed. There was a great complimentary brunch that we loved! Service was a bit slow - the valet service was understaffed, but it did not take long to get our car either way. We would come again.

    03/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Elliot P.
    Looks better on the web than it is.  Small, dreary room, shower no tub.  Poor water pressure.  Nice bar, friendly staff.

    30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. john k.
    The good: a nice bar downstairs, a delicious breakfast, a location that has quaint old buildings, walking distance to the main strip/bars.The bad: overpriced, rooms are average, pay extra for parking.

    15/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Jonathan H.
    The Magnolia Hotel is probably the most overlooked place to stay in town. Just because it doesn't have Hilton or Embassy in the title, I think that most people just pass it right over. Their loss.

    I made a reservation through the Magnolias website for a standard King room. It appeared to be your standard upscale room, bed, TV, bathroom, etc... The room we actually stayed in was a jacuzzi suite. The upgrade to the better room was because I asked. Nice touch.

    There appears to be many different types of rooms in the hotel, but you wouldn't know that by booking online. Be sure to do a live chat or talk to the hotel to ask if there are any other options for rooms.

    Our room was divided into two areas. The bedroom/bathroom side and the sitting room side separated by a "kitchen" area (sink and refrigerator.) It was decorated very nicely (think Sex in the City chic.)

    The room did have some minor maintenance issues (carpet fraying, burnt out light bulbs (2), shower light falling out of the ceiling a bit, dark carpet, light colored stains, ewww!) none of which detracted from our stay. In fact, we felt like VIPS most of the time.

    Rather than mess with on street parking (of which there is a good amount around the area) we opted for the $15/day valet service. I timed our arrival to take advantage of the complimentary happy hour that included wine, beer, and soft drinks at no charge. Sure, we paid $15 to have someone park our car, but I know we got that $15 back in the free wine and beer. Score one for us.

    After the happy hour we took advantage of the hotels shuttle service to get us to dinner. Not driving after happy hour, score again! Not only were we delivered to dinner in style (Cadillac-ac-ac-ac-ac Escalade) the driver also gave us his card and told us to call when we wanted to return to the hotel.

    Upon returning to the hotel yet another perk was waiting. Warm cookies and ice cold milk served buffet style. I opted for a cocktail at the bar (Sex in the City style = big city prices) while my companion made some hot chocolate and enjoyed the cookies.

    Minor Quibbles: Boutique hotel, high style, and no flat screens in the room?

    Dark carpet is nice, but the light colored stains, not so nice to think about.

    Our room and hallway had a "smell" to it. A "not quite sewer smell but almost..." I guess I got used to it. Not the greatest first impression though.

    Wireless internet in the bar area only? Come on, even the Best Western has wireless all over...

    Conclusion: One of the top hotels in Omaha for sure. Yes, it is one of the more expensive choices in town, but with all of the perks, it seems a huge bargain. Need a night away? Magnolia. Traveling on Business?  Magnolia. Wedding? Magnolia.

    21/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Stephanie P.
    This review is for when I visited Omaha about 1.5 years ago.

    This is a cute boutique hotel at a reasonable price. You can park on the street for no charge. Unlike other cities, I was comfortable leaving my car on the street. Compared to many hotels, their gym was significantly better. Free breakfast in the morning, free wine and liquor during happy hour and free milk and cookies in the late evening. Location is very convenient to all the restaurants and bars you could want. Doesn't get much better than this place.

    04/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Debra M.
    Great service, beautiful room, classy.

    We got this room on Hotels.com for about $100 during Labor Day weekend.  A room like this would have been 3 times more on the east coast.  The door man directed us to free parking (for him to valet would cost $15).  At check in we were told about the complimentary wine & beer cocktail hour, as well as the complimentary milk & cookies in the bar from 8-10pm.  We hit up the cookie table: a selection of warm, yummy cookies.

    Our room was in a corner and we had lots of windows and natural light.  The bathroom was newly remodeled and had a large tiled shower.  The only downside was that a weak pocket door divided bathroom from the rest of the room, I made me feel like there was just a lack of privacy.

    The breakfast was good, although they seemed very busy and overwhelmed by the crowd and coffee became hard to find.  After check out I saw the doorman fetching ice to fill the cooler in someone's trunk.  He offered to do the same for us, which seemed above and beyond what I expected.

    We were really glad to stay here.  Its a gem and we feel like we got a good bargain.

    26/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Charlie K.
    All the staff we met from the front desk to the doormen were friendly. Nice change from generic chain hotels at a reasonable price (I saved quite a bit staying here instead of one of the big chains in Omaha). Great location within in walking distance of old market shopping/dining. Complimentary services like a shuttle (to multiple locations), breakfast buffet, and even an evening milk & cookie buffet.

    I really liked the historical aspects of the building which gave it tons of character. If I ever go back to Omaha, I'll definitely be booking a room here again.

    04/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Mandi B.
    Can I give no stars?  My husband and I had the worst experience with your front desk and with an excessive wait for our room on Easter, which was also our anniversary. This experience ended in us not staying at your hotel. As we were leaving another guest, from your presidential suite, was leaving due to the long wait for the room and the cleanliness being not to her standards. I emailed you about this incident a couple days later and still never heard back. I will NEVER recommend your establishment and will needless to say never reserve a room with you again!

    11/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Gretchen P.
    I love boutique hotels.  This is a favorite.  The Magnolia, the building rather, was built in 1923 as the Aquila Court Building.  Parts of the old building shine through, especially the elevator landing and stairs.  

    As an old building recently renovated as a hotel, you must forgive some of its...quirkiness.  For example, last winter I stayed in a room that had temperature issues.  When I checked in, it was 80 degrees.  This problem was fixed  for ten minutes.  Basically that's how long it took the temperature to dip down to 62 degrees.  Since the hotel was fully booked, I was stuck in the sub-Arcitc office temperature room.  Compared to the outside temp (-9 degrees) it WAS downright balmy, just not warm enough to sleep in.  There were corners of the room that were most likely 50 degrees or colder.  I could have hung meat without raising any FDA flags.  The next morning I was moved to another, much larger room for my remaining four days.  I was also given multiple drink coupons.

    The staff is extremely friendly.  By the end of each of my three stays, they were addressing me by name.  

    Beyond the aforementioned, I have some pointers:
    Check the internet before booking your room(s), there are usually great deals, packages, and corporate rates.  

    They mention the hotel offers internet access in your room.  They do.  For $10 a day.  

    There is a complimentary continental breakfast each morning.  The food is mediocre.  I suggest sleeping late and either ordering room service, or walking to Old Market Square.  It's about three blocks.  

    Room service is varied and just a little above so-so.  Also, they stop serving it at 11pm.  

    They have a free wine happy hour and also offer milk and cookies starting at 8pm.  

    Don't get a room near the ice machine or elevators.  You will hear the ice machine or people stumbling off the elevators all night long .  Lovely.  

    This is a very popular place for wedding receptions in the summer.  I once stayed here for three days.  There were four or five wedding receptions in those three days.  

    Finally, they have free shuttle service.  They will even take you to or pick you up from the airport.  I highly recommend writing their number down and calling the front desk while waiting at baggage claim.  It'll save you $17 on cab fare and keep you out of the snow in winter.

    16/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Steve H.
    Thin walls and single pane windows result in excessive noise. Poor building planning places high traffic areas near guest doors. Management is not interested in helping deal with late night party disturbances. If you want to stay awake and be frustrated all night then the Magnolia is the place. There are many better hotel options in downtown Omaha.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Mike D.
    Stayed here for 4 days. The rooms were a bit disappointing - Don't think you're getting to stay at a swank hotel room (as pictured on their site). It's nice, but it ain't that nice in the rooms - They don't even have flat-screens.

    However, the service is great! The people are so nice, including the doormen/valets and front desk peeps. The bar is great, with cute bartenders and a nice fireplace and lots of space!

    The best thing about this place is the cookies and milk service at 8pm onwards. They have a platter of cookies you can grab before bed! Amazing. More hotels should do that.

    In summary, nice spot. It is NOT the W. But it's got character and charm. And celebs stay here when they come to Omaha (like Snoop). I'd stay here again. It hit the spot, without exceeding expectations, though.

    30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Michelle P.
    I stayed at the Magnolia for a conference for work.  Mixed reviews here.  On the surface the hotel has a lot of character, but when you dig deeper things are falling apart.  The thermostat in my room didn't work, the towel rack in the bathroom was wedged together with toilet paper, and the sink was very slow to drain.  While the bed was comfortable, the comforter was dirty.  On the upside is the location: there's an independent film theater down the street and it's close to the airport.  It's a shame that they're not taking to time to maintain this place.  The potential is there.

    15/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. Britt C.
    We stayed here for a wedding and while it wasn't the hotel selected by the bride and groom, I chose it because it looked like a beautiful historic building with a bit more character than a standard chain...and it was!

    On the whole, The Magnolia lived up to my expectations. The building itself (especially the facade and lobby) were very elegant (I didn't feel like I was in Nebraska...no offense to the Mid-West, of course). The service was another perk. Everyone who worked there was friendly, engaged, and seemed to actually care that we had all the information we needed to get around and enjoy ourselves. I loved the complimentary shuttle service (in their fancy but oxymoronic hybrid SUVs) to and from the airport (and pretty much anywhere else in town and if you asked nicely). These guys really went out of their way to be helpful and it didn't go un-noticed!

    Our room was nothing spectacular and, while clean, was a bit rough around the edges. The shower had been remodeled, though, and the bed was clean and comfortable. For $100 a night, though, I can't complain.

    I will definitely stay there again if I ever find myself in Omaha.

    05/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    24. Erica H.
    We stayed here for our anniversary weekend in April - first the very good! Lovely lobby and courtyard!  Very friendly and helpful check-in staff, and valet is cheap with in/out privileges.  We were in a king suite, which is on the first floor and actually is just off the courtyard.  It wasn't a huge room, but it was rather nice in that it's divided into two floors.  The first floor has a couch/TV and a small wet bar with mini-fridge.  Take the stairs on up to the bedroom and bathroom - very sweet!
    I think the prices are extremely reasonable (provided you're not looking for a room during the Berkshire-Hathaway shareholders meeting).  I had a corporate rate, and had the suite for less than $150/night.  
    The location is great - easy walk to the Old Market shopping/restaurant district, but the street isn't so busy that it's noisy (I think downtown Omaha is pretty quiet on the weekends).  
    Your stay includes free wine/beer during happy hour (yes, please) and free milk/coffee/tea/COOKIES from 8-10pm.  They call it a cookie buffet, which is a bit of a misnomer - I mean, it was two trays of cookies and then several urns of coffee and hot water for tea.  My overactive imagination was entertaining visions of cookie towers lined up as far as the eye could see.  But it's free, and the cookies were good.  You also get free breakfast, which isn't amazing, but it's decent.  And again, it's free.  
    Now the not-so-great - the rooms have been somewhat recently updated, but there's something about the decor that feels like the paint/carpeting/furnishings were a bit cheap to begin with, and they were slapped on top of a very old building.  There were some chips in the coffee table, stains on the chairs, it just felt a little less than sparkling clean.  
    I would absolutely stay here again - we had a great time!

    23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Sophie C.
    Horrible customer service.  My friend and I arrived separately.  Neither of us were offered valet parking or explained to about the meters.  My friend flagged someone down to park her car and I used the meters.  The room was under my name; however, she checked us in (without a confirmation number) just with my name.  Unnerving.  The A/C is noisy.  Complimentary breakfast is delicious!  Complimentary happy hour includes cheap wine and no food - could've passed.  Has some pretty areas in the hotel, but they write it up a lot more than it deserves.  The "library" has fewer books than my home office.  Upon checking out (again) we waited 10 minutes for someone to come to the front desk.  We would both stay somewhere else next time.  For four stars and the price, we expect more.

    29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    26. Patrick W.
    For anybody looking for a modern hotel, this probably isn't your place.  If you're looking for an upscale and/or historic hotel with some character, I strongly recommend giving this place a try.  I've stayed there just once but it's my favorite in Omaha.  Granted, I live here and don't often try the hotels in the area.  

    I stayed here for two nights before my wedding.  We had the ceremony and the reception in the Old Market area so this place was perfect.  The hotel (inside and out) is beautiful!  You can tell that the place is old but that added to its charm.  The staff was very friendly, the beds were comfortable, the loft suite was spacious and allowed my wife and her bridesmaids plenty of room to get ready.  The pictures of them turned out fantastic partly because of the huge windows that allowed a ton of light to get in, partly because of the look and feel of the room, and partly because of our awesome photographer (A Thousand Words Photography).  

    We had just one issue.  The first night, we were placed in the wrong room.  Apparently, whoever initially booked our room didn't note that we received an upgrade.  I called the front desk to try to work it out and he immediately placed us in what he thought was the correct room (again, it wasn't noted in the computer).  We were too tired after rehearsal, dinner, etc to move again.  The next morning, I called the front desk again and after further research, they put us in the correct room.  It was very important that my wife have the extra room for  them to get ready.  The valet even helped move my bags.  

    Our photographer took a ton of photographs of us in and around the courtyard area.  The staff didn't seem to mind even though our actual wedding didn't take place there.  I can't wait to go back!

    08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Anthony M.
    This place was pretty and cozy but nothing about it wowed me... free cookies was a plus however...

    08/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. Paul R.
    I agree with other reviewers a truly unique old/classic style hotel. Stayed here for 3 nights while on business this coincided with the college world series so it was pretty busy. My impressions ranged from the good, the bad and the ugly....

    The Good:  Staff is friendly and helpful; location is optimum walk to Market St area.  Liked the Comp breakfast, happy hour and the late night cookies and milk.  We received a very good rate as my colleague is a frequent guest here.

    The Bad: Though I had a very large 2 floor suite Room 2007 smelled like that moldy fishing cabin you rented back in 92. I figured I could endure but it got to be too much. Then I noticed the stained carpet and chairs. The bathroom towel rack was also coming off the wall.

    The Ugly: I don't think their vacuum cleaner ever made it by the bed, the bedding smelled moldy and lastly a full/stinky garbage receptacle was awaiting me in the cabinet under the sink in the AM.
    To their credit they moved me the following AM @6AM to a much better room.
    Would I stay there again probably but not in room 2007...

    24/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Kelsy S.
    We had our wedding ceremony and reception at this hotel.  I LOVE this venue.  

    The courtyard (ceremony location) is gorgeous...1920s Italian style, but reminds me of New Orleans...no decorations are even necessary!  The bride comes down a staircase during the ceremony, so unique!  The reception ballroom is right across a hallway, which is super convenient (along with the free airport shuttle).  The reception room is very pretty and modern, along with the nice decor in the hallway (winter garden) and reception desk at the front.  Very classy feel.

    The rooms are nice/average.  The food is REALLY good!  The wedding coordinator, Ron Bradstreet, is so awesome!  I can't say enough about him.  He is reason alone to use this venue.  He is super helpful, attentive, and detail-oriented!  I swear, this man is like a superhero!!

    A+++ Venue!

    20/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Peter K.
    I stayed here for a week for a business trip in July 2009. The attitude of the employees and their dress definitely made this feel like a four star hotel (I think this is the only four star hotel in Omaha). I like the old feel of the hotel. It's achieved that difficult balance of feeling like a historic building, while not being too "tired". Some hotels go for a "classic" look but it ends up feeling fake or contrived. Then other hotels have that old feel but not maintained enough for it to feel like a luxurious experience. Magnolia's got it just right.

    It's just a few blocks west of the Old Market area; definitely an easy walk for a New Yorker like me, but I could see how some car-dependent suburbanites might gripe about it. If you're looking for a hotel that's closer to the Old Market area, the Embassy Suites is a better bet. One of the benefits of staying at the Magnolia is being half a block from Flatiron Cafe, which Sarah G. considers the best restaurant in Omaha (which I probably agree with; maybe a toss up between Flatiron and the Boiler Room).

    The gym was decent. I only worked out once but they had nicer than average equipment.

    Of the three hotels I've stayed at in Omaha, Magnolia has the best complimentary hot breakfast. The eggs were excellent (not as greasy as other hotels). They also offered Tazo tea which is better than the crap Lipton or Celestial Seasonings tea that most hotels offer.

    When I stayed there, internet access was free. Must be a change in policy from when the last reviewer stayed there. There is no self-parking. You either park on the street or do valet parking. I did valet parking since it wasn't that expensive ($12 per day). I'm not used to doing valet parking so I didn't know if I should tip the dude every day or just once at the end. I just gave him a big tip when I checked out (but they did have different guys doing the valet so I guess everyone else got shafted). All that to say that they never gave me attitude about not giving them a tip each day; I appreciated that.

    I liked that the stairs were in the middle of the hotel instead of at the ends. I think more hotels should do that in order to encourage people to take the stairs. This was probably more a result of it being an old building instead of some intentional pro-stairs agenda but still... I appreciated it.

    The room itself was a bit small in comparison with the other Omaha hotels I stayed at but since it was just myself and I'm used to living in small spaces, I didn't mind at all.

    I would definitely stay here again if I have to go back to Omaha.

    26/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Alicia G.
    Missed out on the milk and cookies because I checked in so late :/  

    Really friendly staff, awesome bartender Chris saved me from what could have been a boring Thursday night.  Room was nice and updated with a definite modern feel.  I will admit I felt like I was in the Shining when walking down the hallways...

    24/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Mel D.
    Where to begin? Our company has business in Omaha for a week in december. We took 28 rooms for 7 nights.

    During our stay they were painting the hallways, starting at 8 am every morning. The walls are paper thin and echo. Not only can you hear the clatter of the painters setting up, but you can hear the cleaners 3 rooms down, banging on the walls and the room service guy on the floor BELOW with his rickety rattley cart clanging silverware and dumping dishes into a bucket. This place is NOT quiet!

    The front desk service, if you want to call it that, is pitiful. Out of 35 people in our group, not one knew there was a free breakfast until the 3rd morning we were there. No one had been informed and there is zero hotel info in the room. No one knew there was a fitness room either.

    The best thing about this place was the restaurant. I have eaten breakfast and dinner there at least 5 times and haven't paid full price yet. They screw something up every time and will take it off the bill. I have no idea how they stay in business.

    The hotel has a complimentary shuttle and will take guest to any location within 3 miles. But when we wanted to go to a fancy pizza joint 3.4 miles away, we were told we needed to take a cab because 3.4 miles was outside of their range and "against the rules."

    The only reason I gave the Magnolia 2 stars instead of one is that the rooms are nicely appointed an the bed comfortable, if extremely drafty in the winter. So crank up the heat, bring your earplugs and enjoy "free" meals!

    14/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    33. Julia R.
    I went to this place with a group of people. The room was a really nice room and the bed was comfy. This hotel had free wifi and it had a nice gym room. It offered a nice breakfast buffet. The food from this buffet was pretty good.

    15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. Nathan O.
    Won't go back after dealing with "Sidney," a manager there.
    7-25-13, pre-paid for two rooms - one for my in-laws. Even though it was pre-paid, Sidney presented my in-laws with a full bill upon their check-out. Mother-in-law signed off on it, not realizing it was for the entire bill rather than just the parking. Mother-in-law texted, letting me know what happened. I called the hotel and tried to get it straight, but Sidney kept insisting that my mother-in-law was lying about it. My mother-in-law. Lying to me about this. Why would she do that? Very insulting that Sidney tried to cover her mistake by blaming my mother-in-law.

    Plus, the Valet couldn't drive a stick shift. Sigh.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    35. Lindsay D.
    What a great hotel! A friend and I were cruising through the midwest for fun (don't judge) and picked the Magnolia hoping it would be ok. It was really clean, the staff was more than helpful, and there were tons of nice touches all over the place.
    We took advantage of the free wine at happy hour, free GIANT breakfast, and free cookies & milk from 8-10.
    Our room was very clean and well equipped. The pocket door to the bathroom was a little weird, but it didn't matter to us. The bartender in the restaurant was like our tour guide for the weekend (he even saved us a few cookies when we got back too late). We didn't notice any noise even though there were people partying pretty hard in the ballroom.
    We really felt like we were treated exceptionally well all around, and if I ever hit up Omaha again, I'll be sure to stay at the Magnolia.

    20/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Carol M.
    The hotel is lovely!
    The convenience of being so near to the Orpheum Theatre was fabulous!
    Our room was clean, stylish and quiet.

    Those are the pluses.now the minuses.

    I urge avoidance of the hotel bar, restaurant and breakfast.  It is lovely and okay - once you get the food.  The Friday night found the bar completely filled,  and yet they didn't have enough service help out.  We sat for 20 minutes before I went up to the computer entry station and read the menu to place an order.  The servers were trying there best,  but it was overloaded.  Two more wait staff would've solved the problem and led to more tipping.

    We returned after the show and tried again.  The bar was 75 percent filled and best I could see only one waiter.  It was a repeat of earlier.

    I ordered the cheese plate, and was revolted when there was a big serving of meat on it.  As a vegetarian, that was a big yuck.  The menu said nothing about meats being served.  We were so desperate to eat,  I just bit the bullet and scooped it off the plate with a napkin and took it to the bar and asked it to be thrown.  

    The morning turned out the same again.  Not a bad breakfast buffet, but the waiters were overwhelmed and tables weren't being cleaned, we cleaned our own and the buffet wasn't being restocked fast enough.  

    The waiters were trying to keep their professionalism,  though the male waiter seemed puzzled by our response and wanting the meat off our plate.  But they need more help during such busy times.  They were definitely stressed and frazzled.

    14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Nikki M.
    The Magnolia is an absolute gem of a hotel! It is gorgeous, old-fashioned and unique! The location is walking distance to the Old Market and to our reception venue! I absolutely love the hotel itself.

    We used the Magnolia for our Wedding block for out of town guests and were satisfied overall. However, there were inconsistencies with the service as our main contact left the Magnolia mid-way through our plans. It seems really hard to get a hold of the "right person" to talk to when you call. Because I was out of town, it was all over the phone or email and because of that there were miscommunications and I don't think things were taken care of by the Magnolia staff ... I really had to manage the process.

    Any time you actually go into the Magnolia, the service itself is superb!

    There were also inconsistencies with pricing for our rates.. My friend's wedding block received a rate that was $40 less per night! I don't understand why there was a difference and was disappointed to here this after the fact.

    All in all, if I could do it again I would absolutely still have our guests stay here! The best bonus was that we got a gorgeous suite for our wedding night because of our block of rooms!!! It was the perfect way to end our wedding weekend/evening!

    13/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Rick S.
    Spacious room and bathroom, although it had an older bed (time to replace the beds!). Friendly service from all the staff. Milk & cookies served nightly (Yummy!). Free food at happy hour. Nice restaurant too. It was a very nice stay here.

    16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Adrian B.
    Lovely remodeled old fashioned hotel.  Staff were attentive and friendly.  The room was clean and comfortable.  The shower was all tile and modern.  The only minor issue was the sink drained very slowly, no big deal.  The complimentary breakfast was the only let down.  The scrambled eggs were a hard solid mass of flavorless protein, the cook needs to look up what salt is.  The gravy and biscuits were cold and gloppy.  I was expecting more from this lovely hotel.  The courtyard was beautiful for weddings and the location was deal.  Near the Old Haymarket but up the hill far enough away to be peaceful and accessible.  I would stay here again and liked  the fact they have a complimentary hotel vehicle to anywhere within a 3 mile radius of the hotel.

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Matt M.
    What a joke.

    A buddy and I went here before the Steely Dan concert last night. We were running late so the crowd had already thinned out and there  were just a few people in the lounge/restaurant.

    You would think since it was quiet we would get quick service, nope. First we sat at a table and were totally ignored so we moved to the bar - still ignored. They were more interested in cleaning the glassware from the earlier crowd than waiting on current customers. Finally "made" the bartender take our order. Food took forever to come out and it was definitely not worth the wait.

    I ordered lobster mac n cheese, it said it contained multiple cheeses and peas. It should have been called pea mac n cheese with essence of lobster. I swear I only had two very small pieces of lobster. My buddy ordered the Reuben, it looked great but he said it had no flavor at all.

    So, 60.00 later (50.00 plus tip) we left - irritated and unsatisfied. I will never return.

    01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Christine B.
    Our Saturday night stay at the Magnolia.

    The Presidential Suite is ridiculously affordable ($209/night). Why? After all, it has a livingroom, kitchen and dining area on the first level, plus a bedroom and bathroom on the second level. Oh wait...it might be because it's in the "older" part of the hotel so there's no elevator access to the room (wanted to warn you over-packing types).

    It's winter and snowed like crazy, so we were totally willing to pay the valet to park our cars (and scrape the windshields and drive them up for us). If it were summer, then I'd opt for the park on the street for free option. It's an older hotel, so definitely feel that older hotel vibe, but they've done a decent job updating the rooms. Missed the cocktail reception, so no comment on that, but the midnight cookies - yes, please! Complimentary breakfast was "meh", but I didn't have high expectations, so wasn't that disappointed. The comments about "The Shining" hallways are spot on.

    I can see why this hotel is a good wedding venue. Lovely courtyard. Good architectural vibe. Nice looking banquet spaces. So if you're looking for a hotel recommendation for a wedding, I'd tell you to add this venue on your list of places to check out. If you're looking for a recommendation for a non-wedding related placed to stay in Omaha, I'd steer you somewhere else.

    26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    42. Michael A.
    Very nice boutique hotel . Complementary breakfast, in room wi-fi, and very comfortable beds . The rooms are quiet enough and you are close by lots of restaurants . The bar is nice and they have bedtime milk and cookies :-)

    29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Bob W.
    A fine old hotel in Omaha - I'm not familiar with the chain, so I hadn't heard of it before.  Nice touches like free wine and cookies.  Room was very large and nicely appointed.  

    I would say that the breakfast, while large, is not to the caliber of the hotel - the quality of the food is just not very good and I'm not too particular myself.  My final morning I just had a bagel - the hot dishes were just sort of gross.  When traveling on business though (which I was) breakfast is just a checkmark for me before I get to work - and this checked that box.  

    Wifi reception is terrible, or at least was for me in my room.

    08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. John M.
    Very clean rooms in a historic building and a decent rate.  Valet parking, wifi, bellman.  All the bells and whistles.  A modern sort of hip bar downstairs with so far very mediocre service by a neophyte waitress.  I'll forget that soon because the cocktail list is killer!

    23/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Elizabeth D.
    I stayed at the Magnolia for a week while on business. I really enjoyed my stay. The staff was very nice and helpful. The business center was nice (ask the front desk to wave the fee for printing). It is in a good location to walk to the Market. They offer free shuttle service within 3 miles,  but go much further in reality. I was able to avoid renting a car,  which was nice. The rooms are a little small and there isn't much counter space in the bathrooms... I will definitely stay there the next time I am doing business in Omaha.

    25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Edward L.
    I dunno what it is about Omaha (or possibly certain other states besides Nebraska) but food and booze here must be insanely cheap.

    They have beer + wine every evening from 1730-1830.  Yes, OPEN BAR. Then they have milk + cookies 2030-2200.  Oh, and free breakfast buffet (0600-0900 on weekdays, 0700-1000 on weekends).

    My room was pretty creaky (this place has been open since 1923 after all), but it has obviously been renovated.  Oh, every room has Internet, but they're in the process of adding Wi-Fi.  Should be done by the end of 2011.

    One last thing: there is a free downtown shuttle anytime.  This is crazy useful if you work nearby.  They go to the airport (Eppley Field) too.

    I have gotten stuffed and plastered for free every night I have stayed here.  Now I can see why other stars such as Lady Gaga like to stay here.  It really doesn't get better than this.

    22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. P D.
    Thank you for the Lounge. The lobster mac and cheese, rueben sandwich are very yummy.
    The rooms were a little claustrophobic.

    My main complaint : The door of the bathroom does not close ! If the other person living with you is pooping, you have to hear and smell alllll of it . Not pleasant at all.

    09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    48. Janell R.
    This place is Awesome Everyone was Very Nice and Helpful and you just got to Love the FREE MILK & COOKIES 8-10pm every night How sweet

    17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Jill L.
    Just stayed at Waldorf Astoria in New Orleans and would say that this hotel was much better based on customer service, room, lounge. price. and location.
    Walking distance to theaters, restaurants and shopping. Great lounge area. Friendly staff. Will be back.

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Curtis B.
    5 stars for me but I am peculiar. Every employee I talked to seemed happy to be there and enthusiastic about the hotel. Nice free shuttle, a new Suburban, from the airport (and to or from anywhere within 3 miles). The shuttle driver carried my luggage to the front desk and helped check me in. Nobody offered to guide me to my room, which is surprising, but I don't like to be guided to my room.

    I was told about the free afternoon happy hour (but it was Lent, darn) and the free cookies late at night. I did not partake, but the free breakfast buffet starting at 0600 was fine. I had scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and a slice of good bacon. The coffee was good, and there was a multi-gallon container of ice water, which I need every morning. The fruit was juice, apples and oranges. If only there had been ripe bananas.

    My room had a high ceiling and was one of the biggest hotel rooms I ever had. It seemed clean and had enough towels for several people. The 4-story building is old, has a history (a big plus to me) and is very pleasant. It's walking distance to federal court. Parking, which I did not need, is valet only, $17/night, and a huge parking garage is across the street if you don't like that. I slept well on their bed. The flat-screen TV was about a 42-inch which would be plenty in a normal hotel room but was small considering the great distance to the bed. No DVD player if that matters. No room safe. There were several lamps that ordinarily would be plenty, but it was a little dark for that square-footage.

    I asked the front desk for help printing a boarding pass for my flight home. They pointed me to the business center. The computer there was already on the page on which I needed to be. All I had to do was click Southwest Airlines and type my confirmation number off my itinerary. The next screen gave me a choice of checking in, which I clicked, and the next screen was my boarding pass with a print button. I had my boarding pass in seconds, hit log-out, and the machine reset itself to the screen it was on when I walked in.

    The people at the front desk helped me with dining recommendations, taxis and making change. I checked out 20 hours after I checked in. Very nice.

    Get bananas.

    27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Erica T.
    First night was horrible! The hotel isn't insulated enough to limit all the noise going on in the hallways and outside of the hotel (constant yelling from drunk people). If this hotel is a hot spot at night, it would be nice to spend a little money on customers that stay there so they don't have to deal with the ruckus. The noise wasn't only on weekends, but also weekdays when people are actually sleeping early to go to work the next day.

    Another major issue for me is cleanliness. I woke up on my first actual morning in Omaha, went down to get breakfast and saw that one of the employees was picking at the food for the breakfast buffet with her bare hands! Uhh disgusting!

    I didn't have a good night sleep for the 3 nights there. Had to check out on the fourth day because the hotel was fully booked. Went somewhere else for two nights and came back.

    My last two nights at Magnolia was quite interesting. That night they still had more ruckus from all the drunks yelling and I would wake up multiple times throughout the night. The next morning at Magnolia, my friend woke up early to get ready for work. My friend comes out of the bathroom and tells me that sewer water was coming out of the shower drain (actual dark brown to black liquid)!! I called the front desk and they said they will send someone over right away. I started to smell the rancid sewer water in the bedroom and called the front desk asking to change rooms. At first he said there was no king rooms available that I would have to wait till it gets cleaned and so I asked if there was any other rooms available RIGHT NOW cause I couldn't stand the smell, the guy says "we have a queen room available." My jaw dropped, "so not only do you not have an equivalent room we booked....instead of upgrading our room for the inconvenience, you're going to downgrade us?!" The guy apologizes and says we have a queen suite available. I said fine and we moved. As I was packing I was having this gag reflex and had to use a shirt to cover my mouth and nose while packing. It was bad!

    Queen suite was really big, but really old. It needed some work, but had a unique feel. Again, there was a downside, while sleeping you'll hear a constant buzzing sound (kind of like a garage door is located underneath the suite and someone is opening and closing it throughout the night). However, the bed was so much more comfortable than the other two beds I had at the hotel.

    Would I come here again? I really don't know.... It was walkable distance to the Old Market and it had a lot of events (free breakfast, free wine and beer everyday and free milk and cookies (even though the cookies weren't good)). The gym was clean and had enough things for you to workout with. But with the experience I had....  I might try another hotel.

    Gave them two stars instead of one because the staff was really friendly.

    10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    52. Sal R.
    I've stayed in lots of hotels for work and fun. This is definitely one of the nicest refurbished properties I've had the pleasure to stay at. The room size is wonderful; the service is excellent. Staff was super friendly and frequently asked what they could do to make our stay more enjoyable.

    Great amenities, including complimentary breakfast buffet, free happy hour 5:30-6:30pm and a fun surprise: freshly baked cookies & milk at night.

    Loved this property. Enjoyed the stay tremendously. Very close to local downtown Omaha bars & nightlife, as well as to local landmarks TD Ameritrade Ballpark and the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, connecting Nebraska and Iowa.  Fun times!

    I highly recommend staying at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Omaha.

    17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Kate K.

    Basically, everything!

    + Every staff member encountered during my stay was super friendly and helpful.  EVERY one.
    + Rooms were quiet enough.  Not exactly a place with a view from the window, but quiet and dark?  SOLD.
    + Room size is great.  I had plenty of room to do yoga.  Nice flat-screen TV is visible from every place in the room.
    + The cookie buffet.  Hilarious and awesome concept.  I didn't actually like any of the cookies, but maybe I'm just a cookie snob.
    + Bar staff - amazing.  There's a nice happy hour and the folks seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs.  The fire alarm went off while I was enjoying a cocktail; apparently this is so common an occurrence that they no longer evacuate.  Interesting, but thankfully didn't happen in the middle of the night.
    + Amazing location, within walking distance to countless shops, restaurants, and bars.


    - "Business center" is pretty sad.  The charges to print were silly high.  
    - No self-parking and valet was mostly understaffed. We learned to plan ahead and had no problems with getting our car after the first day.
    - Breakfast was underwhelming but then again I have yet to find a hotel breakfast that I don't despise.  There's a Starbucks near-ish for more edible food.


    I cannot comment on the gym facilities.  Because this place is located in a nice downtown area, I just took long walks and jogs through the neighborhood.

    10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. David M.
    Have stayed here many times over the past year.
    I have always liked the feel when staying here....BUT.....they are not customer focused on making the stay business friendly.
    For example.....I have leave a message for reservations...then don't get a call back....also, when checking out early in the morning they don't have enough staff to get your car and run the desk.
    Also, booked on line once and they didn't have the reservation...Even though I prepaid.

    Rethinking this place is NOT the place to stay when conducting business in Omaha.....just not easy to deal with.

    19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. David S.
    I liked this hotel a lot.  It was very nice and an older building, so the rooms were unique.  The employees were very friendly and helpful.  My only complaint would be that the front did not have enough staff to help all the people who needed help or valet and the cookies they provide in the evening are obviously not cooked there, but ordered in.  They were not very fresh.

    18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Laura K.
    I'll start off by saying when we checked in the desk clerk had a hard time figuring out our room rate for some reason. Don't know what the problem was, they overcharged us and had a hard time refunding the money. As a matter of fact the refund didn't show up for over a month later on our credit card. After checking into our room we noticed there was a very strong musty smell and smoky smell. Also noticed the roomhad damage in various spots all over. Went to the front desk asked for a different room. After receiving our new room things were better the new room was very nice the hotel has lots of character as it is an historic building. The free drinks are from 6 PM to 8 PM unfortunately over the dinner hour as we had plans we were not able to have drinks. Tried the cookies and milk later on in the evening the cookies left much to be desired asthey were very dry and tasted old. Breakfast was okay the next morning lots of people not enough room for everyone to sit. We like to go to Omaha every once in a while for a nice weekend to get away. I was very disappointed with our stay in the hotel for what we paid I would have expected so much more. Has all the makings for a five star hotel. Next time we will stay elsewhere.

    08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    57. Sabine F.
    This is a very nice hotel in downtown Omaha. Their complimentary breakfast is one of the best I have seen. The hotel offers free wi-fi, which is a huge plus.

    07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Patrick C.
    I stayed at Magnolia Hotel Omaha based on the high number of positive reviews and I have to say that it was nice. It's not your ultra-modern hotel, but has a classy old-school feel to it and character -- still very nice. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. There is a free shuttle, and although I never used it since I had a rental car, I heard it was nice. My room was nice and clean - but pretty basic and on the small side with the king bed in it. Aside from the kind bed was a work desk and a dresser/tv stand with a nice flat screen tv. The breakfast is nice as is the nightly reception and the cookie bar (cookies, coffee, hot coco and milk) from 8-10 pm. Other guests I met said that the newer section of the hotel was nicer but my room was fine and I also heard there were lots of windows in Room 302 if you don't like feeling cooped up.
    My only negatives were as follows: there is only valet parking available so hard to come and go as you please, the bed wasn't the most comfortable and my room 335 was right above the entrance to the hotel so there was some ambient noise.

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Cameron D.
    This place is beautiful & the service was great. Everyone was friendly & professional, from the shuttle driver to the front desk staff. The facilities were all clean and stylish, and the courtyard was beautiful. My company held an IT workshop here and everything went smoothly, from the projector setup, power for over a dozen laptops, to lunch & beverage service.

    I had a great experience here, both as a guest and a conference room user. Definitely going back whenever I return to Omaha.

    15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Mandi F.
    Very impressed!! A beautiful hotel!! From Check in to check out we loved the Magnolia! Rooms are VERY NICE!  We didn't realize they have a buffet breakfast which is very yummy and milk and cookies at night. Shuttle service is a plus so you can park and not have to drive yourself anywhere. Chris the bartender was a Superb! Loved the bar area. Very good appetizers! Only draw back was the ton of little kids in the bar area. Their parents let them just trash the place, be loud and obnoxious then leave. This hotel is NOT for children. We can't wait to go back! Thank you Magnolia!!

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Bobby Y.
    We decided to go on a weekend adventure and booked this hotel online. The hotel is breathtaking. We got to see weddings being preformed. It was beautiful! Staff is 5 star! We enjoyed all the amenities of milk and cookies, shuttle to zoo and back, wine and beer every night, and breakfast! All complimentary! This hotel has beautiful marble walks and amazing chandeliers. Very romantic but still kid friendly! One of best in my book! We will be back!

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. R C.
    Stayed here for two nights (6/27/14).  Rooms are nicely upgraded and the staff goes out of their way to help whenever possible.  Great lounge with complimentary beer and wine in the early evening.  Would highly recommend this hotel and will stay here again.

    27/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Razel M.
    Amazing. You pay for it, but still.

    Apparently when you say "suite," the Magnolia understands that this means an actual suite of rooms -- a bedroom separate from a living area, for example, unlike quite a few hotels I can name. So for two nights I got the run of a hotel room about as big as some studio apartments I've lived in. The bed was incredibly comfy and always well made up every day, I had a two-person jaccuzzi tub, and a receiving room/office where I did some work using the free wifi.

    In the evening they have a happy hour, where you get Bud Light and wine for free. Yes, free. The whole hour. And then from 8-10 PM they have a cookie bar with tea and hot chocolate. And also a free breakfast, which is pretty much the same as you'll find in other hotels.

    I got sick during my stay... which sucks when you're supposed to be working. So I ended up ordering a lot of room service and tea. The first time I ordered something they told me it would arrive in 15 minutes or so... and were there in about 10. I mentioned that it was quick and they said, "No, we really could've been quicker, sorry." And every time after that, they were really prompt and very nice.

    I was glad to go home, but I was a little sad to leave.

    20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. David K.
    I suppose if you like the charm of an old, classic building and free cookies then you'd probably enjoy your stay here.  However, if you're a practical person and are in town for business, look somewhere else.  My biggest gripe with this place is the internet, or lack there of.  I rely on having a good internet connection to access a remote network so I can do work from my room.  This hotel offers no such connection.  The wifi here was awful, I mean just awful.  It was barely working the first night I stayed here and the second night not at all.  I talked to the front desk and they said they'd work on it but still no result.  The internet was timing out trying to open webpages and not loading any email.  Forget about trying to use the connection if you like to use Netflix or similar sites for entertainment.  I work best in a quiet spot and enjoy doing that in my room...I shouldn't be forced to go find another wifi hotspot, especially for the price they charge.  I will not stay here again when I return.

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    65. Travis F.
    I have to say, this place has all the makings of a 5 star hotel, but as of right now, it falls short.

    First, the good:

    The hotel is beautiful and clean. The staff is very polite and helpful. There is a complimentary wine and beer reception 6pm-8pm as well as a evening cookies and milk offering from 8pm-10pm. We are staying in a King Suite. A 2 story room with a huge living room, a couch, 2 chairs TV, etc as well as a sink, fridge, microwave and a desk. There is also a wall full of windows overlooking a courtyard. Upstairs is the bedroom with a chair, large sitting area, huge closet and a bathroom.

    Now the disappointing:

    On arrival, our room was pretty cold. I pressed the button to turn up the heat and the thermostat fell off the wall! Reattached it and cranked it up, but the room never warmed up. After a couple of hours we started figuring it out. The wall of windows are single-pane and not too helpful during the cold Nebraska winter (especially tonight at -9). I pulled the curtain and it helped a bit. After a bit it smelled like cigarette smoke. It started coming in through the adjoining door to the neighbouring room. We asked the desk clerk if it was a smoking room, she said "no it's a storage room" must be storing the smoking employees during the extreme cold. I turned on the faucet to make a cup of coffee, no water. We had to carry water from upstairs to make coffee.

    The Lounge is just okay. The food is really expensive and about the quality you'd find at Denny's. That being said, I have yet to find really good food at a hotel.

    This place could be awesome, but unfortunately, it's not there yet.

    07/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    66. Richard B.
    This place has potential. But it just didn't "do it" for me.

    First off, the room smelled like smokey and dingy. I went to get some ice. No ice machine. 1 Floor up, no ice machine. 2 floors up, no ice machine. So I go back to my room to call the front desk to find out where the ice can be acquired. Phone does not work. Not charged or something. So I go down to the lobby. Had to go down to the lobby to get ice. Where am I, Bangkok? Not a good first impression.

    But the place looks nice, so let's stay positive. I have a nice view of downtown Omaha. The walls have a fun decorative pattern that's sort of whimsical in an art art deco funky kind of way. But the room still smells.

    The service keeps the Magnolia from getting a 1 star. Michael was great in finding us transportation and he was very friendly and talkative. Since I was an out of towner I had many questions about where to go and what to do. He was extremely helpful. The car service was also very nice. They were always available and were always there when they said they would be.

    But for the amount of money I paid for 3 nights I expect them to at least TRY to be nice to me.

    I do NOT recommend this place. They have some work to do.

    08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    67. Samantha L.
    Beware when booking at this hotel on a pre-paid reservation. I missed the cut-off day by 1 day to cancel with a refund not due to my negligence but due to finding out my daughter has to have surgery and I won't be able to make the trip. Not only did they not try to accommodate refunding a week reservation during the College World Series where they in all likelihood will be sold out the week as they are already for one night, they had no empathy for my situation and made no accommodation at all. If this is how they treat people before they even arrive at their hotel I can not even imagine the service during the stay.

    20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    68. Mike S.
    I worked here back in the day.like seriously, the first Magnolian. What attracted me to this was the building itself. I think that is still the draw. The Aquila Building is as much Omaha as the old stockyards. Once home to dentists and architects, it is now a place for respite. Magnolia offers a niche market as a 'boutique' hotel and I give them kudos for trying.
    House made cookies and milk around 10pm (a la Doubletree) and what I actuall like the most is Free soup Mondays from 11a-2p, For that you don't have to be a guest.
    The rooms are pretty standard as industry allocates and overall an easy three is where we end up at

    13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    69. Amy R.
    I thought I had written a review of the Magnolia last time we stayed here but I guess not.  
    The Magnolia is a total quality place and this last time was no exception.  We ended up not staying here because we were joined by some others and they didn't have a large enough suite. Sooooo, the manager ended up being FANTASTIC about it and knowing that we would end up coming back to the Magnolia EVERy time but we just couldn't make it work this time.
    She was great, we were on our way and will return each and every Omaha trip from here on out!

    28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. Tony A.
    We were in Omaha for a couple of days with wife and my little one for a Creighton graduation ceremony.

    We chose the Magnolia because we love boutique hotels and were encouraged by the good reviews on Yelp and other online travel websites.

    This is a charming boutique hotel in an excellent location. The staff is great, very helpful, and always friendly. The hotel also offers amazing value! From check-in, to the warm cookies at night and the hot breakfast in the morning,

    We booked a Queen Suite with a baby crib at this hotel for a couple of days.

    Our room was clean and comfortable, and they had the baby crib set up when we checked-in.

    The hotel is beautifully decorated, occupying an old office building with art deco elevators. It's also within walking distance to most of downtown Omaha.  They also have great valet, an airport shuttle, and offer rental bikes from the lobby for $10 an hour or $30 for the whole day

    The prices were competitive compared to the other hotels in the area, plus the internet was included, breakfast was included, happy hour wine or beer and milk and cookies at the end of the day.

    The only negative (-1 star) is that the rooms are not sound proof. I could hear doors slamming all night long, hallway conversations, and at one time I could hear my kid crying in our room when I had stepped out to go grab breakfast for my wife almost 50 feet away near the elevators...and our room door was closed!

    Overall, great experience at this hotel. If you like boutique hotels then this is for you.

    22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0