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Airport Plaza Hotel & Conference Center in Reno, NV

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.00

Address: 1981 Terminal Way, Reno, NV, 89502

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    Comments (1):

    1. Wayne D.
    I'm sorry that I haven't actually stayed here, but let me explain.

    My parents are cheap. Cheap cheap cheap. "Thrifty," as they used to say. "Scotch." Can I say "Scotch" without offending anyone? That reminds me of a joke. A tourist was in Glasgow making a purchase in a store. He opened up his Velcro wallet to get out some cash. A local came up to him and say, "Aye, that's a perfect wallet for a Scotsman!" "Why?" asked the tourist. "Because, laddie- it screams when ya open it!"

    Anyway, they flew out of town for Thanksgiving and their cheap, cheap flight came back to Reno around midnight. Ain't no way I'm waiting around the airport all night only to find out their flight was delayed until 2AM, so I decided to get them a room at the Airport Plaza and leave their car in the parking lot for them to pick up. Throw in some breakfast and I've done my duty.

    It's probably a little unusual to pay for someone else's room and hand the desk clerk some car keys, but the desk staff handled my request with efficiency and friendliness. Parents report room was quiet and comfortable My mother was especially pleased that they had a recliner. Apparently the transition from United Coach seats to a king sized bed was too much to do all at once, and the recliner was the perfect halfway stop.

    The next morning, they had breakfast in the coffee shop and the clerk had their car key ready. All in all, an out of the ordinary hotel transaction that could have been royally screwed up, but which was instead handled professionally and courteously.

    Thanks for taking care of my Mom, Airport Plaza Hotel. How much soap did she take?

    29/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0