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Rating: 2.86

Address: 500 North Sierra Street, Reno, NV, 89503
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Comments (551):

1. A L.
2 stars cause they screwed up my billing.  so i reserved a room back in december for a few days in january.  so i went to the front desk.  the guy said i had about 400.  400..?!?!? now i dont know about you, but to me 400 is a lot of money.  plus i had to pay for wifi that barely worked half the time.  so i bought the wifi connection, logged onto my email showed how much i had to pay.  now i brought my laptop down all the way to guest services.  showed it to the clerk who processed my room.  he tried to give me some bs.  so i was arguing with him for awhile.  eventually he lowered to the original price that was listed in my email confirmation.  i guess its what they say, you get what you pay for.  there was this part of the floor that the janitor just cleaned up, and i just happened to yak on it, boy was he pissed off, i was pretty plastered so i didnt really care.  so circus circus, get your wifi working, and have better customer service when it comes to billing.  but thank you for helping me win 60 bucks..:D

14/03/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. E A.
hell, i like it. my parents are members or something so we get a sweet deal on rooms. i love the circus acts and carnival-type games - so fun. i also love THE STEAKHOUSE @ CIRCUS where its like $12 for a prime rib dinner that compares to the House of Prime Rib in SF. loves it!

01/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Tom B.
seedy casino, somewhat rundown, especially compared to the two casinos adjacent, the Silver Legacy and the El Dorado, both of which are much nicer. Dont forget to order your free coffee maker, why dont they just have the things in the rooms in the first place? It seems that there are some class differences in the rooms on the floors you get, we on the 19th floor got really crappy no-name coffee, friends on the 26th floor got Starbucks..this wasnt just an error, as every day we got the crap refills, and they got Starbucks. Rooms are adequate, no real complaints except towells are pretty thin, they could use an upgrade there. The Americana Cafe was better than expected (of course I expected the worst)...good food, friendly service, decent prices, large portions. The Buffet at Circus has a lot of variety but the quality is not so hot, overall, I would avoid the buffet. This place is great for kids, lots of circus entertainment and its easy for little ones to win stuffed critters...not so easy for adults to win money, but then that's how casinos get rich, and you dont. I don't either, darn it. On weekends this place is crowded like all get-out, masses of people seeking food and free money.

02/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. sherry s.
For a truly seedy Reno vacation, and isn't that what we all want deep down, I recommend the Circus Circus Hotel. You know what you're getting.  Tacky Carpets, Bad Lighting, Clowns and Reno's finest serving you up some of the most mediocre grub you can get, but It's all about the ambiance right? I had a fabulous time at the Midway even though the games may have been rigged (I swear to you my cork hit that bottle straight on and it didn't budge or wobble even a little) I played the penny slots in the gloriously ornate casino  that is located conveniently below the Flying Trapeze Act.and won $10 on a dollar... go me! Reno isn't Classy. Nothing about Reno is classy and Circus Circus sure doesn't pretend to be. Our remote didn't have batteries, the first night we had no soap or shampoo but besides those minor details we had a fabulously trashy time! Circus Circus is conveniently located to many of the other hotels( AKA: the strip) shopping and restaurants. So when you do eventually tire of clowns and circus acts and need some other form of  tawdry entertainment and perhaps not so much neon pink you don't have to far to stumble.

17/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Michael C.
I agree with Andrew S. on the reservations and living conditions here. It's on the strip and it's fairly cheap. It's not five stars, but very hard to find a five-star location in Reno for a cheap price. I like the place because it is convenient. Silver Legacy was a good choice too, but I had a deal with the Clown Palace. Besides, my little sister likes playing at the kids place.

05/01/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Steve B.
I stay at Circus Circus often and have never been disappointed.  The rooms are fresh, clean, comfortable, sound proof, and nicer than Harrah's down the street.  Great views.  Parking is free, covered, close and easy.  The staff is always friendly and efficient.  Front desk staff thanks you for your stay and tells you they hope to see you again soon.   In my opinion, the best value for a hotel room in Reno, as good or better than Grand Sierra where you have to park forever away in the hot sun.

14/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Tesh S.
Our son still remembers the hotel with a circus.  Kids love this kinds of places and it is a novel way to kill a few hours for the kids aside from the snow and all.  It is also a great place to stay...I mean a typical casino hotel room.  I wish the staff was a bit friendlier at the front desk, but I suppose it can get a bit frustrating when you have hoards of people checking in at the same time.  We wanted a smoke-free room....we have a kid...hotel kept saying we can not guarantee.  Well, look now...you should know you are attracting families and kids with a name like Circus Circus so make sure you give smoke-free rooms and not say "it is not guaranteed",  It is not like my wife and I are checking into the Motel 6.  You know, there is a difference here.  We did get the room that we wanted, but I am just saying that is ridiculous for them to even say they can not guarantee.  Other then that, all was totally memorable and grrrrrrrreat!!

20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Aarica C.
Last year we stayed in the main tower. We spent most of our time in the casino here. We kept winning on the slot machines. All the other places we went to, we couldnt even win a dollar off of. Its not all for kids. You just have to stay on the top level where the kids ARENT. Hello. Their steak restaurant is pretty good too!

18/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. William B.
I had stayed in Circus Circus Hotel at Reno a few times the only thing, I like about Circus Circus is the free Circus Shows that they have all day & all night. I also like the a big selection of carnival games that they have at CIrcus Circus.

20/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. John P.
We stayed here ion a whim in 5th the rush of vacations last summer, (2007).  The Hotel and the staff were very courteous, friendly and helpful, but the room service was SO EXPENSIVE, that this was hurtful in the old star system  The rooms were clean, and bright, and always with "little extras". The price was very reasonable, with 1 free night!    Now last summer we tried the American Cafe, and it was decent.  I would not bounce up and down, but it was okay.  We also tried the Buffet, because it was only 9.95.  We found out why.  I have rarely done this, but it sucked.  It was terrible.  Now Jenn and I returned in 2008, on a stop thru, , and we were staying elsewhere, but visited Circus Circus.   We saw the words "New Buffet", and the price went to 11.95 per person.  Yes we are sick, yes we don't learn fast, yes we can be dumb when we are hungry.  We went...I'm glad we did!  They changed Executive Chef's and the new one revamped the buffet.  The meats and the fish were good, and tasty.  Outside dishes were very tasty, and the salads fresh.  Worth a try now!

07/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Linsey F.
I was really disappointed with the quality of the room. It felt so old and run down....it needs a major renovation. It was not unclean or anything- it just had old comforters, old carpet, old tile....everything was old. Luckily it was cheap.

01/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. J B.
21 yeah, but wanted to win stuffed animals for some odd reason.

The games were easy, I just realized that we were "kid gambling" all those dollar bills add up when your trying to win big prizes! The workers there seem to hate their job with a passion. You just hand them your money and they hand you a prize. I would of bumped it up a star if they actually knew how to smile, but then again by all the little kids running around maybe i would get annoyed also. But it was cute seeing the little ones win prizes.

15/10/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. linda j.
Its a shame that we have to add a star to review places. St Mary's hospital has coupons for Circus Circus. Its a voucher for a certain % off of a room for people with family members (out of town ) to stay if someone is hospitalized while visiting Reno.
The desk clerk told us they had to fill more expensive rooms first and therefore would only offer us the executive suite for $280.00 a night.

To add insult to injury, the clerk referred us to The Peppermill...he was nice enough to call ahead...They offered us $260.00 a night.

We didn't stay at Circus Circus...Who would after being told that? We went to the Vagabond inn for $60.00 (saturday night) weekday nights are cheaper.

09/03/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. jen n.

25/07/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Tam N.
great place to stay. good price for being downtown Reno with all other casinos around in walking distance..

17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Edwyn A.
Sometimes you can get a pretty cheap room here - if there is a conference in town - the rooms here are still the cheapest. however - circus circus is one of the older hotels in Reno. There is a train that goes between the south and north towers - but you should walk it.

18/11/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Jaime P.
You took my money on the slots, damn you!  And after going with my friends families to this place you singlehandedly made me decide never to have kids!

24/09/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Shakeeb A.
Circus Circus has the best arcade in Reno. With a HUGE variety of games, and a show every 35 minutes (right in the arcade!), the Circus Circus arcade has become one of my favorite parts of Reno. It's almost guaranteed that you won't come out of there with at least a couple of stuffed animals. I lol'd at the casino part, right inside the arcade. Who wants play slots around a bunch of screaming teenagers? The pricing for most games are pretty reasonable, and I became addicted to the jump roping game.

05/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Mary T.
The hotel room was okay. I prefer staying at the Nugget, since that's where the BBQ Cook-off event takes place, but they force you stay a minimum of three days. We only spent one night at CC, and got two adjoining rooms. I like that it's connected to Silver Legacy - where I won the 1K on Wheel of Fortune. Whoo-hoo!

01/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Jordan A.
Its been about 6 years since I've been to this hotel and casino and it doesn't seem to have changed much other than the drop in patrons. The whole place seems like they're trying hard to keep it fresh while keeping its original flare. They have a tram that can bring you to and from the outer tower which is perfect for when you have the drunk wobbly knees but otherwise its actually much quicker to just use the walkway. The restaurants are nothing too spectacular although inexpensive which fit. The main casino is pretty grim littered with zombie like middle aged men and women trying their hardest to at least break even. I would consider venturing out to the neighboring casinos like the Silver Legacy and the EL Dorado which seem to be less depressing, brighter and from what I hear they pay out more. The hotel rooms seem to be one step above an above average motel room. The view however was quite nice, which was the ghost town that is now Reno.

01/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Dan Y.
Until they redecorated about 10 years ago there was no way I would
stay here at any price. The old rooms were apparently decorated by
circus clowns: very tacky circus clowns with no talent for interior
design. The rooms today are tastefully decorated and represent one
of the best values in Reno. Of the three hotels connected by indoor
walkways,the other two being Silver Legacy and Eldorado,this hotel
offers the cheapest rates. For families with kids you have the added
benefit of the circus acts and carnival games. We've taken the train
trip up from the Bay Area several times for the weekend,stayed at
Circus Circus and had a great time without gambling at all--well maybe just a little. One important note: Avoid the buffet here at all
costs. If the price gets your attention just keep in mind you get what
you pay for. If you want to pig out walk down the street to Eldorado,
you won't regret it.

04/02/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Euge L.

seriously black.

must be down like close to ten large here since i started coming in college AND I DONT USUALLY GAMBLE..... well much at least.

stay away. no more reno for boarding trips. only cabins.

i loath you club one card.

02/05/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. jen p.
***this review is for the buffet and midway only***

hubby has a soft spot in his heart (stomach?) for their buffet, having frequented the place so many times since his childhood.  while there are a lot of selections, none of them are that good...we timed our visit so we hit the tail end of breakfast, just as they started to swap the bacon and pancakes out for lunch entrees.  it's gotta say something when the only item i return for a second helping is cream of friggin wheat!  oh and the churros (w/ creamy filling like jack in the box's) were tasty too.  otherwise, the list of meh items goes on and on...tasteless melon was the best from the limited fresh fruit selection; rubbery french toast; flabby, not crisp, bacon; runny eggs...the wontons were just okay but great compared to the clumpy  noodles and the sticky sweet chicken at the asian station (that DIDN'T serve rice???), tasteless corn on the cob (where's the sweet summer corn?)....meh. plus the drink dispenser splattered  us each time we returned for a refill.

the midway, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise!  who knew $20 could last so long, even with the standard carnival games...they somehow seemed to be less of a rip off and provided lots of fun for the princess (okay and me and the hubby too!)  the fishing magnet game and ring toss are still a rip, but we were lucky at the wiffle ball toss and ping pong ball toss; even the usually "rigged" games, e.g. ball toss in a basket, were handing out prizes.  and some games offered a prize for every player.  add in a mix of "loose" claw machines and ticket dispensing games and you've got the makings for hours of fun...it does get crowded but as long as you're prepared to deal with the stroller crowd and preeteen cliques, you'll be fine.

01/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. google i.
just got back from a 2 nite stay at the circus circus reno.  it was clean and only $25 a nite!  no complaints, no long lines check in was fast and room was clean.  

if your planning a trip a couple of helpful suggestions:

* ask for the main tower so you don't have to wait for the slow tram service from the other tower
* ask for a room high up on the tower away from the elevators and ice machines
* inspect your room carefully if your not happy got switch it immediately you don't have to stay in a room that is not up to your standards of cleaniness
* be careful of the midway arcade it's a money pit so spend wisely

enjoy your stay!

18/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Betty M.
I just stayed here to see Kathy Griffin...she too called Reno an armpit.  Okay, I clearly had not been paying attention during all those Reno 911! episodes and missed out on the general "feel" of the population.  Hard to put into words they types that are in the Circus Circus, I think a lot of homeless, gang bangers, teen punks, baby mommas, soon to be pimps.  The room was decent enough except that the air had to be running all night due to it being stuffy and everytime that damn thing came on it jolted us out of bed!  2 hours of sleep tops!  Oh but the empty coors can in the hallway were a nice touch!

19/05/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Vee G.
I'm not sure if I was expecting the worse but I was pleasantly surprised with Circus Circus in Reno. Our rooms were booked as a group for a basketball tournament Memorial day weekend. The rooms were $99 a night. The rooms were spacious and there was plenty of space for my family of four. The beds were comfortable. The staff throughout the Casino were extremely accommodating and nice. Room service was quick and we really enjoyed ourselves.

05/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Amy P.
Great for that dirty filthy quick get away to Nevada with the kids, but it's showing it's age. This location is in serious need of a make over!!!!!!!!!

01/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Kat C.
This place was like Jerry Springer Live: the REAL america. There were all sorts of little kids running around and being smacked by their parents. Large, obviously in poor health folks who were smoking like chimneys and gambling (based on their dental hygine) money they didn't have. The air was stinky and it wasn't just the thickness of the cigarette smoke. WOW, that place was an eye opener. It was cheap, it was crass, it was filled with cigarette smoke, and I spent about 15 minutes there and that was only because I needed to pee. Never, ever again!

22/02/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
29. Steve N.
This place is all about value when compared to the rest of the hotels on the Reno strip. I was there only for the night and thank god. The rooms were encrusted with old stinky bedsheets and the carpets were colored with what I called, "stain on top of stain." Once again, its all about savings, the beds made noises as if its about to break.  This is one of those instances where I feel bad for the company and understand a need to save cash in a bad economy. I really would have given this place a 1 star rating, but the rooms were soooo cheap at $30 a night. In this economy, every bit helps.

18/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Zakk D.
3 stars is about right for this place.  We stayed in a room for all of 2 hours during a cannonball run weekend up here.  The tables are full at all time, and single deck blackjack for $5 a hand can make for a damn long wait.  

The casino feels dark and damp.  Just kinda shady all around.  The staff seems about as happy to be stuck in Reno as you are.  I still think they hide the damn cashier window as well.  I had to have security take me there.  

Overall not a bad place.  The one main gripe I had is their check in procedure takes too damn long, especially on long weekends.

08/02/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Brian S.
I stayed here 21 or 22 years ago and loved the rooms as they were clean and well maintained; being a kid at the time, the arcades were wonderful and kept my brother and I busy for a long time.  Fast forward to today, the casino is average size with a good selection of different slots, rulet, and what have you.  Everything is clean and unlike Western Village (see my review,) not smoky.  The staff from the cashiers to the bartenders and everyone are friendly; my nise loves the now bigger arcade area as she got several prizes, loved the dog show, and getting her face painted.  We love the skyway that goes from the garage to the hotel.  The valae was very nice in helping us find our vehicle when we couldn't remember which floor we parked on; no, we were not drunk haha.!  So, for friendly service and getting your game on in a clean atmosphere, Circus Circus cannot be beat.  Keep up the good work guys.!

05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. kim w.
won a domokun!! games are def. cheaper than before. times are rough.

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. L H.
Stayed in largest Executive Suite on a Sunday $219, 1,100 sq ft:
- roomy jetted tub for 2
- king bed was soft and old
- 1 and 1/2 bath
- wet bar with mini fridge, no bottled water / snacks / honor bar in room
- 6 seat dining table
- north tower access to casino with ease, lots of stairs/levels in casino
- 2 flat screen tvs
- great view of reno arch and city
- great climate control, not smokey
- okay room service, limited choices (Gecko's ribs and bbq sauce is very good!).  pizza is like chuck e cheese (saucy and bland).  pepsi brands.
- 2 robes in bath
- scratchy towels in bathroom, not plush
- inadequate lighting throughout if you are planning to get ready for special occasion (makeup)
- great closet spaces (2) for evening length gowns and oversize luggage

22/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. Christina M.
Great for families. The rooms are suitable, however didn't spend too much time in them. Had a little problem with booking on-line. We booked for a 2 queen room in non smoking but when we got there it changed to just a king in smoking. We did not want smoking, they said they had nothing available but we were not going for it. So they managed to give us a handicap room in non smoking with 2 queens. We were happy with that. They had about 15 channels, free local calls, iron and blow dryer, your tipical room.We stayed Fri & sat for $160.
The midway was a great place to take the kids. They are very reasonable, all the games were $1-2 to play and you get 2 for 1 games when you book a night at the hotel which was nice. It's easy for the smallest kids to win prizes and have lots of fum for a small amount of $$.
Lots of verity on slot machines and the servers come around pretty often and get your drinks back to you quickly.
The gift shop was stocked up and most items were pretty reasonable.
They have a fitness center with lots of equipment.
The parking garage is free and easy accessible.
The only thing I missed was a pool, they really need to add one!
Ohh don't eat at the buffet at Circus Circus go to Silver Legacy which is just a few steps away, LITERALLY, trust me on this one even if you have kids eat free coupons you will thank me. =).

17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Way C.
If you can't afford your own wave pool, head straight for Midway! This arcade-packed sanctuary of Circus Circus is perfect for practicing your strokes and butterflies in a sea of human perspiration.

27/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Marsh-Silog P.
It's been almost 11 years since I've been to Reno but the customer service was great, the rooms were dated but relatively decent.  Midway is a money pit and why did you get rid of the game Fascination?  That was the best game there. BOO!!!!

12/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Ed R.
what does one expect? a small journey from check-in to hotel, more noise in room than you can imagine-toilets flushing, doors SLAMMING, drunks yelling as they stumble down the hall, sirens and motorcycles and loud cars in street, casino super smokey, deli makes pretty sandwhiches but very limited selection, sushi fair at best at kokopellies,not again, not  for me.

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
38. Vivienne J.
Stayed here with the family overnight in late August on a Saturday.  We got a mini king suite in the Sky Tower.  

The good:  The size of the suite was a good bargain for the price and it was quiet and clean.  The attachment to the other 2 hotel properties greatly increased our food choices.  The kids love the midway and circus acts, and their dollar video poker machine was super nice to us that stay!  Oh - *in room coffee maker* and in room *empty mini fridge* - two things IMO that every hotel should have.  This place gets it.

The neutral:  I'm not a huge fan of having to take a monorail to the building where my room is, but considering the price, I can deal with it.  No pool for the kids, but supposedly there is one in the works.  Called housekeeping for some extra towels/coffee/shampoo, and though they did show up, it took them quite some time.  The chairs could use some new upholstery, but the rest of the furnishings looked fine.

The bad:  The shower in my room's bathroom had something going on.  The shower head was obviously clogged, as the spray went all over.  The water pressure went from good to almost gone to good again over and over, and there was a horrible squealing noise the entire time the shower was on!  Oy vey!  

Things the hotel can't control:  Good heavens - Saturdays in August must be super bachelorette party time, and I think they all went to the linked hotel trio promenade to celebrate!  Talk about chaotic!!

Would I go again?  Yeah.  The Reno CC is not bad.  :)

30/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Rhino R.
REALLY like the casino and location.  Probably the best casino in Reno.  Good selection of games.  Buffet was average, but you can always walk over to the eldo buffet.  Rooms were average.  This is the problem.  Kicked us out at midnight on a Friday for having a tiny dog.  Paid the deposit and the dog doesn't bark.  Security shows up while I'm sleeping and tells us to put our dog in the kennel.  Hell no, that ain't happening.  Then tell us to leave the place.  Ended up at run down boomtown cuz no other place to go.  Last time.

18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. John S.
Didn't stay here but I came here to play games and watch live shows, it was just ok.

22/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Brett H.
Had a great time here a couple of weeks ago. The staff was extremely friendly everywhere we went, and I hit my number on Roulette! :D Our room was a mini suite and was very nice with a great view of the hills around Reno. Parking was very easy and free. The casino was clean and I didn't seem overwhelmed by cigarette smoke like I sometimes do in Casino's so kudos to the ventilation, the place actually didn't stink. We had a few decent meals in their restaurants (Kokopelli's Sushi, Smokin Geckos BBQ and the buffet). We just enjoyed our stay...

07/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Emily S.
If you have kids and have a gambling addiction, then this is your place.  I, however, do not have kids but have a gambling addiction.  So I don't want to go shoot darts into 20 balloons to for $300 to win a tiny stuffed turtle.  I'd rather take my chance on a slot machine that I've rubbed my chest over for luck.  This Hotel/Casino has gone through a remodel and has very much improved over the years.  

It took forever to get a cocktail while I was playing a slot machine one time... and as I dwindled into my last credits, this skirt finally shows up.  Wanting to see how long it would take her to get back, I ordered a drink, and put more money into my machine.  When that money quickly found it's way into the casino's pocket... I finally left.  We're talking 25 minutes.  Come on!  If I am going to gamble the farm, then at least make sure that I'm buzzed to do so!

21/09/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Jenni D.
While not nearly a skeezy as it's LV counterpart, this casino/hotel is pretty lowly. The decor is, of course, corny as hell and the fixtures, especially in the casino, are worn and tired (even the poker chips have seen MUCH better days). Drink service is almost non-existent unless you sit at the bar and play max bet on a 25 cent video poker machine... the "bands" that play on the center stage are pretty sad... it's especially disconcerting to have the drummers seated behind glass- like they have to protect themselves from some kind of attack.

I can't figure out why anyone other than down + out locals would really gamble here... especially when the silver legacy and the el dorado are attached by walkway...

I will give them credit for cheap tables- though Cal Neva is MUCH more kitchy and fun for these and for really cheap (and reasonably clean) hotel rooms in a bind.

11/07/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
44. Steve P.
Although my family did not stay at CC on this visit, we have stayed here many times in the past.  The midway is a little tired, very crowded at night,  and does not change much between visits.  I dare not criticize the circus acts, because they are something that I couldn't possibly do, nor could a majority of Yelpers.   But over the last few years we had seen pretty much all of the acts many times over.

But during this visit we saw the Chinese Acrobats perform a new act we had not seen on earlier visits.  This act called Bicycles, features about 6-7 girls riding trick bikes on that tiny stage.  That alone is pretty good.  But combine gymnastics on bikes, and you have an amazing show.  This is a can't miss act.    I couldn't do it justice to write how one girl will stand on the shoulders of another girl who is peddling a bike.  She then jumps to another girl's shoulders on a bike directly in front!  Yes, while both bikes are moving.  Incredible and a must see.  The act lasted easily 8-10 minutes, and had what seemed to be a dozen tricks.

25/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Natalye R.
I've never stayed here before, but I did recently eat at the Americana Cafe, located in Circus Circus. And holy crap! I was amazed. I would think that since it isn't a buffet and it's in a casino that the food might be expensive. But it was cheaper than your Lyon's or Carrow's or Mel's. The food caliber was pretty standard but the four stars are because I was served THE LARGEST chicken sandwich I have ever had in my life. It was like a sandwich with A WHOLE BBQ CHICKEN BREAST on the bun. For only $7.95, including cheese on the burger and fries on the side. This place is also 24 hours so it was great for my 1am drunk munchies.

20/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Nicole O.
The hotel is very out dated, I was there with my husband and 11 year old daughter for a fun short family trip to Reno and Virginia City. While getting read to head down to have some dinner and play some games we heard this huge fight in the hallway right outside our door. Kids, Women, and men fighting and scream for someone to call security.  We locked our room and called the front desk to send security asap. This is something I did not want my 11 year old daughter to have to experience on our family trip. Believe it of not but the fighting was between a wedding party that just got married at the hotel earlier that day....when security finally got up there the wedding party strated fighting with the security and the Reno cops had to be called. We where stuck in our room for 45min when the cops finally got them to settle down we left our room and had to walk passed the trash of pulled out hair laying in the hallway, blood drops, and people cussing at eachother. Again something my daughter should have never had to experience!!! You would think that a manager from the hotel would have contacted our room to tell us the situation had been taken care of and ask if we would like to change rooms or floors because we had a child with us but no one ever contacted us at all. VERY BAD SERVICE!! I emailed the manager the day we got home to express my disappointment with our stay and to please contact me...that was 4 days ago and still no one has contacted me. They also sent me a survey to my email where I again express my disappointment and it asked if I would like someone to contact me and I said yes. Again still no one has contacted me. So what I am saying is if you have children and dont want them to experience the gross people and behavior there I would stay at a nicer near by hotel and just walk over to Circus Circus to let the kids play the games. The one thing I do have to say is that the check in service was quick and easy and the gentlemen that helped us check in was very helpful. Just wish we would have had that type of service are whole stay. So beware before you book your stay on what you might get.

06/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Mango D.
5 stars for the excellent Sierra Nevada on tap. The poker room is non-smoking and always has a game or two running.
The midway is fun for games and the shooting gallery. I won 5 stuffed tigers!

04/05/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Stella C.
When my sisters and I were little, the words Circus Circus made our eyes HUGE! Years later and I can see it in the eyes of my nieces and nephews when we enter THE MIDWAY!!!

I haven't been to Circus Circus as an adult, so when I finally did, I dragged my sister all around searching for our childhood game: FASCINATION! A trip around the Midway and I had to stop and ask a game attendant for help. This particular guy was new, 2 weeks into the job and had no idea what I was talking about. Another girl, not so new, didn't know either. WHAT!!! Apparently this game was taken down, WHY?! And the kentucky derby is gone. Now they have a little arcade area to exchange tickets for prizes and a game they should rename "testosterone" because a bunch of guys huddle around it and give each other high fives for hitting a punching bag. Ugh.

I was a little disappointed with the Midway for various reasons, but still had a good time. The smell of cigarettes from the casinos makes it way into the midway and it's much smaller than I remember (I was much smaller too, boohoo). Also, the games should be separated by age groups, the crowds (esp that testosterone group above) make it so hard to walk by with my 5 yr old niece. I was trying to win her a doll at the chicken-in-a-pot game and some little boy was walking by to avoid the punching-bag-crowd and put his hand above my chicken in an attempt to punch it. WHAT A BRAT! I gave him "the look" and gave him a stern "don't you dare" and he ran off. Kids, please teach your children some manners and parents, be responsible and don't let your children run loose around here. My sister's boyfriend was winning a lot of toys from Skee Ball, he just happens to be good at it, and after awhile he got cut off and was asked to leave for winning so much. That's a little unfair considering the hotel doesn't mind you spending tons of money as long as you're losing and not taking their supply of cheap dolls? There are some nearly impossible games, they should definitely bring in a variety of games to accommodate the young children. Only about two games give them a prize just for playing and some of the games are just too difficult for someone five years old!

I also didn't appreciate how ghetto it has become. While playing the ring toss game w/my niece, about five security guys cornered a young man and questioned him then finally put handcuffs on him and left. I don't know about you, but that's just something I DONT want a five year old to see!

Overall, a fun place but needs to expand and be more organized. And please bring Fascination back!

16/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Michael P.
The Circus Circus was nice for a two night stay. Little smaller than the one home on the strip but very cool. Little midway for some fair type games to win prizes. Yard long drinks for the adults and decent rooms for your stay. Not too shabby for a weekend trip.

03/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Pauly F.
this is a ok casino im more of a cluber so it dident exactly fill my night but if you just whnt to chill and play some slots this place is cool

27/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Hekela R.
I've been a Fan since childhood and YES just to confirm I still am! My Husband and I stayed here this past weekend and had a blast,  made me feel like a kid again except this time complete with gambling and alcohol. During our stay  It was cold and snowy so I loved the fact that this hotel is also connected to the Silver Legacy and El Dorado. It offers a wide variety of shops, restaurant and casinos. The Midway seemed smaller to me as an adult for some reason but it was still good fun. Circus Circus is Family oriented and most deff kid friendly, I regret not bringing my kids on this trip. :(  But next time is a must! The best part of our trip is when I flipped my $20 into $450 on the Wheel of Fortune slots...FREE SPINS all NIGHT! Love it! I completely understand why people have gambling addictions now SMH...its the one slot worth playin!! I slap myself for not traveling to Reno more often, because its only a 5 hour hop and a skip from the Bay! This Hotel definitely wins my vote with family...On my next trip I wouldn't mind staying elsewhere for a new experience because El Dorado  and The Silver Legacy are beautiful as well :)

24/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Selina L.
My boyfriend and I come here whenever we get discounted rates and can make the time in our schedules. I prefer going on a Friday so that I can have $1 margaritas, but if that doesn't work I just sit at a penny machine and order my $8 Japanese Sex that I get for a $1 just for "gambling"! :-)

I like the concept behind Circus Circus but I don't like knowing that so many children and teenagers are around - I like to drink without having to watch my step and not get hit my someone's running child.

Another downfall? No place to get food at all hours besides the diner which has overpriced, mediocre food so I suggest just walking the short distance to Arby's inside the Sand's Casino and getting the $1 Roast Beef Sandwich.

The location is great and with the adjoining bridge, you can stay at the cheaper hotel (Circus Circus) and enjoy El Dorado and Silver Legacy without even stepping outside. Plenty of other casinos are within walking distance.

26/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Andy S.
You've gotta love a place that has an 8 AM check in and a 12 noon check out...28 hours for one day, the perfect place for anyone on a tour.  The food at the buffet is NOT good at all, but the rooms are good & clean with a decent shower.  This is the first casino I ever went to where I came out in the black with waitresses bringing me free drink after free drink.  

If I went here on vacation, I would've hated it since the place feels very old and touristy, but when staying in Reno for one day this place is perfect.

29/01/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
54. Jenny V.
My fiance brought me here on a wekend getaway. This place is so much fun & lots to do. As soon as we got here we went into the lobby to check in & the line was super long all the way backed up to th door. The staff was super nice & brought us bottled waters to ease the long wait. The room was clean & decent. They have a fun play area with games for adults & kids. Food, fun, entertainment,  casino & games!!

07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Keith P.
3 stars is about right for this place.  If you want $5 table games with free drinks than this is the place for you.  Watch the circus shows after a couple drinks and you got yourself a cheap entertaining night.

18/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
56. Colin P.
My first time staying here--but not of my choice.  An inexpensive place to stay.  The rooms are alright--definitely old style, but everything works.  The shower head is so short I had to bend over backwards just to wash my hair.  The front desk was friendly.  Internet is available--Wi-Fi.  A bit smokey down in the casino.  The Midway is fun--old carnival type games--still have my skills with winning stuff animals--it was fun.

12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Linda L.
@ the midway

my favorite game of all time is the CHICKEN IN THE POT! i love paying $1 for three chickens, and i gotta whack the seesaw to launch my chicken into a pot. :]

i like the water shooting games too.

the ball rolling games are rigged because some people have 2-5balls.. cheaters! its a kids place!

shame on the guy that snorted coke before coming to the midway, and acting hella funny, and sniffing krap up his nostril. SHAME ON YOU!

12/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
58. Charlene M.
Commenting on Circus Circus for games.

I had a really good time when I was in grass valley. We drove here (2hrs) to play some games and get some lunch.

We played basketball, air hockey, shooting games, toss, darts, and we won a whole bagful of stuffed animals and for less than 8 bucks.

The atmosphere was pretty fun...gotta check out the jugglers. AWESOME!!!

17/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Heather T.
Will never stay here again. Can you fall asleep to mariachi music and drunk people on cell phones outside your room at midnight? Not to mention the sheets you're afraid to sleep on, floor you don't want to let your socks touch and and cracks in the bathroom tub you hope you don't slip in. Not a happy customer. Not ever going back.

21/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
60. Michael H.
Gosh, casinos always make me depressed.  Watching dreary eyed people self-medicate their feelings with tobacco, alcohol, and the promise of cash.  I've never understood the draw of gambling or slot machines.  Shouldn't games be fun?  Pulling levers and turning over cards isn't my cup of tea.  By the time we made our way to the "carnival" area it was closed.  Who needs another useless stuffed animal anyway.  Please don't ask me to go to Reno or Las Vegas unless it is for the food.

22/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
61. Kymberli C.
This review is for the midway... I used to love coming here when I was a kid, we used to win so many toys that our house was like a toy/doll store.  The midway looks so ugly now.  It looks tiny and the games are all spread out weird... the toys look so cheapy and unappealing... I don't even want to play because I dread winning and being stuck with it!  LOL...  It feels so cramped and claustrophobic in here :(

21/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
62. Maggie A.
No, it's not swank and luxurious accomodation, but at $40.00 per night on weekdays (depends on when you go, and can be less with special deals in the mail when you join their OneClub) it doesn't need to be. My 5 stars are based on it being very decent for so cheap.

It's on the "strip" in Reno and connected to Silver Legacy and El Dorado in such a way on the 2nd floor that you barely even notice that you are leaving one hotel and headed into the other (meaning 3x's the restaurants, etc. without going outside).

We had a perfectly clean and average-sized room with a nice looking bathroom and good smelling soaps/shampoos, etc. It's $20/night cheaper to stay in the Sky Tower (instead of the main/casino tower), and if you get a high floor with a view of the mountains, it's actually really gorgeous.

The cool little tram that takes you from the cheap rooms in the Sky Tower to the Main/Casino Tower when you are too tired/drunk to make the walk. I've seen this walk described in other reviews in other places as some harrowing ordeal that's such a long walk and that there are scary thugs/hoodlums/undesirables along the way, but it's really something like a 5 minute walk just at a stroll with just the typical assortment of other travelers. The tram isn't much faster than the walk, but it's fun.

The cocktail service really isn't all that bad, even playing the nickel machines. Oh, and then I won $40 from said nickel machine and even got carded (I'm way beyond 21, trust me), so I had a good day at the casino. Results may vary. They have a bit of everything and even some low minimums like the $0.50 chips/$2.00 roulette.

The circus acts and the midway are fun! You are never too old to be mesmerized at some of the crazy stuff people are capable of doing while balancing stuff on their heads. Of course, this does mean that you will see children. If you don't like them, go back to the casino part and have another free drink while you win/lose some more money, and then it will be like they were never there.

Circus Circus lets you do a late check out so that if you have a flight out at like 8 or 9 at night (so that you can have another full day of fun before returning to your boring normal life), you can do a late check out. I don't remember the cost, but it seemed very fair at the time and was nice to still have a "home base" in between buffets.
**Update Feb 2007** We opted for the until 4PM for another $20 because it got stupid any later - something like $60?!

Speaking of buffets, the Courtyard Buffet inside Circus Circus isn't all that great, but it's not as horrible as I've seen some reviews in other places say. I didn't get sick, some of it was pretty good, some things I was glad to skip. Kind of like a lot of average buffets.
**Update Feb 2007** Nope, not again. Not good. Still didn't get sick, but it might have been a relief just to be able to start over somewhere else.

The Steakhouse has a $11.99 prime rib dinner weeknights from 5:00PM-6:00PM (was $9.99 in Feb 2006, but has gone up by Feb 2007 trip), so you know where I was during those hours. It was pretty good. Beware the Lobster Bisque - waiter came by and casually asked if we wanted any soup/salad with our meals, and when he said the soup was lobster bisque, we thought that sounded just wonderful. And it was! Very creamy, delicious and perfect in every way. But we had no idea it would be $9/bowl. Suddenly our $20 prime rib dinner for two turned into more like $40 (but the bisque is still in my memory - so good).

If you want to rent a car to drive up to Tahoe, Dollar Rent a Car has a desk right inside of Circus Circus. The selection isn't quite as good as at the airport, especially if you decide to change reservation from compact car to SUV since it just occurred to you that it's winter and that you'll be driving uphill, but in that case, you can just take the free shuttle to the airport to rent whatever you want from there.

The free shuttle was in desperate need of new shocks, but it got us to and from for free, so no complaints. I'm not quite sure about the schedule in terms of as stated every 30 minutes vs. when it actually comes, but again, free. And we never really had to wait terribly long.
**Feb 2007 Update** I think they retired the shockless van because to and from were better vehicles with nice drivers.

And so, we have planned another trip and did not hesitate to choose a Sky Tower room at Circus Circus again. (Still true looking toward a 2008 trip - won my heart twice).

29/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Lauren W.
We went for the last show of the night, a chinese girl unicycle act- which was awesome- but the atmosphere was really sucky. People were unfriendly, the lighting was dim, it was noisy and the floors were so dirty! They looked like they had never been cleaned! I'm from CA, so I hated all of the cigarette smoke floating all over, but the Dome was really cool (next to the bar) and we took some pics with the security guards and Cap't Morgan :) I think that if you are a big fan of casinos, then you'd like Circus Circus; but I just think that overall the whole scene was depressing, like an aging woman wearing too much makeup and jewelry to try and overcompensate for the fact that she's old and gross. Sorry, Circus Circus! A good place to go slumming, but not great for REAL fun.

29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
64. Paul M.
Attention Wal Mart Shoppers we have a special on hotel rooms. Possibly a Wal Mart Shopper convention this weekend at CC..Really it was Bowling week ...I'm biased as I'm not a huge fan of Reno anyway but I'd stay at the Silver legacy if I were to do it again. Can't pinpoint it, it just had bad mojo going on. The AC in the casino was not working properly either, as soon as you passed through into CC the smell of smokers was huge, the other joined casino's had it right, still smoke, but not nearly as bad, well ventilated. It's just time for  CC to do a serious updating.

06/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
65. Chad M.
Rooms suck.  The beds are horrible.  The TV is 13in.  The hotel is super smoky.

19/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
66. Omar V.
Heck the wifey and I  got a room for 33 bucks! The room was larger and cleaner to a comparable room at the silver legacy.  The negative is that they charge you 10 bucks per day for wifi.  I tried to capture free internet from st marys hospital but was unsuccessful.    The slots are a bit more loose if you are into that but they don't have too many blackjack tables.

24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. JessePanda C.
sorry guys but i need to throw it down, i just love this place... 5 stars, got to love the FREE ROOMS they always give us... don't even remember when the last time we paid for a room over here. i careless about service since im always outside of my room gambling and doing stuff. got the love the game section when you bored, play something right... when the time right, hop on the escalator downstairs to the gambling tables, love the blackjack and roulette tables... one thing bad about this place is the buffet, its the cheapest on the strip... $12.95 there food but no seafood, mostly fried american food. you want the best ATLANTIS $27.95 baby... oh yeah, the beds are always too soft, haha.... me like it hard :) we always go TWICE a year, woot hoot!

16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. Tiff W.
Childhood favorite, toys aren't as great anymore but still like to drop by from time to time.

13/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
69. Antonio W.
When I was in my early 20's I used to stay at a few different Hotels in Reno @ once a month. (Circus Circus, Sundowner, Nugget & Pioneer).
Every time I would go up there would always be one of them that had a $16-$19 special for Sunday-Thursday. It was like a ritual each time I would go. First I go to Cal-Neva and have the $.99 ham & eggs, then check into wherever I'm staying. Right before I leave town I stop at Cal-Neva again to finish it off.
Well over the years a few things have changed in Reno. Pioneer was torn to the ground and the Sundowner is now condos. (The old Holiday Inn is condos too). The Silver Legacy was built between Circus Circus and El Dorado and they put in the indoor promenade connecting all three. This is especially nice when it is cold outside and you don't want to walk/drive to another casino.
I have usually stay at Silver Legacy, Peppermill or Atlantis over the last 15-18 years. Circus Circus really went down hill staring in the early 90's.  I stayed at Circus Circus @ 2003 and I think that was at the height of their funk.
My mom came from out of state and she wanted to go to Reno. I was checking for room rates and Circus Circus kept popping up on all the searches at the top. (I was going to book at Silver Legacy because of 2 reasons. They had their suites on sale from $199 down to $79.99 a night. The suites come with a hot tub was number two. The problem was that the suites only come with one King bed. I would have had to get two of them to fit all of us. (Me, my wife, 2 1/2 yr old, 6 month old and my mom.)
That is when I took a closer look at Circus Circus. I looked at their rates for the Mini-Suites. They had the same deal that Silver Legacy does. (Not surprising since MGM owns all three properties.) The big difference was that Circus Circus doesn't have a hot tub in the room. What they do have though is a sofa sleeper in the living room area. This is also a big difference from the other hotels. The Mini-Suites are exactly that, a suite, meaning TWO rooms and not just one over-sized room.
I next looked at the reviews over the past year or so on different sites for Circus Circus. (Yelp only had a few reviews and I wanted a much bigger sampling before committing to a polished turd of a Hotel.) Yahoo had over 140 reviews 30 or so were in the past 3 months. Some other site had about the same number of reviews.
(I just need to share this nugget of information I read from one review. This guys entire review was about how he "burned his head in not only one but three places with the hair dryer in the bathroom at Circus Circus. He says he called down to complain and fill out an incident report so he could "follow up on this incident". He went on and on for 7-8 paragraphs explaining how the Hotel would not respond to him and how they were not taking his injuries serious, their negligence and so on. There are two major problems with his review. First, he not once said one word about the price or quality of the room, the casino and/or the restaurants. Second, he is complaining about a MANUAL hairdryer that he holds in his own hand to dry his hair. He controls the distance the dryer is from his head. After he got burned the first time, he did it to himself two more times and says it is the Hotels fault.)
I digress. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the room/mini-suite at Circus Circus. It was large, very clean, smelled nice, the shower was strong and hot and had a coffee maker and mini fridge in the room. The entire floor was nonsmoking and it didn't smell like smoke at all in the halls or the elevators. (I smoke but my family doesn't.)
The only reason that I didn't give 5 stars is for two reasons. First, they need better ventilation in the casino. The ceiling is low and the entire place reeks of cigarettes. (If you stay in the Main Tower, you must walk through the casino to get to restaurants, the Midway or the promenade to the two other casinos.) The second was that the maids were watching too close. I couldn't steal any extra coffee or shampoo from the carts.

28/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. N Y.
This hotel was soo interesting. Maybe it was because I never been to a hotel before.. I'm yelping about my experience from about 6 years ago :) Hahaa! They had an arcade and boy was that arcade crazy! There were so many games and it was super fun (: They also had a clown on the day I arrived there and the clown made me a balloon and I was very surprised that there was a clown although the hotel is known as circus circus. Everything was very clean and it was well organized =) 4/5

30/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Jon F.
The games are super fun -- we won about 8 stuffed animals in an hour -- but I couldn't for the life of me find a 6-deck shoe here.

17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Cindy K.
Rooms were fairly spacious and clean.  The casino is decent.  Too many kids and thugs running around though.  Price for the rooms are decent.  Rooms--3 stars.  Just average.

Steakhouse?  Negative Stars.  Absolutely horrible.  Food sucked.  Service was even worse.   We went to IHOP for breakfast on our way back and got service that was 100 times better.  The white wine was room temperature.  The lamb was grey in color for ordering it rare.  The bread was stale.  The ribs were flakey and dry.  For a Steakhouse, this place was disgusting and pathetic.  Service was sooooo horrible.  I will never come here again.

15/01/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
73. Carleen S.
Most of the games are fun but skeeball priced at $1 a game is outragous. Free circus acts are always entertaining. No cigarette smoking at all allowed on this level. Fun photo booth on the way to the car but you must have dollar bills (which the giftshop was totally unwilling to give change for a five, I actually bought cards so the mean lady would give me some ones.

26/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
74. Keven W.
I think this place is okay. I went here to play at the arcade and be a little kid while I was taking a break from gambling. I spent a good $15 dollars here playing the games. I ended up winning a big bear =) at the skee ball machine, but it is a pain in the ass because if you win, the score does not stay on, it erases.  I won twice and it did it to me again. I did not know to get the attendant when I won, oh well right so they can check the score to see if I was not smoking any crack or anything.  I went gambling at the coin slots, but lost $5 dollars at the coin slots. It was a good concept because I do like the coins falling out of the machine.

04/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
75. C M.
My review pertains only to the Pet Boarding facilities.

Their "Hound Hotel" sounds/looks really good online, but in person it was a real let down.  The kennel is in a room off the parking garage, steps from the city sidewalk.  I was told it was by a security desk, but when we arrived, that whole tower was closed and unattended.  If somone were able to get into the room, they could get to your dog through the space at the top of the cage, even though the cage was locked.  The cameras are a nice feature, but are you gonna watch the dog 24/7?  Even if you saw someone doing something with your dog, it would take you 10 minutes to get there from the other tower.  We packed up and went to the Reno Plaza hotel, who allows pets in the room.

If you care for your pet, you would not use these facilities.

17/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
76. Adrienne T.
Cheap place to stay. Not for children.... but children are running everywhere, most without adult supervision. Yikes.  Relatively clean rooms however, if you have asthma or are sensitive to smoke or smells you might reconsider. Smoke permeates the entire casino and hotel even on non-smoking floors and rooms. Restaurants prices are reasonable and offer good food and a variety as well. Arcade is fun for all ages and have entertainment every night. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay and choose this place, make sure you don't get a room that has the option of being joined with a neighboring room. Those connecting doors in between rooms are NOT sound proof. Okay place to stay if you are without children and on a cheap budget.

30/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
77. Veronica L.
I like it here. Never a bad experience. It looks like they've recently remodeled the rooms. I stayed here Labor Day Weekend for the Rib Cookoff and was impressed with how nice the rooms look now. They were okay before, but this time looked much nicer. We stayed on the 14th floor and had a very nice view of the Silver Legacy and other surrounding casinos. The beds were comfortable and I liked that the room had a table for us to put all of our snacks on. No mini fridge though so we couldn't keep all of our drinks cold. Luckily we were able to chill water and alcohol in the ice bucket that was in the room. Each room has a small coffee maker with coffee and cups. I didn't have any though. One thing I think that could be better is the ventilation in the bathrooms. The bathrooms had very poor ventilation so I used the tall mirror in the room to put my makeup on so I wouldn't be all hot. Everything else was cool. The bell boys, valet and casino staff were all very nice and helpful. I will definitely stay here again the next time I'm in town.

20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Yoshi M.
While staying in reno for two days for a bowling tournament, we stayed at circus circus. We stayed in the north tower mini-suite, and it was a great stay.

Being a diabetic, I needed to refrigerate my insulin, however, the mini-suites do not come with a refrigerator! I'm still not sure what the reasoning is here, but that's ok. We called down to the front desk, and they said, no problem, and had a mini fridge sent up right away for a modest rate of $6/a day. As a bonus, when checking out, they did not put the fridge rental fee on the charge for the room, and the girl at the desk just waved us off with a "thanks for staying here!" Great service!

The rooms were clean, and everything else was great. The casino was great, but was a bit smoky. (we're just not used to having people smoke indoors anymore!)

The restaraunts here were great as well. The cafe and buffet were both very good.

The sushi restaraunt, kokopelli's was pretty good, although I think your experience will depend on which sushi chef you get. The food was particularly good, however, and we did get to eat fresh yellowtail.

All in all, I think we would stay here again, the prices are very reasonable!

16/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Matt G.
I like the good low-price for a bedroom everyday including weekends
I like the Tram shuttle
I like the circus act and kids entertainment section.

28/06/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
80. Nic P.
Big ol' parking structure. Loved that. Great buffet, for a great price.They really had everything. Caught one of the circus shows. That was entertaining. Great arcade for the kids, I loved playing there.

27/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
Nice rooms and great service at the front desk..

08/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Victor G.
i still remember 20 years ago arriving at the circus circus reservation desk and being told that the reservations we had will not honored for technical reasons. however, some motel on the outshirts of town will honor our reservations at the agreed price.

bummer, they overbooked and bumped me. it was my birthday also. i was with my current girlfriend. we wondered  around reno a while. it was snowing a little. we found a justice of the peace, witnesses et al and got married.

what a gamble that was!

24/02/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. Skeptical Spee ..
If you like children as much as I do, then you'll love the Circus Circus.  Screaming, mangy, barefoot children run wild in this Tijuana airport from the 70s.  
The brunch buffet was disgusting EXCEPT FOR the made-to-order omelettes, which are surprisingly tasty.  Hold on to that omelet chef, Circus management, he's a real pro with a lot of heart and a great bedside manner.
I had fun.

28/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. Morence L.
Gosh, what can I say about this place? I'd never been to Reno and we needed a cheap place to stay. We managed 50$ a night reservations that were extremely unaccommodating. The room smelled like body odor, the bathroom faucet was clogged up by God-knows-what, and the towels were dirty. The dry and smokey atmosphere ruined the hell out of my sinuses, too.  I thought I signed up to stay at a hotel, not a brothel!

At least Circus Circus has the Midway. Playing for stuffed animals was real fun and kept me entertained enough that I didn't feel the need to gamble. The connected hotels were nice and convenient, giving us plenty of options for dinner after a long day of activities in South Lake Tahoe.

Great place to go and chillax, I just wish it were a little cleaner for a neat freak like me.

19/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. Nona K.
I have nothing bad at all to say about Circus Circus.  EVERYONE was awesome! What really got me was, we asked for a change of batteries in the remote, left a note for housekeeping. We got a response from 'Maid Gloria', a Thank You and Have a Nice stay with a cute box of chocolates on the bed. I think all the toys in the room gave away that a little girl was staying there too. If I ever return to Reno, you bet I'm gonna stay here again.

23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Eric C.
Only went to the arcade. Great place to come with kids. My little nephew wanted to play some of the games and win some stuffed toys so we spent 2 hours and a good deal of money getting a big bag of stuffed toys. Lots of fun, even for adults. :)

29/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Anthony M.
Just OK! Fun Machines, did get to check out the room accommodations, the floor was EMPTY, saw more security than gamblers @ 2pm on a Saturday! barely any cocktail waitresses, but the cashiers were nice. The arcade was closed too. WTF! haha will try it again and re-review. The Silver Legacy, The Eldorado, and The Peppermill were MUCH MUCH better.

23/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
88. JoAnn V.
I used to stay at Circus Circus all the time as a kid. I thought it was the best place on earth - hey, I come from a Filipino family who likes to gamble.

The hotel suites were nice and spacious - enough room for me, my husband and son in one room, and my parents in the living room.

The midway has definitely changed over the years - not as fun and attractive as it used to be. They seemed to have remodeled it (I last came here in 1999) and took out most of the good games. The circus acts were just ok. Kind of a bummer visiting here after having so many good memories as a kid.

3 stars for the place, but I added a star for the actual hotel stay.

03/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Michelle C.
Stayed here last year during a weekend in February and it was pretty busy. We stayed in the Sky Tower which was a bit of a mistake. First, if you're staying in this tower make sure you park in the parking structure adjacent to it, or it's a pain to drag kids and luggage all the way there. There is a little tram, but you have to wait if it's not there and the doors weren't closing completely when I was there (in February it's freezing cold outside!). If you don't want to take the tram you can walk the long walkway (I say long if you have young kids or luggage since there are a few steps as well). The rooms are a bit dated and the elevators took forever! It sucked even more when 2 or 3 elevators come bay and are packed full or people. At one point we had to go up to go down. And there was the power outage while we were there. The rest of the hotel and Downtown Reno seemed  to have power from what we could see from out room, just the tower we were staying in was out.

The Midway is ok. We stopped by earlier this week on our recent trip to Reno. My 4 year old liked watching the circus shows and my older two enjoyed playing the carnival games. I like that some games (like the dart) give younger kids a prize for even trying. The paid games give better prizes than the ticket redemption ones (unless you're one of those who can get lots of tickets, I personally don't like spending tons of money on just that). On busy weekends this place gets pretty packed, so be careful, especially with little ones, it might get a bit overwhelming. Or go earlier in the day to avoid the crowds. It seems to get packed around the evening.

25/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
90. Michelle M.
At dinner the other night with some publishing folks who regularly exhibit at the comic & popular culture conventions (ie: Comic-Con), "con-curry" was described as the odor resulting when the elevator doors are opened upon a bevy of character-dressed attendees who've roamed the convention for three days without a change of costume.

Not terribly pleasant.

Nevertheless, I think I'd prefer to inhale con-curry over the scent of artificial coconut layered on top of the many years of stale cigarette smoke which assaulted me every time I passed through the Circus Circus doors. I dreaded to return here each evening. My room was spared but the scent did permeate every public space of this Hotel. The semi-connected El Dorado and Silver Legacy hotels fare a bit better in the olfactory department, according to the testimony of fellow trade show exhibitors.

Outside of Houston, the largest concentration of obese Americans is here at this Hotel. But Reno may beat out Houston in the overall aggregation of unhealthy + ugly people. I guess this isn't entirely Hotel management's fault.

But the decor surely is. My room was furnished with two clown paintings, the most offensive (nightmare-inducing dismembered clown head in lower right corner) of which I covered with a poster that I tactically picked up on my second exhibition day of the library trade show.

I didn't care for the burgundy and forest green color scheme of my room -- which blossomed to full effect in my polyester bed spread, but at least the room seemed clean everywhere but in the corners. (Hard to tell with the floor, though, because of the busy carpet.)

The soaps and lotions were too perfumed but the bath bars were slightly redeemed for being equipped with massage nodules which were a nice touch in the truest sense.

My only real room gripes were with the high pitched whine that emanated from some kind of poorly plugged hole in the bathroom wall, and with the absence of bathroom ventilation. (Hey, maybe the plugged hole IS the ventilation system?) I couldn't hear the high pitched whine from the bedroom but, then, I did close the bathroom door at night. Closing the door did not, however, obscure the sound of the pair having sex in the room next to me. I'm for less shared sound in Hotels in general, but overheard sex doesn't always have to be a two-star-deduction kind of sound. Nevertheless, hearing the woman's haggard *speaking* voice made it so; I'm positive I beat the dude she was with to the shower. So props to their morning circus circus antics for succeeding where my wake-up call failed: rousing me after my own late night.

Be aware of added fees and required deposits: My room had been booked by my Company, in advance, so in order to place (even local) outgoing calls from my room I was required to leave a $30. deposit. And I was charged a $15. handling fee for the package sent to my attention at the Hotel. *The handling fee for this 32 pound box did not include the handling of it across the street to the free shuttle bus that transported guests to the convention center.

This Hotel really did feel like one of the great equalizers, though, on the level of our nation's National Parks. And there's something to say for that. I don't normally enjoy small talk but I kind of enjoyed it here, via passings in the lobby and shared elevators. No such thing as hip here. And if you think you are, don't expect anyone to care or notice.

28/10/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
91. Jackie V.
Spent a Saturday night here this past weekend, and had a fantastic time!

It began at check-in..I'd reserved a mini-suite & originally it was to be in the Sky Tower, but since I was on crutches, the friendly woman who checked us in changed it so that we were in the North Tower (same bldg. where we checked in) so that I wouldn't have to walk as far. How thoughtful!

The room was lovely, quite roomy & with a nice view of the mountains around Reno (which were dusted with snow the next morning, how pretty), and the bedspreads and linens were in excellent condition. The thermostat was easy to find/operate as well, always a good thing on a winter evening. The bathroom was well appointed (and even had enough towels, a nice change from many hotels) and quite spacious, and the tub was easy to get in and out of even for me with my troublesome knees.

Everyone we dealt with, from the hotel staff to the casino staff, were fantastic: shout out to Patti our roulette dealer, she was awesome, and to Sara who signed us up for the One Club & thoughtfully got me a chair to sit on during the signup process rather than perch on my crutches the whole time. And I have to say, given that the casino does allow smoking, somehow it doesn't reek of smoke nearly as much as you'd expect; it was more a faint undersmell than the prevalent odor of the place. Definitely need to give kudos to CC for that incredible feat of good ventilation.  

We'll definitely be returning to Circus Circus for more mini-getaways; it was an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

27/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. Niesha M.
As far as the hotel itself, it's nothing special. The buffet is alright.

Now the midway is cool. I have many fond memories of winning so many stuffed animals.So for that memory alone, this place is alright.

01/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
93. Bill C.
Have you seen this Duck?   (His picture is in my profile.)   We won him at Circus Circus around April 2000.   If you happen to have one of his brothers let me know, I'd like to set up a reunion.   Yelp has a great Messaging service.    

Circus Circus is a fun place to visit but I prefer the El Dorado.   If you go during the week, the midway is usually not too packed and you can take a break from gambling to play some games.   It's a fun little distraction.  

The gambling at Circus Circus is pretty good and the tables are relatively cheap.   I can't say the air quality is good, it seems the smoke is part of the building itself.   I have always found the cocktail service to be excellent here.   That's why I gave it a bonus star.  

I'd suggest staying away from the buffet at Circus Circus.   It's worth the walk to go to Silver Legacy or El Dorado for dining.

13/09/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
94. L.A. W.
My daughter and her friend hated it here.  She said the fun-way was chock full of men who were no longer minors, but too young to gamble and they were hitting on very young teenagers, including herself and her friend. I would recommend adult supervision in the evening.

Additionally, there is a very odd smoking regulation here.  Apparently, you can smoke cigarettes in the bars, casino and adult only areas, but NOT cigars. WTF?!!?? I can see a total ban altogether, as it is the one casino hotel in Reno that is geared more toward family. But why just the cigars?  I come to Reno to smoke cigars, gamble, and do all the naughty things I cannot do when my kids ARE around.  This policy seriously miffed me.

The casino is looking old and threadbare.  The rooms are clean, and the service is usually very good.

31/01/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
95. Emily M.
We have stayed and played at the El Dorado and the Silver Legacy.  We love the access to all of the casinos so we decided to try Circus Circus.  One reason is their serving staff is organized and they are helping other casino workers to organize.  The room was fine although the number of King Sized bed rooms are limited.  We stayed in the Sky Tower but we will be staying in the North Tower at our next stay.  Although we had access to play at the other two casinos we stayed pretty much at Circus Circus.  

You get a real bang for your buck there.  My husband dislikes groups of children and really dislikes unaccompanied minors.  Unfortunately these are in abundance at Circus Circus.  I don't mind kids at all and don't have a problem calling security about wandering miscreants (it's really the parents' fault).  I recommend this place highly based on price and convenience.  

If you are physically challenged, you can get around but it takes a while to figure it out.  To check in and out, use the casino elevator/escalators.  The registration desk is at the end of the casino level.  Also DON'T park your car until you know which Tower you are staying in.

24/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Casey B.
Good prices, very friendly staff, pretty nice for a stay in Reno; I'd avoid the buffett, like the plague, but there is enough good about this place to outweigh that bad

22/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Noel S.
This place is awesome! I love the midway arcade for especially the claw machines! Nice place to shop and have dinner. It's fun to ride the shuttle ride. Plus, it's fun to walk from circus circus to silver legacy to el dorado.

Also, I would really recommend that you eat at the Courtyard buffet. The service is great, the restaurant is very clean and affordable. Making the salad here is fun!!! The food is very delicious. If you want all you can eat american food at a reasonable price, then this is the place for you!!!

Also, when you eat here, not only do they give you scratchers to win free things, but you also get free midway coupons!!! But make sure that you're a one club member like I am. Or else, you wont be able to claim the scratchers!!!

And when you check into the lobby, it's great because it's very easy. Also, when you checck in, they give you a full sheet of coupons and it's worth 65 bucks!!!! YOU JUST DON'T SEE THAT ANYWHERE!!!!!! So I didn't even spend everything because I had only stayed one night. Boo-hoo. Slot machines are great too!!!

08/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Christa M.
My boyfriend and I came here to stay one time just for a night and beings that my boyfriend is a card member you would think they would give us a good room. Nope. Instead, they gave us a room farthest from the elevators and the room had a housekeepers hair net on the chair, the toilet had "business" in it, and the bed was hard as a rock. We immediantly went downstairs to move to another room and the lady looked at us like we were crazy when we explained the situation. Because we made such a big fuss (and they weren't willing to accomidate us to another room) we ended up leaving. I would NEVER stay here again.

13/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
99. Kristine D.
This review focuses on the arcade.

I find just about anything in Reno to be a little skeptical at first blush.  Let's face it, Reno is a rough and tumble town, one you just might not want to venture into with your small kids during a road trip.  But, when we saw a billboard about putting a "Little Circus in Your Family's Life,"  a long the highway en route to Tahoe we thought, "Why not?"  

While the arcade was full of an interesting mix of carnival games, I think it is probably a better activity for older kids --- I'm talking eight years and up. It was all a little overwhelming for my kids.  My daugther put her best effort out there when engaging in each activity she took on but, she just wasn't quite tall enough to effectively enjoy a lot of them.  As far as taking in the circus acts, unless you're willing to stand around the way too small viewing area for each show an hour in advance of its start,  there's no point in attempting to watch. Adults who seem to have forgotten that these things are intended for kids immediately take up strategic positions around the pitifully small viewing area and make it impossible for anyone standing behind them to see.  We got lucky during the circus dog show but didn't get to see anything else.  The aerial acrobatics and trapeze shows are the best to see.  Because they are performed from the ceiling, you can see them from several places in the arcade.  

The Circus Circus Arcade staff is really nice. They were great with my kids often rooting my daughter on and making a big deal out of it when she won a couple of small stuffed animals.  We'll probably check the place out again but, its not at the top of our return destination list.

21/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
100. Caitlin M.
We killed two hours in the arcade here.  It was fun, it was cheap, and the boyf won me a puppy AND a lollipop!!  AND I got to play skee-ball!

Solid outing.

09/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Martin S.
If you get their "mini-suite" you get a good sized room with separate bedroom and it's usually priced very well.

Their housekeeping is OK; their eateries are pretty awful, for the most part and most of their bars seem to be closed lately, except for weekends.

The benefit is that you can walk to Silver Legacy, or Eldorado to eat, etc. and still be inside for the whole walk (handy during winter storms).

Also, the Circus players card stinks (poor benefits).

06/09/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
102. David B.
A great deal for budget travelers. We ended up stuck in Reno as the result of a huge detour caused by a wildfire. With 5 kids in the van for 19 hours all told, the hotel was a welcome relief. It was clean and quiet with easy parking.

06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
103. Chris T.
I haven't been to big of a fan of this place, I always thought it was touristy and a place to go if you were planning to bring your kids to while the parents got hammered and gambled your college tuition away.  The buffet is not very good here, still you are close enough to be able to go and check out another place to eat.  You can probably get decent deals to stay here and I like how the check in time is 8 AM, and you can check out as late as 12 PM, that pretty good considering most places won't even let you check in past 12 PM.

I have gone here while I was in college of a no-reason road trip, still we ended up staying there, and I must say that the transferring from tram to elevator to get to our room was a little inconvenient especially once certain beverages come into the picture getting 10 people back to a room became more of an adventure rather then a simple task.  We were a little loud, and security did come to ask us to quite down, the guys didn't make to big of a deal that so many of us were in the room.

I will say the room definitely feels pretty dated, like almost retro 70's porn movie, I'd try to grow the mustache but needless to say, I've tried and failed miserably.  Well other then the fact that I have a strong inability to grow facial hair, if you want a cheap place to stay and kinda want a way to entertain the kids (still not sure why you bring them to Reno of all places) I guess Circus Circus is a decent place to go.

Oh yeah I just remembered we just Keno crayons to draw facial hair on, and it looked mighty convincing once we added a couple layers, the girls at the face painting booth got a kick out if it...  That or they were mocking us....

04/02/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
104. Luke D.
$30!  Clean, comfortable and friendly.  For two twenty-somethings just out to have fun, this place was perfect.

16/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. Wendy R.
$30 for mid week? Wowzers!
This place is a safe bet for a good deal and clean room. They recently changed a few things since I stayed here last, new bedspread and linens and towels! The bedspread in our room was a mint green color, not the typical purple or pink like before. I'm not sure if they changed them all or are in the the process of doing it, but it did make the room look better. We saved $20 and stayed in the sky tower, why not gamble or use that money on food or booze?

Speaking of booze, we wanted to get a whale bone. We heard they had a "Fat Tuesday" type of bar there. It was actually closed:( We were there at like 10:30...eh! So we noticed the Geko bar had them, 100oz margarita $23...worst!!! It didn't do anything to either of us and it tasted like lemonade! Boo!

We also brought our pooch. We basically had the choice to stay here or Motel6. I remembered them having monitors in their kennels. So we reserved our little gal a kennel. Its only $10 per night. You have to bring everything but why wouldn't you? It kinda smelled like pee in there, but overall it wasn't icky. Its in the garage accross the lobby entrance to the sky tower. There was another pooch in there, we thought it was cool so she wouldn't be alone. She actually hated it...she didn't eat anything and just slept. It could be that she has never been in a kennel like that before and she is quite spoiled.

09/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
106. Matteo G.
I won't lie. When I go to Reno, its usually not because of the hotel I'm staying at. I spend about a total of 5 hours in my hotel room during a weekend of good ol' white trash fun in Reno.

You definately cant beat the price of the rooms at CC. I think it was around $27 ( my friend booked out room, so I can't be 100% sure on the cost). The room itself wasn't bad. Not like the rooms at Silver Legacy, but not a total dump either. The cool thing is that when you book at CC, you get all kinds of coupons and deals, such as free play, match play, free buffet, and all that good stuff.

I really wish I would have brought my power drill with me, so I could take some of the cool paintings that hung on the walls home!

So if your trip isn't all about an aestetically pleasing room, then just crash on down at CC!

19/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
107. Marjie T.
so much fun still, but so little compared to how big it once was when i was 10 years old. the shows are definitely not as entertaining compared to cirque du soleil, but the games are so fun to participate in.

21/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
108. Rob D.
I paid $35 for a great room with king bed and a nice view.  I did this using the Priceline iPhone app while standing in line at the reservation desk - can't imagine how much more I would've paid if I didn't register this way.  The value at this price definitely puts this in the 5 star range for me.  Check out the pho restaurant on the corner across from the hotel - it's pretty great.

16/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
109. Anne T.
This is our fall back place if Silver Legacy is booked up since we do travel with kids. Even if we save on the hotel rooms, we blow our money at the midway with all the games. Fun for kids, drain on parents' pocketbook.  ; /

01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
110. Matt M.
Much better than the Circus Circus in Vegas, but still not a great spot. Their wifi sucked.

08/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
111. Michael M.
You get what you pay for. The rooms are fairly big but look like they're straight out of a 1980's magazine. The tram is a joke, you can walk faster than the tram goes and people jam into the thing. The drink service here was a joke when we left our 1980's room to gamble a little bit. There were two drink servers for the entire casino floor, on a weekend. When I was there only 3 of the elevators worked which meant at checkout time people were riding the elevator all the way to the top (our floor) just to go back down and get out. We had to wait probably 20 or so minutes on our floor having full elevator after full elevator come to our floor. Easily the worst hotel to stay at in Reno (and yes I'm including the sands hotel in this).

09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
112. erica G.
My whole story started when someone screwed up my reservations at a cute little cabin in North Tahoe... so, of course, second best is Reno?  I called ahead to see if they had any space, and they quoted me a price for three days.  When we got there the charged me more than they quoted me, and charged us extra for using a debit card... LAME!

After the rough start, it all smoothed out.  I gambled and I won... I leared to play black jack, and Ieft with more money than I came with.  So that part was good.

I'm a little spoiled being from california, where smoking is prohibited indoors, so that part bugged me, but I can't blame that on the casino, it's the state of Nevada's fault.

14/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
113. robert h.
Stayed on a Wed night $35.00 room rate Sky Tower booked thru the casino's web site. The girl at check-in was very helpful gave us a choice of floors and room location on the floor. The room  was nice and large also large bathroom. Only negative was just one chair in the room so you have to sit on the bed when in the room no flat screen but not a big issue. Will stay again but price has to be right.

17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
114. Greg R.
Okay, keeping in mind "this is Reno" (read: Ghetto-ville).   I don't mean that as a snobby kind of person, but the difference between here and Las Vegas is just night and day.  I have never been to Reno until this last weekend and we went mostly to ensure our three young boys have a good time, not for my wife and I.  My preference is Mandalay Bay or Hard Rock in LV - but that is a long drive.  Plus we wanted to be near the snow so the kids could enjoy that too.

Back to my review: this place is adequate for what it is, which is a casino geared towards families.  The kids had a great time at the arcade and midway.  The circus part is just plain lame - the shows are on an elevated stage in the middle of the midway, but there is no raised seating for kids to view.  This leaves me to put my two year old on my shoulder and suffer the resulting back-aches or just ignore the show, which then means they should change the name from "Circus Circus" to "Where the hell is the bar?"  or something like that.

The bright spot was the mini suite - was clean, smoke-free and very spacious for the rate ($119/night).

17/02/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
115. Pearl V.
On our last family snowboarding trip to Northstar, we decided to spend the weekend in Reno. We ended up at Circus Circus to recuperate from a long day on the slopes.

Heading down for dinner, we pass by the buffet and see the price. My Filipino mother of course LOVES buffets, especially if its cheap. So yes, we ate here. It gave me a stomach ache afterwards. I knew we should've just went to Silver Legacy instead.

25/07/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
116. M. K.
Those who expect this to be an amazing, high-class casino need to get a reality check.  You see how cheap the rooms are, right? So why are you expecting something more than an affordable hotel/casino?

I was very pleased with our room.  Sure the colors were garish, but that's Circus Circus, right?  The TV was an old boxy screen as well, but who comes to Circus Circus to watch TV?  Several plusses: 24-hour free internet access (for one laptop - we had to purchase another access code for $4 for the second); spacious bathroom; fairly quiet rooms; great view of the Reno area from our 25th floor window.

The fitness center was small (a single unit weight/pulley machine + several cardio options), but served my purposes for a quick workout.

As I'm not an avid gambler, I don't have much commentary on the casino.  But, the midway is loads of fun, if you have the money to spare.  And the occasional circus acts are entertaining as well.  I saw some talented jugglers and an aerial performer.

Unlike Las Vegas, the casinos here are more compact.  So even though we were in the adjunct tower, access to the Circus Circus facilities was really not that far away.

Very easy check-in and check-out.  Also, if you are a AAA member - be sure to check if there is a discount!

05/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. MENG D.
Place is still old and sucks. The table games needs to be updated and also do the rooms. No swimming pool and a lot of old people stay here. Only reason I came was because I got three nights free but only stayed one night.

19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
118. San Jose M.
I was there for three days and if I were you I would go somewhere else!! I can't complain about the room service it was most Excellent. Yet the water tasted as if it were sitting in a holding tank. the window seal to the room the wallpaper was tearing..there was paint goobers on the wall paper in the bathroom..Pam the Rep SUCK..old women just aHHhhH..
and too top it off Saturday night the Sliver  L had a jumper around 1130 or 12  my last night.the soda in vending 2 dollars hey walk down 5 st west and you'll find a Mac Donald taco bell save mart buy there..a great little taco shop that the local go too Hey its Off the HOOk...And as far as seeing a circus action nothing it was a Joke!! I rather go too Vegas  and if that wasn't bad enough I like too eat early in the morning nothing is open at 6am. and the place I did find I guess Lewis black was playing there maybe sliver L? was this eatery we face the sign about the concerts yet the food I got was theee Worst!!!! and it was real simple had it in vagas biscuit and g..it came with hash browns and they were burnt.I sent it back .they try too give me another but I had already lost it trust, how do I know he or she didn't get upset and do something too the food...the supervisor came back I didn't want to cause a seen I will just write a review..because this is not a place for a good meal for a family the staff was great even anthony but what should of happen was not too have paid for a meal not even a third eaten....No I would not go there again!! even if the prices are low I didn't like the taaste of the water I still think is taste reclaim...

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Art E.
It's not that bad!

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
120. Andrew K.
Cheap! It was labor day weekend, but I pricelined a room for like 80 bucks....I am sure, like Vegas, you can get it for much cheaper on off times. If I would have paid more, I would have given it a lower review, but can't always complain.


Friggin Kids....Everywhere...as you could probably tell this is the kids hotel, as they have a circus atmosphere with games and whatnot...reminded me of Vegas.

Took 40 minutes to check in...I assume because of the heavy weekend traffic, but I got there at around nine...c'mon it shouldn't take that long.

Crappy room assignment...on paying the lower price I had to lug my stuff all the way to the other tower, which was a pain, but if you are used to casinos/Vegas you know all these places are huge so it wasn't a big deal.

The rooms were clean and big enough

The gaming options were ok, connected to a couple other casinos, so we played poker at the next door casino which made it easy....the players were average-subpar until one asshole guy kept busting me with inside straights...wtf?

Friend played in a tourney at Circus and said the level of play was ok.

22/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
121. Lisa L.
Very rude concierge. Refused to honor our reservation because we arrived late and did not call before 6pm.  No accommodation no star

04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
122. Derek M.
I am only writing about this place because of the rooms, which are renovated and done very nicely...

Other than that, I'd rather spend my time over at Silver Legacy or El Dorado for the much nicer atmosphere...

We had a comp room here so that was the only reason why we stayed at Circus. The rooms are very spacious now, and the bathroom is very large. You can probably have about 2 people sleeping on the floor that's how much walk room they have on top of the 2 queen beds, and maybe about 8 people kicking it in the bathroom. I just mention that to let you know how large the bathroom is, there shouldn't be any reason for 8 people to be in there unless your tokin...

We had drank some booze over at another buddies place in Silver Legacy and yeah the room doesn't compare to Circus....much smaller.

Circus Circus isn't all that bad....I know it looks all run down and old school but hey if their giving out comp rooms left and right by just signing up for a ONE card why not right? I mean it's connected with Silver Legacy and El Dorado anyway...

26/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
123. Charlie G.
Meh it's Reno, cheap booze, ok table games.

04/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
124. Brandy H.
This is for the midway only.  We had a lot of fun running around playing games and winning silly stuffed animals.  We came in the afternoon so it was not so packed.  Now if only parents could control their children it would not be so bad.

18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
125. Catherine S.
Request a room at Casino Tower if you want a better appointed room.  Rooms in Sky Tower (tower away from the Casino) is cheaper and in need of renovation.

It has plenty of safe parking.  Convenient location with the tri-properties (Silver Legacy and El Dorado).  It is in the heart of downtown Reno.

17/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Christina Y.
Why aren't you as fun as I remember you to be, Circus Circus!?

I had so much fun with you when I was 4, but now that I'm old enough to play everything in your vicinity, I'm not as excited.

Still, you're fun to walk around in :)

23/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
127. Morgan V.
Was in town for a conference held at the Circus Circus and... wow... not at all impressed. Unlike many reviewers, I don't have fond childhood memories of this place to fall back on, never having been to Reno before.

My traveling companions and I observed that the entire facility (rooms included) smelled of a combination of body odor and stale cigarettes covered with a heavy dose of Febreze.

Long lines for check in. Long lines for elevator. Thumbs down.

15/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
128. A.J. G.
So I went to Reno this past weekend and had the experience of visiting all the casinos and what they offered circus circus offers very little and allot  of headaches. After 11 you have to go to silver legacy or el dorado to find a decent meal. The best by far was the Atlantis games where fun and paid toucan charlies buffet was awesome.

12/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
129. Tim S.
This review is for the hotel only.

What a bargain.  I got quite a room in the tower for $45 on my way back from burning man.  Checkin was fast and courteous.  I was expecting a tiny room but was given a huge room with a nice view of downtown Reno.  The bed was extremely comfortable--more so than many beds I've paid much more money for.  I didn't have to stoop in the shower to get under the water.

I didn't feel any urge to hit the casino, but I did have dinner in their bbq restaurant.  The hostess thanked me for showering [lol!--I guess most burners ate before hitting the showers?].  They gave me a huge plate of juicy bbq and a healthy pour of pinot noir for a great price.  

The location is great too--right on the strip.  I hope to stay longer next time I'm in Reno.

29/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. Alycia M.
Didn't stay here when I went to Reno. But they have my favorite slot machine (And the only place in Reno that seems to) - SO GUESS WHERE I'LL BE STAYING NEXT TIME?!

09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Galen T.
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Never again.

This was the most awful hotel experience ever. It was way overpriced ($120 or so on the weekend of Hot August Nights) for what we got, which was a butt ugly room with two queen beds instead of the one king I asked for. We ordered room service, which we were disappointed to find only served until 10pm and the menu mainly consisted of hot dogs and grilled cheese. What use is that? My girlfriend and I wound up getting two Caesar salads -- what we thought was a safe bet. When the food was delivered the forks were forgotten. That's no big deal. The "salads", however, were atrocious. What we got were bowls of dressing mixed with corn, cheese and croutons. There must have been some lettuce towards the bottom, but our stomachs wouldn't let us get that far.

In addition, every elevator in the building is always full of people and strollers and luggage. After we checked out, we waited through three full elevators before we finally, exasperated, carted our bags down 10 flights of stairs only to encounter the same problem at the parking garage elevator.

There are children running around EVERYWHERE, so unless you have some of your own or are just a glutton for punishment, don't stay here.

10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
132. Aaron G.
The last time I went to Reno was about 10 years ago with my parents and my aunt's family.  I went back this weekend and stayed in Circus Circus with 5 other friends.  And yes, being the cheap people we are, we packed in 6 people into 1 hotel room.  Much to my surprise, it really wasn't that bad.   The room wasn't too small but nor was it super spacious.  

I like that there is the big carnival games area.  The games aren't as exciting anymore now that i'm 25 but it's still fun to watch.  The service is nice, there is an abundance of shops and restaurants as well.  It is also connected to Silver Legacy and El Dorado which makes getting around really convenient.

I'm not overly impressed by this hotel but it's acceptable.

02/09/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
133. julie h.
Got a standard room on the 15th floor for weekday rate of $35.- was a NICE room!! Would not stay anywhere else in Reno- well worth your money!! Nice bed and quality sheets/blankets. Nice bathroom too. Coffee-maker, hair dryer, iron/board in large closet. This room was worth $75. at least- I booked online in advance for this rate.

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
134. Robert T.
I would give this place five stars if they had better service.  If you don't like kids I wouldn't come here because there are tons of kids in this hotel.  This is the reason I choose this hotel because there are a lot of kids and the other adults understand children.  The breakfast buffet and the all you can eat sushi are the best buffets ever.  I highly reccoment these two restaurants.  I've been here many times and have never been disappointed in the food.  Oh yeah, you can usually get a really good deal on the rooms here.

28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
135. Eddy N.
Good hotel for the price. Lots to do, lots of table games, circus games for the kids (and adults who want to feel like kids again).

Clean, large rooms. Connects to Silver legacy.

Nothing fancy, just a nice place to stay.

Surprisingly good buffet, especially for the $16.50 price.

16/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Kat D.
When I was young, my brother and I would stare down into the casino from the Midway, plotting ways we can get to a machine, drop a quarter, and pull the handle.

Remember when they had the motorbikes defying gravity in that giant metal ball? One our plans called for rolling up on a motorbike, dropping a quarter in and pulling the slot machine handle, then riding off in victory with fists pumping in the air.

Good thing our plan never came to fruition because there is no winning at Circus Circus. Seriously. But they'll comp you for their buffet. Blech.

Good thing it's connected to Silver Legacy and El Dorado. Those are casinos and buffets you should eat at. Just use Circus Circus as a means for cheap lodging.

04/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
137. Audrey M.
Getting to the room was a bit inconvenient. We had to take this little shuttle thing to get to the north/sky towers. For my grandma, who fears escalators, had a difficult time getting on. Plus there was no elevators to get the other floors. For $30 a night, the room was great. There was really nothing special but because of the price, it was worth it. The room was pretty clean. Only thing that sucked was I got stuck watching very limited channels on the television.

Next the games. I guess I didn't have that great of a time because of my age or the fact that I didn't have a child. I guess its cool they had different shows going on in middle of the room at different times of the day. Too old for the games and not old enough for the casinos, not much to do.  

This is definitely a great place for families with little children and a tight budget, but if you don't fall into any of those categories, you might want to look elsewhere.

25/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
138. Dan L.
Best BBQ platter in Reno...don't miss it for $12.99...awesome!!  Ate all the leftovers...they were great too!!

04/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
139. Lani D.
I'm not gonna lie.  We came here specifically to hang out, relax, and play the midway games.  

We like it here because it's connected to Silver Legacy and El Dorado.  Not only that, but there are lots of food places and such to choose from in this little area.

The best part is just acting like kids and playing the carnival like games and winning stuffed animals.  

If you stay here, you get a coupon booklet with tons of savings on the buffet, midway games, and free slot play to name a few.  We didn't stay here this time, but if you're looking for a very cheap place to stay that is decept, a bit dated, but overall okay... this may be a place for you.

We like Silver Legacy ... but hey ... if you want to save a few bucks on a place just to sleep, why not circus circus?

27/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
140. Alexandra G.
This place has changed a lot from what I remember many moons ago and I like it. I had a deal that I found on living social so that made the stay 1000 times better. The rooms were beautiful and the view at night from the 23rd floor just as spectacular. I can't remember food wise bc all the hotels are connected and I was a bit too buzzed to keep track of which hotel I was technically in when I ate. But there is a lot to do and there are free shows to watch in the kid zone.

17/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
141. Ryan Y.
The last two times I went here I smelled the hint of mary in the air.  WTH?  It was probably enough to give my 4 year old a contact high.

23/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
142. JP S.
I will not stay here again.  I called to make sure that there would be a fridge or mini fridge and they assured me yes.

Other than coupons given at check in.  Hotel is very old and not clean and when we were going to make coffee in the morning.  The coffeemaker had moldy water in it.


01/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
143. Danny N.
This past weekend myself and some friends got a mini-suite in the north tower.  We preferred the north tower to save on using the tram, closer to parking and easier to check in and check out.  I admit it's odd having to go down stairs and them up stairs to get to the midway but it's not too shabby.

Our room was very spacious, I'd say on par with many of the nicer hotels in vegas.  I could have passed out in the bathroom with a sleeping bag if i wanted.  The decor is old, but I didn't expect much better.  the mini-suite was only 30 more than a standard room too.

Check-in and check-out was seemless.
Also check out the 9.99 all you can eat ribs :)

30/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. Norm H.
Great place for families, children and pets!  For the price, the hotel is the least expensive of all the main streamers.  We got a room for $30 on a weekday in the 3rd floor, North Tower.  The 3rd floor looked newly renovated.  Our room had two comfortable queen-size beds, roomy, very clean and best of all... no smokey stale smell!  

The buffet was also inexpensive... sure, the other casinos may have better buffet but it'll cost you!  We got a coupon for $10 off the buffet for staying at the hotel.  So, for the price of a good McDonald dinner, you can have an all-you-can eat, three...four...or five course meal!  

...and best of all ...if you bring a pet, the hotel has a kennel for $10/night!  I think Circus-Circus is the only casino on the main drag that takes pets.  The fun part is you can even watch your dog on the PetCAM-TV, channel 20, while he/she sits in the kennel pondering when you're gonna stop by... cool!  Our mo-mo made sure none of the other dogs got any sleep that night!

21/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
145. Charlie O.
Of course I'm a fan. I'm a fan of all casino's. It's where I go when I need to relax. CC has been remodeled so many times it's almost a new place. I used to live in Reno and made use of the many casino's. This is one of my favorites. I remember when the breakfast buffet was only $1.00. Lunch was $1.75 and dinner was $2.00. So for less than $5.00 I could feed myself every day so $35.00X4=$140.00. Couldn't buy groceries cheaper than that for the month. And besides I could eat whatever I wanted. My friends and I would leave work, have lunch and play slots before going back to work. Most times we could win enough to pay for our lunches for a week or two. Those were the good times.

26/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
146. Dennis L.
Circus Circus, you gave my friend a staph infection. Not cool!

You are better than that!!!! Passing your infections from one customer to the next....tsk tsk.

But I commend you for being connected to Silver Legacy and therefore El Dorado. You have the glorious Midway where fortunes are won/lost, and everyone is invited. The shows every half hour always keep it entertaining. I was even part of one once. That's another story...

05/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
147. Chris T.
I went here like 3-5 times as a kid I think.  This was like the Chuck E Cheese of Reno for Carnival Games.  Their buffett was kind of crap though.

Last time I went to Reno when I was 14 and went snowboarding with the family and brought a homie, my homie got detained in a small room over here when he tried to jack a lighter and a keychain at a small shop here.  I remember sitting across from the shop eating a bowl of soup.  After he comes out the shop, I see 1 guy in a suit walk by, about 30 seconds later, another guy walks by, and soon after a security guy walks by and they all meet and walk by the table and tell my friend to go with them.

And being the good friend that I am, I just sat there in awww, kind of laughing, and continued to finished my soup in peace.  Then I asked some old guy where they took my friend and knocked on some small security room door where they had him sitting down cuffed to a chair.  They took his photo and said he was banned from Circus Circus in Reno and Las Vegas until he turned 18.  They made me hunt for my parents at the buffett and bring my dad back there, since they weren't allowed to release a minor, until an adult/guardian responsible for him was there to pick him up.

And damn!  My dad chewed us both out on the nightly walk back to the hotel.  We both had to sleep on the floor that night.  Sheiiit!

Funny thing was, they busted him for stealing a lighter and a keychain, but they didn't even take the ligher and keychain back from him.  When we were walking back, he just handed them to me and was all like I don't want this bad karma.  Haha...My parents never told his parents who are family friends and he never even bothered telling his parents and no one really got in that much trouble, so it's like it never happened.  Memories!

But BOO for having to win the same game like 7 times to upgrade to a bigger prize.  Why can't other games have the same big prize value as the wooden ring on glass bottle toss game?!

I swear, the last time I went I was a pro at knocking chickens into pots.

15/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
148. Tony H.
stayed here before, this last time was early February 2013. Had repeated trouble with electronic door key. Breakfast croissant was dry and ham-egg-cheese was only luke warm.  We set the room thermostat to OFF but despite that setting the very noisy heater turned on every two hours for 10 minutes to wake us up. And at check in they charged us another $10 fee on top of the advertised price, $2 for city tax (OK) and $8 for "services" such as coffee and wifi.  In reality free Wifi is throttled, you have to pay extra for decent service.

07/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
149. Jessica F.
I don't care what anyone says... this place is amazing.  Maybe I love it more for the amazing memories than the actual establishment... but think about it... it's Circus Circus.  It's not supposed to be a 5 star hotel.  Anyway my friend and I only stayed one night as a pit stop on a road trip.  The hotel stay was super cheap, we gambled and drank at the bar, and then played all the kiddy games.  My only complaint is that the kiddy game area didn't stay open late enough.

16/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
150. Cara D.
Great value!  Kids had a great time playing games and even got some pretty cool prizes with their tickets they won.  Buffet needs some work on quality of food, but that's usually the way that goes.  Room was clean, recently remodeled and beds comfy.  I like how the gaming area is totally seperate from kids area.  Rooms are a little far from action and sometimes cranky folks get irratated with kid atmosphere walking through hotel but that's their issue!

30/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
151. Nicole F.
I forgot what is was like when you can smoke in a hotel/ casino. Eyes on fire, check. None the less, it had a grand time as I was in the company of my wonderful BF. Things are very different outside the bay area, so you will have to excuse me as I revel in the fact that you can park yourself here in a covered garage. What, in SF, this is not heard of nor an option. Parking was free. Hello!!!! Rooms were nice enough. We got this huge room and monster bed. 5 people could have fit in the bed. And it seemed like we walked miles from our room to the cafes and casino. I am a walker and even to me it seemed very far, but alas a good work out.

Buffets galore. Fun fact, buffets in Circus Circus, not great. We got comped brunch. Thank god they had a salad bar as that was the only edible food there. My BF was not having it! I have played the games, eaten the food, won a Cartman. Thank you Circus Circus for a lovely time.

04/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
152. Caren L.
Circus Circus has always been a staple for kiddie entertainment whether you are in Reno or Las Vegas.  A skyway tram is available to transport guests from the hotel to the casino/arcade area.  Free shows are available every hour in the arcade area that include acrobats, clowns, etc.  Fun way to spend time with your (bored) kids indoors,  Bring lots of play money because those quarters add up!

19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
153. Anna K.
After leaving Golden Flower unsatisfied we decided to go across the street to Circus Circus for some fun and games with the kids.

The games were the same but still fun. The kids each won a prize tossing the ping pong balls into the floating flowers. That alone was priceless. We caught the last circus show at 5:45. We were expecting the Chinese Acrobats but it was a Russian couple. They were good. Kids enjoyed it.

After the show we played some more games and then cashed in our tickets for some cheapy toys.

We will definitely come back again. The kids had fun.

23/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
154. Kimberly C.
This hotel is dirty, old and things seems to be falling apart at the seams.  A strange aroma greeted us upon entering the room.  Then hubby found a vent in the bathroom? With a round plastic something melted on to it .  we immediately requested to switch our room.  The employees were more then accommodating. Even in our new room,  our bed sheet had a rip, there was hair in the bathroom.  My biggest pet peeve is the space between the bed and the night stand.  I  sure you smart folks can figure out why.  This space in our room  was disgusting!  I think I just threw up a lil in my mouth.  The elevator in the sky tower is insufficient.  It's way too slow for the amount of ppl they try to put in that tower. Ppl had to wait 4-5 carts to get on.  As with all long waits,  ppl cut, tempers flare, words are exchanged.  Not appropriate for kids. There were not enough children's channels on those old TVs.  I will not stay there again.

08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
155. Dev C.
Rating as a long-time visitor that took a ~5 year hiatus.

As a kid my parents and I would rest here on our yearly drive to CA. Back then the midway mostly had prizes of cheap stuffed animals; that hasn't changed, but the prizes are even cheaper now. I was intending to play some games for nostalgia's sake, but now even if you win you'll probably still leave feeling largely ripped off.
The only claw machines that used to be worth playing are still full of cheap gold-plated necklaces but now they're meticulously spaced apart, all of the sunglasses look the same (aviator style like Hunter S Thompsons, surely kids LOVE that), and they've gotten rid of the watches and in their place there's MP3 players in clear plastic boxes that I'm guessing are impossible to pick up.

I feel sorry for the kids that get stuck here while their parents gamble now, but not much seems to have changed in the casino. The slots have gotten rid of the coin payouts in favor of a ticket that the machine prints out when you cash in, but otherwise it looks pretty much the same as I remember it- just fewer people.
Some of the blackjack dealers are pretty friendly while others are passively rude. The waitresses and bartenders were all friendly and sociable. Front desk service just puts up with you. The gift shops upstairs are pretty nice as far as tourist traps go.

We stayed here twice recently; the visits one week apart. The rooms in the sky tower were cheap with comfy beds, cable, and optional $10/night internet that cut out too frequently. The showers were incredibly dark since the only light in the bathroom comes from above the sinks, and the hallway outside of the 2nd room was so dusty I felt  suffocated. Still, they served their purpose for a good rate.

All in all, it's good cheap fun downstairs if you enjoy cards/slots and drinking (free drinks while you gamble, just don't expect to get drunk off of those) but there's not a whole lot else to come here for. Leave the kids at home unless they're too young to care about what they're playing or winning.

27/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
156. J I.
We just checked in and was given an unclean room.  Staff was not apologetic and told us to stay in the room while the bellman delivered us new keys. In the new room the clock was not functioning. The price was higher this weekend due to a bowling event. A simple sorry could have fixed the situation but that's apparently difficult for them to do. I've stayed here numerous times and will not stay here ever again.

15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
157. Patty M.
I had friends in town last weekend and they were staying at Circus Circus. I wanted to party with them on Saturday night and not have to worry about driving home, so I booked a room here. I was in the Sky Tower on the 22nd floor. Great view from my room. The bed was nice, and the room was clean. Check in was quick and easy. Kyle checked me in on Saturday at around 4:00. He was super nice and went the extra mile to see if I could get a room on the 16th floor, where my friends were. No rooms left on that floor, oh well, I appreciated that he took the time to check with a smile. Ate breakfast Sunday morning at the Americana Cafe. Food was good, and service was happy and awesome. :) Plus, I won 40.00 on a quarter Wheel of Fortune slot in the casino. :) If I had a complaint, it's that there are too damn many kids walking around, but hey, it's the Circus Circus, got to expect that.

11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
158. Janelle V.
You get what you pay for!

I wouldnt pay more than $50 a night to stay here on  a weekend but it isnt that bad.

Make sure you stay in the lobby tower, if you have to take a tram to your room, YOU ARE IN THE GHETTO ROOMS.

The casino is great but the food is terrible. The only place I can recommend to eat at is Smokin Geckos. Skip the $1 margaritas btw, its all sugar and a hangover waiting to happen.

12/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
159. Lozz Y.
Casino & Hotel portion is excellent. They shovel free stuff (midway games, rooms and slot play) even on weekends. This place must need business because they give away so much stuff to entice visitors. It works. Reno is worth the travel if you get the free stuff.

Free room was in the South Tower, which requires either a long walkway or the shuttle. The shuttle is dirty and the elevators were really crowded and slow. The room was nice, but a little worn from old age. The television was ancient, probably so you do not watch tv and go spend money in the casino or midway.

The casino is great. Coin slots are exciting. Only bad thing is no cell phone reception anywhere.

Midway games are excellent. Highly recommend the goblet game, camel race, and skee ball. Quality prizes for about 50 cents to $1 per game. Stuffed animals are of recognizable animals and cartoon characters. Surprisingly minimal cigarette smoke fume smell in the area.

13/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
160. Taj A.
Circus Circus is going to be the first in a long line of hotels I frequent, now that Reno and I are tight friends.

_ There was  a 60 year old blackjack dealer in the "Zany Zone" who yelled out "Parrrrrteeeeey" And she started shaking it from left to right. Very memorable and entertaining.
- All families.
-Staff is pretty sweet. No hassles.
- Elevator can take awhile, but nowhere near as long as Mandalay Bay.
- Gym is small and sucks, but its FREE. I will say sweating on the elliptical for 30 min and then drinking a Stella is a great new hangover pastime of mine.

Not amazing, not terrible.

01/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
161. Amy L.
I haven't been to Reno since I was in high school and when we checked in we had horrible customer service one of the 4 rooms was not ready but after 3pm and at time of check in it still was not ready and a 15 min wait just to get to the room waiting in line to just get in a elevator with only 3 or 4 working was a mess. After going back to the front desk 3 times and calling to see if last room was ready they would not bring the key up to the room. Can I say horrible customer service! They would not let us sign paperwork at the front desk while there and after explaining that just to get to the room was a 15 min wait they were not friendly and said you have to sign first. Then we had 2 rooms with family of 4. I saw house cleaning down the hall when I asked for a towel since they only had 3 towels for our family she said we cannot give you a towel call housekeeping. If you know that the check in is for 4 people why would you only have 3 towels? She said those are the rules. Thank god we only stayed 1 night, last time we will ever stay at circus circus. Horrible service and rooms smelled like smoke every time the heater came on I could smell cigarette smoke come out of the heater and at 34 degrees at night you need it on. This is my first write up but had to say how bad of an experience our family had.

24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
162. Kamal C.
Great service, and very friendly staff.
Got a nice room with an unbelievable view. Easy check in & out. Looking forward to going there again.

23/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
163. Alan T.
My first kiss with a smoker was at Circus Circus.  

Like two peas in a dysfunctional family pod, we were teenagers left to our own accords in a casino, while our respective newly-divorced parents were out doing their own separate decadent things.

We tried our hand at a little blackjack, but security quickly caught on to our pubescent giddiness.  Then came the sweetest words I'd yet heard up to that day : "I've got some beer in my room."  

Before we could finish the six-pack, her mother, many drinks ahead of us, returned to touch up her makeup.  Thus was I limited only to my first kiss with a smoker, and, soon enough, I was on my way.

The musky bitterness left on my tongue would become the benchmark for collegiate trysts yet to come.  And I left Reno, almost a Man.

09/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
164. Ellie F.
If they give out scratch off tickets when you go to the buffet, don't forget to scratch them off!

Free slot play is good for everyone.  :)

27/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. Jim Chris U.
LOL I liked this place alot! even tho im not a young kid anymore, i still enjoyed playing games here! won Hella toys!  and i won some money at the casino too! definitely a fun place to visit at reno!

09/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
166. Andrea T.
Hotel rooms here are the cheapest compared to El Dorado and Silver Legacy but I know why now! You get what you pay for!  Rooms were outdated, sheets had old blood stains and holes here and there and no room service.  I felt so grossed out that I had to take frequent hot showers during my stay. Although this is more on the quiet side compared to the other hotels but it's likely because it's family friendly.  Service was okay, I do like the fact that one of the front desk service agents didn't charge me for a late checkout because they made me pay $11 the day before.  The second night I had to stay and check in again due to crazy road conditions and accidents, I had the sky tower room, which was all the way on the other side of the building.  They have a shuttle for you to take but it takes way too long so if you want to avoid the wait, you can walk down the hallway to the left of the waiting area for the shuttle and get there before the shuttle even gets to the waiting area.  Down the hallway, is a little convenient store and the fitness center, which I didn't know they offered or else I would've hit the treadmill instead of gambling.  Very few machines but it is nicely set up.  I remember always coming to Circus Circus as a kid and played at the arcade and the games for prizes and it hasn't changed one bit.  Arcade looks the same and even some video games are out of service and still the same midway games, but those never get old.

05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
167. Jon H.
1 star for the awesome cheapness of the hotel.

1 star for the doggy daycare cam

Other than taking a shower in a closet and sheets they've probably never washed, this hotel's not bad. The lives of people rating this joint 5 stars makes me sad.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
168. Zak W.
The room was okay. I expected a lot more from circus circus.

20/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
169. Chandelle W.
My experience was not the worse, but not the best. The front desk people were kinda rude and SLOW. I had all 3 of my kids with me when I went to check in, and it was a weekday, and not busy. I would have thought we could have picked up the pace a little? IMHO the signage is HORRIBLE. Not many people wills top to tr to help you either (even if they do see you struggling to find something with 3 kids and a stroller and luggage in tow) Upon parking which I drove around the building twice trying to figure out where I needed to go, we get out, lug our stuff in and have to go across the whole casino up and down stairs etc etc etc to get to the lobby. I asked if there was a closer or more convenient place for me to park, they said not really LOL. I stayed in the Family Suite. That was the good part! :) It was an incredible view from every room, especially at sundown when other casinos turned their lights on. From the living room, bedroom etc it glowed at night, way cool. It was big and had a mini fridge, coffee, 2 closets, a king size bed, a sofa sleeper, a crib, one bathroom and table/chairs. It slept my husband and I and our 3 kids (one in a crib) and grandma with out any issues. I liked having a separate room and for the price (I believe 80 bucks) it was well worth the value! It was far from upgraded though. My hubby is in the hospitality industry so I've stayed at some of the best, and some of the worse. This was on the lower end of one of the cheesiest , but it was pretty clean, just worn out and dated. This is very dated, but not road side creepy dated LOL. The kids enjoyed the idea of where we were staying.  There are clowns, circus things, games EVERYWHERE (Pro and con) they wanted to stop every five seconds and play games. They had fun at the Midway, and the elevator to our suite let out to a little coffee stand, so i was able to load up each morning with good coffee before getting ready for the day. It was connected to some and close walking to other major casinos and stuff to do. However, after dark, I felt a little weird with small children walking around. One thing that bugged me, was mid-week allot of stuff wasn't open. Buffet, and restaurants. What's up with that??? Do people in Reno not eat on Mondays? ;) that wasn't really good for me, i had to walk walk walk to find a place open for dinner one night after a LONG day of walking around already. Another casino got my business that night for a party of six, which I find odd that CC would want that? It was a decent hotel over all, we didn't spend much time in there, we spent 3 days in Reno shopping and doing Halloween stuff as we do every fall. I like the layout of the room, so, I might stay there again, however I would rather have one that is a bit more upgraded, and such. Needs a face lift,  But it does the job for big families on a budget. Usually we pay for better places, but the point of this trip was shopping for the family of 5 in the local malls etc, and I needed to cut back where possible. All in all, I guess I would stay there again if they matched our prices etc. Hit and miss.

09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
170. Alena B.
eh...it's pretty much what you would expect.  It's a bit smokey and dated but the kids' midway is fun for the whole family.  My two year old likes to com here so we can win him a prize and just have fun playing games and watching other kids play games.  The circus shows are fine but kind of can come at unpredictable times...It would make more sense IMO to have them every 30 minutes or 45 minutes...lots of poeple would crowd by the stage and then wait as 15 after passed and then 30 after and then most people would leave only to have the act start 10 minutes later.  The times are posted but it's hard to wrap your head around...especially on very crowded nights.  You'd think they could throw in a few extra performances.

27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
171. Ryan W.
My Dad lost me here when I was 6.  Can you imagine trying to explain that to my mother in Dallas, Texas after several hours after searching?!?

Here is what happened back in 1982:

My Dad, who doesn't drink or gamble historically, was obviously intoxicated by the lights or something because he gave me two rolls of quarters and said I could play video games for a while.  Apparently, he wanted to play blackjack.  If you have been to Circus Circus in Reno, you can imagine how excited I was.  The place is HUGE and full of video games, carnival games, etc.  Back then, $20 was enough to last all day.  I was pumped!

So, off I went and off he went.  I guess a few hours passed and I started getting tired of playing games.  I sat down in the Pole Position machine and took a nap.  During that time, my father, the Reno police, hotel security and anybody else they could find were blanketing the property trying to find me.  When they found me, it was too late.  My mother already knew about it.  I can only imagine what she did to my Dad when we got back from the trip. :)

Since then, I have been back a few times, including once last week.  The place hasn't changed.  It is really an odd spot.  Even the parking garage is weird.  If I am going to spend any time in downtown Reno, I prefer the Silver Legacy, but I usually stop in here to reminisce for a minute about the crazy scandal that was discussed throughout my childhood.

03/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
172. Manny R.
all i can say is.. this hotel is haunted! never will i stay here again with my kids.. stay far far away from this haunted hotel.. there is stories about back in the days a man gambled losted all of his money and somehow jumped off the hotel and passed away.

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
173. Lola R.
We booked this place for a last minute trip to the snow. Should have known better when we called the morning of and got a suite with out question for 90.00 on a Saturday. When we got in my 10 year old says can't we stay at the Peppermill?  LOL.

The room was pretty dingy and old. The tvs were about 20 inches. The bathroom was updated but water gets all over the floor when you shower, even with the shower curtain.

We ordered late night room service and the bill cost more than the room!

The kids loved the midway. The casino seems to have less machines than before.

Seems like this place is going downhill fast.

09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
174. Sky Y.
Never stayed at the hotel before, so this review is for the casino and midway.  The casino has lots of slots to choose from and hasn't been overly busy the times that I've visited.  You can easily move around the casino floor and play a wide variety of machines.

The midway is so much fun!  Sometimes I'd rather just play midway games than make my way down to the casino.  It's cool that most of the games are still the same price to play as when I was little.  I love the goblet game and the camel/horse race type games.  The claw machines are so much fun here and they actually have quality, recognizable stuffed animals inside. :)

19/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
175. Niecey H.
First off let me say I will NEVER stay at this hotel again. Upon arrival everything was fine. Valet parking associates were friendly also the front desk people were nice.

The hallways to the rooms smell really bad. Like REALLY BAD!  The floor I was on ( which was the 5th  ) smelled like marijuana and a bunch of cigarettes.  YUCK! I understand the  fact that smoking is allowed in the hotel, but DAMN! They need to install some type of air conditioning or windows to take that nasty smell away instead of having it linger.

The room was also awful. It smelled like the hallway but EVEN WORST! There were burnt holes in the covers and the carpet. Very nasty. There were crums in the bed. Like really? Who do you expect to sleep on that? Ughh.  The television was a like 19 inch 1990's type tv. Can you say Upgrade?!! Overall the hotel rooms are very old and dingy.

One thing that I did like was the casino and The midway, it was the best section of the hotel. *Major Plus*

The food was terrible. Especially the buffet. Oh my goodness, It costed like $17 for some crap. I'm not even trying to be funny. The food was T E R R I B L E. Don't waist your money.

To sum everything up, if you want to stay at Circus Circus make sure it's in Las Vegas, Not RENO!

24/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
176. Morgan M.
Absolutely will not be staying here in the future.

To preface this, I'm not a hotel snob. All I ask is a reasonably clean room, a reasonably comfortable bed and a reasonably quiet night.

In no particular order:

1. Kids running up and down the hallway screaming at 6 AM. Parents oh-so-helpfully scream louder than the kids to get them to stop.

2. The air conditioner in our first room was extremely loud and turned off and on every 10-15 minutes (sometimes literally 30-40 seconds) at night. Not just the cooling part; the fan also just turned off completely.

3. The mattress in our first room was so old and/or cheap that the springs were on the verge of bursting through. It was one of those exercises in contorting just the right way to be between the springs, and then not moving.

4. On the bright side, we got moved to a "Deluxe" room after mentioning these issues. The bed was slightly better and the air conditioner only turned off and on maybe four times a night.

5. On the other hand, with these two differences, the "Deluxe" room was exactly the same as the cheap room ten floors down.

6. A maid came walking straight in despite the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. She didn't even knock.

7. What's wrong with this picture?
July 7: Check-in until July 14
July 8: Some freeplay (for opting out of room cleaning) added to card; woman said to come back for the rest in 3 days.
July 11: More freeplay added to card.
July 14: Extended trip until July 17
July 14: Woman at player's club counter claimed that the freeplay for July 14-17 had been added to the card on July 11. Um... on the 11th, we were supposed to check OUT on the 14th, so how is this possible? She didn't seem to understand the question and eventually sent us to a supervisor.

8. The supervisor (whose name I can't remember) claimed the same thing. No one had an explanation for how they POSSIBLY could have psychically known we were going to stay an extra 3 days, when we didn't even know it ourselves. After much arguing and trying to explain this simple point, and after she had been on hold with some other supervisor for 5 or so minutes, she finally said, "Fine, since you're making such a huge deal about it, I'll put it on your card. But only because you're making such a huge fuss." Um, excuse me? Seriously? Great customer service there. I only wish I could remember her name; I'd send in a complaint for sure.

TL;DR: Annoying children, incompetent parents, rude and condescending staff, bad rooms, seriously not worth the $10/night you save over other places nearby.

18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
177. Joann H.
This review is just for the casino area - it was the saddest, most dimly lit casino I've ever gambled in. The low ceilings and Dracula-friendly lighting was not conducive to a good gambling experience at all - I felt despair before I even put my $10 in the slot machine. I have never based my review solely on atmosphere, but this place really was that depressing.

22/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
178. A Y.
Ok, first off, this was the first time I had ever stayed at Circus Circus in Reno.  I have previously stayed at The Comstock and The Atlantis, as far as hotels are concerned.

This place is like the "game room" for kids if you are in Reno with any and need to entertain them.   This is NOT where you want to stay if you are looking for comfort.  The beds are ok, but the room we got was dark and had a rather gloomy view of a brick wall.  The NON smoking rooms still smelled like smoke.  The decor makes you feel like you've been warped back into the 1980's...serious.

Some of the employees are either intoxicated while on the job or insane.
One employee just sat there, silent, wide eyed when asked where the best places to eat in Reno, where.  It was like he'd never eaten in his life and couldn't think of an answer.

As my girlfriends and I were walking out to transportation, one of the hotel employees asked us if we had a good night.  We told her we had an "ok" night and things could be better (icky room is what we were referring to)...she tells us...."well you can't kill a bee with a lemon."  We all looked at each other, looked at her and said "yes, you can!"  She just wandered off.  I'm telling you I have never, ever run into people like that who are supposed to be working at the hotel!

None of us were intoxicated, on drugs or hallucinating.  It was just a bad experience!

15/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
179. Natasha S.
I didn't expect great when coming here. I remembered this place from when I was a kid and thought it would be fun to try it out for one night. The rooms weren't clean or super dirty... just eh. Only good thing is it's in main down town and closer to the other hotels. But the casino wasn't really my favorite and nor were the restaurants. Sometimes they have good deals to come here, but unless you have a kid you wanna drop off in the play rooms don't bother coming here. There's other hotels in the area with better deals for the quality.

22/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
180. Jean-Guillaume D.
An okay hotel not the best but i believe there are better ones around.
I used to come here every time i went with my family. I'm from San Francisco.  Probably my last time I came here was when I was perhaps like 12. I'm now 17.
I want to try other ones but this one is alright.
Might come back to this hotel if possible.
I'm content with it and the little train too...haha

25/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
181. Janet S.
Just went with kids and family during Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a great place for kids, also for family with dog (if you don't mind putting the dog in kennel).

*Free shuttle to take from sky tower to north tower. Small kids love to take this free 'train'.  they take back and forth again and again.
*Rooms are good size and  very clean.  We have a suite and it's really great size for fitting big family (I have 4 adults and 2 small kids.  we all fit in one suite).
*Great games.  Kids don't wanna leave.
*You can bring your pet with you and put it in kennel for $10 a night ($15 on weekend and holidays).  Although you cannot bring it to your room, try to reserve a room in the Sky Tower.  It is very close to the kennel.  I went down visit my dog every morning and evening without walking too far away.  The kennel is clean with room temperature.
*Great location.  Circus circus is linked to Silver Legacy and to Eldorado.  
*Good deal.  I paid a total of $170.  Suite stay for 2 nights during thanksgiving holiday.  Tax inlcuded.

*Kennel - self service, which means you have to clean it up yourself or they might charge you extra.  
*They do not allow dogs in the entire hotel (except the first hour you arrive to the hotel to get the kennel key).
*Parking garage - they have 2 parking garages.  One is a green and yellow garage and the other one is something like red and yellow.  The color is very confusing and hard to remember.  My husband and I always forgot which color we parked at.
*Water heater  - the last morning after my husband took a bath, it ran out of hot water and I ended up skip taking a bath on the last day.

For the price I paid, I am more than satisfied with this hotel.  Most importantly, kids love this place.

29/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
182. Rodel R.
One of the few places left in the entire city reserved for kids.  I don't like to gamble here a lot, except when it comes to playing Texas Hold 'em, which is very fun here.  The craps tables are also pretty fun too.  It is also nice that they serve close to top shelf liquor for free while gambling!

The rooms are pretty run down, pretty identical to motel standard rooms.  Since Boomtown renovated, I find myself commuting more and staying there a little more often.

23/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
183. Shahnaz K.
Decent Reno hotel for the price.  If not for the price, I would lean towards 3 stars.  The hotel is outdated and empty but relatively clean for a place with old furniture and fixtures.

I stayed for 3 nights for a job interview.  I found the best prices online on the CC website.  My room was huge.  My bathroom was as big as the rest of the room.  The towels are fresh.  Wifi is included with a code from the front desk.  The TVs are old and without great selection of channels.  The comforters are old--I stuffed mine in the closet, but the sheets are clean.

Didn't try the hotel restaurants because they always looked so empty.  Did use the fitness center--one of the saddest hotel fitness centers I've ever seen.  The equipment is old but still works.  There are a few treadmills, a stair machine, an exercise bike and a weight machine.  There are no free weights.  Water is in the vending machine for $2/ bottle.  There are fresh towels though.  

Very friendly staff.

19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
184. Robert C.
I've been here a bunch of times over the years, and have had pretty good experiences.  I never took the time to review, but had some great customer service over the weekend and had to write in.

We were on our way up to Reno from the Bay Area and hit some stop and go traffic on 580.  We rear-ended the car in front of us and could no longer make the trip up...called the front desk at 6:30PM (as soon as we found out our car was undriveable) to see if we could cancel and get refunded (we had doubts).  They were very friendly and it was no problem to cancel our room!  Awesome!  That was very much appreciated - made a tragic situation a little better.

11/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
185. Will I A m.
for Midway Games only

decades later and this place looks almost the same as when I visited as a kid.  Some big differences:
Fascination is gone.
They added a ticket-redemption area since there are lots of games that give out tickets.

Games have not changed, prizes are a little newer.  Shrek and Despicable Me were some that I recognized, that's how "current" they are.

Some games are still 5 for $1 but many are $1 to $2.  $1 for the "Horse Racing" games where you roll a ball into the hole to advance your number.

The center circus performance area still doesn't have a viewing area so people just crowd around the side watching, that can be a major pain.

26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
186. Eva W.
WARNING: stay at Circus Circus Reno at your own risk. If I can give it a minus star, I would.

Spent Labor Day weekend there. While our 9 yr old was taking a shower, he looked down and saw he was standing in feces. Yes, feces were coming up from the drainage hole. He screamed in horror, I rushed in and my husband called housekeeping. They came and the supervisor said this has happened before; her comment was totally shocking to me. I asked her to get us another room stat while I quickly washed our son off in the sink. We packed up, within 10 mins, bell hop came with new keys to another room. My husband called the front desk to report the incident. The front desk chief clerk offered him $40 off that night's stay for our trouble. I was appalled beyond words. Getting compensated wasn't even on my mind. I was only thinking my poor kid, how can this happen to him. Yeah, I was angry. A sincerely apology from mgmt would have been nice, but $40 was an insult. I got on the phone and told the clerk it was disgusting, how can this happen to our son and he could have gotten seriously hurt. She quickly comp'd us for the night. Till this day, no one from the hotel apologized, not housekeeping that came into the room nor the front desk clerk that we talked to that night. Of course no one from hotel mgmt contacted us or acknowledge this disgusting incident.  

When we first booked the room, the hotel told us we could ck in early. She either said 8:00 or 8:30am and we arrived passed 10:00am. At ck in, we were told there were no clean rooms to ck into so we waited for almost 2 hours before we were assigned a room. Everyone else in line was told the same thing. We are reasonable people and would have over looked the ck in incident due to the holiday crowd, but when feces came up from the shower drain, that's just wrong. Totally disgusting and wrong.

You can't pay us to stay here again.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
187. Tracy S.
A-OK...a well deserved 3 stars. Circus Circus is a glorified motel. I came here with very low standards, so I wouldn't be dissappointed, and I wasn't ;-) I'm making it sound horrible, but it wasn't. I rate businesses based on my expectations and I didn't expect much from a $30/night Reno hotel. The price was a steal and for the same price you could stay across the street at the Motor Lodge. So compared to the motor lodge, Circus Circus is 5 Stars. The room was clean. The bathroom was better then expected. The bed was comfy. The lobby had horrible ventilation and and reeked of cigarettes. Bottom line is; it's not a bad place to stay for cheap. You can't go to Reno expecting Las Vegas. I dont gamble, but my bf came up $90 on the wheel of forutune...so WOOHOO.

16/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
188. Joe K.
Just got back from Circus Circus - booked 2 nites, stayed one.  What a horrible experience.   First, the place stinks like cheap perfume, while you wait for over an hour in the hotel check in line.   Then you get to the hotel by sky train and wait in line to get to the elevator - they are all full.  Then you get to your shitty, dirty room.  If you are brave enough to stay in this dump, you will experience door banging, screaming all nite long from multiple rooms.   Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
189. Margot D.
Better than I expected! Very clean rooms with comfortable beds. We paid $150 for a double queen room over Memorial Day weekend which really wasn't a bad deal! The food options are not great in the Circus, so we mostly ate at the Silver Legacy.

Circus Circus is connected to Silver Legacy and El Dorado so it's very easy to get around and check out some different gaming areas without too much trouble. It can be a little confusing at first but I drank a LOT while I was there and I didn't actually get lost so it must not have been too bad.

I like the decor both inside the hotel and in the casino, it is fun and definitely circus themed without being too tacky or obnoxious. I don't know why anyone would bring kids to a casino but if you do the large midway area is a good place to let them have some legal fun.

Also: Circus Circus DEFINITELY has the COOLEST table game chips! They have awesome circus-y designs on them! Go win some!

05/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
190. Benjamin F.
The best thing to me about Circus Circus is that it smells really nice.  It's like a mixture of popcorn and cotton candy and you can smell it all the way through the property and outside on the street.  It's surprisingly pleasant.

I find the interior mildly depressing.  It's old and it seems like the machines are old as well, particularly on the ground floor.  They are spaced unusually far apart compared to all the other local casinos.

Promotions are generous.  I did an initial sign up years ago.  I received a flier for "Resident" that they allowed me to use as well.  It provided 10 dollars freeplay (plus 5 for providing my e-mail), 10 dollars in food and 10 dollars in play in the carnie area.  Not bad at all.

On the second floor is a kid's area with numerous carnival games with plush toy prizes and many coin machines that provide tickets that you can trade for other prizes (at a particularly cheap ratio).  They have regular free circus shows in the early evenings all days of the week in the same area.  I've watched a few of these shows with clients and they vary in quality with a variety of gymnastic, animal and contortionist type shows.  Pretty cool that they're free.  The JR Jones animal shows and  the Chinese acrobat shows were both quite good.  All in the all the floor is a colossal rip-off and I'd just stay away.  In particular the ring toss onto glass bottles is one in which I've never seen a single person win.  Just burn your money.

Upstairs there are a few restaurants, a cafe and additional machines, more in line with the feel of other casinos.  I really liked Smokin' Geckos when I went and will do a separate review.  The cafe/ice cream shop has fairly good food at a good value, but is slower than molasses with seemingly uncaring employees.  Prepare to wait.

There's a tram that takes you around to parking that might be appealing to those with disabilities.  

Compared to the other casinos, Circus Circus just feels flimsy and cheap.  I wouldn't recommend them since there are so many better alternatives.

Word is that the buffet is a very good value.

22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
191. Lorrie M.
I stayed here once and visited a few times when I wasn't staying here for Midway and some eateries ... this place is honestly just ok.

The hotel portion of Circus Circus is not bad, but not great.  The rooms are decently sized and the beds are relatively comfortable. The shower and drainage system could use a looking and their bathroom lighting is insufficient to say the least. Overall the room is typical of what you would expect at a place like this, and definitely a little overpriced because people book it for the name and it does not live up in quality.

The mid-way portion (games etc.) actually gets worse and worse as the years go by. Granted I went on New Years day ... but it was so unbelievably crowded you could hardly move around at all. All the prizes were undesirable to "meh, it's ok" ... so there isn't a whole lot of incentive when you're being pushed up against 100 other people just trying to get to the counter.

In the end I guess its a fun place if you're a kid and have not experienced any better ... but in general I would not recommend this hotel or stay here again.

05/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
192. Stephen M.
Fun fun fun. Bartenders are great, arcade is fun and not pushy, casino isn't horribly hard to navigate.

04/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
193. Vy N.
For $25, this place is outstanding.  The room is big and spacious.  Worth the price.  Second time staying here and love it.

15/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
194. Shirley M. J.
I paid $100 per night to stay on the top floor for a late check-in.  I could see my 4-Runner parked on the top floor parking lot from my hotel window.  I could see for miles from my hotel window.

I stayed here with my nephew, Joshua thinking he would have fun playing all the kid games and watch the dare-devil entertainers at the arcade.  Joshua said the arcade was boring:  "Been there, done that . . . so, can we do something else please, Auntie?"

Oy-evay . . . so we go eat at the buffet.  Joshua really liked the buffet because he can eat whatever he felt like eating.  Ton o' food and drinks for very little money.  

After we ate some grub, we went back to the room and watched some cartoons.  The room was very boring and quite plain charging me $100.00 per night.

By morning, we ate breakfast at the same place we ate buffet the night before.  After eating, we walked around Reno and checked out the Calvacade of Cars Convention showcasing cars all along Reno's main drag.  Joshua enjoyed and preferred seeing the cars rather than playing the boring, out-of-date arcade games.

My 3-stars rating is only for the buffet because the price for the room was not worth $100 per night, and according to Joshua, the arcade games just sucked!

16/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
195. Helen V.
My first 1 star review goes to...the very deserving Circus Circus.  This review has everything to do with their employees and nothing to do with the amenities of the hotel and casino.

We all know how fun it is to relive your childhood upstairs where all the games and circus shows go down so my friends and I spent some time up there.  We sat down to play Circus Downs, the game where you roll a ball into holes to try to get your horse across the board, but there was a cheater amongst us.  He stole a ball..and used 2 to play.  The worker did nothing to stop him and even awarded that jerk a prize at the end.  Seriously?! Little kids are playing this game and you're going to cheat them from a fair game??  When I asked the employee to let us play another round, he just ignored me!  He didn't even apologize for the cheater or simply say no.  A friend and I decided to report this situation to security...which turned out to be no help AT ALL.  

Us: *tap* Excuse me.
Security biatch: Don't touch me.
Us: I need to report an incident. We were upstairs-
Security: *with LOTS of attitude* Upstairs? Upstairs where? Midway?
Us: Um...upstairs where all the gam..
Security: Get to the point. What.Do .You.Want?
*Oh hellll no! At this point..I've had it up to HERE with her attitude!*
Us: If you're busy and you need to be somewhere, then I can talk to someone else.  Just point me to the direction of a manager.
Security: *throws back her jacket flap to reveal her "badge* Security.
Us: Tells her the story...blah blah
Security: What? So this is about a teddy bear?
Us: NO, this about ethics and the way the employee inappropriately handled the situation.
Security: How old are you?
Us:......Why does that matter?
Security: I have the right to ask.

WHAT A BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Really?! You're a security guard and you're going around riding on your high horse??  Are you even doing your job securing the premises? I wish I had gotten HER name so that I could report her!!

As you can guess, talking to the manager of midway was pointless.  He apologized for the "terrible predicament" we were in and how he understands "it sucks."  WHY ARE THEY TALKING TO US AS IF WE'RE 8 YEARS OLD?!

adijgoiasjdgoiasdg CIRCUS CIRCUS YOU GUYS SUCK!!!

18/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
196. Anna C.
I give it 2 stars only because it was so darn cheap.  I stayed there for 30 a night. I mean c'mon.  It really doesn't get cheaper than that - even regular motels are more expensive.

The games there aren't what they used to be when I went as a child and they're so much more pricey.  It's fun to play them again though and win those useless prizes. I actually had fun playing the arcade games where you win tickets and trade them in though.  They still have the old school games that I don't even remember the names of because they're that old.   The shows were so half assed but I wasn't expecting an extravagant show anyway.  It's sad because reno is so empty unless there's an event going on.  The food in that vicinity wasn't that great either and I noticed while and after eating that everyone that was there was 60+.  It's a great meat market for the seniors! haha

20/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
197. Lynn b.
We had the kids with us on this trip so Circus Circus was a treat!  My only complaint is that I hit the Jackpot repeatedly on the kids games but couldn't on the slots!! :(  The buffet was great, lots of variety and so was brunch the next morning.

05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
198. Christina C.
We stayed here as it was the cheapest and only room we could find for just Saturday night over Labor Day weekend.

I remember staying here as  a kid years ago, and dang, the room decor hasn't changed a bit. Maybe it looks different in the newer tower aka sky tower? The room is spacious and the bathroom is spacious too. The A/C unit in the room went wonky during the night. It got really loud and squeaky so we had to turn it off. The heater went on at one point and the room started smelling like burnt plastic. What I did like was that you can check in in the morning after 8 am if you arrive early.

There are lots of tables, they even have baccarat. The tables get packed, but they aren't very lively. The dealers need some personality.

There are lots of slot machines. There is even a high limits section where it still dispenses coins.

The midway is still there. I think its more fun when you're a lot younger as the prizes will look more tempting.

01/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
199. selina n.
I spent a lot of time at Circus Circus when I was a child (my family is from SF so we would go frequently); I don't ever remember staying at the hotel though. My BF and I stayed here last weekend as they were having a 40% off deal. We saw the Yelp reviews and sort of expected the worse out of our room but we were actually very pleased. We stayed at the Sky Tower 20th Floor and got a nice view of downtown. I admit the decoration is old as well as the TV and bathroom but for $99 a night, you really can't complain, we also didn't encounter any of the problems some of the Yelp reviewers did. Though the line to check in was long, it was quick and pleasant. We also liked that all the hotels were connected and didn't have to walk in the heat. We only stayed for a night and if we had to make a choice, we wouldn't mind staying here again. Circus Circus is a def step up from motels and seriously I don't understand all the complaints about this place.

16/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
200. Lindsay C.
Low end hotel rooms, hard beds, shower could take a nipple off.  The buffet is expensive and food is gross and not warm.

The games for the kids is the only reason to stay! Games for all type of ages. My son is 2 1/2 and loved it!

PS... Don't come on a holiday weekend...too many people. Can't get through the elevator and definitely no room in the game area.

16/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
201. Scott L.
Good alternative if you have kids. They have a midway with a ton of carnival type games where you can win fun stuff like toys and stuffed animals. Also at certain times of the day they have circus acts that perform above the midway.

Rooms are a little dated and feel well used. The food selections are not a big draw for me. The buffet is very cheap and very low quality. If you want good food just walk over to Silver Legacy or Eldorado.

The casino itself feels a little claustrophobic as it's not laid out well. It's also kind of dark. Most dealers and coin attendants seem like they're not very happy with their jobs, not a lot of smiling faces.

Out of the three properties connected together, Eldorado, Silver Legacy, and this one...Circus Circus would be 3rd on my list of places to stay and play.

24/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
202. Teresa T.
WE did not stay at the hotel, we just went to the game area. The games are fun for the kids although.... can we get a cost break? The circus acts are cute.

31/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
203. John M.
This hotel is very centrally located if you are looking to have a good time in downtown Reno. You can walk to a ton of bars, restaurants, and other types of entertainment. The rooms weren't the most modern, but they were very clean and well kept. The customer service was very good and they quickly sorted out a room booking mix-up without any trouble.

05/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
204. I've Got Something To Say G.
Mediocre accommodations. Bad service. I waited for over 20 minutes to check in because they had 3 workers with over 25 people in line.  Room service was horrible as they gave me an expired soda and when I complained they sent another soda up...EXPIRED!! Managers were less than willing to call back to deal with the situation.

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
205. Jessica H.
I don't love this hotel. I stayed here once and it was during Street Vibrations, which if you know anything about Street Vibrations it makes downtown Reno an expensive and obnoxious place to stay. I stayed at Circus Circus because the rooms weren't insanely expensive.

Regular week days here are very inexpensive. I would say it's one of the better casinos to bring kids to but it is very outdated. I don't trust the carpet in the rooms, it's red and I have no idea what is in it. Circus Circus is pretty easy to get lost in, but the monorail is pretty neat.

21/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
206. Bill S.
I have stayed here 3 times in the Sky Tower with a west facing room of the mountains. For $10 you can work out at the nearby Club One Fitness Center at St Marys. I hiked every day in the nearby mountains. My room was great. Got the 50% off $35 rate plus $6 per day annoying resort fee (for this non-resort) plus $2 a day fee for the City of Reno (plus more taxes). Room was great and clean. Ran to get in line when I got off their airport shuttle so I only had to wait 10 minutes to check in. The Sky Tower is a separate hotel that should have its own check in (but doesn't). But the rates are fire sale prices. I never set foot in their casino. Great value if you like to go to the Lake Tahoe area.

13/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
207. Evelyn T.
HIGH FIVE to The Midway employee who put a rude finger-snapping teenager in his place.  *PALM TO THE FACE* "you need to WAIT." looove it.  Yeah...move over for the adults ...ya brat!!!!! haha!

Stars for nostalgic memories...stars for having DOMO for prizes at one of the games...stars for the chill blackjack dealers...stars for the slot machines that at least gave me a good teasing before stealing my money!

22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
208. D F.
If you don't want to get a good nights sleep... or even a half way decent nights sleep... good place to land.  BUT... we will NEVER stay at Circus-Circus again.  We went to bed at 12:30pm.... awakened but the "talking and laughing" coming through from the next room at 3am.  I called the front desk at 3:30am to have them handle the matter without success.  I called again at 4:30, this time checking out.  We had a 4 hour drive ahead of us with less than 3 hours sleep.  The Silver Legacy has been good  to us before and that is where we will stay with our next visit to Reno.  As for the free Lynard Skynard concert in front of Harrahs and the Crosby-Stills-Nash concert.......TOP NOTCH!!!   It's good to be from the 60's!

01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
209. Cameron K.
Circus Circus is either a five star or a three star hotel. If you want the full on Vegas experience with cool dance clubs, fun bars, and a scintillating pool...you will be very disappointed. If you seek a cheesy, quirky budget casino near the highway and snowboarding it is perfect. I prefer to appreciate things for what they are...not what they are not.

02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
210. Alyssa B.
So I also had to rate one star only because I had to. Yes the story below is completely true, sad to say. This place was crawling with drug addicts. Security was completey rude and way to trigger happy. Constantly holding onto his gun while entering into our room while my girlfriend was half dressed and sleeping. It was obvious that the security was bored and wanted some action. My concern is why focus so much attention on people who booked their room in advance, followed the rules, and went to bed early. There was a noise complaint on our floor and the security just so happened to knock on our door while the noise was actually coming from the room next door. This is just the begining of the horrible experience and i actually could care less to involve everything we experienced because I myself will never stay at this hell hole again. Just know this place was not family oriented and if you have young children with you I defn suggest staying some where else. There were so many crack heads wondering this place. Also the feed back on the bloody towels listed below by Mrs. Lux was completely true....TOTAL DISGUST! For your own safety I would suggest staying somewhere else.
With the experience we had we  decided to leave this Hotel ASAP and find a room elsewhere. We went to Sands Hotel and I have to say that it was actually a much nicer stay. the rooms were bigger and there was no BLOODY TOWELS, and the room rate was cheaper! However I didnt know that I would have to look out for bloody towels in the first place. Also Sands booked us in our room a few hours earlier than check in time due to our horrible experience at Circus Circus.

01/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
211. H L.
I was really debating whether or not I should give this place a 3 star or a 4 and I was so close to giving a 4 until well, let's begin..

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to find a deal during our winter break for 2 nights and 3 days, it was an estimate of $60! We were planning on staying there for a snow trip with a few friends to find that this year the snow and rain decided to hide behind the mighty sun so my boyfriend and I saw the deal was so great that might as well have a real vacation before school started again.

First off, when you park make sure you are on the fourth floor (I think) because it is so much easier to haul your luggage or duffle bags, snowboards, or whatever instead of walking downstairs to find that you must go back up and head inside the hotel and walk past a gift shop to take the escalator to the check in. Or if you want to be smarter than us, park downstairs in front to drop off your stuff and walk in the front desk to check in. Either way be prepaid to haul all of your stuff!

The rooms are nice, probably better than a motel but not like the Hyatt or Hilton. The sheets and blankets are thin and I'm always prepared for these kinda places because I like soft blankets and carried a small one with me, do the same to keep warm! The heater is pretty noisy but when you're pooped, it might not be too bad unless you're a light sleeper.The only thing I'd criticize about our room was the bathroom is super clean and nice but I hated how that cold little room didn't have a heater of any sort of warmth! After my shower I was freezing when I stepped out, I had to run out to the room to get warm right away!

As for the famous buffets, when my boyfriend and I eat buffets we see them as not just all you can eat but to satisfy yourself. We went to the buffet in Harris and it was alright, nothing spectacular so we tried the one for Circus Circus in the morning. It was good but the french toast was really good and I wished I didn't use my eyes to eat because I was stuffed! The day before we ate the buffets, we tried one of the little restaurants, Brew Brothers. And thank goodness it was happy hour because we were hungry! We ordered buffalo wings, a meat nacho, and a smooth divine beer and was satisfied with our shared $15 meal. There was another restaurant that advertises their steak and lobster but it's kind of a disappointment and I do not recommend it because it is so small and doesn't look too great, just tastes fine.

I enjoyed the little Circus area and wished they focused on expanding it more or having more games for the little kids and adults. We loved winning all the stuff animals and I love the movie Despicable Me and my boyfriend was able to win me 2 minions that was I believe 3 basket throw to win one and they were the small size. There was an even bigger one and I could not believe it with my eyes at all. Anyways, the games were fun and the little arcade area where you tried to win tickets was fun but so limited. I got lucky on one of the machines where I won 400 tickets that really couldn't get us much prizes but continued to play to win 2 South park plushies.

All in all, I enjoyed my stay but there were just a few things I wish could have gone smoothly so this is why I think they deserve a 3 star, It's a great place, let's just change things to have even more fun other than gambling!

06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
212. Kathleen C.
It's a good value for your money.  Big, clean rooms, larger then usual bathrooms, easy to access parking...

Stayed here 3 times already and will stay here again when we visit Reno again.

Just keep in mind to stay away from their buffet, 24/7 diner and that Gecko place.  Didn't try anything else so I cannot judge those.

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
213. Susan R.
We love the free shuttle from the airport. No line at check-in for us on a Saturday night. We were in the SkyTower so we had the bellman take our bags and grabbed a sandwich to eat in the deli. Got to our room and was surprised by how large it was, very clean, quiet, and comfortable the bed was. Called for our bags and less than 10 minutes later they were delivered. We never had problems with elevators on either night we were there.

08/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
214. Jan P.
In days of yore, I recall running amok with cousins on the game floor, cash in hand, and with cheap-o stuffed animal winnings in a giant clear, plastic garbage bag. It was fun, and apparently was THE place to dump kids while adults gambled downstairs or at the neighboring attached casinos.
Fast forward to now, like fifteen years later, and this place is EXACTLY the same, minus all the fun and excitement...also meaning it is freaking old and falling apart. The games are all the same and the midway is still there. Your best bet is still the balloon dart game and it is still very possible to win with the claw games.
Maybe with a kid's perspective this place is still fun, but as an adult, I've now no desire to come back to this place.

13/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
215. A P.
I have not stayed at the hotel itself, but absolutely love the midway, their gaming area (Hell Yeah, finally won a Rasta Banana!). They have many different skill and carnival games which are fun for all ages.

The midway is always more fun later at night when there aren't many children tripping under your feet. I also like how they sometimes have performances in the gaming area itself, not that they are entertaining for most adults.

26/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
216. Tom S.
The dos geckos margarita bar did not allow chips and salsa at the bar!! very weird rule! but very good Tequila selection+good prices, but bar tender did not know the tequila's

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
217. La C.
The good, cheap last minute room on a holiday weekend. I thought we got lucky finding this hotel available for $59 for a same day Friday arrival. Soon we figured out why it wasn't all that.

The bad, skytower rooms! The room had no a/c on when we walked in, and it was 90+ degrees in Reno that day, it took awhile for it to cool down.

The ugly, trying to get back to your room Friday evening, the elevators where super 'slow motion', there was a line at least 30 deep waiting for an elevator to hoist you up to your room.

We had not stayed at Circus Circus in many many years, at least 15+ years. And nothing decor wise has changed in the rooms or hotel itself. The beds are probably ancient too, it was the classic experience where you end up sinking in the middle of the mattress. Same old shuttle, decrepit halls and ceilings. This place is ghetto. It needs to be demolished and started all over again. MGM should be ashamed to put their name on this property but from what I can remember the CC in Las Vegas is pretty yucky too.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
218. stephanie p.
We got a special for the harry potter premier and thought it would be fun to take our son, we had a suite which was nice, it was a bit outdated but overall nice, quiet, surprising!
Our stay there for three days was great!

28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
219. Mel G.
I shake my fleshy fist at the smoking sections of casinos. Now that is out of the way ;), Circus Circus was a blast. I came here with my boyfriend and parents and we had a blast at the games section -- fun for all ages. In fact, that was more fun than the other gambling areas they had set up! A bit of a refuge when you're not really sure what to check out on the main drag.

06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
220. Ava O.
A few months ago on our return back to the Bay Area we stayed at Circus Circus in Reno. Since we were only there to sleep, we decided to get a room since it was inexpensive. I dont think they've changed anything since the 80's With red & green striped wallpaper & pictures of clowns & horses in our room! At least it was fairly clean  & if you need WIFI, only one device per room gets it for free which is a joke! Not sure how much it is for that. The front desk service was terrible! Only one person at the check out desk with a long line! We waited for 30 minutes! Unless you need a cheap quick place to stay, don't go there!

13/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
221. Minh N.
Ok after not being here for so many years...

If you don't have kids, then don't come here. Well actually, if you feel like throwing money away then go for it. It is somewhat fun to try to win those really cool stuffed animals and miserably fail.

23/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
222. Emily W.
I do not gamble that much so this is strictly about the hotel.

I will admit that I did get a room for really really cheap $44 a night with tax - be warned though - they make you pay for 1 night at the time of reservation with your hotel room. I stay in hotels almost every week in different cities so I am used to just reserving with my credit card and paying at checkout.

Even though all of the rooms are smoke-free they still smell of smoke they you they used have had smoking in rooms for years until recently. They will smell like this until the rooms or torn down.

Wireless internet is $9.99 a day or $29.99 a week. Which is not horrible except it kicks you off  every 15 mins and then you have to wait for it to reconnect.

If you are staying during the week (as I  was for work) be prepared for everything to be closed pm after 6. If you want any food go over to Silver Legacy or El Dorado.

They said they were remodeling so room service was only available 6 am - 1pm but I did not see any remolding going on though.

I am not a huge fan of this hotel - it smells of smoke and clowns creep me out..

15/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
223. Kim T.
He he. I'm the first to write a review. I'm pretty sure this page was set up for the hotel, but I never stayed there. I only went to the circus circus part to play the games with my son.

Cool thing, there are quarters instead of tokens so you don't have to worry about trying to spend every last token when you have to leave. The quarter machine games are not a disappointment but the cash ones are! It's just like the state fair, CHEATERS. that is all.

23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
224. Steven C.
Circus Circus hasn't changed much over the years, same ol' casino and same ol' Midway that's supposed to be family friendly. Family friendly as in if you consider second hand smoke from the casino floor below as good for your family.

I can't help but feel this place has turned drab and weary, all the midway workers have that facial expression that they dislike their job, as in: "I HATE THIS SH*T," and can't wait for their tortuous shift to finally end. No cheer found here. If you've been here recently within the past few years I doubt its worth another visit unless you have kids accompanying you or you happen to be staying at one of their extremely cheap hotel rooms. I only brought my friends to check it out since there were people on their first ski trip in Reno, but after leaving it, its probably best skipped.

I did however see one bizarre circus act while there, girl performers from China who can swivel and do some crazy jump tricks on bicycles.. yea bicycles. WTF!

29/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
225. Kourtney L.
Only gave one star because you have to! Now let my nightmare story begin.

The customer service to this hotel is worse than a motel 6. Everyone that works there seems to HATE their life and anyone that comes in contact with them. The best part of my whole stay is when they tried to lie and make me pay for damages to the room. When they realized I had half a brain and asked for documentation of these so called damages from before I came, they changed their tune. Employees for the hotel entered my room while I was sleeping and lacking proper clothing. Honestly I have no idea what is wrong with this place, for that matter, I don't get how there even still in business. The rooms are mediocre at best. No iron and I saw more crack heads in there casino than I have encountered in my whole life. This is supposed to be a family casino, but when you walk around it looks like night of the living dead only the crystal meth version. Honestly I am disgusted and almost tempted to file a reimbursement claim with my bank for the one night of misery I had to endure. When I called the front desk to complain the woman working had a major attitude problem and left me on hold. I then went down stairs and asked for a manager, she said I can help you...Ummm no you're the same rude lady I just spoke to. Then pretended to get a manager who turned out not to be a manager either. After I was told there are no managers. Who is running this place? Supposedly my card was going to be credited for my crappy stay. Well guess what, no money has sense been returned. I do not recommend this to a family, to a young person, not even to a homeless. SICK! The owners of circus circus should come through and clean house. Oh the best part. When we requested a roll away bed they brought one up. Upon opening it there were BLODDY TOWELS IN IT. BLODDDDDDYYYY TOWEELLLLLSSSS! This is so disgusting it still makes me want to vomit.

30/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
226. Teresa S.
Well ok this is not the best hotel. But, they do really try! It is very clean and casino like.                                                                                                       They spray some type of perfumed stuff in the entrance which is not bad until you are smelling it all day. The front desk was very accommodating to everyone while we were waiting i watched what was going on.  The rooms are spacious and clean. There is a coffee maker in the room which is very nice. But, bring your own water. Not many TV channels because, they want you to be out and about. A few Buffets but, not a lot of restaurants. A lot of snack places, all very clean. There is a van service that will take you to and from the hotel in Reno... They do not in Vegas.

02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
227. Janice C.
We enjoyed staying here very much.  We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite in the tower.  The rooms were clean and very roomy.  We loved the view, especially at night.  For some reason, the carpet was wet underneath the air conditioner.  I loved the fact that from our room to the games/arcade, we could go back and forth without going through the casino (we have 3 small children).  At the cafe, the waitress was so willing to accommodate my kids lunches (they have food allergies) and offer alternatives at no additional cost.  Circus circus isn't the "nicest" hotel, but it was good enough that we would stay again.  I just wish they had a pool, but we filled up our time enough that we didn't miss it that bad.

13/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
228. Hugo E.
Just came back from a college road trip with my son and we stayed  there for 2 nights.  Room was super clean, quiet and the only thing I could complain about was the smaller TV and lack of a mini bar.

11/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
229. Kao K.
The hotel has tons of great parking that are super accessible to the casnio. We booked our room online through a work site and was told check in would be at 1 pm. Arrived to Reno early and decided to see if we can check in anyways. Thank god we were able to check in earlier than expected because I was super tired. We got our room easily and fast. I also love how the front desk guy gave us an option if we wanted to stay high up or not. Of course we wanted a great view so we were placed in level 21. Getting from the lobby to our room was super easy. I dont see the point of waiting for the shuttle because I personally think walking is faster. I really enjoyed how circus circus was also connected to el dorado and silver legacy. Midway was fun, great varieties of games. We didnt have any luck at the casino. Overall, the hotel, our room, casino and everything was great. Would definitely come back :)

16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
230. Tim H.
I recently stayed at the Circus Circus while waiting for my house to close.  It was only one night, but it was one night too many.  It took me over 45 minutes to check in.  That started things off on a sour note to begin with.

When I arrived at the room, the room temperature was about 60 degrees; too cold even to sleep.  I set the thermostat at 70 and waited.  3 hours later, it was 64 degrees.  Still too cold.  The room never got above 64 the entire night, even though the heater ran continuously.

I was told I would have a free upgrade to a "newly remodeled Tower Room.  When I arrived at the room, it was old, outdated and grungy.  If this was newly remodeled, I would hate to see the older, unremodeled rooms.  Disgusting.

I called down for room service at about 7:30, but was told it would be at LEAST an hour and a half before I would receive my meal.  I understand that a casino hotel is a busy place, but that seemed a little over the top.  I told her I would be asleep by then and to forget it.

At about 9 or so, the fire alarm went off in the hallway.  I went out to listen to the message, but having some experience with hotel fire alarms, I didn't evacuate as they suggested.  About 15 minutes later, I called the font desk to ask what was going on.  The person said he didn't know, I'd have to call the operator.  I did so and was told he also didn't know what was going on either. The alarm went on another 15-20 minutes and eventually stopped.

When I checked out and told the desk clerk my story, his response to the heat was, "Well it was cold last night."  Really?  The heater in any hotel should be able to compensate for the temperature outside, especially knowing that Reno DOES get cold in the winter.  I've not seen such an "Oh well" attitude in quite some time.  When I told him I would never stay there again or recommend it to any one, he shrugged and went on with the checkout.  

I emailed the customer service department the next day, and a couple of days later got a response;  sorry, hope you'll stay with us again.  Not a chance, folks, not a chance.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
231. Claudia T.
The wait time and prices for extremely outdated rooms are outrageous.  We called to order room service and were told it was an hour forty minute wait.  There were lines for the elevators.  We had to wait 45 minutes for the bellhop at check out so we took our own luggage down.  I would never stay here again.  Not worth it.

12/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
232. Jamii B.
stuck in a snow storm
broken glass, drank way too much
stranded at the bar

abandoned hotel
dusty rides wait for some fun
no one to be seen

we are so alone
no clowns, no kids, no magic
cheapest hotel room

overall good time
the biggest little city
don't miss us too much

20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
233. W L.
This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in.  The room smelled of mold.  Everything looked old and dirty.  My room was under the monorail, and there was no noise insulation.  I talked to the front desk about changing rooms, and they were extremely rude.  They basically just laughed at me for being stupid enough to book a room there.  I left at 2:00am, without a refund.  Not recommended at all.

06/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
234. Rose V.
Love how this hotel has the fastest check in process ever!

21/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
235. Steve F.
Well, not what it once was.
Its lost some of its luster. The rooms are ok... but the price is pretty good.

07/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
236. Raymie H.
The hotel is old and overall not updated, but we were just looking for a place to stay for 1 night.  It was OK.  Nothing great, but most importantly not dirty.  the AC is strong!  the granite shower was impressive.  The rooms are pretty big.  The kids enjoyed the shows and games.   Parking is confusing.  Check in took some time and the clerk was abruptly robotic.  I would stay here again except I doubt I will ever return to Reno.  If I could yelp Reno I would give it 1 star.  The Strip is a joke!  Not even worth getting out of your car for.  we just drove though.

27/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
237. Nick L.
Not stayed at the hotel but explored the casino area and the kid's area.

The casino floor is an average size, clearly this ins't going to be Vegas style proportions but it had enough to keep people entertained here.
Played some blackjack at a non smoking table which was good but then the table not 1 foot away allows smoking?! Sort of defeats the point.

The kid's area was small but fun. Nothing quite like giving money away in a valiant attempt to win stuffed animals and alike. It's just reminds you of yesteryear and it never loses it charm.

Some of the games have better odds than others at getting a toy.
It'll keep the kids entertained so what's not to like?
Even the circus show with the little dogs was good.

4 stars for nostalgia.

31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
238. Kerry C.
Been to Circus Circus many times, I have a both bad and good experiences.  
This time is was not great....the check in process is a nightmare.  Long lines and understaffed.  Checking into the room was even worst...we were welcomed with a plastic bag full of dirty diapers and a filthy bathroom.
On the upside the manager Michelle was great.  Took care of the problems

12/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
239. Mallory S.
The rooms were big and decent. My son had a blast here for his 6th birthday. I will return soon.

10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
240. T L.
Best arcade for taking in a circus act, playing video, or carnival games. Great for kids and adults acting like one.

26/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
241. Kim F.
Arrived on Wednesday and it was like a ghost town!  It almost seemed like we were on the hotel room floor alone!!  Thankfully, there were other people on the same floor.  It was a nice and quiet stay overall.

No complaints about the room.  But then again I'm not that picky.  It's an outdated room that looks like the purple monster threw up in it and tried to cover it up with stripes.  Lamps are mounted/glued to the tables and desk making it hard to put things down because you have to balance things around it.  Lighting in the shower isn't that great (actually non-existent, theres NO light in the shower), but if you leave the curtain slightly open in the other side of the shower it allows some light to creep in.  A/C is strong ... we had to lower it and turn it off even at some points!  

The view from our room was nice.  We got to look at the top of the Midway and Silver Legacy.  I would think that most of the views from this hotel are pretty similar.  

The only downfall is that this side of the hotel (SkyTower) is dead.  There's nothing much downstairs so you have to walk to the main part of the hotel.  Which ... even then isn't that great, but better than most other parts of Reno!  You have the midway, the casino and restaurants.  Luckily Circus Circus is connected to Silver Legacy and El Dorado so if you don't think any of the restaurants are good in this hotel, keep on walkin' to through the other 2 hotels to see what they offer.

I will say that I think an actual brochure with all of the restaurants and their hours of operation would be helpful.  The hours for the restaurants are ALL OVER THE PLACE!  It was confusing and we ended up at most of the 24 hour places just for the ease.  When you're hungry at 8pm at night, you shouldn't be figuring out which ones are open or closed.

I think Circus Circus is good if you are on a budget or if you have kids.  It was cheap which is what I loved about this hotel.  Next trip, maybe we'll splurge $10-$20 a night for the Peppermill or El Dorado.

It's a Reno Circus Circus Hotel ... don't expect much except a really good room rate.  I was happy with that.  =)

Pleasant surprise:  Power strip mounted to the side of the drawers/tv unit.  You don't have to unplug lamps in the room to charge 2 phones and a laptop!  High-tech for this hotel actually ... Yay Circus Circus!!!

Shout out:  Congrats to all of the weddings taking place this weekend in this hotel!!!  There's a lot apparently according to our TV Hotel station.

03/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
242. Denise C.
Going to Circus Circus in Las Vegas when I was a child was memorable. We always visit casinos in Reno to eat when we go skiing around Lake Tahoe. The games for children are great. The place looks really old and not updated. The buffet is not that great. I really wasn't thrilled by the buffet food. I waited for like twenty minutes in a line for stir fry and soup noodles with meat. Still, it's a fun experience.

30/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
243. Allison R.
Lots of things to do here. The restaurants are great. It was also nice that it is connected to the Silver Legacy & the Eldurado. But the beds leave something to be desired. They were hard. But I really enjoyed my stay. Rooms were very clean.

01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
244. Alan J.
Did not stay here (did several years ago but not since) but always come here for the breakfast buffet. Gotta say this is the best i have found in and around the area. They have a full set of breakfast foods (all pretty good too) and some lunch foods all for a reasonable price! If you're bringing a bunch of people (like i did) and your paying this is the best and the cheapest. I always go here.

07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
245. Samson W.
Like Kenneth Y. said, I too have been to this hotel and casino since I was a kid.  Besides that, I have stayed here a couple of times now.  On my most recent trip late last November, I stayed there for two nights along with my parents, older brother, sister-in-law, and my little nephew.

1) The room.  The room was average.  Sure, it is old looking, but it is still acceptable to me.  If you want a state of the art room, then I would suggest staying at Silver Legacy or Harrah's.  Anyhow, the only downside were the coffee maker and the Internet.  I used the coffee maker to brew coffee and what resulted a few moments later was just brown water.  It definitely was not coffee.  Maybe it is a defective coffee maker.  Dunno.  As a previous reviewer noted, the Internet was spotty.   I would definitely go one step further and say that it was very spotty.  It turns out that their Internet is run by an outside party or what is known as a third party.  Unfortunately, regardless of your stay there, you have to pay it automatically as part of the resort fee.  In other words, no free wi-fi.

2) The Buffet.  Their buffet used to be the cheapest and one of the best.   It has not been like that for many, many years.  The taste of the food is average.   I have a feeling that they want to compare themselves to other buffets (i.e. Silver Legacy, Harrah's, Eldorado, etc.).  Same with their prices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The only reason that you go there are for both the circus shows and the Midway.  Though, the games are nowhere as cheap as compared to when I was a kid.

There are two good things about Circus Circus.  1) They have a shuttle from the North Tower to the Sky Tower and vice versa.  And 2) There is a connected walkway from the hotel to both Silver Legacy and Eldorado.  It is definitely very good, especially when Reno gets downright very cold.

27/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
246. Matthew S.
As much as I go here (2 times a year), the experience is always the same. The whole place smells like smoke, looks very outdated, etc.
The rooms were ok, the TV was an old monster and even when we ordered the non smoking room, it still smelled like smoke. The AC was loud too.

The Midway is pretty fun. Sure, it's rigged, but if you're lucky, you can get big prizes. The Casino is okay, the dealers are nice.

Overall this place is okay, but for a breath of fresh air, see Silver Legacy and El Dorado that is connected to Circus Circus.

19/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
247. Michael P.
I would like to give Circus Circus a score along the lines of a 4, but I had such a bad experience, one in which they had no interest in rectifying, that I don't care to ever go back.

My partner and I arrived after driving for many hours. Exhausted, we plop down on the bed and begin to have a romantic moment. The sparks really started flying! Literally. Our air conditioner burst into flames and acrid smoke was filling the room. We called the front desk and it took nearly 10 minutes for a maintenance person to casually arrive. It took a bureaucratically long amount of time to get us into another hotel room. Perhaps an hour?

There was no room upgrade, no mention of a discount, and no apology. So we called the front desk again and told them how we felt. The person said they couldn't do anything. So I decided to write an email.

I sent a long, polite email to the hotel/casino and simply never even got a reply.

27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
248. Patrick S.
This hotel is perfect for family and especially kids. Great arcade and game area. Love the casino playing in the slots and there are plenty of restaurants to eat.

12/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
249. Tony L.
Wifi is not free.  You need to pay a resort fee.  And it was really slow.  Booked the room through Kayak.  False advertising.  Resort fee not included, but mandatory.  You cannot leave a fee off a rate quote when it is required.  This made them seem like a good deal, but when you show up and they sneak in over 25% more of fees, yeah it matters.  You don't build it in the price, you can't require it.  And they have the audacity to call it free.  And it's limited to 1 device.

15/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
250. Sally C.
Hotel stay was okay. The first thing I noticed was the distinct smell in the hallway of the seventh floor where we stayed...at first it smelled like french fries...then it was perfume... It went away when we closed the door to our room behind us though. Rooms are decent. They're spacious even if they do have ugly carpets and curtains. Bathrooms are roomy and clean. My biggest complaint would be that the walls are so thin! I could hear EVERYONE from the floor above me shower.

Midway gets worse every year- I haven't been back in three or four years but I believe the price went up! $1 to throw ONE dart or throw ONE ball? Not so fun anymore, but maybe I'm just getting older. I'm more interested in the $2 cocktail drink specials during happy hour...

Casino looks sad and empty. Only a few smokers linger here and there... I did earn a 40 cent profit on the slot machine though!

Just an okay stay... it was overpriced and wasn't the best. If I were to come again, it would probably be a last resort.

24/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
251. LT T.
I never really enjoyed Circus Circus as a child for I didn't know how to appreciate the little things but this hotel is great! I normally get nervous sleeping in hotels but I was immediately comfortable. The bathroom space is huge as well as the rooms. I like that they give you a complimentary ONE day free wifi service. One thing, you guys really need to upgrade on the tv and tv channels in the rooms.. Circus Circus casino is really big, they have tons of slot machines and tables you can gamble on. Plus, free drinks or cigarettes!!

08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
252. Margaret R.
Review for Midway, where the fun kids' games are.

The games where you win stuffed animals (fishing, dart throwing, throwing soft ball into a basket...etc) were the classic, basic ones. There were about $2 / game, but it's lame that you have to play ~3-4 times to get the cool prizes. Also, most of the stuff animals were boring. There should be cool, funky ones. For example, I got a Mrs. Potato Head at the Midway in Vegas. I was searching for a Mr. Potato Head, but all I found were some boring bears and not very cute looking tigers.

The arcade games were CHEAP...ranging from 25 to 50 cents. My favorite was the jumprope one!

07/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
253. Janette W.
Well, it's a certainly a good deal. Staying here certainly ensures you'll keep your trip cost low. It's a good place to come with friends and party. We had adjoining rooms and the party went on and one and no one ever called and complained. The room had a nice view of the mountains.

18/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
254. Devon S.
My man and I, well, we've been together for a few years now. And as mid-June approached, it was time to figure out how we were going to celebrate our anniversary.

A young relatively-broke couple with only a Saturday night to spare? We spend so many quiet romantic nights in these days (caviar problems, right?) that we wanted a night to get trashy. Bring on Reno!

We opted for Circus Circus almost entirely because it was the cheapest casino we could find online, and went for the Mini Suite because we still wanted to feel like ballers. A quick 2 1/2 hour jaunt up the 80, and we were there, happily escaping the gross 100+ degree weather in Davis.

The biggest drag of our 24 hours there was check-in: super long line with kids running all over the place? Ew, but thankfully that 45 minute wait was sufficient enough birth control to last me for at least a couple more years.

Our ginormous room overlooked the whole town, which was pretty neat, and easily could have accommodated a dozen freeloaders if we had wanted.

We drank a ton. I won enough on a penny machine to pay for dinner. We broke even on the craps tables (a feat in and of itself considering neither of us knew how to play). We drank a ton more. I mysteriously found myself with a killer golf-ball sized bruise that looks like an eyeball on my knee. He won me a little pink elephant at one of the circus games on the Midway floor. We stuffed ourselves silly at Kokopelli's (AYCE sushi dinner for $25? yes please) and at the breakfast buffet (they do NOT label their food correctly, and chicken-fried steak is not an adequate substitute for french toast). I was able to rock a slutty outfit that would otherwise go unused at home in Davis. We wandered in and out of pretty much every bar in CC, Silver Legacy, and El Dorado. We laughed at the drunk messes making fools of themselves at Rum Buillon's in SL. We people-watched all the cowboys and wannabes in town for the Rodeo Convention (yes, that's a thing). And most importantly, we did it together and had a blast.

We went in with the right expectations (no, Reno is not Vegas, and no, Circus Circus is not the Bellagio) and our weekend was the perfect escape from the suburban doldrums and a great way to celebrate being together for three fantastic years.

It was sleazy. It was messy. It was trashy. And it was awesome.

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
255. John G.

This is supposed to be a 'No Smoking' zone?


Don't let those bright lights, loud games and acrobatic exhibitions fool you...it's a trap to lure you kids into gambling, smoking and drinking.

Heck, they give better prices when you win at Great America.

As a parent: lesson learned!

31/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
256. Allie A.
This review is for the hotel only.

Often times I have really early flights that depart from the Reno airport.  I'll book a hotel downtown with airport shuttle service if I don't feel like getting up at 3:00 am to drive from Incline Village to check in for my flights.  Another plus - leaving my car in valet so free parking (with a generous tip to the valet runners).

I scored a cheap room here, but once I checked in, it took forever to get to my room - through the casino, on the monorail, then up an elevator.  It took at least 15 minutes to get to my room (keep your fingers crossed that the monorail is already there waiting for you).

The room itself was large, though worn down.  I'm not sure what it is with these hotels hoping to win some secret competition for the UGLIEST BEDSPREAD IN THE WORLD.  The room carpet was also fairly hideous.  But can I complain, even though I spent less than $40 for it?  Hell yeah.

I was up at 4:30 am to get the 5:00 am hotel shuttle to the airport, but I forgot about the 15-minute torturous route back to the main lobby (apparently the monorail doesn't run that often at the crack of dawn).  No worries, the shuttle was running a few minutes late.

Overall, there are better places to stay for $40 a night in Reno for bargain-hunters.

29/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
257. Pam H.
I am going to give this 3 stars- not because it's a 3 star hotel, but because for a budget hotel- it as A-OK.  I didn't have high expectations because I know the reputation that Circus Circus has- cheap, budget, overrun with families, etc.

We were checked in very quickly and given our Non-Smoking King room.  The problem with an old hotel like this is even non-smoking smells a bit of cigarette smoke.  The floors even though "non-smoking" still have a subtle hint of smoke, the elevators stinks..it is what it is.   The walls are very thin, so we could hear the family next door with their screaming, disobedient kids several times as well.  The bed was very soft and bouncy- not my choice of a quality bed and I was already arriving with some issues with my back, so I was a bit fearful that my sleep would be disruptive, but I was tired enough that I did sleep fairly well despite the mattress.

Front desk service was fine and we even had to call for a toothbrush that we forgot to pack, so they brought that up to the room while we were out to dinner.  We ordered room service for breakfast on our last day and instead of 45 minutes as estimated our meal arrived in 30 minutes.   The bell staff was not so great- we went out Friday night to get a taxi and there were 4 bell/valet guys standing around "shooting the shit" with each other and ignoring us- we had to go inside to have a taxi ordered for us and then we still waited over 10 minutes, but by then someone else in our group had solicited the hotel shuttle to take us over the the nightclub- so we bummed a ride with them!

Our niece & her family met us for lunch the next day and when they were leaving it took about 15 minutes for the valet to return her truck.  So definitely some things lacking.

We didn't gamble in Circus Circus, so not sure how the dealers were.  WE did shop in two of the shops and the service was satisfactory.

11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
258. Kimberly A.
My 12 year old daughter, boyfriend and i stayed here this past weekend and i was totally disatisfied and disappointed with our stay ( my daughters 1st time here ) the check in was quick, room clean, we asked for extra pillows...got em....but when it came to shower time..clogged..slow drain and water up to our ankles...3 ppl 2 showers a piece..you could imagine a pain in the neck...called front desk and they said we will be there in the morning....lol....syke!!!...never came...more towels please...be right up...syked out again....at check out told the young lady about our situations which you could totally tell she could of cared less about...a free breakfast???...lmbo!!!!....no thanks!!!....we're going to silver legacy to

eat...kinda bad when your 12 year old tells you " mommy next time could we not stay here?"......"yes baby"...."i promise."

15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
259. William S.
Sorry to say it, but this place just doesn't cut it. Buffet sucks, gambling area isn't that great, hotels aren't anything better than Eldorado's. So really I can't figure out why I should rate this place more than 3 stars. Probably the only good thing about this place is the kids play area, and even that isn't all that great, it's small and not many games to play. All over priced and damn near impossible to win (well what do you expect, Reno is a tourist spot, and this is just about the only kids play place in Reno). Las Vegas Circus Circus is 10 times better than this Circus Circus, then again, every thing in Las Vegas is 10 times better.

The kids play place then again might only suck because I've grew out of that stage and there is really nothing for me to do here, besides take my son here. Bleh, 3 stars for the downgraded everything compared to Vegas.

04/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
260. Jessica R.
For the price (and deal) I had, I couldn't complain. I would not have paid more though. I was greeted with a thirty person line when I got there, and they went through it fast.

My room was in the Sky Tower-over looking the city. I recommend if you want a view, but not if you don't mind a ten minute walk. There is a tram to take you if you want too...but it's the same amount of time---at least for a 24 year old in heels.

It's really a 'family' casino....lots of games for kids (and gambling for adults) with the carnival feel. Corn dog stands and all.

I wanted to stay at the same hotel as my crew (the El Dorado) but they were sold out for the weekend. HOWEVER you can walk through to the it which is very nice.

Casino smells of smoke---so I didn't plop myself down in here...can't stand that for too long. AND my GOD it's hot in there. They were pumping heat and with all the bodies I swear it was probably 85 to 90 degrees. I had to take off my leather.

Did not eat at the restaurants because they were expensive but they had a variety of different foods.

06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
261. Tyler S.
One of the worse hotels I've stayed in. Outdated and fairly dirty. Good luck on the beds, it's a trampoline. The ramada is Reno is better an that's not saying much. I would look into staying somewhere else if possible.

05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
262. Amy W.
Good price, comfy rooms, nice and helpful customer service, would stay here again! Midway was fun, very patient adult gambling instructors(we had never played roulette). Love how the three hotels are connected, lots of food options!

07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
263. Kenneth Y.
I have gone to this casino numerous times since I was a kid and till now.  I don't really like staying at this casino because its old and the walls are paper thin.  You can hear other kids or people next door.

This place is the only place where most kids love, arcades, fair games and winning prizes.  Then in the center you have these Chinese acrobats that do their thing and some circus show with dogs as well.  You have the guys and gals in tight clothes flying in the air and all that cool stuff.

This is a place where you can be a kid again and play those cool carnival games and win prizes. The object to beat your opponent and score the stuff animal!  

The arcade is old, same games newer prizes, some prizes are crap but majority are decent.  Last time I went they had Sanrio characters and they look pretty cool

The casino is alright and the minimums are low.  

Overall this place needs a big remodel.  It's attached with Silver Legacy on one side and El Dorado on the other.  Good place for kids to hang out while the adults are gambling.  Staying at this hotel will also get you one those coupon books for the floor games. Buy 1 get one free deal which is worth it!


They have their own parking structure

Cash / credit

08/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
264. Roxmarie G.
I had a good time playing at Circus Circus this week. I enjoyed a nice session at Super Jackpot Party, and also played in their daily hold'em tournament ($18 buyin, 14 crusty characters and ESPN wannabes). Everyone was very nice and it was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so. They wouldn't even let me lose! I came in second.

Circus Circus has improved their buffet significantly. It's still not quite as good as the El D, but it's competitive. One thing that blows the El D away is that they have an Asian soup bar where a guy lets you pick your ingredients and construct your soup. Then, just like in a fast food Thai noodle place, he simmers the ingredients, adds broth, and boom. The won tons were beyond horrible, but the veggies were all very fresh and the broth was heavenly - just like San Francisco soup broth! Extra points for also having Sirracha.

30/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
265. Jennifer L.
My boyfriend and I stayed here in late 2012 for 2 nights while visiting family in Reno. We made reservations last minute and they were able to accommodate us with a decent nightly rate for a king room. The check in and check out process took awhile though. After driving for 9 hours, I was not a happy girl when I had to wait in line for 30 minutes behind a group of 25 people that looked like they just got off of a tour bus and waned rooms all next to each other. UGH. Once we finally got to our room, It was a pretty nice room. I  had a bad feeling at first because of other Circus Circus locations, but this place did exactly what it was meant to do....provide us a place to sleep, shower, and kick back. The bed was comfortable and the shower was hot. We had a  nice view of downtown Reno. Now for the hotel amenities did not go into the circus or the arcade that this place is supposedly famous for, but it was there. After returning from a night out at 2 AM, there was no restaurant open in this hotel, so we had to walk over to the hotel that is connected to this one, the Grand Sierra since they had a restaurant open...(horrible service but that's for another review) ..the walk felt like FOREVER through the casinos...like never ending walking! I thought that everything in Reno was open until 4 or 5 AM, but I guess not. When it was time to check out, they don't let you do self check out, so I had to wait in the long line again to check out, get my receipt, and return my keys. Once again, not a happy girl. Would I stay here again for 2 nights? Actually I would....just because of the good rate and comfortable bed and location right smack in the middle of downtown Reno a stonesthrow to the 80. However, please improve your check in/check out process!

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
266. Shawn B.
From what I can tell they are the only place left that has the old coin machines. It's nice to hear the clanking of actual coins hitting the steel coin catchers instead of the crappy pre-fab midi you hear as a stupid ticket for 2¢ prints out. The gaming and slots area is not huge and the kids area is overpriced but fun....much like a real carnival. They circus acts they have every so often are entertaining and even though the place is dated they keep it clean and neat. I have not had a chance to use the hotel yet but one of these days I will.

14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
267. Grace o.
I have stayed in this hotel a few times because unfortunately, it is where my company puts us in Reno.  I have not had a pleasant stay, not once, therefore decided to finally write this review.  The rooms are old and need major renovation.  Carpet is stale, mattresses on the beds have zero support, lamps are all glued to the desks/stands and I saw a cockroach crawling behind the night stand.  This time, I saw hair on my bed, bathroom floor and the tub.  Thankfully, I always pack flipflops to walk around in the room but I was still paranoid.  I was hesitant to use the towels and made sure my bed didn't have any trace of bedbugs.  Book a different hotel and rest with a peace of mind.

20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
268. Rebecca K.
I stayed here once as a kid, and I can't remember too much about their hotel, but I can tell you about their casino and the kid's section because I was just there this past weekend.

Their casino is a regular, old casino with not too many fancy machines. I got lucky in the slots and doubled my boyfriend's money (but afterwards we walked over the Silver Legacy and lost it all sigh..)

Their kid's section is a place where you spend a ton of money to get nothing in return.. no seriously. Which is why I did not even play there. I go there to watch their circus shows. It's really short,  lasts less than 15 minutes but entertaining nevertheless. I remember being incredibly awed when I was a kid, and I still am now as a ... big kid. (Old enough to play the slots!)

06/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
269. Jennifer P.
Circus Circus is cool. They have all those typical carnie games where they are clearly rigged but you give it a shot anyway and get a cheap stuffed animal for upwards of five bucks. They make good dog toys at the very least (so long as they don't have button eyes). Even still, it's fun to try your luck at them. They usually have circus performers on stage, but they didn't the second time we went so our friends didn't get to see anything (they had never been).

What exactly is that big machine in the center of the casino?

16/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
270. Jamie C.
I really, really wanted to win the giant Domo-kun toy and spent lots of money until I got it!!

26/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
271. Dylan H.
Still smells like gooch. I am throughly disgusted.

19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
272. Eva M.
I was there this past weekend for the Great Reno Balloon Race.  I had booked a room in Circus Circus because the price was ok and it is more kid friendly.  My reservation was for a room in the Sky Tower.  We parked the car in the Sky Tower parking lot and when we walked into the hotel to check-in we were directed to the North Tower to check-in.  That sucks especially if you are lugging a couple bags of luggage with a couple kids.  I got a double queen room up on the 26th floor, it was nice.  The room appeared to be clean and neat except for the half eaten oreo on the ground next to the air conditioner.  Honestly, I don't care what size and age the tv is and what the decor is like.  The purpose of a hotel room is only to have a safe place to store my luggage while I am out having a good time and for a good night sleep.  I only ask for a clean room and bathroom which i got other than the oreo.  We had dinner at the buffet was awful, there wasn't much to eat and the food didn't taste good and of poor quality.  For nostalgic reasons, I went back for the brunch buffet and that was awful too.  I waited at the omelette station for 10 minutes before a cook came out to cook.  Some of the food there was there from the dinner service from the night before so I feel like I am eating leftovers.  I really wanted to give it a 2 stars because I definitely had better experience else where and too bad I can't give it a 2-1/2 stars so I have to round up to a 3 stars because it did serve the purpose of my stay and I did have a good night sleep.

10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
273. Gary E.
While we stayed at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, we checked in our puppy April at their Hound Hotel dog kennel.

This was the very first time we brought her on a trip. She was kinda nervous on the way up but settled down a bit when we arrived.

Here they have fourteen kennels twelve large and four small carrier type kennels counted as two. I reserved a small kennel since she's a small breed. It cost ten bucks a day Sunday through Thursday and fifteen bucks a day Friday through Saturday. There's a twenty five dollar kennel deposit just in case you leave the kennel a mess.

To our surprise the small kennel was really small. April just had a little bit of head and leg room to move about but she did pretty well for her first time and away from home.

Short of a flat screen and magazines, the place came complete with a courtesy phone, sink, soap, paper towels, poop disposable gloves, a hose and video cameras so you can watch your doggies from your hotel TV. Owners are responsible for feeding and clean up of their loved ones.

24/7 access and located on the ground floor of the Sky Tower (across the lobby area), it was really convenient for us to take her out on walks.

Though unattended, the periodic security checks gave us an added peace of mind...

18/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
274. Lynette C.
We stayed in the north tower and everyone from customer service to maintenance to cocktail waitresses and casino staff were alln extremely friendly and helpful. When you call to ask for something they were at your room within 15 minutes. The room was clean, not the best view from the 14th floor but eh I was not here for the view lol the beds were comfy for being hotel beds, which is a good thing since we were there for 5 days. The ice machine was 2 doors down yay! It was pretty quiet there. My only complaint is when you check in they do not explain anything about the coupons they give you nor do they tell you that if you get a players card you get certain perks for using it as well as 10% discounts in the gift shops. They need to either explain this or give people a flier or pamphlet so they know that it's available, where to go to get the info and how to use the card and coupons.

07/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
275. Linda D.
My friends and I stayed at the sky tower hotel. She got a mini suite with a triple A member discount. So for a 2 night stay it was around 160 including tax. Our room had a mini fridge, but no microwave darn. No such thing a's complimentary breakfast either I guess. And boring ass channels! Darn I don't have cable at home so geez I was looking forward to watching some cable at this place ha.

From the sky tower u have to take a shuttle to the other side which is where the casino and midway games are. Or you can stop beige a lazy ass and just walk, it's really not too far.

I left my room and was drinking I'n my cousins room, and we got a noise complaint. I didn't think we were loud, we were just listening to some music on a laptop and watching the Niners highlights, but I guess it was "loud".

It's convenient to stay here though cuz u can just walk to the casino and midway and it connects to other casinos such a's silver legacy and el dorado.

O yea the wifi is shotty and there is no cell phone reception downstairs at the casino.

If you join the one club you get some free slot plays. Cha Ching, I came up with $25 for playing the quarter slots, I'm rich bittttchhhhh!

17/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
276. D S.
No longer a customer of Circus Circus - Reno due to last visit!

Review for hotel, midway, and Smokin' Gecko BBQ restaurant.

Stayed at Circus Circus in Reno in the past with no problems, but NOW... I've

Met some SHADY / DISHONEST or unintelligent EMPLOYEES at Circus Circus Reno = ultimately management of MGM International - big corporation who obviously is losing big $ right now!  Circus Circus Reno don't train their employees well or don't care.  They have NO customer service department.

Rooms in the Sky Tower can be confusing to get to via elevators.  They have Valet Parking or if you don't want to do Valet Parking, you can tell the valet guy that you just want to register and leave someone in the car while the other person is registering and then go park the car yourself in the free parking garages.  

Sky Tower Rooms are okay - neither really dirty or really clean.  The hotel provides a blow dryer and iron//ironing board.  (Iron is attached to ironing board to discourage theft, but it is very annoying).  The hotel provides in-room coffee & sugar (2) & coffee maker use, soap, and shampoo.  Non-smoking rooms smell like stale smoke.  Our room thermostat was inaccurate.  Air conditioning water drips outside of window.

PROBLEM that I experienced.  They tried to twice charge our credit card for 1 night stay (Weekday stay $35 + $4.53 resort fee +$ 4.73 taxes= $44.26) and then charge our stay - resort fee + $30/night incidental charge.  We paid $44.26, then they tried to charge $69.73 AFTER we left (this is for $35 stay/night + $4.73 tax + $30 incidental fee).  So for ONE NIGHT they were trying to authorize charges for $113.99/night even though the final charge was $44.26. We checked out on time and this was NOT for an additional night.  WHY would any HONEST company do this except to check what kind of credit limit you have?  

I would recommend paying only cash here so they don't jack with you.

We went to the Midway to play games and watch a few free shows.  There are some mechanical games that take quarters and spit out tickets to take to the prize redemption center.  Games range from .25 - $2 / game normally unless you get a package or coupon deal where the midway games can be 2 for the price of 1.  They have some good games and bad games.  Some prizes look cheaper than others.  Majority of midway prizes were stuffed animals.  I saw a Nano Ipod available on bottle ring toss, but good luck trying to get it  There are some cheap framed, wall pictures for the kids for some prizes too.  Stuffed animals change periodically.

For winning stuffed animals
Recommended Games:
Balloon Darts (younger kids win something everytime) and

Gone Fishing (key is to get the red magnetic floating disc circle not near the yellows).  

Milk Bottle Throw (throw a bean bag and knock 3 plastic milk bottles replicas down)

Not Recommended
Bottle Ring Toss - Very rare anyone won and after throwing about 80 rings, we didn't win a thing.  We tried different methods.

Basketball hoops - Watched several people try to get 2 out of 2 shots with no success.  Noticed bent and undersized hoop rims.

Broken games on Midway
They have some mechanical games like the Skee / Ice Ball that sometimes don't work and they don't post signs immediately so go to the prize counter if you lose money to get reimbursed.  

Dishonest/Confused employee on Midway
We encountered an employee that didn't honor the 2-1 play coupon we had.  She tried to tell us another person gave her the coupon.  I KNOW otherwise because I knew where I had used the other 2 prior to going to her booth.  Also, I remember putting the coupon down on the counter with a $5 bill.  THE CUSTOMER IS NEVER RIGHT HERE.

SMOKIN' GECKO BBQ restaurant
Decent prices and good food, but might have to wait for table 30-45 minutes.  No hi-tech paging system (just the waitress calling out your name -- if you can hear her amongst the noise) while waiting for a table.  Paid $5 for children's plate and they had $9.99 for All-you-can-eat ribs (after 5 p.m.)  Ribs plate included 2 sides and house salad also.  My spouse had sweet & juicy corn on the cob and BBQ beans.  Ala carte the small, house salad is normally $4.  BONUS:  Complimentary cornbread and honey butter while waiting for food!

Failed:  Refilling water glasses and waiting for check.

The Smokin' Gecko restaurant food was the best thing about our recent stay at Circus Circus - Reno.  Unfortunately, the restaurant can't carry the rest of the stay.  After this last visit, I am NO LONGER a regular customer of Circus Circus - Reno.  It was a REAL disappointment.

More Vegas Reviews to come!

02/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
277. Mia D.
Review for the Midway--

This place is just as I remembered it....not crowded and filled with smoke.  I see that they redid the midway again since the last time I was here early last year for our annual day trip to Reno.

The midway did get a bit bigger without the slot machines in the little tucked away corner.  They added more games that offer tickets so that you can trade for prizes.  Although, if you eat at the buffet, you get discount scratchers where you could win discounts on games, casinoo money or even food.  We scored some 2 for 1 tickets for the kids in the midway.  They were 10 2 for tickets and we ended up with 2 of them so it was 20 2 for 1 tickets.  It really saved a lot of money.

The stuffed animal prizes have gone down the drain and the entertainment is the same old stuff.  I think the only performer my kids liked were the dogs doing tricks.  Other than that, the performers are just okay to watch and kill time before you spend more money playing games you may or may not win.

This place needs better games and better prizes.  Some games are way too expensive so we try to avoid those at all costs.  I think the only prizes we enjoyed were Domo and the crocodile.  All the other ones were either too girly or way too cheap looking.

We always come back since this is the only place the kids can just hang out and fun and this place caters to kids.

22/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
278. Gregory E.
We had a bad time here, yelling in the hallway's in the a.m. and heard the couple next door having sex all nite long because of the pass through door in our room, no sllep for two days, next time ask for a room with no pass through door.!!

18/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
279. J J.
Stayed here 2 nights.

I was allowed to check in hours early which was great. I said I wanted a quiet room as high up as possible. My room was huge, bed was comfortable, and it was a corner room so it was very quiet. I was in room 2683 and the front desk guy said the rooms on that floor don't have adjoining doors so you have less bigger families. The room was definitely quiet. At first when I used their WIFI I had problems but later I figured out how to connect and my connection was fine.

Shower in the bathroom was loud as hell. Couldn't figure out how to make it not have that loud humming sound.

It probably takes you at least 10 minutes to leave your room to get to your car to leave.

I don't really think the monorail thing is worth taking unless you are handicapped, have a lot of luggage, or have little kids. I took it once and it smelled of urine.... The regular walkway is short. It isn't like walking from one airport terminal to another.

If for a little bit more I could have stayed in El Dorado or Silver Legacy I would have done it but used Hotwire and Circus Circus was like $30 a night.

The resort fee was something like $8 a night which just about all the hotels in Reno are doing.

22/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
280. Reginald P.
This hotel has been around since I was a child (early 80's) and it still looks the same.  

Rooms-Again, very outdated.  The sheets and carpet look very sketchy, like its been hardly cleaned.  The towels seemed like the prior guests just used them.  So gross!

Arcade/midway-old games, this needs a major overhaul as well.  Had some games from the mid 90's still in use.  Gimme a break and get with the times

Casino-don't expect a Vegas style casino.  It's good enough to play on while the children are upstairs playing on the midway.  I suggest playing at silver legacy or even at pepper mill

You get what you pay for and it's cheap.  Try going to a more updated and more family oriented place like Grand Sierra in Reno.  The extra dollars you spend there is worth it than staying at Circus Circus

12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
281. Jason L.
Stayed here in August 2012 for a weekend. Pretty cheap, like $100 for 2 nights. No, it's not as nice as the Peppermill, but it's a lot cheaper.

Rooms are clean, somewhat old, looks like Motel 6 so if you're fine with Motel 6 you're fine with this place.

Layout isn't as confusing as some say, and it's a fairly short distance to all the action at El Dorado and Silver Legacy. Plenty of parking too. Safety is fine, there's security and lots of people, albeit less so on the weekdays.

Restaruants are decent, buffet is just so-so for 17 bucks.

Place to go for a quiet romantic 4 star Weekend ?No.

Cheap booze filled weekend in Reno? YES!

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
282. Toni P.
Well lets first start with the fact that I frequent Reno a lot and have since '89. This was my first time staying here. I have stayed at the Peppermill, Silver Legacy, Hilton and some off the strip hotels also. Maybe I should have started here and not quality hotels...


Price was awesome for a holiday and special event weekend due to a misprint on their website of a 40% military discount which was suppose to only be 10%.

Locality is great because it's connected to better and CLEANER hotels with more quality foods and gaming floors.


Cleanliness is NOT the status quo here. The rooms are severly outdated and dirty. The floor in the bathroom was visibly gross.. The vent in the bathroom was black with dust and dirt and hair. One bed had a cigarette burn in it. The artwork glass had sprays of something that I would only assume wasn't window cleaner.

The restaurant, some mexican place that also served sushi... ya... huh... was over priced for their drinks. A margarita came in a small milk glass and had no detectable liquor in it. The food was bland and boring.

And last, understand if you book this hotel, there are TWO towers that have rooms in them. If you get the Sky Tower, get ready for some cardio. You check in at the casino and then are prompted to take your luggage on the tram then through a parking garage, across the walkway and parking lot, or go outside, walk two blocks and through another parking garage. There is a small cafe in this tower... okay a counter that serves coffee and donuts but nothing else. You have to go for your morning cardio before getting any coffee...

So if your cheap, this place is for you. If not, pay $20 more and stay at the Legacy.

07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
283. Bob V.
If you stay or eat at Circus Circus, you just want to be abused.

Let me first admit, Reno is not Las Vegas.  Reno is more like Las Vegas', older Aunt who lives alone in a trailer and has smoking, gambling and other addictions.   That said, Reno can be lots of fun, in a sort of divvy kind of way.

That said, Circus Circus is beyond a dive, it is far and away the lowest, worst hotel in all of Reno and that includes ones like Fitzgerald's which has been closed for years.  Not only is CC only interested in taking your money, not only is CC seeking to hook your kids into a life of gambling; Circus Circus seeks to do this by giving you the absolute worst time of your life and worst service EVER.

What other hotel would give you a room with beds where linens have not been cleaned and crap already in the toilet, showers with sewage spewing from them and tell you "you should be happy we gave you a room at all".  

What other hotel would give you water that tasted like it came from a toilet.  At what other buffet do 5 year olds say, "Mommy can we go somewhere else?"  Don't believe me, look at other reviews.  There are plenty of cheap hotels in Reno, none of them come with toilets preloaded with crap.  None of the other hotels say you should be happy we even gave you a room.  What kind of BS is that.

This place is not only full of clowns it is run by Clowns.  These are not nice clowns, they are evil ones.  They are not interested in fun and showing you a good time, the Circus Circus Clown is only interested in taking your money, showing you a terrible time and then making you feel like you deserved it.

You know what -- you do not deserve this.  There are plenty of other hotels and casinos in Reno.  Go visit them.

Go next door to the Silver Legacy, it is one million percent better.  If you need something as cheap, visit CalNeva or Terrible Herbst Sands.  Better still go to the Nugget in Sparks or to the Peppermill.

Want some food; Way better stuff down the street at the Nugget (try the Awful Awful burger) or for breakfast at Peg's Glorified Ham & Eggs, or the Gold n Silver Restaurant.

Want to gamble cheap?  Go to CalNeva.

Want to get ripped off, crapped on and bitch slapped like a broken down crack whore, go to Circus Circus.  Just don't cry when you loose all your money, your butt is painfully swollen, you just broke out in a rash and they just tossed your ass into the frozen gutter.

Finally, what kind of parent takes their kids to casinos for a vacation not to mention a casino that doubles as some sort of awful evil side show circus and a bad one at that.   Geeze, send the kid to summer camp at least.  if you can't do that, take them camping or fishing or to a movie.  Need a carnival?  go to the County Fair.   Do you really want Clowns with absolutely zero morals messing with your kids?

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
284. John P.
- $50 for one night for Friday night stay - pretty good of a deal! (Through Hotels.com )

- Got here on a late Friday night, super long wait at check in (because of the Italian fair this weekend)
- Took about 30 minutes to find our room because it was in another tower.
- Took forever to get to the Sky Towers because the shuttle weren't operating.
- They do not have poker rooms here so you have to walk to El Dorado.
- The rooms aren't bad, nice king bed although pillows are towards the firm side, decent view of night lights.
- Would probably choose another hotel cause this one was far away from attractions.
- Booklet with coupons that are almost impossible to use.
- Would probably choose another hotel with poker rooms.

06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
285. JW C.
Hotel is definitely geared for families.  The second floor is covered by a midway with carnival games of chance/skill including the ring toss and basketball shooting.  

We found the room we stayed in very dated with the air conditioning unit throbbing uncontrollably at all hours even when set differently.  The city view turned out to be mostly of the HVAC system cooling towers located a few meters below our room's picture widow that also lessened the ambiance.

On the positive side, the steakhouse and the sushi bar housed in, of all placed, a Mexican cantina were both quite excellent.

18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
286. Rachel M.
Extra star for the breakfast buffet. It's seriously the best reason to stay here. The rooms are clean and fine and there's an abundance of sparkly slots.

- All you can eat sushi
- totally decent rooms
- slots

- breakfast buffet sometimes has a line
- all you can eat sushi closes early
- not quite as cheap as other options
- elevators are really slow and full of very large families

Final pro: they don't give you a hard time when you're clearly on your way home from Burning Man. Thumbs up.

21/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
287. Christopher N.
Not bad of a place!  I experienced Circus Circus many times in my life before, but this would be the first time as a Yelper.  The carnival area is always packed with life, from  the games you can play to win prizes or video games to pass the time.  There are poker/slot machines downstairs and upstairs away from the carnival area which of all smell of cigarettes.  I didn't explore much, just ran to the Silver Legacy which is connected to the Circus and won a few dollars from the card tables!  The hotel rooms are clean and have television and a cool view only if you're on floor 15 or higher.  The bathrooms are nice, well stocked with towels, showers were a bit complicated to use because you either get Ice rain or lava of Mordor.. gotta find that perfect midpoint.  Other than that, had a fun time, went snowboarding the next day.

12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
288. Liss A.
They really need to UP their customer service. SOME of the front desk people look like they don't want to talk to you. The rooms really need some renovation, they're pretty outdated as well as the furniture and electronics that's in them. AND they need more elevators, now-a-days in hotels there are certain elevators for certain floors, it takes forever to get to your room with that LOOONG line just to get into those elevators.

I can still honestly say I love visiting the midway game area. My family and I have so much fun going there.

I have some mixed feelings about the casino area. I think my only problem is that I cannot breathe with all the smoking and yes, I am aware that it is Nevada and smoking is permitted but maybe they should open up some ventilation, I feel like I'm going to pass out sometimes. Or at least be like Vegas and spray perfume everywhere!

Anyways, I hope Circus Circus really take some of these comments in consideration. I still will be visiting here for future trips.

29/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
289. Manda H.
I have come here since I was 5. Years later I still show up to write reviews on it. The only thing that has changed is the circus acts. Today I saw three people jumping on a trampoline, sometimes doing a few flips. And then it was over. What happened to the quality? The jugglers who would juggle 15 of anything? The contortionists who would balance on each other like it was nothing? The animal acts with amazing trained pets? Well, at least the games are still in the same places and just as fun.

10/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
290. Daryl E.
First Wendy who checked us in was 5 stars!!! She was truly lovely to work with and was very helpful.  If you are lucky enough to get her when you check in count yourself LUCKY! Circus Circus needs more people like her.  She really cares and it shows.

OK I upgraded to the mini-suite so that probably helped.  If you stay here spend the extra $40 and get a suite. IT will make total sense when you do.  My family and I loved the room.

Next Dining that would be a 2 star experience.  Avoid the buffet at all cost.  Go to the peppermil spend the extra $5 or go to the Silver Legacy down the hall.  It is actually cheaper.

Kids loved the Mid-Way. Make sure you ask for the coupon book there is some 2 for one play. People who work at the Mid-way though could use some refresher courses in customer service. I know most people drop off their kids and go gamble. I stayed with mine and the few interactions I had with the employees there were subpar at best. I wonder what they treat kids like when parents aren't there??????

Overall I gave it 4 stars because of the upgrade and Wendy.

11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
291. kati m.
Check in was a little slow, but it was an event weekend (Hot August Nights). Room was clean and spacious. WiFi connection never worked, even called Help Line and they didn't respond. Casino was good. Decent game options. I like that its connected to another casino. Not a huge choice of restaurants, but I think all of the varieties are covered. Don't remember the name of the noodle place in the casino, but the teriyaki beef and rice was very tasty after a drink or so too many. Room rate was good for an event weekend - but I booked way in advance. Kids Circus area was crowded but if you go earlier in the day its not bad.

04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
292. Joanne C.
The rooms and casino definitely do not compare to the usual places that I stay at (Eldorado & Silver Legacy).. low ceilings, dark and dim casino.. I'm just not crazy about the vibe here and would much rather spend my money gambling at other places..

There was only ONE receptionist at check-in so that shit took FOREVER. The line was super long.. idk why they didn't get more people to work the counter!! Anyway, upon check in they gave us some coupons.. useful ones were: free match play on a $5 wager, $5 in slots, 10 buy one get one free games at the midway.. also had some coupons with food promos and keno..

The rooms aren't TOO bad.. the bathrooms aren't very small either so idk what other reviews are complaining about. good sized room but again, their shit is old!. Also, they could hire better maids.. I walked into the bathroom barefoot and I had shit stuck to my feet. Idk what it was but the floors could use some sweeping!. Come to think about it... kinda makes me wonder about the rest of the room! YUCK!.

Only thing that this place has to offer is their Midway. Good babysitter for the kids.. looks exactly the same from 15 years ago.. I used to come here with my parents as a child allll the time.. when Reno was cracking. Now it's kinda dead =\ Same games, different prices (of course, thanks George Bush!).. They DO have this one new game with AWESOME electric helicopters and remote control cars as prizes! Totally addicted to that game cuz of their prizes.. too bad they changed the rule so you can only win the large price ONCE A WEEK. BOGUS rule!!.

ANYWAYS! The point is.. you get what you pay for. Happy 3 stars Circus Circus!.

24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
293. Marla L.
This hotel is very run down. I don't understand where all the money goes. In our room the hair dryer was broken and the picture on the TV kept wavering. And the rooms aren't cheap. Don't waste your money.

Do not eat at the buffet. Terrible food. We went for Sunday brunch - the scrambled eggs are made from powdered, the bacon is sitting in grease, the pancakes are hard disks, the biscuits taste like flour... and the coffee was horrible, not just watery but really awful tasting, I couldn't even drink it. I know buffets don't always have top-notch food, but this is bottom of the barrel.

03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
294. Jenny A.
They often have deals online for you to get rooms at a cheaper rate than on the actual website, so check their Facebook!!

I think this place is the oldest and dirtiest of Silver Legacy and El Dorado.

The elevators are RIDICULOUS!!! There was literally a long line all the way to the casino because 2/6 elevators were broken and people wanted to go to their rooms!! They wouldn't let people use the stairs cause it was an "emergency." It was so stupid because I stayed on the 2ND FLOOR AND I HAD TO WAIT FOR THE ELEVATOR????? Are you freaking kidding me?!?!? Fix the elevators ASAP and friggin open the stairs for people!! Later that night we went to the Sky Tower and there was ANOTHER long time for elevators. TERRIBLE.

The banquet room food was disgusting. Mix of pineapple, tamale, and chicken, EW. It was so disgusting, only good thing was the bread.

Overall, SKIP IT. Stay at Silver Legacy for faster elevators and El Dorado for MUCH nicer and NEWER rooms. Only plus side about this is the Midway and those 2 for 1 coupons. BUT you can still walk to Midway from any hotel.

27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
295. Phil N.
I was just looking for a decent hotel to relax while my kid could have fun during the stay. Circus Circus Reno was a no-brainer to me since they offered carnival games with free circus performance. Also, I had decent experience for my previous stay there. It was definitely a letdown for my stay this time.
I booked my stay through their website online. The process was easier. Their customer service over phone was friendly and very helpful when I needed to make a change to my reservation. Check in went smoothly since it was not that busy. And then off we went up to our room.

This was where it went downhill.  When we got to our room and flipped the light switch right next to the door, only the entrance light turned on. The bedside lamps did not work.  I had to turn on the bathroom lights to give me a bit more background light so I could walk into the room to try to turn on the table light.
I called the front desk to report the problem. They said they would send up a repairman. We waited for 20 or so minutes and no one came. Then, I called again. This time they said, the problem was most likely due to the lamps got unplugged or something. So I checked the lamps while they were on the phone. I told them the lamps were plug-in and the bulbs were screwed on. Afterward, they said they would send the repairman up, but it would take a little bit of time for them to get to my room. I asked for the wait time and they said about 10-15 minutes. I waited for another 30 minutes and no one came. By that time, we were very hungry so we got our dinner from their buffet. By the time we went back to our room till the time of the checkout, there was not a single call from the front desk or note from the repairman.

Their King bed rooms are either close to elevator or at the end of the hall way. If you don't mind the noise or the walk, then it may be alright. Otherwise, don't go for Kind bed room. The appliance and setting in the room shows their age. The lamps were very dusty and the one sofa chair in the room has some stains on them. Definitely lack of professionalism.

I probably won't stay here again, though, I might drop by their midway carnival games with my kid.

11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
296. Raina S.
Nothing fancy, but the rooms here are cheap and clean.

Don't bother taking the monorail to your room (if you're staying in the tower).  It moves like a turtle, and the walk down the hallway to the tower rooms will get you there in no time.

This is the best place to stay if you are visiting Reno with kids.  The midway arcade is a child's paradise.  I have to admit, I enjoyed the games, too.

29/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
297. Ryan L.
Ahhh Circus Circus Reno, lets take a tour shall we?  Keep in mind we're not expecting much, this IS Reno, not Vegas.

Lets check in!  Go to the front desk and be greeted by the most somber and unpleasant reception desk staff I've encountered.  Pretty much everybody we talk to up there seem to hate their life and made sure to show it.  What a great vibe to start our trip!

Take a walk through the casino floor on the way to the room.  Take a look around.  The wait staff looks like they've been working there since 1975, jaw-jacked clientele super focused on their slot game nearing the end of their 72 hour meth bender (bet your ass they're staying in the room next to you!).  Outstanding!  Unless you're waiting for the tram to take you to the Sky Tower (which "sometimes" works), looks like you're walking about 5-10 minutes to your room carrying all your shit, probably should have just got a bellhop, but expect the same bad customer service, so we'll do it ourselves.

Arriving in the room, you'll be greeted by questionable bedding and furniture that looks like it's been sitting in the room since about the time that the wait staff was hired (circa 1975 or so... at least the TV was from the late 80s or early 90s).  You might even be lucky enough to find some dirty towels in the bathroom.  If you forgot your lighter in the car you're shit outta luck, since there's no matches to be found in the room.

Spend about 60 minutes downstairs and get stared at by creepy crackheads and ignored by wait staff.  Lets go get a drink at the bar!  Why does the bartender act like I'm unconvincing him be even being there?  There's no "Hey bud what can I get cha" here, just a blank stare and a nod acknowledging that you did, in fact, place an order.


Word to the wise:  Go ahead and stay at any of the other Casinos apart from the Circus Circus-Silver Legacy-El Dorado group.  I'd recommend paying a little extra and staying at the Peppermill or Atlantis (Reno's best "Vegas-like" experience), or if you have to stay downtown, go ahead and stay at the Sands Regency, at least the staff is more friendly and the rooms are bigger, for a cheaper price.  Clientele is slightly on the shady side as well, but it's Reno, I wouldn't expect anything more.

01/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
298. Stephanie B.
I have never stayed at the hotel. This review is based off my experience with the casino and the kids casino game/area. I come here at least once every time I come to Reno for usually about an hour. I always have a blast!

I am not a big gambler. I hate slots, blackjack, craps, and mainly any other casino game that is out there. But...

I do have a heart for the kids game area. Who doesn't want to play the carnival games from childhood? Ski balls, catapulting chickens, throwing balls into cups, etc. It's usually $1 to play most games (sometimes cheaper) and most of the time you can get a cheesy prize/stuffed animal upon winning.

The circus show itself is always amusing. A bunch of tiny people on unicycles doing crazy stunts is always a highlight, but my absolute favorite is the contortionist who does things the human body should NEVER do. Very fun, and not too long to be annoying and tedious.

Obviously, there is going to be a fair share of kids here. If you can learn to ignore them and avoid the strollers that clogged up the aisles, you'll be okay.

01/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
299. Greg B.
It's good for what it is. Cheap, ample parking, lots of places to eat and more than a few ways to lose your money.

My main gripe with Circus Circus is the DAMN INTERNET. You can get access to the Internet for only one device per room.  Anything more and you need to pay extra.  So, since there were two of us staying in the room we had to pay 4 bucks extra so both of us could be connected to the Wi-Fi. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! GET WITH THE F-ING TIMES!!!  I can't stand this nickel and dime horseshit.  Wi-Fi should be an amenity and having to pay extra makes about as much sense as a cheeseburger that's made of chicken.

The sheer size of the hotel I would think is bothersome to certain people.  To get to the Sky Tower you have to either walk down this long corridor or take this little metro rail thingie that goes back and forth every few minutes. I have no problem walking but I guess if you have to make multiple trips from your room to the parking garage it can get old really fast.

The buffet I thought was terrific. Any place that has all-you-can-eat prime rib is good in my book.  Lots of midway games and shows every night.  Lots of slots and CC is connected to about 4 other casinos.

The room is nice and comfortable.  Big bathroom.  I lol'd that you can play Nintendo 64 for 6 bucks an hour.  While N64 is awesome, this feature was probably new 15 years ago, so it may be time for an update.  

Overall I enjoyed myself here.  If it wasn't for that Internet bullshit then I'd give this place 4 stars.

21/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
300. Robert Y.
The hotel is average at best but the claim to fame here is their circus acts and their arcade. They have free circus acts every 30-45 minutes? and their arcade is pretty big. Fun for children and adults as they also have carnival style games with big stuffed animals as prizes. Free parking also.

They are also connected to silver legacy and el dorado so guests from those hotels can walk to circus circus without walking outside.

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
301. Sandra L.
We did a random trip to Reno this pass weekend and I forgot how horrible and out of date the rooms are. lol I am bias though because I used to work in a pretty up to date hotel I guess. My room in the sky tower looked like an Aladdin themed room. Pretty funky. I paid 50$ after tax on a weekday, which is doable, but I woudn't pay 150 on a weekend for these rooms thats for sure. Casino floor is decent and convenient because there are 3 hotels/casinos that are connected, which is awesome. Food inside circus circus is average as well. Midway, which is the play section for kids is pretty cool. I always spend SOOOO much money when I'm here but Im a huge kid at heart. Ive been coming to Circus Circus ever since I was a kid and they haven't changed or updated a thing.

18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
302. Guillermo H.
came here for the first time in 13 years. casino took all my money not the carnival games. I bit antiquated but neat.

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
303. Amber G.
Circus circus is a good combination of cheap, but fun. The actual carnival section of the casino provided so much free entertainment. Little shows every half an hour were fun and kept people interested for free all through the evening. I think I had more fun playing the games than actually gambling. It's not the classiest place, but it sure is fun. And this is probably one of the best places to enjoy Reno with your children.

23/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
304. Rita V.
This is a fun casino with lots of carnival games for everyone to enjoy.

I've tried the Sunday brunch for $11, and the food selection was decent.  There is a build your own stir fry section or noodle soup.  I tried the stir fry and it was good.

The buffet also includes a taco section, American food, Chinese food, and breakfast food.  The dessert section was really small though.

This buffet seems to be very popular since there was always a long line.
I'd recommend it if you are really hungry and want some decent food.

08/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
305. Wes S.
I always considered Circus Circus kind of a joke.  A place where kids hang out and families try to see how many pencils they can get with their 5000 tickets that cost them $50.  But when Livingsocial had a deal for $35 a night it gave me an excuse to go back to Reno(been 5 years).  The deal was pretty sweet.  We stayed two nights and every day I got coupons for two free drinks, two free coffees and two free pastries/donuts.  Also got a coupon book that has lots of fun gambling deals.  To say the least I got my coupon on!  The wife and I used all of the food/drink coupons.  Also used the $10 free slot play and used two different $5 match play at a blackjack table(winning them both).  So ya, that stuff was fun.  The wife also thoroughly enjoyed(probably a little too much) the hotdog and a beer for $2 at the Sports Book bar.  I wasn't in the mood for a hotdog but admited it was a good deal as she stuffed her face with a wiener.  Also happy hour at their mexican place was buy a drink get one free, SCORE!!!  Now it might have been the fact that we stayed on a Sunday and Monday night plus staying in a room that was at the very end of the hallway but it was SOOOOO freaking quiet.  Like we barely saw or heard anyone while in our room.  It was pretty awesome.  The room was clean, nice, bedding felt clean and the workers were very nice.  Honestly the wife and I left that place satisfied saying that we would stay here again(if the deal was right).  Call me a child or clown, but I enjoyed my stay at the CC.

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
306. Michelle B.
We got an unbelievable deal for a mini-suite and were very pleased.  The room was big and outfitted with everything we need.  The hotel offers a variety of activities and you have most everything within the hotel you need.  Plus it's connected to the Silver Legacy and El Dorado, so it feels like 1 huge casino.

What keeps it from a higher rating:
- What appears to be specks of mold at the top of the walls
- The sky tower that I stayed in is pretty far removed from everything and means a lot of trekking back and forth
- Their buffet was mediocre at best.  Kind of like a run-of-the-mill buffet restaurant back home
- Front desk staff are dreadful. I'm starting to wonder if they have a minimum wait policy.  Both checking in and when I had to add someone to my room I waited in line 15-20 minutes, despite only have a few people ahead of me.  Check-ins took entirely too long (frequently with 1 customer for 5-10 mins) and there were very few people actually helping customers.  Today there were 3 people helping with checkins and another 3 doing work on computers at the front desk, but completely ignoring the growing line.  Then 1 of the 3 actually helping customers went on break (I saw him immediately afterwards outside listening to music on headphones), without having anyone to relieve him.
- Housekeeping were also unprofessional.  They were yelling at each other when I was walking down the hall.  I know they saw me, but they still were arguing in front of a guest about who was supposed to clean which room.

Also, bear in mind that this is a child-friendly hotel (midway games, circus acts).  While that stuff is very cool, it does mean a lot of kids running around and screaming, often without parental oversight.

08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
307. Noel M.
Sometimes all I need out of a hotel room is cheap.  I'm never in the room anyway.  The new tower is more than I've come to expect from this behemoth sitting at the end of the "strip."  From the rooms it's easy to bypass the kids and head to the adult friendly casinos, making this worth the effort.

26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
308. Eric B.
This Circus Circus doesn't seem as large and "flashy" as its sister property in Las Vegas. However, the remodeling feels better and maybe Reno's small town feel takes the Casino edge off.

I'm also usually here for a cheap nights stay as part of a Tahoe Ski Trip, so maybe I'm easier to please after a long day on the slopes. In particular, the beds have been comfy, the room has been clean and nicely appointed, food and drink are at the ready, and I'm in bed before the night life really gets going.

23/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
309. Tom L.
Easily one of the worst hotels I've stayed in.

The whole place is old and tired and terribly designed. You need to lug to suitcases up and down two flights of stairs to get from the lobby to the parking lot. There is a supposed to be a "shuttle train" but it was never working.

The lobby/casino area is ugly, smoky and full of fat, ugly and sad people. Apparently this miserable cluster of slot machines constitutes a "resort" for which they even have the audacity to charge you a $7 "resort fee" to pay for it.

The staff are unfriendly, rude and seem more interested in screwing every last cent out of you rather than providing any basic level of customer service.

Nostalgic for the civil rights movement of the 1960's? You're in luck! The showers in the rooms are essentially like sustaining a blast from an indiscriminate crowd-control fire hose.

Could not wait to leave.

14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
310. Michael F.
I used to live in Reno, so I have a lot of memories here.
I used to come here a lot when I was a teen 'cause a lot of my friends worked at the Midway arcade area.
We would waste our coins playing video games, hang out after work and then eat late at night at the Cal-Neva down the street.
Yeah it really sucked being a teenager in Reno in the 80's.
Now that I'm older  I still come back to this place, but not by choice!
The company that I work for has a hotel contract here, so my co-workers and I have to stay here whether we like it or not.
I swear the place hasn't changed! It's very outdated and in serious renovation. Everything still looks the same including the carpets.
They also need to change the cheap toiletries  'cause they are probably not very good for your hair or skin. The complimentary coffee in the rooms are unappealing and there are no tea offered.
You have to pay for wifi here, but it's so cluttered with ads while you are surfing that it locks up you computer that nothing can be accessed.

26/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
311. Laurel H.
The valet "service" is a joke.  I was the DD in a group of 6 family members.  My sister-in-law & her husband own the car involved in the following situation.  Valet flat out refused to release the car keys to me because I didn't own the car.  So, you're going to release the keys to the car's owners, who are both intoxicated and acknowledge that neither of them is fit to drive, instead of me, who is SOBER?  We were all at the valet window together!  Then the valet window guy starts screeching about racism which is ridiculous.  Nobody said anything racist.  Valet called security because tempers were heating up and they came in.  What a joke.  Security also said they couldn't release the car to me because of "policy".  Thankfully, the security manager came down, realized what a clusterfuck the situation was & corrected it.  He even made his overzealous employees apologize to us.  Circus Circus valet wasted an hour of our time for absolutely no reason at all.  I honestly wonder how many other people have fallen victim to this non-existent "policy".  Is it a way to try to upsell rooms?  We will never, ever be back.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
312. David O.
It's little worn, a little kitschy, but still has some merits....perhaps the Pancake Circus of casinos!!!!!

This is probably the place where I've had the most blackjack sucess in Reno.  This is also  the place where drinks come the quickest.  Normally those 2 things don't go together, but somehow it's worked out that way.  

Sometimes the lounge area by the tables has karaoke.  It's fun to put in your name, go back to blackjack, run out there when they call you, belt out a jam, and then run back to the table.

I haven't stayed here so I can't Yelp on that.  Buffet was meh and a half, but that was several years ago.  

If you like $5 blackjack, carnie games for stuffed animals, and all the clown kitsch you can stand check it out.

28/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
313. Tina T.
Oh the nostalgia. I've been coming here for as long as I could remember and it's a whole lot of fun especially if you have kids.

15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
314. Rick B.
I make no comments on this establishment's characteristics as a Casino - not really my scene - but I can however state that I'm far from impressed in its abilities as a hotel (I had a VERY early flight from Reno/Tahoe (RNO) airport the next day, and had been recommended this venue).

The rooms are standard, mid-range American chain hotel style, but there are (at least) three significant anomalies:

- The design of the building makes step-free access (e.g parking to registration, registration to room) nigh on impossible for the Sky Tower at least, which for the average traveller with a rolling case is inconvenient to put it mildly.  The lack of step-free access is not something one expects to find in "modern" (say, within the last 40 years), multi-storey properties (older properties and 2-storey motels are, of course, different)

- The Sky Tower is connected to the main building by a "shuttle", which guest are encouraged to use, but serves no obvious purpose, as it is infrequent and slow-moving; walking the relatively short distance is much easier

- The advertising makes a play of having 6 restaurants, yet by 21:00, 3 were closed .... early closing is always a problem with restaurants in smaller provinicial cities and towns, but the natural assumption would be that an intrinsically late-night venue like a Casino may do better !

So I cannot really recommend the hotel - I'd suggest a conventional chain hotel instead if you feel the need to stay in Reno ... or in my case for Tahoe area in future I'd probably prefer the slightly longer drive from Sacramento airport (SMF).

10/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
315. Yo M.
The arcade is pretty fun for kids and adults alike, but that's the main selling point of this place. The rooms were decent but could use some updating. Beds were okay, showers were warm, toilet flushed...nothing out of the ordinary. The buffet was reasonably priced for the standard fair they were serving. My only real complaint was the 30 minutes it took to check-in.

I can't see us staying here again. I think I more of a Silver Legacy girl.

25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
316. Rachael W.
Staff was super friendly! Bathroom was nice. Gym fit our needs. Room was spacious & it's been our cheapest hotel yet! Everything, including restaraunts appear to close way early during the week & parking for a newby is a confusing & a Lil irritating. Overall, we would definitely stay here again tho!!!

30/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
317. James R.
This place is the pits, man.  

First the pluses: My girlfriend and I got a deal for 19 dollar nights, which we took advantage of for a convention we were both going to.  The room was clean, and the bathroom was HUGE.  The housekeeping people were nice, and kept it up.  

The downsides:

-The hotel has seen better days.  The room was okay, but if I had to pay the 49 dollars a night they wanted, I'd have been pissed.  Of the 6 elevators that the sky tower had (and the 6 in the main building) over the four days, only 4 worked.  Which meant wait times of up to 20 minutes, EACH WAY.  There were 2 monorails, and only one worked the entire weekend.  

-It's a casino.  So everything's set up to make you go back to gamble.

-The free wifi never worked.  Ever.  And you only get on device to connect to their crappy internet, which conveniently had an option for you to upgrade to decent speeds for only 2 dollars more a day.  

-Everything's way too sprawled out.  It's a casino, so you get what you pay for, I guess.

Overall, I'm only slightly disappointed, because I got a great rate.  The regular rate of 49.99 is way too much for what you get.  Even the Ramada down the street was nicer.

08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
318. Chuck H.
If it were not for the circus stuff for the kids then I would not be here. I feel like I got sucker punched. The layout and decor are absolutely outdated. The bathrooms are tiny in the rooms. The whole place has a really strange scent, kind of like a clown smoking a cigar while eating cotton candy.

The final straw for me was the fact that they wanted to charge me 6 dollars a day for a refrigerator in my room. I accepted until the bellman brought it up. My son started laughing at it and said what is that thing for one juice box. I told the poor dude to take it back.

Coming from Vegas I must admit I was expecting a LITTLE more then this. I felt nickled and dimed by resort fees and whatever else they could think of, WI FI, small frig, and of course you have to tip. I WILL NEVER EVER COME BACK TO THIS PLACE. EVER. They should pay me for my time and inconvenience. I'm checking out first thing in the A.M.

22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
319. Rene L.
Came here the other week with my peeps had a fun good time, only thing that sucks in the rooms is the thermostat wont let you set the heater above 76 degrees and at night time it dipped to 15 degrees. Thank god for the patron or me and the misses wouldve froze to death lol.

06/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
320. Leila M.
Here is a place that you can go for a little bit of money and make it last. They have free circus acts (usually acrobats) every hour. You just have to know what games to play to get the easiest and best prizes. My kids like to play the squirt gun game and the launch the chicken game. For about $40 a kid you can walk away with a bunch of stuffed animals that make your kids happy at the time but end up as clutter later - which means you'll end up donating them to charity. There are also several restaurants near the place so if your kids are old enough (if they have a cell phone, I think that counts), you can eat in peace while they play.

13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
321. Christine K.
After a recent trip to Reno for a getaway/tourist-y trip for my little cousins visiting from Taiwan, all I can conclude is it was definitely not what I remembered it to be. Now, I get a certain degree of circus themed decor is probably required for it to live up to the Circus Circus theme but wow they take it wayyy overboard. I walked into a suite with bright purple mattress sets with tacky yellow rope decorations among other weird decorations I refuse to remember. The TV that was in room was probably from the early 90s. At least the room was decently sized? The shuttle that transported us from the main tower to the Sky Tower creaked and shook the whole way there. Talk about safe? As for what it's known for? The child friendly floor of games and stuffed animals were just mediocre compared to what it used to be. The stuffed animals were just repeated from booth to booth and most of the stuffed animals resembled bears with a horrible case of chicken pox and scarring. The circus shows were inconsistent and we were lucky if the show lasted up to 5 minutes. Goodbye, hopefully not coming back again.

18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
322. Meghan L.
Well what do you expect it's a casino/kid zone.  This is perfect for the kiddos and to split your time with the casino sine you can walk to another one.  An to be honest I'm not a big gambler and I hung out with the kids trying to help them win prizes.  The big kid inside me. lol.....

Great for kids and parents who need both kinds of entertainment.

01/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
323. Vicky T.
horrible hotelbad service sour experience  i wont get back there never ever ever ever in my life

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
324. Janelle M.
Circus circus is great for the kids, there are midway games, live shows..etc the hotel staff are not very nice so that's something to work on. Otherwise this place is just okay.

07/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
325. Floyd D.
Not bad for the money. Easy and free parking. Anything we want to do is within walking distance. Price is good for what you get. The rooms are a little dated but comfortable. It took me a while to get used to the "casino" mentality. They would rather have you gambling then holed up in your room so the amenities are few. But, for location, price and comfort you can't beat it. It's no fine resort but that's not why we are here. I stay here on my way through Reno and will continue to do so.

27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
326. Erika G.
Great place to gamble!
I had 2 EPIC nights here!  Still stoked!!

Plus they still take quarters!  Real Coins!
So You can bring your $200 in quarters that is sitting in that jar on top of your dress and cash them in!

04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
327. Stella J.
If you look for circus circus and you are coming from el dorado, be warned there are no signs to direct you. My friend and I parked in el dorado and we had to ask multiple people how to get to circus circus because there are no signs what so ever

Love the arcade section! Theres so many claw machines and games to play. i love how they have many change machines that way you don't have to commit a full 5.00 to a claw machine. haha! i was lucky and was able to get two angry birds and a pink domo from the claw machines! yay!

Theres alot of families here and every hour i do believe they perform a acrobatics show in the arcade area.

09/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
328. John W.
Came back once again, why? You can't beat the price first of all and if you have kids or dogs or kids that wanna be dogs. There is a kennel and you can watch them on TV. Lets cut to the chase the rooms can be hit or miss my tip for you is come early not at 10pm this way you can get acquainted with your room and if there should be any problems the folks at the front will try to fix it for you. For eats brunch and dinner go over to Harrahs don't go to the Court Yard Buffet can you say woof woof!.Harrahs is  Walking distance or better yet drive they have an easy access garage. Your tummy will say thank you, instead of what was that??

29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
329. Shayzima S.
This year will mark our 5th Annual Reno Girls Trip.  So far we have always chosen Circus Circus over the other hotels. It's always been clean with an attractive decor.

Layout:  Circus Circus, Silver Legacy and the Eldorado Hotel are all connected like a mall so we never have to go outside. To me this is a big safety feature and never a need to pay a taxi or brave the snow or the heat.

Transportation:  Check out the airport shuttle.

Parking:  Take advantage of the valet.

Lines:  Plan to wait to register, eat, get a Players Club card, etc if you arrive the same time as everyone else.  With a little planning you can avoid the line.

Checkin:  Circus Circus only, ask to stay in the Casino or main tower.  We haven't stayed away from the main casino building. Ask for coupons, upgrades, freebies. As a friend of mine says - no askee no gettee!  

Midway:  It gets crowded and hot. If I was taking the kids, I'd go early.

Pets:  We do not take a pet but if you do, you can watch them via a webcam. I assume that is while you are out of your room.

Cocktails:  Circus Circus only, if you run into our favorite cocktail waitress, tell "Banga" (pronounced Bang-Ga) the Blondies said hello.

Dining recommendations:  There is an outstanding brunch in Circus Circus and I'd suggest eating at least one evening meal at Silver Legacy's Buffet where you can get almost anything from crab legs to prime rib to to a great custom salad to wonderful desserts. You won't leave hungry. Get a cocktail across the way at the Pirate Bar while you wait in line for a table.  Plan to get in line around 5-6 so you aren't waiting in a long line, especially if you have kids, get there early.  Get a players club card and present your card to receive a discount if you gamble, you earn reward points.  There's also an open air restaurant in Silver Legacy that stays open late that's pretty good. Several times we've eaten at the deli near the Miway and were disappointed.

Checkout:  Circus Circus only, if you plan to stay later than checkout time, check your bags at the concierge/valet and stay as late as you want.

23/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
330. Carol Y.
Stayed here for one night.

Cant complain.

Just needed a place to sleep after boarding.

Never pay over $50 for Circus Circus and if you do then you got ripped off.

The bathroom was really big but i didnt really like the thin walls. can literally hear a family with a little kid next door. Felt like they were talking outside but they were just next door!

Midway - midway is okay.. just something to do to kill time.

Casino - kinda depressing. go to silver legacy to gamble.

Sportsbar/sports book - small but the bar is nice

12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
331. Raquel I.
Great place for the kids. Price is great!  The rooms are clean.

29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
332. Mike K.
We stayed a single night here, booked on Priceline for $45/night the day before after a weekend skiing at Squaw Valley and flights out of Reno the next day.  So low expectations -- a place to sleep near the Reno aiirport.

The theme for our stay was: wait, wait, wait.

Over thirty minutes to check in.  

A fifteen to twenty minute wait for a dinner table at a mostly empty American Grill restaurant.

When we called to order room service breakfast @ 8 AM the next day, they said it would be an hour to an hour-and-a-half wait.  That's basically saying: we don't have room service breakast.  Who calls for breakfast AN HOUR before they want it?

We just kept telling each other, what do you expect for $45/night.  Put in that light, it was OK.  Doubt I'd come back.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
333. Liz W.
Horrible hotel! Everything for kids is either broken or shut down. The rooms smell like a pet store! Had to walk all over the casino to find the "right" elevators for our floor and room cuz having them ALL right by hotel registration well that just doesn't make any sense?!? And to boot had to do all if that w 3 small children a 6 month old and two suitcases and a carryon! Ya all I can say is never again!

01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
334. Michelle N.
I was going to rate this place just 3-stars, but they offer a pet kennel which entitles them to an additional star!  Pets are not allowed in the rooms, but they have a kennel.  Reserving a kennel space is required upon check-in and is based on availability of kennel space.  Kennel requires access-code for entry, climate-controlled, and security comes by ever so often to check the animals.  You are given a key for the lock of the kennel space.  You can also see how your furry loved ones are doing from the comfort of your room through a closed circuit security cam.  Hotel staff is not responsible for feeding and walking of your pet.  Upon checking out, your responsible for cleaning the space otherwise you'll be charged a cleaning fee.   There are paper towels,  a sink,  pet-waste bags, and a hose to help keep your space tidy.

04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
335. Jennifer L.
Bought the Circus Circus escape kit on Living Social ( livingsocial.com/escapes… ) didn't think twice about it, but the yelp reviews did leave me concerned upon going. So I went with no expectations.

First thing, if you are checking in the Hotel or wanting to go straight to Midway area, park on the 4th floor. Takes you right to the spot!

There was a little line at the Hotel front desk, but checking-in was breeze and the staff (Danielle) was nice. Upon entering the room, I was a bit suprised. Deluxe room and bathroom were spacious and you can tell there were rennovations. Stayed at the 16 floor with a nice view overlooking city. Sweet.

Jumped on the bed a couple times before heading out, went to the Arcade/Midway area. No Pump It Up, darn! (replaced with DDR machine) There's something magical with this place for the kids (especially for me as a child), but coming back here all grown up.. it's a different feeling (it's like Peter Pan as an adult)

With my group of family and friends (all 21+ now), we head downstairs to play a few games and slots. It was enjoyable experience as a first timer. Played Roulette and all the tables we've sat at, the staff was really cool and friendly! Cracked some jokes and few convos, there's also free refreshment drinks for those gaming. One of the staff (Lisa) was so sweet, as she was checking out for her break, we were given little pink plush animals. "For the girls only," she said with a smile.

It's what one of the Yelpers (Cameron) said, appreciate it for what it is. It's not Vegas, but it's a bit of fun and gets you wired for snowboarding next day!

PS: If you want to have an enjoyable experience here, SMILE! It spreads like wildfire. We're a bunch of goofy kids (in our 20's), so being around all these folks who are from a century ago (kidding!), it was kind of refreshing for them. Cheese!

11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
336. Heather K.
Echhh....so the Silver Legacy, Eldorado, and Circus Circus are all attached to each other forming this trifecta of money-sucking tacky splendor.  Except there is no splendor to be had in Circus Circus.  It's the sketchiest of the casinos.  The upper level of the casino itself is literally a circus -- a crawling, teeming mass of screaming blaring children darting about and getting boogers & drool all over everything.  Who brings kids to a casino?!  The decor is all circus-themed of course, which doesn't really help with the ghetto feel....but it's all looking pretty tired as well.  Definitely in need of an update.  

The casino floor itself is pretty much the same as any other casino -- loud, smoky, and full of ding-ding-ding-ding-shiny-shiny-ding-ding.  I can't knock it for that because no matter which casino you go to, you know that's gonna be the case!

14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
337. Ginger G.
The dirtiest hotel we have ever stayed in.  Would have left if not for the fact we were there for a family reunion.  The casino and restaurants we good but find another hotel

20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
338. Carissa S.
Do Not Stay There!! Went out there for a girls weekend and had the worst experience of my life at a hotel! First off they out everyone who buys room online for a low fare will be placed in the sky tower which you have to take a tram back and forth to even get to the casino areas.  My first night walking around I slipped in vomit and no one seemed to want to clean it up. The vomit was just sitting there for like 30 mins. Went to Rum billions to have a drink told them we were opening a tab but decided to pay in cash and they still charged my card for 10.00! My best friend and I both sleep in their beds and woke up with body rashes! As if that wasn't bad enough when I got to use the bathroom I tripped on something in the carpet and twisted my ankle. Got an incident report and they told me I would get a scooter for free due to my injury being here at the hotel. As I go downstairs I get shocked by the escalator.  Hopping to the front desk they tell me I have to pay 35.00 a day for the scooter and they need my card for a wheelchairs.  Had to go to the hospital for 5 hours then when I got back they didn't want to accommodate me to a closer room until I showed them my hospital papers. Let me say this IF YOU ARE INJURED OR DIABLED THEY BARELY HELP YOU!  Had to use the wheelchair evaluator and the you have to wait for the security guard to let you in with a key and one security guard refused to help us and keep telling us to take the tram even though it was crowded! Most of the food is terrible and overpriced. The housekeepers just walk in your room at 8 or 9 am to see if your there or not even though check out is at 12.  They are lucky if I don't start a lawsuit for my ankle and the disgusting sheets we slept in that gave us rashes! It was the worst stay of my life! I will never come back, they seriously need to get their act together and focus on the guests needs not their own! If you want an amazing weekend stay I would suggest somewhere else!

10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
339. Glo R.
Upon the first moment that you walk into Circus Circus, you are greeted my a large cloud of baby-butt scented air freshener, which never leaves you the entire time you're in there, even in your hotel room. Considering it's probably chemical-based, I just love the thought of huffing petroleum fumes for two days. The room itself looks like it hasn't been renovated since the mid 80's. The only positive thing I can say about it is that it wasn't cramped-feeling.

But hey, I guess I didn't expect much more considering it's Reno and we only paid $35/night. At least, there were some circus shows for my kid to be entertained with and we even walked away with some crappy "$10" (after you lose all those times) stuffed animals. Call me a food-snob, but I refused to eat casino food, so can't comment on that. But, I can say that if you leave the strip, there are some wonderful local farm-sourced, grass-fed, sustainable, vegan, gluten-free restaurants with great ambiance popping-up in Reno these days. It's like the Reno restaurant scene is trying to be the new Portland.

Call me chemical-sensitive, but knows what they wash the towels with. So between that and the fumes. I got to leave my experience with itchy hives all over my body and a nice sinus infection.

12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
340. D.C. P.
We all know Circus Circus from our childhoods.  A trip to Reno meant going here.  Our parents would give us some money to entertain ourselves in the midway and arcade room while they gambled the mortgage and our college funds away.  And now we are taking after them and gambling our money away as well.  Oh, how we all grow old. *sigh*

Anyways, it's a no frills type of hotel.  It's just good enough after a long day of snowboarding and you need a place to crash before driving back home to the bay area.  You can relive your childhood and play those classic midway games - Rolling the ball into the numbered holes that equate to how far the camel will move towards the finish line or the impossible tossing of a ring onto a Coke bottle.

The casino contains the standard house games - roulette, BJ, craps, 3 card poker...$5 dollar tables all day except for the holidays.

I can't complain. It has everything I need for a quick night stay at an affordable price.

26/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
341. Alf O.
Sadly the circus act no longer includes trapeze performances, its mostly dog show oriented.  I found the balloon dart game to be entirely reasonable in both difficulty and prizes awarded.

18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
342. Will H.
This place needs a major renovation, it looks exactly the same as how it looked when I came 15 years ago or so. Except I remember there were a lot more arcade games when I was younger.

20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
343. Denise L.
As a kid, Circus Circus was the best place to go. All the games to play, toys to win, and watching the circus acts. Now as an adult, I still enjoy playing the midway games, but everything seems so much smaller and ghetto. The rooms here are especially no bueno. Had to stay here as we went on a whim during a holiday weekend, and it was dirty, and the other patrons were so loud, yelling in the hallways at 5 AM. Definitley wouldn't stay here again, but the inner kid in me will always go to play some games and win some $20 stuffed animals.

27/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
344. Apple F.
If you don't like kids, or don't plan on seeing one on your vacation do not come to Circus Circus. This hotel brings back my youth and inner child. I stayed here a few days ago with my 5 year old niece. The rooms (at least during weekdays) are cheap and they have a Circus act in the upper level near the entrance to the Silver Legacy. Staff are well trained, and friendly. We stayed in the North Tower and it was a clean room, well lit and a comfortable stay. I never stayed at the one in Vegas, but I'm sure its the same there as here. But in Vegas, you have a wide array of choices. This hotel rules in comparison to the crappy Harrahs. That hotel has issues; I'd recommend any hotel but that one. Anyway keep up the good work management at CC Reno. I will be back again.

22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
345. Nancy V.
This review is for the convention center and the convention services.

This is probably my least favorite downtown casino. Since we live downtown, I do not stay here, but often have attended meetings and trainings for work in the convention center.

I really like it when the meetings are in the convention center itself as my trek through the smoky gaming area is at a minimum. The entire convention area is designated no smoking.

The rooms are well set up and comfortable for the meetings. Staff are helpful and are generally unobtrusive. They provide excellent food service. The breakfast is usually very good and the treats offered in the afternoon are fantastic.

The technical equipment for the presenters works well and sound and lighting are adequate. The few times there have been problems, are quickly and efficiently taken care of by the staff. The agency providing the training continues to come back to Circus Circus because of the good service they get from the convention center.

The proximity of a number of good restaurants is a plus for those of us attending.

Big plus - free WiFi is available!

02/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
346. T Lee S.
Midway games are fun, but expensive.   My son played the ski ball game and had enough points to earn a prize.  The employee wasn't paying attention and didn't believe us about his score; being entitled to a Large prize.  The score on the game cleared already and the employee said my son's score was only 160, when it was 360.  Luckily, he had a tool to check the last score.... it was 360 and my son got his prize.

The people working at the prizes station were friendly and helpful.

The circus acts during the weekday aren't that impressive, but it was free entertainment.  I'm glad that they added bleachers so audience can watch the show.  Also very interesting, during a show, employees were encouraging guests to watch the show and not play games.

18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
347. Jacob M.
Not overly impressed with the Circus Circus in Reno. I think that for the amount of money that they are pulling in from gamblers and high prices, they should have a better quality hotel but let me break it down for you.

The Good:

1) The hotel is huge and connects to several other hotels around it through the    means of a massive atrium and lots of restaurants. I think the Circus Circus operates seven restaurants but there are many more in the whole complex

2) The Circus Circus is very entertaining and is great for children. They have a small fair type area of about 20,000 square feet filled with carnival games of all sorts and sizes. About once every half an hour they have an o.k. circus performance.

3) The Circus Circus is fairly centralized to Reno and is within walking distance to the Reno Arch, a Walgreens (if you are tight on money) and is a fifteen minute walk from the University which hosts the internationally renowned "Reno Jazz Festival"

The Bad

1) The entire hotel smells like tobacco and that is just the price you pay for staying in a hotel that caters to gamblers. There are floors that are smoke and tobacco free but when you are walking throughout the hotel, you cannot escape the smell.

2) Everything (as should be expected) is very overpriced. I found that the Ice cream shop was good and fair priced but be careful of some of the stores and restaurants, they will rip you off


The Circus Circus hotel in Reno is not a terrible hotel, but it does not exactly exceed my expectations in regards to its high cost. Tube televisions and appliances that need to be updated are just a few of the problems I saw. The staff will help you if you need them but they will not go above and beyond to impress you. They have an excellent entertainment sector for children and teenagers with gambling for the adults below. The biggest game changer for me would be the Circus Area or whether or not you are afraid of clowns as that is their logo.


29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
348. Lisa N.
The rooms here need to be updated with new mattresses. The casino area is dark and gloomy. The midway is small, but will keep you entertained for maybe two hours. The circus shows are about 5 minutes long but the wait for them is about 45 minutes to an hour. Will I stay here again? Probably because of their cheap rates, but I prefer Silver Legacy or El Dorado.

06/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
349. Eleanor D.
Review based solely on Circus Cirus Midway:

MIDWAY: What happened to the Circus Circus that I remembered as a child? With the huge arcade and carnival games that I looked forward to when we made a trip to Reno. This Place went seriously went downhill!

I was extremely disappointed that my toddler could not experience the excitement I had when I was younger. Half of the Midway was fenced off to everyone. This included arcade games and about 5 different carnival stations for prizes. Also the prizes were not worth the price you paid to play the games. And some of the games are extremely rigged so parents end up paying about 10$ just to make their child happy with a certain prize. Such a rip off!

Also a faint smell of cigarettes lingers throughout the area, Circus Circus seriously needs to have better air ventilation.

12/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
350. LaLa W.
OMG DO NOT STAY HERE!! Those comforters in the picture are not actually on the beds when you arrive. You have to call housekeeping for your comforter and you have to call for them one at time. Even with a double queen room they said their maximum is ONE comforter per call. Shouldn't the comforters be on the beds?  The sheets are itchy. It felt like bed bugs were eating from the outside in and me and my friend woke up with matching rashes. If you must stay here then do not stay in the north tower, you will have to ride "the tram". The tram is a very slow machine that can eat up 10 minutes of your time each way. The stairs around the corner are much faster. The Wifi is non existent. Only ONE device can be hooked to it but they charge a resort fee. How can you have a double queen room but only ONE device can use it?  My friend slipped in vomit at the hotel the very first night we arrived. This is a terrible hotel. The room service food is dreadful and the view of the parking garage from the room are less than stellar. If I could give no stars I would. I will NEVER frequent this hotel ever again. I would rather stay at the Travelodge across the street that is full of prostitutes than stay here.

27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
351. Drake P.
Hotel stay was fine but we left an iPhone in the room. Went back an hour after checkout to see if the phone was there and they said "sorry, there's no phone and nothing else we can do."  Called back an hour later and still no phone. I began yelling and threatening to call the police and after being on hold for a few minutes, the phone magically turned up. They are thieves. Do not stay here.

09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
352. Cindy K.
Circus Circus is one of those classics here on the strip. You can smell the oldness right when you walk in. Kinda sucks that it's all the way at the end of the strip. This place is great for those who bring their small children because you can go and have under 21 fun! The carnival games are great for all ages. I like that they've got some cool prizes. Something for everyone! AND there's a McD's inside. Awesome.

The casino has good promos. We put in $15 and got an extra $30 to place. Great deal! They even have single deck tables for 21. Had a good time. You win some and you lose some.

I wouldn't suggest staying here though. This place is too old and so filthy. Ugh. Stay elsewhere and come here for fun.

22/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
353. Jen J.
This is by far the worst hotel i have ever stayed in. Someone threw up on the headboard and it looks like they just wiped the top and changed the sheets. And there were sh** stains on the sheets!! eww!! The bathroom lighting was horrible! No extra sheets in the closet?! I did not know hotels in Reno were this crappy, lesson learned. I will never stay here everr again! I do not see anything special about Reno, Circus Circus is alright, the Las Vegas one is way better.

04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
354. T D.
I'm always here. Brings back some memories-- I feel a sense of nostalgia. I haven't gone to Circus Circus since last year, I don't even know if I would want to go back just because of what it reminds me of lol but to be honest, I love this place.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
355. Michelle S.
I enjoyed my time here with my girlfriend. I haven't been here since I was little around my elementary school days, but no matter how old I am, I will always love these type of entertainment. Sadly, I only owned the claw games. I got my girlfriend a minion and keroppi. Then, I scored 2 pikachus... grabbed it by the head claw also grabbed another by the tail. Girlfriend got me a domo. Very fun, silly time... the casino was fun too. One of my favorites and pretty loose, I didn't expect it. We will be back in the near future.

20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
356. Morgan N.
If only hotel staff could choose their patrons without getting in trouble for it! This hotel attracts ghetto, disrespectful, loud, rude patrons, couldn't even call them people more like a bunch of animals, I know it's a kid friendly hotel but im referring to the adults!
Good things comfortable bed, security is right on it when you call, only had to call 2 times in one night! For $20 more typically buys you into the main tower with a better class of people, then again money buys you into better areas anyways!

04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
357. Glenn L.
Had to check this place out since it is connected to Silver Legacy! It is definitely more of a family friendly environment compared to Silver Legacy & El Dorado!

It has everything from arcade for kids, casino, buffet, and lots of kiosks for gifts, souvenirs, and kids' activities!

07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
358. Larry L.
Circus Circus = Salmonella!   Got food poisoning at the American Cafe.  Pretty sure it was the cold, runny eggs in the crescent sandwich, but not being a complainer I ate it.  My cousin ate his too and started throwing up only 4 hours later. (...and no, we weren't drinking.). We attempted to report it to security and were met by a couple of elderly officers who seemed more interested in telling us stories about their personal lives and making wisecracks.  We had been up all night blowing up at both ends, and they wanted to joke and draw things out.  Our ride arrived so we asked to take the complaint forms with us.  They said no.  Bull!  A weak attempt at damage control.  I can digest anything, but Circus Circus changed all that;  I'm 48 and this was my first ever case of food poisoning.  Thanks for killing all the good bacteria in my digestive tract.  Circus Circus = Salmonella!

22/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
359. frankie g.
My family and I stayed here on 2/2014 and we had a great stay! When we checked in to the hotel it was a bit quiet because we arrived late but the lobby was clean and smelt a bit minty (which was a plus) the elevator ride was nice and smooth all the way up to the 11th floor (non-smokers rooms) as we walked thru the hallway it was nice and clean and smelt fresh and clean.
The room was a bit outdated and can use new furniture and the curtains looked very old and with all the money they make they should purchase new flat screen tv's but the small fat old tv was ok too.
The bed was extremely conferrable!
The bathroom was VERY clean and had extra items like shampoos, lotions, conditioners, lots of towels, hella coffee (maybe they want us to stay awake and watch our kids lol)
It was fun!! Lots of smokers and free alcohol (that's a plus plus!!) but for the most part the gambling is down stairs and the arcade is upstairs so we weren't far from our teenagers.      
I definitely would be back!!!

12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
360. Erin S.
This is a solid 3 star establishment. I was actually slightly impressed with our hotel room since I had pretty low expectations. It was clean, not too tacky, & cheap. My only big complaint would be the paper-thin walls & neighboring kids hyped up until waaay past their bedtime. But it's Circus Circus after all, you have to expect kids to be excited to be there. I know I was when I was a kid.

The midway games are a lot of fun & you'll find that you hang on to your money much longer than if you were in the casino. After dropping a couple hundred bucks the first day we decided to hang with my niece & help her win a ton of stuffed animals. And we had a great time! I was pretty terrible at most games but between the 5 of us we helped her to win about 10 stuffed animals and a South Park Chef for us. Nice! Thank goodness no one wanted to play the games where you can win a Rastafarian banana that is a big as a grown man. WTH would anyone do with one of those awful things??

29/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
361. Wendelle L.
We always come here every year to bring our son to midway but we went here last friday for 2 nights the room key was not working we went up from casino @ 4am our key did not work we went down to reception desk they changed it but still did not work we ended up waking up who were sleeping to open the door for us. The staff is very unfriendly especially the cocktail filipino lady by the one dollar machine who is serving every evening. She was passing by behind my chair where I was playing and she hit and moved my chair did not even apologize and when she gives me my cocktail she dropped it on the side of the machine like she is mad!! Lastly , the old filipino lady working at the store next to the elevator by the reception desk was rude! I was going to look for souvenir refrigerator magnet I did not even touch the magnet yet and it fell I was trying to put it back she said dont try to put it back you broke it But the other sales lady said it just fell off very disappointing..And also they dont use comforter anymore only flannel blanket so its better not to use the aircon too.. For sure next year we are coming back to this hotel anymore.. I  am giving this hotel  aone star for their midway fun.. I lost a lot of dollars for playing in casino and in midway but I did not get the quality service in return

25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
362. Georgia T.
Circus Circus Reno......you have stopped caring about your patrons. I will encourage EVERYONE I know to stop staying at your hotel. Last year was the worst time I've ever spent at your hotel. Bad smells on entire floor levels, dirty bathrooms, dirty bathroom floors, questionable baggies covering the smoke alarms, holes in the bedsheets, slippery bathtubs, and general disregard for the patrons. An accident in your bathroom sent my husband to the hospital. Try to get a copy of a report of the incident, and you might as well be whistling at the moon. Even the lawyer couldn't get a copy. Shame on you, Circus Circus. This hotel took such a nosedive over the last couple of years. We won't be staying there again.

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
363. Rachelle S.
We take a trip here at least twice a year and have done so for the past 6 years. I was so disappointed during this stay though. Everything was closed. The selection of restaurants was minimal. I was so craving a filet mignon from the steakhouse, but had to settle for a deli sandwich instead since that was all that was open. Huge adjustment. Ya know when you crave something, but have to settle for less? Steak = Turkey. No comparison. Really, restaurants now only open on the weekend??? Never have I heard of that, until now. Same thing with the little shops they have. Hours of operation...weekend.

Our room was okay. The service...not. Our first night when we walked into our "ready for us" room, there were crumbs all over the carpet. It looked as if they didn't even vacuum. I called down to housekeeping and they stated they would send someone right up. That someone never showed up. The next day when we left our room for breakfast, It took several hours for our room to be made up. Having a younger one, I asked housekeeping for some extra towels. They left me one and it was a hand towel. I guess thats better than a washcloth, but still. Very disappointed. Normally, our stay is a pleasant one. Unfortunately, this time we were looking forward to leaving. The water for bath/shower took forever to heat up. The water ran cold for at least 5 minutes. The staff wasn't friendly at all.

Past experiences have been so pleasant with most of the employees in smiles. I'm not quite sure what has gone on here from our last stay until now, but it definitely wasn't a change for the better.

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
364. Nathan B.
Pleasantly impressed. Hotel and rooms were much cleaner than its Vegas counterpart. Staff were helpful and pleasant. I could go on and on but overall the food, midway, gaming, rooms, and assistance was great.

16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
365. Debby F.
I haven't been here in many, many years. I expected to see lots of kiddos and strollers, and that's exactly what greeted us as we checked in. Check-in was very quick (Thanksgiving weekend, Friday evening around 6pm). We had one of the cheaper rooms in the South Tower (just wanted a place to sleep to head home early the next day). As we took the escalator to the 2nd floor, to catch the tram to our tower, I had the pleasure of inhaling cigarette smoke as a group of people were standing right there. Ew.  The tram was easy to get on, and the ride was short and sweet. Fortunately the elevators were plentiful and quick to arrive on our 25th floor.  The room  was very clean, no complaints at all.   I'll give an extra star for that. The view was impressive, but the fan in the AC/heater sounded like a 747. I had to turn it off, so I could sleep.
The Casino and MIdway...oy vey.  The place was PACKED, and I avoided the midway completely.  I haven't been in a casino in at least ten years.   I hate cigarettes, so the masking fragrance doesn't work. My hair smelled like a bar. The "people watching" was very entertaining.  Plenty of spandex and spare tires to behold.  I guess that gambling is a thing of my past and I thought this casino was on the lower spectrum of classy.  I went to bed earlier than my husand, and relatives, because I wasn't interested in gambling.  
Checkout was easily done via the TV, and we headed home after a few days outside of Reno, with relatives. Should I ever come to Reno, I'll pay a bit more money and stay someplace less family oriented.  For young families, I can see why this place is popular.  This just isn't my cup of tea, but maybe...if I ever have grandchildren, I'll change my mind.

30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
366. Diem C.
Everytime I come to circus circus reno its always busy. I believe they need to upgrade how circus circus looks inside because a lot of things looks outdated and old. For example the carpet... besides that there's a lot of games to play and many prizes to win.

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
367. Jesus M.
- 3 Stars for The Security Guards Watch out for them at night they get really cranky and like to boot everyone back to there rooms at night we had two altercations with them one for supposedly starting fights which was bull all we were doing was sitting & drinking near the arcade the other one for being out to late come give me a break its Nevada aren't you suppose to be out late  other then the Security Guards.  The Rooms have outdated Televisions  so don't get expect Big Flat Televisions  1 Star for The Midway / Arcade  & another Star for  Smokin' Gecko's BBQ The Pizza & The Wings is a must  ....

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
368. S G.
Too many kids for me and not enough restrooms. If your playing the slot machines there wasn't not enough cocktail waitresses.
But overall all I won some money so I like this place.
It's great for families, the gift shop was ok, and lots of slot machines

02/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
369. Kyle K.
I once had the misfortune of staying in the LV Circus Circus.  I thought that it was truly the scraping of the sadness barrel.  I was wrong.  Things you will find here:

-hordes of unattended children screaming and running about like rabbits forcefed speedballs.
-more neck tattoos on inattentive parents than you can count
-the saddest old folk dutifully writing down ever dice roll on craps and cursing violently when the inevitable happens and a 7 appears.  It's almost like the game is intended to take your money!
-goddawful buffet.  If you like grease baths you should hang out with the food
-goddawful deli food.  Yes, I'd like a dry wrap filled with sadness and wilted lettuce
-the everpresent hot, rank air of a thousand depressed smokers day dreaming of that big win on nickel slots.
-door keys that just straight up don't work
-8$/INTERNET PER DAY!  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  Not to mention that the speed is fucking terrible.  Don't plan on doing anything online here.

The housekeeping folk were helpful/very friendly but apart from that this place is only worth it if you intend to be blackout drunk literally 24/7 and will at no point actually wander the sad premises.

26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
370. Jeremy H.
Had a hard time rating Circus Circus since it's designed and pitched to like the polar opposite demographic of Me - working-to-middle-class families who want to get a quasi-resort-ish sort of getaway on a budget, but also have multiple kids in tow. As to whether bringing kids to a casino where the midway games train them in gambling is wise or appropriate, I'll leave that up to y'all. Anyway, 3 stars seems to be the Yelp consensus as I post this, and that sounds about right to me. It's really a decent stay and play at a decent price, but it's beaten out in pretty much every category by other nearby places, at least if you're a non-Pedobear solo traveler or a childless couple.

Anyway. Lowest rate for a Su-Thu room seems to be $29. They're regularly on Hotwire, but I found that route actually winds up being about $4 more expensive after fees than just going direct through their website (the initial rate is often $35 or more, you have to click through a special offer link on the sidebar to get it down to $29.) This is one of those places that charges a "resort fee", however, in this case $7 a day - you can identify them by it on Hotwire. I appreciate that the website gives you a detailed breakdown of fees when you book, plus a list of all the amenities the "resort fee" is going toward - airport shuttle, free wifi, in-room coffee, valet parking, etc. After taxes and the resort fee the $29 room is really more like $40/nite.

The room was fine. I booked the Sky Tower, got upgraded to the North Tower at check-in for no particular reason, but I don't think there's much difference between them. It's what I expect for a $30-40ish Reno casino hotel room in the off season - a bit worn about the edges but clean enough, comfy enough, good bed. The "amenities" did turn out to be some pretty weak cheese, though - the in-room coffee was one of those little pod things that makes a small amount of weak coffee, the "free" WiFi tries to hit you up for $2 to upgrade to "premium" when you first log in (and the standard is fairly slow and janky), and the "$85 value resort book" was really just a big collection of really small coupons that weren't particularly useful. I think the only one I actually used was a free OJ with breakfast at the Americana Cafe. Room was basically totally fine though, good shower, slept well, no major complaints. Loved the super-oldschool Nintendo 64 controller they have attached to the TVs for playing games.

One final point of note is that Circus is connected to the Silver Legacy and Eldorado by skywalks (I believe MGM owns the whole thing), and it's a short walk between them (you can easily blunder between casino floors without even realizing it.) Circus is cheaper to stay at than the other two - Silver is probably gonna be $10 to $15 more a night minimum, and while you can get $30 rooms at the Eldorado throughout the winter, you usually have to book a couple weeks in advance and they apparently hold a really huge incidentals deposit (Circus just initially charges $30 of your stay total at check-in as a deposit, then the rest when you check out ... I don't know if they even do an actual hold.)

Casino: The gaming floor is decent. I didn't try it but they advertise 3:2 blackjack at all tables, with 12 single decks, though I would guess they shuffle those like every other hand. I'm more antisocial caveman and thus into video poker, and it's easy to find 9/6/4 pay tables here if you play 25 cents and up ... if you want to play nickles it's nothing but 6/5/4 however. Sports book/lounge was OK, nothing astounding but comfy enough place to watch a bit of the World Series with a cheapish draft. Their player's club kicks you 5 bucks free play initially if you give them an email address, and you can fairly often get more free play from scratchers that come with a meal at any eatery in the place. Also have one of those free kiosk swipey games that can give you prizes once a day.

Restaurants: I only tried the Americana Cafe and the Courtyard Buffet, would qualify both as OK but a little spendy (separate reviews up.) They also have a steakhouse that's Thu-Mon nights, a New York-style deli, a Mexican place and ... I think one other eatery I can't remember now. No killer Cal-Neva or Gold Dust West style deals to be found here. The main irritation with the restaurants is that they're all jammed right next to the midway - on a weekday morning or afternoon, not so bad, but on a weekend it can be Lord Of The Flies just trying to get to and from a meal.

Circus ain't really that bad, but everything they do is just done a little better somewhere else around here - if you want a basic but comfy cheap room there's the Sands, better sports books at the Cal Neva and Peppermill, both better quality restaurants and better cheap greasy diner deals all over the place, etc. Wouldn't rule out coming back but it's kind of sitting at a middling position behind a bunch of other places in every category right now. So 3* then.

29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
371. SeekingMy A.
How to rate Circus Circus?  The Chinese acrobats in the free shows are top grade, far better than some I've paid to see.  The dog acts are fun.  

But if you don't spend enough money, you will be told to leave and not return.

If you talk to workers, you will be told to leave and not return.

Over the last 3 years, I've dropped several thousand dollars at the restaurants and shops at CC and the adjoining casinos, but because one staffer was annoyed that I wasn't spending enough money, I found myself surrounded by security guys, who took my picture and told me I would be arrested if I again visited Circus Circus, El Dorado or Sliver Legacy, all owned by MGM..

I never caused the slightest problem while visiting Circus Circus, but even an appeal to the manager got no change in my status.

As near as I can figure, I got thrown out because I'm a Mormon, and don't gamble.  I guess it's not enough to eat in the restaurants a couple of times a week, and want to watch the shows.  

My advice to all is to stay at Cal-Neva, go to the buffet at Harrah's (if you want simple food, get an Awful-Awful at the Nugget), go watch the free shows but then leave between shows so you don't get permanently banned.

My first visit to an MGM hotel nearly got me killed -- in November of 1980, I went to an upper floor of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas one morning, to help a co-worker carry equipment down for a presentation that he was to give at COMDEX.  Thus I found myself caught in the second-worst hotel fire in US history.  Within an hour of being rescued by an Air Force helicopter, I found myself drafted (as a computer-literate ham radio operator) into the effort to identify and track refugees, using a Tempo 2-meter radio and a Commodore PET computer.  I got a really nice certificate, signed by some MGM exec, thanking me for the 36 hours straight I spent doing this.

There is something rather ironic to now have MGM tell me that I'm not welcome, simply because some staffer doesn't like me.

21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
372. Shonda N.
Worst hotel that I have stayed in a while. I checked in on a Friday after noon and waited for an hour to check in. It was crazy! We lug our bags up the stairs to the tram. When we stayed one was out of service.  We finally got to our room and it was 2 queen beds. I reserved a room with a king bed. When I called the front desk she said they don't guarantee King beds. I asked her why she's didn't alert us of that upon arrival.  The woman who answered the phone was the one who assisted us. I asked for another room and she stated they only had handicap king rooms available, but assured us the only difference was bars in the shower. We went to our new room and that was not the case. The tub was so high my fiancé had to sit while showering, luckily there was a bench in there too. I am 5'4" and I could touch the ceiling.  The bathroom had ZERO counter space and the sink was just attached to wall. Nothing else. It was so hard to get ready with a square foot of counter space shared with the coffee pot. I am only giving a 2 because the room service was reasonably priced and decent.

21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
373. Mei W.
Definitely an affordable place to bring the kids and family to. Room rates start as low as $39 (depending on what day and time of the year you come). There is a midway that is pretty big for the kids to play games. The prices per game are fairly reasonable around $1.00 for most games; definitely a lot cheaper than your local fair charges! Lunch/dinner is also affordable; less than $20 for their dinner buffet. And of course the fun for the adults located on the lower floor - cheap tables at $5 a hand.

If you're on a budget, this is definitely the spot to hit up for the family.

24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
374. Loryn E.
I've been coming here for the midway since I was little, and it really hasn't changed. The games are the same, the prices are the same, the shows are the same.
I brought my 11 year old here one weekend because he was sooooo boooorrreeeddddd, and we had a fun time. We spent about $20, played a bunch of games, and came away with several prizes which is always nice. Camel/horse races are still my favorite games; if you can get a round where it's full of people it's so much more fun to play, especially when you win. The people who run the games are hit and miss in terms of niceness. Some were great, going out of their way to make my son feel like a badass when he won, and some were just dicks and completely ignored us when we tried to come up and play. The majority were fairly cool however.
The worst part, as with so many places, are the other people that you have to endure while here. There were lots of large, loud, rude, pajama clad families galumphing around on the day we were there, and a ton of kids with no apparent adult supervision being grabby little turds, but what can you expect in a casino? Surely the parents just dropped them off in the midway and went to the floor to gamble. Still, all-in-all it's fun once in awhile.

Tl:dr- good place to kill an hour when it's cold out; bonus points for no real clowns inside.

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
375. Darcie N.
The slots and service here suck. The employees didn't know anything.  All I heard when questions were asked was,"I don't know" as the response.  Really? You work here don't you?! The midway games are lame. They should have cool games for people to play. There's so much more out there. I gave it two stars because of the delicious bakery with the wonderful donuts.

03/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
376. Ken M.
My daughter goes to University of Nevada at Reno. Visit her maybe monthly. When I go up there usually spend the night and always at Circus Circus. For me I'm interested in an economical place to stay that is nice and clean. And Circus Circus certainly is this. Plus it's just down the street from the University. I like playing in the casino some, although I wouldn't call myself a big-time player. I tend to go during the week so crowds are never a problem. I really don't think I've ever encountered much of a problem with anything there and have always been satisfied. Find the place very accommodating and certainly would recommend to friends.  My 18-year-old daughter has a fun time also on the midway area of the casino.

06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
377. Arnold A.
I haven't been here since I was about 12 years old and many years later, it still looks and feels the same.  

The actual gaming area for kids still looks like and reminds me of how it was when I first got there.  Old school fairgrounds type of games, where you spent a lot of money to get a huge doll or stuffed basketball,.  Don't mind my "old age" (26yo is old right?) cynicism coming out; the games look fun and appealing for kinds and young teens.   The casino area was...well...a casino area.  They look the same to me and since I'm not much of a gambler, I have nothing to praise or gripe about there.  

We were actually at Circus-Circus only because we were staying there for the few days we were in Reno.  Staying there definitely felt like a step back in time.  The hotel did feel old.  Well kept, but old.  I understand it's an old hotel and they might be going for that "old" look and feel and if they were, well then, they've succeeded.  There was no free wifi there.  The hotel room tv was still the tube box with a nintendo64 controller attached to it.  Ok, to be honest, I didn't mind most of that stuff as we were only staying there for a few days and we were gone from the room most of the time.  

The 1-star comes from room maintenance.  Upon getting into the room, the room appeared clean and dandy.  We settled our things and then I hear my girlfriend call for my name to show me something.  There was a tube of KY Jelly left under the bed, in between the dresser and the bed.  To make it worse, knowing how oily KY Jelly can be (wait...i know how oily KY Jelly is??....), you can see hand prints and foot prints on the headboard.  It was a bit weird knowing that whoever checked out of our room the day we checked in, got their freaky in there.  

Yep, our room was probably used to film a new video for a pr0nz website.

03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
378. Dana L.
I have stayed here several times and I am always pleased.  The rooms are nice and clean and especially considering the price, usually $39-$49 per night, it is a fabulous place to stay.  I would not say that if the rooms were gross.  I have looked at rooms in more expensive hotels and refused to stay because the rooms were stinky and gross.  On a recent road trip we paid triple this price just to get a room that wasn't in some drug den motel.  Circus Circus is a great deal.  Some people might not like the décor, but remember, it's called "Circus Circus"...it's a circus theme.  I personally am not offended by the décor.  If you want a room that looks like it came from Pottery Barn, go pay $300 per night and you will be happy.

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
379. James N.
So much memories here! I came here with my family when I was in 6th grade to visit my older brother while he was in Juvenile Hall and at the Ranch in Reno. Might as well go to Circus Circus!

I was only able to play the games at the kids section. Had a blast though!

Fast forwards 11 years.

I CAN GAMBLE NOW!!! WOOOT! I still came here to play at the arcade though. My girlfriend really wanted a Despicable Me Minion so I won her one... at a game that I NEVER WIN AT! I was determined as hell to win that little bastard. $15 later, I got that little suckers. She tried to win me this Pikachu that wouldn't fit in our car but we couldn't get it. Oh well!

We gambled and won like $80 that day. How fun!

A must for whoever is going into Reno.

3 Stars!

11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
380. J L.
Waited 45 minutes in line just to check in while staff took their time and management has no customer service. People travel hundreds of miles to get here just to wait?

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
381. Johnson S.
Reno in general needs a renovation, but the hotels, especially Circus Circus is pretty old and drabby looking. I guess you pay for what you get for... but even prices here are pretty steep for what you could get in Vegas! Beds aren't very comfortable (very bouncy and springy) and the pillows are small and not fluffy at all. Not sure how well they clean the place since my friend found a Dorito chip under the bed. Bathroom is okay... but our toilet was lopsided... it worked but just looked weird and makes you wonder what happened to it... lol. Doors should be thicker or something cause you could hear people in the hallway and we also heard our neighbors through the connecting door (even though they were closed). Oh, they were also smoking pot and the smell was seeping through. Luckily, we were checking out that day when they decided to smoke.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
382. Judith F.
This definitely is not a 5 star hotel but it isn't bad. The rates are the cheapest you'll find out of the other hotels that are part of the downtown strip. The rooms are always clean and spacious. This is usually my hotel of choice. Mostly because of the pricing. If you get the chance to stay on a VIP suite, so you. That jacuzzi and views are great.

20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
383. Claudio D.
Very good place, nice and cheap - close to everything you may need in Reno.
Friendly staff too

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
384. Sadie B.
I used to come here all the time as a kid and it used to seem so magical. It's really sad to see how far things have gone down hill. We had a miserable time, the service was terrible. They only had one shuttle running and so much was closed. Every problem we had was addressed with so much attitude. Watch out for Kyle at the front desk he's super pissy and not well liked among the rest of the staff, for good reason clearly. We've been loyal customers since the 90s but I think this will be our last stay.

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
385. Don H.
They're good.  A million wild kids... pretty challenging.  I couldn't do it.  
Would I go back?  Definitely NO.  Would I have loved it if I was a kid?  Definitely yes.
They deserve some kind of medal..  
Not a super luxury hotel.  Staff is top notch.

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
386. Amparo R.
Let me just say that their carnival and casino area were really good. I won 30 stuffed toys. Hahaha.

When we came to check in at around 1pm there was a long line of people. There were only 3 front desk agents and one was busy doing something else that when a guest asked him about the check out procedure, he irritatedly POINTED at the spot where the guest should have dropped his key packet.

A family aske this other front desk agent if they could make a reservation, she irritatedly told them that they were sold out. When the family was about to go, she announced (actually yelled) to everyone that they can no longer help people without reservations cause "THEY'RE SOLD OUT!!!"

15 minutes later, it was finally my turn. The front desk who handled me told me to pay the extra balance, printed whatever she needed to print out, asked me if I wanted wifi, and told me where I should go to get to my room. i know she tried to make it as quick as possible, but couldn't she just smile at me while doing whatever she was doing during that 5-8 minute check-in? Can't she ask how my day was or if I ever stayed in their hotel before? We had a long drive and I was tired and a smile or a warm welcome woul have changed my mood. When the packet was handed to me I had no idea what they were for. I had to read through everything and ask myself what the little slips were for. I was upset. True, I paid quite cheap to get to stay at their hotel but please, good service always count; ALWAYS COUNT no matter how SMALL OR BIG you are paying them. As soon as I stepped in Circus Circus I had a bad impression right away cause of their guest service agents. Luckily, when we went to our room, Juno, the housekeeper smiled at us and said hello. Finally! With just that simple smile I felt really good and the front desk didn't matter to me anymore. The carnival was good, the rest were good just enough for what we paid for. I'm just hoping the front desk agents won't do that to other guests in the future. If they are having a bad day, they shouldn't show it. Good customer service is key to good business.

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
387. Bluesmeister S.
I work in Reno Feb-March, for the last ....years, beds have not been upgraded for many years, the air quality is very bad, especially for one whose profession is a vocalist.  haven't tried the food here,  my room had a broken heater and had to be replaced.  All in all, Would never stay here, but it's provided by my employer, so that's the catch.  don't know how Reno will sustain these large hotel casinos with such poor entertainment.

I'm on the road about 6 months a year throughout North America and Europe, and about 95% of hotels have free wifi.  Circus Circus charges $10.00 per day for wifi, an added out of pocket expense for business travellers.  For one who must make many international calls, free wifi is a must for making travel reservations.  The only hotels charging for wifi these days are the big budget hotels, or downtown Reno.  Just Sayin', time to change Circus Circus.   Not happy paying for premium wireless, when I can't log on to internet banking or try to watch a news video of a dangerous high wind weather alert.  Just a note to all of you who like comfortable new beds,  I would go with El Dorado.  They have new flat screen TVs, but Circus Circus still has the 1990 model.  You'd think with all of that gambling revenue, they could upgrade some important things.  Hotel premium wireless is $13.00 per day,  download speeds are .31 MBPS,  You might be able to watch a 30 second video in 3 hours at that rate.  Unacceptable.  
On a positive note, some good live music in the Lounge.

09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
388. Philicia S.
Love this circus circus arcade and games. This is what my review is based on.

Games ranging from toss the ring, fishing, skee ball, arcade games, horse racing game, etc. Games are cheap, EASY to win stuffed animals and tickets. Fun little circus shows. Easy going friendly staff.

Overall I come here everytime I am in town! Definitely recommend it!

26/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
389. Dawn D.
In 2005 my husband and I were married at one of their chapels. We reserved a luxury suite for our wedding night. Wedding was awesome and the room was pretty nice. We had a reception party in our room after the wedding. The next morning we put the "Do not disturb" sign on our door and went out for a few hours. We had loaded our luggage in the car and most of our gifts but had a ton of expensive liquor, top of our wedding cake, my bouquet and some other things left in the room. We were going to take them out on check out. When we went back to the room to get them, the room had been cleaned, all of our liquor,  wedding cake and other items were gone. We still had an hour before check out and the do not disturb sign was on the door! I was in tears.. We went to management to complain and ask for our belongings back and they couldn't care less. There was atleast $500 of expensive liquor (unopened) that was taken along with other irreplaceable/sentimental items that were ours that we were told were thrown away. They never offered any comps or reimbursement of any sort. If I knew then what I know now, I would have not just taken what they told me and left in tears. I would have thrown a fit!! I wrote them a letter afterwards and never even got any response. It has been nine years and I'm still upset about it. We are planning a 10 year vow renewal party next year. I would love to have it at the same chapel we got married in, however because Circus Circus management couldn't even so much as return a phone call, send me an apology letter or offer to reimburse me for the loss, I think we will plan our vow renewal and party elsewhere :(

10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
390. Tom Y.
Never again.

Stayed in a one bedroom suite in the Sky Tower. This is at least the fifth year we've stayed here for our annual golf tournament.

Rooms are outdated - in dire need of remodeling and a thorough cleaning.

Tub backed up. Called maintenance and asked to have the drain cleaned the next day while we were out. Came back - was worse than before. Water pooled above the ankles during a short shower.

No padding at all on the sofa - sank all the way down to the sofa bed.

Returned from golfing the last day - can't tell if housekeeping even showed up. No new towels, no coffee, still dirty glasses!

Changing my reservations to a different hotel for some upcoming trips to Reno.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
391. Odaliz G.
Stayed here for one night, we had a great time. Our room was very spacious, clean, and had a great view. We stayed on the 11th floor in a standard room with 2 queen beds. We payed $70 for the night and had access to discounts within the hotel.

We played slots in the casino the whole night and stopped to get a late night snack afterwords.

Overall we had a great experience, the check-in was fast and easy, and they had great customer service. Would definitely return.

18/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
392. Jamael T.
I'm very hard on Circus circus, Reno because I have been to circus circus, vegas....so many times. It really is a let down that this place doesn't have an Amusement park like vegas does. The casino is pretty old school. Lots of tables and old aristocrat slot machines. The rooms are just ok. For Reno...they will pass I guess. To be fair, circus circus in Vegas doesn't have great rooms either. This place is just passable.  Not really a place I would spend my night in but ok to gamble in for a couple hours.

Oh and make sure you have a will made for your families sake if you eat the buffet here. #YouHaveBeenWarned

25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
393. Rod D.
$45 room ended up costing $70 with all fees. Rooms are poorly kept with burn marks in furniture holes in wall marks on walls. Bad coffee. I imagine I'd be great if you had kids but that's why adults don't stay here.

07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
394. Yich L.
The rooms were actually pretty good for Circus Circus.  I was doubtful because I had always heard how horrible Circus Circus is, but was willing to go along with the group because it was only for one night.  Surprisingly, the rooms were okay and pretty clean.  Still not my first choice, but good for the price.

07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
395. Keit K.
I don't like it anymore. The claw machines are $1 a grab now. That's too expensive. Guess there not only going after the parents but the children's money now. A plus is that they did update their hotel so its not so ghetto anymore.

29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
396. Nelson M.
Rooms are clean, beds are nice and time can be well spent. Will be back soon that's for sure!

06/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
397. Ian L.
Speaking as a young adult staying here for a snow trip ..

- CC caters to families and they flock to this hotel in droves. There are so many kids and parts running around its insane especially around the holidays.

- Staying and eating here works if you're planning on hitting the slopes and sack early each night. I didn't have any noise issues except for the super loud heater/air  conditioning at night,

- Fitness center is nice to hit up in the morning. Its ridiculously small for a hotel of this size but then again most parents are taking care of their kids or sleeping in.

- Buffet is OK for dinners and brunches. Good location if you don't want to go hunting outside Reno for some real food.

Summary: Good place to stay if you don't mind dodging families and driving a little further for any snowboarding.

28/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
398. Emily P.
This review is on the kids Midway game area:

As a child, I lived for Circus Circus! My family would come here several times a year and it was amazing and fun.

I took my 9 year old son here this past weekend for the first time and it was garbage to how it was before. They did not at all upgrade this place. They even took out one of the popular games Fantasia! The shows they had going on werent that entertaining. The games were getting overpriced and there wasn't really any new and fun exciting games. My son basically got bored in an hour and really wasn't that entertained by everything. I had to agree with him big time because I knew it was trash compared to what it was before. They need to do a huge upgrade to this place! I'm sure if they did, they would get a lot more visitors.

22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
399. Maya S.
Bring your own pillows it was fun kids really enjoyed Midway and shows were short and sweet..

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
400. Oliver R.
My mommy LOVES to play the Slots. So every Wednesday my parents bring me here. Daddy plays with me the whole time in the arcade! Its so much fun and I love the Chinese Dancers. I'm getting better at the games and I never leave without a prize. Plus after mommy's hour is up we go get desert at Main Street Deli next door. It's the best food deal in the casino. I always get a BIG Ice cream waffle cone...or sometimes a doughnut with sprinkles. So if you have a baby or a little kid and want a cool place to stay in Reno, I would pick this place.

30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
401. Bug's Wife W.
I can't complain enough. No joking around, we waited 2 hours for registration !!! With a 3 year old! The lamps in the room didn't have knobs to turn on so it was damn near impossible to turn the lights on. It was by far one of our worst experiences with hotels. First and last time at Circus Circus.

28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
402. endah s.
Stayed there on July 4, 2014 weekend was enjoyable, the room was nice, big, clean, quiet.., also nice view from window (also affordable price compare to other big casinos in Reno). The front desk staff was greeting us when check in & they're helpful, I told the guy when check in I want a quiet room, higher floor, & he gave a room like my request. I also like Circus2 they have Flavors buffet, very good taste of food, it like Las Vegas buffet level but at Flavors buffet affordable, only $10.99/person. Also they have show on each hours which really fun, and the games. I also forgot my jeans left at the hotel room, I contacted lost & found department, they found my jeans (pant) & mailed to me in SF for free.., the staff very helpful. I'll be back to Circus2 again, excellent !

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
403. Schel H.
After having come here for literally over 30 years, this place is good, bad, ugly, and well everything in between.

The midway games are great and one of the few super kid friendly places that are part of a tourist visit. They have dart games, basketball freethrows, softball throws, water spray guns, star shootouts, etc... You can win any of a million types of stuffed animals, which makes for an exceedingly happy munchkin. I can absolutely vouch for this, as I was one of those munchkins more than once!

Pro Tip #1: Free parking in the parking structure across the street! It also helps that they have a heated enclosed pathway to walk over to the rest of the hotel!

The Casino games are typical and somedays pay and somedays dont. That entirely depends on your current luck and how you are feeling. My favorite was watching someone walk up to a roulette wheel and bet black red black on three consecutive spins and walk away with $3,000!!! awesome stuff!

Pro Tip #2: There is a walkway to the silver legacy and el dorado hotel & casinos that is enclosed over the roads, so you can block hop without going outside.

The hotel rooms are kinda bleh no frills and bland standard rooms. Nothing spectacular but not a roach motel either. Just make sure you are not expecting too much from the hotel room IMHO...

The midway also has a trapeze act and that is definitely fun for people of all ages. I dont know anyone who isnt captivated watching people floating through the air from one trapeze to another while flying 50+ feet above the net. Awesome stuff. I do enjoy it totally!

03/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
404. Julie M.
Pros-the room was cheap ($35 for a Thursday night). Kid friendly. Clean, spacious room.

Cons- Extremely uncomfortable beds (hubby and I both had trouble sleeping and woke up with backaches). Even in a non-smoking room, you can't escape the cigarette smell. Our baby kept sneezing.

03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
405. Don S.
Dony hear keep on going go to McDonalds go to Taco Bell don't eat here waiter doesn't get it right service is terrible food is mediocre

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
406. Troy M.
Things one should know about Circus Circus rooms is that  you only get one Internet access per room.  Each addition device will run you four dollars.   Also you need to pay an additional two dollars to up grade to 1.5 mbps speed.   Now consider the fact that you can buy a hamburger at McDonald's and get all the Internet access you want I am not a fan of this attempt of trying to get every last penny out of you.

Also the tv is outdated with very few channels.  The HVAC system turns off every five minutes.   So if you are like me and like to sleep with a fan you might want to bring a small one you can plug in.  

On a positive note the room and bed sheets were clean.  I also liked the fact that we book our trip a month in advance, so when we checked in, my wife asked if there was a rate reduction.   Without batting an eye, they confirmed that the rates had dropped since we booked and they refunded the difference.

24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
407. Donovan T.
Circus Circus makes up the third part of the casino trio of El Dorado and Silver Legacy.

You probably have been here as a kid, I myself have been to Reno at least 15 times as a child and adult, and we usually stay at Circus Circus.

It's priced the lowest out of the bigger casinos, and it's actually not a bad deal. Don't expect any Vegas-esqe type amenities such as big LCD tv's or jacuzzi tubs, but if you're looking for an affordable place to pass out and shower at. It does the job perfectly.

I find that the best deal is the Mini-suite, on an off-weekend, the suite can be had for around $100 and it's actually very big. The bedroom is separated from the living room and it has a roll out bed as well. If you go in a large group, having this room is perfect to party in because it's large. I also stayed in the "Deluxe" rooms before and they also have been renovated.

Be aware of the "smoking rooms" aka the party floor..the hallways and rooms smell of ciggarettes and marijuana, so if you do request to smoke in your room, it's something to think about it! My best trip was actually when we stayed on the room on this floor and you can see how crazy it is. The morning after, almost every room on the floor had empty 12 and 18 packs outside of it. lol

It's only a couple minutes walk or a short shuttle ride to get to the main casino and midway areas. So you're steps away from the action.

When you check-in they give you coupon books with some good ones. The kids love the buy $10 get $10 free midway game voucher haha.

No real complaints either, when I go to Reno it's usually just for a quick weekend trip, so I'm rarely in the room. I rather save the cash and spend it in the casino!

17/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
408. Robin P.
Stayed here and didn't get the room I booked and they were not accommodating at all. Room was gross and not clean. Very disappointed !

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
409. L. V.
Haven't been to Reno in quite some time. The strip has definitely changed and is not tourist friendly, no wonder the weekend crowds stayed inside the 3 main hotels that are connected, Circus Circus, Silver Legacy & El Dorado (hint to the City of Reno). For the price of (remember you get for what you pay for) $39 for a Saturday night and $29 for Sunday is a inexpensive little get away. If you expect free WiFi everywhere you go then maybe you should not have a smart phone, use your data. The rooms are not luxurious (going back to you get for what you pay for) but are decent enough for sleeping and showers, you are going to spend most of your time outside your room right?? For the food, try the buffet at The El Dorado, the wait was over an hour on a Saturday evening but I do believe it is the best buffet out of the 3 hotels. We found our favorite Black Jack & Roulette slots at Silver Legacy. The Circus Circus Midway was a hit for the kids, we did go to The Grand Sierra for some bowling but their arcade does not compare to Circus Circus. Hopefully we will be back for another get away.

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
410. Phillip E.
Circus circus is awesome! Perfect location, can't beat the price, great views, and this time they gave us a cool coupon book with free slot credit, 2 for 1 games, free playing cards with $5 purchase, etc. You really can't do better for the value! Checkin I never have had to wait, and checkout you can do from your phone.

23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
411. Cassie M.

The smell of smoke permeates this place. We had a non smoking room and it was not as bad.

To be fair, I stayed at this hotel during a basketball tournament so it was full of young kids. I didn't mind that at all because it was my expectation that I would be around lots of kids. If I was here for an adult weekend away, I'd be annoyed to have to cram into my elevator with tons of kids. Nothing against kids, but in an adult environment, I want adults.

Our room was okay, but not as nice as lot's of cheaper places I've stayed. It is horribly old and outdated. The ceiling is popcorn for example.

The Free In Room Wi-fi is for ONE device. That means if you have a tablet and a laptop, only one will be able to use the wi-fi. You have to pay for the second device. Also, it is 2.00 a day more for access that is fast enough to actually watch streaming videos.

I never tried room service. I ate in The Steakhouse which got good reviews but I was horribly disappointed.

Would I come back? Yes, if I got a good deal on a room. I'd make sure to ask if the majority of people staying in the hotel were here for a convention and if so, what was it about. If it was a kids event, I might consider staying somewhere else.

The kids did enjoy their stay. My son enjoyed the Midway Arcade and won quite a few prizes including five sunglasses, a giant basketball, two 'gold' chains and a 'silver' chain, a 'platinum' watch with 'diamonds' and really liked it.

Our room did not have a mini fridge or a microwave.

I found the layout of the hotel confusing because there are two towers with parking garages and I parked several times in the wrong one and got turned around. Fortunately, my son was a whiz at getting around so I just had to ask him where to go and he knew.

He and I decided to take the stairs down one day. Mostly to figure out where they were so we could walk up a floor and bypass most of the line waiting for them since most of us seemed to be on the same schedule.

We walked down 20 flights of stairs (which got a bit spooky as we got lower because the ceilings are higher in the casino areas so suddenly the stairs began to get longer). When we got to the second floor (the shuttle floor) where we wanted to exit, we were surprised to find that the latch that you use to open the door had a screw in it so you could NOT open the door to this floor. This really bothered me for safety reasons. Someone had to have made a decision to stand here and drill this screw into the bottom of the door handle to make sure it could not be opened.

(UPDATED) I ended up speaking to security because I couldn't find my car. They had to help me locate it and in the process I asked about why the screw was in the door on the second floor which made it impossible to open. His explanation was that the second floor was readily accessible from the main public entry which was being used by homeless people to gain access to the guests rooms. By closing off this door, they were keeping the homeless people out of the stairwells but not impeding any exits in case of fire. When you do exit out of the bottom, the door locks so you cannot enter. After he explained this, it made a lot more sense. (END UPDATE)

All of the other doors seemed to open onto their floors okay.

As a child, I had great memories of this place being an amazing wonderland with incredible trapeze artists performing all around. It really earned its name back then. We did see a small trampoline being set up in the arcade area but we didn't really stick around to see what it was about.

It is possible we missed the performances.

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
412. Ammie M.
Hotel is a great deal for a night during the weekdays. You can tell that it's old and a little run down and could use some more pazazz and updating. The hotel has a sickening sweet air freshener smell to cover up the old smoke smell. The room was a good size. Linens were too thin and it got cold at night. There was mold growing on the bathroom ceiling so they should consider installing some ventilation in the bathrooms cuz some people, like myself, have allergies to mold and I was having a reaction to it my whole stay. All in all if you want a cheap place here's your go to, but be warned you get what you pay for.

09/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
413. D P.
Yes its outdated and doesn't have a pool or mini fridge, but their hospitality is outstanding. We had a great check in experience and the staff in the casino and restaurants were wonderful. If the beds were a little higher quality I could have stayed a few more nights. Definitely a better family getaway than couples retreat. By the way, I was nervous about cleanliness after reading the other reviews. But the newer tower rooms were fine!

20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
414. Chad S.
One of the worst beds I have ever slept in. my 6 year old daughter even woke up in the morning and said she had a terrible night sleep because the beds were so uncomfortable. The midway is a joke as well. Overpriced junk. Boomtown is much better. My daughter said she had much more fun there and would reather go back to Boomtown then Circus Circus

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
415. ChewBecca E.
If I could give this place zero stars I would. Booked online for 2 nights with a king bed.  Get there and the first employee spoke so quietly that I had to ask him to repeat himself a few times. Went up to my room and realized it was the wrong room. Went downstairs and got back in line for assistance. Unfortunately I got Elena. Not friendly, or courteous, or helpful. I smiled as I approached her. Before I could say anything she looked at my room key and said "Yes, what is the problem?" OMG try "Hello, how can I help you?" Or "I'm sorry, let me look up what might have happened." She was so rude and unpleasant. She told me I "requested a king bed but that does not necessarily guarantee me a king bed." Are you kidding me? You overbooked the rooms and you're treating me like this? Then I had to come down and talk to a 3rd employee in the same day because i booked for 2 nights and when I looked at my guest card it said only 1 night. I did not want to be without a place to stay the next day so i had to get in line to sort this out again. This was the worst hotel I have ever stayed with. And then the 2 nights I was there I was woken up so many times. The walls/rooms are not soundproof. People and kids screaming down the hall every hour of the night. My fridge door was broken. It doesn't stay closed and kept none of my drinks cold. My bed and pillows were uncomfortable. After the first night I was itchy. After the 2nd night I was ready to go back home. I had planned on extending my stay an extra night to meet up with friends, but no thank you.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
416. Lizzy P.
My kids LOVED staying here! The room was really nice, clean, and comfortable for our family, and our housekeeper was awesome for getting us lots of extra coffee for the next morning. They had a great time playing the games, and riding the little tram that connects the buildings. They talked about Circus Circus almost non-stop on our way home, staying they couldn't wait to visit there again.

12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
417. Krystall M.
Check in was smooth and the room was clean. We only had sheets on the bed and when I noticed it at 4a after partying the front desk clerk was rude. Moreover, the air does not work well.... We woke up all night bc it was hot in the room despite the air being set on 66. Booked through groupon so we had a good deal

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
418. Cheky C.
Love it here, especially their sushi place !

26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
419. Maria D.
We stayed over the Fourth of July weekend.  I think the top two reasons people stay at Circus Circus are:  1. it's super cheap and 2. it's kid-friendly.  At. All. Hours. Of. The. Day. And. Night.  

It's fine for a budget stay but the crowds can be overwhelming.  The front desk agent was pleasant and accommodating, despite the fact that the line to check in was 45 minutes deep and the desk was understaffed.  

We used the hotel as home base so we could do other things - like a hot springs in the Sierras and going to other casinos.  If you have kids, this is the place for you.  We had no kids with us so we stayed as far away as possible.  We used the fitness room which was adequate but not fabulous.  The elevators can be as busy as the Empire State Building's.  Aside from that, it was fine.

19/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
420. Donnie G.
Great time for the kids and wife. Will go back again. Room was small but very clean.

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
421. Nari C.
I came here midweek during a Lake Tahoe ski trip getaway, and I was very pleased with my hotel experience. The reviews I've read complained of how crappy and disgusting the place was, so I had very low expectations. But what I found out, though, was that Circus Circus is actually clean and neat!

We got an awesome deal at $20/night for a North Tower deluxe room. Room service was amazing (dont forget to tip). Their all you can eat sushi restaurant downstairs (Kokopelli's) is super tasty. Oh, and the elevator is super FAST. We were on the 24th floor and it only took like 5 seconds to get there from the lobby level.

Their arcade games looked fun, but it's a total waste of money. The bf said that they hiked up the prices since the last time he's been there.

Keep in mind that this ain't no Vegas hotel. But given the location, you're getting the most bang for your buck, so 5 stars!

- Bring your own shampoo, conditioner, and soap. The ones they provide are very bad quality.
- Free parking in the parking structure across the street.
- There's a Walgreens within walking distance if you need any last minute items.

05/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
422. Mike J.
This review is for the sportsbook area and service I got this past weekend.   Didn't stay here.

I was really surprised at the viewing area of the sports book here, pretty nice and not crowded at all!   Awesome service from the bar as well we used our comp tickets on whatever we wanted from behind the bar.  Nice!

Minus one star as they need to get a video board for odds.  Writing up the odds is old school!

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
423. Mark N.
This place needs a pulse. Unfortunately that temporarily comes in the form of hundreds of screaming kids running all over. I have to stay here for work from time to time and as a free trip, I still feel like I am getting ripped off.

Foul smoke stench permiates everywhere
Dealers are way to old with personalities to match
Rooms are ridiculously outdated
Clientele reminds me of the DMV
If I get asked for change less than 5 times a day outside I feel like I have won
Terrible food options within the hotel
Only hotel of the hundreds I have been to that charges u for water in the gym!!!!!

21/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
424. Brandi G.
Rooms were clean but everything is outdated. For the price I expected better beds etc. I will never stay here again. What good is it to pay for a bed you can't sleep on. The room smelled like smoke , window doesn't open, turn on the ac for air and u freeze. Paper thin blankets and small pillows. Midway area was too cramped to have fun. I will pay 10$ more to stay at a nice hotel thanks.  Oh big problem... No pool!!! My kids were so disappointed. For a kid friendly hotel they should have a pool. Also a no smoking policy or better ventilation. My kids could barely breath. Even in the rooms.

26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
425. Judy W.
We came here for July 4th to literally sleep. lol

Checked in at 12AM... they ran outta non-smoking rooms!! boooooo, but were nice enough to upgrade our room...so BF and I decided to check it out.. not like we really had a choice...

Check in - quick and friendly. that's all i ever ask for...

Room - fairly clean.. the room we got had a steam room in the shower. it was AWESOME. lol.  i was so amazed!!!! The beds were pretty comfy. I wish the pillows were a bit firmer. The AC was LOUD. i woke up hella times because of it... that is definitely my biggest complaint...

Price - we got it last minute on a holiday for 100 dollars... usually i would complain, but if i think about it, i guess its not that bad. lol.

parking - you can valet for free or park across the street in their garage.. there is more than enough room to accommodate everyone...

If I ever decide to visit reno again, I will definitely ask for an upgrade in my room.... =]

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
426. Ed S.
I've been here once or twice & just wasn't a favorite. Too many other places that were more to my enjoyment.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
427. Lyric A.
Hotel prices are decent during the weekdays, and the rooms are clean.  Buffet and restaurants are alright.  Mostly they are great for that arcade/midway where they display acrobatic shows and offer many games for kids to waste mom's money on.  Lots of fun!

16/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
428. Jim B.
Please don't stay here.  If I could give it zero stars, I would.

We checked in after a 30 minute wait.  No problem.  It's busy.  I am ok with this.

We ask for a non-smoking room.  We get put in a room with ash trays and matches.  Simple mistake.  We call and ask for a non-smoking room from our room.  They say they are out but will have someone with an ionizer come to the room and we would have to leave our room for a while.  I am ok with this.

We come back 3 hours later and it still reeks of cigarette smoke.  We call and ask for a replacement room and they say sorry.  It smells no better but they claim someone had already come in with an ionizer.  If it's true, it didn't work.  We threaten to check out immediately.  They say they suddenly have a non-smoking room available.  We don't have time to check out and check back into a non-smoking room as we are in Reno for a show and it's about to start.  

We left for the show with our suitcases and called.  We told them we don't have time to do this and that by the time we get back to our room, we don't want to wait to check in again.  We asked that because we haven't used our room, can we just cancel the reservation completely.  They tell us we got it at a discounted rate by pre-paying and that it's too bad.  

We left and didn't go back.  Not that we would have anyways...the place was a mess.  The carpets looked like they had a pattern similar to ground beef (my friend who is in the hotel business told me this is to hide stains).  It was rubbed thinner in high traffic spots indicating they had not been replaced in years.  The bathroom was so gross, I would not go in there without shoes on.  This place is nasty.  It's cheap, but for about $100 less, you can get a room at the motel across the street and it will be the same level of gross.  

Circus Circus is good for kids?  Maybe to play, but not to stay.  I would let my kids play in muddy puddle on a rainy day but there's no way I'd let them stay the night in one. I'd take them somewhere clean so they could clean themselves off after they are done playing.


UPDATE:  Never want to hear your guests had a bad experience?  HOW ABOUT REFUNDING ME SINCE I DID NOT ACTUALLY STAY HERE???

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
429. Terri C.
Ya know, having worked in the hotel industry I get why some folks would leave bad reviews,  but I will tell you that I don't think those reviews should dictate ur stay. We had a party of 8 in 2 adjoining rooms. Our stay was awesome! We stayed Wednesday to Thursday.  Great rates, clean rooms and comfortable beds. Staff was friendly and prompt when we had a request. Our kids loved the Lego looking soaps and had a blast on the smart tvs. Then ya have the midway for families and honestly...I felt the pricing was just right. Our kids came home with two bags of stuff! My husband and I had a good time in the casino. Can't beat $5 games. Overall we had a great time! The 4 stars are because half of the attractions were closed as they are only open on the weekends. There is no pool. And the rooms are a bit dated/worn...clean but in need of some repair in some places. Despite that...This is a great place to take ur family. Oh...and parking seemed pretty 'safe' considering ur downtown and at a casino.

26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
430. J M.
Stayed here Saturday and all I can say is you get what you pay for. Valet guys were fast and helpful. Check in was quick and easy. Buffet was very small and the food was not good. You would be better off to go next door to Silver Legacy or better yet The Elderado.
Staying here was part of a 7 day trip from reno to Vegas and back to reno and this is the only casino where I had a black jack dealer scoled me about how I was playing!!  I really didn't like that.
Then as I was watching the Craps table the operator then  barked at a lady for texting at the table instead of just simply asking nicely. Don't these people realize where the money comes from that pays there pay checks?
Here's an idea....have a No Cell phone sign at the tables at check in and one on the tables!

26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
431. Buddha B.
I'm writing this while standing in check-in line before I even see the room. There are 50+ people in line and only 3 people helping behind the counter - although there are 11 check-in stations.

I'm sure the bed and everything is fine. But there's no excuse for having guests stand and wait an hour in line to check in. As mentioned, there are 11 stations. Why not have more staff helping people. If I hadn't prepaid, I'd gone elsewhere.

25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
432. Alexandra F.
A whole lotta interesting people watching was happening here. An eclectic mix indeed.

10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
433. C. C.
I am giving this hotel three stars because of the prime location and affordable price. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and there is an added $8 resort fee each night.  Our stay was okay but we won't be back. The walls are paper thin and it was very noisy. The worst part of the stay was the rude visitors who were inconsiderate and obnoxious. It took us 45 minutes to get in an elevator with our stroller. I finally had to get assertive and ask some people to let us in since we were late for an appointment. My suggestion to Circus circus would be a security guard or some sort of camera where they can monitor the rude able bodied customers who decide to cut in line for the elevator. Food options are pretty good but food is expensive. i recommend Millie's coffee shop at The El Dorado. We will stay at either The Grand Sierra Resort of Silver Legacy next time.

25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
434. Momo P.
Let's keep this short and simple. Circus circus is the go-to place to come to if you're visiting reno with children. They have carnival like games and an arcade. They also offer free shows every night such as an acrobat show, a show with dogs that can do tricks, etc. Unfortunately half of the games are closed on the weekdays. The rooms are just average. Nothing special about them. They're also pretty cheap compared to their competitors. But if you don't have kids I probably wouldn't recommend them.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
435. Tami S.
Decent us about the most positive word I can use.
Services were less than acceptable. Rooms were moderately clean. Beds very uncomfortable. Food and service in the cafe was good.
The air was so smoke filled it was suffocating. The air circulation system must be as old as the beds.

13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
436. David G.
Stayed here over Easter weekend for my birthday. Its a perfectly fine place to stay with or without kids. Skytower, 17th floor, Non-smoking....room was nice and clean, no odors. Yes....you have to navigate stairs to get there...but really...if 10 stairs are going to kill or inconvenience you....you probably shouldn't be out if your hospital bed in the first place.  Nice sized bathroom with good water pressure, granite shower and counter. Kudos for having a digital thermostat...kept room temp perfect our entire stay. Bed was super comfy and we had extra pillows in the closet. Did not stop at any of their restaurants....the lack a patrons at peak times is an indication that the quality isn't there. Will stay again next trip to Reno. Thanks Circus Circus!!!

25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
437. Jeannie L.
I only give this place three stars because from the reviews, I was expecting a horrible experience and it really wasn't all that bad. It falls along the "A-OK" category with parentheses that say (if you're not staying in your room much).

The rooms weren't dirty; I actually thought they were pretty clean. The bathroom didn't even seem to be that outdated. We had this awesome showerhead that had great pressure.

I didn't spend much time in the room anyway.

We stayed at the Sky Tower which is in a different building and it's a little bit of a trek to get from the room to the casino. The worst part was if you didn't know, and you dragged your luggage to hotel check in and then lugged it back to the Sky Tower. Luckily, I figured it out before we involved ourselves in any such misery.

In the casino, there is absolutely no reception unless you find this small spots where you can actually get a signal. It makes it kind of hard to meet up with people or find people or call anyone! But I guess it's not really the casino's fault.

The tables are pretty cheap here in the morning (definitely) but we were there during the labor day weekend so minimums were higher than normal.

Overall, not too bad of a stay. If there weren't any kids floating around because of the MidWay, it would have been awesome. They do need a coffee shop though... a Starbucks maybe?

Oh fyi, if you watch TV, you'll see video cameras of the doggies... I'm not sure where they are... but you'll see them! So random and a little creepy.

05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
438. Alexandra I.
This place is in serious need of major renovations. In going to our room and leaving for check-out the next day, we encountered numerous sets of stairs, with no elevator or escalator options. This was really difficult for me since I had a rolling suitcase and multiple other bags I was holding. One would think that in a hotel (where HUNDREDS of traveling guests with suitcases, much like an airport) would be more accommodating. My boyfriend pointed out that you could tell it was built very long ago, but they were sold out the night we were there so I'm sure they can afford some renovations... it's 2014 people.

Other than that, it just did not seem like a logical place at all and I won't ever come  back unless forced. There was a big sign in the casino that said BOWLING, but there was no bowling alley. Not even a slot machine modeled after bowling in any way. So why the sign? The brunch line was also out of control. For such a huge hotel and a Sunday morning, they should revamp their brunch/size of their restaurant to accommodate more guests.

Fun place to come if you have little kids I guess, but I am not one of those people.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
439. Jocelyn D.
This place does need an upgrade and an exterminator. The rooms look nice, and are reasonably priced, but our room was infested with ants. When I was a kid, they had a wonderful midway a circus acts that were pretty lavish, now, not so much. The games are way too expensive and are almost like gambling, in the respect that, on some of the games .25 will get you some tickets, .50 will get you more, and .75 is like a max bet and the kids can hit a jackpot! Not cool. The staff was very friendly and professional. The food is so so. It is nice to have a fridge in the room, but it acted as a freezer, and froze all of the food, an it probably contributed to the ant infestation of the rooms as well, I would imagine. All in all, it isn't a bad place, and it is affordable. We had fun and  that is what matters...and before I forget, they have a union, and we should support that!

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
440. Leslie D.
Got a room for Hot august nights,,,,went up to the room and the air conditioner didn't work so they moved us next door ,,,that was great so we go down stairs and party the evening away and the air condition had leaked all over the carpet soaked about 4 feet of course my luggage was all wet, I should have complained after paying 224.00 for the room.  But I was to hung over,,,,,,,,,I just  went next door to silver legacy and got a nicer room for 49.00

07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
441. Salvatore P.
Horrible horrible horrible
The rooms here are just Like motel 6.old out dated,and just plain nasty.the only thing that's OK about this casino is that they have the old school slots where the money come out of the slots.other than that now I see why they are going bankrupt.they need a new marketing manager and operations manager to run this casino.come guys u can make it happen. you guys are in reno .the world were million of people drops millions of dollars every year

01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
442. Diana T.
I used to stay here when I was younger because of the price. Now I stay here for the price, and because I have kids.

The beds are not very comfortable, but they do the job when all you're looking for is a place to lay your head down. The rooms are pretty outdated.

Upstairs for the kids is pretty much the same as it was when I was young. The games aren't open until 1pm on weekdays, which was a disappointment. We spent more money in this kid section than we did anywhere else in this casino. I basically won downstairs so I could spend it upstairs. The stuffed animals are crappy. The claw machines are overpriced. But I guess I'm an adult now, so that's what I noticed. If I were a kid, it would most def be better than Chuck E Cheese.

With that being said, OF COURSE I'LL BRING MY KIDS BACK. How else am I going to have a place for the kids to play, while the adults can play too?

13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
443. Britt E.
I completely hate this place. I will never return here nor any one of my friends or family. I had something stollin from me and when i asked multiple times to get help they either hung up on me, stop answering my calls, finally I got to the point were i went doewn stairs were i spoke to a gentlemen in the security department who was actually helping me till Carlos came up slapped a paper down and expected me to just take it and leave, i asked what is this, he said a number for you to call for your stollin propery, i then told him if this was the same number you gave to mu husband it is wrong. He gave me an attitude then started to curse towards me. At this point i lost it, and asked this is how you treat people? Your customers? He replied yup. Even the gentlemen i was speaking to before looked baffeled.I asked multiple times to speak to his boss and the manager he kept saying no,no and not going to happen. He then kept bringing my husband up over and over again, At this time I then got angry then told me to leave that i was trespassing, i looked and said i payed for two nights, i been here for over a day already how is it trespassing?  he kept saying was i needed to leave , i was trespassing and now being kicked out! Which was at 1200 am and I had a 8month old baby! when we left the premises, we were waiting on my car. it took them 30 minutes to get my car while it was 40 degrees or less. my baby started crying because of the cold temperature. Who does this!!?? This place is ghetto, unkind,has no sympathy for you or anyone else. I demanded my money back, then carlos told me that was also not going to happen. he only reason why my husband and i came here was to show my little guy a good time. I will never come back to this piece of dump with horrible service.
People steal, employees provoke you to get in to fights with them like the vallet,  no general manager, security carlos is a complete ass, no one knows anything, no fridge in your room you have to pay extra(like what the hell) kick you and your family out even wen you ell them you have an 8month old baby in the cold and make you wait 30 minutes for your car while they go in to a back room and laugh about it!! TOTAL BULL SHIT

27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
444. Denise F.
Circus Circus isn't the worst place in Reno, but it's definitely not the best. It's a cheap room & good for a vacation where you won't be spending much time in the room. The decor is yucky, and the tv was old & tiny..the place is just old & needs to be remodeled. The food choices inside are also slim for healthy eaters & just to find some blueberry muffins or something remotely healthy for breakfast, I had to wander into El Dorado & get food & coffee from their cafes!

The arcade area is huge, and the stores are nice too, but beware of random naked children running through the halls or a rogue toddler that runs into the elevator with you with no parent in sight!

08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
445. Lydia K.
I'd give Circus Circus 3.5 stars but since I can't I am rounding up because I was very comfortable staying here for 3 nights.  And the location is great as the hotel is attached to Silver Legacy and El Dorado.  You don't even have to go outside!

Wifi is included in the room stay but you get a code for one device per night which I thought was kinda cheap.  It is $9.95 for 24 hours for each other device...

The room was comfortable from the great shower water pressure to the bouncy but comfortable bed.  The pillows were fluffy and new as well.  We were next to the elevator but the room was quiet.  I barely heard anyone in the halls and didn't hear my neighbors at all.

Good place if you have to bring kids along (haha) cause it had tons of video games and carnival games where you can win stuffed animals like at the fair.  I don't know how pricey it was but kids would love it.

We ate the breakfast "buffet" at the Americanas restaurant for $9.99 because the buffet wasn't open yet.  I say keep walking to Siver Legacy and try their buffet there... it was OK but VERY limited.  The only eggs were scrambled and they did not taste like real egg... but the bacon and sausage rocked!

I would def stay again.  The gambling was good as well, I ended up coming home with all the money I took for playing the penny slots!

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
446. Peter S.
Had dinner in the Circus Circus and I have to say I'm not satisfied with the quality of their food the prime rib wast tough and had no flavor  and was over priced.... However the soda was good

11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
447. Patricia A.
Okay I will admit everyone starts at five stars and RARELY keeps them. Oh and there was hiccups of course but its me we are talking about. First off, I think I owe the telephone team a huge thank you for putting up with my calls bc I did read the other reviews and was scared. Next, hello its 12 30AM when I pull up in a Taxi and there are FOUR people at the desk and they are OWNING it I didn't wait 10 minutes and boom I am in my room 1271. I am nicely situated by the ice and soda machine and a family of five ...oh yeah its Tae Kwan Do competitions AWESOME ! Oh my Tv worked in the morning but not at 1AM which is okay because I got internet and hulu totally worked for me.
My king size bedroom overlooked St. Mary's hospital but not once did I wake up to a siren.
The shower tub combo and super soft towels Super great no really I wanted to lay in them.
My bed Fluffy soft and I slept with his what I needed to do.
The hotel is centrally located and if you can't do a buffet you are close enough to RiverWalk and McDonalds that you will not starve.
I did play the slots a penny no less played 10 dollars and that was all I could contribute to the GDP.
Yes, there are kids Yes, there are machines not working and yes it gets noisy but hey you are not stressing out over lifting 1000 lbs or more which I saw which was awesome but man those muscle guys have really protective girlfriends whom will take you out if you look at their man twice. So avert your eyes. My room and stay was better than some four star resorts I really do recommend hanging here if you are on a budget

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
448. Kelsey S.
BURNERS & LARGE VEHICLES BEWARE! We booked a room on our way back from Burning Man and were very excited about the Burner discount. However, when we arrived, the incredibly rude parking security staff would not allow us to park in their lot even though there were more than five open spaces in plain sight!
Calling the supervisor only yielded more frustration as he was equally rude as the rest of the staff and claimed that he could see no open spaces on his camera. Their only suggestion was to park on the metered streets and feed the meter at 9 am or leave our trailer in the lot (which according to them had no spaces) despite having my mobility impairment diagnosis paperwork in hand. These options being impossible for us and disgusted by this frustrating and again, rude, run-around, we cancelled our reservation without so much as an apology from the desk. The party of fifteen behind us ran into the same wall of disagreeable and inflexible staff and also had to cancel their reservation and turn away.
Save yourself the hassle and skip this place.

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
449. Erlinda R.
Stayed here President's Day Weekend 2014

    I made reservations a couple days before our stay directly to the hotel via phone call.  I wish I booked sooner because it was way cheaper to book a few weeks before our stay.  In addition, book directly because they quoted me a few dollars less than the prices on line.  Great customer service to the staff member who booked our room.  
    Check in took a long time due to how busy it was, however, it went smoothly.  

    Sky Tower Mini Suite w/ King Bed & pull out sofa bed.  To get to the room, we had to re park our van to the other side of the hotel and ride the shuttle.  The kids were pretty excited about doing that, plus riding the elevator all the way up to the 27th floor.  Our room was pretty spacious, clean, and had great views of Reno.  Furthermore, our room included a love seat, coffee table, small dining table w/ 2 chairs, fridge, coffee maker, and small sofa in the bedroom.  I liked how the bedroom was separated from the living, which gave everyone more privacy.  The beds were okay, not super comfortable, but not bad either and the pressure on the shower head was great.  
    What did I not like about our room? No microwave in the room and the telephones didn't work, no dial tone.  So then, I called the hotel with my cell phone and they sent someone right away.  We ended up leaving the repair man to explore, hoping that when we return the phones would be fixed.  Instead, when we came back, our phones were still broken.  Another thing I didn't like was their lotion.  Bring your own because theirs had an unflattering scent and did not feel soft and creamy on your skin.
    Wi-fi was offered, but you can only use it on one device, so we didn't bother connecting.
    Great job to the house keeping staff as they were able to give us what we needed in a timely matter.

    We got to see a free show of jugglers which the kids enjoyed.  My husband won a huge stuffed pig and pikachu from the dart game.  He wanted to continue playing so that he can try to win a toy for all our kids, however, they told him he couldn't play anymore and how it's one toy per customer.  We then moved on to the horse racing game and I won a medium sized elephant for the baby.  My husband also won another toy from putting a ball in the basket.  The ball bounced into the basket and they told him if it happens again, he wouldn't get a prize.  To me, the staff members in the midway were unfriendly and seemed as if they didn't want to give you prizes.  Oh well, as long as the kids had fun and got toys right?

    The casino was okay.  I guess all our luck went to the midway, because we didn't win anything at the casinos.  We didn't lose either, so kudos to that too.

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
450. Xiang Z.
It's our first time went to this Casino last Sunday. The gambling part was ok. But the Buffet restaurant was horrible! We paid at the service desk and picked a small table. My wife sat there initially and I went to pick food. Nobody told us that we need to wait to be seated. My wife then was suspected by a waiter that she hadn't paid the bill before entering. She couldn't show the receipt as it was with me. She was very unhappy when I came back ....    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!  Will not go there again!

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
451. Jenn N.
The room felt a bit outdated but it was clean. The elevators are ridiculously fast. The fitness room was small but had everything I needed. I called to ask them to re-fill the alcohol wipes and they did.

The main reason for my visit was that my beloved TMOS podcast was performing a live show in the Mandalay Bay ballroom.The small amount of staff assigned to the event didn't seem to know what hit them. However, I had fun and got to meet all of my favorite guys.

I played the "penny" slots for 15 minutes. By penny, they mean times 300..in reality they are more like $3.00 slots.  I put in $10 and got back $7. Ya win some, ya lose some.  At least I was entertained.

The location is great. You can get to the El Dorado and the Silver Legacy without going outside. Plus, there is a great restaurant and a Walgreens within walking distance.

04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
452. Freddie B.
Few hotels have disgusted me more than Circus Circus. My stay started bad and only got worse. I pulled into the valet parking where nobody came outside to greet me. I saw two employees blankly staring at me as I walked in, I asked if there was a valet on duty, turns out they were the valet. I checked in & was pretty disappointed by the dilapidated room I was  given. My sheets were filthy, with several stains throughout. I went to the front desk to request another room, the supervisor was actually nice and apologetic. She gave me the key to another room which to my dismay also felt unsanitary. By this time it was pretty late so I bit the bullet and tossed and turned for a few hours before getting out of there. Oh I almost forgot about the bum who had taken up residence in the lobby. I don't understand how it was rated three stars.

03/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
453. Rubbie S.
When you have kids and want to go gambling this is one of the best options to choose from. When ever we took out son here he loved it.
He would always come home with a garbage bag full of teddy bears or prizes.

We would always get a room with 2 queen beds and we slept very comfortable and happy. We would eat breakfast at the buffet which OMG, when you have a teenager I was on the one robbing them because he could eat lots of food like there was no tomorrow.

We always enjoyed walking between the hotels and taking pictures. We have eaten at the sushi place and the American cafe and pizza parlor and desert place too.  

I have used and enjoyed my free comps for free rooms or free meals and the staff has always been pleasant and assisting to us.

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
454. Angelina P.
Went in week of Jan 1st for the weekend trip with two of our good friends and kids. Got a really good room 17th floor, smoking room. Room was really nice, atmosphere was awesome in the casino area. We had a really good time and front desk was very fast and attentive when checking in. Would give 5 stars, but the smoking room be aware had a very strong smell of smoke. You could tell the different from the hallway and in the bedroom. Also we bought our tickets through Expedia. Expedia claimed the room was a suite, and had such awesome features. But we were wrong, we just got a basic room with slow wifi. Overall fun trip. Thanks

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
455. Adeline L.
Reserved a bedroom with 2 beds, got one room with one bed. Called the front desk and they said that that's the only room available. Asked if they are refunding us and they said no.... Made a big fuss and finally got a different room. Went to the new room and the TV does not work....

09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
456. Marie O.
My parents were visitors to Reno many times in the past. They had been hinting they wanted to go again. We decided to take them the last week of October. We stayed at the El Dorado but they really enjoyed gambling at Circus Circus so spent most of their time there. Sadly my mom had a fall while at Circus Circus. She had to be taken to the hospital and ended up with a cracked skull, bruises and her arm in a sling..
The Security personnel who showed up right after the fall were wonderful. I still need to find out their names. Their was a guy hanging around and found out he was from Risk Management. You would think seeing a Senior Citizen on the ground he would have shown more compassion. He left a card for me to call him. I honestly thought he would show some concern...nothing. Definitely not returning.

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
457. Mia N.
Don't expect the nicest rooms, unless you plan to get a suite, but you really aren't going to Circus Circus for the room quality are you? We only go there because my kids love to go play games in the Midway and win lots of stuffed animals that we can barely squeeze into our luggage. The games are cheap, everyone's a winner and you can also catch the circus shows in between, if you're around long enough. It's cute and entertaining for the kids. Then, when the kids are asleep, you can tag-team the sneak away if you really have an urge to gamble.

Circus Circus is connected via walkway to Silver Legacy, in addition to it's own Casino and there are lots of food options. Hot pizza to your room is a great offering!

The one negative experience we had was waiting for the valet to get our car. It must have taken at least 20 minutes. So I suggest you drop off your luggage and self-park.

Oops, one more downer, it seems internet access is free for just one device and for just one day. Come on people, most places offer it for free. Time to upgrade.

28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
458. Kian K.
No mini- fridge
No microwave
No fan in bathroom
Poor quality beds
Long line for check in
Terrible cafe
$100 per night for new years holiday!!!!

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
459. Christina H.
Drove the 3.5 miles for a Mini Vacation knowing I had an online conference call on  the following morning. Circus CIrcus only provides 24 hours WiFI service for a stay... so I paid the $6.99 for 24 hour internet.... Yeah, NO!!! After 3 hours of talk with IT, I was told to take my laptop to the lobby and use Starbucks free wiFi. REALLY????


02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
460. Clare S.
Circus Circus is my family's go-to hotel in Reno and Vegas probably because of the arcade. One should not expect a red carpet and a world-class fountain show. It's a place to rest your head while on vacation and with a little extra fun in the casino and arcade. We booked on Expedia or something and received casino money, meal vouchers, and arcade vouchers along with our room. We also got upgraded to a deluxe room. Not too shabby for a little hotel like Circus Circus. Our check-in process was pretty smooth too.

The rooms were clean and spacious. The bathroom in the deluxe room was so big! You do only get one complimentary WiFi access per room, so choose your device wisely :)

We had a great time at the arcade because of all our arcade vouchers, and now we have a bunch of silly stuffed animals to remind us of our stay at Circus Circus. The circus acts are pretty interesting -- though some are MUCH, much better than others.

30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
461. Tania H.
If i could give none or a negative star I would. This place is beyond disgusting. Very dirty, seems like someone died in there. Smells bad!! I will never stay here again.

17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
462. Davis S.
It's called circus circus because of the circus of kids. Kids everywhere, crying, crapping, cramping my style as I try to play the kid arcade games.

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
463. Can G.
Worst hotel stay of the last decade. My Family and I went there this past presidents day. Just to encounter, rude service starting from the front desk to restaurant to check out.
I accept the fact that I have to endure lines at the front desk, buffets and at the elevator just to be able to go to my room. However I cannot  understand the rude and unhelpful responses. I also cannot understand 3 bath towels in a room for four but that is another story. They should all be appreciative that they have a job in this day and age.
On top of everything else; We left there on Sunday and today is Friday and I am still trying to get a copy of our receipt. I usually check out at the front desk this time I have tried the text check out, since they were advertising in the elevators. No confirmation and no receipt. Called the front desk no answer, reservations passed me to the front desk, no answer. Hotel operator passed me to reservations, before I could finish my sentence, reservations passed me to front desk and again no answer. Hotel operator connected me to a front desk manager which forwarded me to accounting voice-mail. Called the operator again and demanded to speak to someone in accounting. Operator told me, they are out to lunch, call back later. This is my last half hour. This must be the only hotel that can not produce a receipt during the lunch hours, in the world. Just amazing.

Do yourself a favor and stay somewhere else, just anywhere else. You will be much happier. They don't appreciate you here and they don't need your money. You are simply nothing.

20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
464. Angel C.
I stay here every new years and will not plan to stay there ever again. Person at  front desk was extremely rude

thanks again for the horrible experience

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
465. Trevor C.
Cheaper is not better. Wow so i have a room booked for friday and saturday nights. I came up Thursday night instead. I need to book a room for that night. The front attendant was a bitch. It was just my girlfriend and I on the trip so we only needed one bed. We get up there and there is 2 smaller beds. So we immediately go back to the same attendant and tell her we want a king room. She tells us there is no more available. I was mad so I asked if she was serious. She acted like she typed something in the computer and then told me no again. She couldnt have told us that before she charged me.She said we had to come back down the next day to switch rooms to a king. So your telling me there was so many people there thursday that no kings in your huge casino available. Went down to gamble that night and the casino looked like a ghost town barely 4 tables open because no was gambling. Thank god its connected to silver legacy and el dorado because i wouldnt gamble at circus circus. The next day we had to move all our luggage out of the room and bring it all the way down. Just to check out of that room and get one all the way to the 22 floor. Sunday mornings comes and we pack all our luggage thinking were done we this shame of a casino and hotel. Worng, hungover we walk to the elevators only for a family to tell us there not working. I was like there is no way 6 elevators can be down. Wrong once again, all elevators were down. Thinking they were going to be fixed soon we waited. Some one else came by and told us the elevators have been down since 4 am, it was now 11. 7 hours hours at least is how long the elevators were ofline. It was probably a lot longer than that. Now with all our luggage have to walk 22 floors down. Us and dozens of other mad guests are walking down this narrow stair case. Very hard to carry your luggage down. After taking numerous stops because our hands hurt so much. The terrible stair case lead us outside. Why would ww want to go outside. Oh not to mention is was below 32 at the time. It had been snowing all weekend. We had to walk a block outside to get to the entrance. Once inside we go to check out and complain. I asked for a manager, i was so mad. I told her it was bullshit that I had to walk down 22 floors, red marks still on my hands. She tells me to watch my language or i would have to leave. I was so mad I just had to walk away. Thats the first thing your going to say to me. Well thank god thats the last time I will ever be staying there. It may be cheap but its not worth it. Dont stay at or gamble at the circus circus.

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
466. Laura C.
I only knocked off one star because one of the beds had dirty footprints on the comforter... Everything else was great; service, comfort and price.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
467. Organtitus A.
They have a dog stay, in a broom closet right off to the side of the noisy parking entrance. As the "renter" of the "kennel" you are supposed to be in charge of cleaning it. But there's no instruction or obvious method of doing that. Apparently you are to bring your own mop, bucket and disposal drain. I was angrily approached by the person who had some sort of authority over the closet/kennel. The desk manager was apologetic but that was it. In your room they have a t.v. channel where you can see your dogs in the closet/kennel. That was the saddest program ever.

What doesn't make sense is how awful the room we were staying was. It was damp, smelled of former occupants, the chairs were mismatched and broken. Outdated everything. For the price it was mildy forgivable, but why the heck wouldn't you just let people being their dogs into the rooms if you don't care about the state of them?

The front desk gives off a good impression but it ends there. Once you leave the entrance, you're in Reno proper.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
468. Jerrica N.

Man, when I went to Circus Circus as a child, everything was shiny and new. Coming back years later, it just went downhill.

The prices for the games are at a decent price I'd say. Everything seems run down...The show was pathetic, it was a girl on bars that was twirling around on her feet, nothing to go ooo or awww about. I think I could have done it!

For the ring toss, the rings were tattered and dirty, I didn't even want to touch it.

I really like the air ball game because it may look hard but it is actually easy to play and the bf won me a pillow pet elephant. I would have liked the larger pillow pet but the dart in the star game is a slim chance to win unless you're a professional dart player.

Some prizes were a waste of money but some were worth the money like the sanrio prizes and pillow pets. Really, who needs a giant dog in their room?

04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
469. Frank H.
They have the worst customer service and their valet parking people don't care about your vehicle.  I went there during rib cook off and had my tahoe valet parked. The day I was leaving I noticed that my 26inch rim was curbed and bent and tire was shredded from the valet parking hitting the curb. I made a report and was told to call risk management and I talked to them once and never heard from them again. I filled out a servey and I explained the issue and they said they will have someone cal me to resolve the issue...and guess what? No call. I filed a report with bbb last month and they have not responded to them either. I will never stay here again.

09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
470. Mrs C.
Hair everywhere, ew - bad lasting impression. We're here for a tournament, a.k.a. on a budget, so we chose Circus Circus for location, price, and the Midway, for our kids. However, I found hair in the bathroom, on the styrofoam, non-sealed coffee cups, and nightstand. When I called the front desk to complain, a young man answered, "hello?" After a few days I found a various spots of mold near the ceiling in the shower, started to notice the dirty thermostat and light switches, and couldn't stand the hallways that smelled of cherry scented deoterizer. I know, for an average of $40 per night I can't complain, but jeeze the housekeepers need to put on some glasses and the rugs need to be replaced. I'm giving it two stars instead of one because the Midway was fun and the young kids running it were friendly; plus, the circus shows were very entertaining.

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
471. Kesha S.
Come on now Circus Circus,  stop clowning your patrons. Prices were cool but the room was not exactly what I anticipated based on the Internet.  Everything is outdated, and old looking.  The franchise has enough money to upgrade the rooms.  The Casino and kids arcade room was great.  That's about it. Had a great view at night but boy oh boy in the morning,  it looked like a straight crack head city. Blah blah blah.  Next time,  I will be staying at the Sierra. The toilet sounded like a race car from fast and furious,  that old ass wall paper needs to be torn down.  The bed was old run down,  i checked the mattress for bed bugs,  didn't see any but i had to request A comforter, when it arrived I inspected it, had long strands of weave, it smelled like it been in a 85 year old closet with Hella moth balls. The tv was stuck on stupid, Don't ever sleep in room 1147, it really sucks.  84.00 for that was a low blow. I would have been better off sleeping in my car. Circus Circus. Step your game up.

10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
472. Jen J.
I like Circus Circus for two reasons. They have a fun kids area with lots of carnival games that both kids and adults can play. I also like their selection of slot machines.

I've won a bunch of stuffed animals here by playing the kids games. Its ok for adults to play, many do. I always defer to the kids if one wants to play a game I'm on though. They used to have skee ball but they removed it the last time I was here. That was unfortunate because my husband rocks at that game and was able to win a ton. Maybe too many people were good at it so they got rid of it.

The slot machines are pretty typical but they do have a decent variety. Of course, I never won here. I would win a little, then lose it again. Sure, sometimes at casinos I come out ahead by $50 or so but that is rare. Its still fun to play. Maybe I'm a sucker though.

I think they have table games here too but I never played them. I also never stayed in their hotel. I have been to this casino many times though (no check ins, it was before I got my smart phone). The food here is likely ok but I never ate it. When I'm in Reno, I often just go to independent restaurants outside the casinos because I'm not a fan of buffets.

I feel Circus Circus is a decent casino. I like that they have such a large area for kids. Its likely a good one to come to if you have kids. In the kids section, they also have circus acts at certain times. Those are fun to watch.

26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
473. L T.
All in all, a good place to stay.

The only gripe I had was that there are numerous stairs and no disabled ramps or escalators on some parts when you first arrive with your luggage and also during check out time. This makes it difficult to carry your luggage up all these random stairs placed around the hallways to make it to the registration area.

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
474. Mary C.
This is probably one of the weirdest hotels I've stayed in. The casino and arcade were fun. I played on some penny slots and arcade games for a bit, but it was so smokey I had to get out of there before my eyes started burning. It's not like the hotels in Vegas where it smells smokey, but there are high ceilings to catch all the smoke. Here it's all right in your face.

The rooms were all right. They weren't anything special, but weren't gross. I was kind of scared to sleep on the bed thinking of all the "interesting" things that could have happened on them......

The worst part of this hotel though had to be the food. I ate breakfast with my family there and I decided to get the breakfast buffet. YUCK. I think my high school cafeteria had better food. The eggs were crusty on top and watery on the bottom, the pancakes were like rubber, I didn't even touch the meat. NASTY. I advise you go elsewhere for breakfast or stick with the fruit.

08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
475. Benny H.
A lot of people always have something bad to say about this place, but overall it's really not that bad. Sure you have hundreds of kids screaming up a storm at any time of the day, but that's what you expect from a place like this.

The rooms are average. Nothing special, but not horrible to say the least. Beds are pretty comfortable and I got a real good night sleep here.

The midway and the shows are great as well, especially for the kids. So if you have kids, this is the place to stay to give them memories they will cherish.

Just wish this place had a pool. Come on, no pool? Really?

Still, not the best hotel in Reno, but not the worst by far. Wouldn't mind staying again.

27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
476. Destinee S.
These five stars are all for Cora. If it wasn't for her I don't think we would've had as much fun as we did. She's a cocktail waitress that knows what she's doing!! We even had the pleasure to get to know her. Unlike the many other cocktail waitresses who are rude when you put in a request she had a smile from the time we first met her until she left home (We wish she could've stayed lol) Her customer service was excellent. Answering any questions we had, Problem solving and more. She showed us where the band was and listened to some jams with us.

I really hope this yelp doesn't go unnoticed by her supervisors or managers. If it wasn't for your awesome employee we would've went elsewhere.

I wish you nothing but blessings and happiness Cora. We will definitely be back! We will look for you and hopefully we can hang out then.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
477. Jennifer L.
Fun place to go waste your money, whatever hasn't been blown on the casinos. An arcade, casino downstairs, plenty of restaurant options, gift stores: plenty of options abound. We went only to the arcade and briefly to the gift store. The arcade has all the classics: skee ball, air hockey, ball tosses, etc. my personal favorite is the Wheel of Fortune. Could  spent all day and all night there until going into debt! Prizes are your typical cheap carnival fare. Nice place to play some games and get into a more family-friendly place than the casinos.

13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
478. M. B.
Came here to meet up with other campers it was clean and nice
I'm not really into the stuff they offer there but I had a kick ass deli sandwich and a great cup of water
To bad Reno does not have as many as tourists as they use to have
Circus circus is defiantly a great memory from my childhood and it's still a nice place to be at
Thanks guys for everything

26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
479. Felicia P.
I wanted to be impressed with Circus Circus, as I have such great members as a child; however, for adults, it's definitely lacking.  I'm not one for gambling, so that wasn't the basis of my visit.  I simply wanted to get away, chill by the river, engage in some physical activities, eat good food, and not pay a fortune for a nice room.  Yes, I know that's asking for a lot.  

Arriving and checking in was fine.  Unfortunately, we were put in a room at the clear end of the floor and there was something wrong with our window--it was shaking and making a weird squeaking noise.  Within half an hour, we changed rooms.  Our new room smelled like smoke when we first walked in, so the maintenance person (who also let the front desk know that we needed a new room) changed the air filter.  I guess he didn't hear that our toilet was running.  No worries, though, because we couldn't hear it in the sleeping area.

We brought food (and herbal supplements) with us that needed refrigeration, but guess what?  There are no refrigerators in the rooms.  So, my sweet potato bread that I made at home (and it was hella good) spoiled, and the carrot cake that I saved from my dinner melted and the frosting started to spoil and that totally ruined my enjoyment of that delicious slice of carrot heaven.

Our last night there we decided to order room service.  We ordered a simple margherita pizza and Belgium waffle and were told that it'd be an hour.  An hour came and went and we still had no food.  We called room service and they said she'd be right up.  30 minutes later, our food arrived and it was cold.  The pizza was tasty, but the waffle was soggy, as they used strawberry syrup instead of the fresh strawberries described on the menu.

As I said, great memories as a child and even when my son was younger.  But as an adult without young children, I prefer something a little more lavish.  I guess that's what I get for taking the frugal route.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
480. Elizabeth H.
Stayed here post burning man. It was a-ok!

Low burner population
No after parties
Dirt cheap

Food not available 24-7
No pool
Cafeteria quality food

I'd totally go back to the circus circus. It was so cheap, we got excellent service from all the staff and it was quiet. That's what we wanted. We visited friends at GSR one night and I wanted to choke everyone. For crying out loud stop partying! I would loved a pool but sands and gsr both had pool parties post burn which is exactly opposite what I was looking for. Circus was great. Highly recommend if you want to sleep, shower and hit some slots.

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
481. Sunia S.
Just stayed here for one night (Nov. 2-3) on the $39 deal. I love this hotel. I stayed on the 5th floor in a big room with two king size beds, which were very comfy by the way, and a nice huge bathroom. Checking in & out was easy breezy. I loved walking around the casinos and just observing all the cool lightings, bars, stores, etc....The only complaint I have was the remote control for the flat screen TV I had in my room. It was hard to navigate on it. Also when I would flush the toilet, it would make a weird sound after lol but overall great hotel for the price I was given & wonderful staff to. I'll definetly be staying here on my next visit

04/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
482. Anthony C.
My GF, and I played skeeball. My first throw was a bank shot right into the 100 hole! So I thought yeah I got this... but then at the end of the game she had 260, and I only had 250. Darn it... So to add insult, on the skeeball game you get a prize at 260 but not 250. Geez... so she got this cute little piggy, and she gave it to me! I was happy... so then we walked around, we watched the acrobat show, and then I decided we needed to play air hockey before we leave. Again she spanked me!!!

Well... I love circus circus even if my girlfriend beats me at all the games! :)

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
483. Brandii B.
Ever since I was young we'd always go to circus circus. While the adults went and gambled I had to babysit my younger siblings and cousins and we'd get dropped off at the midway. It was the life, I loved that place.

Now that I'm older, I've seen every single game and nothing's new. The chicken game, the horse game, the shows nothing's changed. I mean if you're young you'd love this place, and if you've never been here it's the place to go with you're kids. But like me I've seen it all while growing up and I pretty much could win at every game that's how long and how much this place has never changed.

As for gambling, I don't like the slots as much. I've played a bit, but I hardly get anytbing. If you're looking for slots go to Grand Sierra or even Peppermill, fun slots and payouts are often :)

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
484. Felicia P.
I will never ever stay at this place again. I came here over 25 years ago as a kid. I swear they have the same carpet, same bedding, same old wall paper. I had to change my room because the first room was very very unclean. I found pubic hairs on the bathroom floor. There was a crack in the bedroom window where you could hear the wind coming in and there was an awful odor. My second room was -okay. The staff looks bored and like they are just collecting a pay check. This hotel needs to be renovating immediately.

The food was okay at the buffet. Desserts were old and dry. The decorations in the whole hotel is outdated. The game area in the midway was too hectic. I felt really bad for the workers there. Bored out of their mind

02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
485. Erika S.
Came here to take my son!! I was disappointed half of the arcade having area was closed off and the shops upstairs were closed!! Although we came across that we still had a wonderful time, seeing the shows and playing the games!

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
486. Jo Jo D.
Okay, let me just tell you that I am not a gambler! I seriously hate losing, so I don't play, however, I did win a great bargain at Circus Circus Casino and Hotel on this last trip...
I love casinos, once you get past the cigarette/cigar/fabreze smell being pumped from the casino floor it is quite the entertaining place. You can see chubby senior citizen women with their purses (which you all know has some stolen food wrapped in napkins from the Circus Circus buffet) playing the slot machines along with some burly truckers, frat boys and hoochie mamas getting their game on with the various number of slot machines and table games. Now let me tell you that I am old school kinda slot machine admirer. I tend to like the older models that have the revolving spinny things as opposed to the new electronic ones. I mean the electronic ones seem like they are much easier for the casino to control.

So I checked in on a Thursday evening (October 2014) which was surprisingly cool and pretty mellow. I drove in with my friend George and got our car parked right away. (note to self: Thursdays is a good parking night in the structure) We walked in with our bags and check-in was a breeze. A sassy Filipino guy named Orlando checked us in a jiffy, not to mention flirted with us... We joked around with him and it paid off, he put us in a great room in the Sky Tower which over looked the neon Clown sign that says Circus Circus, the convention center, which looks a lot like the Epcot dome and some of the rest of Reno's skyline. The room was really clean and spacious, great flat screen television set which showed my name when the tv turned on.. (Momma, I made it on tv!) The king size bed was comfortable, George tossed and turned a little because he needs more of a firmer bed!

So, we did the little tour of the grounds, it is much smaller and compact then the Circus Circus Las Vegas, so you can get around pretty easy. Plenty of shops you can grab a bottle of water, a key chain or even one of those electronic vapor things all the kids are smoking these days!

The Midway area they have is a perfect place to drop off all the little brats you had to bring along since nobody you know wanted to take care of them.. Its cool because they will keep entertained with all the carnival games and arcade games they can muster. They aren't any rides like the CC LV but they have a show every couple of hours, acrobats, a girl who bounces around and these real flamboyant guys doing tricks with dogs.... (get your mind out of the gutter)... This is a family place... (eyes roll)

They have plenty of restaurants at the Casino, including a sushi place, a deli, a steakhouse and a Mexican place which I pretty much didn't go to any. And of course the buffet, which I could have went (and get a free dinner)... (more about that later).....  

So, make sure you sign up for the ONE casino club card, its that card you stick into the slot machines and get points, they send you emails and discounts on future stays, etc. They let you play this game after you sign up and it gives you freebies... Well, George and I got free buffets, however, we had already ate!!! damn, damn damn,.... and it expires at the end of the month..  Neither one of us are going.. No worries... I doubt the buffet had any vegan options....

Will I be back for discount vacation in Reno... hell yeah, will I go to Circus Circus, you bet your white trash self I will.....

11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
487. Taylor G.
This place is seriously a giant dump. The building is owned by MGM, and it looks like they forgot about this place entirely. The rooms look like hell, air conditioner barely works, the wallpaper is coming off the walls. The shower gets clogged and overfills when taking a shower.

The midway, where all the attractions are, is effing garbage too. Half of the arcade games do not work at all. The prize games are way over priced.

The casino itself isn't too bad. Some tables, but the slots have a HORRIBLE pay out rate... I guess this is what you get for 39 bucks a night. I will seriously never come back here again. They need to close down this rundown shame of a hotel/resort

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
488. Jessica F.
We checked in on Nov 21-23 the registration lobby was very nice. We stayed in the Sky Tower, we took the tram shuttle it was really quick. However when we got to tge Sky Tower it was like Ghost Town...it was dead,dirty outdated and just too dark.

We got into our room and the lamp was out, I had to call the frontdesk to get it replaced. (Only light for the room were 2 lamps). The room was completely outdated only thing upto date was there flat screen TV.

The best part of our stay was the game area for kids!

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
489. Lynette T.
Casino/ arcade review.

No where near as fun as the one in Vegas.

Every time we've gone to Vegas, my husband wants to go to the kiddie arcade and do the dime or quarter pitch.  Which they don't have here.  
He was sadly disappointed by the arcade.  Just didn't compare.
(I'll admit to being secretly relieved because he usually goes at it until he wins a giant stuffed dust magnet.)

I just played $10 on a Wizard of Oz slots, but wasn't feeling lucky.
So I cashed out as soon as he found me.
All the people seemed low energy and tired.  The vibe was rubbing off on me.

So we left to stroll further down the street and see what else was happening in Reno.

22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
490. Kellie S.
We only stayed in Reno for one night when our plans changed and during the week rate was $55 with taxes included. We stayed in the 'old' building and walked to our room the first time, the second time we took the tram- which was a very interesting experience. I felt like the tram was going to fall off the tracks.....so we walked to/from our room from then on.

Our room was clean, bed was comfy and the hotel was just a place for us to sleep and it fit us well. It was not the most up to date, but for $55 I wasn't expecting a Four Seasons property.

We lost a decent amount of money in slots, but we weren't lucky in Reno at all when gambling.

27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
491. Stephany Z.
I'm extremely aware of service , being in the hospitality industry . Circus circus has exceeded all my expectations . The house keeping and front desk are fantastic . They have free valet parking , free wifi among many free rewards. Outstanding work!

08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
492. Joshua C.
Can't really complain about this hotel. It provided a good priced normal room with an okay view of Las Vegas. The stores downstairs are also pretty good, it was almost like a mini mall.

08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
493. Warren L.
Be advised that if you play at this casino and are robbed or have something stolen from you, none of the useless sacks of shit here that call themselves "employees" will do a single thing to try and help you.  They will simply shrug and make the implication that it was your fault and then tell you some variation of "there's nothing we can do" and "we're not responsible."

Here's the play by play:  I visited their casino during MLK weekend, deposited 80$ into their machine craps game, got it up to $130, cashed out, then took it over to the redemption machine.  I inserted the ticket, it accepted it, but then...nothing.  I called over the slot supervisor, a Filipino gentleman apparently incapable of comprehending  the English language, and spent the next half hour plus trying to explain the situation to him.  After a shitload of back and forth, he finally goes and checks his computer, then tells me that my ticket was cashed out at a different machine.  I didn't see how this could be possible, so I insisted that they have security check the cameras.  It was then that they saw that the ticket was accepted, spit back out for some reason, then quickly snatched away by an individual lurking behind me.  After relaying this information to me, the slot supervisor just shrugged and said, "Well, it looks like someone stole it, so that's not our responsibility."  I didn't find this answer to be acceptable, so I asked to speak to a pit boss.  I made the case to her that the machine wasn't functioning properly, as there was no reason why the ticket should have been spit out again, and that the guy lurking by the machine must have known that.   She just shrugged, implied that it was my fault or that I was in on it, and offered no compensation or assistance whatsoever.  At this point, I was really starting to get enraged, so I located security myself, and explained the situation to them, hoping for a better response.  They pretended to take down a report, got my contact info, and told me that they had "guys looking for him all over the casino" and "bike patrols scouring the perimeter" which of course was a complete lie.  They then shrugged (are you seeing a pattern here?), and told me that "it sucks, but that's all we can do.  We'll be sure to call you if we locate the guy."

It's been two weeks, and I've yet to receive a call from anyone (surprise surprise).

Long story short, fuck this place.  Hope it burns to the ground.

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
494. Olivia B.
This was a nice place, spur of the moment to stay. Decided to take a trip last minute for just one night and this was great. They accomidated us with a room for four of us. Room was clean and a/c worked :) The man that checked us in even offered up some advice of what we should check out while we were there.
**hotels tonight app or priceline.com have better prices if booked prior to arriving.

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
495. WCmommy M.
My daughter really enjoyed the midway here. The games were about a buck each so it was really fun and she got to play a bunch of games! Your kids will definitely have a blast!

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
496. Sirena L.
Spent the weekend here for Street Vibration 2014..had the best time. Rooms were in great condition and the teens had a blast. Great buffet too

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
497. Crys S.
Kids love this place. We try to make a trip to reno at least once a year..  if your planning a family trip with kids. Circus circus is the place to go. Great arcade games for the kids. Circus shows every hour of each day and the restaurants and food is good too!

24/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
498. Andy R.
As a long-time visitor to Reno in addition to being a local for the past year, I've had a few visits to the Circus Circus.  Overall, it's passable, but I think you'd definitely be better off elsewhere in a nutshell.

I've stayed in both the North and Sky Towers over the years, and haven't really experienced any issues with customer service or room cleanliness.  The place is just old.

The pros:

-They offer an option that can allow you to check in to your room as early as 8 am with no additional charges, and also offer late checkout by-the-hour charges.  Convenient if you've got a late flight leaving town.

-The casino is old-skool, with many slot machines that still drop coins.  I haven't played there in a really long time, as I'm only playing a couple of different types of slots these days that unfortunately aren't offered there.

The cons:

-The Courtyard Buffet.  Avoid at all costs (see my separate review.)  If you should dare attempt to eat here, call an ambulance ahead of time, because this place is gnarly.

-The entire casino has a wicked, disgustingly sweet, coconut-scented air freshener built into the ventilation system.  You walk outta the place with the stuff sticking to your skin, and it lingers on you for days, even after several showers.  It's worse than any tobacco smoke problem I've ever encountered anywhere, which is saying a lot.

-The whole concept of the place being kid-friendly, although that's what they're known for.  What parents are doing bringing their kids to a casino is still way beyond me.  A recent walk through the arcade was shocking.  Yeah, they've still got all the old-skool circus midway and arcade games, such as skee ball, but I kid you not, some of the modern games are literally kid-friendly knockoffs of slot machines.  There's even some type of game that's almost identical to the Wheel of Fortune, complete with the wheel on top.  Point blank, I'm almost certain that 99% of the kids that are in here are gonna be degenerate gamblers someday!

-The property touts itself as being pet friendly, but be warned:  dogs aren't allowed in the rooms.  They must be checked into the kennels downstairs.

If you're in a bind and Reno is completely sold out, it's doable, but investigate other options in town first.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
499. Melanie R.
I was surprised by the low rate available for this hotel on a Saturday. So we booked.

Unfortunately, we didn't know there was a whole different building we'd have to make the long walk to, to get to our room.

And multiple elevators were broken. We had to wait in a massive line of people to get up. And down, we ended up just downing 19 flights of stairs. Pretty annoying.

The desk clerk wasn't very helpful either, she could have warned us about this mess.

The only good part was that we got a room with a nice view. But it was an average hotel room otherwise.

We won't be staying here again.

04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
500. Johnna S.
Last year I had to go to Reno alone with my daughter.

Of course, I did not opt to stay here. Almost any hotel is better to stay at in Reno, not to say that any is MUCH better than this one. Rooms in Reno are just kind of crappy.

However, I had a free morning, and I decided to do something fun for my daughter. It was a weekday. It was early. I knew that Circus Circus would be pretty dead, so why not. I remember we had to kill some time before it actually opened. I remember being surprised by that.

My daughter and I practically had the entire arcade or 'midway' to ourselves for maybe 2 hours. The whole time was spent on that machine that drops the ball into holes marked by the number of tickets you win for doing so. My daughter loved the game. She had no idea idea what she was doing, and I really didn't get it either. But apparently she was VERY good at it.

She enjoyed that for a while, and at a mere 3 years old, agreed to leave when the raucous crowd showed up around 3-the time I imagine school lets out. The mutual agreement was a moment of truth between us, a nonverbal commitment that she will not end up being white trash. And boy, I could go on about some of these kids. But I won't because it's not their fault. It's their absentee parents' fault.

We must have won some kind of jackpot because I just counted all of the tickets we got from that ball game, which have been in an old plastic bag for like a year or more. We have like 6500. We were going to redeem them for prizes but we both wanted to get the hell out of there. I don't know if we will ever redeem the tickets.

We also decided against eating here. We were pretty excited to leave. We don't like clowns or circuses or this particular shade of cool pink. They should maybe try balloons or something for the clown-averse. And they need some referees in the children/arcade area. I honestly do not recall seeing one employee. There were no role models there or responsible adults there for these kids. It was really sad.  If I happened to be very rich, I would pay someone to organize these kids into doing something more productive. They should require that these children be accompanied by adults with clean rap sheets. I know that is impossible but some improvement should be made.

This is something to do if you are stuck in Reno with a young child during the early afternoon.

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
501. Mika S.
We stayed for a couple of days during the week to catch the snow storm. The front desk staff was really nice, and the suite was spacious and clean, and great location.
However I was a little disappointed that the maid did not properly clean our room, she did not change the sheets but she made the beds, and gave clean towels, garbage was not dumped and nothing was cleaned. I notified housekeeping, and they sent someone up to clean the room properly.
Oh, and for the full experience of the midway gaming area do not go during the week, only half of the midway is open, they close the other half during the week so you can only play some of the games, but you can still see the circus acts.

18/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
502. Farrah W.
From the line around the building to get into the elevator for our room to the crappy beds to the paper thin walls it was horrific. We are not fussy or high maintenance but we couldn't wait to leave. The kids in the room next door were screaming until after midnight and started again at 530am. That isn't the hotels fault but a little sound proofing would go a long way. They also don't give their staff proper authority or tools to do their job. Sad. Will never stay here again.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
503. Lillian S.
Way better stay than I thought it would be. The rooms weren't as bad as some of these reviews make it seem. But the elevators sucked! Long lines to get on and off & sometimes the buttons wouldn't even work. We were able to get a mini fridge for $6 a night. There was no cell or wifi service in the casino so we gambled at one of the other ones connected. Over all it was a good stay.

22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
504. Flower M.
We just tried the Buffett at. It cost almost $100 for three adults and three children. Their selection is lackluster. There was nothing there that really impressed. They had a pizza bar, salad bar, dessert bar, and fruit bar. There were not many protein choices. Prime rib, turkey, rotisserie chicken, and a very poor looking taco bar. I won't go back. I don't feel we got our money's worth and the food did not look appealing.

06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
505. Nicole Z.
Id love to give this hotel more stars but I can't. Our biggest problem here was waiting for an elevator. Every time it took about 5 minutes. On Sunday we waited for 35 minutes for an elevator. This is ridiculous in itself but add to the fact that there doesn't seem to be any a/c in the halls makes it that much more miserable.

Speaking of A/C we had to have the a/c in our room on full blast just to have the room at a comfortable temp. I don't even enjoy the cold so it wasn't like we like it icy.

More negatives...they have no microwaves and no refrigerators.

Also you only get free wifi for one day! How DUMB is that?!

The beds were very comfortable tho!

Also I booked my room well in advance under the impression I paid upfront. Apparently they only charged me a deposit and I had to pay the rest when we got there. I would have rather paid it all together but online it didn't give you that option. That's annoying.

The casino itself was the only redeeming thing. The steak house restaurant was really good and if you sit at the bar in the middle of casino and play the quarter machines on the actual bar you will def get your money's worth in drinks...because they are FREE as long as you're playing! The bartenders were so helpful and kind.

We come here every July with several couples and usually stay at the vagabond. This was our first time staying at one of the casinos. Loved the convenience of being on the strip but not sure if we will stay here again. Maybe we need to try another casino based hotel.

20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
506. Clark G.
a friggin dump in all facets.  i see the lure for young families but man these poor kids lungs are absorbing sooo much 2nd hand smoke.  especially the ones in strollers as that sippy cup may as well be infused w/marlboro.  get those lil rascals over to aces park or on a family hike in the sierras

i love how all the out of towners throw their "im from california" swag around.  oh your from the neighboring state just 30 miles from here?! (applause).  pretty sure your id says "insert foreclosure town here", ca and not la jolla, beverly hills, sb or pac heights so stop it

sportsbook: young writer asked me to repeat my wager 3 times after he rushed me to his line

cocktail waitress: old bag methhead server shows up w/tray and whispers taste this as she was unsure which drink was mine? come on!

craps table: absent minded surly dealers makin sexual harassment jokes.  kicker was how 2 unsupervised youngins interrupt the table and ask for the bathroom...wtf.  following roll outcome evident

deli shop: cashier / supervisor shrug when lady w/diet restrictions asks about artificial flavoring.  wonder if this poor lady keeled over if these nitwits would seek assistance or stand there like lloyd and harry

promotions players club: an adobo convention as they signal ya over in that annoying accent "what would you like siiir?" and are short with their replies to valid questions

bathroom attendant: he was cool!

12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
507. Ashley Z.
Staying elsewhere and decided to check out Downtown.  VERY disappointed in the Circus Circus dealers.  Seemed that the 3 that dealt at my table were all either incompetent or "new to the game."  Several mistakes were made...and each time the dealer just laughed it off.  How is it funny????  Apologize...especially when your mistakes cost me money.  One of our dealers (Paul?) while very nice, spent more time talking than he did dealing.  I actually had to ask him to please stop talking and just deal at one point.  I finally got up and left.  I come to gamble, not chat.  Sorry Circus Circus...you lost a gambler.

Left 2 stars because of the free shuttle service and fairly speedy cocktail service.

10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
508. Oleg O.
Checking is horrible most of the time for this and most of nighboring hotels. It takes at most of the time about 30 minutes to stay in line. Check-in stuff work slow, no rush.

Rooms are grate

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
509. Robert D.
I went here with some friends who didn't feel like gambling so we thought we would go play some carnival games.  If you would have told me I was going to have the time of my life I would have laughed at you.  It was a blast, just like being a kid again with all the familiar games which were so much fun to play.  Not to mention they actually give away big prizes, although it is a casino and not a traveling carnival who are literally living on peanuts.  If you want to have some out of the ordinary fun you haven't done in a long time come here and relive your childhood.

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
510. Koogmo ..
Room was clean and QUIET. Room had a nice view of the desert mountains in the distance.

When I checked in, the front desk clerk failed to inform me that my room was located in the OTHER BUILDING ACROSS THE STREET. I was wandering around the 7th floor of the main building until one of the housekeepers took pity on me and asked if I needed help finding my room. She then directed me across the street.

Free parking was much appreciated after being in San Francisco and paying $20-$30/day for parking. (Watch out for the college kids taking bong hits in the middle of the lane. Almost ran them over coming around the corner.)

21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
511. Grace B.
It was the middle of the day and it was our stop before we went to our hotel.  We were just too early.  I bought a Hello Kitty silicone ice making tray at the gift shop.  It was really cute.  Of course it cost and arm and a leg for just a teeny tiny thing.  It is Reno inside the Casino.  What do you expect?

I got it anyway because Simone was already grouchy with the car ride.  Just needed something to distract her a little.

The place is very clean and clear. There is an arcade area for the kids, some restaurants and it connects with two or three more casinos without changing car garages.  It is a nice place.

24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
512. Andrew D.
This review is for the hotel only.

This is definitely the best $39 a night hotel I've ever stayed in. We had admittedly low expectations, but the internet deal we found was too good to pass up. The rooms are dated, with red patterned carpet, older bathroom fixtures, clown paintings on the wall, etc. but not exactly distasteful. There are some modern touches, too, like a huge flat screen tv and triple-sheeted (comforter-less) beds. Our room was entirely clean. I did not feel gross in here for a moment. Service was friendly, location is good, and the price was right.

26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
513. Michael R.
Local review:

While I've never had to stay at CC, as a local parent I've visited the Midway area as entertainment for my kiddo at times. It's less than 15 minutes from my door on the NW side of Reno. The roaming staff was helpful and broke a large bill I had so I wasn't stuck with a bazillion quarters. I do like that there is the option to still play with QUARTERS vs just tokens or a game card. It's like being able to play the old slots, there is something cool about the process of plopping a quarter in a machine to play vs swiping. There is a good balance of ticket vs prize games, but the "arcade" is pretty much an afterthought.

Also as an adult, keep those few pinball machines coming in, it's nice to know I can read about The Walking Dead pinball and check it out there along with the decent Star Trek one that came out a year or two ago. If anything, get some more!

And one suggestion for those of us willing to throw away money, but have fun getting tickets, offer bags because it gets unruly carrying around wads of them very quickly.

The only real cons are the same for most of the attractions in Reno: they tend to show some major wear and when the crowds are huge, it can get pretty tough to keep a small child from getting run over while walking around the gaming area.

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
514. West W.
If you need to use wifi while there expect to pay.

They advertise free WIFI but what they offer for free is not usable. I was getting .15Mbs Down .08Mbs up with 650ms ping...

I can understand your not going to get the best WIFI at a lot of hotels, but this was so bad I couldn't even send an e-mail to my boss.

I've never reviewed a hotel this poorly over one deficiency, but this is a big one and it was inexcusably bad.

14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
515. David I.
We booked a non-smoking room and upon check-in we were told that the non-smoking rooms were completely booked. I told them my family had asthma and they said they were sorry but there was nothing they could do about it but bring us a fan.

The rooms are small and outdated. The "Free (Basic) Internet" is far from basic, I clocked it at .27mb/sec. You can't even open email with those speeds.

This is defiantly the last time I set foot in this establishment.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
516. Teresa T.
Update -
Alix, the sales manager contacted me following the horrible incident with the reservations manager and  front desk. She did everything in her power to "make it right". If we have any issues with our new hotel I will definitely give her an opportunity to win my business back.
Business travelers - Learn a lesson from me and only deal with the sales department - avoid reservations and the front desk.

22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
517. Misty P.
I booked this hotel through Orbitz, and was kind of scared to stay here based on some reviews. All in all, my stay was pleasant. Best part is it was $23.00 a night. Can't beat that!

The rooms were clean, beds were firm, bathroom was spacious with numerous towels and hot water, and the air conditioner worked. I checked the bed for bedbugs and it appeared clean.

The rooms were fairly quiet. Even though there are more kids that stay here than at other hotels (just like the one in Vegas), it did not bother me. Usually at night they went to bed and all was quiet for a good night's sleep.

The midway is smaller than the one in Vegas, but I didn't take any kids here on this trip. Despite that, it's still a pretty decent size to entertain your kids. Downstairs is the casino which was a bit tight with winnings, but pretty good sized as well.

Parking is valet or self parking. I self parked and got confused on which elevator to take but eventually figured it out. There are west, east and green area parking areas which lead you to different elevators to different garages.

Check in was a bit long due to long lines and only 2 people at the desk, but the line moved at an okay pace considering. Staff was not that friendly at the counter, but not rude either.

Check out was a breeze.

The only gripe I had was that there are numerous stairs and no disabled ramps or escalators on some parts when you first arrive with your luggage and also during check out time. This makes it difficult to carry your luggage up all these random stairs placed around the hallways to make it to the registration area.

All in all, a great deal, and pleasant stay. I went on day trips on all of the days, so I only used it to come back and sleep. This hotel served its purpose.

24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
518. C B.
Completely unimpressed. This place is an absolute mess. Stains everywhere - this place is disgusting. Oh how I wish we had a refundable reservation. The decor is horrible to top it all off - very old, ugly furniture. The couch is the most hideous piece of it all - honestly, afraid to even sit on it. Just paid $300 for two nights - depressed doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this place. Will definitely be staying elsewhere the next time and only visiting this place for the circus acts and games downstairs, as that's the only appealing thing about this whole place.

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
519. Christine O.
I just left there today and had a great stay. Everyone was really nice. Rooms were clean. We booked 2 rooms. Room service was awesome!  We had a problem with the air conditioning but the housekeeping put in a call and within 2 hours it was fixed. No complaints here!

22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
520. Yolanda R.
Great place for families and kids!!!!!!!!!!!   Lots to do....
I have gambled here before but never stayed inside hotel room!   This best thing is how it is connected to Silver Legacy and El Dorado.

10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
521. Mark D.
Been coming here since I was a kid. And the reason I only gave it for stars was that it looked exactly the same! Lol same decor, same furnishings, same everything.

Bed was really comfortable and rooms were kept tidy. Definitely staying here again

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
522. Keenan J.
What can i say... First time is Reno and am really excited. Drove down here easy and my check in to this hotel went really smooth. A business associate  of mine told me about this place. Nice and big, lots of rooms, great price.. Valet Parking, clean etc..
Got a nice room and as soon as we put our stuff in the room, we rushed down to the restaurant.. Nice and friendly staff, great food, nice ambiance..
One thing that was funny was all of those security personnel walking around the casino..  I mean those guys were like 6,5' and weighed like 300 lbs.. And i am not talking about 300 lbs of muscle...  I still wonder how they could chase someone who would steal a casino stuff toy..
Anyway, nice place..  I give it a 3 stars because the decor of the rooms would really need a change and i mean upgrade!
Nough' said!  Yelpy out!

04/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
523. George B.
Circus circus  is one of the cheaper hotels in Reno especially compared to Peppermill which I enjoy. But the hotel wasn't all that and.  The rooms were simple and clean.  Nothing fancy out worth noting except the bathroom.  Walked in expecting a small bathroom  but it's nice and spacious.  I'd actually say it's huge.  So that's definitely a plus.  As its known for it has the game area for kids and a show that they have all day.  They only have 2 shows.  One is with a dog trainer who trained  his dogs to do various things i.e. Kick him into a garbage can and roll him away.  The other one is with an Asian acrobatic (no surprise) who climbs up these long sheets (don't know what you'd actually call it)  and does aerials which was interesting.  I don't think the dog show is worth it but the aerial is OK.

As for the tables I think I'm going to stick with Peppermill.  The original dealer was horrible because he doesn't know how to shuffle properly.  The cards weren't being mixed.  But putting that side the house kicked my butt all night long but it was fun nonetheless.  Peppermill just  has a lot more tables and choices.  They only had about three tables and it was nearly impossible to on one.

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
524. Angela H.
While the casino itself is dark, sparse, and outdated, I actually had the best luck at these slot machines. For that reason, I'll come back.

02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
525. Megan P.
Circus Circus is a place geared towards families and we stayed here on a family trip because of this. To me, the hotel its a place to sleep but is run down and in need of renovations (like most of Reno). The cost is low and is OK if you have kids. The beds are uncomfortable (springs in your back) and check-in and the elevators are a zoo. It is nice that you can walk through to the Silver Legacy and the El Dorado which is where we ate all of our meals based on the terrible Yelp reviews for the Circus Circus offerings. I am glad we only stayed one night. I would not stay here again and likely will not go to Reno again either.

23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
526. Caressa Q.
This place is soooo crowded! Everyone's kids is running around unattended! Beware! Lol

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
527. Pamela D.
If you want to be uncomfortable, this is a good choice.

We were told the cost covered internet, but turns out the cost of staying covers basically dial up or less speed.  When you go to use it, you receive a notice about paying more for better quality internet.  Oh thanks guys.  When someplace says Wi-Fi access is included, you expect DSL or better, not unusable crap.

Our room smelled like a smoking room, and it was not.  It was in the Sky Tower, which we were assured was non-smoking.  The walls had huge yellow streaks on them in places that tells me that this has likely been smoked in repeatedly.  

Lets talk discomfort- the bed was a rock.  We could see the springs on the bed through the bedding.  Lets speak about the bedding too.  No blankets.  Just sheets and a decorative strip that I'm sure is a re-purposed table runner.  

The walls are thin and I can hear the neighbors and everyone who walks in the hall.  So I try to set the heating unit to fan to drown out the sound of them, but even just set on fan it keeps turning off, so I have to download a white app noise for my phone, but at least that allows me to turn the heater back on because I'm about to freeze to death given that on fan there is no heat and my bed has no blankets and it's winter and 32 degrees outside, but I was willing to wear a hoodie to bed to drown out the sound of the neighbors.  Priorities.

Now I'm not a person who finds myself sore after a poor nights sleep on a relatively firm mattress, I never have back issues.

I was so stiff and sore after my first night on this bed that I'm walking funny, can't seem to stand up straight.  We'd booked 2 nights, the second night I literally took the pillows and lined them all up, and slept on top of pillows the entire length of my body.   My husband who never snores is snoring from a stuffed up nose that seems to be from the smoke smell, as every time we leave the building it seems to clear up.  Day 2 he's got a sore throat too.  And he's sore too.

The wallpaper in the bathroom was peeling, the shower smelled of mildew and the caulking around the sink had pulled up, and had been left ON THE SINK.  Like the person who cleaned our room had pulled it up and left it, a little balled up chunk of caulking, as a message to any future caulking who should dare set foot in their crappy bathroom.  The toilet was weird with a button push to flush right on top center of the tank, so you have to use your hand and you have to push HARD AND HOLD IT, or it doesn't work right.  Flushing the thing becomes a trip ordeal we discuss too.

It was clear our room had housekeeping pass through.  It was relatively clean-ish... although there was a pubic hair on the packaging for one of the individually wrapped plastic cups.  

It's official, we're never staying at Circus Circus again.  

But wait, there is more.  When we try to leave we learn something interesting about the elevators.  They seem to prioritize upper floors.  So we hear the elevators wooshing by our 17th floor, but they never stop.  5 minutes after we got there and pushed the call button, another couple shows up.  They tell us they were from 5 floors up, and they'd waited for an elevator for quite some time and it never stopped, so they came down a few floors and tried waiting at ours.

We wait together for another 5 minutes.  The other couple leaves to take the stairs all the way down and as they leave, say "it's not going to stop here either".  We wait another 5 and another couple shows up, and another, and a family.  Soon we're waiting with 15 people and tons of luggage, far more than could fit in one empty elevator, and the elevators keep wooshing by.

So in the end, after 25 minutes of standing around we take the stairs too, as you hear those who showed up after us in dismay saying "oh my god really?  They're taking the stairs?".  Down 17 floors.  Which are clearly meant more for fires only.  They are narrow, they have funky lighting, they are not designed for hauling your luggage.  I feel sorry for the family with 3 kids and tons of bags, they may still be waiting for that damn elevator... I mean I feel sorry for the individuals with the monstrously large bags too (it seems some bring their own bedding?  they must be regulars).

Thank God we weren't in a hurry and are in relatively good shape.  If you aren't going to fix your elevators, at least put seating for like 10 or more in the area where you wait for the elevators.  That way feet aren't sore before they begin the stairs descent.

There are also hidden fees, so the price you booked online isn't the price you pay at the end, and when you arrive you are probably going to find a REALLY LONG check in line.  Both times I've stayed here, it's been in the ballpark of 40+ families long.
Do yourself a favor, and go somewhere else.  I won't even bother discussing the interesting time we had at the restaurant here...

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
528. Kevin F.
While I didn't expect great things because the room was inexpensive, it meet our needs.  However, we were VERY disappointed with the valet parking system.  The intake works "normally" and is smooth, but the retrieval system is poor compared to other Reno hotels.  The person who is SUPPOSED to be at the window where you go to claim your car, is usually chatting at the bell desk or in the office that ajoins it.  Several times during our stay, we had to go to the bell desk to get their attention because their social life is more important than their job...

10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
529. Joe B.
OK OK. Roaches! Horrible horrible hotel. I'm losing track of Everything, from my blankets and towel covered by  blonde and long brunette hair.

I have short black hair and just walked in room..

Roaches, the 2 of them were dancing! I took video....
TV wasn't working
Keys when I checked in were not working
No one told me I had free internet and I was paying for it.

Bellmen ignored me when getting out of cab on arrival and hotel made me wait 7 hours to check in bcuz reservation clerk made mistake. They didn't want to rectify it all.

But the housekeeping was awesome. Bravo ladies!
And a front desk clerk name Mike on Saturday morning. The only 2 things that went right. Lolol

24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
530. Ryan B.
My wife is from the East coast so shes never known the joys of Reno and Circus Circus. She has always resisted, but I was finally able to convince her that we'd have a great time. We finally booked two nights, with our daughter, so I can share some of my prized childhood memories with them. Well, one's memory and reality don't always fall in line. I didnt expect the entire hotel to smell like cigarette smoke thats been trapped there since I last visited in 98'. Even our non-smoking room on the 23rd floor couldnt escape the stench! The cast away circus performers have seen better days, one would hope. If you choose to walk around the hotel in downtown Reno you'll be surrounded by transients who look like they will be performing the next circus act. We left after one night. After being hung up on by 5 different Circus Circus managers/employees I finally gave up trying to be refunded for the second night and chalked up the whole thing as a huge loss. (I tried calling and emailing since, but haven't gotten anywhere with that either - those clowns must be running the place) Circus Circus definitely left an impression on my wife, unfortunately, not the kind i intended. Lets just say I'm not allowed to pick our vacation getaways anymore. Should have chosen Tahoe...

20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
531. Fran P.
My teenager and I had a blast when we stayed here this past week! The Midway is perfect for the non-gambling set (including myself!) and our room on the 27th floor of the Sky Tower had an amazing view of the mountains! The room was pretty clean and housekeeping did an excellent job. Perhaps it's because we came in the beginning of the week, but checking in and out was no issue (despite other reviews).

I did have to knock off a star for a couple of reasons:

1) The bed was a little too soft for my taste and the sheets were really itchy.

2) The breakfast buffet at the Americana was a little sparse and the older waitress seemed like she was in a rush to get us out of there, and it really wasn't that busy. Plus, my orange juice tasted like soap. We ate a lot at The Buffet at the El Dorado and Cafe Central at the Silver Legacy, which were really good!

Yes, we would stay here again!

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
532. kristeena t.
I had a blast time this weekend. My friend got married today at the chapel in circus circus! We bar hopped last night with our yellow mustaches! Circus Circus is very accessible to everything. You can walk over to silver legacy for Starbucks!

I wish I was on the same floor with my friends. But it's all good!

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
533. Sierra T.
We tend to stay here because of the lower prices rooms mostly but prefer GSR 110%. CC has great weekday deals and the rooms are clean and somewhat updated. The  "tower" rooms are accessed by shuttle which is kind of inconvenient so we upgraded to a main casino room. Good food and service. It's nice to have the El Dorado and Silver Legacy attached for more dining choices. My only real complaint is they do not allow room service to be charged to the room.

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
534. Corina M.
I stayed at the Circus 2 nights only.  While the room was outdated, it was very clean,  the sheets were bright white and smelled clean; same goes for the towels.  The free WIFI was good enouh for internet browsing, email, facebook.  Most definitely geared towards kids :)
Not all the restaurants were open so I ate mostly at the Americana Cafe.  Lots of food for $13-$18.

25/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
535. Lillian H.
Circus Circus is fun! There's the typical casino and an area with an arcade and carnival games. This place is great for all ages.

The carnival games are pretty cheap. They range from $1 to $5. I like how the carnival games are not rigged unlike at the actual carnivals. It's actually possible to win! They have some pretty nice prizes. There were minions, unicorn from Despicable Me, and fruit ninja plushies.  

They have free 5 minute shows at the game area every hour.

26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
536. Richard H.
We had bad memories on how bad the food was here last time we went here, so tonight it wasn't even on our brains that we we're going to eat here, after by passing both Eldorado and Silver Legacy because we felt the prices were to high we ended up at Circus Circus, and decided to go ahead and give it a shot, since the prices were reasonable, this time I must say I was rather impressed with the buffet, the meat station has everything a meat eater could want!
The main knock I have on this place, the deserts weren't to impressive, so just got a cheesecake- it was ok. The other knock I would have, is the tables need to be bolted down lol, they make a awful noise when your getting up and the table moved.
I love that they have Pepsi products!

18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
537. Carroll M.
Wow! The decor was tasteful, staff attentive, and haute culture was to be had in spades!

Nah real talk cesspool of American nightmares out here.

28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
538. Melissa R.
Check in &;valet were awesome.  Annie did check in.  Thanks for your patience.  Valet guys were awesome too.  Really nice to my hubby's service dog.  Very friendly service.  Thanks!

06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
539. Jesus C.
Tip on getting to your room! Around check-in (on weekends) there will be a long wait around 3 p.m. The line usually goes around the corner and its really long. Anyways if you take the escalator down to the lobby and catch the elevator up, you avoid all that madness.

We checked in on Friday (around 5) and luckily missed all the madness!

Let me first start off with housekeeping. It looks OK when it comes to bed, towels, soaps etc. Although all this looks nice, they don't clean the room 100%. One of the nights I moved the night stand to look for a plug and I found an empty Crapri Sun pouch and what looked like an old orange under there. Our chair in the room also had some gunk on it. We did not touch it since we rather stay disease free lol. seriously though, it looked like some nasty banana pudding.

The room was spacious. They do get a +1 for completely replacing the AC right away. The repair man was funny too.

The Hotel itself offers plenty of restaurants to eat at. Some serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. some are better than others. some lunch deals for around $10 and you get to have tacos, pizza, chili, chicken, etc. it was great

They offer plenty of entertainment here with an arcade for the kids and those drunk adults that feel like throwing sharp darts at the balloons. Aside from the arcade they have casino games for my kind of drunk grown ups. Plenty of options and to put your house on the line.

I would stay here again for the right price. This goes for all the casinos in Reno though. You cant compare them to Vegas at all. Although pricing is cheaper than Vegas, sometimes it should be cheaper than what they offer it for.

-Moose Out

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
540. Sammy C.
Adding back one star because their management showed cares by commenting my previous review, adding another star for taking customer's suggestion seriously.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
541. Keith B.
We ended up booking here on a Valentine's Day weekend night before driving to Tahoe. If you need a kid friendly casino, this is the place to nurture their gaming habits early.  The arcade area, aka the "Midway of Fun" is packed with carnival style games of chance and skill.  Accordingly, the area is also packed with kids and their associated adults.
Now the hotel is a touch dated, so keep in mind, you're not at the Bellagio.  That said, it's not a bad place to stay, every thing worked, and the staff was nice.  Just don't look too closely...you might see things you don't want to see (see photo posted with this review).

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
542. Ken D.
If you're thinking about coming to Reno for a small wedding and you don't want to fret day and night over the planning, you might want to think about having your ceremony at the Circus Circus.

I didn't know what to expect when we were hired to shoot a wedding at their chapel and Vesta and I were a little wary, because of a bad experience we had with the wedding people at the Peppermill. The Peppermill experience was so bad that we'd decided to never photograph a casino wedding again.

But the bride's father called us and wanted us to shoot his daughter's wedding, so I told him we'd go by the Circus Circus and talk to their people, then we'd get back to him. Once there we met Julice who is their wedding coordinator and we got along very well with her, so we shot the wedding.

And I have to say it was a wonderful experience. Julice couldn't have been any nicer if she was an angel dropped from Heaven to grant our every photographic wish. The lighting in the chapel was perfect. The ceremony went off well and we expected no less when we saw that Kristopher Dahir was the minister, because the last time we'd done a wedding with him as the officiant, he told us whatever we needed to do during the ceremony to get good photos was okay with him, because he understood how important photos were for the bride.

After the ceremony, Julice had the couple sign their marriage license and she made sure we got good photos of that and then she helped us corral all of the bride and groom's family and friends together for the formal photos.

And as an extra added benefit, the Circus Circus is a fun place to stay and play. If you've got kids, there is not better casino in town for you and if you're a kid at heart the same holds true.

27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
543. Chris O.
This review is for the Midway.

You could go online and buy a lava lamp for $40 (or any number of the prizes they offer at the redemption center)........

Or, you could take your child to the Midway at Circus Circus, get $40 in quarters, spend a couple hours playing games with them (all the while celebrating each awesome win) and then go to the redemption center, bag full of tickets in tote, and let them pick from an array of prizes (lava lamp for 2000 tickets?.... Yes please!)

You do what you want with your $40.... I'll be in the Midway!!!

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
544. Deanna P.
Cheap is not always better!!!! I will Never, Ever give this place another chance to disappoint me. I initially booked a Queen standard room. I called 3 times to insure my reservations where correct. We got there super late so we checked in, ran upstairs as saw we had a double bed. We were exhausted from our 3 hour drive so we let it slide sleeping in a room we did not book. I go to the restroom pull up the seat and there is dry urine on the toilet, I was beyond upset, wiped it off and was ready to check out!! My husband begged me to let it go, sleep it off and change rooms in the morning, so I reluctantly agreed, that was strike 2. We wake up and decide we already unpacked maybe it was a slight mistake lets not get anyone in trouble and enjoy our day.

Our final day has come, Im up putting on makeup and try to use the blow dryer Which did not work, ok my frustation has built again. I walk into the bedroom area set my makeup down and a lip liner falls off the night stand close to the wall. I pull out the night stand, and to my horror, i see trash left behind from other people, hair rubber bands, and a baby  sock. I was like, OH HELL NO!! I keep looking around the room to see what else has been left. That carpet clearly had not been vacumed in days, there was was hair weave, and more trash under the bed area, and by the window. There was so much dust on the mirrors, and pictures I felt like who ever cleaned that room could give a damn about the reputation and standards of the hotel and it's brand.

I take my things out because It was check out time. I go to the check in area with the pictures of what I had experienced showed it to the front desk lady so she could inform housekeeping. When I showed her, she was beyond unempathetic and could care less. She goes to the back, comes back and says, I can only give you $85 back. At that point I laughed andl I knew I would never come back again. It was never about the money or freebies, it was about giving people clean rooms and addressing the fact, your rooms are  unsanitary. I could not use my blow dryer, the t.v kept cutting off, the lights kept flickering. I will never, ever stay here again let alone stay at a place who does not put a fresh roll of tissue in the rooms between guest!!! My whole trip was ruined and spent in a unclean un-kosher room!! Never again!!!

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
545. Tim P.
I used to wonder why the mega-companies implode those hotels on those TV shows.  After my recent stay at the Circus Circus, I think I understand.  Yes, I was almost what  one could consider an "apologist" for Circus Circus, but that was before my most recent stay.  

My wife and I were married in Cupid's Chapel of Love, which is now buried under the Circus Circus parking garage.  So, we've been coming here for decades which is probably why we lasted this long.  But after our stay a couple weeks ago, we think it's time to break tradition and make a new one.

What could be so bad?  Well, the noisy brats that get toted along during the $29 stay periods are a given, as are the people that think they need to leave their doors open so they can "holla" down the halls to each other.  There was also the broken hair dryer (which when notified, rather than replacing/re-mounting, they just brought a new one in a bag so we had to leave the old one dangling during our stay), but that wasn't even close to my biggest concern.  Ok, no more suspense... the thing that is a deal breaker for us:  COCKROACHES!

Seeing the critter happened mid-way through the stay and we seriously weighed going home early but we had tickets for events and appointments scheduled already.  It totally creeped us out and from then on everything was bagged carefully to prevent any "hitchikers" coming home with us (to say I am freaked out by roaches is an understatement.)

But what was even more alarming than that?  The fact that this wasn't shocking to the girl when I was checking out!  She didn't say anything like "oh my gosh, we'll get the exterminator up there ASAP" or anything.  She just said "well, next time we can move you".  My shocked reply was simply "there won't be a next time."

It is sad as it is the end of a long run for us here (over 20 years!), but I guess now the kids are grown up and since it's just the wife and I traveling maybe we should be staying at a "big people" hotel avoiding the two and six legged pests.

02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
546. Sophia Y.
Wow. You look out your window and realize that it's located right in the middle of a ghost town! Despite all the lights at night, this place is no Vegas! Regardless, it gave us a cheap place to stay for the night and it provide some entertainment and it was close by a couple of restaurants as well.

The room itself was just okay. Let's just say you definitely get what you pay for. There was a TV with cable which was just about as high class as it gets. The bedding was cheap and outdated but the bathroom was okay.

Downstairs, there is an arcade for kids which I still found really fun. Imagine all the games at the state fair but indoors and for cheaper. That's pretty much what it was. My little cousin played pretty much every single game, won tons of (cheap) prizes and we still had a whole night ahead of us. Lucky for the adults, there is a casino in the hotel as well. There are a lot of people who are playing, but you will eventually find an open table.

Overall as mentioned above, you get what you pay for. It comes at a cheap rate and w e just needed a place to stay for the night.

07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
547. Tessa B.
I'm staying here in Reno while I attend some business meetings for a couple of days. I wouldn't normally stay in downtown Reno, since I have a cousin that I can stay with, but she lives way down in South Reno and my business is right here down town. What convinced me was the prices! Usually most of the time you get what you pay for in hotels and I was leery of the lower reviews.

The price was only $24.00 a night mid week! That's using the $5.00 discount for AAA. It sure didn't turn out to be a bad experience at all! Especially for that price! What was super nice is check in is 8:00AM! that day! I have never seen that before! So, I didn't have to lug around all my shit till 3:00pm check in or something! Parked my car right in the free parking structure right my the elevators and strolled over to the front desk. No, lines! Checked in right away, no lost reservations or anything.

Walked right up to the room and plopped all my stuff in the room. The room was way bigger than I thought I was gonna get. I big king bed with lots of floor space to move around in. With the resort fee, ($7.95), you get the WiFi service and some other stuff like use of the gym. The WiFi works fine, not blasting fast, but good as most Starbucks. Room was clean, no weird stray hairs or creepy crawly things under the bed. The bathroom was spacious and the water pressure! Wow, it's like a fire hose if you want! The AC and heater worked fine, just set the easy to use controls and you are all set. I've definitely paid more for worse places! So far all the staff is fine. I'm so glad I made the decision to stay here ...... OK the price is what really did it. I checked next door at the Silver Legacy ... $10 bucks more. I always thought the Circus Circus was old and run down, but it isn't!

As far as the rest of the resort, I'm not gambling, so I can't say anything on that and most of my meals are provided for at my business meetings. So I won't give a low rating just because I lost a lot of money gambling like some Yelpers do! For the price Circus Circus is a 5 star with no drawbacks of a low priced casino hotel ...... like that stupid Tropicana in Vegas! It was Walmart goes to Vegas! Reno is the bomb!

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
548. Rachel N.
For how much great stuff I've heard about this place I'm very disappointed in my experience; I guess you can't ask too much with these cheap prices, though!

27th floor so we had a nice view but the room was anything but. All in all very dingy and gross. Sheets were stiff and had tears, mattresses are hard/not comfortable, shower was dirty and had no pressure whatsoever. The walls are also very thin, you can hear everything your neighbors do from turning on the sink to opening the door; even a couple rooms over!

It's also a decent trek just to get to the Sky Tower elevator which is all the way at the end of a hall to no where; the layout makes no sense. They have a tram that will take you part way but trust me, you can walk faster than it moves.

Room service is very quick but menu items come from the Americana Cafe downstairs which is just a two star review in the works.

You can have two people on wifi at a time or else they charge more. Logging in isn't even worth it, you won't get anything from their shitty connection.

The casino is decent but you'll enjoy yourself more at Silver Legacy. The only thing I can really appreciate is how cheap it is, but I'll spend some extra money to have a nicer trip.

22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
549. Joey J.
Reno is kind of at an awkward phase. It's starting to get a little classier, catering to your modern hipster crowd. But downtown? It's still 1985. And at the center of it all is Circus Circus. Inside, you can smell the remnants of cigarette smoke,slot pull sweat and regret. The casino is your standard casino, with all the standard ways to lose money. The rooms are also fairly standard in that you don't pay a lot or get a lot either. The "luxury" suite I reserved was technically a suite as it had a separate bedroom. But outside of that, it seemingly had the old couch from my grandmother's house, a table and something resembling a flat-panel TV. But what can you really expect for a $130 a night suite?

I'll give it an extra star for the superior people watching.

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
550. Mary J.
Noisy, noisy, noisy!!!! Unless sleep deprivation is your "thing," stay away from this hotel.

I had a special request for a quiet room and on May 14, 2015 there were guests being noisy from 9pm to 4am up and down the hallway.

Don't call the front desk!  They want you to pack up your stuff,  go back to the main desk in the other building at midnight to get reassigned to another room. Guess it our fault we wanted to SLEEP at night? ?

Then told me that because I booked through Expedia they wouldn't remove the charge for the room for one night. . Never mind sending security to patrol the sky tower!  I am extremely disappointed in the way this was handled.   If they couldn't meet our request for a quiet room,  they should have called and let us know so we could re book somewhere else.

I will go through expedia for a refund and will never stay at circus circus again!

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
551. Jeffery S.
I personally find gambling a boring endeavor.  The primary reason I decided to stay here was the low, low price for a room.  About 30 bucks a night.  I had bought into that urban legend where these casino's have these plush rooms and elaborate buffets, all at low prices in an effort to get you to come and gamble.  Bit of a shortfall on both counts here.

Lets start with the room and amenities;  the room was pretty basic if not slightly kitschky.  Mattress was hard (I like them that way), pillows were adequate, sheets were a bit thin and worn, room was clean and spacious, wifi was nice and there was a flat screen TV.  I had no problems sleeping here although I would not lounge around the room all day.  Most annoying thing about the room is that they super glued the lamps on the desk and the end tables.  Now what is that all about.

The much anticipated buffet was closed when I got there, in fact almost all of the eateries shut down at 8 pm.  There was one deli that was open in the casino, but I was hoping for more than an egg salad sandwich.  Casino itself was like any other casino, all these tired looking people chain smoking cigarettes and working the slot machines or black jack tables.  Not my scene at all.

So what Circus Circus is, is a cheap flop for the gambling crowd.  It's clean enough, but it's not a place a seasoned business traveler would want to go to.

21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0