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Crest Inn in Reno, NV

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 525 W 4th St, Reno, NV, 89503

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    Comments (2):

    1. Oscar A.
    I hate to say this, because the owner was a really nice guy, but three words best describe this place: giant bed bugs. Yes, fellow Yelpers, it was that gross.

    10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. S K.
    I should've known. The REAL issue here was that my bf, at the spur of the moment, decided at 7pm he wanted to drive to Reno on my bday weekend, which falls on Labor Day weekend (clever). A 4hr drive away, the result of poor planning is that you end up at a dump hole like Crest Inn. dump hole is an understatement. As I type this review, my skin crawls from the thought of this place, and I mean that with conviction. There was not a hotel room vacant in the entire city, and having driven forever, we were tired as hell, and stumbled upon this place. We had LITERALLY got the last room available, as they guy started turning folks away right afterwards. My feeling of luck was very short lived, and I mean that. When we pulled into the parking lot, my first indication that I was on skid row were the 5 police officers that were coming out of the lot. Shortly after, some wanna be pimp and a "prostitution whore" we're trolling through the lot. Going up the stairs to my room, it couldntve been worse. The corridor was beyond disgusting, I didn't even want the bottom of my shoes touching it! Walking up towards "my" door, I could see water all over the balcony walkway, seemingly coming out of my room. The window was gaping wide open, and there was a huge industrial fan blowing inside! o_O To make a long story short, the key didn't work, so I go downstairs to tell the guy. He had already turned all the lights off in the office and was gone THAT fastM I banged on the.door, and he finally comes and tells me I have to turn it really hard! I tried that, and it still didn't work! I go back down, and he says he would send his "guy" up. Lord Jesus Christ, please send him.back down! This grungy, sloppy, beer belly, dirty mechanic, greasy looking guy comes up to try his luck, and I almost vomit! Like the mere feel of this place was just overwhelming like poverty stricken! He couldn't even get the key to work! He ended up giving us his master key and said we had to give it back the next day! Omg, the inside of the room was HORRID, plus more! First off, the fan was blowing b/c the floor was wet! The guy said he had just "shampooed" the carpet. wOW. The putrid smell of this room, I couldn't figure out what that smell was. The old furniture, the broken television that had NO sound, the ran down bed, and worst of all, the sheets. Omg. The bed didn't have any pillows when we got there, so the guy said he was going to get some. When he left, we were so taken aback by the disgustingness of this place, we pulled the covers back to see the sheets, and OMG! There were like dried up blood stains on the covers! The comforter was like idk, a homeless persons blanket that's been used for YEARS! (no pun) there was a huge gaping hole in the wall, I just knew a roach was gonna come crawling out at any second! I couldn't take my shoes off, couldn't lay down, couldn't put my bags down, omg I just cried. literally! We went back to get our money back, and the guy said he could only refund $10! I was livid!! We paid over $100, I wished for another hotel, even at $500 night, I wished for one! We slept in the car! I don't even know what else to say, I won't ever return to The CITY of Reno bc of this horrid experience. I'll never forget the feeling of hopelessness this place gave.

    02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0