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La Quinta Inn Reno in Reno, NV

La Quinta Inn Reno in Reno, NV


The La Quinta Inn Reno is convenietly located 1/4 mile from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport,  minutes from Virginia Street, the historic Reno Arch, major casinos, the National Bowling Stadium and the Reno/Sparks Convention Center.  Visit the National Automobile Museum or play over twenty challenging area golf courses. There are several restaurants nearby and shopping at Meadowood Mall. From here, reach Lake Tahoe ski and recreation areas and historic Virginia City in one hour.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.09

Address: 4001 Market, Reno, NV, 89502
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Comments (33):

1. Paul H.
Where to begin?  The lobby entrance  was roped off with crime tape (OK, not crime tape, danger, do not cross) so you search around for an alternate entrance.  The paving in the parking lot is a disaster.  The exterior of the hotel is badly in need of some paint.  The room,however was clean, AC worked, and we parked tight outside.  I stay in a lot of La Quintas across the nation, but this is in the "poor, won't stay again" category, there are other choices.   I'll check out their breakfast, but I don;t stay here for the "free" breakfast.  Price was ok, and I'll continue to stay at La Quinta, just not this one again.

25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Dude S.
If clean and basic is what u are looking for then this is the place! The best part is they are pet friendly and DON'T charge a pet fee.... Its not by casinos or much but perfect cause we were just passing through and needed a quite stop. TAILS-A-WAGGIN for this one:)

15/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. M W.
Does what a hotel needs to. Staff sets out a decent breakfast, pleased with the pet friendly atmosphere. Huge walking play area ( not fenced though ).

27/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Rose S.
What can I say, a pretty standard motel.  The room was mostly clean, but the carpet had some questionable areas, and the bedding was old-fashioned, crappy motel foam pillows and scratchy comforter, but appeared clean--enough :-)  Hated the bathroom, but it was super clean, just small and the shower head was falling off the wall.  Also, there was some kind of massive construction going on, starting at 7 am, which included a guy using some kind of sparking instrument on the metal staircase, which scared the you-know-what out of me.  For his sake as much as mine.  Beer bottles littered the exterior halls, but the place was quiet, from a fellow guest perspective, and nothing to shady seemed to be going down, oh, and the place was ridiculously cheap w AAA discount.

Staying here again?  Highly unlikely, but you never know.

02/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Robin R.
I stay here a couple times a year when a trip to Reno (with my dogs) is on the agenda.  No charge for dogs is pretty much unheard of and this LQ is clean and not all that expensive.  The rooms are non smoking (a plus for Reno) and, again, that my dogs are allowed and it's easy for me to get them peed at night in the "pet area" is a big plus.

14/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Leo D.
The best thing about this motel is the breakfast and cold a/c. Other than that, dusty pillows and comforters, uncomfortable beds and a less than clean, cramped bathroom. For a few bucks more you can find a good deal at a 4 star casino hotel, you just have to look for the deals.

30/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Steven P.
The room were OK. Price is right. And they take dogs without charge. I am OK with that.

Only thing is you can tell the motel is pretty old. But, they kept it well.

Also, room is a little on the small side, a little noisy because the freeway next to the motel, and water drains a little slow in the tub.

I'll stay here again, only if I bring my dogs.

15/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Silvia R.
They honored their coupon without any questions. Room was really clean and breakfast was good.

31/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Mark J.
I stayed at La Quinta last week for a job interview.  Well, I didnt get the job but I was pleasantly surprised at how new and clean my room was.  I must have gotten one of the newly rehabbed units, the place smelled fresh and clean and they had a flat screen TV with real HIDEF, Direct TV I think.  The bed was a king size and also was very clean.  It was very quiet even though Hwy 395 is next to it.  The AC worked real well from a wall thermostat and was also quiet, a big deal for me.
Some folks mentioned the neighborhood as being less than desirable but its across from a US Post office truck yard and a high school.  I felt very safe there..
The breakfast was standard stuff and they had a waffle machine that was awesome.
I would stay there again if need be, for the money, in the 70 buck class its a very clean place and I did not see anything that range in Reno that wasnt gross or yucky.
Thumbs up for La Quinta!

14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. DeathandFood H.
Our go to place for going to and from that little party in the Nevada desert. The best things about this place is that it's not in a casino, you can park your car right outside your room and they are not at all phased by everything being covered in playa dust.

The rooms are standard motel room but very clean and the aircon works. You can usually find very good rates from the place on priceline. It's not the Ritz and it doesn't claim to be. The bed are super comfy and the bed linens are all fresh and new. It would be nice if there were frigs in the room. There are pay laundry machines on site. The spouse would also like me to add that the wifi is free and it works great in both of the rooms we stayed at. I liked the pool was heated and it is open until 10 pm.

It's quiet and there is a heated pool which is great after a week or two in the desert. Check-out is at noon.

27/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Bobby L.
I only stay here for three reasons...

~ Best place to store bikes.  When we go mountain biking around the Tahoe area, it's hard to find a decent place where we can park and unload equipment next to the room.  Besides, it would look a little funny and awkward walking through a hotel casino with mountain bikes.  

~ Hot and fresh waffles in the morning.  Every La Quinta provides buttermilk batter for guests to make their own waffles during breakfast.  The smell of fresh waffles can quickly wake me up.

~ BBQ Rib Cook-off convenience.  Every Labor Day weekend, there is an air-conditioned shuttle service available for Rib Cook-off guests. Wooster High School, which is located yards away from LQ, is a pick-up/drop-off site for the millions of people attending this annual event.  I just leave my vehicle at the LQ parking lot and walk on over, ready to grub on award-winning ribs.  

And now for the deductions....

The rooms aren't all that.....they "look" older than other LQs I've been to, but adequate.  Perfect for people who don't sleep or sleep little when they're in Reno.  

No complaints with housekeeping.  But one of the front desk hosts (Jessica?) should take a course in professionalism, hospitality, or basic common sense.  She should never talk sh%t about guests in front of other guests; and when breakfast time is near closing, she shouldn't be rude to people who are still in the dining room area.  

Renovations and front desk staff training would facilitate another visit to this LQ.

03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
12. Rod '.
Wanted to really like this place, but a few things just made that completely impossible.

1) beware that the picture on the property is misleading.  This place looks like a dump eventhough it isn't.  I know this sounds contradictory, but read on.
2) the rooms are a little dirty.  Granted I know that this was the only place that accepts pets w/o charging a cleaning fee (thus the 2-stars)
3) for the most part, the staff is really friendly especially the morning front-desk/breakfast person that diligently did her work and was there every day during our 4-day trip.
4) pool was nice and clean.  It was a god-sent to fight the sweltering 110 degree heat in Reno.
5) don't stay the Fri. of Hot August Nights.  It never fails that you have some Asshole who makes a ruckus and talks really loud at 2 AM in the morning which then prompted you to ask your DP to call hotel management since she was the one that was more mentally aware.
6) this place feels and looks more like a Motel 6.
7) last but not least.  It was cheap for the week of Hot August Nights.

16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Lorrie M.
I've only been here once, and a very long time ago, but this was the first place that I could think of that made me actually feel like it was possible to have a nice chain hotel. Or I should say ... nicer?

I've been to my share of Super 8's and Motel 6's and I placed La Quinta more or less in the same category so I was not expecting much. We were room sharing with a horde of people so no surprise that this was the choice to be booked.

The lobby is reasonable, regular, nothing special, the rooms are clean, comforting and room service is good. In general, it just didn't make me feel icky and that was my biggest surprise. Usually when you stay at a less luxurious hotel, or one of this type of class, you often end up with this gross feeling and everything is covered in ... yuckiness.

Thankfully, we survived the weekend, snow and all and it simply wasn't bad. Would I come back? meh, not if I have better choices, and there are plenty! ... but in the end it wasn't bad.

04/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Matt M.
This La Quinta was okay, some good and some bad. I'd give this LQ a 2.5 if I could but will round up to a 3.

Good: bed was absurdly comfy, dogs are welcome, big pet area outside with grass and rocks and benches and tables, good rate (~$62/night in the winter).

Bad: pretty old place, room was clean but still felt dirty, free breakfast was so ridiculously small that they should feel bad calling it a "breakfast".

Either good or bad, depending on your point of view: location is extremely mediocre; out of the way but somewhat close to the airport. We heard a plane or two take off but it was never a bother.

All in all, I'll probably try to find somewhere else to stay next time I'm in Reno.

10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. Lisa M.
A clean, reasonably priced hotel. Dog friendly, which was great. Large dog potty area.  

Fast wi-fi!   No crashing during our stay either.

Great water pressure in shower and I loved the cute shower curtain. :-)

Well stocked breakfast of  waffles, cereal, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, OJ, tea, coffee and bananas.

Centrally located to downtown (10 min) and freeway.

Some freeway noise, but that was drowned out by the AC.

10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Denise C.
Stayed in this inn in Reno to go skiing around Lake Tahoe. It was clean and organized. Nothing to complain about and nothing to rave about. It's not too expensive and does the job for finding a place to stay in Reno. Not too far from the casinos and downtown. They offer breakfast everyday.

31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Pixie G.
There's one serious flaw in these hotel rooms: you can't close the thick curtains to block out the sun in the morning, and the thin white curtains that can be closed are see-through. If you value privacy this is not the place for you. And if you don't like waking up at the crack of dawn, then you won't like this place. We will remember this for future trips to make sure we don't stay at this hotel.

06/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Jackie G.
we needed a place to stay in Reno that would allow us to bring our 4 dogs.  thats right, 4 dogs.  they have a pet policy (a document to sign) but asked no questions as to the number of dogs, size or weight of the dogs.  they provided a wonderful pet area, grass section, poop bags, etc.  the room was clean and we were never bothered by hotel staff.  i even brought on of my dogs to the lobby to pick up the free breakfast for my husband and me...  i would totally recommend this place to dog owners.

14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Jenny M.
One of the cheaper places you'll find on Saturday. This place is clean. Good quality for people on a low budget. There's a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, free WiFi and a great selection of channels. Breakfast is good here too. Yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, apples, bananas, bagel, eggs and waffles. The staff is friendly and overall my experience here was great.

09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Rebecca S.
3.5 stars ... Standard little chain motel in Reno. Comfortable beds, nice staff, quiet rooms, plenty of parking, close to the freeway, airport, and Costco.  

Breakfast could have been better, but they had a bowl of apples so that held me over till we hit Starbucks.  Not a huge fan of batter blast waffles and pre-packaged bagels, but the fam didn't seem to mind (and they're the one's paying, so thats what matters... you know how it is).

Dog friendly and no pet deposit is a huge plus

Cousin who lives in Reno says this is a 'ghetto' area, but I didn't get that vibe. Next to a freeway is never a great place, but for a motel it wasn't that bad.

19/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Dan M.
About a month before our stay, I booked a room from Priceline. My reservation specified a non-smoking room.

When we went to check in, the front desk person said we would have to sleep in a smoking room. She said that all the non-smoking rooms were booked. We were informed that the prioritization of non-smoking rooms was folks who paid directly to the hotel were first, those who book through Priceline and other discounters were last. Since I had booked through Priceline, we were on the loosing end. Needless to say we were not happy. Four of our friends were also staying at the hotel. We called them to say we would have to go to another hotel and that they might only have a smoking room. Someone in my party mentioned to the front desk person that their policy was about to cost them 3 rooms. Almost immediately she said a non-smoking room had opened up for us. This seemed like a coincidental miracle. We inferred that there non-smoking rooms available but because we booked through Priceline we could only have a smoking room.

Imagine if all hotels did this. You plan your trip a month in advance and then find out there are no non-smoking rooms available when you get there, but there really are non-smoking rooms available. You are being lied to and penalized for booking through Priceline.

If La Quinta does not want to honor reservations through discounters, then they should quit offering the rooms through these discounters.

12/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. K C.
Next to the highway, so there is some car noise. They allow dogs and cats at no charge. Nice shower pressure. Good complimentary breakfast. Perfect for the price. They offer a good AAA discount.

25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Curtis A.
It's alright. The place is pretty nice but nothing to shout about. Staff is pretty nice. Rooms are small but the plus side is that it has new TVs with HD channels which is in contrast from many hotels that usually have horrible reception on the TV. I would stay here for a night but would not make it a regular.

22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Jenn G.
We had a reservation for a room right after Burning Man.  When we got there, they had given it away to someone else.  We were shocked and so we stayed there for a few hours, waiting for them to get us another room.  They didn't offer us any sort of compensation or discount.  They finally gave us a room with a toilet that needed us to manually pour water in it to flush it.  That wasn't so bad though, we just couldn't believe that they cancelled our reservation without letting us know or giving us a better option or compensation.

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Blake P.
Frequent traveler, and familiar with La Quintas.  This is very close to the airport, and some restaurants but not much else.  It's right off the freeway though.  It's the old motel style of La Quinta.    Rooms have not been remodeled and most tend to have musty or old cigarette smell.  It gives you that Reno casino flavor you are looking for.     Breakfast is ok, better bread, waffles.  No fruit usually and juice is subpar.  I've never used the pool and there's no gym.  Wifi is fairly slow.  Service has always been great.  No weirdness in over 8 visits here.  Oh and yeah, it has the window heaters that have trouble with consistent temperature.

27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
26. VeraChris N.
I was looking for an inexpensive, overnight place to stay for myself, my children and my mom. After comparing prices and some reviews online I settled for this La Quinta Inn.
Driving up to this place almost made me wish I didn't choose this place... It's right off of the freeway in a dark industrial-like area.

But... The night desk lady was really nice and friendly. Our room was easy to find and we were able to park pretty close to our room. We had 2 queen sized beds, and our room was clean and quiet. It was a perfect overnight stay for the four of us.

The continental breakfast was pretty awesome. My whole family had a great breakfast. The ladies working the breakfast area were on point, keeping everything very well stocked and clean.

I'd stay here again, should the occasion call for it!!

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Olivia H.
We needed a place to stay with our dog on our cross country trip. They asked no questions about our dog, and the room was clean. The pet area was a bit of a problem; people kept taking their dogs to it with no leash. But, the hotel itself was a straightforward, decent stay. For those with pets, I definitely recommend.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. Anahid G.
We were driving cross country and stayed here with our two cats. They were very friendly on the phone, and matched the price we saw on a cheap hotels type website. Based on our conversation, when we arrived she had booked us into a room where we could back right up and unload the car. Dinner recommendations were spot on, while the motel could use a renovation, the rooms were clean and in good shape. No complaints there.

It's not the most modern hotel, but the breakfast was good, the people friendly, although as others said it was in an industrial area - it was quiet at night. And they were very accepting of our cats :)

I'd definitely recommend, especially if you are traveling with pets. However... after a stressful last few months prior to relocation... I didn't eat the waffles! So I can't vouch for them :p

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Anna Marie P.
This place looks a little shabby from the outside. It is right next to an industrial area and has the highway on the front side, so you are not there for the view. We were just looking for a cheap place to stay on the road, and we picked up a tourist coupon for $59 a night here.
Thee rooms were a pleasant surprise: they looked newly remodeled; were extremely clean & had very comfy beds with pillow top mattresses and comforters. We got a room in back and we heard no noise in our room. They also have a small pool.
There was a continental breakfast with hardboiled eggs and bagels included. For my Yelp foodies, we won't even go there :) But where can you get two comfy queen beds And a nosh in the morning for $59. We drank just enough coffee there to get our eyes open and headed for town for some real stuff...LOL

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. KarizzaMae L.
if you have a last minute trip this is a far better upgrade than motel 6 and cal neva. we usually get great deals on groupon for 4-5 star hotels but not this time, usually when we pay $70 at best western we get the works and amazing free hot breakfast. La quinta needs an update. they do not have a fridge, microwave, or many outlets. beds are comfy and wifi was strong. bathroom gave me the creeps. the carpets are filthy so i didnt bother walking around bare foot. but for a night it was okay. wouldnt stay again tho.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Annie T.
This past weekend was our third stay at this location in the last 6 months. The first couple of stays were alright, this final one was extremely disappointing. The room stenched of pee, the toilet made a lot of dripping noise, flush system did not have a lot of pressure, the AC system which blew toward the curtain created a foul smell (not sure if the odor was from the AC or from the curtain). Was glad we were only there overnight. We will no longer consider this location in the future, but will continue to try other La Quintas for the convenience they provide to pet owners like myself.

22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Samantha F.
Last minute NYE/NY trip to Reno = all major hotels are booked. Found a deal on Orbitz for La Quinta & it was well worth it.

I had called hours before arriving & was told check-in time was 3PM. We arrived at noon & the woman at the counter [Kim] told us it was fine & gave us the room keys. Great, because it was freezing you-know-what outside! (A.K.A 20 degrees, 50 degrees below my preference.)

This place is right off the highway so it doesn't look so "Ooh, aah, WOW!" from the outside. Luckily we got a room on the back side, away from the noise. I got the King room- roomy, microwave, fridge, comfy, & CLEAN! Free breakfast + free wifi. Not much else you need when you're only staying the night.

Dtwn - 7 min away
Meadowood Mall - 8 min away (great mall, btw.)
Outlets at Legends - 10 min away

31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Michelle M.
BREAKFAST: I stayed here for a week on business. One area for improvement is their breakfast. They have waffle makers to make your own waffles, which in the mornings I never have enough time since I'm not a morning person to spend much time on prepping breakfast so I opted not to make any waffles. Other than that everything is packaged. Packaged muffins, packaged bagels, apples, bananas, one-serve jelly, one-serve cream cheese. Cereal dispensers have raisin bran and one other cereal both of which I don't like. Packaged yogurt. Orange juice or apple juice. Coffee. Water in a pitcher. Maybe they had food poisoning issues so they don't have scrambled eggs or sausage or bacon or any other hot food? Or maybe they don't want to pay for the staff to make hot food.

ROOMS: They aren't 5 star glamorous Hilton or Marriott, but they make-do. Especially for the price being the lowest price without being an absolute dump. I am so happy they allow DOGS! NO WEIGHT LIMIT nor breed specific either! Which is great because our 80lb malamute-husky dog was able to stay with us the whole week. TV is an older TV, but at least it's not the big wide old school TVs that take up a lot of space. I swiveled too so you can make it depending what angle you were sitting in the room. Carpet is old, but you can tell they vacuum it.

FREE WIFI! It's not one where you have to type in your email address each time, so it was super easy to connect to their wifi and it was pretty fast too not like some places who say free wifi, but it takes forever to load a page. We were also far from the lobby, and it worked just great.

NO fridge, but ice machine on the second floor above the lobby. The outside ice machine didn't work probably due to the weather they probably don't keep it on. So walk into the lobby and up the stairs to the ice machine.

Shampoo is Pantene 2-1 shampoo conditioner so if you don't like that kind be sure to bring your own. Hair dryer attached to the wall was decent. Coffee maker too. Cups wrapped in plastic so you know they're clean. Tissue box below the sink.

OUTSIDE DOG AREA: In the middle of the parking lot is a grass and gravel area with some bushes and benches. Also a dog poop station with plastic bags and trash can. The benches convert into a picnic table or bench depending how you position it. Unfortunately not everyone picks up the dog poop, but it wasn't as bad as some other dog areas I've been to.

OVERALL: The price is decent and even nicer they put us on an end room right in front of the dog area. Our dog liked the place and stayed quiet inside the room, and as you can see from photos he enjoyed the cool tile floor and his own bed. We didn't have to put a deposit for the dog just had to sign a sheet that we weren't going to leave him by himself, always have him on a leash outside, etc. It was near Costco and a good distance from freeways. I would come back here if I needed to.

22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0