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Motel 6 in Reno, NV

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.05

Address: 866 N Wells Ave, Reno, NV, 89512

    Address: 1400 Stardust St, Reno, NV, 89503

      Address: 1901 S Virginia St, Reno, NV, 89502

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        Comments (22):

        1. Sch T.
        Stopped in on the way from the Bay Area to Utah for skiing and was pleasantly surprised by the friendly and efficient young lady at the front desk. (The Denny's servers along the road were pleasant also.) Hot shower - excellent. Wireless for three bucks - that'll do. All the way around just what we wanted to break up the drive. Good job we didn't check out the yelp reviews before pulling off I-80 or we'd have missed a gem of a deal.

        06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
        2. Mike R.
        The bed is like sleeping on a rock....Sucks
        Service.......A little weird

        Hard to open the door to our room. I knew what i was getting into for $40 for a night.

        27/07/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
        3. Amy P.
        Arrived at this location for the start of my family vacation while a drug deal was taking place. The pool was filthy, and there was beer cans and an old bottle of red eye outside of my neighbors room!

        In the end they did give me a full refund, and didnt give me a lick of trouble, so if you need some place quick for a meth deal-- this is it!!

        01/08/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
        4. Michelle G.
        Stayed here twice. Both times the manager was fantastic in helping us out. Most assuredly will be staying again in the future. IN fact, I already have a room booked for Sept.

        23/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
        5. Jane E.
        We were in Reno with 30 kids and 10 adult chaperones to attend the fantastic Reno Jazz festival. This Motel 6 was chosen because it was close to the University of Nevada campus where the three day festival was being held.  Plus it was cheap housing and we have limited funds for the arts program in our school district.

        The first night it was cold  (low 30's)  and the heater in the room didn't work.    I went  to the front desk and asked if someone could help me turn the heat on. I was told the entire hotel shut down their "boilers" last week during a heat wave and they can't turn it on since the heat is off for the season. You gotta be kidding? We are freezing. Ok, I'm flexible...."May I have an extra blanket." She looked in the back cupboards and said she didn't have any. Hmmmm. One light also didn't work in my room so I politely asked, "May I have a light bulb?" She looked again in cupboard and said...."Sorry, we don't have any those either. I guess they don't stand by their Tom Bodett commercials that proclaim, "We'll leave the light on for ya!" :)

        I was humored by it all so went back to my room to rest. An hour later (around 9pm) I hear this woman screaming profanities at her husband in the courtyard which echoed throughout the motel. "You f___ing b_____d. Get the h__l out of here."   On and on it went. She threw a coat at him in the walkway area and slammed the door to her room. (She was in the room below mine) This went on for about 20 minutes so I finally went downstairs and told her and her husband politely that this was not appropriate behavior since we have 30 children in nearby rooms that can hear  and see this.  I also said, " I see that you have two children of your own and I'm sure they don't want to hear this either."  "Please keep it in your own room and keep it down."   Her husband concurred and they went in the room and proceeded to yell at each other. The next day I told the hotel manager about the woman screaming and she said,

        "Oh, that's Debbie. She screams at her husband all the time."

        I must have looked shocked as she added to my disbelief,

        "She lives here part time."  

        I asked, "She lives here?"  

        "Yes, part time.  Debbie definitely has problems." the desk agent added as if I needed this clarification.  

        I'm thinking,"And why are you housing this woman around your other guests when clearly she should be at an end unit?."  

        Debbie screamed again the next night but she kept it in her room.  I could hear it but  our kids couldn't thank goodness. I didn't complain as I figured it wouldn't help.

        The rug was stained, the room smelled like smoke even though it was a non-smoking room. My son said the bathrooms looked like rocket ships which I thought was so funny and accurate!

        Positive: There was a very nice repair man that came to my room the next morning and MANUALLY turned on my heater. He had to use a ladder and remove the ceiling tiles to turn it on temporarily. I think I was the only one in the hotel with heat that weekend. Unless he went to each room.

        The people at the front desk were nice but used to deflecting complaints. It seems their hands are tied with the restrictions of a huge corporate structure. I just couldn't believe there were no blankets or light bulbs? Really?

        I didn't have any expectations of this hotel since it is Motel 6 but clearly some of the basics were missing, like heat:).

        Suggestions:  The interior rooms are the best because of the highway noise.  But if Debbie is visiting I'd suggest the exterior rooms.

        All in all very amusing to say the least. The adults made the best of a bad situation. The kids had a good time because being away from home -- in any  motel --  is just an adventure in itself.

        I'm still chuckling a few days later....

        02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
        6. Kishan K.
        On a long weekend, I paid 38 bucks for a night here and for that price on a Saturday night, one should not be expecting much. But everything was perfect. The beds were clean and tv was working great.  They even gave me free internet connection as they had some problems with their billing system. I was given an extra hour at the check out and they had a nice parking space.

        This place is less than a mile from the casinos and what more do you need??

        5 stars for me.

        26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
        7. Kristin L.
        Keep driving.  When I arrived to check into this place (the only place left in town), I was checked into a room that already had someone in it.  Then I was moved to another room that I was told was "exactly the same" as the previous, already occupied room....it was not.  The I was told they could move the older man in my room and then clean it and I could wait for that or take a smoking room.  Instead, I took my money and left.  The front desk staff was nice, but incompetent.  There were also hookers in the lobby, druggies hanging out of every room and that was before the sun went down.

        08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
        8. Scorpio S.
        This Motel 6 is NOT a company-owned one; it is a FRANCHISED outlet, but I'm VERY glad I stayed there, and you will be, too.

        There were some MINOR problems associated with this place, such as it takes a while for the hot water (once selected) to get hot, and even though the A/C in the room worked OK, it didn't get cold enough to resemble a meat locker (which some folks might prefer).  Also, on the TV set, I couldn't get Channel 16 (Headline News).

        But, those things are due to the age of the place, and the fact that it is, is good, as I prefer, "delightfully rustic."  Besides, I was seldom IN my room, as I was attending a nearby national convention.

        My overall opinion is that this motel is definitely worth visiting, mostly because of Susan (the General Manager) and her assistant, Lluvia.

        Both ladies go out of their way ("above and beyond") to make your stay very pleasant, and they definitely care about your comfort.

        Will I stay there again when I visit the Reno-Sparks area?

        You're darn right I will, because terrific people (Like Susan and lluvia) make for a terrific experience.

        09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
        9. Amy P.
        Reno: The Biggest Little City in the World!
        Motel 6: Keeping it Real with Clean and Affordable Accommodations

        Love this location and their employees - they changed management between the year before when we stayed here and this September when we were most recently here. The rooms on the recent visit were clean and we had no complaints with the stay.

        It's a Motel 6. If you're looking for a continental breakfast, keep looking. But if you want a comfy, clean room (it has to be clean or I can't sleep) - and you have a budget - this is your place. We paid $67.11 on our last visit and the entire City of Reno was full that night. We probably called most of the large hotels because we wanted to drink and gamble and not drive after settling in to the room and they were all full (Rib Coof Off, BMX thing, and some other big event all going on that weekend). This place gave us their last room. WIN! It was extremely lucky. We had other friends who couldn't find rooms in Reno that night.

        You won't be far from Grand Sierra Resort; just under 10 minutes. That place is great for weekend entertainment and fun. Certainly lots to do in Reno - once you find the right place to stay!

        14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
        10. Jessica D.
        My husband and I were passing through Reno and needed somewhere to stay. This motel 6 had decent reviews and a good price, so we decided to get a room for the night.

        The front staff was really nice. We walked into our room and it didnt smell too pleasant, wasn't bad enough to complain though.

        The bad was, it was a non smoking room and there were a bunch of cigarette burns in the comforter, the pillows had stains. And also there was so much noise and people running around screaming and yelling outside, that it kept us up all night. Instead of staying til check out, we got mad and left at 5am. There were drunk people outside of our room, being extremely loud.
        It was overall a very bad experience and not money well spent.

        26/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
        11. Demetria W.
        This beats the other Motel 6 I've stayed at.  I only spent sleeping time in my room while I was there.  When I walked in, temperature was perfect.  It wasn't freezing like all the other hotels I've stayed at. The room was very clean and tidy.  There was a desk, TV, iron board and a place to hang your clothes.  Space is limited in the room, but I was the only person staying in it, so I didn't need to make space for others.  The location of the hotel is a hop, skip and a jump from downtown, or the mini strip they have.  Also very close to UNR.  The bed was very comfy which made me a happy sleeper.  The shower head was a bit funky- it sits high at the above the entrance of the shower.

        I was very satisfied staying here.  As long as the sheets are clean, the bed is comfy and there's no bugs running around in it or in the room, I am satisfied!

        14/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
        12. Andy R.
        As a fairly new resident to Reno, I've had multiple stays at this property while I'm searching for an apartment and a full-time job.

        For the most part, it's just another Motel 6. The up side is that this particular location has central heating and air in all rooms. However, it's situated by a boiler/5 pipe system, meaning that you can get either heat or air, but not both, and the air didn't get cut on until after Memorial Day weekend this year.  One visit at the end of April was horrific, because it was 90 degrees outside and the air could not be turned on at all, resulting in a hot, stuffy room.  Thermostat temperatures mean nothing, and if the room gets too cold, you'll have to open a window or door for the temperature to normalize.  There is also free wi-fi here, although very spotty, whereas it costs at the other locations. The specific area of the city this Motel 6 is located in, although very close to downtown and the gaming corridor, doesn't have much going on around it, with the exception of a Denny's and a Jackson's Chevron convenience store, so it's usually best to stock up on groceries and snacks elsewhere.

        Staff members seem very nice for the most part, although I've seen a massive amount of employee turnaround in recent months.  There have been a few issues with housekeeping - it's recommended that you put multiple Do Not Disturb signs on your door (and bring your own, as they don't provide any,) because they'll barge in without knocking regardless, and seem to have a big problem understanding and speaking English. There was one incident on a recent stay where the night clerk miscategorized my cash payment with a debit card payment where no receipt was provided, and I had to press the issue for several minutes with the manager, who called me seconds before check-out to let me know the supposed debit card payment didn't go through. I found this a little bit unusual, but at the same time, I'm sure they often see some not-so-nice clientele and are protecting their business.  You're best off asking for and keeping all receipts during your visit.  Some other posters have mentioned that this is a franchised vs. company-owned unit, but I haven't seen any major differences between the two.

        All in all, it's passable, but I'd check out the other Reno locations first.

        10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
        13. Ru L.
        To start off soon as we entered the room it smelled like cat pee. The air conditioning also sucked. I've never been in a motel or hotel where they don't stock the bathroom with a hairdryer or soaps and conditioners. After a long day you wanna wake up refreshed and not feeling sore that wasn't the case with this motel the beds were terrible. The only reason it's getting two stars because great fully it wasn't filthy.

        03/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
        14. Chance M.
        Hotel staff and maintenance repairs are due to my low rating. Myself and a friend are both DoD employees affiliated with the military. I bought the room though Expedia and when we arrived we were greeted with friendly staff. The next day, we decided to stay an extra day/night at the convention we were attending. When buying the next day/nights room we chose not to go though Expedia and instead take advantage of the Motel6 Military discount we were told about the night before when we checked in. The next day Christina argued with both of us not allowing us to have the Motel6 military discount. When we asked why she would not uphold the discount Christina said that since the first night was though Expedia we could not. I asked if we could "check out" of our room and then book using our military discount (obviously to save money for both of us). Christina began to show signs of aggressiveness and her professionalism was not apparent for the next 3-4 minutes that we tried to explain and ask questions. We decided to just pay full price for the and did not go though Expedia as we would have if we knew Motel6 wasn't going to uphold their military discount.  Secondly, I give the room itself a 2 rating not necessarily due to how clean it was (which was fine) but for the lack of maintenance and repairs needed for our room. All of the wall outlets in our room were very loose and anything we plugged into them would fall right back out if we went careful causing the outlet to spark.

        13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
        15. Matt L.
        It's a solid three star.

        great for the price not much else. Decent staff, relatively clean, right off I-80; there were a ton of kids there, hope its not always like it. no breakfast and the TV eception was dogshit (as if the shows would have been good anyways)

        Go there if you can't find a great hook up.

        07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
        16. rich h.
        Stayed one nite. Good beds. Pet smell in room. But we had cats so... Some deodorizer helped. Good A/C! Needed it. Clean but unheated pool. Staff is very nice! Especially the manager Susan. Be advised the internet does not work!!!!! Susan is trying to get this fixed. For the money not bad. Just NO INTERNET!

        14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
        17. Krista F.
        They let us check in early by 30 minutes which was great becasue we needed some sleep. The room was small and nothing to brag about (old tv, dated decor, small)  but was also clean and did not smell. The front desk mentioned the air being ancient so we were a little worried about 5 pm as it got a little warm in the room but shortly after the temp evened out and stayed at a very comfortable level the whole night. the room was really cheap and if you just looking for a bed, shower and place to change it was perfect. We swam in the pool it was very clean also. We never heard another guest even being on the bottom floor and surrounded by burning man folks. I would stay again because the price was so great and the front desk staff was so nice to us. it was about 5 mins at most from the strip. I suggest bringing pillows like we did as there were only two small, flat pillows on the queen bed.

        26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
        18. M. B.
        Management is nice here
        Room smelt bad but they gave us right away a new room as we told them
        And the rates are affordable
        Kind of shady young kids living here but it seems like they suffer from a hard life
        I wish motels would be in better shape but hey we could not get to burning man due to the rain and they totally helped us out in the last second so thanks guys

        26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
        19. Jeremy H.
        Well I've finally hit the trifecta ... err five-fecta I guess, having now stayed at every Motel 6 in the Reno and Carson area.

        Florida's assessment is spot on, it's an OK location, but I'd put it behind all the other locations in the area. Like the other Reno ones, it hasn't been upgraded, still has the old-school carpets, colorful bedspreads and 90s CRT TV on a swivel. Those things don't bother me, but there's epic problems with floor buckling here. On the 2nd floor at least, if anyone "heavy" walks by on the balcony outside, it rattles your whole floor (and bed) like a mini-earthquake! Of course, the maid carts in the morning do this too. I would guess taking a 1st floor room to avoid this just means you get Stompy McGee above you clumping around in their cowboy boots at 11 pm while you're trying to get to sleep.

        It's also the only one that has central air instead of the usual wall-mounted heater/AC unit. I didn't have problems on the one night I stayed, but over at the Santa Rosa North Motel 6 (which has an identical system) I found that these can circulate cigarette smoke into non-smoking rooms sometimes.

        Final issue is kind of being in a food desert. Same problem if you stay at the Ramada or the Days Inn North nearby, all there is to eat right nearby is Carrows, Dennys, JT Ashleys, the Diamonds diner or a Jacksons. No grocery stores for miles and you'll have to haul out to downtown Reno to get a greater diversity of restaurants. And no fridges/micros in the rooms either.

        On the plus side, it's the only Mo 6 in Reno where the wifi is free, and other than the Hefty Cowboys it's a quiet location that's industrial/abandoned on one side and just a bit of quiet residential on the other, away from casinos.

        The entire month of June the prices are inflated here due to the Reno Rodeo being next door, but as of July it tends to be the Motel 6 with the lowest rates during the summer. OK if you smoke and if you go to sleep late so that all the Late Stompers coming in won't rattle you awake, but otherwise I'd choke up a few more bucks to stay elsewhere.

        13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
        20. Robert H.
        I got a room last Friday to rest and recuperate from Burning Man. The room was nice and clean. However, the walls are thin and the neighboring room next door to me were loud and talkative, and even set up seats in front of their motel room like it was was their front porch. Luckily, I had ear plugs so I could go to sleep despite their noise.

        My main complaint is their Lost and Found service. I left a cardboard box with my electric shaver and camera batteries. I called the next day and a lady answered and confirmed that they recorded having found the shaver and box. However, they said if I wanted to get it shipped to me, I would have to make arrangements with either UPS or FedEx, and given it was my fault I left it behind, I was okay with that. I called again when Labor Day weekend had passed to try and arrange the UPS pick up. The same lady answered and again she confirmed that the shaver was logged in their records, but she could not locate it anymore. Employee theft. Pure and simple. This place has dishonest employees - so a fair warning and make sure you don't leave anything behind like I did.

        05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
        21. Ric F.
        I thought this was a fine place. It's very inexpensive so how can you complain. Want more, go and pay more. The manager there, Susan, is very good and a nice person. For me that counts a lot. We had a clean room, no pet  or cigarette smells. A good sleep.

        There is ONE issue I must warn you about!
        BEWARE !
        They provide you a glossy menu called Order Inn to order food to be brought to your room. Seems convenient. Food was boring but inexpensive. But here's the hiccup- the local food preparer that Order Inn uses locally in Reno skims your credit card number and uses it within hours!  Within hours of that food order my card was being used at 3 CVS's and 1 Walgreen's in Sacramento. Somebody there is stealing the credit card number. The delivery guy ?  The phone order taker ? Who knows...

        04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
        22. Alan A.
        I was going to be in Reno over Valentines day, and every other place in town was either full or way overpriced, as it was not only a Saturday Valentines day, but also the Presidents day weekend.  I ended up reserving a room here, and I'm glad I did, because they (and every other Motel 6 in Reno) also ended up full.  

        No problems at all. Some of the reviews said that this motel is in a "not good" neighborhood.  I didn't see any problems.  It's less than a half block from the I-80, and is well lighted.  It's very close to the downtown Casino area, UNR, and close to the Nugget in Sparks.  

        Check in was a breeze.  The clerk was very polite. I asked for a non smoking room and got one.    The room was clean, smelled fine, the bathroom and shower were spotless, with plenty of hot water.  The room had plenty of lighting,  the TV was an older model, but hey...  it worked fine, and got a good variety of channels.  I've never had a bad stay at a Motel 6, and this was no exception.  Very basic, but comfortable.  

        3 very *minor*  things:  The Wi Fi was slow.  Good enough to surf the Net with, but not fast enough to watch video.  The bed was a little firm for my taste, but I still got a good nights sleep.  The pillows were also very small.  I had to use 3 of them.  Good thing I was by myself, because my partner wouldn't have had enough pillows.  

        If those are the only things I could find wrong, I'd say that this was a pretty good stay.  I wouldn't mind staying here again if I needed too.  I was very satisfied.

        15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0