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Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, NV

Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, NV


In the center of the bright lights of Reno, surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains sits a new Nevada landmark. Welcome to Whitney Peak Hotel the only luxury boutique non gaming non smoking hotel in Reno.


Established in 2014.

Formerly the Fitzgerald's Hotel and Casino, the Whitney Peak Hotel is Downtown Reno's ONLY non-gaming, non-smoking, full-service hotel. The property boasts an award-winning chef (Mark Estee), a world-class music venue in Cargo, and the worlds tallest climbing wall at BaseCamp!


Company Info:

Rating: 4.03

Address: 255 N. Virginia Street, Reno, NV, 89501
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Comments (63):

1. SamanthA G.
This hotel is awesome. It may not be boutique in size but it definitely is in spirit. The staff are really friendly and helpful and the rooms are really modern and dare I say "hip." Plus, they have a huge rock climbing wall (and a kid sized one) that my son and I attempted to conquer. I was a little reluctant to visit reno for work but staying here made it worthwhile. It doesn't have that kind of neon choking feeling that casinos do and it doesn't reek of stale cigarettes or spilled booze. I definitely recommend.

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Richard S.
We stayed overnight on August 3rd after the Jonny Lang show at the "Cargo" club inside of the Whitney Peak Hotel.....the front desk staff & room were 5 star....the front desk personnel were premium both evening and morning; Jonny Lang concert was SUPERB!  We arrived just "after" Hot August Nights was over on Sunday 8-3......JUST A NOTE FOR MANAGEMENT OF THE ROCK SHOW at he Cargo Club.....the staff & place and of course the Jonny Lang concert was amazing from the 4th row seats in front of the stage, although the SECURITY staff was incapable of keeping the "inebriated" dancing in the aisle fans" who danced in the aisles front of stage & along the sides of the small, intimate venue, who drank, got drunk and bumped into the fans who paid for seats.  Still the hotel & the concert were 5 star, can't take that away from the lack of SECURITY personnel!  ;-) Rico & Carol S.

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Hillery G.
Like some others, I have not stayed here either, just cruised through.  I think they have done a wonderful job fixing it up and it looks so much better from the outside too.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Joe O.
Excellent hotel. No casino. But located in the heart of Reno's strip. The staff were very friendly. The rooms were clean and comfortable with a mini fridge.

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Pat S.
I loved this hotel!  Everything was booked downtown so we stayed here and I'm SO glad we did!  It was beautiful.  I felt like I was on VACATION (which I wasn't... we got a room to see a show at Cargo)! I am a total nit-picker when it comes to cleanliness in hotels and I didn't notice one thing off here!  It's all non-smoking (yay!) and no casino (fine by me since there are so many right out the door).  

The front desk people were super nice.  They gave us a discount on the room after we chit-chatted with them (thanks!), so we ended up paying like 30-50% less than the casinos in the area!  How nice!!!  (And I guarantee our room was WAY nicer than the casinos).

We ate in their restaurant which was pretty good.  I know it's en vogue to withhold salt from the tables, but I always want to salt my own food... so that was a little off-putting.  The wait staff was awesome!  We had a great time there.

The only thing I didn't like was the weird hallway to the elevators in the hotel.  It was a little too industrial or something.  They need a rug on the concrete floors.  It was like a walk into the abyss.

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Colleen T.
Clean fresh confident modern - all things downtown reno has none of - except for this hotel.  The rock climbing thing is cool too!

17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Sofia M.
Apparently, them stating, "Celebrate the opening of the Whitney Peak Hotel with our special opening rate of $109 for deluxe accommodations" on their website doesn't mean anything. You can't get a room at this rate. Deceptive advertising at its finest.

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Sarah M.
After staying here for New Years I will probably stay again solely because of the climbing level. My boyfriend really enjoys rock climbing and because of this hotel I will probably start as well. Clean rooms, easy to navigate around, good views of the strip. The low three star rating has nothing to do with the quality or presence of the hotel. But everything to do with the front desk staff and charging. When we booked our room we had received a rate of 109 in early August. When we got here we checked and everything seemed fine, other then the fact the the girls at the front desk are probably my age (21) and don't know how to navigate their system very well. After we get settled in our room we go out to run a few errands, check our bank account and 800 dollars had been charged, that is way more than I booked our room for. It should have been around 350. When I called the girl originally told me there was nothing she could do because it had already been authorized...No! Not ok. It took about 20min before she got a manager to fix the issue. While he was very nice and did what he could to make the situation better. It totally ruined our budget, and took far too long to hit back to our account. I will say that with out this mistake our stay would have been perfect.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Connie e.
I met my friend and her children here for a quick, fun get away. Whitney Peak is an amazing hotel right in the middle of down town Reno. It is Beautiful, clean and a great place to bring kids. We spent several hours on the rock climbing walls. We had a blast.
I want to give a extra thanks to Matina we met her in the concierge room. She was helpful and friendly she went out of her way to make sure we had what we needed. It is staff like Matina that make this hotel a great getaway spot. We will be back again to enjoy Whitney Peak.

17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Fatima M.
It's a hotel with a restaurant on the first floor.... The parking lot is not connected to the hotel so depending on the amount of luggage you might want to use the valley parking. Rooms are good size and from the 12th floor got a pretty nice view. One thing to keep in mind is check out is at 10am!

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Evan D.
Stayed for 2 nights over 4th of July on the Concierge floor. Staff was friendly, room was clean. There's no denying the building is old though. The plumbing and HVAC need to be updated. The bed was very soft, but everyone has their own preferences.

I was excited for the Concierge lounge but was a little disappointed. The hours of service aren't great, and the breakfast was lacking (cold eggs, etc.). The drink service was cool though in that they provided several options of liquor and mixers.

I loved that there was no casino, really helped avoid the smell of Reno. I'd stay here again, but probably not on the Concierge level.

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Sheila L.
The hotel is trendy which I am sure is welcomed, since there aren't many places like that in Reno. This hotel just opened recently so there may be some bugs that need to be worked out.  Unfortunately, the hotel had an issue with the housekeeping staff. My room hadn't been cleaned upon check in. So I notified the front desk and 5 hours later it still hadn't been cleaned. They moved us to a new room (on the 14th floor) which was missing toiletries. I spoke to the supervisor the next day and he gave us an upgraded concierge level room (on the 16th floor) for our final night.  He was really friendly, helpful and took care of us.  As a previous reviewer mention there seems to be an issue with the HVAC system.  However I think this problem may be limited to the top floor (16th floor).  Our room on the 16th floor had a loud weird humming sound at 3am in the morning, we didn't experience this in our room on the 14th floor.

My main issue is that for the price you pay you expect there to be some common space in which to lounge, as well as basic items like a bath mat and a full array of toiletries in the base level rooms.  The  upgraded concierge level rooms look the same as the base level rooms, but had extra touches the base level rooms didn't have such as: robes, a magnifying vanity mirror, a wide range of toiletries and access to the concierge lounge (which includes happy hour with a deli plate with fruit and a continental breakfast with eggs). However the perks with the upgraded concierge level are pretty much basic and usually provided at no additional charge at similar hotels that are priced the same (as the base level rooms at the Whitney Peak). One deficit is that other comparable hotels you would likely have a pool and or hot tub on site.  One plus is they are dog friendly, so it is nice to see that option available for responsible pet owners.  Overall they should better stock their base level rooms, as well as provide a continental breakfast for all guest, if they are not going to provide open spaces or a pool/hot tub.  I would recommend this hotel after a couple months when they have had time to work out some bugs.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. K. B.
I agree with everyone so far about the lack of staff training, operating procedures, etc. I checked in for the week, without getting the extra concierge package. I assumed (very incorrectly) that when their site stated 24-hr room service, there would be room service. While checking in, not only was I told by the front desk that there is no room service, but to make any changes to my current reservations would be next to impossible. Apparently because of the 3rd party site that booked it, to cancel and rebook the room would be "Really hard to do." Ok, I understand that not all jobs are super easy, but really? I just wanted to add the concierge package to my reservations, that's it.

When I asked to just pay the extra fee to have this option, she said she'd talk to the manager. Ok.

The room is clean and quiet (no smoke smell so far). I am in town for 5 days on business and would have really really appreciated something like a fridge and microwave oven (but that's probably pushing it). This place is not convenient in that respect if you just want to stay in and work (which is what I have to do, not by choice). Small things like this could have made this hotel way better.

If I have to come back to Reno again, I'll probably brave the smoke in a more functional hotel/casino. At least they will have all the basics this hotel doesn't have currently in place.

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Josh G.
I must say that we definitely enjoyed staying at this hotel. We had some trouble at first with the parking situation. Their parking lot is across the street and adjacent to the hotel but they do have valet service in front, which was actually tough to navigate to as well if you are unfamiliar with this hotel. There were no "Entrance" signs in front of the hotel but they do have doormen waiting which was quite pleasant especially after a long day. The lobby had a weird setting partly because of how there was only one to get to it. The front desk staff were very helpful and accommodating despite some complications with my reservation. We had this one lady help us, ( I feel bad for not catching her name because she was definitely so nice ) and had our reservations fixed. We were given a room and she ( nice front desk lady ) even came up to ask if everything was ok since she gave us a room that wasn't completely examined. We found sand in the sink and used toilet paper in the toilet so she quickly gave us another room that was inspected. The hallways are quite "different" here. The rooms are highlighted with a red hue, making it appear like a red light district. This hotel is very much pet friendly but there is a one time fee of $70-75 ( I don't remember the exact amount sorry ). I kind of feel bad since there was a dog inside of the adjacent rooms and we could hear it crying inside the room. The only thing missing from this place is a pool and it would be perfect. The view from the room was just spectacular and the location is an absolute must with it being in the middle of just about everything. Overall we'd definitely stay here again the next time we come to Reno

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Kitten J.
Great staff, clean room, great bed and linens, the restaurant & bar is perfect.  The cheeseburger was fantastic.  Also, good wine list.

No smoking, no casino = not stinky and I didn't have to wash my clean clothes that I didn't wear when I got home.

However, there was no bathrobe and no shower mat.  Like the other reviews, it's new and the kinks are still being worked out.

If I ever get back to Reno, will stay here again.

26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Michelle F.
After getting a very nice response back from a representative explaining the rate increase  I changed my review. My main reason for not returning would have been the rate, but the regular prices seems very fair for this hotel. I most likely would come back again.

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Susan M.
Whitney Peak is the best hotel to ever happen to Reno!  It's smoke free, non gaming and super clean! We stayed here for 3 nights and were pleased with the feel of the hotel.  It's come a long way from being Fitzgeralds.
The lobby is small and modern but you don't need much more than what it is.  Out front is Heritage the restaurant which is much more tasteful than anything else on the Virginia strip.  
We loved our room.  It had rad wood grain styled carpet, local scene art prints on the walls, white linens (that weren't the softest) and nice amenities in the room like robes, bath products etc.  it was pretty quite,too.
The only downfall was the valet fees ($15 a day) and the late night front desk service was not great.  There was a girl working who had 3 customers in line and didn't acknowledge anyone in the line until we got to the front 20 minutes later.  All she needed to say was.  I'll be right with you all.  It's that easy!

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Ryan M.
To all the reviewers who've variously commented along the lines of, "This place needs some time to get its shit together," I agree!  As a former resident of Reno, I really hope this place does indeed gather its shit at some point.  Then again, the vibe is very Reno:  it seems as though it's run and been renovated by entrepreneurial Burners (not a bad thing really!).  With that, of course, comes the interesting twinning of ditziness and hauteur that inhabits the modern hippy.

Anyway, back to the hotel.  We stayed in a room in the concierge level.  The rooms are very nice to look at, but leave much to be desired when actually staying there (stiff bed, oft-mentioned NO mini-fridge, etc.).  The concierge lounge (with drinks and food) was on our floor; so convenient, that.  At the lounge, I was expecting to munch on crackers and perhaps some under-ripe fruit.  NEGATIVE!  The spread was fantastic and included possibly the best chicken salad I have ever had.  Seriously, so good.  The lounge truly elevated our stay.

We also met SHELBY, the F&B Manager.  So nice and so accommodating.  Too bad that her staff doesn't seem to realize that she works there.  When attempting to settle a valet charge upon checking out (free valet if you eat in the restaurant...no, only free for people eating but not staying at the hotel (??)) , we had the misfortune of running into the only truly sour note to our stay:  a front desk attendant named FRANK.  Frank was ready to serve...attitude!  When I mentioned that I had been told about the free-valet-upon-restaurant-validation offer by a blonde manager (the aforementioned Shelby), Frank hissed that there was no such person (Obvs, I must be trying to weasel out of my $10 valet bill despite having spent $100s at the restaurant!!).  Thankfully, I was armed with Shelby's business card, whereupon Frank dissembled only slightly and justified his bitchy riposte with a lame "She's new."  And???

Anyhoo, I hope to update this review upon my next stay and to gleefully report that mini-fridges are there to stay and that Frank has sashayed away...

07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Mark P.
My wife, son and I stayed here for 2 nights back in August. We decided to stay here because it's NON SMOKING NON GAMBLING and their BASECAMP wall/rock climbing really caught our eyes.

Hotel itself is nice but it seems like the owners wanted it to look nice/contemporary but they didn't want to spend the money. The Casino had a face lift from its old Fitzgeralds days. Looks like wall paper was just slapped on everywhere and the bests felt cheap. The visual however was nice.

The hotel is fairly new and they had computer problems when I registered and were not able to email me a receipt or confirmation. However I did change my reservation 3x and they were more than happy to help me with the changes. I think they must have been understaffed because when I called to have someone bring me up water, they sent the security guard. And when we checked out, there was no one to help us with our bags, so I had to get one of the cart things and wheel my bags down. I don't know if I missed this but their VALET is $15 a night which I was surprised when I saw my bill.

Their basecamp however was fun, they have a little area for toddlers as well.

In the future I don't know if i'd stay here again. With all the hick ups we still enjoyed our stay and that is why I gave it 4 stars.

10/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Holly P.
My husband and I stayed here on a Friday night and had a wonderful room and hotel experience!

The room was huge and had a great view! I did see several reviews that the A/C was loud and yes, experienced that but found it to be a great buffer from the street noise.

We only had one night here but it was a great place to stay!

21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Christy A.
I loved my room at the Whitney peak. It was decorated beautifully, clean, fully equipped with all the necessities, and for the most part the staff was excellent. One of the rooms we had in our party had an issue but I think management did a good job to fix it. The rock climbing was a definitely a fun plus as well. I want to go back with my daughter to let her give it a try. And a the best part is it's a smoke free establishment, so my daughter will actually be able to breathe without having an asthma attack. The downsides were that they did drain my sisters checking account by accidentally charging more than double for the 3 nights and couldn't get her money back until after she was checking out, luckily I was able to lend her money otherwise it would have been a very boring trip, also the elevators were super slow.

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Paul K.
Great modern hotel. Definitely for the tech savvy; amenities include two computers printing stations in the lobby, high speed and secure WiFi and flat screen TVs in the rooms. Overall clean and modern, with no casino, making it extremely family friendly. Parking has a fee, but the staff are extremely courteous and helpful. I recommend the rock climbing on the second floor for the adventurous.

26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Lisa R.
This hotel has poor staff, management & customer service. Jake the front office manager asked what he could do. I replied your staff needs more training. He then replied, "We could check you out now." Pathetic! Don't expect maintenance to fix basic shower needs in a timely manner. They continued to make excuses and offend guests due to their lack of skill and training.

30/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Talin S.
My family and I stayed at this hotel for a few days earlier in July. We would definitely stay here again.  I'm a pretty laid back person anyway so little things like having my room cleaned isn't a big deal. I clean up after my kids regardless of where we are. Not saying they didn't clean my room though. So... We were on the concierge level with the lounge located literally in front of our room! It was great. Matina was the nicest woman ever! She totally took care of me and my kids making sure we had whatever it was they had to offer during snack time. Also, the way she set up for it was really nice. You could tell she took her time, meaning she cared about how the presentation looked. (The other two days she WASNT there, sorry but it wasn't done up as nice as Matina did it)
There are 2 things that were very important to me in my stay. 1) the cleanliness and 2) customer service. The front desk staff were so nice and helpful with everything and the hotel was very nice and clean. No cigarette smoke stench here.
Do I recommend staying here? Absolutely!!! 1 thing that they are improving is their AC....I roasted the first 2 nights but that may have been my hormones making things worse. For those who need a pool, this place has something better. ROCK CLIMBING, which my son loved.  All of the guys that work down where you rock climb are super cool and totally knowledgable. They took so much time answering my questions. Very nice!!!
They are working on little things that some picky people bitch about but overall, I'm happy with the service provided. Happy husband and kids = happy mommy/wife.
Keep up the good work to all the staff  and I look forward to another stay here.

21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Denise R.
Pros: lovely room. Friendly staff. Great views. Clean. Centrally located. Best of all, no smoking. Also liked the concierge lounge and concierge room staff was great. Brian was amazing getting our bags to our room and helping out with everything. All the staff inside and out, the waitstaff etc were all very friendly. If friendliness were enough this would be five stars. The problems seem to be at the top. The lack of thought about important amenities, the lack of training etc made the experience far less enjoyable. It's a new hotel. Maybe next year will be better?

Many Cons: no refrigerator! Even Travelodge in Bishop has microwave and fridge. This meant we had to spend a fortune eating out and my three year old needs a lot of food. I couldn't store the food we brought on our trip. Our ice pack melted so every few hours I would put new ice but then gave up.

Update: THIS PART WAS RESOLVED. THANKS TO SAM HUME. there was a $153 discrepancy with the total compared to the hotels.com total. Someone named Sam Hume emailed me a few days ago saying he tried to reach me but he never left a phone message, my phone didn't ring. So I emailed him back telling him about the problem. He never responded! It took me four hours to figure out what was wrong but the hotel did not respond. It turns out the hotel was supposed to take out a deposit when you make your reservation. They forgot to do this. They still haven't responded by phone or email.

Our room key needed rekeying five times in three days. The last day we went to the concierge room to have breakfast and 30 min later our room key no longer worked. Even when in wallet away from electronics. They told me they need to put a new lock in the door.

Total bill did not include deposit. They are still working on this. See update above.

No washing machine. They don't even do your laundry for pay. Didn't know where I could do laundry. They have dry cleaning but my toddler had accidents and I thought I could do a load of laundry but they sounded surprised when I asked. They offered to dry clean his underwear.

Exercise room: none of the TVs have sound or pictures. Two of the machines were not working. Mostly a nice little gym.

No working ice machine on our floor or many other floors.

Staff confused about rules. I was told at the front desk that I could go to the gym 24 hours a day. When I got there at 10pm the Base Camp (climbing wall) staff said no the gym is closed. They even had construction barriers blocking the 2nd floor elevator. I had to push them out to get off the elevator. I went back to the front desk and the woman said he's wrong. The gym is open. She called the guy and explained the hours. Finally I went to work out but the construction barriers still blocked the elevator exit. Most people would've given up thinking the gym was closed.

Today they told me it was $5 for hotel
Guests to scale the wall. Yesterday they said it was free. I still don't know what the cost or lack of cost is.

All in all I love this hotel but they need to get their act together, add a fridge in each room, buy a washer dryer, train the staff. Also they need vegetarian and vegan food. They accommodate but their regular menu is not veg friendly.  Also the billing is a mess if you use a third party site and management never responded when my bill had a very different total.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Gregory P.
Amazingly pleasant stay at the Whitney Peak.  The king sized beds are huge, the rooms clean and the staff is incredibly pleasant.  Great service, wonderful minimalist decor and a totally non-smoking hotel.  No casino, no smoke: what's not to love!  I was truly impressed from the moment I walked in.  And their valets rush to open the door for you: not as a means to get a tip, rather just good customer service.  Great place.

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. J. Y.
I actually spent the night here a couple months ago, back in August, when it was around the time of their grand opening and not too many people knew of it. Whitney Peak is SUPER clean. It has an incredibly fresh and relaxing feel from their choice of matcha green themed decor set against the walls of paintings featuring the woods, mountains, bicycles, and lush landscape. The place is quiet but very friendly. They offered free parking just a few blocks away, too. Would I stay here again? Yes, if I were looking for a family friendly place or somewhere to get away from the casinos. It's very nice place to stay at, yes, but I wasn't blown away or in love with it... so with the cheap prices of many Reno hotels, I can't help but want to try out something else :p

14/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Dan G.
See my tip: "coolest thing to happen in Reno since Mark Twain and the Donner Party". Twain was substantially cooler than the Donner party, but the latter comes close simply due to shock value.

Food is excellent, the ambiance is off the charts. Base camp is about the coolest thing I've ever seen. Never stayed in the hotel, but saw a room once. Very cool.

28/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. G K.
Extremely friendly staff in all areas of the business.  Room was immaculate, spacious and beautiful view (Mountains) for the room they put us in.  The rock climbing not only offers a climb and amazing view, but you get a nice view of the downtown.  you are eye level with Reno's signature signage.

Very comfortable and good amenities, plus love it is a non-smoking and non-gambling hotel.

23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. T D.
Giving it 5 stars just because it's non smoking and is a great alternative to the trashy Reno hotel atmosphere.  I just don't get why smoking is still allowed in hotels?  The bored grannies, low life child support check spenders and seedy redneck tourists will still come to lose their money and eat their buffets even if smoking is not allowed.  Heck, you may even attract some decent people to stay at the Nugget?

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Aubrey O.
Went hiking that morning and arrived at the hotel around 1:30 dusty and tired. I couldn't check-in early because it was booked. Um, this is Reno...Is the Nat'l Bowling Stadium holding a tournament or something? I didn't think so. At least pretend to make the courtesy call to housekeeping to see if they have something ready. It's customer service, y'all.

Also, being from Reno I expect free parking esp. anywhere that you're spending money the parking is comped. Not here. It just got autobilled to my card without a heads up.

It is different from other hotels in Reno -- nonsmoking, nongaming hotel -- but it is also lacking in that other aspect of a gaming establishment, that they really value the customer. I almost would have rather stayed at a casino...I've never checked-in in Reno or Vegas and felt as dismissed as I did here.

+1 The design is great esp for Reno and the rooms were clean. Someone else commented there weren't toiletries but there were in my room, so maybe that's 1 kink they've worked out.

29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Jared F.
Climbers rejoice! One of the only places I've ever stayed that has a full climbing gym attached. Just take the elevator to the second floor and bam! you enter a huge bouldering area. The only way to make it more convenient would be to put it in your room. Lots of bouldering inside and good climbing outside with auto-belays overlooking downtown. Also a good gym with a solid selection of cardio equipment. Bring your own gear to avoid a $5 rental. Stay at the hotel to get FREE use of the gym and avoid the $17 fee.

One thing I wish I would have done is check the hotel and surrounding venues for shows prior to arriving. Turns out a band I dig (Deer Tick anyone?) was playing next door, had I known, I would have flown in earlier to make the show.

I stayed on the concierge level which had a good breakfast setup: bagels, toast, granola, yogurt, juices, coffees, teas and some hot foods.

The room was huge, clean, nice and good for working.

The staff was extremely personable and friendly at the front desk and at the gym. Can't wait until my next trip to Reno!

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. David L.
A great hotel!

FINALLY, downtown Reno has a non-smoking, boutique, non-casino, high design but not "break the bank" hotel. With a restaurant helmed by Reno's best chef, Mark Estee. Fun bar, great location, cool hipster design, friendly service - AND the hotel takes dogs. But be forewarned: the pet fee is a whopping $75. We think that's pretty high compared to other hotels.  Still, a great place to stay in Reno.

25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Brisa R.
Honestly the BEST hotel in Reno! This is a beautiful and clean hotel. My boyfriend and I staid here for valentines weekend and they sure made us feel special with their great customer service. I spent hours searching online and all the other hotels in the area were nasty and dirty, I am so glad I ended up booking it here.

28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Catherine F.
the Whitney is just amazing. It is very clean, Eco product friendly, spacious, quiet, ultra sleek yet coZy with natural elements. I really enjoy the concierge level but even if I didn't I would still love the rooms.
The bathroom was spotless, my heat wasn't working and Tyrell fixed it in a flash, housekeeping still brought me a blanket just in case.
The bed is comfortable and the sheets are soft, and there are nice hookups so you can stream your own movies and charge at the same time.
The very best thing is no smoke in any area of this hotel. No casino to walk through either.
I think other businesses should follow the rock star quality of the Whitney-Reno could be the xgame town where folks drive Teslas and gamers and nature advocates unite.

28/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Beccy O.
Best hotel I've stayed at in years! Our room was great, the staff was helpful and definitely gave the impression they liked their jobs, and the Farm To Table gourmet restaurant was amazing. The hotel's room price was unbelievably low for the quality accomodations. I will make another trip to Reno just to stay at the Whitney!!!

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Derek S.
Im so happy Whitney Peak has risen from the shit show train wreck that was CommROW. The room was very clean, comfortable, modern and overall puts the surrounding hotels to shame. All this at a much lower rate than the others as well. All of the staff was very friendly and accommodating.

The only downsides were the room could use more lights; it was pretty dark. Also, there's no parking, so their valet is $8, which is practically unheard of in Reno.

16/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Andrew Y.
This hotel just opened a month ago. They did a great job in renovations and although they are still working out some of the bugs, I had a great stay and great experience. The lobby was nice and open, clean, and the front desk customer service was great.

My room was a standard king room on the 13th floor, nice and clean, with views of downtown. There is no casino in this hotel, so there is no smoke smell. Actually, when I walked into my room, it smelled like they had just steam cleaned the carpet. I hadn't been to Reno is a long time, but browsing the rest of downtown, this is the only hotel I would stay in. The rest of downtown and the main strip with casinos was pretty dead, although I stayed on a weeknight. Overall, a very good experience and I would stay here again.

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Cassandra S.
I was expecting alot more from this place.  

Room was beautiful.  Great style.  Pretty decor.  Comfy beds.  Our neighbor sounded like a Vegas style party was going on. Bumping his music like 1989.  You could hear it very well in the hall but not at all on the room.  We got to sleep like it was 1889!

Valet was horrible.  It took 30 minutes to "find" my car.  We also left during a festival and no one mentioned that it would be harder to park when we got back.  So we drove around downtown reno dodging drunk Santa's and scantily clad elves 3 times.  3 TIMES! Not fun!

No early check in, which is not always the most convenient but they did hook us up with free tea in heritage.  

I'll give them another chance because they are smoke and casino free and super eco friendly.

14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. Mujtaba H.
This hotel is centrally located in the heart of Reno. The decor is modern and welcoming. Valet parking is available for 8$/day. Best of all, it's a non-smoking and non-gaming hotel.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Dolores B.
I loved this place.  It was wonderful to walk into a quiet and smoke free hotel in Reno.  The people at the front desk were friendly and helpful.  A bit more on the casual side, but I liked that.  The lobby itself is beautiful.  I might change the mirror on the reception desk and the velvet sofas.  There were some small ginger bread shaped cookies...biscuits?...on the counter.  I wasn't sure if they were dog treats or for human guests.  Guess I could have asked.  

I loved the halls--wallpapered in a concrete look.  The room itself was very spacious, clean, and inviting. The carpet has a beautiful wood grain pattern.  The theme here is outside & nature.   Like most hotel rooms it was a bit challenging turning on the right lights and angling them to get the perfect amount of light.  I always wish there were some perimeter ceiling lights that are on the softer side, so you can watch TV and not be blinded or have it too dark.  The bed was very comfortable.  My husband prefers a firm bed, so he was really happy.  

The bathroom was spacious and clean.  It was stocked with EO products, which was really nice, but there were a couple of issues.  There weren't any wash cloths.  The water in the shower was draining too slowly.  I felt slightly sick standing in water in contact with the pipes below (ewwwwwwwww!).  The shower head is too low.  At 5'4" 1/2" (to be totally accurate) I had to bend back to rinse my hair.  The water pressure was fine.  

We didn't use valet, but realized we should have because the cost is close to the same & we had to walk through freezing weather to get our car across the street.  The parking garage doesn't seem set up for customers.  We had to walk in the driving areas to get out & there were some areas with storage that looked really messy (being nice here).  They should have a parking map on their website & more info about parking.  

Despite this, this is the hotel we'll stay in while in Reno.  Hopefully, they can keep improving.

10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Dylan Y.
I'm thinking 4 1/2 stars but I can't do that so I am going to push it to 5 stars for me. I stayed on the 15th floor with access to the concierge.

First, we had to drive around and then we notice the entrance. They really need to advertise the front entrance better.

Parking + Front Lobby:
We didn't use the valet so we self-park across the street in one of the garage. We walk over and enter the hotel. My first impression is that their lobby must still be under construction. I was wrong. They had wall paper that simulated unfinished cement walls or at least that is what it looked like to me. The black chairs were not comfortable to sit in at all. Check in was fast and friendly.

If I hadn't been watching Hotel Impossible, I would have missed all the nasties in this room. Anyway, I did what Anthony always does. I look at the sheets and opened them looking for blood spots or hair. I found at least 5 hairs at various places and then stopped. I called housekeeping and they came to change the sheets fairly quickly. They also offered to switch me but I declined. I gave them the green sheet and showed them a stain spot. The women smiled as I said... "I think we know what kind of stain that is."

I also pointed out what I thought was a blood smear (I thought someone might have cut themselves on the glass). The women reassured me that it must have been wine. Well, neither of us did any tests so whatever it was, will remain a mystery.

It was not perfect but it was pretty clean and 1000X better than any hotel I've been to in Reno. The service was also excellent as compared to other Reno Hotels where they either ignore you or just flat out yell at you.

I hope that they keep this hotel running smoothly. I would love to come back.

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Jimbo T.
This is a review for hotel management and public relations. We stayed at Whitney Peak Hotel the beginning of this month - the hotel is in the heart of downtown Reno and there is not a convenient self-parking lot, and it is easy to valet (and only $8 a night).
The valet totalled my car - he went through a stop sign and was hit by another car that had right-of-way. There was never any question who was at fault - there was a traffic camera that caught the accident and the police cited the valet at the scene.
Initially, the hotel was very apologetic and stated they would take care of everything. This was 11 days ago. I have tried calling them every day, but to date have not been able to get any direct answers. Supposedly, someone should have contacted me last week, but they never did. I tried calling the hotel manager every day for over a week before I was able to reach her (she never returned my calls or voice messages, and after the initial phone call has failed to follow-up). She stated someone would contact me - they have not. I finally was able to reach the hotel insurance provider - who gave a low-ball number for my car's value (my insurance company quoted a higher rate).
To date, my insurance has had to take care of the total car loss (and I have had to pay the deductible), and I have had to pay for a rental car. The hotel stated they would pay for the rental car until I could arrange for new transportation, but they have not followed up on this. I've spent a ton of my own money on something clearly their fault.
I've tried reaching out to the hotel directly, and through contacts in the Reno area. My next course will have to be legal action - which is ridiculous given how clear cut of a situation this is.
At no point has the hotel tried to contact me to make sure I was being taken care of, or to see if they could be of assistance.  As anyone who has had to deal with a totalled car knows, this is a HUGE hassle, and the least the hotel could have done is assist in the matter. They didn't offer to comp the hotel room or make arrangements (though the valet manager did take the valet charges off our bill and bought us a round of drinks at the hotel restaurant).
I can't stress how unbelievably bad the hotel management and PR at this hotel is. We would expect a nice new hotel to bend over backwards to make sure we were taken care of, instead we have had to do all the follow-up ourselves. Will update this review if things change.
The hotel itself is actually quite nice - downtown, non-smoking, good restaurant (Heritage), music venue, and big climbing wall. Probably 4 star Yelp review for hotel if it weren't for how they have handled the mess after they totalled my car.

12/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
44. Verenice C.
Spent the weekend in Reno with the bf and family. The bf and I booked a room at the Whitney Peak Hotel and loved it!  This is a relatively new hotel (opened early summer 2015). The hotel itself and our room was nicely decorated and the bed was sooo comfy! My only qualm is that you have to call valet for after-hours service. But overall, it was a good stay.

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. M S.
I love this hotel. Non smoking, non casino, fantastic food, staff is great.  

Would like to see a shuttle service instead of the cab thing in the future.

Only one small snafu and that was not getting a room service order.

12/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. James A.
I had hard time finding the entrance to the hotel but other than that, the quality of the hotel was much better than I expected.

The red light in front of the door is bit freaky but as soon as I walked into the room, boom! everything was clean and refreshing.

There is $8 valet fee per night which is reasonable compare to over $10 resort fee from most of the hotels.

If I plan to come back to Reno in the future, I would choose this hotel again.

25/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Laura J.
One of the best hotels in Reno and the only one that's been renovated lately. Great contemporary interiors, good service, and really large rooms.

We stayed in a king room which was pretty large, and had plenty of amenities and space. We LOVED being able to order room service from the Heritage restaurant downstairs.

It's not a gambling hotel, and that was fine for us. It's just a few steps to any of the smoky casinos and all that they bring; this place is much more peaceful and cleaned up than any other hotel in Reno.

The only downside was parking; there isn't any. You have to park at a kindof sketchy garage across the intersection and over a street, and just leave your car there. They validate the parking there, but I wasn't thrilled about parking my BMW in a random open garage.

Still 5 stars though; for $100/night in the off season, with room service from Heritage and all new decor, we were really happy campers.

22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Tammy S.
Very unhappy with entire stay.
Got their they had lost our reservation, said 2 areas book reservations. They gave us a room that was up a level and said it offered breakfast and appetizers and hors d'oeuvres at dinner.   They ended up charging us for the upgrade and they said they would not as they have lost our reservation.  went to check out the appetizers which were a joke they had chips cubes of cheese and some shrimp.  Pretty much the same joke for breakfast.   We did the valet and then went to get a car out was about 30 minutes.   When we finally talked to the valet, it took him forever to find our car.  Front desk, valet was extremely undermanned especially for a fri and sat.   The pillows were terrible.  The rooms were very nice and view was great.But that is the only positive thing I have to say about this hotel.  I have briefly touched on a few things we were unhappy with.  Very disappointed in experience and from here on out will be staying at one of the neighboring the hotels where they offer so much more have some sort of organization and are attentive to their guests

16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
49. Rachel M.
This new non-smoking hotel is a sweet-smelling gem in the giant ashtray that is Reno. The decor is cute, even if a little odd sometimes. We had the raddest hanging lamp in our room - it was like something an evil doctor would have hanging over a surgery table.

The staff was super nice, but they do have some shit-getting-together to do. Housekeeping came in and straightened our room even though we had "do not disturb" on the door and we were checking out, so it was both irritating for us and a waste of time for them.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. cath g.
Well what can I say except thank God we found a hotel that we can love here in Reno! Love it! Hubs has asthma so we are so happy to find smoke free hip place!!! Good Feng shui too! Yay! A gem for sure!
UPDATE! We loved the hotel but unfortunately had an awful night due to the fact they painted bathtubs and the air quality was truly awful! We had to move back and forth trying to get some sleep in a room that did not smell like toxic fumes. It was awful!!! Then the drain made a gurgling noise until 4:30 am truly awful. I mentioned my husband's asthma but alas we were so unlucky

05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Elizabeth L.
This is really a 4.5 star review, we were truly very very happy with our stay here. The Whitney Peak is definitely our go to place to stay when we come back to visit Reno. We moved across the country to Boston before the hotel opened, but came back this past week for a wedding and were able to stay here.

The hotel is much more like a boutique hotel you'd find in any large city. In fact, I would go so far as to call it the first boutique hotel in Reno. The decor is industrial with touches of the outdoors brought in for contrast. Make sure to check out the front counter that is a solid length of a pine tree - gorgeous. I definitely loved the design of the hotel and it fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of the area.

The staff are super friendly and accommodating. They are eager to please and ready to go the extra mile to make your stay the best it can be. You definitely get a more upscale vibe from the staff. The rooms are well appointed with toiletries that are from an organic brand, robes, keurig coffee makers, flat screen hd TVs, and a rubber duckie (at lease in our room). Beds are comfortable enough and we enjoyed the time we spent in the room.

- Weak water pressure and low water heat made for some coldish showers

- Housekeeping is not very quick to get to rooms (at least our room on floor 15), we were leaving the room early and coming back by afternoon to a room that still hadn't been cleaned

- Valet still has kinks. You are charged $8/day for parking and because the parking garage is not on site next to the hotel like many other hotels in the area, valets were stuck running a couple blocks to get cars. Combine that with one way roads around the property and it was a pretty lengthy wait for our car. Not to mention the morning we left needing to catch a 6am flight out of town, our car keys had been miss filed in the key box and caused us to wait an extra 15 min for our car as the valet waited for us to come down and identify the keys for him. Had they called up to our room and gotten us to come down and point the keys out as soon as they knew there was a problem, we would have been on time. This was the most frustrating issue of our entire stay - easily avoidable too.

Despite these few things, we will definitely be back, as the positives out weigh the negatives and this is only the beginning of a successful endeavor for the Whitney Peak.

Also, be sure to check out the Heritage restaurant- it's not to be missed!

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Alison C.
We did an impromptu visit to Reno and decided to check out Whitney Peak as we remembered it being under construction years ago when we visited the ill fated Comm Row.   I must say, we loved it! We brought our 7 year old son and being casino and smoke free was great!

The entrance is a little tricky to find as it is not on N. Virginia, but their valet is pretty efficient for $8 your entire stay.  I did like the main entrance location and lack of casino keeping unsavory characters out of the lobby, main floor etc. which lets be real, is an issue with other hotels.

The room was nice, spacious, clean, and had a great view.  The staff was very friendly, including the Heritage staff.  We were able to take our son Basecamp for rock climbing, and next time I will definitely take advantage of the fitness facility, classes etc.

For what it presents as, Whitney Peak delivers.   I have always wanted to go to Reno to partake in some hiking and outdoor activity, and we will most definitely stay at Whitney Peak come later in the Spring!

01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Curtis H.
Very impressed with this hotel.  It used to be the Fitzgerald's Casino/Hotel and then it was partially occupied by the now defunct Com Row.  I was a little worried that a non-gaming hotel would not be able to make it downtown but there are all sorts of reasons you should stay here.  One is the service. We have taken to staying downtown for the Santa Crawl the last few years.  As you can imagine, the big hotels are busy that day and last year we waited something like 30 minutes to get checked in at one of the casino properties downtown.  It was frustrating because it seems like a big hotel would have sufficient staff and procedures in place to get everyone moved in on the day of such a huge event.

Fast forward to this year and the Whitney Peak.  It was our first stay there.  When we arrived there was indeed a line at check in but the valet was handy (there is not a garage that I know of on site and I recommend you pay the 8$ for the valet so you don't have to park across the street).  We waited in line no more than 10 minutes or so and they had our room ready.  They were obviously busy but the staff is young and courteous, obviously local folks, and were definitely ready for the business.

The rooms are awesome.  Everything from the sleek lobby to the guest rooms.  Very modern and tasteful.  The room we got was huge and had a comfy king bed.  Linens are quality.  There was a mini fridge and complimentary water in our room and wifi is free and fast.  

I did not eat at the restaurant but see that it gets great reviews on here and other sites so will make it a point to return to try it out.  If you are a local and need to lodge downtown for a pub crawl, concert etc. I highly recommend this place.  It would also be a great place for a business traveler who wants to avoid the casino crowd but still; be centrally located.  Oh yeah, and they hav a huge rock climbing wall for the adventurous.

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. germaine n.
Awesome hotel. Not expected. Service was on point. Rooms were luxurious and spacious. Front desk team were friendly, so was the valet.

Took advantage of the rock climbing wall with the kids. Heritage was good for breakfast.

Central to all. Biggest highlight- not a casino and it is none smoking throughout. Loved my one day vacation. The hotel made it!!

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Donna S.
Great change from the usual casino hotels in town

The old Fritzgeralds has been converted into the new beautiful Whitney Peak.  150+ boutique style rooms    

No dank smoky or musty smell here.  Come into the lobby from the Comm Row side into a nice simple lobby.   To the left or off the Virginia street entrance is the new Heritage restaurant     There are no ringing of slot machines- there is no casino here.  Nice quiet     We got to check out the 15 & 16 floors rooms.  Great mountain views to the south.  The rooms are sleek, simple, and nicely decorated. I did I mention no awful smoke or musty smell.   Local photographer's art of the river area hangs in the rooms.  I'm really liking those concierge rooms, limited access to the floor and a room to enjoy snacks and drinks.  The hotel is also pet friendly

On the Virginia street side of the building is a Rock climbing wall outside the building from the second floor to the top - for the real climb feeling.   That floor also has a nice work out area, that if you are a local can buy a membership to use.  For those of us less inclined or scarred of heights- there are three smaller rocks to scale on this floor, with lots of padding

Cargo on the first floor is a small venue with a great stage. Caught a little of a performance there by a band.  Space to dance and bar available

Overall - so glad to an old building downtown given a great lift.  It looks good and expect more great things from it

07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Cindy S.
Last Thursday we found out we scored VIP tickets to the Reno Bighorns game. We had two days to find a hotel and for some reason (Women's Conference) all the casinos were fully booked or charging above average for their rooms. As a last resort I checked Living Social and found a deal for a room at Whitney Peak Hotel. We've been curious about this place and it had good reviews on Yelp so we thought, for $80 as the last minute, why not?

So we arrived at the hotel around 3:30pm on Saturday. We learn that the parking lot across the street costs $7/day and valet is $8. So of course we decided to go with valet. The outside of the building looks old except for the super cool rock climbing wall in the front. The inside however is very clean, new and contemporary. The lobby is small but has a small table with water and coffee and is a very short distance from their restaurant and the elevators. My check in went quick and smooth. Our room was on the 13th floor! Yup, they have a 13th floor! The room was really nice and seemed a little larger than your average casino hotel room. Everything was neat and tidy. There was a refrigerator to store food and drinks, Keurig machine with pods for tea and coffee and two bottles of water. The bed was super comfy and towels very soft. This hotel has jumped on a trend I've seen at a few gyms. Instead of offering small sample sized shampoo, conditioner and body wash, they have a dispenser in the shower. I always bring my own toiletries so I can't really comment on the quality of that stuff. It's pretty cool the pictures on the wall are photos of local spots.  

We checked out the rock climbing level and gym. There was a competition that day so it was packed. Very cool they offer these amenities. Definitely something unique to their hotel. My husband and I loved that the room was spacious and hotel wasn't smokey. Also that the hotel was located right next to the El Dorado so within walking distance to all the cool spots Downtown. We both agreed we would stay here again and maybe actual climb next time.

31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
57. Don B.
Whitney Peak is THE boutique hotel in Reno. Meaning, it's the one. Really the only one. And with its boutique-ness comes the exact opposite of what you'll get at the various other casino hotels in town. Non smoking. No gaming. Quiet. And all about being a hotel.

This refurbished tower follows the current trend of hip boutiques with a mountain/outdoor themed style and decoration. Ski area trail maps adorn the hallways on guest floors. The motif is a mix of outdoor and nature images emblazoned on wallpaper and a sort of apres-ski, mountain hideaway feel. Not quite hunting lodge, not quite hipster, more like an LL Bean catalog.

All that said, the service is nice, the rooms are big, the beds are comfy, and the amenities are adequate. There are some nice views from the upper floors. The prices, while not nearly as bargain basement as the casinos, are still fairly reasonable. I got my room on an upper floor with a king bed for around $115. Staff are pretty friendly as well.

There is a restaurant serving breakfast (limited) and dinner, and the marquee attraction seems to be this huge rock climbing wall over 100' tall (Base Camp). It was way too cold for me to partake in anything like that on my visit.

All in all, a damn decent hotel. They're trying, and it seems to be working. I like the no-smoking, no gaming thing. That's big.

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Lori P.
In town for UNR graduation and had a total of 5 rooms for 2 nights. We were looking forward to a boutique non smoking hotel and the reviews were decent and photos looked appealing. Our overall experience was good and we would stay again; however would like to list pros and cons to allow other visitors our perspective

* Check in - front desk under staffed and overwhelmed. I didn't have reservation number in hand and they had a difficult time finding reservation it was filed under first name and not last.

* elevator access only to rooms -stairs for emergency use only. Elevators backed up 20 people deep trying to get rooms. A little frustrating for everyone.

* rooms -we stayed in room 801 which was a larger king simple bed  corner room with good view. Room 802 where  daughter and son in law stayed with baby was smaller and no view except ugly roof top and smaller king size bed room.  Television never worked in this room and repairs were not made upon request. Rooms are very clean, sleek and modern. Bed is firm, just perfect for us with comfy pillows. Bathrooms are small and if you are tall one might be challenged with shower head as its low. No problem for us.  Amenities in room very nice; Kurig coffee maker , free water bottles, fridge.  

* Creepy encounter - got up at 5 am to go to bathroom and just as I was going into bathroom front door opened. I said, excuse me voice replied sorry and he shut the door. My husband immediately called down stairs to let them know what had happened and that the person was on the elevator. They called us back and said it was their engineer and had a repair notice. 5am in the morning and no knock on door? creepy. Usually double lock door and won't forget next tme. Now wide awake and can't sleep. Inquired what happened at check out and he was supposedly there to fix television in 802 - daughters room. Still at 5 am!! Not good. Will be following up with management.

* rock climbing wall - nieces loved it;  truly not like Funworks

* location - close to everything downtown centrally located

Overall a good experience with some minor hiccups as you've read. Worse things in life and no one harmed by early intruder. Would suggest they work in their internal communications and front desk and look forward to giving them another try.

16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Raina S.
Clean, clean, clean!  I have low standards for Reno hotels.  Most of them are pretty gross.  Whitney Peak is nice.  It's a huge improvement over the Fitzgerald's that used to be there!

It's a little difficult to find the entrance or the self-parking area.  The entrance to the hotel is not actually on Virginia Street.  You could easily drive past it a couple of times before noticing that the entrance is actually on the tiny cross-street Commercial Row.  Parking is available a kitty-corner block away (when coming from Highway 50 it's before the hotel).  Turn left off Virginia onto East Plaza Street to find it.  It's not too well marked.

The hotel decor is interesting.  The light fixtures are meant to be super cool, but they fail in their primary function:  lighting! The rooms are very dark, as other Yelpers have mentioned.  I hate turning on so many lights, but when I wanted to read, it was necessary.  Each room has an unusual looking chair or two.

Prices are good, and the furniture and fixtures are in very good condition.  Our family of 3 got a "suite."  I find the term "suite" means different things to different people.  I expected a living area with a sofabed and a separate bedroom area.  The Whitney Peak suites don't come with sofabeds (or, at least, ours didn't), and the bedroom area has a separating wall that has cutouts on either side of it.  No privacy.  Lots of space, however.

Being in a upper floor room, we got to take advantage of a continental breakfast, which was better than most "free" breakfasts I've encountered.

One thing this place is missing is a hangout area.  The Whitney Peak lobby is tiny and narrow.  There are a couple of chairs, but it's not a place you really want to hang out in while waiting for someone.

Posted checkout time is a very early 10:00 am, but when we inquired at the front desk, they told us 11 was okay.  Be sure to ask.

The best thing of all is that the entire hotel is nonsmoking!  Let Whitney Peak be your little oasis from those stinky, smoky casinos nearby.

26/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. David L.
This is my first time staying at the Whitney Peak and I have to say I was quite happy with my stay.

The NESS's:


The staff was great from my first steps into the lobby. We got into the hotel around 1am, so I assumed that the customer service would be less than stellar since it was so late and it's understandable. But the girl helping me had the energy of 3pm. She was very attentive and helpful in regards to our check in. She called the after hours valet and they came very quickly. Valet was very friendly and also helped with our bags to the room. Once in the room, I had to call down because I left something in my car and she was quick to grab the valet before he left with the car. The customer service was stellar for the duration of our 2 night stay. Friendliness was definitely top shelf.


Every part of the hotel was squeaky clean. We chose this hotel because my wife did not want to deal with the smoke from staying in a casino, and we made the right choice in that regard. The hallways are pleasantly scented so you forget that you're even in Reno. The room was in perfect condition, bathroom was spotless,

Tasti-NESS (this includes breakfast and overall sleep/bathing experience)

The concierge level rooms include access to the concierge lounge located on the 15th floor. The concierge lounge is a very nice sitting area that's open most of the day. From 6-9am complimentary breakfast is available and it wasn't bad. The
The furniture in the lobby and the room are very modern but equally comfortable. We stayed in the concierge king room (15th floor) and the room was perfect; large and with a great view of Reno. We thoroughly enjoyed the king size bed, bedding and pillows too. I read from previous yelpers about the showers not having enough heat or pressure. And I experience neither of those. The shower heated up quickly and the pressure was perfect. All the toiletries were organic which I think is a nice touch.


One thing I would be a little happier with would be 24 hour room service. When we arrived at 1am, we were hungry, but there were no options open. So, next time i'll prepare with snacks if we have a late check in.  Also, the vending machine on our floor didn't work during our stay. No big deal of course.

WARNING: There is free wifi, but you can pay for faster access. I'm currently using the free speed and it works pretty well.


Great stay. Super friendly staff & super nice amenities. Location of the casino is right next to the famous Reno sign.  I will recommend this place to anyone staying in Reno.

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. J M.
Having a hard time finding the place.......look for the world's biggest rock wall to climb and you have reached your destination.
A member of the Stash Rewards group, that has a system of unique and different hotels/locations to visit and enjoy.
WP is a mix of styles.....modern, adventure, active.
Clean rooms, great location, affordable, and not like the traditional hotels that litter the streets in Reno.  
Very helpful and receptive staff.  If there is time on your trip, get in the elevator and go to the second floor.  Great place to blow off the work day steam and stress.
Will certainly be returning when work brings me there.

25/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Nancy V.
We live just across the street from the Whitney Peak Hotel. When our building's water was going to be turned off for some badly needed boiler repairs it was a no brainer in where we would stay.

+ Not a casino
+ Non smoking
+ Generous discount available
+ Really really really comfortable beds
+ Great views
+ Very quiet
+ Fridge and coffee in the room
+ Free bottled water
+ Free Wifi (basic service was good enough to watch Netflix)
+ Very clean and modern

Minor Minus:
- Some mixups in our reservations. We were not able to get the room we ordered and there was some confusion as to the discount we were supposed to get.

I will definitely use the hotel again for out-of-town guests and maybe if my honey and I need another little staycation that is literally walking distance from home.

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Jeff T.
Great hotel for the active crowd staying in Reno. The staff is super courteous and helpful, the rooms are clean and quiet, the restaurant has great breakfast and the 15 story rock wall looks like a great challenge - something I'll have to try next time.

We enjoyed having a smoke free haven to escape to after the casinos. The gym had everything you'd need to sweat out the night before. All at a very reasonable price.

Highly recommend Whitney Peak!

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0