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WorldMark Reno in Reno, NV


From hiking in the Sierra Nevadas to skiing at Lake Tahoe, there's a little something for everyone at WorldMark Reno.


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Rating: 4.17

Address: 250 N Arlingon Ave, Reno, NV, 89501

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    Comments (12):

    1. Anna L.
    The Worldmark at Reno Resort - the name leads you to believe that this place is a selective resort, but it's more like a glorified hotel.

    Overall, my experiences here have been just fine.  I don't own a timeshare with them, but I have come with friends who do a couple of times.  (I think that it cost us about $300 for a weekend.)

    The interior and décor of the overall place is nothing special.  The lobby is a small area with some pamphlets suggesting things to do in the area as well as some coupons for nearby services. (My favorite was a 20% off coupon for wedding services at the Chapel of the Bells. Ha!) Just off the lobby is a sort of a rec room with an air hockey table, a couple of pool tables and some arm chairs for lounging in.  There are also some DVD's you can rent (handy!)

    When we walked into our suite we were confronted by some sort of... smell.  We complained and the front desk sent someone right up with air freshener (it only sort of helped, but soon enough the smell dissipated.)

    The kitchenette had a full-sized fridge, mini-dishwasher and stove/oven. They supply you with some mugs, glasses, plates and silverware, as well as numerous cooking utensils, a blender, coffeemaker and toaster.  You could very well cook for your family here for a full week before needing something they haven't given you!  There's a small table and 4 chairs to create a mini dining area.

    There were two bedrooms - one was a master with a queen or king sized bed and a private bathroom, and the other was much smaller with 2 twin beds and a shared bathroom off the living room. There was also a Murphy bed (the kind that folds down from the wall,) with a light show, (the sheets were so static-y that any movement put out a static charge, and you could see every zap that you created.)  There weren't any extra pillows or blankets. :(

    We also had a small "living room" with a couch, arm chair, tv and stereo.  

    Other info:
    + The building is 2 blocks off the main strip, so it's quite close to all the entertainment that Reno has to offer.
    + There's a hot tub!
    - No wi-fi

    02/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Anisha M.
    I stayed here for a weekend for skiiing/gambling.

    PROS: The rooms were nice, clean and awesome. I like that they have everything you would need (pots, pans, etc). It is walking distance from the casinos. Sands is right across from the place and el dorado isn't to far. They have underground parking, which is good.

    CONS: Parking is limited. One car per unit. There is a night club next to the place and you can hear the base and music pounding.

    10/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. siannen w.
    We have been Worldmark owners since.... 1997.. ish? and we always LOVE our timeshares. Since we've moved to Reno we have stayed at our Reno location 4 or 5 times just because.

    I know one time was when we were moving out of an apartment and waiting for the keys to our new home. We ended staying for 2 days and it was one of the best temporary homes we stayed in.

    All the other times, we just stayed for the heck of it! if it was a hot day and something was available on bonus time, we stayed so we could take our son to the pool. HAHAHA it's a great place for our family and we will keep coming back.

    27/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Kyra R.
    Great for a weekend getaway of hitting the casinos and snow. Walking distance, about a block or two, to Eldorado and close to Sands. Very convenient for a family (especially with kids) to stay instead of a hotel room. Had full size fridge, plates, cups, stove, oven, coffee machine, small dining table and family room. It's basically your one bedroom apartment away from home.

    If you own a timeshare or know someone who you can use one from (like I did, thanks cuzin!), its a decent spot. Don't expect this place to be looking all lavish when you roll up to the building, cuz it's not, real talk! But once you're in, all is good with all the amenities that you need. The parking here is limited, we had 2 cars. I informed the front desk and the lady was really sweet and actually gave me another permit since there was a guest that left early that night. Great customer service, checking out was easy, and a good location from the Reno Strip.

    19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Teresa T.
    So, we are enjoying visiting the different Worldmark Resorts. This one was more like a reformed hotel. The best part was the staff taking the time to call you by name every time they saw you. :) The rooms were smaller but the space was used very well.

    Also, it is in a great location you can walk to all the casinos and Skiing, sledding, snowboarding , etc. were only about 30 mins away.

    We will be back.

    30/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Andrew I.
    Actual review: 3.7/5

    If I'm not mistaken, this is one of the oldest Worldmark buildings owned. This was actually a regular hotel, which is then bought and turned into a Worldmark facility and office. This is actually where we first became Worldmark members.

    The hotel is small compare to other hotels around the Reno strip. The parking space is limited, and the building looks outdated on the outside. They try to make the interior decor looks updated and fresh, but you can tell by the hallways, the smell, and the elevator that it was an old hotel which wasn't fancy at all to begin with.

    Aside from that, the staff are extremely courteous, friendly, helpful, and just very positive in every way. The rooms are small - medium in size compared to other Worldmark facilities, but still have most amenities and the family style rooms that you're accustomed to in Worldmark facilities. It is always very clean and orderly, and I never have a problem in booking a night or two in this place, no matter what season of the year. It is very conveniently located a block away from the main strip, and as far as staying a few night here, I surely have no complain. Although I heard if you stay on the lower floors, which I have since they have the double/triple rooms, you can hear music noises from the place next door. I personally didn't think I heard anything with the windows and doors closed, but maybe that's just me.

    29/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Lizzie B.
    I was wrong about the washer/dryer. There's another closet door that was hidden because the dining table was in front of it and that's where it is in the one bedrooms. Nice place to stay. They have additional parking across at the Sands but you need a permit.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Tiffany D.
    The staff was very nice and welcoming, I have never been to a hotel or timeshare and had the staff be so polite and helpful, I really think they need promotions!! The rooms were wonderful, very clean and neat, I loved the fully stocked kitchen, the flat screens, DVD player...It felt like I was at home...I liked the fireplace although I didn't feel any heat coming from it lol...I will most definitely be coming back here, I had a wonderful experience!

    23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Allison B.
    We only had a few weeks left in order to use our RCI timeshare, so we decided to take a trip to Reno for spring break.

    Because it was last minute, finding a place was really difficult.  Luckily, the WorldMark Reno had availability!

    I called ahead of time to see if the hotel was able to accommodate my computer run telephone that I use for work.  Simone at the front desk did absolutely everything she could to try and make it possible, but in the end it wasnt because this hotel only has wifi ability.  She tried, and I am blessed that she even went that far.  I called a few other times and spoke with another man named Jeff.  At first, I was a little put off because Jeff sounded a little condescending over the telephone.  I had this image in my mind of him being a complete jerk...

    When we arrived at the hotel, Jeff was the man who checked us in...and I couldn't have been more wrong about him!  He wasn't condescending at all...he was just a genuinely nice man who went above and beyond to make certain we were very well taken care of.  

    Our room was wonderful.  It was a one bedroom suite with a very nicely appointed kitchen, stocked with everything I needed to make our week perfect.  They even had little packages of spices for me to use!

    The only downside was the bed.  We are both larger sized people, and a queen size bed is a  little on the small size.  But, we made it work.  Did I mention that the bed is super comfy?  Well, it was...aside from rolling off due to lack of space.

    We really enjoyed our stay at the WorldMark.

    A couple key points for travelers:
    1.  The wifi is not free.  You can either pay 15 dollars for 10 days or pay like 5 dollars a day.  If you need the net, just fork over the 15 bucks.  You should also know that the wifi isnt very fast.  Its not really great for streaming movies on Netflix.  But, dont worry because they have some pretty current DVDs you can rent downstairs in the lobby.

    2. There are only 4 handicap parking spots in the lot.  

    3.  There is underground parking available. but our SUV was a bit of a tight fit.

    4.  The neighborhood isn't the greatest.  Some not-so-friendly looking people walked through the parking lot quite a bit.  Just make sure if you are a lady, to have someone with you.

    5.  Taxi service is only 5 dollars to most of the downtown casinos.  Parking over there was horrible and there are a ton of cops trolling around.  Casinos try and pump you full of free booze to keep playing...better safe than sorry...ya know?

    28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Erika G.
    Really nice stay here weekend before Halloween.
    Took my mom, sister and bff here for a girls weekend.  Reno was actually have a zombie stomp so that was cool to see one night.  

    The resort is 2 short blocks away from the El Dorado (which is interconnected to Silver Legacy and CIrcus Circus), one block away from Mel's Drive-In restaurant and 3 blocks away from the River Walk restaurants and movie theater.  Great location.  

    There is plenty of parking with the one near the entrance and also an underground garage... there is a steep drive way to get into it so beware.  

    We used the pool, it was nicely heated and felt nice in the crisp autumn air. Then we used the hot tub and at first I felt like i was boiling my skin but got used to it after a while.  

    Staff was super friendly and the place felt secure and safe.  We were placed on the 9th floor (top floor) so we had an awesome view.  As usual all the rooms have a kitchen (with fill pots and pans, dishes, glassware and silverware), stacked washer/dryer, a/c, electric fireplace.  It was a 2 bedroom with a murphy bed in the livingroom.  There was also 2 full bathrooms.  

    Better than expected and will definitely will stay here again!

    13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Richard H.
    This Worldmark property is in a nice location as its waking distance to most of the Casino's in Reno,NV the building itself is a former hotel renovated to a resort building, so it doesnt have all the stuff we're used to in other Worldmark by Wyndham  properties, I do think they did a great job though but the other thing I noticed was some casino;s here are boarded sadly. Still a nice place to go and spend a weekend or whatever :)

    05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. James M.
    What a wonderful find. Staying on the 9th floor has an excellent view of the hotels / casinos. Also an excellent way to watch the New Year's fireworks.   My family and I watched it from the comfort of our room,  in our pajamas by the fireplace, and was able to watch the four different shows from the four different hotels providing it that night.

    The room is very spacious, has a full kitchen, and big windows to see Reno. Customer service here is excellent and friendly.   Their main lounge has two pool tables, air hockey, a place to relax and sit by the fire, another place to sit and relax by the big screen TV, and an arcade.  There exercise room may be small but well maintained. I believe this is better than any hotel room available in Reno.

    The only negative part about the room is that the master bed is not as firm, sags in the middle,  we wake up with a stiff lower back,  and the pillows are also too soft that lacks support for your head.

    Other than that my family and I would definitely come back here again in the future.

    28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0