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La Quinta Inn & Suites Armonk Westchester Cnty Apt in Armonk, NY

La Quinta Inn & Suites Armonk Westchester Cnty Apt in Armonk, NY


Nestled in the peaceful White Plains area, the La Quinta Inn & Suites Armonk offers easy access to Highway 684, comfy beds, airport shuttle to Westchester County Airport Park&Fly programs, complimentary breakfast and free wifi. Dine at the Marc Charles Steakhouse, relax at the MC Bar and Grill. Just minutes from area attractions and businesses such as IBM World Headquarters, Citigroup, Readers Digest, Swiss RE, Carquest, Citation Air, and Trinity Packaging. Close proximity to NYC commuter train


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Rating: 1.65

Address: 94 Business Park Dr, Armonk, NY, 10504
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Comments (23):

1. Jando S.
Definitely not impressed with this place.  Building wise, it is long and narrow instead of being tall and vertical, making it very hall driven.  Hence, patrons here are likely to wander around forever till they get to the lobby and there are no elevators.  Make sure that you request for something close to the lobby.  The rooms aren't much to crow about, but thats what keeps the prices low here.  Even with low prices, its best you have a car as this location is not exactly located near the airport or other city like amenities.

11/07/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Iris F.
1. You won't be able to sleep well. Walls are way too thin. You can hear your neighbors very clearly. Heating system is very loud. If you are a light sleeper, you will not get a good night sleep.
2. Breakfast is disgusting. The "hot water" is not even lukewarm. Saw a piece of bread with fungus on it. When asked, the kitchen ladies told me that the hard boiled eggs were boiled yesterday.
3. Staffs are incompetent. When I reserved the hotel, the rate was $89 for a night. I was charged $115 instead. I asked them correct it, and they said "Oh, the rates are changing every day" and refused to correct it until I showed them the reservation confirmation email. It took them 16 minutes to correct the bill. I almost missed the shuttle as a result.
4. Conclusion: Bad experience. I had no choice but to stay here because this is the hotel that my company has a special rate. If you have a choice, you do want to stay somewhere else.

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Quiggy Q.
The WiFi....SUCkS!!!  AC was cold though.  You don't get your bang for the buck here

06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Bill M.
This place sucks.  The place smells.  How about changing out the carpet, and slapping a coat of paint on the walls?

The front desk service was marginal.  I got through the process but asked the girl to find my LaQuinta Returns number.  Granted, my name is very common, but she just looked a bit and then said, call the Returns number, they can help you.  Hello, is this putting you out, really?  This really pissed me off since I was in this rat trap because my flight had been canceled up at Stewart and the uber-friendly a-holes at USAirways had chosen to stiff me on the voucher and any help in getting accommodation in Newburgh, but were more than happy to put me on a flight out of White Plains.  I'll spare you the details and how dexterous a traveler I am, just need to put this all in perspective.

One other point of reference.  The channel up/down button on the remote has a frightening "stick" to it.   I plan to get some Lysol on the way home tomorrow so I can scrub down in a hot shower once at home.

So, if you find a stanky hole for $100/night a good deal, come on in.  I'm not from around here, but I have to assume this place stays in biz because it is cheaper than the competition.  Save the money and sleep in the car.

I plan to try to de-list this place from my company's approved list.

4:30 AM tomorrow can't get here fast enough.

06/11/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Vanessa V.
OK, so judging by the reviews here I was pretty unexcited about my impending stay. Terrified might be the right word. I'm a pretty picky hotel guest and didn't want to spend even one night in a smoky, smelly, old, run down room. But we had a wedding to attend in the area and this was the only available hotel. We even considered sleeping in the car in the parking lot, but eventually we bit the bullet and made a last-minute reservation.

After gliding across snowy roads for hours in the blizzard, we were happy to be anywhere that wasn't moving. The first thing we were informed was that the entire town had no power. Not their fault, obviously. They gave us fair warning and said we could cancel the reservation, but at this point we definitely weren't going to sleep in the car, so we checked in. We were handed glow sticks and a room key. The halls were barely lit by the emergency lights and we had to dodge multiple housekeeping carts that had been left around, but our room was clean, warm, and comfortable. We later decided that since our friends were in the next room over, and we wouldn't be watching TV, showering, or doing much of anything else, that we should split a room with them. We went back to the front desk and they were still happy to give us a full refund, which we definitely weren't expecting since we had already been hanging out in the room for about an hour. Bonus points!

Late that night when we returned to the room, the generator and emergency lights were still running. Definitely weren't expecting that-- we had our glow sticks on hand just in case. The room was still warm, the sheets were soft, nothing smelled... pretty much the room was totally fine, power or not. We woke up in the morning and they were still serving breakfast, even though they probably could have just said "sorry! no power!" and gone back to sleep. The breakfast definitely wasn't gourmet (crappy hockey puck bagels, two types of bran cereal, some yogurt, and discolored fruit) but it was free, and the warm coffee was definitely appreciated.

When we checked out, we overheard the guy at the front desk explaining to guests that they would be out of power for days, and probably without a generator pretty soon. He urged them to stay at another hotel (names of which he gladly provided). I have been at hotels that definitely would have just tried to keep the place full. Hell-- I've been at hotels that didn't have TVs or warm showers to begin with!

Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again, if I needed a cheap place to crash. It's not a five star hotel. People bring their dogs and they bark all night. The amenities start and end with a small vending machine in the hallway. But I'm definitely glad I slept here instead of freezing to death in my car.

My recommendation: book on Priceline for about 60% of what they're asking for a room. Check in early and snag a room on the first floor (which is supposedly nonsmoking) near an exit. Come with low expectations and you probably won't be disappointed.

30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Krista G.
I'm not even sure where to start, or how to do justice to how bad my experience was here.  Words escape me.  
There is no one single point that sticks out as having made my overall experience so bad; it is many, many little things.  When I stay at a hotel, I expect hospitality.  I realize that the level of hospitality usually correlates with the expense of the hotel.  However, I have stayed at many similarly priced hotels and have never experienced such utter indifference from the staff.  They really just seem to not care.  One example (to keep it brief, I'll just include one) is when my boyfriend and I came down to the lobby to go into the bar.  I asked the girl at the counter if the bar was still open and she replied without looking up at us, "I don't know.  You can go check."
There were many inconveniences with our room.  This may sound odd, but there are no outlets available.  I had to wait to blow dry my hair, because the only place that I could plug the iron into was the one outlet in the bathroom, and we had to unplug the tv at night in order to charge a mobile phone.   There is no elevator and we were on the second floor.  Our room had the view of an old, dirty pool that was covered up and not used (even though it is mid-July).  Upkeep is poor in general around the hotel, and things are shabby or dirty.
We didn't read the reviews here before booking our stay...but, looking at them now, I understand.  Don't stay here.

22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Juan M.
Alex S. - you are way too charitable.
First, I'm not sure if this place has... bed bugs.  I don't really want to talk anymore about that little item.
Make sure that anything you need from the front desk you get on the way in - you will never get them to answer the phone.  Oh, and "Dial 6000 for management" is equally useless.
I am doing work for a non-profit and tried to get an inexpensive place.  Priceline usually gets me 4 star digs for under $100 where ever I go.  Next time I am going for safe and sure and doing Hampton Inn or something (not that there is much to choose from around here).

01/10/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Steve M.
Here is the letter that I wrote to the hotel manager. It says it all:

"Dear Mr. D________,

My wife and I stayed at the Armonk La Quinta Inn on the night of Saturday, September 14th after visiting friends in the area. I would be remiss if I did not inform you of how unsatisfactory our stay was.  

In a nutshell, when reserving a block of rooms for what will be an inevitably intoxicated group of post-wedding guests who will arrive piecemeal late at night and want to continue the party in your hotel, I suggest that you isolate them in the remotest part of the hotel, away from the lobby, vending machines, etc where they will be less likely congregate or to roam about, disturbing other paying guests who just want to sleep. Also, please consider getting a "silent" waffle machine (or toaster, or whatever it was) for your breakfast area.  

My wife and I were traveling alone, and although we had made a reservation, we received room 101, which is the first one off the lobby/breakfast area and right behind the front desk. I knew this would be the noisiest room in any hotel, regardless of the circumstances. I wasn't happy with this room, but I also understood that the hotel was fully booked. What followed over the course of the night was just unacceptable.

To say that our visit was unpleasant would be an understatement. It's impossible to sleep through groups of drunken people checking in during the night and continuing the party in the hallways, having loud conversations, shouting, laughing, with doors opening and closing all through the early morning hours, from roughly 12:30am, when we tried to go to sleep until around 4:00am, when the last of the drunks finally went back to their rooms and passed out. On our first sleep disturbance (1:45am), I did hear a member of your staff attempt to intervene, and she had to raise her voice several times to be heard above the din. On the second (2:30am), it was a female guest (from Rochester, I heard her say) who started yelling at the drunks because they had awakened her young children. At around 3:00am my wife had to grab me as I lost my temper and got dressed, ready to intervene myself after being awakened a third time by more shouting and laughing. At that point, I was in a very foul mood. It finally quieted down at around 4:00am. The night manager would have been totally correct if the Police were called after one warning. It really was that bad.  

After getting maybe two hours of solid sleep, we were finally awakened by the very few early risers that were staying in the hotel as they availed themselves of the free continental breakfast in your lobby. The wedding drunks were all quite unconscious in their beds, I'm sure. The early risers would have been fine, except that this breakfast area was practically right outside of our door and has a waffle iron with a very loud "ready" beeper that started sounding off at 6:30am. It may as well have been in the room with us. Is this really necessary?

Overall, our room was very clean and your front desk was okay, but our experience at your hotel was terrible. Absolutely, this was the worst hotel stay I have ever had, anywhere. I don't think it's unreasonable to request a refund.



17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Megan K.
Update:  They did end up refunding our first night's stay, so that was good.  Nothing could save the miserable instant coffee, though.

31/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Eric And Jennifer R.
The rooms are out of date and felt moist.  However the rooms were clean.  Decent prices for the area.  Good for people on a budget.  You can find lower prices for this hotel online.

14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Jeri C.
The worst. No hot water in the morning. Did not make up room. Shorthanded, they said.  I've stayed in betters  places in third world countries.

14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Danny W.
Poor hotel, much worse than the typical La Quinta. Very old and worn. The hallways smell like cigarette smoke and sewage. Service was average but the accomodations are terrible. I dont know how this place is still in operation.

03/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. Roger M.
OK -- it is cheap and it is relatively clean.  It is the least expensive hotel from a chain that you will have heard of -- for miles in any direction.  So, you have to decide whether it is worth double the price to get better.

The rooms are basic.  Beds are comfortable.  No critters on the ground.  In other words, it is an OK place to stay for one night while on the road.  The free WiFi is also good.

On the other hand -- the heater/AC is one of the noisiest contraptions you will hear.   It woke me up and I stayed awake listening to it.  The bathroom is tiny.  There is a smell in the hallways.  And, the breakfast is eh.  I am on a low carb diet and the only thing they had for me was hard boiled egg and an apple.

The staff is friendly and helpful.  So, they get a bonus star.

Frankly, if I have to stay near 684, I will come again.  I don't need to spend another $100 for a bed.  However, on business travel, I would look again.

01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Anita G.
This is an update to my previous review. Besides posting my letter to La Quinta Guest Services at their corporate office, I also posted the letter to their Facebook page. I received a reply first from whoever handles their social media then from the Manager at their Armonk location.

He claims that my reservation was changed by an employee, and my room given to someone else. I told him this was inexcusable and has never happened to me before at any national chain of hotels. He assured me the employee has been reprimanded. He then asked what he could do to resolve this and I then asked for a full refund, to which he responded "no problem".

The refund was credited to my account 4 days later, which is average processing time.

I'm happy about the refund, but dismayed that La Quinta doesn't seem to have good management or employees at this location. Despite the managers profuse apologies, I didn't get the feeling that he really cared.

09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Barrie R.
Terrible, smelly, poor service, unreliable wifi and tv.

21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Alfredo T.
This is one of better places we've stayed in since traveling around the world. Listening to the young pup reviewers on this site are probably done by riff raffs that have no idea about what traveling is all about.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Geoff And Jenni G.
We felt very sorry for the staff (super friendly) who are fighting a losing battle with a property that should have been knocked down 10 years ago.

It is, quite frankly, staggering that this property exists in such an affluent area!

The carpets are threadbare, dirty, ripped/torn and the corridors absolutely reek of cigarette smoke. The rooms are pretty grim and you don't even want to look at the blades of your bathroom fan (20 years of accumulated dust and grime).

Surprisingly, the bed was quite comfortable... we just forgot to bring our bio-hazard suits...

Any hotel chain should be absolutely ashamed of this property and should raze it to the ground and rebuild it... it should have been done years ago...

01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Koni Z.
Truly bad.

We have stayed at various La Quinta-s thru out the country. I drove from LA to NY and to GA, and FL and all those nights I've stayed at this chain because they are pet-friendly and I had my little furry best friend with me. Well, this by far, is the worst location I've stayed in. This La Quinta is a shame to what I thought was affordable, clean, simple stay. The hallway smells of weed and cigarettes. We had asked for a non-smoking room and were given a room that only after 5 min in it had my hair and our clothes smell of cigarette smoke. We were then moved to another room that had the worst underarm sweat smell. We had no choice but stay. It was better than cigarettes.
Breakfast was a joke.
Staff was nice.
Will never stay here again.

03/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Bob P.
I don't know if there are other motels nearby but please look elsewhere for a clean comfortable stay.  The staff is pleasant and polite and everything else is downhill from there.  The halls and rooms need a lot of upkeep.  The wifi did not work at all.  I spent the whole night wondering if I was going to be attacked by pests; three days later I think I am safe.  The breakfast was ok at best.  There is a shuttle from the White Plains airport which is nice because a taxi charged me $25 for a ten minute ride on the return trip(!).  I expected more from a LaQuinta based on other locations.

08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Angelique N.
Let me begin by saying that I will be contacting the manager as well as the corporate offices for La Quinta. This location is truly horrifying. We are Elite Status members and were treated like trash.

The room we were given has fleas in the bed. We had a notice stating the power would go out in the middle of the night and froze for several hours.

The worst part of all was the maid. We deliberately placed a do not disturb sign on our door and she proceeded to open the door and come in while we were sleeping. I asked her to leave and one hour later she was back. This time I had latched the door locked. She removed the do not disturb sign, and started sticking her face through the lock yelling "hello". This was night number one. Plus we had asked for a late checkout.

The second day she did the same but I knew to latch the door with the do not disturb sign. This didn't stop her from knocking every hour on the hour and yelling even when I got very nasty and yelled through the door not to come back until we had checked out. As I was leaving the room she was standing outside waiting and was ready to begi. Knocking again. You can't make this shit up.

I wanted to can the front desk to complain and ask them to have this intellectually and socially disabled maid to kindly fuck right off but none of the phones worked. There were two of them and my phone was out.

The hallways smell like weed and cigarettes which doesn't kill off the fleas or fruit flies that will be your roommates. I also found blood on the toilet seat and bathroom floor. We didn't have a garbage can.

So much for elite status.

03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Anthony C.
Not a bad spot when you need a comfortable place to stay! If you're looking for luxury keep moving. This place is exactly what they say they're going to be. Convenient, clean, quiet, and spacious. I booked a room so I could get some peace and quiet from the roommates and it's been everything I needed. Clean comfortable bed, huge room, free easy parking, plus I can do a load of laundry here. If you're looking for a comfortable and reasonably priced place to stay for a night or two, I recommend. Also, FREE high speed wifi, I'm even streaming my Netflix right now ;) Only downside has been not finding a good place to eat nearby but I can't hold that against the hotel.

19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Steven R.
This is probably the worst property owned by LaQuinta. I think they stay in business because they are the only choice around here.

I removed a star, because they removed the Marc Charles Steakhouse, and more importantly, the MC  Bar. They had a great selection of beer on tap, and an affable bartender who always looked out for my group. I will, however, say that the staff and shuttle drivers have always been great as well. Other than that, there is really no reason to stay here now. I hope not to be back.

24/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Monica F.
While I've been pleased with the accommodations, I was disappointed in the service I received tonight while at the front desk. I went to the front desk to ask for plastic silverware and the young girl basically seemed clueless as to how to unlock the cabinets. Then, a couple walked in and she said, "Im going to go check these people in and then I will get you your plastic silverware." I stood by the desk and waited for 20 minutes while she checked in this couple and their family members. She made no attempt to find help or get my fork, spoon and knife. 20 minutes later, another employee walked into the front door to come to work. She checked herself in and immediately asked what I needed. I told her I needed a single fork, spoon and knife. She got it for me right away. The other girl made no attempt to apologize or do anything at all to help me. The other girl seemed young, inexperienced and sucked at customer service.

21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0