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Candlewood Suites New York City Times Square in New York, NY

Candlewood Suites New York City Times Square in New York, NY


Candlewood Suites is an Extended Stay hotel focused on comfort, space and value. Guests find spacious studio and one-bedroom suites each with their own fully equipped kitchen, large workspace, overstuffed recliner, VCR and/or DVD and CD player, complimentary high-speed internet access and telephones with voicemail and free local calls. The complimentary fitness center and guest laundry are open around the clock, and the Candlewood Cupboard is open 24 hours for snacks, refreshments, entrees and other necessities. Candlewood Suites Times Square offer guests all of this at a very comfortable price.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.87

Address: 339 W 39th St, New York, NY, 10018
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Comments (38):

1. Nicole P.
Large room, which is very hard to find in NYC. Staff was friendly, efficient. They stored our luggage, since we arrived 4 hours before check in. Room was clean. It was a little noisey since we were right next to the elevator, but it was bearable. I would stay here again.

14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Alan W.
Adequate place, not a good value for the price.

01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Jason T.
For a small hotel just a few blocks away from Times Square, it was pretty good. Kitchen was a nice touch. Downside: no housekeeping. But still pretty quiet and cozy, and the staff was really helpful.

15/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Celia S.
What a wonderful stay this was. From the minute we arrived until we left, we had hands down the best customer service ever. Anything we needed the staff helped us with nothing but a smile. We chose this place because we found a great deal on Travelocity. As soon as we arrived we had asked if they had an ice machine and they notified us that we can make ice using the refrigerator. About 5 minutes after we arrived in our room, someone knocks on the door and hands us a bag of ice. I had a couple of concerns regarding the last day of our stay because our flight left way after checkout time. They gladly stored our luggage and also stored a cheesecake we had purchased in their refrigerator. The free laundry service was great as well. The room was nice and we had an amazing view of the empire state building and surroundings. I cannot say better things about this hotel. My fiance and I loved it and will definitely be staying here again. Thanks Candlewood Suites!!

21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. TJ P.
I've stayed at this hotel twice in the last year, and I love the location. Surrounded by some good Hell's Kitchen restaurants. Close enough to Times Square to enjoy the walk, but not so close it's intrusive.

As others have pointed out, it's an extended stay hotel. No automatic housekeeping if you stay less than a week but they are happy to swap towels and linens.

The hotel is laid out a little strangely. There are only 6 rooms per floor three rooms facing 39th and three rooms facing 40th, so a full third of the rooms are right next to the elevators. Those elevators are decently fast, but if you happen to be on a high floor (25 and above) it can sometimes take 10 minutes to get an elevator down at peak times.

Staff is friendly. I almost dislike how aggressively they greet you when you walk in. They bake fresh cookies every evening, so if you return to the hotel then, they offer you a free cookie.

Rooms are decently large. I have to wonder whether David R has ever stayed ANYWHERE in San Francisco if he hasn't seen rooms smaller than this one. The Heater is annoying in that it runs 100% of the time if you turn it on. The thermostat will change whether it is heating or not, but if you have it on, the blower runs all day long. I was here during a snowstorm with outside temps in the teens, and I almost didn't have to run my heater at all. The room was staying around 62-65 just from the people below me.

Free wifi. Free wifi. Free wifi.

I always tell myself I will use the kitchen, but like other reviewers I only used the fridge for leftovers.

It doesn't try to be anything it's not, and does a nice job of being what it is. I give it 4 stars for that.

29/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. James K.
I'm a bit conflicted between a 3 and 4 star rating but  3 1/2 seems appropriate.

First off, you can't beat the prices. Like Kai mentioned, the rates will vary during the calendar year so if you're going to NYC, try going during a not so popular time for a good rate.

Another positive is that you're right by Times Square yet the actual street it's on is relatively quiet. You are within walking distance of the Port Authority bus terminal, which my g/f and I used religiously during our vacation.

There is a small gym with the bare essentials but it does the job. Plus even being the gym rat I am, you're on vacation and walking a lot, so there's no need to need everything that a standard 24 Hour Fitness has. It has a few stationary bikes, one elliptical, one treadmill and a multi-use weight station (lat pull downs, dips, leg raises, bicep curl, leg extensions, seated bench press and seated tricep. It's pretty darn small but there weren't more than two people maximum when I worked out.

There also is a small snack station open 24/7. It has sodas, juices, ice-cream bars, chips, nuts, popcorn and even detergent to do your own laundry (this place is considered extended stay).

The actual rooms are decent. It's a bit small but once again, it does the job. It's not like you're going to be in your room a lot if you're a tourist so it's no big deal. There is a microwave and a small stove to do some home cooking if that's your thing, which is a good option to have.

Onto some negatives...

Kai mentioned that you can get maid service if you request and maybe I missed something but right when my girlfriend and I checked in, the front desk person specifically mentioned that b/c we were "only" staying 6 full nights that we didn't qualify for maid service. He went on to say that you had to stay at least 7 full nights to receive service. Now i'm not blaming the guy b/c he doesn't set the rules but after a few nights out on the town, keeping things tidy became a challenge and this is coming from a guy and gal who's pretty neat and clean.It doesn't help that the waste baskets are tiny and garbage piles up relatively quick.

Now you can get all the towels you want. You just have to ask for them and they'll bring them up. It just seems a bit tacky to have your dirty towels outside your room while someone picks it up. It wouldn't leave a good impression if one were to walk by his/her new room on the first day only to see their neighboring room full of dirty towels on the front door.

I did request some new towels and it took forever to have them brought up. I had to call again and they finally sent someone. It was slightly irritating b/c I was waiting to take a shower and it was getting late. The front desk did follow up to make sure I received them, so that was nice of them.

Overall, it's a good bargain. If you're staying 7 nights or more, then a 4-5 star rating for it's price and what it offers (full maid service) would be appropriate. But if you're staying 6 or less like myself, then it doesn't really feel like you're being taken care of. More like going back to a time machine as a college student doing your own laundry, asking for towels and doing your own cooking.

15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Constance J.
I love NY, but I don't love the prices.  I was surprised to find such a great rate for a hotel in Times Square.  Although, it is not in the heart of Times Square it is only a short walk away.  

The rooms are very clean since the hotel was renovated not too long ago.  I thought the kitchenette was a big plus even though we didn't do any cooking - we're on vacation why cook.  I made good use of the frig and microwave with leftovers.

Free wireless internet!!  I love hotels that offer free internet since most hotels charge for this basic service.  Honestly, if a hotel doesn't offer free wireless, it can be a deal breaker for me.

You need to stay a week in order to get your room cleaned, but that's not a problem in my opinion.  If you need more towels, trash bags, or anything else you can think of just call the front desk and they bring it to your room in a matter of minutes.  Just place your trash and dirty towels outside the room and they pick it up just as quick.

I would definitely stay here again especially if there is another great deal!

19/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Jenny C.
We stayed here on a recent trip to NY and was surprised at how spacious our room was! Definitely way better that the others that we have previously stayed at (hellooo Washington Jefferson hotel, that means you and your shoebox sized rooms).

The hotel was clean, staff was friendly, free Wifi (yay!), our room had a nice sized fridge, dishwasher, sink, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker utensils etc. It was also very quiet despite the fact that we were right next to the elevator.

-1 star for the slow draining shower and lipstick on one of the towels but overall a decent hotel for a good price.

08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Bill B.
This was an excellent place to stay. Extremely clean and friendly. I ended staying here because I got an awesome deal on the hotel Tonight app. Good location. The rooms had allot of space for a NYC hotel. Allot of amenities were free (Wi Fi, etc.) that you would normally pay for. I would definitely stay here again and highly recommend it to others.

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Carol L.
A little gem in Midtown. A decent sized QUIET room on the 11th floor. A home away from home. Pros: Kitchen, Washers, Dryers (so pack a bit lighter), a little gym (but if u pound the pavement all day, why even bother) A plethora of eating places on 9th Hell's Kitchen area. Easy subway access on 8th. Easy stroll to Times square. Cons: nothing really much to complain about.

If you are ever in NYC this is a great convenient place to stay. =)

11/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. David R.
First to review?  You mean that Yelpers across the country are not rushing online to sing the praises of this substandard hotel?

I really, really wanted to rate it two stars because I hated the stay so much.  But there really wasn't much wrong with the hotel:  I'm simply used to better.  And bigger.  Much bigger.  This is the smallest hotel room I've ever seen in the Western Hemisphere.

I will say that every single staffer kept going out of their way to greet me as I moved through the hotel.  So service seems generally good here, although we got an automated wake-up call at 7:20am despite never ordering one (that really sucked after going to bed at 4:30).  There is an exhaust fan in the bathroom and better towels than I expected, but no hooks.  I need at least one hook--how hard is that?  They give you real glasses instead of plastic cups, but the curtains don't close all the way.  The climate control is efficient and responsive, but loud as hell.  One step forward, two steps back.  

The place was very clean, even the carpets.  But it doesn't stay that way, because they only do housekeeping once per week.  Apparently this is an "extended stay" hotel.  That is totally bush league.  If you want to exchange your towels or linens, you have to take them to the front desk.  The front desk!  Imagine the indignity!

Thankfully we were only here two nights and the housekeeping/towels issue was not a problem.  There is a kitchenette but we would have preferred to have that space to keep from tripping all over each other.  

And what does a person pay for the privilege of exchanging his own towels and sleeping in a dirty shoebox?  When my friend checked in and requested a room with two beds, the front desk replied that all of their rooms were single beds.  And when he expressed some displeasure, they informed him that "this is Manhattan, sir, and people pay $300 a night for these rooms."  THREE HUNDRED!  Hahahaha!  There must be some goddamn gullible business travellers out there.   I've stayed in far, far nicer hotels for way less.  I'm sure that $300 is just the rack rate, and this was two weekends before Christmas after all, but I wouldn't pay even one hundred, let alone three.  Thankfully we were getting the room for free, and, like a Yelp party, you really can't complain that much about something that's free, no matter how shitty it is.

17/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Athena K.
Wow, I don't know what David R was expecting, but I've stayed in a number of hotels in NYC including some that were four + stars and this hotel was fabulous. We got a great deal on travel zoo for only 99 bucks a night (can you believe that?).

After checking out the hotel online and discovering that it had a kitchenette, I packed food for our four day trip so that we could avoid the high cost of eating out in Manhattan.

Sarah and I arrived at 9am and were allowed to check in with no questions asked, even though check in was not supposed to be until 3pm. Our room is HUGE - the biggest hotel room I have EVER seen in Manhattan. It includes a queen sized bed stacked with comfy pillows, a closet, a lazy boy chair, a dresser with large flat screen TV, a full sized desk that doubles as a dining room table (with extra chair included) and the kitchen.

Wow, what can I say about this kitchen??  It's nicer than my kitchen at home. There's an apartment sized sink with disposal, a full fridge, a microwave convection oven, a two burner electric stove and a dishwasher. Under the sink I found dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets, papertowel roll, and a scrubbing brush. The cupboards are fully stocked for two including silverware, dishes, a water pitcher, pots, pans, can opener, knives, toaster oven, tupperware, etc. I found salt, pepper, sugar, coffee, and tea as well.

In the basement there are free washing machines and dryers. Also there's a workout room with clean towels and free bottled water. In the lobby I found a store where everything is on the honor system, you just take what you need and fill out a form so they bill you before you leave. Prices were decent for most items with cans of coke for a dollar and a breakfast of milk, juice, yogurt, a pastry or microwaveable breakfast sandwhich, and a piece of fresh fruit for $3.75. Ice cream was overpriced, but other than that, it was not bad.

Also in the lobby is a lending library with books, DVDs and CDs.

And there's free wireless!!!

Wow, this was such a good deal, I still can't believe it.

The staff were very friendly and willing to print out directions if needed.

It's true that the room is only cleaned once a week, but really, what's the problem with making your own bed?  When our room got a bit janky and we needed new towels we just asked the front desk if housekeeping could stop by. They took our trash, wiped down the bathroom and kitchen, and gave us more dishwasher tablets.

The air conditioning/heating system works good. It's not too loud in my room. The only drawback I've found in this place so far is that there's no pool -- but that's hard to find in NY hotels anyway.

17/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Madelaine P.
Stayed in this hotel while vacationing for my birthday and it was close to perfect. The rooms were small and quaint, and included almost a full kitchen (fridge, stovetop, microwave and dishwasher), basically everything you need in a room..and i liked the fact it didn't feel overly hotel-y. The hotel was clean and the people at reception were really nice and helpful. The only real downfall was their Internet. The wi-if would not stay connected. Aside from that I would definitely recommend this place, literally 5 mins from subways, Hells Kitchen and Time Square!

05/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Tim B.
What a great experience, the staff at checkin were on top of everything and so darn welcoming. I wish I'd gotten the name of the woman who checked me in because she made me feel so happy and welcomed.  Not always the case in NYC.

Then, to boot, Monica and Carolyn were extremely helpful when I realized I'd forgotten my phone charger.  Monica had one and let me borrow it for 2 days, wow! I tried to tip her but she wouldn't accept it.  

This is only the second time I've stayed at a Candlewood. I travel a lot, 90 - 100 days per year, and I am sold on the brand and will be back. Thank you!

08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. David C.
Hell no.  Avoid it.

22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. James T.
The thing with NYC hotels is that you can't have it all - there are always trade-offs. The "perfect" room will cost you an arm and a leg, but the affordable rooms don't offer the niceties - or even the necessities in some cases. I have found Candlewood to be a perfect compromise. Clean, comfortable rooms with extra features at a good rate in a great location. And the best staff in the industry!

My biggest complaints would be the lack of lighting and size of room. Had they made the utility areas in the center of the building just a foot or so narrower they could have fit another nightstand with a lamp beside the bed. That would pretty much eliminate all my whining.

Unlike so many others, I prefer rooms without daily cleaning. Not only better for the environment and cheaper rates, but I don't have to worry about vacating the room at any particular time during the day. To me that's a plus. And you can always get linens replaced upon request.

Two very minor glitches on this trip:
The toaster didn't work. But I kept forgetting to ask them to replace it, so how big a deal could it have been?
The eating utensils and dishes were disgustingly dirty - old food stuck on them. Had to re-wash everything before I could use them. I guess the previous guest wasn't very picky. I suspect housekeeping assumes people know how to wash dishes correctly, but maybe it would be a good idea to spot check a few items?

With all the choices in NYC, what keeps me coming back to this specific Candlewood is the staff. Always friendly, courteous, professional and helpful. They seem to enjoy their work and assisting guests. They get to know you, greet you each day and even joke with you. Many other customer service related companies could learn a lot from this team. Kudos to management for assembling and retaining such a great group of employees!

Fully supplied kitchenette with full-size refrigerator, stove, microwave, coffee maker, sink & dishwasher.
Very comfortable beds with above-average linens.
TV with DVD player.
Comfortable lounge chair.
Clean and surprisingly quiet given the location near a busy intersection.
Just  minutes to convention center, subway or Times Square.
Fantastic staff!
No luggage racks.

Insufficient lighting in entire room, but worst on side of bed against the wall as there is no nightstand. Possible to install pot lights in the ceiling or a wall sconce?
Towel rack in the shower? Difficult to keep the towels dry. Possibly put more hooks on the door or wall? Also, no hand towel loop near the sink so you have to drip water across the floor when reaching back to the tub for a towel.
No counter space in bathroom.

Getting a room on the top floors for better views goes without saying. But get a corner room (ending in 1, 3, 4 or 6) for even better views.

09/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Lucia M.
Best hotel ever. It's cheap, new, and clean. The rooms have full kitchens and great HD TVs with DvD players. There is a DvD Library in the Lobby with over 300 titles. Excercise room and laundry room, and NO security downstairs.

This place is my home away from home and I mean that.

09/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Jeanine C.
My friend and I came for an overnight stay. I read reviews on yelp prior to purchasing the room because it was pretty decent.. and now it's my turn to review!

The inside of the building is just warm and welcoming. The staff was so friendly and on-time (due to maintenance needed for the alarm clock in the room).

The "suite" was just gorgeous. The kitchenette had everything you needed.. Pots, Utensils, Tupperware, Ice maker (important for the mixed drinks lol), even a jug in the fridge for juice! You name it, it was included. The only thing negative about the kitchenette: it had no dishwashing soap.. BUT, it had a dishwasher!

The bathroom was a nice size. It held a tile, floor shower.. which I love (they're fancy lol).

The bed was comfy as well! (Sleeping well is always in my concerns!)
We were on the 7th floor so we didn't have a great view of the city; we kept the blinds closed instead.

For the price of the room, it was one of the cheapest compared to everything else. Which is why I was nervous to stay.. Definitely worth every penny! As for parking, $55/24 hours. If you remove your car, it's another $55.00 fee, so keep it there! I left something in my car and was able to walk to get it, it's only a couple blocks down!

And even more of a plus, the location. A few minutes walk will take you to the bright lights of time square!

Will definitely recommend this hotel!

10/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Natalia O.
Great place to stay! The rooms were a tad smaller than we had expected based on the photos, but not like a Paris hotel, fortunately! The furnishings definitely made up for the lack of space to stretch out. Very nice and comfy bed and pillows, lovely leather-like recliner, and more outlets than we knew what to do with!!

Staff was nice, though not everyone was as friendly as other reviews suggest. But what else should one expect in New York City? There was a major inconvenience over the weekend while one of the two elevators wasn't working, but such is life sometimes.

Location, location, location!! They don't say that for nothing!! We loved being so close to Times Square, the subway, and most importantly to ensure a quick exit, the Lincoln Tunnel. Will definitely stay here again!

07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Lucas F.
Friendly staff, nice room (with a good kitchen), quiet hotel, great location, free and fast wifi. There is no room service everyday, but for me it works fine, I prefer, actually. The price is not cheap, but good (for NYC standarts, of course). Overall, I enjoyed my 7 nights stay with my wife. I recommend this hotel.

03/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Patrick F.
Mixed review on this place. The price is better than most, and the location is nice if you're looking to be near Time Square and close to a subway entrance.

My review is more with the customer service. They put on a big show at the front and I thought I was going to get what I have come to expect from the InterContinental Hotels and the reason I have chosen as of this year to direct all my loyalty from another award program to IHG.

So at the airport I realized I made the dreaded mistake of leaving my phone charger plugged into the wall of my room. I emailed the hotel about my charger, providing my name, room number, and Priority Club Rewards seeing if there would be any way to send it to me (noting I would be happy to pay shipping charges). I quickly got a response that seemed promising asking for a bit more detail. I provided the woman the information and heard nothing. Emailed a week later for follow up, and still nothing. Called and got the run around. And now a month later, am not only without my charger, but without a return email to say yes we will return it or no we won't.

Here is the most telling part of their customer service: I even went to IHG corporate and emailed them saying I had a frustrating experience, and would love to give them a chance to address it before I posted this review. They put me in touch with a manager who emailed me saying he would like to speak and when I called and missed him, he never returned the call. How many times do you give a hotel a chance to excel in customer service? In my case, it seemed like one too many.

It's really a shame. Again, location is fine enough but the customer service leads me to believe this hotel has a lot to work on. I expected more from an InterContinental brand and hope this is not a sign of things to come for my upcoming travel season.

27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
22. Dave R.
Wow!  What has happened to standards, people?  

After reading the reviews here and on Trip Advisor I was expecting a much better experience.

For a room that includes a kitchenette, NO COFFEE MAKER?!  To boot Only decaf was served in the "store" by the lobby.

The free WiFi/Internet wasn't even worth the price.  Seriously, I'd have rather paid for a service that worked than for WiFi (and wired) service that stops working every 10 minutes.  The "engineer" they sent up to check out the issue didn't know the first thing about IP networking.  He was a complete moron when it came to computers.  

The rooms are poorly appointed.  The closet door was inadequately held shut by magnets, so it would swing open on it's own and bang against the entrance door for no apparent reason.

The fitness room is very small and the equipment is poorly maintained.

Staff are nice, but pretty incompetent.  Hate to say that, but man, it seems like they had the skills of pre-teens in almost every area of service.  Nice folk, just untrained/unskilled.

I didn't pay for my stay here.  I was on company business and the company's own travel agent booked my stay.  If it were my money, I might ask for a refund and try to seek other accommodations.

01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Kai L.
If you can make it in Times Square, you can make it ANYWHERE, mon frère.

-- but which whoretel gives you the most bang for your annoying, out-of-town tourist buck?

What is Candlewood Suites, Trebek?

Or rather, WHERE is it, Alex?

On 39th Street, Hotness, which means you're walking distance to Times Square, and that translates to cabbing or subwaying it to anywhere in the Five Burroughs in a heartbeat.

It's such a bargain, too! Candlewood in Manhattan is for extended stays, so if you're going to be slutting it around New York for at least a week, their room rates are phenomenal. Prices vary depending on the season and market, though, but if you're going to stay two weeks or so, count on your average rent being in the 'hood of $125 a day.

For Manhattan, that's a bargain, sweets.

Your room is like a college dorm or bachelor flat, with TV, DVD player, free WiFi (I KNOW, right?) refrigerator and stove -- even a dishwasher. Your room also comes with cutlery, plates, cups, and even silverware (!)

-- Lover, you haven't lived until you've come to a hotel that gives you a butcher's cleaver as part of your welcome package, next to the Andes mints on the pillows.

Maid service is by request only, so don't worry about the unexpected swinging-open of the door while you're naked changing clothes, or doing it with your agent or secretary, or whatever.

There's even a gym on the basement floor, and a laundry room, both being complimentary for guests. All you have to do is supply your own sweat and detergent. I forget which, for which...

A cute little snack room is located on the lobby floor, offering sodas, candy, chips, and small household items like needles with thread, tape measures (pervert!), and anything you take is either added to your bill or payable in cash/credit at the lobby desk. Prices are sort of high-ish, but it's NYC, and still cheaper than going to Duane Reade drugstore up the street.

You can get, like, a Twix and a Sprite (what a deliciously natural combination!) for only $1.50, so yeah, snack it up, sexy.

The friendly lobby people even let you borrow from their in-house library of DVDs to entertain yourself in your room, but sorry, no porn.

They have "Napoleon Dynamite" though, so... WIN.

01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Angelica G.
Amazing that there were employee rates from my moms work in Times Square because he original reservations were in Brooklyn! Stayed here from May 9-12. Took the bus from Washington D.C. Arrived at 9pm at Port Of Authority Bus Terminal it's literally 2 blocks from the terminal. All their room is standard queen size bed. Nothing fancy but it's very comfortable. The guest laundry was a super bonus because traveling with a toddler can definitely accumulate a lot of dirty clothes even if it was only 3 days. So convenient that it was close to EVERYTHING!

13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. B M.
Great location. Price is unbeatable for it's prime spot. Located near some great pubs and restaurants. The staff is friends. This is an IHG property!

03/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Eli E.
Service sucks! Are you blind or you're just totally don't see I've been waiting too like 5 other people behind me. I even have to mentioned twice that I've been waiting even before them. You don't even deserve one star. I don't have a choice thou.

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Kurt I.
Let me just start by saying... I loathe most NYC hotels.  HOWEVER, this was a nice refreshing change.  The candlewood felt home-y, even though I was blocks away from the tourist capital of the world.

Clean, friendly, quiet... all good things when staying in a hotel.  For that alone, they get 4 stars.

19/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Beth H.
Have been here since Friday and will leave this Saturday. Tiny room but everything you need. Staff are wonderful. Feel very safe here. Close to Times Square and the bus tours.

30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Rob P.
I didn't stay here but was actually next door at the Holiday Inn.  They sent me over to use their fitness room, and they also had a laundry room here.  Looked like it was a nice hotel overall.

08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Kevin H.
This hotel REALLY surprised me. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. I got a really good price on Superbowl Sunday, and I figured there was a reason for this. Well, I guess I just got lucky, because this hotel really impressed me from the moment I checked in. The receptionist was so friendly and efficient, and she even called my room after I got in to make sure everything was ok and to see if I needed anything.

The room itself made me go "wow" when I entered it. Immediately inside the door was a kitchen, with a full-sized fridge/freezer, stovetop cooker, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker and cupboards full of dishes. Beyond the kitchen was a queen-size bed, table/work area (with four electrical outlets - thank you!), flat screen tv and a leather easy chair. Everything looked pretty new, in great condition and very clean. Next to the bed were two easily accessable electrical outlets (you may have guessed my pet peeve is hotels with no easily available outlets!)

I spend about 1/3 of my nights in hotels, and it's rare for me to gush and actually feel compelled to recommend a property, but I do for this place. For Manhattan, this is a HUGE room and an amazing bargain. The staff I dealt with were friendly and professional, and I will definitely try to book here again. Well done, Candlewood Suites!

02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Blue A.
New York during Christmas...There is nothing like it!

I had the great fortune of spending Christmas 2010 in New York and stayed (at least for the first part of my trip) at Candlewood Suites.

Now, me and the wife always joke we have THE WORST luck when it comes to small things such as choosing the fastest line at the grocery store, but man did we catch some bad luck on this trip.

We had never seen snow - ever, so why not show up to New York and after a couple of days there one of the biggest blizzards ever hits......of course.

But we made the most of it! We ordered some Chinese take out and chose a DVD from the cool library they have at the front desk to rent. We watch the Zodiac - not the best movie ever - but man that was an awesome night in as the snow really started coming on thick.

The room was rather large and came with a full kitchen - great for someone staying for a week or more! Super clean also. The bed was comfy and we had an ALRIGHT view but was mostly the back of the building behind us...no biggie. The best part was the front desk. They were SO helpful, SO nice and SO inviting it almost felt like you lived there. Plus, they always had fresh baked cookies out. Great warm up when heading into the frozen tundra that was outside.

Unfortunately we couldn't leave on our scheduled day and had to stay an extra 4 nights. It was New Years Eve rates and we had to leave Candlewood for a cheaper hotel which was the size of a box of matches. Horrible stay there.

Candlewood was located close to the subway and had a Starbucks a block away where we had an egg nog latte every morning. We also walked to Times Square a few times, not a bad walk.

The best part was going outside at 10PM with about 3 feet of snow and doing snow angles in the street in front of the hotel. GOOD TIMES! The news said "Do not go outside!" We knew what tourists in Miami felt when hurricanes were approaching and they go surfing. We couldn't resist.

05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Adrienne D.
This is a very clean and comfortable hotel- I've stayed here twice and love how it's newly remodeled and made to be convenient. The best thing was my room had a full-sized fridge- perfect for storing quick meals rather than going out for every single meal or buying bottles of water. They have laundry facilities in the basement, a small room for snacks and microwaveable meals (Lean Cuisines, Top Ramen) if you're famished and haven't had a chance to go to the store or too tired from your travels. It's on 39th St. and close to all of the tourist attractions- Times Square, the fashion district, and clubs. That is one drawback- there was a club by the hotel that let out at 4 a.m. so there tended to be some noisy drunk people in the streets that you could hear from your room on the weekends.

24/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Julian A.
Let me start by saying that I've been to this hotel several times and it has always been great. Until now....stood there for a day and I was watching tv laying down in bed when I noticed a bed bug crawling on my pant. I instantly grabbed my things and checked out early...just heck your room thoroughly that's my best advice. I liked this Hotel a lot but that's my last visit after that.

10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Rhonda J.
Awesome little hotel in the heart of NYC! We stayed in a standard "King Suite" for one night. We were surprised and delighted by the full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher!!! It felt like a little studio apartment. Overall, it was everything you would want in a hotel: clean, quiet, affordable, and VERY close to all the sights and sounds of the big city. Close to subway stations, and Times Square. Also, just a block away from Port Authority bus terminal.. excellent! The room itself was small, but it felt spacious enough for two people, and had a nice bathroom with shampoos, etc. and full size bathtub. Also, good water pressure in the shower!

Another bonus was the convenience store downstairs with pretty much everything you could ask for- even frozen dinners, ice cream, and popcorn!! And very reasonable prices. My husband and I got some cereal/milk, yogurts, and fruit for the next morning and it was only $3.25 for each "bundle" of breakfast food. Totally awesome. We also thought it was really cool that they loan appliances in the front lobby, like crock pots and waffle makers!!??

I will also add that the front desk staff was very friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend this hotel. And the best part? It only cost us $85 for the night, and this was on a Friday night, when hotel prices usually increase. I have recommended it to several of my friends already, and we plan to stay here again when we return to NYC.

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because when we checked in, the staff informed us that the water was out in the "whole neighborhood" and they weren't sure when it would be restored. However, when we used the sink, the water appeared to be working fine.

02/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Stanley L.
I don't know how this place got 4 stars. The only saving grace for this hotel is it's lower price point and good location close to Javits Center. The check-in process was annoying since they have very few staff members. The place changes your linens ONCE A WEEK and the property is just okay clean to begin with. They have a little sign that says when you need to refresh your linens just let them know. I told the front desk in person twice. The first time they told me they would do it and nothing was done. The second time they said they will bring fresh linen but I'll have to change them myself or there is an extra charge. Nothing was ever done again. This is not a hotel, more like a cheap motel. They do not have free continental breakfast and the free WiFi is sporadic and can be slow. The staff is decent but lies. I would much prefer to stay at the Element next door!!!

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. Steve T.
Priced reasonably for its location. A conveniently short walk from Penn Station, and a 1+ block walk to the Blue Line.
Very friendly and helpful staff- Karlos went out of his way to straighten out an IHG Rewards Club issue.
Room was... Roomy. Full sized fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and stovetop. Bed was comfortable, overall room very clean. No complaints whatsoever- I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Kristin B.
My boyfriend and I stayed here during a weekend getaway to NYC about 2 weeks ago. This was really a great place to stay and you are in a really great location to get to so many attractions! The staff at the hotel were extremely friendly, inviting, answered all of our questions. We were greeted immediately upon arrival and given the keys to our room. The prices are very reasonable and we even paid a little extra to have a room with a view, which is definitely worth it. We stayed on the 27th floor and had a view of the Empire State Building and Freedom Tower. The rooms are studios but that's really all you need! It came with a kitchenette and full sized refrigerator with freezer. The bed was HEAVENLY... it was seriously the best part of the room. Super comfortable, very clean, with lots of pillows. The room was very clean and comfortable. I only wish that the room came with hair conditioner instead of the 2-in-1 shampoo+conditioner product. When we needed extra towels, we told the front desk and we were very promptly brought extra towels to our room (within 20 minutes) even though the hotel was very busy! There's also a little 24-hour snack room where you can stop in any time and get a little snack or drink along with free coffee if you're on the run. We needed to print our tickets for the Ripley's Believe it or Not and they had a super convenient computer right in the lobby where we could quickly print our tickets.

The hotel is in a safe area and there is a wine/liquor store right across the street which was very convenient when you just want an evening in to relax. You're just a step away from 9th avenue which has so so many different restaurants to choose from and also The Beer Authority bar is very close by as well. You're also just a few avenues walk from Times Square.

We will definitely be back for another stay!

01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Hung L.
To the idiot who wanted to compare this place to the Element by Westin, LOL.  The hotel was pretty damn good for the price. We booked this place through Travel Zoo, somehow Travel Zoo messed up and cancelled our stay. But the staff at the front desk got us a room for even cheaper than what we would have paid. Now that is some damn awesome customer service. I forgot his name though, I want to say it was Gabriel but I could be wrong.

The hotel is kind of a hike from all the places we normally go to but hey, walking is good for you.  I think we'll come back here if the price is right.

13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0