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Gild Hall effortlessly blends classical European sensibility with chic American style, providing a charming Lower Manhattan hotel experience just steps from Wall Street. Located on Gold Street, this Financial District hotel goes above and beyond by providing inviting personal service, business-friendly amenities and a picture-perfect location in the epicenter of America's greatest city.


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Rating: 4.10

Address: 15 Gold Street, New York, NY, 10038
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
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  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (133):

1. Sarah C.
The Gild Thomson is hidden down Gold Street and tucked into a corner, or at least that's how it felt.  It felt private and quiet when I was there, and just out the front door you're full on in New York and the subway is only a few minutes walk and close to a couple of key lines.  Now, I actually live in NY but I stay in a hotel every once in a while when a friend is in town and we're just cramming time in together, so it's always like a mini vay-cay for me.  The room was incredibly comfortable, slept like a baby, robes are soft and comfy, there was an iPod doc by the bed, and the couches and chair are perfect for napping or movie time.  The touches that show that this hotel is going the extra mile for the rates that they're charging is that the coffee in the lobby in the morning is by Illy(or their cups are holding someone else's brew, but it was good in any case), and there are products by Fresh in the rooms.  Not too shabby for something that seems to hover around $200/night when you use a travel search engine.

28/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Jeni S.
simple furniture and decor,  ipod docking, fresh and kiehl's products. plasma tvs, comfy bed, decent location. clean. attentive staff. love the library lobby. not touristy, always a plus

09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. jason j.
Gild Hall A Thompson Hotel, is a great place to stay in Manhattan. The rooms were super crisp ans super clean. The bed was incredibly comfortable with luxurious sheets. The room featured an Ipod dock and 40 inch flat screen TV. The entrance to the hotel is tucked away and you have to keep a sharp eye out to find it, on the corner of Platt and Gold. Once you've located the hotel, the staff is very professional and friendly, checking in and out was an absolute breeze. There are renovations going on, but room service delivery is available from Gold St., a small upscale eatery across the street which is open 24/7 and has good food. The hotel is walking distance to a lot of great spots for dinner  ( Yankee Clipper, Pearl St. Diner) and drinks, (Jeremy's Ale House, Meade's, and Hook and Ladder 2) A great place to spend a few nights in the city!

15/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Tracey M.
Stayed here recently for a business trip.  Staff was very friendly, rooms were clean, modern and comfortable.  My only complaint was the unbelievably slow elevators.  There were 2 elevators but the day we arrived only one was working.  It was working again the next day but it moved very slowly as well.

05/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. K S.
I wrote the manager of this hotel about the issues I had. I never received a reply. Even had trouble getting a piece of cheesecake in the restaurant. There are better hotels in the area. This is  a pretentious fake. Even at check-in we were treated coldly and rudely.  And the elevators didn't work half the time.

15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Colin L.
Great place!  Staff all has an IQ over 100 and the lobby is nearly a work of art.  Great photos in the halls and a sweet room with a huge TV.  The area is of course fantastic for tourism and leisure mixed with business during the day.  Check out Ulysses (bar) down the street at Stone and Williams.  I will stay here again!

08/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Jed L.
I love this place! They leave you brownies instead of chocolates on your bed! Say whaaaaat!? I know! It's awesome!

Gild Hall is a cute little boutique hotel hidden in an alley around the corner from somewhere tucked behind something. I recognized the Thompson Hotel logo on a flag so that's how we finally found the place. The decor in the main lobby is very cowboy-western chic. The staff were amazingly friendly and welcoming. Like Jon C. said, the doormen are top notch! They had the door open for you even before they knew you were coming! That's how good they are. The rooms were very clean and smelled fresh. Flat panel LCD's are standard in all rooms. Ours kept turning on in the middle of the night. It was weird. The bathrooms were very clean as well. The frosted doors in the bathroom are kinky! Just press your naked body up against the doors while someone else is on the other side. I didn't just say that. What made this place even more lovelier than it already was is the fact that the maids neatly folded our clothes and put our dirties in bags for us. They even arranged our shoes! The only bad thing I have to say is about the ongoing construction and the loud air conditioners. Overall, I'd recommend Gild Hall to anyone looking for an unpretentious hidden gem at a fairly low cost. Love it!

15/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Rada I.
This hotel is a perfect pair for San Francisco's Bourbon and Branch speakeasy. The same taxidermy +hunter+ super modern+ big library+ 70's rockstars =the sexiest little room to stay in. We had a nice little pad on the top floor with a large window looking out into our residential Manhattan neighbors and their evening endeavors... interesting. The hotel is not complete in its renovation, but you can't tell. It's a great place to stay and an extreme value! (the brownies on the pillow are an excellent perk)

07/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Stacey P.
Absolutely loved it here.  Nice small hotel with friendly staff who helps you with whatever you need.  By the time you leave the hotel you know the people at the front desk and not in an annoying, "I hope they don't say anything to me" way, but in a nice, "I should call them the next time I'm in town" way.

28/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. matt k.
I just got home from a weekend stay here for our anniversary. It was mostly great with only a couple nits to pick. I am sure they will work themselves out with time.

+ Very nice decor.
+ The lobby library has the mostly complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.
+ Comfortable pillows
+ Restaurant isn't terribly expensive and the burgers are really awesome. The fries too.
+ Close to Zeytuna market for most food needs. ( yelp.com/biz/zeytuna-mar… )
+ Staff was pretty quick to attend to any needs (needed needle and thread and ironing board!)
+ Prevalence of leather and straps in the decor.
+ iPod attachment for clock radio
+ Nice TVs
+ Nice bathrooms!
+ Minibar prices resemble actual bar prices not insanity
- Restaurant breakfast is pricey
- Reading lamp malfunctioned and nearly fell on my head!
- Somehow they misread my reservation and I initially ended up with one night missing from my reservation!
- Computers in business center are terrible, laden with adware and slow
- Beer selection at bar is not great.
? Included in minibar is a number of boxes containing condoms and those cheap sex toys from the drugstore.
? Movie selections included Who's Nailin' Paylin? Dude. (Yeah, I always check to see what is available in that section because it is always hilarious)

30/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Brad J.
I just stayed here for the 1st time. Usually when I'm in the city, I crash at a friends. However, this time I was with a friend of mine and we stayed at Gild Hall. The place is great and very affordable. I found the hotel on priceline.com . It is a 10 minute walk and subway ride to the West Village and Union Square. Uptown to the 70s and 80s took 20 minutes. I highly recommend this place. The location is quiet and the hotel service was helpful.

11/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Janie H.
Spent a great two nights there last weekend. I absolutely loved the staff (they couldn't be nicer or more down to earth). The restaurant and lounge weren't finished yet, but I am assuming it will only add to the relaxing atmosphere when it is. Also, I love the Financial District! Who knew? Have never stayed that far downtown before, but what a peaceful area of Manhattan. Best parts of Gild Hall: 400 thread count sheets, the lobby doesn't turn into a cocaine-y club scene at night (please Gild Hall, don't allow that scene to occur when your bar is constructed), Fresh products in the bathroom, free Wi-Fi that actually WORKED, beautiful decor. And, it is affordable (for now)! Loved!!! (would have given it an extra star if I had experienced their bar, so will reserve that star for next time)

05/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Mike G.
for a scene change, joined visiting friends staying here.   really cool hotel,  one of 5 by Thompson in the city.  sleek country lodge look...think leather, deer-antllers and  book  lined walls,  anchored by Libertine, a Todd English(boston) restaurant..  a perfect jump off point to explore wall st, seaport distric, chinatown, brooklyn. my cool room was exacly like  the photo.

02/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Mari K.
Very nice and pleasantly surprised by this hotel in the Wall St/financial district. Rooms were very nice with warm tones, bathroom with Kiehl's products a plus. Our room was very quiet and we didn't hear a peep from next door. We had our newborn with us and they supplied a very nice crib for us, only gripe was that they charge $25 a day for a fridge for our baby's milk. Otherwise, the hotel was excellent, door men were so gracious, nice and on spot with recommendation to visit Financier cafe!! Would return if in lower Manhattan again. Really great location to walk to Battery park, Ground Zero, Soho and Chinatown!! VERY comfortable beds too!

17/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Alison P.
I loved this place!  I got an insanely cheap rate from Quikbook.com so it was worth the location in lower Manhattan.  The whole hotel has just been renovated.  My room was gorgeous, with luxurious linens, spendy and good-smelling Fresh toiletries, lots of dark wood, and plenty of throw pillows.  I had a giant window with good light.  The staff is so friendly and attentive.  Also: you get a free NY Times,free continental breakfast, a nice robe, an iPod dock/clock, a flat screen TV, and the current Time Out New York magazine.  The Fulton Street subway is only a 5-minute walk, and maybe 10 minutes to the Brooklyn Bridge stop.  

As of 3/15/08, all renovations are done except for the lobby (which opens in just a couple days) and the restaurant, which is a Todd English deal slated for summer.  In the meanwhile you get a discount at the Gold Street restaurant 50 feet away.  I would definitely come back for a respite in Manhattan. It felt truly relaxing to be here.  A cab from midtown is pretty expensive but once you know the subways you're fine.  Grab a booking now before the rates rocket!

16/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Mollie R.
Hidden little jem with a very cool bar.  Rooms are a good size for Manhattan-   Great service. Great amenities. Love these developers who have boutique hotels in LA & NYC!

30/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Brianne C.
Given the assorted demographics of Gild Hall's guests, I believe the majority of its business must be rooted in discounted online sales. Still, if you can resist commenting on the strangeness of the chosen theme for this boutique hotel (antler chandeliers in the foyer and saddlery accents in the rooms), you will enjoy a comfortable night's stay in a sprawling king bed along with the pleasures of a subtle, elegantly appointed bathroom. Also, the selection of books in the downstairs library is broad and welcome.

03/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Jon C.
Terrific hotel. I would recommend this hotel to anyone. The staff could not have been nicer or more accommodating. The rooms were very clean with all the latest amenities and free wireless internet.

The doormen are top notch! Keep singles ready for tipping.

I only gave the hotel 4 stars because some construction is still going on so I can't wait to see the finished product.

10/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Chris R.
Location sucks unless you're in town to work on wall st. Cool bar and lounge but that's about it. Rooms are small but funky, too expensive for too little.

No gym just a treadmill. There's just so many better places to stay in NY....

23/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. J T.
The hotel is adequate.  As most NYC hotels, the rooms are small, but this one seemed alot smaller.  Stuck right in the heart of the Financial District, if you're in town visiting, the best feature of the area was the full blown grocery store a block away.

30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Tae K.
This is a cool little boutique hotel down by the Wall Street. Leather head board is interesting. Recently renovated rooms are modern and are little bigger than normal New York hotel rooms.  We enjoyed staying here.

08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Fred K.
Solid hotel in the Financial District, usually quite a bit cheaper than the other Thompson-brand hotels in the city.  It's definitely quieter at night and on the weekends, but all the north-south subway lines are within walking distance.  I've stayed here 3 or 4 times and have always been happy with my rooms, especially with the bedding  and linens.  Sometimes I've gotten a small room, but event then it was comfortable.  The exercise rooms are useless and they do seem to have regular problems with their elevators.  This is one of the better choices in this area if you get a decent rate.

19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. S H.
a nice change from your W's, Ritz Carlton, and Marriott hotels..  Interesting concept, it was lounge/north western/European yet cool and hip!  Staff was friendly and quick. Our rooms was nice and up to date!  Quite.. Easy access to ferry, downtown Manhattan, Taxis, and plenty of good food spots.

21/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Kers J.
Stayed here two years ago, July 2009

The Gild Hall is located in the more "quiet" part of NYC during the weekend. The hotel staff was incredibly helpful when we stayed. The rooms are spotless. They had a great touch with welcoming us on the flat screen. Everything about the hotel was modern chic. We had a deluxe king sized bed with 800 thread egyption cotton sheets, oversized pillows, and I think we paid a little less than $300 for 3 days...

This place is class and I didn't mind that it was in the FD. We enjoyed the little bit of peace on this side of the city...Highly recommended.

02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Sean G.
Really enjoyed the atmosphere, a nice NYC spin on a taste of home.

11/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Jason M.
There are a ton of options in NY.... We've tried several options over the years, decided to give this place a try as I needed to be in Brooklyn daily for work and my wife wanted to be downtown. This place was a good launch pad for our needs, so we booked a room. The lobby and bar are really cool, the rooms are NOT. It was a Holiday Inn prior and they put some lipstick on the pig in the rooms to dress them up, but the remodel was done on the cheap. One note on the gym in the hotel as we were not warned....  The work out room is a broom closet with a treadmill jammed in, its a joke.  There are a ton of other spots in the city, stay elsewhere.

16/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. Scott B.
No complaints here... staff was friendly and accommodating... rooms are big for NY, new and very clean. Bathrooms are beautiful. Very modern and classy.

The location is not great, but there are tons of subways there and it is a quiet neighborhood.

TIP: There is a  very cool deli/grocery one block away... I believe they are open 24 hours... fresh fruit, sandwiches, beer, whatever. Very convenient.

If you like boutique hotels and subdued neighborhoods, give it a shot.

15/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Renee P.
I love that this hotel is hidden downtown. It makes you feel like you are in another world. Based on Anjali review I used quickbook.com , I was very upset. The reason is that qucikbook.com only reserves your hotel room and does not pay for it. So when I arrived I found that the prices for the room went up. Anyways, back to the hotel review. The staff was very patience and helpful. The rooms are a decent size. The only funny thing was the frosted doors and wall to the bathroom made doing your business , a bit to public for me. I like my bathroom to be my oasis not my peepshow. Other than that our stay here was enjoyable.

Update, on quickbooks.com , I just got off the phone with a nice quickbooks agent. She explained what possible went wrong. That the rate of taxes are not included in your hold of your price. That is good to know. However  I also remember that the hotel wanted a some kinda depoit. But to be honest I hardly remember all the craziness.  I will use quickbooks again keeping these items in mind. Lesson learned read everything cafefully no matter how last min your book a room.

02/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Lourdes G.
I stayed here with my sister last year and plan on staying here again if I head back to NY in the summer. We didn't have to wait for our room even though we arrive early. The staff was super friendly giving us subway maps and always greeted us in the mornings and when we returned. My sister and I did not mind the cute doormen either ;) .

The decor is funky hunting lodge and I loved it. Our room was small but sufficient for two people, it is New York after all! We had fresh orchid blossoms in our rooms and a great flat screen TV, I don't even have a flat screen at home!  Did I mention they leave little brownies by your bedside? The bathroom was a bit revealing since the semi-clear door directly faces the bed, so anyone lounging there can see you doing your business.

The bathroom itself was clean and had Fresh products. I love Fresh products but they are super expensive, so to have them at my disposal in this lovely hotel was just fantastic. The hotel also had free wireless and a computer room with a printer we didn't have to pay extra for. We used it to print out our return tickets to Ft. Lauderdale from Jet Blue.

When we went there they were doing construction on their restaurant so we were told to head next door to the Gold Cafe where hotel guests would get a discount. The food was pretty good, but our breakfast staple became The Soda Shoppe.

The hotel itself is in the Financial District. There is a lot of construction going on still and at night it can either be deserted or populated by a few scattered bar hoppers. There was some construction outside in the morning, I'm not sure it was related to the hotel but you can hear it. Then again, who sleeps in New York? You're supposed to re-charge a bit and then just GO! The noise was barely noticed anyhow. Gild Hall is only a couple of blocks from the subway, so even though you're not in Times Square you can get there just fine! After all the walking we did, we appreciated the ride back to the hotel where we got to sit and rest our feet.

I can't wait to go back!

22/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Siggi R.
I can't say enough about the Gild Hall/Thompson Staff. They were very helpful, courteous, and responsive. They even printed out our boarding passes at the front desk and secured cabs in a blink of an eye. My wife and I decided to spend our 16th wedding anniversary in NYC (we are from Northern California). The Gild Hall was a perfect spot for us and we went to the oldest steak house in the US near the hotel. We were very comfortable and loved the decor. It was our best anniversary ever! I highly recommend staying here and you won't be disappointed.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Ann C.
THE place to stay at. there's a reason why we're always returning.
yes, the construction takes FOREVER but it's coming, slowly! it's quiet on the weekends (financial district) but it's better than being in the busy hustle trapped amongst the foreign tourists and taxis are everywhere, so no problem with that.

-the service is awesome and accommodating
-rooms are nicely decorated with a vintage modern feel to it- bed is SUPAH comfortable
-ipod docking station/alarm clock
-plasma tvs
-their beauty amenities are from FRESH- and none of that foul smelling, skin drying crap
-complimentary breakfast tea/coffee and pastries from llly
-FREE wi-fi!

and yes, their fitness "center" is not so much of a center (it's basically a small back room with a treadmill, elliptical, and a weight set on floors 6,7, 18)

and the one working elevator can really test out your patience in a hotel with 18 floors but it's all worth it. i can't wait to return when everything is finished.

12/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. marnie c.
What a cool and funky hotel. I felt like I was stepping back in time when I first walked in. I like the wood lined bar and restaurant...felt like I was in a hunting lodge in England.
The rooms were a bit outdated, but that's what gives it it's homey feel.
The best part of staying at Gild was the quiet!!!!!
I heard no cars or sirens at night...
Would recommend for business or pleasure!

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. L R.
Nicely designed boutique flavor, but there was a lot of noise pollution in our fourth floor room, and the front desk staff were not particularly helpful in general.

16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
34. Ulli K.
What I love:
Location - It did feel a bit empty on the weekend (Financial District), but it was easy to find, parking was easy and it was really quiet, which was great for sleeping in.

Room - the size of the room was great. Loved the decor. The queen size bed was awesome. The room was really clean. Totally acceptable and quirky with a leather headboard and such. LOVED.

Staff - Front desk folks were ok. Not sure if newly in training or so, but it was ok.

Bar- we only had a few drinks at the bar on a Saturday night before heading out. the Bartender was awesome. Super nice guy, drinks were good.

Only problem I really have with it and if anyone from the Thompson Hotel group reads this:

At this price point folks, you either do breakfast right or don't do it at all. I was surprised to find a free breakfast downstairs on Sunday morning, but people, listen up, go to a Hampton Suites Inn and check out their breakfast. I don't even need a damn waffle maker and all that jazz, but here is a tip:
1. Just ask your staff to keep stuff stocked. It was almost awkward to stand there and there was half a bagel left and no toast and no one to help.
2. The butter was still in a huge chunk in a metal container. That just seems unsanitary if nothing else.
3. The milk for the cereal was empty.
4. The kid working was nice, but zero proactive. IF you told him "Is there more milk please?" he'd get milk but wouldn't even bother checking the other items.
5. eating breafkast on the bar? Awkward.
6. A thermos for the hot water for tea maybe? There was just some previously hot water that was now lukewarm and no one every checked it.

So the weekend was great and the unexpected breakfast offering was a bit of a let down. Just don't do it...or just put out some scones and muffins and coffee and call it a day.

01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. david l.
Location was ok. close to Metro. Took way too long to get uptown. Nothing really goes on at night. Great rooms for NYC, my room had high ceilings. I hate being cramp in expensive NYC rooms. Great bang for buck.

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Chris M.
I always stay here when I have a meeting in the Wall Street area.  Front desk has always been helpful but most important, it has a little style in the face of the corporate blandness that is everywhere else around here without having to pay $800 for a boutique.   I am cheap when it comes to hotels but stayed here on a Sunday night (off day discount) when I was in the city a day early and had to pay my own way.

Note on finding it: It's almost in a back alley and I think the address is around the corner from the entrance so you may want to print out its location on a map the first time.  Walkable to subway to JFK.

17/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Cindy N.
I was shocked by how much hotels in New York cost, so I hit up Priceline and got this place for a steal by New York standards.

The whole place has a trendy English library feel to it. The front desk staff was friendly, helpful and provided prompt service. The bed was extremely comfortable and we were thrilled that along with the HD TV they had HD channels, particularly the sports channels. Even though we didn't spend that much time in the room, we did manage to catch a few innings of the ALCS and certainly appreciated this feature. I LOVED that the toiletries were by Kiehls. Definitely scored some extra points in my book for that. The iPod dock and free wi-fi scored extra points in my boyfriend's book.

The only thing that kept me from rating this a 5 was that I noticed some mildew growing in a few places on the shower. I thought that maybe after the first night that would be rectified, but it wasn't.

Even though it's located in the financial district, it is only a couple blocks from 2 subway stations and about a 10 minute ride to Union Square so while it's not "right there" it was a good base point.

21/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. angela g.
Overall, i would say we had a good experience here.
I just love the decor and layout of this place.

Not only did my guests and i stay here the night before and of my wedding, we also got married here. This was the first time Gild Hall had ever hosted a wedding ceremony.

We used the upstairs library lounge. It's such a funky space and with some furniture moved and a few giant ficuses delivered, it was the perfect backdrop.

the staff was accommodating with my requests and did a great job with setting up our space.

I am normally not too picky, but being that i was the bride, I was bummed out a little with a few things. because of the old wiring, the fuses kept blowing in my suite. this made for some difficulty with 6 women (including myself) and two little girls getting their hair and make up done. we kept having to turn all the lights off so someone could use the blow dryer. another bummer was that although i requested several times, they forgot to clean our suite after we left for the wedding. so my husband and i came back to a disaster. also, it was a muggy August day and they forgot to turn the AC on in the lounge, even though i asked the night before that it be turned on the morning of, so that my 60 guests weren't melting.

but all in all, it was a great time and we made some great memories there.

in classic ny hotel fashion, the rooms are pretty tiny and the "gym" is almost non existent.

25/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Lindsey S.
I booked a recent three-night stay at Gild Hall through Hotels.com and ended up getting a really good deal (it was two nights for the price of three). The hotel has a really cool British library/hunting lodge theme. It's sort of tucked away on a little side street in the financial district, not far from Wall Street. Admittedly, the location is less than ideal, but given that it is less than three blocks from two different subway stops and an easy place to get a cab, being so far south turned out not to be a problem. I'd heard that this particular neighborhood is deserted at night and on the weekends, but I actually found that there were usually plenty of people walking around at all times (we were there Thursday - Sunday).

I agree 100% with all of the other reviews about the friendly staff. From the moment we arrived everyone was encountered was friendly, accommodating and helpful. We took a red eye into JFK from San Francisco and arrived bleary eyed and exhausted at 9:30 am on our first morning. I was fully expecting to head to the nearest Starbucks and drown myself in coffee while we waited for our room to be ready, but I was shocked when they actually allowed us to check into our room nearly six hours before check in time.

The room itself was pretty basic, a little small, but we actually fit three people in a king with no problems. I really appreciated all of the little details Gild Hall provides:

- the bedding was super soft
- towels were high quality
- an iPod dock in the room
- flatscreen TV
- modern bathroom with great lighting
- good shower pressure
- Kiehl bath products

24 hour room service is also a nice touch, but can definitely get you into trouble. The guy I called at 4:30 am to order a turkey sandwich chuckled at me and asked if we were the girls he just saw getting out of the cab out front. At least it came fast.

For the price, this was definitely a great value and I'd happily stay here again.

09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. PJ G.
The music is much too loud for the bar, but the drinks especially the dirty martinis are excellent.

Super large beds with fluffy warm comforters; Oh I wanted to steal them, but my suitcase was too small.

07/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Sharo A.
Stayed downtown here on a business trip.  Unfortunately, in my experience, this place is extremely noisy from room-to-room.  When I arrived at the location air conditioning did not work, so the room was extremely hot.  Then, cooling did not improve even after someone came in to remedy the matter.

My perception of the sheets and the bedding is that they are not particularly clean.  There may or may not have been bugs in the room--a severe problem.

All in all, I had great hopes for this place, but it fizzled out.  Also, the folks at the front desk were not entirely helpful.

05/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. Raf C.
Admittedly, my last trip to the Financial District however, left me with nothing much ado and very little to be impressed about and if you could believe it mediocre food from China Town. Sure the Financial District is cool for the tourist stuff, and despite being a Tri-state fellow I am a tourist no matter how much I'd like to think otherwise. Still with little food to be found and not half the cultural buzz as Brooklyn, a part of me was grimacing at the prospect of being marooned in the Financial District.

So yelping away I went, digging for a spot and up came this place: Gild Hall. Pretty Spiffy straight out of Holden Morrissey Caulfield's diary or Igby goes down. Kheil products in bathroom, Nice bar downstairs and books galore. Salvador Dali's trademark eccentricity, probably every notable sartorialist icon adorning the hallways, deer antlers, lodgesque tone, nicely sized room, nice 42 plasma (not that I'd be in my room), bookshelf, . . . a bed that made an insomniac such as myself feel rested.

Better yet, the staff was very friendly though not in a forced kind of way. Needed an iron - brought it right up to my door. Wireless internet going wonky? Brought an ethernet cable all wrapped up just for me in like 5 minutes. Needed a good stiff drink - Scotchy Scotch Scotch. Time to get a cab back home - hailed and ready. I mean I was even able to find this place when my old school iTouch couldn't stay on a network long enough to get walking directions.

Better yet Gild Hall has the boutique feel, sans the boutique price, close enough to the trains, and this time 'round I found quite a few good places to eat. All in all, I'm pretty sure I've found a spot I can rely on for not just future business trips - but maybe pretty much any trip to NY where I'm not crashing at a friend's pad in general.

03/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. C M.
Financial District hotel. Nice decor. Good price and alternative to mainstream hotels.

16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Isabella O.
This hotel was a pleasant surprise. The location is great. It's tucked away in a corner surrounded by vintage architecture and, if I recall correctly, a small, almost ethereal garden. The design & aesthetics of this hotel is what lures me most. The lobby is tastefully decorated, and very cozy. It ranks first in terms of my favorite hotel lobbies.

The room was a good size, and the bathroom featured all glass (partially frosted) walls. Frette linens adorned the bed, and again the design aspect of the hotel strikes me. A distinct red & black decor, the room also had a high ceiling with a chandelier hanging from it.

The toiletries were from Bigelow Chemists, and were simply pampering. This is the place to stay if you're downtown.

08/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Jeremy B.
This is a review about the processes of trying to make a reservation on their website:

A week before my trip I made a reservation on their website. An hour or so after making the reservation, I received an email from an employee of the hotel saying they were sold out for the dates I request, so I made a reservation at another hotel. A week after my trip, a charge from the hotel showed up on my bank account. I tried to call one of the numbers on their website, but I got a message from the phone company that the number was not in service. I called the 800 number three times before I was able to get through. After I did get through I ended up getting directed to the reservations department and I was then disconnected three more times. On my forth try, the guy at the front desk who picked up the phone was very apologetic and then directed me to the accounting department. The man I spoke to at the accounting department led me to believe that he thought I was lying and told me that he would have get back to me after he looked into my issue.

Their reservation system seems very old and error-prone and it appeared to me that they have problems communicating in between their departments. The email I received from the staff member informing they were sold out was littered with spelling errors and did not contain any reservation or other reference numbers. Because of all of these reasons and with the problems I had getting disconnected with their phone system, and also having not received any sort of refund for their error, it would be extremely unlikely I would ever attempt to make a reservation here or any of the other Thompson hotels in the future.

26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
46. Jacquee P.
How can I not love GH?

The little rhino in the lobby is so cute. I wish I was little enough to ride it.

The toiletries! OMG! Fresh! I used to be hooked on Fresh before I noticed that it was damaging my take-home income.

The little flower in my room. It's the thoughtful little things that really count.

Service is absolutely stellar. The sweetest girl checked us in and upgraded us (4 chicas) from one king to two queens! Yeah, we are trying to enjoy NY and save our monies.

iPod dock in the room totally personalizes the space. If you have an iPod.

Fluffy robes.

Clear shower drain.

Firm but squishy bed complete with smooth, cool cotton sheets.

The architecture of the room includes an open book shelf which is an unexpectedly USEFUL piece of furniture. More places should build in bookshelves.

The leather headboard with the huge buckles is the hottest bed set up that I've seen. So hot that it doesn't matter that there's no view of the city from our window.

I wish I could stay here all the time.

Teeny downer is that it's kinda difficult to get to if you're taking the metro. But it's totally worth the walk. You can't really knock exercise.

05/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. David S.
At 400$ a night, we felt like it was reasonable to expect that there would be adequate air conditioning - and that after five days the housekeeping would stop turning the system back to HEAT -, that a double-vodka at the bar wouldn't cost 21 dollars, that the water in the sink and the shower would drain properly - enjoy the pool! - and that there would be no incessant apocalyptic plumbery roars every time a customer five floors up decided to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, every three minutes. None of which happened at the Gild Hall hotel. The staff was very kind and comprehensive, but it failed to overlook the irritants we had to go through. Especially at that price.

22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
48. Kendra T.
Top-of-the-line, A-number-One for travelers and locals alike.  We hosted our wedding party here last May and so enjoyed the accomodations.  The staff is swift and smart, the rooms are exquisite, prices moderate... and they have Kiehl's products!

For some reason the Financial District has a bad rap with travelers (everyone's drawn to Midtown and Times Square - yuck!), but there are so many perks to the location, including proximity to just about EVERY major subway line, tons of up-and-coming hotspots for gastronomy and nightlife, not to mention the majorly reduced prices on weekend nights.

29/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Mahrin K.
Not bad for a short stay, but there were definitely some drawbacks. I was with a group of six girls for a bachelorette party, and the moment I tried to check-in there was some sort of mix-up and the two hotel rooms I'd booked via telephone with two double beds was not available. They wanted to put two girls per room in four different hotel rooms scattered throughout the hotel. Um, what? We weren't on same-sex honeymoons, we were staying in Manhattan for a bachelorette party! After a lot of arguing and going back and forth I finally pulled out my email confirmation for two rooms with two doubles and they had no choice but to force another party into the same situation they just tried to force me into. So - sorry to the people who had to check in after us and got screwed because of some error in Gild Hall's system.

Anyway, after a rough check-in, we left all our stuff in the room and obviously ditched the hotel to go party. Here's the other drawback: staying in the FiDi is pretty isolating. DO NOT stay here if you want to be in the thick of things. It's about a 10 min walk to the Fulton St station (which is currently under heavy construction, to boot) and from there you go off and do your thing. We usually took cabs everywhere and for whatever reason, the uptown cabs we got had scant knowledge of the streets in the financial district. So we got lost. Multiple times. Taking cabs from the hotel was obviously fine.

The room itself was pretty nice - I'd describe it as rustic luxury. We had some fun times with the frosted bathroom door, I guess that's part of the experience of staying in a boutique hotel. I'm happy I was rooming with three other girls, let's put it at that.

Rated 3 stars for mixing up our reservation, location, and for having a decent price ($220/fri, $260/sat).

24/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Megan A.
I was hesitant about staying in the financial district at first. Most cities' financial districts have a strange disconnection from the rest of the neighborhoods, and a sterile, international feel. Not a bad thing; quite conducive to transacting business actually, but when traveling for pleasure, one wants to be closer to the pulse of the people.

It turned out to be no thang at all, since Gild Hall is easily walkable to Chinatown, the LES, and the west village too. If you're not much of a walker, it's a block from the Fulton Street station, where there are all kinds of subways. Or, the part-time model/bellboy can have a cab out front in a hot minute.

All the people we encountered working at Gild Hall looked like models. I am not sure if this was a coincidence.

The front desk, bellhop & concierge services were wonderful. We arrived three hours before check-in, and they took us right up to our readied room. A huge relief, as it allowed for a much-needed nap. When we needed an iron and an extra bathrobe; they arrived minutes after calling. The concierge also made us some absolutely perfect dining suggestions based on our preferences.

The interior is stylishly appointed, and feels like a chic and cozy escape from the outside. Traveling as a couple, the much-maligned glass door between bed & bath was no problem for us. It's not really even clear, it's frosted. Very comfortable bed with down comforter, and nice bathroom appurtenances. I didn't experience any Kiehl's, though. The minibar prices border on hilarity, including an $8.00 condom. But if you're expecting differently, you're mismatched with Manhattan.

The lobby bar is dark and sexy, though you probably have other bar plans in the city. The upstairs library lounge, though, is an absolute delight; worth spending some time up there if you're an old-library-aesthetic kind of person.

Overall, an enjoyable boutique hotel atmosphere in a fairly convenient location (especially if you're back & forth between Manhattan & Brooklyn), and with the prices often available on Hotwire and other travel websites, an easily preferable option to major chain hotels in the area.

22/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Kelly M.
Gild Hall? Good call. We stayed here over a late October weekend, and had a great time.

The good:
- Very close to Fulton Street station, so you can get pretty much anywhere you'd possibly want to go. Non-transit-wise, the hotel is a few blocks from the cafes and shops of the South Street Seaport [maybe not interesting for locals but good to know for visitors... this is a hotel, after all].
- Cool, non-hotelish decor. Leather stuff, brass stuff, antlers, books. It's sort of like being in what you imagine your cool uncle's (?) cabin in the woods would be like. If his cabin had a library built on top of an awesome staircase. And a bartender.
- The rooms aren't miniature. They're not huge, to be sure, but they're not tiny, for New York hotel rooms. There are plaid wool throws on the extremely fluffy beds. There are bathrobes in the closets. The bathrooms feel elegant even if they're snug. Lots of glass, marble, and leather.
-If, by chance, you are visiting on a weekend that perhaps has an unscheduled snowstorm/rainstorm/grossness-storm, Gild Hall has thoughtfully tucked a large black umbrella into each room's closet, for your use. Again, good call. {There are more available in the lobby, but those tend to be snapped up quickly.]
- Champagne in the lobby in the evenings. That's just fun.

The not as good, and/or just different:
- Not really views to speak of -- the experience of being in the hotel is enjoying the decor and the service, not the stunning views. This isn't really a drawback, but if you're looking for a place to host some swanky hotel party with crazy city views, maybe look elsewhere.
- Be aware of the bar and its hosting of parties if you aren't partaking of the New York nightlife hours -- ask for an upper floor and the staff will be happy to accommodate you.
- When asked how we would describe the rooms, the best phrase we could think of was "kinky Ralph Lauren." There's a massive leather-upholstered headboard with massive leather straps and buckles, and a serious selection of, um, supplies, in the minibar area. I warn you of this, in case you are looking for a place to host your parents when they come to visit, or anyone who'd be taken aback by the idea of hotel-supplied condoms for a fee, the proceeds of which are donated to Planned Parenthood NY. As someone who's worked in the AIDS prevention world, I thought it was clever; your great-aunt may disagree.

Overall, a nice, different, convenient place to stay. And the rates were comparable to lower-rating, boring, no character chain options.

03/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Yvonne Y.
I think this hotel has got to be one of the best deals for an ultrachic hotel.  Clean, quiet, nice staff and the best showerhead ever.  Bed was uber comfy and clean.  There was a little clock radio iPod dock that was perfect for me to put our iTouch in and play some tunes while getting ready!

The hotel is kind of hard to find if you don't map it out right away but once you figure it out it's easy.  2 blocks away from the 2, 3 and A, C (but the A, C is under construction so not active immediately).  The A, C, E is also available in the opposite direction maybe five blocks away? 2, 3 will get you to a lot of places too!

07/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Joz Joz Joz W.
I stayed at Gild Hall from Dec 11-13, 2007.

**This hotel is currently under MAJOR construction.**   If you are like us and can literally sleep through jackhammers, then stay here.  They DO jackhammer at 9am, but are done around 4-5pm.  So if you are in the Financial District and will be out of the room early and out late, THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO STAY.

Because of the renovation, there is no lobby, no restaurant, no room service, no gym, no bar, no gift shop, no business center, no periodical and CD lending libraries, on-demand movies, no video games, and no coffee makers

Despite all this, I would totally stay here again.  

The staff was extremely friendly, helpful, and accommodating.  They do have computer safes, minibars (the old school kind where they come by and check to see if you've eaten anything: eat & replenish before 11am!), and they do have nice luxurious robes.

After taking a red-eye, we were expecting to go there and drop off our bags since check-in wasn't until 3pm.  We arrived at 10am and they let us check in early.  They even upgraded us to a newly renovated room, which is VERY nice.  We got a room with two queen-sized beds: much larger than we'd expected.  

Before staying here, I would call and check the status of the renovation.  I can't wait to go again to review again once the renovation is done!

17/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Anthony I.
Great space, spacious rooms, limited amenities, I know, it's a boutique hotel, quiet location.  Funny thing is I choose this place or the serenity and distance from the heart of the city on a recent getaway, I forgot how difficult it can be to get a cab here on the weekends.  The bell-staff wrangled cabs on several occasions.  Overall the staff was very helpful and professional.  The rooms are nice, just a bye the bathroom is all glass, translucent and transparent, be prepared for an impromptu peepshow.

07/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
55. Corey C.
I found this hotel using tablethotels.com , and I was very pleased with the experience.  The main highlight is just how much attention they paid to the interior design, not just in the lobby / bar area but also in the rooms themselves.  

The other great thing is that it's near the Fulton metro stop, which is also an express stop so it's very easy to get to uptown stops quickly.

19/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Jennifer N.
My husband found out about this hotel via Tablet ( tablethotels.com ).  A thompson hotel for $174 (including tax)?  it seemed too good to be true.

upon arrival, the lobby appeared as advertised -- inspired by hermes, quirky leather furniture, lots of books, and lady gaga's bad romance blasting.  well, maybe the last part wasn't advertised.

we were very early and the front desk person immediately informed us that our non-smoking room was not ready.  we could have a smoking room, wait until the afternoon for our reserved non-smoking room, or upgrade to a king premium non -smoking for an extra $30 that would be available immediately.  we opted for the upgrade as we would not be returning to the hotel until much later that evening.

the king premium is roomy by new york's standards and it also had surprisingly high ceilings.  i loved the leather and defintitely appreciated the hermes inspired decor.

yes, there is a design flaw with the bathroom door.  it is clear.  why they did not use frosted glass like they did for the glass panel next to the toilet, i don't know.

the bed was super comfy.

my main gripe about the place is that the bathrobe had a large stain on it.  coffee?  tea?  i don't know.  i really don't want to think about that.  also, both my husband and i noticed that the towels had a strange smell.  they were not dirty, but they did not smell laundry fresh, if you know what i mean.  i really can't explain the odor, but i shouldn't even have to consider the issue.  the towels should smell like fabric softener or nothing at all.

overall, a very cool hotel for a very reasonable price.  

*edited to add - i stopped by the libertine bar to grab a drink before dinner.  boy were our drinks strong. give your chest hairs a perm -- strong.  my vodka soda tasted like a double.  not a complaint, just a word to the wise.  also, there is no bathroom in the bar, you have to go upstairs to the library bar (which, unfortunately, was closed).

17/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Greg V.
Gild Hall is a great place to stay at in the financial district.  Service is great and the quality of the room is outstanding.  We needed an iron and another bathrobe and is was delivered within minutes.  The bars and in-house restaurant are outstanding and the staff was friendly.  Above all, the front desk service was incredible.  We needed a cab to get to Penn Station and this staff member ran around the financial district (which does lack cabs on the weekends), hailed one for us, got in the cab, and took it to the front door for us.  Embarrassingly, we had no cash on us so we couldn't tip him.  But, this type of service makes this place a true 5-star establishment.

02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Alison H.
Love antlers? Want to sit and read a dusty library book while enjoying your aperitif? English lodge in the middle of the Financial District what you're shootin' for? Gild Hall's your place!

Gild Hall is a fantastic hotel if you're looking for a fun, friendly, and fashionable place to lay your head. The rooms are gorgeous. I absolutely love the bathroom tile and glass. Also, the beds with leather headboard and English scarves across the foot of the bed.

Sad that they no longer leave Fat Witch brownies on your pillow. I vote to boycott so they'll bring them back. I mean, how awesome of a hotel are you if you leave brownies on your guest's pillows?

Stay here. Everything about it is great. Your one consideration should be is the location. While conveniently located to several subway stations, it is deep in the Financial District. However, this also makes it easy for a quick walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to grab some Grimaldi's and Jacque Torres.

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Heather S.
A great experience.  We paid $357 (total, with tax and fees) for a Friday and Saturday night in a Deluxe Double Room and couldn't have been happier.  The room and common areas were all very clean, comfortable and nicely decorated; there was no outside noise on the 8th floor; the staff was helpful but unobtrusive.  We were able to walk out of our door and grab a cab every time we tried, even in the rain.

My tip would be to not choose the lowest level room (Superior King), as it seems they are a bit behind on updating those.  Spend the extra $30 a night for the Deluxe and you will be pleasantly surprised.

07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Sandy H.
Got this hotel for the 4th of July weekend on Hotwire for $160/night.  It's located in the financial district so you can imagine it's a bit slow on the weekends, and even slower on holiday weekends when the locals flee the city.  The location of this hotel is great!  It's a few short blocks away from the Seaport, WTC area, city hall, brooklyn bridge, Century 21 (for all you bargain hunters), and a plethora of subway lines.

The likes:
* Room 181 was larger than expected and had a view of buildings
* Close to public transit/bargain shopping
* Luggage check (hold your bags after you check out so you don't have to drag it all over town)
* C.O. Bigelow shampoo and conditioner
* Nice hand/body soaps
* Quiet
* Comfy bed

The dislikes:
* Front desk staff a little cold and snooty (it was hit or miss)
* Umbrella.  Had one in the room, but we checked out.  Staff wouldn't let us borrow the umbrella for the day.  We checked our luggage with them so it wasn't like we were going to run off with it.
* Bare essentials toiletries - soap, shampoo, conditioner...where's the lotion?
* Bathroom door wouldn't lock or shut.  It was always open an inch or two.

03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. K T.
I really wish I liked it more.  Let's start with the good.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  The location is very close to the Fulton St. subway from which you can get to just about anywhere in the city.  The decor is cool.

However, the ac unit in our room was extremely loud and disturbed our sleep as it kicked on every 30min all night.  The halls seemed to be dramatically under air-conditioned, and the elevators lacked any ac at all.

Others have mentioned it, so I knew about it going in, but there is no flat sheet on the bed. I wasn't sure how I's feel about it, but now I know I really don't like it at all.  the comforter is very warm, so your choices while sleeping are warm or cold.

Also, the bathroom lacks privacy, with frosted windows you can really see right through.  Plus the bath products offered (shampoo and conditioner only) are less than you'd get at any other 4 star hotel.

If you do decide to stay, avoid the 4th floor, specifically room 44 to 46.  The hotel's one and only ice maker is right in front of those rooms and it is very loud.  I felt really bad pushing the button when I went to get ice at night.

04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
62. Annie R.
My besties stayed here when they came to visit the other week, and I spent one of the two nights in the room with them. The room was clean and well appointed, the bathroom wall is sort of sheer/you can see people in it, which was fine by me, but worth noting if you are traveling with someone who is modest?

The beds were ok, not amazing, but fine. I do really like the bar here, I should review it separately.

In any event this hotel is a-ok you wont be disappointed, decent sized rooms for nyc, and if you dont mind being the financial district, why not?

22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
63. Gina H.
My Husband's parents were in town for Christmas and I had originally put them up in The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel on 51st and 7th. Since it was their first time in NYC we thought it would be more convenient for them. However, they got stuck in the city due to the snow storm and the hotel wouldn't extend their stay. We live in the Financial District, and my Husband recommended Gild Hall.

The hotel was great, nicely decorated and great attention to detail. The staff was super friendly and helpful, which I couldn't say for The Manhattan hotel. They wouldn't even help flag down a cab while the folks at Gild Hall offered several times to call or help flag one down.

28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Canter J.
Great Atmosphere, very friendly lovely young staff, The room we had was a King Premium, sophisticated and matches the feel of being in the heart of financial district. Bed was very comfortable everything was clean and well kept. I do think there should be 2 robes in the room instead of 1 and a dimmer for main light. Room service was quick and friendly coffee wasn't completely hot when it got to our room but there was a generous helping of almond milk with it upon our request. the lounge downstairs and restaurant is very inviting and lighting and candlelight is done well. Music played in the common area is nice and at a nice level. I would recommend this hotel for sure.

31/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Laney B.
The bar in the lobby was very convenient and had a good happy hour. I really liked the decor of the lobby and rooms. The staff was extremely helpful and also cheerful. My experience wasn't the best with our particular room, but I would definitely still stay here again. We had a leaky toilet and had to call someone up 3 different times before it was fixed without any further problems. Also our iPod speaker didn't work, and we had to call a technician up to fix it (which he did promptly).

30/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
66. Grace S.
Just had my sister's bridal party preparations here.  Great venue if you are having a wedding nearby not only to stay over and prep, but also to take pictures in.  The 2nd floor is gorgeous and exactly what my sister was looking for.  At night, the 2nd floor is a club so it can get VERY loud but we couldn't hear anything in our bridal suite.  Also, the suite was very spacious (they said it was 450 sq ft and the other suite that was already booked for another bridal party is slightly larger with 2 bathrooms) but with 8 women, we were fine in the smaller suite.  The bathroom had a glass shower and 2 beautiful sinks.  The bathroom overall is kind of small so our makeup artist had to set up in the living room, which worked out fine.  The couches are large and comfortable (I slept on it actually) and the king size bed was big enough to fit 3 people easily.  There were 2 flat screen tvs and you get lots of channels like Showtime!  The kitchen was fully stocked but we had plenty of food catered to nibble on so we didn't indulge in the full bar or snacks.  The closet was large enough to fit all our winter coats and our dresses.  The room came with a steamer and iron and the bathrobes and slippers came in very handy.  The concierge was nice enough to send us more as we needed them.  The ceilings are high and although the view isn't great, the room gets plenty of light and there are lots of beautiful lamps.  Even my mother was a big fan of the decor.  The bell boy was very gracious and took care of all our bags (it helps to have a wedding planner coordinating everything too!) and the elevator is card-operated so there is extra security.  All in all, we had a great experience here.  If you need a place to sleep in the city, the financial district is not the best place but it is also extremely close to south street seaport and the busiest parts of the financial district so if you have to be there anyway, the location is great.  

(some cons:  There is a business center and a gym but they're very small and there is no ice machine on each floor, I had to go to the 4th.  The front desk could be friendlier.  They indulged our requests but they seemed to do it a bit begrudgingly which is no fun!)

06/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Carter H.
Excellent value here. A small, boutique hotel with a charming lobby and restaurant located on the ground floor. Seems like the majority of the guests are European. Decent sized room with a very crisp and clean bathroom. Extremely well-situated a scant 10 minute stroll from NYSE Euronext. The Wall Street stop of the 2/3 subway line is a block away, as are the UFC and Crunch branded gymnasiums.  Numerous markets and groceries are nearby and the streets are light on traffic and very pedestrian friendly. Downgrade is for the fact that 1) the room/general facility is not tailored to a traveling executive who has to work from the hotel, and 2) I requested hypo-allergenic bedding well in advance of arrival and it took almost an hour for the housekeeping staff to accommodate this well after my actual arrival. Other than that, I'd highly recommend this spot for anyone who has action in the Financial District, or who wants an easy jump-off to Brooklyn, and doesn't want to break the bank.  I'd definitely stay again and probably upgrade to a larger room/suite.

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Allen L.
Great place to stay if you need to be in the financial district.  Cool boutique hotel.  Nicely appointed, great staff.

The rooms were really nice.  The location is close to a subway, some great restaurants and bars (Les Halles is 3 blocks away).  2 bocks from the Fed Reserve and Wall Street.

Rooms are nicely appointed.  This is the 2nd Thompson Hotel that I've stayed at.  The Smyth is exceptional - in Tribeca.   I'd probably stay at Smyth for its location.  But Gild Hall was great.

23/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Sunny D.
This place is centralized in the Financial district, just walking distance from the hustle and bustle of Wall St. yet far away that its quiet enough to sleep in and not hear the pandemonium outside.

Gild Hall is set up as a boutique hotel, sort of like the W. As you walk in, you get a sense of the 'Living Room' atmosphere. Couches and bookshelves lie in the lobby. Want to play chess/checkers? There's that too.

The service was good. The maids cleaned our room thoroughly every day.

However, I didn't like the layout of the room. The bathroom was enclosed with translucent glass, so you can actually see a blurry view of your roommate in the stall taking a dump. Ew.

There weren't enough outlets either, and the outlets that were there weren't placed conveniently.

They do have flat screen TVs and room service. Don't expect a view however, unless you're one of the lucky few. Oh yeah, and you have to pay for wi-fi, so you're better off just using that fancy smart phone of yours to yelp around Manhattan.

Despite its price, I would stay here again. I love the fact that its walking distance to several Dunkin Donuts and is 2 min away from the Subway (Fulton).

27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Bruce K.
A quiet and eccentric hotel, Gild Hall isn't affiliated with any of the Hilton/Hyatt/Marriott chains. Right from the lobby (is that a leather floor?), you know that this place is going to be different.

My room was very nicely laid out with a small bar area loaded in very expensive snacks. Thankfully, I was able to resist the temptation to eat or drink any of it.

A very comfortable room, the bed had a good selection of pillows and instead of sheets and comforter, was a bottom sheet with a duvet. The bathroom was modern and large, though they really should add more handholds and that clever curved-showed rod.

Noise can be a problem. I could hear the cleaning crew in the hallway as well as a plethora of sirens through the window. Speaking of window, no curtain, instead horizontal wooden slats that only blocked out most of the light.

Would I stay here again? Possibly.

09/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
71. Liz M.
Loved it!  Used Gild Hall as my crash pad after my 30th birthday fiesta.  The hotel reminds me a bit of a log cabin, and has a very masculine feel to it.  We checked-in on the later side around 9:00pm and the staff at the desk was friendly and accommodating.  When staying at trendier hotels, I always get a little nervous that the staff will be pretentious, but here they were perfectly down to earth.  The hallways are painted bright red and brightly lit.  The room was large by New York standards and the masculine theme carried over, with plaid flannel blankets on the bed and leather headboards.  The bathroom is not for the modest, with the divider to the  bedroom portion of the room in frosted glass, allowing those outside of the bathroom to view the user of the bathroom in full silhouette.  I don't get why these hotels (the W Lakeshore in Chicago has a similar set-up) think it is sexy to see into the bathroom...it's not!  Loved the C.O. Bigelow toiletries (so NYC!), but missed the lack of a lotion.

The price of this hotel was well worth the money and a lot cheaper than some of the very average, boring mainstream chain hotels.  The rates on the hotel's website were the same as Expedia, Orbitz, etc. (and in some cases even less), so it pays to just pick up the phone, or hop on their website, and book directly through the hotel.  

The area is a bit desolate, but I found it kind of charming with the small streets and isolation from the craziness of NYC.  It actually made me start to really like the Financial District, an area that even as a native NY-er I don't really explore much.

There was a small line at check-out the next morning (we checked out at noon, so that was to be expected), but it moved quickly.  The staff apologized profusely for the wait, which I found unnecessary, but refreshing.

I loved this hotel and would definitely go back if I ever needed a place to crash in NYC (I live nearby, so unfortunately that is not often).  I would also highly recommend it to out of towners, especially those on a business trip.  Thank you Gild Hall for helping to make my bday a great one!

21/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Raymond G.
It is good value.  Couple things, there is no gym here, although they claim there are three.  If that matters, you need a plan B.  There is a Crunch Fitness a block away.  You can sign up for a free one day pass on the Crunch website.  Also, the restaurant here is just ok.  The good, for a decent hotel, it is pretty good bang for your buck.  Right off the Fulton St. subway so easy to get around.  About a 10 minute walk into Tribeca.  If you are trying to really do it up in NYC, there are much better in NYC and even within the Thompson family in NYC (LES).

19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
73. Christina N.
Great stay for one who wants a quiet stay away from the loud city... (Financial district)

I booked the vacation package on PRICELINE.COM. Average rate is $180-$200/nt. @ Gild Hall. I requested $150/night 3.5 star hotel! Priceline accepted my price suggestion and bumped me up to this 4 star hotel in the financial district.

I was so anxious to arrive at the hotel when we arrive at the NY airport! Right when the taxi dropped us off at the front door. I walked in and the entrance was so trendy and they had relaxing lounge music in the background. I was welcomed by Amy at the check-in desk. She gave us a very warm welcome hello!

+ Check-in was easy and fast
+ Room was very clean
+ High ceilings
+ Dean & Deluca Leather headbed, niceee..
+ Bed was comfortable, clean and beautifully made
+ Restroom was contemporary and roomy
+ Iron was brought up when requested quickly
+ Ice machine was right outside our door so we didn't have to go far
+ Happy Hour 3-8pm: $5 wine/beer... M-F
+ Quiet.. Slept well.

- Wish there was drink specials on the weekends at the bar, there were times when I wanted to stop by the bar after a long day in the city. However the drink prices are a bit steep, so I just went to my room instead.

05/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. Michele B.
The hotel design is gorgeous - it's very modern but the hard lines are softened with some organic elements that reminded me of a Victorian hunting lodge.  It was well done and very masculine.  The rooms are a little small but it's New York.

The staff is excellent and friendly without being stuffy.  I liked that when you got in the elevator you can hear noise coming from the kitchen.  It made the place seem alive, like there's a whole production going on behind the scenes, which of course there is.

We stayed here on a Saturday which was excellent.  There is not much in the financial district that is even open on the weekend, and it is a little worse now because some shops that were down there were destroyed by the Sandy flooding.  But Tribeca isn't far, and there are is a subway stop a very short walk away.  

The up side of this area being pretty empty on the weekend is that it was pretty easy to find parking.  I did not pass any housekeeping trolleys in the hall, which I liked a lot because I didn't feel like the housekeepers were breathing down my neck to check out.

The mini bar was a bit of a trip.  The menu said that it contained a bunch of sex accessories and something called a "sensuality pack" for $195.  There wasn't actually one in my room so I can't tell you what would be in it, but for that price I would expect at least an ugly hooker.

Anyway, I didn't see any kids in the halls but they do have some double rooms so if you're traveling with your kid or an elderly aunt you may want to ask them to clean that stuff out of the room before you get there (though they seem like sensible people so maybe they've got that covered).

Overall, this is one of my favorite hotels that I have stayed at.

24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Adrian K.
Beautiful hotel! It's the details that impress me and this feels like a country club of sorts - with a modern twist!

Attended an outstanding New Year's Eve party - although by the time we got there it had reached 2012. The party was well managed and we had a great time.

Next time in NYC - I think I'll stay at this hotel.

10/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Chris H.
Goodness!! Compared to the places I stayed the first two nights, this is heavenly!!!  Stayed here w/ a few friends, my friend got it at a super discount so that made it even better.

We had a blast.  Got a complimentary bottle of red wine which was unexpected and a very pleasant gesture from the hotel staff.  The location was nice as well, a very little town-like place.  Convenient stores close by w/ alcohol, another plus.

The rooms were styled nicely, and the bathrooms were very modern.  It was a nice place to be!  Our last night in NYC was spent in the comfort of this room, since the other 2 nights were too wild.  It was a nice place to unwind and relax, hangout with friends, drink, and wander the local vicinity.

24/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Lily R.
Masculine, Classic, Tasteful.

Away from the noisy, touristy, Times square buzz.

Felt like I was transported somewhere in the UK. Staff is friendly, helpful and unpretentious. Glass of bubbly when you check in...not bad!

Rooms are clean, modern and well decorated. Not your average hotel.

It's a little out of the way if you want to hang in Times Square- but for those of you who do NYC often and won't go near the insanity, I recommend this hotel!

21/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Cynthia G.
What used to be the Holiday Inn is now an European style boutique hotel.  However, something definitely got lost in translation.  

While the room was okay (size, mattress, comforter, etc.) and definitely European in their smaller footprint, the basic functionality and amenities left a lot to be desired.

The temp control was not working in the room; they forgot some of the toiletries; and the television/remote didn't work.

Also, there was no flat sheet on the bed.  Which made we wonder if they actually changed out the duvet cover and fitted sheet.

The lobby decor had a hip urban library vibe happening and the location allows for easy access to most of FiDi.

21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
79. Rebecca M.
Very clean
The best site for super cheap travel

12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Ann T.
A boutique hotel with dim lighting, dark furniture, and a library that's a wuthering heights' fan's dream, this place was a great experience - definitely a bit different from your average hotel chain, but it was pretty chic.

service was great - had a late checkout with no issues.

loved that they provided an umbrella for you to use during your stay.

note - they did not provide lotion (which is something i have come to expect while staying in a hotel) but no worries - there are 24 hour duane reades and cvs just a couple of blocks away.

very metro friendly

25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Joy G.
Remember that episode of Mad Men where Don and Betty Draper go to Italy? And Betty is like the shit with all these debonair Italian men and Jon Hamm falling all over her, and it's the most beautiful part of their lives together, because it's not forever, and then they go back to boring old New York and Betty decides it's time to start emotionally cheating. Anyway. Gild Hotel (the "a Thompson Hotel" always cracks me up) has these photographs on their walls of this 1950s Americana couple blazing through Europe, along with a sign in their lounge screaming, "BE ITALIAN!" Yes, yes, we could.

Pret-ty sexy hotel here. Lots of chandeliers, animal antlers, leather upholstery, deep red hues on the walls, framed photography, library lounge on the second floor with dim lighting, small tables, and portraits of dead white men. I managed to snag a late check-out, check-in and check-out were completely stress-free, door guy was really sweet and happy to help whenever I needed some advice on how to navigate the impenetrable thicket that is the Financial District.

Room was seriously off the hook. Wish I could have stayed a day longer just to soak everything in. Bed was not the comfiest ever but I'm not complaining at all. My only two gripes are: 1) the location is not the easiest to find. First you have to get onto Gold Street, otherwise known as the Tiniest Alleyway Known to Man, and then you'll see the awnings, and 2) no wireless connection at all on the 10th floor. I brought it up to the front desk as I was checking out, and the guy didn't offer a reimbursement or anything, just "I'll take it under advisement." O-kay.

11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Felicia R.
Can't say enough great stuff about this hotel! We stayed last night for our anniversary and were delighted not just by the unique and expertly designed interiors but by the incredible staff. Perry at the front desk gave us a complimentary bottle of Prosecco when she learned it was our anniversary, and then upgraded us to a larger room. The furnishings were beautiful, the bed was a dream, and the attached restaurant Felice served delectable brunch. The location in FiDi is also super convenient, and is surrounded by many charming local shops and cafes. We will be recommending Gild Hall to all our friends and can't wait to plan our next trip to NYC.

02/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Cheri Y.
This is by far the best hotel experience I have EVER had in NYC! This place is so frekin cool! It has the hippest decor and it just felt good being there :)  The high ceilings and original artwork in the hallways were tray chic!  Everything we called down for it was always no problem and was sent up right away! The service was so amazing and my hubby and I had the best time!!! We will def be back! Thank you Justin for the wonderful hotel experience and memories we will never forget! Thank you for the late check out 3:00 pm extra $75 bucks only! whoa! We had a late night out dancing/clubbin and it was so awesome you could accommodate us.  You just took totally care of us like family!!! I'm so glad I decided to try a new place to stay!!! I will be calling you for some reservations very soon!  We had such a great trip bc Justin, you made it a real New York experience! I felt like I was back home again! Walking us out to the cab and taking the time to chat with us about our trip was so sweet, your the best! And Jeff says to tell you that the jacket you kept complimenting him on you loved so much came from the brand new RL store denim & supply 99 university place NYC.  That store just opened three days ago! Hurry u can get one too! I can't thank you enough Justin your simply amazing! WOW! Gild hall rocks!!!

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Christina E.
Our stay at Gild Hall was fantastic - the staff is highly knowledgeable, helpful, and not stuffy. The hotel is nestled in the Financial District and does represent in person as well as the photos - very library chic/boys club.

Our room was clean, modern and comfortable. And very large for NYC standards. The hotel bar was the perfect stop (or start) to the night. The location was convenient to Soho/Tribeca, Williamsburg, and the staff was always willing to snag a cab (even in the rain... during rush hour.... many thanks!)

31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Lilli C.
Love the modern/hip/English feel of the hotel, the beds were comfortable and the rooms weren't as small as I thought they'd be.  I had read a lot of complaints about the lack of a flat sheet, but I didn't really care.  I don't use a flat sheet at home anyway and I'm sure that they wash the duvet covers.  The prices here were also great and it was pretty easy to get around, despite being in the Financial District.

The only downfall was that the concierge asked to see my ID when I checked in and then forgot to give it back to me.  I later realized this when I was out trying to meet up with some friends at a bar.

09/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Crystal A.
Fantastic team and a great hotel! I can't even think of enough words to describe how incredibly pleasant and thoughtful Bjoern and his team are! This was my moms first trip to NYC and they went out of their way to make it memorable. The room was great, nice and quiet. Everything was clean and the room was pretty sizable. Everything we wanted to see was a short walk from the hotel. A heartfelt thanks to everyone at Gild Hall for making our visit a great one!

16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Nicole S.
What a great hotel. I could not be happier with the staff, hotel, and restaurant. Also, it's walking distance to a lot of great shops, restaurants, and cafés.

20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Molly H.
We stayed here during Christmas and it was incredible, we can't wait to do it again next year!! The staff went above and beyond to accommodate our needs, and made special attentive care to make sure our holiday was special and memorable.  This place is a hidden gem!!  Loved the decor, the attention to detail, every single thing about it!!! Will definitely be staying again each time I am back in NY.

05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
89. Louis R.
Dayum, this spot is dope as hell.

Its like staying at some yuppie lodge with some uber trendy stuff in the rooms.

The lobby decor is original and the front desk peeps are very helpful.

The bed is soooooo comfy and the bathrooms are totally modern.

This def isn't some giant gaudy hotel.

07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. mike ..
Stayed for the weekend during the Figment festival on Governor's  Island. LOVE the LOCATION, it's the essence of accessibility (or at least was for my trip).

It took a hike to get uptown, but what I loved about staying here was that I could step outside and get a moderate dose of NYC nightlife, but turn a corner and have the feel of a little village with local markets/businesses, all while within easy access of subways/transport.

The decor inside is swanky cool, but you're probably not going to get a view, so it will feel like you're "sleeping in the office" when you stay here (I kept expecting my boss to knock on the door and tell me to get to work, lol).

Oh, kick-ass bathrooms too, and the MINI-BAR is orgasmic - will post pics soon, promise!

24/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Graciela P.
Gild Hall is a diamond of a boutique hotel in FiDi that i loved to boast to my peers about. It truly is
an oasis at night in a quiet neighborhood. I stayed more than 20 nights over the course of the last 7 months
and got to know the entire staff on a personal level. I have seen these guys deal with foreign and domestic
travelers with great customer service; help me find a late late night spot for food when my flight was super
delayed; accommodate my random room needs based on the trip (Bathtub vs shower; extra pillows, ironing board, etc)

What I most loved about Gild and will miss dearly now that i'm not traveling to NYC:
- You are greeted every time with a professional and genuinely courteous smile
- The hotel has a great "Father's Contemporary Library" vibe
- The food at Felice is craveable and delicious! Very good cheese plates, great wine and bar selections,
  veal ragu, housemade pasta, amazing salads and fish dishes...everything is great
- Updated and Modern guest rooms with really amazing smelling shampoos. Trust me at the end of a long day
  Eucalyptus shampoo is a much welcomed stress reliever.
- The rooms are quiet and the noise from the outside is just about non-existant...very important!
- bathrobe that just envelopes you after your eucalyptus shower

This hotel really offers the best trilogy of what makes a hotel a great accommodation:
- Clean / Inviting
- Location & Proximity
- Value for hotel night based on quality of service

travel safe my friends!

25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. Kimberly N.
I stayed here in May 2013 as part of a mini-getaway. The location is off the beaten path, but I would only stay here if I needed to be in the area. Restaurant and bar selection is limited for the neighborhood, but it's close enough to the subway if you wanted to explore other areas. Room was clean, had a masculine decor, and was decently spacious for NYC. Bathroom was nicely built as well. We stayed on the 17th floor so it was quiet. Parking is available, at a price. We did not eat or drink in the hotel restaurant, so I cannot comment on those.

I stayed here with an Amazon Local voucher, and I was charged for the room in addition to the cost of the voucher. After my stay, I discovered this. I wish I had read some of the reviews on TripAdvisor beforehand, as other customers have experienced being doubly charged also. I called the hotel, and this matter was immediately addressed and resolved.

Cleanliness, size, noise level - would recommend to a friend
Location, restaurants - would not

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Erik F.
A rare Treasure Find. Great value. I call places like Gild Hall a treasure find because it is a gem of a place that you would likely not know about and it is to be treasured. That is how my stay at Gild Hall has made me feel.

Of course what for me makes it that special is the beautiful way in how they integrate a Library into the lobby and wine lounge upstairs. Awesome!!!!

Yes a real library with beautiful books. I love that.

It is very nicely appointed and decorated.

My room was outstanding. Great decor. Love the bed and the bathroom. Very, very comfy. Comfortable beds in hotels is a rare thing in my experience. The bed here is perf to me.

I truly hope I have an occasion to stay here again, even if it is at full rate (although I would still seek a discount!!!! hahaha). I've been told by NYC standards their full rate is still a great value.

16/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. T H.
Nice. People there were very professional with excellent and prompt service. Its not very good for couples sharing a room with other couples though; even though the bathroom doors are suppose to be frosted, hmmmm.... let's just say that you can see everyone doing their business, so we brought a sheet and hung it up in the door for privacy. But it's great for couples, it's sexy, and it is very masculine; we even got a complimentary glass of champagne upon check in. Perfect service, I will stay again, but alone with my husband the next time around. Hopefully, for others who are in the double and want to share a room, they will consider changing out the bathroom doors in those rooms only. Other than that the room was amazing! :-)

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
95. Meg S.
I can not even begin to say enough wonderful things about this Hotel (and I almost do not want to for fear of it becoming so popular I will never be able to get a room there again and I plan on going back-frequently). From a little glitch at check-in (Thanks Tomo! You are awesome), to the staff in the middle of the night when I came back from celebrating my birthday-after getting lost to the folks that checked me out I felt like I was being treated like family and I can't possibly say enough about the service. I am a native New Yorker. Gild Hall-with it's friendly, non-judgemental staff and cozy feel had an incredibly "UN" New York feel to it, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. I only wish I had the opportunity to take more advantage of the upgraded deluxe suite they gave me for my birthday. I had set plans with friends, and didn't get back until late and didn't get much sleep. Next time I will be sure to book a room just for sleeping as it is cozy and comfortable!!!! The hotel itself if beautifully decorated-masterfully mixing the old style of the NYFIDI with modern touches that accentuate this feeling. I implore everyone to do yourself a favor-if you need to visit NYC-book your stay with the wonderful folks at Gild Hall. You will feel like the best friend of an A class celebrity!!!! :) THANKS EVERYONE! Hope to see you soon.

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Ruth L.
Stayed in this hotel for one night and the hotel was amazing! Lovely decor and great service from checking in to checking out. The hotel is a bit hard to get to if youre driving into the city. The address is on Gold St. however, the entrance to the hotel is actually on Platt. However, everything else was great! Valet service and some wine the minute you walk in. The rooms were nice and cozy, definitely above our expectations especially for a hotel in the city!  The staff is super friendly as well, I will definitely stay here again!

22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Peter C.
Wonderful boutique hotel with superb service with a lively hotel bar in the evening. Location aside, unless you want the grandeur and history of the Waldorf, I would actually give the rooms and the service here the nod over NY properties like the Waldorf.  

Above average room size for what you would expect in NYC. Best of all, they gave me an upgrade for a room with higher ceilings even though I had booked through a priceline blind bid.  

The toiletries were also a nice touch with Gilchrist & Soames soap. There is not a single negative comment I can think of for this hotel and would highly recommend it for a stay if you need to be near the financial district.

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. William F.
We enjoyed staying at Gild Hall.  The room was great (except for the gross "see through" glass bathroom wall, which was a major turn off), the staff were friendly, and we liked both the bar and the restaurant.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
99. Heather G.
Gild Hall is basically the greatest hotel I've had the pleasure of visiting in NYC, maybe anywhere. The service is the best i've ever received - the staff friendly and courteous, but not annoyingly in-your-face.  The atmosphere is well thought-out and planned to the last detail, such that everything ties in together.  The Thompson suite is, well, frankly, bigger than my apartment and made me wish I never had to go home.

My fiance chose this hotel as the location we would stay after he executed the most magical proposal man has ever seen.  He whisked me off in a black car to the financial district, and I thought "hm...odd choice..." for about 3 seconds until I walked into the lobby and realized why he'd chosen this out of the ridiculous amount of research he did on hotels - it's magical.  Not fairy-princess magical or storybook-wedding magical, but the exact sort of magical that complements my edgy personality, my distaste for all things girly, and my affinity for organization, order, and dark romantic ambiance.

Nailed it.

When we walked in, we were about 2 hours into our pre-marital-engagement-bliss, and we practically floated over to the check-in counter, DYING to tell someone we just got engaged, and to show off my sparkly ring.  The girl checking us in happened to be from my alma mater, and happened to be a twenty-something just moved to NYC and still in that whimsical state of big-city romance.  Of course, upon sharing The Most Perfect Proposal story with her, she was up floating in the clouds with us, as though it was her life memory rather than ours.  She promptly upgraded us, free of charge, to the most beautiful suite in the hotel - the Thompson suite. She handed us flutes of champagne to enjoy and continue our celebration while she navigated us through the check-in process.  Her joy and eagerness to share in our joy was overwhelming, and like nothing i'd seen from a customer service employee in my life.  As we left the counter to dash away to our room, she ran around the divider and handed us a bottle of prosecco so we could go upstairs and continue the celebration.  

When we entered the room, we were immediately blown away at the handsome decor, the stylish contemporary setup, and the giant space we were given in a city full of tiny little hotel rooms and cramped apartments.  This was larger than our (admittedly large) Boston apartment, and had two bathrooms, a kitchen and living room, and a separate area for a full-bathtub set up for a romantic bubble bath.

We had a bit of time to explore the lounge-area, also handsomly decorated with leather-bound books, leather chairs, and an impressive bar filled with tasty brown liquors.  Had we more time on this trip, we would have camped out here for an afternoon, chatting and drinking in the dimly-lit upstairs.  

Because the experience was so incredible to us on the most important day of our life (at the time, of course), we are choosing Gild Hall to stay for our NYC wedding in the fall as well.  They will always have my business.

incredible hotel, great hospitality, beautiful suite

16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Alison S.
Room was a decent size for Manhattan ! Conveniently close to subways in the financial district . The hotel has a cool vibe to it- room was quite reasonable for the time period I stayed there -mid $200's. Staff were friendly and Room service menu wasn't an expansive list (but there's always local delivery for that! :))

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. MT T.
In my experience, most "boutique" hotels offer the following trade-off: in exchange for agreeing to stay in a taxi desert at or near the end of some random subway/trolley line, you get a room with some character (or at least not budget-hotel-beige), towels under 20 years old, a bar that's not totally depressing, and a concierge who will actually make reservations for you.

At Gild Hall, I got all the perks without the random location. I wasn't exactly looking to stay in the Financial District (was attending a wedding in Midtown), but the hotel is near a lot of various subway lines, and cabs are in good supply. Obviously, there's touristy stuff in the area if you're into that (Wall St., Alexander Hamilton's gravesite) plus some good restaurants that cater to the business crowd. From the Fulton St. subway stop, you can get anywhere in Manhattan easily, and Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens are all easily accessible.

Our room was delightful--stylish and cozy at the same time. The bathroom was especially nice, and I especially appreciated the C.O. Bigelow bath products. The bed was a little hard, but otherwise, it was a very warm and comfortable space. The staff are also very courteous and pleasant.

I definitely recommend this hotel for anyone staying in Manhattan who is looking for nice but not extravagant lodgings. Is MoMA right outside the door? No, but other boutique hotels I've stayed in are way more in the hinterlands than GH. The fact is you're going to pay $150-$200 more per night for similar lodgings on Madison Avenue. Up to you if it's worth it. As for me, this will be my go-to when I need to stay in Manhattan again.

05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Mucio V.
Located in the bustling Financial District, this woodsy hotel becomes so serene and offers a view of quite the different side of what you expect from the city that never sleeps.  I really enjoyed the modern cabin-esque decor and it offered nearby access to all the major trains and more importantly, great coffee shops.

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. B R.
Really like this hotel for business travel. Attentive service, comfy rooms, nice  bathrooms, and a pretty good location. The restaurant is also decent, yet highly priced.

The only thing I always find weird about staying here is the fact that there are no irons and ironing boards in the rooms. Every time I check-in I have to ask for once and they always look at me like I'm crazy for wanting to use an iron.

18/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. Hannah W.
Got a room at Gild Hall through Hotwire and I will absolutely be back. My boyfriend and I were greeted with complimentary champagne upon checking in, the high ceilings and wooden chandelier in our Premium King room were stunning. Pictures do not do this hotel justice!

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Kylyn E.
Please do not hesitate to book your next stay in New York at Gild Hall! I was a bit skeptical at first but was instantly won over upon check in. We were extremely pleased with our King Premium room on the 18th floor -- the atmosphere from the lobby to the top was inviting and sophisticated while maintaining a trendy vibe.

The hotel wine bar and restaurant "Felice" had the same ambiance with delicious food and knowledgeable staff -- While they did not have a Malbec, the bar tender immediately offered me a taste of a very comparable Pino Noir. Oh, and the chocolate hazelnut cake on the dessert menu is to die for!

My only complaint? As I was showering I realized the drain was not working and the tub was completely filled by the end. This was immediately fixed upon request by a friendly staff member.

I look forward to my next stay at Gild Hall!

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
106. Correy S.
The lobby looks like the coolest place in town to hang out. Old world leather lounge chairs, gorgeous library in the lobby... all public spaces are gorgeous. The disappointment is the actual guest rooms. And to be honest the disappointment is not that bad.

My room was obviously worn with wood chips coming off the furniture (not in a deliberately worn way.. just from being used and not updated). The room feels like a college dorm room, very tight quarters and the bathroom is really small as well.

Fly into LaGuardia. Very easy travels from that airport to this hotel.

Note: Wifi is free in the lobby, but $15 per night (per device) for hotel guests.

16/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Joe L.
I had a wonderful stay at Gild Hall February 3rd and 4th.  I was in town for a job interview, and the staff was as excited as I was about it!  I arrived early, getting in before a heavy snow.  The gent at the front desk found a room for me and I was able to check in early.  I had the day to myself to explore Manhattan in a snowstorm, which was a really cool experience.

I enjoyed a delicious meal at Felice, where everyone was friendly and accommodating.  The food was great, and the service was better.  It was a bit pricey, but that's not unexpected for the area.

My room was a delight.  The decor was beautiful and comfortable, and I had all I needed right there.  I even got a workout!  The exercise rooms are a bit small, and the machine wipes were dry, but I still got a great workout.  I ironed my interview clothes and used the wifi for some last minute preparations.  After that, I settled in and was cozy and warm during the storm.

I awoke to a requested wake-up call and had plenty of time to get ready.  When I checked out, the two young women at the front desk were so excited and encouraging for me that I couldn't help but be optimistic going into my interviews.  They let me store my luggage and kept it for me during the day, which was a great help.  When I was done, I came back and the bellman found me a place to get into traveling clothes and went way out of his way to find me a cab to Laguardia.  I wish I had the names of the young ladies at the desk and the bellman so I could thank them.  They were really sweet and that made all the difference in the world for me.  If I get the job I will surely come back to say thank you!

10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Russ T.
Loved the hotel and the financial district location. (Starbucks just up the street, the battery, TriBeCa, the Brooklyn bridge all within easy walking distance. Neighborhood has a very European feel with the narrow, twisty streets.) A wonderfully decorated boutique hotel with a great bar area and a pretty decent restaurant (la felice). Interior reminded my wife of a nice European hotel. Wait staff was excellent: everyone was pleasant and helpful. Our room was upgraded (why me?) to a suite and double thanks for that. Stay went without hitch (though it took me awhile to figure out shower controls) and will look forward to trying out their other locations. Thanks again for a memorable stay.

28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
109. Alex S.
Had a nice overnight stay here. Did not spend much time in the room at all. Really only there for sleep after a wedding and the after-party. The bed was very comfortable, the room was clean and the hotel was quiet. Checked out at midday but had them hold our bags while we explored Lower Manhattan. The Battery is very walkable as is Chinatown...2 different directions but we did both. All staff encountered were very cordial and helpful. This is a good option if you want to stay in Downtown NYC.

30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Janice C.
Gild Hall is as chic as it gets in NY's Financial District.

Effortlessly blending an English country club style with an upscale American lodge feel, the minute you walk in you'd say, "I'm so glad I picked this hotel!"

Honey colored leather couches, animal print rugs, deer antlers.

And that's just the lobby.

The second floor Library area tempted me with its collection of hardbound books and plush dark brown leather couches. (there's gonna be a lot of leather in this review!) If you wish to have a cocktail while reading, you can get your tipple from the hotel bar on the first floor.

The beautiful details continue in your room: 12 ft. ceilings (yes, it's possible in Manhattan!), antique brass chandelier, massive leather-tufted headboard and a rich flannel throw on the bed.

HMM. Let's talk about the bed. The oh-so-heavenly King sized bed with 400 thread count Sferra linens, this is the stuff that dreams are made of!  And the leather headboard made me purr everytime I leaned against it.  I mean, bed + leather = sexy with a capital S!

The bathroom space isn't big but they make up for it with luxurious touches: glass tiles, marble floors and C.O. Bigelow toiletries.

A lot of reviewers say this is a hidden gem and I agree, because it literally is!  Gild Hall is located on a side street making it a bit hard to find and it was definitely an adventure walking back to the hotel from the subway in heels. (Don't fret, Fulton Street station is only 2 blocks away. But if you're traveling alone like I was, just take a cab, especially late at night.) Also, it's a hike to get to Uptown so allot for extra travel time.

Kudos to the front desk staff for their professional service and ease of check in and out process. They even called me a cab without my asking!

Gild Hall is very cosmopolitan and oozing with sexiness, I felt like a sophisticated urbanite here.  Or could it be all that sumptuous leather? All I know is, I want to stay here again.

06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Eric Z.
Just stayed 3 nights.   Great location, quiet street, close to Fulton subway station, great market block away.  ROBERT was awesome! !!!  Would give 5 stars but for gym on 3 different floors was made for midgets.

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Ashley N.
I really enjoyed a lot of things about this hotel, but our checking in process was awful and seriously impacted our ability to enjoy our first day of traveling.

When I booked our reservation months in advance, I specifically called and asked that a special note be included that we would want (if rooms were available) to check in as early as possible. I am a nursing mother of an infant and was traveling on a redeye - I needed assurance that I could get into a comfortable room when we arrived. I called again a week before our arrival to reiterate this request, and was assured that the staff would do everything they could to accommodate my husband and me.

However, upon arrival a VERY rude woman greeted us at the desk and looked shocked that we were trying to check in. Her reply, "the best I can do is 2 p.m." We arrived just after 9 a.m. My baffled expression led her to further say, in a response dripping with contempt, "We don't guarantee check-in until 3 p.m."

Well, no shit lady. In a services-oriented business such as hospitality, I really don't care what you guarantee. I care that you will at least TRY to accommodate a request I was careful enough to ask for months in advance.

I ended up on the bathroom floor and without a comfortable place to sit down for hours.

When we finally returned later that morning, we saw that this woman had left the desk. I immediately asked the gentleman at the desk if he could JUST CHECK with housekeeping about prioritizing a room that fit our needs before another room (seeing as we were the ONLY people there trying to check in). He immediately got on the phone with housekeeping and had a room for us in 20 minutes! This told me that a) the woman was purposely not making any effort to check us in even though she had the power to accommodate us and b) she got some sort of weird pleasure out of making me uncomfortable.

Again, for the hospitality industry and at a nice hotel, this is pathetic.

Your staff could have easily made us very happy guests the minute we walked in the door just by making a quick phone call. Even if you weren't able to get us a room right away, showing that you care about your guests by TRYING to make them happy counts just as much. While the gentleman working the desk was able to make this right, the fact that we were treated that way immediately upon arriving guaranteed for me that my impression of your staff is lacking and will always be included in any story I tell about this hotel.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
113. Craig M.
Top notch service in a cool boutique style hotel. Hotel rooms are good sized for nyc standards. The front desk staff are super polite and accommodating. One day we were there and it was raining and front desk gave me an umbrella to use so i didnt have to go back up to room (there are also umbrellas in room for guests).  It was a perfect place to stay, and will definitely return!
Thank you Gild staff! Other hotels should take note of your genuine hospitality!

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. Kay K.
Great hotel.....until we was leaving my baby got mad about parking which they do valet parking and charge you to parked the car.....so no Bueno... overall this place is really beautiful...the bed is s oooo comfortable wink wink......we christened the whole King Suite!!!

15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Shawnee M.
I LOVE THIS PLACE! The service is always top notch and the rooms are comfortable and CLEAN!!! The last time my honey I were there, we spent Valentines and the room we received was nothing short of amazing! We weren't even expecting to get a suite.... it was a welcomed surprise!

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. West T.
I came to Gild Hall to spend a weekend for my 25th birthday celebration. I stayed in the King Superior Room and slept like a Queen both nights.

While checking in the person at the desk was absolutely professional and had very polite demeanor (and cute English accent).  I expected the room to be small, you know your typical Manhattan based hotel room but the size exceeded my expectations. It was very spacious, and the decor I loved!

On the last night after my dinner at the lovely SoCo restaurant out in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn I had to take in my past 25 years in such a lovely establishment. I sat on the bed, looked at the flat-screen TV in front of me, the blinds to my right, that awesome bathroom with that see-through door to my left and just thank God for what he has done. Trust me 5 years ago I would have never thought I would be able to afford the "better" things in life but there I was lying up in what seemed like a little piece of heaven.

Thank you Gild Hotel for a fantastic weekend. Cheers to the next 25 years.

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. Maureen W.
Love at first stay!!!!!!!

I was not so happy when they moved our offices from the East Village to downtown.  What do I know about downtown?  Absolutely nothing.  Never had ventured down there to tell you the truth, my heart lies in the village!

Well, much to my surprise, I was pleased at punch to find the Gild Hall.  Thompson hotels are usually quite nice.  Gild Hall is not only clean, bed bug free, and hip, but the rooms are also big by NYC standards.  Who knew!!!???  I had a kng bed, desk, brand new flat screen, mini bar and a really nice sized bathroom.  The ONLY downside is that the water pressure wasn't great.  But I could live with it given the niceness and size of the room.  Everything looked really new.

A plus is also the fact that there is a nice Italian restaurant in the hotel.  I enjoyed a glass of wine each night! :)  Also, the library and rooms are filled with fun books to borrow and read should the mood strike you.

Gild Hall is definitely a find in lower downtown Manhattan.  Should you need a nice place to lay your head, look no further.

10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
118. Kristen D.
Booked this hotel on Hotwire for a one night getaway from Philly.

Upon entering the lobby, I realized the photos on Yelp don't do it justice. It's such a different and eccentric setting while also being quite rustic and comfortable. To the left of the front doors is a bar, that looked very lively around 8 pm.

The employee that checked us in was very charming and sweet-- though he told us he was hooking us up with a "nice room" so we were pretty excited on the elevator ride up. Well, our room was directly across from the elevator.. Hmmm.... While we didn't hear any hallway noise we weren't really in the room that much.

The bathroom door is not completely see through, but I definitely could tell when my boyfriend was sitting on the toilet.. Not very romantic at all. Not to mention it's right next to the bed (which was incredibly comfortable).

Minibar was pretty reasonable--especially for NYC.

Also, very close to subway stations and walkable distance from the 9/11 memorial, 1 World Trade and some really decent restaurants.

All in all I don't think I'd spend the $360/night on this hotel, thought it certainly had a
number of positives.

08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
119. Benji _.
Went here with my wife to celebrate our 1st anniversary.  
The pros:
- Super modern interior, loved the red-and-black motif.
- Awesome, supportive big bed with cool leather headboard
- Cable
-Good room service ($18 omlette with sausage, toast, etc)
- Cool Bar downstairs makes good whisky drinks and gives you free crunchy breadsticks, good place to watch soccer games

The cons:
- Bathroom door is pretty see-through...I waited to go #2 until I was back at home, didn't feel like doing that in front of my wife
- The minibar was total Manhattan prices.  $8 for a candy bar.  

Would we go back?  Yep.  But I hope they change the bathroom door to one that isn't as see-through. Or move the toilet further from the door.

22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
120. Nick H.
Gild Hall is a great hotel in the financial district.

Our room was very comfortable, and the restaurant/bar in the lobby was amazing.  Our first evening we had planned to stop by the bar and head out to a nearby restaurant.  But after seeing the charcuterie plate we changed our minds.  We ordered a number of appetizers, a bottle of wine and had a fantastic dinner at the bar.

The staff at Gild Hall was very helpful--I wanted to order roses for my soon-to-be fiancée and they helped me with the arrangements, from finding a great nearby florist to ensuring they got delivered up to my room, and they all handled it with discretion so it was a total surprise.

11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Iron L.
This hotel smells like ass and geriatric sweat.

For such an expensive place I expected a lot more; the bathroom tiles had black gunk on it, there were also drosophila flies buzzing around the room--disgusting, but the old people smell was the worst.

...also, where was my champagne?? People were posting you get a glass when you check in. I got nada

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
122. Adam B.
Wow people are so picky!  Guess it's because I'm just laid back or something.

This is an excellent choice if you want to stay downtown - especially on the weekends wherein downtown is more than a little bit quieter than midtown. The staff here really stands out as a level above those at other area hotels I've stayed in over the years. The food at the Italian restaurant, Felice, was very good as well. Rooms were fairly spacious by Manhattan standards, clean, and the bed was comfortable as well. The appointments and theme of the hotel is unique as well, with sort of a 60s vibe to it and excellent design and appointments to boot. The only discernible downside: the elevators are a little slow. But who cares about that really? Overall, this place earns the five star rating on pretty much every level. It is clearly well managed from every aspect - a well oiled machine. You can't go wrong here.

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
123. Brian R.
Definitely a boutique hotel.  The downstairs lobby and bar are beautifully appointed with wood walls, leather chairs, and bookshelves.  I don't know if the books can be checked out (but one that I'm sure will remain on the shelves is the Federal Supplement volume located near the main entrance).  The rooms are large enough and comfortable, with slightly more quirky furniture than you'd find in a standard chain.  If you need to stay downtown, I'd recommend it.

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. Lyndsay F.
I stayed at Gild Hall the second time I went to NYC about 5 years ago and I still get excited just thinking about it. What a sexy hotel! You feel like a celebrity staying at Gild Hall, I absolutely LOVE boutique hotels!!! There is a Brittish feel to Gild Hall.

I told the reservationist that it was my birthday (which it was) and upon arrival I received a mini bottle of champagne and warm chocolate chip cookies accompanied by a hand written note from the GM. Nice touch! My best friend and I had THE time of our lives, we stayed for four days.

The front desk agents and concierge were exceptional. I was a single party girl living in Hollywood at the time and told Alex (female) that I wanted to go to a club that would completely blow my mind, I told her that I wanted to go somewhere that was hard to get in (I love that shit.. I know I'm sick in the head). So she told me to go to Tenjune in the Meat Packing district. It wasn't too terribly hard to get in but the club was really fun!

Natalie was very helpful and friendly as well-I think she was the night auditor or something. She gave us a list of restaurants and museums to go to and really made our visit unbelieveable.

Thank you, Gild Hall! We had a terriffic time!!!!

07/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
125. F.Korkmaz P.
We have stayed there first time at the end of August as a family. It was perfect decision to book a room there. It is in the heart of lower Manhattan. Very safe and fun area. Everything just few blocks away. FED, City Hall, subway stations and delicious Restaurants. Building is very well decorated, rooms are spacious and staff very kind and helpfull. You can book a room for business or romantic Trips.  It worth every penny.
We Will surely Will stay there again and again.

04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Ollie T.
The staff were very friendly and helpful, the hotel was modern and clean. Breakfast was good and had plenty of choice.

24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Adeline G.
GREAT room, TERRIBLE bathroom. This would be a great hotel for you if you're traveling ALONE. The bathroom is terribly designed, and the entrance wall is made entirely of glass. There's supposed to be a "blurring effect" so you can't see what's going on inside, but trust me, YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING.

Yo, a lady needs privacy in a restroom--we have some pretty bizarre rituals to perform in there (which leads me to believe that this bathroom was designed by a man). What's worse is that the toilet is closest to the door, so if you want to see your husband droppin' a deuce three feet from your side of the bed, then this is the room for you! You can also see him get out of the shower and shave at the sink--really, nothing is off limits.

My last complaint about the bathroom is the plumbing to the sink. I could only get icy cold water or scalding hot lava. I stood there for 5 minutes adjusting the handles trying to brew the perfect concoction of warmth with the precision of a mad scientist--to no avail. The shower plumbing was fine though.

Overall I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could--the customer service/staff was impeccable, the room was very clean, and the bedding/sheets were comfortable (however the mattress was pretty stiff). The restaurant/room service is pretty expensive but delicious and worth a try and I appreciated the decent-sized flat screen TV in the room.  I just can't get over the ridiculous bathroom...

08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
128. Nicole P.
Had a good stay while visiting the sites of NYC. It was nestled in the Financial District and near some good restaurants and sites.

The employees were nice and accommodating. The room decor was different than I am used to so it was nice and refreshing.

Something happened to my husband. He woke up one morning with bites and bruise like area on his abs. The hotel was alerted and they asked him if he wanted to change rooms. Had one more night so he didn't change rooms. I am surprised they didn't come in and check for any bugs.

04/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Asia W.
I've stayed here twice, it seems to be my go to for girls nights. It's one of my favorite hotels in NYC. The service is always amazing, from the door men to the front desk to the maid service. It's hidden away in the Financial District (all the way downtown Manhattan...at that south tip area..for those that may not know.) that's personally why I like it. It'll be great for the person that works down on Wall Street, but if you want the full Times Square experience, this may not be for you.

The room is spacious and comfortable.

When you walk in you almost get the Abercrombie vibe cause there's a intense masculine scent wafting through the vents, but it's adds to it's charm and is certainly not a deal breaker. Elevators are a smidge slow, so if you want to ride to the future in a crazy fast elevator you may not like it.

But if you want great service, spacious room, comfortable bed and good shower you'll enjoy this hotel.

The restaurant/bar is great and also provides amazing service.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. Dawn B.
Stayed at Gild Hall for a wedding earlier this month and had a fabulous experience. The service at the hotel was impeccable. My boyfriend and I arrived early to ensure we arrived prior to the weddings rehearsal dinner. We were concerned about storing our luggage prior to the event that evening and wanted to change our attire. Even though our arrival was well before their check-in time they accommodated us and only had us wait 15min for a room. You can always tell the quality for a hotel by their service and cleanness. The front desk always answered the phone promptly and even went to hail a cab in the 30 degree weather if you needed one. Since, they didn't have a taxi area directly outside this meant that the attend went down the block to get one for you.

The rooms were also clean, spacious, and newly renovated. The hotel had amenities like gyms on three floors and free internet. I really enjoyed my experience here and would definitely considered it during a future NYC visit.

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Ryan G.
Hands down, Gild Hall was the coolest hotel we've ever stayed in.  We recently took a weekend trip to New York for my 30th birthday and my wife surprise-planned a stay in the Lower East side, spending a night at Gild Hall.

By the minute we walked through the front door I quickly realized this wasn't going to be a zen, spa-like retreat.  More so, Gild Hall is a sweet little wine/whiskey spot with awesome decor, friendly and helpful staff, great food and if that wasn't enough, it's a top-notch hotel.

About an hour after check-in we had a knock on the door.  Much to my surprise, a member of the room service staff brought up a cake, with matches to light the candle, and a bottle of champagne on ice with two glasses.  How cool was that?  They also gave us celebratory cocktails on the house at the hotel bar.  The gestures absolutely made my 30th that much more celebratory!

We had room service for both dinner and breakfast the next day.  The food and service did not disappoint.  Go for the brisket burger!

I can't stress enough how nice this place was.  We will absolutely stay again!

02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Nikki D.
I stayed at Gild Hall on my third trip to NYC ever, the first two I was in my early 20s and finishing up and just out of college (read: broke), so I either stayed with friends of friends or in rather shady rent-a-rooms. This was my first genuine New York hotel experience, thanks to a fabulous Expedia package, and I could not have been more pleased.

The lobby smells wonderful and is super cozy. The staff is impeccably nice. Felice restaurant is adorable (I had dinner their my first night, props to the cute, very nice bartender who put any nerves I had about dining alone in New York by myself to rest!) The rooms are great and don't make you feel like you're in another cookie cutter hotel.

But here is the best part, when they found out I was there for my birthday they not only upgraded my room, but on the night of my actual birthday I came back to a yummy dessert and bottle of champagne. Absolutely FANTASTIC.

I will stay here again in a heartbeat!

05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
133. Jamil M.
This quaint boutique hotel is located in chic part of the financial district. You can find great discounts on rooms here but they are hard to fine and prices change almost every week. But the rooms are beautiful with their high ceilings, large beds and modern decor.

You feel quite safe in the building since you need a key to even access the elevator. You don't have to go far for a drink; there is a bar located in the lobby of the building. Though the bartender wasn't friendly I managed to make it a good one drink and visit another bar close by -- but you can't beat the convenience.

Even the rooms have a mini bar and a Smart Tv if you want to just hang around the hotel.

12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0