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Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park in New York, NY

Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park in New York, NY

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.00

Address: 1717 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019
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Comments (8):

1. J M.
We had a great overall experience following our three-night stay at this property.  The pros:
The property seems to have been recently renovated as the lobby and rooms have a distinct higher-end European feel to them.  Our corner room on the 47th floor was immaculate and stunning.  Those that say you need to request the Central Park view should consider the seasons - if they're no trees you should get the Hudson River view which is amazing!  As is the case with any other hotel in Manhattan, the higher the floor you can get, the better.  The location is very good, as it's a short walk to Times Square and Central Park.  The free breakfast is a plus, too, as long as you're there to eat before 0830.  After 0830 the crowds get larger and food selection scarcer.  Free high speed WiFi for Gold/Platinum members.
The cons:
Although we were initially surprised about how quiet our room was (which I attributed to the high floor) our peace was broken in the night by the loud A/C unit and incredibly loud refrigerator.  In addition, I'm all for ironed bed sheets, but our first night's sleep was also interrupted by the crazy crackling of our seemingly over starched bed sheets.  Each time either one of us tossed or turned it was loud enough to wake the other up.  
Despite our small gripes we'd likely stay here again given its great location, higher-end feel, friendly staff, and free breakfast. You really can't go wrong with this property for a short Manhattan stay.

13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Jackie S.
My daughter and I visited New York last week and were so impressed with the Residence Inn. Upon check-in, the wonderfully friendly Markquis gave us a corner room on the 62nd floor with an amazing view of Central Park. The room was immaculate and very tastefully appointed, and of course, that view could not be beat. Very roomy for a New York hotel, with the added bonus of free breakfast and wifi. We were also given late checkout, and the attitude of the staff was always helpful and friendly. I agree with the last review that the sheets were a bit stiff, but other than that, it was an fantastic experience. I highly recommend this lovely hotel.

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. T C.
Clean, great location, helpful staff.  Tiny, tiny rooms

11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. John M.
Plusses-great views, quiet rooms, kitchen (with dishwasher/fridge/microwave), comfortable bed, free Wi-Fi, great location for walking to attractions and subway.  Good choice of restaurants nearby.
minuses-tiny room, free breakfast served only until 0930(west coast travelers out of luck).  
I would stay here again but would ask for a Central Park view.   We had Times Square view, which was amazing the first night, but takes away from the overall beauty of the skyline.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Danny T.
Make checking the toilets ur no. 1 priority before unpacking! House keeping here is terrible!! We found piss stains still on the seat and under cover. The shower was not properly sealed so the bathroom would always flood after shower. Request for rooms ending in 05 if u would a great view of Time Square.

14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Erin J.
The hotel was opened in December 2013 and is the tallest hotel in North America. It's right on Broadway and within walking distance of attractions like the Ed Sullivan Theater, Times Square, and Central Park. The bottom 30-or-so floors of the hotel is a Courtyard by Mariott (more affordable, no-frills rooms), while the top 30-or-so floors are the Residence Inn. The Residence Inn rooms have a very small kitchenette area with a fridge/freezer combo, a bathroom with a stand-up shower, one bed, long table/desk where the TV sits, and a gorgeous leather chair and ottoman situated next to a small round table. In the corner rooms, two of the four walls are floor-to-ceiling windows. Dark blue blackout curtains run the entire length of the windows. The rooms do include free wifi, but if you're looking for a faster connection you can pay an additional fee. There is also an ethernet cable, but it's really short so you're confined to the table/desk the TV is sitting on.

We stayed here during our four night trip to New York in June 2014. We arrived at the hotel at around midnight and were greeted by an extremely sweet gal behind the check-in desk. We joked that we hoped we didn't get stuck in a bad room for arriving so late (it does usually happen to us), and what did she do? She checked our original room assignment, and said she had an even better corner room near the top floor (room 6005), which had a view of Times Square! The views were unbelievable--you could also see Central Park if you opened the drapes all the way and looked north.

As for the room itself, it was certainly small, but that was to be expected given the location. The bed was beautifully made and very comfortable. We did run into a problem with the fridge. Because we were coming from Seattle, we were planning on taking back a lot of food from NY since we can't get anything remotely like it in our neck of the woods. When we got to the room and opened the fridge/freezer, it was blowing warm air. We were about to head out to get some food to-go so we were hoping the fridge situation could be fixed while we were out. Once again, the staff here were incredibly accommodating. A maintenance guy was at our door in a couple minutes and fiddled with the fridge before deciding a repair was hopeless. He said he'd write a note for the morning maintenance crew to grab a fridge from another room the next day. In the meantime, he brought us bags upon bags of ice to keep the food we were going to bring back cold until morning. As he was putting the ice into the unit, he chatted with us about where we were from and what brought us to NY. He was so helpful in providing us with recommendations and tips for things we needed to do while we were here. The next day, a new unit was promptly brought to our room and everything ran smoothly from there.

Aside from the fridge issue, there were only a couple minor hiccups with our stay. For instance, I feel that the concierge was only marginally helpful. Although they walked us through the process of getting a City Pass, when it came to restaurants they were useless. When we asked where we could get an affordable steak (we specified affordable to us was less than $30), the gal at the concierge desk couldn't name any off the top of her head. After hopping on the computer, she threw out a name and said it definitely would meet our specifications. When I pulled up the menu on my phone, no entree was less than $50! We did some additional research on our own and found another place close by that met our criteria. From then on we stuck to finding restaurants on our own. Getting coffee in the morning was also a feat. A couple different mornings the cafe area ran out of free coffee (despite the fact it was still fairly early in the morning), so we had to buy some from Starbucks. Finally, the internet was a little difficult to use. We opted to just use the free wifi, as we were only planning on using it to email, catch up on the news, and check out some menus online. We brought two computers with us--one large one, one netbook. Although we had no trouble using the free wifi on the large laptop, we rarely could connect to the wifi on the netbook. The front desk sent up a tech person to try to figure out what was going on, but he could not figure it out. We ended up having to contact an outside tech company to see if we could troubleshoot the issue. After spending a fairly significant period of time on the phone, we gave up and decided to use the ethernet cable for the netbook.

Those minor issues aside, we enjoyed our stay as Residence Inn Manhattan--Central Park immensely. The hotel is close enough to everything, very clean and comfortable, has spectacular views, and is a great price for everything you get. Next time we visit New York, we will definitely be back!

One last fun fact: for all you Sharknado fans, the "Bales Tower Hotel" in the second movie is this hotel.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Kate K.
We moved to this hotel when we extended our trip another 4 days. We only picked it by chance, because we found a last minute deal where we could upgrade to a room with views of Central Park and midtown.

When we arrived to check in, the lobby was absolutely full. After waiting in line for nearly 30 minutes, we found out that there was a mix-up with the room. The concierge wasn't very clear on what happened, but it think the rooms at our rate were oversold. She upgraded us to a corner unit on the 59th floor with no extra charge.

For being a brand new hotel, the lobby and elevator decor was a bit weird - like too contemporary with some creepy figures but when we got to our room, our jaws dropped. Beautifully decorated in hues of blue and white, every little detail from the kitchenette, closet, bed and curtains was beautiful. The bathroom was modern and insanely spacious, with tons of counter space and stocked with bath&body works soaps.

There were some issues with the room worth noting. The shower head pressure was so measly! The fixtures are incredibly nice and temperature controlled, but it takes forever to rinse off. The mattress was comfortable but the sheets were like paper. It took a day to break through the stiffness. The fridge is really loud and makes odd clanking noise throughout the day and sometimes night and on top of that, you can hear the actual building shifting and adjusting in the wind which can make it a bit scary to sleep.

It seems like a lot of complaints to still give 5 stars, but here are the pros, with No. 1 being the views. UNREAL! We could see the entire park and all of Harlem, and to the left we could see down to Times Square. This alone made the entire stay so incredible. There was also full breakfast in an awesome, beautiful lounge on the 3rd floor every morning. While it wasn't the best meal ever, I did appreciate the unlimited apple juice. Laundry and a full gym is also on the 35th floor for your convenience, and the staff is accommodating to anything else you may need. Overall, worth it.

06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Will C.
Pros - Great view: The hotel is the tallest hotel in North America and affords amazing views of the city. I had a Times Square view room on the 61st floor overlooking Times Square and the Hudson River. Central location: walking distance to great restaurants and subway station. Free breakfast and wifi: good breakfast spread of hot full breakfast. They even have waffle machines to make your own waffle!  Kitchenette inside the room: stocked with various electrical appliances. There is a fridge and freezer for the guests to use as well. Cons - there are three elevators for the whole hotel which are shared by the cleaning staff as well. It could take a while to wait for an elevator at busy hours. Cigarette smell in elevators and the lobby: a though this is a smoke free hotel, every time I get into the elevator and getting to the lobby there is a strong cigarette smoke smell.

Overall this is a great hotel for the price it charges. Some may find the rooms small but I actually like the coziness of the rooms. I will definitely stay there again.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0