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Royalton Hotel in New York, NY


In 2007, Royalton proudly re-opened its doors onto midtown Manhattan, re-thought, re-imagined, but still an icon. Morgans commissioned Roman and Williams, the New York design firm, to re-create Royalton's legendary lobby as a crossroads for international travelers and the New York elite. The design - simultaneously sophisticated and complex - juxtaposes an icy cast-glass vestibule and brutalist steel and brass furnishings with soft suede upholstery, thick leather walls and hide-covered chairs to create a dark, sexy and luxurious space. Design and architectural details include a mammoth floor-to-ceiling hand forged cast-bronze fireplace, a twenty-foot screen that was once part of the façade of a building in France and hand-upholstered leather walls done in a pattern reminiscent of African tribal art.


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Rating: 3.93

Address: 44 W 44th St, New York, NY, 10036

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    Comments (136):

    1. Anonymous P.
    It's not horrible. It's just absurd for the price. What most people want is a comfortable bed in a clean room, not some bizarre hope-to-be-trendy setup. Hotels, you can stop with the effort to be hip, and just give me a basic room that I can sleep in when I'm tired, thank you. I don't want the candles and the rocks and the weird bath and the bizarre bed. Thanks.

    29/03/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Lisa S.
    Great boutique hotel.  Great Mid-town location.  Don't look for the classic  red mahogany doors, they are now a dark brown  and the entrance is a bit hidden.  The hotel is very modern and all the staff was super friendly. The lobby is amazing with sunken bar areas and a great giant fireplace.    The room was comfortable with a queen bed tucked into an alcove in the wall, flat screen TV, large modern couch and small desk.   The bed was very comfortable.   The in-room amenities include a  mini bar  & a little kit with other toiletry items to purchase.   Bathroom was spacious with a great rain head shower.  Sink and vanity area was very small with little room to spread out and bathroom lighting at mirror was very muted.  Not helpful when trying to apply makeup.   My only complaint was that the hallway smelled of stale cigarettes, but thank goodness, the room did not.  Overall,  we were pleased with the Royalton and we would stay again,

    17/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Marcia S.
    We booked a night here because we had a free night with Hotels.com but we enjoyed our stay so much we are planning on saving for another getaway weekend.  The staff was very friendly.  They gave us an upgrade--they know in advance that this is a freebee stay and yet they still gave us an upgrade to a room we could not afford.  It was an alcove loft suite.  The decor was warm and welcoming.  It was a perfect place to spend our little getaway--almost wish the weather had been awful so we could have justified staying in more.

    07/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Inga R.
    tired and run down. the lobby is nice to sit in and enoy a cocktail but looks like a 1987 speigels catalogue.

    maintenance is a huge issue here. peeling caulk around the glass in the bath and the faucets dripped and leaked.

    spend time in the bar and sleep somewhere else.

    03/01/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Natala M.
    The royalton is one of my favorite NY hotels. The rooms are well-sized and the whole hotel atmosphere is fun and hip. But it's dark -- everywhere, including the bathroom which is kinda annoying early in the morning when trying to wake up. I also love the cafe breakfast -- great bacon! The lobby has a bar which is great for a post-work meetup with friends before dinner.

    22/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Deborah O.
    This was the smallest hotel room I have ever seen.  As you lay in bed you have a brick wall starying you in the face.  You can not turn around in the bathroom and you have enough closet space to stay about a day & 1/2 in NY. The size of the room was the UPSIDE of the room adventure.  The lighting I assume was suppose to be hip and cool...IT WAS ANNOYING. I had to go outside to put my make up on. 2 stars is a gift...

    14/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Dan G.
    Nice hotel...total scene in the lobby & around the bar. $15 for a cocktail.  Room was comfortable for a NYC hotel.  Shower was nice, great water pressure, rain soaking shower head.

    19/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Daisy S.
    Staying was like staying in an imaginary hotel where you become cool the moment you enter. I'm just a regular dude so the experience was about as comfortable as a vice grip. I suddenly felt peer pressure from the staff and the building it's self to live up to the super, super cool image I was supposed to support.

    The room was dark, the bathroom confused me, the hallways made me feel like I was in a morgue for insanely slick bodies.

    The bed was comfortable. I jumped up and down on it for 30 minutes.

    22/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. C B.
    Love this hotel.  Previously stayed at the Paramount and Morgans, but the Royalton is by far my favourite.  

    Great location, good sized and comfortable rooms (for NYC)

    05/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Kayla V.
    I came here in July 2006.I know.This is late,and maybe they've made changes since then.But I thought I'd give my two cents.My stay at Royalton Hotel was alright.It didn't feel luxurious.The room was cramped,the bathroom was a decent size,the room was clean.I didn't enjoy Royalton Hotel because it was dark.It was like a nightclub.It's definitely not a hotel for a family.It's more for a young couple.The walk to Times Square was reasonable.However,I wouldn't come here again.

    06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Michael E.
    Royalton is so 1990s.  Location is decent, rooms are ok, service is adequate, overpriced for what you get, however.  Regular rooms are small.  As others have said, be sure to get an upgrade.

    25/11/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Nobody X.
    To stay here, I've one word for Yelpers: penthouse. Otherwise it is not worth the trip (after 2005, anyway), in my snobbiest opinion. Although, I do enjoy the round, slate encased bathtubs in the Junior Suites. And I do believe all the rooms are privy to the virgin linen decor, and the much appreciated postcard-and-candle setup, in true Ian Schrager and Philippe Starck spirit.

    However, if you can't appreciate the eerie bizarreness of Starck, or if your poor eyesight precludes any toleration of a dimly lit sanctuary, I'm sure Mr. Schrager wouldn't flinch one bit if you skirted the Royalton for the GPH.

    Some highlights if you're only visiting: Play chess in the lobby. Lick the Philippe Starck pieces. Pretend the blue carpet is the runway. Chat up the doormen donning Matrix-esque uniforms; offer them a pair of sunglasses to complete the outfit. Scare the receptionists by creeping on them for once (a hearty "BOO!" works). Heck, play the ouija board in the "library" (the votive candles are perfect for the occasion). Dine at 44, definitely, and invite any wandering beauties to join you at the table. Streak in the ghostly, submarine-themed corridors. Piss in the men's room, even (I promise it's worthy of a field trip). Whatever you do, please, no sex in the Round Bar, because everyone's too busy scoping out the ladies in vintage Chanel. Is that really the first piece ever under Lagerfeld? My graciousness, I'm uncertain that I was even born* then, but I do insist that you allow me to buy Your Elegance a drink.

    * My "uncertainty" was added for dramatic effect, since, as we refined Chanel followers know, Lagerfeld was appointed director in 1983, and I... well, I was certainly born prior to then.

    29/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Eunice P.
    I didn't stay here, but I ate and had wine inside...The interior was nice enough, but I've been to better places.  The ambience is fairly mellow, nothing too spectacular.  One of my friends loves the way the rooms are designed, eh, pretty interesting but not my cup of tea...

    03/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. victoria r.
    Different. Not the best, not the worst. Overpriced for what it is. We got the Alcove Suite. Loved the layout of the room. Clean. Definitely spacious, especially for New York ( I would say about 450-500 ft.). Less is more look. Fireplace, couches, and seating area. Loved the bed layout! The colors and decor were simple and calming. The concierge, Michael, was very nice. Good location.

    05/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Lindy J.
    The Royalton Hotel was perfect for our first visit to NYC! The hotel was very clean, quiet, and the lobby bar was amazing!! The room was spacious, with a nice size closet, and the bed was very comfortable. Location was PERFECT. Just two blocks from Times Square, and amazing shopping around every corner. Hotel staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Our flight arrived at 9am, and although check-in wasn't until 3, we were in our room upon arrival, around 10am. Perfect romantic atmosphere, spacious, and perfect location. Will for sure stay here again while visiting NYC, especially for the price..

    30/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Jen H.
    this place is siiiiiiiick.  dark, decadent decor.  bar immediately upon entrance - now THAT is what I call customer service.  don't make me walk too far to the bar!  all kidding aside, this boutique hotel is beautiful.  bathrooms have top notch modern touches, rooms are spacious.  I absolutely loved the drapery that kept every bit of sunlight out of the room.  I slept like a baby here.  Only downside is the location, not my ideal spot (but very good for those who need to be near time square).

    03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Aimee C.
    Three stars for being hip and trendy and having a nice ambiance, one star for the bathtub that you'd never find for  under $300 in NY.  I love the no-descript door and entryway... If you didn't know where you were, you wouldn' t know where to go.. Just across from th Sofitel, the Royalton creates a wonderful impression of a cruise ship, with its long entranceway and recessed lounge.  The lighting was dim, the mood lively and the amenities worth the extra buck.  

    I will say my bed was not as comfortable as I would have liked but what made up for all of the hoopla was the enormous tub in the room, it was large enough for about 4 "friendly" friends.. You could sit and the water would reach above your shoulders.. (ok, i'm smaller than the average bear, so maybe it worked well for me) but it was a wonderful way to unwind after a long day, lavendar petals and bubble bath.. yes IPR...

    The room was graced with a number of candle for a sensuous delight and not to mention the staff was rather handsome.. wheeeee!

    Enjoy a little luxury and spoil yourself..  the Royalton was a lovely hotel where I devoured eggs benedict and coffee before starting the day... doorman was great, packed my bags up in the car and whisked me away to the airport...

    will definitely go back for a night of fun...

    18/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Chris C.
    went to the bar last night.  had to take a client from japan out and didnt want to go downtime and make it all crazy

    went to royalton - it was impressive for him.  thought it was the real ny experience.  haha.

    service is really bad here

    14/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. M. C.
    Really glamourous. Fantastic lounge. Great location with easy access to the subways.  The soaking tub (see pics) make this the best hotel bathrooms in NYC aside from the Mandarin Oriental.

    23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Paul T.
    The pictures on the royalton website were very accurate depictions of the actual hotel, and that the hotel was beautiful, swanky, and overall a great contemporary boutique chic look.  The staff was incredibly friendly, from the front desk staff to the bartenders.  Even the poor busboys who had to stand in 30 degree weather all day greeted me with a smile & were good resources if you needed directions or suggestions on places to dine.   I would like to applaud the entire Royalton staff.  Lastly, I loved the price jetsetter got on a room like the Royalton.  I've stayed in the city almost a dozen times within the past 4 years and that was probably the best valued hotel room in Manhattan I've paid to date.  I left thinking I would've paid more for my stay instead of feeling like I was ripped off.   The in-room iPad was super neat too.  Didn't order any roomservice or concierge service on the thing, but happy it was provided there instead of picking up the phone to call the front desk.  technology these days.

    30/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. George L.
    To me, this place is a joke.  It's odd, disorienting, poorly and cheaply remodeled under the guise of being chic and hip.  The color scheme I find ridiculous and hallways are so dark you can barely find your room.

    Of course, maybe that's not such a bad thing because once you find it, you might have wished you stayed somewhere else.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind unconventional, if its actually inventive and well done, but I have seen a couple rooms with poorly thought out and simply bizarre layouts.  The beds are uncomfortable to boot, good luck getting a good night's sleep.

    The bar is OK, check out the bathroom.

    28/08/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Erica C.
    Worked an event there yesterday. The very very nice and CUTE door man opened the door for me - yay! I told him I needed to change before the event. He let me into the business center so I could use a proper bathroom, instead of cramming into a stall to put on my dress. The rooms, although tiny (duh it's nyc)were perfectly manicured and had my fav products- Korress. I loved it!

    07/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Jackson W.
    I went to the Royalton during the Holiday season last year (2010) and couldn't have been more impressed with a hotel lounge and bar.  Being a New Yorker I pride myself on enjoying perfected martinis, swank atmospheres and quality music...and The Royalton hit the nail on the head on all points; music being key.

    Most of the places similar to The Royalton do offer music via Sirius XM or possibly, in this case, a Holiday CD but the Royalton took it a step further and set the mood correctly with a live group.  Tucked away nicely in the corner and with the volume managed nicely it really set the mood for me and my friends.

    I would 100% recommend The Royalton to anyone, bar none.

    26/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Abigail S.
    This is definitely my least favorite of all the Morgans hotels I've stayed in (Royalton, Hudson, Mondrian in Los Angeles, Delano in Miami).  The whole place has a very dated and forced-chic feel to it--it's like if Bret Easton Ellis got together with Ian Schrager to create an impossible, uncomfortable, inhuman setting.

    The tub is pretty cool, but the bed was uncomfortable and the room was kind of blah.  I think this hotel might be aimed at a much older crowd than I generally socialize with.  Not my cup of tea, and not worth the inflated prices.

    25/08/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Paul H.
    I stayed here in December, I was in town for a conference and my company footed the bill. (I know, you're probably saying: "How can you write an unbiased review if you didnt actually pay for the place!", read on dear friend, and you will see...)

    I stayed here three nights, which was just enough, any less and I wouldn't have had a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the bar44 downstairs, and any more and the ultra-modern atmosphere probably would have started to wear on me.

    The reason I give it 5 stars is I had just as good an experience here as I did at the mercer, down in SoHo, which I DID pay for. And this is like half as expensive.

    Major pluses were:
    -Surprisingly large room! I expected something tiny being in NYC, but the room had a nice large bed, and a little loveseat and table thing too.
    -Bathroom: one suggestion, bring your gf/date/whatever.
    -Service: Un-obtrusive normally, but when I needed shaver, they were snappy.

    -Dark hallways, but hey they were just transporting me to my magical room so whatever.

    In conclusion, better deal than the Mercer Hotel, and nice central location. I like.

    02/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Virginia C.
    Good hotel for short-term stay (clean and comfortable).  However, service is not great.  I requested that a light bulb be changed (had burnt out) and no one came to do that.  Also, there was a $5 fee plus automatic gratuity charge of 20% for room service (for the record, I was refunded both when I verified with the front desk that I was not made aware of this prior to my ordering).  But all in all, great place to stay if you're in Midtown.

    30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Josephine H.
    My friends and I went for drinks at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, but this week we wanted a change of scenery. Let's just say the Royalton is a great place to enjoy New York City on a snowy day. It's so warm inside and the fireplace they have is delightful! I will say the drinks are expensive, but the music and service make up for that 110%! We went in on a Thursday and a Maroon-5-like band was performing by the bar, it was great!  It's a very chic place with plenty of comfy couches to sit on in the lobby.  Service is great, the people are good looking! Very great hangout spot in the evening. 5 stars,

    31/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Max M.
    not a big fan of the new drink menu. Nothing that interesting/original that caught my eye. Maybe the new punches are great, but there was only two of us, and I wasn't about to drop the coin required to get the punch. The set-up is nice, but the drinks are pretty expensive. I'd rather go to Flatiron or Pegu or another place for a nice cocktail.

    12/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Krystyn P.
    Perfect location!! The staff is super polite and the rooms are quite comfortable. The lobby has a dark and hip vibe... but I kind of wish they would turn the lights up every now and then. Same goes for in the hallway and room. We had to open up all the windows to actually get enough light for me to put some makeup on. Anyways, aside from that, my only true beef is the lack of a bathtub. I requested one of the giant soaking tub rooms and didn't get it. :( But I didn't even get a bathtub - just a shower. It was a perfectly good shower - but when you decide to hoof it around NYC for three days straight - a good soak is needed for your feet and legs. I'm unsure what really to make of the trend of just installing showers... but I'm definitely a bath person.

    08/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Stefanie B.
    I have to give them 4 stars. Had a room that was not in the best of locations within the hotel - view of a wall, noise from construction.

    After one simple call to the front desk to complain, we were upgraded to a suite. Love this place. It was a first for me when we ate our dinner in the lobby; but it was pretty cool, I have to admit. Love it. Recommend it. What are you waiting for?

    05/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Shara H.
    How can you not dig this place? So it's a wee hard to find the front door but once you do it's like you're walking into a trendy lounge. What I don't get is why more guests don't chill in the bar area. The bartender makes mean cocktails and everyone was super friendly. That's a great way to launch your afternoon/night. In fact, someone else must share my opinion because I just saw images from a photo shoot done at the Royalton in Haute Living magazine. I believe philanthropist Gordon Getty was the royal subject.

    We got a "phat" corner room that kinda smelled like smoke but I'm guessing that was due to the "oh so cool" fireplace in the living room. OMG I loved the huge sunken tub and the disco ball mirror behind it. (huba huba) The bed was comfy and I got a kick out of the fact that they put a new B&W photo on the mantel daily. All-in-all I really liked the layout of the room it was like being in an apartment and it felt larger than the normal NY hotel room.

    Personally, I can't wait to crash here again. It's in a kick butt location and the hotel is pretty rocking. If you're super uptight you might not dig it but then again you might not dig NY. In which case, you should just stay home.

    08/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. David S.
    Was making reservation on their web site for multiple rooms. Got rate (not inexpensive - $340+ per night) and went to book. Rate was increased by $100 when I went to do so! Called reservations center and was told, nicely, tough luck. Indeed - these folks have a very sophisticated current technology web site yet can't deliver pricing ... HMMM.

    18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Chita D.
    This review is for the 'entertainment' area...as I did not stay here, but rather drank here.

    By entertainment, I mean private party- this is not the best place if you're looking for hordes of people to co-mingle with...as, what I saw going on in the 'public' area, mostly hotel patrons were sippin' on some ssssyrrrup.

    It's cute...slick, simple, smooth...me likes.

    Came here for a friend's b-day thang- drinks were well served, service was on point...ambiance was invitingly mellow with the dim lighting.

    I'd maybe host a lil shindig here.

    Prices- me don't know...as always, that's how Iz roll. Ha!

    13/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Richard K.
    A bit too trendy downstairs for my taste, but the service is mighty kind and the location, for a theater-goer like me is hard to beat.

    The rooms are semi-hip, but not in an uncomfy way.

    Not sure if I would want to hang out too much at the hotel or in the lobby, but a perfectly good night sleep is available within walking distance of the latest Musical I can go to and trash for the rest of my life.

    14/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Varun M.
    Stayed here for an amazing deal through Hotwire.  Usually I'm not a big fan of Boutique hotels but this place was great. The service was really good and the best part was the Bar.  Walking in with a very comfortable couches and chairs with this very large fireplace.  The room was very comfortable with a nice bed, fake fireplace and a 32" mounted LCD.  The lighting in the hallways was way to dark, i'll tell the hotel owners now, dim lighting in the hallways is NOT COOL.  

    Fortunately the room lighting was great.  The best part of the whole room was the beautiful bathroom and the shower was like bathing in a waterfall.  Great location, great bar, fantastic bathroom...what else could i ask for?

    23/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Laur T.
    Bar 44... here for a bday celeb. Walked in hotel, walked through bar 44, ended up at concierge and then eventually turned back. okies, the bar was the lounge area alongside the main entrance once you get in. cool, i get it.

    so the cocktails were pretty good (strong too I must say) but not really my kinda place... maybe it's the midtown thing =p

    31/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Jeremy P.
    The faint lighting at the Royalton Hotel would make even Oprah Winfrey attractive after a bottle of vodka and a handful of tranquilizers. I don't understand why the hotel room lights auto dimmed and were non adjustable as night approached. Was this due to NYC's underground vampire scene that would occasionally converge on the hotel to maul it's guests?
    If you have allergies I'd recommend stockpiling antihistamines prior to check in. Perhaps it was the beige stained carpet, or the forced hot dry heat that may or may not have been filtered, the ultra modern fireplace flume that likely was not cleaned, or the non hypoallergenic bed and bedding that sent my nose into a three day raging swell of mucous stuffed convulsions.
    Having mounted pivoting TV's in the bedroom and sitting area is a nice touch but the hotel could have splurged for a name brand other than Life Is Good and they could have provided a better selection of cable TV channels, preferably non-satellite channels that paused for a ridiculously long time in between channel surfing
    The décor and of the lobby is like a scene from a Russian mobster movie with the stone and metal ultra modern design complete with shades of manly man grays, leather and enough hanging rope in the dinning area to start your own slave ship. Yet the overall hardly lit area worked and the gigantic fireplaces added a flare of uniqueness comfort.
    The rooms were visibly nice minus the drafty windows and bathroom sink that continuously clogged. More than one time my hand plunged into the soupy sink water to manipulate the stopper to drain mornings collection of toothpaste spittings and inner nose deposits. The tub was large enough to drown obese children in and the mirrored tiny tiles morphed your reflection enough to mute your usual body image self loathing. I was excited to see the room included an iPad. However having to call the front desk multiple times to have it remotely 'reset' to connect to the internet and the all around lack of user friendliness of the iPad completely turned me off to ever purchasing one. There was little to zero signal (one bar) for my laptop to connect to the hotels wireless internet.
    Housekeeping was very quick and extremely efficient and near magically cleaned our wine bottle and sticky dessert crumb strewn room. There were festering trash bags in the crooked stairwell the entire stay but I'm sure they are gone by now. The all around staff was very fast with check in and check out, concierge service, front door, bar staff, breakfast and the black short dresses they have their waitresses wearing is enough to give any guy a Viagra free chubby at no extra cost.

    29/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Chris K.
    It's not a bank or museum, it's the Royalton Hotel bar.

    Drinks are standard but the decor is modern.plush.pristine.  

    The hostess is a towering amazon of blonde perfection who may make you feel like Rosie o'Donnell but aside from that, this is a romantical date place (the movie Solaris comes to mind), perfect for those rolling comfortable conversations.  The fireplaces Make This Place so now you know where to sit.

    04/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Francis C.
    New Year's Eve at the LOUNGE downstaires was not great. The band was little depressing, no TV to see the ball drop and the atmosphere not festive overall. We had to buy a table when i've made a reservation. It was half empty when we got there. Would not recommend.

    12/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    40. Danielle S.
    Located Midtown, amongst the hustle and bustle and bright city lights, lies the Royalton Hotel, right across the street from the Algonquin on West 44th between 5th and 6th.

    I've stayed at this hotel for years, and recently it was remodeled. The facade still rings true, with it's double columns regally flanking the building and it's automatic double doors that open to a toasty interior (very welcome when it's ten degrees outside). Phil (the rockstar Royalton staff member) still works there and everyone is friendly, but not overly. Oh, I so love Manhattan. Walking into the hotel, it is narrow and long, warm with the flames of the fireplace going on the left side. Dark and opulent, interior design is celebrated here as Ian Schrager's hotels are famous for their creative and fantastical design concepts. The Royalton does not disappoint in this aspect as it is beautiful, lush, and opulent.

    But alas, times have changed and the rooms that I used to book there for five hundred bucks are now twelve hundred dollar rooms. They were spacious alcove rooms with separate bedrooms and work spaces looking down from high above to the ants (aka people) amassing the city streets. Now your four hundred gets you a queen size bed, and nice sheets. A good mattress you'll have at least, which is always important considering we always seem to come home at 4am and just need to crash. The room is sparse and not impressive, but location, location, location bitches. Opt for the 5 foot soaking tub instead of the fireplace, as it's banging and a great time with your (ahem) girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other (or someone you just meant, shit, life's short ya'll, whatever).

    :Located in a great part of town, it's easy to navigate around from the location and a killer Indian restaurant is on the same block just down the street along with a great Italian joint next door that rocks out some dirty hip hop beats at night with some great drinks. Drink up, stay warm, and have fun, the Royalton will hook you up, just make sure your pockets are lined before you reserve a room.

    07/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Matthew G.
    Holy Cow.

    What a FANTASTIC hotel. I don't know where to begin. Location, design, rooms, amenities, staff...

    When you walk through the unassuming front door (found 2 blocks from Time Square), you know that you've made it. The lobby is jaw dropping and so amazingly designed. Sexy, hip, dimly lit... You automatically feel like you just became a rockstar. It's the perfect amount of hip that it feels relevant and classy without going overboard to trendy and too much. You just have to go.

    The staff is even more impressive. So happy and so helpful. The front door guys are genuinely nice guys and the receptionists, it's like they've been waiting their entire life to meet you. Was traveling with a baby and they sent up an engineer to baby proof the room!

    I booked a suite on their website 1. because if you booked through them, you got free wifi and 2. I originally booked on a discount site but I found a WAY better deal on a much larger room through their site. Then I upgraded to penthouse... You die when you see the lobby and the elevator just takes you straight up to heaven.

    The room was spacious with balcony, office, every kind of kit imaginable. Just really a fantastic experience. Totally agree with Roy P., Classy, elegant... need I say more?

    The only downsides are:
    1. I hate to make the decision whether to stay at the Royalton again or try another Morgans hotel. (I will be back at Royalton for sure).
    2. There was not an option to just move-in

    Anyone who gives this hotel under 5-stars must loathe having great experiences.

    19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Stella L.
    I like the location! Very close to Bryant Park which is near my faves: Coffee Bean and Alice & Olivia.  There is a parking garage right next door which is very convenient and the hotel does validate your ticket for you.  Didn't check in til late on a Friday night and upon entering the hotel, it gave a very chic and trendy vibe.  The place is very dark and lots of people were at the bar in the lobby.  I actually passed by the front desk b/c there is no sign.  Had to ask a staff member where the front desk was.  The halls getting to our room felt like we were inside a cruise ship- very narrow.  The room was clean but I was a bit hesitant having read something about bed bugs.  The shower was probably the coolest thing.  Other than that, it was a normal hotel room- nothing special about it.  Not sure I'll stay here again...

    05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    43. Michelle F.
    I had a great time at the hotel. Caught up on sleep while in the middle of the city. A oasis in a city of bright lights and loud noise.

    Room Highlights:
    1. Comfortable bed with TONS of pillows.White crisp linens.
    2. Neat, somewhat nautical, theme in the rooms.
    3. Large bathtub/shower. I cannot believe I missed taking a bath.
    4. No views.
    5. Rooms can be bright w lighting, but don't expect to know what time it is when you wake up.

    Location, Location, Location
    1. Excellents spot for tourists.
    2. Easy walk to 5th Ave and Times Square.
    3. Near two subway stops; 42nd Street (Bryant Park) and Times Square. Times Square stop has multiple lines that converge there.
    4. Avenue of the Americas: Intersects with 44th, where this hotel is, literally steps away. (Think Radio City location)

    1. Bar 44 has great food and drink.
    2. Appetizers cost anywhere from $6 (popcorn) to $20 in the lounge. Stopped serving food one night at 11-midnight so you may need to go somewhere else. Good food though.
    3. Brassiere 44, a restaurant, is in the building but I didn't go. Heard it was good.
    4. GREAT Falafel and Gyro Cart right around the corner that is open ALL night. Ate 3 in 2 days.

    1. A little dark but not a big deal. Grandma would be pissed but I like the dark after a night out until 3:00am.


    Original Designer:
    Philippe Starck. "You killed the icon."

    Roman and Williams. "Modern architecture, this stuff doesn't age very well, and it's a real issue. Because what's the world going to look like in 30 years with this stuff, on every level? Whether or not ... someone takes that Royalton just like we did with Starck's work and takes it out in 20 years--so be it, things are trend-driven. But I can tell you that those things will age well." says a principal.

    The fun thing here:

    23/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Michael D.
    I was walking through Times Square when I bumped in to a friend I met at Affaire a few nights before. He and a friend were heading to Royalton and invited me along.

    The lobby is GREAT. It was much larger than I expected and very cool. You feel at home right away. He bumped in to some friends and I decided to crash someone's BDay party. It was actually quite easy to meet people here - and since they were having table service, I was able to enjoy a ton of free drinks as their guest!

    Overall: great conversation with interesting people paired with a great lounge that made me feel at home. I'll be taking friends here in the future!

    02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Isa K.
    Will be back for sure!

    11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Casey W.
    - recommend deluxe room
    - clean, crisp, accommodating, modern
    - 5ft diameter tub
    - comfortable beds and robes
    - room service was disappointing (service was fine, food not so much), you're better off going elsewhere
    - great for romantic weekends
    - overall rating: 4.5

    26/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Penelope J.
    When I walked into this hotel, it felt like I was walking into a really gnarly den.

    Immediately when you enter, you'll see a double-sided pyreplace [okay, it's really a fireplace but I prefer pyreplace minus the dead bodies] to your left.

    As you walk towards the check in desk, there is a bar to your right and at the end of the hallway is where you can grab food at their restaurant.

    After I checked in, I hopped in a tiny elevator to the 15th floor and entered my super tiny room.

    Although the room was small, it was very well appointed with candles, private labeled Korres toiletries, and a spacious "rain" shower head in the bathroom.

    I'm not sure about this hotel's affordability because I didn't pay for it but I recommend staying here if you're looking for a centrally located Manhattan hotel [it's only a few blocks to Times Square].

    Also, this is definitely not the place to bring the little ones!

    12/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Vince L.
    Love the design of the place. Would stay here again.

    10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Love V.
    The hotel is a splendid beautiful private oasis in the midst of the busy city. We stayed in a deluxe room which is basically a suite. The main lobby is thoughtfully designed. I indeed felt like royalty here from check in to check out. The staff is impeccable, they are all extremely professional and make you feel amazing. Upon leaving I actually forgot my glasses in my room safe, the concierge found and shipped them to my home! I couldn't ask for more in this hotel, thank you so much Royalton! We have found our own personal castle in the city!

    07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Rick S.
    This was a pleasant surprise.  I enjoyed the room we stayed in and I really enjoyed the fact it was centrally located but enough off the beaten path that you don't hear city noise while trying to sleep.  The staff was very attentive and even let me check in early since it was a cold and rainy day.  The room wasn't huge but it was filled out quite smartly so that it held twice more than it really should have.

    The only downsides was one of the most confusing shower setups I have ever seen and a very dark and cramped set of public areas. It wasn't intimate it was down right creepy.  But otherwise it was a great time.

    03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Bobbie D.
    I think my expectations for this place were WAY too high.  I had read previous reviews where people had raved about this place so I decided it would be the perfect place to spend my husband & my one year anniversary.  When you pull up and first walk in, the place is absolutely stunning.  The service is fantastic and they do everything they can to accommodate their guests.  But then you get up to your room and you are just so let down.  The rooms are stale, sterile, blah.  There were stains all over the carpet which is an immediate red flag for me.  It almost feels like you are walking into a cheap porno movie set. The room was large but that's about all I have to say positive about it.  Good thing we didn't spend too much time in the room... but other than that, the bar was great, service was fantastic, and it's very close to a ton of fun things to do in NY :)

    24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    52. anni b.
    Stopped in for a pre-event drink. Sat down in the recessed area near the fireplace, and was ignored by the server. Got up to get a drink myself at the bar, and was ignored by the bartender.   Finally got my glass of wine, it was fairly bad. So was my friend's, of a different variety. I guess it's more of a cocktail bar. Expect to spend $14-$17 for a cocktail.

    Honestly I would give this place 1 star if it weren't for the ridiculously nice ambience. Warm, dark, cozy, romantic, and classy. Good for a date or a chat with friends. Kinda weird tho to see people rolling in and out with suitcases tho. It's still a hotel lobby, which is kinda weird. The crowd is exactly what you'd expect from a hotel bar in midtown with snobby, slow service and high prices.

    But based on the fact that there are so few decent bar options around there, and it really is so, so pretty- I'm sure I'll end up back there one day, whether I like it or not.

    19/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    53. Qype User (pinkfi…)
    We stayed at this hotel for 7 nights due to its great location 2 minutes from time square and 5th avenue. overall we enjoyed our stay however there were plus points and negatives.
    The plus points were that we had a very comfortable stay, ie a great bed, nice clean modern bathroom with powerful shower the i-pods in the room are a noce touch. The service was friendly but not obtrusive. The food in the resturant is very good and the room service menu is nice.
    The negatives are that the air-con is very noisy and its hard to sleep through it, the style of the rooms is lacking considering the bar etc is so well designed and so funky. The bar can get very busy in the week with after work drinks and can get very noisy and the drinks are very expensive. The breakfast is also quite pricey so is worth nipping out to near by coffee shops. Finally wi-fi and internet is $10 per day which is quite steep. having said all of the above we would still reccommend this hotel its a very comfortable central stay in a stylish hotel.

    04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Kevin N.
    Great hotel. The lobby/lounge is packed at night with great food, friendly staff, and nice relaxing music.

    They have musicians perform in the restaurant every now and then, which is definitely a plus. The cocktails are delicious and I also enjoyed the design of the area. Very dark, classy, mysterious.

    07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Rj L.
    Met a new business connect for drinks last night...great atmosphere, great music...a business crowd.  One of the best economic use I've seen of a hotel lobby.  You could easily walk by the entrance on 44th and not realize it

    19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Roger M.
    Was at the Royalton Hotel last night for some after work drinks, my colleagues and I (3 of us) all happened to be pretty hungry so we ordered quite a few of the items off the lounge menu and what a pleasant surprise!  Everyone seems to comment on the lounge but not the food and I don't know why.  Just about everything we had was fantastic.  The tuna tartare might be one of the best I've had: kimchi and chia seeds? Fantastic. Ditto for the mac n cheese poppers.  The hummus was excellent (subtly different, couldn't put my finger on it) as were the 44 sliders.  The ricotta was good, but ordinary compared to the other items.   The meatballs blow away the ones that I just had from the meatball obsession, and each element of the 44 oysters was good enough to stand on its own.  Its pricey, but that is no different from any NYC hotel.  The difference here is that the food was really good.

    24/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    Royalton Hotel Bar/Lounge -

    Beautiful Hotel lounge in the middle(almost) of crazy touristy Times Square. Love the decor, atmosphere, servers, drinks, snack, couches, and live music too! The guy playing the piano, rocked!
    The huge double Fireplace makes me want to come back with a hot boy to cuddle with *heart*

    The drinks are delish! The place is haute! What more do you want?

    14/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Annie R.
    This is based just on the bar/drinking situation.

    The service is slow, painfully so if you have a cocktail waitress here.

    The best part is the ambiance by far and away, such a sexy atmosphere, love this as a first date spot, you can tuck away in a corner next to a fire place.

    11/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    59. Ali B.
    I don't think I'll ever be able to stay at another hotel in NYC ever again. The bar has been set too damn high.

    Now, I don't typically seek out such contemporary hotels but I left there thinking, "Hmm, maybe I should consider a change to my decor at home..." The room was exceptionally clean to the point where I didn't have to play my usual game of hotel hopscotch from the bathroom to the bed. The furniture was modern but ultra comfy, especially the bed. Fluffy down comforter, crisp white sheets and pillows. Many, many pillows. Just how I like it.

    My favorite part of the room was easily the bathroom. Beautiful slate tiling, a nice big rainshower shower head (I *need* one of these at home) and quality toiletries. The Malin + Goetz shampoo is actual shampoo and won't strip paint off an airplane like most hotel shampoos do. I was tempted to light the tapered candle but alas, Alan Rickman was calling and didn't allow me that moment of zen.

    I'm planning on making a return trip to NYC in the warmer months and I plan on staying at The Royalton again. And when I do, that rainshower better be ready.

    16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Neil H.
    I use to hang out in their lounge on dates and with friends.  The place is awesome!!!

    Seating isn't to bad, the noise level is good for conversations and their men's bathroom is a sight to behold.

    23/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Jake B.
    I absolutely loved this place. I was in town for business, running all over NYC to lots of meetings. The location is great for that - if I had been on vacation, I probably wouldn't have been thrilled to be so central and close to Times Square, but it served it's purpose. The lobby was AWESOME, very chic, happening, but the sound/noise never carried to the room. The oysters that I got in the lobby were the biggest I've EVER seen. WOW! And the tuna tartare shouldn't be missed. The rooms were great, very modern and attractive. This place was great and I will use them again on the next business trip.

    07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Jason C.
    After arriving at the hotel, we had to change rooms multiple times, due to HVAC problems.  One room made strange noises when the unit came on, another had an AC unit that literally blew up and started spewing something that smelled awful in the room.

    In fairness, our third room was very nice.  That said, it shouldn't take 3 tries to get a good room, especially at these rates.  Hotel management was quite gracious about the whole debacle, and should be commended on their handling of the situation.

    As an apology for the situation, they offered us a complementary breakfast downstairs in their restaurant, "44".  I'll just say I'm glad I didn't pay for this.

    So, an omelete is $22, a side of sausage is $10, and a glass of freshly squeezed OJ is another $7.  $39 for that?  Between mine and my wife's breakfast, we would have spent probably $75 for what was mediocre food, at best.  I had the blandest omelete I've ever had in my life.  How hard is it to make a cheese omelete?  My wife's over-easy eggs were also badly done as well.

    I've had experience with this group's other hotels in other cities (mostly London), and have nothing but good things to say about those properties.  This one?  Only the desk manager gets my compliments.

    23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    63. brad c.
    We had a really good time here. Some of the interiors could use an update, but all in all it was very nice. They get 5 stars because we had a problem in our room and we were upgraded in about 2 minutes from calling the front desk. The entire staff was very pleasant, and helped make a great experience. The girl taking room service orders didn't know her menu at all, but no biggie. She was nice, and that covers a little training error for me.

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. RB H.
    Overall, I had a really good stay at this hotel. When we first arrived, we were given a queen room. It was pretty small for what I'm used to, but this was my first trip to NYC, so that may be the norm. There was absolutely no view from the 4th floor queen room. Was looking at a brick wall. The bathroom was spacious and very nice. The next day I requested an upgrade from the front desk and they were able to move us to a king room. It was a lot more spacious and had a tiny bit of a better view on the 8th floor vs. the 4th floor, but not that much. Other great features of the hotel are: bar/lounge area on first floor, being able to walk out of the hotel and be on either 44th or 43rd street, (lobby covers the entire block), very close to One Bryant Park, heard the restaurant in the lobby is really good (but I didn't get a chance to try it), bartenders were very nice and helpful with drink suggestions (Joshua was excellent). Definitely give this place a try if you're needed to stay in Midtown NYC!

    02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. LV C.
    The lounge area is very comfortable and I like to sit there to have dinner or a light snack with friends. Seldom crowded; stress-free and relaxing. They definitely have the best chocolate chip cookies for a hotel. Haha.

    01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. Suellan B.
    My boyfriend and I were staying at the Royalton overnight for my birthday. We travel a lot, but we were not able to get away for more than a couple of days this time, and we just wanted to celebrate my birthday away from home so we thought a quick overnight to NYC was a good solution.

    Typically, when we stay in Manhattan it is in the summertime, and we stay downtown where we can enjoy a neighborhood vibe. Being January, and a forecast for snow, we knew that we would be spending more time in the room, so we chose the Royalton for one reason, the working fireplace in the room we chose. We thought it would be cozy and romantic. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by the nicest staff I have ever met at a hotel. The doorman was friendly and helpful, walking us through to the desk before taking our car. The assistant front desk manager, Indhri, and his front desk staff could not have been more welcoming, and the lobby/lounge area is just gorgeous, dark woods, comfy seating areas, gas fireplaces, the area was bustling with guests having a drink  or working, but it was not loud, it helps set the tone for your arrival, it's a very relaxing area.

    Our room was gorgeous, a loft suite with a fireplace, soaking tub and a city view (44th street, overlooking the Algonquin). From researching the hotel, we were aware of the location and knew that there would not be a sweeping view of the city, we were fine with that. The room was spacious, especially for new york, and had a large bank of windows with a sofa that ran the length of the windows. Soon after arriving in our room we were surprised with a gift of a bottle of champagne that the staff sent up for my birthday, along with a handwritten note. The fireplace was gorgeous, we had it lit for us that evening, as well as the next morning, and we ended up just relaxing in the room most of the time.

    The Royalton is located in midtown, so we enjoyed an afternoon at MOMA while there.The morning we were checking out we called down to ask for a late check out, and we told " absolutely, we can offer a complimentary extra hour" which was perfect. It may be the hotel policy, but it is a nice, simple way to make a guest happy. We did not want to check out of the Royalton, it's the wonderful staff and their little personal touches that make it so special. it was really just the perfect winter getaway, we will definitely be back.

    30/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Pierre C.
    Stayed here a couple times this year, one of my co-workers really likes the hotel and I'm not too attached to any hotel in the area...

    Anyway think this is more of a 3.5 for me. Pros are definitely the bed which I find super comfy and the bar downstairs. Always great to have a fun hotel bar, makes going out so much easier.

    Downside is definitely the room size, crummy reception/wi-fi, and how poorly the iPads in the rooms work. Wouldn't really have an issue with the iPads except that they are the room service menu and ordering system.

    Will throw a shout out to the food though. Had room service dinner twice here and while pricey found the food to be truly fantastic.

    29/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Mimi N.
    Gotta hand it to the bartenders. They are quite amazing and really make around the bar fun. They have overpriced sugary drinks like all the hot spots in modern bars, they are literally around the corner from time square but not busy or touristy which we prefer. Huge oversized couches
    Is where we got caught up in out first
    crappy experience  that made me want to write a review.

    We got there about 10:20pm and there were maybe 6 people in the whole
    place. We talked to the manager who was
    So awesome and told us to grab a seat and a waitress would be right there. We
    Sat till 10:45, finally a little black dress came over and took our order then TOOK THE DRINK MENU!!!! I mean, are we only
    allowed one $16 drink....? Once our drinks arrived she walks over and takes the drinks off the tray and hands them to us! Then handed us napkins? Isn't that like waitressing 101? What happened to putting a napkin down and setting the drink on top? This isn't McDonalds.

    Then she strolled away and wandered around a bit. We then added to the group and Waitress would come over and stand with her hand on her hip like she couldn't believe we had the nerve to order more alcohol, at a bar. I almost asked her if she lost a bet and had to spend a night
    Serving booze while acting like she
    Had something better to do.

    Then she came over to announce
    Last call at 12:30? Really? They obviously don't care about making any money.

    So, good drinks, good quiet atmosphere, but the service was SO incredibly offensive I had to dock 'em. Maybe a little server training would be helpful.

    31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    69. Jon L.
    Stayed here for a couple of days on business and I absolutely loved it. I must have been upgraded to a larger room because I was totally expecting a New York closet for a room and was pleasantly surprised that I had all that extra living and work space.

    The bed was very comfortable and such a welcome relief at the end of the day. The room had good light so I never felt like I was in a cave.

    Lounging at the lobby bar is a must. Nothing special about the drinks nor the service but consider this a pilgrimage to Philippe Starck's first residential design project (although it has been since updated) and the place that started the boutique hotel movement.

    11/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Michael T.
    Some hotels are trying to be so trendy they miss the fact that travelers need a comfortable room, with a comfortable bed.  The Royalton more than succeeds where plenty of others fail.

    I've been here a few times now, and I've yet to be disappointed.  The rooms are large (especially by NYC standards), the beds are comfortable, you can get rooms with wood burning fireplaces (no kidding!), or soaking tubs in the bathrooms.  From the iPad you can order pretty much anything for your room, from an iPhone charger to a freaking Xbox.

    Of course, you don't want to spend much time in your room when the chic, cozy lobby is the place to chill.  You'll certainly pay a premium for food and drinks, but these bartenders are the real deal.  Clear-as-glass double-frozen ice is hand-chipped from a large block to fit perfectly in your glass.  Order a cocktail and you won't be disappointed.

    Yes, the price you'll pay to stay at the Royalton will be a bit higher than the Fairfield.  But that's as shocking as finding out that our President was actually born in Hawaii.

    Stay at the Royalton.  You'll have a blast.

    28/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Anastacia S.
    I don't usually encourage hanging out in hotel lobby's around Times Square, but we all have colleagues, friends and family come in to visit and inevitably we find ourselves in that area thinking 'where the hell can I go for a drink that isn't a complete circus'...enter the Royalton Hotel Lobby!  I've never stayed overnight here but the bar here oozes sexy... It's slick and dark with a few fireplaces.  As soon as you walk in you're in the bar with a sunken area with banquet seating and more tables and chairs further down.  It definitely screams - cozy up with a cocktail!   (Guest registration and elevators are past all of this down a long hall) Grab a drink at the bar or just wait for one of the very attractive waitresses to come by and get one for you!

    02/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Amber E.
    Hip hotel in great, central location; love the  clean look and candles in the room - I lit them every night, super comfy bed w/ fluffy duvet. I've stayed here several times over the years, and I always enjoy it. Had a nice sized room w/ fireplace (during winter season you can call down and they'll come up and light it for you). Even though plenty of business travelers stay here, like the W hotels, it doesn't really feel like a business hotel, w/ all the young hip people in the lobby bars and the dimly lit rooms, but overall, a very good place to stay.

    15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Marianne S.
    met a friend here for a drink and conversation in the hotel's lounge. umm. walked through the somewhat indimidating huge doors/doorway and right into a world of dreams. this lounge is absolutely gorgeous. enough romantic intimicacy with a cool, relaxed ambience. i can see this as a great place for a date or with the girlfriends for happy hour. it definitely takes something special to run the gamut of occassions and vibes.

    also, the bartender was super knowledgeable and cordial. fun to talk to but also respectful of our space. he made me a stellar jalapeno tequila cocktail, which was served in a spunky copper cup.

    i gotta say, however, that i was there on a late tuesday evening in august, which is apparently their slow month. i can see how a huge crowd would take away from this beauty of a lounge. but, i'm optimistic.

    not only will i be back, but i will make it a point to go. i am in love!

    16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. Brian L.
    Entrance to the hotel can be easily missed, but when you walk in, it is really nice.

    When I first walked in, I thought, "did I walk into the right place?"  The entranceway isn't a normal atrium - it's like walking into a cool restaurant/lounge.  The decor is elegant and the ambiance is nice.  It's definitely like walking into a rich person's super big living room.  I wish I spent more time in the lobby, instead of going somewhere else, haha.  Check in was painless, elevator was fast (although it said it could fit 12 people.  There is NO WAY it can fit 12 people.  Well, if it was me and 11 other Victoria's Secret models, I'd find a way).  

    The room was well decorated and modern.  The size wasn't that big, but what do you really expect in NYC.  The bed was comfy, the shower head was massive and divine.  All in all, I'd definitely stay here again.

    The location was great, real close to it all.  But it had all the benefits of being in a side street where it was quiet.

    08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Lindsey W.
    The Royalton Hotel is the best hotel I have ever stayed at.  From the moment we got out of the cab, I felt like royalty :) The staff is friendly and so nice.  The food and drinks  = delish.  NO COMPLAINTS!  Mention them on twitter and just maybe you'll get a special tweet, I mean treat!  

    The room is so clean and modern, the shower was so pleasant, ah... I can go on and on about how perfect this hotel is!

    17/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    76. Samantha M.
    Ah, Royalton, I will always have such fantastic memories of two amazing nights spent here! I spent 2 nights here and the lobby is so gorgeous, and the bar is wonderful to... the room is extremely clean and great, and having a fireplace in one's room is always nice. Great customer service, friendly people, great location, right smack dab in the heart of midtown, minutes away walking from Times Square.  Made memories here that will last a lifetime.  Bravo Royalton!

    06/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    77. Jessica B.
    The Royalton truly does make one adopt a certain royal air; I felt like a little princess here.

    The rooms are chic and comfy (check out the huge Roman tub!) but the real draw is the lounge/bar area. Delectable cocktails and decent wine selection (pick bottle over glass) with a sultry, secluded ambiance. Nosh on some nibblies while you're at it! I recommend the mozzarella salad for a light snack.

    We ARE amused.

    07/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    78. Claire F.
    The best part about the Royalton is the bar in the lobby. The cozy fireplaces and sunken mini living rooms are perfectly arranged for hosting a party, which is what I used them for. And good!

    One of the hostesses reserved the second of the two "rooms" for us, providing complimentary champagne as we waited for guests. Once they arrived, we were able to expand the circle along the banquettes and circular couches as the group got larger. They provided waitress service or people could go to the main bar to get their own drinks. I liked that they were not too picky about demanding everyone on one bill, etc. It's the little things.

    The fireplaces made the atmosphere warm and cozy, and even though the location of the hotel is not in the most fun area, it's easy to get a cab!

    Overall, really good service and comfortable, pleasant atmosphere.

    25/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Shannon N.
    I had stayed here back in 2004-5 and although some renovations have been done throughout, the rooms have appeared to stay the same. This was one of the best hotel rooms I have ever stayed in while on my monthly trip to NYC. I had a larger room with a king bed and one of those '5 foot custom round bathtubs' seemingly built out of the slate wall. Probably one of the best baths I've ever had in a stateside hotel as well. The location was great where I could walk to most of the places on my agenda. I didn't get to partake in any of the restaurants or lounges during this stay, but hope to once I return again.

    12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Miriam W.
    The Royalton Hotel is situated in a neighborhood with few redeeming qualities. And since New York is all about location, I'd heed that as a fairly serious warning.

    The deluxe queen room with soaking tub was positively palatial. Entertaining in the sitting area was a snap, especially with the bedroom tucked away and out of view with the help of a thick curtain separator. This was one of the largest hotel rooms I've passed time in in New York!

    The water pressure was out of sight and made it difficult to return to the decidedly lower performing shower at my apartment. And the bathtub was big enough to swim in!

    DESIGN FETISHISTS: Roman and Williams did the treatment in the lobby (this New York city-based firm also did the Ace Hotel and the Standard.) Philippe Starck's first foray into hospitality design, it would not be out of line to say the Royalton, which opened in 1988, was one of the first boutique hotels anywhere. It's now part of the Morgans Hotel Group.

    SINGLE ANNOYANCE: Called for a late check out at 1:00, was told it was fine. Only to get a call from front desk at 12:45 asking us when we were checking out. Apologies were made, but it's the little things - ya know?

    Hotel is pretty great. Neighborhood is pretty lame.

    22/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Myra J.
    Loved this place! The restaurant was a fabulous surprise and the lobby is almost entirely elegant bar with a beautiful fireplace and a bar tender who pours heavy----has my name all over it!

    The rooms are romantic and lush; huge tub, fireplaces and comfy beds.

    The service reminds you of back in the day, when service was an art.

    They could use a bit more lighting in the bathroom for those of us who use makeup, but not a huge deal.

    The Royalton truly makes you feel like Royalty!

    14/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. Joyan C.
    I liked this place a lot!  I wasn't sure what to expect from the trendy dark lounge and small elevators when we first arrived, but the rooms were spectacular once you got in.  They were the most spacious I've seen in NYC, we had couch and a queen sized bed and large bathroom.  It was very comfortable stay!  The housekeeping and pull out tv's were great.  Service was pretty friendly, I guess good for NYC standards.
    The location is the best, you are blocks from Times Square and Bryant Park and so central to everything.  It was great to walk around the area and explore.  There's a good coffee shop next door called Gregory's Coffee that we went often.  
    We got the room for $250 a night through bidding on Priceline.  Definitely recommend!

    10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Monique R.
    I was invited here for an event that was being hosted in one of the penthouses.
    The lobby is dimly lit and feels like a super exclusive lounge. It was so dark I couldnt see any signage. I walked up to the hostess and asked her where my event was. I thought it was rather rude that she assumed I was there for work.
    "Oh are you the coat check girl?"
    "No" Maybe it was my gorgeous hispanic skin tone that misled her...
    She had a laugh when i clarified why i was really there and she took me to the penthouse without an apology.
    The hallways to the penthouse are narrow. There are doors everywhere. And really, there was nothing spectacular about the penthouse other than it could have been an apartment. a very small one bedroom apartment.
    The staff were extremly friendly once I was in the penthouse. They took my coat, brought me a glass of wine and were extremly attentive.
    The venue itself was not at all what I was expecting. The view was dismal. The space was a bit on the small side.

    23/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    84. Angella S.
    As far as a hotel stay goes, I think you could do better for the money.

    I shared this hotel with a friend, and thank goodness we split :)  The lobby of this hotel is spectacular, but unfortunately, that's about it.  Rooms are small, average, nothing to wow about.  I will say that the SHOWER experience is spectacular !  OMG, I love those rainfall showers.  Plus they carry Korres toiletries, one of my favorite lines.  One last little perk...they offered a $20 subway card as a gift.  Love the little things in life :)

    Aside from that, I will say that service was great.  They are very attentive and friendly.  Hard to give only 3 stars, but overall, $300+ a night is a little steep for this place.

    My recommendation:  go for dinner, drinks, lounge experience.  Location is also great, but save the $300/night for a different hotel.

    07/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    85. Vick P.
    I went to the Royalton with a few friends from out of town to just grab some drinks at the bar before we started our night.  We went around 7PM and it wasn't crowded at all. We sat off to the side on a big couch where a waitress came to take our drink orders.   Some of us had sangrias and another friend had the hickory old fashioned.  The drinks are expensive ($12 to 15 per drink) but they're very good for the most part.  The sangria I got came in a large wine glass, not too much ice, and was made very well.

    10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Tara C.
    I love this hotel.  This is the ONLY hotel I'll stay in in NYC.  


    I love the ambiance, the darkness, the way the rooms are cleverly laid out, the beds that make you feel like you're the only person there in the world (even if you're sharing a room!), the rain shower heads that make you want to stay under them forever, the iPad ordering for room service & such, the cleanliness...but really?

    I've traveled quite a bit in my time, and the customer service here is THE best I've ever experienced in any hotel.  

    From the moment you walk in the door (which isn't easy to find, and I'm OK with that), you are treated like you're the only customer.  Everyone I encountered at my stay, from front desk to room service to the housekeepers made me feel special.  

    Furthermore, I filled out a survey afterward and noted some minor details that would've made my stay perfect.  Not only did a receive a swift response detailing how those things would be addressed & rectified, the tone of the email made me feel like my comments were welcomed and appreciated by the General Manager.  

    Due to my stay at the Royalton, I'll now be trying other Morgans Hotels in the future!

    (This review also copied on my account on TripAdvisor.)

    02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Ella T.
    Nothing special. Overpriced drinks at the bar.
    Drinks no good, weak!

    21/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    88. Jim P.
    What an amazing evening with a group of friends.

    On this holiday week Tuesday night, I was surprised to find a "refurbished" Royalton lobby bar, with a Dixieland jazz band the horns buffeting my face as I made my way to the back.

    As I settle in to this table of 6, we order a share snack menu of,  seared tuna, hummus, shrimp, mini burgers, prosciutto style meat on melba toast with a coating of goat cheese (AMAZING) and Risotto balls with dipping sauce.

    Wash that all down with warm and soft Chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate Mousse, and a truly heavenly creme brulee,  and you'll be thinking  "THIS IS WHY I OPTED FOR WATER today at lunch"

    This is good space, great food, and fun to share with friends.

    22/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Sarah D.
    The GOOD:
    I liked the location.  There are shops, restaurants and businesses all around this area.  This hotel is modern chic in style.  Very dark in the lobby.  The bar in the lobby seems to attract a lot of after work business people for drinks and meetups.  
    The doormen and luggage people were very quick and helpful!  They were my favorite people at this hotel.  Housekeeping was also very prompt when I asked for more towels.  
    The bathroom was spacious.  There were candles for me to light, that can set a nice ambiance.

    The BAD:
    It can also be a bad thing to be so central.  It is difficult to get a cab on 44th street.  And it takes a long time to get here from anywhere else via car/cab because of traffic.  

    Booking through booking.com might also be a bad thing.  The receptionist who checked me in said she upgraded me.  But when I got into my room, I didn't feel upgraded.  I felt down-graded compared to all the other hotels I've stay at in nyc.  The room and bed were small.  I was supposed to be in a large double, but I think I got "upgraded" to a tiny-double.  My view was the worst!  I was on the third story (which is 5th floor for some reason) and my windows literally looked out to a dark alley / dark corner, facing other people's windows and back walls of buildings.  I don't think I can even see sky from my room at all, it was really sad.  This type of room is what we in California use to store cleaning supplies.  

    My room also had a strong cigarette smoke stench.  I booked a non-smoking room but here I am in a stinky smoky room.  I was going to say something to the front desk but I was busy with work and had to rush to meetings.  I wish they would do the right thing and put me in a room I booked.  Since I was only staying one night, I let it go, but normally I would bring this up to management.  

    I come to NYC one week a month for work, staying at different hotels sometimes every night, so I've had my share of NYC hotel room experience to say this was a very disappointing one.  Because of the room size, tiny bed size, terrible "view" out my window, and cigarette stench, I will not stay at this hotel and would not recommend it.  Sure there might be nicer smelling, bigger bed rooms with views, but I think I paid a lot for my room and I got the grunt room, so I can't imagine the outrageous pricetags for the decent rooms.  I think I'd rather pay what I paid and stay at the Dream Hotel for the same chic modern style.  At least there, I know I am getting a good clean room with a view for the same price.    

    Royalton -You failed.  (and I'm not hard to please, so that says a lot)

    p.s. don't be fooled by the pics of the burning fireplaces, they do not burn or have fire.. weird and kind of pointless.

    21/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    90. Pinky And The B.
    In my opinion the Royalton hotel is best for  couples ,not families. It is uber chic and sleek. The only downside I see is that hall ways are extremely dark. But it is a nice romantic hide away depending on your idea of romance. There are fire places and the rooms are not cramped or too big for romance ,just the right size.
    The bathrooms are stand out and the tubs are big enough to fit 2. There are also fire places in some rooms as well as throughout the hotel.
    It is also in midtown which is a touristy conventional area to stay in for a tourist but the hotel itself is not conventional so if you need to be in midtown but want NY ambiance and style The Roylaton is  a great choice. The prices are reasonable for the area and there are frequent specials. I have only been there once but it made quite an impression!

    07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Kathleen H.
    It's so great when a business exceeds your expectations.

    I have vague memories of visiting this hotel bar so long ago, cringing at the "scene" of  pompous I-Bankers and anorexic party girls. I had no idea that there was actually a hotel in the building. Many years later, I stumbled upon an unbelievable rate for a 2 night stay. So I figured I'd get a miniature room in an old has-been hotel overdue for a renovation and on a busy, noisy midtown street.

    I've never been SO wrong. The staff at this hotel are friendly and unpretentious. The tiny room I was expecting turned out to be a spacious one - with the most amazing bathroom. It had an enormous, round soaking tub with a killer shower and products. And the room was silent - no street noise at all. I absolutely loved that the desk did not face a wall. That is always so depressing when you are working from a hotel room.

    The hotel lounge is still quite a bar scene, but a much more tolerable one now. The decor is sleek and subdued, and you can order food anywhere in the large lounge area, which also has wi-fi and a fireplace.

    On my last day, I had what I can only call a perfect breakfast before I checked out. The restaurant is relaxing and the waitstaff are very attentive. It's rare to see this at breakfast. I had a lox bagel, french press coffee, fresh grapefruit juice and the newspaper. All I could think about was why I don't start my day like that more often.

    I would definitely stay here again if the price is competitive with similar hotels in the area.

    22/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Alena K.
    my boyfriend and I loved our stay at the Royalton, the interior is gorgeous, the service is very friendly. Our king suite was huge, the large round tub was amazing, def our new favorite hotel in NYC!

    03/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. Bic T.
    If you are looking for a boutique hotel that's little off the time square area, but close enough walking distance, I would recommend this hotel for mid-range, which I consider to be over 200$ but under 250$ per night.
    Found a travelzoo deal, but when I called the rates was fully booked for the advertised price on travelzoo. So I called in and ask if they were wiling to give out any other discount offer, so I end up paying a little more than the price I wanted. For summer time deals, if you find a hotel 170-200$ that is as good as it can get in NY Time square.

    If you are a person who like a grand hotel with bright light and classy chandelier , with indoor swimming pool for the summer heat this is not your type of hotel.

    You walk into the Royalton Hotel with a classy, intimate, mysterious feeling.  Nice for a romantic getaway. We stayed in the standard size, which was roomer than I expected for NY hotel. I loved their bath tub the most. Got to take a bath in that huge circular soaking tub if you have time (bring some of your bath essentials, e.g scented bath oils or bubble bath bombs). It would be more awesome if it was a jet soaking tub.

    Service was great! We arrived early and they looked into an early booking for us as soon it came available. We walked out for early lunch and room was ready within 30 mins. But I still do recommend calling to let them know you are arriving earlier than check in time.

    Clean, sleek and got an awesome soaking bath tub. Must check it out.

    Only down side was that the restroom sink was linking water when you open it. Hope they fixed it by now.

    16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Holly J.
    I had a wedding cocktail party here a few weeks back in penthouse b, and it was stunning. The property is beautiful, the penthouse is amazing and the staff are so sweet and helpful, they really made the day run so smoothly, everything was perfect. I could not have hoped for a better place for my wedding party!

    22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    95. Michael C.
    Stayed here for one night. A pretty standard boutique hotel.

    Even though New York hotel rooms are, on average, some of the smallest in the world, the standard room at the Royalton still seemed a little cramped. Not the smallest room in which I've stayed in New York, but definitely on the small side. The (Malin+Goetz) toiletries were a nice touch.

    The front desk is understaffed and their systems seemed antiquated and/or slow because it took way too long to check in. If there's someone in front of you, you could be in for a long wait. With the lounge surrounding the front desk being pretty... lively, you may not enjoy the wait after getting off of a long flight.

    I would stay here again but wouldn't want to pay more than $150-250, depending on time of year.

    18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    96. Roy P.
    I had the pleasure of staying at one of their penthouses, and it was AH-MAY-ZINGGG!

    Classy, elegant, Classy, elegant... Need I say more?

    Great Service
    Great Ambiance
    Great Room!

    07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Jen C.
    Our "Superior room" was not actually superior to anything other than their own standard rooms. Poor lighting, natural and otherwise. And on a Friday night at 11:30pm, in black tie attire, we were told at the lobby bar that last call had already happened, but we could have wine or beer. This place is the sorry, sad stepsister of this chain of trendy-ish hotels.

    31/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    98. Michael K.
    Awesome hotel!

    Stayed here over thanksgiving/Black Friday so understandably the rates were steeep! But after getting here was relatively justified. Ended up getting a room that according to the staff was on par in size with their suites but technically was classified as a Queen Deluxe room. Room came with huge soaker tub, large sitting area, separate bedroom and two TV's.

    Room service was easy to use, could order any extras (toothbrush, toothpaste, pillows, blankets etc) from the ipad in each room and for anything else such as a duvet/ice the front desk sends them up quickly.

    Breakfast here is so-so, my booking included free continental breakfast which basically consisted of freshly squeezed juice, average coffee and a selection of 1 chocolatine, a few mini-croissants and a muffin. Definitely not something I would pay $28 for.

    Drinks downstairs were much better than the breakfast, while steep ($12-20) the drinks are strong, tasty, and depending on what you order can be pretty unique. Definitely worth at least grabbing a drink here once during your stay (and then heading somewhere cheaper).

    Probably would stay somewhere closer to downtown next time, but the proximity to shopping and tourist attractions this time around was perfect.

    30/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Simone A.
    Recently stayed in this boutique Hotel. Nice lobby with a bar, standard room is bigger than the  standard for NYC. Comfortable and large bathroom, The only minor thing is that the A/C is a bit loud and the interior of the Hotel is too dark. But overall it was a great stay.

    17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Rick F.
    Thought I had walked into a night club
    Vs hotel lobby
    Surprise! Room was well appointed and services way above average.

    26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Phoenix F.
    Staying here to nite was greeted very kindly by Neil who grabbed our bags and bought us to check in  Super friendly staff and gorgeous hotel

    11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. Bonnie P.
    I stayed here with my boyfriend for our anniversary this weekend.  The rooms are so nice.  We first stayed in a pretty standard room, but the bathroom is lovely and the room is seriously cozy.  You can tell they really put thought into the design.  

    For our second night, we stayed in the Alcove Suite.  This suite was fantastic.  Same bedroom as the standard room, but the living room was much bigger than I expected.  Again, the room was cozy and well-designed.  I couldn't imagine anything else I would want out of the room.  The bathroom in the suite was absolutely fantastic.  The soaking tubs they have are really big - I'm 5'8" tall and had no problem laying out in the tub.  

    The lobby of the hotel is absolutely to die for - it has a couple of bars and a great lounge area.  The real shame is that the place was nearly deserted.  It would have been so much fun with a slightly busy bar scene.  It could be that it was empty because of people traveling out of town for Memorial Day weekend.  The prices are a little on the steep side, but nothing really out of the ordinary.  I would definitely come back to this hotel both for a drink and to spend the night!

    26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    103. Michael S.
    Best cocktail program. Great for drinks after work. Their small plates are great too

    02/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    104. Janine W.
    I knew this would be good upon entering the hotel.  Greeted by friendly staff, engaging and kind.  Love the auto open doors I felt so royal!  Love the lobby area which has a modern yet warm feel with a huge fire place so nice and snuggly.  A huge happening bar centered in the main lobby is also very inviting.  Love the feel of this hotel as if you are on a luxury cruise liner.  Modern, well equipped and well lit.  Service, quality and great location.  Will come back again soon!!! Get the 15th floor

    21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    105. EMILY E.
    The staff here are so friendly, the lobby is nicely dimmed, the room is modern & clean, and the location is great! Will definitely stay here again.

    13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    106. Monica T.
    FANCY LOBBY! That's right!

    We stumbled upon this place a while back (oops, forgot to leave a review) and would come back once in a while. The lobby/lounge is really fancy and comfortable. The first time we came here, my boyfriend found his Domaine Chandon Etoile champagne and I found a few well created cocktails. We find the couches and not too loud music relaxing. The second time I came here was with some business partners; that night we tried almost everything on the appetizer menu and their cocktails. Cocktails are always solid good. The most recent visit was two nights ago. Good drinks, good company and felt warm next to the fireplace.....ahh i love it here...

    21/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. Madhuri I.
    * This review is for the bar only *

    The size of this place will make you feel small.
    The price tags will make you feel poor.
    The hostesses will make you feel ugly.
    The pizzas will leave you craving (they ran out of dough)
    The salty hummus will make you reach for water.
    The cocktails will make you want to cross the street and get one at Lantern's Keep instead.

    And so I did.

    18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    108. Elizabeth J.
    Got a free stay here.

    I have to say that the lobby is a bit impressive. When I walked in the music was pumping, and the crowd was a lot less  'business' then I expected, but not intimidatingly attractive. Packed with leather couches, it seemed like the perfect place to take someone you want to excite before getting "romantic" with. I can't speak for the food and drink since I got in way to late to enjoy it. Reviewing that soon.

    There are a lot of pros and cons here.The elevators are tiny and the hallways , as another guest told me, are submarine like. My room was quite spacious, but sparsely decorated even by minimalist standards. You  could safely do cartwheels in there, it's that big, but the paint job was haphazard in some places and the closet was tiny. I am of the opinion that if the details aren't impeccable, one shouldn't  do minimalism, so I would have preferred that they continued with the modern traditional theme they had downstairs instead of the meatpacking loft look.That said, the carpet was very soft, and the bed ( European king) was comfortable...especially the amazing pillows!  I don't think the decorators made a smart choice in picking the sickly, prison gray theme, which makes the room look like a classier motel, but the shower and bath products were amazing. The bathroom is especially good for makeup application, but the lighted magnifying mirror which extended from the wall did not work :( I did get a soft, contemporary robe, which is apparently a big deal in hotels in New York ( not everyone supplies these on the regular). The minibars stock Magnum condoms (err, okay, not good for straight-laced  business clients) Jadot wine, Voss Water, fancy ginger ale, Grey Goose and the tastiest $8 bag of Dirty chips you've ever had.

    I will definitely be coming back  for the nightlife, but I think I would rather stay in a significantly cozier room at the Novotel which has the same bathroom set up and a cheerier disposition to the rooms... and natural light! Their materials are a bit rougher to the touch ( carpet, towels) but the view of Times Square is great for the price and there is much more of a flow to the decor,

    15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    109. Kate T.
    A fantastic luxury hotel in the middle of Midtown!

    The staff is friendly, fast, and very helpful. When I called down for an air mattress for my room or needed anything from room service, they were at my door within minutes. When I needed to get a cab to take me to Newark airport at 4:30 am, the receptionist and bell man had it waiting for me as soon as I got down to the lobby.

    The bar has a great wine selection, and is staffed with fantastic servers. You'll get peace of mind throughout your stay. Worth every penny!

    09/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Lynn P.
    Enormous and clean circular bathtub surrounded by a beautiful mirrored wall. Need I say more?  I found this on Priceline for under two-hundred dollars, which is normally a price that I would associate with a NYC hotel that had really ugly drapes, scary bedspreads and a long line at the front desk.  Instead I spent a night in a sophisticated and quiet hotel that had a gorgeous lobby that contained a bar, but refrained from piping in annoying techno music.  I could hardly find the front desk, it was so discreetly located.  And once I was handed my key I felt like I was in my very own NYC residence.  A lovely contrast to the busy, chaotic midtown location.  I will stay in this oasis again if given the chance by Priceline.  And I might even pay full pric

    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    111. Butters L.
    This hotel was really unique and had a lot of really nice touches. I got a great deal online and, in light of the price I paid, had a fantastic experience. Truthfully, if I paid the full retail price, I might give this a solid four stars.  but for the price I paid, and considering it has a fantastic location just a block away from Grand Central Station, it is a full five stars for me.  highly recommended

    12/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    112. HeartNyc Y.
    The lobby ambiance reminds me of the trying-too-hard-to-impress LA/Beverly Hills scene. Overloaded with decor but lacking in elegance. Bar cocktail and food are mediocre. However, bar staff is incredibly nice and professional.

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    113. Faith P.
    What a blessing n beautiful experience. I visited the Royalton to renew my vows last February. I came with two other couples and we where all accommodated nicely and hassle free. It was all so smooth and I was treated like a queen. My room was gorgeous and extremely clean. We had the penthouse. The balcony was amazing and the view was spectacular. The bathroom is definitely clean no musky smells or mold. The bathroom was so beautiful. I was scared cause I had high expectations for other places ive been to in New York however the Royalton was so fresh n sleek comfortable and elegant. Everyone was sooooo nice and professional. I will be returning to the Royalton for our wedding anniversary this February. Thank you you all very much. An experience that is full of loving happy memories.  Im so excited thinking about our  future trip.

    31/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Brian C.
    WHOA, is the exact words i said walking into this place.  The automatic huge two story door opens up once you're on the stoop.  You walk into seeing a nice fireplace and a bar with a pretty luxurious type set up of leather couches and seating.  The staff is extremely friendly and nice and super pretty.  We were able to get our room upgraded somehow.  

    The rooms are pretty big, well atleast the one i stayed in.  Had a fire place, couches, 2 TV's (one in the "living room" and one in the bedroom).  The bathtub was my favorite part of the whole place.  It was a huge sun flower shower head and it felt like it was raining when you step underneath it.  The tiling around the tub were all different colors so the water splashing off them made a pretty rainbow.  

    Loved the experience, would go here again.

    09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. Minh H.
    Great bar and different layout than what you'll find elsewhere in new york. I love the comfy seating and v the service was excellent. Pricey like your typical hotel associated bar.

    17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. Daniel B.
    Massive, block-spanning lobby.  Two bars.  Many different seating arrangements--cocktail tables, dinner tables, stools, sofas, booths.  Very dim, all day.  Occasional live music.  You could come here for a drink with a date or for after-work hanging, or you could come for the reason I did the other day: because a friend needed someplace quiet to talk, and rain kept us out of Bryant Park, and Gregory's was full.

    Not sure about the food, but I did try their mixed olives ($8) and they were delicious.

    Cocktails are ~$16, so yeah, ridiculous--but you're in Midtown, and what's more ridiculous: a lounge in Midtown, or a person in Midtown looking for a lounge?

    10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    117. Ken O.
    I am a touring musician and have stayed at a lot of hotels all over the world and have never written a bad review before. I understand mistakes are made and most places go out off there to fix them or accommodate you for them. This hotel "accidentally" charged my card 1200 dollars locking it and to make it up to me they left a note in my room and a bottle of Voss water.

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    118. Ben J.
    I just found my new favorite place to stay in the city.  My room was big enough to hold a party.  And even thought I was on a low floor due to very late check in, the noise level was non existent.  
    Oddly, I had some medical issues while there and they were so gracious to me.  Got me an ice pack and treated me like a true guest.  So rare these days.  
    The only thing lacking is the food service portion.  The bar is fine.  The dining was mediocre, but there is a wonderful place across the street that suited my needs for anything I needed, so it was cool.  Plus, who eats in midtown.  IJS.

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    119. Marc W.
    First the bad - the bed was extremely uncomfortable. If you are used to sleeping on a tempurpedic this place is not you. The hotel was renovated 7 years ago and is starting to look worn. Stains on carpet in the lobby. At first glance this hotels seems to be really nice but after inspection you'll find many flaws. Had to have engineering repair the AC twice. Now for the good - conveniently located, couple blocks to Broadway shows, 10 blocks to Central Park. We went across the street to Blur Bar at the Algonquin Hotel and had a great time. The bartenders treated you like family. We should have stuck to our Cardinal rule and stayed at a Marriott property.

    12/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    120. Louise M.
    I stayed in this hotel for the weekend recently and I was really impressed.  The room was really cool and modern.  The products in the bathroom were great.  The bar and lounge areas were really relaxing, great drinks.  Friendly staff, very accommodating. I was a little disappointed that my room didn't have the fancy tub that they show on the website, so if you want that make sure to specify!  Not too pricy considering the location.  I would definitely stay again.

    27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Barbara N.
    Although I've never stayed in the rooms, the breakfast spot is great, and this is a very groovy spot to have a drink. Very vibrant at night, had a great buzz about it. Also good spot to do work, free wifi and nice place to chill In between meetings!

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    122. Emily M.
    I'm currently staying here for 2 nights. After reading all of these positive reviews I'm beginning to think that I got a dud room. I've looked at photos others have posted and I'm wondering if we're staying in the same hotel.

    Cons: The room I'm in is tiny, drab, outdated, gray and bland. There are weird candles and matches lying around (is that even safe?). I found a ton of stains on the mattress and sheets while doing a bed bug check. Not to mention that there is no top sheet, so I'm stuck with the comforter which I normally try to avoid using at all costs.

    Also, I can hear the people in the room next door as clearly as if they were sharing the bed with me right now. And no room service on the weekend? Come on!

    For SEVERAL hundred dollars a night I expect a doorman holding a glass of champagne for me when I walk into my hotel room - or at least a coffee maker.

    Pros: The lobby was nice & wi-fi was complimentary.

    11/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    123. Kevyn D.
    Working with Krystal (in sales) to book an event at their Penthouse suite was one of the most wonderful customer service experiences I've EVER had.  

    These people truly care about their guests and are happy to work with you to create the exact event you are hoping for.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    124. Elise D.
    This was our first stay at this hotel and we really enjoyed it. I travel frequently for work so I have the bar set pretty high when it comes to expectations.

    The room itself is small - BUT it is NYC - for our needs it was perfect and we were happy with the size. The view wasn't anything to write home about but then again, I think it was because we were nestled more towards the center / back of the building we didnt hear traffic going by all night, which I liked!

    The best part of the room is the bathtub. I am not usually a bath person but this I had to try out. The room did seem clean and the we liked the almost nautical feel of the room and the doors with the port holes.

    I did use the fitness center and while it was not huge, there was enough equipment there for me to get a good workout in and everything functioned properly so no complaints there! I also will say that the staff was very nice and accomondating. We asked for two extra blankets and they arrived within minutes of our call.

    Highly recommend!

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    125. Timothy C.
    Yes, I am (or in the near future, "was") the Duke here... how can a California native, born and bred have attained such haughty toighty status.. well, I stayed here a week and checked in every day, that's how.. Take that you fancy New York hotel, a Californian rules over you!

    Back to the review... I enjoyed this hotel, they are expensive, however they have a niche brand, very tres chic, the bar and lobby are hob snobby, but in a good way, the room we stayed in was nice (probably could use some new carpets, they seemed a bit dated and worn), overall great stay, would definitely come back, this stay makes me want to try out the other Morgan's group Hotel in NYC on the next trip...

    Super convenient locale, we walked everywhere, and once we mastered the subway (which took about 1/2 a day), we took that and walked everywhere, great great great place to stay...

    06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    126. William B.
    A classy hotel with a very attentive staff. My room was gorgeous and comfortable. Best of all it was quiet. The bartenders do a great job. This is one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in. Pick this hotel if you like a classic vibe.

    07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    127. K. C.
    Overall a nice stay and a great location.  A bit pricey and the room was small, but these are both to be expected in NYC.
    The bartender there is amazing.  Wonderful cocktail menu.  I recommend it!

    12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    128. ReviewHaiku F.
    This place is too chic!
    My favorite hotel bar
    Loungey and luscious

    22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Lindsay L.
    I've been here 3 or 4 times. I've been in the rooms but never slept there. The rooms are really nice and I like the round deep bath tubs. I'm all about nice bathrooms and they pretty much nailed it for their price. Everything matches too. The bar area is nice and chill but it's kind of dark. I wish there was better service there.

    28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    130. Mark P.
    Very shoddy service. We were a group of 25. We spoke to 1 manager who have us the go ahead to occupy a seating area. Then a server showed up and refused, and the manager backtracked completely. Weak. We left.

    23/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    131. Johanna G.
    We have stayed here twice before and I am sad to say this time I was disappointed. The room we were in was good sized for NYC , but we reserved a king size bed, but we got a queen or double bed which I didn't like.The hotel /lobby/ hallways looked tired and could have been cleaner, new carpets needed everywhere . The carpet in our room also looked tired and needs to be replaced. The bathroom in this room is totally mirrored - toilet and shower areas. Weird. I guess mirror is cheaper than tile, but it looks stained in some areas and I don't like a mirrored shower. The staff is very nice and professional.

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    132. Savanna M.
    I can not say enough good things about The Royalton and will be suggesting it to my all my friends.

    I spent a lot of time researching hotels near the Times Square area and narrowed it down to Royalton and another.  In the end I went with Royalton.
    I knew I made the right decision when 1. we checked in at 11am and were given a free upgrade since our original room wasn't ready (I was expecting just to drop the bags and to come back later) and 2. I got in the room and learned the hotel was owned by the same group that own The Mondrian hotels and 3. The toiletries in the room were amazing. Seriously I wish I could buy these somewhere for myself.  Cilantro conditioner is the amazing!

    Dark and swanky is the theme of the hotel - you'll see the lobby and bar areas are very dark as even are the rooms.  But it's very sexy and I'm more than thrilled we stayed here.   Plus the shower was probably the best shower I've ever had in my life!

    17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    133. Dave M.
    Awesome hotel and the service is great.  We stayed here twice and once was our anniversary.  They upgraded our room and had champagne waiting for us in the room.  Always a pleasure to stay here.

    22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    134. Tiffy D.
    I had one of the best hotel stays of my life here. After an epic fail at a local AirBnB accommodation, I used the Hotel Tonight app to book a same day reservation. If you haven't tried that app yet, get on it! When I saw the pictures for Royalton, I was immediately sold. Upscale and modern? Yes, please.

    When I arrived at the hotel, I was greeted by Camille. I can't say enough great things about her. She was friendly, efficient, and compassionate. It was my birthday, and I needed to have a great experience. I was able to check in early (thankfully!) and she gave me the option of a room with a view or a one with a big, soaking bathtub. Umm...bathtub please? When I got up to my room, I was very pleased with what I saw. Yes, the lighting is dim, but the rooms are impeccably decorated, the bathroom is amazing, and I was very satisfied with the size of the room (by New York standards).

    The bathtub? I can't say enough about it so I'm going to try and limit myself. I took my first bath of 3 (please don't judge me because it was definitely in a 24 hour period) as soon as I got to the room. The bathtub area had a nice rain shower, curtains, lights, and a metallic backsplash. The bath products were amazing and smelled great. The big soaking tub had your girl feeling like Tiffy Montana! Straight out of Scarface! All I was missing was the cigar, but I definitely had a glass of champagne.

    After taking the.best .bath.ever, there was a knock at my door. I wasn't expecting anyone and was totally surprised to find a hotel employee there with a bar cart and bucket. Camille had written a personalized note celebrating my birthday and sent up a bottle of champagne. I was overwhelmed and so grateful!

    I found the mattress to be very comfortable and there were plenty of pillows which made for a very relaxing sleep.

    The bar scene here is also great. I didn't stay for it, but the bar area was completely full around 7 pm on a Monday night. I dined at a nearby restaurant for NYC restaurant week, and returned to the hotel for a drink at the bar. Even though most of the people were gone, there were still a few people milling around the area. The bartender was also crazy and made me a celebratory drink as requested. It was sweet, strong, and had complex flavors. I could tell he knew what he was doing.

    Overall, it was an amazing experience. I would definitely stay here again. Thanks again to Camille for making my birthday one to remember!

    05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    135. Gigi L.
    Hotel is awesome but when I go to NYC I like to hang out in my lobby bar.  But I don't want to pay 25 dollars for an ok glass of wine.  I tried their drink specials too, but didn't love. Food overpriced.  Excellent location.  Bathtubs in the room are amazing.  The rooms are decent. Great textiles.

    So it really depends what matters to you.  If you are on expense acct, this is a great Manhattan stay!

    Great location. Friendly staff. Beautiful setting.

    06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    136. Nicole D.
    The best thing I can say about this place is that it was quiet - at least in the rooms anyway. I didn't a hear a peep from anyone in the hallways and very very little outside noise as well. That said, the lobby and bar area were usually pretty hoppin'. The scene is very trendy and stylish, and in the early evenings, there are a lot of people socializing.

    As for the rooms themselves, they were small, which is somewhat typical in New York. The bed was kind of pushed back into a cubby that made it reminiscent of being in a pod or spaceship, and the TV was mounted on a side wall. You could swivel the TV out a little, but you'll still be watching it an angle rather than direct-on.

    The bathroom was very nice. Slate tile, waterfall shower with a handheld attachment as well, and I definitely appreciated the generous sizes of the toiletries. I hate when hotels give you those tiny shampoo bottles that would never be able to wash more than one person's hair.

    The funniest thing about this place, though, is the "mini-bar." They have the standard candy, beverages, etc., but then they also have an assortment of off-the-cuff amenities for purchase. To start with the more tame - universal adapters, aspirin, allergy pills, etc. As for the more risque - condoms, pleasure kits, etc. If you have kids, I would definitely steer them clear from opening the closet with the mini bar.

    Location is pretty good too. It wasn't on a very busy street, but it was steps away from the action of Broadway, Avenue of the Americas, and 5th Avenue. Oh, and Forty-Four, the restaurant downstairs, serves some tasty lemon ricotta pancakes for breakfast.

    Overall, if you can get the hotel at a decent price, worth a stay, but it's not an experience you have to go out of your way to have.

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0