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The Gotham Hotel in New York, NY

The Gotham Hotel in New York, NY


With a thoughtful approach to hospitality, design and amenities, the Gotham Hotel is a serene hideaway to rest and recharge before exploring the bustling Midtown surroundings, home to world-class museums, shopping and some of the best restaurants in New York.


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Rating: 4.04

Address: 16 East 46th street, New York, NY, 10017
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Comments (47):

1. Kelly G.
My fiancee and I stayed here for a weekend in NY after buying a Living Social voucher.  Having never stayed right in downtown Manhatten before, I thought this would be a great deal. It certainly was!! A few blocks away from Times Square and right off Madison and 5th Avenue.  The lobby threw me off when I checked in because they don't have the usual big desk with lots of computers.  The girls checking us in were very friendly and we even got our room early!  
Our room was huge (the voucher afforded us a complimentary upgrade to a "Gotham 3" room on the 14th floor) and very clean.  We were at the back of the hotel so we faced the back of another bldg (no view from our balcony) but that wasn't a big deal.  
The doormen were extremely pleasant and helpful.  On our last night there, I had asked one of them to take a picture of the two of us, and he actually took us up to the 19th floor balcony to show us the view from there where you could see the lights from Times Square.  He even brought us each a glass of wine!  
The Living Social voucher included a $50 credit at the restaurant Ten Penny which we used on our last night.  The food was good but not AH-MAZING - I doubt I would have eaten there had we not had the credit.
We had a wonderful time in a very beautiful hotel.  I'd LOVE to come back, if only it weren't so expensive.

19/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Shawn B.
Overall a great experience! Stayed here using a Living Social deal and it was well worth it. This is NY chic and convenience at its best. No typical front desk check in but a swanky living room type of looby with wine service upon arrival. Room was spacious and hip/modern. Only 2 rooms with balconies per floor so very quiet and personal. Would stay here again without a second thought - LOVED IT!!

24/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Sherie P.
Don't you just love out of town wedding?  NO?  Well neither do I!  I have to buy a plane ticket, eat out for days, take off work because it's on a Sunday, pay for a hotel and on top of that get you a present??  BOOO!!!  But it was the wedding of someone very close to us so I sucked it up and ended up at one of the best wedding ever.  

Fortunately for me, I didn't have to worry about the hotel.  The Bride and Groom got a block of rooms reserved at the newly opened Gotham Hotel.  I think the wedding might have taken up almost the whole hotel!  

We arrived after our long bumpy plane ride and were quickly greeted by the door man.  He took our bags as we were paying the cab and ushered us inside.  Ummm, where am I?  There's no front desk?  There's a couch and coffee table to our left and a high top table and chairs in front of us.  I felt like I just walked into someone's studio appartment.  He asked us our names and offered us a glass of wine or water.  My boyfriend politely took water while I said "Hell yeah I want some wine!!".  Ok, I said it in my head, but I am sure he could tell by the smile on my face.  The door man poured my wine and told us to have a seat.  We were a little earlier than check in time so we expected our room to not be ready yet.  To our surprise another gentleman came from some secret back room telling us that they went ahead and upgraded us to the 14th floor and he would show us to our room...  Now, I didn't pick the hotel and had no idea what that meant.  Apparently when you go above the 10th floor it turns into pure AWESOMENESS!!  

The room was HUGE.  This place is the size of a townhouse so there are max 4 rooms on any floor.  Our room took up everything to the left of the elevator and there were only 2 other rooms on the floor.  It was super modern and really very pretty.  We had a couch and large tv over the desk.  There was a minibar with wine cooler.  Really?  Who has a wine cooler in a hotel? The bathroom was huge.  I kept thinking about how many people we could fit in that shower!  (I was having wine after all...)  There was also a great view from the large balcony.  The huge bed was like a giant pillow.  I don't think I've ever slept that well in a hotel before.  Now, we did go down to a friend's room on the 2nd floor and it was TINY! It was still beautifully decorated and had the comfy bed, but there was really only room to walk around the bed.  No balcony, tiny desk, and only room for a chair in the corner.  All of the rooms and even the lobby did have books everywhere, which I though was charming.  I must have started reading 4 or 5 of them in the few days we were there.

That first day when we arrived, we were starving and the wine was getting to me.  So, we headed right out to find food.  When we got back there was a little note thanking us for coming and a chocolate covered cookie waiting for us in the room.  How did you know my weakness was chocolate?  At night, there was turn down service and they brought us an orange on a plate.  It was so wonderful!  My boyfriend is a freak about ironing and there was no iron in the room.  I called downstairs and there was one in the room in minutes.  This place cannot be beat on the customer service.  I would want to stay here any time I am in NYC if I could afford it.  If only I could get that group rate every time...

Now there was one Con and it's the same one that Anthony L. had.  It's super dark in the rooms.  In the daytime it's fine, but at night...  don't try to read a book or anything unless you brought a flashlight!

15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Melissa F.
I brought my mother to New York for the weekend and thought I was booking a fabulous room by the reviews I read. When we walked in, a guy held the door for us but we weren't sure if he worked there or was just being nice, as he had no uniform or name tag. Ended up that he does work there, but since they don't have a front desk, they took us back to thier somewhat messy office to give us our room key. He asked if I wanted to leave the room on the same credit card that I had booked with, but never asked to see the credit card or any idenification. Nothing to sign or anything, just handed me a key and told me we were on the 18th floor. There is no bell hop or anyone to offer to help you with your bags.

I booked the Skyline room (the most largest (315-365 sq ft) and most expensive room they had available). The room we get to our room, and it was small (approx 275 sq ft). I was expecting a king size bed but there was only a queen. When I looked back at my reservation confirmation more carefully, it did say "king in most rooms". The bathroom was tiny, you hand to close the door to be able to stand in front of the sink to even wash your hands or see in the mirror. There was only 1 mirror in the room (in the bathroom) which made getting ready in the morning a little slow with 2 women, and there is no clock any where in the room. While the room was small, it was very clean and very nicely decorated.

We ordered room service for breakfast the first morning we were there, while it was to us very quickly (we ordered coffee, tea, juice and a pastry basket), they forgot the cream for my coffee and silverware and plates for our pastries. Thinking that this must have just been a fluke, we ordered the room service again for a snack the next night (sorbet and coffee), again it came to use quickly, but again they forgot the spoons. By the time they went back down and got spoons and brought them back up, the sorbet was melty and the coffee was getting cold.

While this was not a bad experience at a hotel, but it could have been so much better.  And while I would not discourage anyone from staying in this hotel, I would just warn you to go without high expectations.

04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. William S.
Absolutely fabulouus property!!!  It was new (different) experice throughout our stay....from check-in to check-out.  There was no front desk.  Guest service met us at the door, offered wine or water, asked you to have a seat, and went to get us checked in.  When we got to our floor there were only two rooms on the floor.  Each room had its own small balcony off our room and there was a larger balcony off the hallway.  This property was sawk, even for NYC.  The room and bathroom was spacious enough and modern.  Even the restaurant on property was chic and food was different but very good. This was one of the best Living Social Deals I've purchased to date!

28/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Anthony L.
Solid hotel in midtown. Stayed here for two nights on business:

1) Fast, courteous staff - it's a small hotel and they are very responsive.
2) Brand spanking new - the rooms are very stylishly decorated and have a mod/zen vibe.
3) Big rooms - probably the biggest room ive had in NYC at this price point
4) nice bathrooms with nice toiletries.
5) Balconies

1) rooms are "romantically" lit but mine was actually quite dark even with all the lights on - not great when you are looking for a black sock.

There isnt a ton of stuff to do in the area unless you are a tourist, but for business its a fine joint. Overall a solid place.

02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Alex C.
Staff has consistently been unhelpful and seemingly annoyed that I am traveling with a three month old. I needed a place to wait after check out until my wife was out of a meeting and they suggested I go to McDonalds. Presently waiting in front of drafty door in their micro scopic lobby.

Desire to serve, not here!

07/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Anne B.
I booked a hotel here after seeing a living social deal (this was back in the summer). Both my parents were coming to DC and we all planned a trip to see NY. When we got out of the cab, a gentleman in the front door opened the door for us. We sat down, got served water and was shown to our room.  

The room was large and the rain shower was an added bonus! We had a balcony and the floor we were on had a terrace with a great view of NY.  The location was great. Very close to Times Square and Penn station. Our deal included a free breakfast in the morning. It was the perfect retreat after walking all day in Manhattan. The only issue I had was on our last day. We were getting ready to leave and had asked the front desk for a cab (it was around 3-4am). The guy said they couldn't call for anyone and wasn't able to help flag a cab outside because he was the only one there and couldn't leave the hotel. Once more, because it was so learly in the morning, we had to walk down a block to catch a cab since none were passing through the street in front of the hotel.

In the end, it all worked out. Would I stay here again? Definitely!!!

20/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Italian Bird Q.
Amazing! I would give them 10 stars if I could! Fantastic location, exceptional guest service.Everyone from check in to check out was overly helpful, they would bend over backwards for you, eager to accommodate even the smallest request. The rooms were large by NY standards, the bathroom too. Loved the rainfall shower! The bed was very comfortable and the room was well appointed. I loved our balcony, and we enjoyed the views from the hotel terrace. I can't say enough about this hotel, and I am already planning my next trip back. Thank you Gotham!! :)

30/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Carrie P.
I loved this hotel! What a hidden gem in NYC and the location was great! My sister and I took my mom for her first trip to the city for a girls weekend. We were not disappointed. The hotel is very modern, clean and sleek. The room was surprisingly spacious and the bathroom was beautiful. It had a rain shower and another shower head that sprayed out to you. The bed wasn't that comfortable, but I am sure that is personal preference. We got this deal on living social, so we got free breakfast and a $50 credit for the restaurant and a bottle of champagne was in our room waiting, which was an added bonus. We didn't get a chance to use the credit for the restaurant and we only used the breakfast voucher one day because we didn't care for it.

The staff was very extremely pleasant and eager to please, especially Dinaldo, who after a rainy night offered us complimentary wine upon entering the hotel for the night, what a plus!

We had a little balcony, which was cute, but our view was just of the back of some buildings. Overall, I would definitely come back and stay!

16/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Marcus M.
We stayed two nights over Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed everything about the Gotham Hotel.  The location is ideal - easy walk to the subway and just a few blocks from awesome shopping. There's a Gregory's Coffee right next door, which has awesome java. The hotel itself offers complimentary wine and fruit in the lobby. Our room was generously sized, and included a swanky bathroom with cool tiles. There was a terrace, with an industrialist view up the side of a very tall skyscraper that was imposing and impressive. Excellent linens, comfy bed, nice TV, and, most importantly, quiet (little to no street noise)! This is everything you could want in a respite from the energy of NYC. I'd definitely stay again next time I'm in the Big Apple.

05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Kori F.
WOW this boutique hotel was as good as they come.  I work in the Events Industry and am constantly in hotels for business so I'm very used to the ins/outs of hotels in general (it takes a lot for a hotel to stand out since I'm always in them)

Immediately upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of wine and promptly given keys, info, etc.. My boyfriend booked the hotel (LivingSocial deal) and this was his first time in NYC.  After the front desk receptionist (Lauren, I believe) heard it was his first time and that neither of us were familiar with the area, she gave us a number of maps and highlighted things to do in the area.  GREAT customer service from everyone from the doormen to the receptionist to the bartenders at TenPenny (great restaurant).  You can't beat the location but the friendly staff and great accommodations make this a very well-worth-it location.

The rooms are tiny but charming - you are staying in NYC,after all - what do you expect?  If you're looking for a weekend away, I highly recommend this hotel.  Great location, good food, friendly staff & charming atmosphere - somewhere I'll definitely re-visit in the future.

25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. J C.
Incredible, awesome boutique hotel.

No amenities, no real frills, just an upscale, modern, boutique hotel with helpful and friendly staff. I booked last minute via Hotel Tonight at a terrific rate. When I got there, I think check-in took less than 60 seconds. I asked the front desk agent if he could accommodate me with a room with a balcony. He checked, and provided me an excellent upgrade at no charge. Very friendly and welcoming.

There are only 2-3 rooms per floor, which is terrific.

I didn't sample room service or Tenpenny, the onsite restaurant, so no idea if it was good or not.

Room was a deluxe king, which was large by NYC standards. Room was clean, minibar was stocked and the TV worked perfectly, and the bed was very comfortable.

The bathroom is aesthetically pleasing, and not too tiny. The shower could have fit two people. However, in my room, all the knobs and levers for the sink faucets and the shower controls were all loose and askew. Also, the doorknob on the door to the balcony was broken when I got to the room, so someone could have easily been locked outside. They lost a star for those fit-and-finish issues.

All in all, a great hotel and I'd stay again in a heartbeat. Also loved the balcony on my floor with chairs. It made for a great smoking lounge.

06/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Eman F.
First hotel in NYC for our Thanksgiving trip.We just came back from visiting New Orleans. Made a stop to Orlando then right back on the plane. So with all that travel. We desperately needed a comfortable hotel in a good location.
The entrance of the hotel was a little gloomy.
Badly lit but I guess it was for the ambiance. Considering its Gotham. The staff is very personable and helpful. The rooms were spacious which worked very well.Liked my balcony but the view of the other building was a lag.Loved the decor and most importantly the beds were soft as feathers. Exactly what we needed.
            Highly suggested.

11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Lindsay P.
Booked this hotel last minute through Hotel Tonight. It was a newer, modern- style hotel in a convenient location. I had read other reviews detailing broken TVs and sharp corners on the beds. Let me tell you, both were valid complaints! We also had trouble locking the "balcony" door. FYI, move the door handle up and/or down while also moving the lock. The "balcony"  entered onto a portion of the inside roof and  was  better left unbuilt. Overall, clean hotel with some  imperfections.

20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. G C.
Booked with 'hotel tonight' at $450 per night.  Service was okay and it seemed like they did not like that I booked with hotel tonight.  Room is good not great.  Balcony (113) is right next to the mechanical units so it is basically useless.  Not worth the money.

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Eddie M.
Stayed for two nights with my wife and my two young daughters ,I have to say the staff was awesome very accommodating the room was nice modern and bathroom was excellent we stayed on the 23 floor and the view from the front balcony was awesome cant wait to stay here again .... Location was key steps of of 5th ave was perfect loved it such a nice place

08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. MeiMei F.
Got a fantastic rate on this hotel last minute thanks to HotelTonight. I was super impressed as this hotel totally exceeded by expectations. The room was HUGE by Manhattan standards, including a large bathroom and a balcony. I loved it! We were on a low floor and interior facing a courtyard, which at first I felt disappointed by as I would've loved a view. But it turned out great, as it was SO QUIET. I have never slept so well in Manhattan! The staff was helpful and the restaurant very cute. The only issue we had was lack of/spotty cell service in the room - I hope the hotel can fix this. Otherwise it was truly a fabulous place to stay.

04/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Michael C.
While a slow check in despite being the only person trying to check in would ordinarily frustrate me, the Gotham Hotel makes up for their relatively lacking technology system by offering complimentary wine as soon as you walk in so you never realize that it's been over five minutes. When they do get you checked in, you're free to take your wine up to your room.

The room itself was, for New York, dare I say it, somewhat spacious (so, a standard sized room in almost any other city). The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was clean and relatively modern. I enjoyed the rain shower though nicer complimentary toiletries would certainly not be discouraged.

The only negative experience I had during the stay was the relatively unknowledgeable staff. I was looking for a meal at around midnight and knowing Midtown to be dead at that hour, I asked the employees on duty what I could get to eat nearby. They didn't really have any good suggestions off the top of their heads and had to find a spreadsheet on their computer. I ended up just using the Yelp mobile app.

27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. David B.
I wish every hotel could be like this place.

First, I love the decor.  It's modern, but not cold.  It's a boutique hotel without the pretension.  No big, grandiose lobby, because I don't need that.  I want a nice, clean, well-appointed room with a nice bathroom.  Because I have a wife that likes that.  The Gotham Hotel delivers.

We made reservations over the phone, as I had some questions that were quickly answered--instead of waiting for emails to be returned.    Janet was very responsive, warm and courteous.  

When I told her that we were visiting NYC for a special occasion, she inquired as to what (a milestone birthday) and said we would have a room "with a view" on one of the higher floors.  And a king size bed.  Deal.

Arrival in the morning meant our room was not ready yet (check in time was 3pm).  But hotel staff was gracious to store our luggage while we roamed Midtown for a few hours.  There's plenty to do with Times Square/5th Ave. just west.

When we returned to formally check in, we were given a complimentary glass of wine (red or white offered) and our room key.  What's great about this hotel is that, although it has 25 floors, it's not very busy--and the lobby is tiny, considering.  But I like this.  Because it was mere steps to the fast elevators.

Good thing, too, because we were indeed on a "high" floor (22).  When the elevator door opened, to our surprise, we discovered there were only TWO rooms on our floor!  This meant peace and quiet (no slamming doors way down the hall) and an extra bonus--our "own" glassed in outdoor balcony overlooking 46th Street!  Replete with three modern wicker chairs, it afforded a beautiful view southwest towards Times Square and also of the greater Midtown skyline, including the famous MetLife (nee' Pan Am) building.  We drank our wine while we drank in the views.

The room itself was definitely our style.  Bigger than most hotel rooms at this price point in Midtown and tastefully decorated with wood built-ins and modern touches.  There was a stocked fridge which, although we didn't buy anything, allowed us to keep our own drinks chilled.  Still, it was a classy touch.  Our own private glassed in outdoor balcony faced the side and rear of the building.  A perfect place to have a cup of coffee in the morning.  

Fast, free wi-fi.  Nice lamps and speaker for my iPod.  Good selection of channels on the flat screen TV.

The bathroom was perfect.  Modern and sleek, with a huge rainfall showerhead and hand wand.  If you got the levers just right, water would come shooting out at you from both.  Blissful.  Love that shower.

The bed itself was like sleeping on a warm, well-supported cloud.  White sheets with high thread counts.  I would have liked a firmer pillow, but I slept fantastically just the same.  Very quiet way up here on the 22nd floor.  

The staff were accommodating and very friendly.  When I needed an iron and ironing board, one appeared in minutes.  When we entered and exited the building , someone always held the door for us with a smile.  And when they gave my wife a free bottle of wine for her birthday, she could not have been more touched.

And the location is perfect.  Good coffee is mere steps away, along with shopping, Broadway entertainment and subway access.  And killer views from those balconies.  We couldn't ask for anything more.  Great value.  We will be back.

06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Kelly S.
I had to attend a weekend conference for work. It was a very last minute plan and I had a hard time finding a hotel. I ended up at the Gotham - reviews sounded good and it was walking distance to Grand Central. I thought the room was OK. It was quiet, and the bathroom looked nearly brand new. But there was nothing special about the place and I've stayed in much better hotels in NY for the price I paid. I thought the staff was unprofessional. So, I wouldn't say it was awful, but I also wouldn't stay here again if I could help it.

02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Joseph H.
Very clean hotel and friendly staff. Booked off Priceline and it was a great value for an excellent location. We stayed on the 10th floor and had a large room and spacious balcony. I would have liked an in-room coffee maker or Keurig machine but Gregory's coffee is next door and opens at 7. Overall, an excellent hotel and a great value for Midtown. No question that I'd stay here again.

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Cindy C.
Boutique hotel on 46th.  It's VERY small... as in, a half size building.  There's not really a lobby to check in/out, but it wasn't a big deal either.  Each floor only has 3 rooms.  So, it's elevator, and 3 doors, and that's it.  No space for hallway or more rooms.

Even though the building is small, the rooms are a decent size, for Manhattan.  My only gripe was that the water temperature in my room was not functioning properly -- every day, without fail, I'd get in the shower, get a perfectly warm stream started, and just after I soap up, the cold part of the mix will disappear and the water will turn scalding hot.  Not great when you have to pick from 1st degree burns or soapy skin.

05/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. AJA J.
Location, location, location. Yep - Gotham has it.  Check.

Friendly staff and delectable wine and oranges o'plenty in the lobby. Check.

A bed that makes you seriously reconsider your stance on super-plush mattresses, it's just that amazing. Check.

Terrific in-house restaurant. Check.

Toilet paper.  Um, no check.

Lipstick-free linens. No check.

Daily replenishment of toiletries. No check.

Receipt upon check-out. No check.  
--Subsequent disagreement over room charges. Check.

What to do, what to do.  On one hand, the hotel is great.  Excellent location, tentative staff and an atmosphere that puts the "big box" hotels to shame.

On the other hand, at $600 a night (retail), the remainder is just completely ridiculous.

With a few small changes, Gotham could be the place to be.  You'll find weekend deals on a regular basis on Living Social; but all things considered I'm not sure even $300/night is worth it until they get it together.

20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Kathleen B.
The Gotham Hotel is a modern hotel with reasonable prices (via hotels.com ) in a great location. Most important of all, the bed was super comfortable and the sheets high-thread count as advertised. The staff was very attentive and seemed to care about the service provided to the guests.

Of note: according to its website, the hotel welcomes cats and dogs, and the doormen will walk your dog for $15!

Negatives: the queen-sized bed seemed only full-sized to me, the minibar was NOT restocked consistently, there was no listing in the room of minibar prices, there were plumbing issues, and the room needed cosmetic maintenance (there were scuff marks galore on the bathroom door and wall).

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Antoine J.
This is a great boutique hotel. I would recommend it for business travelers and or people traveling into the city. The staff is friendly and it is conveniently located off of 5th Avenue. It is a five minute walk to Grand Central Station and a cab ride away from everything else.

The only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that they have no workout facility. There is one down the street that they will point you to, but that is not very convenient when you're traveling.

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Tania T.
I stayed here with my girlfriend for two nights. It's a fairly new hotel so everything is still sparkling. The bathrooms were clean. Unfortunately, I didn't get a view from that balcony except the back of buildings, so lighting and atmosphere felt like a mental hospital.

The doorman was nice and the woman who checked me in. Tenpenny was okay, expensive and would not return again. The service was great. We had the shrimp black linguine and the salmon. Creme brûlée and tiramisu for dessert. Calamari was good. But that's about it, the service was what made up for the lack luster food after. We came in at around 3ish, I saw how much I ordered. We left around 6pm, if you're going to bill me "dinner time" prices, give me the "dinner time" menu. 24$ black linguine turned to 38$. Load of crap if you ask me.  

No complimentary wine upon check-in, just a voucher. Overall, for the price - it was nice. Great central location, close to subways and shopping. Food as well. Cool little coffee spot downstairs and a deli next door, Duane reade around the corner. Not close to any bars or anything fun if you're between 20-30 years old. The room was comfortable. Tricky TV but I would return. It served it's purpose!

13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Elizabeth G.
The perfect hotel room. Large modern shower w fixtures. Big comfy luxurious bed. And a balcony. Service was above average to exceptional.

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Jennifer D.
Great deal. Got exactly what I paid for with Hotels Tonight. Very quiet.  Comfy. Clean. Spacious.  Updated.  Perfect for business!

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Gregg M.
The gf and I were in NY for a weekend getaway and chose the Gotham Hotel as our base camp for the weekend's activities.  You would scarcely know that the building at 16 East 46th was a hotel unless you were specifically staying there.  The Gotham is a boutique hotel in every sense of the word.  It's a small property with a minimalist lobby and only two guest rooms per floor.  Its location and proximity to shopping along 5th Ave is certainly one of its selling points since it's otherwise in a fairly unremarkable part of town.  Frankly, the Gotham would've never popped up on our radar as a place to stay had it not been for a Living Social coupon, which offered and upgraded room on a higher floor and a welcome gift, among other things.

Our well-appointed room contained modern furnishings and a 50" HD flat panel.  The bed, fitted with quality linens, was very comfortable.  The bathroom had modern fixtures with just enough counter space to accommodate your toothbrush, razor, and other assorted personal items.  The hotel provided Bigelow soap, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.  There was only a stand up shower, no tub.  Our first night, room service delivered the welcome gift, a decent bottle of prosecco and a couple of cookies.  Nice touch!  Another great feature was the availability of free wifi in the rooms and throughout the property.

However, what wasn't nearly as nice was the addition of a tip charged to our bill by the on-premises restaurant, Tenpenny (which will be reviewed separately).  Complimentary continental breakfasts were a part of the Living Social deal.  There was no mention that a tip to the restaurant would be automatically charged to our room.  This was especially troubling, as we had left a tip on the table.  Anyway, when I inquired about the charge to the hotel clerk, she basically shrugged her shoulders and said that the restaurant wasn't a part of the hotel and that the tip charged to my room by the restaurant was their normal operating procedure.  While the charge wasn't really exorbitant (approx. $5), it was a definite foul as there was no mention of it in any of the fine print on the deal that I saw.

Based solely on the facilities, amenities, its location, and our comfort during our stay, it was squarely in 4.5-star territory.  That said, the inappropriate tip added to our bill and the hotel's inability to explain it to my satisfaction really irked me.  And for that, call it a 2 star experience.  Next time I'm in NY, I'll stay elsewhere.

22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
31. Emma Kate F.
Love this place!! Our
Bathroom was fantastic, and our room had a balcony as well! The glass of wine at check-in was such a nice touch, and the robes in the room made me feel pampered! Great overall experience.

The only thing we noticed was that the mattress and sheets had some stains. But, I imagine that happens with hotel beds!

I have, and will continue to, recommend The Gotham to friends!

08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Steven B.
Really couldn't have asked for more. Staff was very friendly, room was brand new and clean. The bed was the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Definitely would return again. Great boutique hotel.

01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Alexis K.
Great experience at an amazing price thanks to Hotel Tonight. Very convenient location which made it easy to walk to the theater district and central park.

Room was very clean and had a simple yet refined personality. Bathroom was rather large but the shower was tiny, which is why I can't give 5 stars. And while bar is nice, it's an over priced hotel bar. Leave the site and walk up Madison for better alternatives.

We would stay here again for sure.

07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Elle Y.
Friendly staff, decently priced rates (if you book extremely last minute), modern decor, and a balcony that overlooks nothing of much substance.

I'd stay here if I ever needed a hotel room in NYC just for the waterfall-esque shower head.

20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Wynta A.
I stayed here last night with a friend for his birthday. We stayed in room 31. Hotel is very hip and the room was really nice . Huge mirror , comfy bed and nice size flatscreen. My only complaint was the balcony is small and I was afraid to go on it in fear that I would somehow slip due to the lack of room.  The shower was my favorite part of the room , the shower head is super sexy and the peppermint scented shower gel was a nice touch . The room also had a mini bar and various snacks to choose from.

08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Will S.
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Everything about this super modern, super fresh, and super comfortable place makes me smile.

The bed was amazing. Lighting in the room very nice. The bathroom was dream-like...I wanted to take it all home and replace my bedroom. For me, that is always a sign of a good hotel. Comes with top end soaps, services, and mini-bar.

Check-in was simple and easy. The gentleman very nice. Forgo a big chained hotel and try this one!

And the noise from outside was minimal. Location amazing...2 blocks from grand central station and 1 block from the top designer stores on 5th Avenue.

30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Erin C.
Made a reservation here based on photos of the accommodations. Specifically paid extra for a room with a terrace and the skyline view that the website advertised. Upon arriving, we verified with the front desk that we were getting what we had requested to which he assured us that we were getting a room with a terrace and a view. Wrong. We do have a very small balcony which I suppose could be considered a terrace with a stretch of the imagination; however,  the only view we have is that of 3 sides of brick. You see nothing of the amazing New York skyline that we paid extra to wake up to. We went to the front desk to explain the discrepancy between what we were told we were getting (and paid for) and what was reality and were given no assistance. First she states that the brick -surrounded cave we're in is already an upgrade (duh, we paid that extra money for that upgraded room with a terrace and a VIEW) and that to get a room with an actual view of something other than brick and an air conditioning unit, we would have to pay an extra $30/night and stay in a smaller room. After more discussion and more excuses on the hotel's part, it became clear that service is at the very bottom of this location's priorities. I would never stay here again and wouldn't recommend planning your stay here if you're looking for a vacation experience complete with aesthetics and a friendly staff.

24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
38. Shawn H.
This COULD BE a GOOD place, except for the service. In the service industry, you'd think that was important, but it seems not to be at Gotham Hotel.

We booked on Hotel Tonight. I think they treat people booking on that service differently because when I called to double check that my reservation was booked and asked if I might get a king bed for my wife, baby and I when we arrived, I was told bookings through that service received "run of the house" or something. I thought, "okay, but you can still TELL me about the potentiality of getting the bed size I want" after being ushered off the phone as though I shouldn't have even bothered asking.

Checking in, things seemed pretty good. Valet at the front with a prompt bellman (and well tipped for that). The room was nice. We got a king sized bed, which I began to inspect for BUGS, since that's a real thing in some hotels.

No bugs, but lifting the mattress, I found bottle caps and a fair amount of trash between mattress and platform! We had been on the road all day, so I figured the remnants of someone's crazy hotel night wouldn't prevent us from resting a bit before walking over to Times Square.

The Hotel Tonight ad for this place advertises balconies in each room. This was largely why we chose to stay here over other nice options. Our balcony was tiny, but one person could daringly walk out and stand on it to take in a view of the street from the 4th floor. I remembered our bellman mentioning shared balconies on the top floors, so I made a mental note to check those out since ours was basically a french balcony with a ledge.

I started to plug in chargers for our gadgets and found...no power...in any of the outlets in the room! The bathroom plug worked, but I didn't want to have a MacBook Air sitting there charging in the bathroom, so i called the front desk to switch our room. They were formal but not at all apologetic or accommodating AT ALL and seemed rather annoyed about the call. We were moved directly across the hall to another 4th floor room with a larger balcony that gave us a view of the backs of buildings rather than the street.

Shower time. The modern bathroom had a rain shower style fixture. The walk in shower was double sized. Checking the towels, I discovered there was no wash cloth in either set--only a bath towel and hand towel. After being made to feel like I was a "bad customer" calling a couple of times already, I decided the hand towel would serve well as a wash cloth and started by business.

The shower gel and shampoo were also very nice, but the "larger" (normal hotel size) shampoo and little tiny tiny shower gel had me in soap saver mode right away. Again, not wanting to call and ask for ANYTHING after being shunned twice, I thought, "we can make due with a 1oz. bottle of shower gel. It'll be okay!"

After getting cleaned up and resting a bit, I realized our insufficient bath towel situation was still going to be damp in the morning. Even though I was resigned to just accepting whatever we had at this point, I thought it would be really easy for a hotel to send up some new towels. Hey, maybe we'd even get proper wash cloths in a new set of bath linens!

Calling the front desk, I was again left wanting and made to feel like I had gone too far in making the request. After explaining we wanted fresh stuff to use early in the morning and had just used everything after checking in, I was told that housekeeping could only help me the next day.

Yikes! I guess that explains the leftover party trash under the bed in our first room?

Asking what time housekeeping could help us in the morning (after 9am), I repeated my position calmly. Suddenly, I qualified for "just two new towels", which I accepted. They appeared in minutes. Strangely, they were warm, as though they had just come from the dryer. I guess that's a gimmick. It works. I was, again, happy-ish.

We had our jaunt around Times Square (first time for our one year old). After dinner at Tommy Bahama Restaurant (not bad) and taking a hundred or so pictures on the west side before strolling back with baby, we decided to check out those upper level balcony views. It was the best part of the hotel stay, but nothing special for someone who lived in Manhattan with a view for three years. My wife loved it though.

After our trip, we realized we left a dress hanging in the room. My wife's call to the hotel was met with "nothing was found/call back tomorrow."

I later got an email from Hotel Tonight. Donaldo from Gotham Hotel had our item. I called and was again shocked. He requested a credit card to ship the item. I've stayed in many hotels on business and left items from time to time. They've always just shipped the item back to me--unless maybe my company was charged, but I don't believe so (?)

They misspelled my street name, which I took time to clearly spell out. FedEx cleared it up for me, but no help was offered by Gotham. I was appalled again and again by this hotel stay.

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. Pamela G.
I. Love. This. Place.

I'm in town for training and my first class started at 9:00 am. I came to the hotel to drop off my bag around 8:30 am, and my plan was to just check in later. Not only was Anna able to check me in early, she upgraded my room. How's that for amazing service!

The lobby is modern but still inviting and the rooms are surprisingly spacious for a Manhattan hotel! Lots of room to do push ups and jumping jacks. I opted to lay in bed.  

Speaking of beds, these are suuuuppper comfy. Like a firm hug from your better half.

There are only three rooms on each floor as well, so very minimal foot traffic.  

The bathroom is designed to give lots of surface area to place your items, so it doesn't feel small at all and the shower has a rainfall shower head, which just screams fancy. Or sexy. Your choice. They also provide C.O. Bigelow products which leave you smelling flat out awesome.

There is a mini fridge, stocked with all sorts of drinks and libations, as well as a few snacks for typical hotel prices.

The terrace is nice from what I can see. I have an irrational fear of birds flying into my room, so I didn't go out there. Actually, it's 1:35 am and I just haven't gone out there and I'm too lazy to look. But I'm sure it's great.

There is a restaurant attached (tenpenny) that smells really good. Breakfast is available there for hotel guests as well, if you're into that kind of thing.

In summation, this place is fantastic. Great service, comfy rooms, lots of space. Exceptional value for the price! I've already recommended this place to a few people who are traveling here this year!

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Shawn J.
Great location. Easy to walk to radio city music as well as other locations. Bryant Park is close by also.

Rooms where clean and big. The shower is a rain shower head.

The staff was great. Very polite.

Valid parking was $55.00 per day.

20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Aida L.
Hospitality rated 5. Excellent service, beautiful hotel, clean, modern, comfy, and would definitely come back.
I hosted my 30th party at the penthouse, and it was better then expected. TenPenny offered phenomenal food choices, and great package for my celebration. Definitely recommend to everyone.

25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Roy P.
Came here for a beautifully put together birthday party in the penthouse and it was very tasteful.

Trendy for a midtown hotel.

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Carolina P.
Boyfriend decided to surprise me with an impromptu stay in the city. You know? The whole romantic dinner, beer, walk drunkenly or hail a cab back to the hotel kind of thing. The Gotham Hotel was exactly the place to stay at. It's a very small, kind of boutique hotel. You wouldn't know where it is, because it's doesn't have a very prominent or flashy sign outside. The cabbies don't know where it actually is, so you have to give the exact directions of it. It was a great stay. It was right next to the places we wanted to be at during the day; very nicely located.

The room was clean! The bed, shower, chairs, carpet, everything was clean! The bathrooms are very modern and loved everything about the tiles and colors they chose. The king sized bed was very soft, too soft for my taste, but after a boozy night it didn't matter. I slept like a baby. The front desk staff was very nice and courteous. The hotel does have a restaurant on the first floor, but it is always empty. They do offer snacks and alcohol for a price inside the room. They do offer TV with all the channels. They also offer room service. It was a good choice without breaking the bank. Overall, I think BF paid $150. In NYC? During New Years Weekend? What a steal.

29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Cheryl B.
I am not sure why they don't give you face/wash clothes I had to ask for them....no coffee maker in room and you have to ask for ice.  However you have a frig for leftovers and there are only 4 rooms per floor.  Nice walk to diamond district, Times Sq. And Grand central station.  Nice boutique hotel.
The bar area seems to be happening 2 coffee breakfast places on either side of hotel, business computer and printer. FYI they don't change the sheets everyday!!!! Gasp!!

20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
45. Christian C.
Nice place. I like that all the people working had different accents. I know it sounds weird, but it gave a classy international feel. Want to know what else is cool? It looks like It would be Bruce Wayne's townhouse if he didn't live just outside the city. It was all dark grey with black trim on the exterior. Now that I think of it the colors remind me of the grey and black Batman costume...who owns this place?!

Check in was a breeze. Literally about 2 minutes and it probably took that long because I have an annoying last name. Once we got upstairs I was happy to see a balcony. Yeah the view was of just other tall buildings not facing any street or anything, but I don't mind. I've been to many other city's and when I see something like that you know you're in New York. Each balcony has a small breakfast table with 2 chairs. Everything was clean and other reviews are spot on about the bed. SUPER COMFY! Bathrooms are nice, but it's true that there are few towels. I'm a guy that could care less, but wife seemed to notice quickly. I was kind of expecting this but I'll still gripe that there was no Iron or Ironing board.

Beverage/Snack prices for the stuff in the room are beyond crazy.

I have no clue what the room cost because wife surprised me with a little weekend getaway.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Dave T.
WOW!  Not only do I highly recommend this hotel, but I highly recommend the app HotelTonight, which got me a room here for only $100.  What a steal.  The room was VERY nice ... my New Yorker wife and her brother were very impressed with how nice everything was, as was I.  Comfy bed, great service, balcony (granted looking at a wall, but still) ... wonderful hotel right near 30 Rock and Times Square.


07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
pretty nice hotel for the price and the location - service staff was good, nice drinks downstairs - and you get a free pass to the gym, if you want that too

i had an accident where 'someone' threw up in the room, they nicely came, cleaned it and made no big deal about it as well, so those are always added pluses

there were no towels when i got there though haha not sure why

free wifi too

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0