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The Kimberly Hotel in New York, NY

The Kimberly Hotel in New York, NY

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.85

Address: 145 East 50th Street, New York, NY, 10022

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    Comments (62):

    1. Kim N.
    The rooms were very spacious and easily fit 4-5 girls per room, which is a rarity in NYC. Each of the rooms came with a separate living room and kitchen with all the amenities. This came in handy when we had to freeze our Costco sized grey goose for the pre-party drinks and make our ramen with eggs after a night of clubbing. The location was great...right across the street from the W hotel and right next door to Nikki Beach. The manager of Nikki Beach saw our group of bachelorettes and set up a complimentary  table with bottle service....alas we danced until 4 AM and did not get a chance to partake in the free booze. Our doorman was the best! We miss you Harry!!!!

    Oh, and complimentary breakfast....what a deal!

    23/08/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Jeanie N.
    Bidding for a hotel on Priceline is by far the most nerve wracking thing I've ever done. But we were 4 girls on a budget and really couldn't afford anything decent. After I bid and paid, we were given the Kimberly Hotel. I did my research and saw that it had pretty good reviews. But, me being me, I started to get major buyer's remorse. What if they wouldn't let 4 girls squeeze into a 2 person room?? What if they treated us like crap because we bid through priceline?? These questions invaded my mind for the months leading up to our trip. We arrived late at night and the bellhop was very friendly, unloading all our bags from the taxi. Upon check in, I was notified that we had been upgraded to a SUITE!!! hallelujah! I really don't know how the four of us would've managed in just one bedroom. Half our luggage was in the living room and the bedroom was STILL cramped. The hotel is tiny, with only about 4-5 rooms on each floor. The person working the front desk late at night was not too helpful when we had questions. Overall though, everyone was really nice, the hotel was absolutely beautiful, furniture a little dated but still clean, and the room was quiet and peaceful. We paid 190/night.

    16/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Diane H.
    We just returned from a two- night stay with our two teenage children.  We wanted a room with enough space when we were in the room and The Kimberly delivered.  The very clean suite had two double or queen Beds in the bedroom and a HUGE living room with a King  pullout bed that was beyond comfortable!  Yes, I said it,  a pullout couch that was comfortable.  It also had a lovely kitchenette with an empty fridge for storing snacks and leftovers. The  in-room snack prices were fair and the coffee maker was a nice touch for morning coffee.   The bellman were fantastic-one of them even ran up the street to fetch us a cab.  We did try to eat on the roof deck restaurant after 5 p.m. And they turned us away because we had kids with us. We tried again to grab lunch and they were too busy, so we did not see the priceless views, but we will definitely try again.  Great room at any price.  Surrounded by shops and restaurants and a very easy walk to Rockefeller Center.

    17/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Nancy M.
    My husband, infant daughter and I spent a weekend here this winter.  It was great for traveling with a baby.  We got a suite which gave us extra room to spread out (rooms were huge) and as an added bonus there was a dressing/make-up area off the bathroom with a ledge which was the perfect height and width to become a changing table for the weekend.  I would definitely stay here again and would recommend it to other families with small children.

    03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Meg P.
    When I have friends come to town and I can't house them in my apartment I send them to the Kimberly.

    They are all suites and can sleep 4 -6 because some of the rooms have pull out couches.

    Get a room with a balcony so you can admire the view from outside, but becareful, it's a long way down.

    In the rooms I've been in, there are living rooms with plenty of seating and kitchens- at least enough room to chill some wine and serve up some cheese and crackers.

    I think this place is a pretty good deal depending on when you book it.

    26/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Trevin P.
    What a great place to stay in NY with large rooms, and nice amenities such as coffee maker, mini-fridge, and flat screen TV's.  My family (6 of us spread over 3 rooms) stayed and every room was good.  No view being on the 4th floor but very comfortable bed and no street noise.  The location is decent, good shopping a few blocks away and good affordable restaurants down on 2nd ave.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  Subway just 1 block away. Would definitely stay again.

    02/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Virginia C.
    Very cute hotel.  Definitely a good value.  I booked a regular room and received an upgrade upon checking in.  Great service.  High recommended!

    23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Matt C.
    The rooms are huge. Seriously, they are massive. Full kitchen, living room, balcony and a nice plush bedroom. The lobby and business center are very small compared to a typical NYC hotel, but The Kimberly is more of a boutique hotel. The staff is very pleasant and extremely helpful.

    The only reason I wouldn't bump the Kimberly up to 5 stars is because the rooms are a bit dated. Don't get me wrong, the flat screens and new beds are nice, but the decor needs a makeover.

    I would recommend the Kimberly to anyone looking for a spacious room in Manhattan.

    26/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Andee H.
    I am not kidding when I say this...I slept like a baby here. No loud sounds. Bed is way comfortable and lots of pillows. The service is here is outstanding and blew me away.
    Our room had a nice sized tv, kitchenette, and a relaxing shower after all that walking.
    I would highly recommend staying here when in NYC.

    14/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Cosette C.
    Midtown ambiance, check, good food, check, sapphire and tonic, check, beautiful views from an enclosed rooftop bar, check. enough said!

    08/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Tamara T.
    Sure, the hotel is old, but that's not what I'm complaining about. After staying here for a relatively extended stay, there are several reasons why I would choose not to go back here.

    The elevators: the fact that they only have 2 elevators servicing hundreds of people wouldn't be an issue for me if they actually worked well. But the Kimberly's small, rickety elevators seem to have a mind of their own. What is particularly frustrating is that they when going down, they stop at every other floor to service a phantom guest. At first I thought it was the work of pranksters but I just think the elevators are on the verge of breakdown, which is scary.

    Internet access: sure, they provide a desktop with internet in every room but it's more like web TV. Very slow and impossible to do work on. I had a laptop so I appreciated the wireless access but here's the problem: IT DOESN'T REALLY WORK! Their network is the slowest piece of crap on earth. Even when it is working, I get timed out every three minutes. Working on the Kimberly wireless is like going back in a time machine, to the dark old ages of dial-up where you had to wait 1 minute for a page to load. This is 2011. Get with it people. It's unacceptable to have shoddy internet access, especially if you charge a killing for it ($13 per day!). WTF.

    The housekeeping: here's the thing. I'm not a huge neat freak and I do not believe sheets have to be replaced and washed every day at hotels. It's really bad for the environment. HOWEVER, having seen the housekeepers at work in this hotel, I am not actually sure they clean your room! Unless you ask for it, it seems the sheets get replaced with new ones twice a week. Other days they just kind of straighten the bed and replace your towels. They only vacuum haphazardly. I always found hair on the bathroom floor so I know it was never cleaned. Don't get me wrong, the maids are super nice people, but compared to bigger chain hotels they don't seem to do a very professional job.

    That's it. There are other things that could be improved. Sure, the hotel could be newer. The TVs can be upgraded. But it's really the three points above that make this place a dealbreaker for me. I'm giving this place 2 stars instead of 1 because, like I said, the people-- from the maids to the doorman to the front desk folks are all super nice and make you feel at home. In the end, though, you can get a better experience for the price.

    24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Alex B.
    Great view, pricy drinks, and lots of suits! If your wondering what the tab is going to be then don't bother bc it will be way more than anticipated. You're paying for the view and atmosphere - the drinks are priced accordingly!

    24/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Michele M.
    We stayed at the Kimberly Hotel from Sunday, August 14th 2011 through Tuesday, August 16th, 2011.

    The Kimberly Hotel has an awesome location in Midtown. It's about 2 blocks away from 3 major subway stations. The rooms were actually bigger than I expected from midtown Manhattan. There's a small kitchen, a living room, a big bedroom, and a nicely sized bathroom.

    Unfortunately we requested to have 2 double beds and a sofa bed but were only provided with 1 double bed and a sofa bed. They were unable to accommodate our request due to the hotel being completely full on our first night. They did have another room available with the 2 double beds/sofa bed but only on our 2nd night and after settling in to the first room, we felt inconvenienced to move to a 2nd room and just dealt with the lack of a 2nd double bed.

    Our toilet also clogged twice. The first time we had to call housekeeping twice before they came to unclog the toilet. The second time the toilet actually overflowed onto the bathroom floor. Housekeeping came to clean the floor and maintenance fixed the clogged toilet but every time we flushed the toilet after it was repaired, a loud high pitched screeching was emitted from the toilet from the time you pressed the flushing lever until the tank at the back of the toilet was full.  

    Other than those two things, the room was actually pretty nice. It was very convenient having a full size fridge and a microwave in the room. It helped when we bought a whole NY pizza and wanted to eat leftovers for breakfast and lunch the next day. It was also raining on one of the days that we were in Manhattan and there were umbrellas with the Kimberly Hotel logo on them for us to use and we were able to ask for more umbrellas from the bell man as well.

    I believe they were doing some renovations to the lobby because a big part of the lobby was blocked by a sheet and the concierge and check-in desks were at awkward places in the lobby.

    Overall, it was a good hotel in midtown Manhattan and we enjoyed our stay at the Kimberly Hotel and would more than likely stay here again.

    20/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Francisco M.
    Best rooftop bar, I love this place for after work drinks or for the best brunch on sunday.  It is a few blocks from our apartment and have had our out of town people stay at the hotel too, location is wonderful.  I have taken some amazing pictures of the city here and cant find anything wrong with this place.  Wonderful!

    30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Padraig M.
    I cannot stand this place. A family member loves it as he stays there regularly, gets the same suite and at a decent price.

    The last time I stayed it was on short notice and a family emergency. I explained I was a regular and made the booking the same day. I got a room where, I swear, the door opened and was an inch away from the bed (For almost $400). They let me down big time. The room was also right above the night club where luckily the bar mitzvah ended by around 1am so I got some sleep.

    They let me down when I needed good service the most. I got out the next morning and got a cheaper, and better room, at the Waldorf.

    Do not believe all the reviews - they have plenty of terrible rooms in addition to the nicer suites (which need an update to begin with, this isnt 1975 anymore).

    15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Diana W.
    is it the NICEST, cleanest looking hotel?  No.  It's an older hotel...but the staff will make you feel like a Queen.  So many people run up to you to help you with everything and ensure you are okay!!  A class service and the view?  You can't deny that it's worth it!  The location is amazing...if you are visiting from out of town you can get anywhere from here!

    20/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Kate K.
    I stayed here at Christmastime last year and loved it.  The hotel is nice and cozy and the rooms and bathrooms are HUGE for a NYC hotel.  The location is great and in walking distance of many of the big tourist attractions.  A subway stop is also just around the corner.  

    My only complaint was that the heater was on SO hot the whole time.  We were able to remedy this by opening our window, though.  

    I'd definitely stay here again.

    15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Bryan J.
    Checked out the Kimberly hotel for brunch on saturday great place with nice views of the city. It aint cheap but nothing in NY is. Kobe beef burger is outstanding and the duck prosciutto is amazing as well

    04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Meghan C.
    This place is GORGEOUS! The decor was beautiful, VERY comfortable beds, and everything was very clean. The staff here was absolutely terrific. The bellmen were some of the most polite, nicest folks I've ever met - seriously! The Kimberly is within walking distance to so many things. I have no complaints, and I certainly will be staying here when I come back to NYC.

    05/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Crazy Bernie S.
    Wanted to give this place 5 stars so badly. Booked a suite here because I love balconies. I also love big suites. The "ambassador" suite they gave me is easily 700 sq ft as promised. Big king bed in separate bedroom feels good. Problem is the furniture feels outdated to me. The pictures on the website must be of suites on the remodeled floors. Down here on the 12th it feels old. After reading all the other reviews you'll know what you're getting. Nothing is included here. Ok, the shampoo and soap, and if you're lucky enough to have Kimberly as your name you actually get a free robe. Wow. My total tab for 4 nights is 2 grand and my name is "SAP" so I get a good swift kick in the nuts and a copy of my charges slipped under my door so they get me to bend over one more time when I pick it up.  Just kidding. Overall our stay at the Kimberly was very pleasant.

    07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. gary w.
    This was a great place for us to stay on our Broadway/Foodie restaurant vacation. The suite was large by most city standards, and huge by New York standards.  We had a private balcony as well which was nice.  The rooms were clean and well appointed.  Downsides were a small bathroom, and only 2 elevators for the whole place.  The fitness center had two treadmills, two elipticals, and one cycle.  We didn't use the concierge or room service, so can't comment.  The location is good, but a bit of a walk to Broadway.  Close subway stop a plus.  We will make this our New York hotel.

    27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. K S.
    What an awful experience!!!
    I am 8 months pregnant, and had a work function at the Kimberly Hotel bar.
    I walked all the way from midtown west, and was immediately refused entrance by the bouncer because I was wearing sneakers!!!
    After pleading with the manager, he was nice enough (and I am being sarcastic here in case there was any doubt) .. he was nice enough to let me in for 5 minutes to meet my coworkers and tell them that I was getting kicked out for improper dress code.

    07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Naomi C.
    I went to the rooftop on a Saturday night.  It was closed for a private event until 11:45.  Classy place with an old-school feel.  The kitchen closed at midnight so I missed out on that.  Mostly an older crowd, but some couples.  Decent drink menu, dancing if you get it started.  Great views.  Comfortable, low-effort, and sophisticated

    09/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. M C.
    We are not what you call 'high class' so we got our room for only $210 per night- and we got a great deal considering it was a very spacious 2 room Suite! With all the trimmings- free slippers, robes, mini-bar/snacks (for fee), good coffee for the coffee maker, an efficiency kitchen w/ dishwasher, micro, sink, dishes, but no stove. 2 flat screens, rain shower-head- bathroom scale- all very updated in classic style and spotless.
        The catch is we were only in the 3rd floor and they are currently updating the balconies on all floors so there is scaffolding and DRILLING  noise during working hours in the daytime. If these things are show-stoppers for you, call ahead to make sure your room is not affected or that the work in completed. (hey at least they are doing it in the winter when ppl don't use the balconies much)
         Staff was great- you get gym privileges at the NYSports Club across the street which has a pool. I used the in-house gym which is nice but only machines (treadmills, ellipticals, bikes.)
    --- Breakfast buffet Review in rooftop lounge: Views are amazing! Food good variety- omelet bar, french toast, pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, baked goods, fruit, juices. more but can't remember everything.
          Loved our stay- will remember this one the next time we are in town!!

    03/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Hnl -.
    First trip to NY. Was overwhelmed with all the different areas, hotels, etc. Was afraid of picking a bad hotel in a bad area, too small of a room, etc.

    LOVED Kimberly hotel. 1 bedroom suite (probably about 600 sq ft?) with microwave, fridge, large balcony.

    Ok, the bathroom was super tiny but the bed was the most comfe I have slept on. I wanted to bring it back home with me!

    The staff was all very nice. The breakfast and view upstairs, absolutely wonderful.

    Great location. 1 block to most subway stations. Food, drugstore all in the area. From this location, we walked almost everywhere  and didn't even need the subway (Times Square, Grand Central).

    If the price is right, I'd love to go back to NY and stay here again.

    06/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Yudi E.
    Warm and outstanding service. centrally located. Spacious rooms. Superb concierge service. This will be my home in nyc from now on.

    29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. S N.
    This review is a long time coming. For which I am sorry. I just started spouting off my opinion on yelp!

    I booked this place for a long weekend for Mothers day 2009 for my Mom's big Seven 0. Going to New York and seeing a Broadway show has always been her dream. I had already visited the big apple several times but since I stay in hostels and that would not work for Mom I had to research.

    The Kimberly was ideally located-near the subway- and had charming looking rooms with good views. I like the fact they take you out on their Yacht on Sunday for free and feed you brunch. I booked their smallest room as it was pricy months in advance and kept checking back and upgrading the room as I saw the prices fall due to the horrid economy.    

    Upon arrival we were upgraded to an even bigger room courtesy of them. It was a huge two room two bathroom suite and it had a fridge! Sadly, that fridge froze our things though!! I know the retail value was at least 1500 a night I paid much much less. The Chrysler building was right outside our sliding glass door! I musta took 100 photos. The staff was really cool too.

    I really needed their computer service too because somehow our Broadway tix got lost and I had to scurry to get other tix at midnight! The Yacht was amazing!!!!! With great views of the statue of Liberty and bridges. Brunch was only ok.

    I wore the bathrobe they provided and I left it as I thought they wash it and put it up for the next guest. Well they mailed it to me! Can u believe it? And they did not charge me extra!!!!!! Since my name is Kimberly I love wearing my wonderful plush robe with the/my name on it!

    Amazing service! Gee I wish I knew about that roof top lounge! No worries I will be back!

    11/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Jen I.
    I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised we were at how big our room was and the fact that it had a kitchen really blew me away.

    I mean, we had a DISHWASHER for chrissake!  Most SF apartments don't even come with a dishwasher!  

    After spending a couple of days sleeping in my childhood bedroom at home in New Jersey the great big fluffy bed and the spaciousness of our room at the Kimberly was quite nice.

    Friendly staff and great amenities. We only stayed 2 nights but I wished we had time to stay longer.

    06/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Jennifer M.
    We just came off a 4 night stay here with our two kids ages 9 & 6. The room was very well priced for the size. It was huge, plenty of space for my family and we really appreciated that. The location is great, walking to many different places. We did not try Noir but did go to the rooftop bar, it's lovely and romantic, however the staff upstairs has a "too cool for you attitude" but it didn't bother me. The best part of our stay was the staff downstairs, I wish I had gotten names, but we stayed February 18th through 23rd and everyone was a delight. The doorman, valet, bell man, everyone behind the front desk and manager where so incredibly nice to us and most importantly my 9 year old daughter who would occasionally ride the elevator downstairs to visit the aquarium and her new friends. I can't thank the staff enough for the kindness and warm, welcoming attitude. It truly was a joy to stay their and we can't wait to come back again in the summer. This is our  new home away from home and we will not stay anywhere else when we come to NYC.

    24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Dawn G.
    Nice staff. Lovely rooms and clean.  Would stay here again for sure. The area is pretty noisy but it's in a great location so that's expected.

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Lissy W.
    stayed here a few times while working in New York.
    staff are welcoming and accomodating, the hotel itself has an oldfashioned feel. suites are spacious and nicely decorated. its great to have a kitchenette available. beds are very comfortable which makes up for the fact that the rooms are not noiseproofed, despite staying on the 20th floors and above you could hear sirens all night. the views from the upper floors are great and i love the sneaky peak at the Chrysler building. the rooftop restaurant is excellent and the food is great. the location of the hotel is perfect for exploring Manhattan.

    03/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Min A.
    Breakfast buffet was FABULOUS. Coffee was excellent!  Great service and great views!

    27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Matt P.
    Dated faux luxury hotel. Nothing in room worked including AC and shower. The whole experience reminded me of a dingy hotel trying to act fancy. Better off staying at a brand name hotel elsewhere in midtown.

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. G T.
    This could seriously be the loudest hotel I have ever stayed in. I feel like my room is on a loading dock, very important meeting in the AM and all I hear all night long are trucks unloading on the street.

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. H K.
    The room I got was 1-bedroom suite and it was nice and spacious. The hotel must have been built years ago and is still nice but they are not maintaining this place well. The toilet got clogged, TV remote did not work and the thermostat did not work. They sent a maintenance man and he could fix only half the problems. The main issue was he was extremely rude and almost behaving like a thug. I am sure he is from a ghetto but this was no way to behave with the guests. He does not belong in a hotel like this. I left my feedback  with the front desk but they didn't look like they would or could do anything. For a $350/night hotel room they better improve their act.

    29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    36. Sean O.
    I am really, really, really impressed by the Kimberly. I stayed here for 5 nights in January for business. The hotel exceeded my expectations across the board, for a few reasons:

    1. Quality: I've stayed in NY several times before, so I think I know what you get for your money. Based on what I could tell about this hotel, I was expecting ok-quality in a great location. I was wrong - the hotel is excellent. In particular, the rooms are lovely and the quality of "stuff" - like sheets, shower, general room layout / furniture was at least 1-2 notches above what I was expecting. Very, very good at the price.

    2. Staff and service: Staff were brilliant. I had asked in advance about an early check-in as I was arriving on a red eye flight from the West Coast. While they couldn't confirm in advance, they told me they'd do their best on arrival. When I arrived (9am on a Saturday morning), I was expecting to be told to wait until perhaps lunchtime at least. Instead, they found me a room and I was checked in and crashed out in no time. Delightful! Overall the staff were just fantastic on any request I had during my stay.

    3. Location: it's 10 blocks from Central Park (ideal for walks or runs), near enough to walk to Times Square / Broadway, and the neighbourhood has a pretty good selection of restaurants, bars, cafes etc. Also handy for lots of buses / subway stops - so getting around is not a problem.

    4. The rooftop restaurant / bar called, Upstairs, is lovely, with a great view of the Chrysler building.

    All in all - I would highly recommend. I also used their on site fitness room, and tried out their complementary access to the New York Racquet Club (pool, fitness, etc).

    It would be one of my first places to check for availability on my return to New York.
    Room Tip: I stayed in the "townhouse" side of the building (8G I think it was) - very good :-)

    25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Stephanie C.
    This review is for the rooftop- which is enclosed, so romantic, and so beautiful in the winter. Dim lighting, plush couches and sleek decor makes this place akin to places like the Empire. I like it.

    Came here on Thurs early- around 6pm with 2 girlfriends. We were able to get a table, but you just need to down a card to hold it (mine wasn't charged but you could start a tab). We paid in cash at the end.  The waitresses are nice-- they come around to check on you, etc. You get the standard treatment. And the drinks/food are standard-high for NY bars/lounges.  Specialty cocktails are some $10+-$14.  The small plates are $18-20.

    My one friend who comes here a lot loves: kobe beef sliders, lobster sliders, and tuna tartarte. She and her sister (my old friend) ended up getting the stuffed mushrooms and tuna tartarte. I wasn't too hungry so I didn't end but I had one tiny bit of the tuna tartare with avocado- so moist and good. For drinks, my friend recommends the rose. I only drank cranberry juice, wah wah.

    So: this review is really for the beautiful space in Midtown East. Other comparable places would be maybe the Volstead but that's not a rooftop. I feel like people don't know too much about it considering it wasn't hugely crowded but I would def. come back to chill. They played chill music.

    A note: I did come here once during the summer for a Yelp elite event. can't say I can think much of the view, but a rooftop is always nice and that event was fun. It's quite spacious.  Loved the photobooth and h'doeuvres.

    10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Derek B.
    A half decent hotel, but it doesn't really seem* to be worth the price.  Location is pretty good, close to the 6 train and plenty of other transportation.  

    Few notes...
    -Elevators are super slow and staircases are small and dirty(and don't all lead to the lobby or even out of the hotel, be careful)
    -I'm sure some rooms have great views, but ours was of construction
    -Rooms are no where near being noise proof, I know the 4th floor isn't that high up but we could hear everything on the street, including people talking.
    -Room was very clean and nice and big! There are some positives to the place
    -Doormen and lobby staff were all very nice, friendly and helpful.

    All in all, I'd only recommend staying here if you can get a room with a nice view higher up.  Otherwise there are plenty of better, cheaper options.

    *Disclaimer: I didn't stay here, but my in-laws did and I spent enough time in the hotel to get a good feel for it.

    **May Name Challenge Review 3**

    13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    39. Ronald C.
    I arrived at The Kimberly on Sunday the 20th 2014 for my honeymoon in NYC.  First i want to mention I chose the more expensive room called "Deluxe King" I arrived to find an outdated small room with decor that is miss matched from all time periods, no cohesive look to the entire room.  Before getting upto the room I asked the front desk if there were any better rooms to upgrade to even if it meant me paying for it.  I was told no that our room was the best they had to offer for our stay.  We are here one night so on the way to do some walking around Manhattan I asked the front desk to have the sheets changed due to adult fluids being on them.  they advised me they would have it taken care of.  we come back to the room and pull back the comforter to find nothing has been changed.  Literally we can see the areas on the linens I was concerned with.  so I have to call and have the night crew come up once we leave again to change them.  We were promised the New York Times for free Monday through Friday.  I only received this after complaining on Wednesday morning.   so 2 days with out the promised paper.  the a/c in the room is not temp controlled so it just runs and runs and no way of telling what temp it is in the room.  Sad part is I am stuck in this hotel till Friday.  I will have to say.  One of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in.  Tub is not big enough to use as a couple.  which is pretty important during your honeymoon.  also shower is pathetic very weak stream and not adjustable.  Room service is amazing, great food, although they are out of short ribs all the time.  location is great for walking tours.  they do not offer a complimentary car service which is weird for a luxury hotel.  Door men are not helpful when it comes to flagging down a cab, he actually suggested we walk a block to get one ourselves(awesome suggestion to a handicapped man) idiot.  The front desk staff seems very helpful.  not sure but they just seem to react once they get a complaint.  towels very stiff and not soft, closet is ok but for a lengthy stay like we are very small, smaller than the closet I had growing up when I lived in a trailer.   I ate at The London NYC last night and they gave me a free car ride back to The Kimberly.....they offer a rooftop dining experience but never have availability, so maybe they should take that off the list of perks for the hotel.   I will def be back to see if improvements are made.  or to see if they take this criticism to heart and make changes while im here or next trip.  Although next time I will make my reservations directly with the hotel instead of through travelocity so I can leave if dissatisfied.   btw I notified hotel I was not happy but nothing they can do because i paid through travelocity.  are we serious?

    23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    40. Ron K.
    I love this hotel.
    Comfortable room with kitchenette and balcony. The bed was awesome and the staff very attentive. Definitely my new home away from home.

    16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Kelly E.
    This hotel was very accommodating and luxurious. When we went it was under construction a few months back. The noise was not that bad since we were not in the  hotel very long during the day. The vintage style furniture and hotel was very cute and it is in the best location, right near the subway and near everything.

    Be prepared, strict dress code upstairs at the rooftop bar and even for the brunch.
    We arrived earlier than check in and they checked our bags and allowed us to refresh ourselves in their restroom downstairs which was very nice of them.

    08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Rebecca H.
    We stayed in a studio room. The room was large and clean. The kitchenette has a stove-top, microwave, refrigerator, and a dishwasher. The bathroom was clean and readily stocked with soaps etc.

    Time-Warner is the cable and  internet provider, and it was a definite problem, as we had connectivity issues for our entire stay, and making skype calls was very difficult and many channels were not available.

    The rooftop bar served breakfast, and the omelettes were freshly made but don't bother with anything else. The sausages I had were lukewarm.

    Location is brilliant; on Lexington Ave right near a subway station and its location in Midtown means most of Manhattan is accessible.

    25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Gally L.
    Went to the rooftop bar for a work event. Ordered a drink and paid with a hundred but was ripped off by the rude female bar tender who stole my hundred and gave me change for a 20. I told her it was a hundred but she snapped back at saying it was a 20. Didn't want to make a scene as there was clients there bit she definitely is a their and took advantage of the situation.

    Will never go there again.

    26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    44. Amy H.
    "Excuse me while I kiss the sky." ~ Jimi Hendrix

    Located on the upper east side, this boutique hotel boasts a pretty cool and unique feature; a rooftop bar with a retractable glass roof providing magnificent views of Manhattan. We arrived on a late fall day (the space was fully open) and enjoyed the outdoor fireplace, comfy furniture and delicious medicinal drinks by the moon and lights of the city. Just as our beverages arrived, it began to rain gently and our server rushed to make accommodations for us inside but we insisted on staying outside enjoying the refreshing mist and crisp breezes.  


    The hotel itself is quite nice with very comfortable beds, chemical-free bedclothes and high quality amenities (terrycloth robes, slippers and expensive toiletries for each guest to name a few). I really like the ancient debonair hotel style with its hard to find passageways and tiny corridors which made me feel like I was part of a charade or mystery story. Once you find your way, the rooms are huge, lavish and welcoming.

    The price to stay here is average for the city. We used priceline.com to set our price and were pleasantly surprised when this hotel was selected. The location is perfect and there is parking right across the street. Be sure to have your ticket validated for a discount and lastly, the hotel concierge will gladly hold your bags if you check out before you're ready to leave the city.

    21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Sarah P.
    Mixed feelings about the hotel.

    GOOD: Location - easy walk to Rockefeller Center, close to the #6 station, tons of restaurants in the area. Sleeping - the bed was so soft and comfortable and the curtains were dark. I probably could have slept there for 24 hours straight. Price - we got a deal on hotels tonight for $310 + tax for the "Deluxe Guestroom".

    MIXED: Bathroom - very nice marble floors and sink, but the shower didn't have great water pressure and the products were mismatched like they had some spare samples lying around.

    BAD: Service - Got there and the room wasn't ready so we ran to pick up a few bottles of champagne. The gal at the front desk asked if we would like to leave our bags, so we obliged. She mentions construction is going on, but let's us know our room is around the corner from all the noise. Walked a few blocks to the closest liquor store and came straight back. The new gal handed us our key. We asked for our bags and she got this look on her face like "What bags?". She calls over to a bell boy and asks us to wait. We walk over to the chairs in the main lobby and see our bags just sitting on one of the chairs. We pick them up and head to the elevator. Suddenly a guy runs over and is like "are those bags yours?" Ummm... thanks for keeping an eye on them! (On the up side - when we left the next day we formally checked our bags in the luggage room and there were no issues.) Then we head to the elevator, get to the sixth floor and can't find room L. We go back down stair and realize there is a separate elevator to take. Ummm... thanks for letting us know! We get up to the room and we are right above the construction. Call down to the front desk and they say there are no other rooms available, they don't have a fan or anything to drown out the noise, etc. Turned out the construction stopped around 6pm so it ended up being okay, but thanks for lying to us about where the room is! Rooftop bar - was closed for a private event until 6:00pm the day we arrived. At 3:00am we tried to stop by for one last drink before bed, but they were closed even though they were supposed to stay open until 4:00am.

    23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    46. TK T.
    This review is for the rooftop. While the view is pretty typical, I never had a bad night there. Always attentive service, decent crowd and strong drinks. And they have smoking area....that is if you smoke.

    10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. James K.
    I stayed here on business. They were able to upgrade me to a suite which was very luxurious and comfy, and earned back a single star I'd have taken otherwise. The rooms were nicely decorated, the kitchen/dining room a was very roomy and functional. The living room was cozy with a TV/Cable signal that was well beyond any HDTV picture I've ever seen. The bedroom was luxurious and the bedding was very firm and sleep friendly. Both bathrooms were well packed the soaps and shampoos of a high level hotel. Towels were plentiful and large.

    My room afforded a nice skyline view and huge balcony that would have been a blast in warmer temps. Half the suite endured an obstructed view thanks to scaffolding for renovation efforts and if I had awakened to find construction workers outside the bedroom window, that might have been a bit disturbing.

    Close to perfect, but could still be improved; Wifi, make it free and basic for crying out loud. That and expensive parking keep me from utilizing nice hotels in my personal travels. A light bulb was out in the dining area and the heater/ac unit in the dining room had controls that just didn't seem to respond at all during the whole visit, where they were spot on in the bedroom. The thimble full of cashews for $8....why do this with all the snacks and drinks? The lobby check-in area was very cramped and low grade. My room should have been on our corporate account with me picking up the incidentals, but the staff didn't get this done so I wound up with paperwork.

    But a pleasant stay for sure. Lots of restaurants, close proximity to Grand Central, UN, Rock Center and not too far from Times Square. Staff was friendly and welcoming. Very modern, very clean and I'd recommend over many other Manhattan hotels.

    15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Andrew Q.
    Great hotel.

    First off, this place is surprisingly well-situated. At 50th and Lex, you can board the subway that's less than a block away, or walk to Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, or the UN.

    The hotel itself is quaint, but surprisingly does not skimp when it comes to room size. The bathroom was clean and well-presented and the bed was beyond comfortable. The microwave and fridge, while I didn't use them, are definitely pluses.

    The staff is incredibly friendly, though they seem to get overwhelmed by guests pretty often. I wish they were more free to shoot the breeze; they seem like fun people.

    All in all, fantastic hotel.

    18/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Christine P.
    I have stayed in NYC numerous times and this by far was the very best.  The staff was super friendly, the rooms were immaculate and the location is perfect.  Can't wait to go back!

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Stephanie S.
    Stayed 2 nights with 2 tweens and hubby. We had a one room suite, kitchenette, balcony with great views.   The room, on 19th floor, was clean and very spacious. The bed, good lawd the bed!!!! It was heaven to say the least.
    No WIFI either.  Well, unless you don't mind the $12.00 a day charge.
    My only gripe was a small bathroom, albeit updated and clean. And, it had the ONLY mirror in the suite. There wasn't a mirror in the master bedroom!!  
    There was an alcove with a desk, that had a framed mirror but that was like a circus mirror. Upon looking at it, you got a fish eye effect. In other words:useless. No mirror in the master bedroom was the reason I couldn't give 5 stars.

    Aside from a girls worst nightmare of a lack of ways to see ourselves, this place is awesome. You CANNOT beat the location, the rooftop bar was great, the staff...beyond expectations in every way!

    I will say this: The Kimberly is where we will stay everytime we visit.

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. annmarie r.
    I stayed here for 2 nights on vacation. I was impressed.... Every staff member that you run into is very nice & helpful! The room was so spacious.. We had a suite... Kitchen was great!! Bathroom was a nice size & the rain shower is great!! Hotel is very clean!! Great for family... & is close to stores, restaurants & subways!! Definitely would return!

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Buzz A.
    A great hotel.  Relatively reasonable rates, above average rooms. Maybe not as cool as a W Hotel, but the rooms are  twice the size for less money.  Unless you're spending $750+ at the W, you'll be staying in a room the size of a closet.  The Kimberly's location is excellent. The lobby is very nice, the rooms are clean. Perfect  for bringing small children.

    26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Alex G.
    I would NOT recommend this hotel to anybody. Staff (ranging from security to management) was rude & unaccommodating. My family and I were so uncomfortable with the way be were being treated that we ended up checking out of the hotel prior to our stay.

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    54. Cindy G.
    Lovely boutique hotel in mid-town Manhattan. Excellent location, steps from Park Ave. and the Waldorf Astoria. It's been totally redone within the last year and the rooms were freshly appointed, modern, and comfortable.  We had a two bedroom suite with two full bathrooms, living area, and small kitchenette with eating area. Service was excellent as was the food, and the staff, from the front desk to the maids and room service personnel, were courteous and attentive. Definitely would stay here again.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Shy E.
    I booked my hotel stay for one night in NYC directly with the hotel and few days later received an e-mail from Orbitz offering a deal that included the Kimberly Hotel in NYC, called the hotel directly to check if they will match the offer from Orbitz, Was quite surprise when they didn't , cancel the reservation and booked the same type of room via Orbitz and honestly had No expectations what so ever ,

    From the moment I have  stepped into the hotel, I felt that it just possible that I will like it
    The Bellmen were very friendly and so the Front Desk Stuff,

    The Rugs in the Lobby are the most beautiful Persian Rugs , feels like The Royals stayed there too from time to time

    Got up to my room on the 21st floor (I like High floors ) and fell in love with my Home away from home in the city,

    It was specious , nice kitchen , great breakfast nook , a Balcony , large Living area, Frette Towels (Love this Brand) and a nice size bedroom (lots of closet space - you can stay there for months

    It could have a little make over and get refreshed but over all I just loved it

    Check out was quick and easy

    I am sure to be back

    Happy New Year The Kimberly Hotel Stuff see you soon

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Elizabeth C.
    I was over-charged for my stay. I tried complaining to management but all they did was give me a phone number to call but never did. This how they do things, they make it impossible for you to get a simple refund of the difference when you overpay. Think about it, if they over charge 1000 guests $200 each, that's $200,000 in their pockets. It's a disgusting way to treat people.

    Also, when I bought my hotel stay online, I bought a "Suite". A suite to me means a large room with a livingroom, a separate room for the bedroom, etc. I have stayed here before and they have great rooms. However, this time they gave me a so-called junior suite, which is basically just 1 room and a bathroom. I told them I expected a luxury suite and they tried to explain that I misunderstood, etc. The problem is they should have been more clear about what I was getting for $500 for just 1 night. But they did not. No apology, no complimentary upgrade, etc,

    14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    57. Teresa K.
    i hesitate to submit such a glowing review because I'm afraid too many others will book it and I'll be shut out, but here goes.

    This is my favorite NYC hotel ever.  It is pure luxury at a very affordable price.  My husband and I stayed here for four days and we loved every second of it.  We had a huge suite with kitchen, living room, bath, vanity alcove and a smallish but nice balcony.

    The rooftop restaurant is excellent, as are the staff, with just maybe one or two exceptions.

    Cannot wait to stay here again!

    18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Janine W.
    Even through Expedia, this was a great room.  Usually you get penalized.  Very spacious, great lighting, clean, decor is on point and great location.  My only complaint is the shower which was very slippery and dangerous with a very odd twirling motion from the shower head which was very very weak at best.  More of a dribble.  All in all, I will come back to The Kimberly.

    14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Vivian H.
    Lately, I have been exploring hotel bars and my research and affinity for swanky places have definitely turned up good spots like this all over town.

    Somehow, you forgot one part of your holiday present at my flat and well that is a good excuse as any to have another meeting at a beautiful, elegant, and sexy bar.

    We are both somehow in the UES and this place has been on my radar for awhile, so we decide to give it a go. What a good idea it turned out to be.

    This bar is on the penthouse floor and what a beautiful bar it is. Only complaint is that it is too well lit for both our tastes, but we decide to stay for a drink and soak in the ambiance. This bar also has an outdoor area, but no one was sitting outside. They even have a fire place outside, and I imagine on a very busy and packed Friday or Saturday night, the fireplace is on. That is just excuse for me to come back.

    I order a gin martini and you have the Mistress (if that isn't a double entendre). You said the drink was well made and delicious. My gin martini was strong, just the way I like my drinks. Olives had a funky salty taste, but didn't completely ruin my drink.

    The bathrooms here are extremely nice, with wood all over and clean.

    As I sit across from you, staring into your mesmerizing blue eyes, I spy the Chrysler building right behind you. It just makes you look even all the more lovely. And while we sip our drinks, flirt endlessly, you open your gift and find a book titled "Bed Manners:  A very British Guide to Boudoir Etiquette." We smile at each other, giggle nervously, embrace tightly and the flame between us flickers ever so brightly...

    Thank you Kimberly Hotel for helping to make another memorable and magical holiday experience that will be for keeps for the years to come...

    22/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Cherrelle D.
    Rooftop review ONLY**

    Kimberly Hotel Rooftop is one of those few places that makes me feel completely underdressed if I'm not wearing heels, dress and my finest jewelry.  I enjoy coming here after work to meet friends for a drink and conversation.  

    The view is about average for rooftop bars. Like most, the bar is covered in the winter and open in the warmer seasons.  Drinks are Manhattan priced but actually not watered down.  Music is rarely overwhelming where you have to yell at the person next to you and staff is nice enough.  No smiles but not rude either. Most importantly, clean bathrooms! Some even have large windows for a nice city view.

    This is an easy choice for meeting a couple of friends or coworkers after work or a date during the week.  The rooftop does see larger crowds during the warmer seasons but otherwise it's laid back and usually attracts a professional crowd.

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Akrati J.
    This place is so overrated - DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME COMING HERE. I would ideally give it zero starts, but Yelp doesn't allow me to do that.

    They drinks are overpriced and the service is awful. Usually I am willing to put up with the former, but they are pretentious. I was here for drinks on a Friday evening for a friend's b'day. They wouldn't let my boyfriend enter because he was wearing "sneakers" even though he was dressed in business casuals. We kept on insisting that he only wanted to come in for 5 minutes so he could wish my friend. But all our explanations fell on deaf ears. I am sorry - but i fail to understand who in a bar is looking at people's shoes.

    Wearing sneakers is unacceptable for this place but apparently being a douche is OK.

    The hostess did not have the manners to talk to customers, and the bouncer thought he owned the hotel.

    Piece of advice for the hotel - Get your attitude in check
    Piece of advice for the customers - Go to the rooftop on top of Pod 39 Hotel instead

    29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    62. Susan M.
    Shot up to the Penthouse for after theater drinks and could not be more pleased! I imbibed in two of their gin and cucumber martinis and unlike other Manhattan cocktails that are watered down these were expertly prepared and had me texting my ex at 2am! Whoops!

    We also had some light eats including shrimp cocktail and stuffed mushrooms which were fair priced for the serving size!

    The rooftop was busy, but not packed. I imagine this might still be a hidden gem. The DJ was mixing some top 40s over house beats that had us dancing in out seats, but the lounge atmosphere doesn't cater to an all out dance party. The view of the Chrysler building is outstanding and I'm sure that the views are outstanding for brunch as well!

    This will definitely be a stop on our next NYC trip!

    28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0