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The NoMad Hotel in New York, NY

The NoMad Hotel in New York, NY

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.58

Address: 1170 Broadway, New York, NY, 10001

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    Comments (64):

    1. stuart r.
    we decided to try the newly opened nomad hotel after the recommendation of a friend. the decor is dark, handsome, with tiny brilliant details that provided a soothing calm from the city outside. service was excellent as would be expected from a hotel of this caliber. oh, and having a raymond pettibon on the bedroom wall added to the cool factor. five stars.

    11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Martha Stewart E.
    Wow. This place is amazing. And this review is long.  High class service with a smile, and gorgeous overall design in the entire hotel. The rooms are so beautiful, and very much Paris inspired. And the dinner!! Oh my gosh that dinner. We went all out (six of us in total) and tried almost everything. The sweetbreads were almost like mini-eggrolls, very good. Everything in the fruit de mer was phenomenal, there was king crab with avocado, lobster, sea urchin, oysters, oh my it was insanely good. My snow peas with parmesan, mint, lemon, and prosciutto were great, light and perfect for spring. The fois gras was perfect, served with toasted bread and veggies. My friend got the trout with buttermilk foam and it was great too, (she wouldn't share!) and so was the beet salad.  The bone marrow was absolutely delicious as well. Nest came this fantastic herbed bread with fingerling potatoes and garlic. After that was our entrees. My lobster with tarragon was perfectly cooked, the juicy sweet lobster a perfect counterpoint to the crunchy potato chips and licorice-scented tarragon butter. The scallops with mushrooms were perfectly cooked as well, and excellently done. The suckling pig was just unbelievable. I knew pig could taste amazing, but this was beyond. Like bacon, roast pork, and every other great pig dish in one. The duck was a sausage, almost Italian tasting. The beef (I forget what cut) was butter and just perfectly moist and soft, yet still with a good crust and bite, and the fried parsnip that was with it was great. Sadly, I can't remember our last entree, so I'll go onto dessert. First was this magical lemon curd type filling inside a liquified, hardened shortbread crust with shortbread crumbles and salted ricotta. Oh my god. The milk and honey was fabulous, the sweet granola and milk ice (it was like an ice cream) were almost breakfast like. The apple granita with brioche was so good, the apple granita a cool and refreshing lightening component to the airy brioche, a perfect after dinner complement. The chocolate cake was so extremely rich it took two bites to feel totally satisfied, and the garnishes did nothing but enhance the dish. The carrot cake was totally unexpected, with such interesting savory spices (we were thinking thyme) and pineapple sorbet and sauce. A really really really cool plus was meeting Will Guidera, (GOD I hope I spelt that name right), who is GM at Eleven  Madison Park (last I heard) and he talked to us about the food and the place. We also walked around to the library, a place I'd gladly spend my days in, two levels of beautiful dark hardwood with hundreds of books and the coolest furniture. It was such an amazing experience, and I owe the world to my best friends mom for hooking is up with this. Love you and thank you so much... I'll owe you forever :)

    15/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Malika B.
    This my second favorite hotel in NYC after The Bowery. The rooms are very cozy. toiletries and linens are delux. Lots of channel options on the TV including flight info!. Staff is friendly. The bathroom amenities are TOP of the line! Walking distance to many restaurants and shops.

    01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Aya T.
    I don't know where to begin on how much I LOVE this hotel! This place is gorgeous! I stayed here for 3 days in an Atelier room facing Broadway which was very spacious for NY standards. I loved the loft style room with hardwood floors and the floor to ceiling windows. The claw foot tub in the window was very inviting and I must say the bed was very comfortable. I was on the 3rd floor right across the elevators which I thought would be noisy but I didn't hear anything from the other guests on my floor. I didn't get a chance to dine here but I did visit the Library Bar twice. The drinks here are superb and I loved sitting amongst the endless array of classic novella in the walls. The location of this hotel was perfect for me, right on the N/R subway line so easy to get to midtown or east village/soho. I did hear the subway early in the morning or late at night when the neighborhood was quiet but it was a faint rumbling in the background which didn't bother me that much. Walking distance to Union Square and the Ace Hotel is around the corner with some nice dining options as well. The Nomad felt like a home away from home, I'm optimistic that I will be here again.

    10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Calvin H.
    This is a very trendy, hip hotel.  And crowded.  The decor in our room was quite interesting / retro.  When converting this old factory building to a hotel, they had to create a bathroom, and did so by inserting a bathroom "pod" into the room.  Tiny sink, not much space.  Bed was comfortable, the noise from the outside street (Broadway) is quite disturbing.  They really need to install a second layer of soundproof type windows.  We were woken up around 6am and could not fall back asleep.  The bar area & library are packed with hipsters, if you don't have a room reservation you have a hard time gaining access.  And it's not much fun jammed into close proximity with so many others.  So in short, nice decor, pleasant service, but not a restful night's sleep, and for the high price this place commands I prefer to sleep in peace & quiet, and have some room in the bathroom to maneuver around...

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. H N.
    What an obnoxious place! Just went to an amazing fundraiser and went down with a group of 3 to meet a group of 7 after the event, and an obnoxious guy told us it was too full to join our group. Really buddy? Place was completely empty! Good cocktail joints are a dime a dozen in New York!  So obnoxious and pretentious! - places like this give New York a bad name! Skip!!

    06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Anisha D.
    My husband and I just stayed here for our mini-moon after our wedding and we had a spectacular time. Brandon and his staff on the roof top were amazing in serving us a beautiful meal under the stars and with a spectacular view of the NYC skyline. We stayed on the 6th floor in a standard room which was spacious and elegant. The Library had terrific drinks and service. Staff was pleasant and accommodating. Much cooler and with a lot less hipster attitude than the ACE Hotel. Fantastic neighborhood that gives you a side of the real NY.

    04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. JJ E.
    We stay here every time we visit NYC.  Great ambiance, great service, great food and cocktails...this place has it all.  I've recommended NoMad to all of my friends and none of us have ever been disappointed.  Bonus points for the decadent tubs in the room!

    17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Kim S.
    I am with Vivian--really good start.  The hotel is great looking--restaurants and bars gorgeous and intimate (particularly love the library for tea!!).   The rooms are interesting, beautifully furnished and really quite spacious by NY standards.  My room had a small alcove for the office which I thought was really special.  All of the necessities were there and easy to find and use.  The neighborhood is a bit sketchy, but one block to 5th avenue and just 2 to Eataly and flatiron.  It wasn't scary, just a little weird...

    A few service issues need to be addressed:

    the front door is a mess.  the cute young doormen spend more time leaning against the door and checking their phones than watching out for guests.  this is particularly annoying as they lean on the outside of the door and you need to knock on the glass to get them to move so that you can exit the hotel  (yes, really)

    housekeeping needs to get on it.  I left my room at 10am and put the please make up my room tag on the door.  when i returned at 330pm nothing had been done.  when i called to the front desk to complain, they didn't apologize, but did get it together while i was out to dinner.

    that dark paint in the bathrooms likely won't last--it nicks easily (particularly if housekeeping is careless) and my wc had a few nicks on the wall

    i will definitely be a repeat guest and almost hate putting up this good review because i don't want my secret nomad overrun!

    04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Sarah B.
    I took my boyfriend here for his birthday and we had the most wonderful time due to the amazing customer service and luxury of the hotel.

    It started with the booking - after I booked through Tablet Hotels, I got an email from the NoMad asking for my arrival time. I wrote back and mentioned it was my boyfriend's birthday and the agent said they would take special care of us and then answered several questions for me.

    Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed by the design of the hotel. The man who checked me in was very professional, speedy, and attentive.

    There were helpful employees everywhere - opening the doors, riding in the elevators, greeting us as we got off the elevators on the rooftop lounge. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable.

    Our room was gorgeous - the booking agent really meant it when she said they would take special care of us!

    In the morning, we ordered coffee and pastries, which were promptly delivered and elegantly presented.

    The only negative thing I can think of is that there was a bit of noise in the hallway around 5:30am and the door wasn't soundproof enough to keep it out, but I place blame with the unruly noisemakers and not the hotel.

    I will definitely be going back to the NoMad as soon as I have a good excuse!

    22/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Dina S.
    When in NY we usually stay at the 60 Thompson, Soho Grand or Smith Tribecca.
    My husband took charge this time and booked the NoMad. I highly recommend this hotel, the rooms are great, the staff super nice and accommodating from James at the front door to Michelle at the front desk.
    The restaurant is definitely the hot spot, it's not hype the food was amazing!
    Great wine list with a really friendly and informative sommelier (can't remember her name but she was from Sonoma ca. and was the best, )
    Had the duck & scallops..the Milk & Honey desert is a definite do over..if fact we did the next night.

    19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Joe C.
    Great meal.  Not perfect

    08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. andrea p.
    Nice atmosphere and clean looking with well trained staff.

    10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Tina V.
    LOVE the NoMad!

    I've been to the bar twice (actually I think 3 times), the restaurant once for lunch, got bottle service in the Library, and stayed in the hotel for my bfs birthday (we are NYers but like to stay in different hotels)

    The bar is a great scene, it is very lively and they have amazing, innovative drinks. Have had almost half the menu by now, some of my favorites are:
    Hot Lips
    Paris is Burning
    among other amazing options. Ask for the bartenders choice! He will tailor your drink to your specific tastes. I've had one made for me and one for my boyfriend and they were both exceptional
    The ambiance is awesome, I love the mahogany and grandiose feeling. The bartenders/servers are great. One of my favorite drink spots.

    Let me tell you about the bottle service! It was so much fun, we got the bottle in The Library bar. Although it was only my boyfriend and I, it was his birthday so we wanted to go crazy.
    We got a bottle of vodka, and they brought out a beautiful cart (like their dessert cart) with many types of bitters and mixers, and a recipe card to make 6 different drinks. our waitress (Frieda!) helped us make our first couple of drinks and was accommodating and very nice, we had the best time!

    Lunch was excellent. The Whole roasted Chicken for 2 was divine. It reminded me something like an elegant Thanksgiving-esque dish. Loved it! The black truffle, chicken and foie went together deliciously :) It was cool to be here during the day, as it is so dark at night. The sun shines throughout the whole dining room. The desserts were amazing, also. Our favorite was the macaron. Best macaron I've ever eaten, there was some sort of fruity pebbles essence to it, the best!

    We stayed at the hotel since it was my bfs bday and we were getting bottle service there so I thought it would be convenient to stumble only to the elevator to get home. The rooms are nice and unique, a very homey feel for an NYC hotel. The staff is very accommodating and hooked us up with a bottle of wine on the house since it was my bfs birthday.

    Overall, The NoMad excels in all areas.

    22/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Sim D.
    There are three sections you can go in the lobby: the restaurant, the bar and the library room inside. People are usually sitting in the library room in small groups or hanging around by the bar, great cocktail menu. Its usually full so I would recommend coming here at a earlier time. The entire place is very nice, dark, intimate, very suitable for quiet dates and small gathering.

    19/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Victoria B.
    The NoMad Hotel is one of my favorite hotels in the city. Although the vibe is definitely trendy, the environment is warm and welcoming thanks to the wonderful staff.
    The room I stayed in had an adorable nook off the main bedroom outfitted with a comfortable chair and writing desk. The art and decor are appropriate and interesting.
    The bar (especially the library room) is my favorite aspect of the NoMad--the drinks are amazing, and it's lovely to sit in one of their sofas to read and drink in luxury.
    If you get a chance, please try the restaurant: it is memorable and very refined. Bonus: the hotel is pet-friendly.

    08/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Vivian L.
    The place is so new you can still smell the fresh paint. I had a great stay, and while it was awesome like all the reviews, I think it still has a few more things to fix if it wants to truly earn its title as luxury hotel (and justify the $400+/night pricetag).

    The good:
    + Decor and furnishings were top-notch and just beautiful - I could tell that it was designed by someone who was a traveler, and took the time to think about what makes a hotel a home for a fellow traveler. Little touches like slippers, luxurious linens, and the dimmers on all the lighting were greatly appreciated. One nit pick would be the sound proofing; I was expecting that more could have been done on the windows to shield some of the strest noise (a big problem at the Ace) but found that from my second floor room, the sound-proofing was fairly mediocre.

    + The bar (especially the library) is fantastic. I worry that it will become too popular! Maison Kitsune is a wonderful addition (and expensive pit stop!) to the retail scene in the area; it's a perfect match for the vibe of the hotel.

    + The "needs work"
    Service is an area that I thought was spotty -- not that anyone did anything poorly, but more an absence of warmth/care that you would expect from a luxury hotel. A few quick examples - no one asked me at check-in if I wanted any help with my bags (i only had hand-carry bags, but that's beside the point). I had to ask to be directed to where the guest elevators were (no one talked about amenities, location of anything, etc). Upon checkout, no one asked me if I enjoyed my stay or if anything was amiss -- typically that's the first question that should come out of anyone's mouth at checkout time.

    Will definitely be returning. The lovely bathtub alone makes me swoon. But let's work on the spotty areas and I'll be an even happier camper.

    16/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Holly W.
    Review for Hotel Only

    My stay at The NoMad was perfection!  From the uber helpful staff trying to get me in as early as possible upon my red eye arrival, to allowing me a late check out for my red eye departure. My room was fabulously comfortable, quiet with thoughtful amenites( an iHome clock radio which also serves to charge iPhone& iPad) to gazillion thread count sheets, fabulous European toiletries, slippers, robe...truly creature comforts.  Doormen were off the chart helpful & friendly!  Servce unparalled all across the board!  Excellence in full Measure~

    30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Emma I.
    five sexy stars.

    never felt more taken care of at a hotel.

    09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Erica L.
    I stayed at the Nomad for a night in September. The doormen and front desk were super friendly. The room I stayed in was very warm and cozy, the bed was very comfy. Free WiFi throughout the hotel. I also dined at the restaurant (breakfast and lunch) -  food was delish. A very convenient location, right by the subway. The manager also followed-up with me post stay with an email, a nice touch.

    26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Helena W.
    This is the kind of place where you go when a special friend is in town and you want to impress them or bring a date and show him/her the sophisticated side of you.  The hotel location isn't the most fabulous but the inside of the hotel made me want to break out a cigar, read a book and have a meaningful conversation.  I was quite impressed with the decor.  Heard the food was good but haven't tried.  Drinks were good but pricey.  Ordered a glass of Vermentino that cost $16.

    27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. J C.
    Fantastic. Great design. Staff are awesome. Stayed here for anniversary and they upgraded us to a suite. Free bikes for guests. Looking forward to staying here again

    26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Marc S.
    Always looking for that funky bohemian place to rest our heads and we've found our place in New York. The staff without you knowing it go out of their way to make your stay memorable. First Bryan made reservations 28 days in advance of our arrival for their acclaimed restaurant then followed up to reconfirm. 'D' went out if his way to find a same day eyeglass store when mine broke. Michelle texted a restaurant to say we were coming and to treat us right. Then she follows up to make sure we arrived and enjoyed.  The room is perfectly funky with superb quality fixtures and the hugest towels. The bed and pillows are the best. We'll definitely be back.

    17/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Ann T.
    Love the NoMad Hotel. Rooms are tasteful with these heavy, beautiful wood doors and wooden floors. Especially love the Library bar. We had drinks and the fried chicken appetizer, which was very good. There is a Stumptown coffee shop at the Ace Hotel around the corner. The neighborhood does not offer a great range of restaurants or bars (with the exception of the Breslin at the Ace Hotel), but it does not matter since you will want to hang out in the hotel. We had dinner at the NoMad restaurant, which was amazing. If it is booked on opentable, call the restaurant directly to see if they have space since they reserve tables for hotel guests.

    25/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Mark G.
    The best hotel I can imagine. Perfect. The rooms are absolutely gorgeous; the room we stayed in had 14 foot ceilings with nearly floor to ceiling windows. The interior design was flawless with many wonderful artful details. So often hotels can feel stuffy, standardized, and sanitary. The NoMad is rich with character, vibe, and class. A very convenient location just a few minutes away from the Flatiron and some of NYC's best parks. The staff was extremely helpful and wonderfully hospitable.  

    The downstairs Library Bar is a great place to have after dinner drinks. The menu is fantastic and inventive. This place is not uptight or pretentious; the classic soul and R&B music made everything relaxed and comfortable. The bartender's customized cocktail is a fun item that we tried more than once. The breakfast was delicious. The two of us couldn't decide so had to order 3 different breakfasts.

    I proposed to my girlfriend during this trip and couldn't imagine staying in a more perfect place than the NoMad Hotel. Very sexy and romantic. Stay here, you will not regret it.

    21/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Patricia H.
    Gorgeous Hotel. Great Staff. Excellent Accommodations. I mean what else could you ask for?? A friend and I booked the Suite for NYE. It was AMAZING. So spacious and clean and modern. I honestly did not want to leave because everything was perfect. The suite as I said was HUGE. There was a big bedroom, with a king sized bed that made it seem like you were sleeping on clouds. The bathroom was everything you could hope for. THE SHOWER. You could comfortably fit 6 people in that walk in shower (not that I tested that or anything). It was perfect and the rain showerhead was everythingggggg. There's a separate section in the bathroom for the toilet so you can have privacy as well. Now lets get to the living area....so spacious and homey. There were big comfy chairs and a chaise lounge for you to relax and lay on. A nice closet. There really were no downsides to the suite if you have the funds and can afford it, DO IT. You will not be sorry.

    On a separate note, I'd just like to say the staff at the Nomad Hotel go above and beyond to make sure your stay at their property is perfect. One of the managers came around to every room and dropped off a written note and a bottle of wine. It's the little things like that the customers remember. I will definitely be coming back for a stay. And for the comments about the neighborhood, I personally like that it's off the beaten path and honestly it's located right by the R/N train so anywhere you're trying to go is within reach.

    15/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Obstinate N.
    The Good - Spacious rooms, comfortable soaking tub (with book holder!), very friendly and helpful staff, tasty restaurant with a sitting area underneath a glass ceiling, cozy library bar, and located within one block of the N and R lines and a few blocks to the 1 and 6 lines.

    The Bad - A little noisy at night (but didn't keep us up), the neighborhood is not the best and I felt a little hesitant coming back very late at night from the 1 and 6 lines because of the walk, and it would have been nice to have another pillow option in the room (the ones we had were really soft and flat).

    The Ugly - None.  Decor is chic without trying too hard.  In the room, old (looking) polished hardwood floors, leather headboard with engraved detailing, interesting framed pictures, beautiful rug underneath the bed, and velvet patterned screen dividing bed and shower areas.  The screen did make the room appear smaller though.  The lobby bathroom (down a flight of stairs) was beautifully tiled in yellow, grey and white.

    05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. John W.
    I must admit, the library room is a pretty nifty place to have a drink. If you like books, even better! Depending on the waitress, though, you might get snooty looks if you actually check out any of the books along the shelves. And yes, this place is as cool and chic as people say it is.

    Okay, walking in for the first time, I was impressed with the black *everything.* The walls were black even. Things got a little worse when I was trying to figure out where I was supposed to go (there are corridors that lead in every which way). The people who worked there didn't seem very interested in showing us the way, either. We wandered around like lost tourists, passing several different bars and dining areas until we eventually found our way to the library room (that was what we were there for). We sat down, and the waitress came to take our drink and food orders. One of the guys I was with, who's really into books about New York, was busy looking at all the interesting books on the shelves; she was not amused. I told her we needed a minute and she rolled her eyes and walked away.

    With the waitress gone, we had a minute to just check things out. This room is pretty impressive, even if it looks a bit fake, like a movie set. I still liked the atmosphere. The people sitting around the area mostly looked like they were on business, but it was around lunch on a weekday, so I guess that made sense. The walls were lined with books, separated by category, and there were a lot of books.

    We did eventually order our drinks and chicken, and I'll just say no more about the waitress. She wasn't bad, just indifferent. I didn't have to talk to her again after placing my order, so that's that. We stayed for about 45 minutes, and it really was a nice place to relax, to get away from the busy outside world for a bit.

    If it's your first time here, the bathroom is a journey to get to. It's tucked away on a different floor, at the end of 7-9 turns, corridors, passageways, and stairs--I'm actually not sure how I found it. Finally, would be rated higher if not for the waitress.

    Summed up: a nice place to duck into in the middle of the day; it really feels like a different place once inside, away from Broadway and the million people outside. Decor is beautiful, even if a bit unauthentic. If you're in the area and have a free moment, come in and have a drink, do it in the library room.

    03/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Avalyn J.
    I went to an event at this hotel.  From the start the doorman and all of the other staff were very friendly.  The decor is so mahogany rich in color and furnishings.  Just beautiful.  The event I attended was in the Journal Room.  The mahogany theme was present here as well.  Upon entering there is a bar.  Room  was a long rectangle room which lead to glass doors that open into an outdoor garden with marble tables.  Very beautiful and would be fitting for any event.

    08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Josie T.
    Great rooms with character.

    07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Brian M.
    I recently moved from Midtown near to the "up-and-coming" neighborhood of NoMad to get away from the touristy craziness of Herald Square and now literally 5 minutes walk from my workplace. I've passed by this hotel many many times and always curious to find out how the inside looks like. One day, decided to chill and hang out at the lobby during lunch time for a bit on a rainy day.

    I must say it's a gorgeous chic sort of a cross between British and Parisian boutique hotel. But what I was most impressed about was the hospitality. It wouldn't be an exaggeration that this is probably the ONLY hotel where the doormen opened the doors for you with a greeting by 'Good Morning Gentlemen'. I was wearing super casual clothing and carrying a Starbucks coffee in my hand. Sat at the lobby with my iPhone just chillin' for hours and wasn't questioned/bothered nor given an ugly face for staying around.

    Now, that says much, many hotels in NYC don't even have their doormen open the doors for you nor greet you with a smile. Not to mention, hotel security tends to loiter you around and treat you like a criminal or a thief if you sit at the lobby even though you're. As a former hospitality professional, as long as they're not acting strangely and NOT a homeless person, I believe it's OK to sit at the lobby as long as they're not doing any harm or acting/behaving civilized.

    Would love to come back for a drink at their 'Library' bar. Great chic and cool environment!! If Ace Hotel one street north is a Hipster, NoMad Hotel is a Bourgeoisie sans the pretentiousness.

    26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Klima K.
    This the the best hotel I ever live in NYC!

    19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Eileen L.
    NoMad Hotel is great.  Brian at the Front Desk is a rock star!  Everyone is full of joy and good energy.  Makes you want to stay another night!

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. ARIeL P.
    Was in NY literally for half a day and night for a quick meeting and meet up with a special friend. A friend booked me at the NoMad. I never even saw outside of NY once I arrived from the Airport and back to the Airport again for an early Flight.

    I have to say, this place is Classy. From the employees to the Restaurant. The Ambiance is a plus.

    The restaurant on the other hand, is one of the best I have ever been to. The bar is second to none Mixologist! I had the Tuna Tartar and the Duck!! I can still taste it typing.  A must to go back to.

    24/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Sarah K.
    Stayed at this place and loved it

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Greg T.
    Love this hotel for it's library and bar, decor and location.  I love the fact that the lobby isn't a scene.  It has a really understated coolness to it.  Rooms size decent for NY and service is spot on.  I think I finally found my go to NYC hotel.

    22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Nancy F.
    Stayed in a suite room the beginning of August 2013.  My boyfriend and I were looking for an alternative to our usual Park Gansevoort locale in the FlatIron area.  The room was a decent size and we liked the decor.  I loved the hardwood floors and the bathroom was a good size as well.  The bed was really comfortable so no complaints about the room.  

    We ate at the restaurant for dinner and the food was excellent!  I had a scallop dish which was delicious.  We went to the Library Bar afterwards which was just OK in my opinion.  It was just a bar, nothing spectacular.  Kinda boring actually but then again, it was only a Monday night.  

    Dee at the valet was awesome and went out of his way to get me a discount on parking from the lot I parked in across the way and also offered to give me a tour of the hotel.  The folks at the front desk were very helpful as well and managed to move my restaurant reservation from a 915 to a more suitable 730.  All in all, a great experience at the NoMad and will return.

    18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Megan C.
    Picky Friends loved it!

    Had some friends in town who opted to try out this hotel for a change. They both raved about it. The three of us took out the hotel's beach cruisers for the afternoon and had a blast.

    Great staff
    Awesome location
    Great rooftop - amazing Empire State views
    Decadent lobby and lounge
    So not pretentious!!

    Overall amazing experience for my friends. Not surprised as Ace Hotel owners know what they're doing.

    Date Rating: 8
    Pick up Scale: 7

    Strong Suggestion: ride the bikes, get some Korean food at Ms. Korea & don't skip the library lounge.

    05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Anthony L.
    hands down best hotel I have stayed at in manhattan (at this price point).  I splurged on a jetsetter deal and got a suite. It was incredible.  725 square feet in new york - huge bathroom, separate sitting area, and the decor is amazing.  This room was bigger and better than any of my friends' apartments in this town.

    The service has been great, the decor of the hotel is amazing, and the restaurant was delicious.  I saw a few celebs eating dinner there last night near me.

    The only drawback was that the noise from broadway can be a bit much - there were drunk people singing and cars blasting music until 4AM, but I can't fault the NoMad for that.

    09/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. M H.
    This hotel is simply stunning, my rather amazing room even has a view of the Empire State from the claw foot bathtub.

    The decor matches the photos on the website (rare,) the concierge team is warm, helpful, and just absolutely lovely - Shauna is amaze - and I frankly don't want to leave.

    Shall have to force myself out the door though - if only to buy a lotto ticket in the hope I can stay longer!!

    18/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Rich T.
    The NoMad hotel was dressed in a darkly warm suit that invited me into it's styled venue that was the opposite of the normal commercial hotel. With stark Victorian and Beaux Arts themed rooms, I felt like I had walked back in time and I was treated extremely well as the guest of the hotel.

    I think it was the pictures of the venue that lured me in as I was looking to impress a friend with my best answer for an evening we would always remember. When I passed that little pale blue felt lined box to her in the Library, the venue, the Sommelier's suggestion, and the glowing atmosphere contributed to the radiance of the stars inside.

    Our room was a king sized suite and on the pivotal corner of the hotel that looked over Broadway and 28th Street. Bright and sunny, it was overflowing with nuances and luxurious comfort. There were many old school touches that made me laugh and think of visiting my grandparents home nearly 40+ years ago such as the umbrella in the walk in closet, the towels under the sink, and the thick wooden doors.

    Sinking into the deep bed, our minds passed from the present, any signs of stress disappeared, and the world came alive again. While we only stayed a night, it felt longer by far and in a good way, too.

    While I normally stay at another venue in the Flatiron District that reminds me of an IKEA show case bedroom, the NoMad was an experience unto itself that I look forward to repeating when I stay in NYC.

    30/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Scott B.
    Wow, what a place!!! The NoMad hotel is super cool and über chick. I didn't check out any of their hotel rooms b/c I was just there with a friend having drinks in one of the hotel bars, but from what I experienced, this place is the real deal. It's interesting b/c when you first go inside, you really have no indication that this place is a hotel. As soon as you enter the main door, you are standing in a square-shaped room with 3 sets of "fire doors" on each wall. One set of doors leads to the lobby, one set leads to the main dining area / restaurant, and the other door leads to hotel rooms. It's almost like they're trying to relive the speakeasy spirit of the 1920s with inconspicuousness and secret doors! Very cool.

    Inside the hotel is quite a sight to see. The style is very classic looking... and masculine--that is, there's lot of dark wood, but the place is styled by a contemporary design mixed with old-fashioned sensibility. It's absolutely beautiful (or should I say handsome). In fact, a couple that I know was in town vetting the NoMad as a possible location to host their wedding. I'd certainly love to get married in this place!!

    Note: Check out the Library bar when you're at the NoMad. It's amazing!

    21/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Greta D.
    I'd say the best way to describe this stay is: pampered. From the doormen, to the front desk, cleaning crew, the bar and restaurant staff, to the actual hotel itself, we lived a couple days of the very good life. Alicia at the front desk was especially warm and welcoming, with great advice on places to visit. The 10th floor room was beautiful with the light hardwood floors, dark chocolate trim, and crisp white walls and linens. The room was very clean and comfortable. Having a view of the top of the Empire State Building was also a plus. We loved the decor and took many photos to reference when we move into a house of our own- imitation IS the most sincere form of flattery, right?  We normally would not be able to afford staying here(it was part of my prize for winning a cocktail competition), but after this I am inspired to work that much harder to be able to come back for future vacations!

    02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Foster R.
    Came here for a romantic getaway with my partner. Amazing service--prompt and courteous, and the room (Atelier) was more spacious than I was expecting, with a super comfy King bed and beautiful wine glasses. I called ahead to ask that I got a room with a bathtub; it was heaven soaking in the bath by the bright curtains.

    We went for an afternoon coffee in the Library. It was lovely and quiet and the food was all right. Ridiculous that an english breakfast tea was more expensive than a cappuccino ($6 and $5, respectively), but no matter.

    22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. Sarah M.
    Beautiful, relaxing stay. The staff was the best hotel staff I've ever encountered. They were all unbelievably professional, outgoing and helpful but also down to earth and eclectic with their tattoos and contemporary look.

    The room was gorgeous and spacious, the bed was comfortable, room service was pretty good and even the hotel's stock shampoo smelled lovely. Fantastic stay.

    23/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Russell B.
    I stayed at The NoMad for the Fourth time this past weekend. Love the decor, the food, the location and the price - it's a bargain for a hotel with such style. The only disappointing thing was the inconsistency of the service. It's like there's two sets of staff - one old school nice hotel and the other bad hipster.

    BAD: Two doormen/bellmen just watched as we got out of a cab in the Broadway parking median (a bike lane separates the sidewalk from the traffic) with luggage and made our way to the reception desk and ONLY THEN asked us if we needed help with our luggage. Throughout our stay, it was a crap shoot as to whether the door staff would be there and if they were, whether they'd stop their conversation (likely with each other) long enough to swing open the door for us.

    GOOD: The wait staff at breakfast [as well as the quality and presentation of the food] make it totally worth the price and so we had breakfast there every morning of our stay. Our waiter was professional, friendly and obviously expert. Such an enjoyable experience each morning. [The service at dinner was not special, but fine.]

    BAD: The Library Bar is terrific looking. The 20 year old waitress that absolutely couldn't be bothered to provide a bare minimum of service pretty much ruined that. Shockingly indifferent.

    GOOD: The rest of the staff from the GM to the housekeepers couldn't be nicer and more professional.

    These issues wouldn't keep me from staying here at last weekend's off-season prices, but is already making me consider other options for my stay in June when the price goes up considerably.

    22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Erika S.
    This review is for a private event rental, the hotel rooms and the restaurant/bar.

    I rented out the NoMad rooftop for a private event (a cocktail reception and seated dinner).

    The NoMad has a reputation so I expected good service and quality food, but I was blown away with just how awesome everything was. I work with a lot of venues hosting events across the country and this is hands down the best venue I've ever worked with.

    The event coordinator was so on point and everything was executed perfectly. She was so accessible and easy to communicate with from the moment I booked the venue. Admittedly, my group was kind of a pain in the ass regarding moving chairs and tables from one place to another moments before the event and she never missed a beat.

    In addition, the bartenders and servers were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.

    The food was magnificent. Portions were epic and the wine pairings spot on. I personally ate so much that I was really looking forward to returning to my beautiful room to pass out from my food coma.

    And lastly... the rooftop itself is just plain beautiful. You feel like you are transported to this magical serene garden party right in the middle of NYC.

    I cannot wait to host another event here.

    Lovely and lush. Very Mad Men. It's one of my favorite places to stay while in NYC. Every hotel employee that I have ever come into contact with has always been very pleasant, which I really appreciate because that is a rarity in the city.

    One if the best brunches in NYC. (Make reservations.) The food is always great, the menu changes seasonally and the cocktail menu is expansive and delish! I had a blast trying several of them. I also really enjoy the atmosphere in the library. It's a cool place to have an after-work cocktail or just people watch.

    09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Gery S.
    Our favorite hotel in NYC. Beautiful rooms, great staff, chic and hip place with a great restaurant in the hotel plus a brand new NoMad Bar (speakeasy) added to the already great Pumpkin Bar and the wonderful Library Room.  Service is first rate. Housekeeping staff are very responsive and professional. Highly recommend the NoMad.

    14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Kate M.
    Albeit my traveling experience is somewhat limited, I'd choose The NoMad over any other hotel in NYC, hands down.  They do everything right. The place is hip and artsy while offering classic qualities like excellent, timely, genuine service. The doormen were wonderful, and helped us on numerous occasions with handsome smiles. The room was beautiful, with every inch ornately decorated in a funky-yet-classy big city style that anyone from out of town would absolutely adore. Our room, even being adjacent to the elevator, was quiet through the night and the bed was comfortable. We woke up to a powerful shower and copy of the NYT waiting outside our door. Next time I'm visiting New York, I plan to use all my persuasive powers to find myself back at The NoMad.

    21/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Will G.
    Stayed here for 2 nights. Great hotel. Great service. Reasonable prices. I was very impressed by The NoMad Hotel.

    13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Anne A.
    I will stay here again. The people who work here are smart and helpful, and the room ("atelier") was large, clean, and very comfortable (a couple would be fine in there). Great decor, bed, and shower; small but nice gym. Location is perfect.

    Witnessed a member of the door staff very calmly and gracefully handle the task of arranging a car for a foreign guest who couldn't understand that he was being asked to provide his destination... their exchange was hilarious but the staff member was impeccable the whole way through!

    07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. Kathryn W.
    So chic. Everything from the room to the staff is A+.

    I wish I'd taken them up on the offer to use the free bicycles... Next time ...

    I found it very courteous that when I went to the library for a drink it seemed like they expedited the process for  hotel guests vs people who were just coming in and weren't staying at the hotel.

    They have the best bath tubs I've ever used and the complimentary hair care products are amazing.

    A note about the location:  If you're a 20-something visiting from from out of town you better hope the L- train is working cause most of your college friends can probably only afford to live in Brooklyn :)

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Courtney B.
    Loved this hotel! We had a rough experience at the flatiron hotel and came to Nomad, which was a completely different story. The rooms were quiet, staff was professional and breakfast was great! I'd recommend investing the $$$ and enjoying the experience.

    03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. GIR ..
    *desk staff friendly and helpful
    *location (for me YMMV)
    *had no time for it but heard only good things about restaurant
    *our room/bathroom size was good for NYC

    *pervasive strong mildew smell in restroom that nothing could disguise
    *most of the time during stay no hot water for shower had to call and wait some time for it to be rectified
    *next to no space in closet or anywhere else to store clothes
    *often waits for not the speediest or largest elevators

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    55. Tamara B.
    Went here on a Wednesday night with four friends. We were only able to get a reservation at 945pm, even though we booked two weeks early.

    The service was exceptional - 5 stars across the board. In addition to the useful help and knowledge from the sommelier.

    The cocktails were unique, and strong. In addition, the wine list was extensive. There were bottles from as low as $40 up to $3000. However, it was nice to see such a variety in region and price.

    Now the food - wow! I had heard the chicken was amazing here but I have truly never tried chicken like this in my lifetime. Completely blown away! At $80/for two, it's expensive. But, I would recommended that and an entrée to share - then you're gold! We tried the cod, which was nice. Note, this place does not have large portions. If you're hungry, eat before!

    We headed into the bar after for a post dinner drink and it was packed at 130am / great scene and quick drinks.

    Can't wait to visit again some day.

    06/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Cat L.
    Excellent Hotel. I got a free upgraded room when I checked in last weekend. The room was beautiful, appearance and decoration were great. The pillow and bedding were extremely comfortable and I felt great in this staycation retreat.

    The hot water in the tub were scathing hot. Exactly what I wanted for a relaxing bath. Excellent hotel, the complimentary Shampoo and Conditioners were expensive French products that I'm now dying to purchase from France.

    Amazing rooms, can't imagine staying anywhere else in the city.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. M C.
    Lovely hotel. Great service. Only con is it's very loud. This could just be because I'm on a lower floor. Would not recommend if you're looking for some peace and quiet. Rooms are nice and clean with great amenities but incredibly small. My shower is actually in the bedroom. I don't mind it so much as the room is cute and immaculate. The street noise however...

    Update: Since I had major issues with the sound in my room, the hotel comped all my room service charges which was so much appreciated.

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Jen W.
    SUCH a great place!  We visited The NoMad Hotel's rooftop for a private cocktail event, and it was a truly beautiful rooftop atmosphere-by far one of my favorites, ever!
    The cocktails and passed hors were tasty, if it's any indication of their restaurant, we'll be back next time we're in NYC for dinner!

    Having only walked thru the lobby to reach the elevator, we didn't get a great feel for the hotel, but from what we did see, it appears to be a lovely boutique hotel!
    Next time we're in NYC, we'll probably book a night or two here!

    19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. David S.
    Not cheap but the nicest place I've slept in a long time.  A wonderful room and friendly staff and quieter than my apartment in San Francisco.  There's a bar called the Library there which you have to be a guest to visit.  I went there one evening at 8 pm.  They were totally full.  The lady apologized to me and said she could call my room in 30-45 minutes when a table opens up.  So I went up to my room.  15 minutes later, they called me and said they had a table reserved for me.  A beverage and some food later, I asked for the check and they discounted it for me because I had to wait.  Awesome...just awesome.

    24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Patrick D.
    Everything 5 Stars...
    Beautiful boutique hotel
    Room was very clean, comfortable, spacious and stylish
    Staff were very polite, helpful, and eager to please. Everybody seemed happy to be there.
    I Really enjoyed the restaurant
    There are so many places you can stay in NYC but I'll come back here again

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Kim N.
    The last time I was in NYC, the Nomad was to open a few months after I left. Phooey. Well it looks like they've got everything settled in and working like Eleven Madison Park. Now this is a different beast. Rooms, Bar, Library, Restaurant, Private dining, you name it, it's a full ecosystem. The staff are top notch on every level, and the hospitality that was inherited by Danny Meyer in his protoges are very apparent. Perhaps some of the best views in Manhattan to boot. Talk about the full package

    24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Ashley L.
    Flawless hotel.

    I booked last minute due to complications at a different hotel and I wish I could stay all week here! I even woke up 3 hours early purposely to enjoy the amenities of the room (claw foot bath tub) and bask in the beautiful decor.

    Easy 5 stars

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Jessica M.
    I stayed here on my wedding night and I could not have been happier. They sent up complimentary champagne to celebrate and that was a very sweet touch. This is by far the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in, oh my god. I can't say enough about it - I'd trade my apartment for it in a heartbeat.

    The staff is phenomenal - so friendly and attentive but not overly so (a tough balance in my opinion - one that they mastered!).

    The hotel itself is so beautiful - it's got a very chic, dark, warm and cozy (not hokey, though), sexy and alluring atmosphere. Feels a bit art deco, a bit French, but very modern at the same time.

    The room is incredible. The hardwood floors with the beautiful antique rug, the beautiful clawfoot tub, the unprecedented level of cleanliness... I could go on and on for hours, seriously. It struck such a perfect cord with me. The water pressure is incredible, I really like that they have the shower in its own enclosed space with a low ceiling - I want to recreate this in my future home! It's so smart - keeps the moisture contained and prevents it from ruining the beautiful ceiling (yes, I noticed how pristine the ceiling was). From our bathtub you could see the empire state building.

    We ordered room service - I ordered the lobster and wished there was a little more to it - I think it got rattled on the way up so it just looked like a sad little bowl of a little spinach and lobster. It was quite good, though! My husband got the chicken club and that was more substantial and tasty.

    Of course, we had to venture out of our room for SOMETHING so we grabbed coffee in the library and that was fantastic. The croissants are awesome and the coffee was also lovely. It's a great place to pick up a picture book and leaf through, and learn something while you're sipping your coffee or cocktail. If you go alone, it'd be a great place to read for a few hours, for sure.

    As native new yorkers, we often find ourselves wondering why people would come to this gritty obnoxious city (sorry, as a commuter, shit is obnoxious). We totally get it now. It's a very different side of the city and I could not be happier to have chosen the nomad to get that perspective. We're looking forward to spending our anniversaries at the nomad. :)

    04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Jenise C.
    I travel a lot for work and pleasure and I have to say I am in love with everything about this hotel.  I have stayed here 5 times and have loved every time.  From the darling men who greet you at the front door to the wonderful people who check me in at the front desk, I always feel so welcome here.  

    The restaurant and bars are also really great.  Love the drink menu and the food is spot on.

    The rooms are so big and warm.  Beds are very comfy and I love that there is space under the sink to put my stuff (might seem small, but it makes a difference)

    Love, love, love The Nomad Hotel!   xx

    27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0