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Route 66 Motel in Afton, OK

Route 66 Motel in Afton, OK

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.00

Address: 21751 S Highway 69, Afton, OK, 74331

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    Comments (3):

    1. Kathy P.
    All rooms are themed. We stayed in the somewhat sad Elvis room. I'm not sure but I think they gave us one of the better rooms. Soooo sad. They closed the turnpike due to an accident so we were forced off the road at afton, Oklahoma

    30/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Carole J.
    Route 66 Motel was so much fun.  Beautifully decorated room.  And such honest people.  We stayed overnight on May 10 and I left my pillow in the room.  On May 29 I called and they still had it!  The significance for me was that (1)it was a king size goose down pillow that I could not afford to replace and (2) it had been my mother's pillow, so it had sentimental value.  Thanks be for such conscientious owners.  
    Did I mention that the room was very clean, comfortable, and affordable??  If you are traveling I44 and need a place to rest near Afton or Grove , Ok, I recommend this little place on old Route 66.

    29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Big Mama's M.
    Late last night, on our way to Jefferson City from San Diego and knew I couldn't make it, so I decided to stop. I am not familiar with the area and the weather was horrible...windy and cold, I gave up and hoped to find a room for my 6 yr old grandson and I.

    I saw a lodging sign on the side of the road and decided to get off the turnpike to look for the hotel. Only it wasn't a hotel, it was a motel and an old one at that...hard core old school but we were beat and there was a vacancy sign.

    Upon entering I was greeted by the manager on duty, a man in his late 40's and then his wife. I told him we needed a room and once I paid and went out to my car, I believe his wife told him to help me by opening the door to our room, turn on the lights and make sure we got in okay.

    I have posted pics but here's the straight scoop...it is a very humble, older hotel, most likely an original from the original Route 66 days. The room smelled good, it was warm and almost as clean as my own home.

    Since one of the pics below shows a dead fly or whatever that insect is, I am very unimpressed by the proof. The door opens to he parking lot, of course a bug or two may enter the room but please, they are in the middle of nowhere. Below I have written my honest pro's and con's but if you find yourself in Afton or are looking for a decent and safe place to rest, this is it.

    I also find it quite unkind to make fun of someone else's personal decorating taste when plainly you can see, that the owners have TRIED. But here's the best part..*****.I left my grandson's backpack in the room when we left. It held his mama's new ipad, gaming system and several expensive toys. I didn't realize that until I was in Jefferson City and by then it was too late to turn back.

    When I called the next morning and told the lady that I was in room such and such, before I could finish, she said "I know, you left your backpack here. It is here in the office and we will take care of it until you can return." What the heck? Who does that anymore? I seriously thought the backpack was gone to the wind...and guess what but no surprise.....one week later when we were going back to San Diego, we stopped and the backpack and all its item were safe and sound. *****

    And for that...we rate 5 stars as decent, honest people are sometimes very hard to find on a road trip.

    The pros~
    Only $50 for our room! One queen bed, TV, microwave, fridge.
    Heater worked like a charm~
    Water in shower is hot and has a strong water pressure~
    Bed was very comfortable and bedspread smelled clean~
    Carpet was clean~
    Toilet and bathroom was clean~

    No cons~

    06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0