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McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, OR


The name "McMenamin" is well known throughout the Pacific Northwest, signifying a great place to enjoy handcrafted ales, wine, spirits and pub fare with family and friends. The dream began more than 30 years ago in the hearts of brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin and continues to spiral upward. With 57 properties (and counting!), the siblings are considered to be pioneers of the Pacific Northwest microbrew, historic hotels and music venue industries. Go to mcmenamins.com for additional information, photos and more.


Established in 1993.

At Edgefield, during its seven-decade run as a poor farm, a remarkable array of personalities congregated under its roof: sea captains, captains of industry, school teachers, ministers, musicians, loggers, nurses, home builders, homemakers, former slaves and slave owners. There were Germans, Italians, Japanese, Chinese, Native Americans, African Americans; Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and Buddhist. Frankie of "Frankie and Johnny" notoriety was there. The nephew of celebrated Confederate General Stonewall Jackson surpassed age 100 while at Edgefield. The one common thread among them was, at one time (and perhaps others) in their lives, each needed a "leg up."


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Rating: 3.91

Address: 2126 SW Halsey St., Troutdale, OR, 97060
  • Mon: 7:00 am - 1:00 am
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  • Thu: 7:00 am - 1:00 am
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Comments (565):

1. Portland S.
Been going there for years.  No spot is better, no matter the season.  By the way, who goes there for the food?  If you do, you will be disappointed, and you will have missed the entire spirit of the place.  There are lots of fabulous bars with great beer, & good spirits.  In the summer, the meticulously manicured pitch & putt golf course supplies great entertainment no matter how good or bad (like me) you are at golf, at a very affordable price.  Oktoberfest is also a good reason to go... if the weather is bad, hit up the little red shed or the distillery bar, or do some wine tasting & roam the halls of the hotel while trying to figure out what these amazingly talented artists were on when they "decorated" the place...   come to think of it, any time of year is good.  And if you're really hungry, hit up the Power Station for a Captain Neon burger & cajun tots.  (Just ignore the 9 dollar price tag for a burger...)  If you're a McMenamins novice, try ordering the "Rubinator" for a refreshing variation on your pint of beer...  By the way, I have stayed in the hotel a couple of times.  The prices can be very reasonable, and the "shared" bath is no big deal, as once you are inside, it's very private... plus they offer robes during your stay...  go & enjoy it!

02/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Suzanne A.
two words (or is it one?) - TATER TOTS!!  uh, i see a pattern forming here...was just there for a wedding and discovered they offer these lil' morsels of love on their bar menu.  was a nice surprise at like 2am, post-wedding, blitzed and hungry, to have 3 boxes of tater tots appear miraculously in front of me.  edgefield, you rock, truly.  oh yah, and the room was great too, the grounds beautiful, the wines spectacular.  my only small complaint is that i was on the 3rd floor of the main lodge and the elevators appear to only go to the 2nd, and i had a ton of sh*t...

03/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Ed K.
As part of our try every McMenamin's location strategy we decided to make the Edgefield location our choice for our 19th wedding anniversary. We booked a King Suite (with private bath) in the winery wing. Nice large corner room (only $120) with lots of windows. This choice turned out to be a great one as while I was reading the paper and having coffee in the lobby the next morning I heard more than one person complain about the rowdy and loud drunks from the wedding party the night before. When one customer asked to be moved to a more quite room, the front desk said they would try, but that she needed to understand that Edgefield was a party place with lots of on-site bars. Our room was very quite because the Winery wing is a single floor away from the bars. We ate at the Black Rabbit for dinner (great pork) and breakfast(cheese blintz). Both meals were very reasonably priced and well prepared. We watched a movie at the on-site theater, which was a blast because you get to eat and drink during the movie. The grounds were well kept. Even after a night of partying the grounds were spotless! Friendly and professional staff. Try the soaking pool for a very relaxing pool experience. We will definately be back and try more of the bar offerings as we ran out of time trying to fit everything into one day/night.

27/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Madeline F.
I've been coming to the Edgefield every November for ten years, and I love it dearly.  Up until last year I would have easily given it five stars with exclamation points:  it's so gorgeous and magical.  But last year I came with a friend who was in a wheelchair...  And it was horrible for her.  There is only one entrance to the main lodge for wheelchairs, and it's up a really long ramp; and past 10 at night they lock the door at the top of the ramp, so if you don't have a friend who can walk up to the front desk and harass someone into opening the door, you're seriously SOL.  There are no signs pointing the way to the wheelchair ramp when you arrive.  The masseuse did not listen to my friend when she told her to leave off her legs because it was causing her pain.  Every hallway and the common bathrooms have a door closing them off, and the doors are all really wide and heavy and hard to move, and they have no button to push to open them automatically.

And the really embarassing part is that lots of the art has happy old people in wheelchairs, so it's like the walls themselves are mocking the poor sod stranded in a building full of heavy segregating doors, with barely one entrance.  Seriously, it was such a blow to me to have talked this place up to the heavens without realizing that it was so horrible for someone who couldn't walk.  I hope to heaven that they put ramps in at the other doors...  It's not like they don't have plenty of space...  And put in buttons to open the hallway doors on the first floor, and put in an intercom so that people who are locked out can get in at night.  Please, guys.

As for what I've seen in the past ten years, yeah, service can be slow, and the food can be meh, but there's usually some great stuff on the menu and the servers are usually friendly.  For the Power Station I recommend the beer sampler and the Reisling.  The best bet on the Black Rabbit menu is going with something classic, like the steak with jalapeno jelly, because they're not so good with the odd stuff, like rabbit stew.  The creme brulee last year was excellent.  To avoid long waits, sit in the few booths in the Black Rabbit pub catty corner to the Black Rabbit...  You can order all the Black Rabbit food there, it's a great nook to get breakfast in.  That may be my favorite of all the pubs, cozy, surrounded by wood, the bartender is great.  Order the Spanish Coffee and watch it being made, all sparking and burning!

The Litte Red Shed is a great place for brandy and whiskey and talking on cold nights.  Get a cheap cup of peanuts and toss the shells on the floor!  The Distillery is kinda far off and smoky, but I think it's open latest of all the pubs.

Obviously the art everywhere in the Edgefield is amazing; I wish I could buy stuff from those artists.  It's excellent to realize the sprinkler system pipes have little faces on them.  There is always something to look at and think about.  One thing I haven't heard mentioned yet is that the smell of the Edgefield is a work of art itself:  coffee and hops and mash and all the best most interesting spicy scents of a working winery and distillery.  Very distinctive signal of being in another world.

The rooms are fine and the beds comfy...  They're poorly lit at night, so you might want to bring a head lamp to read by.  The wireless internet is free and reasonably fast, and though you can't get it from every room, it's available in the common sitting areas.  If you need  a printer, bring your own, because there's nothing available to the public.  I appreciate the free coffee by the main desk, and getting a carafe of coffee delivered to your room is cheap.  The tea is pretty terrible (Tazo, man, who are they kidding), but the red one is drinkable.  It's really excellent to be able to wander anywhere with your plates and cups; makes it like living at home with someone to cook and clean for you.  There's no real problem with finding a bathroom open; they could use another shelf in them to put your stuff on when you're getting dressed in the morning.  I've stayed in the hostel some years, and that's ok; the thing with the pubs everywhere means that sometimes drunk chicks reel in and have discussions at two in the morning, but mostly it's a fine place to stay, far enough off the beaten path that it's only the dedicated who make it out there.

Basically, this place breathes character.  It's like no other.

26/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Vanessa B.
I went on a random day in mid april.  It's like disneyland for grown ups.  There's a brewery, a winery, a spa, a golf course, beautiful grounds to wander around on and the list goes on.  I love this place, I'm not going to write a really long review, all I have to say is you should go here....now.

13/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Dan H.
While I wouldn't want to stay in one of the rooms this is a mandatory stop every time I'm in the area.  The Powerstation has good food at reasonable prices for the portions.  But the real attraction is the beer.  Nothing beats sitting in Jerry's Ice House with some Terminators, cigars and good friends listening to Jerry Garcia work his magic.  Sadly I haven't had the chance to try the Pub Course yet, but thats all the more reason to make a return trip.

17/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. M E.
Want to freeze to death in the dead of summer with a frigid arctic wind blowing on you all night?  Stay in room #232,233, or 231.  I have never suffered so much in any hotel.  Something vents into those rooms and causes a nasty cold wind.  No kidding.

31/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. Review M.
Service = 4 stars
Atmoshpere = 4.5 stars
Rib eye = 3.5 stars
Edgefield 2006 Cab. Sauv = 4.5 stars
Value = 3

Stopped by here after a visit to Multnomah Falls. The wife and I decided to splurge a little on a good meal at the Black Rabbit. I ordered a bottle of Edgefield's own 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon with a Rib eye and the wife had a bacon wrapped chicken dish. The wine was very good. The rib eye was mediocre. My wife's chicken had several human hairs in it. If that wasn't enough, there was also a fruit fly problem in the restaurant. The waiter was courteous and took the chicken off our bill and he brought a coaster to keep the fruit flys out of my wine. This wasn't what we had in mind when we decided to splurge for a good dinner. Having said that, we may go back. The place has a theater, a wine tasting bar with live music, and the main building is decorated with interesting and eccentric artwork. There was also a busy game room in the basement.

26/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Boll W.
As one of the larger McMenamin's places it makes it very easy to get lost here. I can't speak for the hotel or music venue, but everything else there is done in typical McMen's fashion(sort of half assed service and mid range food) but it's the charm of the land that makes you feel like you're elsewhere. Now, I'm of the opinion that the Kennedy School is the best one I've been to but this one has a lot to offer. It's close enough for a weekend getaway to the poor farm(what it originally was) and there's lots of stuff to do there. Wander around the hotel and see the zany art, visit the glass blower, pottery maker or masseuse, watch the brewers, catch a show on the lawn(Wilco anyone?), play some short course golf, wander over and try to sneak into the jail next door or wander through the garden. Of course, all of this is fueled by the McMen's food and alcohol so you'll end up in some sort of debauchery. No, I'm almost certain you wouldn't be the first guests to end up naked on the golf course and you wouldn't be the first to spot a ghost in the hotel. But, still, you'll have fun doing it!
My suggestion: attempt drunken short golf! You'll be amazed how many scratches you end up with after searching for lost balls in the blackberry thatches. Ouch!

27/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Ralph H.
The cajun tots are tasty morsels.

13/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Chantelle B.
I love this place.  Best bloody mary I've ever had.  It's perfect for date night & taking the kids out.  The spa is the most fantastic place ever equipped with a bar perfect for girls night out!  There is something for everyone here & it's a magical place.  Unless you go to the Black Rabbit or (in summer) the Loading Dock Grill, it's typical McMenamins food.

15/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. B E.
Great guest rooms and a great atmosphere. I love the fact that you can walk around and grab a beer at the many different locations throughout the property and go anywhere you want with a beer in hand.

01/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Shelby R.
My heart belongs to the Edgefield.  It breaks when we can't get a reservation.  They say Disneyland's the happiest place on earth, but it doesn't compare to a location with a distillery, brewery, movie theater, pitch-n-putt golf course and hotel all in one beautiful spot.  My husband and I will spend every anniversary we can here, as it has very special memories for us.  We even crashed a wedding there one year and hope our joy spread to the wedding couple.  (Even if we weren't invited.  Tee hee.)

16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Jeremy S.
Don't listen to the haters, this place is bloody brilliant. Pretty much every piece of the puzzle that is Edgefield (and there are a lot of pieces!) is spot on. My favorite things are probably the Little Red Shed, the Black Rabbit restaurant (although for some reason their breakfast has always been a little lacking - dinner has been tremendous, though), the crazy cool murals that adorn the walls and doors of the hotel, and...did I mention the Little Red Shed?? I will say stick to the food and booze and pass on the massage - my wife and I got the massage package once when we stayed here and were both treated to the single worst massage we'd ever had. I mean, it was so bad that we almost asked for our money back. Of course, it would all depend on who's doing the massage, and as long as you don't get the guy we had, you might be OK.

13/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Tiffany F.
If you're into quirky, this is the place for you. The rooms are incredibly reasonable and comfortable. The staff is extremely courteous and helpful and the restaurants have a variety of food choices at various price points. I was here for a conference and the food service has been excellent. The spa on site is also absolutely wonderful. There's live music every weekend, an on-site movie theater and wine and beer tasting. Something for everyone at an affordable getaway price.

23/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Rob A.
This is really a question that is dependent on both season and activity.  Without a doubt Edgefield is the best McMenamins Summer venue for indoor/outdoor options.  The little red shed on the property is a treasure, as is the distillery and adjacent gardens.  In the Winter/rainy season, for libation alone, I really enjoy the underground European feel of the Cellar Bar beneath Ringlers Annex.  As for the theatre experience it's the Bagdad hands-down with their great NY style Pizza by the slice, draft selections and incredibly comfortable and affordable ($3) seating.  For the more surreal experience my vote goes to the Old St Francis School in Bend (specifically the Turkish Bath)!  
So Kym (original inquirer), you're spot on ~ It is a tough call.  Right now, I'd head to Bend for some spring skiing and apres at the Old St. Francis School for a night.  
Pretty hard to beat!

10/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Floyd M.
I love the Edgefield.  Not so much the food, but the location.  This is a great place to hang out and have a beer on a sunny day.   Or a cloudy day.  Or a rainy day.

29/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Jonathan S.
Stayed at the hotel and loved it. Friendly service, good restaurants, great wine (I brought a case back to Boston of the best chardonnay I've ever had). Fun atmosphere in what could be just another conference center.

06/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Ginger P.
You must go here.

23/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Beverly M.
Book this place well in advance (like 2 years) for a Saturday wedding. Shorter notice you can get a weeknight or maybe a Friday but then you may hear oompah music playing during your ceremony.  Blackberry Hall is a nice size banquet room for receptions and the meadow behind it is nice for outdoor ceremonies. But if it's raining and the ceremony has to move into the hall, it's not so impressive. The concrete wall and cement floor just isn't the beautiful setting for a ceremony and photography. The coordinators are helpful and the staff is ok. They may look at you like you are nuts for asking for a glass of water when 'obviously" they don't have any. A wedding couple can get great photo shots before and after the ceremony all around the grounds, balconies, tower, porches and gardens.

07/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Cindy D.
The ultimate sleep away camp for adults...need I say more?

31/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Diane K.
Hey! Brothers M!

Please pay attention to what people are saying here...
The food you sell IS NOT GOOD.

Please improve the situation by completely renovating the menu.
I have NEVER had a truly enjoyable meal at one of your establishments.


Kudos on the revamping of beautiful buildings, creative gardens and, well, thanks for your work at starting to raise the bar for local brewers.
I still love Hammerhead and Crystal.

But the food thing.... geez, how many complaints do you need to see here to realize that cold+greasy = gut ache!!!!!!!!!

Nobody wants to feel punished for the next several hours or days for a poor choice made regarding a much needed food break at their favorite drinking theme park!

04/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Scott K.
I love the idea of McMenamins and it amazes me that they do such a great business.  It must have something to do with the fact that Oregonians love the venue as much as the food and drink.  Edgefield is an amazing facility.  Its expansive with neat little nooks and crannies and bars where you'd never think.  Its really fun to go with a group of friends and walk all over the grounds.  On the negative side, it seems the help is either not motivated, not taken care of or overworked (probably a combination of all of those).  Service is always slow and sometimes even forgetful.  The food is definitely pub fair; greasy and overpriced as it is.  I'll go back but I'll still be sad thinking about how much better they could be.

15/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Karen E.
Summer concert series is HERE! We went last night to experience Billy Idol...that is RIGHT! Billy frickin' Idol 10 minutes away from my house outside with only a couple 1000 people there to share the experience as well.
So it went like this. I have known for the last 30 days I was going someplace special last night but Hubby kept the secret from me.
Enters ONE star for the venue not advertising who was playing there from the road. I was surprised all the way up to standing in line to get into the show. If the loud mouth behind us didn't say this was Billy I would have been surprised until the gate. Fantastic surprise though!!!! I have only wanted to see him perform since 1982!
Okay so another star for the parking lot. They know how to handle a parking crowd. We lucked out and were front row upon leaving so 10 minute drive there, 5 minutes to park, 3 to leave and 10 to get home. Yay!
One star for VERY clean Honey buckets WITH hand washing stations.
This is very important to the ladies....trust me!
One star for the stage layout with grassy area, and good sound system.

Now for the negatives that give it the rating it is getting.
From the parking lot WAY on the other side of the venue, there are no signs to lead you to the stage. You have to follow the crowd. We ended up walking so far out of our way I got blisters on my feet.
Badly mixed overpriced margarita. I didn't even get a buzz going. 10 bucks down the drain.
The food we ordered, buttermilk fried chicken was plentiful and tasty, we shared one serving. but it had a side of WARM coleslaw. Are they trying to give us food poisoning?
So that brings it down to 3 stars.
The crowd there was okay....some frat types were getting roudy and caused a scene, people trying to push into the front of the stage that were in the back of the venue for most of the show, someone trying to start a mosh pit, some overzellous middle aged lady decided to show everyone her boobs that if she weren't so drunk would have realized was a REALLY bad idea. She had no business going there. I am still trying to get that picture scrubbed from my brain.

This is my first experience with an outside venue GA Gresham( lots of Portlanders too I am sure) crowd and I don't know if it was Billy Idol that drew these people out or if it is just becoming the standard for concert goers now, but overall I can't say I would be readily eager to jump into that drunk and hot from the weather crowd again.

I LOVE Billy Idol though and HE did an amazing job living up to all my expectations. HE gets 5 stars! :-) I would see him again for sure!

01/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Chris R.
This place has changed a lot, apparently, since I used to come here in the middle to late 90s. Back then, it did have the Black Rabbit restaurant w/ awesome seafood saffron bisque and hotel with deliberately low tech, stripped down yet quaint, comfortable rooms that encourage socializing not vegetating. They had the cigar/scotch shack, vineyard, winery, 2 pubs w/ theater and the ambiance of a quaint country getaway for beer, wine and gourmet food lovers. Disneyland for adults, indeed! I called it a "beer farm" the first time I visited back in '96. Perhaps the service and everything overall was better then than it appears to be now for a few reviewers, due to having been newer. I've been in AZ for the last 7 years, but when my g/f and her mom and sis planned a trip to Portland in summer '09, I said "be sure not to miss McMenamin's Edgefield," and they weren't disappointed (they all loved it, and my g/f thanked me w/ a cool T-shirt), so I guess service can be a random thing anywhere. Gonna have to return someday for a rustic weekend getaway from life and reality as usual.

24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Brian W.
If your in Portland and a enjoy a drink of Wine, Beer, or Spirts....check out Edgefield. We love it and try to take our out of town company their.

30/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. David S.
This goes against a lot of other reviews, but service was the one saving grace on my visit last night to Edgefield's restaurant. I got a horseradish crusted fish that was over cooked and dry. The beet salad was heavy on the mayo. The decaf coffee tasted like crap.

I should have stopped eating the fish when I noticed the particularly strong fishy taste, but I thought it might just be the type of fish. It turned out to be bad and I got sick. Now I have something to dislike about McM's more than just the crappy beer.

Boo minus

08/04/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
28. Nelson W.
What a fun place to eat/drink/golf/screw around.  Great theme, lots of gardens to visit.  The food is good and the beer is GREAT.  This is my favorite McMenamins pub/hotel.

Make sure to check out the Little Red Shed.  Make sure to check out the Terminator Stout.  Make sure to check out the crazy paintings on the walls of the entire building.

The only downside to this place is that sometimes brunch can be a grind.  They seem to be a little bit understaffed in the restaurants at key times during the week/weekend.  However, when we do interact with people there, they are ALWAYS very nice.  I can't say that about too many places.

10/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Eric P.
Hope your ready for a crowd.  The thing about any McMenamins is that you got to know ahead of time what you want to eat and drink, cause once the waitress comes for your first drink order, you won't see her again for another 20 minutes.  The food is great, the beer is the best, but the service leaves something to be desired.  I give it four out of five stars cause in Gresham, it's just about the coolest bar around.  I mean, anyplace that has a bar in the middle of the golf course is pretty cool.

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Brent A.
I thank my wife for taking me to this fabulous establishment. We've been here four or five times over the past four years or so, each visit memorable. I've added several photos to show you some of the fantastic artwork and murals that adorn the interior and exterior. I love the reverence for history and human spirit and imagination that the artists have shown. Relax, and let Edgefield draw you in.

There is an onsite brewery and winery, as well as a pitch and putt golf course, movie theatre pub, terrific restaurant, glass blowing studio, oh and more pubs. Here's an ideal day:

1) Wake up, get dressed and take a walk around the grounds.
2) Stop in at the glass studio and watch the glass blowers at work
3) Eat breakfast at the Black Rabbit
4) Hop in the car and head east along the Columbia River
5) Find a good spot to do a short hike
6) On the way back, get on the old highway and stop at Multnomah Falls. Get an ice cream cone.
7) Continue west on the old highway as it gains elevation and then stop at the fantastic Crown Point Vista House for a panoramic view of the area. yelp.com/biz/hTDGFFt3dOP…
8) Continue West until you get back to Troutdale and Edgefield
9) Take a nap if you need to
10) Head to the Golf Course pub, grab a pint or a glass of wine, a few balls and clubs (you only need two...an iron and a putter). Make a reservation ahead of time.
11) Play 9 or 18 holes. Watch out for the cute golf course rabbits.
12) In the evening, go to the Powerstation and grab a meal to take in to the movie theatre. Hopefully they are showing something good :)
13) Grab a late night pint at the Red Shed, if you are still thirsty.

Enjoy yourself. That's what you came for!

31/12/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Mike H.
Amazing. The food is great, the drinks are next level and everyone that works there is nice. Not only will I return someday but I would move to Portland to work there in a heartbeat. I never wanted to leave the little red shed. Rooms for $60 bucks a night, a pool hall in the basement and a movie theatre..great place.

24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Kristen M.
Edgefield itself is a fun property with many different bars and activities such as golf and concerts on the lawn.  The food however leaves much to be desired of. The menu is not very exciting or varied. The burgers are "hockey pucks" per my fiance and with little taste.  The service is consistently slow and less than friendly.  More than once have we been late after trying to get lunch here.  For the money, there are much better food choices.

01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
33. Holly W.
McMenamins must have read these reviews and improved their service. We had an amazing 4-day weekend. All of the staff were friendly, prompt, and helpful. I would agree that the food isn't top of the line at all of their restaurants. The winery is fun, their tasting menus include VERY generous pours. The soaking pool is awesome, be sure to bring plastic cups full of your drink of choice. I can't pick a favorite bar, it's between the Little Red Shed, Jerry's Ice House and the Distillery Bar....all of which you can smoke cigars at, which adds to the ambience. We'll be back!!

25/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Wendy L.
By far, the best place to hang out, have a Ruby Red and enjoy the scenery!

16/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Ruby B.
I was really excited to take my boyfriend to edgefield because he moved here from out of state. I had had great experiences in the past here but they involved edgefield as a whole. Now granted, anyone who really is familiar with McMennamins knows that they are not known for their service. Yeah, I get that... But normally, you can depend on a pretty regular edible standard of food across the board. Like McDonalds, you know what you're gonna get.

On this particular occasion, we just stopped in for a bite on our way back from the gorge. We ate at the power station. For one thing, the prices were jacked up higher than the typical neighborhood McMennamins (not cool). We weren't super hungry, nor were we about to pay what they were asking, so we ordered appetizers. I got the wings (which I have ordered in other locations and they were always tasty), my bf got the artichoke Parmesan dip. His dip was disgusting it was clumpy, runny, cold, and flavorless all at the same time/ It looked like baby poop. My bf had me take a bite of a chip  and it was completely stale (were talking old-bag-o-chips you find in the back of granny's cupboard stale). I just don't understand how some chips were okay and the others were like rubber. I don't want to think about where they found the chips.

And my question is, how do you burn deep fried hot wings and not even attempt to hide it with sauce AND THEN SERVE IT COLD?!!

This is not the place where you would dare even complain because you know they saw the food they served and the wait staff's demeanor  reads "don't even think about effing with us". We were starving and my bf had a migraine so we choked it down and left.

What really sucks is that now my bf doesn't ever want to go back and see the beautiful grounds of edgefield. What a shame.  I'm just kicking myself for not saying something. But then again, they wouldn't have cared. They knew what the food looked like when they brought it out. I've worked in restaurants and my bf owns one and is a chef. Neither one of us would have ever served food that even looked like that. They knew exactly what they were doing. They didn't care.

11/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. joe t.
My old lady brought me here for a Fathers Day present. What a great place!! We walked around the grounds all day long stopping here and there to grab a drink at one of the many, many pubs. Their beer is good, the wine is decent, the booze they distill is below avg. The room was huge and very comfortable. The on site pool was alot of fun as well. We will be back for sure.


27/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Beau H.
This is one of the best restaurants in the portland metro area. It offers more than just good food and drink. It also offers movies, music, a spa, golfing, an awsome atmosphere, and much more.

03/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Zac H.
This place is funky. My friend got married here so I got to spend the better part of a day exploring the grounds. Brief overview: this place used to be some sort of live work commune before the McMenamin franchise took over and turned it into some weird post-hippie permanent summer of love gastropub spa compound. Highlights; House beers and whiskey. The lighter beer, Ruby, blew me away. I must have drank ten of them. The house whiskey called Hogs Breath had a great smooth texture and almost reminded me of a toned down 'Old Potrero' There is also a small movie theater above one of the pubs there where you can have you food and beer served to you while you watch a movie. nice.
The food at the reception was what you would expect for a large wedding party buffet. The lasagna surprised me. Apparently there are saunas and hot tubs etc. I heard good reports from friends. A pretty interesting place.

25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
39. Ann T.
This place is awesome. My favorite spot is the winery tasting room where they have free live music every night at 7pm. The wine is great, and you can get tasting flights for very little $$. There is so much to do all over Edgefield, you could spend all day. They PowerStation restaurant and pub is another popular place for people to meet up, hang out, and enjoy a friday night.  Just above the PowerStation is the movie theatre, where you can see recently released movies for next to nothing. If you're ever in Troutdale, you must check out Edgefield!

07/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. marc w.
I love the Edgefield, one of my favorite McMenamins spots.

More Classy restaurant in the Hotel.

Power Station if your craving tots.

Its a large property really fun relaxing stuff to do.

STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE LITTLE RED SHED!!! its my favorite spot

14/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. David P.
I didn't stay in any of the rooms, so I can't review that.

The buildings and grounds of this place are outstanding. Really well-kept.  We were lucky to have excellent weather both times we went and that made wandering around, embarrassing ourselves on the wee golf course, and enjoying great beer and good food all the more enjoyable.

I liked the variety of bars/pubs/rooms that Edgefield offers.  Some really cool cozy rooms like the Little Red Shed.

Did someone say "beer theme park"?  Maybe not.  If not, I won't.

17/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Angela B.
Whether you are a local or simply visiting from out of town, a cool experience can be found by checking out one of the overnight packages offered at Edgefield.  

Overnight packages range from $105-$190 per night and you can choose from a golf package (the have a mini course at Edgefield), winery package, massage package, or the basic dinner and breakfast for two.

The accommodations are clean and cozy and feel as though you have escaped on a mini European Holiday. Some of the rooms are less charming than others, so if you don't like the room you get, make sure you ask to view another.

Summertime offerings include concerts on the lawn and seasonal wine tastings. During the winter it's fun to hang out in the wine cellar or cuddle up with your honey in the little red shed.

07/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Tony M.
typical chain anymore, not bad, decent all around, but nothing to write about!

21/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
44. Janet R.
My friends took me here for breakfast..so they order me a beer sampler. Nothing is bad about beer in the morning, except maybe running out of beer in the morning. I also ordered the cajun tater tots and broccoli cheese soup, the soup was soo cheesy, and there was real broccoli, not the frozen in a package kind.  The  inside of the restaurant was nice and homey, and comfortable, and also crowded. Our waitress was very nice, she made my day by carding me :)

13/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Lisa S.
Overall a wonderful and unique experience, but I did want to add my unfortunate dining experience to the long list of customers who, like myself, were made to feel unwelcome in the Powerhouse Pub. My girlfriend and I were happy to find the pub open late for a quick bite, however, from the moment we sat down, our server made certain that our last positive experience was squelched. Our server actually informed us that he was looking forward to leaving, but that our being there had interfered with his plans. When asked what items were on the Happy Hour Menu, he vaguely replied, "All the Food." We ordered and then found the actual Happy Hour Menu...which to our dismay, did not include our items. When my girlfriend's pizza had not arrived 20 minutes after I had received my food, he ignored her inquiries by avoiding eye contact and looking the other way. This same routine was repeated when I requested some water. Did I mention that it was not busy and we were seated at the bar? We left with a dampened mood thanks entirely to the server and his shoulder chip. While I will return someday, I'll be sure to discourage others from eating at the restaurants and onsite venues.
After reading all the terrible reviews about the dining experiences, I have to wonder why management  hasn't weeded out the bad apples...

23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Mot Y.
Creepy county poor farm!  Awesome!  Murals that cover the walls illustrate the history.  Whiskey is made on premises. Its also a Winery, Brewery, Pool Hall, Hotel, Theater, Golf Course.  I don't think it gets better than that...

23/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Noah S.
WHOA!!!! typically a great place but today SUCKED at the little red shed because of a worker named Garrett! dude had a seriously horrid, non helpful, mean, non chill vibe and was seriously the antithesis of any McMenamins experience to date!

03/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Randy P.
I have been to Edgefield many times, and give it a 3.5 of 5.  There are many great things here, and it is one of the more unique places I have been.  The restaurants are good, even great if you hit the Black Rabbit Restaurant.  I love the trees, the pitch and put golf course... the whole atmosphere...

... but why do I give this place 3 stars???  Because of their event staff.  I saw a concert a few years back and swore I would never return.  I had the unfortunate event of a torn ligament in my knee and had to use crutches and sit for the show.  Problem #1... they wouldn't allow me to bring my camp chair in, claiming it was too tall (I am on crutches).  I had to borrow a stadium chair from someone, which meant I had to have people help me get out of it each time I needed to stand.  I sat next to a tree, and for the most part had a decent view.  The concert was held on one of the golf greens, and the grass was very slippery (also not good on crutches)... but I survived.  Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for all of the people who slipped throughout the concert.  One guy obviously dislocated his knee (which, when you've got an injured knee is like sliding down a razor blade into a pool of rubbing alcohol, ouch!).  People were slipping so much that it pretty much ruined our evening.  We couldn't focus on the show, but instead my friends spent the evening helping people get up time and time again.  My girlfriend told someone at the 1st Aid station, and they did nothing.  It was very dangerous, and McMenamins didn't care.

I wrote them a letter that week, and never got a reply back.  Once a business gets so big, they pretty much ignore you, so I am not too surprised.  I haven't been back since.

12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Rachel A.
I love Edgefield. I'm pretty sure you'll love it too if you keep two simple rules in mind.

1. NEVER, under any circumstances go there for food. (I guess the tots are ok, but only if you're drinking.)

2. Always go to one of the bars and get your drinks. The courtyard area is a great place to sit and visit with friends, but if you're sitting there expecting to see a server you'll be waiting awhile.

Now that we have our two rules in place, feel free to enjoy. Like I said, I love this place. The grounds are huge, and you can wander from bar to bar with your drinks. I am particularly fond of the Ruby, but they also make a pretty good lemon drop at the cigar bar.

As several people before have said, the Little Red Shed is a great place, especially if it's cold or rainy and they get a fire going. There is lots of good seating outside in the summertime, and the wine cellar hosts some pretty good musicians in  cozy, relaxed setting.

19/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Howard C.
This is a review of the Black Rabbit Restaurant

Short version:  mediocre food, mediocre service, high prices

We were there on a summer Saturday evening and the restaurant was about half full.  The rest of the facility had a lot going on with an outdoor concert, wedding and the usual summer crowd.

The prices are just too high for what you end up with.  $10-$13 for most of the appetizers.  $9-$13 for most of the salads.  $18-$26 for most of the main courses.

Heirloom tomato salad - My wife ordered this and liked it.  Said she would order it again.

Pan Seared Albacore - Visually it looked like a very thick pork chop cooked until it was still pink inside.  The texture was odd, very soft and mealy, and not appealing.  The taste was OK, but unlike any fish I've ever had before.  I would not order this again.

Grilled Flat Iron Steak - Our companions both ordered this and said they enjoyed it.

Beer - Always good at McMenamins, but we all noticed that our beers seemed a little flat.

Service - Slow and not very attentive.  Once our companions arrived and sat down we waited for nearly 15 minutes to be able to order drinks.  Each course took a long time to arrive.  It took 30 minutes for someone to come refill my water glass.  All this in a restaurant that looked like it was staffed for a full restaurant that was only half full.

I probably will not be going back until I start reading reviews that the food and service have improved.

06/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
51. Amanda M.
Love the Powerstation and the pub downstairs in the hotel, but hate the Black Rabbit. How hard is it to cook risotto? REALLY? I felt like Gordon Ramsay sending my dish back twice (first it was cold, then it was piled with salt).  Other than that, I love this place. I spent many a-drunken night here when I was in college. Just being able to take your beer outdoors and wander around the property is awesome.

29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Rachael G.
Service was great but the food was WAY sub-par. Usually we're totally happy with McMens food but I'm doubting we'll be back to this one. Tater tots were undercooked. Hummas was blah. Macaroni and cheese was not so cheezy... Husband's buffalo burger was good, according to him.

17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
53. Sara G.
Oh, so good. The BF and I spent the night here as a little treat to celebrate the end of my school year, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. We smoked cigars and fed peanuts to a shy squirrel outside the Little Red Shed, drank beer, wine, and cocktails in just the wrong order, wandered around this beautiful fairyland with a healthy buzz going, and ate pizza in bed when we were too drunk to make it to the dining room. It was glorious. Sure, the service isn't always perfect, and our private bathroom didn't really feel too private when you could hear footsteps (and more) coming from the room next door, but overall, this place is magical. Freakin' magical. Get over the little details, you picky people, and enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole to this drunken hippie commune. Mmm... Edgefield...

16/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Chad H.
After a long day of floating the river my girlfriend and I went there to eat. I had a burger that was overdone, and on the menu said topped with bleu cheese, it had bleu cheese salad dressing. That was gross! My girlfriend ordered the mac and cheese. It looked good, than when you take a bite its dull. It had absolutely no flavor! She added salt and still nothing. It was like eating plain noodles. The sour dough toast was the only good part. We most likely will not eat there again. The plus side is they have golf, which I am dying to try out there, and the lawn concerts are the best. Their staying rate is pretty fair also. Oh, and the service was good, but a little lacking. We thought we had two different servers, they didn't check back until after I ate my boring burger and my lady decided not to re-order.

01/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
55. Juliette S.
So so many people have done Edgefield justice with their reviews. And I agree. The place is amazing. A fabulous local getaway. A Europen village in its own right.
A couple of issues I have
1. I can deal with sharing 2 frickin bathroom among 15 rooms, but give me some damn water in my room. You combine a hot stay, no air conditioning and no access to water = one sad dehydrated nursing mama.
2. The reputation for bad service still carries over into their "5 star" restaurant. Wait staff, write the order on the order pad. You will not remember the order for 5 people!
3. Child friendly does not mean child proofed rooms. My 10 mo old almost had his hand torn off by the ancient fan they had going in our room.
4. $95 is just too much money to pay for a room with no bathroom, no tv, no phone, no water, no ac.

Good stuff
1. the staff the served my friends wedding, were top notch. They were down right amazing, helpful and so friendly.
2. this is adult disneyland! So many bars, so little time!
3. amazing atmosphere.
4. no matter all my little issues and lack of water. I still come back bacause it is all worth it.


30/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Dena P.
This is one of my favorite McMenamins places. The wine here is excellent and they have concerts in the lawn in the summertime. The restaurant here is amazing, they have nice white linens and a fireplace. They have a hotel here too. The McMenamins Edgefield is a great place to spend a romantic evening or a weekend getaway. This is a wonderful place to visit.

10/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Shannon A.
McMenamins is an awesome place with a great atmosphere. The food is good but do not come here if you are looking for good service. They are slow and now very pesonable.

02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Breanna L.
My husband and I have been coming here since I was legal to drink.  We have eaten at the Power Station Pub and Black Rabbit more than I could count on my fingers and toes, we actually had a running joke that we kept them in business with how much money we would spend there each week.  The food is incredible at the Black Rabbit, and is pretty good at the pub (for pub food it is stellar, but compared to the Black Rabbit it's just pretty good).  We have also stayed overnight in one of the "hostel style" rooms.  The shared bathrooms were incredibly clean, and the pool at Ruby's Spa was so relaxing, especially with a Spanish Coffee in hand.  I really recommend Black Rabbit for breakfast, they have decent pricing and it's always delicious.  Dinner is good, too, but expect to pay a bit more.  I have never been disappointed with an Edgefield experience.  How can you with 2 restaurants, a brewery, disterillery and winery?  Not to mention a pool hall, countless other little bars and gorgeous outdoor setting.  On a nice day it is also awesome to stroll the propery, play golf or just hang out in the garden.  For good food with nice ambiance, this is definetly the place.

09/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. R L.
If this review was for the Black Rabbit Restaurant alone, I'd be giving it 2 stars.  The food was nothing special (soggy, cold fries & my friend's risotto was covered in melted cheese), and the service was seriously terrible.  Considering we were there with reservations, in an empty, overstaffed restaurant on a Thursday afternoon, you'd definitely expect a lot better.

As a bit of a background, I was here with a half-dozen others for an afternoon celebrating the impending nuptials of a friend.  We got massages (delightful), took a tour of the hotel (really boring), and sampled the beers, wines, & hard liquors (tremendous).  
The grounds were absolutely beautiful, the hotel was charming, and the boozes were great, and cheap!  It was such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon that I won't let my negative experience in the restaurant spoil my review.  But seriously, bring a sandwich.

01/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Brenna S.
One of the few McMenamins establishments I would actually recommend checking out. Edgefield Brewery is like a mini compound of bars, hotel rooms, theaters, golf courses, and restaurants. Featuring festivals and events year round, Edgefield also hosts weddings and office parties, or just a simple weekend getaway. Located in a nice area of Troutdale, the Edgefield grounds are really beautiful to wander around. Make sure to check every nook and cranny out though... what might look like a utility shack is really a tiny whiskey shack! Definitely rent a room if you are going to spend some time here as it's much safer to stumble back to your hotel room after a night of drinking, instead of driving all the way back to Portland.

16/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. jennifer w.
we went to the black rabbit for breakfast and it was really good. out here in troutdale we have NO good breakfast, so i was excited to pour over the menu at black rabbit. i chose the steak and eggs (poached) and they was cooked perfectly (the steak and the eggs as a matter of fact).
ill be back!
oh, and i LOVED that there was no wait! (not typical in p-town)

27/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Christine P.
We had reservations at the Black Rabbit for a party of 8. I was so very disappointed! Not only was the service ridiculously slow and somewhat snooty, my food was really not tasty. My pork chops were over done and dry and the rest of the items on the plate did not compliment one an other. I guess if you are going to eat at any of the McMenamins your best bet is to stick with the bar food.

02/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
63. Jen S.
The complex where this restaurant is located was lovely but the food in the restaurant was just mediocre. I had the vegetable calzone and others in my party had the jambalaya. Just ok. The desserts were better than the dinner. We had the chocolate cake and brownie. Very good. Atmosphere is very nice, service was good, food is just nothing to write home about. I should mention, though, that all McMenamins have a very good happy hour which is 4 pm to 6 pm with several food items at $5 or less including veggie burger, cheese burger, fries, and a couple of other items.

26/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
64. Chad W.
Still sorta dissapointed. The venue itself is beautiful, but the restaurant inside is a bit iffy. I ordered a grilled cheese and on top of waiting a while, it was a pretty weak grilled cheese, and it cost $10. very MEH about this place

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. Tara D.
Definitely go to a concert here.  This is one of the best outdoor venues in Portland.  Regardless of where you sit, you will hear just fine and they don't oversell tickets to the point of overcrowding like they do at the zoo.

11/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Derek W.
Absolutely the best of the McMenamin properties! Getting married here in August of next year!

08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Cal K.
The best place to meet and drink with friends in the metro area. So much to do there indoors any out. Incredible relaxing atmosphere and the riff raff keep there distance!

27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. B L.
The best place I have ever stayed the night! No joke, this place was great. My girlfriend and I stayed for a night(too short) and had so much fun. We enjoyed every minute of Ruby's spa and the saltwater wading pool. Very soothing. Huge property with a super sweet pitch and put golf course set up links style! SO cool. Fun too. Love this place and will come back for a longer visit as soon as possible. Oh, and by the way...$60.00 for our large clean room with view and soft cozy queen size bed. Sooo worth every penny, because just down the street is a flea bag scum pit Motel 6 for $65.00 !!! Who the hell would stay at a shitty Motel 6 for $65, when you can stay in style at Edgefield right down the street, and for less money!?!

08/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. kristen m.
We had so much fun wandering the grounds at Edgefield....it's a gorgeous and calming place to relax for a day or two. Just so happened that the day we were there was the Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash Golf Tourney & Concert. There were lots of people running around in tie-dye and dancing to the live band that performed on the meadow right outside our room. We were a bit worried that we'd have to deal with the noise later that night, but all the festivities were shut down well before bedtime. Here are some things we did while visiting Edgefield:

-walk the trail around the golf course to the top of the property, picking pears and blackberries along the way
-lay in the sun on the lounge chairs by the ivy covered wall
-picked up a drink @ the distillery (you don't have to stay in one place with your drink but can take it anywhere & everywhere)
-wander through the gardens
-ate tasty brisket sandwiches at the Loading Dock Grill, with more drinks of course (*note: I didn't like my first drink so our server swapped it out for me with no attitude and at no extra cost)
-bought some pint glasses & bottled sunflower ale @ the giftshop to take home
-sat in the pool hall for hours playing pinball and drinking the best bloody marys ever--pickled asparagus should be in all bloody marys. we also opted to have dinner here instead of the Black Rabbit Restaurant because we liked the atmosphere & food of the pool hall better
-lounged on the adirondack chairs on the porch
-visited the winery for a late night tasting
-watched the onsite glass blowers create some amazing work
-layed in the grass, staring up at the blue, blue sky wishing we lived closer so we could visit more often

Since we did stay overnight, I can share a bit about the rooms-we were in a Euro style Queen. This was a cute & comfortable but sparse room--the linens and bed could be softer but for $79/nt, I wasn't disappointed. And, instead of water glasses, next to your bed you get a mason jar & pint glasses! Because it's an old building, the walls are pretty thin and you can hear your neighbors walking down the hall or talking in their rooms. Also, with the history of this place you know there are some spirits still hanging around which freaked me out just a bit, but more in a 'hide under the covers' way than a 'get me out of here' way.

29/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Andrew B.
By far one of the most unique destinations in all of the northwest. The food at all the venues is amazing. The prices from food to drinks is always more than fair. The in house wine tasting and house bottles of wine is exceptional. There is a plethora of stuff to do. Not a great singles spot but a great group spot or an amazing couples get away. This place is by far one of my favorite places in all of Oregon.

14/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Jennifer C.
Gave me the feeling feeling like I could fall into a rabbit hole at any moment.

My first McMenamins experience.

The place itself is awesome. Gorgeous gardens. Updated buildings. Great attention to the history of the place.

The food at the brew pub is forgetable and not worth discussing. In fact, our waitress forgot about it, and we had to order again. She comped it. Nice.

Seeing this place rounded out my theory that Portland is like an amusement park for grown up gen-xer parents. Places like this that cater to the gen-x desire to be cool, but now also clean, kid-friendly, with parking, not too loud, not too expensive, funky and can be home early, bring the parents, grandparents, and show off your tattoos.

The hotel and grounds feel like a great place to hide out from the world for a while. Didn't spend the night. Wish I had.

29/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Lori S.
This place has it all. A fancy restaurant, a golf course, a pub, a spa, gift shop, coffee shop, hotel and concerts! Now my favorite place is the fancy restaurant. It has wonderful food. Its spender but its quiet and not a long wait. You are served raw sugar with Ice tea which is amazing to me.  The pub is fun and exciting but it can get packed and loud. Holidays is off limit because its just too busy. The hotel is ancient. I have not used the hotel so I can't tell you of that experience.  For food here... I would rate it a solid four. Service is four in fancy restaurant but two to three in the pub. Waits can vary any part of the day. I recommend just trying it if anything just for the ambiance.

29/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
73. George C.
We use Yelp reviews to find a place to eat after we arrived in Portland. We choose McMenamins and had a great time taking advantage of all they had to offer.  The Pub was a zoo with a 25 min wait So, we walked over to the Black Rabbit Restaurant.  We were seated right away and the service there was crisp & friendly.  My wife had the prime rib w/ a fresh greens salad from their gardens.  I went for the vegetable curry.  The prime rib dinner was outstanding.  The curry was a little light on the veggies but lip-smaking good.  We then did some wine tasting and ended the night @ the Distillery and enjoyed a rum & lime and a good cigar sitting outside by the bonfire.   We highly recommend McMenamins Egdefield for great a night out when you visit Portland.

23/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Kyle D.
This review is for the Black Rabbit Restaurant only.  The food at the Black Rabbit is heads and shoulders above that normally served in McMenamin's pubs. So you not only get great beer, but a nice dinner

14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. C. eric D.
So, I'm on the fence about this place. I've stayed here a few times, and had mixed experiences. I like the ambiance of the place, and the food is decent enough. The guest rooms are fairly well-appointed, roomy and clean. That's fine and consistent, albeit in a sort of Oregon/corporate fusion that draws a profusion of goatees, madras shorts, flip-flops and beer bellies. Frat boys 15-20 years later, in other words. What I don't get is how amazingly sound travels in this place.

As a former nursing home/poor farm/whatever, all of the doors in the hotel part of the property are metal and slam, very loudly. Now, I'm not a stickler for noise. My lady friend and I spent the night last night and there were plenty of drunk people strolling around outside our window, and in the halls. I expected that; it was a lovely Saturday evening and people were out to enjoy it, and that end of things had disappeared by 1 or so. But these doors, opening and closing incessantly are so incredibly loud. I understand the charm of maintaining the original building, etc. but seriously. Put some decent wall-to-wall carpet in the hallway or some foam seals inside the door frames to dampen the sound. Again, I'm not a light sleeper, but I was awoken by the doors several times in the night. I understand the fun,  destination aspect of things, but anyone who is staying in a hotel will also probably want to actually sleep.

When the clerk at checkout the next morning asked how things were, I mentioned how loud it was. Her response was, yeah, busy weekend, blah, blah, blah. I told her again that I had no problem with roving drunks. After all, I did live right off campus my first year of grad school. She seemed confused/defensive, and not wanting to press the issue, I left. Minus points there as well. But then,what can be expected when you use the Internet to hire people? But please, Edgefield. Spend a little money on fixing how loud the doors are.

13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
76. Jim P.
Edgefield is great,  How can you not like a "campus" style approach to a bar and restaurant atmosphere? The Little Red Shed is my personal favorite place to mosey up to the fire place and have a beer with a cup o' nuts.

Beers, Wines and Spirits, most of the made on site offer anyone the right potion.

It was the first time I have been there since the Pool Hall was opened and apparently now they have a Spa and Soaking Pool. The Pool hall was having a very busy weekend, but luckily there are other places to go if there is no room. AND who doesn't like drunks from Gresham, possibly the biggest arm pit of Multnomah County.

However, being one of the first Hotels that they opened - The place is starting to show signs of neglect. Shower stalls are dirty, even mold and mildew are obvious to anyone that might decide to clean them.  Rooms are seldom updated with new amenities and our room fan was clogged with debris and hair from whomever.

Power Station is ALWAYS too busy with too many people. Staff is also weak and needs some management and/or training.

I love going to the wine cellar and being absolutely ignored for 20 minutes while the want-to-be wine hostess, that is short handed, tries to act like she's in Sonoma County and makes sure everyone over 50 is being served first.

I am still waiting for my McMenamins "Frequent Visitor" or "VIP" card that earns me credits while I drink, eat and/or sleep. I think this would be a hit with all the fans and frequent travelers to the McUniverse.

You either hate or love McMenamins, there are few and far between. If your a non believer, you'll hate any McMenamins, especially this one!

06/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
77. Marci N.
Were it not for the venison jerky....

Oh McMenamins.  I do like McMenamins and there is so much to like; non-smoking bars, consistently good beer, approachable food menus, interesting ambiance, and decent lodging.

With this in mind, we joined some friends at the Edgefield last night and opted to eat dinner at the Black Rabbit.  Now, I'd eaten at the Rabbit years ago--dinner and breakfast on the "Hammerhead" overnight package--and really enjoyed the food, though I can't remember what I'd had.

Last night, I started with a Lemon Drop drink; a bit too heavy on the lemon and light on the liquor so I found myself wishing I'd ordered a double just to cut the overpowering lemon--heartburn city!  We shared the Lemongrass Beef Skewers; 5 kabobs accompanied with buttery chili sauce and peanut sauce.  Tasty but chewy meat and the sauces were pretty balanced.

I daringly ordered the Coffee-Rubbed Venison, because I'm crazy like that.  My spouse ordered the Grilled Smoked Ribeye Steak and our friends ordered the Procini-Seared Flat Iron Steak and  Shrimp Etouffe.  We ordered our food at 7:15... it did not arrive until 8:15. Our server, though friendly enough, sporadically visited us and eventually brought bread.

Our food finally arrived with a nice presentation but at room temperature.  My venison meal consisted of two small bones with attached blackened meat, crossed over the "mushroom bread pudding."  I liked the flavor of the "pudding" combined with the garlicy spinach greens, but the "pudding" was more of a stuffing than a pudding...a very dried out stuffing.... Like the kind one's elderly grandmother makes when she's clearly past the cooking prime of her life...

The venison.  I swear I've had venison that was not the charred, dried out, teeth ripping, jerky-like torture I experienced last night. But maybe I'm wrong.  The server gave me a shocked look when I ate them with my hands, gripping the bone like some medieval king and chomping at the petrified meat vigorously.  Believe me, I tried to use the knife to get the meat off, but it wouldn't budge. Yuck.

My companions had similar issues with their meals.  The Flat Iron Steak also arrived at room temperature, the Ribeye was about half fat, and the Shrimp did not have a sauce (as the confused server who didn't know much about the menu because "they changed it, like, 2 days ago..." had promised) or the sauce had been absorbed into the rice when our food sat somewhere for ages while the server took an extended smoke break... not sure which.

We declined dessert.  The server didn't charge us for the appetizer when we noted the length of time we waited for our food.  

We barely had time to visit the wine tasting room (which was actually awesome and the pourer was a gem), but we made it.  And we had unusually good service at the Power Station Pub later for dessert and beer tasting.  We found ourselves wishing we'd eaten there rather than spend way too much for the pathetic Rabbit experience.  Now we know.

The Edgefield is awesome, but I wish I could rewind and avoid the Rabbit.

02/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
78. Amy P.
I recently went to a wedding at the Edgefield and I was so impressed! The couple were married on this beautiful lawn and then we went to the reception hall.
They have all of these little places on the grounds where you can go to get a drink. They distill their own whiskey/bourbon and it was outstanding. You can smoke cigars while enjoying that in the little red shed.
There is a 9 hole golf course that isn't challenging, but who wants a challenge when you are drinking beer as you golf?!
The catered event was tasty, as was our meal the next morning. The rooms were delightful, but you have to reserve the rooms with bathrooms way ahead of time. Otherwise you are sharing one with neighbors and it's down the hall. Made me feel as if I was back in Europe!
The lawn is lush, so take off your shoes and kick back..enjoy a drink in the sun:)

11/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Amanda P.
I personally love it here, in fact I have about 7 reservations at Edgefield in the next 9 months. I do think it's for a certain type of person though, DO NOT go here if you're looking for high class.
And I also think it's better to go with a group of people. Definitely do a wine tasting, and play a relaxing game of golf or pool. The Ruby Ale is a must try as it's made with raspberries, the milkshakes that have beer in them are great too (although they sound weird)!
Also The Black Rabbit restaurant was great! They have the BEST bread pudding I have ever tasted!

03/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Levi L.
Have a Ruby and a basket of tater tots before your meal- and for dinner, the Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza rocks my world. A thin, crunchy layer below a soft, decadant pillow of dough with just the right amount of crust and toppings. Good pizza.

03/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. m g.
At McMinnamins Edgefield "european style" sleeping arrangements are accompanied by "european style" frat boys puking off the side of the spa.

10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
82. Ryan F.
Great food and great McMenamin's location!  I have been coming here since I was in middle school with my parents and always love to return.  It's a great place to go with friends to catch up while enjoying some great food and great beer!

15/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Stephy S.

I think this was the place that made me fall in love with Portland....err, I guess, Troutdale this week. It's another Mcmenaminamenimenamums, but this one has a winery....and a late night winery at that!! Score!

I love wineries in general, but when you are gonna keep the light on and serve me late, oh hell yes! The wines we tasted were okay, although two of them really stood out and so a case is on its way to LA as we speak :) The sassy little lass working the wine bar is also a total hoot and is fun to toss the banter back and forth with. The patrons were all really friendly too and had no issues with just striking up a conversation and making this lil LA gal feel at home and welcome.

Apparently there is also a brewery here, but since it was dark and about 40 degrees, we didn't really spend much time checking out the grounds and other buildings. But from what I could tell, it was beautiful. I guess people have weddings here which is pretty cool since they also have hotel rooms. It's a place that is definitely worth checking out and while it takes a whopping 20 minutes to get to from the main city area (20 minutes! I find it hysterical that that is considered too far for P-towners), it's worth the time in the car.


08/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Jacqueline J.
During our first visit to Oregon, my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting McM Edgefield with local friends for dinner at the Black Rabbit.

Before dinner, we took a self-guided tour of the property. Just as every review describes McM, it truly is a great place to get lost at. I truly appreciate all the artful details that were put into place, such as the flower-filled "pipe trellis maze" in the outdoor restaurant. In the meadow, we came across the 6-foot, guitar-playing Jerry Garcia bronze statue, that appeared to have several faces and scenes going on all around it.

Afterward, we headed to the Black Rabbit for dinner. We decided on the local caught grilled salmon, razor clams, lamb chops, and roasted beet salad. We ended the night with a dessert sampling and a perfect cup of coffee. Everything was prepared beautifully, tastefully and served with an honest smile. I cannot wait to visit again. :)

16/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Judy S.
Okay, if you're going to stay here, you need to get into the right frame of mind. Don't walk in thinking you're staying at a top-of-the-line hotel. Think summer camp. Yup. Or maybe college dorm.

With that expectation-setting out of the way, I now need to tell you that I loved staying here. We had walked through and had lunch once before, but this past weekend we stayed for my brother's wedding. Being here from out of town, we took the Max and then the number 77 bus to get here (we're from Orange County, so only get to use public transportation on vacation). It was easy. The bus dropped us off at the entrance to the drive.

We walked up the impressive front steps, across the glorious porch with its Adirondack and rocking chairs and into the office. It was only noon, but our room was ready. I was frankly trying not to sneer at the idea of staying in a room with a shared bathroom down the hall. The idea did not appeal to me. The room smelled a bit musty, but it was clean, open and had a view of the East porch (room 019).

After dropping off our bags we wandered to the central patio to join other family members for lunch. The service was relaxed (okay, it was slow, but it was also packed). Our drinks arrived quickly and we didn't care so much about how long the food was taking after a couple of pints of the fabulous Terminator Stout.

After waiting a couple of hours (to clear our heads and palates), we did a bit of wine tasting. The tasting room staff is friendly, helpful and absurdly generous. Happiness.

After the wedding, we wandered down to the new soaking pool (near the spa). The hot pool wasn't really what we wanted on an unseasonably hot day and evening, but it was still lovely. What a spectacular setting and atmosphere to relax with a good glass of wine or pint of beer. Heaven.

Back to enjoy sitting out on one of the fantastic huge porches with another glass of wine and we whiled away the evening until the wee hours of the morning.

By the end of the day, you feel like you're staying over at a friend's house - a friend who comes from old money, but has casual tastes. We'll be back to explore some more another time.

18/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
86. Katie H.
I adore Edgefield so much, I considered having my wedding here. The grounds are beautiful and it's a drinkers paradise.

The little red shed is my favorite place - so cute and cozy, especially on a cold spinrg day with a roaring fireplace. They also have an outdoor amphitheatre for summer concerts, and a small golf course (you can rent clubs). There is a movie theatre, a patio bar a bar devoted to the Grateful Dead, the distillery bar where you can taste the house made spirit, a spa, and a pool hall. You can go to the tasting room and spend the afternoon trying some of their great wines or buying a few bottles to go, or have a casual meal in the pub. They also have a more formal dining room with excellent food - bring in a bottle of their wine with no corkage fee.

They have several locations for private events - large, small, indoors and out - that are quirky but beautiful. They don't charge a room rental, just a very reasonable food and  beverage minimum.

Rooms are a decent size and very cozy. Bathrooms are shared, and while I never had to wait, it was a bit nerve-wracking shuffling down the hall in the dark at night due to the rumors of the place being haunted. I never saw a ghost, but the constantly flickering lights were enough to freak me out. The place is whimsically decorated, staff is really nice, and at $75 for a queen room, it's great place to spend a long weekend!

23/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Tri County P.
This is a great place - we like the summer concerts and gardens here. Looking forward to some sunny weather and good times with friends.

12/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. D L.
In short:
Golf course: beat up greens, but overall ok pitch & putt. A tad overpriced for what you get (this is the Edgefield theme song).
Black Rabbit: Sloooow service on several occasions, scallops were chewy. They only sell Edgefield wines by the glass (Booh!), ridiculous background music (no high-speed Bebop Jazz for dinner please). Oh and did I mention we waited forever for service?
Power house: Food was good for everyone in party, but music was blaring loud punk rock for lunch. Not great for the three kids we had with us. Beers not spectacular.
Distillery: Got rudely kicked out of for smoking a cigar after it was advertized as their cigar room, and a stain glass window even says 'to cigar room'. So the laws changed in Oregon, why not explain it at the front??
Spa: Very nice. Nails are too expensive at $60, though.
Overall artsy-fartsy murals everywhere were total overkill, and creepy at times. Some art was great but a third would have been enough.
So this would all still suffice for a 3 star rating, but after you spend 140$/night I really did not expect No TV, no phone, no fridge, no coffeemaker, no iron or ironing board, no AC, and no ICE machine. Obviously the McM Empire is too busy expanding. No time and money to improve their past accomplishments beyond bare minimum. I mean no phone, c'mon! Too bad British Open was on and I had no TV to watch it!
If you must stay, prepare to pay more than what a stay at Edgefield is worth. However it is a good lesson in socialism.

23/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
89. Delilah R.
I really love the idea of this place and with so many options in what to do, I could imagine having a hard time making a decision.  My bf, his sister, her husband and I all had lunch here before heading to Multnomah Falls.  Walking into the place is enjoyable just from the gardens and art work.  It seemed as if we were moving through a small town or a set of a movie and it was relaxing and peaceful.  Inside, there are all sorts of weird paintings hanging and funky signage.  One picture was of two old woman leaning on a table with the front left corner of the table popping out of the picture.  To say the least, the decor is interesting.

The service was good.  They were really busy which was odd because it was between lunch and dinner time.  We had: Fish and chips; some burger with peppers and stuff; another stuffed burger with blue cheese and ham in the middle; a bowl of chowder; a Mozzarella cheese sandwich with tomato and pesto and side salad.  And of course, there was a sampling of all their beers....The Terminator and Ruby Ale wound up being the favorites.

All the food was really delicious.  My bf ordered the stuffed burger with blue cheese in the middle thinking it was cheddar and finished more than half before making me consume the rest.  That's a big deal because he hates blue cheese.  I loved the Mozzarella cheese sandwich I had with tomato and pesto.  It was perfect and very flavorful.  The chowder was good and not your average New England style.  It was more brownish in color and had less of a creamy texture.  It was good, just different and I'm not sure if I'd order it again.  Mat had the burger with the peppers and stuff and it must be good as it's his usual pick off the menu.  Jennifer got her glow back after feeling starved and then eating her fish and chips.  The bill for all of us, including the beer sampler and one regular beer (and a 4 pack of Ruby Ale for the road), was only about $60.  That's amazing!  I'll definitely be back and am looking forward to it.  Maybe I'll learn me some golf while I'm at it?!

09/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Tim O.
I would have totally joined the Branch Davidians if this was their compound.

I'm not a huge fan of the McMenamin's empire, but this place has it all. Between the golf course, 9 or so bars/restaurants, distillery, hotel, winery, etc., this is a great way to spend a day or a weekend.

We did a little wine tasting after lunch then hopped up to the Distillery pub for a little tasting of the hard stuff. I really wanted to try a beer at the Black Rabbit House (it's literally a shed converted into a bar) in the middle of it all, but they were closed.

Portland, I am officially jealous that you have this place so close!

09/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Rick H.
Paradise. How else can I explain it? The ambiance is calming and peaceful. This is a retreat, if anything. A visit here to let your mind go, to de. The Hotel and all the artwork is a pleasure to peruse over a drink with a friend. The exterior seating of the Hotel is also something else to enjoy. The Black Rabbit Restaurant may be pricey, but is delicious and classy. The Power Station has good sandwiches and lighter entrees. There is a movie theater in the Power Station, which also has a balcony. $3 is cheap for a movie in a comfy environment. Lucky Staehley's Pool Hall, in the basement of the Hotel is a great spot. Dart boards, pool tables, a snooker table, and a shuffleboard table, couple of pinball tables, and a jukebox make this long narrow bar a real treat. It has a comfortable ambiance with all the McMenamins artsy feel to it. Edgefield has had some great concerts over the years. I recommend seeing a concert here. Jerry's Icehouse is a bar dedicated to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. The wine cellar is another treat. Trying various samples of wine, while listening to live music is a delight. There is a quaint narrow seating area with tables and couches that is situated in a hall between the wine tanks that are visible for all to see. There is a soaking canal, not tub, outside the front parking area. This is a must see!!! I have never golfed their 3 par course, but have walked it. There is so much I am leaving out, but you get the idea. GO VISIT!!!!

26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. Z Z.
We stopped here on our way home from Multnomah Falls to check out the grounds and we loved it.  As a former deadhead I must admit that I was just beside myself with all of the references to the dead around the grounds.  Between the Jerry statue, the very fun looking Jerry's Ice House, the small fire pit with the dead head bears on it, the giant sun on one of the buildings, and all of the skeleton art work I was just in my glory.  

We really enjoyed walking around the grounds, it was a nice time.  I loved how there were all different places throughout the grounds to sit down and chill out in between exploring.  I cannot comment on the bars or restaurants as we did not eat or drink anything but I can say that all of them looked like fun and all the folks that we hanging out in them appeared to be having fun.  Overall a nice place to visit and wander around at after a day at Multnomah falls.

25/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Julia Z.
Edgefield is not a hotel, it's a resort destination 20 minutes from downtown Portland for the arty, creative folk of western Oregon and Washington. Built in 1911 as a poor farm and set in 25 acres of gardens, pitch-and-putt golf course, and vineyard, the collecton of lovingly restored buildings welcomes you into a friendly oasis of calm and goodwill.

THE HOTEL The grand old building houses many kinds of rooms, from a family room that sleeps 6 (a queen and two sets of bunk beds) to king-bedded ensuite rooms, with men and women's dormitories being the least-expensive option of all. Prices range from $30 for a hostel bed, $40 for a private single, to around $95 for a queen or king-bedded room and up to $133 for a suite with private bath -- the rooms are cheaper in the off season too. Deluxe packages including meals, massages, and other treats are available at reasonable prices... check the website. It's $15 extra per person beyond two, and kids under six stay free.

The building is roughly H-shaped and has three stories, with all rooms boasting views of the gardens and surrounding countryside. There are fantastic porches all over with big comfy chairs. We have been serenaded by bluegrass music, gentle laughter of conversation, and have gazed into the night ourselves on the porches.

THE FACILITIES. Some rooms have their own baths and others have sinks in the room with big fluffy bathrobes provided for your trip down the hall to the ample gender-specific lounges and individual restrooms (each has a sink, toilet, and shower stall). On the third floor, the grandly titled BATHS are available; four HUGE claw-foot tubs are in small individual rooms also containing a sink and a toilet . Some Americans are freaked out about the bathroom-down-the-hall bit, and those people are in luck, because they have lots of ensuite rooms... but my confession is that I secretly LOVE the European-style rooms which include padding down the hall barefoot in a robe... it's all at once cozy and exhilirating to me. Maybe I'm just weird.

THE ART. There are incredible murals painted all over the hotel, inside and outside the room. Not at all amateur, this art will fascinate you and will delight you completely (compare it to the canned landscapes and ugly wallpaper in a Holiday Inn Express and you'll never want to go back to the cookie-cutter chains).

THE FOOD AND DRINK. Now we're getting to the heart of it. Edgefield has three restaurants and four drinking venues, each cozy, unique, and with menus that will delight you. The quality of the food is really good to outstanding and the atmosphere is really fun. It is a blast to be able to drink yourself wild and then stagger just fifty feet and up a few stairs for your room, especially with a gorgeous fresh Black Rabbit breakfast waiting for you the next morning (and yes, you can get "hair of the dog" if you need it!)

EVERYTHING ELSE. The whole hotel is blanketed in a wireless network for your convenience. There's 17 holes of par-3 pitch and putt golf, beautiful gardens, massage, a movie theater, an ampitheater for their summer concert series (Lyle Lovett, Modest Mouse, B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt...) and an excellent gift shop with things you might actually buy. They also have lots of free concerts with local musicians, typically held in indoor venues like the pub. This is a great place to have your wedding and they make it easy with catering and discounted rooms for these sorts of parties and reunions. They have indoor space for up to 225 guests and outdoor space for 200.

Oh, and if you've read this far, you've gathered that this is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I've stayed here at least fifteen times in the five years since I discovered it and I have NEVER been disappointed in any way. The staff is excellent, the place itself is awesome, and it's just the right combination of social, relaxing, romantic, and exciting for me.

09/06/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Bryan R.
This was a unqique experience. I would reccomend this for a group event for people who like to get their drink on.  It was a bit uncomfortable for reasons like having no water readily availalbe in the room or even near the room, and shared bathrooms down the hall. The building is OLD, but that was to be expected.  The renovations were akin to lipstick rather than an infrastructure overhall.  Kind of hippy trippy art work on the walls, kind of entertaining.  The hotpool was a blast, the beer is excellent.  The food service is mediocre at best. I'm not sure if they are understaffed or just slow. The meals and some drink services seem to take longer than they should.  Food was good. Nothing to exceptional.  Staff is friendly, so were all the patrons.  Not a place to dress up. I was tempted to give it two stars, but the uniqueness of it all made me give it a 3 star.  I can't imagine ever going back, unless another friend/family hold an event here.

03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
95. Betsey S.
I really don't understand how anyone could give Edgefield less than 5 stars.  I can't think of a better place anywhere, so those haters must be hanging out at some pretty amazing places to compare it to, and I wanna know what they are.  I would like to believe that Heaven resembles Edgefield.

Everyone I have mentioned Edgefield to loves it.  I went down for a bachelorette party for one of my Portland girls and we spent the whole day and night there.  First up, snacks and Ruby on the patio.  Sweet potato fries!  Then we did 12 holes on the East course.  Did you know there is a jail next to the 6th hole??  Excellent photo ops with the "JAIL - DO NOT TREPASS" signs for the bachelorette.

Everywhere you look, there are beverage opportunities tucked all over Edgefield.  They're not just bars, they're the cutest, most picturesque, funky, little beverage opportunities you've ever seen.  The little red shed is located for easy golfer access, although someone said it was the slaughterhouse back in the Poor Farm days... see, there's the incinerator door.  Minorly creepy, but oh, look, a Rubinator!  Drink.

I did not get the chance to visit the winery, but I'm sure it's as awesome as all get out.  I did however have the chance to share a bottle of Edgefield's Pinot during dinner, and it was only $21.50.  Bargain!  We didn't finish it before dinner was over so we took it with us to Jerry's Ice Bar, where I discovered it goes great with a skinny little cigar.

You can walk around the entire property with your drink and every single beverage opportunity takes cards!  What is not to love here??

02/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. lisa a.
This place is like "beer camp", for adults, except they have really great wine too.

I really couldn't find a single thing to improve.

This place is a gorgeous estate with art everywhere. There are beautiful rooms with your own white fluffy robes, herb gardens,  and a small rolling golf course where you can walk barefoot and carry your microbrew with you. There is a beautiful hot soaking pool for guests with its own tiny bar, spa services, free coffee and paper in the morning, multiple decks with rocking chairs which overlook the gardens, a variety of music in several little unique venues, free movies at one of the bars, etc, etc.

You can charge everything to your room as you meander around the whole property.

We started our evening with a microbrew, and pretzels, while we looked into the little humidour at the cigars.

Then our group donned our robes and walked over to the gated soaking pool which has big metallic flowers that dump more warm water if you pull the chain while you swim under. I had a hibiscus ginger iced alcoholic tea beverage. Yum!

Then we went to dinner where I ordered the coffee rubbed venison with a wild berry glace. It was so unique and delicious that I think a magazine should feature their restaurant.  We finished up with coffee and a shared dessert sampler.  

After dinner we walked about the grounds, looked at the herb garden with the whimsical red door, walked the golf course, and bought a bottle of wine at the Grateful Dead bar.

We ended the evening at an outdoor fire pit smoking a cigar, laughing with strangers, and finishing up our bottle of wine.

This place is filled with happy people.

I found myself standing in the Jerry Garcia bar saying with big moon eyes, "This place is like an alternate reality", and knowing FOR SURE, that I was not the first or the last to say this.

I REALLY wish I would have stayed 2 nights. I was just getting on a role.

Just remember to drink lots of water.

26/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Ann D.
Edgefield is a killer venue for music!  While I haven't spent a ton of time inside, I saw Wilco here last summer and it ranks as being one of the best shows I've ever seen, partly due to the dreamy location.

The ampitheater area is laid out so nicely, and even sold out shows here feel comfortable and uncrowded.  The grounds are lovely and the "honeybuckets" are clean!  There was plenty of room to get a sweet spot close to the stage, and you can bring a blanket and get comfortable on the lawn.  One of the coolest things about this venue is that because of the winery here, you can buy a bottle of wine and drink it with your crew while you groove to the music.  Oh, and it's McMenamins, so you can get yourself some tasty beers and food as well.  

Check to see if there's a band playing at Edgefield that you're into because if you can catch them here, you will have a magical experience!

22/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Meaghan L.
I flew into Oregon to see my Dad and I said I wanted to go to the widmer brewery. But no, he said we needed to go here. So we went here for dinner. They sat us down and then we sat for twenty minutes and no one so much as acknowledged our existence, let alone *gasp* asked us for our drink order. So we got up and left. And guess what? We went to Widmer's and it was freaking awesome!!!!

24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
99. Megan L.
I can't give this place a better review.  The other reviews speak of mediocre food, but I guess they are just spoiled Portlanders, come to Sac I say and try some of our HORRIBLE chain food.  

This is Disneyland for adults.  An ungodly amount of bars are present on the property.  You can watch an artisan blow glass.  To go container for your beverages so you may meander the grounds and not get thirsty (which is exceptional when the outside temp is near boiling).  

I didn't get to use the golf course or enjoy more than one of the restaurants.  Where I did eat the food was good, not incredible, but considering the surroundings I would be back.  Our server was very personable and fun.  

All in all the day we spent here was the most memorable part of my trip up north!

21/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Ashley C.
I live on the East side of town, and it was a little difficult for me to find this place.  I laugh at my GPS-less DNA.  If you think you're driving in the wrong direction, think again.

When you arrive, you really don't know what to make of the place.  At first glance, it looks like grandma's farm.  But you can see people bustling around from various farm houses to another.  Don't worry there are signs everywhere.

There are many options. One you can pick up some irons and grab yourself a tee time for some short, short games of "hill-billies" golfing.  It's so much fun.  Don't worry if you don't have enough balls, there are tons along the way - hidden in bushes after bushes of blackberries.  Yes, you can eat them too.  Yummy!

Option two, stop by the spa. I didn't know they had one until I got there.  Have to save the review for another day.  

Option three, hang out at the bar and eat some decent sandwiches while chucking down some locally grown brew.  Can't decide what you like, try them all.  You have all day.

Another option is to go there when bands stop by. The list is impressive.  At times, they bring bands you thought broke up or doesn't exist anymore.  There are plenty of surprises here.

13/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
101. Nathan R.
This place is frickin' crazy/cool- I'm not sure it would work in Seattle, because Seattlites just wouldn't get it...it's like a small drunken village where you can watch a show, smoke a cigar, and hang out in a former insane asylum in the middle of nowhere.  Yes, that's exactly what it's like.

15/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. sarah y.
similar to the other mcmenamins, edgefield has creepy decorations and mediocre food. but the nice thing about edgefield is it's got so much stuff to do! you could quite literally spend all day here on a nice summer day and go golfing, spa-ing, wine tasting, activities galore. i came here too late at night to experience much more than the pubs, but plan to return for some summer fun.

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
103. Courtney D.
Bar fit for a hobbit

I've found the perfect cozy and warm hideaway for you this winter. It's on the McMenamins' Edgefield campus, hidden in the grassy background of the hotel. It's a bar so small that they call it the Little Red Shed. Locals call it the hobbit bar because it looks likes something you'd see in "The Lord of the Rings."

Inside you'll find an intimate fireplace and seats for only 10 people. Its size and charm is what makes this place so special. The ivy-covered hideaway once housed the incinerator in the property's poor farm days. Now guests relax and enjoy favorite McMenamins ales, distilled spirits, liquors and cigars in the glow of the brick fireplace.

Tip: In the summer, the outside lawn is home to free concerts under maple and alder trees.

26/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. bethany r.
This rambling hotel/winery/event space/brew pub is one of a kind.  Expect twinkly lights and some strange art work.  I give these three stars to the ambiance and the beer, as my burger was not great.  But I'd come back to hear a concert.

20/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
105. Seasons K.
Edgefield I love you so!
My husband and I love to visit Edgefield and have stayed over there a couple times with and without out of town guests. We have always had a terrific experience. The shed is awesome! The rooms are all lovely. The pool hall was a great edition!
This is a wonderful place to take your guests after a day checking out the gorge and falls. We take the 84 out to Multnomah falls, than take the old highway back towards town stopping at crown point and some smaller falls along the way. Then down past the Sandy, over the bridge, through charming downtown Troutdale and finally Edgefield. It's a great way to spend a day and it is sure to blow all your guests away. We take the trip on our own just for something nice to do on the weekend.

31/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Matt A.
I used to live right next to this place. And the one thing I miss about Troutdale is Edgefield. I went to Power Station Pub quite a bit since it was open late. And a trip to Portland is worth it for the Stuffed burger. MMMM. Also, the patio area is good in the summer. Good beer. Like the fact that theres different restaurants and bars so you can do a bit of hopping around.

01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Tom Y.
After a long day of hiking around Mt. Hood I knew the most logical place to eat had to be Edgefield's, why not right?  They have plenty of beer, good food, unique atmosphere on the way back to Portland.  I had a couple of beers at the Black Rabbit which was a nice, pretty cozy bar area with couple of small booths.  Decided to head on out to the Loading Dock Grill for some outdoor dining, they don't have a lot of selection on their menu back there but the food was pretty good.  They have tater tots on menu, TOTs yo, good beers, tots, a place for you to lay your head down after you have had to many of both.  But I didn't stay here this time, but it seems like a good idea right?

02/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. P B.
After hearing many raving reviews from friends who go frequently, we finally went for the first time this weekend. We had fun, but was somewhat disappointed.

First of all, don't plan on eating there. The food is horrible, and we ate at 3 different places while there. The Black Rabbit for breakfast...was truly just bad. Powerstation Pub for dinner...Burgers reminded me of school food, and we got like 7 tater tots each. And the pool hall place for a snack, which was actually good. Yes, they have good hot wings.

The food service was HORRIBLE. I mean truly and spectacularly horrible. Our waitress at the Powerstation Pub was honestly one of the rudest and worst waitresses I've EVER encountered.

So we did a little drinking too, ok a lot of drinking! The beer is good. The mixed drinks were eh... The bartenders at the assorted bars were all very good and friendly. The one at the poolside bar at Ruby's was especially good.  I'd stick with beer or simple drinks though.

The room was quaint and cute. Nothing much, but still nicely done. We were kind of scared of the shared bathrooms, but they weren't bad. Very closed off from the others. Although we did have to listen to a puking bridesmaid while taking showers... I did enjoy all the different "colorful" murals they had. And the fact that every different room had a different theme person. It was fun.

There were 3 weddings going on, and the entire place was jam packed. It was hard to get in any of the little bars. Plus is was raining out, so everyone was inside. We never could get a pool table, and forget getting a tee time for golf. So if you want to golf, book a tee time. But that was our own fault for not thinking of it.

But the grounds are spectacular! I am a gardening fiend, and was in seventh heaven looking at their lovely landscaping. It's a beautiful place to walk around. I honestly don't know if I'd stay the night again. Get a beer and walk around for a bit? Sure.

21/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
109. Brad W.
Other reviewers are correct: It IS like "Disneyland or Disneyworld" for adults. You can wander off and find a more suitable drinking/eating hole, or, even do the"wine~thing." Beautiful grounds on a crispy, sun~ shiny day. All sorts of wierd and interesting things on the grounds. I almost thought I saw some of the little orange "Oompa Looompa" guys from Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory scurrying around. Or, maybe they were in the Jerry Garcia bar. Too cool.

07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Chad R.
Dear McMenamins,

We've had a great run, really!  From the time in elementary school when I lived down the street from Edgefield to the time I blew chunks under a table at Lolas 18 years later.

When I haven't been able to figure out where to eat, have a drink, catch a flick or entertain out of state family and friends; there you were.

When I was laid off from my starutp job in 2001, you comforted me with Imbrie Hall.  When my wife needed a last second venue for her holiday party, Kennedy School was ready and waiting.

Needless to say, I love you!


I know, this is dickish.  Your service sucks.  Seriously, an empty bar does not necessitate the mind-blowing long wait you enforce.  Why the staff in Courtyard restaurant have to be so bitchy about my ordering a burger from the Cypress room is beyond me.  All this when you're not busy!

The beer, while good, is lacking imagination.  You were a trend setter in late eighties but now it's time to catch up.

I love you.  We love you.  All of Portland loves you, Oregon in it's entirety and Washington too!  But I've grown up and I ask that you do too!

Yours always, with occasional reluctance,

PS.  the pitch and put at Edgefield is fantastic!  The Red Barn too!

19/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. Jackie K.
I have been to the Edgefield for Thanksgiving wine tour weekend 4 times now, but there was about 7 years between the last time I went, and this most recent time.  I don't remember it being so noisy, as in I could hear every word and every step out in the hall, to the point I actually put in ear plugs.  But, you have to also consider it is, afterall, a SUPER old building.

I really like the pool hall and the food in the pub is decent.  The room prices seriously can't be beat, but you have to understand going in you'll have to head down the hall from your room to get to a bathroom.  No biggie because they give everyone white bathrobes.  It's so hilarious to see so many people walking around the halls in matching robes.

The spa is a nice addition, but I didn't have time to enjoy any of the services.

Happy hour prices on well drinks are $4 which is a good price, and it comes back around late, too.  Yay, that.  Call drinks are more expensive than usual.  It may be that the "captive audience" mentality has kicked in on the pricing.  But so has corporate mentality because they measure every shot precisely.  They do not believe in the "free pour".

03/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
112. Eric S.
Edgefield is heaven. I'm fairly certain of this. The Little Red Shed is absolutely awesome. I could spend the rest of my life in that cozy little pub. We've spent a few afternoons on the pitch and putt course, and thankfully, there's a few watering holes along the way. The wine cellar is a lot of fun, especially with music. I could go on and on.

Bottom line: If you haven't been to Edgefield, shamefully slap yourself and get your butt over there.

20/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Chip B.
Great place with decent food. I would go again.

09/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. rich j.
Yeah, there's all kinds of cool shit to do, or just kick back on the patio in the late afternoon shade. Lots of beers, do the tater tots cajun style for a little extra kick.

Ultimately, it's still a McM's. So if you're a little tired of that "style" this place could get old fast. But dude, an easy place to take out of towners who haven't seen their style over and over (and their menu over and over).

The golf stuff seems popular, so reserve in advance if you wanna do it. Too many niche spaces to list (including a new-ish spa area) and not sure how manic the concerts get (something tells me parking is hell).

01/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Jami H.
To be able to feel like you're getting out of town, with lodging at a reasonable price, and only drive 25 minute- 5 stars!

To wander the beautiful grounds with lots of cute little spots to stop for drinks- 5 stars!

To not be concerned about wandering around in a bathrobe, with wet hair, or drunk out of your mind, as these are the norm- 5 stars!

To soak in Ruby's Spa gorgeous, lush, winding salt water hot soaking pool for hours- 5 stars!

To sample wines, cleansing the palate with oyster crackers, under the glow of little star-like lights- 5 stars!

To...eat- 3 stars. McMenamins. Sigh. The typical mediocre fare in the pubs. Black Rabbit restaurant for dinner is overpriced for the quality. The food sounds amazing but is disappointing. The breakfast there, however, is a pretty good deal. Benedict was substantial, with nice potatoes and fresh fruit for $10.

To be greeted warmly and with interest! Or not. Service- 2 stars. I've never encountered that many people who seemed to be put out by the most basic questions and requests. But, in all fairness, it was about half and half. But methinks someone at the front desk isn't long for the McMenamins family.

Overall, Edgefield is a great destination for a simple mini get away now and then. The food, you know, you just expect it to be unimpressive. The service in some areas, however, needs a lot of work.

30/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. Janessa P.
Soaking Pool.
(You can bring Champagne! though only in plastic cups)

Wine Tasting.

Whiskey and Cigars.

Golf Course.
(Note--the Golf Course is entirely deserted at night ;)  )

Roughly 3 billion bars on property. (Of course, this is only a rough estimate. There could be more.)

Movie Theater.

Cheap rooms.

You can walk around in your bathrobe outside, searching for the soaking pool, and you don't get weird looks. Well, not many. Well, I had too much wine, beer, and whiskey, so if there were any weird looks, I sure didn't notice them.

27/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. Chelsea P.
Way over priced, decent meal. Good cider, but not worth the expense.

11/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
118. Shane P.
My partner and I stayed at Edgefield for a few days a couple of weeks ago,  It was fabulous.  

They have excellent food, great rooms and gardens, artwork and every where you look.  No detail was over-looked.  

I recommend a trip to Ruby's Spa while you are here.  We both had the hammerhead massage and they were great.  We live with a massage therapist professor so we know our way around a massage table.  This experience rates among the best.  Don't forget to spend some time before and after in the salt water soaking pools.  The pools are particularly relaxing in the evenings under the gas lamps.  A great way to relax before bed.  

Most of the rooms are european style with only a sink in your room.  DON'T let that bother you.  The multiple men's lavatories and women's lounges are huge, have full walls and doors to the floor to give you privacy while in the loo.  The showers and clawfoot tubs are seperated by full walls and curtains to the floor as well and are quite spacious.  I was there for 2 1/2 days and never even met another person while using the bathrooms in the main lodge.  

Once you are hear, there is no reason to leave.  There are multiple restaurants, a spa, soaking pools, 2 golf courses, a theatre with current attractions, bars gallore, a winery, a brewery, a distillery, seemingly endless amazing interactive gardens with art everywhere you look, several massive covered porches with rockers and lounge chairs, a pool hall with several tables and even snooker tables just to name a few attractions.  You won't miss not having televisions (except in the pool hall) or telephones.  WiFi and good cellular service is there should you need contact with the outside world, but you will rarely use it.  

When I got home I found I had taken over 400 pictures, and I am not a camera buff.  There is just so much beauty and art that you will want to share it all with your friends.  Don't forget to notice the pipe people.

We plan on visiting some of the other McMenamin Resort locations and will surely be back to the Edgefield.  The next time for 4 or 5 days instead of just 2.

23/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Tangela M.
This place is really enchanting!  We were only able to have diner at the Power Station, but it was worth it.  I can only imagine when the weather is nice what a great place this truly is.  
My only complaint I have was that the waitress (who shared with us she was nursing a hangover) told us that the gift shop closed at 10pm when it actually closed at 6.

01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
120. Jeff M.
A Haiku Review of Edgefield:

This place has it all.  
Movies, concerts, bars, hotel.
Make the journey out here.

26/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Windy H.
Really bad service. An hour wait for 3 cheeseburgers, chicken sandwich & a salad. Not a place to take kids with that kind of wait. The burgers were horrible. My daughter said she could have had better food at Mcdonalds, which was sad since it cost &50 for our family to eat there. Such a disappointment. Cute atmosphere.

09/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
122. Eggland B.
Got dragged here again against my better judgement...

These people are either clueless or intentionally bad at their jobs.

Part of our group ordered a pizza... it arrived without getting cut. Seriously? How do you forget to cut a pizza?

Beer prices were (again) higher than warranted by the quality.

17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
123. Alan S.
You've heard enough about McM's food and beer. So this will warn you about the Monkey Puzzle bourbon. It has honey and hops. Which means you get a highly sweet whiskey as a top note and bitterness at the back of the throat as a end note. It reminds me of my love affairs. Sweet at the start and bitter at the end. Hah! Not true... some ended as a relief. Anyway it's unbalanced. Kinda like my last girlfriend.

18/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
124. Davey G.
Omg imagine the perfect lunch? What does it look like? Fresh veggies just plucked from the garden? Sweet coffee without the heavy taste of over processed beans? Does the table your sitting at remind you of a pub in Germany? You must be in the power station.  All the food is delicious I've tried the entire menu. And nothing beats the fresh brewed coffee.  This is best best coffee I've ever had. Or grab a garden burger and head to the movie theater $3 amazing. For under $10 dinner and a movie where else can you say that?

12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
125. Jason S.
Great beer! Especially the IPA!

12/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Leslie L.
I love this place and have stayed at the hotel twice.

The first time I stayed in the hostel... the 3rd floor of the main building and had an incredible time.

I got to swim in the spa pool, I enjoyed a few of their homebrewed beers and enjoyed the lovely artwork, which is everywhere!

The second time I stayed, it was with my mom and we were in a giant suite above The Power Station Restaurant.  It was a little nosier than the hostel, but we still had a lovely time.

The atmosphere is relaxing and full of beauty and nature.  You could take an entire day to look at the artwork and the grounds and to explore everything (which i still haven't done completely, despite staying there twice).  

On the weekends, the vibe feels more like a cross between a day spa and a frat party, but not in a bad way... it's just that some people come to pound some beers and some people come for a massage and tub soak and Ruby's.  It's weird but not uncomfortable.

Another great thing about McMenamins Edgefield is that they are right by the Columbia River Gorge with tons of beautiful hikes and breathtaking falls.  We went on a rainy day and it was still and wonderful and gorgeous experience.

The one downside is the service at the restaurants.  I have eaten at The Power Station four times, and three out of the four times the service was terrible.  I ate at the Black Rabbit Restaurant 2 times and 1 out of 2 times it was also really bad.  Very disorganized and slow to get the check.  

But the food was really good, beer was great, haven't tried the wine and the coffee liquor was quite nice as well.

And I'm still giving this review 5 stars because it is about the hotel/hostel, not the restaurant.

TIP:  If you stay at McMenamin's Edgefield, you get to use the spa pool, if not, then you have to get a spa service in order to use it.  If you are watching your budget, stay in the hostel and you still get to use the pool, which is worth it because they keep it around 100 degrees and it's salt water and very relaxing and beautiful.

17/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Well-Traveled I.
When I first lived in Oregon, Edgefield was good but, by the time I left, its service and food became average, if not medicore. I wanted to bring my date, as I wanted to treat, to a place that was a little bit off the beaten path and close to his place but had good food and a funky atmosphere. So, seeing how I missed my old stomping ground...

My date and I had Easter dinner here today and it was absolutely delicious. Portions were excellent; I wound-up bringing home 1/2 my grilled flat ironed steak for lunch tomorrow. The sauce it was in was delicious; green beans and mashed potatoes were excellent. Date opted for the Mediterranean ravioli, which he said were delicious, as evidence by consuming it all - sauce included with the homemade bread.

People have complained about the service at McMenamins establishment being slow, if not spotty. Our waiter was perfect - dropping-by, when necessary, and filling water glasses when necessary.

I really missed this place when I was out-of-state; with the improvements, I'll have a reason to go back.

One more thing...I always manage to find something in the gift shop for a future Christmas present or something for my home - like a nice bottle opener. Beer-to-go is always a nice thing, too.

04/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Kellen B.
I love the McMenamin's Edgefield.  In fact, I love it so much that my wife and I were just married there 4 weeks ago.

We all stayed in the historic hotel, got married in the Meadow and had one hell of a reception in the connected, Blackberry Hall.  The staff used to take care of the event was provided by McMenamin's and they were fantastic.  In fact, at the end of the night when I was saying "Thanks!" and "Goodbye!" to the staff, they actually thanked us for such a smooth evening.  I still give the credit to them for everything going better than planned.

And the free night's stay on the wedding night and bottle of champagne were a nice touch as well.

20/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Nisha D.
This review is completely based on the golf.

I'm a sucker for minigolfing, but never quite pulled off the polo/khaki look for real golf. Edgefield was my first foray into "real golf" and I had a blast. If you're a real golfer and own several polos, Edgefield's probably not for you.

It's $18 for the 12-hole course and equipment rentals (putter, wedge, and balls).

The entire course is par-3 and beautiful. At certain points in the course, you can see across the river into Washington, swing past a vegetable garden, and check out a windmill-shaped mental ward.

A beer cart comes around every 20-30 mins or so, which is pretty sweet.

We left after golfing, but I'm sure the food/beer is your standard McMenamin's fare. It's definitely worth the trip out to Troutdale to check out the grounds and play a little golf on the cheap without fear of judgment.

23/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
130. Aaron W.
How can you not love Edgefield???  So many awesome things to do!  Pitch and putt golf course, wine tasting, pool hall, micro brew, music, movies, various "gatherings".  There is always something going on at Edgefield, and chances are it'll be a good time!  I love this place!

On the down side, the food is only OK, not fantastic...

06/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Ashley G.
I finally lost my Edgefield virginity to Neko Case last weekend! I had no idea what to expect from the venue and general admission generally makes me anxious being a short person. It seems my lot in life to bear to be consistently stuck behind super tall men at GA shows. My friend and I arrived around 4:30 to find that a long line had already formed for a 5:00 gate opening. I would definitely not get there that early again because it didn't seem to matter. We got lawn spots right up front. We had a lot of time to kill and there wasn't much to do or see there. I didn't drink or eat anything. I *HATE* port-o-potties and just the sight of them sends subclinical OCD/anxiety pulsing through my veins. I did end up having to use one and it wasn't horrific. Luckily there are hand washing stations outside with soap/water. I was able to watch Neko while leaning up against the front barrier, so I was quite content! The sound was pretty good too, especially considering how close to the stage/ speakers  I was. The old lady in me likes the early show times required by the noise ordinances. I was home by 10:00 PM! We had a good parking spot and didn't get blocked in. I appreciated that there were people directing the flow of traffic after the show as well.

15/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Jesus A.
You can dine in, enjoy a massage, stay at the hotel, and even enjoy a concert on the lawn or just drink in the bars. The bar area has drink specials which are very good. The food is not typical greasy but restaurant style. Very good place to go with a group to drink and enjoy yourself while drinking.

17/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Chris E.
Fuck man. I've about had it with these McMenamins places. Every single time we go eat at the Black Rabbit the service is completely absurd. We go in this morning, get a friendly greeting and a table, quick with the water and coffee, and we look over the menu waiting for the waitress to come back. I decided on the hash and the wife wanted French Toast, but not the dipped in pancake batter and deep-fried offering from the menu. We sipped our coffee and chit-chatted and waited...and waited...and waited... . There were, I think, four other servers that whizzed around with plates and checks and whatnot, but no sign of our girl. After TWENTY MINUTES she comes strolling over to our table and gives us a roll of the eyes and a complaint about "mother-in-law problems". Oy vey! Go get your tip from your mother-in-law then!

Anyway, we inquire about the French Toast - can we get just plain old regular kind? She goes to check with the kitchen.


Apparently, there is some difficulty in taking two pieces of bread and NOT dipping them in pancake batter, rolling them in cornflakes and deep-frying them, but instead simply dipping them into an egg-wash and grilling them. They have the bread. They have the eggs. I'm absolutely sure they have a grill - yet plain old French Toast was an impossibility. Sheesh!

My hash was delicious, except for the two almost solid-yolked poached eggs served with it. I asked for two replacement eggs, lightly poached. I swear she was back in 20 seconds with two eggs cooked EXACTLY the same.

I just don't get it. Los Hermanos McMenamin pour hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars into their properties. They look cool, they're mostly affordable, they're the kinds of places that you WANT to love and recommend and visit over and over, yet EVERY SINGLE ONE IS STAFFED BY INCOMPETENTS.

I give up, Micks. You've lost me this time.

03/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
134. Petra L.
Having been here several times in the past few weeks, I finally feel adequately prepared to review it.

This place is so average it hurts. There's absolutely nothing that stands out to me. The food is unremarkable and not very vegan friendly. They have a hummus appetizer (my hummus is infinitely superior) and a veggie burger which is absolutely trounced by the veggie burgers at any number of Portland establishments. The beer selection is, obviously, limited. Service is uneven - sometimes my dirty and sweaty group of mountaineers have been dutifully attended to and other time we've had to order from the bar because our throats could not stand another second without being soothed by a pitcher of Hammerhead.

All of this is more of a review of the Power Station Pub. I've not experienced much of the rest of Edgefield, by my experiences at the Power Station haven't exactly motivated me to explore. The last time we were there we ended up at a picnic table outside because they'd "lost" our reservation for 18 people. At first they refused to serve us anything, then we managed to get beer. All food that was ordered came out in to-go boxes. Totally bizarre.

+1 star for the group of groomsmen we ended up next to. They were completely trashed but I seem to have a standing date with one of them to climb Everest fueled entirely by beer and tater tots.

20/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
135. Clare S.
The service is so sub-par that I almost can't even stand it.  I even got harassed by my friends because I actually wanted to leave a normal tip, that's how bad our service was.

Sure, it's nice out and we decide to sit outside,  they weren't all that busy yet.  We grab a table and watch as the time ticks by.  The company was good, so I can't complain, but I wanted my friend, pitcher of Ruby, to join us as well, but no servers seemed to care or want to be bothered.

You know when you do that awkward stare down with big eyes and a little smile at the servers to get their attention?  Didn't work.  Waving of the hand (which I think is rude, but come on, bring me a beer), didn't work.  Standing up and walking up to the service station outside to ask for a server to come to our table.  Didn't work for close to 15 minutes.  

We literally ordered all of our pitchers at once, because we knew that we may never get another if we were normal and ordered them one at a time.  Sure we looked like we had a sort of drinking problem, but it kept the drinks coming, and we were 100% correct in the fact that we would never again be asked if we wanted more to drink.  They also never took the empty pitchers off the table, and there were multiple.

My Captain Neon Burger was flavorless because the pattie was tiny and overdone.  The blue cheese and bacon were great, but were put to shame by the amount of mayo was underneath the pattie (and I LIKE mayo).  The tots were overdone and waaaaaaaaaaaay crunchier then a tot should be (you know what I'm talking about).

The sun went down and the chill came in, so when I  nicely ask for a heat lamp to be turned on (after stalking a server inside), I don't want a scowl.  I got a reply letting me know it wouldn't be a problem, but then it just never happened.  Apparently it was a problem.

A friend of mine also got pooped on by a bird.  Not that it's edgefields fault but it was like the icing on the cake.

They get two stars because it's a beautiful space and they can accomodate larger groups (there were only 5 of us at this occasion), but if it were my choice, I won't go back until McMenamins opens up a school in how to treat customers and give good service, hell I would even take so-so service at this point.

08/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
136. Andrea B.
There's so much to see and do here. Great place to take pictures, have a party, see a band. Even loved it here on New Years Eve! Their beer is really great too.

26/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Brandon S.
McMenamins Edgefield is basically an alcohol theme park and for that reason alone, especially if you are staying there, it's great.  The setting is awesome, the buildings are wonderful, the beer isn't bad, there's a winery and a distillery and two par three golf courses and you can just walk around with a drink all day long.  

But as with all McMennamins, the service is brutally slow and indifferent.  Our meal of a burger and a drink took forever.  Our server wasn't awful, but she was the slowest order inputer I've ever seen.  I watched her struggle with the computer for a good long time, maybe even five minutes, and she fell wickedly behind with her tables.  Thankfully it was a really nice day and sitting outside was a good way to spend a beautiful day.

And the food is just average.  When I think of McMennamins food, I think of tater-tots, they do tater-tots very well.  That doesn't reflect well on the rest of their food, now does it?

18/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
138. Krys G.
We were invited up to McMenamin's to celebrate the 40th birthday of some really good friends, and were honestly a leeetle frightened by the idea of the "shared bathroom" scenario.

We're professed snobs when it comes to hotels, coffee and beer (not necessarily in that order,) but the room was under $100 a night, there was T-O-N-S of drinking opportunities (I mean, seriously, a brewery, winery and distillery on site? Uh, Hello!) and it was for one of our favorite people on the planet, so how could we go wrong?

The building was a former poor farm, and the main hotel reminded us of an old school -- complete with super-wide hallways and the little windows above the doors of each hotel room.  We found our room fine in size, but it had no phone, no TV (which was fine, but be forewarned) and very little light, so it seemed like a dark cave all the time.

Our friends who were celebrating the birthday stayed in one of the rooms right out front over the lobby area, which was a huge suite (still only a sink in the room, mind you) with a bed, plenty of light and a full sitting area and kitchen table.

I agree with Ruth re: the Black Rabbit though, I have to say. What a shitty place. It's the primary restaurant on the property, other than the pub, so you find yourself there a lot. Our friends had reserved a private room for the birthday dinner since there were about 20 of us there, and it took THREE HOURS. Holy Jeebus. They ran out of the cut of meat about 12 of us had ordered, so in order to be gracious guests, we changed our order to the pork tenderloin, and when it finally came out, it was dry, overcooked and tasteless. Super disappointing.

It just seemed to me that they didn't know how to serve a large party, and that surprised me since like I said, it was the only place there to eat, and they clearly had banquet rooms.

Agree with Ruth as well re: the spa experience at Ruby's -- expensive but delightful.

Would we go back? For the company, yes, for the hotel, probably not.

Additional note: calling this place a bed and breakfast is about the biggest stretch I've heard in a while. No way is this a B&B. Please.

21/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
139. Jessica W.
I would give 3 stars at most if I was only rating the food. However, it can't be ignored that I have greatly enjoyed myself every time I've been here. Edgefield has so much to do that I have a different experience each visit.  There is the movie theater, several restaurants, a large garden, golf course, numerous small themed bars, etc.  The Edgefield winery also has live music and very cheap tastings, making for a fun and affordable date night.

19/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Missy S.
Edgefield is like Disneyland for adults! I've been/stayed at Edgefield more than a couple dozen times. The rooms are small and quaint but if you wanna to pay extra, you can have a private bath... not worth it. The bathrooms are just fine to share. Hard to describe unless you've been there.

There are so many things to do at Edgefield such as play the par 3 golf course, experience some wine tasting, drinkyummy beeers at the many bars on the property, or see a movie in the theater - where you can eat and drink beer too, listen to a live  music, soak in the soaking pool, stroll the gardens, and so much more! I love Edgefield and I highly recommend making a trip here.

One note, you do have to reserve well in advance and also the service is truely "McMenamins Service". Don't expect to be pampered,

17/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
141. April B.
Ordinarily, I would not choose a place like Edgefield - communal bathrooms are not my style. However, I stayed here to celebrate a friend's birthday and really enjoyed the overall experience. Yes, like some others have noted, it's loud...but I still slept well at night.

Breakfast at The Black Rabbit restaurant was tasty, the pool was fun, and we had great servers for the birthday dinner. Give it a try for a fun change of pace!

28/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
142. Elle H.
My Review is for the Concerts on the Lawn.
Last night I attended my second and last concert at Edgefield.  The venue is lovely but the uncontrolled access to beer makes the crowd a drunken mess by the end of the concert.
Crosby Stills and Nash, were wonderful but during the last half hour of the set, an obviously blasted jerk who thought we were there to watch him run in front of the stage took over the paid seating area with his antics.  Even the performers made comments about him.
No effort by the wimpy crowd management woman was made to control him.
I paid a LOT of money for this seat and ended up being thrown to the ground and walked on by this drunk.  I got no offer of help from anyone there.   The crowd is totally out of control with all the beer that is consumed.
I know I sound like an old fogey here, but frankly I'd rather go to a concert where everyone is mellow on pot than stupid on beer.
The bathroom area is a mess and a long hike from the seating area-difficult for a handicapped person to make, though there is one handicapped access bathroom it is difficult to get to if seated in the paid seating area.
I am so disappointed in my experience.  I vow to never attend another McMenamins concert event!  Shame on them for not having ANY controls on the amount of beer people can purchase.
And the people who were getting intheir cars to drive home...Boo for Edgefield for poor planning.

13/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
143. Fred F.
My wife and I went to the Black Rabbit restaurant at McMenamins Edgefield for breakfast yesterday. The sign on the podium at the entrance directed us to wait to be seated. Even though there was no one there to greet us we waited. After what seemed like five minutes and still no host/hostess, I hailed a waitress who confirmed there was a hostess working and that she would be right with us. After another few minutes the hostess did make a showing and said "they were clearing a table and she would seat us when it was ready". She promptly disappeared again. None of the common courtesies that you might expect in a situation such as this were given. I noticed there were plenty of empty and cleared tables in the restaurant (and no one clearing a table). They were not busy. We waited some more then decided we did not want our breakfast spoiled (anymore that it had been) by poor service. We walked. Still no hostess when I looked back as we exited the building.

There are three main reasons we go out to eat; food, atmosphere, and service. Pretty much in that order. The food is the most important and many times can make up for mediocre marks on the other two but, poor service can ruin the whole experience.

We know the Black Rabbit restaurant at McMenamins Edgefield has good food but the poor service had already ruined the breakfast and we had not even sat down yet. We may give them another try but it will take some time and thought.

12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
144. Jenifer R.
Ok, so here's the deal.  I got married at Edgefield a few years ago.  We went back this weekend (not the first time, but not a place that we go to all the time), and it was well, it was McMenamins.  Good food, atmosphere was fine... its a working farm, you can't get upset about funky smells when you walk around there...

My only issue with our time there (or at ANY McMenamins property, really) is the service aspect.  We went to the Power Station Pub, sat at the bar top for ten minutes.  Not one person said hi, or how are you, or be with you in a sec, NOTHING.  (Bear in mind, this was our anniversary)  We said forget it, and decided to walk over to the host stand, just to see how long it would take there... were told to "go sit in one of those booths" by our server who was laden with dirty dishes.  We saw our server 3 times, and not once was a check back.  

We go back because we like the food and the Black Rabbit Red is to die for, and the White Rabbit is pretty fantastic too, but it seems to be a trend at all of their properties that there is definitely a lack in the service department.  :(

25/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
145. Ed P.
We genuinely enjoyed our time here. The room was very comfortable and quiet. The only intrusive noises were footsteps of other guests using the shared lavatories (very much like a dormitory or barracks). The history of the place, illustrated by the murals that cover the walls, seems to permeate the halls and linger in the rooms. We wandered the grounds and admired the autumn colors. We enjoyed our dinners in the Black Rabbit Restaurant (halibut, chicken, a few appetizers). One of the benefits of a midweek visit, the restaurant was relatively uncrowded and service was prompt. Yes, it pays to plan ahead.
At this point in life, much as I enjoy good music and entertainment in the evening, I don't need to be distracted with  games or kept busy with activities during the day. This  was a fine place to relax (just what I wanted) and I appreciated it. I recommend it to friends who share my priority for quality time.

10/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
146. Andy W.
Oi, McMenamins. If they had maybe two or three locations, I might really enjoy their uniqueness. But the Starbucks of Portland's brewer/restaurant scene has a gazillion restaurants, half of which are in suburban strip malls, all of which offer pretty much the same selection of pbbth food, meh beer, and blecch liquor.

But if McMenamins is a blindfolded kid swinging violently at a piñata, the Edgefield is one of his rare hits.

I attended the Decemberists / Andrew Bird / Blind Pilot show this past weekend, and I'll tell you what, the lawn is a damned good place for a concert, and the Edgefield puts on a good show. Obviously the good music helped, but so did the varied food options, copious supply of honey buckets, and the not-quite-as-over-priced-as-it-easily-could-be beer. Biggest win that night: the expert crowd control. Herding cattle or sheep is one thing; herding stoners, aged hippies, and superfans is quite another indeed.

Another big hit for me is the golf course. I'm not a huge fan of golf, and needless to say, serious golfers waiting for me to dig my ball out of the rough every hole are not my biggest fans. The golf course that lets me swing a club with one hand while the other hand takes care of my beverage is the only course I want to go.

Some of the other amenities I could do without (ahem, Edgefield Distillery), but the Edgefield gets enough hits that the misses, including those of the entire McMenamins Empire, can be ignored.

20/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
147. Jamie J.
Just went there this past weekend. I am not a drinker, so It was OK walking around and seeing buildings and such. Basically I think this place is good for people who like drinking since they make everything even little outhouses bars in the summer so you can walk around and drink all day. The group I went with ate at the Black Rabbit during happy hour in the bar. The portion sizes were small I thought for the happy hour menue, however the price for it was OK for the portion size. The bartender was really friendly even allowing my friend to hook up his ipod into an outlet behind the bar to charge while we ate. It has nice art pieces around the place like the normal restaurants have. I personally enjoy eating at the normal restaurants than I did walking around this big place. There are places as well that ones can go and just sit down everywhere. So even though there is a lot of walking, there is a ample places for seating. However, their parking lots are strange.. and not well marked.

02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
148. Jordan N.
The person at the front desk (PowerStation) was not very polite. Seemed more concerned about talking with friends nearby. Sat at the bar. The service was ok, although really had to ask for things.

05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
149. Art V. B.
This is the single place where I could ever stand playing golf, an activity (is it really a sport?) I am ideologically opposed, not only because I've never met anyone cool who likes playing golf but also because I dislike how developers around the world divert scarce fresh water from native populations and farmers to golf courses that are built to attract international tourists. However, in the Edgefield I was able to relax my strong ideological stand against golf after a couple of whiskey sodas, a cool crowd who were not actually serious golfers and, well, because I was in Portland, a city where it rains so much that I shouldn't be concerned about scarce water being diverted to the golf course.

14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
150. Lizzie V.
Last week I mistakenly went here a day early to meet up with a friend for lunch- so I ate here two days in a row. I didn't mind though. It was a beautifully crisp sunny day in Portland, with a clear view of Mt. Hood on my drive over.

It was one of those days where it just felt good to clear my head and be alone with my thoughts. This place inspires reflection as you stroll through the grounds.

I ate a meal by the window in the Black Rabbit restaurant. I happened to bring my book, and read with jazz music playing in the background. I ordered a chicken sandwich with chipotle mayo. It was a decent sandwich. I have eaten at 8 or more McMenamins and am never that impressed with the food. It's usually a consistent 3 stars in my book. I go more for the atmosphere, which is usually 4 to 5 stars.

I can feel the history of places like Edgefield and Kennedy School - there is an awareness that great memories have been made.

After my meal I stopped by the gift shop and bought a candle. What a lovely day.

08/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
151. Grant E.
Right when I walked in I thought to myself, this place is a panty dropper. Chill restaurant, bar, hotel, venue with chill vibes and nice atmosphere.

I only tried out the bar while playing some pool and darts, but I will definitely be back with the mrs. for a day of festivities.

Feeling it.

09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
152. Traci H.
Great venue -walk aroiund to different bars while wine tasting or drinking a great beer. They have it all and the concerts are top notch

20/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
153. Gavin R.
Food was ok.  the wine was not, the service was spotty, the beer was good. thats all I have

19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
154. Brie S.
All locals know that you don't go to McMenamins for the food or the service but for the ambiance.  Well, I just had lunch with six other friends at the Power Station Pub (part of the Edgefield complex) - McMenamins has just hit a new low.

Our waitress came to take our drink order and so I ordered the special beer that she told us about and I also asked for a sample of their hard cider.  20 minutes later, she came back to tell me that it wasn't available and didn't bring me my cider to taste.  Another ten minutes after that, she brought a taste of the cider.  It was pretty bad so I ordered a half pint of Ruby Red.  It took an ADDITIONAL ten minutes to get that beer to me.  Our food arrived a half hour after we ordered it (sandwiches and burgers - nothing fancy) and we ended up having to go up to ask for ketchup after we waiting ten minutes for her to bring some.

I guess enough people visit these places for the ambiance that they don't need to improve their food or service.  Too bad....

05/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
155. Roy R.
Great place really busy. But service was good and the food came out pretty quickly. Really loud so not good place for an intimate dinner.

There are several restaurants on the premises.  We ate in the power station.  It is an interesting place to wander around as are all the McMenamins.

05/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. Sam R.
Eat at the "The Black Rabbit Restaurant" with in McMenamins Edgefield. I had the "Poor Farm Salad Rolls" and the "Herb-Rubbed Pork Chops". The salad roll is better known as an Asian fresh spring roll, but it was still very good regardless of giving it another name. The pork chops i swear were half a pig or at at least enough to choke a pig with. I could barely move after having a pint of IPA and the meal. The waitress was friendly and attentive, but not overly so. I did not feel rushed at all.

The grounds are very nice to walk around but watch out for the mosquitoes because they eat had an equally good meal of me. Got bit on both ankles and the neck. It still itches, so wear that sexy mosquito repellent if you don't want to be a meal yourself.

Did I mention that the place is haunted? Well if not it is. Ask the front desk for the ghost logs to see which rooms are active. If you're after just more than a enjoyable evening. Looks like the second floor has the most activity.

On a closing note, the gift shop is something to stay away from because you will not be able to get out of their without purchasing something. Okay, at least I wasn't. I even considered purchasing a candy bar until I saw the price $1 for an average candy bar. I asked if that was the normal price and the cashier said yes. Teach me not to pay attention of the price of candy at the grocery store.

Again I digress and am off topic. McMenamins Edgefield is worth taking a drive out to. Even spending the night because the room are very reasonable price. Great for a bus mans holiday. Food is good and the beer is even better. Oh ya, I forgot to mention, they even have their own red wines, which are very tasty. I sample both but stuck to a beer. Stay with what you know best is my motto.

11/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
157. Barbara R.
We waited and tho the service was friendly it was SLOW. 2 hour dinner only because she took soooo long between drink and appetizer and main course.
Food was ok. My husband had pork chops that were very, very dry.  Definetly not worth the wait

27/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
158. Camellia M.
The McMenamins restaurant has good food, but the service at Edgefield is incredibly slow. I love McMenamins, but for this location, unless you're wanting to wait 30min for your food, try a different location.

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
159. Melody S.
We are in the process of planning our wedding (June 2011) here, and hands down this is the best deal around!
The rental price is a food & drink minimum, meet that and you 'rent' the space for free!  The attic is a gorgeous, intimate space perfect for a reception.  They only serve buffet-style up there, and have exclusive inhouse catering, but that's fine cuz the food rocks!
The rental for a queen room is around $60, with a 'shared' bathroom.  The bathrooms aren't really shared, they have individual bathrooms complete with toilets, sinks and baths/showers with locks!  Definately not the college bathroom experiance I was expecting.
I personally love the theater in the Power Station, it has a full bar and food menu!
I can't say enough good things, take a mini vacation and see for yourself!
(Check out the Multnomah Falls, only 20-ish minutes away!)

15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
160. Carey T.
Cant wait to go back and stay next time and visit the lazy river! We just came for dinner for my fellas birthday, but it was awesome! Great food, atmosphere, the service in the Black Rabbit Lounge was supurb! They have something for everyone here.

07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
161. Stephanie B.
Frogs make harmonies,
the golf course would please hobbits,
and gardens abound.

16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
162. Maureen H.
My sister and I stayed at Edgefield a few years ago, and we were both delighted by our experience. I am not a huge fan of McMenamin's restaurants, but their hotels are unusual and wonderful. And Edgefield is as good as it gets.

As with all McMenamins properties, it's totally quirky and really old. There are weird paintings everywhere, including faces on the corners of any exposed pipes which freaked my sister out a bit. The room was great, but what made our stay completely worthwhile is the soaking pool. The price of the room was worth an evening in that pool. It's a giant, figure-eight shaped hot tub about the size of a football field (okay, maybe half a football field) and just deep enough to swim around in. Plus, there is a poolside bar if you are into that sort of thing. Bring your flip-flops for the walk to the pool!

There are several places to hang out in the evening. We hung out in a pub type bar, and played darts. Also, we had a cool late night chat with one of the bartenders about the supposed hauntings on the grounds. Plus, the bartender made awesome greyhounds.

The only thing I don't like about this hotel is the shared bathrooms. The shower area in my bathroom was a little dirty from others using it all morning. There was water everywhere. I much prefer a private bath area, and I believe that they have rooms that offer this.

06/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. Ricky S.
I love the idea- a theme park for boozers!  There seems to be a bar around every corner, with one little cozy nook looking more inviting than the next.  Thankfully, they also rent rooms at this place, so you can really get into the swing of things without having to worry about driving!  On a recent sunny weekday there were no big crowds (but still some interesting people about), and I had no trouble with service in the Powerhouse restaurant, although they did seem to be 'out' of a lot of things that were on the menu.  
If you're coming, pack your swimsuit, golf clubs, pool cue, cash and aspirin.  Good times!

15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Jaclyn P.
The Pub Course is wait for it, wait for it, legendary. This place rocks! Good beer, good golfing, I love it, I love it, I love it! My husband and I went here with his brother and his wife and we had a great time. We golfed, drink some beer, golfed some more and drink more beer. When it was all said and done we went to grab a bite to eat.

I'm rating The Pub Course a 5 but I'm giving the food a 2. My cheeseburger was not that great and my tots were just ok. My husband ordered "The Special Burger" and his came from a different grill and he said his was pretty good but my cheeseburger sucked. I would rank it with the cheeseburger I had at Original Buffalo Wings in San Carlos, CA-craptastic.

I would give my beverages 5 stars, my beer was awesome and my RC Cola was tasty and I haven't had RC Cola for years.

I would definitely recommend the golf to anyone in the Portland area or anyone going to visit Portland but the food sucks. My suggestion is to golf, drink beer and then have a designated driver drive you some place else for food.

03/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. Katherine K.
I'm going to review Edgefield for one thing in this post...its event coordination/space. I got married in Blackberry Hall recently, and have much to say about the experience that I hope will be helpful to others deciding on a venue. I'll start at the beginning. Over a year ago I called to get some price quotes and the like. It became obvious that this is a place that fills up fast, so I jumped on Blackberry Hall right away. First lesson: book early. Yes, a year. Maybe more. Second lesson: Each space has a room minimum. Blackberry Hall on a Saturday night is $6,500. That includes set up of tables and chairs, linens, tableware and glassware. You then order enough food and beverage to meet that minimum. Third lesson: Pay in full as soon as possible. Then it's just out of the way. But, know this: there is an 18% service charge on your food and beverage...yes, that's another $1,200 if you meet the minimum. Fourth lesson: Have your guests book a room under your block early if they want to stay there. If you run out of rooms, there's a nice Best Western right down the street. The bride and groom get a room, but if you are wanting to get ready in said room, book it for the night before as well. They cannot guarantee check-in before 3, but were nice enough to give us our room as soon as it was clean (around 1:30). Fifth lesson: You get access to the hall at 11 a.m. to start setting up decorations. You will be required to remove all the decorations by 12:30, so have your clean-up crew stay somewhat sober =). Here's my impressions overall: while the sales gals are great and very accommodating, there is no one on hand as a point of contact the day of your event, so know that you're kinda on your own. The venue is amazing and beautiful. Edgefield's grounds provide lots of picture-taking moments, and will keep your guests entertained. The food was very good. Actually better than meals we've had at the various restaurants on site. Our wedding was incredible, largely due to our choice of venue. Now read the next part CAREFULLY!!!!!!! If you do not meet the minimum, as we did not (our bar came in at $800 and we had planned for $2,000), YOU WILL EAT THE COST OF THE DIFFERENCE. In our case...$1,200. They call it the room rental fee. SO GET TO THE MINIMUM AND GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH!!!  That, as you can tell, was the biggest lesson learned. You do get to take home food that isn't consumed, so that was nice. In summary, if you want a magical experience on a fun property, this is a great place. Just get what you pay for.

01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
166. Niki J.
Winery, Brewery, Pool Hall, Hotel, Theater, Golf Course- Sound like Heaven??

Well its not heaven, but it is pretty dang close to heaven here on earth! McMenamins Edgefield is a must visit tourist destination location, a locals dream and a great overall place just to just grab lunch or dinner.

The Hammerhead (Amber) and Ruby (Wheat beer with a hint of Rasberry) are my two favorite beers! If you are in the pub you have to try the Cajun style tater-tots, yummmmm!

The turkey cranberry sandwich and Seared Ahi Tidbits were amazing! You can find both of these at the Black Rabbit.

This is also a super fun par 3 golf course to get a group together to play and then have a few beers after (or during!)

5 Stars! No question!

15/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
167. Mike H.
I went to the Edgefield the summer before last to see My Morning Jacket. First off, the place is a sprawling compound of fun and beer, whats not to like. Second off, the show was amazing and MMJ played for almost three hours, a damn marathon!!

Before and after the show we wandered the grounds sampling beers and whiskey made on premises. I would love to go back and stay for a few days and really see/do everything the place has to offer. I will definitely be back again to love me some McMenamins!!

23/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
168. Rusty S.
A little bit pricey? yeah. Delicious food and drinks? absolutely. Great service and ambiance? most certainly. This is where my husband and I go on weekends for great dinner and 3 dollar movies. They have great beer, wine and mixed drinks as well. Everyone needs to come here at least once.

17/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
169. Trevor N.
It's been awhile since I've been to this place, I cant wait till I can go back though. I have great memories for this evening.  Fantastic food, fantastic friends, fantastic service. We showed up and had some wine at one of the little nooks ok the property, the wine tasting room. When we were ready to move on we strolled through the grounds and enjoyed the facility, there are some great gardens here. We eventually went in and got dinner.  The food was no let down. I had chicken and enjoyed every bite, my girlfriend at the time seemed to enjoy her meal equally as well. The trips here are about far more than just the food though, it's fun to just to explore and find all the things going on at this place. When dinner was over we went up to the Distillery Bar where we ended the night with drinks around a bon fire. Yea, this was a good evening.

31/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
170. Laura N.
Picture this:

It's a Saturday afternoon in 1911, you're chillin' at the MCPF (Multnomah County Poor Farm). Your day is busied with the general duties of operating a self-sufficient environment: raising hogs, poultry, growing a variety of fruits and vegetables, operating a dairy, cannery and meat packing plant as well as working in the laundry, kitchen and hospital.

Now as hot as that sounds...can I get a big AMEN for what Edgefield has evolved into?

Today friends and I enjoyed what will probably go down as the nicest November 10th in history by drinking, golfing, drinking, golfing, and wine tasting. Ummm, all elaborate rhetoric aside, it was the most perfect day EVER. The grounds are beautiful (as in, miss anti-commitment is thinking about WEDDINGS), the bartenders are all sassy with McMenamin's style, and you can nosh on tots, peanuts, and pretzels all day.  Really? REALLY? I'm in love.

10/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
171. Todd S.
I am knees-deep enamored with Edgefield. It's a great place to hang-out with a group of friends, socialize, or have some alone time with your partner, or even yourself. There's so much to love, where to begin?

While popping in for some food and/or drinks, some golf, music, a movie, etc. is always a worthy expenditure of time, the best way to experience Edgefield is staying a night, or two (or more). It's ridiculously affordable, full of character, clean, cozy and you could spend the entire weekend on the property and never remotely approach boredom. As custom w/ all McMenamins, quirky artwork is everywhere (walls, doors, etc.). The property grounds and buildings (inside and out) are charming and well-kept.    

If you enjoy beer, wine, and spirits, you've come to the right place. They brew their own beer, and make their own spirits and wine. You can sample some wine in the tasting room while listening to live music. You can sample their staple and unique-to-Edgefield brews and/or catch a movie for $3 in the Power Station Pub. If you want to get cozy and toasty by the fire while enjoying a cigar, head to the Little Red Shed. The list goes on and on...

The majority of the food is pub-grub, but the Black Rabbit Restaurant offers something a tad more sophisticated. I usually float within the confines of happy hour (served Daily 3-6 p.m. & 10 p.m.-close), snacking on the addicting cajun tots ($1), hummus and pita ($2), and garden burger ($3).

With drank in hand or not, you can float around playing some pitch-and-putt, watch a movie, relax and read a book on the porch, play some pool, visit the spa and soaking pool, walk to the glashaus, etc.

The only other advice I would have is to just relax, and don't worry about what time it is. Enjoy your time with your company, or by yourself. Cheers!

03/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
172. Sean And McKinze F.

First of all, the physical location of this place is amazing. A giant estate overflowing with beautiful greenery, flowers and restored buildings. A walk-through herb garden, wine tasting room, two restaurants, hotel, vineyards... really gorgeous.

We went to the Power Station (I think that's what it was called) restaurant on the property for lunch. We each had beers -- I had an IPA, McK had a "Bagdad," a light ale -- and both were straight-down-the-middle good. Not exceptional or memorable, but certainly nothing wrong with them, either.

On the food side, I had the Irish Reuben, which featured buttermilk coleslaw instead of sauerkraut. The bread wasn't grilled enough, and the slaw dripped a watery mess all over the plate. The taste of the sandwich was fine, but not outstanding.

McK had the veggie sandwich with mushroom soup, and both were excellent. The sandwich managed to hold its own on a giant loaf of bread without being dry. The mushroom soup had amazing depth of flavor, reminiscent of coconut milk for some reason. Delicious!

The french fries were a disappointment. Good flavor, but lacked any crunch at all. Kinda limp, soggy and under-seasoned.

Overall, if you're going to be east of Portland near the Columbia River Gorge or Multnomah Falls, this is a must-stop destination for the buildings and gardens alone, but also for a reliable -- if less than outstanding -- lunch.

27/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
173. Aidan P.
I've finally visited Edgefield, and I'd argue its the coolest place in Troutdale.

This is like an amusement park for alcohol - there seem to be little nooks and crannies, each filled with a bar or tap.  I look forward to returning.

23/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
174. Scott P.
Every time I stay here, I am more and more impressed.  It's like magic that the weather is always great and that I meet interesting and friendly people.  So, perhaps it's just a magical place.  All meals are good, service is great, great beer with a wide selection of "estate" brews.  The best soaking pool in the Northwest!  And a really fun and exceptionally well maintained pitch and putt golf course.  The grounds are so well maintained, last visit I met one of the gardners, and they are truly landscaping freaks (meant in a good way)! And, I now I get bored with lodging that has bath facilities in the room, I love walking down the hall in a robe from my bedroom, just like I own the place! A truy unique experience!

05/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
175. Lesley B.
So, it sort of kills me inside to give Edgefield 2 stars. I love love love the McMenamins experience. Staying at their hotels or even dropping in to one of their pubs is like being transplanted to an alternate universe where everything is sorta magical and old-timey is a non-cheesy way. However, I would be remiss not to share my "buyer beware" experience at their Black Rabbit Restaurant.

The only issue I've ever had with any McMenamins was my experience at the Black Rabbit Restaurant. My partner's mom bought us the New Year's Eve package that included dinner and breakfast at the Black Rabbit. Normally, I probably would have checked out the Powerhouse for meals, but complimentary is complimentary and I wasn't complaining. Understandably, it was New Year's Eve, but the the Black Rabbit was reservation only for the evening so it's not as though these people were trying to turn over tables to keep up. Quite honestly, they could have picked up the pace as our three course dinner took nearly 3 1/2 hours (!!!) for us to get through because of inattentive and inexperienced (???) service. Listed below are a few highlights of the evening:

1. The Black Rabbit for both dinner and breakfast made zero attempt to make very simple changes to accommodate my and my partner's vegan diet. If I had known this in advance I just would not have eaten there, but guests that reserved the package were not informed that none of the menu was vegan/vegetarian-friendly.

2. When I asked the waiter if there was any dairy in the vegetable curry he responded "No, it's vegetarian."  I'm pretty sure most vegetarians eat dairy therefore not answering my question at all.

3.  My sister-in-law's boyfriend ordered a glass of wine, after the waiter spent a significant amount of time going over the different varieties on the menu. After the waiter arrived 2 more times to clear dishes, refill water, etc without the requested beverage, I reminded the waiter that he ordered the wine. After this, he then he shows up to bring up our desserts without the wine again...it never showed up.

Despite the service being confusingly slow on top of all the other mishaps, we still begrudgingly tipped this guy (not the cooks fault), but I overheard a couple behind us that were extremely miffed by the waiter's attitude and service who were not so kind.

15/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
176. Jeff W.
Very interesting concept for an out of town-er like myself.  Beer, food, movies, and spa all in one..... Literally, you can drink in the movie.  Nice place, lots of history in the building and good food/beer.

I'd come again for a weekend retreat!

07/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
177. Emilie S.
Great place for an in-town vacation.

My main reason for going to Edgefield? Their perfectly perfect soaking pool.

You think it couldn't get any better- then they open up the little bar and you can order drinks while floating. Better yet, the bartender has swung by the herb garden on the way to her shift and picked up fresh lavender and mint for use in said cocktail.

Food is pretty typical McMenamins-- though the Black Rabbit can be quite good.

Most of the rooms are Euro style-- no TVs or radios either. If that's an issue for you-- well... too bad.

I recommend the Little Red Shed and the Distillery Bar as far as places to socialize or just lounge around.

All in all, can make for a very relaxing weekend.

19/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
178. Keith T.
The history, the architecture, the laid-back vibe, the food, the staff and the booze all combine here to make a splendid escape nearly in the middle of metro Portland.

I toured the grounds with my employee friend and then had a couple beers at the Red Shed. Everyone was friendly and the beer (Ruby) was delicious! Next time I head to Portland, I'll be sure to make a reservation here.

29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
179. Kent I.
Service was slow and terrible. Risotto was bland and tasteless.

22/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
180. Dirt D.
Saw Willie Nelson last night = awesome!

We have been to the edgefield many times watching shows and even stayed overnight so to get a chance to jump in the soaking pool. Both the pool and outside concerts are awesome! However, that's where it stops.

It had been raining all day and it rained throughout the evening. We were prepared to watch the concert in the rain, no big deal... It's Oregon. Upon arriving, they had several people who were directing traffic out in the middle of a wet muddy field. No gravel at all on the road. I pride myself as a good driver but my spider sense was telling me that this could get ugly, which it did.  We were directed to park facing downhill.   After the concert, we decided to go to the bar and wait out the crowd that was leaving the field.

We returned to the car to find the whole field torn up with mud everywhere. We proceeded to head down one of the main roads heading out and the car gets stuck in the mud. Can't even push it out. My wife stayed in the car for over an hour while i tried to get help from security in the front lobby. They could not get anybody to help until the bars closed at 2am in the morning. They told me that since the field was leased from the city of troutdale, they didn't own it and thus it was not edgefield's fault or responsibility.  They offered to call a tow truck but said that I would have to pay for it.

Finally, security had rounded up a couple of people to help push the car out of the mud at 2 am but by then I had a couple of friends drive over and pull me out with tow ropes. I ended up losing a tarp in the process because I had to lay onto it to tie up the toe rope to the frame of the car. I now have to spend hours today to detail a muddy car inside and out.

I have a novel idea! How about start claiming some responsibility and use some of that profit from your overpriced beer (which is not that great to begin with) and put some gravel down on the road?

The staff and security was incompetent and rude. The food is not that great. The tai chicken was more like slop with a few bites of chicken. The bartenders are horrible and rude. $5 for a can of pabst?!?! Are you out of your mind?

The concerts and the pool are awesome. Everything else blows.

19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
181. Sam K.
This is a review on the Black Rabbit. I will tackle the rest of Edgefield later.

I eat at the Black Rabbit when my breakfast bacon buddy Erin wants something a little fancier. She usually gets the Box Car and loves it (its you basic ham and eggs scramble). I like the salmon eggs benedict. Our favorite item is their crunchy french toast that sadly was not on the menu last time we went. BRING BACK THE CRUNCHY FRENCH TOAST.

When I mention to people where we had breakfast they usually say something like "Ooo.. that place is kinda spendy itsn't it". Actually it really isn't. It is very close in price to Trufflehunter or Sweet Betty's. The nice decoration make it seem like it would be more, with regards to breakfast. I can't vouch for dinner.

What I can't figure out is the waitstaff. The people who work in the Black Rabbit are so much more friendly, helpful and professional than other areas in Edgefield or the McMenamins chain. It is almost like they work for a different company. Maybe because the Black Rabbit is more upscale they check the famous McMenamins attitude a little bit.

Have breakfast then have a walk around the beautiful grounds, it is a great way to start your day.

06/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
182. Stephanie K.
Glorious place to see a concert!!! Came here last week to see Vampire Weekend absolutely kill it! The atmosphere was perfect, not so many drunk people messing with everybody else's good time. And who doesn't love outdoor concerts in the park? The show was amazing, and the rain just added to the night!

Getting out is a bitch, but if you're still riding the high of the concert then it does not matter!

07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
183. Kari N.
Has many things to keep you occupied. Very upscale and pricey, but does offer free events which is nice for people like me :)

17/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
184. Annie E.
I've been here a few other times for breakfast and a concert but this time around was a different prupose all together.

My husband's company had their "holiday" party here last night! He and I went a few hours early, checked in, and then went and visited the Soaking Tub at Ruby's Spa. It was very nice and even better that it was a sunny afternoon :)

We had a blast. We were in a separate room with our own wait staff who kept the drinks coming! I had my fair share of Ruby and a tasty dinner. After the party we headed downstairs to the bar (I cannot remember the name) where we closed the place down - and trust me, it is not often we close a place down.

My husband and I stayed there to avoid driving home and for $120 for one night it was decent. I knew going into it that we would have bathrooms down the hall and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Our room was clean and comfy and we really didn't spend much time in there. The bathrooms were as I expected - not totally clean but maintained. It was definitely worth the experience but next time I'll try to get a room with a bathroom :)

We had a great night and we'll be back!

23/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
185. Jeremy R.
Great place to stay, play golf, see a movie or concert, eat, or drink good beer!

28/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
186. S B.
Solid Fun. This review is mainly for the Black Rabbit Restaurant.

There seems to be a effort to serve local fresh food, fresh fish. I appreciate the little extras like having vegetarian options, and going out of the box in offering a variety of soups and meat textures... a little raw, fried, and seared depending on your attitude needs for the night.

I also like the larger then average drink selections...

23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
187. Corrie H.
I have to give this five stars, even though the food and drinks are mostly just "fine" (which is not "fine" enough in a foodie city in Portland). Why?

Well, for many reasons!

First of all, you can't beat the property itself. A former poor farm, Edgefield is today a beautifully restored (and improved) place full of quirky curiosities, meandering muralled hallways, and relaxing porches complete with rocking chairs. Then there are the luxurious gardens--as a Master Gardener, I can tell you that they are growing a carefully curated collection of odd and lovely things. You just have to explore!

It's also a great venue for weddings. We were married there in 2006, and the price was fantastic (the room rental fee is subtracted from the price of the food, so if you order enough food, the room is free). The wedding planners were so helpful and kind, and it was amazing to be able to hold the event and house all the guests in the same venue without breaking anyone's bank. Highly recommended.

Also, the breakfasts are great. They aren't as amazing as they were, oh, say in 2006 or 2010, but they are still lovely. We often go there on our way to the outlet mall.

So, yes, it's recommended. Just know that the food and drink won't be cheap or amazing, but the atmosphere will more than make up for it.

19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
188. Steve K.
One of the best burgers ever!

Excellent IPA as well!

An afternoon sitting out on their patio is an afternoon very well spent.

18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
189. Alex K.
I would make love to Edgefield if it were a lady. When I am here I feel like I'm on vacation. Its only a few minutes outside of Portland and it feels like another world. I hung at the wine bar and did a couple flights with a lovely lady I was dating at the time. Its a great place to chat with other couples and taste some amazing wines.
We then spent some time out by the cigar shack where there was a bonfire where  much consumption of potables and fine cigars took place. The best part were the frogs and crickets in the background. It was truly a soothing experience. There are so many little nooks to check out I will have to go back again to see more.

19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
190. Carleen P.
A hotel with a great spa, heated soaking pool, multiple bars on site, and various other amenities.  I understand that it's an old building and you aren't going to change it, but it would be nice if there were bathrooms in the hotel rooms.  Having to run down the hallway in the middle of the night past the night staff, hoping you didn't just lock yourself out, is a little bit of a buzzkill to an otherwise great evening.  But your rooms are otherwise great.  I love the paintings on the walls with facts and quotes about various singers.  And that spa with a heated soaking pool??  I will be back!

28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
191. Bryan R.
Looking for a pit stop on the way back from Seattle from a little Bachelor ski weekend?  This is IT.

How did I not know about this place?  Awesome.  Operating as a bed and breakfast, this place is an amazing  eclectic spot to grab a beer and a bite too (which is what we did from the Power Station Pub).  Once an institution (school?), it now operates as a series of restaurants, hotel rooms, and movie theaters.

Since we were only going to the pub it seemed a good idea to wander around a bit--and what a fantastic place to wander!   You can poke your head into different rooms containing restaurants, bars, or pool tables.  Flights upstairs lead to other hallways that have either a Dora the Explorer or The Shining feel, depending on your mood.  

The pub itself is located at the back of the property, where the old power station for the estate was.  The main dining room is a cozy spot festooned with old paintings, strange memorabilia, or plants.  

The food took a little while to get there and was pretty good.  Above average, but not incredible--but the beer was well worth the detour.  

In all a great place to stop--if you just want some good food, they've got you covered.  If you want a really interesting place to stretch your legs for a bit, they've got that too.  I'll be back.

23/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
192. Sheri F.
Hotel:  know what you're getting into and then just go with it, you'll love it.  The rooms are simple, no tvs, and most have no en suite bathrooms.  Ok, it's that kind of place.  You will hear the other guests enjoying all the bars, so bring ear plugs.  It can be chilly or it can be hot, the climate control in this place is not too helpful.  No AC in summer.  
But I stay here twice a year and it's my home away from home.  The unique art, the cordial staff, and the large property are awesome.  

I love the spa.  Its a gorgeous place to hang out under the stars.  

I love every little bar on this place.  Little red shed is freezing and so cute.  Its an adventure.  The winery smells basement-y, but always has good music.  

As for the golf course, its only fun if you are goofing around.  Its not a true golf course in my world.

Black Rabbit Breakfast is heaven.  The fresh baked items are the best.  

Power Station for lunch and beer, never fails.

I like that this place is here.  I've sweated it out in August and froze in December, and still keep rebooking.

10/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
193. Jason L.
I truly love you Edgefield.  You're great at so many things.  Good food, good wine, good beer, good alcohol.  You let me stay over when I've had to much and give me plenty to do while I'm there - movies, concerts, several bar options, food, restaurants.  Great.  

You're history is awesome and I'm glad your story is told throughout your walls.  You're one of my favorite places to see concerts.  Please don't ever change.

02/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
194. Eric C.
When my girlfriend asked me if I would like to see Lyle Lovett in concert my initial reaction was probably not. But then I realized I had not really listened to any of his music, so I asked her to play me a few songs and I was pretty impressed. He has a wonderful and subtle sense of humor that pervades his work and I was intrigued.

Thus I found myself at the Edgefield one beautiful summer evening for a surprisingly good show. The venue was clean and the sound traveled well. We did not arrive early so we ended up with a seat on the side, but it was not too bad.

What seemed odd and in fact is one reason I knocked a star off is that they had a huge covered sound booth in the middle of the lawn which ruined a bunch of potential seating. I could not see why they did not place it to the side since there was nothing apparent that suggested that they needed that spot. Perhaps for some shows they have lights and cameras at the top, but not for this one.

Another point off was that when the concert ended, and an encore was going to start, they had to skip it. Edgefield has some agreements with locals that prevent shows going on too late. Not a bad thing, however know that your favorite band is not going to be giving you a longer show just because Portland has a great crowd.

07/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
195. Lisa T.
The food here is horrible!!! Ordered a clam chowder from the Power Station Pub Restaurant and the Clam Chowder came out watery. The fries was cold too...

The food was gross but I absolutely love the wine and beer. Definitely a good place for drinks and have get togethers. But please do skip breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
196. Mike K.
We stayed here right after 4th of July weekend.  Gorgeous weather, beautiful flowers in the garden, awesome soaking pool, and good food and drink (can't go wrong with a hummus plate and a pint of Ruby).  The room, which had its own private bath, was spendy but since then we've stayed at Grand Lodge in a European-style room for a fraction of the price and it was fine...next time it'll be Euro-style all the way.

The thing that really impresses me, though, is how good their wine is at about half the price of most Northwest wineries.  I had a fun, memorable visit and hope to return often.

14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
197. Linda M.
We spent our final afternoon of our Portland long weekend here.  My friend promised me it would be a perfect place to chillax with six adults and eight kids.  She was right.

We spent our day in the grassy field under the water tower.  We put a couple of picnic tables together to accommodate our group.  We played some frisbee, the girls made a little clubhouse out of the little area under the tower that was semi-enclosed in foliage.  We took a walk through the gardens, had some lunch and some beers.  The beer sampler was generous and delicious.  

The service and food were three stars, the beer and atmosphere were five.  Oh, the fries were damned good.

28/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
198. Lorisin W.
I have been coming here for years. I love Edgefield I could not say enough good things about this place. My only complaint is that on concert days no happy hour and the beers were marked up. Boo

18/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
199. Michael B.
Recently stayed here a couple of nights as part of a wedding party. Ambience was great. Adult activities were good. Wedding went off without a hitch (mostly-more preparations for glasses at the beverage station were needed).
My biggest challenge was the wait staff at the several dining options. Very long waits for tables. Staff walking at a snail's pace. Usually, these are things I can overlook, especially at a space as unique as this. However.....the attitude of the staff explains the slothlike motions. My partner is one who feels out the vibe of every server he meets with a "how is your day going?" greeting. Without fail, every server we encountered was not having a good day, and every server, without fail, told us of their tale of woe and misery. Jeez. Maybe a career with less person to person contact should be sought by these guys and gals.
The food was good, not great (except for the bacon pizza....yum!!) in the restaurants, but very good at the wedding.
Would I stay there again? Yes, but I would bring a fan, since there isn't air conditioning. Also, if you want a stiff drink, this is not your place. I have not seen such measuring out of a shot in a cocktail in a long while.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
200. Dawn M.
I enjoyed my visit to Edgefield.  I was part of a group event which started with Pitch and Put golf.  It was a great way to walk the grounds, and see what was there.   I was not too into the concept but ended up having a great time.

You start the golf in a little cottage type building where you can have a beer...then as you are golfing a guy driving a loaded golf cart arrives and you can get more beer...then you get to just past the 10th hole, and there's a little garden shed where you can get a beer...well - you get the picture.

The grounds are lovely with flower and vegetable gardens.  Around the 9th hole there are raspberry bushes, so it's easy to get a quick and healthy snack (assuming they are in season) as you go.

We ate at the Black Rabbit.  They had a nice menu with good variety.  There were several things I was interested in.  I ended up ordering the rib eye, medium rare.  I think it was closer to rare and was not as tender as I expect a rib-eye to be.  I wish I had ordered the salmon - oh well.  Rest of my meal was awesome and many people at the table of 12 loved their meals - I was definately in the minority.

I ordered bread pudding for dessert, but I found it a bit dry - personal preference, I tend to prefer a moister version.  So overall, my meal wasn't great.

Decor of the hotel is great - it's beautifully restored.  Look carefully (on pipes, etc.) for painted faces.   Also - wish I had of realized it - but there is a huge front porch with chairs that would have been perfect for another beer - perfect porch for "settin".

I think, based just on my food, I might have rated this as 3, but the overall experience (and the wonderful beer) raised this to a 4.

Reservations are only accepted  7 days in advance.  Will let you run a tab at the golf cottage.  (That's important!)

Would I recommend - yes, but I'd steer you away from the rib-eye. and recommend a walk around the grounds and a pause around hole 10.
Would I return - yes, but I'd pick something else from the menu.

18/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
201. peter l.
The "clean" silverware had bits of food as big as a quarter inch, gross. The online menu was inaccurate and my first two choices no longer exist. The price increases were not on the online menu but were in the Powerstation menu. Food was okay but not great. 2 stars because the waitstaff was decent. I would've walked out if I wasn't with three other starving people. The dishwasher, table setter, and waitress didn't notice the filthy tableware that I saw as I was sitting down. I suspect this place just needs to do fewer things to improve their standards.  Never again.

22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
202. Wolf L.
We went to see the Bob Dylan/John Mellencamp concert at Edgefield this evening. I have to say the show was great and the event facilities were a-okay, even if things got off to a weird start.

We parked our car and walked up to the entrance of the concert grounds. Some dude with a Tank Abbott beard pointed us toward a line of folks sitting in lawn chairs that snaked up a hill for as far as we could see. "The line is back there," he said.

We started walking up the hill and realized that the road runs in a circle. At every turn, the line of lawn chairs disappeared around the next curve. We kept walking. The next thing we knew, we were right back where we started!  The line had actually doubled back on itself! WTF? Apparently, the line was supposed to head off in another direction at some point, but somebody wasn't keeping a very close eye on it. "Where's the end of the line?" GF asked the bearded dude.

"I don't know," he responded. Eventually, they herded us all back up the hill and the line was left stretching through the parking lot. In the meantime, new arrivals were taking cuts all around us. Grrrrrr.

No big deal. When we finally got into the grassy concert area, all was well. We staked out a spot under a shady tree and rustled up some beer and grub. The crowd was grooving on the tunes and we had a wonderful time.

Of course, they didn't have enough porta-potties for the crowd. Two toilet areas would have been appropriate. Instead, it was a mass of bladder-bursting humanity down where they had the Honey Buckets set up.

Dang it, McMenamins, I'd really like to love you, but there's always something just not quite right at your various establishments. You take such care in transforming derelict buildings into re-purposed wonderlands. Why can't you nail down the service end of things? Are you just too big to care?

28/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
203. A E.
I'm sort of a huge geek when it comes to "haunted" places. I even have a little ghost hunting kit with; an EMF, EVP recorder etc... Total geek!

I've heard that this was one of the most haunted places in America and that it used to be an insane asylum. I have been dying to visit it since I moved to Portland in December of 2008, but never had a chance.

I finally got my chance last weekend. Although, it was a friend of a friend's going away party so I didn't geek out and bring my kit and I didn't see any paranormal activity.  I also didn't get a chance to read their famous "ghost book".

I did, however, get a chance to wander around the place a little and it's really cool! Especially outside, the pretty flowers and trees everywhere. It smelled so sweet and clean!

I need to go back! I need to stay the night in one of the rooms! I need to find a ghost!!

Anyway, the place is rad just like all of the McMenamin's places that I've been to. And I LOVE McMenamin's Black Rabbit Red Cabernet!!!

18/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
204. Wayne L.
When I venture up to Oregon for any trip, one of my nights will be staying here.

It is Disneyland for Adults! Excellent bars located throughout the property. It's fun just locating them all. Brewery, Vineyard and Distillery all on site. Movie theater, soaking poal/hot tub, great restaurants, pool hall, it's all great.

Rooms all have great murals and art documenting the history of the farm.

Love McMenamins so much!

31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
205. Marilyn V.
Easily one of the best places to visit when I want to take a short "vacation" away from Seattle. I've stayed here a few times and have always had a great time. There are many restaurants and bars tucked away on the grounds, making this a "resort" so to speak. The soaking pool is a nice place to hang out (maybe not on a hot day, since it's heated) and relax. I'm not a big fan of the communal ladies facilities, but I can easily deal with it for one night. The entire building has a great rustic feeling, almost old world. I would definitely suggest coming here if you want to get out of the city and detach from your cellphone for a weekend.

18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
206. Rebecca H.
I swore I wouldn't eat at McMenamins again, I lied.  A family member was staying at the Holiday Inn in Gresham so we went out for dinner, and not knowing where else to go, we went to Edgefield because it was close.  We ate in the Black Rabbit Bar and restaurant.  Following our McMenamins experiences, it was not great.  The beet salad tasted a bit dirty, like the greens weren't well washed.  I had the pancetta wrapped chicken, it was really salty, and the polenta had a super sweet odd flavor.  The roasted fruits were interesting but mushy.  Husband had the jerk chicken, said it was good.  Family had venison and lamb, also said it was ok.  My vodka tonic was skimpy on the vodka.  

Service was fine.

It's SO HOT today, and the dining room wasn't boiling, but it wasn't a comfortable temperature either.  

Our family liked it, but I remain unimpressed with McMenamins fare.  It is better than our other options around the Holiday Inn, so I'll give it two stars for that.

14/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
207. A K.
Thai sweet potato fries? Sign me up. My salad was perfect and all around the table people were enjoying their food. No complaints.  The service this last go was the best I've ever had at a McMenamin's---I lowered my standards (see my review on Grand Lodge) and was delightfully surprised. Friendly, accommodating & attentive to our group. We sat outside the Power Station Pub. While at Edgefield, a spin through The Little Red Shed is a must.

26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
208. chuck p.
What a fun place.  Really cool place to eat/drink and just wander the grounds.

01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
209. Alethia B.
While the building and grounds are really cool with a hip Portland vibe, the food and drinks are mediocre.  The service at the restaurant was slow, although we did have a large group.  There are better places to eat in Portland, but the McMenamins properties are a must see.

09/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
210. Karla B.
A rating of one star only due to the good service by the waiter.  Unfortunately, the kitchen does not apparently care about what they produce any more.  I used to think the Black Rabbit had good food.  While the prices remain high, the food is sincerely lacking in any kind of caring at all. Grapefruit salad was just that.  Salad with grapefruit.  Are you KIDDING? Tasteless, bland, I could have done better myself. The scallops were rubbery.  The sausage appetizer was loaded with inedible cardamon pods that if you bit into them, you'd sincerely regret it.  WHO puts cardamon pods in rice???? The boar was dry and overdone.  What has happened with the kitchen?  New chef?  Bored chef?  Horrible food.  Get it together guys, or get out.  You clearly don't care what you are doing any more.  What a waste of money.  And in this economy, we don't have money to waste on bad food.  VERY DISAPPOINTED.  WON'T COME BACK

16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
211. Jeanette D.
This place is totally unique and carefully curated. I love it! It has a great artsy resort type feel, but not really a resort. The soaking tubs are such a treat and I enjoyed walking around the grounds and seeing all of the different buildings.

There were 3 of us in a room and we had a shared bath right down the hall. The ladies lounge was fantastic and comfortable.

I have to take away a star because we tried to go out and grab a drink around 9 and 2 of the bars were closing already.

I like the shared bath thing--it makes me feel like I'm traveling internationally and I like that my husband and I can brush our teeth at the same time with out having to share the sink. :)

28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
212. Matt Q.
It is worth a plane ticket to Portland from anywhere in the country to come to this (and any other) McMenamins location.  All of the rave reviews written by other yelpers are abslutely true, and I would like to add another perspective:

I travel through Portland for business, and found Edgefield to be a great business traveler stopover.  During the week it is a great value for an overnight stay, you'll have a great time and with WiFi you can get work done if you absolutely have too. You can have an evening of great beer, or a relaxing movie, or even the spa, all without having to leave your hotel at the end of the day.  It's an easy trip to the airport too, no more than 15 minutes away.

12/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
213. Scott B.
There are some places that you visit that are "one of a kind".  At some point in your short life, every Marriott/Hyatt/Hilton seems a pale comparison of each other.   And then, on a trip in Portland, somehow, someway, you bump into the unique place that is the Edgefield.  Ok, a prerequisite is that you must like booze, the offbeat and have a sense of adventure.  

But where else, in one place can you find upscale eateries, a executive golf course (lower level executive), a retro pool hall, glass blowing, soaking pool, and a hobbit like bar located at the exact spot your beer runs out?  If we had one in SoCal, I would be a regular.  

I won't say you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven, just experience passion and a unique vision in a place that is utopia for those looking to indulge the senses.

07/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
214. Justin T.
Edgefield is a place with beautiful grounds, on-site brewery and wine distillery that oozes ambiance.  Unfortunately, while millions of dollars likely went toward producing top-notch ambiance, very little attention seems to have been paid to the basics--like quality food and service.  On my first visit, about a month ago, my friends and I waited about twenty minutes in the half-empty outdoor dining section before a waiter even bothered to acknowledge us.  We tried to order a pitcher of beer, but the waiter seemed very stressed out and told us that we would have to wait because there were not enough pitchers.  The waiter appeared stressed out and overworked although there was hardly anyone there.  Drinks and basic food order took about an hour, and longer to get the check.  When I went inside to order more food with a different friend who had just arrived, we asked to sit in a cool looking section with a lot of library books, and were flatly told "no" by the irritated hostess.  When we asked to be seated, we were informed it would be a ten-minute wait--even though it was 7:00 on a Sunday night and more than half of the restaurant was vacant.  To avoid further hassles we sat at the bar.  When the bartender took our order, the first three things my friend ordered were not available--even though it was really basic stuff, like salad.  I was foolish enough to go back on a return visit this past weekend with family where, after sitting at a filthy table for the first twenty minutes, I bussed it myself.  Again,it took an hour to get food.  My burger was overcooked and stone cold.  My tater tots (how can you screw up tater tots???) were burnt to cinders.  I sent back the burger and the new one they gave me, which I was informed was "hot off the grill" was also cold.  The wait staff apologized and comped me the burger, but the experience was awful and I was extremely embarrassed I took my family here.  No amount of ambiance is worth this much hassle just to get a crappy, overpriced burger.

18/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
215. Doug P.
One of my favorite ways to spend a day or two when back home in Portland. Affordable rooms, casual golf coarse, awesome soaking pool, great art and refurbished vintage fixtures, and always seems to be sunny... beets me!  Food could be steeped up a notch but overall, a great time.

20/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
216. Cori L.
What a beautiful place! such an adorable place to visit for lunch, golf or a stay. The food was great too. We tried 3 different salads all of which were amazing and we completely finished them. Very fun place to walk around - wish we had more time to check out the various venues there, it would seem that we could of spent the entire day there.

24/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
217. Monica M.
Went to the Power Station for lunch. I was underwhelmed about the food and slow service, but the ambiance was great. I had the deluxe burger, which is pretty much a breakfast sandwich on a hamburger, which is quite an inspired idea. The fries are obviously homemade so kudos for that, but they were limp and crazy greasy, so a downgrade there. I also tried the beer sampler, which I was so disappointed in as I did not find even one I liked. Maybe I was having an off day with my tastings though.

Overall, I would go here again for a quick bit, but nothing more.

29/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
218. Rachael L.
Stayed for the weekend because the BF was in a wedding that took place here.

I might have been better prepared (mentally) if the word "rustic" was used more capriciously. The bed was uncomfortable. The room was drafty and we alternated between being frozen and sweating (depending on whether the wall heater was on). The towels were akin to sandpaper, and we were given one bath towel, one hand towel and one washcloth per person - for the whole weekend. I took the "privacy please" sign off the door around 1230pm and the room was never made up. The bathrooms were adequately appointed with a shower, toilet and sink with very little counter space (I'm guessing they're cleaned once daily - which isn't enough when there are only 4 per floor).

We ate at the Black Rabbit and I enjoyed it. The service was slow, but I didn't have anywhere to be, so it didn't really impact me. The chocolate croissants were amazing!!! The McMenamin's beers were pretty tasty. The Pool Hall was crowded and dark. The service was pretty quick, and the food (panini) was good and reasonable enough ($9 I think). I would come back for the day/evening to eat and drink - provided that I had a designated driver to get me outta Troutdale.

The soaking pool was fun, but nothing revolutionary. Just a giant hot tub with a bar close by. The path to the soaking pool is not well lit, and walking there at night was interesting. I didn't find anything cute about people walking around in bathrobes everywhere. I also didn't like that my robe was clearly not clean after going in the soaking pool on Friday night but I was forced to continue to use it all weekend for trips to the bathroom to shower.

The wedding was in the ballroom and apparently since its on the 2nd floor you can't have any dancing? A ballroom with a moratorium on dancing. Sad day.

28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
219. Rachael J.
Oh McMenamins I want to love you... but... it is the food quality/variety that brings you down in my book every time. Don't get me wrong, Edgefield is an amazing venue. I love to explore the grounds and the many hidden spots for food and booze on site. Service is usually pretty good. And you have a great drink menu! Please McMenamin brothers hear my plea! It's time to revamp your menu.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
220. Lora E.
Power Station Pub - Very busy place, but to sit at the bar for over 20 minutes and not be acknowledged by at least 10 distinct employees behind the bar is outrageous!  I finally put my name in with the hostess and she said that the wait would be 25 minutes.  Sarcastically, I said like the 25 minutes we have been waiting for a drink at the bar or real time?  She went and got the manager who came over immediately and apologized for the oversight.  We received a beer sampler and a small syrah sampler on the house.  We loved the large Mediterranean pizza piled with greek olives, feta, sun dried tomatoes, basil, pesto & garlic.  It was still difficult to get another beverage, so we made quick and left earlier than we would have if the service had been more appropriate.  FYI:  The Syrah was excellent, their micro-brews were ok.  I have had much better.  Particularly the IPA fell flat...

20/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
221. Melissa P.
Ok, first off, I have to say there is something seriouslly wrong with me for not going here years ago. I spent 12 years in Portland but didn't come here until after I'd already been gone for a year. Anyway, enough about me.
This place is beautiful. It's got a hotel, spa, vinyard, restraunts, artist studios and  a movie theatre. The property is gorgeous. I went wine tasting. I'm no wine expert by far so I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm talking about, but I like the wines and had fun. Don't be a fool like I was. Go check it out.

23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
222. Denise P.
The food was all right, but the service SUCKED.  We ordered our food and didn't see our server again for THIRTY MINUTES when he brought our food.  Shouldn't take that long to make a sandwich.  If it does, the server should come to the table to apologize and see if we'd like more water, another cocktail, etc.

When I mentioned this to my three coworkers who live near Edgefield, they all rolled their eyes and said, "Oh yeah, you can't be on any kind time frame. They're way too slow."

Other than that, the grounds are great.  We wandered for hours.

11/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
223. Jae K.
After a nice gorge hike, we stopped by here.  How cool this place is !
Lots of gardens, vineyards....   Brew pubs, restaurants, hotel, spa, and golf resort, all in one place.  It's McMenamins, so food isn't that great.  But, the atmosphere and what they have achieved deserve 4 stars.

20/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
224. Adam B.
OMG! A friend took me here once...i was blown away by how interactive this place was...so much to do and see when you go here. restaurants,hotel?,arts, outdoor fireplace, winery, half a dozen bars, a cigar lounge, all serving Mcmenamins BEST beers..oh did i mention a theater?

15/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
225. Kay T.
I had never even heard of McMenamins, but some friends had gone down and loved it, so I went away on a girl's weekend.  What a huge mistake!

We had dinner Friday night at the Black Rabbit and one person sent the food back, while another in our table said hers was cold, but was too hungry and tired of waiting to send it back.  Mine was okay, but lacked real flavor, plus I ordered an app and a main course and they both came at once.  Meanwhile, someone else at our table had to wait an extra five minutes to get her food.

The next day was nice, some of us left and hiked the local falls and then made plans to meet for dinner.  Half the group went back to the Black Rabbit and I later found out that food was once again sent back to the kitchen.  The rest decided to try the Power Station Pub and after a 45 minute wait and no table in sight, we decided to order food and take it back to our room.  After dinner we had plans to meet at the hot tub for some relaxation.  But I never got a chance to join the rest of my friends because I was stuck in my room the entire evening with food poisoning.  Thank goodness I had gotten a room with a toilet because I was on it or over it all night long.  

The next day, while checking out, I told the front desk that I had food poisoning and was expecting that they at least comp me for the meals (while my girlfriends said they should have comped my room!) but no offer was ever made.  Instead I was directed to head back to the Power Station where my phone number and name was taken.  Really?  I was still in a bit of pain, why was my phone number and name not just be taken off my information from the front desk?

I'm also not going to even go into details how I signed a bill at the spa, but my final bill at the front desk was higher.  At that point, I just wanted to leave!

Needless to say, I was told that a manager would be contacting me since all food poisoning must be reported by law.  I had an okay drive home back to Seattle, but the next day I was in bed, still in a bit of pain. Now here it is, two weeks later and no phone call.  Meanwhile, the charges have gone on my bill.

This certainly was not the encounter I had been expecting from such a beautifully decorated place.  The artwork is the only reason I gave one star, otherwise I would have gone with a negative one for my experiences there.

18/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
226. Erin C.
My best friend and I went here on a trip to Portland.  We were told that this was like "grownups Disneyland" so we had to check it out. The grounds are beautiful and there's definitely a lot to see and do if you like wine, food and beer.  As I do!

We watched them blow glass bottles for a while, walked the gardens and peeped on a wedding.  Stopped in at the wine bar and did a flight of tastings.  The tasting was great, the wines were lovely and I have no idea how the bartender kept up with all that!  He seemed to have memorized where the entire bar of tasters were on every single flight that they were all having.  I'm very impressed.

After that, my friend and I tried to take out purchases back to the car.  We quickly became utterly lost!  It was rather embarrassing, walking around, laughing at ourselves, trying to find one small white car in a slew of different parking lots.  This place is like a maze.  Pour a trail of wine crackers behind you to find your car, I'm telling you.

Had dinner in the Black Rabbit restaurant and would probably never do it again.  The food was okay, not great, didn't have many vegetarian choices and was VERY pricey for what you got.

01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
227. Bee R.
This is a really great, beautiful location with great beer and food. The only disappointment is that they do not allow dogs anywhere on the premise, which is 90% outdoors. There are a lot of gardens and a nice quiet spa (which I understand wanting to keep a quiet, clean and serene atmosphere for) but the property is huge and I don't see a problem with allowing leashed dogs in certain designated areas. Portland is a very dog friendly place and it's especially frustrating when you come back from a hike in the gorge with your friends and decide to grab a beer and food but can't go because you have your dog.  It's a definite miss in my book....especially since this particular Mcmennamins has seemed to make it to the list of Portland attractions....and Portland is a hugely populated "dog city."  A suggestion would be to have a few designated areas where pets are allowed....it doesn't have to be the entire property....just a small chunk as an option for the pet lovers who happen to love your beer and establishments.

12/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
228. Jim S.
Edgefield is my favorite and by favorite, I mean the only McMenamins I go to. It's worth the drive.

Food is just OK like any Mc's, servers are harried and overwhelmed, but the grounds are interesting and there are plenty of options for finding an environ that suits you.

Please, please, please update the Theater to a Living Room theater setup!  Sitting in those damn chairs peering 20 ft skyward has put a knot in my neck that a seaman would be proud of, and my arse is still numb  Yeah that's right, I worked that in there....

14/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
229. Kendrick R.
This place is frick'n genius.  vineyards, whiskey houses, hard tea shacks, wine cellars, pinball, movies, live music, golf, a pool, random conversations with strangers.  and when you're too drunk just check into a room to sleep it off.  make sure you bring a bucket of voodoo donuts to combat hangover.    

food is ok.  any right minded alcoholic considers the pretense of "food" as superflous, so let's not kid ourselves.  we come here to get stinkin' drunk.  like i said, just get a 5 dollar bucket of day old donuts from voodoos.  done and done.

after enough drinks, i was able to poke holes in reality like a diaphanous lamp shade. from there i truly understood that dark matter is matter from an alternate universe.  oh yeah, there's peanuts and cigars at the bar too.

22/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
230. Melisa V.
I arrived with my fiance around 4:00 and we put our luggage in the room. the room was spacious with a balcony looking over the golf course. according to the person who checked us in, it was one of the best rooms at Edgefield. not sure how we got so lucky.

we did a mini pub crawl before dinner. our favorite was Little Red Shed. Jerry's Ice House had a nice, relaxed vibe to it too.

had dinner at Black Rabbit. our server was a bit overly enthusiastic, but the food was fantastic. we also had breakfast here the next morning. the service was better in the morning but it took 45 minutes for our food to arrive from the time we ordered it. our server apologized and comped our coffee but 45 minutes for eggs. really?

I think will go back in the summer when everything is open and in bloom just to explore the property and lounge outside with a Ruby at the Little Red Shed and try Power Station for dinner. don't think we'll stay overnight again though. the bed sank in the middle which made for an uncomfortable night.

31/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
231. Beth N.
a really fun place to visit with visiting family members. there is enough to do there to keep you entertained, and if it is a sunny and warm day it is even better. we came here, toured the gardens, watched a little glass blowing and did some wine tasting.

the food here is standard mcmens fare, so nothing special. but the wine was pretty darn good and the atmosphere is pretty nice too. worth the short drive from portland.

11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
232. Pete R.
I don't think you can adequately describe Edgefield Manor to anyone who hasn't been there. What an absolutely amazing place to hang out and enjoy yourself!

Where to start.... the old mansion with its big sunny porch? The brewery? The winery and lounge? The multiple bars (like Jerry's Ice House, where GD tunes play nonstop)? The tasty restaurants? The movie theater, the golf course, the spa? The beautifully landscaped grounds you can stroll with drink in hand? The field by the vineyard where great live shows play all summer?

Jeez. If any place like this exists anywhere else, someone please let me know.

09/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
233. Jeff V.
This was our third time at The Edgefield.  Over all it was a good experience, but if some of the outdoor stuff hadn't been going on I would have given the Powerstation Pub 3 and a half stars if it were possible.

1st:  I know we went on a thursday night so the place was real busy due to antiques and the movie "Field of dreams" being shown out on the lawn.  The lady gave us a 30 minute wait time.  No big deal.  We walked around and visited some antiques booths set up by the lawn.  We were back at the Powerstation Pub in 20 min.  At the 30 minute mark I asked the hostess where we were and she said we were still fourth in line! If not for people leaving due to their waits it would have been much longer.  We got in after a 45 minute wait.

2nd:  we (2 adults and three kids) squeezed into a booth.  It was much noisier than we remembered but we were surrounded by large groups and, again, it was a busy night in a bar (essentially).  Kim had a good burger I got real good fish and chips.  The kids all had, begrudgedly, grilled cheese.  The kid menu was extremely limited. The choices were burger, cheese burger, grilled cheese, or fruit cup. My wife's food and my food was great.  The cheese in the grilled cheese should have been more melted.  The kids wolfed down their toys but only half their sandwiches before the cheese cooled.

3rd:  The five of us ate here for only 33 dollars!  Mine was the most expensive at $11.  It was, by far the least expensive meal out we had all vacation, save for Casa Del Sol.  

So four stars for the Edgefield, specifically the Powerstation Pub.  Next time I think we'll go on a different day and time.

21/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
234. Chelsey T.
It actually pains me to rate this below a three because it was an institution for me as a kid. What is better than a huge place with grounds you can wander as mom and dad have a beer or two. Not to mention the movie theater with second run flicks you can eat and watch. Talk about ruining a childhood memory. Unless you have a room and plan on getting sloshed, the food is lackluster, overpriced and under portioned. The Powerstation leaves much to be desired both in the service and the food, it used to be the low priced restaurant, but now its over ten bucks for what looks to be the kid's meal portion of fish and chips?
The breakfast at the Black Rabbit is yummy, but not really up to my standards for a "fine dining" experience and had I been paying for it and not using a voucher I would have been disappointed.
The sports bar underneath the hotel is ok, prepare to have some weak drinks, although the orange juice is fresh squeezed.
Saddens me that Mcmenamin's has fallen to the gimmicky Portland culture that seems to permeate every institution these days, when it was so lovely before.
The best two things that still remain are the concerts, which are on the nice lawn and the winery which is cool, dark and perfect for sipping wine with your sweetheart before stumbling up to bed. Just don't get lost on your way to the bathroom, because if you rent a room they aren't attached.

21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
235. Jeff H.
LOVE THIS PLACE!! Even with my mastery of the English language, I'm not sure I've got the words to articulate how amazing this place is. Can't think of a better spot to come with a group of friends or a date for that matter. They have so much to offer everyone will be able to find some way of entertaining themselves. If you can think about doing it, Edgefield probably has it on site, it's a memorable experience your 1st time here, and I wont give too much away. Just get down here and plan on spending the day and perhaps the night!!

14/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
236. Jeff G.
I've stayed at hotels all over the world at all different price points. This place is spot-on and highly recommended.

Room: 5 stars
Bathrooms: 4 stars (shared)
Service: 5 stars
Restaurants: 4 stars
Entertainment: 5 stars

I've been several times but never stayed the night until just recently. My expectations were fairly low considering the $86 per night price tag. After experiencing everything this property has to offer, I can't say enough positive things about it.

Our room was spacious, very clean, and had tons of character. Included were all the soaps, robes, and towels you need. I was very impressed with the room.

I think the main reason the price is so low is because the bathrooms are shared. The place was at full capacity and I only saw 1 other person in the bathroom the whole time. Bathroom was kept very clean.

The real attraction to this place is all the fun things to do; and that you can do them while drinking as much as you want without having to drive home. The golf course is a blast; the soaking tub/pool was awesome; the bars are all worth checking out and having a drink at; and the food is better than any other McMenamins I've been at (and I've been to a lot of them). And there's regularly free live music! There's plenty of places to duck away to drink your pint, or smoke your whatever, before exploring all the hidden treasures on this expansive property.

As expected at any McMenamins restaurant, service can be a little chaotic. Service speed, accuracy, and attentiveness is 100% better at the bar. Plus you can usually just pony up while everyone else waits 45minutes for a table.

Finally, I must mention, one time during the summer, I came here for dinner and had some of the worst service I've ever experienced. The place was packed but it took over an hour for our food to come out. I sent an email to the manager and he more than made up for the poor experience. Every other time I've been here I've had zero complaints.

Go here ready to do some fun!

14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
237. Michael C.
I am not sure what Shivas Irons might think of Edgefield but I had a blast. What is not to love? Golf, cigars and unlimited access to beer and whiskey after a round (or during the round if you so desire). I have to admit I was not expecting much when this little outing was suggested. However, the grounds are fantastic as are views from the course.  The little fairways and greens are in fabulous condition and will challenge even a very accomplished golfer. Greens are almost impossible to hold even using a 60 degree wedge.  This little course tests you short game in almost every conceivable manner.

After playing 20 holes on a very blustery autumn day that reminds us winter is coming we hit the small bar next to the first tee for beer and in my case some of Edgefield's very fine whiskey. With the fire in the stove throwing out some welcoming heat this is a very cozy area to hang out in for a drink.  Dinner afterward in the Black Rabbit was characterized by good solid food. Nothing super special but everything we had to eat was well present and prepared. The only draw back is that service from the kitchen is a bit slow but certainly not a reason to avoid the Black Rabbit.  

Very unique, very cool and certainly entertaining. Great little spot!

13/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
238. Quency H.
Movies at $3 for adults, $1 for kids under 12.  Tator tots, beer, and other happy hour foods after 6pm.  Does it get any better than that?

01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
239. John B.
Awesome spot. Ate at the power pub station and it was very good. Always a top spot to go eat at and play around when i go up to troutdale! Much check it out. Super good food!

25/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
240. Nicole C.
All the bars on site are amazing. My favorite is the red shed. It's especially nice during summer nights because the employees start a fire in the pit. I recommend the screwdriver or greyhound because they use fresh squeezed juice.  The black rabbit is fabulous. The only reason I'm not giving full stars is the food everywhere is on site is just okay and the service is really slow.

28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
241. Kati S.
I recently went to this McMenamins to see a wonderful band (Shook Twins) at the Edgefield's "Halfway to St. Patty's Day" day fest. I came specifically for the band, not the fest. And first off, I think that the Edgefield is a beautiful place, and particularly love the network of gardens that intermingle between the various halls and buildings.

However this experience has tainted my liking of this McMenamins for sure. First off, the music was set at the "Loading Docks", which unbeknonst to me previously is a restaurant. Therefore, in order to enjoy the music one needed to wait 45 minutes for a table. We figured this out the hard way.

We arrived only 15 minutes before the show. Ordered drinks at the shack-like bar that sat at the border of the Loading Docks garden/restaurant and saw a table and sat down. A minute later, a gruff waitress rudely told us that we needed to move. On our part this was an innocent mistake as there were no signs that said to wait to be seated by hostess from the bar entrance and we thought that it was open seating. Her rudeness & lack of discretion made this all the more embarrassing. We asked where we could sit/stand to watch the show and she said that there really wasn't a place for (who woulda thought) people that actually came to see the music.

With drinks in hand we sulked to the edge of the garden and sat in a few spare chairs by the loud outdoor grill. Luckily we got to see most of the show before she snatched one of our chairs while my friend was in the bathroom. At this point I realized it was a restaurant and of course if she needed the chair for a table we would give it to her, but it wouldn't have killed her to at least be courteous about it - she definitely was not.

So...Edgefield McMenamins I have two suggestions:

1-Don't book an amazing band and have them play for a seated restuarant. (or at least warn us to show up an hour early)

2-Hire friendlier staff.

17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
242. David H.
If you are familiar with the McMenamins brand of restaurants, beers, hotels and/or venues, then this is another classic example of why the Brothers McMenamin are brilliant.  

They took what was once a "poor farm" (basically a working farm where people who were homeless would go to work and live) just east of Portland and turned it into a resort/hotel that includes a spa, multiple bars & restaurants, a golf course, and even an outdoor concert venue.  

I have been here for multiple concerts, lunches after hiking in the Gorge, and just to hang out and play some billiards with friends.    

Is it the Ritz Carlton?  No.  Is it classic Portland?  Absolutely.  The food is decent, the beer is good, the service is good, and the environment is great.  

(I won't bring up the winery here... without it I am giving a 4 star review)

14/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
243. Rob D.
It's silly that I have not written a review for this, the best of the McMenamins endeavors, because I have been here countless times.

Q: What is the secret to having a good time here?
A: Go with the lowest expectations that you could possibly have (but go with a good attitude)

You will be delighted if you follow that bit of advice!

Watch as I make my point:

-  BEER: The beer is inadequate at best. Yes, people LOVE the ruby, they love hammerhead, blah blah blah - perhaps they too are heeding the advice above.

- FOOD: The food is somewhere between bad and good. My mouth has seen many a hockey puck-like blackened burger patty.

- SERVICE: The service can be awful - but that happens when a place is PACKED.

Here's where the lowered expectations turn the above observations into gems:

- BEER: The beer is COLD. On a warm summer day/evening that is heavenly! The best part? You're not drinking swill like PBR or Budweiser. Let me have another and I'll be even more smiley!

- FOOD: The food is ok! I've had worse! Thank the potato gods for cajunized tater tots!

- SERVICE: Thank you for delivering that food and keeping those beers coming. I was so hungry that I think I inhaled my food!

There is something for everyone here. This is a perfect destination for you to take out of town visitors (with the Kennedy School running a close 2nd place).

I recently officiated a wedding in Fern Grove with the reception happening up at Blackberry Hall.

I was impressed with this as a wedding venue. They certainly were fantastic with that service.

I hope to someday find myself staying overnight here and enjoying the spa, as well as the other offerings.

Last, I have to hand it to the staff that handles the grounds. The vegetation is so lovingly tended to and so gorgeous that I am always taken back by the beauty of what they have to show off here. Kudos to you groundskeepers & landscapers!

07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
244. Bobbi B.
Edgefield seems to have settled on providing a rotten parking experience as a way to make sure the evening is remembered.

After a great show, it took 45 minutes to get halfway to the exit, thanks in large part to Edgefield's refusal to open both exits for cars. Then they opened it and redirected us back the opposite way so we had to spend another 30 minutes retracing the 100 yards we had traveled in the first 45 minutes.


16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
245. Jason B.
CONCERT REVIEW: Get there early because parking can be a bitch with a long walk into the venue.  Get your chairs out because this place fills up fast!  Be aware: There are NO in and out privileges, so once you go into the concert area, that's it! You're stuck.  So we ended up walking around the grounds with our chairs for a while to grab some dinner before the show, but then when we entered the seating was tough to find. So pick your poison.  Great place to see a show though!

02/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
246. Emily A.
I am obsessed with McMenamins Edgefield!  I am partial to any place that you can walk around everywhere with a beer in hand... (the beer is incredible, btw.  Try the Ruby!).

It is truly an adult Disneyland, as other people say.  We went for a weekend, and it was only $80/night after tax.  First thing to know is that this place books up months in advance, and we made our reservation over a YEAR ago.  So needless to say, we'd been anxiously awaiting our trip to M.E. this year.

There are 2 golf courses -- a 9 hole course, and a 20 hole course.  The 20 hole course is $18/person, and the beer cart lady comes by every 20 minutes or so (bring cash).  I haven't played golf for years and was intimidated by the thought of a 20 hole course!  I brought a pitching wedge and putter which was PLENTY!  

If you're not a golfer, who cares.  Hit up one of the 8 or 9 bars, the spa, movie theatre, or just walk the property.  There's a large outdoor courtyard serving food and drinks, a wine tasting bar, distillery, brewery, and plenty of other little village type bar spots... cozy, old school and full of charm and character.  The Little Red Shed is not to be missed!  

I get bored easily (I'm a gemini and don't like to stay in one place too long), and I feel like I didn't get enough time here!!!  

The hotel used to be an old poor house, and the rooms are totally dorm style and a bit dark.  But they are clean, the beds are comfortable, and will you really be spending that much time in your room and won't you be drunk??  The shared bathrooms made me nervous but are TOTALLY fine... you get your own locking room which will include the sink, toilet, mirror and shower.  Not dicey at all!

Food is okay.  Dinner at the nice restaurant is good, and the breakfast there is amazing!  You can also have pizza brought directly to your room until 12:30am.

LOVE the soaking pool at the spa which is free, and has its OWN bar.

Yes, the service is slow but relaxxxx.... you're on vacation... drink more beer!  I think about this place often and have been now 4 times since first writing this review!

15/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
247. Christina N.
I've never had the pleasure of experiencing good ole Troutdale, OR, but now that I have, I am pleased that McMenamin's made up a bulk of my trip. First the statistics: Beautiful property located close enough, but far enough from Portland, with a brewery, winery, and distillery on site. Clean, spacious rooms with amazing hand paintings and murals all over the buildings (even on electrical panels, AC units, and pretty much anywhere you can think of). Staff is awesomely nice and why wouldn't they be. Happy hour is twice a day, everyday and there are several great menus with great prices. Should the property not peak your interest at the moment, gorgeous Multnomah Falls, the Larch Mtn. lookout and the scenic Columbia Gorge Hwy are just a short drive away.

Case in point, McMenamin's Edgefield is awesome!

09/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
248. Dana C.
The grounds are beautiful, but if you are going there for food I would think twice.  We were in the pool hall bar and ordered food, it took a long time and the pizza came ICE COLD, no exaggeration.  I have eaten recently at McMenamin's Kennedy school as well and in both places the food and the service was horrible.

28/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
249. Caleb C.
It would be great if we didn't have kids with us. With kids kind of a lot of work.  The food is ok, not great. Soaking pool is awesome

06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
250. Judd C.
This place is amazing!  Don't go there expecting the W hotel, go there expecting true chill...  Great food at all of their restaurants, great wine (especially the $6 wine tasting at the wine bar), amazing soaking pool (perfect after hiking Multnomah falls), and the first time I've ever appreciated the coolness and beauty of walking through a garden...

20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
251. Lisa E.
For my 30th birthday, I planned a dinner party to be held at the Black Rabbit restaurant at Edgefield. I'd never eaten there and it looked like a fun place. They were very accommodating for the 16 of us and everyone had a great time.

I got the steak with mashed potatoes and grilled green beans. YUM! It was so yummy. I also got the chocolate dessert (don't remember the name of it...the Black Rabbit Red wine was a little too tasty!). It was a great meal! And the waiter split the bill for us, which is not something most waiters would do!

I would definitely return.

21/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
252. Corey G.
Say what you will about McMenamin's:  they're the mafia of the Pacific North West, they don't have the best service, their art is "unique", they're not pet-friendly, etc.

But dang, they have some beautiful spaces, and let's face it, places like Kennedy School & Edgefield are like Disneyland for adults!

I've been to the Edgefield many times before, but this was my first time being there as an overnight guest.  All the rooms in the main lodge were filled, but we were able to get a couple of 2-Queen-Bed rooms over The Power Station restaurant/pub.  They were nice and spacious.  My bed was a in a space which could be separate with a curtain.  There's no AC, but they had a couple of fans to keep it cool on a balmy Troutdale night.

Oh, but the rooms are but a small piece of the pie.  There are so many things to do at Edgefield:  round of golf, wine tasting, pub crawl, a movie, listening to a band, and the list goes on.  Edgefield seemed all fine and good, but when I found out they built a soaking pool, they catapulted to tops on Corey G's list.  Yeah, it was in the 90s during our stay, but I didn't care.  

"You guys wanna go to the pool?!"  This was my mantra during our stay, and I know I annoyed my friends by asking it for two days straight.  But we went.  Yes, it was warm, but it was niiiiice.  This serpentine soaking pool/hot tub is big, and has a few shower spouts you can have rain down on you.  And its all surrounded by a nice garden.

I love Edgefield.  I will be here again.  In the winter I know the soaking pool will beckon me.

26/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
253. Her And I.
Summer time is the best time but movie watching with a beer is nice too.  I like the outdoor seating so I like it when its not raining.  The golf course is nice and so is the little shack out back that has a great bar, wood stove and always seems cozy.  If you have not been here and you are coming into Portland from the east, stop in and take a break.  You will be glad you did.

20/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
254. Megan H.
Yesterday was my second time visiting the Edgefield. First was for a wedding a few years back, last night was to take my mom to see Adele. I had originally bought her tickets for the Crystal Ballroom show and was forced to come back due to Adele rescheduling the tour. Oh well, was happy to give the Edgefield a chance, though I try to avoid McMenamins in general.

We arrived quite early (2:45 and the doors opened at 5) to have a late lunch and ensure we would get a good seat. We chose the restaurant closest to the parking lot which happened to be the Black Rabbit. We took a seat in the bar and ordered a few beers, the beet salad and a burger to split. Our salad arrived after 45 minutes, it was just ok. Another half hour and our burger finally arrived. We both really hate sending food back or causing a fuss but after waiting that long we were really disappointed that our burger was served well done rather than medium rare as we requested. Luckily it didn't take too long to get the replacement burger but it still wasn't medium rare...more like medium well.

We decided to throw in the towel at that point, it was still tasty and the thick steak fries that came with it were delicious. We could tell they were a little frazzled because there was a wedding there that day as well as the concert so I don't know if the service was just off. At any rate it shouldn't take almost 2 hours to get a burger in the middle of the afternoon.

The concert on the lawn had great sound but that's about all I can say as far as pluses go. There was a lot of confusion about the ADA entrance to allow my disabled mother ease of entry and nobody there really seemed to know what was going on, which seemed strange because they have concerts there all summer.

After the concert we got a ride back to our parking lot on the ADA golf cart and some super wasted annoying chicks jumped on (as we were moving) and made a fool out of themselves. The dude that was driving the cart just let them have their fun, I'm sure that violated about a million rules. We were too tired to say anything and just got the hell outta there. At least Adele and Wanda put on a great show!

12/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
255. Lisa N.
We came here on our visit in 2009. I loved it! It was dark when we decided to head out over here. We went to the "smoke room" first. I loved the feel of the place. It was very old and it felt vintage-y.

Then we hopped over to where they had the pool tables and pizza. We had the hawaiian pizza and Ruby's!

I love Ruby's! I'm not a beery drinker but Ruby's are sooooo GOOOD!!!!

I will be visiting this place again when I visit Oregon (hopefully in 3 days)!

09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
256. John K.
My friend told me about this wonderful magical place where they:
1) Brew their own beer
2) Distill their own liquor
3) Make their own wine
4) Play on a Par 3 golf course
5) Get treated at their spa
6) Stay at their hotel
7) Have outdoor concerts in their super large field
8) Have about 5 different bars scattered around the entire facility

This is truly a place where you can do it all.  Just walk outside, with beer in hand and just go exploring.

My favorite bar is the Little Red Shed.  It can only hold about 10 people total, but they have a fireplace and a cigar bar.  Just chill inside with the bartender and it's a great place to get away.

Highly recommended.  Now I understand why McMenamin's is a big deal in Portland.

Try their: Ruby + Terminator = Rubinator

12/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
257. Anthony W.
The golf course was just all around great. Easy enough for those of us hacks who don't get out enough to still have a good time. The scenery was oh so scenic with views of the lumber mill in the distance and the beginning of the Columbia River Gorge. The course is nestled in lush blackberry thickets, which make losing one's balls a common occurrence.

The brews at the onsite pub were stupendous, but far surpassed the delectability of the food fare. The burger I had was ok, but the hard bun and meat were lackluster. The cajun fries were very good though, swimming in greasy goodness.

This place was great for our group outing, making it a memorable day for months to come.

25/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
258. Susan S.
This place is a joy!  There's so much going on; so much to do.  The food and wine and beer are wonderful, but I enjoyed most the concert grounds.  The line looked long to get to get in, but it went very quickly and there was still a lot of room left on the lawn for the concert.  I really liked that everyone didn't crowd together so much.  In Chicago people seem to be right on top of each other at a venue like this.  And there weren't long lines at the bathroom or concessions.  I was astonished for a concert venue and we were there to see Gotye.  I would love to go back for another concert.

02/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
259. Joe M.
This McMennamin's located in the better side of Gresham has its unique features.  You can dine in, enjoy a massage, stay at the hotel, and even enjoy a concert on the lawn.  I am giving more praise to the music concerts held at their big lawn more than anything.  I attended another concert a few years ago for Los Lonely Boys.  Back then tickets for the "golden  circle" were only about $45.  Now most concerts held this year about $80 plus.  Is it worth paying that much to sit in the "golden circle"?  I don't think so.  

A few days before attending "The Gypsy Kings", I got an email saying that all lawn tickets will be $20 for one day only; that was half off admission so I couldn't pass that up.  A friend of mine who is an all time fan and I arrived about an hour before the gate was open at 5.  We got dropped off so no need to squeeze in for parking.  There was a line already but it didn't look too bad.  I also noticed people were allowed to drink beer before the gates were open too.  My friend was waiting in line so I snuck into the hotel and went to the bar.  They were having $3 pint specials before the show started.  The waitress was friendly and got my beers right away.  Funny thing was, a couple of guys in front of me got carded but when I gave my order, was not carded.  

I also liked the fact many people were giving out green bracelets for alcohol consumption while we were waiting in line.  It certainly shaved off a few minutes of hassle.  Once we went to the lawn, I got some money from the ATM which had a $2 surcharge fee.  The lines for the food and beer were always small and I never had to wait a long time for my order.  The people working the vendors were super friendly and carried great small talk.   The micro pints were $5 which I guess is not too considering other venues charge $8-9 just even for domestic.  I grabbed a veggie burger for $6 and it was given in a to go container.  Later on, I enjoyed a big cone size hazelnut ice cream waffle cone for $3.  I think the best thing they had was the red curry chicken and rice dish.  It was very creamy, chicken was tender, and the spice was just right enough I did not need to add any black pepper to it.  

We got to sit as close to the middle of the stage right behind where the "golden circle" was at.  The hill was tilted so we had a perfect view.  The people that sat by us were very friendly and they came farther to see "The Gypsy Kings".  It did rain but everyone was having a great time.  There was no opening act so it was just the main attraction when they came on stage.  The sound itself on the stage is pretty good.  It's not too loud or too soft.  Everyone in the audience was dancing to the beats and there was plenty of security  too.  They handled a confrontation pretty well that occurred early on in the concert.  The band even said "no fighting, enjoy yourself".  After the concert ended, we saw people in white robes standing outside of the hotel.  They were having a great time themselves.  

Overall, the experience was great.  The food is not typical greasy lard crap that other venues serve.  The price is pretty reasonable too.  When the concert ended, a lot of people headed to the restaurants for a night cap.  Getting out of the place is pretty organized and doesn't take forever unlike the venue in Washington.....

08/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
260. Beth A.
I had a fun time at the Edgefield.

Here's my list of pros and cons.
-Mineral Soaking Pool, simply amazing.
-Drinks, I love the Moroccan coffee, beer, and wine.
-Wine tasting, they have some very drinkable wines. I loved tasting and learning about them.
-Live Entertainment, I saw Apollo and Me (a band from Colorado). They were amazing.
-Fun Bars, they have several bars that span the property. It's fun to roam around.
-Décor, the McMenamin brothers do a great job of respecting the history of their locations, while running with their style. Although, the senior citizen murals at this location are a bit creepy.
-Concept, it's fun to run around and enjoy the bars without worrying about catching a cab home.
Not a Pro, but Not a Con
-Food, the food ranges from poor to outstanding; so, take care to order the right thing.
-Ruby's Spa, who doesn't like a spa? Ohh dear... I had a service at Ruby's Spa, and it was a poor experience. The prices are higher than usual, and (at least in my case) the service was below average.
-Noise, once you're ready to turn-in, the noise can be a bit disturbing. In addition to the standard sounds of bar life, my husband and I could hear noises from neighboring suites (bathroom & coupling sounds). There was also a noise coming from some sort of machinery, but we couldn't figure out what it was.
-Suite, our suite was huge, but it was also drafty. I was freezing.  
Overall, I would recommend the Edgefield to friends.

21/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
261. Laura M.
I go to McMenamins fairly often for happy hour, and on a couple of separate occasions, I had a couple of minor discrepancies with my bill.  I sent a quick email to McMenamins, just to let them know that it was a bit frustrating and that I hoped the problem could be fixed for my future visits.  I received the nicest response from a gentleman named Jeff, who apologized profusely, and more than made up for my slight misfortunes.  He also made it a point to tell me that he would make sure the problem was remedied, and that he would share my comments at the next staff meeting.

People like Jeff are what will keep me coming back to McMenamins.  He went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy, and to also let me know that I was valued as a customer.

I will continue to frequent Edgefield for the Gardenburger, cajun tots, and the greyhounds that are made with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.  Can't beat it.  Knowing that the higher ups value me as a patron too, also doesn't hurt.

18/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
262. Jose M.
Really love this place. I wish it's closer to Portland. But you definitely should checkout this place. It's worth a drive. There are many things you can do here. Mini golf, soaking pool, stay in the hotel or just have lunch or dinner.  I believe when I was there, they have some sort of tour guide. I'm not sure if that's something they offer regularly or not. Also, checkout their souvenir shop. They have very cool merchandise. The restaurant here also serve hush puppies. It's not quite the same like I tried in the South. But it's still good.

25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
263. Matthew W.
I am not normally a fan of McMenamin's pubs, but their destination properties like Edgefield are unique enough to overcome their average food, mediocre beer and sluggish service.

I have never stayed at Edgefield, but I have been there for lunch, dinner and drinks. Whether you choose one of the restaurants, the Power Station pub or one of the summertime outside bistros, you will enjoy your stay...provided you have time on your hands.

Like other McMenamin's, the service is measured with a sun dial. It takes a long time to give your order, get your beverages, receive your food and even get the bill. I'd say the minimum time needed for food and drinks is 2 hours.

Fortunately, I am normally here after hiking in the Gorge, so I have the time. If you do too, check out Edgefield the next time you're in the Troutdale area.

10/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
264. Junko S.
A totally fun spot for adults!  I wasn't able to enjoy everything McMenamins Edgefield had to offer since we were at McMenamins for a wedding, but it felt like a mini vacation and I'll definitely will be back.  

We arrived early, but we had no problem with check in.  The rooms are "European" style where bathrooms are shared.  It totally brought back memories of college dorm years.  We opted for a room with its own bathroom.  It's more expensive, but worth it especially with two little kids in tow.

- Lots of good food and drinks a plenty.

- The hotel is very "interesting" with eclectic paintings throughout the hotel.  I hear it's haunted, but thankfully didn't see any ghosts myself.

18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
265. FichenDich X.
Very few places are so conveniently near that are such delights.  I too could wax rhapsodic about the grounds, the food, the beverages.  Instead I will point out that it is the PERFECT place to take an out of state visitor or family member.  You can stroll around, have a look at things, then have a wonderful meal.  

If no one else mentions it, or you haven't googled the place, McMenamins Edgefield previously was the Multnomah County Poor Farm.  It really is a "destination spot".

One last thing. I would very strongly advise going elsewhere if alcoholic beverages are an overriding concern.  While children are quite welcome, and will delight in the gardens,  McMenamins Edgefield primarily appeals to responsible adults.

01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
266. Harvey Y.
Tip: Come for a show, for a beer for a look-a-round.
DO NOT bother with the Black Rabbit unless you have a particular fondness for paying way too much money for nearly disgusting food.

I dare the cook who made our meal to eat the things he/she prepared and enjoy them.

26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
267. Erich S.
$3 movie tickets? can't go wrong with that. You can eat and drink in the theater so its a great place to have a few drinks and a snack (or meal). I will definitely be back for more.

27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
268. Jeff M.
We stopped on the way back from hiking in the gorge.  We know the service is not great, and it lived up to my low expectations.  But we at least expected the typical, mediocre pub food.  

Unfortunately, the food did not even rise to mediocre today.  The french fries we called "soaks" instead of "fries."  They had the consistency of earth worms and greasier than normal.  My niece was drying them off in napkins.  Really, they were not edible.  

And my pork sandwich . . .  I had to spit out some of the pure fat parts.

18/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
269. P F.
crazy haunted- especially if you spend the night but honestly, I love coming here during the day! So much fun!! Check out the glass blowing studio! the food always is great and the theater is a wonderful plus!

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
270. Kitt J.
This is the most mediocre experience I've had at any McMenamins location. The location, food and beer are exactly as you'd expect them to be, and having said that, I feel a bit strange about not giving the place four stars.

I wasn't a big fan of the atmosphere inside, particularly at the bar, where you feel like you've been tucked in the corner and forgotten. It's kind of fun to hear the banter of the kitchen staff, especially when I was there for beer and a similar sort of shop talk with one of my buddies. But the shine wears off pretty quickly when you spend 20 minutes at a stretch wishing desperately that your bartender would offer you another beer or some food.

It was A-OK, hence the three stars, but I'd be willing to try it again and sit somewhere else to see if I have a better time. I just really want to be able to have a nice time at the bar, too!

11/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
271. Angelina B.
My husband calls Edgefield the best place in Oregon. He's mostly right. A distillery, winery, brewery, spa, hot soaking pool, gorgeous grounds, cute crafty shops, decent restaurants, a par-3 golf course, good coffee, on-site theatre... All that's missing is a few kid-friendly activities. But then, I suppose we should just leave the kids at home with the grandparents.

01/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
272. Kiley W.
They always have interesting things on their menu. They food has been consistantly good, but not extraordinary.

01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
273. Chris L.
Out of all the McMenamins, Edgefield is truly at the top.  Give me a Hammer Head; put me in the Jerry Bar, or let me wander the grounds or take in a concert on a late summer evening...true bliss.

One of the best destinations when you have out of town company.

02/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
274. Emily W.
I went here a few years ago with a boyfriend at the time. This was my first experience of McMenamin's. I was instantly impressed with the art and the grounds.

There are murals throughout the whole hotel and they feature black rabbits. I  think I walked every floor in the hotel checking out the mural.

The also very nice thing about this hotel - No TV in rooms! It is a truly relaxing thing.  This might not be for everyone but I personally like it. Bring a good book and enjoy!

If I ever get married this would be a venue I would be interested in.

There are bars through out the grounds. One of my faves is the little red shack.

They have a gift shop here too that has wonderful things. I bought some silver rabbit napkin holders that are still my favorite.

02/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
275. Jesse D.
I went a few times and every time it was people were trying to be a parody of portland they were so typical.

But they let me buy a pitcher a beer and wander anywhere on the estate, so I can always sit alone or with friends and be left alone.

The staff was not noteworthy, the "usuals" weren't my type, the setting isn't the best. But they let me sit with friends undisturbed way in the corner with out saying anything, every time. So I like it more than any other similar locations.

19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
276. Lisa R.
McMenamins Edgefield is one of my favorite places to go, mostly because of the atmosphere. I love the huge, old, brick house with its big porches and rocking chairs. Almost everything has artwork on it....beautiful and surreal paintings on the walls, the pipes, and even the electrical box doors. Outside, the grounds are covered with trees and blooming flowers and bushes, interspersed with statues and garden art.

At Edgefield there is a vineyard, winery, brewery, two restaurants, a botanic garden, golf course, several pubs, soaking pools, concert lawns, dance halls, and a gift shop. The rooms you can stay in are old-fashioned...no TVs, but lots of antique furniture. Very comfortable.

In the Power Station restaurant there is a movie theater where you can eat and drink while you watch a movie. The movies are fairly new, but only cost $3.

They have several events throughout the year here. My husband and I stayed here for the New Years Eve party in 2009 and it was great!

Many people say the Edgefield is haunted. They have a "Ghost Log" in the lobby that you can ask to read, filled with previous guests' experiences. I plan to get a group of ghost hunters together and book on of the more "active" rooms, hoping to meet and talk to my first ghost.

14/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
277. Bill S.
Went out to McMenamins in Troutdale today (Old Edgefield manor) for lunch.

Food was excellent. Service was very good as well.

I have been to other McMenamins eateries and been less than impressed with the quality of the service. Edgefield is the exception. Everybody we met was on the ball. Food served hot. We ate in the Black Rabbit Pub part of the place.

We'll definitely be going back.

13/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
278. Leah N.
I spent the day here with my sister and mother in law. We spent the morning in the spa (which I've reviewed separately, but will just say that I LOVED everything about it.)

After that, we ate a very hedonistic lunch in the more upscale restaurant in the large building. We ended up spending nearly 140 dollars before tip, but we thought it was a pretty good value, considering we ordered every single thing we wanted off of the menu, including multiple appetizers and desserts, in addition to many rounds of drinks. We had a grand time to say the least.

We walked the grounds after lunch, and then went to the gift shop. The selection of items available were great. Lots of clothing, household trinkets, and food and wine bearing the McMenamins trademark.  I managed to finish my Christmas shopping! It's a larger shop than most hotels, and it included an espresso shop.

I'm looking forward to booking a room here someday soon and taking in a movie or concert.

20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
279. Kenny L.
A beautiful building and landscape for a nice lunch or dinner. Great mix of sandwichs, burgers and pizza. If you enjoy drinks place has a great mix of beers, wines and liquors. All of which are made here! Has beautiful old buildings and old trees,  get to see the grape vines and hop plants. Mcmenamins is a great mini chain in Oregon. I love their cider, double red and stouts. The captain burger was delicious they cook to personal taste. Have fresh (skin on potatoes) fries hard to beat by many. Have a wine tasting room if that's your enjoyment or a tour of the distillery and brewery very cool place to see :).

05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
280. Alicia M.
Went here with my husband for a Steve Miller Band concert recently - my first visit here even though I have lived in Portland since 1983.  We started out with dinner/appetizer and drink in one of the small bars in there, and the service, wine (black rabbit), and the salad and chess plates were really very good!  The concert venue was amazing - great sound and seating.  Loved this place and the concert prices were reasonable.  We made new friends  who have attended several concerts there and gave us some tips - we will be back and really have no complaints :-)

09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
281. Jordan W.
Wow! What a neat and unique place! My friend had his bachelor party here and what a great location for such an event!  There are so many aspects to this one location that makes it such a fun place to spend an evening or weekend.

There is a golf course, spa, pool hall, hotel, restaurants, and a cigar house all within close proximity to one another. There is tons of room in each of the locations making it easy to just stand around, talk, and enjoy a beer.

My one complaint was the bar in the pool hall had extremely bad service. My friend and I waited 20 minutes to order a beer because the two bartenders clearly didn't know what they were doing (they were looking up recipes as they made drinks). However, the beer I had (The Ruby) was delicious.

Overall great place! Especially great to go to with a big group.

11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
282. Venus B.
Walk the grounds tour this place  and have bite. Some of Oregons finest is featured here! Enjoy the leisure.

09/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
283. Cindy L.
So if you  are called the whatever rabbit, um you should serve rabbit.
The server was way to casual for a fine dining place.
They made an orange tequila bloody mary that is my new fav drink!
Burger was great.
A person could listen to their favorite band here for free when they play outside in the summer. Some people obviously have already figured this out. lol

06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
284. David R.
Stopped at the Black Rabbit in Edgefield last night. Entree selection on the menu is very limited. Just a few things, maybe 7 or 8? A lot of the appetizers were things I would have preferred to have available as entrees. Mixed green salad was very bland...both of us remarked on it.  Fresh pressed cider was fantastic. Service was typical of mcminamins which means really really slow. Waiter asked if I "needed my change" which is just low class, and I guess I wasnt clear with my answer so he kept it ($19.50). I had the yellowtail poke which was okay, but really shouldn't be called poke since it was cooked and didn't include soy sauce. Waiter brought soy and lemon quickly when asked though and it improved the dish by a lot...needed wasabi as well. Was served with pickled ginger.  My friend had the salmon and she loved it,  said the crust  really made it great. Total was $80.50 for the two entrees, lemonade, and cider plus the tip which the waiter embellished a little. I'm used to teenage wait staff asking "do you need your change" but was disappointed that a grown man at an upscale restaurant would ask this.

30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
285. Holy-foo' X.
We love the Edgefield. Even if your event there is a bust, hey, great fishing is very close by. Just remember to bring your gear.

Ringo and his All-Star's are coming this summer......

21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
286. Jen K.
Basically a must stop for me after a day hiking in the gorge.  But I must say, my visits here have been a little disappointing.  Including one company holiday party that had levels of awkwardness rivaling 'The Office'.

The grounds are extraordinary and I just love all the little nooks and crannies.  Interesting sculptures, rambling gardens and a variety of restaurants, bars and hideaways.  I've usually ended up at the Power Station Pub, but this time we had lunch outside at the Loading Dock Grill.  

McMenamin's food - just not great.  I always feel a sense of frustration because they nail the "experience" here and at Kennedy School, so I just don't understand why they don't put forth more effort providing great food for the total package.  

The latest visit was for a light meal so we chose soup, salad and beer.  My soup was the worst I've had all year (and I eat a lot of soup!).  Loved the location with the outdoor fire pit next to the water tower.  It started sprinkling rain, so it was funny to think only in Oregon would you eat outside in the rain without giving it much thought.  

This location also allowed the kids plenty of space to roam.  And I got a kick out of the sculpture in the courtyard made of pipes and beer kegs.  So this place is a must visit if you are in the area, but just come to enjoy the experience (golf, a concert) and the beer.  The food, not so much.

14/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
287. A. B.
I'm sad, this place used to be so much better.  I'm really hoping that we just hit a bad day.

Beer on the menu in the outdoor patio 'not available, it's on the property but we don't serve it here'.  Second Drinks were ordered, promised, never delivered or never refilled.  

Server was having a horrible day and was allowed to go home halfway through our meal... she seemed really nice, albeit not that knowledgeable (she admitted she was newer, so I'll give her some room to breathe).  

Hubby's wrap was 'awful' and he was shocked at the lack of flavor.  Silly expensive too and the side it came with was a mini bag of Tim's Cascade chips.  Burgers and such came with a choice of tots or a salad, but I don't know why sandwiches (priced similarly) only had a handful of chips.

Speaking of the tots.  I requested the cajun version and was later asked by my tot-thief why I had gone for the plain ones.  Oh my friend, those were the cajun ones!!  Enough to make a girl weep.

The reason I give it three stars?  Location, location, location.  That bit is not to be missed.

19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
288. Mary J.
I am a huge fan of creative re-use, and this place really epitomizes the best of that effort! Taking what used to be a "Poor House" and converting it into a hotel, intimate  restaurant, pub, wine bar, movie house, spa, glassblowing and ceramics studios, mini golf course, and picnic grounds, McMenamin's has made this a truly enjoyable place to hang out.

The food and service have always been pretty good when we've gone, so I have absolutely no complaints there. This is a very unique spot that's worth visiting, especially on the way from Portland to Multnomah Falls.

19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
289. teresa m.
we've been coming here for years, and always find something different. we had family from out of town again, and we began strolling around the grounds, showing them the golf course and gardens. we grabbed a 2 beers, a cocktail, and a whiskey to accompany us on our exploration. the hotel itself is restored beautifully, plus the little huts, distillery, winery, brewery, ruby's soaking pool are such a draw. played the golf course previously, and it was fun. we ate at the loading dock grill, and the food and service were great. one day we'll have a stacation and actually rent a room here. the artwork, old pipes containing plants are a bonus. the history and all that the mcmenamin brothers do, continues to preserve our historic buildings. bravo!

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
290. Evelyn S.
In general I am not an actual fan, but a fan of the idea of McMenamins. I always enjoy the decor, it's sort of like being Alice through the Looking Glass, you never quite know what you might see out of the corner of your eye. I do not like their food or their beer, although the Gin they make is quite tasty.

What I realized today, is that I do like their hotel locations, I enjoy the Kennedy School, and I really enjoy Edgefield. Today's review is for the Power Station Pub.  This was my second visit to McMenamins Edgefield. The first was a long time ago, but I recall liking the location and wandering around, feeling as if I was far, far away from home.

Today a rather large group of people (between 60 - 70) descended on the Power Station Pub beginning around 4pm.  We were there to celebrate the life of a friend who passed away, most of us coming directly from the memorial service.

Our server, Laura was twinkly eyed (literally, she had twinkly makeup) and super efficient!  Without hardly taking a deep breath she asked us each for our name and drink order because she was doing separate checks, crazy, I know.

Amazingly quick, she returned with just the right drinks, everyone was served what they had ordered, even if they had gotten up from the table and moved around the room to speak with someone else.  Never did I see her break a sweat, sound disgruntled, or rushed, just super efficient and nice.  We also ordered food, and again, everything was served by her or a very nice food runner to exactly the right person, exactly the right way.

Our table ordered multiple Dew Drops (with the McMen's Gin), some Black Rabbit Red (a medium bodied red), and a Mocha Milkshake - the designated driver needed some fun too. All of these beverages were excellent, especially the Milkshake.

We shared an Electric Mayhem Pizza  which was loaded with pesto, feta, sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, mixed olives, and fresh basil on a thin crust it was ridiculously tasty and super filling, easily could serve 4 hungry people. Oh, and someone ordered a burger which disappeared quickly, which I always take as a good sign.

I left soon after we all toasted our dear friend with shots of Jägermeister. We stepped outside and strolled through the lovely gardens to the parking area.  I was sad to leave, hmmm...maybe they will let me live there with the little bunnies, robin red breasts, and enchanting veggie patches.

02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
291. Kristin C.
I have been to Edgfield multiple times and overall always enjoy my experience.

I love spending the night there if only for the fact it gives you freedom to hit up every bar on the grounds and not have to worry about driving home.  It also gets you access to the soaking pool which is AMAZING.  I hate the beds, though!  I know the building is old and I am even on board with the shared bathrooms, but the beds are the most uncomfortable I have ever slept on in a hotel.  You pretty much have to be wasted just to pass out on them.

Also worth staying the night there for is getting breakfast at The Black Rabbit restaurant in the morning.  It is SO delicious.  My husband and I usually end up sharing at least 3 entrees because they are that yummy.  I am sure their lunch and dinner options are good as well, I just haven't tried them.

The Power Station has all of the traditional McMenamins pub fare that you find at all of their locations.  I actually like their food but the service in this place consistently sucks.  I have had servers who are okay but it always takes forever to be seated (even when it isn't crowded) and I have gone unnoticed at the bar for a lengthy amount of time being one of two people up there.

I have done wine tasting as well which I am a huge fan of.  You get a good amount and a great variety of wines to taste.  Also definitely worth checking out.

26/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
292. Adora N.
this place is beyond cool. it has like 4 bars, a dinning setting that is very old school. their is paintings & murals on every door every crevice. the people that work their love their jobs and who wouldnt its kinda like Disneyland for me!
the bedrooms and bedding are so nice! it reminds me of a old school 1960's hotel bed and breakfast, but with bars and cafes spread all along their property.
they don't skim on the booze like bars everywhere, what you order is what you get!
as for the food, we ordered what we thought was a slice of pizza, and they bring out a giant hand tossed pizza with all the fixings. this place treats you like royalty. i highly recommend going here if Disneyland is not your scene.

22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
293. Scrantz L.
For those planning a wedding I would shout to you, "Edgefield is AWESOME!!"
One year ago, my daughter was married here in the garden behind Blackberry hall, with reception for 160 in the Hall.  All of the folks at Edge., from the administrators to the wedding day boss, to the bartenders and all wait staff were friendly, helpful, calm, direct, and on-the-ball for all 14 months of our planning- right through the wedding day.
There was NO bullshit. They put on weddings in 3 or 4 different venues every day!!  
and it is a gorgeous "campus". gardens, flowers, arbors, a big hit with out-of-towners. and this makes for lovely pictures.
I could go on--- and on.....

01/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
294. Gillian W.
Always like going to this McMenamins.. it's such a great location  with it's vast fields of green. This is a great place for concerts and such. I love the little building where you can catch a drink.. it's dark and divy.. sort of.. I love it!  The food the same here but the scenery always changes. This is such a far drive out but thats ok.. sometimes you have to make the effort to get the best!

20/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
295. Douglas C.
It's hard for me to forget that while lost souls sleep in freezing doorways, I'm having a pinot noir and and brazed salmon at, what once was, the county poor farm.  The McMenamins bought it; a broken, boarded up and abandoned memory.  They saved it from the wreaking ball - recycled, reused and restored it to splendor.  I love the place, while it breaks my heart.

The Edgefield Manor, the main building in the sprawling complex, is the hotel.  Built in 1911, it is a classic Gregorian Manor with over one-hundred rooms. There seems to be no surface in the hotel that an artist has not painted.  The doors are paintings and the walls are murals, and even the exposed plumbing has been transformed into odd faces smiling from every nook and corner.  

The rooms do not have television, or telephones.  The restrooms and showers are communal.  The rooms are sparse, but pretty and comfortable.  The lobby is small and efficient, with a few comfortable chairs and the local newspapers.  There are plenty of places to sit and relax both inside the hotel, and on several outdoor decks.

The Hotel restaurant is The Black Rabbit, and attached to the restaurant is the Black Rabbit bar.  You can order the same food either in the restaurant  or in the bar.  The food is good even though the service can get very slow when the place is crowded.  During the warmer months, the Black Rabbit has a really nice courtyard garden that is quite secluded and relaxing.

The Edgefield grounds are dotted with out-building that have all been converted to extend the experience.  The old power station is a pub and move theater.  The loading dock is an outdoor restaurant.  The little red shed serves up spirits and cigars.  There are wonderful  gardens, an English golf course, glass blowing, wine tasting, a spa, and of course, concerts.

Edgefield is a real jewel, and even though I sometimes feel like a schmuck living the high life at the county poor farm, to have not saved it; to not have reused it, would have been a crime.

20/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
296. Cherie C.
The grounds are really cool. The tiny bars and huts are fun and different-we even enjoyed hanging out in the Grateful Dead bar despite not being fans of the Dead (at all).

I would love to come back and spend a weekend here in the hotel, enjoying the pool tables and spa and soaking pool. I also saw that they have some good shows indoors and outdoors throughout the year.

Food, however, is an issue. We wanted to go just for drinks, as our friends said the pub grub was just so-so.  But we needed dinner, so we opted to try the Black Rabbit, the 'upscale' restaurant in the complex.

The Black Rabbit's decor and the waitstaff's uniforms look like a respectable upscale restaurant.  But the patrons are super-casual, making it seem like the tourist attraction it is.  (It reminded me of Disney parks, where people go to a fine-dining establishment in shorts, a Mickey t-shirt, and sneakers).

The menu looks like a standard fancypants place, with steak and seafood and duck confit salad.  But none of it was very good.  My stuffed pork loin was a mediocre cut of pork with a Hillshire Farms-quality kielbasa shoved in it (which made us giggle uncontrollably). The apples atop it were cooked to mushy but not enough to be applesauce.  My salad was just fine.

The rest of my group was disappointed, too.  Some things were simply inedible. When we went to dinner the next night, we spent far less for a far superior meal which only made us more upset.  The whiskey sampler (5 samples for about $16) added up to about an ounce of whiskey, barely enough for the two guys to each taste each sample. they weren't looking to get drunk, but they did want to be able to taste it.

Our server was nice.  She had to put up with some horrible patrons who didn't know how to act in a restaurant. She did her best, so we tipped her accordingly.  But we certainly won't be back for the food.

13/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
297. Scott T.
first and foremost, take ROB D.'s advice and show up with low expectations and a good attitude -- as in most situations, high expectations have a way of blossoming into premeditated disappointments and that's particularly true of McMENAMINS EDGEFIELD.

with a distillery, winery and brewery on premisis, the place is geared more toward adults (and thirsty ones at that) than families. the elevator is is very well disguised and after looking nearly everywhere (did finally find it the next morning) gave up and hauled our luggage up to the third floor via the stars. on the upside got to enjoy all the colorful frescoes between landings, most especially the spectacular multi-armed SHIVA spinning yo-yo's (all those extra arms mean extra yo-yo's !!).

our long, narrow room had two sets of twin bunk beds (see photos) on one end and a king sized bed on the other. the accomodations are characterized as EUROPEAN because unless you packed a chamber pot (alas, we forgot ours) and have to go in the middle of the night, you're a peeing in the communal bathroom down the hall.

service was, as others have suggested, astoundingly slow. nobody seems to do anything at McMENAMINS EDGEFIELD with any sense of urgency.

the SWEET POTATO FRIES were hot and fresh as were the TATER TOTS (we got 'em without the CAJUN seasoning so the kids could share) but my HAMBURGER (ordered medium rare) was burned to a crisp -- basically a briquette on a bun. the RUBY RED and PORTER were just okay.

loved the SOAKING POOL at RUBY SPA -- kids had great fun lounging in the warm water before throwing on some clothes and watching RIO in the little theater.

love the poor farm history of the place. we had a really good time but you definitely gotta be okay with a quirky - non mainstream experience.

09/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
298. Eden N.
McMenamins Edgefield has multiple restaurants so having only one reviewable entry on yelp is why it gets 3 stars.

The Power Station: The staff in this restaurant don't seem to care at all. Service is extremely slow, it can take up to 45min or an hour to get your food. Secondary staff brings your food, and your waiter/waitress seems to purposefully disappear just in case you might have an issue with your food. I call this the 'starve you until you will eat anything tactic'. The food itself is above average for bar food and of course the beer is quite good.

The Black Rabbit: This is a fine dining restaurant. The staff is quite attentive, and are prompt, and they seem to care about your experience. Both breakfast and dinner are terrific. I don't think I have ever had to wait more than a few minutes to get a table.

The Black Rabbit Bar: Everything you get in the restaurant but more relaxed but intimate environment. The bartenders are always around and are quite friendly.

The Smoke Room: This is a small bar with about 12 cigars on offer. This place is nice but can get quite cramped. Good selection of beer and liquor.

Little Red Shed: Another small bar, it's open seasonally. This is a great place to hang out with a date or buddy and just relax by the fire.

I live close by so I have never spent the night in the hotel. I am not a fan of common bathrooms. Although the claw foot bathtubs are quite nice but the lack of a showers puts me off as well.

03/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
299. Christine D.
This is the second time we've stayed there.  The first time was nice and nothing really adverse to report.  I was sick most of the time we were there so that was a shame.  However, I looked forward to our next time out there.

We went out there this weekend and I know it's busy out there but some things I just didn't go for.  

The room was nice.  We opted for an European King room.  As my fiance says if it's European (you're peeing down the hall).  Heehee.  It sounds better when he says it.

That was fine we've stayed at Grand Lodge like that before and it was fine.  Our first trip out to Edgefield we stayed in a room complete with its own shower and toilet but it was at least $100 more so we thought we would opt for a cheaper option this time around.

The last time we were down a small corridor and in retrospect that might have been the way to go this time.  We were on the second floor but in the main corridor near the elevator and across from The Study.  

The Study is frequently rented out for private events which are nice but unbelievably loud.  Both Friday and Saturday night there was an event there.

The bars in the main building close at 11pm which is good for the people sleeping but the Power Station and the pool hall down below are open until around 2am, again this fine but people that are staying at the hotel are out on the front porch until about 1 or 2 am so you can hear that partying nonsense in your room.  (Maybe, I'm getting old but when I want to go to sleep, I want to sleep).

About 3:30am on Sunday morning, I decide to go out to use the restroom (one of the bummers of none in your room) and a group of 20 something guys are in the hall chatting and proceed to cat call me in my pajama's.  I just kept moving while someone else from one of the rooms told them to be quiet.

I don't think the management here really polices the activities after a certain hour (they shouldn't have to) but I'm thinking they may want to start.

Another interesting thing while in my room after a journey out in and about all day we got back to the room at about 4pm.  I was sitting on the bed reading and so was my fiance when all of a sudden the whole bed started moving and didn't really stop for about 25 minutes.  Kudos to the couple on the other side of the wall for their stamina but it just made us laugh that the walls were that thin that our whole bed would shake because theirs was.

The one thing we really enjoy here is the winery (see additional review) as well as the soaking pool.  

The soaking pool is available to all guests and guests of Ruby's Spa.  

It's a nice place to recline and enjoy a cocktail or in the morning maybe a coffee.  The bar is open 4p to 11p and has a happy hour until 6p.  This was nice.  Some afternoons it's over run with the under 10 yoa set but mostly a nice quiet place to hang out.  It's salt water and very enjoyable.

We encountered some loud parents but most of the kids were well behaved.

The gardens at this place are beautiful and are most enjoyable they grow their own herbs and vegetables there for use in their kitchen and the food is always good here.

All in all, I will most likely be back but perhaps I'll wait until the off season.

Sorry, if I sound like a curmudgeon but I was running on not much sleep all weekend.

13/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
300. Brian C.
This place might provide my favorite overall McMenamins' experience. After attending  a concert here last summer and watching people hit the links, I knew we needed to try it out. So we made a tee time with some friends! It was a perfect Saturday night, and with beers in hand (rubies and hammerheads of course!), we set out for 12 holes of fun. The course is a par three, so it moved quickly. There was a just a little bit of wait because of the large groups in front of us, but we didn't mind because it was a lovely evening with lots to look at on the Edgefield property (a wedding, an organic garden, wild bunnies!).

After finishing our golf round, we were pretty hungry. I love that there are so many options on the campus. It feels like around every corner there is a different place to eat or drink. On the evening, we selected the outdoor patio at the Power Station Pub. It was a perfect temperature and we had a wonderful waitress! We enjoyed some tots, burger and great conversation. Overall a fantastic night!

This is a great place to visit again and again whether you are grooving to a concert, treating yourself to an overnight stay or doing a golf outing.

26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
301. Chad M.
While Edgefield may not hit a 5 star home run in every category, the great aspects about this place more than make up for its less than perfect aspects.  I came here on a trip while trying to find a place to live. It was the perfect little getaway while dealing with the stress of finding a new place to live.  The grounds of the winery/brewery are beautiful and well taken care of.  The staff was kind and service was excellent. The selection of craft beers and wines were ample.

Its a great place to roam around with a glass of wine and pretend to be far more sophisticated than one really is when in actuality my friend and I were contemplating if it were possible to go streaking across the grounds without being caught. I love all the cool little bars and especially the little hobbit sized bar almost hidden by its tiny size.

Now for the bad...my only qualm was the fact that the restaurants didn't seem to have much variety as was expressed in a few other reviews here. I haven't stayed at the hotel here but after reading the reviews it seems apparent that staying there overnight would only be acceptable if I was totally hampstered. Its always better being the one that had way too much to drink and can't control the volume of their voice as opposed to the person who is sober trying to sleep and listening to this nonsense through paper thin walls.

It's super close to town, its relatively cheap to drink here, and the atmosphere and ambiance is great! Can't wait to come see a show here sometime...oh and in the end we decided against streaking. We didn't want to risk being banned from this awesome place. Then again several more drinks and who knows? Maybe one day a chosen few will see my silly ass running naked across the grounds while desperately trying not to spill my beer.

10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
302. Trevor M.
My wife and I stayed here overnight about a week ago. I can't go above 3 stars on our experience based on a few annoyances. Let's start this rolling:

Check-in process was smooth and the front desk staff were really nice. Room was a King Suite with bathroom. Very spacious, bed was nice, room was a bit cold (even with heat kicked on) but this is more because of the building that the hotel was built into more than anything so I can't lay fault here. All in all, the room was well kept and clean and a good part of our experience. I'd rate the room a 3-4.

Now for the bars...

Quick drink at the Black Rabbit. Meh, mediocre experience. Order 2 drinks (a beer and a Moroccan). Takes forever and the girl floats back with just the Moroccan indicating the beer will be by soon. Leaning on my wife's bar tending experience we question (to ourselves) why the beer wasn't poured while the drink was being made. Pretty easy to deliver both at the same time, especially given it's early and only 4 other people are in there. Grab an appetizer and move on. 3 stars.

The Little Red Shed has a great ambiance and is a nice place to sit and have a glass of scotch (or whatever suits you). When we went here it was empty (we were hanging out earlier than most) so the only 2 people in here were the bartender and what I would guess was his friend. As seems to be common lately with my McMenamin's experiences, the bartender was more interested in chatting with his buddy about the Blazer game (that he had going on a little radio) rather than helping the only 2 people that were in his establishment at the time. We did get service, albeit with a bit of an attitude, and we made the best of it. Especially nice were the other 2 couples that arrived and we chatted with them for a while. In the end, with knocking off points for service, I'd rate this a 3-4.

Winery. Staff interaction was limited though my wife said the girl that helped her was really friendly and prompt to get us a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. We met some friends here and shared a decent priced bottle and had a good time. Live music arrived and was a nice addition (not too loud as it was one guy with an acoustic guitar). Definitely a 4 for the winery.

Power Station Pub...not the best. Place was drilled busy. We got decent attention for our initial order and beverage. Downfall was the waiter took our order to another table (which we found out later) and when no one claimed it they shuttled our food back to the kitchen. When our food never arrived they had to re-fire it and bring it back out later. Sorry, if a waiter can't remember where an order goes and puts that little effort into finding it's home I'm gonna be irritated. 2 stars tops.

Last experience and I'm done. Wife went out of our room about 11pm to grab a quick bite before calling it a night. Not sure which pub/bar off hand. She sat for 10 minutes being ignored. Finally got someones attention and they passed her off to someone else who finally helped her another 5 minutes later. So, 15 minutes to order, 10 minute wait for food (decent), but another 10 minutes to get someone to give her the bill (as it was a to-go, take back to room order). Something's wrong here. Bill should be delivered and taken back with a to-go order. There's nothing to wait on! Bad way to end the night...

17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
303. Celia B.
Overall I'd give the place 3 stars for food, since it was okay and far from impressive, like all other McMenamins. Our waitress was good.

However, edgefield itself deserves 5 stars because the atmosphere and location is sooo cool. Make sure to go around and check out the wonderful garden and orchard (but please don't touch!), and awesome art at the hotel. They have maps to take yourself on the tour. The place is huge! There is awesome/crazy/cool art everywhere. As we discussed in the car, we've never seen art that focuses on the celebration of the lives of the elderly. It was beautiful! The event have a spa and tea house.The gift shop also had awesome little treasures, many for a good price. A good place to take visitors from out of town or a good place to stay if you want a creative get away. Everyone needs to come here atleast once, it is mandatory!

Since McMenamins owns the whole thing, you can walk around with your plastic beer cups and drink while browsing!   When you walk around, check out the cool art EVERYWHERE, so much detail and design went into this.

We came on a hot summer day, Sunday afternoon, to grab some food at the patio and the place was pretty packed. We didn't try the indoor restaurant or the black rabbit, which I hear have different menus than the McMenamins patio (and the black rabbit gets some of their food from the garden and orchard!).We were told that it would take about 20 minutes to be seated here and then an hour after that to get our food. It was more like 25 minutes to be seated and then 45 minutes to get our entrees, but the beers and appetizer came quickly.

I ordered the ruby beer which has a little bit of raspberry but it's not overwhelming and sweet. I enjoyed it, and it was a good first beer. The color of the beer was so beautiful, it looked like grapefruit juice. The Thai sweet potatoes fries had SO MUCH flavor. They were really good and the portion was HUGE. I got a happy hour veggie burger, which is the standard veggie burger that all McMenamins make with the hammerhead ale. It was good and simple (although felt sort of fried which made it taste better but not feel better). Dr. Andrew ordered a burger and added avocado, and he enjoyed it. His mom order the lamb burger and was disappointed with the quality of the meat. Neither of them ate many of the Cajun tots that came with their meals since they were very salty.

McMenamins here, again, is like every other McMenamins, the food is "okay", but Edgefield itself deserves 5 stars. Its great and I am curious what it is like to stay the night.

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
304. Krista M.
LOVE this place! Happy Hour is the way to go- great food and beer for a very good price.
The Cajun tater tots are very good, and the happy hour burger is a pretty good size for what you pay.
It can get loud in there, buts it's kind of just part of the atmosphere.
Overall- awesome place, super friendly staff... One of my favorite places!

30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
305. Rebecca R.
Edgefield is a cool place to bring out of towners for an afternoon of fun and relaxation. We played the west golf course today. Since we are not avid or even any good golfers, this was a nice course to play on. All 20 holes are par 3 and you only need a couple ofclubs. We used pitching wedges and putters for the whole thing.

If golf isn't your thing, come for the concerts, wine, or spa. Food is so so. I would expect better food but it's okay.

03/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
306. Cheryl N.
This is a fun quirky place. The wine and beer are ok.  The food is very good but the service is slow.  The spa is very good and the soaking pool is awesome.  Glass blowing shack and watching the staff making the wine is pretty cool.  My reason for the 3 star rating is the hotel is rather dirty. Our room and common areas had a layer of dust.  It makes me wonder what else hasn't been cleaned

25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
307. Leanne S.
Just stayed there for the first time and really enjoyed it.  I have been there a few times, but have never stayed.

I usually steer away from McMenamins because their service is always so slow and unorganized, but thought we would try again.  This time I was very impressed with the service at dinner and throughout the property. Maybe we were lucky or maybe they have changed things since the last few times.

Cool place and would go back!

27/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
308. Scott N.
Arriving at McMenamins Edgefield was almost like a surreal experience. Two people were walking across the front lawn in their bathrobes. There was a glass blower in a garage like building creating glass masterpieces. An old poor farm turned into a hotel, restaurants, wine tasting room, distillery bar,  pool hall and goodness knows what else. Where else on earth could you find such quirkiness all in one place? Edgefield is so multifaceted that a single review could never do it justice. Therefore I shall limit this review to the Black Rabbit Bar Happy Hour.

The Black Rabbit Bar is a part of Edgefield's Black Rabbit Restaurant. However, the bar itself is adjacent to and kept separate from the restaurant. Black Rabbit Bar is in a world of it's own. Very cozy and comfortable. Seating is such that the patrons are close to the bartenders and servers. Beautiful piano music plays in the background.

Service here is knowledgeable and friendly but not real fast.  Happy hour is from 3 PM until 6 PM and from 10 PM until close. The happy hour menu is excellent. Delicious gourmet meals that are very well plated. They offer an American Artisanal Cheese Sampler with their own homemade chutney for $8. Other recommendations are the arugula beet salad and the lemongrass chicken skewers.

Black Rabbit Bar food washed down with Edgefield wine is a near perfect happy hour. Top that off with atmosphere that only a McMenamins Edgefield can give you and you have a near nirvana experience.

29/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
309. Lucas Z.
I'm definitely a fan of their Captain Neon burger!

07/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
310. Brian B.
Last night I took my wife to see Amos Lee at the amphitheater.  We'd never been before so our expectations were based upon rumor and the website information.

First, our friends warned us about the parking.  Stern warnings were given about what a pain it is to park here.  I don't know what people are talking about.  The parking staff was extremely courteous and efficient.  If you follow their instructions you've got nothing to worry about.  The venue warns you that leaving their parking area after the concert could take up to  and hour. So we decided to wander the grounds to see the place after the show.   Last night the parking crew were a well oiled machine and parking both coming and going was a breeze.  If you think you're going to get in and out of an event like this in minutes you are fooling yourself.

The doors opened at 5:00 to let us in for the show starting at 6:30.  We weren't their by 5 due to the traffic from Beaverton.  As we walked into the venue all you could see were chairs and blankets covering the hillside that makes up the seating area.  No worries, we walked up to the front and found some great space to the side on the lawn.  These were some great seats.

My biggest compliment goes to the staff of Edgefield.  They are top notch. Every single employee we came in contact with was super helpful and very pleasant.  After the concert we talked for a bit with two of them.  One of them is a college student who rides the bus for two hours to get to work.  Kudos to you young lady, that is commitment.

The grounds are beautiful and the beer that they brew onsite is delicious.  Amos Lee sounded amazing and the weather was just perfect.  Everyone had a great time and only small ants that got on my foot at one point were harmed.

I am really looking forward to seeing Ray LaMontagne in September here.  We will go early to check out more of Edgefield's food offerings and see more of the grounds in the daylight.

13/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
311. Aaron M.
Black rabbit has a new chef with new higher prices, lower quality, smaller quantities and less options!

If the McMenamin brothers were wise they would roll back the old menu and retain the old chef back to the restaurant before the to loose business as well as more patrons.

Going down hill is the new trend for McMenamins....

Sadly not returning to the black rabbit again......  :( .

09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
312. Jim K.
Interesting destination for a concert. Enjoyed our time there, but wish that I had gotten there a bit earlier to get a seat closer to the stage. That being said, we were still able to see because of the large screens, and the audio was loud enough to hear OK. It's too bad that they don't allow you to bring in your own food, because what they provide as options for eating in the concert are seriously lacking in flavor and are pricy. Will likely come back to see what the other amenities of the farm have to offer.

04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
313. A. H.
I am so done with this restaurant.  I love Edgefield.  The experience is great, fun place to stay, etc.  But, man the Black Rabbit is just not good.  I've been there four times over the past 15 years or so and I'm just done with it.  Yesterday I took my 80 year old parents there.  It took forever for the food to come, which made no sense because people were running around everywhere, just not paying any attention to us or getting our food.  They brought the appetizer with the entree and my burger was burned.  Burned.  Not like, well done, but like charcoal on the edges.  The fries were limp and cold and the cheese on my burger wasn't even melted onto it.  It just slid off the top.  It's like they started the meal, then forgot, then finished it.  The appetizer was scallops, they were drowning in a gooey sauce and there were three of them. Really? Three?   It was totally gross.  And, its not the first time.  I don't remember the specifics of the other times, but as we approached the entrance, I remember thinking, "Every time I've been here, it's not been good.  Here's hoping it's changed!"  And then waa waa.  Never again.  Black marks for the Black Rabbit.

28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
314. Suzy B.
Love the atmosphere, similar to most McMenamins of course.  Service was good though a little slow on water refills(not end of the world!).  All the food we had was delicious and LOVED walking around looking at the different buildings!  It was later when we went so we will definitely go back during the day to see what we missed!  I will warn you though if you have a jumpy person in the group the bunnies might scare them... Totally reasonably priced, won't break the bank for a fun night out!

Overall we will for sure be going back and I am dying to stay over in their hotel that, rumor has it, is haunted lol! Their soaking pool sounds incredible as well!

21/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
315. Veronica W.
Great place to take friends that don't know the area, they love to watch the glass blowing and to see the garden. Went to a concert here once and that was a blast. Good food, great atmosphere!!!  All around good place for the evening!

14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
316. Vicki T.
We stopped here on our trip from Seattle to Albuquerque..We loved the lodge, the grounds and we had a great lunch out on the patio. The weather was beautful outside, we had a great waiter Ryan and the burgers were awesome! Had a glass of wine which was great..Wish we could have stayed overnight at the Lodge but they were full...we will go there again.

29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
317. Marcie C.
For breakfast! We are always happy after breakfast here. Extremely reasonable prices for very good, freshly made fare. The wait staff is always cordial, attentive and competent. White table linens make it foo foo, which is just funny when everyone is hung over, sunburned, wearing cargo shorts and keens or more likely all of the above.  

Note: Coffee snob here, and I DO like their house coffee. That's a big deal. Especially when there might be a huckleberry scone on the menu.

11/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
318. Don B.
McMenamin's has grown from something that two hippie brothers created into somewhat of a large regional corporate empire. For the most part, their bars and locations are known for their laid back vibe, artistic creativity, cool eclectic eye candy, mediocre food and terrible service. But they make some decent beer, and it's easy to kick back in their spaces.

However of all of their locations, McMenamin's Edgefield holds a special place in my heart. For one (and most important), I got married here. It was a beautiful summer day (July 4, to be exact), and my bride's Swarovski-topped gown was absolutely glowing in the summer sun. The catered food (head and shoulders above the quality of their average food) was delicious, and the facilities were amenable. My friends and family enjoyed being able to stay and party at such an authentic place. It left an awesome impression burned in to my brain.

But it's not just that notion that makes this place so special. This particular McMenamin's really and truly embodies what, at least in my opinion, the brothers wanted to see in all of their projects. This converted poor farm cum hotel, distillery, winery and brewery is a perfectly-executed answer to every hippie adult's dream of a playground. With a large campus encompassing a historic building, gardens, a pitch and putt golf course, a distillery, numerous bars situated around the property, a winery, a glass blowing house, a vineyard, an outdoor dining area, a soaking pool and everything in between, there's something really for everyone. And you can do just about anything with a drink in your hand.

Rumor has it that when they took over this property the McMen brothers had a team of artists come in and paint the building from top to tail. With influences varying from photos of the prior inhabitants to whatever visions were present in the artists' heads (likely resulting from extracurricular activities), the art ranges from the real to the surreal, and occupies every nook and cranny. From giant wall murals to images on exposed pipes to scenes painted inside electrical breaker boxes, there is hidden art everywhere. It would take an age to see everything painted in this place. And each room has a unique charm and style to it.

For events like weddings, this couldn't be a more perfect venue. There are ample activities for everyone, young to old, to keep folks busy during the off times, and great facilities for the event itself. Once it's over, folks can roam the grounds enjoying their extended partying and stay on-site in fairly cheap rooms. Or do like our guests did and party all night. And surprisingly, whatever malaise graces the cooks and servers at the normal restaurants does not seem to hold any power over the servers and cooks that cover the catered food. We were blown away by ours.  

I have come back to this place many times over the years for random events, beers and tots, summer after-float meals or what have you. For all the mis-fires that the staff in the restaurants may have, the overall charm of this European-style hotel/play-land wins out in the end.

Who wouldn't want to stay at a place where you could have an all-night pub crawl all on-property and still not hit all the bars? Who wouldn't enjoy partaking in coffee, spirits, beer and wine all made at the venue at which they're being consumed?

For as much as my experiences at other locations should cloud my view  of this place, I just can't be having any of it. This property is very special for many reasons, and it will always remain so for me. That's why I keep coming back.

18/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
319. G P.
We are literally planning a return trip to Oregon just to stay here. Not exactly an easy cab from Portland at 16 Miles and about 25 mins. All the other reviews capture this place more eloquently than I can, but once again the vibe is what cannot be properly relayed in photos or reviews. This has much more of a resort feel than Kennedy School, and it is an adventure just touring the grounds. We enjoyed not getting a map and finding things along the way. (Drinks in hand of course). The feeling is winery meets ranch meets concert venue meets Disneyland. We were so upset we didn't bring swimsuits for the soaking pool after our hike in the Gorge. Will review again once we have stayed here.

06/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
320. Ame P.
If you're a fan of the McMenamins kingdom, this sprawling estate will have you filled with ecstasy. There's so much room to explore here and if you get tired of one bar, you can roam the property for another.

I've yet to play golf here, its still a goal, but as an outdoor music venue, Edgefield does a pretty darn good job.

Also, the wine tasting here is pretty fun and affordable. There's always a fun crowd attending to mingle with.

The service varies depending which bar and restaurant you're at, but overall decent.

Edgefield is a fun place to explore with a tasty brew in hand! Mine is the ruby.

25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
321. Richard F.
The McMenamins empire is apparently a big one, and one I have never heard of. A couple of brothers who go around fixing up places that were ugly and putting a new spin on them. This particular one use to be a mental institution. Yes, I typed that correctly. Now it has a brewery, a wine cellar, a restaurant, oh and its also a hotel

I was here very briefly after a hiking trip, but my 3-star rating is only because I didn't have enough to really say it was 4-stars

The really good thing is that you get to seat yourself (though that also worries me), although the waitress was very attentive to us. She brought me a sampler of two beers since I couldn't make up my mind which is great. I ended up with a hef with a raspberry twist to it.

That and some tots and hummus, it was just a quick appetizer to hold us over before dinner later in the evening. No real complaints, and I am sure their dinner is your typical bar food style course. Would go back to explore more in the future

25/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
322. Ken S.
Atmosphere is unmatched. I frequent this place often. Beer is good, food is ok, mixed drinks suck. But make it up to the fire at The Distillery and tell me you don't end up in a memorable conversation.

25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
323. Liina K.
I stayed at the Edgefield for a solo weekend getaway, just to spend some time alone.

I had a GREAT time and there are a lot of things I like about this place. But I'd like to first refer to the cleanliness of the room, since this may be of concern to people looking up reviews:

There was chocolate or blood (I WILL NOT ASSUME IT WAS POOP) on the white bedspread (is that weird that I'd prefer blood to poop?). Also the floor had nut shells, plastic clothing tag thingies, and possible fingernail clippings. I alerted the front desk and they were rightfully horrified. They said floors were always vacuumed, and clean bedspreads put on after every guest.

They sent housekeeping. Housekeeper was this really nice dude, probably 20-22 years old. He said, "Yeah, we don't usually change the top bedspread, or the bottom blanket, after every guest. We don't always vacuum." Yet he was also pretty horrified when he saw that someone left the dirty bedspread on the bed, in the state it was in. He vacuumed and was like, "Whoa, there is a lot of stuff under the bed!" But he was very sweet and the room felt much nicer after he left. SO, to their credit, they got it taken care of.

At this place you can walk all over the grounds with beers. So I got a beer and didn't care as much about the room, after that. But I did take off the under-blanket and just use the clean bedspread.

I had a really nice evening alone in my room until I woke up at 3 AM to the folks next door doin' it loudly. They went on for an hour. Good for them; not good for me. At least their headboard was slamming on the wall opposite my headboard, BUT STILL. Beware of thin walls.

GOOD PARTS: Jerry's Ice House is the sweetest little bar ever. It's dark, with a really neat archway between sections of the bar, and they play only Grateful Dead. I went over there late in the evening, and wrote the bartender a note about how I wasn't very familiar with the Grateful Dead, and that I had heard that their bootlegs were better than albums, but didn't know anyone who could tell me which ones were the best. I put the note in his tip jar, signed with my room number, and when I checked out the next morning, they gave me an envelope where the bartender had written down online resources for Grateful Dead bootlegs!!! I was very touched.

The place was PACKED the weekend I was there (supposedly 10 weddings were going on!!!), and it was nearly impossible to get something to eat around 7:45 pm on a Saturday. I finally found a place sitting at the bar in the Black Rabbit. The bartender was moving FAST!! They still had the lunch menu available (SCORE! less expensive and more vegetarian options), so I ordered the grilled cheese, which was huge and on magnificent bread, and came with a little arugula salad in a light dressing, and some stewed fruit sauce. It was really fabulous. The Copper Moon beer was in season, and it's one of my favorites.

The soaking pool is very nice, as are the gardens. It's really fun to be able to walk around the whole property with your beer.

I will be staying here again, as my husband and I have reservations for September. He stayed at The Edgefield alone once, before, and had a really great time with absolutely no complaints. He loves to sit in the rocking chairs on the porches, which I agree, is a really nice time.

26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
324. Erin L.
Edgefield has its ups and its downs, but mostly is a fun place to go to. The best time to make a visit is during the summer. When it is warm out, it is nice to sit on their patio and have a glass of the Ruby. They have a good selection on the menu, my favorite being a basket of tots. There is about eight different places you can get a meal, snack or a drink at on the property so when the patio is busy it isn't hard to find a different place to chill at. The Black Rabbit restaurant is one of the best places to have breakfast. My favorite on the menu is the box car, which is hashbrowns with sausage and gravy on top.

The one thing I have a problem with at Edgefield is the service. When it gets really busy, it seems that the place is understaffed and it takes forever to get your food. There are times when I have had to wait over an hour for food or just to get another drink. This problem is on the patio though. The Black Rabbit has decent service and it doesn't take long to get a drink or a snack if ordering at the bar in the Powerstation Pub.

My favorite thing about Edgefield is it is a nice place to grab a beer and hang out. The grounds are really pretty and it is nice to walk around to see everything. It does get really busy on the weekends, so plan accordingly.

25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
325. Savannah R.
This is our favorite place! Basement Wine cellar, the black rabbit, the Wilbur, pool tables & beer tasting,  spa, cigar room, concerts, little shop, convenient parking.... What else could you ask for besides air-condition.?!? So no, they do not have air conditioned rooms during hot summer days. Hmmm,. But I love staying during the cooler months!

11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
326. Stephen H.
One of the most interesting and enjoyable places I have ever stayed. A nirvana for relaxing and taking it slow. Having a brewery, winery, spa and a couple restaurants, everything you need for enjoying yourself, while taking in the beautiful grounds, is at your fingertips. Seriously, you can not walk more than fifteen feet without running into one of their bars.  
The soaking pool ( heated and saltwater) is just the antidote for the previous evenings libations.
Live music around a fire pit, pitch and put golf course, it is easier to list what they don't have.
The buildings are old, dating back to the 19th century, there is no air conditioning in the rooms. The Oregon air at night was cool enough to sleep in even in July.
The art on the walls is an amazing collection of murals and rock posters,each room has a name and murals that reflect the story which is painted on the walls.
One of the best aspects of staying at the Edgefield are the porches with rocking and Adirondack chairs.  I really was able to chill, just rocking on the porch in the afternoon sun.
My friend got married at the Edgefield, and i am so glad he invited me across the country , so I could enjoy this fantastic and unique space.

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
327. Mary L.
My husband and I enjoy spending the afternoon at Edgefield to enjoy the large grounds, the wine tastings, and the food at Powerhouse Station (it's different food than other restaurants on the premise). His all-time favorite wine is their Black Rabbit Red, and their wine tasting is what turned me on to wine through Pino Noir Blanc.

They have a golf course, a garden or two, a theater, a distillery and smoke room, and the freedom to tour the old poor farm building (which is now a hotel). It's a wonderful place to spend a sunny day, and out of Portland just enough to feel like you've gotten away.

25/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
328. Stephen T.
I was taken here by a local who wanted to show me something unique to Portland area.  I have to say this place has character and atmosphere.

13/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
329. Lindsey D.
I've never been to a land quite like this. It's pretty much the epitome of Disneyland for adults. Picture a wooded haven with a hotel, winery, golf, spa, pool, pool hall, multiple pubs, more pubs, more restaurants and delicious local brew. This is Edgefield.

I visited Edgefield on a misty afternoon for my friend's wedding. From the minute we arrived, I was enchanted with the ambiance. Simply enchanted. The misty afternoon added to the enchantment as we stepped out and into the main building which housed the lobby and rooms. We walked the grounds through the mist and saw outdoor delights like a vineyard and golf course, but a quirky golf course and one you can just have fun with.

Since it was rainy, many of the outdoor patio guests turned to the indoor options, so the restaurants were pretty crowded but everyone was having such a low-key time, it never felt overly crazy. We grabbed a delicious local brew with berry undertones and made our way back to the main house where we discovered an underground pool hall. I could have set up shop there for hours. It had everything from darts to pool tables. Sadly it closes at Midnight though. Right before the wedding, we peeked inside the cigar cottage. It can't be more than a 15 by 15 cottage and as cozy as can be with a fire place and cigar smoke filling the room.

The wedding itself was romantic and as if I were in a fairytale. The misty afternoon added to the romance and I watched my friends tie the knot in a meadow surrounded by large trees, grass and greenery. It was a meadow straight out of a Disney movie. The reception was the perfect blend of classy and casual. It wasn't casual by any means, but the aura at Edgefield is so calm, nothing was too stuffy and nobody was taking life too seriously. It was a fun party full of tasty food, a beautiful environment and a very happy group of people.

I didn't stay the night at Edgefield, but while looking into it, I learned that the rooms here are commune-style meaning that most of the rooms don't have bathrooms inside the rooms. So, be warned if this is something that's not quite up your alley.

06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
330. Jen O.
Hippie white chicks with nose rings and dreads pushing around wheelbarrows in the herb garden at this estate - it was so cringeworthy like an episode of Portlandia, but that show does hit it right on the mark often.

We checked out Power Station Pub for their happy hour. They were playing "Mirror Mirror" at their small theater and - confession - I was super tempted to go watch it but not even my younger sister would have anything to do with it. I'll always be a sucker for those Disney movies.

The beer was of course exceptional, with the refreshing Ruby a great raspberry-tinged sip on a June afternoon. The cheeseburger was meh, but I devoured those cajun tots! Crispy and slightly spicy, I think I ate the greater part of a basket of them.

I poked my head in the wine tasting room which looked very chill and quaint in a wine cellar-y kind of way. That'll be my next stop when I venture to Edgefield again.

08/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
331. Cecily B.

Let me start off by saying, this could very well be my favorite place in all of Oregon so far.

I have yet to find something about it I don't love.

It has a winery, a brewery AND a distillery on grounds (that you can visit) AND they grow everything needed for all three on grounds as well.  Meaning a vineyard, a hops yard, a grove of pears for brandy and an herb garden.

They also grow other veggies and fruits they use in the food they serve at any of the the 3? restaurants on the grounds.  WOW!  

During the spring and summer everything they have on grounds opens up.  So that means, like 7, or 8 different bars 4 restaurants and an outdoor concert venue!!  They even have an 18 hole 3 par golf course open to everyone year round.

If all of this, being on the same plot of land isn't enough, the buildings themselves are hotels and as long as you aren't in the parking lots, you can walk around outside on the miles of walk ways drink in hand.

Live music and other events happen daily and I absolutely love the Grateful Dead inspired bar, Jerry's Icehouse.

The food is standard McMenamins pub grub.

Love it!!

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
332. Jack D.
Great place to see a live performance like My Morning Jacket last night. Too many drunks wandering about the grounds afterwards and the lines in every bar where ridiculously long.

Waiting out side for a cab in front of the manor can get cutthroat as folks steal cabs. Called Radio cab and gave name and they gave cab number. 60$ back to pdx.

22/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
333. Nancy R.
Most of my review is based on the food and beverage that I had at this location. If you are going for the "experience"....please enjoy the unbelievably beautiful grounds. If you are going for your dining pleasure, please skip this place and go another mile or two down the road to Troutini. We ate 2 different meals, one at the Black Rabbit and one at the Pub. I wasn't impressed with the food, wine or beer or beer at either.

17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
334. Ryan A.
We only went here for breakfast, so that's all I'm judging here.  I'm not a fan of McMenamins (see my many other posts - yet you'll also notice I still go to them frequently - I at least know what to expect).  This was probably the best McMenamins experience I've ever had.  Sure, it was for something I've never got at another location (are other ones even open for breakfast?).  I didn't have to fight with their lack of real soft drinks.  If the others don't have breakfast (the non-lodging locations), there's probably a reason it was better.  It hasn't been dumbed down so every McMenamins cook can prepare it.

Whatever the reason, it was one of the best breakfasts I've had in a long time.  Well, in a couple months - but it just so happens one of my best breakfasts ever was only a couple months ago.  The service was pretty good, even though he disappeared when it came time to pay.  I still will never understand poor service right before the tip is to be decided.

I don't know about anything else about this place, but I'd come back for the brunch.

10/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
335. Ian B.
If youre looking for flatscreen tvs in your room and a private bath, the Edgefield is not for you.  But, if you could trade those things for a small city of pubs on acres of grass and vine fields, a nice 102 degree soaking tub where you can sip on a brew...and a alcohol serving theater...well, it just might be your kind of a place.  My wife and I spent the night, and it was the best night of sleep that Ive had for quite a while.  I absolutely dig this place, and Ill be back without a doubt...

All of the same eccentric art that you would come to expect at a McMenamins.  One thing to be aware of is that the Rabbit Hole is more upscale than the other area.  Hitting the other area for cajun tots and the old favorites is my personal preferrence.  But, the smoked salmon dish at the Rabbit Hole is pretty awesome too.  You cant beat this place....

30/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
336. Keith C.
This place is more than any one part. It's a hotel/hostel, several bars/breweries, a movie theater and a restaurant. I'm not really sure how to go about reviewing it, so I'll just give a report of what I did while here.

My friend and I arrived, not realizing that a concert was going on, so we were afraid we'd have no luck. Thankfully, the crowds inside weren't scaled to the crowds outside. We decided to have dinner at the Black Rabbit, which was good. The prices were probably mid-range, not cheap, but also not expensive. I think the entrees were about $15-$20, with some higher special dishes. The food was good, I enjoyed the pork tenderloin dish.

After dinner, we decided to catch the movie they were showing that night, since it was only $3. You have to buy the tickets at the bar, which is a little inconvenient, but they also didn't check to see if we had a ticket at any point, so who knows. You can bring food into the theater if you want to eat while you watch. They had a small balcony, which was nice, overall a decent little theater.

This whole place is pretty huge, you could probably spend a lot of time here exploring everything, so worth a check if you're in the area.

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
337. Laura H.
I've seen some bad reviews for this place mainly based on their food/drink service. Hello people!!! Everyone knows McMenamins is notorious for the slowest shittiest service ever. However, service is not why you come to the Edgefield. You come here to chillax in a mostly adult environment surrounded by a luxurious soaking pool, vineyards, beautiful gardens, trees, orchards, beautiful and creative artwork and murals, and breweries/distillery. There's also a winery and about 8 different bars on the property. You can drink anywhere you want on this 75 acre property and also play a round of short game golf. This place is soaked in history and you can't help but feel all the energy this place has absorbed over the years in it's many different incantations. Very good job of preserving all the old buildings and barn.

17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
338. Hunter S.
Favorite venue in all of Portlandia, hands down.

REALLY cool place for shows.  Private property, mellow security (really more just customer service, which is what they're there to do), excellent beer and food options for a show, and unlike the Shoreline near SF -- the shows end at a strict time for really good reasons (houses up on the hillside nearby)...

.... but the parking lot is a party, and thats not counting the numerous bars.

EXCELLENT.  GO HERE for shows and a sweet hotel.  Seriously.

02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
339. Christi G.
Food was great! They have a variety of items to choose from and the microbrews are great too!!!

10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
340. Karen K.
Excellent environment, food, drinks, and desserts. I love this place. The wine, the concerts, par 3 courses. I wad also at 2 weddings here and it was beautiful. The staff are great. The settings are great.

27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
341. Eli L.
So Jeff the manger messages me to tell me his building is ADA compliant...Yeah. Yes, we know it's an historic building and you don't have to do anything to it to make it accessible...yep, and you haven't. I wrote him back stating some alternatives and troubling responses from his staff like..no response upon seeing someone collapse in the stairway and even tell us, "you can't sit in the stairwell." Um..yeah we'll get right on that after our friend comes-to.  Not even a response about the poor ventilation conditions or addressing that they do not make it clear that people using chairs and with mobility issues will not have an elevator or chair lift. So if you can't walk..you can't book this location. Wow. Just WOW. They say a fish rots from the head down. Well, I cam see from Jeff's response the answer is right there.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
342. Gregg S.
Very impressed. We've been coming here since they opened and have always loved the grounds and used to enjoy the Power Station. It seemed like, for quite some time, the food quality diminished and the wait staff had become somewhat of a joke. A lot of our friends had a saying that "if you want mediocre food and bad service give Edgefield a try". The Black Rabbit somehow seemed to be the exception. Good food, albeit a bit expensive, and good service. We gave the power station a try today for lunch, mostly because we were starved and out of agreeable options. We were greeted warmly and professionally. Our server was friendly, knew the menu and was very attentive. Lastly the food was actually really good. We were stunned! Whomever made the changes in the Power Station deserves a big raise. I'm actually looking forward to coming back with friends and seeing their stunned faces. Good job!

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
343. David A.
Great place to stay in the summer and is the real Portland experience.  Bonfires till 2am and a bunch of different bars with wine and craft beers.  Food is ok but not great.  Lots of fun solo or with a group.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
344. Valerie W.
Oh Edgefield, how I love thee. You are probably my favorite McMenamins of all.

Winery - check
Multiple bars on site - check
Multiple stops to eat on site - check
Golf - heck yes
Hotel - you betcha!
Spa - you need to try
Concerts during the summer - oh yeah!

You can't go wrong with spending nearly an entire day at Edgefield. There's so much to do! Grab some Ruby or Hamerhead and walk around the premises. Lots of gardens, a glass house, gift shop, lots of bars to play pool or just hang outside. It's a must to stop for a movie while there or stop in to the winery for a flight tasting. LOVE this place!

03/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
345. Ethan D.
I could spend hours here, especially during the Fall. I think this is one of the neatest places in the country to eat, drink, and be merry.

And, as a cigar lover, I am in debt to McMenamins for having their little cigar bars around Portland, the Little Red Shed being one of the best. It's like a Hobbit house converted into a little brick-n-wood shanty for cigar smokers, complete with a little bar and a fireplace. McMenamins beautifully decorated the interior to give it such a rustic, old-world feel to it. It's one of the greatest escapes in Portland.

And just an FYI- McMenamins makes some truly outstanding whiskey, such as the Hogshead and the Monkey Puzzle (odd name, yes, but oh so delicious). It's a little pricey but it's well worth it. And no better complement to a cigar than a glass of whiskey, in my opinion.

28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
346. Patricia F.
Came here for lunch on a warm day and had a great time. We had a couple of beers in the outdoor area and I got the burger which tasted great. The fries were not the best though. My friend got the hummus plate which was also exceptional. We walked around the grounds and I was captivated by the actual main building which seems like something out of a storybook. Your imagination wanders as you stroll around. I enjoyed our visit quite a bit and wish I had brought some blankets to have a picnic!

04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
347. Danny L.
I love McMenamins. This is my second time staying at a McMenamins and I just love it. I  played golf, ate dinner, drank in several of their bars, and stayed the night. Just a wonderful, beautiful place. Its a destination all on its own when you're on vacation. My only beef with McMenamins is that all things considered, their beer really isn't that good.

28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
348. Bill G.
There is only one possible reason for hating McMenamin's - you must hate America.   That's it.  If you hate McMenamin's, the terrorists have won.  What can you possibly hate about this place?  The onsite DISTILLERY?  Communist.   The awesome natural SOAKING POOL?  Facist.   The Grateful Dead themed bar?  Philistine.  The par 3 golf course?  Bohemian.  The brewery?  The winery?  Teetotaler.

McMenamin's is one of the things that makes the Pacific Northwest so great.   Can't wait to go back.

30/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
349. Kenny P.
Cool, eclectic, arty, and fun.

16/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
350. Josh P.
Beersneyland! A perfect place for a daycation.

06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
351. Chris D.
Had a double date with great friends, made some great memories. This location is steeped in history, and it shows at every glance. We started our day at the pub/restaurant, ordering a round of various beers from their stock. I started off with the porter, which was extremely well balanced and smooth. My second round consisted of Santa's Workshop, which was incredible. Imagine a combination of smooth, spicy, in a brown ale mixed with the robust flavor of bourbon barrels. Even though the dining hall was packed, Our party was seated promptly.
We started our meal with the tater tots and hummus platers, both we're delicious. My only caveat is the portion size/lack of dipping bread for the hummus. The mountainous size of tots made up for the bread. My girlfriend and I ordered burgers and clam chowder, both we're cooked to our liking. We loved the beer so much that we ordered a growler to go. It was 3.50 for the glass and 10 to fill, definitely a steal by CA standards. Afterwards, we toured the grounds which included a glass blowing shop, hotel, a wine cellar, and a wonderful hobbit like cigar room. If you are looking for an event location, don't look any further! Very charming, affordable, and full of delicious wares.

04/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
352. C J.
I have been to Edgefield before and we have enjoyed our experience.  We even had our wedding's rehearsal dinner here years ago.  I would just like the management to know that our lunch stop in the Power Station Sunday afternoon (01/05/13) was a little frustrating.  We walked in at 12:15 and saw that it wasn't busy, there were even booths still available along the window seats.  Nevertheless, it took a few minutes to be seated.  I don't feel like we were too indecisive when it came to ordering-the waitress had to check on a few things, but our orders went in by about 12:30pm.  Then we waited...and waited.  Our food didn't come until 1:12pm.  Ugh, that was the frustrating part.
The only other slight criticism is with the Gyro.  The feta was in 2 or 3 huge chunks.  I basically had to disassemble the sandwich, break up the chunks, and reassemble.

07/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
353. Dan R.
Went to pink martini concert. Great place to hold a concert. Many helpful staff on hand. Great lawn seating.

08/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
354. Crystal G.
Good food, long wait.  I think it was worth it in the end.  I'd be interseted in seeing this property in the day time, we were there at night and there were several robed men walking by with beers. :/

26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
355. Lori J.
Happy Easter

30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
356. Meagan G.
If you are having a co-worker dinner, this is probably one of the more unique places you can visit. We walked around the grounds first, and then decided on dinner at the Power Station.

Let me just say, the grounds are awesome. For a Southern Californian like me, seeing the leaves changing color and the non-drought conditions was fun. Being the wino that I am, I thought the winery area was lovely, and really enjoyed all the mini-bars that were throughout the location. We walked through the hotel to get back to the Power Station. The art on the walls in the main hallway was fun if not elcectic. I will admit that the eagle painting near one of the doors would terrify me if I was an overnight guest. That thing looked like it would wake up and attack you at midnight (I may or may not have a fear of birds.)

Now, for the dinner. Our waiter was a little......intense. He was definitely a close talker and just like Seinfeld I was NOT A FAN. My co-worker laughed at my involuntary movement backward in the booth every time he spoke. Anyway, I'm not going to fault Power Station for that because, well, really, everyone is different. I'm sure some people love close talkers. We ordered our food and a beer all at once because service was pretty slow (they were crowded so it was somewhat understandable.) I tried the Fiery Cuban Sandwich with fries, a special for the night. Everyone else at the group ordered various pizzas. I also opted for the Oktoberfest as I'm generally a fan of seasonal offerings at the breweries back home, and figured it would be the same here. I just feel like the seasonals are craftier or something. I know that's weird. Our beers came out promptly. Our food, well, I'm not going to say it wasn't prompt, but the pizzas apparently came from a different kitchen so my food came out 5 minutes or so before everyone else's food. It would have been nice to know ahead of time instead of when we were sitting there staring at one plate of food and three empty spots. It was almost as though the mention of it was done in passing, kind of a "ha! we gotcha! now you have to order more drinks!" type of thing.

Anyway, everyone really enjoyed their food, though it wasn't something that I'd write home about (just write yelp about) and I wished I had opted for tots instead of fries. Tots probably would have been crispier, and that's what I prefer. The fries were kind of soggy and limp, just not my favorite.

I'd definitely come back to try the wine and/or have some more beer. Perhaps if I can drag the BF away for a long weekend we'd even see a concert. It's not a place I'd choose to stay because of the shared bathroom thing, it's just not for me AT ALL (call it only child syndrome.) Definitely worth the visit if you've got guests in town or are a guest in town yourself. I'd stick to the drinks though, at least based on Power Station.

19/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
357. JP M.
Spent a very nice night there.  So much to do, there was beer tasting at the distillery and a good band at the winery.  Everywhere we went in the property was busy but the service was very good.

Dinner and then breakfast at the Black Rabbit was good.  Had the salmon and Cori had the steak.  We shared and ate every bite.

Also, is the Edgefield haunted!?!  We both woke up at 3 AM with a bunch   Of creaks and crackles coming from the corner of our room.  It went on for 10 minutes and when we said "is anyone there?" It stopped.  We had a beer with some locals and an ex-employee who all said they've heard stories from so many people...

Overall, Edgefield is a fun, busy, spooky place.  And spotlessly clean.
We're coming back in the summer and explore some more.

12/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
358. Joe S.
Beersnyland? Drunk Flags? Whatever you want call it, this place is like a playground for adults.  Enjoyed every minute of this place, from the fun, casual bars, to the funky and eclectic hotel. The warm soaking pool was amazing on the chilly January night we stayed there.

The staff was excellent too, from the front desk to the bartenders. Will definitely be back to see some shows.

04/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
359. Quazi A.
Started off the day at the Black Rabbit, which was pretty decent brunch fair. It's pretty fun to walk the grounds. I was kind of surprised by the golf course, which was much more extensive than I imagined (12 or 20 holes) with a par greater than 1. Missed out on the wine tasting, movie theater, and Spa (yes all of these are on the premesis)! Definitely going to come back here.

07/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
360. Maya W.
This is my home away from home.  I love it here!  I have stayed the night at least 9 times and countless visits for beers and music.  I almost don't want to tell people this because I love it so much I don't want to have to share;)  But really I brought my husband here for a surprise birthday gathering last weekend and it was so much fun.  Lots of room for everyone to hang out around the fire pit.  Only problem was that the wait for a table at dinner time was 2 hours....so we just drank our dinner!  Luckily we didn't have to go far to stumble into bed.  And everytime we have a different room...the rooms are so cool and different.  Only one time I had a bad room with sticky floor and loud neighbors, but I don't hold that against you.  Still love the place.  Thanks for being so cool.

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
361. Michael H.
This was my first chance to see a show here and wow... I have heard many people say they are not huge vans of the venue but I truly had a blast and the sound was amazing. Would def recommend for a fun outdoor venue.

04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
362. Paul K.
McMenamins Edgefield is where I want to go every time I'm in Oregon. It's large, beautiful, and has a variety of interesting options that make it feel like an adult playground.

I've been to other McMenamins, and although there is one close-contender, the rest, feh... could be McDonald's of bars, this one is special. The Ruby Ale rocks here usually - have had it in Washington and it was piss water in comparison.

Had some friends stay here a couple of nights, must say other than a bit of weirdness with the layout / shared bathrooms the place was amazing.

The only things I would change... put a lit-up sign for the entrances for people coming from the left...that place somehow is invisible at night. Also, lock the Ruby Ale recipe down, I've had it 11 times and its been different there twice.

11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
363. C. R.
Really really wanted to like this place, it has so much potential to be awesome. The location is fantastic, beers and cocktails were delicious and a great outdoor patio surrounded by lush gardens. Why two stars then? The service! Or lack there of, should have known when the table next to us commented on not being able to find the waitress to order as we were sitting down! After taking our initial order, we maybe saw our server Nancy H. twice. We are a group that is vacationing and wanted to enjoy the great beverages McMenemins had to offer, and we ordered a round of beers and cucumber margaritas, which we all agreed were delish! We were hoping to order a few more and soak up the outdoors but Nancy was no where around. The prompt runner brought us out pizzas and quickly brought sides of ranch, and then the rest of our parties burgers, however the kids meal was still not there. After working as a server for more than 10 years i know to always get the kids fed ASAP, happy kids = happy parents = better tip, not a hard equation to work out. We waited 20 min AFTER getting our entrees to get my 2 year old nephew's food, brought by the runner. Did Nancy come by to apologize for it taking so long? Or see if things tasted good? Or see of we needed more drinks? Nope. Not to be seen. Waited another 15 minutes to get the check after the 2 yr old finished (which was a long damn time). She promptly came to grab the check back once she spotted her plastic ticket to tip-ville. Sorry sister, you did not earn even a sympathy 15%.

Food 4 stars, drinks 4 stars, service 0 stars.

02/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
364. Joshua M.
I've never stayed there or eaten there but I have seen some great concerts there. Small place to see huge bands. Love it.

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
365. M J.
My wife and I frequent the Black Rabbit restaurant 6+ times a month. We like the place. Breakfast, great. Lunch, OK. Dinner is spotty. There's a waiter that calls my better half "M'Lady". We sigh when he approaches our table. Anyway, we both recently ordered the Shrimp Louis off of their dinner menu. All restaurants have their low food cost items but this $14 salad needs discussion. The plate was presented with a gigantic 1/4 head of iceberg lettuce dominating the presentation. Not a wedge, a tire chock. Just plain silly. The menu listed avocado and egg as part of the entrée, neither made it to the plate. The shrimp came in at a disappointing 3 or 4 Tbsp. 4 cherry tomatoes were cut in half. If you've ever enjoyed a well presented, properly portioned Shrimp Louis then go back there and enjoy it because you won't find it at the BR. After pointing out the omissions our salads were graciously offered to us for free (nothing to lose there). I tipped I our waiter 20% of the full ordered meal and we went home to cook for ourselves. I had the eggs and toast. This time the eggs made it to the plate. I imagine the shrimp are still residing safely in the BR kitchen safe.

19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
366. Tim M.
Luv the vibe here. Low key but fun.  Met some friends there and played on the Par three golf course and was very surprised at the condition and layout of the courses, not to mention the stops for pints at the Red shed and Distillery bar. It was an absolute gas. Stayed on and had dinner at the Power House Pub. Had the "Mouth of the South burger" and Cajun fries. Very tasty and with a touch of heat. Perfect to go with the cold brews.  Stayed on way to late with new found friends wandering the property between the Ice house and the Little Red Shed. Great times!! I have seen several great shows here and this venue has become one of the top summer Music Venues in all of Portland. If you can't find something fun to do or place to eat or drink here you are in need of some therapy.

02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
367. Margaret R.
A fun place to explore for the night. There are a bunch of different bars, every one with their own style and drink menu. It is fun to "bar hop" without really having to go anywhere and you can take your drink around with you. This is a nice place to go with friends for dinner and drinks.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
368. Alisa S.
If this was in San Francisco, it would be dangerious. I loved this place! It's a chip n putt course with a beer truck circling the area. We played the 20 hole course and there wasn't a hole over 80 yards. You grab a couple beers, a bunch of balls (this does seem to be the kind of course where you lose balls, can't decide if it's the blackberry brambles or the beer cart's fault), a putter and a pitching wedge and you are good to go.

They have a really cool outdoor fireplace at the clubhouse too where you can wait tou your tee time.

30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
369. Cyrano J.
I'm in town once a year and stay at the Edgefield. I love the reconstructed building, and the seventeen places to get a beer. I love the almost impromptu artwork everywhere. (Everywhere!) I love the feeling of being isolated and far away despite being in the middle of the city. The Black Rabbit is a spendy restaurant, but worth it. (Not as crazy about the new cook, but it's still *good*, and fresh, and local.) The Power Station still has large servings of hearty, greasy, more bar-oriented food. I haven't been to the spa, but the soaking pool is highly recommended for decompressing, and I think you can still get hot tea at the poolside bar.

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
370. Anne B.
Great place to spend a few hours, or a day. Enjoyed walking around and exploring. All of the little bars were really fun to find and the drinks were delicious. Lots to do outdoors if the weather is nice.

15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
371. Jason N.
Food isn't that great; even the fancy Red Rabbit stuff, but it's a great place to visit.

31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
372. Margaret D.
Edgefield has and still is considered a main attraction residing in the outskirts of the Portland metro area. I live in Portland and used to work here, and I've also spent several hours and dollars on this place and every time there's always something.

Today my boyfriend, his mother and I had reservations for breakfast in the Black Rabbit Restaurant. We were seated quickly, but things went downhill from there.

Our hostess led us, very slowly, to our booth which was stationed right by the kitchen. As my boyfriend complained I chimed in, "at least we'll receive our food fast!" Boy, was I wrong about that.

First, it took a long time for us to receive water. It may not seem like a big deal, but everyone knows that the first thing a guest should receive is water while they look over the menu.

We all ordered coffee, which was good, so my boyfriends mother asked what kind it was. She asked three different people, all of which didn't know what flavor the coffee was. One of them relayed the information to our waiter, which was the only communication which seemed to happen during our entire meal.

Over an hour went by and many coffee had been consumed. It became bothersome that so many different people were offering coffee, more water, or without notice just reaching a scolding hot pitcher directly in front of you to refill your cup.

Finally, after drinking all the coffee in the house, we received our food; cold. Yep, our food was cold. We told our waiter, who then said the chef "insisted" on remaking it and he assured it would be quick. After he left the restaurant's assistant manager came to us and brought hot hollandaise sauce as she had heard us say the food was cold. Being as though not all of us ordered food that required hollandaise sauce, it didn't make a difference. We told her the chef was remaking it and she left.

By the time their food came out, I had already eaten half of mine, despite it being cold, because I was so freaking hungry I could cry. The remade food wasn't hot either, and looked sloppy.

The waiter apologized for everything but never offered to compensate for anything.

My boyfriends mother and I both agreed that we should say something, but my boyfriend, being the nice person he is, didn't think we should say anything. After he went to the bathroom, we flagged down the waiter and gave him a piece of our mind.

To be honest, our waiter wasn't that bad. His name was Stefan, he was very polite and had a nice demeanor. He seemed a bit frazzled though and stressed out about the busy Mother's Day brunch. We told him it wasn't his fault, but really,  he could have docked our bill down a bit.

My nice boyfriend tipped 8% because he was feeling nice.

The food is overpriced for the service received.

12/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
373. Wendy H.
I was looking forward to a great honeymoon with my husband. We arrived and were put in a room. It was a nice room. At night. People were on the ROOF! eating pizza.. well we woke up and the fan was turned 90 degrees? what the heck? I said something and I was told/.. sorry. I didnt spend that much on a honeymoon suite to have this happen.. and I thought we were right.. I guess to them they dont listen to you unless you go through a few weeks of managers.. too much trouble. I say, just get a ruby spa pack.. so play and get papmered............ BUT! staying at Edgefield? worth it if your old.

14/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
374. Eric B.
A few Sundays ago, Gayle, the Kid, and I borrowed his Mother's car and took a drive out of Portland and towards the Columbia River. My ex-wife also recommended that we stop at McMenamins Edgefield as a fun place to walk around, and visit the Little Red Hut for a class of beer. This place was originally built in 1911 as the Multnomah County Poor Farm, and it would prove interesting how this place had been reimagined.

When we saw the turn off Halsey, we almost didn't take it, as there were signs directing guests to an on-site wedding. In hindsight, our notion that any wedding would take over this property turned out to be kind of silly. This place is huge and of almost theme park proportions. In addition to the sizable wedding space (and party), we wandered past vineyards, the 2 golf courses, glass blowing and garden shops, Distillery operations, the Powerhouse (including the Movie Theater), the main Hotel building (including a cool basement pool hall and a nice place to sit out on the porch), spacious grounds, and of course the Little Red Hut. And on top of all this, Oktoberfest was going on during our visit. It was a nice bonus to hear all the cool music and partake in some really interesting people watching. Even then, I'm sure we got to scratch the surface of this place.

At the same time, McMenamins strikes me as an efficient business machine that has some parallels to the Pappas family restaurant empire in Houston. I'm also reminded of a previous conversation with a friend who worked at a Bay Area Brew Pub, and pointed out that a single pour of draft beer cost the business about 5 cents. That probably explains why there's always a bar nearby to any place you go here. Their food might be so-so to some, but they're making a killing on the alcohol. And this probably isn't the only other aspect of their business that is not being left to chance. I left impressed on the amount of detail and hard work that goes into this place.

My previous McMenamins experience was limited to Ringler's Annex and the Baghdad Theater and Pub. This new Edgefield experience has left me wanting to experience more of these funky refurbishments, and maybe starting with a future stay at the Kennedy School.

05/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
375. Josh L.
I love Edgefield. I grew up in SE Portland which is fairly close, and it seemingly has been here forever. The grounds at Edgefield are amazing. There is a piece of history in almost every room. I know there are a lot of complaints about service, and menu items when it comes to McMenamins these days, but this property is more than that. Concerts on the lawn are spectacular. Weddings are great. They have a short course for golf. Multiple eateries and different outbuildings with beverage options for everyone. Edgefield has a lot as far as discovering goes. Unleash your imagination and immerse yourself in this amazing property.  Cheers to the McMenamins  team for purchasing and restoring pieces of history throughout Oregon for generation after generation to enjoy.

27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
376. Michael F.
We spent a couple of nights in the guest quarters. Imagine a fancy California spa as envisioned by Jerry Garcia. The building is a former county poorhouse, and you stay in rooms that used to be the residents'. One consequence of that is you will be sharing the restrooms with your fellow guests on the floor, which isn't so bad if you've never done it but be warned. (Bring along something you can carry all your toiletries and such back and forth, since you'll need your other hand for the towel.  Nice robes are provided.)

The rooms and hallways have marvelous artwork, right down to the little faces you'll see on the fire suppression pipe work on the ceiling. Spend a few minutes wandering the halls looking at this stuff - It's amazing.

There are nine bars on the property. No need to walk far to slake your thirst. And the house ales, wines, and whiskey all deserve your attention if you are so inclined - They are all made on site (including the whiskey!).

We didn't try the full spa experience, but the 'swimming pool' (open to all overnight guests) really is just an incredibly large hot soaking tub. So, plan to relax in it and not to do your laps.

We didn't try the fancy restaurant. The pub had good grub--I really enjoyed their simple chicken sandwich.

Parking can be a bear, at least if you arrive during meal hours.

Definitely a good experience, if you start with a bit of the right attitude towards the place. Truck on down.

10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
377. Alexandra I.
I always kind of liked the Edgefield, but I fell in love with place when my husband and I took our mini-honeymoon there. The rooms were cute and the grounds are AWESOME - they have 8 bars, a distillery, vineyards and a winery, 4 restaurants, a movie theatre, a pool hall (where you can also play steel-tipped darts), an herb and flower garden, a golf course, a soaking pool... it's amazing.

I feel like I only understood the full amazing-ness of the property once I spent a day a night there. There is so much to do (and drink) and the history of the property is fascinating. The have a cute gift shop where you can buy a little book on the history of the property for only $5.

We got the Hammerhead package, which gives you a voucher towards food and drink at night and then a voucher for breakfast, and we felt that was perfect. I highly recommend staying the night at the Edgefield!

04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
378. Matty V.
Edgefield is my grown-up wonderland.

It's a beautiful compound complete with restaurants, a distillery, a brewery, a winery, an historic hotel.. what more could I want?!

Their grounds are beautiful too. I love wandering through their gardens.

One of my favorite experiences is getting an Edgefield Hard Cider and watching bands play outside under the water tower. Incredible.

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
379. Eric E.
This place was an adult Disneyland. Great food, great pricing and an absolute fantastic overall attention to detail. All if the facilities were clean and ALL EMPLOYEES were kind and focused on tip top customer service. Can't wait to book a McMenamins weekend again!!

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
380. Jason S.
Despite the fact that the food and beer cost about 35% more than they should, Edgefield was the perfect setting for the Sam Smith concert on 9.26.14  The fresh hop beer, despite the cost, was very good.  The single-file mile-long line before the concert gate opened obviously annoyed everyone, but it made getting into the venue fast and efficient once the gate did open.  Awesome outdoor concert venue.

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
381. Sam W.
My wife and I recently were married at the Edgefield, and we couldn't imagine things going any better than they did. We had enjoyed the food and beer, and were very excited to have our event there. Our event planner, Tiffany, worked with us throughout the entire planning process and was very flexible with all the details. There was plenty of options for the settings. We were able to pick the matching colors for our wedding and pull everything off. Tiffany also worked with us to find the correct vendors so we could make sure that we had everything we needed, even if they couldn't offer it on site.

Once the day of the event came, the catering staff was very professional and the food did not disappoint. We were able to have our ceremony and reception in the same location and everything went off without a hitch. Even when one of our guests had a bit too much, the staff handled cutting them off professionally and respectfully.

Our wedding was amazing and we have the Edgefield to thank for that!! Also, there are lots of great locations for pictures.

26/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
382. Neil W.
The only thing I knew about Edgefield was that one of my favorite bands was playing there and I had to go.  I had no idea what to expect.  

They won me over from the start.  Free concert parking!  Who does that anymore?  To top it off, the parking attendants were actually nice.

The venue was easy to get into.  One warning, if you want a seat close get there early.  We did find that it doesn't matter where you sit.  Everybody stands when the music starts and you can walk around and get as close as you can.  

They don't let you bring in any food or drink (unopened water is OK and they have water barrels for free fill ups, that was cool) . They had a great selection of adult and younger drinks.  The prices were good.  The beers were about $5-$7 and the mixed drinks (yes mixed drinks) were $9.  There was a good food selection.  They had Hawaiian BBQ (Huli Huli chicken and Kahlua pork), brats, burgers, hummus plates, salads, pizza and ice cream.  I had the Kahlua pork ($9).  It was a good sized portion with coleslaw and rice.  It was really good.  

The concert was great.  It is a good venue with good acoustics.  It was easy to move around and see the stage from most places.  

As the sun went down, the staff lit a contained fire by the food stands.  There were tables to sit around and enjoy the fire and still clearly hear the music.  

After the concert, the Edgefield stays open.  All the restaurant and bars on the property are ready for the continued party.  It does get busy and you will have to wait, but everyone was talking about the show and having a good time.  

We came back the next day for lunch.  We ate at the Black Rabbit.  I was not impressed with this.  The service, while nice, was slow.  It was not busy.  The food was so-so.  I had the won ton wrapped prawns.  The wrappers were a bit soggy and the dipping sauce did not compliment the prawns.  The steak salad was overly dressed with blue cheese.  The steak was cooked to my order.  There was nothing else, but lettuce.  I would have liked to see a little cucumber or tomato.  My wife had a grilled cheese.  It was not very good.  

We walked around the grounds and they were beautiful.  We walked through the farm, which was in full production.  There were a few weddings going on and the band from the previous night was warming up for another show.  

Yes my meal was "meh", but the rest of the visit, both day and night, overpowered that experience.  I can't wait to come back.

10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
383. Amanda G.
This place is gorgeous and full of fascinating history. We went golfing, wine tasting, tasting at the distillery, had spa treatments, ate and enjoyed the delicious Greyhound cocktails for three days- had a great time except for the poor "room service" and rude treatment from the Power Station restaurant everything was great.

The first night we arrived we ate dinner at the powerhouse and the waitress was rude. Later that night (1045 pm) I called to order a pizza delivered to the room and the girl on the phone said "I think it's too late for room service" to which I read to her what was printed on the room service card- clearly stating they serve until "12 midnight." She sighed and took my order, the pizza never came. We figured maybe they lost or forgot the order, so we tried again the next night at around 10 pm. When my friend called to place the order the man on the phone was very rude to him and said that it probably wouldn't happen because they were about an hour and a half out from being able to bring any room service over to the hotel (a few hundred feet away). My friend then said he could pick it up and the man said "ok, it'll be done in 30 minutes then." Lord, so much for "service"! Lastly, when we checked out we saw that they had, in fact charged us for the pizza we never received. They ended up taking the charge off, as I don't think it was the actual hotel's fault- it was the result of the extremely poor service of the Power Station restaurant.

If we ever return to Mcmenamins Edgefield we will most certainly not be eating at the Power Station!

23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
384. Kate W.
This is by far my favorite Mcmenamin's.
Didn't get a chance to check out the soaking pools, but the grounds are superb and so is the food and spirits. Wish there had been a show while we were there, I imagine the venue is pretty great.

02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
385. Mayana N.
Edgefield is a great place to be period. The food is delicious, pricy, but pretty great.  I got the Jamaican rice bowl with chicken and it was very yummy, my friend got a tillamook cheeseburger which he loved! After dinner, we explored the grounds and found some friendly people by the bonfire outside of the bar. It was an interesting experience to walk around with drinks and see all of what Edgefield had to offer. It's great for families and people who prefer a laid back time. Avoid heavy partying here, keep this place cool!

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
386. Micah S.
The Edgefeild is a great place to visit, but don't stay the night.  

The Good:     :)
The spa is nice, and both the food and service in the restaurants and bars was good. Our waiter in the Black Rabbit Restaurant was especially excellent. Lastly, the grounds themselves are lovely to walk around in, day or night.

The Bad:    0_o
1) About half the front desk staff  is either rude or incompetent. They kept giving us misinformation about Edgefield services, causing us to waist a lot of time. 2) The movie theater has poor picture quality and sound, and they left the lights on through the entire movie.

The Ugly     :(  
The beds are truly TERRIBLE. Both my wife and I woke up all though the night in pain, due to the terrible mattress, and pillows that were like pancakes made out of gravel. Any benefit from the spa is lost after ten minutes lying in one of the hotel beds.  I was in pain for days after staying one night at the Edgefeild.

So my advice is go ahead and visit the Edgefeild for the day, but don't stay the night, or it will ruin an otherwise pleasant experience.

23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
387. Shena M.
Best of the McMenamin's places I have been to (about 5) and of course this boils down to the extensive options, the great soaking pool, the super friendly/helpful front desk staff, and just an overall amazing location with a really interesting history.  Had a terrific tour the first time I was here.  All three times I visited here in the last year, the food and food service was pretty disappointing.  I totally get that there are multiple restaurants, kitchens, and wait staff teams, but it really seems like there isn't a good system in place. Numerous orders from my party were wrong or subs were made without conferring with the guest first, coffee and water (both of which none of us could get through the weekend without) often went without refills, and wait time for food was crazy long even when the restaurants didn't seem to be very busy.  Having said that, the cheesy grits, bacon and steak hash were hits at breakfast, the salmon and scallops were favorites at dinner, and tots in any form are always the highlights. Top them with at least a bit of spice and that organic ketchup (and I usually hate ketchup), and they are perfect!
As for the bars? Biggest disappointment by far was the bar staff in the distillery. Not sure if they had an off two days, but they were outwardly rude to pretty much everyone they served the hour I was there in the afternoon and then again in the evening. Too bad-that definitely cost them patronage. My group was talking about it in the soaking pool at night and two separate couples stopped us and asked if we were talking about the rude woman in the distillery. Turns out we weren't alone in our appraisal.  Hope that changes soon, because I really enjoyed the tour and the Hogshead whiskey!  Highlight of the stay? GREYHOUNDS with fresh-squeezed juice, wine tastings (black and white rabbit wines are a good find and a great deal!) and countless nooks and crannies to find and share a moment with friends. Overall, a solid getaway, but it still holds a fair amount of potential waiting to be fulfilled.

18/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
388. Tom B.
I'd love to meet the McMenamins because they definitely create some awesome, out of the ordinary experiences in the Portland area.

On a friends recommendation, we made a reservation at the pub course and checked it out after hiking up Multnomah Falls.  Ordered a greyhound (which comes fresh squeezed anywhere you order one at Edgefield, btw) and enjoyed a nice sunny day in Oregon.

It may sound strange, but this little diversion was one of the highlights of our trip.  You walk around with a drink, pitch a little, putt a little, pick a blackberry or two from the plants that surround all of the holes and eventually you end up at vegetable garden with a sign that says "Please do not retrieve Golf Balls from the Vegetable Garden".  (around the 9th hole).

At this point, we stopped golfing and asked if there was a restaurant that served up their awesome looking veggies.

Yep - The Black Rabbit.  - And it was sofa king good.

All in all, a great way to spend a few hours and acquaint yourself with what the McMenamins are all about.  Portland is awesome and if you are visiting I think Edgefield is a must see.

03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
389. Michael D.
Eating and drinking extravaganza!! Beer wine and mixed drinks galore. Not a fan of the pub food but everything else is great. Soaking  pool, black rabbit restaurant, and red shed are my favorite! Terminator stout is awesome and their reds are tasty

10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
390. Julie H.
This place is gorgeous, The grounds and gardens are wonderful. we got a bit lost trying to find the pub but it was a very pretty place to be lost for a minute,

They have a distillery sampler. It's 8 selections for $14... seriously 8 shots of their spirits. For this reason I don't recall much else. The Dr and I shared a beer and I could only eat half of the sandwich I ordered. He had pizza and finished that off.

This place is totally worth the effort to stop by.

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
391. Jerry D.
Went to the Little Red shed concert last night out in Edgefield, just before going to the concert area we stopped by "jerry's ice house" for a brew. The bar tender was about the worst I've ever seen, first, he was lighting candles and putting away glasses while we sat in the bar area waiting for some service, then, totally ignoring us, he waited on a guy who just walked in and got a beer.

We left on that note, but as we walked out he sarcastically says, " have a good one", I figured this was his lucky day as I wasn't up to confronting his ass hole comments and  going directly to the management....

What kind of management do they have there that allows pricks like this to have a job when so many good people want one???????

26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
392. Carole M.
While all the things that others are saying about the lovely grounds and beautiful setting and (sometimes) good food, the customer service is consistently "Meh".  If that.  The people who work there, by and large, act like you are doing them a huge favor by being there.  And, the truth is, they are booked most of the time so I guess that is working for them.  But research shows that people stop going places because of poor customer service, and it will happen to them as well.  Sad really, because they could adopt a philosophy of exceptional customer service and train their staff to it.  It's not impossible to make that change, but they have to want to do it.  Right now, there is such consistency in the poor customer service that it almost seems they are training their staff to be POOR performers!!

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
393. Bobbie Jo K.
I love this place! You can just get suckered in and just stay here for a good while. Good beer, friendly staff, awesome hotel room and fun amenities.

08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
394. Yael N.
Here's how I feel about Edgefield: it's a great place to eat, drink, and be merry. We walked all over the grounds, did tastings in the wine cellar, had a fancy foodie dinner at the Black Rabbit, then came back to our super cool, full of charm, so charming I can even forgive the creepy faces painted on the pipes, room.

The bed was awful. All the charm in the world can't make up for a crummy night's sleep, and finally stumbling out of bed feeling like my muscles are all scrunched up to one side of my body. It makes me sad, because I want to love everything about this place. Even breakfast was good, stick-to-your-ribs fare with plenty of coffee to wash it all down.

Here's how I recommend you enjoy Edgefield: make a day of it with people you care about. Have fun exploring, trying to interpret the wall murals, and getting schnockered at the many bars available to you. Then have a DD/car service/taxi bring you safely back to your home or hotel.

Edgefield, if you're listening, please consider investing in better mattresses.

19/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
395. Beth G.
Went there twice in September. The first time was with friends for a concert. It was a nice venue, outdoors, good food and drinks, good sound, good parking.  Prior to the concert we went to the little bar by the golf area, and had the best GIN I've ever had in my life. I really enjoyed touring the gardens, walking around. When I had a return trip to the area, I brought my husband and we stayed the night. This time, we spent a good deal of time walking around, looking at the hundreds of murals and paintings on the walls, and learning about the history of the place. My husband was a little freaked out, because we didn't have a private bath. We thought we would have to share a bathroom like a dorm, but turns out, the bathrooms are in their own area, and there were several of them, that were private. You can choose a bathroom with a walk in shower, or one with clawfoot tubs. There was never any waiting, and they were clean.  We ate a meal in a pub, which was pretty good, but what really sticks with me was the delicious potatoes!  We also had breakfast there in the Black Rabbit, and it was very good. I would love to go there again, any time. Price range doesn't really work on this page because it could refer to several restaurant/pubs or to the hotel which is very reasonable.

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
396. Greg S.
So the beer here is absolutely amazing the chip and putt golf is so much fun!! The atmosphere is nice too it's fun to go for walks and have a beer in hand. Now the food use to be awesome but food quality has gone down fast the happy hour is kinda of a joke and service is hit and miss. But all and all for good beer and a nice walk this is the place to go

19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
397. Katie H.
Yes I know this place has it's pitfalls......but how can you not love it here?  The huge campus with gardens throughout, a golf course, and hotel rooms for when you are too tossed to make it home.  I've been here for dinners, lunches, movies, overnight stays, party's and concerts.  The chill vibe and all the different actives available make this an appealing place to hang out for hours on end.

Some things to keep in mind here:

1. Keep a chill attitude.....service is friendly but not fast.
2. The hotel rooms have shared bathrooms and showering areas.
3.  Be ready to walk....no fancy shoes!  Most of the coolest little bars do require a little trekking.
4. If you do spend the night take advantage of the soaking pool!
5.  There are multiple options for drinking.....distillery and wine.  (I'm allergic to beer and appreciate this.)
6.  Lastly.....if you do plan on renting rooms and partying the walls are VERY thin.  (This includes other couple activities......the people in the hall and adjacent rooms can hear you.)

(Oh and summer concerts here are the best!)

08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
398. Edward P.
I've been wanting to stay here for years and finally was able to visit. We stayed in the family room which my kids swear was haunted, but I assured them it was a friendly spirit so no worries. Our room didn't have a bathroom so we had to travel down the hall to a shared bathroom, though the rooms were private in the bath area. The hotel is very unique with lots of murals all over the walls and doors. The pool was amazing and a nice little bar next to it. The staff was very friendly. They have a great list of bands playing, but there wasn't a concert the night we were there. They did show an outdoor movie that night which was very cool. The food was decent. The beer was good, too. I was disappointed that they don't have a wide selection of high gravity brews. They had one brew on tap that was 8% (a double IPA), but none of the bars we visited had it on tap. So all their brews tend to be "session" brews in my opinion. They were tasty nonetheless and were perfect for the pool hall. We tried their pear brandy at the end of the night - very tasty! My only complaint (besides the lack of high ABV brews) is that breakfast at the Black Rabbit took over an hour for our food to arrive. They didn't seem overwhelmed so I don't know the reason for this. They comp'ed our drinks (bacon Bloody Mary was awesome) and I still tipped the waiter 20% so I the end it was all good. I would give this place 5-stars, but my two minor complaints prohibit that. I would definitely stay here again, especially if there's a good band playing in the amphitheater next to the hotel.

10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
399. Misty S.
The main reason I keep going back is for the summer concerts.

I love the grounds and I love the history. The beer is nothing extraordinary but I definitely drink it when I'm there. They also have wine and boos so you have options. As for the food, I have never had a meal here that I can honestly say I have to have again. Always meh. Consistently average.

I was fortunate enough to attend a wedding here. It was beautiful. Edgefield is a great venue for it. Also, the guestrooms are neat. They are old but comfortable. The showers/tubs/toilets at the end of the hall remind me of the old dorm days. It's really a cool place to stay the night if you get the chance.

McMenamins Edgefield is like Disneyland for grownups. It's incredibly beautiful and really fun to roam around. It's weird but I'm compelled to continuously go back...

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
400. Derek N.
Great place with many nooks and surprises.  Watch movies, concerts here along with restaurants and a hotel.  My wife actually likes the food at this McMenamins.  The others are so-so in her book but the menu is different and more upscale with their offerings.  There are more than one restaurant at this location.

Its worth a trip if you have not been here before.

14/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
401. Daniel J.
I have been coming here since I was a kid. The black rabbit has great breakfast. The eggs Benedict is my favorite thing there. The pool hall is a really cool place to be on the weekends.

03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
402. Lisa W.
I love all McMenamins..My daughter and SIL got married at the Sandtrap(Gearhart) and my Son and DIL chose Edgefield for their wedding. Both are beautiful venues.

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
403. Daniel B.
Awesome amazing cool and awesome!!! Been here only like twice and spent the night once and wow this place is freaking cool!!! Everything is very unique and different from the style to the feel it's just cool. Looking forward to coming back to this place it's just wow

10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
404. Lisa S.
Such a unique place to stay. Once a poor farm, edgefield has meeting rooms, several places to eat and drink, a soaking pool, and lots of art an stories on the walls. Love that there is now wifi throughout the main building.

05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
405. Ron T.
What is wrong with your fries? It looks like a third world kid's chopped fingers that was left out almost to the point of decay and fried!  I lost my appetite when the plate slid on my table. "Enjoy", you say? How can one do such when it reminds you of who made your shoes. Only dead and fried.

You may need to hire a better potato peeler/ slicer if you have to. I am saddened by this as the place is obviously pretty. The mixed drinks at the White Horse Inn are good and strong.

The staff at the Powerplant could learn from a third world kid's work ethic as well. They can be a little more faster and sharper.

04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
406. Mark E.
Just had lunch in the Black Rabbit Bar. Great food, awesome prices, and nice beer selection. Wasn't too impressed with the service. The bartender and bareback weren't that friendly to me, they were on first name basis with all the other guests. I guess since I'm not staying at the hotel, I'm not as important, at least that's what it felt like. Like I said earlier the food was amazing, I had their signature burger and it was perfect. I also walked around the grounds, it was a little awkward, hardly any of the staff said hello or greeted me. Just kinda an awkward place in the middle of the day. I've heard good things from several people, but I guess that may be later in the day.

04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
407. January H.
We went to have a lunch at McMenamin's in Troutdale and ordered a burger with a salad the lettuce was bad. Brown and wilted manager said he will get us a new one he tried to charge us for a side order salad slimy lettuce was old and wilted it was a bunch of bullshit the manager was Trying to coup a side salad when we did not order a side salad to replace the salad that we had to have with our burger. It seems like that place needs a new management that knows how to take care of their customers.

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
408. Nathaniel W.
An hour and 45 minutes to get some really simple food, which ended up being cold. Half over our party finished eating 45 minutes before the rest of us recieved our food. Wow never coming here again.

01/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
409. Kevin M.
If you've gotta miss a Yelp party for a friend's bday, this is the place to do it. Arrive late afternoon on a sunny Saturday to enjoy HH at the patio restaurant (& ask for a beer taster or two). Follow with an hour of lounging and conversation on the shaded second-floor deck, sipping a pint. Once you convince yourselves to rise from the rocking chairs, mosey over the the 12-hole pub course for a twilight round.

Make a tee time in advance.

The pro shop doubles as a bar, so arrive early to check in as you may be at the counter for a while. There are no limits on group size, so you need to be lucky and tactful for a well-paced round. (We started w/ a 9-some ahead of us, so skipped ahead and played the first two holes later.) The 12-hole course features nice views of the site and is in remarkably good shape. My buddies and I are golfers and were able to enjoy a legit competition w/o blaming conditions.

Signage at the No. 7-8 transition would be helpful to keep groups from tangling up.

Reflect on your round with house-distilled whiskey at the Little Red Shed before moseying over to the Power Station for epic pizza and pints. Afterwards, Long Island teas, featuring juice squeezed to-order, and a stroll up the course to take in the nighttime view.

The house cider (alcoholic or not) is also worth a pint.

Holding it back from five stars are the obnoxious college-aged locals who congregate after 9:00, and some of the resulting wait times. Granted, we were there on an 86-degree springtime Saturday and the Black Rabbit had no wait at 9pm (though we chose not to eat there). The site is also laid out in a way that disperses the people and cars, making it feel more intimate.

Will definitely be back, and golf pace permitting, may be willing to bump up to five. I can only imagine what it's like on a concert day. For that, I defer to Joe M's thoughtful review.

12/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
410. Marc P.
McMenamins Edgefield is a fantastic place to spend a day, and maybe a weekend (if they upgrade their hotel suites).  

In 2012, on the advice of a friend, we popped into McMenamins Edgefield on the way to the airport after a Hood River weekend getaway.    On this warm sunny day we were blown away by this property, which contains:   a pub, an outdoor restaurant, a brewery, a distillery, a winery, a golf course, a spa, a soaking tub, an amphitheater, plenty of grounds to walk,  a hotel,a pool hall, and many small bars / nooks where one can belly up for a drink (including the Ice House and The Little Red Shed), and probably some more stuff that I am failing to remember.    We ate lunch at the Power Station Pub, enjoying both their Grateful Veg burger (full blown vegan), and their Hammerhead Garden Burger (which is not vegan), along with some tater tots and tasty brews.   After lunch we took our beers and walked the grounds.   It was such an enjoyable afternoon that we decided we would make a hotel reservation for 2013's Oktoberfest, an event from which we returned this week.

Their Oktoberfest had lots of bands on multiple stages from 1pm-10pm.   We enjoyed the music, which ranged from Austrian/German inspired Oktoberfest music, to blues, to blue grass, to rock.    Although it rained the entire weekend this year, McMenamins more than adequately prepared for the rain by setting up plenty of canopies and heat lamps:  maing the rain a non-issue.  Good job management!    

Some favorite activities we enjoyed while there for Oktoberfest, besides the music, was hanging out in the Soaking Pool, sitting in the Little Red Shed for a drink while it was raining outside, and enjoying the tasty spirit samples they had at the distillery.  If the TSA would let us take a bottle of alcohol as carry-on we definitely would have purchased a bottle of their  Hogshead Whiskey, their Monkey Puzzle Whiskey, or their Three Rocks Rum; all of which were delicious, and IMHO completely outshined the spirits we tasted at Bull Run Distillery in Portland the day prior.

As for food, we were blown away by the awesome cajun tater tots appetizer, which is a meal in and of itself.   The Grateful Veg vegan burger is good, but is bested by the delicious Hammerhead Garden Barger (vegetarian, not vegan).   Telling the server that I enjoyed spicy, she recommended the jalapeno pork pizza;  I would not recommend this pizza, but I would recommend the server (I don't recall her name) ---- because I didn't like the pizza she offered to comp it to me;  I told her that wasn't necessary, but when I received my bill at the end of the day, she had comped it.    At their more upscale restaurant, The Black Rabbit, we enjoyed a small meal of two appetizers:  Chilled Steamed Mussels, which were off the hook, and Northwest Salmon Tartare which was utterly forgettable .... really no flavor in the Tartare at all; a 180 of the Mussels which were filled with flavor.

Everything about the place exuded weekend getaway, that was until we got into our "suite".    By "suite", McMenamins simply means a hotel room with a private bathroom.   Although the room and bathrooms were quite large, everything was very dated, with old tile, sparse amounts of furniture, no TV, and a showerhead I didn't like inside a smallish apartment-style fiberglass shower enclosure.    I don't know if we got a bottom of the barrel room, or if most of the suites are of this caliber, but it was quite disappointing.    I would have rather paid extra for a nice updated room than I would have for that room.   It seems to me that the hotel could spend $5K-$10K per room to upgrade a portion of their rooms, and charge an upgrade fee of $40 - $100 per night to reserve those rooms.....I imagine they would see a lot of their customers requesting the upgraded rooms; I know I would.     Until we got to our room, we were thinking that this would be a fun place to come with friends for an entire weekend; after the stay in our room, we decided we would never recommend such a thing until such time as their hotel rooms were upgraded.

02/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
411. Ron M.
I'm pretty familiar with the McMenamins empire, but I've never been to this particular location before, so big ups to my friends that brought me here because this was one of the highlights on my last trip to PDX (the Huskies loss to the Ducks was not)!

I won't go into minute detail since a lot of it has been covered in the many outstanding reviews, but it is amazing that this 74-acre site is same size as the Seattle Center!  Instead of centering on the arts, its central focus is beer, wine and liquor!  Kind of like a Disneyland for adults!  

We did an abbreviated pub crawl on my visit, so we didn't hit all ten restaurants and bars, but the effect was the same once the evening ended!  Thank you designated driver!  Oh, we did stop for the obligatory burger and tots to soak up some of that booze.
I would like to play both par 3 courses on my next visit!

Maybe it was that          Whatever.  You are
last shot of whiskey      about to fall over, too!
that did him in.                |
           |                             /             Amateur!
           O                         O           /
          / | \                       / | \      O_             Can you bring me some tater tots?
           / \                         /  \      / \            O|__/

25/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
412. Phil W.
I really wanted to like this establishment.  We spent the day exploring the Columbia River and waterfalls, and were ready for some good food.  McMenamins Edgefield looked intriguing.  The facility is massive, incorporating wine bar, pub, brewery, hotel, hostel, extensive grounds etc., but we headed straight for the restaurant.  The building is old but has great character, and the dining room is rustic but with great ambience.  Our server was attentive and well informed of all the specials and menu items.  Most items are either grown on the premises or sourced locally.

So to the food and my dilemma.  We split a dinner salad that was fresh and ample to share.  My wife ordered salmon, which was nicely presented and delicious.  I ordered the rib-eye steak ($38 for the entree alone).  Rib-eye is typically one of the tastiest and most tender steaks (both being a function of fat and marbling).  However, this was the toughest steak I have ever attempted to eat - it was near impossible to cut through with gristle and sinew.  In fact I was unable to eat the great majority of it and returned it to the kitchen after chewing through a few bites.  The chef explained the rib-eye was leaner than usual and offered a free dessert - which we accepted - but it was an $8 value substituting for an inedible $38 entree.

If we're back in Portland we'll probably give them another try - the place was just so different than anywhere else - but 2 strikes and they'll be out.

18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
413. Moua L.
Fantastic place to hold a concert. Open to all ages. The people are so friendly here too.

18/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
414. Jennifer F.
Really fun place to stay at. Great character, great food, great location. My husband and I really enjoyed the winery, the distillery, and the artwork! There are a ton of neat hole in the wall bars to explore, the gardens were great, and there is ton of outdoor seating to kick back in. Be prepared, on a hot day the rooms are very hot and there is no air conditioning in the room. They do provide you with a large fan you can put in the window to help the room cool down. I never did get used to the shared bathroom - a small inconvenience for when you need to go in the middle of the night. We are looking forward to exploring more McMenamins in the future!

03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
415. J P.
Edgefield is a cool venue with a lot to offer. I loved that you could walk around the campus with alcohol, take your drinks or food to other restaurants and the gardens. Edgefield also has several tucked away bars, interesting art and a spa with a heated lounging pool and pool bar that make you feel like you are in a theme park for adults.

Our one complaint are with the room we stayed in. Ours was on the 3rd floor and was sweltering (July), had no air-conditioning and didn't have a bathroom (Not realizing this until we arrived was our fault). The communal bathrooms were clean and not crowded, though. Also, our neighbors were out until 2am and woke us up coming back to their room.

Edgefield is a great place to hang out and explore. There seems to be much to experience and if you like other McMenamins venues, you'll undoubtedly enjoy it, as well. We will probably not stay there again for the aforementioned reasons, but, given the opportunity, would return for a date.

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
416. Marla H.
I LOVE everything about this place.  Pitch and Put golf, hidden bars, open fire pits, beer, everything amazing!

I think the Edgefield is the best place for a first date, there is so much to see.

The only things I hate about this place, that I haven't stayed the night yet.

17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
417. Colleen D.
I LOVE this place!!  There's so much to see and do here. Golf, concerts, winery, brewery,distillery, hotel.  And, they have the most reasonable prices around for weddings. We had our reception in The Attic here and it was fantastic. It's basically already decorated up there too which is another bonus!  I forgot to mention cheap movies!  I hear some say the service is bad/slow but I don't see it. I guess love is blind in my case :).

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
418. Teresa F.
Love love love Edgefield. Love all the McMenamins, but Edgeflied holds a special place in my heart. When i have friends and family visiting the area I recommend they stay here, and when they do, they LOVE it. The Black Rabbit is consistently delicious, the other restaurants very very good. The beer, as with any McMenamins, is great, the wine also consistently great. The grounds beautiful. The staff fun, attentive. Can't go wrong. Such a special place, for friends in town and friends from out of town. Consistently great place to visit, eat, and stay.

22/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
419. S. O. S.
Edgefield is my favorite place to see a concert during the Portland summer.  It's a super relaxed outdoor venue.  I have never had a problem finding a good location to see the stage.  There's not a ton of food options, but probably enough to find something that will sound good (pizza, burgers, hummus plate, veggie curry, ice cream). The parking lot is crazy after the show ends.  They do warn you of this with signs posted stating it will probably take 30-60 minutes to exit.  They do a decent job of directing traffic to help ease this process.  It's taken me an average of 15-20 minutes to leave the parking lot, which isn't really that bad. I look forward to the announcement of artists every year.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
420. H D.
Visit Luckys downstairs from the main entrance! The service is fantastic and there's lots of games to play!

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
421. Mark C.
Love this place! Definitely a go to spot from now on. The grounds are amazing and the different bars and pubs are awesome! A great way to spend a day with friends and family. Highly recommended.

12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
422. Heather B.
Very cool place to stay and eat. There are a lot of bars/pubs on property. The only negative is the rooms do not have air conditioning which was fine for the most part except we were there during a hot spell in the summer. The wine is great as well as the home brews. Definitely worth checking out.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
423. Rob M.
WOW! Excellent excellent dinner at the Black Rabbit. Dropped in after reading Yelp review and absolutely pleased/thrilled w dinner. Green bean and mushroom salad was fantastic. But the best dish we had was the Halibut in cabbage w butter sauce. No joke- the three of us foodies agreed it was the best halibut we've ever had and the sauce was likely the BEST SAUCE we've ever tasted. Mopped up every ounce of it before relinquishing the plate. Seriously- it was that good. 6-stars. Finished with chocolate tart w salted caramel. We were giggling at how good it was. Overall an absolutely wonderful meal. Outstanding service. SO PLEASED!!

24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
424. Diva A.
I really love the creepy atmosphere of this place, and the story behind it is even more so! The paintings are fantastic and bone chilling, I still find new paintings I swear weren't there before.

I stayed once in a room, but have eaten here in the bar and as a catered event plenty of times. I loved the food at one catered event, I HATED the food at the other three. I don't know why, but most of the time the food disgusts me. Even just coming in for the food at regular hours was gross. I ordered a salad once and couldn't eat it, I ordered a burger once and barely got through half, and I ordered a bunch of yummy sounding sides once that I ate only a bit of and didn't touch the rest of the event. I just really, truly, disliked everything I tried (even off other people's plate!) I don't know why, I am really not that picky with food. But I assumed that if I was drunk enough, everything would taste good.

If I was rating on food alone I'd say it was two out of five. But I really, like the concept of this place, so it gets another two stars.

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
425. Michael M.
This place is an absolute wonderland. Small niche bars everywhere, campfires, a brewery, a winery, pool hall, golf course and a raccoon. This place has it all. Love the burgers at the spot by the water tower. If you are in Portland for only one day and can go to only one place, this has to be it!

26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
426. Missy F.
This place was great. We had the hookup on reservations on the night of a concert. Which apparently never happens. So it was crazy busy but the service was phenomenal!! Kinda tricky finding the actual restaurant on the massive compound. All in all it was a really great experience :-)

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
427. Matthew M.
This place is absolutely fantastic we found it by luck as we were searching for things to do after checking out the Columbia river gorge and the falls. There are so many things to do, the theme is Alice in wonderland with a 1920s twist, excellent scenery, tons of restaurants and bars. In my opinion time stopped while we were here, it's a magical place that made us decide to return to Portland very soon.

27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
428. Justin F.
Basing my review on the power station pub and compound.  

Beautiful grounds, an all inclusive type of feel and atmosphere!  Very nice spread , definitely worth a look!

I've been to the pub on 3 occasions so far, twice on business dinners once with my family!  All experiences have been great.  The food at the pub is pretty typical pub style food with a little higher end feel and taste.  Prices a little high but still within reason.  Beer is very good as is the hard cider!  Terminator is one of the better craft stouts I've had!  On the two occasions with business our service was excellent, didn't make us feel rushed at all, timely in getting orders out and made sure everyone and everything was taken care of!  Atmosphere is great, has that old feel to it with just the right amount of flair.

I will definitely be returning to Edgefield and Powerstation and hope to try the other restaurant and amenities they have to offer real soon!

08/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
429. Megan D.
I really love this place. We come every year and stay for our anniversary. There are just too many good things to list them all. Wine and spirits are created on site. There are lovely rooms with no televisions or phones!! Awesome. Hand painted scenes line the walls and halls of this lovely old poor farm. The food is delicious wherever it is served.

There is live music, a movie theater, a pottery crafting area, a library, a soaking pool, a salon, a golf course, and so much more. Anyway, for those who have been you know the paradise I describe, and for those who have not been get up and go!

14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
430. Chase H.
It's always fun to visit McMenamins hotels... and Edgefield is one of the best. Each visit you will discover more and notice new things... it's an experience.

The rooms are very reasonably priced for what you get. The only downside is the shared bathroom situation for most rooms. If you are someone who gets up to use the bathroom a lot in the middle of the night, I would recommend paying extra for a room with a bathroom.

The restaurants, bars, spa, and lounges on site cannot be beat. This hotel is all-in-one.

15/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
431. Clay H.
Wonderful atmosphere, typical McMenamins poor service, meh food. For the price, I expected better. Since the area has so many options, I don't think I will be coming back any time soon.

What you can do is just hit the place for a drink and walk around. The history and the beauty of the place is hard to beat. Otherwise, the restaurant (there are more than 1 here) I ate at wasn't as good as the price would indicate.

25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
432. Valerie K.
Wow. This place is like a magical world. We loved it and can't wait to return.

I'll start with my plentiful pros:
The bars and restaurants! Everywhere you turn there's a different bar and restaurant to behold! We enjoyed our meals at the Black Rabbit and the Engine House. We had a new server at the Engine House, and somehow we ended up with a double order of the tater tots. "What? Tater tots? That's lame!" you might be thinking. WRONG. THESE TATER TOTS ARE DELICIOUS. Order them.

Every drink was amazing. We were buzzed and/or bordering on drunk almost the entire time. Beer. Check. Wine. Check. Martinis. Check. Mojitos. Check. Whiskey. Check. BLOODY MARY'S WHAAAAT!!! Their Bloody Mary has bacon in it. Seriously, two pieces of bacon. Ya. So there's that. I loooooved the tearoom by the soaking pool. I've been trying to recreate their iced tea mojito. I can't. Too delicious. I suck.

Okay, onto my tips and critiques:
If you can, try to find a less busy weekend to go. We somehow booked a room on a crazy weekend and we were surrounded by annoying, loud, smoking drunks the entire time.

DO NOT BOOK A ROOM ON THE FIRST FLOOR. And if you do, make sure it's not overlooking a porch. Our room had these huge windows looking directly onto the porch. They close the porches at 10PM (thankfully), but until then there are loud drunk people looking into your room. There was this special group out there screaming, "Peanut butter jelly time!" (which was kind of awesome). When I went to close the curtains for some privacy, this girl gave me the finger! So, ya. No porch rooms.

The service was hit or miss due to the high volume of people that weekend. So, again. When we return, we'll somehow try to magically pick a less busy weekend.

Go here.

27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
433. Corey S.
Went here for a wedding.  The grounds are beautiful lots of different plants, and grow their own vegetables.  The drinks are amazing they make their own wine beer, and spirits. The Apple brandy was my favorite.

The rooms there were nice, there isn't A/C but they provide a box fan in each room.  The bathrooms are setup a little differently than a typical hotel.  There are community bathrooms and showers on each floor.  There were three or four on our floor, they were kept very clean.

The service there was pretty good, we ate at the black rabbit a few times. food was awesome but service was a little slow.  Over all a great place to visit and have wedding. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a weekend getaway, or  explore for the day.

14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
434. Jason J.
By far one of the best places in Portland! I travel 3 or 4 days a week, up and down the west coast. Spending a lot of time in hotel rooms it's the same old thing. Not here, you can unwind and relax.

We booked before the calendar was released. We landed on back to back concerts.

People everywhere, I was still able to get some work done!

Hands down best place to stay! And the food...Wow!

Will be booking my next trip on the way out.

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
435. Christopher F.
Every time you go to a McMenamins, you step into a magical time warp. And the beauty is that at the end of these time warps, there are smiling people giving you food and alcohol. The grounds are beautiful and full of rich history. The food was amazing. Simple and delicious and elegant. Easily a recommendation for anyone.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
436. Linda H.
This is a really fun place to go and just wander the grounds to find things to do. If you want to golf, make sure you call in advance to get a tee time.  If you don't want to commit to the 12 or 20 hole courses and just want to putt around, you can just borrow a club and golf ball and practice on the area in front of the pub. There is wine tasting, a brewery, theater, concerts, restaurants, etc. The Black Rabbit makes a mean bloody mary with bacon too.

30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
437. Nicole L.
It was a nice day so we sat in the outdoor seating next to the power station. The menu is slightly different, but still some of the same basic items. First we noticed the Hostess was not at her post sure maybe she could have been seating someone, but 15 minutes later she got our name and said that there was a 30 minute wait. Looking around the wait  was because the staff was LAZY and no one was busying table, until they needed one for new customers. Old, dishes, and drink trays just sat on tables around us. Not one person from the staff smile or seemed friendly at all HELLO I've worked the service industry too it's about how you treat people, and not one staff member smiled or asked if we needed anything.

         Then we were placed at a table almost in a tree, after some people left we went for another  table closest to the fire pit. No one came to take our drink orders after we were seated for another 20 minutes, then when we placed our drink order the waitress said that food was 45 minutes out and to place our orders soon. We order a humus plate and it used to come with much more humus this was the serving for one person not a group of 4 adults. No one gave us coasters so our beers were coasting down the table for it was uneven. This whole time wait staff is hanging out by the grill in no hurry delivering orders, just casually walking around as tables sit for over 2 hours not cleared or washed down while the line for seating grows.
          When we got our food, they had cheated me out on my sweet potatoes fries I counted literally there was 12 fires REALLY, the side salad my mom order the lettuce was old, and both of our burgers were dry.I sat with an empty beer glass before I had to yell to get a waiter to get me another one, then they did not give us napkins or knifes or water or straws we had to ask for it, then when we ask we were given an eye roll and a glare as if we were asking a whole lot.
       The wait staff needs to be better managed and properly trained on how to use their time. If I was the Food Staff manager I would be EMBARRASSED to have this group of staff. I worked for 6 years at a bed and breakfast in West Lin and their is no way I would have let my staff act that way in front of customers. No one should be standing around doing nothing when there are tables that need to be cleaned, or customers to serve. Edgefield seems to always have this staff problem almost every time I've been. They must have high turn over rates and can't keep a good staff on hand.  I live in Fairview and I would rather go up to the Highland McMenamins off of Powell and 182nd  where I can get consistently good food and great service. We almost went there, and should have but this  was close to the house and we figured we'd try it out again. Needless to say I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK any time soon at least not until someone gets a Food Service Manager in there who will train employees on how to work in the service industry and run the front and back end of the house as a team.

02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
438. Anjelah S.
I've been to several McMenamins around the Portland area, but I personally like the Edgefield the best. It's away from the buzzing sounds of the city and located in a unique farming area where it's quiet and surrounded by vineyards.

When you visit the Edgefield, it feels as if you have taken a step back into time.      

The Motel is old and very unique. Dark hallways filled with strange and bizarre paintings.  It reminds me of an old antique shop, and smells like my grandmothers house. Not a bad smell, but an old smell.

*Don't forget. the Motel is HAUNTED !!!!
Ask about the Ghost book. It's a guest book where people write their encounters with ghosts in it. BOooOooOoOoo

Anyway....You can explore the outside of the Edgefield by following the little paths that lead to herb gardens, fruit trees and vineyards.

We went to the Power station and Theater Pub to eat.
It was busy as usual, and  filled with friendly faces. Everyone looked like they were having a good time enjoying a good mirco-brew that is made at the Edgefield brewery.

We ordered the nightly beer special. It was an Irish nitro mix brew. Very good.
My hubby also ordered his favorite burger.
I remember when this burger was only $8.50.  Talk about price jump.

This all Natural beef burger comes with Tillamook® cheddar, grilled mushrooms, onion, & bell pepper.
Home cut fries on the side.
I wish we ordered the famous Cajun tater-tots, Oh well,,,maybe next time.

Just to let you know, the service is SUPER SLOOOOOooooOoow, especially when it's a busy night.... so if your in a hurry, just order a beer to go.

05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
439. Travis M.
I had the breakfast faire and it was on point! Peppered bacon, nicely seasoned potatoes, good rustic white bread, and eggs cooked exatly how I ordered them ( over medium). It was a standard breakfast combo done extremely well. And to top it off, the coffee was their own roast and delicious! Even if you are not a hipster, which I am not, you have to respect the way McMenammins restored this place. I can't wait to go back during the summer and try a couple of drinks. Who knows maybe I'll stay the night in the hotel. Or play golf. Or go to the spa. Or go to a concert. Yeah!

I've got a news flash for everyone that says its overpriced...10 bucks for a full breakfast is not overpriced. Some people claim the price has gone up over the years...duh, have you ever heard of inflation, or how about as demand increases so does the price. I'm tired of people making ridiculous claims about small businesses that are trying to survive. Open your eyes people, McMenamins is a local business, employing local people, and they make a quality, reasonably-priced, locally sourced product. What more do you want?

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
440. Jeff H.
I love this place!

Love it love it love it!

The grounds used to be a poor farm, and pictures and photos of the area bring out some of that time period.  

The beer and food are what you'd expect for a McMenamins...it is definitely that, through and through.   I discovered a fondness for the Rubinator, which is a mixture of their Ruby and Terminator, whereas before I had limited myself to the Rubberhead, the combo of Ruby and Hammerhead.

Their white bacon pizza is something else here too, though, and I highly recommend it if you stop to eat.  I haven't seen that one at any other McMenamins.

The real draw to this place is it's breadth and scope though.  There are numerous bars tucked away in all sorts of places.  A wine bar is in the cellar, serving their locally made wine.   Inside the old ice house is a very small bar, decked out in psychedelic Jerry Garcia colours.  A little pass-thru offers a liquor bar, there's a pool bar downstairs under the main building, an outdoor restaurant, two indoor restaurants, one more casual than the other.  I'm sure I'm missing some things.

There are gardens to walk around in and lots of grounds to explore.  They do concert events here, and actually get some pretty big name bands.  For example, a week or so before I wrote this, the Steve Miller Band was playing here.  That dude's like famous!

There is also a lovely hotel here that I would love to stay at.  The rooms all have individual names and some don't even have their own bathrooms.  In the hallways are bathrooms with showers to compliment the bathroom stalls.

There is also a spa here, that guests have access to, and others can book time to go.  A golf course is available, a movie theater, and all sorts of stuff like that.

This is definitely a place to go and wander, even if you don't count all the craft fairs and special events that the Edgefield routinely hosts.

06/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
441. Lorena G.
We went here for my friend's bachelorette party in March '11. The service was overall terrible. We received average service at The Pub. We had a terrible experience at the Black Rabbit restaurant where the waitress repeatedly offended members of the table with rude comments. So much so that the manager ended up giving us each a $10 discount on dinner. When we checked out and made a comment about all of this, the front desk said, "yeah, the service is like that on the weekends." Awful.

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
442. Arnaud B.
I lived one year just next to this place and I have to say I had such a good time to go there all the time.
Bars everywhere, concert during the summer, the golf is nice although it's just a 9 holes and it's short, but still good if you are not familiar with the game.
I used to get there for a good burger (the menu isn't really big) and taste all the different beers. There is a whiskey bar too and a pool bar.
If you are in the area, you definitely have to drop by this location, mostly during summer...

19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
443. Jeff S.
A great location with plenty to do.  Concerts, golf, spa, winery, restaurants, movies etc...   My wife and I enjoy being able to eat outside and enjoy some of the great NW summer weather (really enjoyable now with the new pomegranate cider).

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
444. M C.
Edgefield is by far my favorite McMenamins location. It is incredibly beautiful. I love exploring here. Concerts on the lawn are always amazing, even in the rain. There's nothing better than a $3 movie, ruby, and Cajun tots at the Power Station.

09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
445. Sabrina M.
WOW!  I wasn't sure what to expect of this place.  Especially since we went on a Saturday while there was a wedding AND a concert going on.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  Our first stop was the pool hall in the hotel area.  It has 6 or 7 pool tables, darts, a shuffleboard, and a couple of pinball machines.  We had a beer and continued on our way.  We ventured up through the concert area and past the golf course (which was all booked for the day, BOO) and found a nice little area between some rows of pear trees.  We sat and drank our beer that we got from the distillery next to the golf course.  It was definitely busy and we were surrounded by people on every side, but somehow we felt very secluded in our own little section of the pear orchard.  The environment is very laid back.

I will definitely be back to try out the pitch and putt course and to have dinner at the Black Rabbit.  They use veggies from their on-site garden.  Yuuuummm!

08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
446. Jennifer H.
This hotel has a wonderful vibe. There are about 7 different buildings to explore on this property and the most unusual plants that come up all year around that you will not find anywhere else in Portland. The  lazy river spa is beautiful during the day or night and makes the night stay over especially relaxing and luxurious. For those that are not big drinkers, you can get a fresh squeezed juice in the little bar next to the spa. I got a grapefruit and orange fresh pressed juice that was amazing. There are paintings all over the walls that are fun to look at and create a light hearted ambiance. There is a pool hall in the basement with shuffle boards and it is a fun way to spend an evening with a friend. Also there is a firepit with social atmosphere on the upper part of the property. Of all the McMenamin properties I think this one is the jewel. With a bathroom down the hall for most rooms it is a little nastalgic and  truly fun. I highly recommend the Edgefield.

26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
447. Sandra D.
Our yearly ladies trip to Edgefield was this past weekend. Here are some highs and lows.

* The property is amazing. With a distillery, winery, brewery, a glass blowing studio, bars, restaurants, spa and epic people watching, there is plenty to see and do.

* Ruby's Spa was great! I had a 30 min facial that was comfortable and relaxing. The soaking pool is a great way to relax before and after treatments.

* The Winery. Enjoyed the tasting and offered several wine tasting options.

* The Rooms. Are nice, clean and well stocked with towels and bath robes.

* Jerry's Ice House: Great cocktails and significantly cheaper and better than the Black Rabbit Bar.

* Restaurants. I understand it's a summer weekend, and waits are going to be longer than usual, but this weekend was unacceptable! When our group of 10 placed our names on the list for the Loading Dock Grill on Friday night, we were told it would be a 1 hour wait. We left our name with the hostess and phone number to call us when our table was ready. We walked the grounds, grabbed a drink and waited, and waited, and waited. An hour went by and we called to check the status of our table, they said it would be another hour! WTF? When we finally did get seated about 1:45 from when we added our name to the list, we spoke with the manager about our disappointment, we only got a very insincere "sorry" Same thing happened the next night at the Powerstation Pub, our 45 min wait, turned to 1:30 hours... this time we were comp'd some very salty tots and hummus plate.

* Black Rabbit Bar: A friend of mine ordered a Manhattan at the Black Rabbit Bar. Apparently it was the first time the bartender made this drink. It was watery and lacked bitters and whiskey. When my friend took a sip and asked the drink be remade, the bartender was rude and said she would have to pay for a new one. UNACCEPTABLE! A decent bartender would know how to make a standard cocktail in the first place and if it wasn't what the customer ordered, it needs to be remade at no charge! And at $10, it better be what you ordered!

* The Soaking Pool at night: After 8:00pm, no minors are allowed....and I know why! This serene and calm place turns into a mini version of the Playboy Grotto. Saw some R rated acts when looking forward to an evening soak.

I have mixed feelings on the overall customer service. Some of the staff were friendly, attentive and accommodating. While the others could've cared less if guests had concerns.

I would probably go back again next year, but probably venture out for dinner time meals and bring a cooler and make my own drinks in the hotel room.

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
448. Jane K.
This place is essentially a UTOPIA.  I was there visiting for the first time a few weeks ago and could have stayed forever. The vibe, the art, the history... loved everything about this truly unique, funky property. The bartender down in the winery was wonderful to talk to and provided us with a wealth of knowledge about all of the wines we were tasting. His warmth and kindness made us feel right at home :) He told us some really cool things about the history of the property, too! Also- the music/playlist down there was so perfect for the afternoon we were having.... I found myself Shazaming every song. ha! Will be dragging my friends here every time I visit Portland!!!

27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
449. Laurie H.
What can I say...I love this place. The food is so so but the atmosphere is amazing. I want to spend the night some time and go to the spa!

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
450. Angela F.
We went to the more expensive of the two resteraunts at the edgefield, the black rabbit. We were greeted at the door and promptly seated. Upon sitting down my husband had to run to the restroom but asked me to order the terminator stout, a staple at all the locations. The waitress came over and when I asked for it promptly said oh we don't have that we have a fall stout. I told my husband when he returned. The waitress in the meantime saw his return but chose to talk to the large group of guys behind us instead. When she did finally make it over she argued with my husband about beer. Then took her time taking our order for food. Needless to say my husband spoke to the manager, was a shame really

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
451. Hali S.
Beautiful environment! Not to mention all the different choices available. Tried the eggs Benedict florentine style added the ham. Heaven. The truffle fries were aight. Will definitely be coming back during the summer for concerts and to try out the spa! They also have glass art where you can watch them blow glass, which was pretty awesome in itself!

26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
452. Hannah J.
I went here to see the Head and the Heart, the Avett Brothers, and Death Cab for Cutie. The music sounded incredible during both shows. We got drinks at the bar before the show started and the bartender was really friendly. Also one thing I really value about outdoor concerts is clean bathrooms. Although they have porta potties they are always super clean. Also I freaking love their Ruby beer, so good.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
453. David J.
I've been to Edgefield many times over the past decade, and can't say that I ever get bored of it. I have yet to spend the night, but would certainly like to at some point. The golf course is small but fun, and the many little bars are great to explore. Well worth the drive from the local PDX area.

30/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
454. Missy W.
Edgefield is my "go-to" place whenever I need a quick overnight getaway. I love the grounds as there are so many things to do, especially during great weather. I've probably stayed here several dozen times over the years.

If you plan to have dinner in the Black Rabbit restaurant, be sure to check and make a reservation ahead of time. Also, here is only a $5 corking fee. I like to bring my own wine from home. Another thing I love is their breakfast. I think it is one of their better menus.

Take some time and enjoy a facial or massage in the Ruby Spa. You'll love yourself for it! Prices are a little more than other spas, however you are on a getaway so just expect to spend a little more than you're used to.

Summers fill up quickly. I actually prefer to stay during a weekday. A little less crowded. In the summer they show movies outdoors and have various muscians come through to play music near the Red Shed.

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
455. Megan H.
Review is specifically for the women's hostel.  I was at training at the property for work, so rather than commute, I stayed in their affordably-priced women's hostel for two of the nights.  The good: the beds (bunk beds) were reasonably comfy, there were fair-sized lockers for my belongings, and the bathrooms...wow.  I was a bit worried about the shower situation, but there's a general area with lots of private bathrooms--toilet AND shower.  Reportedly, even one with a bath tub.  Also, making my stay much more comfortable was the fact that there were only 1-2 other women there with me, occupying 12 beds.

My lack of more stars isn't so much about getting a poor value as it is about explaining things how they are.  Had there been more women, it would have been less comfortable.  Such is the reality of hostels, and why the price is SO affordable.  My main critique is that there was not an electrical outlet near every bed...considering I use my cell phone as an alarm clock (and can wake myself up much more quietly that way than if I had used an actual alarm), this would have been a problem if I hadn't rushed in early and claimed one of the few beds that did have an open outlet nearby.

Overall, a good experience.  I will consider doing the same in September during part II of my training.

22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
456. Kaelan M.
I've been going here my whole life and I've never been dissapointed. I love this place and all it's amenities!

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
457. Tien D.
This is the perfect place to spend a warm summer evening. They occasionally hold concerts outdoors, creating a fun vibe as people walk around the grounds with drinks in hand. The restaurant itself is delicious and once night falls, since Edgefield is far from the city lights, there is little light pollution and the view of the stars is amazing!

02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
458. Tyler F.
Really fun place to go to. My girlfriend and I like to go to the pool hall and play a few games while drinking some brew. Their hammerhead beer is my personal favorite. Also, venturing to the many other bars or exploring the building in and out with a drink in hand is one of the other things that never gets old here.

I've also stayed a night here which was also  something I'd recommend even if you live close by like I do. Getting to go to the spa wearing fancy white robes and relax in a huge salt water hot tub while enjoying a drink is one of the extras you get as a guest. And just staying in the really old room and taking in edgefields unique atmosphere is just hard to explain but quite enjoyable. I recommend it. Plus you don't have to worry about getting a ride home which is nice.

As for restaurants I've only eaten at the power station. Had a delish burger and brew.  But edgefield has an array of eateries throughout its premises from cheap and casual to really not cheap you better wear your nicest clothes to dinner.

Just go check it out.

27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
459. Brit G.
I'm neighbors with this McMinnamins location & so happy I am. This place is ideal for summer evenings with friends. Lovely environment, atmosphere & the gardens are so beautiful to walk & look at. I love that they have picnic tables & cafe lights hanging from the trees. Ugh, perfect, perfect!
Warning though, service in The Power Station during happy hour tends to be slooooooow. But I still love them!

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
460. Harold L.
Awesome!! Great food,atmosphere and service. Went to Octoberfest festival, multiple bands played great music for free and they have multiple buildings on premises to enjoy.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
461. Shayne T.
Cool place to hang out with friends. Lots to look at and places to drink. Only thing is 2 different female bartenders we ran into wasn't so helpful in our decisions of what to drink. They seemed to not want to be there. Everyone else was very polite and helpful.

20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
462. Sherry S.
We snuck over here after watching a friend graduate from Mt. Hood Comm. College and had some breakfast.  Black Rabbit has an outside (seems like a secret) that we like to kick back in. It has a sweet little alcovey courtyard feel to it.  

We ordered smoked salmon hash with a homemade buttermilk bisquit. Note: the homemade buttermilk bisquit is as big as your head. Smoked salmon was tasty. The hash is nothing too exciting but we just topped it off with some Aardvark hot sauce and life was perfect. (Product placement added into my review, just like in the movies).

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
463. Brandon M.
A giant smorgasbord of stuff!  Think a bar with the size of an amusement park.  Yes!, that is a lot of walking for a mixed drink.  

Confused from one drinking station to the next?!  That's okay, so is everyone else.

Don't really understand what this place is trying to do?  No worries, neither do the brothers.

Will you have fun and never find your friend again if you lose them?  Most likely!

Bring a GPS, and full cell battery.

13/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
464. Alison M.
Edgefield is hard to describe. It has been such a big part of my life. My sister and I came here to hang out at LittleRed Shed often in high school. My husband and I went on our first date here, got engaged here in July 2005, and were married here in October 2006. It is still one of my favorite places to visit, and I come by a couple times a year.

There is so much to do here, and it is a perfect little staycation for those who live in Portland. There is a soaking pool, spa, several bars and restaurants and a movie theatre.

There are a few things to keep in mind: there is no ac and no TV's in the rooms. Many rooms are European style and do not have bathrooms. The service can be spotty and so can the food. Despite it being imperfect, I still love it.

25/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
465. Tianyi S.
This place is insane. If you are in the Portland area (as my friends recently were, for a much-needed beercation) you must stop at Edgefield. Rusty S. said it best when he described it as "a Disneyland for adults". You could easily spend an entire day weaving in and out of the multiple restarants, lounges, porches, gardens, vineyards, etc. There's a historic hotel, pool hall, gift shop, spa, soaking pool, golf course, winery, distillery, brewery, theater, etc. The grounds are beautiful and the visitors (all sloshed by noon) are friendly and at ease.  

Some aspects of the hotel itself (architectural construction, 3D Americana kitsch, old carpeting) remind me of The Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" and yes, I have been worried about being murdered while peeing in the isolated bathroom down the hallway... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't risk your life for a visit. You'll surely find something that captures your heart.

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
466. Mary B.
Edgefield is my zen-place. Coming here actually restores my sanity after a rough week. You absolutely cannot beat the ambiance of a Historic McMenamins property and Edgefield is the Grandaddy of them all.  

It is magical here. I always feel very well taken care of no matter what services we partake in, as no detail has been overlooked. This is where we take out-of-town guests to "wow" them before or after we take them out to the Gorge.

We come here regularly for a leisurely meal at the Black Rabbit and a stroll and despite the fact that we have been coming here for many years, I am constantly finding new surprises.  

They have (and by "have," I mean "they make them") my favorite wines, beers and liquors. A fabulous gift shop, garden, the best places to sit with your drink, a new chef and menu which is taking some getting used to, but I have yet to be disappointed. Amazing history and art...My mother has actually requested to be retired here...

Concerts on the lawn is a spectacular venue, if you should have the opportunity. In my opinion, the best venue in the metro area. There is always some fun activity happening but exploring is the favored one. You could really have a different, wonderful experience every single time you come.  

The Power Station is pretty, but the menu is pretty basic and often disappointing and the service is horrendous. We avoid it unless there are children in the party and even then...But I forgive Edgefield because they are so good to me in so many other ways.

23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
467. Adam T.
Sometimes with McMenamins, you just have to laugh. Laugh off the glacial speed of almost every kitchen in the chain, the disappointingly bad beer, the generally inattentive service and so on. As a native Portlander, I've had many run ins with MM's over the years-both good and bad. The venues are, of course, amazing.

On a recent trip to Edgefield, the food service computer system was down, resulting in long, long wait times for food, seating, etc. The sad thing was that I totally expected something weird like that to happen so kept a positive attitude about it. Lots of credit to the staff, who did pretty well given the situation. Apparently the system was down for three days!?

McMenamins--your reputation in this town is terrible and has been for a decade. So much wasted potential. Why not do something about it? You have the resources.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
468. Jenn C.
Holy moly - I can't believe I did not write a review of this place!  I stayed here in August 2009 - it was the first time I have stayed at a McMenamins and I was pretty impressed with the property.  It was big, a bit sprawling and full of amazing gardens, places to drink beer and a wide range of rooms.  

I had a room in the women's dorm - now, these were pretty comfy for the most part.  That is - until some Obnoxious Nancy fails to plan ahead for her early morning departure and spends well over an hour turning on lights and rattling around, slamming doors and making noise starting at 4-freaking-thirty-AM!  That's right - you're sleeping in a room full of other people - granted, strangers who you may never see again - but does that make it right to be rude?  Why on earth would the woman NOT have already packed up her bags, leaving out her change of clothes and toiletries - and then moved things into the hallway to put away her toiletries and PJs after her shower to avoid waking up everyone in the dorm?  Probably because she's a selfish, oblivious jerk.

Other than that, I think most of the other folks understood how to share a room quietly with others, but it might be nice for McMenamin's to provide a little "primer" for people staying in the dorm on etiquette and planning ahead for late arrivals or early departures.

Overall, the property was fantastic and I would happily stay there again.

11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
469. Irene L.
Great outdoor amphitheater and plenty of parking and free. Saw Sam Smith here and The Broods and it was amazing!

01/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
470. Rusty S.
What's not to love about the Edgefield?  OK, I can think of one thing: due to it's popularity you will almost certainly have to share your experience here with many others, and it can be quite difficult to get a room, or even a table for dinner, on the weekends or during the summer.  This place keeps busy for good reason, though-- it's pub paradise!!

The crown jewel of the McMenamins kingdom, Edgefield is unlike anything else.  This huge property (74 acres) was once a county poor farm, but it is now more like a Disneyland for adults.  The main building features lodging, a restaurant, pool hall, gift shop, and an outdoor soaking pool.  Elsewhere on the property are gardens, vineyards, a brewery, a winery, a distillery, a spa, a golf course, a movie theater, an amphitheater, and probably a dozen or so bars of various sizes (I didn't actually count them, but it sure seemed like a lot!).  Plus, everything about this place is tasteful and unique.  Works of art abound indoors and out, and it seems as though there are lights and music emanating from everywhere as you take in the air on an evening stroll.

Every one of the bars serve, of course, McMenamins' own brews, wines, and spirits (along with others, too)-- but perhaps best of all you can order a drink at any of them and carry it around as you explore the property.  Guests of the hotel can even have their food and drink orders charged to the room, and pay for it all upon departure (dangerous!).  Each of the food service locations has it's own menu, but it's OK to order something from one spot and have it brought to another (want to have a pizza at the Ice House bar where there's none on the menu?  Just ask!).  Of course, on a busy evening there can be a long wait for a table and for food to arrive, but at least with so many booze outlets patrons shouldn't go thirsty in the meantime.

As much as I love this place, I haven't been able to stay here as often as I'd like-- though not for lack of trying.  It seems like the rooms are always sold out weeks, or even months, ahead of time for whatever dates I'm looking at.  Planning WAY in advance or being able to come out to play on a weeknight seem to be key here, especially during the summer months.  Oh, and if you're the kind of person that MUST have a private bathroom, color television, and air conditioning you should probably look elsewhere; rooms at the Edgefield have none of these.  Instead, rooms come with box fans that can be set up in the window to circulate the air and luxurious terrycloth robes for guests to use as they walk down the hall to big, clean, shared bathroom facilities.

My most recent visit to this magical property was to attend a concert at their outdoor amphitheater.  I'll just say it was yet another spectacular experience here, and I'm looking forward to the next one!!

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
471. Michael B.
I am perplexed by a recent review that said the food and service was great but there was a distinct lack of people of color. I have been going to the Edgefield for years and years and have gone with several friends "of color", on a regular basis with zero issues whatsoever.

Her experience in Lucky's billiard pub makes no sense whatsoever. A Klan party?  People putting empty pizza boxes on tables to prevent you from sitting down? Nope sorry. Makes zero sense. Did it ever occur to you that those people that walked right in perhaps already had a table and had stepped out for a smoke or something? Critical thinking should be employed prior to writing such a pernicious and baseless review in a public forum.

The staff of the Edgefield, both on the hotel and the server/bartender side as well as the "bouncers" and security, have never been anything less than personable and friendly. Ever. Black, Asian, Gay, whatever.

I seriously question such a rant. And I am sure I am not the only one. I would be so bold as to say that she sounds a bit reverse racist. Too many white folk? Really?

The Edgefield is a wonderful, whimsical, and artistic historical place that has been preserved and opened to the public by the  McMenamins family. We should thank them for preserving  this historic spot open for good food and good times with friends.

19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
472. Catalina D.
Okay, so I'm going to start off by saying my husband, sister, son and I really enjoyed the atmosphere here.  The food was really stinking good.  Now, what happened that I gave two stars?
The service.  At first, everything was kind of okay.  The man that helped us came over and asked us if we were ready and what we wanted to order.  He didn't offer any drinks or anything of the like.  I had to ask him if we could order drinks as well.  
After our drinks came, my sister wanted the house soup, so I asked if we could have a cup of it.  He told us they did not offer cups, but bowls only.  I said that would be fine.
I ran out of my soda sometime while I was eating.  The man that was helping us would come over and offer water.  This was the first time I asked for a refill.  One never came, and I watched him standing in the back, waiting for my drink.  
The second time I asked for a refill was from a woman busing the tables.  She was very rude about the fact that I asked for a refill, said it wasn't really her job and she'd go find our waiter.  
Well our waiter came by and I asked the third time for a refill.  He's not happy and is being very rude.  
Finally I get my drink from the woman that I'd asked before hand.  
I'm sorry if you guys don't give free refills or what not, but I have never minded paying for what I want.  If it wasn't a free refill all they had to do was tell me, instead of giving me attitude and making me ask multiple times for a refill.
The food was great, the atmosphere was awesome.  
However the service was lacking big time.  Get some better waiters, being treated rudely is really off putting.

12/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
473. Remy D.
Vegetarians and vegans are not welcome here.  I heard that the chefs actually lie about ingredients in the food and have a very hostile attitude towards anyone who
doesn't want to eat like it's 1982.

08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
474. Brook M.
Love the artsy venue and exploring the music filled grounds, but the service always sucks.  For some reason I keep going hahaha

19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
475. Just Y.
Back again a few years later - does the sun /ever/ shine here?  This wasn't an overnight trip for us though, just a tag-along for the afternoon visiting friends that were staying the night and doing the McMenamins Passport thing - so many McMenamins.....

I was pleased to find that it was pretty much the exact same experience as before.  Great and abundant service outside, slightly short-staffed and somewhat disjointed inside - still all friendly regardless.  Food was about the same - basic pub-grub level, even in the main restaurant where I left thinking that it was better then last time, but still overpriced for the whole thing.  Great McMenamins beer, and lots and lots and lots of places to spend your money and get a pint.

Maybe in 2 years when I'm back - maybe then the sun will be out and I won't get drenched again by the downpour.

26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
476. Christopher F.
Very cool ambiance and nice location. The hostess was spot on and greeted me and my wife with a smile and was very polite. She directed us to our table and even got us the high chair.

After that though, it went down hill quickly. The waitress, who was rude and condescending showed up. Yes I don't dress in a suit and tie, sorry I am a jeans and polo shirt kind of guy. She was just annoyed I asked for a terminator stout. She said they were out because they have Oktoberfest beer. I asked so you have no dark stouts or a porter? She said yes we have a porter. She came back 5 minutes later. (Oh the place only had 3 tables with people.) And said all snarky, "So to have stressed you out, but we do have terminator, so I brought you one." Then asks did we want to order. She took our appetiser order and was short doing that, then walked away. We didn't get to order main course.  Then they sat a table of three gentlemen and took their order for drinks. She then goes into detail about the whole menu with them. I then asked if we could order our entrees and she said yes. Was in a hurry to get away from the table. I had enough at that point, so I went to talk to the manager.

The manager took over as our waitress, and everything went a lot smoother. The food was worth the bs from the waitress. The manager kept saying she was sorry and wants us to come back. She compt'ed the drinks and dessert. I told her her I wanted to pay for what I ordered. She was nice and very courteous, sadly I don't know if it was because I complained or she was just genuinely that way. I am going to say the latter because the hostess was awesome.

I would have given 4 stars, but being treated that way just pissed me off.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
477. Sara M.
I just need to stop going to McMenamin's all together, I think.

My husband and I arrrived last night and it was semi busy (or from what we saw, there were plenty of empty tables @ the Powerstation pub. We got some drink orders in, then ordered an appetizer and our meals. (I got a salad, husband ordered a pizza)

Appetizer came out quickly so that was fine. When the appetizer came out, we ordered a milkshake (well after we ordered our food) We've been before and know that the pizzas take longer than the other food and that's okay. My husband got his pizza before my salad. We assumed the salad would be out shortly after by our waitress since the runner brought his pizza. Waiting...waiting...nothing. Then, our waitress brings out my milkshake and is quick to turn around and leave w/o acknowledging that it's been about 10 minutes since my husband got his pizza (and no salad in sight) So we flagged her down and asked her to check.

She was pretty unresponsive in the way she handled things. Said "Oh...hmm" and walked back. She brought the salad back quickly (which makes me think it had been sitting there the entire time) The meal was good, at least.

I just wish that I could have a good experience at ANY McMenamin's! I can honestly say I've been to them about 20-25 times and I don't know why I continue to go back - I suppose it's the ambiance of their locations but the service and food simply cannot make up for the lack of it anymore.

17/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
478. Kelsey H.
Couldn't of asked for a better Birthday Dinner.  They were more than accommodating. Fantastic for the large group we had.  The tables had lil flower arrangements on the tables and I appreciated that detail.

Our meals were good. The wasabi crusted salmon was delicious.  Wine & service were top notch.

25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
479. Shy A.
Love Edgefield! It's probably one of my favorite McMenamins location.We've stayed here several times and if you have the extra funds-kick down a few extra bucks for the suite. You'll get your own bathroom and won't have to lug it down the hall to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

When's the best time to visit Edgefield? The summers are wonderful but the winters are just as nice when it's not wet and soggy.  There are so many nooks and crannies at this place and you will have a blast going from bar to bar-just keep in mind that some bars are seasonal-so come visit and do it often to check out all this place has to offer!

I just got a passport and I'm working my way to filling it up!

26/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
480. Martin W.
So I actually do like this place, have probably been here 2 or 3 times now. Although I wish they had good and consistent service. My wife an I spent our day off here on Monday. Unfortunately it didn't start out very good. We intended to do the distillery tour as we bith have the mcmenamins passport and wanted to get that stamp, this didnt happen though. We showed up at 2:03pm at the distillery (3 minutes after it started). Now I guess we were late, but again just 3 minutes. We asked about the tour and the guy behind the bar there barked at us that we had missed it we are too late and we should look online at the times for these things. There happened to be a clock right behind this guy above the register at which I happened to glance at when he barked at us wr had missed it. This individual turned himself to look at the clock as he noticed I had done and followed up with the comment "yeah you missed it and in fact its almost already almost over at this point". Wow... not a good welcome. And on top of that if it is almost over by 2:04pm and really only takes 4 or 5 minutes why wouldn't you be able to accommodate someone who just drove 45 minutes out to your establishment. No need to be rude about it either way. Now the winery was a totally different experience. We did the tour there and the man running it was very very nice. (We were way early this time around - but they started about 5 minutes after the scheduled time to ensure all that wanted they tour were there) The man behind the bar at the winery was very nice also. I think Rick was his name. Very welcoming, interacted very well with us and other customers, this was what started to turn our day around and we began to enjoy ourselves. After spending some time there and doing a wine flight we headed up to get some happy hour snacks. All went well. Then we waited around and had a drink waiting for the 6pm movie. Unfortunately more issues here... after sitting patiently until 6:25 I stepped out of the theater to ask and employee what was going on. The manager was working on it I was told. I couldn't help but express that although this had nothing to do with him personally,  it seemed sort of messed up that we get told to beat it for being 3 minutes late to a distillery tour but the movie is almost a half hour late and its no big deal. He was kind and suggested I speak with his manager after she came out of the theater control room. I went back and took my seat. 5 minutes later at 6:30pm the manager, I think Lisa, informed the entire theater the movie wasnt going to happen. She did offer everyone a free ticket and a refund though. So I figured that would suffice and we went on our way. I wish the whole place functioned and was staffed like the winery and the black rabbit restaurant - those pieces of our afternoon where good at least.

Just too bad we only got to do 1 of the 3 things we actually came for. No movie, no distillery tour. Only the winery tour.

18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
481. Patricia W.
This place is amazing! It's Disneyland for beer-loving  adults. Good local beer and great food. Not all of their food is the greatest, but you should try the Cajun tots. This is my favorite place to come all year round, but you can't beat the affordable concerts and outdoor movies in the summer! They have a jerry Garcia bar too, deadheads welcome! It's a fun place where there's always something to do.

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
482. Bradford D.
Came here to see OneRepublic at the end of the summer and had a blast.  We lucked out on the weather (really, there shouldn't be outdoor concerts after August) and the music and atmosphere was really awesome.  So why only 3 stars?  I guess because I was so irritated that even McMenamins had to charge $8 for a beer at a concert.  This pissed me off...cause if I walked out of the gate, a few steps away to one of the 50 bars they have at Edgefield, I could get a beer for a normal price.  It doesn't make sense...for 2 tickets, it was $100.  Sorry, no extra income for overpriced, over rated McMenamins beer.  But the concert really was a blast.

As a side review, I came here at the beginning of the summer to play the pub course for a birthday.  That, too, was fun.  Although 20 holes did seem long.  But it was a very well taken care of course (and FYI, you can get a 22 oz bottle for $7 on the course).

04/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
483. Scott S.
Not really impressed with the food choices. I would recommend the grilled cheese and pull out the squash chucks to make it not sweet tasting. The all no additive tomato soup okay.

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
484. Preston O.
Words can not describe how amazing this place is. Rumordly haunted, it definitely had an older feel to it. There is a winery, a brewery, a cigar/bourbon house as well as an awesome bar with pool, darts, pinball and shuffle board. The staff is amazing, the rooms are affordable and the experience is second to none. Dress to impress, you'll feel classy staying here, as well as welcomed.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
485. Shelly H.
This is one of my favorite places, ever!  I was in Portland (from the east coast) for my wedding and on a whim, my new husband called McMenamin's Edgefield to see if they had any available rooms.  Thank goodness, they did!  We stayed in the Power Station on the second floor and it was fabulous.  We arrived in time to see a black rabbit cross the road in front of us, have dinner in the Pub, and then head to the saltwater soaking pool!  

The food and the service were great!

I love the relaxed atmosphere; it is normal to see people walking around in robes with a drink in their hand.  Be sure to walk the property and read about the history of the buildings; it is very intriguing!

The saltwater soaking pool is fabulous.  (The short trail to the soaking pool/spa is cute and peaceful-my husband went barefoot!)  Sea salt, 102 degrees, no chemicals, a quiet atmosphere, and a bar right next to the pool!

I really, really love this place.  I hope to go back to Oregon soon to experience it again.  I could easily stay here for an entire week.

24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
486. James T.
Food = 5
Price = 5
Experience = 5+

What a place... just go there and spend the afternoon.

21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
487. Betsy W.
This was our first time having the Edgefield experience...
Totally amazing food! Even at the Avett show, the food being pre-made AND prepackaged, it was delicious, fresh, flavorful and priced right.
Concert security was wonderful, no egocentric jerks wet blanketing the crowd. Drinks were a bit pricey, but totally worth it! Try the "Pear Sidecar" oh yes...
The grounds and staff were kind, funny and knowledgable. Thanks peeps!

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
488. Lesa D.
Things that McMenamins food is better than: Char-burger in Cascade Locks (but Char-burger is all about the view, so it doesn't matter), McDonald's and all other fast food - always! Never measure any  McMenamins anywhere against all the great restaurants in Portland.  It's not about the food. The reason you go to McMenamins is for the awesome atmosphere, the creative artwork, and the funky use of historical space. Their food would never get 5 stars, but it wouldn't necessarily rank only 1.

McMenamins exudes fun, relaxation, and enjoyment.  Just as you'd go to a dive for fabulous food, you do the opposite for McMenamins.  It's got everything - except sensational food.  But it's fine - it's not sensational, it's fine. And while there's no "food swoons", the atmosphere is so incredible, you don't really care.

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
489. Bob J.
Thank you Mandy Orvis ( Edgefield Events planner). Last night we had a celebration of life party for our daughter in the Blackberry Hall, everyone was impressed with the great facilities, staff and fantastic food. This could not have gone better anywhere else. I can't thank all of you, the wait staff, chefs, bar tenders enough, great job.

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
490. Tristan R.
love this place grown up Disneyland

10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
491. Emma S.
This is my favorite Mcmenamins location. The best feature is the soaking pool. The way it's laid out, with a winding footprint through vegetation, makes you feel secluded even when there are many people present. One tip about staying over night though: bring ear plugs. The hotel is a refurbished poor house and there is little (if no) insulation in the walls. Noise from other rooms could be an issue if you are a light sleeper like me.

22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
492. Brian O.
This is an amazing location with a lot to do. Edgefield is one of my favorite locations and it really fun all year around.

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
493. Victoria M.
So my boyfriend and I often go to the McMenamins on the Columbia in Vancouver WA and we absolutely love it. So we decided to try this McMenamins during our lunch break. It was the complete opposite then we expected. I ordered their soup special and it over seasoned and they messed up my boyfriends order twice. Definitely not coming here again.

23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
494. Brooke D.
So, after management responding I decided to meet friends here for happy hour again.  I love the new small bites happy hour menu, although I wish they had the BBQ sliders at more locations (they are at Kennedy, but not Edgefield last time I was here).  The truffle fries are good when they're fresh - my friends received one batch that was lukewarm and not very good, but I've had good luck with them.

The food has improved to upper-end pub food, but the regular menu is still on the high side for what is offered.  I still eat dinner there occasionally because I figure I'm paying in part for the awesome venues - this does mean that I rarely venture into the strip mall McM's though.

I also think whoever came up with the McM's passport is a marketing genius.  Two friends received them for Christmas and then I bought one.  Now, nearly all of my friends have them and we spend an inordinate amount of our happy hour times collecting new stamps.

Oh, and the seasonal ciders are the best!  The regular cider isn't quite sweet enough for me, but I've loved several of the seasonal ciders with a little more fruit flavor to them.

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
495. John O.
It's interesting to read the different reviews here.  I had heard nothing about McMenamins before I came to Oregon.  This place is just incredible unique -- one of the most unique establishments in the United States.   For that reason alone, it deserves 5 stars.

Cliff notes version: McMenamins Edgefield is a ginormous "Disneyland" of sorts for adults.  If you step back and think about the variety of interesting, unique activities and the fact that this place was once a schoolhouse, this place is off the charts when it comes to uniqueness.  If you can find something similar to this in the USA, please PM me, I'd like to know where it is! ;)

Activities include: wine tasting/drinking in a downstairs cellar, beers brewed on site, downstairs divey bar with pool tables and darts, hot tub with a private cocktail bar located on site, cigar lounge area with whiskey distillery, 9 hole golf course, Grateful Dead themed bar!!, on site food with different types of foods offered (breakfast is incredible and so is the service).   Again, where else in the USA can you find something like this?  

The grounds are incredibly beautiful.  Go in the spring time and you can see incredible flowers blooming on the acres of land.  It's stunning.  Impeccable grounds and very cool on site herb/vegetable garden.

I personally can't imagine a more unique place.   Awesome grounds to sit back and drink and eat a whole lotta whatever you want.  Repeat:  Disneyland for adults.  Not much more to say.......

03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
496. Jennifer W.
Well...as a guest in the hotel (not our first time for sure)  you would think you could order a happy hour menu item at 1145 pm and take it to your room but....nope! Full price. Really. Wtheck. I'm not happy about and I will let management know.

I would like to Add to my review. .when I told management of our experience they did apologize and told me they would talk to staff and make some changes and would discount our room. So I would like to say Thank You for that. Although...at check out it was not discounted on our bill and I had to let her know I was supposed to get a discount. She was very nice about it and gave it to me without hesitation!

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
497. E R.
This is a must visit every time we go to Portland and is our first recommendation to friends going there.  With a winery tasting room, a brewery pub / eat-in movie theater, a top notch restaurant called the Black Rabbit, spa pool, Hotel, outdoor dining, various little bars to sample their own distilled liquors, two par 3 Golf Courses, a huge herb garden, glass blowing shop, plenty of on-campus parking, and summer music events, I don't know how you can't find something enjoyable here.  We enjoy it all.  Our daughter had her wedding here.  
The food is very good!  The Black Rabbit Red is our favorite wine for the price, and don't miss the Pear Brandy!!  It is like eating a fresh pear that bites back.

05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
498. Anthony K.
Great place to play a little par 3 golf, wander around the property, catch a concert, and grab a bite to eat.

18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
499. Dana M.
McMenamins Edgefield is my favorite outdoor concert venue in the NW.  The acoustics are great, and you don't have to schlep too far from Portland to commune with nature in an amphitheater setting. Except for one isolated event,  I've  been able to buy tickets for popular concerts as I am very proactive about pre-sales and keeping current on upcoming shows.  Despite my vigilance, two years ago I was unable to buy tickets to a hugely popular artist and expressed my concerns about the disheartening ticket sales industry, scalpers, etc. to management.  The events manager was very receptive to my honest and pointed email and took time to address my concerns at length.  He restored my confidence in McMenamins Edgefield as a concert venue with the real fans best interests in mind.  I have been a hotel guest here as well.  Once I lodged here during a sold out concert- I do not recommend doing this if you want to get any sleep.  There was a steady stream of party-happy drunks and loud, bemoaning souls who'd lost their keys, money, friends.  It is, in general, a loud hotel with creaky floors and boisterous guests.  That being said, it was a fantastic spot to lodge during a friends' 2 day birthday celebration as it is a playground for adults.  Wine cellar, bars,  tucked away watering holes, heavenly soaking tubs, and gardens of bounty for farm to table dining.  It is possible to wander the grounds in the bath robe provided with drink in hand and feel totally at home.

18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
500. Brenda F.
Found hair in my food and dirty flatware. Manager said there is no corporate policy in kitchen on beards and hair in general. Can't ever eat at a mcmenamin's location. They did comp our bill. Need to change policy to make me happy.

18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
501. Office A.
Met co-workers at the Power Station Pub after work for a little dept party. Was a Wed night. Was extremely busy; we had to wait 40 mins. for a table for 5. Restaurant was very, VERY noisy so it was -Impossible- to hear each other (I'm not exaggerating). This is not the fault of McMenamins Edgefield but take note if you'd like to have conversation. The food is overpriced in my opinion. A simple burger and a hard cider was $20. Carl's Jr has better hamburgers for $2.50. My French fries were sort of burnt and were less than one-inch long (I'm not exaggerating). The waitress explained that they hand-cut the potatoes so one can expect little itty-bitty nubs as fries. I felt that for the money I should have gotten French fries at least as long as my little finger. I regret not requesting a new/fresh order of fries. I love McMenamins and I love McMenamins Edgefield. And, I do feel disappointed when I cannot hear what anyone is saying and it's such a strain to talk and listen. I also do feel disappointed when the food is just OK for so much money (at least so much money FOR ME). Makes me think we should have gone elsewhere and I don't think THAT sentiment is what a venue would want patrons to think upon leaving their establishment.

14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
502. Mandy F.
I didn't eat or stay here, so I can't comment on that.  I did, however, attend a concert here (Youngblood Hawke, Walk the Moon, Panic at the Disco) and have to say that the grounds were absolutely LOVELY.  A beautiful place for a concert.  The vineyards are beautiful, and the gardens... Just a lovely, lovely place.  The wine was good, and the few actual McMenamins staff I encountered were friendly and helpful.

I look forward to going back and actually eating and staying here next time!

28/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
503. Martha V.
McMenamins on steroids!!!!
This place rocks! Car broke down so we waited here while it was being repaired. Food was just OK (hence the 4 stars) Curry fries could be crisper, pears in pear salad were tasteless. Was at another McMenamins and the food there was meh as well.
But the grounds here are just wonderful - every time you turned around, another sight to see or another bar - they have done well with the repurposing of all the buildings!  Fabulous!
Great local for a wedding or just hanging out!

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
504. Harry C.
Awesome place to bring friends and sit around the fire, chill on the hotel porch, hit a short round of pitch and put. Drinks are good, a little spendy. They make a great black opal, unfortunately they use jiggers so they can be pretty weak, but very tasty.

12/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
505. HighStandard S.
This place seems to be a victim of it's own success.

When I got there, I was lucky to find a parking space only because another car was leaving.

When I entered the main building, I was overwhelmed with the smell of must. Found a ladies room that hadn't been serviced any time recently. No toilet paper! Not clean!

Moved on to the restaurant in the same building and was told they were not seating anyone because the "kitchen is down", but that cold dishes were available in the bar.

I asked about other options on the premises and was told that there was a pizzeria, but that, "they're out of pizza", and that there was another restaurant, but "there's at least a 30 minute wait". This was at 6PM on a Sunday. How can a pizzeria "run out of pizza"? Who the hell is managing this place?

At that point, I lost my curiosity about the establishment and wanted to leave, but I had to fight my way through the zombie apocalypse of hungry people wandering the grounds, trying to find a place to relax and eat. I nearly got run over by another party, but couldn't get mad at them because I wanted to get out of there fast too!

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
506. Allison T.
Edgefield is a magical place.  I'll be totally honest and admit that I haven't even explored all that Edgefield has to offer.  Power Station is good for groups of people to go grab some food; Black Rabbit, in my opinion, has better food than Power Station, but is a little bit more expensive; the pool hall is always a good time.

Burgers and tots, or truffle fries are the way to go.  I also didn't like dark beer before coming here, but now I dream of Terminator stout.  For a good lighter beer, I'd recommend their Ruby.

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
507. David P.
A must if you are starting or ending a trip through the Columbia Gorge.  Amazing grounds and décor, great par3 golf, the usual amazing menu and or course excellent beers.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
508. Brody L.
I came here for the day with my partner and was very impressed.  We got our mcmenamins passports and almost filled all our stamps! We went to almost all the bars and restaurants and shared drinks and food at each place to experience it all.  The staff was all very friendly and knowledgable at each location and we likes talking to them about their favorite bars to work in and what other locations they have been to.  Some locations took a lot longer to get snacks, I assume because the kitchen is no where near that bar. But it wasn't a big deal because each location has a fun and friendly atmosphere so we didn't mind the wait.

We played shuffle board, tried a distillery flight, had lots of good food and specialty cocktails at 5 different bars. It's a big place to walk around with lots of great artwork and some nice gardens and nature spots to sit and enjoy. It was fun playing the passport game where you get clues and take your picture in front of the artwork from the clues to get your passport stamp.

When we ate outside it was very very busy and our server Jen did a great job serving us and checking up on all the tables around her.  She had to run inside and outside a lot and even as she ran by she would make sure we were doing okay.

We are booking a room for my partners birthday and are excited to check out the really good looking salt water pool and wine/distillery tours!

05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
509. Steve S.
I just saw Beck last night. He of course is a miracle in a fedora.

The venue needs some work, like the fact that all tickets were sold to third party reselling websites where I paid $100 for $50 tickets. This does not make Mcminmens any extra money, it only discourages full occupancy for a sold out show, makes hard working people spend what little they have.

After being charged double, a "father" with a baby in a backpack proceeds to block my view, get hammered drunk with a tethered toddler jostling back and forth with the baby crying all the while. Why this outdoor bar allow minors to be subjected to loud sounds, and drunk crowds  is beyond me, and worthy of a DHS booth next to the first aid booth.

To top it off, every spot in this crowd had people trying to talk to each other over the music. Maybe Edgefield could turn the volume down so these drunk, inconsiderate, model parents can hear each other talk about how heavy their baby backpack is.

I will never go to another Edgefield concert again. I want my money back.

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
510. Joyce G.
There is a place to suit everyone at Edgefield. Black Rabbit happens to be my favorite spot (happy hour menu is always superb) but the Distillery in the summertime is a close second. My boys all love The Power Station. It's fun to play the Passport game too. Great food, great service & great scenery.

03/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
511. Michael C.
This place is so Portland it hurts. Food is good, the grounds are interesting, the building has a lot of history and character. I think they even do glass blowing classes, grow their herbs and veggies, and brew their own beer. Had a rabbit dish that was really nice

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
512. Caite C.
I do love Edgefield - but I am very sad to see the Thai peanut bowl gone! I drove out from portland just for it :( I hope it is not gone forever. Luckily the truffle fries filled my void - if only partially.

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
513. Laura W.
High prices for just so-so food. Things have changed and not for the better.  

My family has been going to McMenamins for years and has always enjoyed the restaurants and cool vibe of the locations.   But, I'm sorry to say we won't be back.  On this LAST visit I ordered a dinner size Caesar salad and it was barely the size of a normal side salad.     We also got a burger and tots.  I counted less than 10 tots on the plate.  I talked with the our server about the new high prices and skimpy portions and she said "yeah I know  it's embarrassing".

21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
514. Gary M.
We stayed here for one night at the beginning of our Pacific NW road trip, and boy do I wish we had stayed longer! What a cool place, from the winding roads through all the buildings to the amazing circa-1911 hotel there is so much character. Formerly the Multnomah County Poor Farm, this whole campus evokes images of the 1920s.

All the old buildings have been converted into new uses. There's the hotel of course, but also a winery, distillery, spa, pub, multiple bars... its a whole vacation in one spot! Such a good concept, it will be hard to stay at a regular hotel again.

We arrived late in the evening (9PM), but still had time to eat dinner at the Black Rabbit and go enjoy the soaking pool for an hour. The soaking pool deserves its own review, but let me hit the high points. Imagine a giant hot tub that winds around through tropical foliage for a few hundred feet, kind of like a "lazy river" at a water park except its a HOT TUB. So cool. Oh and there's a bar right there, and everything is open till 11PM (I never understand why most hotels close their hot tubs so early).

The rooms are very nice, we had a king room on the corner of the second floor. Very well done, comfortable beds, lots of space. Great character, and each room is themed after someone who used to live at the poor farm. I love reading about the history. Overall, as nice as any hotel I've stayed in save the latest and greatest Vegas resorts.

There is one important thing to note: most of the rooms don't have private bathrooms. There are two men's and two women's bathrooms per floor, which are perfectly nice and have private showers and toilets. There are suites available with private bathrooms, but none were available when we were there.

I'll just sum it up with this: Go here, stay here, drink here, relax here.

07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
515. Kristy S.
I read about this hotel's interesting history, and how it is rated one of the most haunted hotels in Oregon, so I had to come because I love creepy things :)   It was really cheap (around $100 a night) and the room was really cozy.  It had antique furniture and paintings, unique decorations, etc.  It was really cool.  Having shared bathrooms is not fun, but I knew that prior to arriving and was ok with it.  The architecture of the building is really neat. The only thing that really stinks about this place is that despite there are 5-6 bars there, all of them get so busy that you cannot get in (due to them being over capacity) or you have to wait in line 20-30 minutes to get a drink.

23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
516. Maria S.
What a disappointment.

We were a party of 8 and turned away because we wanted to leave our bikes in sight of the patio where we planned to sit.  The place was pretty empty for a sunny Sunday afternoon in October and we had placed our bikes out of the way, leaning against some bushes.

The server told us to use the bike rack.  We pointed out that it was out of sight and that our bikes were out of the way.  She told us next time to bring locks.

There won't be a next time, of course.  I guess McMenamins is soooo big and successful they don't care about a party of 8 hungry cyclists who wanted lunch and beer.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
517. Vince M.
I recently visited Edgefield (11/23) and had dinner and drinks at 'The Power Station'. The porter was outstanding and the fish and chips was prepared and served just right. Our server was attentive, asking our table for refills/new drink orders at just the right time, and also making beer suggestions that worked for our group.

I did not tour the grounds during this recent visit, but have walked and enjoyed a beer on prior visits. If the weather is good, grab yourself a cold beverage and enjoy the gardens.

I highly recommend trying Edgefield and 'The Power Station' restaurant/bar if you are in the local area.

27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
518. Jessica R.
The space it's self is beautiful and spacious.  The day I was here it was very crowded with long wait times at all the restaurants and so I only had time to have one of McMenamins delicious greyhounds.  There are several restaurants and bars on the property along with a hotel.  There was a wedding going on the day I was there and I kept thinking what a great place to get married at.  Check this one out!

07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
519. Rayce J.
This place has some rough edges like no A/C in a 3rd floor room (it was almost 100 degrees in our room) and no elevator either. But once you get past the shortcomings, you'll find, like we did, that it's an incredible place to experience.  

The grounds are infused with a ton of magic that stems from equal parts Edgefield and the genius of the McMenamin brothers.  

We also had abysmal service in the Power Station Pub (the waiter forgot the orders for two of our party of 10 and delivered the rest, two or three at a time over a 30 minute span.    Guess what, we still had a great time and I'd eat there again!  

The Black Rabbit does a stellar job with Breakfast too (both the food and the service).

Overall, I loved the place and,
So long as you can be mellow about poor service and can tolerate mediocre  (at best) accommodations, this place has got to be on your Portland Oregon bucket list!

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
520. Gary A.
I am a big fan of McMenamins in general but I particularly like the Edgefield.  The restaurant has all of the McMcMenimans favorite.  I am not 100% sure but I think that the beer list is a bit shorter than other McMenimans (although not by much).

There are three reasons why I particularly like this location:

The restaurant has a classy feel to it, that makes for a more intimate feeling.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful, with a lot of really beautiful trees and other foliage.

They have a really great gift shop, where you can pick up McMenamins T-shirts and pint glasses as well as the spirits they distill -- and a bunch of other kitchy stuff that does not appeal but for which I can see the appeal.

They also have a golf course, a spa and a hotel, all of which look cool but none of which I have used.

Worth the visit.  Have a beer and get a  T-shirt!

10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
521. Maeve S.
Such a fun place. Went while on vacation- they have great food (black rabbit restaurant) and a few pubs you can hop around on the premises that are so quaint and cute. There's also golf, a glass blowing shop and so many trees and plants. The history is super interesting (used to be a spot for the working poor) and how it was converted is fascinating. So much to see, go and spend some time! And try the blackberry cider- one of the best drinks I've ever had!!

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
522. Tia S.
My favorite place for happy hour. I never leave without having my share of Ruby beers and their Cajun tots. Good atmosphere in all the bars and walking around in the summer with a beer is the best part. And at night the bonfires are a huge plus also!

02/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
523. Eric L.
Ordered burger and fries was told 15-20 min
Came back @ 20 min no food after asking several times got the burger after 45 minutes  then had go back to ask for the fries. The unfortunate part of it, I wasted the money in their passport. This not the second time of poor service

18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
524. Amelia N.
Long story short, it's just-okay. I've been coming here since a kid, when I thought it was amazing: movies for $1, greasy French fries, strangely tattooed patrons, and murals of naked ladies on the wall.

These days, it's hard to deal with their combination of crap vermouth and high-end liquor, the food that's cold, and the strange bathroom antiseptic smell that seems to permeate the building.

As a hotel, sweet baby jesus. The first time we stayed here the bed creaked so loudly every time we rolled over we'd wake up. We switched rooms, but it wasn't much better.

23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
525. Monica H.
This place is truly unique, one-of-a-kind. I've just returned from my second visit in just over a month and immediately made reservations for key summer holidays. This place books up in advance if you need the weekends in high season.

The varied room options make it affordable enough for me to come and stay while spending most of my money on good food, drink and spa treatments.

My top reasons for being a fan... Historic property with a great story told on every wall and door through murals, paintings and old photos. Good restaurants, great little bars scattered about, friendly laid-back vibe, beautiful spa, heavenly warm salt-water soaking pool, great beer, wine and drinks. Cool winery atmosphere with live music and plenty of cool spots and gardens throughout to stop and chill or socialize.  There's no need to drive anywhere, no designated driver needed. It's all right here for you to explore and enjoy, park it and forget about it.

I so appreciate the single rooms here!!  I've been an avid traveler for many years and often travel alone, which gets expensive. For $50 a night I get a bed here in an adorable room (which I will spend almost no waking hours in) and I get to splurge on pure enjoyment throughout the property. I had to stay in the hostel on my first visit because everything else was full, and the hostel is great too. Super clean and well appointed, though HOT in the summer heat as it's on the third floor with poor circulation. Still, I would do it again if the other rooms were booked (pack earplugs).

The Black Rabbit is their fine dining restaurant and most of the meals I've had there were stellar, 5-star. Super fresh and thoughtful, I especially loved the scallops, salmon, crab sandwich, dessert sampler and the halibut...the freshest, tastiest and most perfectly cooked seafood I've ever had. If you're a foodie, this is your spot. I had no problem spending $65 on a three-course dinner with wine and $45 for two-courses and a beer at lunch. Well worth every penny. Breakfast is just as tasty and freshly made for very typical breakfast pricing. Don't miss out on the Bloody Mary. Perfect spice blend, garnished with pickled veggies and a crispy strip of bacon.  The service was terrific throughout, never stuffy. The Power Station was great too when in the mood for OK burgers and tots.

I can't wait to experience the summer concerts here. This is my new favorite getaway, I wish I had discovered it sooner (six years new to Oregon and still exploring). Thank you McMenamins, I am a huge fan.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
526. Liz T.
This place is off the charts. It is a great place to spend a day. Not just a meal, but an afternoon to check out all the cool little spots. It's a location on a golf course that is much more than that.

We walked around a vineyard, a distillery, an urban garden, gift shop, hotel, grateful dead themed bar, and more.

We were able to walk around with a beer and maneuver with a stroller.

This would be a great place to bring out of town guests, a date night, or even just happy hour. It is a great concept restaurant and I'll be sure to come here again.

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
527. Andrea L.
What is not to like about Edgefield? You can spend hours simply walking the beautiful grounds, and you may do so with a drink in your hand! There is no other place quite like it (barring perhaps the Kennedy school) , although it has a couple similarities to other Mcs... namely some of the food, and the feel of the theater.

I understand there is a fancy restaurant - but I have only ordered beer there. But pick a nice day and go... just visit the bars - the small bar, the smaller bar, the gerry garcia bar, the whiskey bar... See a movie, see a concert, play golf, have a soak in the tub, stay for the night.

You ony need slight cooperation on the weather front to enjoy hours, as long as you enjoy your company (even your own company). Walk around. Grab a beer and then walk to the next place on your path. A superb place for a date. Rooms are not that expensive... and they have some deals that are just plain super cheap. It's not my favorite venue for concerts... saw the Decemberists some years back, But outdoor shows are few and far between in Portland... so all in all - it's not a terrible place for a show either.

If you've not experienced edgefield, you're cheating yourself! It's really one of a kind,

06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
528. Senan D.
Love the food and the drinks. Not something to go to if you are looking to eat a full meal on the cheap. But the bar menu is great for a midnight snack. The bar is quiet so you can talk.  The black rabbit is not cheap at all but the food is to die for.  If you are in Portland you have to do. Maybe stay the night, that is the next plan stay for a weekend and go to the spa. It is an oasis in the forest.

21/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
529. James B.
I am drawn to this place.  I don't know how else to say it.  I could live at this hotel, quietly haunting the Black Rabbit Restaurant or enjoying a leisurely stroll on the grounds,  or spending hours in the soaking pool.

I've visited three times and each time gets better and better.  There's so much history and soul to this place.  What was once a 'poor farm' during the depression is now a very vibrant hotel whose owners have very much kept the history of the place alive.  Each room shares a story about previous residents of the poor farm.  

The food is wonderful; the restaurant service is nice, too.  The only part I didn't enjoy was checking in.  The front desk are always a little stand-offish and chilly.  But that part doesn't take long and then you're left to your wonderful long weekend.  

I really encourage you to checkout their website; it's so worth a visit...especially if you're looking for a break from regular hotels.  I just can't write enough nice things about it.

07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
530. Rud N.
Came for an afternoon drink with the hiking crew and ended up having so much fun we stayed for a few... And dinner!

My gin and tonic was made with Joe Penney's gin, which is distilled on-site! This gin is awesome. Truly a unique and refreshing beverage! I tried the Gabels gin (also distilled by McMenamins) with tonic for my second drink and was not as impressed but it was still an excellent cocktail.

For dinner, we had Cajun tater tots for the table... Delicious as expected. My main course was a bratwurst on a perfectly toasted bun topped with grilled onions, kraut, and stoneground mustard that was cooked to perfection. It was served with an excellent side salad that included fresh English cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion and parmesan cheese. My beverage selection, the nitrogen infused ESB, was smooth and full of flavors that paired well with the food.

The highlight of this visit was walking around the grounds and seeing the vineyard, brewery, herb garden and pitch & putt golf course.

I can't wait to go back and try Black Rabbit the fine dining restaurant.

When you visit be prepared for a total experience... And for great people watching :-)

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
531. M G.
By far my favorite place to visit everytime I'm in the Portland area. One of the neatest places a person can visit or stay. This old Poor Farm has several eating and drinking options located around property. The dining options range from sandwiches and pizza to fine dining. The micro/craft beer is excellent. They even have a winery serving good wine.
Another cool thing is the great chip and putt course that works its way around the grounds and bars.
I have never been to Ruby's Spa but I'm guessing it is also a great experience. Summer time brings great outdoor concerts.

This place is So So cool!!

13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
532. Sarah F.
I loved this place! We ate at the pub for lunch it was very good. The grounds are cool, glass blowing was open and the girls were working in there. The gift shop is super neat. We walked around the hotel it had a good artsy vibe. Can't wait to come back without the kids and try the brew when I'm not pregnant!

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
533. Claire And Amy A.
Well, we gave it another chance after the excellent experience we had at the Bagdad, and were not disappointed. The happy hour menu here is also vastly improved. The happy hours at McMenamins of late echoes the love the locals have had for it all of these many years; the love that makes them blurt "McMenamins" out to visitors from not-PNW. Local, fresh food, taste reflecting price beautifully. I'm ready to dine here again even, and never thought I'd feel that way about this place again.

I ordered my favorite- the brewers salad, and Claire had the ranch slider. The beef was cooked beautifully, and my salad was fresh and delicious. Of course we got the tots again. We are looking forward to trying those truffle fries.

Good job McMenamins, and proving to your clientele that you actually care about their experience- I've had responses from the management on several reviews and didn't take it very seriously until we got a taste of that new happy hour on Hawthorne which prompted us to try out neighborhood Edgefield. I'm so glad we have another option out here in Gresham (again).

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
534. Caitlin R.
Most wonderful service and friendly staff. JD in the pool hall was a fabulous and friendly server. I can't wait to come back. This place is amazing on so many levels!

15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
535. Beatriz W.
Super neat place to stay!  Very unique and interesting. The paintings everywhere are neat. I thought it would be a problem to have a community bathroom, but it really wasn't. Nice staff and clean rooms. We would definitely come back again.

16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
536. Milagr O.
We spent a couple nights here last month, and let me just say, -This place IS totally haunted! I personally don't care to share a bed with restless spirits (hence the four-stars instead of five), but if you're into that, this is definitely your place.

While I didn't care for our uninvited late-night guest, I do applaud the owners' efforts to restore and make productive use of this historic property. The entire place was packed the whole time we were there, - I think they've provided an excellent example to other entrepreneurs of ways to make such projects worthwhile.

I look forward to checking out other McMenamin properties when I'm in the area again, but chances are I won't be staying at any of them. As a side-note, I was bummed we didn't get a room with a bathroom, but the situation turned out much better than I expected, -the bathrooms were totally spotless, and except for feeling like I was being watched, they didn't bother me at all to use.

Lastly, if anyone at McMenamins reads this, we loved the Irish band that played in the winery, on either 12/26 or 12/27. Also, I spent a surprising long time shopping in the gift shop, -kudos to whoever does your purchasing.

22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
537. Amber N.
This place was pretty crazy. I could spend hours walking around taking photos. It was hilarious because when we first arrived there were guests walking around in their robes, we assumed going to the spa? It looked like we had pulled into a retro madhouse.

Unfortunately, the brewery tour was canceled, but it gives us a reason to go back!

12/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
538. John K.
I don't know if what is needed is yet another review, but since we finally spent a weekend at the Edgefield, it's time. I surprised my wife with a stay here for our anniversary. The beer is always good; and the hard ciders are great also. The walls are pretty thick, so the noise isn't an issue; except when the Air Force Reserve jets take off in the morning. Bed was fine. As an old guy, having to walk down the hall to the toilet was a bit of a bother; but they supply great terrycloth robes, so it was fine. The soaking pool was great! There was a light rain falling which didn't bother us at all. The distillery tour was informative and enjoyable.

We did not leave the grounds all weekend; and have a wonderful time!

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
539. Jules R.
I ate outside at McMenamins Edgefield Brewery Restaurant while on a recent trip to Portland.  It was a gorgeous day and finding McMenamins was a real treat.  We got to walk through the beautiful gardens on our way to the restaurant, and were delighted to be able to sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  

Our server was really nice and welcoming.  The food was good, and the beer was delicious. We didn't have too much time to walk the rest of the grounds and explore, but will have to do so on our next trip.  It would be a great place to bring kids and explore... or to do a photo shoot or something of the sort.

27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
540. Bobby A.
People have said that what Ben & Jerry's did for ice cream and Vermont, the McMenamins Brothers are doing to hotels, restaurants and breweries for Oregon and Washington and I could not agree more.

I did not even know about this place or other McMenamins establishments until I did some research looking for cheap lodging in the Portland area. It turns out the Edgefield has dorm rooms, with shared restrooms and showers and baths. They call it summer camp for adults, and it definitely has that ethos. Washrooms and facilities are super clean and there are plenty of places so if you are a germaphobe, there's absolutely nothing to worry about.

The Edgefield, from what I understand, used to be some sort of institution which actually was abandoned and dilapidated for quite a number of years. Until the McMenamins took it over and gave it their twist. Now the property has vineyards, an epic wall of blackberries growing in the back, a garden-to-table veggie patch for their restaurant, a spa and soaking hot baths which all staying guests can use, irrespective of those in the dorm or in the super-pricey private suites. There's a place for live music, the weekend I was there, there was some kind of Jerry Garcia festival taking place so Deadheads were everywhere, a theatre which shows films, restaurant and bar which features McMenamins beers and other liquors which they produce.

Then there is the unique artwork everywhere. Bathrooms and room doors are painted. Unique signs are everywhere and sculptures abound. Lush gardens, foliage, Southern style balconies with Adirondack chairs so you can just sit back and take in the atmosphere or drink your morning tea. I had a great time here and because it's in Troutdale, you're oh so close to exploring the Columbia River Gorge, Historic Route  30 or go rubber tubing along the Sandy River which is like 2 miles away (which I did since it was a super hot day and I highly recommend - super fun!). I would have no hesitation whatsoever staying here and eating here again since it was so much fun.

Dear McMenamins Brothers, Please come to Quebec. There are many, many English schools, old Catholic monasteries, nunneries, churches lying empty or falling apart which could benefit from your treatment. Seriously. With extensive grounds, you could easily set up shop on this side of the continent and focus on iced apple wine which is a specialty here.

18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
541. Mars M.
Generally when I think of Edgefield I think of it as a very magical place. I have spent many nights there I consider it like a European style hotel. Great shows, soaking tub, glass blowing, herb gardens,  amazing flowers....
However, the last two times we have eaten there the food was lacking it's normal quality. The French Fries were once renowned, were limp, greasy and cold. My sandwich was simply gross... no love put into that! The prices point is excessive... $8.00 dollar fries, give me a break! $9.00 movie tickets, no break for seniors...sitting in the lower level was a big neck breaker... There are so many other great restaurant nearby, I don't think we will be visiting them again anytime soon....
So sad...m

27/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
542. Bruce Y.
This place is a trap: mcmenamins has rebranded "outdated and uncomfortable" with "hipster and old-fashioned."

Rooms suck, with little or no privacy; bathrooms are down the hall; rooms are extremely noisy (think dorm-living at the lousiest hall on campus, then subtract 50 years from the building); and the food is overpriced--because this is where the owners make a killing. Buy their "micro-brewed" beer, or whiskey! Or, not, and save your dinero.

The place is supposed to be a "scene," and it is; thus, if you want to enjoy peace and quiet and not have to walk through a pub to get to your room, or listen to your neighbors' kids scream because they don't want to sleep, then don't bother.

I think the concierge attempted to give us the quietest room on campus, but to no avail. I appreciate the attempt, but it just reiterates the problem: unless drinking with friends (party on! get rowdy!), this place is hard to enjoy.

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
543. Brittany T.
I love this location, especially in the summer.  The food is good, live music is great, and the array of different "bars" on the property keeps it fun. Great place and and one of my top 3 Mcmenamins!

30/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
544. Ellie P.
I love this place. It is a wonderful little get away! Will be back for more. The spa is also wonderful the staff is amazing and helpful.

17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
545. Kayan H.
Cajun tots are amazing!! We ordered a salad and pizza, didn't love it, was kind of underwhelmed. I think we'll stick with burgers and sandwiches from now on. That's what we normally get from McMenamins elsewhere. We will be back for a wedding in October to experience the rest of the property!

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
546. Tracey W.
This is my favorite corner of the McMenamins' Empire. This place rocks on almost every level. It holds a special place in my heart because the last time I saw my dad alive was over food and booze here. Great for special occasions, or just regular old occasions that will automatically become special because they are here. Tons of little bars, a distillery, a bonfire, and creepy paintings/artwork. The food isn't the best food I've ever had, but it holds its own.

Don't bring someone here on a first date, but pretty much everything else is fair game.

26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
547. Ah S.
I love this place it has everything you could want. It's an old poor house and has some serious character. The walls are filled with art and you feel as if you've stepped back in time. They have a brewery winery distillery glass blowing pub bar spa soaking baths all on the grounds. We spent some time playing billiards down stairs as well.
They have a book at the front desk of haunted encounters which is really fun to read. You can definitely feel something as you walk through.
Would stay here again.

08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
548. Amber H.
The food was good...service was good...atmosphere was good. Prices are bad compared to portions. I'd pay 15 dollars for an amazing cheeseburger...but not a regular one like I got here. Food was alright and nothing more. Won't be back for food, a concert maybe, but not the food.

25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
549. Alena N.
Amazing place to spend your time anytime of the season. I love their events such as Christmas, Easter and Birthday parties. Love music festivals and history nights. Perfect to sit outside and have BBQ chicken pizza and have terminator or their special fresh squeezed lemonade. Soups are my favorite for lunch. But you can find a lot of delicious meals in lovely menu. Staff is always helpful, happy and nice. Also when we travel in Oregon or Washington state it is always a great pleasure to stay at mc Menamins. Uniq rooms and pool area are my favorite places to relax. We have a great time when we plan our vacation with Mc Menamins. I love different plants, huge variety of flowers and trees, rabbits, birds and stars. I would highly recommend Edgefield property.

01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
550. Jo M.
Love this location, but they took happy hour away on the weekends......big disappointment

10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
551. Stephanie P.
I've been to a McMenamins before so I was really excited to visit this one and I was not disappointed! This particular campus has a number of pubs, bars, and cigar rooms plus a hotel, garden, spa, and distillery!

We visited the Powerhouse Pub for a late lunch and were seated almost immediately. Our waitress was really friendly and attentive- she made sure we always had what we needed right away despite the several tables she was tending to.

I order the basil & white cheese burger medium well with Cajun tots. I was not disappointed. The burger was juicy and delicious plus the tots were as good as I remember! My meal was perfect from start to finish.

After lunch, we walked the ground to ease our full bellys and it's a great place to hang out or have an event. I'm definitely considering visiting the hotel because the guests looks to be having a great time.

I love the McMenamins establishments and this was another great visit!

18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
552. Martin S.
Cool place for a concert. From what I was told it was once a prison and or an insane asylum so if you dig sorted history this is a must for you.
Just outside of Portland it has a cool old turn of the century vibe.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
553. Megan C.
I stayed at McMenamins Edgefield partially because it was near Multnomah Falls (which my friend and I planned on checking out the following day) and partially because I read that it was haunted. Well, I didn't experience anything spooky but I still had fun trying to catch something. I only tried the pool room bar, but it was a fun little spot with good beer, pool tables, darts, pinball machines, and shuffleboard. I wish I would have explored more of the grounds during my stay because the entire place seemed so interesting. It has shared bathrooms but they weren't really a problem.
If you're into the ghost stuff they have a log in the lobby so you can read about people's encounters. FYI, if you want a better chance of a paranormal experience, it seems like room 215 has the most activity.

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
554. Alison W.
I have spent many a day (and night) at the Edgefield. My sister got married here in 2001 at the Power Station, we spent my Grandma Black's last Thanksgiving celebrating in the Black Rabbit, and Christmas Eve dinner as well, it has always been a special gathering place for our family, and we've stayed in the Administrators house several times.
I love walking around the grounds and seeing the rabbits and birds in the spring, the changing leaves in the fall, and snow in the winter... it is magnificently beautiful.
The Black Rabbit bar has to have one of my favorite happy hours offered on any McMenamins property. The lamb slider is out of control amazing, and so is pretty much everything else... but the real magic in the their pretzel. Oh man, this thing is awesome. Clearly handmade, and there have been a couple times we've gone and they had run out for the day, so that means they are super fresh! After happy hour in the Black Rabbit, head down to the wine bar in their winery, and get a taster flight. For  about $6 (if I remember correctly) you can choose between several . I recommend the Red flight, or the dessert wine flight. The whites, are nice too, but wow, the dessert wines are a nice treat.
The Edgefield is a like a mini-vacation every time you go. :)

22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
555. Jocelyn A.
There is not a lot of information here pertaining to the summer concert series, I thought I should fix that:

First of all, get to the concert early (at least an hour before the doors open)!  When you arrive, park in the lot on the west side of the hotel, in a spot near the exit.  This will mean walking a little further, but you will get out of the venue instantly, instead of having to wait forever in the busy lot after the show.  Next, proceed immediately toward the concert venue in order to find, and get in, the line.  There will be many distractions (mostly booze) in between the parking lot and the line, but you want to beeline for the line in order to hold your place.  We arrived about an hour before the doors opened and the line snaked up a hill behind the property - if you arrived early, the line isn't as bad as it may appear.  

Once the doors open it is a free-for-all for lawn space.  I prefer the section on the right hand side of the stage.  It seems to get less crowded, and the views are just as good as in the middle.  They only allow low profile chairs, but some people ignore that rule, and unfortunately nobody enforces it.  They also rent chairs, but we were happy with just a picnic blanket.  There are very few "bad seats" at this venue.

No outside food or drink is allowed inside the concert area, even if you purchased it from another location on the same property.  The food menu is pretty expensive for what you get, unless you just want a hot dog or slice of cheese pizza (those are only $4).  The full menu can be found here: edgefieldconcerts.com/ve… .  I was trying to be "healthy" and went with the vegetarian curry. The portion was pretty small for $12, and the veggies were completely soggy.  They sell treats for $2 (cookies/granola bars/rice crispy treats) at the info booth, but they run out quickly. The beer selection at the main bar is pretty limited, but there is a hidden shed across from where they sell the pizza/hot dogs that has a better selection.  You are allowed to bring in empty water bottles, and they have fill stations near the bathrooms.


The atmosphere here is amazing - It certainly has that unique McMenamins charm. It almost feels like you are somewhere in the middle of the woods listening to a secret concert. I would highly recommend seeing a show here.

09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
556. Chris T.
They don't allow dogs anyplace on the property. This means that I will never come here again. Really lame policy. I wish someone had told me before I came.

18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
557. Vik M.
Old poor farm, very diverse art throughout the buildings. There is plenty to do, one can easily spend an entire weekend and be very entertained.

Walking and viewing all the art can whisk away an entire afternoon.

The rooms are nice but simple. No microwave, fridge, or tv. Typical for McMenamins which isn't bad since there are so many other ways to entertain yourself.

The prize (for passport) wasn't very exciting in my opinion. Very little swag from that specific location to choose from. I would imagine that having fun/location-specific gear for each page completed would be more enticing for people completing the passport.

Staff ranges from extremely friendly and helpful to just working the shift. Some don't know the entire layout (who can blame them? this place is huge) so make sure to grab a map right outside the front desk.

You have to pay to golf ($6/12 holes) and each ball is $1.... So bring your own golf balls people!

Pool hall is great and has actual pool tables yay! No such luck at St Francis School.

The current cider options are meh (regular hard cider and ginger Perry).  The vineyard select Riesling is very delicious.

The vineyard only tours on weekdays, but both distillery and brewery do tours 7 days a week for those seeking stamps or knowledge!

18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
558. Elyse L.
I love McMenamins Edgefield. It's one of my favorite McMenamins destinations. I recently visited to stroll around the grounds and eat at the Power Station Pub after a long hike in the Gorge. It was a lovely spring day and the atmosphere was perfect, quiet, and laid-back. The grounds are very well kept and gives you the feeling you're in a farm town out in country.

There are a couple neat bars to check out including the unique, wooded whiskey bar out near the vineyard, the basement pool room, the tiny shed bar on the golf course and the attic bar above the Power Station Pub. The wine bar, more of a wine seller, is lined with wine barrels separated by glass throughout and has a very romantic feel. Also, if you come at the right time you can see glass blowing demonstrations and creative works of glass art at the little workshop in front of the hotel.

During our walk around the grounds, we were hit by a very unpleasant pungent odor between the barrel room and pub station. We thought it might be something rotting in the garbage or sewer problems. Hopefully the guests of the hotel weren't bothered by it.

I've attended concerts at Edgefield and have always had a great time. Parking can be a bit challenging so arrive early and don't expect to park on the grounds. The prices for food and drinks are slightly inflated but it's common for any concert vendors to do so. Overall, Edgefield is a must-see location with beautiful grounds and a fun venue for outdoor concerts and events, I recommend attending at least one!

05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
559. Lee H.
This review is for the happy hour menu only. I'll always believe that the food at all McMenamins is mediocre at best and the service is terrible.

But that patio at the Power Station on a warm spring day is kind of amazing.

Happy hour runs 3-6 p.m. and 10 p.m. to close Monday through Friday.

We were greeted by a somewhat surly hostess who said we'd have to wait to be seated on the patio, despite there being a ton of empty seats. Yep, that's the McMenamins service I remember. As we waited, and I grumbled, another waiter came over and led us to the patio. Guess we didn't have to wait after all.

Food specials including tater tots, salads and sliders range between $2.50 and $4.50. Drink specials range between $4.50 for a pint and $6.50 for a glass of wine. Well drinks are $4.25.

Best bet is to eat the mediocre food for not a lot of money while enjoying the beautiful patio and bucolic setting that is Edgefield.

25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
560. Patti F.
Love the winery - don't love the wine.  Restaurants are typical McMennamins fare.  Haven't had the experience of staying overnight.  

Service in the winery is ALWAYS great, I don't know how the servers (usually there's just one) take care of everyone, but some how they do - and they are rock stars.

Great Live Music to be heard in the winery as well.

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
561. Ali M.
Salmon sandwich, salmon was a little dry. Split pea soup too watery and chili had too much chili powder.   Veggie burger was amazing.
I think the highlight of this place is the beer.

17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
562. Mark B.
Edgefield is one of my favorite mini-vacation spots. Great for a day or to get a cheap room for overnight it feels far away from everyday life despite being close to home.  

The property is scattered with restaurants and bars, a golf course and a movie theater,  Not to mention the tourable winery, brewery and distillery (don't for get your experience stamps if you have a McMenamins passport).

Food in the restaurant tends to be good from The Powerhouse which serves McMenamins standard fare to The Black Rabbit which serves a unique fare often with vegetables grown in the garden on site.

The rooms are decorated McMenamins style with antiques, unique art and come with access to the soaking pool all at  surprisingly affordable price.  The down side is they can be a bit noisy.  My best tip if you are staying here is don't miss the soaking pool, it is a tranquil setting with really nice landscaping and its own bar....Note to couple soaking next to me...you know your in public....right?  That never happens when I go earlier...

11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
563. Naomi F.
It's like Disneyland for adults! My husband and I spent our anniversary there for 3 days and it was so relaxing. Our hotel room was a "Quuen Suite" which means we had our own bathroom( unlike the basic rooms which have bathrooms/showers across the hall that are shared by other guests) . The employees were very helpful and informative. The whimsical artwork in the rooms and halls really make it a one of a kind experience.
The food in the Black Rabbit Restaurant was really impressive. Most of the vegetables are grown on site in the garden behind the main building. The meats are locally sourced (and you can taste it). Breakfast and lunch prices are fair, especially considering all the local ingredients. You do get a decent portion. Dinner seems a bit more pricey but it is worth it. My husband and I tried the wild boar and it was so tender and beautifully presented.
Drinks/bartenders are wonderful. There is so much to explor on the property. All the different bars, the winery, golf course... Etc.
we can't wait to go back.

12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
564. Stouty M.
Came here for the first time late on a weekend. The description of the place was awesome, lots of small bars, a hostel, pool tables, fire pits to sit beside, a place to eat, perfect for the weekend, right?

Well, hold on. We walked up to the first bar, and the place was packed, and I didn't care for the crowd. You know, every bar has a "crowd", and this one seemed to be composed of preppy barely twenty somethings all giving you the eye because you didn't go out in the latest trendy attire. Alot of growing up to do. I'm pretty sure that isn't the crowd anyone wants to hang out with. This bar was crowded, the pool tables were taken, and the crowd was a bust, so we headed out to see what else was around the place.

We didn't stay in the hostel, but our first exposure to it was upon leaving the first bar, when two guys with "security" marked on their sweaters who looked like they lived in their parents basements and probably played star wars video games all day, asked us to be quiet in the halls. The funny thing was, we already were being quiet in the halls.

We headed out to check out the fire pits, but as we got closer, it was clear they were all  already taken, people surrounded the place, and on a cold night, it wasn't likely we were going to get close. We went back to the hostel area to use the bathroom, and there were those nerdy looking security guards telling us to be quiet, even though we already were.

So, we asked a passerby where the next bar was, and headed to it. We finally got a table here, but this bar was going to close early, and it was so noisy, we couldn't hear each other talk. The fire pit outside was crowded and we were unlikely to get a seat.

You get the drift. That's kind of how the night went. Some of the bartenders were nice, some were douchebags. The service was completely unreliable, you never knew what you were going to get. I love the concept of the place, and if they ever got a better crowd in there, including staff, I'm sure I'd give it another go. Unfortunately, as it stands, I wouldn't go back.

17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
565. Trudy F.
Having stayed at the hotel on several occasions, enjoying rooms with and without restrooms, each experience was unique and wonderful.  This is not The Four Seasons, it's a classic McMennamins property.  Accept it and love it for the experience and not the luxury.  I've visited all their properties, but this is our fave.  From the soaking pool to the quaint and unique bars, both inside and out.  The food is simple and doesn't excite me, but when I asked my server in Lucky's last night to just pick a pizza without mushrooms or peppers, she rocked it!  Artichokes, spinach, garlic... Beer was promptly refilled and service great.  Best part is if you stay overnight, you can end the evening with the best Spanish Coffees...oh wow good (and strong).

There is no doubt we'll return more frequently as the weather improves, as walking the property and exploring all the quaint pubs is just part of the experience.  The Ice House is an intimate favorite, just no table service.

If you're not one to relax and just enjoy people, probably not a good bet; however, if you enjoy meeting people and exploring, it's an awesome first date experience (make sure you visit before trying to impress your date).  It's also a great second, third, fourth date and family tradition.

25/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0