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Company Info:

Rating: 2.50

Address: RR 30, Greensburg, PA, 15601

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    Comments (2):

    1. Diana T.
    I have never posted a Yelp review before in my life.  Additionally, I frequently stay at Motel 6 and find the accommodations completely adequate.  That being said, I have had such an outrageous experience at this hotel that I felt the need to write a review now.  I stayed there for three nights, as I was in a wedding.  Many other wedding party members were staying at the same hotel.
    When we first arrived at the hotel, they could not find our reservations.  We had made them months in advance, and when we told them this, they informed us that the hotel had changed ownership and that all of the reservations made prior to a few months ago had been deleted.  They did not try to inform anyone of this, even though they had the number of the bride who had booked the rooms.
    Eventually they gave us rooms and we went up.  When I pulled the covers off my bed, the sheets inside were absolutely covered in black hair.  There was a lot of it.  It looked like either a dog had slept there or someone had had an intense haircut in the bed.  This was disturbing in part because of the presence of the hair itself, but also because it meant that our sheets were not changed at all.  
    We called the front desk and asked for new sheets.  They said, "We can bring some up in a few minutes or you can just come get them."  We told them that we would wait.  A few minutes later, someone came to our door and handed us a set of sheets.  She did not offer to change the sheets for us and did not seem inclined to come in.  Nonetheless we invited her in to show her the sheets we were given.  She immediately said, "Yup, that's disgusting."  She asked if we wanted her to take the dirty sheet and we said yes, so she took the sheets off for us.  Then she put the clean sheets down on the desk for us and left.  So we put the new sheets on ourselves.
    After that, we inspected the blanket and found some hair on it as well.  It wasn't a lot but we just felt more comfortable getting a new one.  So my husband went down to the front desk and asked to get a new blanket as well.  The woman working the desk told him that they probably didn't have any more blankets but that she would check.  She went around the corner and he heard her folding a blanket.  She came back out and gave it to him.  When he brought it up to our room and we looked at it we saw that there were several blood spatters all over the blanket.  They were clearly noticeable.  Later, when a friend walked into our room, she glanced at our blanket and immediately said, "Is that blood!?"  That's how apparent it was.  Moreover, there was a quarter-sized hole in the blanket so that any time we moved it down feathers from inside would spray everywhere.  Soon our floor was littered with feathers.
    We obviously didn't feel comfortable sleeping with that blanket either and the woman at the desk had implied that there wouldn't be any others so we left it on the floor and slept with just the sheets that night.  It was very cold.
    The next morning, while I was at the rehearsal dinner, the cleaners came.  My brother and sister-in-law showed them the bloody, punctured blanket and they said that it looked gross, but then quickly tried to explain why it wasn't their fault.  They brought a new blanket and told my sister-in-law that it was probably a good idea to check that blanket out, too, because "these things happen".
    My sister-in-law then went down to the front desk to talk to the Front Desk Manager, and when she started to explain what had happened the manager said, "Yes, don't worry; I've heard all the gruesome details."  She then assured my sister-in-law that new sheets and blankets were coming if they had not come already.  However, she offered no other compensation, did not mention anything about docking the cost of the room, and did not even seem apologetic.  Her attitude was essentially that stuff like this just happens and that it had already been fixed so there was no reason to do anything more.
    I do not think that stuff like this just happens.  There is absolutely no reason whoever made the bed should not have washed the sheets.  Even if they didn't wash them, there was no excuse for not noticing the excessive amount of hair.  A blanket with blood-stains should be thrown out, not given to guests.  And there is no excuse for not having extra, clean blankets for guests that request them.  Most importantly, when issues like these are brought to the attention of the staff, they should be apologetic and try to go above and beyond to fix the problems.  Someone should have made my bed, the manager should have apologized for the inconvenience, perhaps my room should have been switched, and the rate of the room (which was about $120 a night) should have at least been reduced, if not completely waived for the night that we slept without a blanket.  Most importantly, the staff should have assured us this would not happen again, not taken the attitude that it probably would.
    I would not stay here again.

    17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Dane D.
    Great place, that we stayed at both moving to the East coast and on the way back. Prices are very good for all that you get as far as the facilities and amenities. Loved the Breakfast buffet with actually protein, like bacon and sausage. Also a great place to be able to stop if you are travelling with pets. We wished we had more time to explore the area, since there were some places we saw, but were closed by the time we checked in.

    17/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0