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Located off U.S. Route 30, the Rodeway Inn hotel is three miles from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, and minutes from Seton Hill University, the Westmoreland Museum of American Art and the Westmoreland Mall. Explore downtown Greensburg, or stay at the hotel to take advantage of amenities that include a free continental breakfast,free wi-fi, free local calls and copy and fax services. Guest laundry facilities and ample parking are also on the premises. Guest rooms come equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, curved shower rods, irons, ironing boards, desks and cable television. Some rooms have sofa sleepers, hair dryers and DVD players. Ask about our rooms with whirlpool bathtubs. No matter which reason you're visiting Greensburg, PA, you're sure to be dazzled with the service and convenience offered at the Rodeway Inn. Book your stay with us today.


Company Info:

Rating: 1.57

Address: 935 E. Pittsburgh St Rt. 30, Greensburg, PA, 15601
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
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Comments (7):

1. Angie L.
I have to admit, I was at first hestiant to book a reservation for what priceline considered a 1-star hotel. However, Ive been working all day and I needed a place to crash out!

The check-in process was great, the front desk was friendly and funny. There were two kids running around so it seemed like a family owned place which I am all for. My word of advice, DONT be that jerk that stays talking on the phone while trying to check-in at the same time. The clerk actually thanked me for it and we joked about how people would just throw their credit cards and IDs on the counter like they own the world and everyone is their servant. Unfortunately, i got there in the afternoon so the place was pretty booked, so i agreed to a smoking room even though i wanted non-smoking.

Needless to say, I was a bit scared that this was still a 1-star hotel. I was expecting brown sheets and moldy bathtubs. However, the room was actually much better then even many of the 2star rooms ive been in.  I left the door open for about 15 minutes just to air out the room since it is a smoking room, I had a slight headache first walking in, but it got better afterwards. The room has a microwave and fridge (to my surprise), iron, ironing board, and high speed wireless internet. One thing I must say i was impressed was the internet. I am a big tech nerd and for a hotel to have download speeds averaging 8-15 Mbps is pretty AWESOME!! The bed didn't smell, the bathtub was clean, only complaint is there was a spider in the corner in bathroom. The couch in the room looked quite old so i just sat my bag on it, i doubt i would actually sit on it. Carpets are older so I wore sandals the whole time. The room was small but I didn't have alot of luggage so it did not bother me.

So for the price, it is a great deal and I would def stay here again!

05/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Nick W.
NO NO NO NO. Don't do it. This is the type of place where drug abusers and hookers live. There were bugs in our room and the ceiling was dripping in my uncles bed. The floor was sticky. If you care about your dignity do not stay here. I never choose to stay in places like this and if I ever took my kids it would be to teach them character and show them to always appreciate what they have.
Ps I accidentally hit the star. I give it zero stars.

21/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Matt F.
When my wife arrived for check-in she was informed that the hotel was overbooked, which is certainly a consequence of the dearth of rooms available in the area the weekend of our stay.  So, we were reassigned to the "new" room.   Instead of a wall AC unit, we were greeted by cardboard taped into the hole in the wall where the AC used to be.  We never received a room key because no one was on site to program it. The front desk attendant had to let us in our room if we wanted to go out.  She was, however, an absolute saint and was obviously working her tail off.  She is the only thing that made the stay tolerable.

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Bruce W.
Rodeway Inn is located on Route 30. It reminds me of a sleazy motel even though it really isn't that sleazy. It's the type of place that you go to for a small party or to have a good time with a cheap date or if you are desperately broke and need to rent a room.

This is not the type of motel for a family.

-The front desk was rude when I checked in and out.
-There was no plate over the electrical outlet behind the bed-FIRE HAZARD
-The fridge in the room didn't work. When I complained, the FD worker said, "some of them do and some down".
-The place is rundown
-No ironing board
-The bedding is cheap
-The prices are cheap. You can even rent a room for a week.
-The place does have free Wi-Fi, however it wasn't working the evening I stayed. The FD worker insisted it was my laptop. Take a high-speed cable just in case.
-They do have a continental breakfast of sorts, though it is very limited. It's difficult to find.  It consists of two cereals, milk, and OJ
-They have cable.
-Never had any issues with the water. It being hot or cold.
-The AC was turning on and off every five minutes

This place is what it is. It serves its purpose. If that is what you are looking for, then you will get what you need out of this place, nothing more, nothing less.

29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Chelsea K.
This place deserves no stars. My mom and I went to check in and as soon as we saw the room, walked out. There is caution tape everywhere and the siding is peeling off of the building. When we returned our room key after touching nothing in the room, the people at the front desk proceeded to ask what was wrong with the room. The array of issues is outstanding and completely unacceptable....the door doesn't even close the whole way, the "continental breakfast" is fruit loops and Cheerios on a table in the office in Tupperware containers with no chair....there is water dripping on the outside of the building and the place is falling apart! I don't even know how it is safe to legally have this place open! DO NOT STAY HERE!!

25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Lisa R.
This is the place you should run from. I had to book another hotel the pictures are nothing like the real thing. Run from this place do not book. NO STAR RATING!

25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Dylan E.
I ended up here because my travel partner decided to go ultra budget friendly with the hotel booking for the night, which is also the last time that decision will not be made as a group. That being said, this place is 25-50% cheaper than every other option in the area so you can save some money. However, it's not because it is a great deal, it's a price that very much reflects what you are going to get.

This place has certainly seen better days, and it's very apparent when you first pull in. It's a 2 story U-shaped building with outdoor entranceways. The neglect is very obvious upon first sight. Paint is peeling off the outdoor areas, the walls have damage that hasn't been repaired, there is a hugely concerning number of wires falling down all over the place in front of room entrances, and it just looks like the kind of motel you might associate with an hourly-rental. We actually would have canceled on sight after just pulling in if we had gotten here before the cutoff for cancelling the room, and we sat in the parking lot for quite a while researching other options in the area and discussing what we wanted to do. Not wanting to be out the $60 the single king room cost for the night that we already paid by booking online, we decided this was going to be it for the night.

The Indian guy at the front desk was super nice and friendly. Definitely not what I expected to find at place that looks run down and trying to be the cheapest option around. He asked about where we were from, how our traveling was going, and gave up the choice of room since we were pretty much the only people there on that Saturday night. They had to scan in a copy of one person's drivers license before we could get our key, which seemed kind of odd and uncomfortable letting some hotel have a scanned copy of your ID with all of the issues with identity theft that are going around. We got one key for the room, and went to go find our place for the night.

Walking into the room, it at first didn't look too bad. It was certainly a better first impression than pulling up to the exterior. The room was pretty standard in that it had all of the necessities, but it was obvious this was a cheap place and on closer inspection there were a lot of things that made its case for the discount pricing. The room had hardwood floors, and they had certainly seen better days. They had a fridge that we didn't open, but the yellow tinge on the old plastic was probably indicative of its days in a smoking room. This was the first place in a while that I have seen have an old school non-HD TV in which the depth of the TV is greater than its screen size. The walls looked like they had gone through quite a few cheap patchwork fixes over the years. There was a mismatched chair sitting in the corner, a desk, and the dresser the TV was on to pretty much finish out the room. The window unit heater/AC was next to the small 1ft x 2 ft window that was the only window to the outside.

The first thing we did was search for any signs of bugs. While we didn't find any, it was a little unsettling to find the mattress and box springs encased in a bedbug bag. Hopefully this was a preventative measure and not a treatment, but that might be wishful thinking. In that search it also because obvious that housekeeping here is seriously lacking. It wasn't just the random lint and dust that had accumulated in nooks and crannies; it was more the empty tin can of beans that was found next to the nightstand that was the biggest tipoff that they don't actually check the rooms at all. On top of that, the sheets had cigarette burns and old stains on them. The bathroom actually looked like the most up to date thing in there, but the walls and floor were dirty and stained from an obvious lack of ever being cleaned well throughout the years. They did have an ironing board, but no iron could be found.

We stuck with it for the night as it was just a place for us to to sleep after a late arrival and before an early departure, but it will be my last night here. I think this place needs to be rated based on the fact that it is significantly cheaper than every other option in the area, and it would probably be a 3 star you-get-what-you-pay-for kind of place if they took any time to clean their rooms. Considering how few people were there, they could at least take the time to make sure a handful of them are nice and clean at any one time.

It seemed like I read something on a travel booking site after we booked that they recently have new owners, so maybe it is on the upswing. They did have some people there working on the exterior and roof when we left, so maybe it will come around and the new owner can get things up to date and cleaned up. Until then, don't expect much except to save some money.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0