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Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Pittsburgh, PA

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Pittsburgh, PA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.53

Address: 401 Holiday Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, 15220

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    Comments (17):

    1. lella b.
    oh. dear. lord. i feel so bad for the tour group from japan that was here .... this place is the dumps.  we had 2 rooms: they were supposed to be on the same floor.  nope. 2 different floors, took 6 rooms before we had 2 rooms that were NOT dirty.  One bed was unmade each day. Drunk frat rats.  AVOID.

    24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Kyle H.
    I was perfectly a-ok with this place*.  My friend's mother had suggested we not stay here, as it was "shady".  I didn't give a crap.  I had a lovely view of some woods, I wish we had gotten back early enough to check out their lounge, and every guy going to see the Boss concert that night was staying here, so I got too see much more denim than I would on a normal day.

    Definitely stay on the second floor though.  First floor looked way more nast.  

    *  Though ot had been a while since I'd left NYC, which when that happens, my judgement can be thrown askance.

    06/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Scott M.
    This used to be the Holiday Inn and now it is the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center.  We needed to find a place not too far from Heinz Stadium for a reasonable price. We paid about $90 per night for this place, and the experience started poorly. We walked in and the two lobby TVs were tuned to Judge Judy (for the front desk employee's viewing pleasure). Employees watching reality TV during business hours really puts me off. It was hard to get the attention of the front desk staff because they were in the middle of a pizza order.  Two of the staff was working the front desk with a third suggesting toppings. It was pretty funny as one of clerks started to set up our room while another on the phone to the pizzeria kept interrupting the process with pizza questions. To the side the third clerk assisted with the pizza order. My wife pointed out her extreme cleavage, but I did not want to get lost there. We had a hard time understanding our clerk setting up the room. She tended to mumble, but did assert herself better when responding to pizza order questions. We finally got our room and headed up the very scary elevator to the 4th floor. In a way I felt as if we were at some sort of slum. I kept looking for gang tagging. The room was adequate (and I believe this was a renovated room), but a Motel 6 would be an upgrade. Whoever is doing the renovation has really poor taste and the quality of work is terrible. The swimming pool was a swamp (I am not kidding), but I am sure the frogs living in it were having a good time. The next morning we went down to the front desk again. This time the morning clerk was on a personal call and gave me an angry look because she felt that I was interrupting her call.  She did not even hang up; she just put the phone to her side, answered my question, and then continued her conversation.

    Personally, I think this hotel would be great for a horror movie and Hollywood should contact this place. It needs to be knocked down, or management should tighten up the staff and improve construction quality. If construction is on track (and I suspect something is wrong), get staff that really is gracious to customers. There are people that need jobs out there and I assure you with proper management they will do a great job. Don't stay here for over $45 per night (the price is due to the breakfast offered). Personally I would not stay here until they fix the place, but for some reason I don't feel that it will ever happen. Something just feels wrong. Perhaps Clarion has stopped the remodel due to the economy.

    20/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Adrenna F.
    Place is ok but a little uncomfortable. There's water damage in some corners of the the ceiling and it looks pretty creepy. There are stains on the walls and ironing board but, overall, it's ok. The bathroom was freshly stocked, toilet and shower was clean and functional, bed seemed to be bedbug-free and is comfortable enough to lay your head at night, TV worked just fine as well. The continental breakfast was ok but a little lackluster. The place is pretty much centrally located & it does have great potential..overall, it was an ok stay and I may stay again after they've completed the renovations.

    27/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Tina C.
    I was fine with staying here for the short time I was in Pittsburgh. The only thing that really bothered me, besides the really loud people at night the first night (really thin walls), was that there was no fan in the bathroom. It got really steamy really quickly and the only way to let out the steam was by opening the door. You can tell the bathroom was updated, although the sink was a little high for this 5 ft girl. The front staff was really friendly checking in and checking out. The pool was clean, for the most part. Bed was firm and pillows were soft. I brought my own pillow just because I sleep better when I do, but the hotels were perfectly fine to lay on. I think the location was great, easy to find and close to the city where we wanted to be. All in all a fine place to spend a few nights while sightseeing around Pittsburgh.

    24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. William G.
    Umm lol so seriously I read some reviews about this place and was like NOOOO it can't be that bad. HA HA....DUDE! So this spot is like mad cheap but REALLY?

    First we check in and notice the are undergoing some much needed renovations. Checkin was seamless as it should be. We get to out room #122 and after reading the reviews I know to check the beds immediately. The first bed legit has hair under the sheets...strike 1. As I'm pulling the covers back on the second bed I find two quarters...that's right folks! Obviously left by the last guest intentionally to warn the next occupants that the SHEETS HAVEN'T BEEN CHANGED...let alone checked. I mean really? You couldn't at lease have made it look like you did your jobs?

    We go to the desk and make them aware of the issue. They apologetically get us another room. This room is better its evident by the way these beds were made that the room has been cleaned. The elevator by the desk is stuck on the 3rd floor lol death trap so we take the stairs. Thank God for yelp....You've all been warned lol SERIOUSLY!

    09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Kola H.
    we checked out 4 rooms just to see what it was like, moldy ceilings,  musty smells, unclean rooms, and such a huge renovation job it should be shut down or discounted by 99%! thank god hotwire gave us a refund.

    30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Barbara B.
    Ah, yes, what has yet to be said about this Clarion in Greentree, which is commonly known as the hotel of perpetual construction? Check the reviews folks (I sure wish I had) and you'll see that this place has been under construction for at least four years!
    My family, and I'm sure countless others, initially had trouble even finding the place and had to humble ourselves to ask directions at the nearby Doubletree Hotel. But even with directions, we drove right past the Clarion because: 1). There are no hotel signs; 2). We were arriving at night and the building was completely dark; 3). There were no parked cars visible from the road; and 4). The entire front of the building was boarded up.
    When we located the correct driveway and approached the construction zone, which once represented the entrance to the hotel, we saw a tiny sign directing us to the "Temporary Lobby" in the back of the hotel. The makeshift lobby consisted of a hotel room with a clerk sitting at a desk. The clerk initially could not locate our reservation on her computer, but found it as soon I had dug through my luggage to find a copy of the confirmation email.
    We were given a room on the second floor, thus we walked past stairwells that were closed (because of endlessly drying 'wet paint') and an out-of-order (and leaking) ice machine, until we located the elevator. Well, let me tell you folks, Disney's Tower of Terror ride is less frightening than this elevator. It looked like one of those service elevators that the public never sees. The floor was covered in dead bugs and the ceiling had holes in it, leading to the conclusion that someone must have taken the globes off the ceiling lights and just dumped the dead bugs onto the floor.
    When we got to our room, the carpet was so covered with nasty grease stains that we wanted to keep our shoes on. We did the preliminary check of the beds and found some stained sheets, but thankfully no bugs. We also checked for the free Wi-Fi signal and found that it was completely useless (maybe that's why the desk clerk couldn't locate our reservation).
    Finding the complimentary breakfast in the morning was like a scavenger hunt, where you look for clues on small paper signs in the hallways. The adventure actually took me outside of the hotel and then back into another part of the building (thankfully it wasn't raining like it had been all night). I then realized that I had just entered the main construction zone and the outside route must be the only passable route to the dining area.
    There was yet another sign outside the dining room which said something about Complementary Breakfast and the strange phrase "Gratuity Included." But inside the dining room there were at least two clearly-marked 'Tip Jars.' Now, I've been at some pretty trashy hotels in my travels, but I've never seen a tip jar in the dining room. I've also never been in a hotel dining room where it looked like a bomb had gone off, but there were drop cloths, power tools and all sorts of debris everywhere.
    When I got in line for the grub, I learned how the attendant earned her tips: she was there to help patrons identify the food. The person in front of me inquired about the gray-looking sausage-like links and was dutifully informed that they represented turkey sausage, adding, "Because Clarion cares about your health." I'm not kidding (who could make something like that up?). Anyway, I tried this so-called health food, because the only other hot alternative was French Toast and I did not want any syrupy food that morning. Guess what? The sausage had some kind of sugary additive to make the links taste like syrup! Real healthy, right? Thus, I ended up just getting a cup of coffee and returning to my room to pack up. The coffee was okay, by the way.
    In conclusion, I would not have stayed at the Greentree Clarion had I not made prior reservations and had not been coming back after midnight following a music festival where it rained all day. Plus, we used our loyalty points for this room, so I couldn't even request a discount.
    Believe me, HUD would shut this place down if it was an apartment building and the Dept. of Homeland Security would never even consider housing immigrants there. But, of course, you and I are welcome to pay upwards of a hundred bucks a night to stay there.

    31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Richard S.
    RUN!!! This hotel is horrible. I wish I could post the pictures I took of the filth and dirt on the floors and mold on the walls. In addition they had some safety hazards. They are in the midst of remodeling but that is no excuse for filth and danger. The staff didn't even attempt to be friendly. I paid way too much. The place needs closed down, I will leave it at that rather than say any more.

    09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Russ W.
    I'm not sure I can even give this place one star. To be fair, the room we had was clean and comfortable. It did seem as if we had entered a time warp, though. Furnishings and bedding from the 70's...if not 60's! I've seen this place rated up to 3 stars on some websites. I'd like to know their qualifications!!
    When you first approach the hotel, it looks closed down. (And write obviously, it should be!!) You enter through a side entrance with hand written signs. The"office" is a room right inside the doors. The hallway looks a wreck! (Oh yeah...they're under construction!!) Dirt, filth, and stains everywhere. Electrical wires exposed, smoke detectors hanging down. You look at all this and wonder how in the world are they passing codes?? (Or are they?!? Hmmmm)
    Like I said...the room was better..although not without faults. The lights over the bathroom sink did not work, and the shower did not work well. The tv was definitely a 1980's model. Wireless internet?? What a joke!!
    When we reported the bathroom issues, they said they would move us to another room. Since we were only staying 2 nights, we thought we would stay and just have maintenance look at it in the morning. We were informed maintenance would not be in tomorrow!! (Our ever??)
    We told the lady working the "front desk" that this hotel was pretty scary. Her reply was, " yeah, we get that a lot!"

    14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Teejay B.
    This was technically the Clarion hotel so I think the name is wrong on the page.

    I'd like to start by saying that I'm not much of a complainer, but if could have given 0 stars, I would have.

    So we are on our way up to room when we passed a vending machine with water underneath it. I assumed it was leaking and brushed it off. I don't care that much about little things like that especially since we were just sleeping there. After a great hockey game and a bar crawl, we came back to the hotel and got ready for bed. There was absolutely no hot water for my shower. So cold I wouldn't even consider hopping in really quick. It was late so I let it go and decided to try again in the morning. When I woke up it was the same thing. At this point I was fuming. I NEED a shower man!

    So I put on my angry pants and headed down the hall towards the elevator. Right in front of the elevator door there is a water fall pouring out of the ceiling from the third floor. "What the hell...." is pretty much what I was thinking at this point. Well there was my shower considering I had to walk through it to continue on my quest. As soon as the elevator doors open to the first floor, I see the hallway is flooded. The carpet is squishing beneath my feet all the way to the front desk where other angry people had beaten me to. Apparently a pipe had burst the day before and they had neglected to tell us that when we had checked in. I was so mad. I managed to get 70% off our bill and I made her call to check us in at another hotel. I would have insisted the whole bill be paid for but I'm really bad at being mean to people. All in all, I will never stay here or any other branch of this hotel again.

    16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Jill M.
    Don't even think about staying at this hotel. If the option of giving a zero were available, I would definitely use it.

    I travel for a living, have stayed in hotels being renovated before but this was the WORST experience I've ever had. Rude staff: front desk attendant was wrapped in a blanket, watching a move and had her feet propped up on the counter. She couldn't tear herself away from the movie to address me.

    Construction sure: this hotel had 2 full gas cans to the left of the front door, an empty case of beer and cans right beside that and over flowing trash cans as you walked in.

    Filthy would be a step up from the actual conditions. It hasn't been cleaned in months. It smelled of paint and chemicals.

    When I raised these concerns with the front desk clerk she said that there was no manager to meet with to discuss the conditions and that it was only the owner and he knew of the state of the place and didn't care. I made my reservation on Booking.com , called them immediately and sent photos to document the experience.

    14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Elizabeth O.
    This is branded as a Clarion Hotel, but it must have once been a Holiday Inn.  The staff was friendly and there were obvious attempts at a recent minor remodel of the rooms, but there was still a bucket near the vending machines to catch water leaking in.  Thank goodness I got the room for $67/night though.  This is a large property and can be somewhat scary since it feels so deserted.

    30/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Julia S.
    Nightmare.  It's a ghost town. Needles in parking lot. "Lobby" is a hotel room with undesirables hanging around. Asked to see our rooms before checking in, given the key, room was filthy.  Saw a sticky note re: bedbugs.  Bolted, as fast as possible.

    31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Katie B.
    Wish I could give this place negative stars. Where to begin? It begins with no signs saying where the hotel is at. And then it goes into their "temporary lobby" which is a room turned into an office. The whole place is under construction which wouldn't be so bad, but my gosh they have crap EVERYWHERE!!! That leads us to the elevator. Norman bates would even say it's too creepy for him. It's marked with two different hotel names on top of that, holiday inn and ramada. Then the room. Not the worst of the worst, the decor is nice, the bed is as hard as a rock and the shower isn't even properly installed. Really wish I would have looked at yelp before booking here. Buyer beware. Oh yea! AND I knew they were under construction before we booked in June, and we were promised that the construction would be done before hand. Extremely disappointed.

    14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Megan C.
    This was by far the worst hotel experience I've ever had. It wasn't just that there was MASSIVE construction going on, but they did nothing to accommodate for it. They put us in a dirty floor with exposed ceilings, spackle, and sheetrock everywhere. The lights were broken and the room was filthy.

    The second room they out me in had an air conditioning unit that wouldn't reach the outlet, rendering it useless in the middle of the summer, had no toilet paper and water all over the bathroom floor.

    The CHILDREN working the front desk, which was located in a hotel room, gave the worst customer service, greeted me with an attitude, and couldn't manage to pull themselves away from their own conversation long enough to even check me in in a timely manner.

    The worst. Do not stay here.

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Bill K.
    We rented two rooms, one with a king bed and one with two doubles. The room with the King was fantastic, while the room with the doubles had a heater that wouldn't stop blowing cold air and was a stinkbug graveyard.

    We asked and promptly received a different room. This one was cleaner but still had heater issues.

    The front desk was very helpful providing  local restaurant recommendations and giving change for larger bills. The continental breakfast (free with room) was one of the most plentiful spreads I've had in a hotel.

    We'd stay again, but we'll be sure to call ahead and make sure the front desk checks the rooms have been cleaned first.

    26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0