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Our Comfort Inn Conference Center hotel is ideally located near many of the area's top attractions, which include Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, Sandcastle Waterpark, PNC Park, Mellon Arena and Heinz Field. Get refreshed in our inviting guest rooms, some of which feature refrigerators along with expanded cable television channels, coffee makers and hair dryers. Additional amenities includefree wi-fi, free local calls, free newspaper weekdays and an indoor pool and fitness center. Enjoy our free hot breakfast featuring eggs, meat, yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal and more, including your choice of hot waffle flavors! Take care of basic business needs with access to copy and fax services and meeting space. For added convenience, guest laundry facilities available onsite. Make your reservation today.


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Rating: 2.58

Address: 699 Rodi Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15235
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Comments (24):

1. John F.
Nice property with good location -- off I-376 with ez-access but high on a hill so no noise.  Very good pool.  Includes reception rooms.

Main quiibble is that management does not reserve the parking spaces near the room for overnight guests and wedding and other party guests fill them up despite a side lot.

25/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Richie W.
Nice middle of road hotel.. with a bar and restaurant..  The room was clean and beds comfortable.  Service was very good.  At the bar the shots were puny but the beer was cold.  The bartender had absolutely no personality.  Don't even think I saw a smile.  not much more to say... Drink up and stumble to room...

01/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Bill P.
The place is noticeably old, but honestly, it seems well-maintained. I had no problems, and you can't beat the price.

The parking lots are confusing, but that's because the hotel is built into a hillside.

23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Levent T.
RNSG! Worn down old looking property from the outside in.  Faded carpet, dirty tiles, peeling wallpaper, dirty entrances, double beds not queens, and stained shower curtains all screem "remodel me!"  Friendly desk staff, new refrigerator, flat screen and the clean bedding made me give it the one star and decide to stay the night since it was my only option.

31/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Holly Y.
I would say this hotel is average.  It is by no means a luxury resort, but it has a bed a tv, a bathroom and fridge.  This is all I need, since I usually am only there to sleep.

It could probably use some updating, but it is super convenient to the Parkway East (376) and if you go up Rodi Rd, there is a Dunkin Donuts close by.

Finding the access road off of Rodi was a bit challenging in the dark, but I made it.  It may look like a dead end, but just follow it up the hill and you'll be fine.

28/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Heather G.
Needed a place to stay on Saturday night when taking my kids down to the Burgh. This was the cheapest place I could find with a room that could accommodate all of us (me and youngest in the King bed - it was Mother's Day weekend, and I claim the big bed!; middle son and oldest on the pullout sleeper sofa). Plus, it had an indoor pool/hot tub with which to keep the youngest two occupied. The location (immediately off I-376) was close enough to where we were going to be hanging out (The Waterfront in Homestead) and also conducive to taking their little happy asses back home.

We got there about 4 PM and to get to the hotel, you have to go up this very steep, curvy hill. One thing about Pittsburgh - they can build anything on a hill. Upon checking in, it turned out we arrived at the same time the people from the wedding reception did. It also appeared that most of them were spending the night there too. Joy.

The hotel is considerably old - I think the carpeting is a lovely burnt orange from the 70's, with distinct brown spots that may either be designs or blood stains. I'm not sure which. There are three sections to the prison....er, hotel - A, B, and C. We were in the C-section (ha!) on the first floor, which had a little patio that faced woods. It's weird - none of the levels really match the building next to it, so what was the first floor of one building was the second floor of the other building. Tres confusing.

Upon entering the room and leaving the sketchy hallway, I was happy to see that the rooms were up to date. I was not amused to see that the television was on - I wasn't quite sure I was in the right room or if someone else was there. Luckily, we were the only people who were supposed to be in there. The hotel has WiFi and the room had a mini fridge; the one thing that it didn't have was a lot of outlets, especially any around the bed or the computer desk. We had to unplug most of the lights in the room so that we could run two laptops and two PSP's.

We went out for the evening and came back around 11 PM, only to find all of the well lit parking places taken. We had to park pretty far from the door, and it was in a dark area that was surrounded  by woods. Nothing screams "target!" like a single woman with small kids. We  made it to the hotel entrance okay, and I'm writing this review, so I am assuming we were all unscathed.

The bed was very comfy and the pillows were fluffy. The bathroom left a lot to be desired. Little room, if any, to navigate in there. Basically the toilet is almost IN the shower. It is also very low to the ground, so you're sitting with your knees up by your ears almost. The previously documented bottle opener was also right at eye level as you were sitting. That weirded me out.

Offspring and I went to go get our complimentary breakfast so that we could take it down to the pool and eat poolside before they went in. What a cluster***k! There were almost 100 people in that restaurant, and most of them were of Indian descent, all screaming at each other, and cutting in front of people just to grab stuff. I am lucky that we made it out of there with two bowls of cereal and a piece of sausage.

The pool is very large, and it was nicely heated (although the pool area itself was cold as all get out). Kids will like it - it's a pool. Adults should be fine with it. I took advantage of the hot tub - I sat on the edge of it with my legs covered up to my knees in water because it was so cold in there and I read a book.

All in all, we lived. Would I stay here again? Most likely not. There are other hotels in the area that were about the same price range, with the same amenities, and less sketch factor. But, if all you need is a place to stay and you're fine with the above, then this place should suit you fine.

*** Also want to mention that the left turn you have to make to get back onto 376 is HORRIBLE. It will take you forever to make that left turn, and when you do make it you are crossing your fingers that no one is going to come and T-bone you.

10/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Will S.
I can sacrifice creature comforts in a hotel but this place was mediocre. Like the previous reviewer said, it goes up a long and winding road. The only bar you could walk back to is from the hotel bar [a pity]. The hotel was partially outdated, some parts were freshly painted and new carpeting but the bathroom had not been remodeled in some time, which doesn't bother me, but what does, is that they weren't maintained very well. One of the bedspreads had crayon still on it.

It came with a mini-fridge. Location-wise, just south of 376, there's sprawling surbubia with its chain retail about a mile away; North of 376, where the Comfort Inn is located, is the contrast, a land of complete hilljacks, including a building that housed both a spay and neuter pet clinic and a country saloon.

The breakfast bar [which also doubles as the hotel bar] wasn't much: powdered eggs, sausage, juice, make your own waffles, toaster, bread, bagels, oranges, jams, and coffees, oatmeal packets. Bagels did the job for me.

The place was pet-friendly, although there were 2 dogs across the hall that barked for some of the night, driving my dad crazy. Next room over, I was the heavy sleeper and didn't care. On the plus side, there's an indoor pool, free wifi, and a mini-fridge in some of the rooms including ours..

I also second that parking was difficult to find the one night that there was a wedding there. The tennis courts were overgrown with weeds and not even usable.

If I had the choice, I wouldn't stay here again. Almost anything else would have probably been better unless you had a pet.

10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. Susan D.
I believe that in the ago, this hotel was once owned by a chain headed up by Leona Helmsley.  It's been a Comfort Inn for quite awhile now.  I've never stayed at this hotel but my husband and I attended a function here.  The banquet room is about the same as you'd find anywhere.  The room was pleasantly decorated, the service was good, and the food was adequate.  

Not overly spectacular, but worth considering if you ever do need such facilities.

18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Joel A.
We arrived at the hotel and checked in, then went to park. Well, there was a party going on and the parking spaces near the hotel were all full, so we had a long walk from the car to the building. The building is large and sprawling, not easy to navigate at all. Our stay began with a mouse running across the hall. A few seconds later we arrived at our room, and the card key did not work. This meant another long walk back to the lobby where I was told that the key was made for the wrong room. Once inside, the room itself was spacious, but the bathroom was a very tight squeeze.

After bopping around, we returned to our room and decided to order up some dessert from room service, where we were promptly told rather rudely that they do not deliver an order of just dessert (the front desk personnel differed in their opinion on this at checkout). Speaking of checkout, there were problems with the computers-one of them could not print. About the only bright spot was that the breakfast food was a bit better than most free breakfast buffets I have experienced.

It is not likely that we will stay there again, despite the fact that I am originally from the area and visit several times per year.

04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Jamey M.
Needs help,  exterior doors don't open wit your card,  mentioned to the front desk and she said "oh yeah its been acting up for several weeks"  clearly maintenence isn't a high priority.

22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Gonzalo H.
Doesn't make any sense for the money. Looks like a motel 6 and costs about $40 more. I was there on 10/25/2013 was overall very disappointed. People are friendly and the room looked clean...but again, nothing that justifies a $85+tax. You can def find better places for your money.

26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Lee P.
Friendly staff, basic rooms and free breakfast.  The layout is rather funky, I think the architect may have been Mr. Mobius.  My room was clean and quiet.  It is a bit isolated, and you need a car to get there or go anywhere from there.
I would stay there again.

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Mary R.
This hotel has the weirdest, multiple switchback entrance. To add even more confusion, the entry was being remodeled so we had to take a long-walking detour to check in and out.

This whole hotel is very shabby and crumbling around the edges. Our room had a comfy bed. The eggs at breakfast were...powdered, and the coffee was terrible. Folgers? Ick.

Next time I return to Pittsburgh, I will stay closer to downtown and spend a little more.

02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Gal D.
Just off the 376, but far enough to have a reasonable noise level. If u ask for a room facing away from the freeway u don't hear it. It's a steep curvy drive up hill from the freeway, but it's Pittsburgh after all. Breakfast was fine, the restaurant is fine too at reasonable prices and serves alcohol (it's Pittsburgh and it's not trivial). The room was ok, the bath is a bit old, but everything is quite clean. Enough sockets for my gadgets and a reasonable desk. The stuff was friendly enough. The main drawback is the terrible internet - it's like the WiFi hotels used to have in the pre iPhone era, I mean it was practically useless ! For the Internet I take one star, but maybe I should take two.

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Mark R.
Where to begin. Upon check-in I had to use the restroom, only to be greeted by a toilet that was bolded 4 inches from the wall in the toilet paper dispenser that rub my leg. At about 7:30 PM the entire DirecTV system went down in the motel. upon inquiring of the desk clerk as to why the TV was down he advised me that there was an area wide outage. Having nothing better to do since the TV was down I called DirecTV's business account system and was advised that there was no outages in the Pittsburgh area. at 8 AM I again inquired as to when the TV would be back and I again was advised that it was DirecTV's problem although the problem seemed internal to the hotel . At any rate I give this joint thumbs down and I will not stay there again

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Barry B.
Nationally, Comfort Inn franchises range from very nice to extremely funky. This one is  somewhere in the middle - shabby, disorganized and worn. The staff was pleasant, but not exceptional.

On the positive side, it was reasonably inexpensive. And it offered the usual CI breakfast options. On the downside, there was no maintenance person available when the toilet plugged - which meant moving to a new room.

The biggest shock was the lack of security. Although some of the outside doors require a card key for access, others are simply unlocked - anyone could walk in and go down the halls.

I visited Pittsburgh for one night and, not knowing anything about the layout of the city, booked this hotel. It seems to be more or less in the middle of nowhere, with few nearby choices for restaurants or other amenities needed by a traveler. (Although check out Udipi, an incredible Indian restaurant about 10 minutes way). Don't stay here if you intend to enjoy downtown Pittsburgh.

09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Jin Y.
This is a pretty decent hotel for the amount you pay. The room was spacey and well conditioned. There is free wifi and a fridge in our room. Also, complimentary breakfast with waffles, eggs, sausage, and many more. We were on a road trip and this hotel has parking.

05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Justin D.
Never had a problem while staying here. Great, clean rooms, friendly staff, HUGE and FREE breakfast buffet in the morn that includes everything you could possibly ask for. The furnishings are nice, not cheap looking like most places. They are fully equipped for any event or occasion you could possibly think of. I recommend this place to anyone traveling in the area who want to get the best bang for the buck. No other hotel I've stayed at around here is as nice. Great amenities and a place to step out in every room if you want a quick smoke or breath of air. Staff is also always friendly and a pleasure to deal with. The inside bar/lounge/restaurant is decently priced and have good morning as well as night atmosphere. Highly recommend this Comfort Inn!!

07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Thomas W.
Stayed here for a couple nights - the actual accomodations are not very good - the rooms/hallways have a chemically smell, and the place itself has lots of areas blocked off with random furniture.

The room we stayed in (non-smoking) smelled heavily of cleaning chemicals and smoke. Also the walls are pretty thin so you can hear other occupants outside, and road noise.

The good part is that the employees are very nice, and helpful - they moved us to another room which had no smoke smell, but still had the chemical smells.

Overall, would not stay again.

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Derek T.
Well appointed inexpensive hotel. The rooms have been upgraded and are visually pleasing. Overall the hotel still has a manic staircase conveyance. Kinda like real life snakes and ladders. The in site restaurant is passable. But got the price this is a very good hotel.

09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Angel S.
It's not as good as it gets but I am more then a fan. I would come back here anytime I make it to this area. Great room for the price. Wifi had some slight issues. Mainly because the place was so big and each time you moved to another place in the hotel you would be at another hot spot. (room, pool, dinning area, ext)

They were remodeling in places. The hotel was out of date but not like some others I have been to. So with that I would expect it to be even nicer the next time I visit. It seemed the main lobby area was being updated but I didn't see work, just noticed the molding was missing and some new wall paper was put up in places. One main hall and all it's rooms were closed.  All other halls were open.

I have been to nicer hotels but this one was very large and would room large parties of people and you could even have the party or wedding at the hotel. They had a full breakfast despite what the fact that the photos only show cereal. And a breakfast room with a view. High above the Hwy.  

I had a non smoking pet friendly room that had sliding glass doors so I could take the dog straight out of the room and walk her. They beds where like sleeping in the clouds. I am not a fan of a hard bed. They did forget the conditioner in the shower.

The heated pool was very large and inviting. I got a chance to have it all to myself. Sometimes even the indoor pools cold. Who needs to order delivery when they have a full menu in the bar/breakfast room with 15% off your bill if your a guest staying at the hotel.

Like any hotel, keep the do not disturb on the door or they will come a knocking add day to clean the room.

12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Jenifer W.
This about sums it up.... dirty, dusty, dank and musty... This was a reasonably priced hotel, but I think I'd skip it in favor of other options that are more convenient to town, and / or much less noisy.

Room: Just okay. We had a "2 queen" room on the 3rd floor, away from the lobby. There is NO elevator in this hotel, and the parking lot is VERY hilly - this made getting our luggage from the car to the room pretty treacherous. The room itself was just okay in size, and the walls paper thin... add to that a room door that was "shaved" way too high at the bottom (probably to accommodate plusher carpet at one time, but now just leaves an inch-wide gap), and don't plan on sleeping much. We heard the drunkards rolling in at 2 am, the early birds going to breakfast, kids running down the hall, cleaning carts rolling, you get the idea... if you're a light sleeper, avoid. Cleanliness was merely O-K.

Amenities: This is a "no-frills" place. In the room, you'll get a blow dryer, a television, and some soap. Some other notes:

1 - There is a "free breakfast", but the menu items don't change, and it's made with the minimum effort. I'd sooner have gone to a local diner - we forced the food down because it was there and convenient - not because it was edible.

2 - The pool is an oddity, with a deep end that goes to 10 feet (who does that anymore, and why?!?!?) Also, depending on where you are in the hotel, expect to have to take a plane, a train, and an automobile to get to the pool... we had to walk down 2 VERY long hallways, go down 3 staircases, and walk down another long hallway just to get to it... is this the Comfort Inn exercise program?

3 - Expect the outside entry doors to not take your card... it's a fact, and the hotel staff will tell you outright the key entries are old and don't work. If you go outside, plan to have to bang on the door to beg some other sap to let you in, or to have to go through the lobby.

4 - Parking is LIMITED... if you arrive any time past 5:00 pm ET (or come back from a day out), plan to have a really tough time finding a spot to park.

Sleep: Borderline poor. Note the details in the "room" section - I'm a light sleeper, and the noise was tough on me at points through the night.

Hotel Staff: Non-existent. The staff manning the desk was okay, not overly nice, not rude. They handed me our keys, and that was that. We never saw nor heard from them again.

Value: Poor, considering the location and the run-down state of the hotel. It was clean enough, yes, but bare bones, not up to modern standards by a long shot. Their rooms don't measure up to nearby competition... They either need to significantly lower their prices,or drastically improve the quality of the hotel and its rooms.

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Dan S.
Third time staying here for business this year (Jan'14/Jun'14/Aug'14). If you are looking for one hot & a cot at an affordable rate stay here.  

Be prepared to drive up a long windy switchback to reach the hotel.  Remember this drive if you plan on going out for dinner & drinks; you'll have to do it again in the dark.

Park by the main entrance and find out where your room is first before unloading your car.  The hotel is spread out with long hallways and no elevators.  

Rooms are clean and could benefit from a makeover.  The shower in Room 230 was disgusting.  Alerted front desk staff but they only offered an apology and told me they would notify maintenance.  Would have been nice if they took a few bucks off the rate.

My Two Word Takes:
Ok Value
Good Pillows
Hard Bed
Pleasant Staff
Disgusting Shower (Room 230)
Hilly Parking
Loud Airconditioner
Crowded Breakfast

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. Tracy M.
The hotel is conveniently located just off the highway, the staff are friendly. I signed a no smoking waiver however my room smelled of cigarette smoke the front desk changed our room immediately. The restaurant was great the food and service were great!! The huge downfall was a tractor trailer parked outside my window all night waking me up each time it turned on.

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0