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Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh University Place in Pittsburgh, PA

Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh University Place in Pittsburgh, PA


Located in the heart of Pittsburgh's medical and educational district, the new 13 story Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh University Place is one of the best full-service, upscale, contemporary hotels of the Pittsburgh/Oakland area.  Just 18 miles from Pittsburgh International Airport and perfectly set in an urban environment, the hotel has been meticulously renovated with a custom decor package unlike any other Hilton Garden Inn.  Our redesigned property offers spacious guest rooms featuring Hilton Garden Inn Evolution bedding, a large work area with well-lit desk, modern decor and complimentary Internet as well as many other amenities including on-site dining and adaptable meeting facilities.  Let our expert Event Planners assist you with your next successful event in one of our state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Reserve Today.


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Rating: 2.81

Address: 3454 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
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Comments (27):

1. Mark S.
Now the Hilton Garden Inn University Place.  We checked in on Jan. 12, 2011 for 3 nights x 2 rooms.   The hotel has recently changed from the Wyndham to the Hilton and was suffering a long list of hand-over problems, ranging from poorly-trained staff to dysfunctional alarms (false alarms) to cold showers in the morning (both of our rooms plus several other guests that morning at the counter making same complaint).  The rooms are reasonably spacious but strangely accompanied.  There's inadequate space to comfortably sit at the desk, and they chose an armed chair that can't slide under the desk, which means there's no safe way to access the curtains.   The beds are uncomfortable (and mine was made wrong and I had to re-make it before I could even use it.)   Finding the place is tricky since reservations confirm as Wyndham but the street signage is Hilton; and there is no instruction about parking (1.5 blks away at a public garage).  The thermostat in both our rooms didn't work properly and the only way to get my room temp down to a reasonable temp - 70f - was to turn on the AC (in JANUARY!)  And to top it all off, the coffee in the restaurant was cold.   At almost $200 a night I expect much more.

13/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Rich G.
Very clean and comfortable. Perfect location to do some great site seeing. Free shuttle to almost any part of Pittsburgh. Some great places to eat within walking distance.

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. G T.
Now called Hilton Garden Inn.  Valet parking is $18 a night with in and out privileges.  Location is great for visiting Carnegie Mellon.  BUT they are having water heating issues as we arrived at 9:00 p.m at night and they RAN OUT of hot water on the 5th floor.  How does that happen in this day and age?  We were told to wait 30 minutes and then try again.  We waited an hour and still no hot water.  When we called the front desk, they said many people were having the same issue so this is not good.  The next night, we made sure to take our showers early (6:00 p.m.) so we got our hot water finally but don't know if this commodity with have shortages again.  Basic functional error!  Also, construction noise was very loud by 7:00 a.m. the next day.  Didn't notice the noise from the gas station though we are right across the street.  Other than location, this hotel leaves a lot to be desired.

16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Kolondra H.
Very poor communication amongst the front desk staff to it's customers! Be aware that they will charge both your credit card and ask for $100 deposit when you check-in if you; if paid in full and have no credit card when you check in. They stated to us twice before we checked in that we only needed to give a $100 deposit day of check-in and I discovered they charged my $50 on my credit card as well. SHADY!  Not very good customer service!

12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. BethAnn S.
This is actually now a Hilton Garden Hotel which doesn't mean much as the vibe is very much the same as it was when I came and visited as a Wyndam.  As I was a guest of the University, I didn't have to pay, so I can't speak to room rates, but the place is clean, service is fast and the in hotel restaurant is better than average.  The only reason you want to stay here is if you are going to UPMC/Pitt for a visit.  Otherwise you are located next to a Shell gas station and a bunch of fast food places.  If you're going to UPMC, you're set as its right across the street.
I'm a fan of the 'dial a pressure' king size beds, super comfy office set ups in the room and contemporary design.  On the less positive side is the seedy neighborhood that I frankly wouldn't want to go strolling around after dark.  There are lots of homeless folks and we're only a block away from Western Psych (and I'm pretty sure a few of them got out).
WiFi is free, gym is pretty current and the breakfast was fast, good and had plenty of healthy options.  Which you'll need if you want to trek up 'the hill' leading to UPMC.  You'll have to see it to believe it.

30/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Gordon M.
I stay here because I have business at the University. The last time I stayed was on election day November 2012. I woke up the morning after the election and tried to take a shower. The stopper in the tub would not stay open and the tub reeked of urine. I complained and was moved to another room.  But it makes me wonder how the room passed any sort of housekeeping supervisor's inspection. It is still a mystery to me.

The rooms are not fully sound proof either. If you have kids in the next room, heaven help you!!

The service has gone down hill in the restaurant too. They recently had a shake up it seems and the guy who used to wait on me seems to  disappeared.

Be also warned that it can take a bit to get your car from the valet. They "mis-parked" my car once or twice.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Irene A.
I got to the hotel at 1am. Needless to say I was exhausted after a 4 hour drive. The host at the front immediately looked away when I entered which confused me as to if that was even the front desk, but it was. I don't even know his name, but I wish I got it so that I could tell the manager how unprofessional he was. He didn't smile or greet us and only complained about how busy he was that night. it was 1am and we were the only ones in the lobby... I work in customer service and I understand that things get busy but a smile and a nice warm welcome when your customers walk through the door wouldn't hurt. I called this guy when I got to my room to ask about breakfast and he quickly just told me to ask in the morning. really? and I didn't just see him one night I saw him again on multiple occasions and he constantly had a terrible attitude and someone that you would not want to ask questions from. The next morning I woke up early and had to again go to the front desk for a question-- my luck the same guy from the night before was there and immediately walked away when I walked up to the desk...needless to say this guy really made my experience terrible.

I got the breakfast here which was an all you can eat buffet. The omelettes were amazing and the other things they offered were sausage, bacon, potatoes yogurt fruit, etc. the works really. I liked their breakfast. there was one waitress out of 2 that I really liked and was friendly. the others were not polite at all.

The rooms were nice except I didn't understand how there bathroOM DID NOT HAVE A VENT! there was no vent in the bathroom, there wasn't even a switch for it. and there was no window in the bathroom...thats a first. Also the doors to the bathroom don't stay open, I had to hold it open by placing something infront of it so it wouldn't close everytime behind me and so I could air out the steam after my shower.

The walls are also PAPER THIN. we could hear the guy next to us coughing all night and day and the next day we could hear his whole phone conversation and him eating his breakfast, using the bathroom, etc!

the one good thing was that it was in a convenient location, which is the only reason why I stayed there. there are a bunch of bars and restaurants around and its right next to PITT U. which was a plus. but if I didn't have business at PITT U. i would have stayed somewhere else.

For a hilton and the amount they charge per night I really was not impressed. I was not wowed. I will not be staying here again.

04/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Matthew S.
I didn't notice any problems with the front desk staff as I noticed in a couple of reviews. I thought they were nice. The dining room staff seemed a bit inexperienced though. As for the hotel, be ready to fork over 18 bucks a night for mandatory valet parking. I hate paying for parking, I guess it is what it is. I won't hold that against them as most downtown properties will always have parking fees.

As for the hotel itself, it was clean and nice. I would stay again if I were in the area. While the quality of breakfast food is good, I would probably try a local joint next time just to get a better sampling of Pittsburgh!

19/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Bill K.
Very nice decor in the lobby areas and room.  A good fitness center with weights and excellent breakfast.   Seemed to be very clean, and the staff people I worked with were pleasant.  Valet parking only, which was a bit of a hassle and delay, and of course they charged for overnight parking.  Excellent location a stones throw from downtown and the famous Incline Railroad.  

Minor nitpicks:  Somewhat thin walls, I assume, since I was on the fifth floor but in the middle of the night I could hear all kinds of little noises, people walking, doors closing, various commercial trucks driving around outside etc. - also raising the question, what kind of lunatic runs down a hall at 3:00 am and slams his door?

I had a "bed & breakfast" reservation, which included a free breakfast.  I am also a Diamond member, and although I didn't know this until just now, it is possible this hotel would have given me a free breakfast without my paying extra.  Either way, the desk person failed to check, so I went to my room, found I didn't have the coupon, and had to call down.  

Hotel managers, here is a big secret for you:  All the roll pillows, bathroom amenities and fancy wallpaper in the world can never take the place of just never creating issues that the guest has to catch on his own and resolve.   But after I called they did bring the coupon to the room and slip it under the door as I told them to.

Also one elevator was tagged out of service for some sort of upgrade, making it a long wait for the one.  But that's temporary and will be fixed when the other one is ready.  

Some channels missing from the TV.  The two or three absent sports channels were not a problem, because I don't "get" sports. I am pretty sure the missing channels were all various short clips of plays interspersed with shots of big guys in flashy suits sitting at news desks arguing about nuances of the players and coaches as earnestly as if they were talking about something important.  Just a hunch on my part.

Comfortable beds like all HGI's.  The kind with the little knobs on each side you can adjust your side to be firm or soft or whatever.  I can't tell the difference between full soft and full firm, so maybe they just stick a little knob on an ordinary mattress, or maybe, like so many things, it's just me.  But it was a comfortable bed, and included a lot of pillows which I like for creating a pillowy wonderland to sleep in.

Regardless, next time in Pittsburgh, this is my place.

28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Stephanie B.
Very clean, staff is super friendly and helpful, their recommendations were on point and  valet was fast and easy. No problems at all except the beds are a little hard even with the "adjustable" comfort settings. Definitely would stay here again.

22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Erin D.
For some reason the hotel didn't have me listed as a Hilton Honors gold status member. As a gold status member you get two bottles of water for free and free breakfast. When I arrived in my room, there was neither free water nor instructions for how to order breakfast. So, I called the front desk. They explained breakfast is downstairs in the restaurant for $13.

I then told them I'm a gold member, per my Hilton Honors account. They asked, "Well, can you call someone and have them call us?" What kind of question is that? Shouldn't the front desk have called someone in their own company to verify?

Nonetheless I really wanted my free breakfast, so I called the Hilton Honors program who confirmed I do have gold status. A program advocate then took my number and promised to call me back after discussing with the hotel manager. The advocate called and confirmed I should be receiving a call from the hotel in my room.

The front desk called and simply said, "Your two breakfast tickets are at the front desk whenever you want to pick them up. Have a good night." That was it. No apology, no nothing. The front desk customer service here is horrendous.

Free breakfast ends at 10:30AM. Starting at 10AM, "It's a la carte only," meaning there's no cooked-to-order breakfast. I thought the supervisor working the breakfast was going to throw the kid I approached out the window; the supervisor freaked out because I showed up for breakfast past 10AM . I kept saying it was fine - there were still muffins, bagels, fruit, etc. out, and I just wanted to take some stuff to my room. The poor kid was so nice though - gave me a to-go box & plasticware. But the supervisor did not like the fact people were showing up after 10AM.

In contrast, the valet parking staff were one of the nicest I've experienced at a hotel, even helping me find the auxillary hole in my rental car.

If you want better front desk staff, go to the Hampton down the street!

13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
12. Kim K.
Staff: I couldn't say nicer things about the staff. Everyone from the valet, to the front desk, maintenance, maids, and restaurant were extremely kind, professional, and helpful. One evening I walked in and the front desk was slammed. I saw the lead engineer out there helping hotel guests to his best ability. For example, he got me a fork and knife. (: completely out of his job description I presume, but he certainly went above and beyond.

The hotel was in a prime location to Pitt. Walking distance to about 500 restaurants.

The rooms were always clean. The chocolates left on my bed were always appreciated. (:

Free wifi. w00t.

I only have a few areas of improvement I'd offer. Keep in mind, these are very minute compared to my overall experience. (:
- I wish there would have been a recycling bin in my room. Didn't have the heart to throw papers or plastic bottles in the trash, so I ended up just throwing them in my suitcase to recycle when I got home. (:

- The bathroom door swings shut automatically. If the heat or A/C is on in the room, it doesn't get to the bathroom.

- I wasn't a huge fan of the mac and cheese at the restaurant. Again, super minor...I'd just recommend trying something else.

Overall, great experience and I'd certainly stay here again!

23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Steve P.
Generally Hilton's are a lot better than this. The ergonomics of this place is what really made it bad.

First the mattress was one of those new fancy mattresses with custom settings.   Unfortunately, comfortable was nowhere on that dial, it went from slightly irritating to "YOU NO SLEEP NOW".  I actually woke up with a headache. Number 2,  the toilet paper dispenser is just about an arms length away from the toilet which makes for awkward toilet time.  Number 3, the bathroom door wouldn't stay open; it automatically always swung to the closed position which is a problem especially if you got kids.

And worst of all, the pillow smelled like it was made of farts.  All night long.

25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Jade V.
I needed a Hotel close to the University and this Hilton really did the trick! Reasonably priced, The location was my first priority in choosing this hotel, and I don't regret it. For those driving in, it's next to a gas station, which was useful for when we checked out.

The staff was beyond caring, friendly, helpful, and overall excellent, from the front desk to the valet to the bartenders. There's always complimentary punch and cookies out in the lobby as well; nice touch! The prices for food, drinks, etc. are typical of hotels (i.e., overpriced), but that hardly matters here. It's also within walking distance to a bunch of restaurants and bars (mostly populated by college students).

By the way, all hotel parking is valet. The staff is so friendly and the price is so reasonable compared to other cities, though! There's also free wi-fi for all guests, perfect for the guest on the go. There were a few amenities, but if you need more, there's a Rite-Aid within walking distance. Overall, an experience that was much better than I expected.

29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Daniel L.
The best thing that I can say about my stay was that the room & bathroom was clean. The front desk service was horrible outside of their normal check-in / check-out responsibilities. Asking them to call or a cab was a disaster, the Front Desk offered the shuttle service but could only drop me off a half mile from my location. Not being from Pittsburgh and not having an umbrella ruled out a stroll in the rain.

The bed was extra firm with a hump in the middle. And my attempt in the morning to iron my dress shirt was an epic fail as the iron burnt an imprint of itself in my shirt.

The desk attendant, Tony was sincerely apologetic for my stay.

09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Laura R.
Very nice customer service when booking the hotel. A bit confusing about parking, as you cannot park at the hotel yourself, you can only valet for $18/day or try and find parking on the street/a block away at another parking garage. The front desk staff were fine. The beds are strange, way too firm and the pillows are really sub-par as well. The rooms themselves are very spacious with an empty fridge/cabinet space and microwave, which was convenient. Breakfast at the hotel was great the next day and though we didn't use the shuttle, apparently it gets you where you need to be within a 3-mile radius from the hotel. I don't think I'd stay here again unless I had to, but it was fine since we needed to be in the area.

20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Jeff F.
I had planned on staying at the Doubletree in Monroeville but realized that I'd have to depart pretty darn early to be at Pitt by 8:00 am. the next day.  The Hilton Garden Inn offered convenience - at a price.

I called before making a reservation to inquire about the valet parking.  A staff member explained that I could leave my car in their garage until 6 pm on check-out day for the $18 valet parking fee.  That meant that I could park on Thursday evening and not have to move my car until my family's Pitt visit was complete on Friday afternoon.

The room was pretty much as expected.  No surprises good or bad.  The only minor annoyance was that the batteries in the door lock were shot and we had to stand in the hallway upon arrival while maintenance changed the batteries.  We dropped our luggage, walked down Forbes Ave for dinner, returned to the room, then slept.  Based on that, it's hard to rave about the place.  The next morning, the front desk stored our luggage while we walked over to Pitt.

At the end of our visit, it was a breeze to retrieve both our luggage and our car.  So for around $60 more than the Doubletree, we didn't have to deal with rush-hour traffic or parking on campus.  If my family has a similar weekday morning event at Pitt, I'd return without hesitation.  Maybe 3.5 stars.

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Aaron M.
When things are at their worst, you see people for who they truly are...and the staff here can handle stress.

I'm writing this review on my phone during the 5th? hour of a blackout due to a transformer exploding around the corner

Up until today, my stay has been uneventful.

I had a decent room, in a fairly convenient location, with a comfortable bed and a nice breakfast.  That pretty much summed up my first days stay here...and if that had been all I experienced, I'd be torn between 3 and 4 stars.  When the power went out, however, it was the staffs time to shine ...

They were incredibly patient with the repeated questions of "when will the power go back on"...they provided glow sticks to everyone to make them as comfortable as possible in the rooms... When it was obvious the frozen food was going to melt, they were handing out free ice cream ... Throughout all of this, they kept a calm, friendly demeanor.

Good job guys!

25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. S R.
Woman at the front desk was rude,  bed was uncomfortable and had pubic hairs on the sheets, and they had booked a party in the conference room on my floor that was incredibly loud and allowed to go up until midnight so my children couldn't go to sleep. Bad experience overall.

20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Ruth C.
This was my first visit here, and it won't be the last.(in the past, I stayed at the old Holiday Inn in Oakland, now I think owned by Wyndham), This is now my favorite Oakland hotel. Everything was clean and "new". The staff was so friendly and helpful. I am not a coffee drinker (more of a foo-foo latte type of drinker), but I did love their coffee. Their shuttle service is great...used it to go to a restaurant on the North side and besides having to wait for folks that wanted to go to the greyhound bus station (not Hilton's fault), it all worked out perfectly. They dropped us off and picked us up when we called them. It was nice not having to drive and worry about parking, etc.

I am not keen about valet service parking, but these folks were great...very friendly and courteous.

All in all it is a great find. Location, service, coffee, cleanliness, good energy. Everything put together made this an excellent place for me to stay and return to.

18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Sara L.
Decent, clean hotel.  Conveniently located near Pitt's campus.  It's a little pricy but that's probably due to the location.  The biggest annoyance here is that the parking is expensive ($18/day) and the room key cards demagnetized very easily.  I was there for 2 nights and my keys needed to be reset twice.  The shuttle was unreliable; I would opt for uber or a cab over using the free hotel shuttle.

27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Michelle B.
Horrible beds. What's pretty much the #1 thing a hotel needs to not suck at?  Beds. The first time I sat down, the beds frame creaked and crackled like it was going to break. The edge of the mattress sloped down and made me feel like falling out of bed was a given. There was also a 4-5 inch gap between the mattress and the headboard. Good luck keeping your pillows. The gap was because the platform the bed was on was separate from the headboard (mounted to the wall). Both of them were bulky and already touching. So I tried scooting the mattress back. No dice. I asked the manager about moving us to another room, but he said the noise" was a feature of the bed" and all the rooms had those beds. Thanks for nothing buddy. After all that, it was uncomfortable too.  The rest of the room was fine. The other staff and valets were great. If you want a good night'a sleep, stay somewhere else.

28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Cori R.
The service was ok, but the beds were horrible!!! Worst sleep I've ever had and back hurts like no ones business.

06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Carter P.
A stay that started with friends being able to get the keys before I got there simply by saying they were staying in 924 (and show no ID) and ended with the head of Housekeeping looking at her watch when she stopped by at 12:05 pm checkout day while I was waiting for a friend to bring around the car and would be out in 5-10 minutes.  Don't stay here - they clearly see customers as a (un)necessary evil.

That said, there were several friendly staffers - Candy (Front Desk), Hope (restaurant), and Saturday's morning shuttle driver and while there, the room was functional, clean and met our needs.

The stay began 300 miles away when I checked in online via HHonors.com and chose a great room on the top floor and called ahead to add friends to the reservation since they would be arriving earlier than I would.  The first time friends stopped by, the front desk person said they weren't on the reservation.  When they return after I added them, they spoke with a different clerk than they had earlier or I did on the phone - and were given keys without being asked for ID.  That has to be illegal (if not, it should be).

They go up to the room to find the HVAC unit in pieces unassembled - luckily we had a good weather weekend, but that could be a rough bump in the night going into the grate over the plastic casing of the unit.  As the stay progressed things were relatively uneventful.  The restaurant and shuttle service did an excellent job Saturday making our stay for the Pitt vs. Georgia Tech Football game a good day.  Much appreciation to those named above for making that happen.

This morning, we had a lot of interaction with the people who run this hotel.  At the restaurant, the Director of Food & Beverage was taking orders for the made-to-order breakfast; of the three of us, the last person's order wasn't included on our ticket.  So, one of the servers took the number from our table making it difficult for them to find us once the third person's food was ready.  So hard in fact, that they gave her food to another table that even said it was what they'd ordered.  This was straightened out eventually, but it is interesting how the staff managed a packed house the day before flawlessly, and today a sparsely filled dining room was tricky for the Director of Food & Beverage to manage.  Most staff was the same - and maybe they were tired - but it really did seem that changing who took the orders may have impacted the accuracy of food delivery.

Lastly, at check-out, I was preparing to walk out the door (which had the 'do not disturb' tag on it, and there came a knock and I said I'd be out in 5-10 minutes.  In fairness, it was 12:05.  Another knock came and I opened the door - the Head of Housekeeping was there with her clipboard.  I explained that I was hustling to get ready and would be out in 5-10 - to which she responded "okay" and she looked down at her watch.  When I express dissatisfaction with her attitude, she said "sorry you feel that way, this room was marked as vacant which is why I checked."  To which I responded, please don't apologize for how I feel about something - please apologize for your actions.  I realize this was a bit harsh, but I didn't appreciate that this was the last impression I'd have of this hotel - and she felt it was okay that that impression be a negative one.

High potential staff, but management has a lot of improvement needed.  Try the Residence Inn Pittsburgh University instead.

26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Stephen W.
The check-in process was easy. The location is great, close to plentiful options for food and drink. The bed was comfortable. The room was clean. My bathroom was clean and the shampoo replaced each day. The TV worked. There was no in-room safe, and no room service from what I could tell.

The hotel is steps away from University of Pittsburgh and not far from Carnegie Mellon University. And therein lies the real problem. The hotel seems to be popular with students and college-age out-of-towners who come to see a game and party. As a result, the hotel gets loud late at night (that is, early in the morning as people return from the bars). The walls are very thin and my room had only a flimsy door that separated me from the room next door. As a result, I could hear EVERYTHING that was said or done in the next room.

My recommendation is that if you are on a business trip or need to get some sleep in order to work the next day, stay somewhere else. This is a party hotel for college students who tend to be loud and inconsiderate.

27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Rohit V.
Rooms are good, but horrible service for a hotel charging $200 per night.
They wouldn't deliver anything to the room. You have to go to the lobby to pick up some plates and silver ware. You need some napkins, sorry, we don't coffee to your room, come to thee lobby to pick it up. WHY?
There is no in room breakfast option. You have to go the lobby to pick up your food.

i have seen cheap motels with better service, or in this case some existent service.

Will not recommend due to bad service.

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. Henry Y.
The location isn't very good but the service is good and the breakfast is excellent and the service in the dining room is stellar. Nice to have complementary coffee stations around and oat bars in the evening. The rooms are above average, despite as a silver honors guest I was upgraded to a funky L-shaped room with a view of the gas station parking lot and next to an emergency door that seem to be used surprisingly often and noisily.  Beds are also not very comfortable. Valet service is prompt and polite.

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0