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La Quinta Inn & Suites Pittsburgh North - McKnight in Pittsburgh, PA

La Quinta Inn & Suites Pittsburgh North - McKnight in Pittsburgh, PA


The La Quinta Inn & Suites Pittsburgh North hotel is conveniently located off of Exit 4 McKnight Road on I-279 N. Our Newly Renovated Hotel is minutes away from Downtown Pittsburgh and easily accessible from Pittsburgh Airport (PIT).


Company Info:

Rating: 2.00

Address: 4859 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237
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Comments (6):

1. Josh E.
My normal preferred hotel was sold out, so I gave this place a chance...big mistake. My stay was no different than the other reviews. The drive wasn't terrible to find, but when you have been traveling all day, the last thing you want to do if hire a cartographer and a Sherpa to find the hotel. While checking in, I was told the Bar and Grille serves food from 6pm-10pm. This is not the case. The "Grille" is just a word on the sign. They don't serve food. The rooms are dated and worn. My room has no light switch, but does have a solitary lamp on the night stand in the middle of the pitch black room. The bathroom is haunting, buzzing ballasts, peeling wallpaper, and a constantly running toilet. It just won't stop! The elevators work, but I would never ride in the cab with more than two other people. There are several other hotels in the area that are way better. If you travel for work, don't plan on getting anything done here. The WiFi is painfully slow. Just plan on using your own LTE or going to McDonalds at the bottom of the hill. The employees are friendly, unfortunately they work at this establishment.

18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Stefanie H.
My colleagues and I tried checking in at 6:30pm only to discover that our rooms are not ready yet and there are still 6 rooms ahead of us to be cleaned and more people coming in the door. Check-in time was at 4:00 pm and the cleaning staff still isn't done 2.5 hours later. Haven't even checked in yet, but wouldn't ever stay here again... Too bad our rooms were pre-paid and there's a concert & convention in town meaning there are no other options.

22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Jonathan L.
The most unprofessional hotel I have ever stayed at.  

On Tuesday 05/20/2014, I slept early because had to wake up at 6:00 am the next day, except in the middle of the night (around 12:30 am), I was woken up by the housekeeping staff walking around knocking on doors, talking very loudly on their walkie talkies in the hallway and repeatedly slamming room doors as they were going in and out.  At one point, I could hear them vacuuming several rooms with the doors propped open.

I notified the front desk the following morning and they confirmed that housekeeping was working late that night, but did not give any reason for it, even though there is no excuse for what happened.  They offered me a voucher, but there is no way I will stay at this hotel again.  I will also be sure to let anyone I know to avoid this location.

21/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Benjamin G.
I had a great experience at this hotel, but the Driveway, however, was very difficult to find.  It's located between McDonald's and Chipotle, FYI.  It can also be accessed via a shopping center nearby with Kohl's.  

They have no signage near the road whatsoever; you just see a hotel on top of a hill while you drive around in "No-U-Turn" traffic with concrete medians, etc.  I really didn't understand that part at all, I mean, the only sign was a bent, albeit brightly-lit broken sign far behind the connecting roads and restaurants leading to the hotel which appeared as though many a traveler slammed into it after a night or two of debauchery.  I almost felt like I was in some kind of horror-comedy-spoof movie just trying to find the darn driveway.  

The staff was industrious and polite and they even allowed us to bring our cat, which was a great relief for me because I would have worried about her at home.  She loved hiding behind the bed and staring at the faucets in the restroom as expected.  The room was stocked and clean.  I stayed there after a surgery in Pittsburgh, but the hotel helped make it more of a vacation.  

The Wi-Fi was too weak in the room, but they moved us with no problem to a better room.  They serve free breakfast and are just atop a hill which has a Starbucks and Bruegger's Bagel's as well if you get up after 10am.

Anyways, I would stay there again.  :)

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Cristina W.
For $110/night I would expect much, much more. This feels like a $59 room- the paint is chipping everywhere, the bathroom has no fan so the wall paper is peeling, the beds have no bed skirts, the pillows are small and lumpy, the room smells like mold, the rug looks like it hasn't been vacuumed in ages, our "2 queen" room has double beds, the bar tender is horrendously snobby. Wishing more than anything that I had paid the extra $30 and stayed in a nicer place in the city. Possibly the icky-est hotel I've ever stayed in.

15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Lauren W.
The important stuff was good. You get what you paid for. We stayed on vacation during easter. It was quiet, and not too many people. The bed was great, had a fridge and microwave. Shower was nice, hot, and had good pressure. Breakfast was a typical continental breakfast, but it was good. We left full and happy.  You can tell the building is old, and stuff is a little outdated. Molding needs repair, and carpet is old. But overall it was nice. Again the stuff we needed was there.

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0