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Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, PA

Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, PA


Our 1862 Italianate-style accommodations are tucked away in Pittsburgh's "South Side," one of the city's most eclectic, diverse and dynamic neighborhoods. Our location puts us a block away from "America's Longest Business Victorian National Historic District" and within a three mile radius of all that is uniquely Pittsburgh. This includes 50 restaurant choices, jazz and blues clubs, and many shopping choices.

A New Orleans lush courtyard is sandwiched between the main Inn and the Pergola Meeting/Event room. High, glass top cocktail and bistro tables are scattered through the garden. After dark, the ambient soothing sound of a water fountain and the subtle lighting and candlelit warmth basks the overhead foliage and hanging flowers, creating a restful and quiet atmosphere not expected in the center of downtown Pittsburgh.


Established in 1996.

Construction of the three-story brick home of John G. Fisher was started in 1860 and completed in 1862. Fisher was a German immigrant, owned a brickyard and was in Pittsburgh as early as 1854. Under part of the street, he built a 8' x 24' arched brick ceiling room that could be accessed from the street, via a man hole cover, and connected to the basement via a 15' tunnel. The hidden room was to be a "safe house" for run-a-way slaves. With the Civil War well underway, it was most likely used during Prohibition!

Morning Glory opened as a B&B in 1996 and hosted small meetings and parties. The first wedding occurred in 1999 -- a rather large misunderstanding! We thought it was just a party! We now host roughly 40 weddings a year.

The 1875 row houses, accessed from the courtyard, were renovated as a "Smart Board" meeting room in 2005.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.38

Address: 2119 Sarah St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203

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    Comments (8):

    1. A M.
    I stayed here last night, so I could safely enjoy all of the south side festivities after a sb win.  This is a very relaxed B & B which is good for me.  Did that just rhyme?  Okay, regrettably I can't give a full and complete review because my total time spent here awake not including my shower was about 7 minutes.  I did take a few pics so that may fill in some of the blanks.  It's located off of Carson St. at 21st and Sarah.  It's close enough to E. Carson that you can do the full loop if you are so inclined.  Check in is at 2 PM, but I arrived around noonish and was able to go right in.  The parking is on - street except for a couple of spots in a small lot to the side of the building.  The guy I spoke with said only park in the lot if I can't find a space.  Well, I've been side swiped enough in the s. side to know how welcome off street is, so I can't say I looked too hard for an on - street spot.  The building itself is quite nice and historic.  It has iron gates, high ceilings, marble and cherry wood.  The entrance is a big double door that was wide open.  They have a lock on it, but it wasn't activated.  The first floor is large with a couple sitting rooms to your right a few tables for breakfast and a kitchen in the back.  There also is a courtyard in the back, but I didn't use it.  I was pretty singleminded yesterday.  I entered and there was a note to my left with my name on it and directions to my room.  I call the phone number to let him know I arrived and that was the first and last interaction I had with any staff of any sort which is fine with me.  He also seemed pretty disappointed when I told him I doubt that I'd be up by 830 AM for breakfast.  He said he would make me whatever I wanted and I'm pretty sure I missed out on a good breakfast this morning.  My room was at the very top of the house two long flights of steps up.  It was the margaret jackson suite.  The bedroom itself was pretty small with this 13" tv in the closet for my viewing pleasure.  However, the bedroom did also have a sitting area next to the room with a nice fireplace some chairs and books.  The bed was crazy comfy.  It was one of those swede temperpedic deals that costs like a million bucks!  It was the first time I slept in one and it was great.  The bathtub was okay and stalked with some surprisingly decent shampoo/conditioner, however no soap.  Luckily I bring my own.  I left arround 10 AM this morning.  The total cost was $200.  You can stay at the holiday inn on 10th for about $50 less, but I think I'll try this place again and not skip breakfast this time.  I hear this place does a lot of business for receptions and is quite good if you have a small wedding party.  One last thing that was weird.  There is no door from the bedroom to the bathroom.  So, if it's your first getaway with that special someone be prepared to really get to know them.  There is no privacy from the bedroom to the bathroom.  Hopefully the other suites provide a little more privacy.

    02/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Sarah H.
    Originally posted 7/9/2010:
    Just wanted to warn Yelpers about this place. We made reservations in March for an October wedding party and were told today (July 6) that everyone's reservations have been cancelled. The bride-to-be was told that a higher-paying party had reserved that date and that, literally, "That's life." They have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, now we all know why.

    Edit 9/18/2012:
    I'd like to thank Dave for the sincere apology I've received here on Yelp, two years and nearly three months, after the fact.

    09/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Becca F.
    The Morning Glory Inn is tucked into a cozy neighborhood in the South Side or historic district of Pittsburgh. The owners, Dave and Nancy, go above and beyond to make your stay enjoyable!

    Nancy cooks an amazing breakfast every morning--pomegranite blueberry juice, fresh brewed coffee with Belgium waffles and fresh fruit the first morning. The second morning, I awoke to fresh squeezed orange juice and lemon souflee pancakes!

    Whether you are traveling to Pittsburgh for pleasure or business, I would highly recommend this B&B!

    24/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Edgar H.
    I have not stayed at the Morning Glory Inn as a guest, but recently spent a day there for a wedding & reception.

    I grew up in Pittsburgh and left years ago when it was in steep decline, so I think it's great when I come back and see some of those old neighborhoods being revitalized. Kudos to the developers of the Morning Glory for recognizing the potential of this charming old building. I have to be honest and say that while the Inn has a lot of character and personality, much of it feels a bit too... dingy for my tastes. I imagine the job of turning one of these old row houses into a B&B would require a Mike-Holmes-style gutting and restructuring, but in some places it feels like new wallpaper, paint or carpet was just laid over whatever was already there since time immemorial. The cobblestone courtyard is cute, but it's very uneven and the stones are in disrepair, which can be treacherous for elderly wedding guests in heels. I'm sure it's difficult to walk the fine line between retaining historical authenticity and providing fresh, modern facilities, so I'm inclined to be forgiving. I don't think I'd be comfortable staying at the Inn, though. Maybe it's just too many childhood memories of claustrophobia-inducing, mildewy, decrepit row houses.

    The one thing which really stood out about the Morning Glory was the proprietor's attitude. He seemed cranky, rude and almost annoyed at having people in his inn. At first I thought it was my imagination but other guests were commenting on it as well. Whether he was hollering at the guests "Listen up!" like a high-school gym coach, or shoving people back into the corners of the courtyard to make room, we kept asking ourselves, "what is his problem?" We didn't experience anything remotely like the other reviewers here who had their reservations cancelled, but I can certainly see the likelihood of that kind of treatment based on our observations. The wedding was nice but the creepy atmosphere in the Inn made me want to get out as soon as possible.

    And this atmosphere suddenly seemed to make a little more sense when we explored the sitting room / library on the second floor, which was well-stocked with hardcore right-wing political diatribes from especially obnoxious pundits like Glenn Beck and Neal Boortz. Of course everyone is entitled to his or her ideology, but a B&B really seems like a strange place to bring in politics. Classic literature, travel books, gardening, maybe a history of the South Side, certainly; I presume one goes to a B&B for relaxation, calm, peaceful reflection. These are not emotions one would associate with Beck, Boortz and their ilk. To be fair, nobody cornered us in the hallway to lecture us on the evils of Obama's impending Nazi dictatorship; but the library just reinforced our impression that the owner of this place had something stuck in his craw. And I don't really have any desire to go back to learn more about whatever that may be.

    22/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Ursula K.
    I never actually stayed here myself but I spent a day there for my friend's wedding and reception.  

    I thought that the place was perfect for the fairytale wedding my friend had always wanted.  Including a balcony full of flower girls dropping rose petals on the bride and groom.  The entire wedding and most of the reception took place outside in the very private very lush courtyard.  I would have never believed that a place so beautiful could exist just behind the busy south side bar scene.  Tucked away like a golden jewel for safekeeping.  

    The owners were pleasant and completely accommodating.  My friends had booked the entire hotel so we got to go in to all of the rooms. I loved the feel of the place and would love to go back there again soon.  Maybe even get married there someday who knows...

    02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Sue K.
    Hello Chuck, We just wanted to say "thank you" again for all you did to make our "kids" Mike and Stephanies wedding so lovely and enjoyable. The setting was just out of this world and the pampering was great. I would recommend the Morning Glory to anyone who would want an intimate outdoor wedding.

    Thanks again.

    10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Alyse S.
    I'm planning a wedding in Pittsburgh from San Francisco. I've asked the owners for information 3 times by email and had my mother call them. The owner refuses to give any price information until you or a family comes to see the property in person. I'm a little offended at how the owner feels my time is just available to go look at his venue before I even know if the place is within my budget. It is difficult enough to plan a wedding from across the country to begin with, but when the owners of a venue won't even send you info, it makes it all the more difficult. The photos make the place look really gorgeous but the other reviews on here must ring true if the owner won't even show you the costs first!

    01/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Nicki F.
    My fiances sister just got married and had her reception here.  It was such a gorgeous venue.  Like absolutely pinterest worthy adorable and charming...just sooo pretty.  The food was delicious.  Its just a really amazing venue.  I don't know what its like to stay here but I think it is a perfect venue for a wedding or event.  I hope that when I get married I can find a venue just like this.  It wouldnt make sense for me to get married in Pitts...but I truly wish I could.  It probably would be not a great idea to steal my future sister in laws venue either LOL.  But if you get a chance check this place out.  It comes to life in the evening with all the lights and candles.  It's just lovely!!  Oh, last thing.  We all had brunch in the garden the following morning and it was ridiculously good.  Really enjoyable place, thank you Morning Glory Inn.

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0