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Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA

Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.03

Address: 107 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

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    Comments (87):

    1. A M.
    The reason for this update is the service.  The hotel itself is still beautiful and the food is above average.  All solid four stars.  I was a bit disappointed initially with some of the pre-arrangements.  In the past I was able to have a complimentary room and the fee waived for the coat check girl.  Friday night because the party was a bit smaller than the last they only discounted the room and charged full fee for coat check/ carving station/ etc.  Now, with that being said the service was over the top 5+++ stars from start to finish.  I get there and am running a bit late. I ask the bellboy Eric how long for a shoe shine, he states its pretty much an overnight service.  I tell him I'm in a rush.  He runs downstairs and shines them himself, done in 30 minutes.  While I'm waiting my contact for the night Ryan Hunt sends up a cheese dish with a bottle of above average wine.  The party goes off without a hitch, great staff, good food, some discounted wines and good premium open bar.  After the hotel party we are walking outside and run into Eric (bellboy) again ask for directions to other club, instead of giving them to us he walks us to the club.  One of the girls wanted cigarettes and instead of directing her to the store.  He ran down and bought them for her and brought them back.  Btw, did I mention he was done working for the night and just did this off the clock.  The next morning I get a ring around 11 am in the hotel room and its the bellboy bringing up aspirin and bottled water from a long night prior.  Everything about this place is three to four stars.  My main pet peeves are the valet cost ($17 and $25 overnight).  There lack of flexibility in food/bev minimums, but the service is over the top great or at least my contacts were over the top great with service.  You can't go wrong in Pittsburgh for an event at this spot.

    07/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Ross M.
    Good business hotel for the area.

    30/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Jenn S.
    Wow. Stayed back in November and what a hotel! The architecture of this building is amazing on the outside and the inside. When you walk towards the elevators, it feels like you're in some swanky European Boutique. This place feels first class all the way, but had a pretty fair nightly rate to go along. You could easily walk to a Pirates or Steelers game. Spend the extra dough and get a room with a river view. Amazing!

    27/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. jef C.
    A very solid hotel. Great staff, big rooms, and your in the perfect location.

    16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. John A.
    I was in Pittsburgh around June 1st for the 5th game of the Stanley Cup Finals and stayed at the Renaissance hotel.  

    We drove up on a Friday and arrived around 12 am.  The hotel was jam packed because everyone was up there for the hockey game.  The bar was pretty standard, not anything special.  The liquor selection was not extensive, although the wine selection was.  The hotel lobby I liked because of it's style.  It reminded me of rome, with a stairway up to the second floor with an overlooking balcony onto the lobby.  It was not very large, but it sufficed.  The room's were very descent because they had high ceilings and the river view was incredible.  The room service food is not all the great, and the work-out facilities are sub par.  I worked out at Bailey's next door, complimentary of the hotel, and it does not even come close to the L.A. sports clubs that are attached to Ritz-Carlton's.  After I worked out I ordered breakfast in the room and then got a house list of the wine's that were offered.  I didn't feel like going out with the rest of my group to tour Pittsburgh, so I ordered a bottle of red Remo Farina 2000.  It is truly delicious wine that tastes very fruity.

    After the game, I got to spend time talking with Dan Marino and Scottie Bowman, who were both staying at the hotel.  Dave Matthews and his band were also there.  Top notch place, one of a kind.

    05/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Edward V.
    Just spent two nights here and we thought it was very nice. Lobby is beautiful. We stayed on one of the floors hat they are renovating and it was done very sharply and with good taste. Ask for higher floors to minimize noise from outside.

    10/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Josh F.
    Nice place, great view of the ballpark and of the river.  maybe a little expensive for what you get but nice bar and we went to a couple wedding events here and the food was remarkably good for that style of thing.  not to mention being right on the Roberto Clemente Bridge and the fact you could look into the PNC park.

    10/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Joe S.
    This truely is a 4 star hotel. For realz. And with the help of Priceline Negotiater Stevo, we were able to get a great room for 130 bucks a night. From our 10th story room we see directly into PNC park. Great location with the only downside being the hotel can be somewhat overrun with fans of the visiting team (be wary of when the Mets are in town).

    13/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Roger S.
    Very nice hotel in a great, convenient location.

    21/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Danielle C.
    The kind of lobby that you see in movies and only dream about...

    The rooms are small, but if you're here for a trip or business, hopefully you won't be spending too much time hanging out in front of the TV anyway. The room service was great -- they even added a little flower -- and the staff is extremely helpful. The bar was exactly the kind of hotel bar you would expect -- dark wood, older gentlemen.

    A perfect place to stay for a Pittsburgh getaway, especially because it's close to the stadiums that house the best sports teams around!

    25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Jr A.
    Stayed here for new years eve . Very nice place . Classy hotel . Expensive but all hotels are on new years eve . We liked being in the center of all the action. There is a new restaurant and bar in the hotel called Braddocks. This replaced Opus as the main reaturant.

    01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Katie M.
    Priceline, 69 bucks.  Pick 4-star and downtown Pittsburgh and you'll get either this or the Omni.  Walking distance from all sporting events.  Use the self-park across the street and you'll save $$ over the valet (which also uses the same parking garage).  Rooms are small-ish, but the location is totally worth it.  Bar in the hotel has great service and good drinks.  Con- no longer affiliated w/ the Bally's next door (it went out of business), but they will give you a day pass to the Gold's a few blocks away.

    19/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Sara L.
    Lovely hotel experience. Great location in Pittsburgh. The staff were super friendly and helpful and were WAY nice when I left my phone charger in the room after checkout. Our flight was leaving hours after we checked out and they locked up our bags. Went to a wedding here and the food was great and all the facilities were well maintained. I was delightfully surprised.

    02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. PC W.
    I stayed here back in April and I prefer it to the Courtyard Marriott 3 blocks down the way (where I'm typing this review).  The Courtyard has the complimentary internet service and all but the Renaissance is upscale and is housed in the restored, historic Fulton Building.  The lobby is very grand showcasing a beautiful staircase.  The service was great.  The rooms were well-appointed and ridiculously high ceilings.  

    I recall that we didn't want to pay $24 for valet so we did street meter parking during the day since we were going in and out.  Then overnight parked across the street at a public garage for $5 or 10 overnight.  Luckily, we were there when no sports games where going on, I'd have to imagine that street/garage parking may be difficult if there is a game going on with the hotel's proximity to the stadiums and restaurants/bars for pre- and post-game fare.

    The best part about this location is that it's about a 7 minute walk to the Andy Warhol Museum and is in the heart of the theater district.

    26/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. sri n.
    The hotel itself is fine. Rooms are clean and very nice. I got a king. There was a lot of space in that room. This could get a four or five star rating. However, the reason for 2-stars in my review is because I did not get a full river-view room....even though, I paid full price and am a Mariott Elite member. Disappointing. Otherwise, everything went well.
    This hotel is located right next to the PNC park, and there are plenty of restaurants (multiple cuisines, including INdian, Greek, Portuguese, etc on the same street).

    12/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Bernadette D.
    July meant wedding season back home in Pennsylvania again, so off to Amish country I went.. with the brand new boyfriend in tow. Love me, love my cow tipping roots. That's the rule. And I'm all for anything that makes me look like less of a bitter, cynical, spinster... even if that means I have to drag my disgruntled boy toy 3,000 miles across the country. No kittens and doilies here, my friend!  I like boys and they like me!

    I pricelined this puppy for $75 per night, which is a cost savings of $200 off of their regular price. Who in the world spends $300 to spend a night in Pittsburgh!? That's crazy talk. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I strongly encourage anyone that travels to use Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" feature in order to score some amazing deals on hotels. Trust Captain Kirk. He knows what's up. priceline.com . It's super easy to do in downtown Pittsburgh because there are so few four star hotels and they are very, very rarely full. Ditto for using it for rental cars. Airplane tickets.. hmm... not so much, unless 4 connections and 5 hour layovers don't bother you. Anyway...

    The location is great, especially if you are a theater or sports fan. We checked in at night, so we got to see the lights on PNC Park across the water.  Our room service order was a combination of cluster-F and comedy of errors. I believe there were a total of 3 errors for a simple breakfast order. Jeez Louise.  The room itself was super tiny... like European tiny (in the 200 sq. ft. range)... which we hadn't expected, but it was still worth it for what we paid. The lobby was historically beautiful and opulent. The valet parking is slow and pricey, and they just use the public garage across the street but charge double for it. I liked the Omni better (Pricelined for $80 a few days later), which I'll review next.

    25/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Laura B.
    I never write reviews, but I have to recommend the Renaissance! The staff was ABSOLUTELY wonderful! I was traveling for business so I hardly had any down-time at the hotel... but I had a lovely, clean room with a nice bathroom. The parking garage across the street was very convenient and reasonably priced.

    When I checked out, I accidentally left my cell phone charger plugged into the wall and my raincoat in the closet (clearly I was in a hurry in the morning and not very careful!) I called the hotel that night and they were very nice and said someone from Housekeeping would get back to me the next day. Someone from housekeeping called me the next morning and she was so sweet. They mailed me both items for no charge (I offered to give them a credit card, but they said no.) I receive the package within 3 days of returning from my stay. They truly went above and beyond! I'd definitely recommend staying there.

    13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Jen S.
    Never having been to Pittsburgh before this was a great place to stay to explore the city from.  We were visiting Pittsburgh for a wedding and several of the wedding events were here (dinner and brunch) and they did a great job putting them on with great food and good drinks.

    Our room was nice and we had a great view of the river and of PNC Park which was cool.  Their gym was not impressive but they did give me a free pass to Bally's next door which worked out just as well.

    It was great being right downtown (although I did wonder where everyone goes on the weekends in Pittsburgh, seemed like the entire city shut down) and I would stay here again should I find myself visiting Pittsburgh again.

    10/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Maureen B.
    Beautiful old building, five minute walk to PNC park.  Our visit was to see the Phillies and get a taste of Pittsburgh.  Great view of PNC Park from our room.  I felt the hotel and service were first class, yet the place was not stuffy at all.  We will definitely be back!

    29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Brandon B.
    The hotel with the hole in the middle.....I got a Priceline room for 75/night, and it was a bargain for what seemed like a really classy/old-style place.  Everything had a touch of being just a little nice....and the bed was SO perfect for sleeping off that hangover.  All around nice, and for the price it was a bargain.

    06/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Jen Q.
    Nice hotel within walking distance of Pirates and Steelers.  Great views of the river and a Sunday brunch big and beautiful.

    21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Joe B.
    Easter Brunch. One word sums it up Outstanding. The food was great. Not as many choices as The Grand Concours but as good if not better. The service was top notch. Their reservation schedule was well spaced.
    Lines almost non existent . A little pricey at 39.99 but worth the extra just not to have to stand in line at the various serving stations. Would go back again.

    24/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. L S.
    Stayed here over a long holiday weekend for a Steelers game and the hotel was great!  The location is excellent, easy walking distance to a ton of restaurants and bars, Market Square and most importantly - Heinz Field and PNC Park.  Easy walk across the bridge and along the river straight to the field (just under a mile).  The area of the hotel felt very safe and we walked everywhere in the evenings with no issue.  Great service and the rooms are very nice, we requested a high floor with a corner room that was extremely spacious and provided amazing views of the rivers and stadiums.  We flew in for the weekend and with the location of the hotel, had no need for a rental car, walked everywhere.  The Port Authority runs a bus from the airport for $3.75 that drops off a block and a half from the hotel, we took it on the way to the hotel but opted for a cab on the way back because the bus gets packed and it was a pain with luggage.  Cab is about $40 each way but much less hassle.  The lobby has a whiskey bar that also serves bar food and there's also a nicer restaurant that does breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Alex R.
    What a disappointment this hotel was! After reading the great reviews and hearing how classy and elegant it was, I was excited about checking in here for a two night stay. The front desk did offer me an upgrade to a large room with a great view of the river. Unfortunately, this was one of the only things great about the room. The telephone on the desk did not work at all and the bedding left a bit to be desired. An intermittent buzzing sound in the bathroom was so annoying I had to keep the door closed and the toilet did not flush properly.

    The staff at the hotel left much to be desired. When I originally checked in and went to my room, I realized they had not provided me with my platinum upgrade. I called down to the front desk and was told they would have to check what was available and call me back. They did, then sent a bellman up with the keys. He handed me the keys and off he went, never asking me if I needed help moving from one room to the next. During my stay, I was expecting a FedEx delivery; when I checked the tracking number online to see where my package was, I discovered the hotel had rejected the package. Calls to the Fedex and then to the front desk and the package's sender were made and several hours later, the doorman arrived with the package. Oops - I guess it is a good idea to check before simply rejecting a delivery. To the hotel's credit, the manager did call and offer to send up an amenity or bottle of champagne for the mix-up and the delay of my departure by several hours. I thanked her but declined; several minutes later, hotel security was banging on the door asking me why I had not vacated the room. Wow.

    One of the main reasons I stay at Renaissance Hotels is because they are known for being upscale establishments with a modern feel. I did not get that from this hotel, which seemed stuffy and boring. More Middle Ages...not Renaissance.

    12/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Emily B.
    We stayed here after getting an awesome deal on Priceline for $90 per night. I admit that if I'd paid full price I'd have been a little annoyed at the size of the room. It felt pretty small, but it was comfortable and had a great view of Heinz Field. It's also a fantastic location. We were able to walk almost everywhere, which I always enjoy when spending time in a new city.

    The hotel itself is beautiful, especially in the lobby. It's a historic hotel and really managed to keep the aesthetics of the original interior but update them in appropriate ways.

    I would recommend avoiding the restaurant if you can. As with all hotel restaurants it was overpriced, and the breakfast we ate there was unmemorable to say the least.

    21/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Jon S.
    Had a great several day stay during the week.  I've stayed before for a convention but came for leisure.  We didn't love our first room and were moved to a corner room on the 12th floor overlooking the river and PNC Park.  Great upgrade!  The staff was courteous, helpful and took care of our every need!  The 14th floor food lounge was a great amenity.  Our room did get a bit warm and stuffy but I took that for the south-facing  six-window corner panoramic view.  Well done Pittsburgh!

    17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. HeeBee G.
    HeeBee G.'s Axiom #1: If you use one of those discount hotel reservation sites, be prepared to be handed the keys to the "pound puppy" room.
    Axiom #2: if you prize aesthetics over value, see Axiom #1

    Frankly, I do not spend much time in my room when I travel. I love the idea of staying in an overpriced hotel at a discount rather than emptying my wallet for the privilege of hanging out in the penthouse suite.
    Upon arrival at the Renaissance, I was greeted by one of the front desk staff...let's call him "Mr. R." I asked him for a nice room with a view. He chimed, "no problem." That was, until he called up my reservation which indicated that I had booked from another vendor. Suddenly, the hotel was "overbooked" and a smirk spread across his face as if to tell me that I was lucky to have a room, even if it was the maintenance closet.
    I took my key and jumped on the elevator filled with the naiveté that this time, just this one time, I could avoid the dreaded pound puppy curse.
    The elevator doors opened and I was overwhelmed by a toxic odor. My floor was being renovated and a crew was in the lobby pasting up wall paper. I held my breath and darted for my room.
    I opened the door with both fear and anticipation. To my surprise, the room was completely updated; modern, sparkling clean, with a giant poofy bed and comforter. Off to a good start!
    I threw open the drapes to window #1 to reveal - TA DA - the most spectacular view of the tired, drab-blue parking garage across the street.
    No prob I thought, let's see what's behind curtain #2: not only the drab-blue garage, but an enormous flag pole with Old Glory wafting in the wind.
    In all fairness to Mr. R.; if I smashed my face against the window and looked to the right out of my one opened eye, I could see a view of the Allegheny River and PNC Park. Now, I was livin' large!
    All kidding aside, the staff was friendly, professional, and attentive. I had forgotten some of my toiletries at home. They had them up to my room in no time at all.
    The lobby is grand but a little confused in style. It is a combination of old time tile and marble with seventies disco-bordello, dark, red lighting.
    The last night we were there we watched a stunning fireworks display from our room after the B-ball game at PNC. It really capped off a nice weekend in Pittsburgh.
    So, Mr. R. came through for us after all and I have to admit that it was a 100 times better than the hotel room in New York City where I had a lovely view of the air shaft!

    24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Mike H.
    Fantastic hotel with excellent service throughout.  The marble staircases in the lobby reminded me a bit of the Venetian in Vegas :-)  Spacious, well appointed rooms that were very clean.  All the staff I dealt with were excellent.

    17/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Kevin J.
    Renaissance went the extra mile, providing exceptional customer service, large clean room, convenient downtown location, and the greatest appearance for the lobby of a hotel I had ever stayed in (exquisite rugs, glass ceiling, and mansion-like staircase).  It was a wonderful experience and I would stay here again in a heartbeat.  The bacon smell permeating the elevators during brunch was very alluring, and breakfast buffet service was great, including an omelet station, bacon and eggs, baby pancakes, fresh fruit and yogurt.  The in room internet via plug and free wireless was faster and more reliable than I've gotten anywhere.

    16/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Carrie L.
    I absolutely LOVE this hotel chain!
    My fave to stay whenever I get the chance!
    The Renaissance Hotel which is a division of Marriot, is fabulous all the way around; I've stayed in more than one and its consistently great!

    Really nice rooms
    Very clean
    Great staff
    Great atmosphere in the rooms and throughout the buildings.
    Convenient Parking in the garage across the street.
    Very Unique building


    Eat at Opus downstairs in this particular branch; really delicious food!

    Great place to stay if you're planning a visit to PNC Park or just to plan an evening out in town.

    20/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Colleen K.
    My husband and I were absolutely thrilled with this place. I chose it for the architecture... my husband loves to take photos and has a real appreciation for older styles since he was born & raised in LA. He took many pics that he will be posting soon. They have upgraded some of the furnishings and it is even more beautiful than the photos.

    We checked in early and a sweet woman, Ellen, upgraded us to a suite. She didn't tell us... she just said she had a surprise waiting. What a surprise! I can't do the decor justice so I'm excited for my husband to post the pics. We had windows on two sides and a killer view. We have stayed all over... including Vegas about 10 times, and thisplace is my favorite. Our favorite! We can't wait to go back to Pittsburgh and stay there again!

    Oh, and the minibar is CHEAP!

    13/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Julie D.
    We stayed here on Xmas eve 2009.  We got a great river view corner king room.  Which was pretty easy to do, because the majority of the population spends the holiday at home or with relatives.  The room was huge, the furnishings were beautiful, the bed comfy soft and the view from the loo was the Roberto Clement Bridge and PNC Park.  All very nice.  Check in was quick and easy, plus we got a couple coupons for complimentary room service breakfast.  Breakfast was served right on time.  The hotel staff was very nice.  The only negative part of our stay was the fact that housekeeping knocked on our door 2 different times, enough though we had been given a late check out.  Very annoying.  And yes, I am taking a star off per annoyance.

    10/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    33. Kai R.
    This is my default hotel when I'm staying in Pittsburgh.  The rooms were remodeled a few years ago, which was really needed.  This is a quiet hotel right in the heart of the business district.  Rooms are mixed - some are very small and have interior veiws, others are huge and have views of the river.  There is a very nice gym in the basement - cardio and strength equipment (if that isn't good enough, you can get a free pass to Golds a few blocks away).

    One caution - this place does tend to fill up / usually the first hotel downtown to sell out.

    18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Audrey M.
    I stayed here for a business trip and it was absolutely wonderful. The staff was beyond helpful even for the tiniest requests (like bringing me a mini bar key when I didn't want to move!). The beds are insanely comfortable and the view in both min and a coworkers rooms were gorgeous. If I wasn't going home, I wouldn't want to leave!

    Also there's complimentary and premium wifi but I had no problem with the complimentary!

    22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Tina P.
    The Renaissance Pittsburgh is an excellent place to stay. The rooms are spacious. The beds are very comfortable. The staff were all very helpful and pleasant. I was here for a conference with breakfast and lunch provided. The food was good and the dining room was beautiful with an amazing view of Heinz Field, Allegheny River and bridges. Braddock's American Brasserie is situated inside the hotel. The food was amazing! Would definitely stay here again. There's a parking deck across the street that's $5/day. Some kind of increase during special events but I wasn't here during any games. Valet at the hotel is $30/day and they park your car in that same deck.

    03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Jason T.
    Great location!  Walking distance to ball parks, bars and restaurants.  Decent Gym. Shower pressure was great, soft towels and bedding.  Older building with high ceilings.  My rate was lower than the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott that night.  WIll definitely repeat.

    27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Christopher S.
    Hotel was nice but nothing more then a 3 star. Room smelled musty and was dated. Staff was not all that friendly. Not what I expected when I booked the hotel. I will not be booking here again.

    20/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    38. A H.
    Great location - make sure you ask for a view of the river.  Worth the money.

    17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Brian S.
    My wife and I spent a weekend in Pittsburgh celebrating her birthday. Not knowing much about Pittsburgh I read some reviews and settled in on the Renaissance for this special weekend...and was not disappointed.

    The focus of our trip was a Cirque Du Soleil show at the Petersen Complex but I wanted to be central to everything so we could explore the town. The Renaissance is well located downtown. It is a short walk to Market Square, the Cultural District, PNC Park, Heinz Field and the light rail which take you to Station Square and the inclines.

    The architecture of the building and lobby really was a draw for me. I love the old turn of the century style with the large arch facing the river. The lobby was a spacious cathedral ceiling-ed area with contemporary styled furnishings. You definitely felt like you were stepping into a hip upscale hotel.

    We were permitted to check in about an hour early without any problem. I had requested extra pillows and a high floor with a river view. Both of these requests were accommodated. We were placed in a huge corner room with incredible view of the North Shore and Allegheny River. If it were baseball season, I could've watched a Pirates game from the room.

    The room was what I would expect out of a 4 star hotel. The bed and pillows were perhaps the most comfortable I've ever slept in...and I usually prefer a firm bed. The bed was just soft enough while still being firm. The linens were soft and inviting. The bathroom amenities were Aveda and high quality. The shower had good strong water pressure. We were provided a K Cup like coffee machine in room and an iPod dock. Being that we were in a corner room, there were windows all around so light poured in. However there were curtains provided to block out enough sunlight and prevent prying eyes. Free wifi that was actually quite fast was a huge plus. There is a mini bar in the room which we did not use but seemed relatively reasonable...for a hotel mini bar. There is a convenience store across the street and a drug store and liquor store a block over so no need to frequent the mini bar unless you plan poorly.

    I did not eat or drink at the hotel however I was very tempted. The bar downstairs, the Braddock, has an incredible bourbon and scotch selection, as well as a well rounded menu. There were tons of a places to eat nearby so we wandered the area. There is a Primanti's within a 5 minute walk in Market Square as well as number of ethnic eateries on the same block as the hotel. The area surrounding the hotel is very walkable, however be warned that outside of the restaurants, everything in downtown Pittsburgh is closed by 9pm.

    We parked our car across the street at the public garage and left it there in favor of cabs. We parked from about 1pm on Friday until 2pm Sunday for less than $20. The staff was helpful whenever we needed them. My wife had a cold and ran through a box of tissues every 12 hours. The staff provided extra boxes for us. Housekeeping was efficient and seamless. There was always a doorman out front and was happy to direct us accordingly or find us a cab if needed. Another small thing I noticed was that the elevators were lightning quick. Even on the 9th floor we never had to wait more than a minute for one.

    Overall I was very pleased with my stay at the Renaissance. The hotel and staff really helped make my wife's birthday weekend special by providing great service and accommodating all of our requests. This was my first trip to Pittsburgh and likely not my last so I will be returning to and recommending the Renaissance Pittsburgh.

    09/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Nick B.
    I typically avoid this hotel even thought my coworkers flock here for the Marriott points.  I find it outdated and expensive.  My most recent experience was better as the 14th floor room was top notch and very impressive.  But little things still kill the experience.  How in this day and age you can not have Comedy Central (like most Marriott's, unfortunately) and have slower than dial-up wireless internet, is beyond me.  These hotels say that they are in the modern age but are still missing things most travelers have in their home.  Hotel's are supposed to be a vacation.  Not a downgrade from your normal environment.  

    I do give them a tip of the hat for the free internet.  Not sure if that is because of my Silver Elite status or a change to their policy.  But even the Dictator would be proud of that.

    05/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    41. Tim G.
    First time I have ever been to Pittsburgh. I'm not kidding, i had no idea what to expect. Here's what I found, specifically at this place.

    Location- WOWzers. If you are going to a Pirates game, this is the primo location. Not kidding, right across from the Clemente bridge, you can go and get slizzed up before, during, after the game and walk right back

    Parking- 5 bones for an all day pass at the self-parking garage across the street. May seem a little sketchy inside, but you are fine. Come on, $5, really?! It's $35 for a 3 hour baseball game at Yankee stadium..... I digress

    Amenities- Very clean, very cozy, very charming. Seems like this hotel has been there for quite some time, but has steadily been maintained and updated. Great overall feel to it. Free Wi-Fi too, tough.

    Food- The Braddock (probably not spelling it right) restaurant downstairs is a little pricey. You can walk around the area and find a really good food place for alot less. I'd say this may be the only con.

    LBD Scale- 9, very impressed with the place. If the food wasn't so expensive, I'd be back tomorrow. Still going to go back regardless, just need to figure out when.

    30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Lauren K.
    Absolutely a gorgeous hotels.  Inside and out.  The entry and sitting area are outstanding.  Check in was a little slow, however there was only one worker at the front desk.  Brian, who checked us in, was so polite and accommodating.  After getting everything set up over the computer, they show you to the elevators.  That is a very nice touch.  Our room was on the seventh floor, and we had a view of a massive air conditioning type of box a couple feet away from the window.  Looking to the far left you could see the river and bridges.  That was only a minor issue as we were just staying for a night.  The room was very spacious (one king) and had only one robe in the closet.  No water bottles were in the room, like usual hotels do.  The bed was very comfy too!  The bar off of the foyer was very busy and had a steady flow of customers.  Nice variety of drinks and liquor.  Would definitely stay here again without a doubt!

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Todd S.
    Staying in this hotel changed my entire view on the city of Pittsburgh!  The hotel is in an extremely vibrant area and I am not embarrassed to admit that Pittsburgh is pretty damn cool.  The rooms in this hotel are clean and the staff is fantastic.  If you're driving, parking is conveniently located across the street, though the parking garage should come with a set of directions on exactly where to pay when you leave the building (or maybe I'm just more obtuse than the average parker).  

    The hotel restaurant has pretty good food and the bar is a great place to hang out and have some snacks (the house-made chips are addictive) and enjoy a nice drink.  And if you have the great pleasure of having Sam as your bartender, you're definitely guaranteed good conversation and a few laughs.  Just make sure you bring up Justin Bieber--she really loves that little fella....

    07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Kelly T.
    Right across the street from PNC Park (and many rooms offer a view of the Park), it's a convenient/well-appointed hotel for a meeting/retreat/blah blah blah.  

    My room was on a renovated floor, so everything was shiny and new and fancy.  I heard that other rooms were not quite as nice as mine.  Beautiful architecture in the public spaces.  

    Free Wi-Fi through out the hotel, yay for not nickel and diming!

    14/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Rob P.
    Great hotel with great views.  There's a place to eat in the hotel, many places to eat around the hotel, coffee shops nearby, and walking distance to the stadiums, Science Center, and other museums.

    19/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Lisa R.
    Beautiful spot for a wedding. Very clean, the food was amazing (not your average wedding fare) and a breathtaking view of the city.  I cannot imagine a more beautiful hotel venue for a wedding.

    13/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Akhil K.
    The Renaissance, by Marriott, is a fantastic hotel in the downtown Pittsburgh area! The staff is extremely courteous and are more than willing to help to make your stay just that much better! Asked for a room with a view, and boy, did they deliver! Amazingly comfortable beds, quick and delicious room service, marbled bathrooms (something that a lot of hotels seem to be going away from for some reason) - what's not to like!

    23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Mary Lou B.
    If there was a tab for 6 stars I would have given it to the Renaissance.  We had our wedding there  in July.  From the woman who I worked with blocking off rooms for our out of town guests, to the catering professionals who helped me decide what to serve, how to seat my guests, just everything...they were stellar.  I think that is why our event didn't  have even one little hiccup.  They know what they are doing, they do it professionally and with a sense of humor.  I loved working with them.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a stunning place to have an event.

    10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Omar C.
    Located in the Cultural Disctict, you'll find yourself close to many places within walking distance or a short taxi drive away. I stayed here for NYE and we were definitely part of the party. You could make a short walk over to First Night and join in on the fun.

    The interior is gorgeous! It looks like the hotel was retrofitted to perfection. High ceilings, beautiful and comfy furniture, excellent amenities, and great food within the bar and restaurant in the hotel. The staff is friendly and super quick. The hotel rooms have high ceilings, really comfortable beds and furniture. Flat screen TV and good choice of channel selections. It would be nice to have a fridge in the room  that isn't part of the mini bar, but that is ok. The bathrooms are made for kings; they have good water pressure, good heated water, and were clean every day.  

    Parking is not provided by the hotel, but there is a parking garage right across the street with low rates for daily parking. It is super convenient and won't break your budget.

    Overall I was really happy with my stay, I did get a good deal from Priceline and that made it worth even more since I got a discounted rate. 200+ for a room is a bit much for me but for a 4 star hotel its reasonable. I will def stay here again if i can get a good deal.

    06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Michael F.
    I was in town for the night on a business mission.  My co-worker, who is a Marriott awards member, wanted to stay here.  What a great hotel.  It is an older building with lots of charm, elegance, and appeal.  I loved their staircase in the foyer.  The hotel was so beautifully decorated from the moment you walked in.  The location of the hotel is fantastic.  Close to restaurants, shopping, and the stadiums across the river.  

    We had no idea we would be walking into a magnificent evening sponsored by the hotel for its rewards members.   A carving station of prime rib, homemade short rib perogi's, open bar, a sushi bar, and a huge table of fresh desserts consisting of cookies, brownies, and pastries.  It was all complimentary and the food was outstanding.  

    The room was spacious, clean, and updated to an extent.   The shower needed some upkeep.   My room had a great view of the city and river.  Customer service was fantastic.   Our check in person was friendly, professional, and caring about my stay.  Every employee we made contact with was a pleasure to deal with and happy to be there.  Most importantly, I forgot my eye glasses in my room and didn't realize it until I got home.  I called housekeeping and they had found  them.  They sent them out promptly and I received them a couple days later.  

    I don't know if I would think about staying anywhere else in Pittsburgh.  My rate was very reasonable for its location and quality of stay.

    18/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Patrick G.
    This is a pretty awesome hotel. Rooms are super clean, service is super good. The beds are really comfy. Internet speed is fast enough to stream Netflix. Downtown and close to some good restaurants. I wish all hotels could have this level as the baseline.

    07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. Frances L.
    The Renaissance in Pittsburgh may very well be my favorite location from this brand that I have visited. Located close to the Cultural District next to theaters, art galleries, and great restaurants, this Renaissance is housed in an iconic historic hotel; completely remodeled but with the integrity of the classic building design in tact.

    The lobby is grandiose with its double staircase and chic decor-- I am sure there have been many a photo shoot done in this lobby. The front desk staff were friendly and got us checked in quickly, and while our room did not have the view we were expecting, the size was large, the bed was a dream, and the room was clean and luxurious. There were some tiny problems with the bathroom (general maintenance like chipped tile and paint), but other than that, this was a great place to stay. The added benefit of a full restaurant (Braddocks) and a bar seal the deal.

    31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Mac O.
    Past visits Pittsburgh, husband and I loved to stay at the Inn on Negley; but this time around we agreed we needed a bit more affordable digs.  My grudging acceptance of this fate-worse-than-death (stay at the Inn once and tell me it's not worth every organ you had to sell to afford its rates) disappeared as soon as we pulled up at the Renaissance, however.  

    On top of a prime, downtown location just this side of the Roberto Clemente Bridge, the hotel is beautifully appointed and maintained.  The lobby vaults several stories to a Brobdingnagian fuchsia light fixture and is flanked by the elevator bay and a grand split staircase.  Marble columns stand sentry over banks of lounge furniture and a modest, tucked away bar.

    Check-in was a breeze, and service remained friendly and efficient throughout our stay.  We requested a room on the top floor and were ecstatic to pull back the curtains to reveal amazing views overlooking the Allegheny, PNC Park and Heinz Field, with a direct sightline to Point State Park and the convergence of the three rivers.  The room itself was a great size, was very clean and decorated with modern flair.  

    We were really pleased with the Renaissance's location: walking distance to many of Pittsburgh's best attractions including the aforementioned sports parks, Point State Park, The Strip, Station Square, the Inclines and Grandview, Heinz History Center, the National Aviary and the Spanish War Streets.  

    Rates are competitive, and parking is available at the garage across the street for $5 each in-and-out.  Or valet for $30 a day.  The Renaissance is definitely a good bet for a getaway to Pittsburgh.

    25/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Krista B.
    Great location, Front Desk Staff were very personable. Be prepared to hear fireworks from PNC Park it is right across the river. There is a parking deck across the street with very reasonable rates. My husband and I had a great time here.

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Kent F.
    Good food worth waiting, and waiting, and waiting for...  Now wait & wait for the check.

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    56. Benjamin M.
    Renaissance is a beautiful hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. I've stayed on the North Shore, Station Square and city outskirts before, but this was my first time down here. I was not disappointed.

    - Location is its biggest plus, right near the theaters and Heinz Hall. Also within a short walking distance to Gateway Station, Market Square and right across the Clemente Bridge to PNC Park.
    - Convenient parking garage right across the street. Cheap rates on the weekend.
    - Comparable and reasonable pricing (although I do get Gov. rate).
    - A couple of good restaurants on site.
    - Very nice room with a great view of the city.

    I wouldn't hesitate to come back here again. A great find in the city.

    28/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Erin H.
    Lori was working at the front desk the evening we checked in (7/24/14).  She was fabulous!  Thanks for the help, Lori.

    Beautiful place, great Wi-Fi.


    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Jeff B.
    Great environment great location with easy parking and access to Downtown Pittsburgh.

    06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Justin B.
    Good hotel. Stay here frequently for business trips. Easy walk to PNC park if you want to catch a game. Nice rooms and good service. I would recommend to anyone looking to stay downtown.

    06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Loni N.
    I stay here a lot for business travel and I really like staying at this hotel. The hotel had renovations a while back and it has a sleek, sexy, and modern feel to it when you walk through the doors. The staff is very attentive and friendly. The rooms are great and very nice. The hotel is clean but I have noticed that the vents and lamps above the bathroom mirror need to be dusted (hince why I only gave the hotel 4 stars instead of 5).

    The Restaurant in the hotel is good though I think they could add 2 or 3 more sections to the main course menu.

    The business center is 5 stars. First there is free Internet at the hotel which is a great for hotel guest. Not only that its free computer use in the business center and printing is free. I emailed a 3 page document to myself so that I could print it. I was SHOCKED when the front desk staff told me the computer usage and printing was free. Most hotels charge $5/minute for computer usage and $1/per page. So having a free service like this for hotel guest........AWESOME!!!!

    Overall, it's a great hotel, absolute beautiful lobby and bar area. I will continue to come back to the hotel again and again in the future.  Hotel just needs to do some lite dusting (in guest rooms but over all clean rooms) and it would be beyond perfect.

    24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Troy W.
    The absolute loudest hotel I've stayed at in a long LONG time. Paper thin wall,  poor booking practices ended us up in the middle of the most obnoxious wedding party ever. Drunk bride, hotel room parties until 3am, and an apparent lack of security to monitor anything going on in this hotel have lead to this rave early Saturday morning (and I do mean RAVE quite literally) review. And yes this was after the front desk was called several times with noise complaints. My best tip would be to not stay here unless the purpose of your stay is to not sleep.

    08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    62. Neal E.
    Last time I stayed here was three years ago - stayed for three nights. This time was for one overnight only.

    The AC in my room was not working well. It was enough to cool off the room - but it still felt a tad on the humid side. Again, another really old hotel with an inefficient, antiquated central AC system. Given the nature of this building, I doubt they could ever retrofit the building with the necessary HVAC infrastructure to improve it. I could be wrong.

    One plus over the last time I stayed here is that the old analog style, CRT-based TVs are now gone - at the least in the room I stayed in had a newer flat panel HD TV set.

    As before in my previous review:

    - If you are staying here - please note the hotel does not have a convenience store - they have a very limited number of items for sale down by the front desk. If you are in need of toiletries, beverages, snacks and other items - there is a 7-Eleven down the street - and a CVS and a Rite Aid an additional block or so further - BUT - be forewarned - none of these three options stays open very late.  We attempted to visit both the above 7-11 and CVS - but it was after 10:00 pm and three years later they ar still keeping the same limited hours.

    And you can't get any food at the Braddock Bar in the Hotel lobby after 10:00 pm or so. Very annoying.

    24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Ian R.
    I travel all over North America the majority of the year, and have stayed at almost every Renaissance in the US. I've gotta say, this one is one of my favorites. My stay was on a Thursday night, and had a room on the 10th floor facing East.

    It's located right down town in the theater area, and it's an extremely easy walk to a lot of essentials. There are convenience stores a couple buildings down, and tons of bars and restaurants to check out all around.

    The valets at the front door are extremely polite and will open the doors for you and call you a cab if you need it, and the front desk people are extremely friendly and will help you with whatever you need.

    The rooms are great, and the beds are extremely comfortable. The rooms have large desks, which are great if you are doing paperwork or have to setup to do some business work in your room. TV's are great and have good programming, the beds are super comfy, and the bathrooms are large with good showers.

    After being here, this is probably the only hotel in Pittsburgh that I will ever want to stay at again.

    14/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Kirk S.
    Our room wasn't ready at the 4:00 check-in (which should be a pretty basic goal for any hotel). However the manager made it right, we got 50 bucks off a comparable room, a couple of drink coupons for the bar, and some miles on the loyalty program.
    Typical hotel in a grand old building, beautiful lobby, rooms are a little frayed at the edges. But we love these places. A little pricey for what you get but overall a good stay.
    One pet peeve is that like many hotels you pay $200-300 for a room and then you have to pay for a cup of coffee in the morning. Complementary coffee in the lobby is a really nice touch.

    17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    65. Eric V.
    This is my favorite hotel in Pittsburgh.

    You can't beat the location.  In the heart of the theater district separated from PNC Park by only the Clemente Bridge, close to plenty of solid dining options, walking distance from Heinz Field, walking distance to nightlife . . .

    Big rooms with unbelievably comfortable beds.  Likely to have a gorgeous view of the river, bridges, and stadiums (directly across the river from PNC Park), easy parking (valet or parking garage directly across the street) . . .

    5 stars

    13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    66. Bobby Y.
    Good hotel, great location, service needs to improve.

    Called to request a room with a high floor and a view of the river.  Received a third floor room.  Sure, it faces the river, but the view is the trees on the street.

    The room was oddly shaped.  You have tremendous amounts of dead space in areas that you don't need extra space.  Yet, you lack space in the bathroom.

    Oh well, the windows open, and be glad, because the air conditioner does not get cool at all.  You could have it set at 0 and it would still be burning hot in your room.

    The 14th floor concierge lounge is nice.  They had a decent breakfast spread on a weekday, and though it could quickly get crowded in there and I'm not a fan of people.

    Architecturally the building is a gem.  Super cool to look at from across the river, but let's face it, the guts of the building are old, so it's going to have some wasted space, and some lack of space.

    I'd definitely take this place over the Westin or Omni William Penn, but probably would take the Fairmont over this hotel.  Sorry, it Fairmont is newer, with better bathrooms.  Bed comfort wise I'd say it's a push...both have very comfy beds, pillows and linens.

    WiFi speeds were pretty dismal, assuming it's because they give out free WiFi, and the free users just inundate the bandwidth feed with data requests.

    Suggest valet parking as the parking garage is across the street and it's tight.

    10/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    67. Angie P.
    A decent hotel. Nothing outstanding. The pillows are pretty horrible. The view was nice.

    05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Stephanie R.
    My husband and I decided to spend an overnight in Downtown Pittsburgh last minute. We already had dinner reservations and show tickets, we just had to find a hotel room. The Renaissance Hotel is literally next door to the Byham Theatre where we had show tickets. I walked in and there was a wedding on the iconic stairs in the foyer! It was so beautiful with guests not only seated on the lobby space but also in the balconies on the second floor. I came in just as the ceremony was finishing. and when they were pronounced husband and wife, those in the balcony threw flower petals upon the couple. The hotel handled those like myself who were not part of the wedding very professionally so the ceremony would not be disturbed, but still service incoming guests.

    Check in was very swift as my husband went to the restaurant to meet our dinner reservation while I checked into the hotel. I was able to take the luggage to the room and return to the restaurant a couple blocks away without even being late. I really liked the makeup mirror since I have to take off my glasses to apply my makeup.

    We had dinner and enjoyed our show. We got out of the show and went to the bar for a late night bite and a drink. We got there at 10:45pm and waited and waited. At 11:04, a blonde waitress finally came to our table after delivering food to another table. We asked to see a menu, but was informed that the kitchen had closed at 11pm. We finished the drinks we had ordered, but had to pay the bartender because the waitress had left for the night. The bartender was a gentleman as I had two bills stuck together when I paid him and he found us outside to return the other one. We had to go across the street to another establishment to get something to eat.

    Other than the snafu in the bar, all the staff from check in to check out were very nice and professional. The room was very clean and comfortable. As the need comes up, I will probably choose this hotel when I need to stay Downtown again. It is so close to PNC Park across the Clemente Bridge and it is in the heart of the Cultural District, so all the theaters are very close by. It is also close to public transit so you can get anywhere in Pittsburgh from that spot without having to go too far.

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Meghan H.
    This was a nice hotel.

    The lobby kinda gave me the heebie jeebies as it was pretty dingy and darkly imposing with everything a deep red in color scheme...The room itself was good as it was fairly large, and I hear the beds were quite comfy. I wouldn't know as I slept on the floor....seeing as we had five people in the room and two beds.

    The view was amazing. We arrived at around midnight and were still able to experience the city just by opening up the shades of our fourth floor window that overlooked the Allegheny River and offered a perfect view of both PNC Park and Heinz Field. We took loads of pictures of that postcard view that night and the next morning. Those were keepers!

    I'd stay here again if I find myself back in Pittsburgh.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Benjamin A.
    I stayed here at an incredibly cheap rate via hotwire. I was quite pleased with the value, although the room I stayed in lacked the character found in the grand hotel lobby below. Nevertheless, the room was quiet, clean, and very comfortable, except that the window let in almost no light thanks to a building adjacent to the hotel. I really mean no light, as in at noon it was dark. I presume that other, higher floors have nicer rooms.

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    71. Elyse S.
    We had our rehearsal dinner at the Renaissance Hotel in late October. Christine was fabulous, my dad has a very bad celiac allergy, they did a great job making sure the food was prepared properly, it was a huge stress relief. The room was incredible. It was the perfect set up for a informal cocktail table set up, I am not sure how the room would work for a larger party - it is very narrow, you would not be able to fit a band and a stage in the venue. They made their food in house and it was delicious and the pastry chef out did themselves with the cake!

    The view was incredible!

    17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    72. David A.
    I've spent a least four stays here for work. I love the location in downtown Pittsburgh, overlooking the river and the bridges  (last time, I was able to watch a Pirates game at PNC from my room!)  Renaissance Hotels are my favorite marque after JW Marriott and my room was excellent for under $200. Also, the hotel restaurant, Braddocks is really terrific.

    03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Meg H.
    Parking in the garage across the street is 5 bucks, don't bother with valet.

    Very nice lobby and restaurant area, swanky, feels upscale even though we only paid like 150 all in.

    very nice check in people, very attentive, and helpful.

    Room was a king, but it wwas kind of weird like the window wasn't centered so it made it feel like the room had been a suite cut into two, which was a little weird.

    the design was amazing, loved the counter in the bathroom, and a the wallpaper.

    But there was hair on the wall, and we could hear other peoples showers in the early AM.

    Bed was super comfy!!!

    Sunday brunch was very very delish!!! I think next time we're in Pittsburgh we would stay there.

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Chelle R.
    Across the Roberto Clemente Bridge from PNC park sits a hotel that knows how to treat its guest.  I spent three nights at the Renaissance Pittsburgh and I can tell you that I had a wonderful stay.  I received nothing buy courtesy and professionalism from beginning to end.  The only thing that would have made my stay better was if the Pirates had been in town.

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. Daniel R.
    Hotel lobby is great, the location can not be beat when staying in town for a game or any other activity (Pittsburgh is small). The rooms were clean with some wear and tear in the bathroom. Beds very comfortable.

    I grew up in Pittsburgh but have never stayed at the Renaissance. I was visiting from out of town for a wedding and was a bit taken back by the confusion at the front desk. My father-in-law to be booked 3 rooms. He wanted them all on his card so he could get the reward points. The guy at the front desk could not grasp this concept. We had a minor issue in the morning with the bill. Same guy billed our rooms individually and not on the card we requested. We are easy going people so it was not that big of a deal, despite the 4 day hold on the funds while traveling. However for the price of the room, I think they could afford some better training for their employees.

    Nice place, beautiful architecture, but I would probably look elsewhere in town unless you have your heart set on this hotel. Does not seem worth it for the price.

    31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    76. Justin L.
    Nice Downtown
    Hotel that will
    Sell viewless rooms on Priceline. Use garage.

    20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Betsy C.
    I purchased a deal on Hotwire with tax came to $122. Obviously that is a great price for this type of hotel and its star level. However, of course these are the "less desirable rooms" (5th floor, about 100-ish square feet of usable space and view of the wall of the next building). The king size bed filled almost the whole room.

    The bathroom was just okay, reviews on here praise the bathroom but we had a pretty basic one. It didn't look like some of the yelp photos I saw.

    We checked in at around 6pm and left at 6am so I didn't experience much but the bed....which was FANTASTIC. We even looked to see what kind it was an how it was  dressed.

    I don't think I would ever spend the standard rate for this hotel (up to $299 for a regular room) unless it was for a really special occasion. I was getting surgery in the morning which is why I stayed in the city.

    I'm glad I read yelp and parked across the street in the garage. It's $7 for overnight and $12 for the day. Valet at the hotel is $32.

    19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    78. Cait K.
    Spent a long weekend here with my fiance. We came to Pittsburgh for a concert, and chose this hotel for it's awesome location- downtown, across the river from PNC park, and just around the corner from Meat & Potatoes, my new favorite restaurant (and lots of other restaurants & bars- one unique thing about Pittsburgh is that downtown is also the theatre/cultural district).

    There's a large garage just across from the entrance, and parking is only $5 overnight. The hotel is clearly historic, and the lobby is very grand- there is a beautiful ceiling and lovely staircase. The rooms are all uniquely shaped, which I loved. Such a welcome chain from most cookie-cutter hotels. The person working the front desk gave me a bit of an attitude during check-in when he clearly saw that I had booked my room via Priceline. Although I've seen the attitude before, if your management books rooms through Priceline, you should treat those guests well. I loved this hotel and would be happy to stay there again, but not if the front desk people are rude to their "second class" guests.

    We had a nice room on the 8th floor with a queen sized bed and a huuuuge bathroom. The rooms are a bit dated at this point, and the robe in the closet was an unappealing shade of brown. However, we had a view of the river and PNC, and the bed was comfy. Room was quiet.

    Will definitely stay here again if I come back to Pittsburgh.

    07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    79. Thomas A.
    Great View, Great Location!
    Clean rooms, comfy bed, nice bathroom. Quiet.

    03/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. David Z.
    Okay, Renaissance. Your lobby is grandiose. And I appreciate that. I really do. But would it kill you to spend a little to upgrade your rooms?

    Now, those rooms are small, so you could go for an ultra-modern New York theme, but that would obviously clash with your admittedly impressive lobby.

    Or you could go for something comfortable yet upscale, but then that kind of interior design goes better with a larger room, which your hotel does not provide.

    Or, I guess, you could just leave everything the way it is, with crappy furniture, a crappy bed, and a crappy bathroom, to go along with your gorgeous lobby.

    And I take it that's the route you've gone. And I get that. I really do.

    06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    81. Angela P.
    We only stayed at the Renaissance for one night.  We chose the Renaissance because it is close to PNC Park, the one major thing we'd be doing in Pittsburgh.  The walk to PNC Park was quick, just right over the bridge.

    We paid a lot more for this hotel than what I am usually comfortable with (I aim for around $100), but paying around $200 for this room was worth the convenience factor.

    Like most hotels in downtown areas, you do have to pay for parking.  The Renaissance offers valet parking, or there is a parking garage across the street.  Both are pretty inconvenient options, as there is no waiting area, driveway, or ramp for valet; you kind of have to park in front of the hotel and jam up traffic.  

    The parking garage is across the street, so when we exited the garage with two large suitcases and other bags, it was very hectic to maneuver through the crowd (heading to the Pirates game).  Apparently, moving out of the way at the sight of a giant pink suitcase is out of the question for these fans!

    The room was clean, the bathroom was large enough that I could sprawl out all of my products on the vanity counter, and the bed was comfortable.  We had a partial view of the yellow bridge.

    The employees were friendly and polite during check-in.

    There's a bar inside the hotel too.  We visited Braddock's after the Pirates game for a drink.  It was convenient for us since we were only here one night and didn't have much time or energy to wander the city.

    12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Rob P.
    This is a good hotel, but some flaws keep it from being a great hotel. For $200+ per night, I'd hoped for a little more.

    My wife and I had a king "city view" room. It would be generous to say we had any kind of view of the city (see attached pictures). The high ceilings were the best part of the room. It made a room with not a lot of square footage seem a lot bigger. Unfortunately our room also had peeling wallpaper and chipped paint near the door. It' stuff like this that makes it hard to say this was an exceptional hotel.

    Location was fantastic. We were in town for a game at PNC Park so you couldn't have a better hotel for that purpose. Service was solid both check-in and check-out.

    Overall I wouldn't say that this hotel is any better or worse than the Omni William Penn. It does have a better location, but the quality of the rooms and the service is about the same. In the future I'd stay at whichever could give me the better deal.

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Justine C.
    The potential for 5 stars was definitely there. The Renaissance is a beautiful hotel in an ideal location of Pittsburg. I was in hotel heaven when I walked into the lobby. It looked expensive and well taken care of. The customer service at check in was spot on. Laura (Lori?) was incredibly friendly and seemed genuinely happy we had chosen the Renaissance for our stay. She saw we booked our hotel through Priceline, and that didn't even affect her demeanor. She asked us a few questions about why we were in town and made me feel like I picked the right place to stay at. She then informed my husband and me that she happened to have a complimentary upgrade to a corner junior suite available. I didn't even ask, which is what made this even more wonderful. She confidently told us that we would love the room.

    Wow! That room was insanely amazing. Laura was right! Panoramic views of the city, river, bridges and two stadiums. I felt so special having this upgrade and couldn't have asked for a better room. It was great watching the sunset with the option of looking out of any of the 7 windows in the room. The room décor was classy, modern and the bed was super comfy. I made sure to let Laura know that this really exceeded our expectations.

    The reason my experience wasn't five stars was because of the room service. Ever since I was little, I have loved to order room service. It's just something I have to do. My first call in to room service was for a bottle of wine. I was quoted a 30 minute wait, which was reasonable to me. It took about 20 minutes, which I was pleased about. I signed my bill and added my tip. When the gentleman left, I was looking over my bill and thought it seemed really high. I completely didn't realize that a 20% gratuity was already included on top of the room service fee. I had tipped him $5 already, so he made out with $10 in tips. I felt really silly after that and tried to justify in my head why spending $43 on a $27 order was okay. My husband made me feel better by saying it is vacation, don't stress about it.

    The next morning I really was craving a croissant and a beverage. I asked if they had croissants a la carte, which they did. The gal said she could have my order in 15 minutes, but probably less. Wow, that's great, I thought. However, don't overpromise and under deliver. If you are going to claim it will be 15 minutes or less, then I am expecting that. After 30 minutes of waiting, I finally called only to hear the lady tell me my food was on the way. When it arrived, it was the saddest looking croissants I've ever seen. They gave me two mini, stale croissants. I took a picture and couldn't stop laughing about how tiny they were. They obviously were not fresh either.

    12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    84. Lisa N.
    A lovely upscale hotel.   It's beautiful in here and the rooms are pretty and well kept.  Great views.  Fridge and safe in every room.  Everything was clean and seemed pretty new.  The staff really makes it the best though.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful without being pretentious.  Offered us restaurant suggestions and even a place to get pizza.  The doormen were prompt and courteous.  Well worth a stay.

    P.S.  The parking was pricey but less expensive on the weekends. $7/day - no in and out privileges.

    02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Jacque R.
    The views over the river are what you pay for ... And worth it.

    My check-in was great with Kaitlynn. Friendly, escorted me to the elevator and answered all my questions. Even when my first room didn't work out, she was at my door in less than five minutes escorting me to my new room ... Ended up being a suite.

    Great location ... Lots to do and eat around here and it's only day one!

    Aveda products - a perk.

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Diana P.
    Hubby took me to Pittsburgh for a surprise date night to watch the Cardinals against the Pirates.  He booked this hotel which you can see from the stadium as well as you can see the stadium from your room if you get a good one.  

    We parked for 7$ across from the hotel in a self park garage. When we checked in, the front desk blonde lady was so nice and efficient. She even walked us to the elevator and handed me the room key cards because we said it was our first time in this particular renaissance.  

    We were in room 720 and had a great view of the ballpark from the one window in the room.  Room was very small and the bed was a queen but it was perfectly cozy and nicely appointed.  Refrigerator, coffee machine, small seating chair and bathroom had bathtub.  

    The walls are super thin though as we heard the kids jumping on the beds and playing in the room across the hall.  We had to call down to the front desk to complain and about 4 minutes later, we could hear someone knocking on their room door to ask them to keep the noise level down.  Very efficient.

    The lobby is gorgeous, there is a great little restaurant inside and you are caddy corner from the ballpark. Just cross the bridge. Perfect location, great Staff, I'd stay here again anytime!

    09/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Maria R.
    My husband surprised me with a stay at your spectacular hotel for my special birthday. From start to finish our stay was perfect. The city view was breathtaking and Katelyn made that happen.  The location is perfect.  Comfortable room. As an added touch..we were treated to champagne and chocolates to help make my 63th birthday fantastic

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0