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Charleston Marriott in Charleston, SC

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.04

Address: 170 Lockwood Blvd, Charleston, SC, 29403
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Comments (47):

1. Scott B.
This place was top notch all around.  I have never stayed in a hotel that every person on the staff was so friendly and always said hi, how are you, have a good day, etc.  Seriously - every single person in the halls, outside, everywhere were sooo nice.  And it did not seem creepy or phony, just nice people. The lobby and entry area were really, really classy and nice.  And the pool was phenomenal, with beautiful tiles, and music going.  Nice view of the river from many rooms, if you took a walk, or from the roof bar. The room was clean, nice and as expected for a Marriott and I do not have one word to say negative about the whole stay.  We ate lunch in the restaurant which was very nicely decorated, and the food was great too.  Reasonable prices too.  The one downside is the overflow parking lot could be repaved.  But it is 100 feet from the front door so not that difficult of a situation really.

One downside is you can not really walk ( 2+miles) to the historic district.......but cabs were there in less than 10 minutes when we called and $6.  So save your money and stay here......and get a great pool!

TIP:  I used priceline in the Ashley River Area selection - and we won the room at an $85 bid for a 3 and a 1/2 star.  So try this and use the savings for more great food at dinners....!

Thought I'd add my views here to balance things out some in case the negative review was just one persons bad day.

01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Debbie S.
This is a 2 star hotel W's star price. My experience has been awful. I checked in last night at 2:00 am after a long drive. The parking lot had no spaces. There is no valet!!  I was directed to an overflow lot next door. Ugh. I was traveling solo and didn't relish the thought of grappling with my luggage for a long walk.  This lack of service for a $215 a night hotel is absolutely unacceptable.  I requested security and got an unarmed ununiformed female who would have been no help had I encountered a problem. When I complained about the lack of parking I was told they  were having some parties along with a few Other weak excuses. I would   think the part goers would have been required to use  the overflow parking, not the" paying dearly for very little guests".  I called  for room service to deliver coffee the next morning. An hour later it still  had not arrived. I called again. It took another 25 minutes, and even then  my simple order was not right.  The decor is fine. The pillows are terrible.  The mattress could be a lot better. The view of the river is nice.  No  bathtub, no bathrobe.   There is nothing to make this hotel worth the  price. It is rated $$. The Renaissance where I stayed last week was $$$.  I paid about the same or a little less there, and had a better location,  experience, service, and a nicer hotel. Don't get sucked in here. I stayed  here because I couldn't find  a room elsewhere.  I would have been better off in a $60 room on the interstate. I was told this am that they are building a parking garage. And, to be fair, they comped my rm. Service coffee that I waited 90 minutes for. Still, I wouldn't stay here again.

25/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Victor K.
A little pricey and the location isn't ideal.  The exterior seems dated.  However the interior has been renovated and the rooms are decent quality.  

Nice gym, and there is a good happy hour Friday evenings.

02/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Mike T.
Just stopped in for a cold beer on a big night quest.  Nice bar.

12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Lee B.
Stayed at the Charleston Marriott for a week on business. The hotel was nicer than the JW I stayed at in New Orleans. It's a clean, averaged priced hotel in a safe area with incredible staff and it features a good restaurant, a good bar and some incredible meeting and event space. The rates were average for the star/location, the room was clean and of average size and the staff was incredibly friendly. The bar was very reasonably priced, especially for a hotel bar, at $10 for a double Jack and $12 for a double Johnnie Walker (black). Surprisingly, they offered Blue label for $24 but I stayed with my usual drinks. The coffee was better than the Starbucks by my office, Their rib-eye was excellent, the braised pork chop was also really good. The waitstaff were very attentive. Their convention and meeting space was incredible (on par with nice hotels in Vegas just on a smaller scale). The Internet was a little hit or miss. The hotel said they are in the process of upgrading their system so that might explain things. Anyway, I would definitely stay here time, I'm upgrading to one of the rooms with the little balcony's.

17/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Shari M.
EXCELLENT front desk service.  Very nice room.  Nice hotel.  Nice, friendly bar.  
Mislead on the location by hotwire.  
Shuttle OVERPRICED...and doesn't run late enough. They don't tell you a taxi downtown..where we THOUGHT we were less than the shuttle if you are more than one person.
Would not stay again...only because of the LOCATION.

01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Julie D.
This hotel was absolutely beautiful. I was a little concerned about it, when we first arrived. Maybe it was the cheesy yellow exterior paint color. But I had nothing to be concerned about. The hotel is beautifully decorated, the colors are bright and warm. The staff is very friendly. The beds was firm and the linens were fresh and crisp. I also love the lamp style that Marriott is using in their hotels now. The lamps actually have electrical outlets in the base, for plugging in your cell phone charger or i-pod. It's very nice not having to stand on your head looking for an outlet! Nice hotel, I would definitely stay here again.

08/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. John W.
Have never had a bad experience at this hotel.  Check-in to check-out is wonderful.

The restaurant's menu is limited, but what they have is prepared wonderfully!

15/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Patrick H.
K and I stayed at the Charleston Marriott, and it was a mixed experience. As the original reviewer noted, the building color is a 1980s kind of daffodil yellow. Ugh.

The remodel being done, however, is taking it in the right direction. The pool area is nicely done, and the lobbies on the first floor are tastefully done and inviting.

The view from our room on the 8th floor gave a nice panorama of the river from the left (southeast) to the Citadel on the right. Unfortunately a couple of municipal buildings mar the immediate foreground, but the view is otherwise pleasant.

The bellhop, Crosby was pleasant and very helpful in wheeling our many bags upstairs. If you stay here, ask for him by name.

The room was pleasant and unremarkable. The mini-fridge was helpful, and the blast of the dual-head shower was a welcome relief after a 5-hour drive from Atlanta. The $10 charge for internet---even in the lobby---was no relief at all. For a $160/night room, they are charging for wireless? In 2009? Really? When I called the front desk and ask if wireless is comped for Marriott Rewards customers, he explained that it is for Gold and Platinum (I'm only silver at the moment). He then asked if I had received my coupon for a free flatbread appetizer.....ummm, yes, but what has that to do with my internet question? *sigh*

The front desk's recommendation for dinner was *meh*, but there is an excellent book of restaurant profiles and menus. Rather than ask the desk, I'd suggest flipping through that...or coming to Yelp!

Checkout this morning was a Charlie Foxtrot. I called at 10:15 to arrange a bellhop and cart at 10:45. Despite two subsequent visits to the front desk and 30 minutes of waiting, no help came. As we carried our bags to the car, three bellhops stood talking outside. Nice.

We might stay here again (convenient location, safe, reasonable cost), but the service was on-again, off-again.

23/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Laura C.
Clean, nice and convienent location. Staff was very helpful. The outside patio by the pool is relaxing and beautiful. While some reviews say it eas dated, I would say minimumally, and that care and maintinence were superior and are far more important as was the case. Would stay there again if venturing to Charleston.

The hotel is undergoing construction in it's conference area and parking garage area. Parking is a little bit of a challenge, but not enough to hinder a rating.

16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Robbie M.
Stayed here 4 nights for a mix of business and vacation.

The best thing about this hotel is the people. The front desk staff and attendants are all excellent - very helpful, friendly, and full of ideas to explore their city.

The rooms are on the small side but big enough. We had a beautiful view looking over the marsh lands and Ashley river. The hotel is near the Citadel and the minor league baseball stadium ("River Dogs").  Downside to the hotel is that it is not within walking distance to the historic district. But the on demand hotel shuttle is super convenient, and the shuttle drivers are all GREAT.

The morning breakfast buffet is fantastic!  The daily fresh fruit selection is wonderful. Nice to have a "we proudly brew" Starbucks in the lobby too.

The common grounds of the hotel are all nice with great outdoor seating, a nice (small) pool and great rooftop bar.

Overall, would certainly recommend staying here.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Scott B.
Great room and great free wifi which is sad.

04/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Erin C.
Very nice room, excellent service, varied options for brunch.  If I ever return to Charleston, I'll be staying here!

08/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Dan R.
Nice feature of this hotel is the shuttle to downtown Charleston. Runs every 1/2 hour. We came here for a short vacation which happened to New Years Eve. We took the shuttle downtown on New Years Eve and caught it back to the hotel after dinner. The rooms are nice and clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The location is vey safe. The lobby and common areas were nicely decorated. On the downside housekeeping didn't leave us fresh glasses (we left a good tip). They should really offer a self serve coffee service in the morning. The line at the cafe was long as they only had one person covering the bar and To-Go counter. If you are planning to spend a lot of time downtown Charleston you may want to go to the  Marriott Courtyard which is located right on Marion Square which is in the middle of downtown with many shopping and dining options within walking distance. The only other downside was that we could not change the input on the TV in the room and the TV was pretty small. I find the input issue strange because we stayed at the Marriott in Myrtle beach on the same trip and one of the features they touted was the entertainment system where you could customize the inputs etc. Overall we had a nice stay. Next time we would probably try the Courtyard just based on location.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. Michael T.
Having stayed at many hotels across the country for both business and leisure, I wasn't really sure what to expect out of the Charleston Marriott.  I'd read other reviews that said it was great, and others despised it.  For me, this was a pretty solid hotel for the money, although the location made it less-than-perfect.

Let's start with the good - The hotel entrance, lobby and common areas are all very nice places to sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.  Actually, the lobby is one of the nicest Marriott lobbies I think I've come across.  Service was also generally solid, and between the restaurant and coffee shop (which was open late), there are plenty of dining options.

The mediocre?  The rooms.  They were fine, but just didn't have the updated feel of the lobby and were generally small.  The biggest drawback, as I mentioned, was the location.  The Marriott is just over 2 miles from the heart of downtown Charleston and a quick bike ride away, but I wouldn't want to walk it.  Alternatively, guests can take a hotel shuttle or a cab for $5/person.  Or, for similar money, you could just stay downtown.  (Not at a high-end B&B, of course.)

Despite this Marriott being generally appealing and a decent value, if you're going to stay in Charleston, stay in Charleston.

07/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Natasha U.
Wow, what horrible deal we got through  this time around.  We also got misled on the location.  We asked for a Downtown hotel and ended up here. This is NOT DOWNTOWN!  You need a car to get downtown or will need to take the FREE TROLLEY down the street.  Do not take their shuttle that they charge for.  Anyway, the hotel is sort of bait and switch by the fact that they have a lovely reception/lobby area complete with to types of spa water that they keep fresh all day long. I LOVE SPA WATER! lol  I make it at home so I thought this was a treat!  Anyway, we get up to our room and the misery began.

The hallway on the 7th floor was so stuffy and muggy, it was odd. No air circulation was going through there.  As we opened the door, I almost passed out.  Now, it was cold outside, I should welcome warmth inside my room, but instead, I was greeted with a very muggy almost moldy smelling room and the windows were all fogged up! I had to keep the air conditioning on during our entire stay just so we could breath comfortably in there.  Sure it got cold, but it was the only way.  It was very uncomfortable to be in that room.  Also, the bathroom was very tiny.  For the price we paid even at a discount via Hotwire, this was such a disappointment.  I could barely move around in there. It was outdated and rough.   The toilet broke within a half hour of us even being in the room. Already had to call down for maintenance.  Also had to call for toilet paper at an inopportune time.  Housekeeper missed the mark there. Makes me wonder what else she missed making up the room.  

Parking was free, but the spaces closest to the elevator banks were tight and almost never available.  For the most part, we ended up parking all the way in the back just to make sure the car wouldn't get hit and that we had room.  We had to walk through the conference room area to get to the lobby and then the elevator banks.

The one other good thing about this place is the coffee.  It was supposed to be Starbucks but it sure did taste A LOT better than Starbucks at the store. I don't know what they are using down there, but it was pretty decent.  They open early and close late so that was nice.   Also, the rooms offer free wifi which is nice, but it's slow and you get knocked offline a lot, but either way, it's free so I can't complain I guess.

I would never stay here again.  Also, thanks to this stay at this hotel, I won't be using hotwire again. They tricked me!  The last time we were in Charleston we got the Mill House Hotel!  Now, that's what I'm talking about.  Ughh..never again.

16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Mark T.
I recently stayed here and was quite impressed.  This is a category V Marriott and it felt like it.  The staff were extremely friendly and the building itself was very clean and well maintained.

There is a nice outdoor pool area with several fire pits and outdoor seating.  This restaurant has a concierge level and has both a cafe and restaurant onsite.

The parking is free and is all around the location.  The hotel is conveniently located on the west side of town so the traffic is nice and light.

The next time I visit Charleston I'll certainly be stating here again --a very pleasant stay.

16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Elaine O.
Charleston Marriott, you suck.  You were oversold and couldn't offer me another room when I wanted to switch.  You gave me a musty room without a bathtub.  Your desks are too high to sit at comfortably and I never got that desk insert you promised me.  Your bathwater takes too long to heat up.  The entrance to your terrace bar is ghetto - it looks like an emergency exit with a sticker on it.  Your stairs layout doesn't make any sense and you elevators are slow.  And lastly, you charge a fee for a shuttle downtown when there is a free trolley that stops right by the hotel that you don't tell anyone about.

But you have lovely outdoor seating areas with firepits and a nice view of the water.

Peace out Marriott.  We had enough and checked out early.

29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Travis W.
Nothing spectacular about this place other than the restaurant and lobby and even that wasn't anything exciting.  Extremely overpriced in my opinion but I think that's pretty par for the Charleston area.  Rooms were clean, yet small and the outdoor patio area was actually a nice little surprise.  My girlfriend and I were here for a wedding reception and the staff running the open bars seemed to be doing a great job filtering the people their drinks and the restaurant did a good job setting up the food, etc.  My suggestion though is that if you have to stay in Charleston, try and stay right down the road in Mt. Pleasant or at least across the bridge and save yourself a good amount of money!

23/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Kevin L.
For service.  Ok, I get it if the hotel was really busy the night prior.  I get it that you advertise check-in at 4pm.  But unless its Vegas, who ever has to wait til 4 to check in?  Apparently this Marriott doesn't care about the time regardless.  I showed up at 2:55pm to check in, as a Platinum member.  No rooms were available.  Gave them my cell and went and sat in the lobby.  One hour and 45 mins later I went up to the front desk.  Told him how long it has been.  He put me in a room immediately.   I asked why no one called.  He said the room they had for me still wasn't ready.  Are you kidding me?!  Why wouldn't you ask me if I wanted a room or the one they held off for me.  So mad.  And to boot --- no apology whatsoever, or even acknowledgement that I am upset about all of this.

18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Mike W.
Friendly but incompetent staff.  I requested a quiet room.  So, they placed us in a room opposite the hospitalilty suite, which had noisy partying into the late night, and the laundry room, which had people standing outside our door on their cell phones, late into the night.   Maid service was poor - they didn't appear to know how to make a bed other than pull the blanket and cover up over rumpled and undone sheets.    

Restaurant was OK.   Breakfast coffee bar was pretty limited.   The hotel is not walking distance to historical sites.   So, you will need to drive.  Although there appeared to be a desk, there was no concierge to assist in providing advice or suggestings on things to visit.  

Hotel is overpriced considering the above and I would not recommend it to others.

29/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
Great hotel, quiet, clean.  Staff is friendly not fake friendly, and so helpful.  Great shuttle downtown every half hour for six dollars for the day.  Good location right next to Charleston PD but you would never know they are right next door.  Neighborhood seems safe and quiet.  Downtown is about 2 miles, not really walkable but close.  One of the best places I have stayed in a long time.  Vast amount of parking and well lit, plus free garage parking if desired.  Very well appointed interior of hotel and rooms.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Melissa B.
This is a Marriott?  This is a Mariott BY NAME ONLY.  The lobby is nice enough but I couldnt get over how small the rooms were.  I paid $220 for a tiny room with a king-size bed, PAPER THIN walls, dim bathroom (I had to do my makeup in the bedroom).  The towels are tinted green - did someone wash them with some green accidentally???  The staff was nice enough but give me a break.  I will never be back here - pay a little extra and stay at a nicer place in town.

19/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Gerald P.
Good place to stay.  Restaurant is ok.  It is a Marriott, so rooms are sort of good size.  Bed is comfortable.  People are nice.  Valet service is enthusiastic,

07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Jim U.
We were duped by Hotwire!  I chose a 4-star hotel in "downtown" Charleston and wound up with the Marriott which is located nowhere near downtown.  At the very least, the downtown area should be walkable from the hotel.  Unless 2.5 miles each way is your idea of a convenient walk, you will likely be disappointed.  The hotel is convenient to absolutely nothing except a VA hospital.  Every time we wanted to go into town, we had to drive and waste a bit of time searching for parking.  I know they offer a shuttle from the hotel at $6/person, but it is fairly infrequent and doesn't make sense to take considering there is a free city trolley that they fail to mention, and if we really were downtown, we wouldn't need a trolley in the first place.  

The hotel itself was fairly charming in its lobby and common spaces, and doubles as a small convention center.  The rooms were a different matter.  Walking the hallway of our floor, it smelled of shampoo.  There is no circulation at all, so the smell of cleaning fluids lingers about.  In our room, because there was no circulation, our window was beaded with water drops.  It always looked like it was raining outside.  The only time we could get the water drops to clear up was if we kept the room at a very low temperature.  It was all rather inconvenient.  The tiny bathroom that required a maintenance call didn't help matters much.  

The downstairs coffee shop had some rather delicious coffee and sold sports drinks which was great, until I saw that the price for 1 coffee and 1 sports drink cost over $6.  Ouch!  

The parking and internet were free, so that was cost effective at least.  


(room rate) $125/night + (fees) $27.30/night = too much money for the hotel.

We actual stayed at the Mill's House via Hotwire for less money than this and had a much, much grander time in the heart of downtown.

16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
26. Jordan G.
Great room - great service. You can tell this is the nice hotel in the area. I do wish that it was closer to the downtown area. Not sure if they provide a shuttle but if they do that would be awesome.

I was on a business trip - 5 hotels in 5 days and while I think the overall ambiance of the hotel was great there was something lacking in the room but I can't place it right now. Maybe the rooms were a bit dated in comparison to the rest of the hotel. The conference center area is nice but could use some more labeling as people seemed a bit lost of where to go for their events.

I think the staff make this a 4 star review. Also Marriott needs to do something about not providing free wireless - it really is a crime at this point.

17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. C G.
Disclaimer: I wanted to experience the downtown, historic Charleston area. That's why this hotel gets 2 stars. (Yes, I'm another Hotwire sucker.)

Pros: This is a very nice hotel. The lobby and restaurants downstairs are very tastefully decorated and remind me of much nicer hotels I've stayed at in Las Vegas. Saffire's bar is quiet and reasonably-priced, and makes a nice place for a nightcap. The staff was all very friendly. The Daily Grind is open early and closes late, so you can always grab some coffee. The room was decently sized. The hotel was hosting some sort of conference or workshop, and all of those people seemed to be having a good time. Parking in the hotel lots is free and there were always open spaces.

Cons: My room (the Hotwire special) turned out to be a wheelchair-accessible room, which only actually mattered in the bathroom. Everything was low, which wasn't that big of a deal for me, but there was no bathtub. It was a shower stall...with no stall. There was a half-inch lip of tile between the shower floor and the bathroom floor...which meant I had to spend time mopping up the floor after each shower. We ended up using the extra towels as additional bathmats. The bathroom also took forever to dehumidify - I'm talking 45-60 minutes with the fan on. So that was strange. The rooftop bar was closed; the desk clerk said that no one goes up there when it's cold. (Temperatures were in the 70s-50s the entire weekend I was there; they lost some money on that decision, I'll bet.) The hot tub, pool, and courtyard were closed for renovations - which seems odd to me, because other reviews I've found suggest that those areas were renovated in 2009? So...too many things were closed. This hotel is NOT downtown. It's a solid two miles from the hotel to King Street. There IS a free trolley (CARTA DASH) with a stop on either side of the hotel, but it only runs until 9  at night (7 on Sundays), so if you want to experience Charleston's nightlife, you'll need to call a cab or hike it. The hotel offers a shuttle ($), but I didn't bother with that. ETA: Oh! They want $10 per day for wifi! That is nuts. And if you've forgotten any of the basics - toothbrush, toothpaste - don't worry, they'll be happy to direct you to the store just off of the lobby, where you can pay $3 for any one of these items.

In summation: if you want to walk around Charleston, this is NOT the place for you. If you don't care about cabs or shuttles, this is a really nice place to stay. If they stick you in a room with a wheelchair shower, try to switch.

04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Alicia J.
We held a four-day event here in their Opal and Topaz ballrooms and were very very pleased. The banquet staff was all wonderful, the servers and bellmen were some of the friendliest people I've met, and everyone we encountered did whatever they could to help us with what we needed. I even met a very kind bellman who, when I couldn't find a bicycle rental shop who'd accommodate me, asked his friend's girlfriend to lend me hers so I'd have a chance to explore the city on my break from work. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty!

I'd give it 5 stars if the box lunches we were provided daily weren't so grody. Almost all of our participants mentioned how bad they were and it reflected poorly on us. Also the whole "pay $9.95 per day for your internet" thing, but we got around that with the help of a very obliging salesperson.

19/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Mikee R.
The rooms are small. But the smell of my room is not appealing.
I am 100% sure this was a smoking room in the past and they just couldn't cover the smell.
The parking is terrible.

However, the Concierge lounge it pretty nice... Well if you are a rewards member.

15/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Jamie J.
very clean, location is not in the heart of downtown or on the beach but not a far cab ride at all. friendlyish staff but need to be a tad more knowledgeable on the area but cabs and shuttles offered at the hotel right away.

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Frank H.
This is a nice place and the staff were very friendly and helpful.  I was overcharged on check out but they quickly corrected the error with a smile.  The room was fine although a bit small.  The breakfast was truly amazing!  The fresh fruit on the buffet were the best!

02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Trevor D.
We were scammed and manipulated by the sales team at Marriot! We will never do business with this particular location ever again! EVER. Also when you stay there look closely at detail and you will see that its not as nice as they claim it is.

06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Treeah P.
We just got back from staying a few days at this Marriott.   Though it was not really set up for family fun.......   Everyone at this Marriott was very pleasant.  From the drivers to the maids.   Very Clean and The Pool area was very nice and catered to everyone.  I would recommend this to everyone.

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Leslie D.
This is by far the worst Marriott Hotel that we have ever stayed in.  We were in 2 different rooms that both smelled of mold covered up by Febreze.  The room was in need of a face lift.  It needed painting and freshening up.  We spent one night there and checked out the next morning.  We were suppose to stay 3 nights.  I couldn't stand the smell.  We checked into the Hampton Inn in Charleston and really enjoyed out stay.

19/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
35. Stella T.
I give it only one star! Crappy room Ac didn't work! Not friendly.
But it is in a good area!
That's all I can say

06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. Brad M.
Ugh! We had a group event here for 5 days and absolutely hated the hotel. I am super easy about accomodations and am always happy with a solid Hampton Inn.  This place is just the worst.  The room had so much mildew that I sneezed non-stop. Others in our group complained of the same thing. I am still recovering from staying here and think I have a sinus infection as a result.
The place is so tired and worn out - it looks like a cheap Las Vegas hotel circa 1995. The room was in disrepair and I couldn't believe the ironing board when we pulled it out of the closet - it had a destroyed cover that looked 20 years old.
It is horribly located - not near anything you would want to see or do in Charleston.  We spent a fortune on taxis everyday. The rooms are tiny (and so are the bathrooms and showers). There are so many other places to stay in Charleston that there is absolutely no point in staying at this Marriott.

13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. G J.
The hotel itself is very nice.  

However I travel for business so my company books the room and authorizes the charges go to corporate.
They do ask for a personal credit card for incidentals.

Unfortunately they charged my personal card for the entire 10 days stay. To compound the problem they charged it twice for two different amounts which came to over $3300.

The admin tried to handle it but was given the run around for quite some time.  My company did give me an expense check to cover one of the charges.

The other was finally reversed.  

They would not reimburse me for any interest accrued over the month it took to correct it.  I was given a generous amount of reward points for future travel.

I would caution any business travelers to proof their bill very carefully before leaving the hotel.

09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
38. Stephanie J.
The decor at the Charleston Marriott is perfect! Bright and cheery southern decor touches make it so charming! My room was comfortable and clean. The staff were all pleasant and helpful. I loved having coffee on the large patio each morning. The only negative is this hotels location, not within walking distance to any restaurants or sites.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Stephen C.
The customer service is amazing at this location. From the housekeeping staff to the front desk when Matt greets you by name and remembers your face from before! The staff here go the extra mile to make you feel right at home when staying in Charleston.

29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Melissa K.
Great decor in the lobby. Newly redone rooms. Very clean. Walls were a little thin. Only stayed one night but would stay again in the summer to take advantage of the pool and outdoor area.

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Carrie K.
Does Marriott know that they have this place? It is like corporate forgot about it. I would agree with the reviewer that said it was the worst Marriott they have stayed at. The lobby, bar, and outdoor areas were very nice. My room was on the 6th floor and it looked a little tired. That didn't bother me. The horrible mustiness was a bigger issue for me. It was awful. I realize that it is humid in the south and that things get musty but this was unbearable. Thankfully, I only stayed one night. In the morning the hallway smelled of sewage. The rooms also don't seem to have a door closer on them so you hear slamming all night.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The parking, while free, was a problem because the valet had all of the spots near the doors blocked off. You can pay $10 to valet or drag your belongings all the way around the building.

The location is not great. Whenever I travel I like to explore the local neighborhood on foot. Not here. I drove around the block to get my bearings and decided that I was just a couple of blocks from an unsafe area. It is also too far to walk to the historic district.

Way overpriced for what you get and where it is.

24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. Rima R.
This is the worst Marriott I have ever stayed in. Checked in, received 2 rooms, and both smelled like cigarette smoke. One of the two rooms had a mold smell that just hit you in the face as soon as you walk in through the door. The receptionist put us in two different rooms 3 floors below our original rooms, and those ALSO smelled like pure smoke. I thought Marriott was a smoke-free hotel in the US! It isn't here. Even the hallways wreak of smoke.

The view is also quite awful. Don't be fooled by the "courtyard view". If you are above the 2nd floor all you will see is an ugly rooftop with fans. Everything outside your window is all concrete. This hotel is supposed to be waterfront. It's not. Don't come here. Not worth the $339 I was paying a night per room.

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
43. Allison C.
Our room was clean and comfortable and had a gorgeous view of the harbor. The drinks at the bar were tasty, strong, and priced well. There are rocking chairs and sofas on the back deck (again with the amazing view) and complimentary coffee in the morning. All of this was wonderful, and we would stay here again. My only complaint is the shuttle to downtown, as the hotel is not in walking distance. My mom paid the $6 for each of us to ride, and the driver never checked our tickets. (Not once, the entire weekend, and we only paid once and rode many times...) We kept getting told different times about pick-ups and drop offs, but no matter when we showed up to catch the shuttle we almost always had a thirty minute wait. In one instance, the shuttle driver was late because he said the hotel made him sweep up outside the lobby. Another time, he almost made us late for our walking tour because he was planning to head back to the hotel to drop his buddy off first (not a hotel guest!) until we complained! Another one of our shuttle drivers gave the double-bird at a fellow motorist who cut us off in traffic. Overall, the shuttle was not an enjoyable experience...

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Scott L.
After reading the reviews on several sites I decided to call it home for a week while working  in Charleston.  The rooms are clean  but was just never able to feel relaxed. The restaurant is mediocre at best and be prepared to finance your bar tab if you have a few drinks and a meal. Servers are inattentive and didn't bring salads or appetizers. They did offer to remove them from the bill after we asked about them several times. Drink prices are outrageous so buyer beware

12/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
45. J B.
This hotel is not in walking distance of historical downtown. In fact it's really not near anything remotely touristy. There is a shuttle that will take you to the waterfront for $6.00 per day. In my opinion the shuttle should be free since most of the advertising alludes to being near downtown. Also wifi is not free! I was disappointed in this "luxury" hotel (at least luxury priced). Everything cost. No complementary services or freebies. There are also two budget hotels right next to the Marriott and they seemed just as nice. The lobby and decor lacked character and seemed old.

The restaurant Saffire was good. We had salad and flatbread.  Besides that there is NOWHERE else to eat around the hotel no drugstore either. Brittle bank park and boats are right across the street. The room was clean, nice and comfortable. Not a lot of TV channels, though.

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Alayne H.
We booked this hotel as it offered the most reasonable rate over a major holiday.

The level of service was excellent - from the registration desk, bellman, shuttle driver to the bartenders.  The décor in the lobby area was very attractive.  There is a spacious patio with comfortable furniture to enjoy also.  

Our room was nicely decorated and comfortable.  The bathroom décor had been updated but the tub area appeared to be original.  Seems they should have updated that too when upgrading the rest of the room.  Also, condensation appeared in the windows but neither of these interfered with the comfort of our stay.

A little out of the way in terms of the historic district but they have a complimentary shuttle that runs every 1/2 or so and the drivers were great about accommodating you.

05/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
47. Ali C.
Convenient location to MUSC and the Children's hospital.  They have a special rate as well for ppl doing business or with family in the hospital, ask about it.  The staff is very friendly.  The hotel is clean and what you would expect from a Marriott.  They have a sundry shop, concierge lounge, bar, restaurant and coffee/pastry counter.  

It appears they just renovated.  There is a great outdoor area by the bar with fire pits and comfortable seating.

I was not there for a meeting, but they had a good amount of meeting space.

They have free parking as well.  

They are not far from the hustle bustle, restaurants, history of downtown Charleston.

If you are a Marriott Reward member you can get free wi-fi in the guest room and you can sign up at arrival if you are not a member.

09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0