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Fulton Lane Inn in Charleston, SC

Fulton Lane Inn in Charleston, SC


The Fulton Lane Inn is located in the heart of downtown Charleston. The energy and excitement of King Street awaits just outside your door. Shopping, dining, nightlife and Charleston's beautiful sites are at your fingertips. The Fulton Lane Inn is an oasis of warm hospitality, charm, cozy comfort, and quiet ease.

From the moment we greet you until the moment you say farewell, you'll feel as if you're among caring friends. At the Fulton Lane Inn, you'll enjoy complimentary breakfast delivered to your room each morning, an afternoon wine and cheese reception, evening sherry, free wireless internet and many other lovely amenities.

The Fulton Lane Inn is perfect for a romantic getaway: select rooms offer fireplaces, jetted tubs, vaulted ceilings and canopied beds.


Established in 1992.

In 1889, this three-story building with the elaborate façade of red brick and sandstone was built for the Charleston YMCA. Originally, the first floor was home to an indoor swimming pool while the second and third floors were full of rooms rented to members and their guests.

The three-story building of pressed brick, granite trim, and yellow brick façade was built in 1912 for a Civil War blockade runner turned tailor, John Rugheimer & Sons. A native of Germany, Rugheimer founded the business in 1864, after suffering an injury while blockade running for the Confederacy barred him from sea duty.

After serving many years as apartments, the buildings underwent a complete renovation from 1992 - 1994. Modern baths and modern conveniences were added while maintaining the original historical features. In 2008, all of the buildings were connected by interior hallways to create the 45-room Fulton Lane Inn.


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Rating: 4.06

Address: 202 King St, Charleston, SC, 29401
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Comments (18):

1. Daniel S.
We stayed here complimentarily, otherwise, I would have been a little angry with the cost:value ratio. The room was big, but it just felt empty and had a dusky smell (luckily we brought Lysol). We had a standard king, and unlike what was advertised, we had no view, no canopy bed, no whirlpool tub, no fireplace, and no cathedral ceiling. What we did have, and oddly the most obvious example of a "bygone era," was a 19" standard def TV which rested 20 feet away from the head our bed. We had huge windows...with blinds that wouldn't close all the way. Overall, I felt the building didn't have a cozy feeling; it felt empty and cold, mostly through scant decor. It just looked like whoever decorated didn't plan well for the high ceilings.  My wife and I had the continental breakfast brought to the room. It was pathetic. Two croissants, 2 muffins, and 1 cinnamon role (that was 2 orders), and that was the" assortment of fresh pastries" that was promised.  Last but not least, the ceilings are so high, the room is basically an echo chamber, and all the road noise (like the garbage truck at 5am) reverberated through the room all night. Also parking is $12/day, not included with the price of the room. Bottom line, if you need to sleep in downtown Charleston, and you like paying a lot for location with no value, this place is certainly "charming." If you want value for your money, you probably should avoid this one.

22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Dirk C.
We had a  large, beautiful room at the Fulton Lane Inn. You can't beat the location. Our room faced King Street and the enormous windows let in lots of light. We had a huge poster bed, so high off the floor that my wife needed help climbing onto it.  The wine tasting each day at 5 pm was excellent, as was the sherry that was put out in the lobby each afternoon. The service was excellent.

We found a couple of shortcomings, though. Those windows that let in so much light also let in way too much noise from King Street. We heard people carousing until 2 am even on weeknights. They cleaned the streets both nights we stayed there. The cleaners make an amazing racket in the wee hours and then do it again on the other side of the street 10  minutes later. Frankly, I slept poorly both nights, constantly awakened by street noise. If we went back, I'd insist on a room at the rear of the hotel.

My second gripe is regarding the breakfast delivered to our room and included in the room rate. The pastries were dry and sub-par for an inn this expensive. I ordered granola with a banana that was forgotten the first day. Worse, the granola came in a Kelloggs Snack Pack box. Seriously? A $300 a night room (after tax) and I get a little box of cereal from a kid's snack box? They could at least pour the cereal into a bowl instead of making me open the box. The breakfast belonged in a Holiday Inn Express.  (Sorry, I think I may have just insulted Holiday Inn Express.)

27/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Lisa W.
I would give the Fulton Lane Inn more stars if it weren't so expensive. For almost $200/night, I expected more.

The pros:

Quiet room. Note that I was on the third (top) floor, the very last room at the end of the hall (room 339), so I didn't have people walking past, doors slamming around me, etc. Other rooms may not be as quite.

Friendly staff

Free wifi

Comfortable bed (king room)

Great location right in the heart of the shopping/dining district. Walkable to anywhere downtown

The cons:

Room smelled like urinal cake

Big wet spot on the stained carpet. Gross.

No business center

So you may be saying to yourself, "Just three cons? That should warrant more than two stars." Logically that's true, but two of the cons are huge to me (dirty and stinky), and unfortunately, combined with the cost, add up to a low overall impression. I wouldn't say avoid this place, but if you're spending $200 a night, you can probably find something better.

06/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Andrea V.
Wow!! Love this place. Would totally stay again. Nice clean room, free continental breakfast every morning. But enought to actually feed you :) newspaper, nice staff, charming old room. Honestly my only negative is maybe the water pressure in the shower... But seriously great view of king street. Just a really cool place!!

02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Peter K.
Fine Enough for Queen Victoria

   Walk 20 steps up a narrow brick alley off King Street, in the center of Charleston's bustling upscale shopping district. Look carefully, and you can spot the  the unassuming door of the Fulton Lane Inn. Inside, in a space too small for a suitable lobby, an attendant at a desk checks you in. Inexplicably, she said we had been upgraded to a suite. We would be charged $159 for one night three days before Christmas (2012) and $139 for the next three nights--prices not much above those of the stucco-coated chains along Interstates 95 and 26 that lead into Charleston.  She handed us two solid brass keys that might have dated to the Civil War and dispatched us to the elevator behind her.
    The hotel's 45 rooms are scattered off a maze of narrow corridors on the second and third floors. We stopped at the heavy solid wood door with an oval, no doubt hand-hammered, polished brass plaque of No. 338. This was no suite, and a room chart showed 338 to be roughly similar in size to most other rooms. But however jaundiced we might have been about hotels and their pretenses, this room blew us away.
    The ceiling was 12 or 14 feet high. In the closet were two terrycloth bathrobes.  In the bathroom, a Jacuzzi and separate shower. On the counter, various amenities, including a towel to remove makeup, and two glasses--cut-glass glasses, not plastic.  In the bedroom, a working gas fireplace. The top drawer of an ancient walnut dresser opened to form a desk and on top of the dresser, a very wide, flat-screen television. Two sets of tall, wide windows, framed in fine thick fabrics, overlooked King Street. One set of windows enclosed an alcove extending far enough over the street to accommodate  a breakfast table and two Louis XVI armchairs.
    The room, though well wired, wouldn't suit many a harried business traveler or families with young children. There's no microwave, refrigerator, real desk or swimming pool. But it has four or five places to nestle with a book or watch TV. The bedding might have been better.  The mattress was soft, and the pillows felt like marshmallows made of rubbery foam. The inn does not have a dining room--no loss with many of Charleston's better restaurants just out the door.  It does provide room-service breakfast, continental for free. For breakfast outside the room, you're directed to the adjoining, quite similar Kings Courtyard Inn--another of four downtown hotels under the same ownership and management as the Fulton Lane Inn.
     The Fulton Lane Inn is 100 percent authentic. No flimsy plastic cups wrapped in plastic envelopes you get on the Interstates. It pampers you and commands and earns your respect. We'd go back anytime.

31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Greg L.
We went to Charleston for our mini-honeymoon and chose Fulton Lane Inn based on price and location.  We came away thrilled with our choice and would definitely recommend it to others.  Here's why:

1) the location is quite perfect, even though this wasn't terribly obvious in doing our research.  Basically, Fulton Lane Inn is right about in the middle of King Street, which is one of the main commercial streets of downtown. If you turn left out of the Inn, you are immediately amongst nice, quaint, boutique shops, antique stores, art galleries, etc., and eventually into the historic district.  If you turn right ouf the Inn, you very quickly are in the thick of the name brand stores (Kate Spade, Banana Republic, etc.), and then a few blocks more, you reach many very nice restaurants, bars, etc.  If you keep going further you then get to the type of restaurants that cater to college students.  So, you really have your choice, all within a 5-10 minute walk (or less).  Either way, on all of the side streets are cafes.

2) the rooms at the Inn are large, comfortable, and reasonably priced.

3) the staff are extremely helpful in making restaurant recommendations and reservations

4) a note about the free breakfast: we only had it once, and it was fine.  Nothing amazing, but quite acceptable.  The reason we skipped it the other days was due to the number of truly excellent breakfast options in Charleston, which you shouldn't miss out on: Queen Street Grocery, and Jack's Cafe, should not be missed (both a 5 minute walk!).

5) bonus points: very nice hot tub in our room. Nice touch leaving us a bottle of champagne when we arrived.

If you come to Charleston (which you should), this place is a great choice.

28/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Tina N.
I went to Charleston for an interview and had the pleasure of staying at this inn. It was so beautiful and you can have the free breakfast brought up to your room at no extra cost or you can go to the restaurant next door for a nice sit-down breakfast with the other guests.  Huge bathroom with jacuzzi tub, updated interior, pretty pastel colors in the room.  It felt like a step back in time or a trip to another continent.  I would stay here if you want a nice hotel right in downtown Charleston with a taste of old Southern charm.

08/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. ArTal K.
Is this hotel older and smaller than many other of the hotels in Charleston- yes. But what it may lose in size it makes up for in charm, location and great customer service.

I was a little weary because when I had called  months ahead to make our reservation, the woman on the other end of the phone was rather abrupt and (no offense) sounded quite old and frustrated with taking my reservation. When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly concierge, who was great to talk to and made wonderful restaurant suggestions. The continental breakfast was less exciting than we expected, a couple of danish and croissants, with choice of drinks- all delivered to our room each morning... but it was cute and provided enough sustenance to get us through til lunch.

My husband and I booked the "Discover Charleston Package" which included a carriage ride (Palmetto Carriage), passes to the Nathanial Russell house, and our choice of Middleton Place Plantation, Drayton Hall Plantation and Fort Sumter. We enjoyed all of these, as well as some others over our 3 day stay!

I highly recommend Fulton Lane Inn for it's clean rooms, great service and super close proximity to everything that you would want to walk to in Charleston!

We felt that this hotel was an amazing value, it was less expensive than we expected to pay.

21/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. RB H.
The location of this hotel is Wonderful! The room was a really good size and clean. There is a slight musky smell outside the elevators and rooms, but it isn't bad inside the rooms. Not sure what it could be, but make a really good carpet cleaning would help. The afternoon wine and cheese reception at the neighboring hotel was a really nice touch. Wish they would set it up in a bigger room and maybe have a second table of wine and cheese as the line and waiting time gets a little excessive right before 6pm. But I would suggest giving this place a try. I enjoyed staying here!

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Bruno S.
I am a Charleston newbie but I knew King St was right in the heart of this historical town.

First of would I recommend? Yes.  But I will have to say that while walking around here I saw plenty of intriguing alternatives and we will try somewhere different the next time we visit here.  I saw some with outdoor pools and more amenities for about the same rates.  Just FYI the King's Court is right next door.

Bottom line this was a nice stay but for $129.99 + parking charges you are paying for the convenience.  The rooms at a Fairfield Inn or Hampton Inn are much nicer for a fraction of the cost.  It seems everyone who stays around here for a week or more rents a condo or owns timeshares.

The nicest/fanciest hotel in this area here is the Charleston Inn but it runns double the cost of the Fulton.

I originally looked this hotel up at and now that I am here there are plenty more than what was posted.

Parking:  They charge you $12 a day in addition to your rate.  It is right behind the hotel and honestly unless you are going to Folly Beach you will not need your car.  

Location: It is conveniently located in a block away from Mart St.  Excellent location within walking distance from all there is to do here even Ft Sumpter is within a few blocks.  There's the market or French Quarters and all the horse carriage rides are all very close.

I now truly understand the difference between an Inn and a hotel in this city.  You can barely see this hotel as you drive by.  We thought to ourselves "oh my God" this is not what it looked like online BUT...

It is surprisingly very very nice.  it is small and personable but with elegance its definately a nice place.  The staff here was so friendly and very helpful. The rooms are very nice with high ceilings and beautiful tall windows with great views.  

The rooms are a little dated but very nice and clean.  The bathroom was okay.  The water pressure was just right.  I did not care for the lighting.  There was none except for the lamps.  

There was free wifi access and the rates included a complimentary breakfast  and newspaper delivered to your door.  But you will not find eggs and bacon on the menu.  It is either freshly baked pastries or a healthier choice of bagels, fruits, yogurts, etc...

We had a great experience during this trip and this hotel played a part in it.

19/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Rob N.
I think your enjoyment of a property like this is dependent on what you expect from a hotel. If you want a business-class place with work space, a variety of food, and modern conveniences, this is not that kind of hotel. Neither is it a discount chain. To expect either is disingenuous. Likewise, you get what you pay for, and certain amenities are only guaranteed with certain room types - the standard room does not get you everything. This is a boutique hotel, something that most US travelers just don't see much, and it's one of the better ones I've stayed in. It boggles my mind that someone would complain about a $200 rate when the Courtyard just up Meeting street is $40 a night more for a basic corporate room, same as every other Courtyard. Even the Days' Inn is $140 a night, for a small room with exterior entry.

We stayed here for three nights, and reserved a deluxe king room. What we got was an airy, nicely appointed space in a classy old building with high ceilings, a comfortable four-poster canopy bed, large windows that - while only providing a view of the side of the King's Courtyard across the narrow alley - did let in a comfortable amount of light, and peace and quiet. Wireless internet was fast, included with the room, and low-hassle - only had to sign in once at the beginning of the stay, and the machine was authorized from that point on. Parking was convenient, with in/out privileges. The included continental breakfast was perfectly adequate for a bite to eat to start the day - we'd been hitting the local restaurants hard, and the *last* thing we wanted was a giant pile of food first thing.

The staff were consistently friendly and helpful. It's nice that the entrance to the small reception area is off the public street (and quaintly lit with gaslamps). Don't forget that you're not only paying for the room, but the location, and this small hotel is very convenient to everything in historic Charleston. Most of the things you'd want to see or do are within a few minutes' walk. Check your chain hotel expectations at the door, accept that old buildings can smell old and it's OK, and enjoy a slightly different lodging experience.

30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Erin P.
This quaint little hotel located on the long arm of Charleston's historic district makes the ideal spot for a honeymoon retreat with the man of your dreams. Too bad I was with my girlfriend. Because both of us had neglected to take off work for the remainder of my stay, (short story, we forgot) we became well-acquainted with the ups and downs of the hotel wifi. It was more down than up. But because it's not the management's fault that Time Work-sucker is as awful as it is omnipotent, I can hardly hold that against them. Oh, and the halls are something else. What a maze. A beautiful, wonderful maze that you should never get lost in at 2 in the morning when you've had too much to drink and you can't find your electronic cigarette charger but you're pretty sure you dropped it before you got to the elevator. When you wake up 15 minutes before your first meeting the next morning (thank you, central time, for that extra hour), the hotel's close proximity to everything makes it a breeze to stagger down a half-darkened stairwell and stumble through the humid streets with your eyes downcast because the sun hurts and your contacts are glued to your eyeballs, until you get to a cafe filled with elderly patrons who judge you behind their decaf tea cups, where you order two muffins, one blueberry, one cranberry, and the barista tells you to pick out two from the basket, you end up with two blueberry because you forgot about the cranberry, and water of course! Because that scenic tour and your hangover has stripped you of 80% of your body's water reserves, and then you head back to the wonderful Fulton Lane Inn just in time to join the meeting and rasp in your scratched, busted voice the work you did yesterday when the wifi was actually working. Oh and my girlfriend wants to add that contrary to what the guy at the desk says, the parking is free as long as you have the pink slip. Oh and she says Starbucks is located down the street if the internet really turns to sheeeat.

10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Emilie M.
Amazing place. We are in Charleston on our honeymoon and decided to stop in and stay here on a whim.  We booked the standard room since we were here for the town we didn't mind staying in a smaller more simple room.  But to our surprise,  we checked in and found out we had been upgraded to the cathedral suite!!!! The views and room were absolutely amazing.  We were so thrilled.  We went out to dinner and stopped back to the room and found a bottle of champagne with a congratulations note!!  Long story short this place is a gem hidden in plain sight on kings street.  My only regret is we didn't stay longer! :)

07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Caleb S.
My wife and I were looking for a nice quiet inn that we could stay at for a long weekend in Charleston. After looking at reviews, photos, and the description on the website we decided on Fulton Lane Inn. The entrance on Fulton Lane and the front reception area where the concierge stayed was very charming. We got our keys and went to our room on the second floor and found a nice room that was close to what we expected. It had a nice queen bed and fireplace with a table and two chairs. It also had a small kitchenette and a decent bathroom. That evening, after a nice outing in Charleston we returned to our room to finally get into bed. I immediately noticed that there was hair on my pillow that wasn't from me or my wife. It looked like the pillow case hadn't been changed. So, I found another pillow in the closet and used it for the night. That morning, I placed the card they give you in your room on the bed that indicated I wanted a full bed linen change.  We left to go get lunch downtown and expected new sheets when we returned. Upon our return, we found that our room door was left cracked open as if someone was inside working. When we entered, there was no one to be found. Not only did they leave our door to our room open, but they also DIDN'T change our sheets like we had requested. When we went into the bathroom to freshen up before we went back out, we found a used toothpick/flosser on the bathroom counter that wasn't ours. So someone had left their dirty used flosser on my counter. So after multiple instances of cleanliness we were hoping nothing else would happen and we could just get through Saturday night and leave Sunday morning. Well, that evening after we came in from dinner and were turning in for the night we found that we didn't have a breakfast card on our door for our Sunday morning breakfast selection. We called the front desk and one was brought up. After all the cleanliness issues and no attention to details with the breakfast card and door left open, we were sorely disappointed with our stay at Fulton Lane Inn. There are many more well respected inns and B&Bs in Charleston to chose from first. This wasn't our first experience at an inn or B&B in multiple cities but unfortunately this will be our last at this establishment. The only reason it's getting two stars instead of the deserved one is because the room would have been a decent stay but blatant disregard to everyday cleanliness and attention to details and people valuables was unforgivable. We definitely were not "charmed".

UPDATE: I received a questionnaire on 7-29 about our experience at the Fulton Lane Inn. After filling the questionnaire out and emailing it in, I got a phone call from the owner of the inn. After a talk about the issues that we encountered, the owner said she would refund us one nights stay. So, even though the problems did happen, the owner did seem very aware and was more than happy to make things right. This did say a lot about her character.

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Keellin V.
Great location, near everything, walking distance to it all. Good service, nice breakfast brought to your room.   The one bad thing is the decoration above the beds are dusty, if you are allergic to dust, bring Claritin.  
Great place other than the dusty useless decoration on the bed.

09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Wilson S.
Well this was an absolute delight.  It started with Keisha at reception--she is the perfect combo of class and sass.  The location is convenient to all the shopping on King Street, and the people-watching provides a glimpse into the genteel South.  The value for the money is incredible-- most neighboring hotels start at twice what we paid.  (Hotel Tonight™ is a truly great app, and Fulton Lane is on there.)  We stayed in a spacious corner room on the 3rd floor with 2 double beds.

Highly recommended!

08/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Elizabeth R.
We had a lovely stay in a king suite with jetted tub overlooking king street! The inn was charming and historic without being stuffy.  Our room was huge and the separate sitting areas in the bay window was lovely when they brought breakfast and newspapers every morning!  The love seat and chair TV area was extremely helpful when my sweetie had insomnia.
The location was fantastic for everything we wanted to do in Charleston.  
My only complaint was the concierge and front desk area.  They were not terribly attentive or helpful.  Upon checkout the desk clerk insulted me by telling me I should do Zumba to lose weight. Totally out of the blue and uncalled for.  I wouldn't go back if she was there.  Otherwise a lovely stay.

02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. R L.
Great location walkable to almost everything in historic district. Very good breakfast , small menu, included that is either delivered to your room or served to you at your table in the morning.

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0