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Inn At Middleton Place in Charleston, SC

Inn At Middleton Place in Charleston, SC


The Inn at Middleton Place offers Charleston's most unique accommodations in unsurpassed natural beauty perfect for a quiet vacation, a weekend getaway, or a mid-week business conference. The Inn's 55 rooms are secluded among tall pines and live oaks just a short walk away from the historic landmark Middleton Place, home of America's oldest landscaped gardens and a major part of South Carolina's history.


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Rating: 3.61

Address: 4290 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC, 29414

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    1. Analien A.
    Despite the rooms themselves needing a bit of an update in certain small areas (bathroom mirrors, televisions, wifi), this is truly an amazing complex. Situated perfectly on the Ashley, the location is close enough to the historic district to allow for all of the touristy activities down there, and far enough away to give one a sense of what it used to be like in the Old South. The access to the plantation and gardens that is included with the reservation is a great perk. The rooms are very interesting, with shutters that can be opened to give a floor-to-ceiling view of the Ashley, as well as absolutely huge modern bathrooms. For a first time Charleston visitor, I would recommend a few days in the historic district as well as a couple of days here. Our only complaints were that service could have been better at the morning breakfasts and their could have been better signage indicating directions to the various points of interest around the hotel complex (where breakfast was, path to the gardens, stables, etc.).

    26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. abc a.
    Stayed here w/our dogs in early August for a week. WONDERFUL time!! Can't wait to return actually. Mark (manager) was so friendly - so were the ladies (Miss Orcelia and Crystal) at breakfast which was also very good (loved the yogurt and granola). Tina (cleaning) was very nice as well. The entire staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcomed and sure you have a great stay. Nice petting zoo and beautiful gardens! Thank you!

    19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Californian B.
    The location and gardens are amazing but do yourself a favor and stay in town. The facilities of the Inn are so dated, tired and old. Brown water out of the tap every morning, windows in our deluxe room wouldn't shut all the way, the mattress must have been 20 years old and was incredibly uncomfortable, overall a terrible experience for us, two nights too long.

    07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Brian H.
    After seeing the reviews previously entered, I wanted to enter a more realistic review of the inn.  Although I admit, middleton place(the plantation) is incredible.

    From our arrival at middleton place it was clear that the staff is brand new and has very little management.  Mostly teenagers and foreigners working, which wouldn't be a problem normally but without a manager it was complete chaos.  

    We arrived late and were tired from a long drive.  The driveway and housing has little to no lighting and feels very unsafe.  It is gated however so that is a very nice touch.  The teenage girl at the front desk gave us the key to our room and explained the local map to us.  We headed to our room and immediately noted the privacy please sign on the door.  We used the key we were given and were shocked to find that someone was STAYING in our room.  We went immediately back to the young girl who stated that she had only been there for 3 weeks and was new.  After another 10-20 minutes of waiting, she stated that she thought that another employee had come and taken the room but didn't really act as though this was a problem.  She did give us a larger room and we were on our way.    

    We had ordered a package that included a picnic basket, which we were told to pick up from the lodge at 11:00 in the afternoon.  When we went to the lodge they seemed to have no idea what the picnic basket was and also stated that they had only been there for 3 weeks (which lead us to believe the staff was all around 3 weeks old).   We waited a good 20 minutes and then just decided to go to the room and have them deliver it whenever it was available.  In their defense, when the picnic basket arrived, it was filled to the brim and they even threw in a free bottle of champagne.

    Also a minor note that the deluxe room has a tiny television and there isn't a television in the lodge which was very odd to me.  I didn't care though since I wasn't there to watch television.

    For the price, the bad service was unacceptable but they tried to make up for it at each mistake.

    Also, although middleton place is not the inn, it is worth noting that the bridge crossing into the plantation is surrounded by alligators.  There are no signs and we were not warned.  Just BE CAREFUL because we saw 4 or 5 alligators sunning themselves on the paths leading up to the plantation.  They were only 3 or 4 feet long but that would be plenty enough to take a little kid down especially without warning.

    Even though the service wasn't the best.  The inn at middleton place has incredible views.  The morning healthy start breakfast was great and during the day hours, this place is amazing.  The wood burning fireplace worked great and the wood supplies are plentiful.  There are hammocks, a nice outdoor swimming pool (too cold for us but looked great) and benches and chairs located across the grounds.  Very romantic!!  The inn comes with passes to middleton place which I would give 4.5 stars (see the note about the alligators).  Middleton place itself is amazing and if you are looking for a great restaurant, look no further than the restaurant at middleton place.  

    Overall, the grounds are great and you are staying at the inn primarily for its proximity to the plantation.  I'm not sure that this is the place to go in colder weather though.  Driving distance to pretty much anywhere is 30 minutes.  We went to view the houses from the notebook and into  Charleston to go shopping which was a lot of fun.

    I will definitely be back to visit middleton plantation and when I do, I will probably stay at the inn if the temperatures are warmer.  Its not a five star place like the other reviewers have noted but it is worth a visit, especially for a romantic getaway.

    03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Roger W.
    We agree with Julia not all will appreciate the tranquility, natural serenity, American historical  significance and trip back in time this setting provides. We were pleasantly surprised that our stay at the Inn included many of the guided tour packages on the grounds, Gardens, House Museum, Stables,etc. We were also treated to kayaking on the the Ashley River (not usually fee-less but we got lucky, probably due to the season). Horseback riding is available and carriage tours as well. The staff at the stables, museum and garden tour are very informative and straight forward in addressing life on a rice plantation in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    Desk, room and restaurant service was excellent, Orcelea at Lakehouse breakfast was a charm as well as all the staff. Restaurant offerings and quality, excellent.

    old Charleston is only 35 minutes away adding to the historical charm and culinary delights.

    27/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Ahdri K.
    One of a kind! A perfect blend of outdoors, clean indoors, calm, scenery, romance, and fun. The appearence of these grounds alone (even just the exterior of Inn) is breathtaking. Kayaking, horse riding, and grounds tours (museum/gardens) ar available, though we were only able to stay one night and the rain kept us from doing alot. So many things made me smile ill just list them:

    The gorgeous, zen calm of the Inn blew me away. From the architecture and use of space, to the simple furnishing, had me looking around for my cucumber water and massuer. Some room clusters face the thick natural woods, while some face the river. We were lucky enough to face the courtyard, where in this different world you wouldnt be surprised to see a game of cricket, this courtyard then dissapears into a lower section where a pool lies between it and the river.

    The evening receptions (5-7 free wine/beer and nibbles) in the common building. This building is in the same cluster as the rooms, youre made to feel like youre in a different world. We played chess and got tipsy before our dinner reservations hehe.

    We took the trail through the woods to the restaraunt. I mean trail...there were. Few solar lamps but no redicukius landscaping or stepping stones. It was beautiful. It almost felt like we were trespassing on our adventure to dinner. Thr trail comes up through the goat pin, once you go through this gate youre at the restaraunt.

    Again, so unique, historic, just awesome. The view from our table was straight out of period film. (unfortunately there was no seperate page for the restaraunt so ill review it here) the food was simple, elegant, healthconscious but fulo of fresh crisp flavor. I enjoyed a fig martini. The vodka was infused at the restaraunt with figs grown on the property....ummmm...yes....i said that! Lol the service was the impecable 5star service youd expect (but never get). Wonderful.

    We decided to take the alternate route back (unfortunately even fewer light led this way and we got lost) Fortunately (!) We stayed lost a while and had an incredible time exploring the grounds in the dark! We stumbled upon the draft horse pin (the large ones they use to pull their carriages etc.) Where we were able to play with all the friendly, and even turn around some of the grumpy ;) we then came to a fence w/ a large white animal, again-it was pitch black, at first we thought it was a horse, got closer, thought maybe a cow....nope, it was an albino water buffalo. (the seemingly perfectly landscaped ponds are actually flooded rice fields, and the buffalo were imported to keep them). Im not sure how we made it back to our room, but we had a blast.

    During our stay the customer service was unsurpassed. Every single staff member, whether the server, the house keeper, or the host at the reception. Everyone was incredible, genuine, and down to earth.

    Did i mention they are pet friendly?!
    Did i kention they are a 'green' hotel?

    Long story even longer...we are definately going back!

    18/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Aisha H.
    Chose to go here because it looked interesting and the reviews were good. Overall, the place is very nice and really enjoyed the bike rentals and hammock area. Wasn't too impressed with the cleanliness, however. I will admit I am SUPER picky but I noticed a stained/slightly torn spot in the comforter and I discovered that the coffee containers had been opened (and emptied) but were still in our basket for use. Weird? I overlooked these things because I just didn't want to worry about it but I did notice them. Anyway, we also went to see the Middleton House and Gardens and that was very nice and informative. Overall had a pretty decent time but the small "cleaning problems" perturbed me a bit. I also noticed that a flashlight referenced in the welcome note was not where it was supposed to be (or anywhere else that I could find) and the bathroom, while spacious, has a tile tub that just feels weird (I normally think of tile for stand up showers and not tubs). I would recommend this place to others despite the little things that bothered me as it is a very nice place to relax and most people would not be bothered by the things I mention here.

    20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. L B.
    As a local Charlestonian, I feel obligated to give my review of our recent stay-cation at the Inn At Middleton Place. Having grown up here and visited Middleton Plantation many times as a child (still my favorite of all the plantations here) and being a modern design fanatic, I decided my boyfriend and myself needed a stay-cation here this past weekend. It seems as though the reviews on this inn are all over the place, so I wasn't quite sure what to anticipate exactly. We drove about 20-25 minutes from our home downtown to get here. My bf and myself both were quite impressed with the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design of the buildings and the creeping vines covering the outside. It's a stark juxtaposition to the romantic historic grounds and ancient Ashley River running parallel to the property, but it somehow works and blends well with all the draping moss and oak trees. I have a real soft spot for this river, having spent many years swimming in it as a kid (apparently alligators lurking nearby didn't phase me at that point). It's a slow moving, dark, brackish river that also contains dolphins and manatees and the view of it from the Inn is really lovely.

    We were lucky (?) enough to spend our night there during a huge thunderstorm and it rained almost the entire time. This made it somewhat romantic and we didn't mind lighting the fireplace, staying inside and taking a bath in the over sized tub. This place is full of interesting details but if you're looking for MAJOR creature comforts à la the Four Seasons, maybe try the downtown area instead. It really feels more like a trip to a cool camp than an exclusive resort. I think knowing that is VERY IMPORTANT should you decide to stay here. Resort does not even come to mind, but that was not the experience we were after. This place is quiet and untouched, full of nature, peaceful. It is also a huge departure from the tourist laden, busy parts of downtown Charleston and I highly encourage it, if only to really experience a true taste of our beautiful waterways and landscape here.

    There could be some minor updates to really make the place shine:

    1. New TVs in the rooms. Ours was so old it didn't have the hookups for the DVD player we carried over from the lodge - kind of funny to us, but some people might be peeved about this.

    2. Modern shower heads. Ours was a bit on the old and rusty side. A lot of reviewers seemed to be concerned with "black mold" in the tub, which is really just black grout (home renovator boyfriend confirmed that one). It could be updated easily too, with some new tile and made to look pretty awesome, we thought.

    3. New mattresses and linens. Ours was pretty uncomfy and I'm not a stickler for mattresses usually. Sheets were soft, but the bed covers were a little rough and dated looking.

    Although the breakfast is not bad at all and you can order a la carte, I highly recommend a trip to the downtown Charleston area for some good eats (Hominy Grill is one of our favorite breakfast/brunch spots in town).

    Our most favorite part of the trip was wandering around the plantation in the rain, without any people around. Spring flowers were in bloom and it was incredibly romantic and beautiful and really made us feel transported to another era. It was lovely and I'm sure would be even more beautiful during nicer weather. Next time, we hope we get a chance to picnic!

    Thanks for the sweet stay, Middleton.

    25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Aurelie N.
    I stayed there with friends over the 4th of July week-end two years ago. We found the place to be beautiful and peaceful, perfect for a relaxing time. We could even enjoy the fireworks from three different locations seating on the lawn outside the common room.

    The room was spacious and comfortable. Prices are on the expensive side, but if you factor in the free tickets to the property it is really not bad. The property itself is wonderful, and a great introduction to local history.

    Seeing the aligators lying about was a bit scary, but they just sit there motionless if you stay away from them. I would be extremely careful if staying with kids, though.

    I would love to go back!

    28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Nancy W.
    Best to come here with a car (personal or rented). Otherwise you'll be stranded (like I was) and will have to eat at the pricey restaurant (which has a dress code) for meals. The pool was well sized and the evening happy hour on Sunday in the lodge was a nice touch. Unfortunately, the reception staff were unfriendly, bordering on rude (maybe it's because I'm a northerner?). The rooms were nicely decorated and A/C worked well and was necessary in high summer. I gave 3 stars mainly because of the staff's behavior and the very limited dining options.

    Also, Brian H. makes an excellent point that no one warns you about the ALLIGATORS lazing about. No joke - they LAZE about and freely roam the property, especially the walking paths, which you must take to enter the gardens and the restaurant. Also, I was discouraged from running on the trails surrounding the property because 1) they are unmarked 2) they are infested with alligators 3) they are also infested with snakes, including one that will run after you and attack you even if you're on a bike!! YIKES. In any case, just be aware of your surroundings and don't go into it blind like I did!  I also agree that the property is not well lit and you can't see a darnn thing at night.

    27/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Marcus N.
    Though I haven't had the chance to stay here yet,  kind thanks to management here who, on account of blizzards in NY, were compassionate enough to fully refund my booking cost. Hope to stay soon.

    05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Debbie D.
    We live in Charleston and enjoy staying at the Middleton Inn.  We recently stayed there for my husband's birthday in January.  We got there a few hours before check-in and planned to bike around the plantation and stables, but our room was already available.  Since it was windy and little colder than usual, we chose to bundle up and walk over to the gardens, which are beautiful year round.  We came back to our room and lit a fire with the wood they left on the fireplace for us.  They have a great happy hour with complimentary beer, wine and finger food over in the lodge.  There are flashlights in the room to walk on the lit path to the restaurant.  The light helps when you are going up steps or cutting through to get back to your room.  The huge bathtub takes a while to fill up, but it's worth the wait.  Bring bubble bath!

    27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Gary S.
    Agreeing the the review comments about expectations, we found the Inn at Middleton Place to be a great value, especially considering the beautiful and historic settings on the Ashley River.  If you expect a 5 star suite, steer elsewhere.  But, if you are good with minimalist accommodations that include an extremely comfortable bed, small flat TV, a large, well appointed bathroom area and an incredible view of the Ashley River basin, this is the place to stay.  
    While some things were missing, like coffee mugs and wine glasses, the staff was ready to accommodate by placing the missing items in our room while we were away.  In spite of being less than two miles from the Charleston AFB as the crow flies, both my wife and I were amazed at how quiet and isolated the grounds seemed.  If you desire to stock your room's fridge with adult beverages and snacks, be sure to load up on the way, as your Garmin may show a mile and a half to the nearest convenience depot, but it is really at least an 8 mile drive to the nearest Circle K, and another trek to find a Publix market.  The front desk was lacking on this info, but provided when pushed a bit.  
    The pool area is beautiful, with ample deck space, chair access and decent size to the swimming area itself.   There is a great "happy" hour gathering in the late afternoon where some decent local brews and drinkable wines are available along with a smattering of snacks and cheeses.  
    Ultimately, we would recommend this as either a quiet, somewhat distant base of operations for the Charleston area or as a destination for low country garden access with close proximity.  Enjoy!

    10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Jon K.
    Wish I could give four and a half stars, great place, nicest staff ever, the plantation is beautiful to say the least, Very relaxing place, I spent a week there and enjoyed it alot, I took off a star because the rooms are dated and could use a lite remodel. One very important word of advise is to locate and check into this hotel in the daytime, the sign on the road is very easy to miss and the road to the hotel rooms and parking lot is not lit. No exaggeration, you can't see a person ten feet from you in the parking lot and parking is mixed amongst the trees and unmarked. Once you learn the layout in the daytime its a snap to get around at night, its very very dark . I would stay here again for sure.

    25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Dan C.
    Quaint, romantic ambiance. Complimentary healthy breakfast in the morning and beer and wine in the evening. Plenty of walk and bike paths. We also got entrance to the nearby Middleton Place and the House Museum tour.

    The room had a nice rustic feel with a wood burning fireplace. Only downside was the water had an odd smell so we avoided drinking it. However, there was complimentary water in the room.

    16/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Don M.
    Hands down, the best lodging experience I have ever had.  

    First, if you come to the Inn at Middleton Place expecting the same experience you get at the every Hyatt, Marriott, you name it -- don't come here.  If a flat screen tv means that much to you, you should stay at the Comfort Suites.  If you want a typically nice but boring hotel room, go for the Holiday Inn.

    The Inn at Middleton Place dares to be different.  Thank Heavens.  I love its clean minimalist architectural style that lets the setting do the talking.  The huge windows in the room complement this approach by letting you know that you are in a beautiful "place" not just a pretty hotel room.  I can't wait to go back when it's colder and I can use the fireplace, sitting in front of those huge windows and ... breathing,

    Oh, and that's not the best part.  The best part is the Middleton Plantation.  Outside your door are hundreds of acres of sprawling beauty teeming with wildlife.  My girlfriend and I spent two days there and never had to leave the premises for entertainment.  We enjoyed relaxing in the gardens, gazing at the river, touring the house, and watching tons of wildlife (I have never been so close to so many gators ever).  

    Throw in a great restaurant, terrific happy hour, horse rides, and kayaks, and you have a wonderful weekend getaway.  I wish America had more places to stay like this one.

    05/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Shannon P.
    3 stars for the lodging, but 5 stars for the property.  The grounds are beautiful!  Situated on the water, the scenery is spectacular.  I was so excited to drive through the secured gate and see the equestrian area with so many beautiful horses!  When I pulled up to our building, I was still so excited as the exterior looked very cool with a rustic/modern feel.....and then I went inside my room....picture a balloon full of air deflating before your very eyes....that's what I felt like.  There's SO much potential for these rooms to be uber chic but sadly it's more campy/lodgy than I was expecting or wanting.  It was very dated but comfortable and clean.  It doesn't 'go' with the rest of the resort....the common areas appear newly renovated and modern and as I said above, the grounds are impeccable.  Perhaps a reno is in the works?...

    I think it's a great place for a long weekend stay with family since they give you a print out of all the acitivies going on throughout the day.  If you're looking for a romantic weekend getaway, I'd drive a litte further into downtown Charleston.

    24/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Michael W.
    Where to begin...
    Checked in, no options for early check in to a room.  I guess every room must have been occupied prior night and none were ready until formal check in time at 3:00,apparently they're cleaned by some kind of SWAT team that finishes all of them at once? Killed time from 1:30 to 3:00 and went to room.
    Interesting architecture, externally at least suggestive of college dorms or East German Olympic Village? Inside décor is nice, lots of blonde wood, 25 year old IKEA style.  But musty. And not super clean.
    First real issue - skid marks on the bedspread.  Yep, blatant, full blown, pretty obvious to anyone making the bed.  Call to office, quick response, bed remade and on with the show.
    Next up ,internet.  Yes, but not really. DSL router in the room so figured wireless would be good, not quite, signal too weak to really do anything.  Okay, that's certainly not why we have come here, although like running drinkable water, wireless internet should be sort of a given in the world of iphones and tablets....
    Late afternoon we used the toilet which backed up completely.  Before heading out to walk the property we called Front Desk.  They at least left a plunger outside the room while we were out, but no one other than us tried using it.  It did work, which was a nice bonus.
    The more time you spend in this room the more you realize it's not very clean.
    Did I mention hot water?  We had an upstairs unit and getting hot water involved a very long process of turning taps on full, returning to bed area to read for awhile waiting for warmer water.  Did eventually get hot but only after serious wait.

    Weather was cool during our visit but the unit has a nice fireplace, loaded with seasoned wood, starter and instructions. But where oh where are the matches? Called Front Desk yet again. No answer after 20 rings.  Enough already, its just a two night stay, I give up.
    Breakfast at the Lakehouse not terrible, but not much either...
    Food at the restaurant at the Plantation was pretty nice but that's a totally different story.  
    We were here for a small group business meeting. Pulled this location off the internet.   Would not go back again

    16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Kevin T.
    We recently stayed at the Inn at Middleton place and loved the location and beautiful grounds. The Inn is not a 5 star resort place, but you have beautiful views the minute you wake up and the room is very nice. The room was very clean and comfortable. You will not find a large shower/tub in Charleston. I highly recommend the Inn and the grounds will speak for themselves.

    02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Julia M.
    I have stayed at some really nice places in Charleston, but this was my first visit to The Inn At Middleton Place. I gave this place 5 stars for many reasons, but I will warn you that this place is not for everyone.  

    And, even though I loved it, it will not always be my first choice because it is in a dark & secluded area.... and it is a bit of a drive to get to the beach or downtown Charleston from here.

    But overall, I was very pleased with my experience.  I booked online well in advance of my visit, and was a little anxious to make sure the reservation was secured.  

    Shortly after booking, I got a confirmation email with information about the Inn and the activities available there.  About a week before our visit, I got another confirmation email from them.  So, when we checked in, they had our room ready for us. They also had a gift bag waiting for our dog Izzy. It contained a little chew toy, a bag of what looks & smells like handmade carob dog treats, a travel water bowl, and wipe ups.

    The Inn was built in the 80s but the decor and the architecture do not scream 80s to me.  I love the tall concrete & glass buildings covered with vines to give it a sort of retro look.  The rooms are a mix of rustic with sort of modern bathrooms. It sounds a little odd but it works. I love all the windows with wooden shutters.  The room also had a fireplace in it which would be great for a winter visit.  The bathtub/shower is huge - but warning to those with mobility issues, it is not going to be easy for you to get in or out of the tub.

    While it is certainly rustic, I thought that the only really dated thing about the room was the tv - but I certainly wasn't going to be sitting around watching tv, so who cares!

    As for service, they really have thought of all the details to make sure your stay is pleasant.  In addition to providing plenty of bikes for the guests to use, they also have umbrellas outside of each room and outside of the Lakehouse in case you need them.

    The employees we encountered were all very personable and helpful.  We loved Ms. Orcelea (sp?) at the Lakehouse - she was so friendly and helpful when we went to breakfast. (She said she's been there 19 years, and I hope she's still there when we go back!)  

    And Mark in the Lodge was absolutely wonderful.  He was helpful, friendly, entertaining, and was like our own private conceierge when we asked for suggestions about local businesses. We really enjoyed talking with him during the manager's reception and at other times when we went back to the lodge for food or beverages.

    Because we were in town for a wedding and had lots of wedding-related events planned elsewhere, we did not have a chance to dine at the restaurant at Middleton Plantation. On my next visit I hope to do so.

    The "free" breakfast they serve at the Lakehouse consisted of breads, muffins, fruit, yogurt, granola, juice, coffee and tea.  But they also offer eggs, grits, potatoes, and breakfast meats cooked to order a la carte.

    If you happen to be on the grounds at lunch time or in the evening and you want a light bite - they serve sandwiches and wraps over at the Lodge.  Unfortuantely, the offerings are a bit limited, but it is nice to not have to leave the property to find a quick & casual bite to eat. (The restaurant over at the Plantation is apparently upscale/pricey.)

    All in all, I was extremely pleased with our visit and look forward to going back for a future visit.

    08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Bret A.
    "We chose the Inn at Middleton Place on a recent visit to Charleston - what a great decision! The grounds are beautiful. The new age style retreat has been built on part of the grounds of the rice plantation and is a 5 minute stroll to the plantation house, historical gardens and fabulous restaurant. Our rooms were southwest in feel with floor to ceiling windows and a fireplace. The staff was friendly and extremely helpful and the room very clean and comfortable. The lodge happy hour every evening was a nice place to relax together after a day in Charleston - only 20 minutes away. The Lake House breakfast has a lovely natural setting with a deck. Horseback riding is nature trip through the woods, along the river and showcasing the plantation wildlife. The gardens are worth the trip and the restaurant is fantastic. Reservations are helpful at the latter. Overall a terrific, unique experience. Everyone loved it from adults to teenage boys. We will be back!!!"

    read less

    28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Lynda B.
    Our room could have used some updating as it was beginning to show its age. Very convenient if you plan on visiting the plantations along the Ashley River but removed from other Charleston sites. Plan on eating at the restaurant at the plantation as there is nothing else convenient.

    21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. Sterling D.
    I am cancelling this reservation- a reservation that I made in October of 2013 all because of the incredible arrogance and mean spirited nature of the staff.

    I received a call 2 weeks ago from Micheal McDonald to confirm my reservation and he attempted to push me into a different room type of his choosing- when I resisted, he made snide remarks about me not booking directly through the property (their internal reservation site was down at the time) and was so unpleasant in his conversation that I called the General Manager Abigail Martin whose response to me was "she wasn't there" and "she couldn't apologize for something she didn't hear". I stressed to her that I work very hard and this trip with my spouse was for her birthday and I didn't feel comfortable with that response because we may have an incident during our stay and "I didn't hear it so it didn't happen" wouldn't be sufficient.

    The owner Charles called and was very apologetic and Abigail called back but seemed to be offended that I would have asked to speak to her supervisor and reverted to the same arrogance as before. I informed her of my intention to cancel my reservation because of her attitude and Micheal's attitude and told her I thought she would have handled this issue differently with all of the social media options that consumers have at their disposal- her immediate response- true to character- was "is that a threat?" I assured her it wasn't and politely ended the call.

    I am cancelling my reservation not because the bed isn't comfortable, not because the ambience isn't refreshing or the breakfast refreshing. I am cancelling my reservation because of rude and inattentive management on 2 levels. Micheal McDonald and Abigail Martin.

    May the buyer beware.

    21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Stevie H.
    This place is wonderful save for a few very important things.  TIME TO RENOVATE!  The walls, tiles, grout and cabinets are dirty, crooked, out-dated and smell like the cabin of a moldy boat.  The hotel boasts of garden tubs, lol.  My wife and I wore shower slippers to avoid stepping on the stained yellow floors.  There was no way were taking a bath in that tub.  Also, I understand that the proximity means there are lots of insects, but this is 2014 and even Lowes carries bug spray effective enough in these conditions.  I found two cockroaches on the floor.  Also the coffee pot was dirty.  Nasty.  

    Now for the good.  Stellar staff!  Smiles all around at the front desk (Faebian, sweet gal,) Janelle at the lodge is friendly, fast and attentive.  Room was well stocked, location was great.  PRICE!!!  $196 for a queen view.  Expensive but actually includes practically all inclusive access to the Middleton Place plantation save for the restaurant.  That was a $120 value alone.  Well worth the price even with the CONs mentioned above.  

    If you don't mind a little dirt and a few bugs, get the experience and stay here.  We're coming back.

    03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Tracy N.
    My mom and I just had a wonderful stay at Middleton Place Inn. It's hard to accurately sum up its vibe in a single word. Yes, it's a bit rustic because you're walking around on dirt paths in a very woodsy setting. But it's also so serene and beautiful.

    But it's refined rustic. The exterior of the buildings reminded me of Frank Loyd Wright and mission-style furniture--very geometric and designed to be in tune with nature.

    Inside the rooms though, it felt more like a more like a Scandinavian retreat,with all of the light-colored cypress wood and stone bathroom with European-style tub. The floor-to-ceiling windows are gorgeous and I love that you could open just the top shutters to maintain some privacy at night.

    We stayed in a Grand River View room on the ground floor. If you're coming with kids, the Grand rooms offer the advantage of a couch with pull-out sofa bed and DVD player. Otherwise, it is nice to have the sofa and sitting area in the evening.

    As far as the amenities in the room, the bed was comfortable with lightweight linens, appropriate for summer. It was great to have a small refrigerator to store drinks in, as well as a charging station to plug into on the desk (especially since I had forgotten the wall part of my charger). But I was surprised the room didn't have a hair dryer anywhere I could find.

    I thought the bathroom was nice and loved the softer-than-hotel-normal towels. However, I wasn't a fan of the 150 gallon European tub. I think they would be smart to update that. I found it to be all-round uncomfortable--sitting on grouted tile instead if a smooth surface, the hard lines of the shape and the fact that it's so big that after 20 minutes, it still only had about 2 inches of water in it.

    Contrary to what some reviewers have said though, the tubs aren't filled with mold. As explained on the website, they used black grout, which must have been a trend at the time because I have seen it in a NYC hotel as well. But the coloring is uneven, which I think causes the "mold" confusion. It has faded in some spots over the years while other areas have obviously been retouched.

    The staff we talked to at check-in, the Lodge and the Lake House were all very gracious. The complimentary Healthy Start breakfast was terrific too--a wide variety of cereals, muffins, yogurt and toppings to choose from. They also have brochures for the farms they get everything from. In case you want to go tour them.

    But the best part of all is probably the value--with the included admission to the grounds and house both days included in the room price. We literally spent 6 hours touring the place on Sunday and getting a bite to eat in the Garden Market, and we didn't quite see everything or do any of the free outdoor tours or any of the extra activities like horseback riding or kayaking. So you really could spend several days there making the most of it.

    Bottom line--if you're looking to stay at the usual southern/Charleston-style inn, you'll probably be disappointed. But the Inn at Middleton Place has many unique charms if it's own and I definitely plan to return.

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Michael T.
    Turning on the tap, flushing the toilet, or using the shower fills the room with the stench of rotten eggs.  When I called the desk about this at 8pm I was told they would send someone right over to check it out.  At 11pm, I was told this is normal for well water and I should just let the water run to get rid of the smell (while making the whole room stink).  I've used water from hundreds of wells over the past 50 years.  Although some have had high sulfur content, none have been anything like this.  The stench is almost bad enough to make me vomit.  Unbelievable for a room costing me almost $200.  If it wasn't almost midnight I would ask for my money back and go somewhere else.

    Update: in the morning, the hydrogen sulfide smell coming from the water was even worse than it had been the night before.  Just taking a short shower gave me a bad headache.  On a positive note, the oatmeal at the complementary breakfast buffet was really good and the manager comp'ed my stay when I checked out.  Nonetheless, this is an experience I rather would have missed; I will not be back.Interestingly, the tap water at the Middleton Place Plantation next door is great.

    31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. Ginger M.
    Loved it!  This Inn is cozy, very comfortable, clean and peaceful.  The rooms are like small condo's, modern yet rustic with large floor to ceiling windows and a view of the lake.  The staff is friendly and accommodating.  The bed and pillows were so comfortable that I am looking into ordering the pillows myself for my home!  

    They offer a wonderful complimentary breakfast that includes oatmeal, cereal, muffins, fruit, yogurt, juices, coffee and tea.  You can also order off the menu for a charge.  The breakfast dining room has a beautiful view of the trees and lake.

    The museum tour is interesting and quaint.  Although it rained the 2nd day of our stay, we still had a lovely time and will be back!

    24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Karen G.
    My husband and I stayed here during our visit to Charleston, and regretfully we only stayed one night!

    We pulled up and were shocked by the modern feel of the hotel! Here we were staying at a plantation and everything felt and looked modern...but we actually took so much delight in this! It was such a unique experience. Our room overlooked the little swampy lake and we just enjoyed it so much! The common area where they have complimentary drinks and snacks was a ball! We both walked over there and played a game of chess and just really enjoyed ourselves. That place would be a treat to stay in for a week or so just for the beauty of the plantation which is walking distance from your room. You take a little beaten path through the woods and there is the plantation!

    The gardens were just beautiful, it really brings a new meaning to landscaping! We did the tour of the plantation and would recommend it to anyone who loves history and appreciates the hours of walking around looking at gardens and buildings. Definitely one of the coolest plantations around.

    The best part of this "resort" if you will was the restaurant. We dressed up a little and went to the quiet little building and were delighted by the beauty! The restaurant itself was pleasing to the eye, but the mood set was perfect. We were by far the youngest people in the joint, but we are a little classier than most people in their 20s I would say.

    The food was just delicious and really felt like a hand prepared meal just for us. I have  severe gluten allergy and this place was more than accommodating in helping me find the perfect match for my taste buds.

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0