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Red Roof Inn in Charleston, SC

Red Roof Inn in Charleston, SC


109 Room Economy Limited Service Hotel


Company Info:

Rating: 2.44

Address: 7480 Northwoods Blvd, Charleston, SC, 29406

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    Comments (9):

    1. Matt W.
    Great stay! Clean room although a little small. But enjoyed the stay!

    21/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Merida F.
    I came with my family after sightseeing in Charleston all day. The first thing was red roof inn didn't accept the reservation we had made through expedia.  While my parents were arguing with the front desk clerk,  I had a great view of some construction workers hanging out on the second floor drinking beer and cat calling women.  Then I am pretty sure I also saw a pimp with his lady friend making a deal while the beer drinking patrons upstairs were making offers to her as well.

    Finally we had 2 rooms and when going to the first room I noticed the stench of used cigarettes.  When we tried  to close the door of the first room, the lock was broken and the maintenance man apparently wouldn't be in until the next day.  They didn't have any other rooms available and we  were forced to share with the others in our travel party.  

    The second room also reeked of cigarette smoke and the air conditioner didn't work.  There were dirty footprints near the door and you could hear our friendly construction workers out in the hall.  We were so uncomfortable we left and hit the highway home.

    03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Kevin B.
    We were pleasantly surprised by the location, upkeep and cost of this hotel.  We stopped here on the North side of Charleston on July 2, 2011, not knowing what to expect.  The location is good, very near a large shopping mall and many restaurants and shops.  
    The room was well appointed, clean and the entire hotel seems to be kept up well.  I would stay there again.

    19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Sara S.
    I was excited to stay in a renovated Red Roof with hard wood floors.. until i realized.. the housekeeping didn't get the MEMO that cleaning is necessary.

    I honestly thought oh cool i'm going to check out this hotel that just renovated and that is a good price (expedia) and give them a good review..

    I walked into my room late at night and realized oh wow the room was renovated and looked nice from far.

    - I went to go lock the door (this hotel is motel style) and saw the dead bolt was BROKEN. I called it in because as a woman staying alone in this place, i think its concerning.

    -  I started to unpack and turned some lights on and realized ok well the floor is dirty.. maybe house keeping missed the paper on the ground and the dust.. lets not make a big fuss.

    - i slept. i was exhausted.

    - i woke up and with the light of day.. i unfortunately saw that:
                      - there was a glass stain on the bathroom counter (not wiped so clearly       the counter
                         had not been clean)
                       - saw a bobby pin left over on the counter (i dont use them.. so not mine!)
                      - there was MEN'S HAIR on the white towels
                      - there was A SQUISHED ROACH on the f*cking bathroom counter.. the color of the
                         roach almost blended with the color of the counter.. but unfortunately for them,
                       even without my morning coffee i spotted it. THIS is disgusting.

    * I should have been paid to stay here.
    ** I reported all of this to the woman on duty that morning.. but im sure the report did not go further than that unfortunately.

    Don't judge a book by its cover ;) I was sure the inside had been renovated and was clean and great.. but little did i know how disgusting it was.

    NEVER stay here.

    PS: I stayed here at the end of February but have not taken the time to upload the photos/report this until now. I still remember it vividly however and i would advise everyone to proceed with caution.

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Derek B.
    Man this place has gone downhill.  This used to be a legitimate, cheap, clean option in the North Charleston area.  Now it's more expensive and much nastier.  

    I'll give it 2 stars since it's not the absolute worst place to stay.  Just don't come here with a girlfriend/wife/kid/etc.  But if you're a guy, don't mind a little filth, low on your budget...this isn't the worst you could do.

    12/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. MJ P.
    Like most Red Roof locations, this is a budget-class hotel.  The room in which I stayed was basic and a bit past its prime, but was mostly clean.  There was a bit of black mold on the ceiling, but no weird odors or visible dirt.  The Internet connection was slow and the connection kept dropping. Breakfast isn't provided, but there's a Waffle House and Denny's nearby.

    18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Ivo Leonardo L.
    Roaches in the bathroom. Stained bed sheets. Dirty floor. Stay here only if everything else is sold out like in my case!

    14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Claire S.
    This hotel has the worst customer service EVER.   They literally tried to shake us down for $5 that we didn't owe them.   They also are completely worthless if you call their corporate number.   Rooms are fine but skip it unless you want a hassle & shakedown, the manager really unfriendly we'll say.

    25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Megan E.
    As part of my trip down south we needed to stay at fairly cheap hotels. This hotel was cheap and very clean. Here are the things I enjoyed:

    -It was Clean (even the bathroom)
    -The bed's were comfortable
    -It was located around a lot of other things in the area
    -Fairly short drive to Charleston
    -Free WiFi
    -Good Coffee

    Things They Could Improve On:
    -Having brochures in the main part of the office. I like to plan out my trips at the hotel.
    -Check in could have been a little friendlier.
    -The room did smell like smoke like all the reviews said that it would, but I can handle a poor smell as long as its all clean.

    Over all it was a good deal for what we wanted. But had I known that parking in charleston was absolutely horrific I would have just pitched a tent in the downtown area.

    23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0