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Days Inn Airport At I-75 in Chattanooga, TN

Days Inn Airport At I-75 in Chattanooga, TN

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.25

Address: 7725 Lee Hwy, Chattanooga, TN, 37421

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    Comments (4):

    1. Jeffery B.
    I will start out by saying, that I've stayed in a lot of lower end motels, and I often just view them as a room to sleep in and don't worry about things not being perfect. I'm not someone who loves to complain, or finds problems with everything, but this place was horrible.

    I stayed there for 8 nights April 3-11, 2012. We got a non-smoking room, king sized bed.

    Lets start with the bed. The fitted sheets didn't fit properly on the first night (meaning the pockets weren't big enough) and so just laying on the bed caused the fitted sheet to pop off and crumple up exposing the mattress. Left a note for the cleaning staff and after that, the fitted sheets fit every other day except for one. But why would they have sheets that don't fit properly in the first place?

    The bathroom was not good. The toilet wasn't bolted down correctly and rocked on a diagonal, kinda forward and back and kinda left to right, when you sat on it. Very startling at first, and then just annoying. The shower had polished granite walls, but one was coming away from the wall so there was a scary chasm we looked into when we walked into the bathroom. Finally, in the corner of the shower, on top of the granite, there was a half-smoked cigarette. Left a note for the cleaning staff about that, and it was never dealt with.

    While we had a non-smoking room, it was on the second floor, and it seems the main floor is smoking, and every morning we woke up to the smell of smoke from the room below us.

    The carpets on the stairwell and upstairs hallway were disgusting. A third of the way up the stairs there was a mass of crumbs that looked liked someone smashed a loaf of crusty french bread against the steps and only picked up the big pieces. The mess was there the entire time we were there. At the top of the stairs there was a giant stain that looked as though someone had been murdered there. The carpet was stretched and wrinkled and in desperate need of replacing.

    Also, there are apparently people living in the motel. I understand people can get into all kinds of situations and that may be a recourse for them, but their room was right next to the doorway for the stairs. Every time we came back they were sitting on lawn chairs smoking, or barbecuing off their back of their truck or just standing around smoking. We had to walk through their cloud of smoke every time we needed to get to our room and they ogled us and never replied if I greeted them.

    The front desk staff was nice, we never tried the pool or breakfast. But it is honestly the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, and it's certainly not the oldest nor the cheapest.

    19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Zeb M.
    My girlfriend and I had one of those spontaneous urges to spend a night in a motel, even though she lived in Chattanooga at that time. Us being both college students, we couldn't exactly take our whims to the Hilton. We decided upon this Days Inn and it was an okay experience. You can tell the rooms are old, but the outside looked clean and nice. My only real gripe about this place was the staff member/manager who checked us in and out. I don't take everything personally, but I could tell he was uncomfortable with a gay couple sharing a one-bed room together.

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Mike H.
    My first room has a bed that looked like someone had slept in it so I asked for another room. The second room was better but not much. I found 3 long hair's on one of the pillows. The breakfast was pitiful. 6 pieces of white bread and 4 bagels with a couple of boxes of cereal.

    19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Michael C.
    I was in Chattanooga for a few days for graduation weekend and decided to stay at this Days Inn near the airport.


    Room was clean.  I inspected the room upon check-in and found nothing out of order.  No mess, all surfaces clean, no smudges, bed neatly made with clean sheets.  The only thing my roommate noticed was that she smelled baby vomit, which was remedied with a quick trip out for febreeze.  Also, I found a small centipede in the bathroom (less than 1").  No other bugs were found.  


    The hotel rooms were recently remodeled, so the bathroom uses granite surfaces throughout.  Water pressure was GREAT, with plenty of hot water.  Rounded shower bar with cloth curtain for more space.  Tub enclosure was clean, as were the floors.  Stocked with the right kind of towels, which were understandably old.  One of our towels tore on use.  Toilet was clean.  Hand and Body soaps as well as shampoo and conditioner were provided.  Actual bathroom is toilet and bath enclosure only, with sink in the main room beside bathroom.


    King size bed.  One single chair.  A dresser, with an old CRT type TV on it.  A rack to hang clothing.  Two nightstands on either side of the bed.  Lighting provided by lamps on the nightstands and overhead recessed canisters near the sink area.  Granite countertop for sink area, matching the granite used in the shower.  Walls are painted a nice sage green on candy peel textured sheetrock.  Dark carpet.  No caddy for luggage.

    Bed was reasonably comfortable, with modern-ish furniture in decent condition.  Bed was clean, when stripped down to mattress and inspected.  Sheets did not fit properly and were very uncomfortable.  Also, there was a quilted cover of some sort that was incredibly lumpy under the sheet that needed to be removed before re-sheeting the bed.  Covers were heavy and comfortable to sleep under.  Pillows were old and lumpy, but clean.  Had difficulty sleeping because the sheets kept pulling off of the mattress, exposing bare mattress and crumpling up under me.


    One mini-refrigerator with Microwave stacked on top.  Both worked fine.


    Some smoking rooms available.  I stayed in a non-smoking room that did not smell of smoke.  However, I noticed my next door neighbor smoking in his non-smoking room.


    Moderately old A/C and heater unit.  Not mounted correctly in wall.  Worked just fine, albeit somewhat noisy.  Did not produce any bad smells.


    Loud.  I don't know if it was just the nights we stayed, but the upstairs neighbors sounded like they weighed 500 pounds each, and there seemed to be quite a few of them up until 5AM, stomping around, playing with console game machines.  There seem to be a few families that live on the property also.  I noticed some kids with motorized scooters zipping back and forth in the rear parking lot making noise.


    Free Internet, and FAST.  Password is "days", and needs to be entered on their home screen on your browser every so often if your machine sits idle for too long.

    TV/ MEDIA:

    Old style CRT type TV, cable with HBO, about 40 or so channels.


    Two-story hotel with first floor rooms facing the parking lots, doors directly accessible from the outside.  Second floor with internal hallways, accessible via elevator or stairs from the front or rear of the building.  Office is on the left when pulling into the parking lot, with a small fitness room and room with tables and TV to host the free breakfast.  


    Medium sized indoor heated pool with neat glass blocks to light the room at night.  Tested the water but did not use the pool.  Too many fat hairy men in speedos.  Small wooden deck outside the rear entrance of the pool for fat hairy men in speedos to hang out and dry off.


    Adequate.  Did not have a problem parking within 20 feet of the entrance to my room.


    Security cameras throughout the premises, aimed down the lengths of the front and back of the hotel.  Manager walks the property occasionally.  I would still recommend a quick visual check of your surroundings before entering and exiting your room to watch out for trouble.  Rear of the building cannot be seen from the road.  If I were a woman traveling alone, I would not feel comfortable staying here unless trained and armed.


    Good.  The manager that I worked with during my stay remembered my name and addressed me by it.  Whenever I needed anything, he was quick to respond and get me what I needed.  There was no iron in the room, so he got me one.  


    3PM Check-in, 11AM Check-out.


    Free Continental Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi was fast.  Continental Breakfast consisted of bagels, doughnuts, toast, muffins, apple and orange juice and coffee.

    COST:  $59 per night.

    VALUE:  Great value for this price range.

    BOTTOM LINE:  3/5 - Good value, but I don't think I will stay here again.  I'll stick to my Marriotts and Westins.

    02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0