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Admiral Hotel in Arlington, TX

Admiral Hotel in Arlington, TX


Admiral Hotel in Arlington TX is just minutes away from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and offers easy access to Six Flags over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, Ranger Stadium and Cowboys Stadium. We are also minutes away from recreational opportunities including golf, skating and local parks with walking and jogging trails.


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Rating: 1.70

Address: 1507 N Watson Rd, Arlington, TX, 76006
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Comments (10):

1. Cortnie R.
I booked this hotel via Groupon for a short getaway with family. I picked this hotel in particular because of the deal ($49, free continental breakfast, pool, and wifi) and the fact it was smack in the middle of all the places we would be going to. NOW WITH THAT BEING SAID:

The guy at the front desk who was at first very helpful, had no actual idea what he was doing. He kept asking the girl who was on the phone for help and she was clearly annoyed by it. He charged my credit card without even letting me know the amount or what  the charge was for. He even said to me he almost charged me too much and I would have been broke because of it....we got our keys, found the rooms, opened the doors to find people still there! Thankfully we didn't walk into anything too weird. We go back downstairs to get new rooms and the girl helping looks at us very annoyed (maybe she just has resting b**** face) and tells us we went to the wrong room....no duh. We let her know that our keys opened the door and then she says it was clearly the hotel's fault.....no duh. Over the course of two days both keys stopped working a total of three times. I overheard the guy on the phone telling someone they didn't offer weekly rates but there is a huge banner outside stating otherwise. ($225 weekly rates)

Free continental breakfast was a sad joke. "Breakfast on the veranda" included horrible mini muffins, Fruit-loops, apple juice, and coffee. Save the time and just go down one exit to IHOP.

After a long day out we get back to the hotel and decide to just eat at the bar and grill the hotel has. people were sitting inside so we figured they were still open since it was 10pm. Walk in to the seating station and the sign reads "no one under 21 allowed after 10pm. Okay, we decided to order food to go and eat in our rooms then. No one ever came to help us. Asked the front desk for help and were informed that the bar and grill doesn't serve food after 10pm. Well sign states otherwise. Also, no room service even though when I checked in, I was told otherwise.

Last night here the fire alarm goes off. There were no alarms in the rooms, only the hallways. The alarm consisted of a loud noise and no flashing lights. People (us included) were a little confused. We make our way to the staircase and the door was LOCKED....LOCKED...we beat on the doors until someone coming down from an above floor opened the door. We gather outside for a few minutes (we were locked in on the second floor for longer) until we were told we could go back in, some kid pulled it as a joke. Just as our three year old drifted off to sleep, alarm was pulled again....

All in all, I should have paid a little more money and stayed somewhere far from here. Later found a banner with nightly rates of $49...no "deal" from Groupon.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Kim K.
Horrible! My boyfriend and I stayed here for one night and I am glad it was only one night, we wouldn't have even of stayed there the one night if we were able to get a refund.

First off check in is suppose to be 3 PM CST, we arrived at 3:50 PM CST and they did not have a room ready for us. We sat around until 4 PM when they finally got us a room. Glad we didn't get their closer to 3.

Then the room we did get was obviously the first one they finished cleaning. Our room was right across from the ICE machine and vending machine, and yes the we heard the ICE machine ALL night long and the vending machine had obviously been broken into many times. All throughout the night we heard a vehicle with its music BOOMING loud coming from the lovely parking lot and storage buildings directly behind the hotel.

The elevator is behind two double doors that can be closed at anytime, which was rather odd to us. The staff looked very ghetto and made us feel uncomfortable.

The hotel advertises an indoor pool and flat screen tvs, our room had no flat screen TV it was an old box tv and the microwave looked like it was from the 1970's. The indoor pool was a joke, more like a "kiddy" pool and there was no heater in it. The indoor pool is connected/shares the same water without the outdoor pool so no way this could possibly be warm in the winter months. We saw people with their little kids trying to enjoy the indoor pool but instead immediately ran out of the water shivering.

The bathroom felt dirty so we didn't even take showers while we stayed there. The next morning my boyfriend discovered that the patio door lock was broke. The hotel's fix to this was a latch hook, which when locked from the inside, the door could still be opened and unhooked from my boyfriend from the outside when I attempted to "lock him out". So glad we did NOT realize this before we slept there.

The only thing I can say is the bed was comfortable but now we know were NOT to stay in Arlington.

25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Tyler M.
Where do I start..well right from the start of walking in and speaking with the desk clerk, she was rude, unfriendly, and sounded like she was from the hood. All of them did to be more precise. It smelled like a funeral home in my room. The appliances were outdated horrifically, and the wallpaper WAS peeling off the wall. My second night there I had no hot water...so I had to leave without a shower. OH and they also hold $25.00 of your money for damages beforehand which is ridiculous when they have your card on file. As I walked down my hall I could smell someone was smoking marijuana! Not a family friendly hotel...it's in the ghetto and everyone around the hotel walking around was ghetto (sorry but racial profiling is appropriate in this one). It was listed as 3 star...but really it's 0.5 star. Don't be cheap, DO NOT stay here or bring your family to stay at this hotel. You'll be disappointed.

03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. S M.
Our flight got cancelled, so we were put into this hotel. One bed had an empty candy box under it with a roach inside, the other bed had a surgical glove under it. We had a voucher for dinner and breakfast. The grilled chicken was literally refrigerator cold, obviously cooked earlier and forgot to heat before serving. The pizza was "institutional" quality. If I knew the city and had a car, I would have paid out of pocket to eat and sleep anywhere else... in other words, even free and it wasn't worth it.

27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Stefanie S.
I stayed at Admiral Hotel for a couple of nights in summer 2012 for a Rangers game with a friend.  I really, really liked it, and this summer, when my mom was treating me to a Rangers game, I wanted to come back to Admiral.  I had high expectations, and wanted to show my mom a great stay.

Well, on both occasions, the wi-fi in rooms didn't work.  Kind of disappointing, because that was really a draw for me.  Not a huge deal, though...

Perhaps, the most disappointing aspect of our stay was the slow-as-molasses check-in, and the incompetent duo at the front desk who had 0 concept of efficiency.  The whole process took at least 30 minutes, because they found it more important to just keep delivering quips to one another, rather than getting their job done.  It was a nightmare, and got even worse when crowds began to build.  They complained of slow computers, and later said they couldn't find my reservation, which added to the stress and frustration.

This is a great hotel with a great location, but that customer service nightmare definitely has me thinking of staying elsewhere when I return to Arlington.  Admiral management, please choose your front desk clerks more wisely.

22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Jennifer B.
I'm not sure how to review this, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

Several months ago, I purchased tickets to the Saints game in Dallas against the Cowboys. I put off finding a hotel, hoping some amazing yuupon, groupon, etc deal would come along. Sure enough, the Admiral Hotel had a 1-night for $50 groupon, which also included a $20 food credit. I purchased two of those, for two nights, and booked our room.

The check in process was great, as the guy checking us in was wonderful - friendly and helpful. The hotel was a nice mix of both Saints & Cowboys fans, so the atmosphere was fun.

Now, if I had paid full price for the Admiral, I would probably give it 2 stars. The elevator is slow. The room walls are paper thin (drunk football fans in the hallway waking us up all throughout the night wasn't cool....), and their restaurant is really quite terrible.

Given that I really only paid less than half price for the room, I'm giving it 3 stars. In this case, you get what you pay for, I suppose.

Oh, and the restaurant, since it was a package deal with the hotel for the Groupon, I'll review it here too... awful! We went for breakfast on Sunday morning and there was a small buffet set up. Typical bland "continental breakfast" stuff that most hotels offer for free. Not this place.. it's about $10 per person and only offered on Sat & Sun.

Since they didn't offer a breakfast on Monday morning, we decided we would go pick up a pizza to bring back to the room, eat a few slices, and then have cold pizza in the morning (there's a mini fridge in-room). The bartender was somewhat rude and snappy, but the waitresses are nice. Sadly, they "ran out" of pizza. How do you run out of pizza?? I understand running out of an ingredient, but pizza itself? This leads me to believe it's probably some pre-assembled frozen thing, but I could be wrong. We ordered two quesadillas instead. Upon opening it back in our room, neither the sour cream nor salsa that was supposed to come with it did, and I didn't feel like going back. The chicken was overcooked, but it was edible.

28/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Keith F.
The woman at check-in was super-friendly and the place was easy to find, but it was mostly downhill from there.

The smell in the hallways can be described as "warm, old and musty" and the rooms weren't much better. The wallpaper was peeling, the bathroom was straight out of the '70s, the lock to the balcony was barely working (though there was a safety bar on the sliding door) and our room overlooked the parking lot/freeway/rental storage yard.

I think overall the room was fairly clean. It just didn't feel like it because of how outdated everything was. I felt dirty after showering, and it worked out well that we ended up showering at our gym most of the stay.

Overall the room was below our usual standards. You get what you pay for but this was certainly not worthy of 3 stars (rated on Priceline). Two would have been sufficient.

The second biggest shocker of the stay, was that we only has a 1/4 roll of toilet paper in the room when we checked in.When I walked down to get another roll that night, the guy working the desk gave me a key to another room to steal a roll, which only had a 1/2 roll. Apparently the supplier was on back-order for TP and the hotel was really low on stock. We LOLd pretty hard about this but it is completely appalling that there was a shortage of something as crucial to operations as toilet paper.

The biggest shocker of the trip, was that our bed was RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. I still can't believe how nice that bed was.

To summarize: It's conveniently located and the staff was friendly. However, I ONLY recommend staying here if you're in town for an Arlington attraction (Cowboys, Rangers, Six Flags) and all you want is a cheap bed. I wouldn't pay more than $40/night--we paid $55.

20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
8. Robert F.
This hotel does not deserve one star. In fact, there should be a negative star rating. First, the front desk was content to play around on the computer and allow me to wait for attention. Then they put me in a room that smelled like the inside of a garbage truck. When I tried to get something to freshen it up, I was told that housekeeping already went home. I requested another room. That room appeared okay; however, there were problems. The heat didn't work. There was no hot water. The kicker------- in order to use the internet, you must lower your security firewall. Have they lost their minds!!!

I would rather find a bridge to sleep under than to ever consider staying at The Admiral Hotel ever again.

17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Jeremiah R.
Escaped with our life!

This hotel went from bad to worse. When we arrived it took 15 min to check in. One person in front of us. We got our room key and headed to our room. While in the way, we were asked if we needed any 'party favors' from some staying in a room on the first floor. Should have walked out at this point. When we got to our room the closer you look the worse it gets. Roaches sneered on the walls. Bathroom door knob came off when it was shut. No remote in the room so we called down for a replacement. 2 hours later we called again and was told you can come and get one. Asked if it could be delivered. Attended gave attitude and said 'I guess '. Remote arrived and maintenance man questioned us that we took the remote.

It gets better, at midnight shots rang out and fire alarm was pulled. Police came but shooter got away. Alarm rang for 30 minutes.

We were booked for two nights but stayed only one with no refund.

Stay away from this hotel. My fault for not doing more research before booking.

14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Krizz N.
I feel so good about my choice to stay here my first time in Texas. I had a heart warming welcome from juanita and the front desk staff. The customer service here is above and beyond excellent. The shuttle service wasn't running today so they paid for the cab that was taking me to and from the airport. I didn't have to come out of pocket. They made this a memorable experience for me. The room was average but still clean. What more could I ask for with the low price I paid for the room? Very comfortable here. I would definitely stay here again when visiting Dallas!!!

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0