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Intown Suites Arlington Oak Village in Arlington, TX

Intown Suites Arlington Oak Village in Arlington, TX

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.50

Address: 1727 Oak Village Blvd, Arlington, TX, 76017

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    Comments (2):

    1. Alex B.
    By giving one star I imply it has some good... May I suggest to Yelp a zero or negative star option?  I've given one star to a few places before, but with those I could atleast understand if someone out there appreciates their services, but this place... yikes.

    Here are some things to know about Inntown.  They advertise a weekly rate, but just know that there is a deposit required as well.  This I didn't have a problem with, but know this:  Don't expect your deposit back!!  this leads to a very expensive place to stay for crap ammenities.  Internet was slow, walls were thin, and even if you stay a week they do not replace your towels, soap, or TP.  We had to buy some extras.  

    In final, I had bad feelings about this place and immediately after checking out I went to the bank and had my debit card number changed.  I have never done that, but something was not right about that place.  Oddly enough I went to Division St. and found some cheap 'roach' motel to stay at and was much much more satisfied.

    22/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Reicie N.
    My fiance got a new job and I am currently staying here with my kids while waiting for my house to be ready for me. Lets just say first ignore the advertised price. I am on my 8th week and still won't be paying 199. You do need a deposit(50) and price of room(245) before move in. You will be eligible for the advertised price after your 7th week. So you have to stuck it out for a while. It is a quiet area and that's about all this place has going for it. The room have claimed to be updated but only thing New is the tv. Just imagine staying at a really cheap motel with a flat screen. However it has been roach free for the most part. I will upload ppl pictures and you tell me how new it looks. Well the paint is sort of fresh. But newly renovated to me means maybe New carpet to make the rooms feel cleaner? The maintenance will coming in on you even if you say just a minute. Then all he wanted to do was check the internet like really!?!? I was half naked and you are just so in a hurry you ignore my request and disrespect me? The only cleaning lady that actually cleans is the older Mexican.  Got the white lady today and all she did was change the bed. Left the trash, didn't clean shower, toilet nor the floors. And my floors clearly needed to be mopped! I swept for her while she went to get sheets and still didn't do anything else she should have. The Mexican lady comes in cleans everything! Have my room smelling really nice. No dishes or anything like other extended stays only 2 towels no replacements. The fridge leaks and technology toilet constantly runs its so annoying because it's so loud. The office staff are ok. Had one incidence where the manager let me pay for room walked all the way to the other side of building on 3rd floor with 2 kids and temperature over 100 just to see my key didn't work. Then told me that I wasn't on the lease. Lease? There is no lease.  But I can understand why it's just why let me pay and do all that extra walking and not tell me upfront? For the most part it is really quiet at night and everyone minds their own business. Oh yeah laundry! The machines are small. And the far right two half washes. The dryers run great. Downside? You have to buy a card to use for machines. The washers and dryers are 1.50 you can only refill the card with 5, 10, 20 bills. Which sucks because every time I wash I either don't have a 5 or machine says my bill is too large? Cameras and vending machine in laundry room and its key operated so you have to live there. Coke machine on first floor and its cold. Elevator is iffy sometimes but I think it's just because it's due for inspection so unless my hands are filled and I have the kids I use the stairs. The grounds are clean the have smoking and non smoking rooms. Overall this place has good and bad things you just have to decide what you will accept!

    20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0