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Super 8 Arlington East in Arlington, TX

Super 8 Arlington East in Arlington, TX


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Rating: 1.00

Address: 1905 W. Pleasant Ridge Rd, Arlington, TX, 76017

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    1. Brandon S.
    Pulled up to check in and the lobby is locked and closed. Had to transact through bullet proof window. Red flag #1. Finally got through to the guy that I booked on rewards points and that I have a reservation. He then asked for a credit card to put on file in case I trash the room for "incidentals", red flag #2. Finally get checked in and get back out to the car and there are shady people walking around all outside smoking and half naked. #3... I had already seen enough and we decided to chalk up the point loss and find another place to stay and lo and behold we pass several ladies dressed scantily....#4. Didn't even make it to the room.

    Now I work in the oilfields and am gone and staying in hotels often, so I see things. But I would never stay at this hotel nor subject my family to it. God, and those hookers, only know what those rooms were like.

    Patron beware.

    PS, I can only imagine that "incidentals" meant if I get spludge on the sheets after banging one of those fine ladies.

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0