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Best Western Sunland Park Inn in El Paso, TX

Best Western Sunland Park Inn in El Paso, TX

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.50

Address: 1045 Sunland Park Dr, El Paso, TX, 79922

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    Comments (2):

    1. Ryan R.
    this motel is the dirtiest motel i have ever stayed in. the front desk clerk was nice about the whole situation, but still the microwave still has food in it from previous guest, sheets has hairs still on both beds with dirt and stains and the sink is dirty. these housekeepers dont clean at all as tou can see and the managers probably dont care as long as they clock out on time. this is absolutely the worst experience i have had staying at a motel. only reason why i am staying is because i just got in town from driving from los angeles 13 hrs on the road and i am tired as hell and i still have another 12 hrs to drive until i am home. so i am staying because it is 11:30 pm and i don't feel like checking out to find another dirty ass motel around dirty ass el paso and i am super tired. my recommendation is to skip this motel if you can or if you want to find the same shit i did come on in and stay here. they might give you a 10% discount like me but you may find a better room that is $ 50 rather then $100 and is cleaner. on top of all of this me and my girlfriend had to change our own damn sheets at 11:30 pm. holy shit this a must skip in el paso. this is the second room we got moved to because the first room was dirty and a bug was on the sheet and had candy wrappers by the phone books and had old dirty clothes from a kid i believe stuffed behind the night stand... come on best western you guys disappointed me badly at this location.

    26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Allison G.
    There was three people in our group, including myself. We stayed here for a total of three nights to visit my step son, who is 2. First off, the woman at the desk tried to sell us the room more then what the whole "3 night deal" said. My father in law almost blew a gasket, glad i stayed in the car. Finally got in the room for the deal we were told, and it was clean. Didnt particularly like the way the beds were made. I needed help to loosen them because the blankets were so tight. There was a broken outlet we taped over with scotch tape to keep our 2 year old away from. The bathroom door wouldnt shut. My father in law had to fix it (he is a carpenter). Then huge crickets crawled out of our bathtub but never left the bathroom. The guests seemed dangerous, always yelling, running all hours of the night by our windows. My fiance escorted me at all times, and still got "looks." The last night, some lady brought her yappy dogs that barked everytime a twig snapped within a mile radius. On the plus side, the breakfast was well stocked and delish. Staff was nice, but had an issue with english. Every. Single. One. I gave two stars because it WAS a good stay, but had too many issues.

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0