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Doubletree Hotel in El Paso, TX

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.18

Address: 600 N El Paso St, El Paso, TX, 79901

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    Comments (34):

    1. Peter R.
    Beleive it or not, this is a 50-year old hotel, that was bought by the Doubletree chain and completely remolded, I was told that it was the biggest eye sore of the city for the longest time.  The hote is tastefully decorated with a modern motif, and has three elevators to accomadate you.  The rooms are a little small, but I changed rooms from a king to two queens, and the room was just a little larger.  Not sure, but I think the king rooms face the pool (west), and the double rooms face east, if that matters.  The pool area is nice, although its not really mentioned on their site, so bring a swim suit, and next to the pool they have a bar so you can watch the sunset over Mexico.  The best thing about this hotel is its location! The main library and history museum are across the street and are completely free! Also within walking distance is an Art, and Science Museum, as well as the revitalized downtown area.  Make sure you go to the Plaza theater built in 1912, absolutely beautiful.  No complaints on this hotel except the smaller room...Oh! Parking is free, but the spaces are really small, so drive up to the top where no one parks, then you dont have to worry about it, and theres elevators on all floors anyway.  If you dont rent a car, the hotel has a shuttle, which will take you anywhere within a 3 mile distance for free.  Hope this helps...

    19/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Mike D.
    Nice place however seems very noisy. Heard it every time my neighbor flushed the toilet. Heard my neighbors plain as day talking through the A/C vent in the bathroom.

    09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Debra F.
    I have stayed here every time I have visited El Paso due to its proximity to City Hall.  It is close to the airport and they have a shuttle.  The pool was nice on the 7th floor and the room is always clean.  I like the Crab tree and Evelyn soaps and lotions.  I have two pet peeves though, the inability to send emails out on their server and the lack of a fridge in the room.

    25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Trevor S.
    Excellent hotel with may common features.  Great staff.  Good facilities.

    13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Cheery O.
    I liked the hotel, the decor, the big bed, the huge TV and especially the substantial military discount -- it was all very comfortable. What I didn't like: they checked us into some other guys room, then they rechecked him into the same room and he ended up walking in on us....AWKWARD. We had to deal with the front desk trying to get that all situated with the credit cards (front desk was very nice), but they didn't do much to make it up to us and we didn't push it, but it was a hassle.

    We ate at the hotel restaurant and it was not good at all. I couldn't even eat the rice that came with the ahi because it was so bad. And the beer selection was small and basic - normal for the area, but I expected more from a place that presented itself as upscale.

    The worst part was the cleaning staff knocked on our room every morning at 9 am over and over, even when we loudly yelled "no thanks". On the other hand, we forgot to put up the "do not disturb" sign, but having to yell over and over at 9 am when you are trying to sleep in is rather annoying.

    All of that being said, I would stay there again.

    25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Sean B.
    Update:  I stayed at the hotel again, this time for business and was again let down.  There was not always hot water, the TV cable did not work, the sink smelled like a sewer and the pool was brown.  The hotel ended up discounting my stay and says the issues have been resolved.  I hope so.

    Pricey for the quality.  If the quality was on par with other DTs I would rate moderate.

    The service staff was great.. the management was not the best (see letter below).  But to their credit, the chain did offer me a coupon for one nights stay after I wrote a formal letter.  I suggest staying there but not with a package.  Save the extra cash for a nice bottle of booze or tickets to the Plaza.

    * The room was nice, though not deluxe if compared to other Double Tree deluxe rooms such as Orlando or Chicago (though to be fair, I was told the hotel only has twin/king rooms, and not deluxe).  Check out was late, as expected.
    * A bottle of sparkling wine was not waiting upon arrival, and when I inquired several hours later, only red wine was available.  
    * The hotels special Valentines Day dinner menu looked delicious but did not offer any vegetarian menu items (nor did the manager offer to ask the chef to make a vegetarian dish), forcing my girlfriend and I to run out for takeout.
    * Breakfast, though very tasty, was only available in the restaurant and not "in-room" as advertised by the package.  The manager told me this was "because we have a full hotel".

    21/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Rene N.
    We'll definitely be staying here again! The view of EP/Juarez was amazing from our room. I guess you have to be from the area to really appreciate it. King size bed, most comfortable bed I've slept on in a LONG time. Flat screen TV, didn't watch much of it but what I did I enjoyed. The room was super clean, very up to date. The staff was very nice, the cookies at check in were delicious, and it was nice to have our own little coffee machine in our room. The location is great, right in the central/downtown area.... for those who complain about the "nightlife" you should have googled or yelped the area. Yes, the majority of the nightlife downtown is gay, however Cincinnati Street is literally 5 minutes up the street and there are numerous bars there. Don't expect much from El Paso, it's what you make of it. However, rating the hotel and the hotel only... I will admit I was impressed. I can't wait to go back!

    15/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Tim M.
    Perfect location for anywhere in the El Paso area.

    30/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Byron L.
    I love the Double tree hotel! Though I have never had a room at the El Paso location, I eat at the restaurant on the 1st floor. The food is super yummy and the customer service is generally exceptional. There is also a pool and sun terrace its a great place to relax and read a magazine! The cookies are also Delicious!

    16/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Steve O.
    The four stars are for likeability. It's not a four star hotel as most people understand that term. The rooms have been updated relatively recently and are decently sized. Like others have said, downtown El Paso is pretty dead after dark, but the hotel is not that far from the UTEP area, and it has a decent restaurant/bar called Fire. It's located close the highway and is easy to get to. The staff was friendly and helpful when I needed them. All in all, it's a good place to stay if you're in or going through El Paso.

    11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Holly C.
    After traveling to El Paso for rock climbing the past few years, we've determined that the Doubletree in downtown is probably the finest El Paso has to offer.  We stayed in other hotels in town and found them to be pretty run down. This one is relatively brand new - built in 2008.  They have a coffee bar downstairs that is not an official Starbucks but serves it and does its best to replicate it, making lattes and other drinks.  They also have a decent restaurant called Fire.  

    All the staff, front desk, housekeeping, everyone, is extremely nice.  They are pretty liberal with the Doubletree cookies, if that is your thing.  The rooms are also very nice with large flat screen TVs and nice amenities, such as Neutrogena toiletries and good in-room coffeemaker. The rooms have recycle bins, which are a nice touch.  Instead of the traditional artwork, photos of El Paso are mounted on the walls.  Which basically means a picture of statue and a picture of traffic crossing the border into El Paso.  The bathroom is small, like most hotel bathrooms, but they try to maximize counter space by making the top of the toilet tank flat.  For what its worth.

    The fitness room on the 7th floor is small but nice.  It is called a "Motion Center" so make sure you follow the signs for that.  There are two treadmills, two elliptical machines, and a bike.  All the cardio machines are new and come with individual Cardio Theater TVs.  The "Motion Center" has a basket of headphones for people to use with the Cardio Theater.  There is also a TV mounted on the wall with a remote.

    The ceiling in the "Motion Center" is super low so I expect that if you are around 6 feet tall using the elliptical is out of the question.  I'm 5'5" and my head almost touched the ceiling. They also have medicine balls of various weights, two fitness balls, free weights, and a foam roller.  There are small towels and a dispenser for cold and hot water.  Not sure why anyone would want hot water in a gym, but there you go.  The only disappointing thing is that there are absolutely no workout mats.  So bring a big towel down from your room or be prepared to stretch and do situps on a hard, cold floor.  The pool is also on the 7th floor and looks nice.

    As great as the staff is, I have to knock this place down a star for having a bad, nonsensical design.  Two elevators service both the garage and the rooms.  One elevator only goes to the rooms.  However, you cannot choose which elevator you get.  So if you push the button, wanting to go to the garage, chances are you will get the elevator that does not go there.  You have to keep calling the elevator until you get lucky.  This inevitably messes up the whole elevator system for everyone.  Plus, if you come from the garage or the 7th floor, you have to swipe your key to get to the room floors.  But if you come from the lobby and get the elevator for the rooms, no key swipe required.  It makes no sense and is super annoying. In addition, they do not seem to have a service elevator so be prepared to share the elevator with staff trying to move tables up and down for events.  But they are really nice and apologetic about it.

    Also, the parking garage is very narrow and poorly designed.  Try to get the smallest rental car possible or expect parking garage aggravation.  

    Downtown El Paso is pretty empty, especially at night.  One of the reviews says the downtown is revitalized.  It's not.  However, make sure you keep track of the Christmas tree lighting downtown and avoid booking a room or coming downtown during that event.  Apparently, it is the biggest thing in El Paso and it took us forever to get back to our hotel room.  The exit was backed up onto the freeway and everything.  Other than that, traffic is sparse and there is nothing much to visit within walking distance (unless you like rundown libraries) so be prepared to drive to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) area or somewhere else for entertainment.  

    All in all, if your travels lead you to El Paso, the Doubletree downtown is probably the place to stay.  A little pricey at $129/night but worth it if you are looking for a comfortable, nice hotel.

    15/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Norah V.
    I stayed here with my boyfriend after we attended an event with his medical school. The room was very nice, clean, and had a great view of El Paso. The bathroom was large and also very clean, but the shower didn't drain at all when we first went to use it. It was eventually fixed and this was the only hiccup we encountered. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and assisted us with a few questions that we had. Our room did not have a mini-fridge, which we thought was a little strange, but overall our experience was positive and we would definitely stay there again.

    P.S. Be sure to ask for the cookies.

    13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. J Kyle O.
    -Nice rooms
    -Good housekeeping
    -Nice Staff

    -Old (you can tell it was a very old building they tried to make nice)
    -Parking is awful!! small spots in a tiny garage that fills up

    22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Laura L.
    Not a good experience.  I travel weekly across 6 states and often at a Hilton properties.  Zero customer service across the 2 day stay.  Tv broke and had to move rooms.  No apologizes or even pts given for having to move rooms and floors....spg would have done both.  Woke up with awful bite on arm.  Co-worker given better rate and manager would not offer the same even though I'm 2 status levels higher with hh program.  We be traveling to El Paso every other week and will not be staying here again.

    15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Happy J.
    The staff was friendly and the rooms were nice. It's a hotel.

    The internet service was very slow. Good thing it's free. I was glad for the high shower head (I'm 6-foot, 4-inches), but surprised the water wasn't boil-my-skin hot.

    Speaking of height...the parking garage has really low celiings. Careful driving a tall vehicle.

    I was attending an event at the conference center, so the hotel is close enough that I could walk.

    There's a bar and restaurant in the hotel. There isn't very much seating at the bar itself, so I went wandering around the area to find a bar. Soon, I discovered 4 of the 5 bars in the immediate area were gay bars. I wasn't in the mood to convert a lesbian, so I stopped at Soho for a couple drinks.

    This is an okay hotel. If you're looking for some night life, I suggest going elsewhere. If you're doing business downtown, it's a good place.

    02/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Manny R.
    In my first stay here, I was quite impressed with this hotel for El Paso. The modern rooms include a large flat screen TV, really nice white sheets, terrific down pillows (five of them on my king size bed), and nice fluffy towels made me happy as I was there for an entire week. One shortcoming was that the room service menu really was overpriced in my opinion and as a result I didn't order dinner one night due to the cost. Other than that, I look forward to staying here on my next trip to El Paso.

    04/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Jovan S.
    Nice hotel.  Stayed for 4 days and would definitely stay again.  Restaurant was ok.  No complimentary breakfast but I knew that when I booked.  The cafe downstairs was over priced and coffee wasn't good.

    19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Jenn W.
    Just re-read this review and forgot to come back to mention that the hotel absolutely made the situation right. When we returned home, we sent an e-mail to management describing our experience at the this hotel (not asking for a refund but rather an FYU kind of thing) and received a full refund for the stay, no questions asked. Management was very responsive and certainly listens to their guests!

    20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Dan D.
    Stayed here for a week because I couldn't' get into a Marriott hotel.  Maybe that was a good thing as this place was fantastic all the way around.

    Free parking, shuttle, newspapers and wi-fi. A nice, warm cookie at check-in. How can you beat that?

    The shuttle driver brought a small group of us to a local eatery he recommended (see my review for L&J Cafe) and it could not have been better! The driver was a super nice guy and kind of set the tone for the El Paso DoubleTree experience.

    I didn't try the bar/restaurant downstairs, but it looked nice.

    The rooms were modern, comfortable and spacious. No complaints at all.

    Every interaction with the staff went well and I could see that service is at he top of their list.

    This is a place I would definitely stay at again, whether in El Paso or in other locations.

    May I have another cookie?

    18/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Raymond W.
    Watch out Hilton Honour Diamond members, you are only entitled to a continental breakfast. To upgrade to a full breakfast including cook to order eggs is another $5.00. And they wanted additional money if you order orange juice, and who knows what else you need to pay extra. The hot food section was luke warm, sausage was downright cold. Oatmeal was watery and eats like soup. My waiter Marcus was excellent, very attentive and great service.

    There was no cold water at 1am after my workout in the gym. Couldn't take a shower as the water from both taps was scalding hot. Very inconvenient.

    20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Cat L.
    check- in and reservation were flawless and easy.  Stayed in room 1220 on 6/24 ,  it's a shame that when you pay 222 dollars for one night you don't receive complimentary breakfast in the morning.  The  shower was a major let down in that the shower head was pathetic, either a trickle or a 3 painfully strong  and thin blasting jets that hurt .  I also found the water to be not very hot, seemed like my shower wasn't ever able to get to the temperature I like.  Front desk staff were very friendly and helpful, hotel was clean, bed was very comfortable.  Swimming pool was a letdown due to dirt blowing around and no hot tub.

    27/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Trina M.
    I'm in El Paso on business three to five times a year - and this is the hotel I always stay in.  Very nice - I've always had a solid experience each time.  Only minor issues with maintenance (the carpet in my room was tattered one time) and general repair (the grout in the bathtub could use some touching up) but in general, it's nice.  The warm chocolate chip cookie when you check in is always a nice touch and the lobby is very well done.  I haven't eaten in the on site restaurant yet - but I may just do that next time.  I'm definitely a repeat guest.

    23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Wade B.
    A very nice hotel in El Paso.  The rooms are very nice and the staff is fantastic. As a Hilton Diamond member, I have to say that the bed is one of the best hotel beds I've ever slept in. The only drawback to this hotel is the Internet.  It's extremely slow.  If you're here for work and will need to use your computer, I'd suggest either of the Hilton Garden Inns.  They are nice and have way better Internet access.

    24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Wendell B.
    Only here just to sleep, but warm cookie on greeting and friendly staff made it nice.   Went off site to eat in authentic Mexican restaurant, so didn't take advantage of the dining.  We thought the room was very nice, as was the lobby, and the staff were all very friendly.  We would stay here again.  A welcome oasis in the squalor of El Paso.  Not city I would want to visit again other than to sleep here.

    28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Angelynn J.
    Hi Eric, It will not allow me to message you back can you please advise me of the email address I should be using? Thank you.

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Brian K.
    HORRIBLE Hilton Property.. The towels are at least 20 years old. Thread bare. When I arrived on my floor (16th) as a Diamond Member with over 110 nights this year alone..I was greeted by an open party and drunkenness.  I called the front desk.. They said...It will end soon.  Note. This was 11pm.  Now tonight..live dance music overhead and stomping people. When I call.. they say "if you paid, we can refund. If your company did, we will give you points."  So...apparently sleep isn't expected at this hotel. Just gimmicks.  Don't stay here.  Hilton. Fire the GM. Not for the poor planning of the party. That might be profitable. For your ridiculously poor attempt at customer service. Unacceptable.  Be warned. This hotel sucks.

    *UPDATE* After SPECIFICALLY requesting a call from the GM and the Diamond desk emailing and asking for the same....I received a voicemail from the "front desk manager" saying the GM had emailed him and asked him to call and offer me either 30k points or a refund on one night.  The same thing I had been promised the night before. No call. This GM didn't even have the common courtesy to call a very loyal Hilton customer who has spends over a third of the year in Hilton properties to discuss the fact I hadn't been able to sleep for two nights in his property due to excessive noise and an unwillingness to enforce policy.  In my experience...a manager who is unwilling to call a customer is indicative of a business that is destined to fail.  I'd stay away y'all.

    12/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. Bear D.
    This place was terrible.  47 day reservation and they didn't lift a finger for an entire group of us.  47 day reservation and they took 2 weeks to even get us rooms with refrigerators.  

    Additionally, when we expressed our disappointment, we ended up having our breakfasts that had been complimentary somehow downgraded which even if we were getting something that was not arranged, probably should have stayed as they were in order to avoid us feeling like the hotel was retaliating against us for complaining.

    Other issues experienced by our group were extended TV outages, parking shortages, repeated key card failures, and billing anomalies.

    When the stay was complete (we left early because of the conditions) we did complain to them through their proper channels (Hilton, Hilton Honors and Doubletree management) and heard nothing back. Ironically, this yelp review actually got them to reach out to me. They do not care about their guests until they get to Yelp I guess.

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    28. M B.
    The hotel itself seems nice enough however, we went for Easter buffet today and boy do I feel RIPPED OFF!   The room was nicely decorated but the food was pretty awful.  The mimosas were warm, with really cheap champagne which left an aftertaste.  The beef was over cooked and despite the hint of garlic was bland.  The sides were cold!  Cold potatoes, vegetables, pasta etc., is very disappointing.  The desserts were even worse.  There was a sparse selection, the pies were warm and did not appear to be made by a professional baker.  And all for $34 per person.  Not exactly a meal to remember other than to remind me never to return.  What a waste of my hard earned dollars.  It was as if the 2:00 seating got the leftovers from the 11:00 am seating.  So there you have it.  At least they didn't charge for parking.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    29. Luis-armando A.
    Much better than the doubletree in California  that we stayed at last. It was a nice room overlooking the pool and had a great view of the ballpark down the street. Was a little concerned about the parking because I heard that many cars had been broken into them or stripped down and left on bricks. Fortunately nothing like that happened to us.

    30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Candice G.
    This was my first ever trip to the Lone Star state and I was lucky enough to get to spend the weekend in the fine city of El Paso... sister city to Jaurez, Mexico. Don't laugh. I had a really rockin' time in El Paso and I'm hella excited for semi-frequent future visits.

    I'll be real, when I first Googled El Paso, knowing that I'd be traveling there for work, and I kept getting redirected to sites telling me about the women murders and disfigurement in Juarez, Mexico, a part of me had to wonder if they really wanted me to come back. But after further research I found out that El Paso is actually the safest big city (population over 500,000) in America, and since I was coming from the city with the highest number of murders in it in 2013, I figured, it can't be worse than Chicago. Plus, I was told that as long as I'm not within "shooting distance" from the Jaurez border, that I'd be fine. **Cut to me Googling how far "shooting distance" is.**

    Spoiler alert: I survived El Paso.  Correction, I survived El Paso and I f*cking loved it! Sunny, warm, safe as far as I could tell, and some crazy nice people. Honestly, I don't know why the Midwest has a rep for being full of friendly people, because I think Texas absolutely takes the cake. They make us midwesterers look like a buncha jerks.

    I spent all of 3 days in El Paso and I stayed at this city center Doubletree for all of it. Fun fact: This is actually the second most expensive hotel in El Paso... pretty swanky, huh? I've never even stayed in the 14th nicest anything, and now I'm staying here? How'd that happen? Well, I'll tell ya. It's because even one night at the second most expensive hotel in El Paso (on a weekend, no less) was only $79 a night.


    And not even joking with you, it was above and beyond the best and most customer service-oriented hotel I've ever stayed at. Free shuttle to and from the airport. Free shuttle to anywhere within a 3-mile radius of the hotel (excluding Jaurez). Free WARM chocolate chip cookie at check-in... or anytime you just ask for it, as I found out and definitely abused. It's very possible that I ate more than $79 worth of cookies on my stay, so I basically stayed for free. Oh, and they have free green apples and cucumber water in the afternoons. What do they have in the morning? F*ck if I know. I was sleeping... in their mega comfortable bed with feather pillows. FEATHER PILLOWS. Heck, to make an even clearer example of how much of a luxury this whole pillow experience was, someone just had to tell me that they aren't called 'feather pillows', they're called 'down pillows'. Pardon me and my blue collar.

    The bathroom was big, the tub was extra big, they gave plenty of towels and some pretty rad toiletries. Their wake up call was right on time and every staff member, particularly the shuttle drive (big ups, Mario) were impressively accommodating and welcoming.

    If you do happen to drive, parking here in their lot is free, and they have a restaurant/bar in house, a just-okay café, an outdoor rooftop bar and a heated outdoor rooftop pool. I seriously wanted to cry when it came time for me to leave. As I checked out, I def had the urge to go a-wall and scream, 'you can have the key-card when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!' But I didn't because everyone who works here is just too nice to do any kind of yelling at.

    I don't know when my next trip to El Paso will be, but I know I'll be staying here from now on.

    PS- They've got cable AND Showtime!

    22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Deano G.
    Over priced, but for what else you have to choose from in the area well worth it.  The customer service is a step above, but the rooms and accommodations need a little more attention if you ask me.  If you are paying over $290 a night you should have light covers on all lights and the carpet should be fresh.

    13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Tanya W.
    Me living in El Paso and all, you would think I wouldn't spend much time in hotels here and you would be right... sort of. Usually in between moves I find myself staying a week or two (sometimes longer) in a local motel or hotel until my move in date so the gist of what I've learned is: Location, location, location. Doubletree Hotel is in a great location.

    My boyfriend surprised me with a one day staycation at this particular Hilton and I'm not entirely sure how I'll outdo him for our next staycation during his birthday week. I've stayed in a few Hilton's on various trips and I love how devoted they all are to customer service regardless of if your an HHonors member or not. Doubletree is no exception.

    When checking in we were promptly handed warm walnut chocolate chip cookies. And I devoured about half. I don't know what it is, but I'm not fond of cookies with nuts or fruits in them... but I they were good cookies, nice and soft. Thinking about it now, I'm sure they also had regular chocolate chip cookies hiding behind the counter somewhere because what do they do for the people with nut allergies? Also worth noting, they have infused water at the front counter. And even though we weren't HHonors members, they put us on the 12th floor which appeared to actually be devoted to member. Sweet! I love that after a certain floor you do need a room key to get to it. It's just a little precautionary procedure that lets me know I won't run into any unsavory characters during my stay.

    The room we had was a pretty good sized for just a king bed. And that bed... *drool*... it was soooo comfy, the pillows surrounded my head in what can only be described as a marshmallow encasing. Yeah, okay they were down pillows. I know some people like firm pillows, but not me... these pillows were absolutely perfect and I need four of them at home like yesterday. The room had the usual amenities like a coffee maker, hair dryer, hygiene products, and a pretty large tv. Oh and there's free waters in the room... it's the little things. Overall, I was happy with the room and I think this is ideal for both a short or extended stay.

    As far as the amenities for the hotel itself, they do have a pool and terrace on the seventh floor. The terrace has a few events throughout the year on it, like a Rib Night one night and during the summer they play movies out there. I didn't see an onsite gym (maybe I just missed it), but there's actually quite a few gyms nearby so if you're coming from out of town I'm sure you can find something to your liking. There is a restaurant, bar and cafe inside the Doubletree, but I'm not particularly impressed with Fire or M Cafe so if you're look for a place to eat/drink I recommend Pot Au Feu, Craft & Social, Sparrows, Pint & Peanut, or The Green Ingredient and if you're looking for a place to pick up snacks, toiletries, and the like I'd say just make a trip down to CVS.

    Because of location and the way they run Doubletree, this is definitely one of your best options when staying in the area. Sure, you can find cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

    06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. John H.
    Dear Hilton Management

    Please check room 710

    This was my third time at this hotel, I have loyalty with hilton.

    1. Room smelt of strong chemical when checking in.

    2. Towels are old and completely chemical spoilt.

    3. Low water pressure and could not get the shower to be warm enough.

    4. Air conditioning fan is so loud.

    5. Beds poorly made and pillows were uncomfortable.

    6. I did not feel the room was clean.

    7. Cannot open a window there.

    8. No comp water in the room.

    9. Checkin in process was fine.

    10. Restaurant and bar are just horrible. No atmosphere and dated.

    11. Gym is standard.

    12. Did not and would not use the pool due to my fear of hygiene and chemicals used .

    11/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    34. Richard R.
    Whenever I am in El Paso, I try to stay here.  Needless to say, I have stayed here few times.  It is in downtown and close to many restaurants and is close to work.

    Sometimes, finding a parking spot can be challenging inside the garage, especially when there is a function going on at the hotel.  

    The staff here are really great as they are all very helpful and friendly.  The breakfast bar is adequate with a chef available to make an omelet for you.

    The only drawback is the business center setup with the printer.  I have gone there on several occasions to print a document and was not able to do that.  There is no option to print a document with their current setup.  I had to go to the front desk for a print.  But, that just gives me an excuse to get couple of the warm cookies they are so famous for.

    13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0