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Company Info:

Rating: 2.33

Address: 3751 NE Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX, 76137
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
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Comments (12):

1. Barbara K.
This Marriott is down at the heels and the service was not what I'm used to. When we arrived, we had to wait over 5 minutes for the desk clerk to arrive. She said she had been in the bathroom & seemed a bit miffed that we were wondering where she was (we were wondering aloud when she appeared). Humorless is a word that come's to mind when I think about her. When we got to the room, the balcony door wouldn't lock (uneasy feeling), so we called the desk. She said they would give us a new room. Rather than meet us up there (which is what normally would happen at a Marriott, but probably didn't because she seemed to be the ONLY staff there at 4pm) and walk us to the new room, we had to go back to the front desk for the new key. The new room was fine - just fine, but I didn't like having to interact with the lady again. On the plus side, the bed was delightfully comfortable and we slept very well.
We only stayed one night. The morning desk clerk clerk was friendly (a great ste up!), so we left on a higher note. I was a bit disappointed that there was no continental breakfast and that the coffee provided in the room was only enough for 1 cup of caff and 1 cup of decaf. That seemed odd - why not have 2 servings like most hotels? It just didn't FEEL like a Marriott. I felt a bit like a motel instead of a hotel - lackluster service & a bit run-down.

21/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Glenn H.
There was something about this Courtyard that seemed a little shabbier than the others I'd stayed in.

Maybe it was the little things:

- one room key vs two,
- the oh-so-common AC unit that was poorly placed so it blew into your face as you sat at your too high desk for a too low desk chair,
- maybe it was the cheap white Fridge cube, looking like a refugee from the Goodwill, that seemed to freeze everything solid even at the lowest setting
- or the prominent insert with my room key stating" Please be advised. This is a major metropolitan area. For your safety and security, please do not leave valuables in your car." [now I fear for the safety of the car windows or the trunk being opened like a sardine can]
- Or maybe while the cost of the room was reasonable, the normally complementary breakfast buffet was added instead [fair I guess if you don't eat breakfast]
- Maybe it was the free wired Internet that was wonky (up & down) for two days.
- Or the show water diverter that stubbornly resisted budging to give me my shower--so much so that you could see the faucet downspout was sporting a fresh caulk bead covering where the spout was pulling from the wall.

So I am left oddly uneasy about this hotel. My spidey senses are detecting multiple things that made me not quite pleased with my stay here.

14/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Cynthia M.
Ok so after a horrible plane ride/night to the Dallas/Forthworth Airport (I didnt make it the first night and I ended up staying the night at the Houston Airport) I really expected to be disapointed again. I had to cancel the meeting at my job because I couldnt get there. And my business associate was stuck as well but she got to get stuck in LAS VEGAS....uggggggghhhhh  

So anyway I get to the hotel and check in and was pleasantly surprised that not only was my room paid for but they upgraded my room. I still dont know if my company did that or they felt sorry for me because I spent the night sitting on the cold floor at the Houston airport.

My room had its own jacuzzi/huge bathtub in it and i was done for the day. I think I spent most of my time in that tub that night. It was pretty flipping awesome.

Luckliy I didnt really go out to check out the town because there was nothing to check out. There was a highway and then the hotel and thats about it!

The nearest store was walmart and it was scary driving all that way.Its too bad that I had to leave early because my family was waiting for me and they are located in McKinney which is like and hour from the Hotel.

But i truly enjoyed my short stay there. I would definitely go back. Oh and although I missed it they had a complimentary mixer dinner the night that I got there. That was a nice touch.

There was plenty of parking and people were very nice. Oh and the entire Hotel was inside and so was the Gym. :)

13/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Penny L.
I stayed here for 3 week due to business. I flew out on the weekends and would be back by Monday. The hotel was clean and safe which are my biggest concerns. If your looking for the little extras such as internet, gym, or SPECIFIC toiletries this is not your hotel.

GYM:The gym is very small, allowing little if no room to stretch.

INTERNET: The internet connection is hit or miss because it really depends on the location of your room. At one point the modem in my room was not working, and instead of giving me a new one for the night, I was told I could go into another room and use that modem and they would replace mine in the morning. Although maybe they were just having a bad 3 weeks with their internet provider.

TOILETRIES: I called the front desk asking for a shower cap and was told, "I'm not sure if we have any." and asked if the employee could go look and was soon told, "yes we have some" and was not offered for one to be brought up.

Although it sounds like I wasn't happy with the hotel, it really was very clean and very safe as well being conveniently located to the company I was doing business with. It also had a really GREAT breakfast buffet with amazing service. The buffet is not included in the room. Also the hotel did offer 1 washer and 1 dryer for $1 each and provided detergent and fabric softener. Check in and check out was also very fast.

21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Daniel S.
THis the worst hotel that I have stayed in! I came here for a second time for one week just to give it the benefit of the doubt, however I was not
impressed at all! The room is clean and the bed comfortable, INTERNET CONNECTIVITY IS WORSE THAN DIALUP!!! So if your trying to business I hope you have 3G!!! The gym is extremely small, I tried out the Hot tub both times I came here and the water was Luke warm and the jets barely work in the hot tub. The only reason I gave such a high score of two stars for this hotel is that the Breakfast bar was great and the service there was extremely good! And I ONLY mean the service at the dining area for breakfast. I don't think I will be staying here anymore, I might as well stayed at an economy motel, because the price is not worth it at all!!! Good luck!

30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Mark W.
I stay at this hotel a lot.  It is what it is - a room to sleep in.  This time I took my wife and was a little embarrassed by the overall poor experience.  It seemed like something went wrong every day.  1st day our room wasn't made by housekeeping, 2nd day our room keys didn't work, 4th day our room keys didn't work.

The worst thing happened on the 4th day.  One of my pet peeves is when people use their cell phone while they are in the middle of completing a financial transaction (at the store, the bank, a hotel registration, a rental car desk, etc). I was next in line at the hotel registration (when my key stopped working for the second time) and the person in front of me decided to take a call. At that point the transaction was over, the guy behind the desk was just waiting to thank the person before attending to me.  I asked him if he could start helping me while the other person completed their phone call and he proceeded to call ME rude.  

Seriously?  The person in front of me takes a phone call in the middle of the transaction, holds the line hostage, and you're calling me the rude one?

10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Brian D.
Older setup.  Old TV's.  Place needs to be updated.  The people there are very friendly and the location is good for where I need to travel to on business.  I also get a business rate so the price is real hard to beat.  Please update the place!

16/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. Eddie L.
So, I arrive at 5:47 PM (I looked at my watch just to make sure) with my boss' boss. Pleasantly, I was informed that, as a valuable Platinum member, my and the boss' rooms were upgraded to King Suites. However, the rooms weren't ready. That is where I liked at my watch. How can rooms not be ready at 6 PM?  I did say rooms. So, we sat in the lounge for a drink while we wanted 20 minutes for them to prep the rooms  When I got to my room it was pleasant enough, but no trash cans in the entire suite. I got back downstairs to meet the boss, and there he is the front desk. His room still wasn't ready. We're not just talking that the bed wasn't made; the shower curtain was laying on the floor and a tool belt was draped over a chair. The desk clerk now comes up to verify the statement, but i guess he doesn't believe my boss, cause he didnt bring another room key. So, here is the boss carrying his luggage back to the front desk, and to his new room which is double beds, when I reserved a king. Now, back to my room. Pretty nice, but the bedroom door doesn't shut. Newly remodeled room, but no one checks that an interior door doesn't shut? Oh well.
So, Courtyard...you get 5 stars for first impressions; but, you lose 1 star for not having rooms ready at 6. You lose 1 additional  star for My boss waiting 20 minutes for a room that was habitable. You lose the third star for doors not closing, not trash can in the room and just general attention to detail.

29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Herb T.
They are undergoing renovation and in truth they warn you....but....I wasn't prepared to be at the Baghdad Marriott.  Jeez they didn't do one wing or floor at a time so the workers and the dust was in all the halls. My room was "new" but the door to the bathroom and its hinges were preserved from previous decades.  Maybe a nod to the old west??? On a good day this was an average suburban low end Marriott. During my stay it was lower lower end.  ps nearby restaurant included one called "redneck heaven"...I wish I was joking. er...just whistlin' dixie!

They try and offer extra Marriott points to keep guests but truthfully they need to do a wing at a time or just shut down and knock the renovation out.

16/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. JB C.
stayed 6/28-6/29. I'm 6'4" tall. Hit my head on Exit sign on 3rd floor. All other signs are lower. During shower, took off wedding ring and left in soap dish. Forgot it. Called 4 times and talked with staff. Was told they would call back in 15 minutes. They never called back. Called 5th time. Attitude of staff was not caring or showed concern for my problem. Stated that room was inspected before/after cleaning. Stated they talked with room inspector & maid but no ring was found. I'm a Mason/Shriner and would not lie about this. Their staff has my wedding ring. Sent complaint on their website, was not called back. Front Desk Clerk Sunday morning was hanging out at Breakfast area (no free coffee or breakfast) and was mocking me and having fun at my expense due to my back being out.  Worst experience at a hotel EVER.

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Eric B.
Extremely disappointed.   I'm paying over $100.00 a night and the air conditioner will not cool below 65.  Someone in the Marriott organization made the EXTREMELY STUPID decision to keep the air conditioners from cooling below 65, even though I AM PAYING FOR A PROPERLY FUNCTIONING AIR CONDITIONER.   ALL of their air conditioners should work as they are designed to, none should be disabled so hat they cannot cool as they are designed to cool.  All Marriott has to do is charge 3 or 4 dollars more per night and that will more than make up for the use of the AC.  The window AC unit in all of these rooms  will not use very much electricity in an 8 hour period.   The fact is, that an AC actually cycles on and off during each hour of use so they do not run continuously.   In an 8 hour period an ac probably only runs for an hour or so and once the room temperature is reached it is very easy to keep it at that temperature.  Only a minimum bit of electricity is used to keep a room cool.
    Furthermore,  only a very small percentage of their customers will ever run an ac below 65, but their lame brained decision to keep the ac units from doing their job affects ALL of their rooms.  They could have some rooms available in each hotel where the ac units are not disabled.  If they really cared about their guests they would have a system in place that met the customers needs and expectations.   Either set some rooms aside where the air conditioners are not disabled, or charge more per night, or do what most hotels do, and just don't disable the AC's to start with.  Years ago certain organizations charged people to use the toilet, usually it was 5 cents to 20 cents.   That turned out to be a very stupid mistake.  People, if they didn't have a nickel or dime, would use the bathroom outside of the stall on the floor.  Marriott's decision to disable their air conditioners is an  extremely stupid decision also.    Marriott has lost all of my future business,  and I am certain that it has also lost the business of many of its other valuable customers.  Just because they want to save 3 or 4 bucks.  If i was not paying for the room then i would not have a legitimate complaint,  but i DID pay and did not get what i paid for.  I feel taken advantage of and ripped off.   If i stayed at motel 6 i would have been treated better. Now that is irony.

17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Felicia D.
I am giving this location a great rating for service! My company had a 2 day event location, Frank and his staff were attentive and catered to our groups every need! They recently remodeled...had Christmas decor and music! Love it. Bathrooms next to the lobby area were clean, offer computers with printers. They even faxed off some items for me! Service A+....I recommend you book your events here.

12/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0