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Days Inn Fort Worth-Stockyards in Fort Worth, TX

Days Inn Fort Worth-Stockyards in Fort Worth, TX

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 5370 Blue Mound Rd, Fort Worth, TX, 76106

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    Comments (2):

    1. Jessica A.
    Front desk personal has no knowledge of what customer service is......

    I booked my room using Hotels.com with late check in request. My husband and I arrived at the hotel at around 10pm. I went to the office to check in, rang the bell because there was no body at the desk, a few minutes later, a half sleep lady showed up at the window (yes the reception lobby was closed) and conversation went as follow:

    Me: "Hello, I have a reservation and I would like to check in"
    Receptionist: "Are you paying cash or credit"
    Me: "I already have a paid reservation thru Hotels.com"
    Receptionist: "My credit system is not working and I cannot check you in"
    Me: "but the room is already paid for...."
    Receptionist: " I understand, but you paid them not us"  
    Me: "Right I paid Hotels.com , isn't them who you do business with, who at the end will pay you?"
    Receptionist: "Look, if you want I can give you a room but you have to pay in cash, you can call Hotels.com to cancel."
    Me: "I'll call and cancel. Can I get something in writing indicating you will not charge my account for cancelation?"
    Receptionist: "NO! we don't give anything in writing, you didn't pay us here!"
    Me: " I need something in writing, do you have a business card with your name?"
    She put  a card under the window with  a note that reads: "Room not charge" and she scribbled her name but can't tell what it says.
    (Please note, she never acknowledged/greeted me)

    I grabbed the card and went back to my car. I called Hotels.com , they placed me on a 10 minute hold, I hung up.
    After talking to my husband and looking for other hotels around the area to find out there was no vacancy at any of the nearby hotels, we decided to pay for the room in cash and deal with the refund the next day.

    I went back inside Day's Inn front receptionist window. There were three man standing waiting to be helped. 10 minutes later, the same lady comes to the window to finish helping the three man.
    And conversation with me went as follow once again:

    Me: "I decided to pay you in cash for the room"
    Receptionist: "the room is $79.99 plus tax"
    Me: " I booked the room for $63.87 including tax, can you give us that price?"
    Receptionist: "that's the price you got with Hotels.com not us, I cannot use their reservation price because my credit system is not working"
    Me: "you have got to be kidding me! I cannot believe this, your service is the worst ever!"
    Receptionist: "sorry there's nothing I can do"
    Me: "with your attitude and tone I don't think you feel sorry"
    Receptionist: "whatever" and she walked away.
    Me: " WHAT A B!^C#"

    And walked out of the building.

    I hope that this location hotel owner reads this and if you are let me give you some tips of what could have been done in this situation.

    1. Hotels.com had already charge card, so receptionist could have detain my credit card until next morning once system was buck up and running.
    2. Because of the inconvenience to the customer (me), receptionist could have giving me Hotels.com room price for cash payment.
    3. Receptionist could have offered to contact Hotels.com to notify them of the system problem and assure that there would not be a cancelation fee
    4. The least she could have done was to write a professional note as I requested.

    We travel a lot here in US and internationally, this is the worst service I have ever experienced. I will definitely ever attempt to stay at this chain of Hotels every again!

    I give 0 stars but not possible!!

    08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Felipe M.
    Had to find a place to stay so I could move my daughter out of TCU.  Even a month out, many of my standby hotels were booked because it was also graduation weekend.  So everything within 10 miles of campus was either booked, or crazy expensive.

    Found this hotel, and figured that having the Days Inn name was better than Joe & Bill's Motel, so I booked, got a good rate, and figured even with the bad reviews, I would give it a try.

    Came in late 9pm, check in process was quick and easy.  This is where the things started going downhill.  The room was large, bed was comfortable, but my Non-Smoking room had 2 ashtrays, and smelled like a chimney.  I called the front desk, and asked if this was a Non-Smoking room even though it smelled, and had ashtrays in it.  

    There was a coffee maker in the room, as well as a microwave, and a refrigerator.  NIce touches, but guess what, these appliances used up all the remaining outlets on one side of the room.  The other outlets were so worn out that if you plug anything into them they fall out.

    Made coffee in the morning, and for 2 days straight, the coffee maker was not cleaned out.  Who knows what else was not cleaned in the room?

    Lastly on checking out, nobody was manning the desk.  After ringing the service bell 3 times, the desk clerk showed up and treated me and the other guest behind me like we were bothering her.

    Overall probably the worst stay I have ever had.  There are better options in Fort Worth, make sure you go elsewhere.

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0