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Hilton Fort Worth in Fort Worth, TX


Experience first-rate lodging at our downtown Fort Worth, Texas hotel. Well-appointed guestrooms beckon with the Hilton Serenity Bed, 42" LCD flat-panel cable TV with premium channels, and high-speed wireless Internet access.


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Rating: 3.60

Address: 815 Main St, Fort Worth, TX, 76102

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    Comments (57):

    1. Mimi S.
    My initial plans fell through, and I ended up at the Hilton Fort Worth at 6:30am on the day of check-in. Knowing that check-in wasn't until 3pm, I left my name and number with the front desk and asked that they contact me in case I was able to check-in earlier. I waited and waited, but it seemed that hope was lost and I would have to wait until later to be admitted to my room. I had fallen asleep on the lobby couch for 4 hours when I was gently awakened by a few of the management staff. I explained my situation to them and they told me to wait a few minutes longer until they wrangled up a room for me (obviously having someone passed out on the lobby couch wasn't the best look for them). Within 10 minutes, I was upgraded to an executive king room and able to check-in by 11am. All the staff, from the valet attendants, to the front desk hosts, to the management was very hospitable. I truly enjoyed my stay and would definitely come recommend this hotel to anyone staying in the Fort Worth area. THANK YOU!!!

    14/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Addison P.
    After the valets stole my rental car to take someone to Whataburger at 4 am, I decided I didn't really like staying there.(4/26/10)   The manager had promised me a free stay if I would give them another chance, so december of 2010 I was going to visit family and decided to take them  up on the offer of a free stay.  The manager who offered it to me didn't work there any longer and no one seemed to remember until I got in touch with one manager named Terry.  She remembered the incident of the Whataburger bags in my car and a receipt as I was leaving the hotel to go to a friend's wedding.  She said to call her with definite dates and she would take care of it.  Called back the next Monday and she was on vacation.  They finally booked my stay and then wanted to charge me when I checked in. Needless to say, I was not happy at all and was quite vocal about it.  If you offer to make it up to me for stealing my vehicle, please be competent enough to communicate and make the apology happen......I have told everyone who visits not to stay there.

    18/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Kirk B.
    Hands down, the best deal in Downtown Forth Worth (avg $100/night).  Great hotel, nice rooms, and nice bathrooms.  It's also in the heart of downtown and within walking distance to everything.

    03/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Brady H.
    On a random trip to check out Fort Worth, we picked this hotel instead of driving back to a Dallas hotel. Reviews were very mixed at Trip Advisor but as a Hilton Diamond, they treated us right. We had a wonderful corner room on the 15th executive floor. With a room on the top floor, we had a crazy high ceiling. The room was also appointed with a big plasma tv (but no HD channels).

    Chrissy's review is funny - but across from our room was suite 1530, the JFK suite. Looking at the floor room map on our door, that is one big suite. Lots of JFK and Jackie photographs right outside our room and outside 1530.

    The valet parking is a bit annoying but not anywhere as annoying as the elevators set to announce every floor. At first I thought the Garmin GPS I had in my bag was announcing the floors. I guess this is a good thing for blind people - if that is the reason, then great idea.

    The executive lounge was ok - it was massive and on a Sunday morning every table had a copy of the local Sunday newspaper. The only local food flourish were some mediocre breakfast burritos.

    10/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Michelle R.
    We stayed for two nights for a relatives wedding in Fort Worth. Our room was nice, beds comfortable and above average and clean bathroom. Valet and desk staff very friendly. Quick service from valet as well, although it is expensive at $18/day! Main complaint is the 2nd night of our stay I got very little sleep due to a very obnoxious noise from our air conditioner, which we alerted staff to earlier in the day, but apparently was never resolved even though they said they would send a technician up to fix it. It was so late and I was so tired after the wedding when we got back to our room I didn't have the energy to complain about it..but ended up getting so fed up with the noise, I just shut it off and dealt with a warm room. I would probably look at other options, such as the Omni if I stay in FW again, but I can't say it was "bad".

    08/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Chrissy R.
    This place is an historical landmark because it's the old Hotel Texas.  Having wasted 4 years of my life on a degree in Politics, I understood the significance of this fact.  Those who aren't as deranged as I am would immediately notice it right away from all of the pictures, letters, and other singage letting you know that:

    "The hotel Texas is where President John F. Kennedy and the First Lady Stayed on November 21st 1963.  The next morning after a speech in front of the hotel and in the hotel ballroom, the President's motorcade departed, taking with it the final moments of a more innocent America."

    Seriously, that message is EVERYWHERE in the hotel, and that's why it gets 4 stars instead of 3, for the unintentional hilarity of it.

    When I came to check in though, I was early and they could not find me a room.  Also, the elevators would skip floors, leaving some people standing in front of banks of elevators for ages waiting for one to decide to stop there.    Some fo the staff wasn't the friendliest I've ever come across.  Especially while I was waiting for my room.  

    Positives though, it''s very centrally located in downtown Forth Worth.  It was also well fancy to look at--totally worthy of a place that the greatest American President last boinked his wife.  The food for banquet I attended was the best hotel banquet food I've ever had. Making the experience (besides the morbid dead President stuff) is Michael the concierge who is just a trip--full of hilarious Texas charm and energy.

    20/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Nickie G.
    Very mixed revue on this one, but I actually had a very positive experience.

    I stayed at the Hilton for a conference and everything went fairly well!
    The people at the front desk got whatever we needed quickly, we were given a map and directions from another employee, and it was in a very convenient location. Everything was within walking distance!
    My room was very comfortable. King size bed, large TV, and decently sized bathroom. I have to say, I loved the housekeeping team. Every morning my bed was fixed, the place was tidied up, and I had more coffee packets, creamers and sugars. That may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it's a nice feeling not to have to call down to the front desk for a single packet of sugar.
    Oddly enough, I think the best part was the staff. As soon as we arrived we had someone help us up to our room, and the moment we left we were able to quickly have someone help us down with our bags. The banquet staff wasn't quite as friendly, but they did their job efficiently, so I can only be so upset.

    The worst part, for me, was the wifi. There is free wifi for the 1st and 2nd floor, but any higher than that, it becomes and issue. An issue that you may have to pay to have.

    I would probably stay here again.

    08/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Stephanie P.
    I stayed here on a Buisness related trip the first week of October 2012 and was very impressed with the excellent service provided at this Hilton. I felt that the concierge and front desk staff were very attentive and went above and beyond in helping me get to know the city (I will be moving to FW shortly). I am a young woman (and I look even younger than I am) who is often dismissed/not treated the best at nicer hotels/resturaunts, but this was absoloutely not the case here. The rooms are very nice and the lobby area is very inviting. I will stay here again next time I am in FW and will refer people here when I move to FW.

    16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Brian F.
    Stayed here during the Super Bowl, service was attentive and friendly.  Rooms are a bit dated and not what I thought of as a "Hilton."  The only real downside are the hours of the restaurants.  The hotel restaurant I never saw open at all, maybe I just didn't notice it and Ruth Chris always seemed to be closed or only seriving drinks.  Good location if you're in Ft. Worth!!  I'd stay again, just plan accordingly for dining options.

    20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Colin B.
    Only spent a night here last week, but had a great stay. It is quiet, cold, dark and has a mega comfortable bed. Can't complain about those...

    The breakfast buffet is decent. I'd prefer full sit down with waiters, but hotels don't usually do those things.

    Lots of history, great location, great prices. Good stuff.

    01/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Amy K.
    My experience here was okay. The room itself was decent. There were a few things that maybe they should look into fixing. Starting with the AC, sleeping through the night was uncomfortably hot. We had it set at a certain temperature and it would never reach that. Also, the bathroom doesn't have any vents. So when we showered it got so hot! The tv wasnt working properly as well and we had to call someone to come up to fix it. Good thing was that they did act on it fast. Lastly, as we're gathering our things together to check out, one of the employees knocks on our door asking us very rudely if we were leaving, we told her yes and asked if check out was was noon since it was 11 and she agreed but said we needed to hurry. Not sure what the point of that rudeness was about. So besides those things, they had comfy beds, most bars were walking distance and that was a huge convenience. So overall, it was all alright.

    19/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Darcy B.
    Well, they actually followed through and ended up refunding one night's stay.  Quite a shock really.  I'm glad they followed through with what they said they were going to do and made it right.  I'll still avoid staying at this hotel again, but at least they've earned an extra star from me.

    19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Vickie L.
    Whenever I'm in Ft Worth for business, I typically stay here.  Rooms are decently priced.  There are 2 towers, from my experience, the rooms in the main tower are much nicer than rooms in the 2nd tower.

    Wifi is usually dependable, but one of my last times I was there and stayed in the 2nd tower, they didn't have wifi there, which kind of ruined my trip as I had lots to catch up when I got home as I couldn't work at the hotel.  Their workout facility is in the downstairs area and is well stocked with machines.  Each of the cardio machines has its own TV which is always great.

    Location - great location downtown.  Ruth's Chris is connected to the hotel and Del Frisco's is right across the street.  Both get a thumbs up for me.

    Last time I was there they asked me if I was a Hilton Honors member, I said No, but that I might sign up when I checked out.  So they upgraded me to a room on the Honors floor free of charge.  The room was NICE.  It had a 36-40" flat screen TV, a really nice bathroom with nice tile and marble countertop.  Nice bed with very soft linens.  AND you get access to the Honors lounge where they have a TV and a nice sitting area, and in the mornings there's free breakfast & coffee.

    Dislikes - They have underground parking across the street where you used to be able to park your own car and pay when you were done.  But now parking is valet only, which stinks because their valet service is SO SLOW.  Even if we leave at 7am and there is no line, their valet always takes at least 10 minutes, and the parking garage is right across the street.

    22/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Jesper L.
    Great service. Great staff, great room, great food, and a good price.

    23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Greg F.
    I just spent five nights here and I have to say it's a pretty good hotel.

    - Great location, right in downtown Ft. Worth
    - Nice lobby
    - Friendly staff
    - Great gym downstairs (if you can find it)
    - Excellent complimentary stuff for Hilton Honors folks including breakfast and happy hour

    - Valet parking is the only option and it costs $20 a day.  Even if you're here on the company's dime, I think this is a rip off.
    - Rooms are a little dated

    All in all, this is a solid hotel.  Check out the restaurant Grace next door for some great food and drinks.

    22/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Tim S.
    First, the good news. The hotel is a great historic building. JFK stayed here the last night he was alive and is honored by a cardboard cut out and cool photos scattered throughout the hotel.
    I had a small issue with my booking that couldn't be resolved by at least three people I spoke with. They like to settle small issue by just saying "no" or saying the issue is fixed, then not doing a thing about it. To be fair, after I contacted the hotel manager, I was refunded the full price of my room, but this could have been taken care of with one phone call. I didn't want a free room, I wanted a great stay at a great hotel.
    One of the issues with this hotel is the relatively young staff. Historic hotels usually have older, experienced people working there. I did not see this here. As an example, at check in, the young lady said, "You are going to love your room! It looks out on all the city lights and it is just beautiful!" Then she said, "Uh, that is not your room, your room has a view of... actually, it doesn't have a view". Thanks a lot! Nice to know in our price catagory great rooms are available, but we didn't get one.
    The other issues are noise and security. The escalators up to the rooms are placed so that it is possible for someone to walk in and not be seen by the front desk. I don't know how the group of 8-10 very drunk people got past the front desk and into our hallway at 2:30 AM. The were partying loudly in the room next door until we called security. Seriously, they sounded like a parade coming into their room. After they FINALLY left, the couple that stayed started loudly fighting over the TV chanel selection. We called security again. We finally got to sleep at around 4:30 in the morning. The least thing a nice hotel should do is provide you with a peaceful, safe night's sleep.
    It is sad to see the decline of such a grand old hotel. I hope the Hilton Corporation puts a better management team in here so it can truly live up to it's potential. I wish I would have stayed at one of the much cheaper hotels in the area.

    19/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. Lisa O.
    Ok.  I thought this hotel was great.  I pricelined it...so I probably paid less than the norm, but I was really happy.  The room was clean and large.  All the workers was extremely friendly and helpful.  The bed was comfortable and I thought the room was reasonably nice for the price.

    When we got to the room, we learned it was a single and we needed a double.  They immediately sent two aero beds up.  One had a hole in it and we didn't realize it until late, but I'm sure that we could've called about that too.  

    i had some questions about my bill later, but they cleared it all up immediately with no complaining needed.  

    The location is also within walking distance of many great places.    I'd definitely tell people to stay here when they came to visit.

    The only thing I thought was ridiculous was the price of the valet, but that's pretty standard for hotels.  It's just Fort Worth parking is so cheap.  And there was water and coffee...but no fridge.  Fridges seem standard for a room like this anymore.

    20/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Sal G.
    Last minute reservations made in a good location.  The staff was always pleasant and always helpful.  There is no self-park at this location, just take all of your valuables with you and get used to the valet scenario if you are going to be staying in Fort Worth.

    The aspects that made this more than just an average room were the Starbucks in the first floor off the lobby and the close proximity to the Convention Center.  Nothing special about the room.

    03/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Quani C.
    I've never been to Ft. Worth, so I was excited when my boss asked if I'd want to come here for a workshop.  I was excited to see that we were being put up in The Hilton.  I was excited to see that this was the same hotel that JFK spent his final night.  I was excited to see that we each had our own room.  I was excited to see the huge, suite-like room (king size bed, 42" Plasma TV with HD channels, a desk, and a couch for entertaining) that was just for me.  

    I was not, however, excited to see that they charge for internet service... that isn't even wireless.  It's $9.95 a day.  Every single hotel here in Austin has free wireless service... even the crappy ones.  I had to get an ethernet cable before I could even attempt to get online, only to be shut down by the fee.  Ugh.

    This hotel is in a great location.  It's walking distance to a lot of downtown Ft. Worth, including lots of fabulous bars and restaurants.  

    The staff was friendly, for the most part, especially the concierge guy, who was just a little bit over the top, actually.  Since I thought I'd have a roommate, I neglected to bring toothpaste, so I had to ask at the desk.  They had none, but the concierge had a single tube... just for me.  They also had a little shop for purchasing such items, but the prices were outrageous!

    Very annoyed by the internet thing, but I think I'd stay here again.  I'd just take my laptop to a bar or something.

    02/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Jennifer W.
    I booked a room through priceline.com in July.  Reservation was for September 27th.  They accepted my bid without issue and I paid in full up front.  The day before I was due to check in I called to make sure everything was set (since there was a TCU game and I knew space was tight).  I was told when I called that they had overbooked (?) and had moved me to another, lesser quality, hotel.  No phone call from them or heads up.  The person at the Hilton Hotel that was on the phone with me did not seem to care.  I would have driven five hours to town only to have been turned away and shuffled somewhere else late at night.  It puts a bad taste in my mouth that the Hilton is so greedy that they would "rid themselves" of third party bookings so they could accept last minute, overpriced bookings.  I won't be giving the Hilton my business in the future.

    27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Aparna B.
    I had to organize a workshop nearby for 80 people, and I used the Fort Worth Hilton as the workshop hotel.  I organized the block rate through them and had an evening reception in part of the space near their 2nd floor bar area.  The sales and group bookings staff was really great to work with and responded to all of my inquiries and requests very quickly. I received positive feedback from the workshop participants about the quality and location of the hotel.

    04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Anna S.
    Best place we have stayed in awhile. I locked the safe by mistake and they were there in minutes to unlock it. The executive lounge for Hilton Honors members was great.
    We will definitely stay here again!

    27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Jose B.
    Hotel was decent.  The size of the room was quite large.  However the particular room I had, the toilet/bathroom was very tight.  The door swong into the bathroom just clearing the toilet by 1 inch.  LITERALLY!
    It was an unusually tight bathroom for a hotel room, with so much additional space within the room.  It just made no sense.
    Additionally, they only provided free internet to certain hotel members (those that were in the hilton honors club) which I thought was strange, and then had to call regularly to the front desk to obtain the password.  I've stayed at other hotels, and seemingly their WiFi was free and not with any hoops that had to be tackled.
    The hotel is known for being the last hotel JFK stayed at before being assassinated.  That was kind of cool, but for what the did not offer (not even a continental breakfast...I may not stay here again.

    11/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    24. Jacob H.
    The hotel is great, good staff, nice rooms, good location BUT
    THE VALET IS HORRIBLE AND I WON'T STAY HERE AGAIN BECAUSE OF IT!  Took almost 30 minutes to get the car, almost missed a wedding!  When checking out, took 20 minutes to get the car and the staff refused to refund the $22 for horrible service.  Best yet, the valet guy was made that I didn't tip him for under performing....ruined my experience....but don't worry, I paid $22 for it!

    01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Trevor K.
    Overall the hotel is in a great location (close to train, restaurants, convention centre), was clean/tidy and the WIFI worked without issue. With the exception of a pool/whirlpool and a larger fitness facility I think this is everything you could ask for in a 4* Hilton property.

    A short walk from the Amtrak station lies the Hilton Fort Worth, the hotel JFK stayed at before he was assassinated. It seemed to take less than 5 minutes to walk to from the train station (Amtrak and TRE), which has a really cheap and convenient train service that runs to Dallas on the TRE ($5 one way to Dallas). The TRE was very spacious and reminiscent of the double-decker European trains in terms of having room for luggage, being fairly quiet, etc..

    Your first step inside the Hilton is greeted with a beautiful stone lobby, high ceilings, and a smiling individual who is the "ambassador" on duty. We had the pleasure dealing with "Papa Mike" who handed out his cell phone number and said to call us anytime, and he stressed anytime. There is an onsite "pantry" to get snacks/drinks from as there does not appear to be convenience stores close by.

    Our room wasn't quite ready (check-in was 3pm) but without any prompting the clerk gave us some vouchers to use at the onsite Starbucks or at the bar for free drinks while we wait. Definitely great service when you don't have to ask, these are the little things that should be done.

    As we were Hilton HHonours members we were given free internet (not sure if it's for everyone?) and our room was very spacious. It was a corner room and had a lot of natural light through the windows and all the space you could want. It was clean and tidy with no issues.

    The fitness facilities were just OK, they are tucked away in the basement and not very large. The equipment they have is in good repair with the usual TV monitors/headphones and such on the cardio and a very small selection of weighted equipment.

    The hotel is an easy walking distance to many of the restaurants. The Flying Saucer had a very, very large beer selection for those so inclined and there were restaurants that suited all your desires from casual to upscale. Jake's (two blocks away) was open for breakfast and had a good basic breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, pankcakes, etc) at a great price (under $10/person). Definitely worth checking out if you're in a rush as it is not busy and the basic breakfast food is as good as anywhere else.

    If you attempt to walk to the stockyards be prepared for a creative journey, it seems that partway there is no sidewalk and you end up walking through holes in chainlink fence under a bridge. We did not encounter any problems but from the beer bottles and such underneath it may not be something to try if you are alone at night or when it is late. Definitely worth a visit to the stockyards though!

    22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Kenny H.
    I will not return to this hotel.  The rooms are spacious and the amenities are better than average, but my experience was tainted by the mess at valet.  The hotel does not have its own self-parking lot.  Thus, be sure to plan ahead for the $22/day valet fee, plus the obligatory tip.  I have stayed in big city hotels in Chicago, Philly and San Francisco whom charge similar amounts, but their service is astonishing fast and professional.  The Hilton Ft. Worth offers valet personnel that are slow, seemingly lazy, and not solution-oriented.  If you are greeted at valet with a female employee, she does run, hustle and helps  I wish I got her name to share with the hotel, as she did stand-out.  The rest of the staff, from my experience this past weekend, should find new employment.  In conclusion, it took 20-25 minutes to retrieve my car each time when departing.  I also witnessed people waiting 20+ minutes to simply drop off their car.  I have additionally complained to the hotel management about this problem and before you stay in this hotel, I recommend calling them and aksing if they have corrected the overly expensive and extremely slow valet situation.

    16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    27. James F.
    Ol' Rooster picked well on our weekend visit to Fort Worth. A couple of blocks away from the Amtrak station if your so inclined to rail travel; this property wowed on all aspects and gave me a history lesson in the process.

    I obviously don't remember JFK but my mom recalls a unique perspective. In 1963 the President stayed here the night before his untimely death. He left what was the Hotel Texas on his final ride in a motorcade. My mom who was in middle school had time off for an upcoming visit later that afternoon in Austin. It never happened.

    The Hilton portrays this in memories all over the grounds and inside. A snapshot in time when circumstances became complicated for all Americans. I found Hilton's tribute to be tasteful while showing a snapshot of that terrible day. With that said on to less important findings.

    Out in the country I'm not used to such pampering so this is a well deserved rating. The Starbucks in the lobby became a nice spot to wake up and cruise down for some morning joe. Add in that it was graduation weekend and some loud guests two doors down were handily dealt with with the threat of expulsion without a refund. All devised by a mom with twelve girls singing to Livin' on a Prayer that she couldn't handle. Bon Jovi blaring during graduating class of 2011? Thought that would have been 198X, but I digress.

    The room on the 11th floor was clean and comfortable. LIGHTNING FAST elevators from a different time. Then, my biggest reason for the five star rating. Enter Michael "Pappa Mike" Goldberg who was our Journey Ambassador for our stay. The former title being concierge and Pappa Mike guided us and called ahead for some special treatment.

    Champagne followed all our meals thanks to him knowing this was our 4th anniversary. It was the ultimate touch in making this a memorable weekend. He added to his clout by extending our stay so we didn't have to check out early and drag our bags around before we boarded the train to come home.

    This Hilton was in a class all its own thanks to the staff and the accommodations. When it comes to staying in Fort Worth, I wouldn't dare choose another destination.

    06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Faith D.
    Ft. Worth Hilton rejuvenated my belief in the Hilton brand! They offered great customer service, from check-in to room service, I felt like an appreciated guest.

    The room I had was quiet, on-the-end, and spacious. Housekeeping did a great job keeping it clean as well. There's a coffee maker in the room, but no mini-fridge (which I like when I travel).

    On the first floor, there is a Starbucks (which if you want good customer service, look elsewhere...they were all grumpy) and their restaurant. Their restaurant was just okay and they preferred you to eat their buffet than order off their menu. Their bar is on the second floor. Aside from their food and drink options, the rest of the hotel met my expectations and provided a great place to stay!

    There is free WiFi for any Hilton Honors Members, but you don't get the complimentary breakfast unless you are a certain level member. Thanks for the free WiFi!!

    It's in a great location Downtown...

    23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Tate V.
    We are holding a cash flow conference in the hilton ballroom and we found that the staff was very helpful in setting up the room and acquiring the needed materials in order to hold the conference.  Overall it's been a good experience, no complaints with it. The wifi is wide open so that has helped us out a lot.

    10/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Kyle H.
    Formerly the Hotel Texas where President Kennedy spent his last night, there's quite a few photographs and placards reminding its guests of this fact. I thought it was interesting to see the old photos of the Hotel Texas with JFK, Jackie and LBJ exiting the hotel. You can still espy the ironwork on the building that held up the Hotel Texas sign.

    My stay at the Hilton was enjoyable. Service was impeccable. Both concierges were incredibly helpful. "Papa" Mike, who bills himself as a "Journey Ambassador", was especially helpful procuring taxis and maps.

    There's free Wi-Fi in the main areas of the hotel and in the Starbucks connected to the hotel. Despite an earlier review about being charged for Wi-Fi in the room, that was free as well.

    The rooms are incredibly spacious, with 42" plasma TV, a desk with dial up internet access, WiFi, a King Size bed, a big couch for chillaxing, and a huge bathroom. I was super impressed, especially since this is an older hotel, that usually spells "bed in a box"!

    The bar area was nice and open and actually had a good beer and wine selection. The Starbucks blends well with the hotel, but seemed to take a long time with orders both mornings I stopped in. At the hotel Mrs. Texas pageant finalists were parading around (with dutiful husbands in tow) vying for the crown. We missed the swimsuit parade, and I'm sad to report that the hair wasn't nearly as big as one would think, (clap-clap-clap-clap) deep in the heart of (Mrs.) Texas! But it was still entertaining to have around.

    A super convenient and safe location in Ft. Worth for your next stay "Where the West Begins"!

    26/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Audie M.
    Best lobby, restaurant, bar and lounge area in a downtown Fort Worth hotel. Beautiful exterior. A Ruth Chris Steakhouse and a mini Starbucks is attached. Located a block or two from all the best bars and restaurants downtown. Lots of rich history, and it is truly an American landmark. This Hilton beats the Embassy Suites and Sheraton by far.

    Only major downside was the room service. I splurged and ordered a 14 dollar pizza, which on the menu stated that it was a fresh, hand-tossed pizza. It was a frozen pizza, probably a DiGorno and I'm not lying. I was so irritated. Took 45 minutes to arrive.

    For the room, the mattress wasn't as nice as I hoped, but free WiFi is available, which is a rarity for a hotel these days. Nice view, lots of good cable channels and shower had good water pressure. The only parking option is the 22 valet, I wasn't too happy about that, but the service was quick and prompt.

    The hotel manager on duty the evening of December 7th was extremely helpful and gracious when I asked for walking directions to a nearby country club. He walked us to the street corner and gave us specific directions and we appreciated that. Thank you!!

    31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Trude H.
    I gave up on Hilton Hotels many years ago.

    Fort Worth Hilton, you are a game-changer! I booked FWH so I could walk from the Amtrak Station - in 102F heat - but I'm Canadian and liking feeling  warm!

    As I stagger into the main lobby - cool, polished granite floors and calm, welcoming front desk staffers make the check in totally painless.

    But what are these lobby shrines to JFK? A bit spooky, as two days previous I had visited the JFK memorials in Dallas, and felt a chill, even though the morning heat was blasting us. Here I am, in the historic Hotel Texas - has the heat affected me? OMG - a punch of history! Other yelpers remark that this is the hotel where JFK spent his last night before the motorcade headed to Dallas, but how many have visited the Dallas site then ended up here in a very short time frame?

    Back to the present-day Hilton! The concierge was terrific; as the train was late getting into FW from San Antonio and that cut into my sightseeing time - a map was produced, along with walking instructions, so I could see my top picks before the attractions shuttered for the night. He secured my dinner reservation, and off I went to enjoy Sundance Square, along with some delicious ice cream.

    The room itself was large,elegant and quiet, facing the convention centre, and Texas stretched out for as far as the  eye could see! High level of cleanliness, lots of fresh, sweet-smelling towels, and Roth amenities (really, the best!) made this a great stay.

    Early morning breakfast at the lobby cafe. OMG! Mountains of bacon, mountains of strawberries, all exquisitely fresh. I opted for a bowl of oatmeal, and the server  returned to the table with an enormous bowl the size of a Texas stetson - and with a big smile, said, "Mam, you know what they say, in Texas everything is bigger!" Oatmeal topped with pecans, now that is a Texas breakfast. Very good coffee, the Wall Street Journal, and pleasant ambience.


    01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Wayne L.
    Smoking room posing as a non-smoking room = Meh. I've experienced better.

    I wanted to enjoy this hotel.  Especially given the history of being the hotel that JFK stayed in the night before his assassination.  Unfortunately the hotel has a dated feel to it once you move into the floors with the rooms and a strong chemical cleaning agent smell in the hallways.  I was hoping that this smell would only be present in the hallways, but upon entering the room, the chemical fumes were overwhelming and then beneath that was a strong cigarette smoke smell.  I went back down to the front desk and asked to switch rooms, but they claimed that they had no other rooms.  They did admit that the room was a former smoking room converted to non-smoking.  But clearly cigarette smoke isn't easy to get out.  So in the end I suffered through a night in the room and woke up the next morning with a scratchy throat.  I won't be back here again if I can help it.

    15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. Brian J.
    This hotel is nice but not close to luxurious.  It is really worn down in many places, from room doors that no longer fit to paint/drywall repairs that were done haphazardly.  The windows in our room were from 75 years ago: the single panes let in a tremendous amount of cold weather, buckets of condensation covered up the pathetic view, and they also let in too much noise for my tastes.  

    The staff are very nice as you would expect from the Hilton brand. Dinner at the hotel's Ruth's Chris steakhouse was the highlight of our stay, great food from beginning crab cake to ending cheesecake with salad and steak in middle.  

    The king size bed was comfy, and the room was spacious, although the bathroom was very cramped.  Sheets, towels and pillow were all nice and comfy.  Overall a very good hotel, but with the omni down street offering true luxury for similar rates, I doubt we will be back anytime soon.

    12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. Samantha R.
    We had a horrible experience the past few days. I will say the hotel was very clean but severely lacked in customer service! Even after they ask how our stay was when we check out, we told them a few things that made our experience not great ... They simply said have a great day! We were woken up every day promptly by construction at 8am but was never told there was construction happening when booking this hotel for a wedding party. The air conditions did not work well and when checking out the valet took 30 mins to find our vehicle after blaming us for not having our ticket that we had given them already then blaming us for not memorizing the number on that tag... Needless to say we will never stay here again and missed our flights.

    25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    36. Vero P.
    lovely rooms. valet is expensive. no vents in bathroom. no pool. like the convenience store.

    28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Robert L.
    Went to Fort Worth for anniversary getaway and stayed here. Got a good deal on Priceline. Wife and I were impressed with the great service provided by both the front desk and also journey ambassador Mike. Our king bedroom was very spacious but I would agree with prior review that the bathroom is a little small.  While valet parking is $22, the location is easily within walking distance to various attractions and dining places. Saves the hassle of downtown parking. Overall, we were very pleased with this hotel and would definitely stay here again.

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Nina B.
    Convenient location
    Beautiful lobby
    Clean rooms
    Good breakfast buffet
    Peter Thomas Roth toiletries!
    Fast valet parking service

    No fluffy robe in my bathroom and no complimentary breakfast which is a shame for how much I was paying per night
    No pool
    You must park valet at about $25/night
    Service at the hotel restaurant was slow and a little sloppy
    No refrigerator
    A/C sounded like and felt like it was struggling to work.

    Overall, a good solid 3 stars.

    19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    39. Kevin Z.
    This hotel is smack dab in the middle of downtown. The staff is friendly & knowledgable. They offer water in the lobby as well as complimentry water in the rooms. The rooms are spacious & the bed is comfy. Not sure if they offer complimentry wifi or if it was provided due to my status.
    There is a Starbucks & Ruth Chris attached to the hotel. In addition there are quite a few restuarants & bars around the corner from the hotel. Also the JFK memorial is across the street & the hotel pays omage to the late JFK w/ photos & notes as it is the last hotel he stayed at. The convention center is less than 2 blocks away as well.
    This Hilton is in my top 5 Hilton hotels I've stayed in. Def worth the money!

    16/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Gio F.
    I was giving 5 stars but I have 2 points I didn't like
    Small area where valet take your car
    And customers sometime have problems with the cars
    ALSO $20 for the valet par night ??!!! Réaly ? That mean 5 night = $100 for valet ? Naaaa  
    ALSO one hotel like that doesn't put a small bottle of water like welcome is very shame.
    - Room service lunch Was good but I didn't understand why my yogurt was already open ;)
    About the rest was perfect
    Scenario - restaurant - room - bathroom !all good . 90% good deal

    07/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Randy S.
    I stayed here on business over the last week and I'll be checking back in next week. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, the rooms are huge (& I've been promised the same room next week) with comfortable beds and the housekeeping is brilliant. The bar is fabulous. Papa Mike the concierge is extremely helpful and has great. Gym is a downstairs in the basement but is large and had all the necessities. We had an event at the hotel and the events team couldn't do enough to help us out and the catering was great - everybody commented on how great it was!  Can't wait to stay here again.

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. R G.
    I love downtown Ft Worth.  Our room was nicely furnished and clean when we arrived.  Maid service however was quite lacking during our 3 day stay.  Oneday they didnt show up and another there were not enough towels etc left.  Forget abt changing bed linens.  Other little things as well with hotel staff and constant banging noise.  Dont know if they are working on the hotel but quite irritating.  Overall just not what I would expect staying at the Hilton.

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    43. Mandy C.
    Our 2nd stay... Very pleased both times. Great views from our room. Room service was perfect! Bed was wonderful! So comfortable!
    On the same block as 4-5 great restaurants!
    Hotel service was very prompt & helpful... Front desk, valet , and room service!! Only request... Is slippers for the granite bathroom..

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Melanie W.
    I have such mixed feelings on this hotel.....Here are the pros - Super Friendly and Helpful Staff (Stand outs are Andrew in Guest Services and Papa Mike in Concierge).  The location was GREAT and only blocks from Sundance Square and a ton of nice restaurants and Bars!!  The rooms were nicely appointed (looked like they may have updated them recently) and the black out curtains were awesome.  The bathroom toiletries were "Peter Thomas Roth" (if you don't know that name....it is a very high end brand and expensive....so that was a nice touch).  I have seen other reviews about the valet and being slow....we did NOT experience that at all and note that you CAN call down for your car (which we only did one time and it was there when we arrived downstairs).  The valet attendants were very nice and friendly and offered help with directions each time.

    Cons - The AC was almost non-existent in the room where we stayed (Room 937, so avoid that room if possible).  The front desk sent an engineer on the first night to check it and he changed the filter but it did not help at all (they gave us a free Starbucks Coffee and Pastry).  We stayed in that room for 3 nights and on our last night, we complained again and they offered to move us across the hall to room 938 and it was about 10 degrees cooler (that was a great move and wish we would have moved earlier.....but it was College Game Day weekend and I think they had a full house).  The other problem with the room (937) was the hot water, which was luke warm and there were no fans in the bathrooms.  I know that this is an older hotel but as a Hilton Brand, I would think that with enough complaints, they would start renovating the AC system in the rooms (and we heard that the AC issue was an ongoing problem and that a lot of people complain). We literally had the AC cranked to 60 degrees and it never got below about 80 in our room.  It would probably save in future energy costs too if they changed them out.  

    We would probably stay there again for the convenience to downtown but I would definitely ask for a room with an AC that was working well or asked to be moved again if it wasn't.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Selina V.
    Pretty solid hotel. The staff was very friendly and helpful, unlike the valet...
    All of the memorabilia throughout the hotel reflecting JFK was quite interesting and pleasing. It's nice to know that a hotel can be to chic yet still stay true to its history and the tradition surrounding it. There was a gala of some sort going on at the hotel on our second night, thus when we returned in our car to the hotel we had to wait in a line wrapped around the building just to get to the valet. Consider having a second line for hotel guests?

    19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Jack P.
    Treated first class on our stay even though we were getting a discounted rate for a conference. Room was incredibly spacious with a very comfortable bed. Bartender was awesome. $25 for valet parking... You can park nearby cheaper, but I decided it was worth it for the convenience. We walked everywhere. Great visit to Fort Worth. Will stay here again.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Suzanne M.
    Room was nice. Air refused to cool room below 73. 25.00 to park your car when you paid 279 for the night is just ridiculous !! First and last ti

    29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    48. theresa B.
    I stayed at the Hilton in July for a week because I was working an event at the convention center. It was a perfect location since I only had to walk 1 block. I flew in from FL so I did not have a car with me but it did not matter. Everywhere was walking distance. This hotel was great due to having Ruthe Chris attached to it!!!

              There were TONS of Restaurants/ Bars/ Pubs/ and entertainment all w/in a 5 block radius! The staff was extremely nice and the hotel was super clean! I also thought it was neat regarding the historical aspect of this being the last hotel JFK stayed in.

            I highly recommend this place if you want a nice relaxing comfortable stay whether its business or pleasure!

    28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Helen A.
    Very convenient to the convention center. Parking is valet only which is annoying. But the location is great. Good walking distance to Sun dance square. The concierge  is super friendly and always helpful.

    16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Jen L.
    I like an older hotel with their quirks and history. And, boy, does this place have history...thanks to the JFK slept his last night here business.

    I stayed here for almost a week for a conference...meeting rooms were good with a variety of sizes, only issue was climate control. It seemed like it was difficult to keep individual spaces just right. Rest rooms were appropriately sized on the meeting room floors and were kept clean and supplied.

    My banquet lunch offered a really tasty vegetarian meal (pumpkin ravioli) and others had steak to varying degrees of satisfaction. Some thought it perfect, but my dining companion thought hers was too touch to eat. I would think steak for 100+ banquet attendees would be difficult.

    My room was good with a vary comfortable bed and a good view of the convention center. The blackout curtains worked very well. The bathroom was a bit tired looking. There was no vent so steam filled the room. The toiletries were good quality.

    I only ate lunch at the hotel restaurant once and it was acceptable. I chose not to have the breakfast buffet for $14. The hotel bar was expensive and was staffed by friendly but really basic bartenders; the liquor selection was adequate.

    There was a starbucks and a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse attached to the hotel. You are not allowed to wander out of the Ruth's Chris and back into the hotel with a drink, even though they are connected by a corridor. That is just silly to this NOLA girl, but the bartenders can get in trouble so don't try it.

    Staff was very nice and our room was cleaned promptly. The only real issue was that the front desk staff messed up our bill and it took about 30 minutes to straighten it out. Of course, he blamed the guy who checked me in.

    There were lots of walkable restaurants and shops nearby.

    01/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Wes O.
    Overall, a pretty good experience for a downtown historic hotel.  The negative is that they do charge a fairly high premium for valet parking and there's no parking otherwise. The rooms are plenty spacious and the interior remains comfortable, yet keeps with Fort Worth's heritage and the hotel's heritage as the Hotel Texas (where JFK spent his final night.)

    If you're a Hilton Honors member, they do provide free wi-fi, which I wish I had known in advance.  The front desk and the concierge in particular (look for the older gentleman named Papa Mike) try their best to be helpful.

    If I was going to mention one other negative, it was the guy at the front desk on our last night.  I asked for a late checkout as a Hilton Honors member.  He gave me the overdone faux courtesy and offered me an additional 30 minutes to check out.   Thanks for nothing for that.

    29/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    52. Brad M.
    This is a beautiful hotel, with lots of pictures of JFK's stay!  Although the valet ($20/ night) can get you, the rooms are comparable (and even cheaper) than many other downtown hotels!  Ruth's Chris is connected to the hotel through the lobby... they have their own wonderful bar and lounge... the waitstaff to take your bags to your room are quick, courteous and oustanding.  The rooms themselves are large, clean and immaculate"!

    While we are Hilton Diamond members anyway, this is one of the better hotels we have stayed at.  I normally like the Blackstone Marriott, but they just keep jacking their prices up, and offering horrible service.  

    Hilton Downtown had just earned our business for all of our Sundance Square stays!

    5 STARS!

    16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Vishal S.
    Nice but way over priced! The location of this hotel is great, lots of food and entertainment around. The staff has been really friendly and helpful. I stayed on the executive level and the a/c fan was extremely loud when it kicked on. I had to shut it off to sleep at night. They need to upgrade their mechanical.

    24/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    54. Tiffany J.
    I really wish they would take pride in their parking area. It is unsafe and disgusting. Unfortunately it is the cheapest...albeit not inexpensive covered spot near my office. The only options for going outside are to go up the ramp and risk getting run over by the valets or walk up the disgusting, eerie back stairwell.

    24/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. Michelle L.
    I celebrated my birthday here and I really like this hotel. The front desk staff was so friendly and accomodating. Wine and a birthday card was delivered up to my suite. That was such a nice touch. This hotel is a historic site. It's where JFK stayed and there are photos commemorating that event throughout the hotel. We enjoyed brisket quesadillas and drinks on the second floor at the Skylight Court Bar before going out for the evening and it was very good. That brisket was so tender and flavorful and made me so happy. The following morning for breakfast we went down to Cafe Texas. There is a self serve breakfast buffet and there is also a chef there taking omellette orders which is the route we took. I would definitely stay in this hotel again. It's beautiful, a little bit dated, has a friendly staff and I'm pretty sure its haunted.

    07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. Amy R.
    I wish I could give negative stars for this hotel! My boyfriend and I checked in on Christmas Eve 2014. That is a tough night to work & my heart went out to the staff members that night. We didn't plan to be in the downtown Ft. Worth Hilton on Christmas Eve, but as our truck's belt had alternate plans (get it, "alternate" plans :~))  1/2 way on our trip up north, we found ourselves in need of a room while the repairs were being made. The hotel was clean. The room was way too hot! With the air temp set at 60, we sweat all night. The clerk was nice.

    Unfortunately, the valet (named LT) parked our car and then immediately relieved me of my $300 pair of Maui Jim sunglasses & my Christmas jewelry. I've only purchased 2 pairs of nice sunglasses in my life. The 1st was beautiful pair of Ray Ban's that I left on a toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom of Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park when I had my 3 (under 5 yr old) godchildren with me in 2002. My 2nd purchased pair was relieved of me the night I checked into this nightmare hotel. They were expensive and beautiful, but the real sadness of the valet's relief of my possessions was with my Christmas jewelry. It was plastic & coated brass. Jingle bells, I've loved like no one else could! What kind of a valet steals that from a late night guest?

    I called the hotel manager & the valet manager. No one called back.

    Save yourself and stay anywhere in the DFW area but here! If you HAVE TO stay here, please keep your belongings with you at all times.

    15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    57. Jill S.
    We stayed here a few weeks ago for business and the CMA awards.  It's close to several good restaurants and a short walk to the convention center.  If you are looking for a modern luxury hotel this is NOT the place for you. This is a nice hotel, clean, safe, and steeped in history.  Also known as the Hotel Texas then, Kennedy stayed at this very hotel before that fateful day in 1963. This is one place to put on the to see list in Ft Worth.

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0