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Hotel Indigo Houston At The Galleria in Houston, TX

Hotel Indigo Houston At The Galleria in Houston, TX

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.58

Address: 5160 Hidalgo St, Houston, TX, 77056
  • Mon: 12:00 am - 11:30 pm
  • Tue: 12:00 am - 11:30 pm
  • Wed: 12:00 am - 11:30 pm
  • Thu: 12:00 am - 11:30 pm
  • Fri: 12:00 am - 11:30 pm
  • Sat: 12:00 am - 11:30 pm
  • Sun: 12:00 am - 11:30 pm

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Comments (59):

1. joliemariee f.
Great boutique hotel. Adorable warm and friendly decor. I LOVED the colors, the rooms were comfortable and charming, with lots of room and a mini-fridge & coffee maker (big plus!) The staff was helpful and friendly. This reminds me of a more budget friendly W. We booked on Hotwire and got it for $60 a night, you can't beat that! In Chicago you would get a Holiday Inn if you were real lucky for that price! Great hotel, we will stay there again when we return to Houston.

14/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Sonia T.
Okay, so I thought I would step out of the norm this past weekend on a business trip to my hometown of Houston. With the NCAA tournament, and other various things going on in Houston I checked the rates at some of my normal hotels and they were sky high.  I stayed at the Hilton for business then switched over to Hotel Indigo for Saturday and Sunday. I remember when i lived there, and I had heard about it, so I was curious to check out something new. First off, don't expect a Four Seasons type experience. This is a boutique type hotel, very BE ACHY, in pretty blues, seashells, flower murals, bright colors. VERY MIAMI. But new, not kitchy.  We walked in around 12 noon on Saturday and were warmly greeted, given a room key, and a snack pack that had trail mix, bottled water, Reece's, and an apple. Thoughtful I thought! It doesn't have a pool, which I didn't like but the rate we got there ($109! a night on a weekend, more than made up for it!) It does have a small bar that seemed to be pretty lively on Sat. night, and the interior I found really refreshing, and fun. Our room was on the 6Th floor, and it was smaller than I expected, but VERY clean, new, and nice. HUGE king bed, nice down pillows, and duvet. No bathtub, but big walk in shower, open filled with my favorite shampoo in the whole world. Aveda Rosemary Mint--BONUS POINTS!!! The biggest bummer was the AC, we could NEVER get it just the right temp, and the unit in the room was a little loud.  The location was perfect. You could walk to dining places, or the galleria, and worked out great for us. The staff was EXTREMELY friendly, helpful, and upbeat. WI fi was free and fast, and we had no problems with anything. Nice TV with lots of cable channels, and no noise outside, or on any other floors. All in all a great experience and I would DEF. stay there again!!!

31/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Jennifer M.
I discovered Hotel indigo prior to Caitlin A's wedding, and odd as it sounds, we did part of her bridal shoot there.  They have brilliantly painted walls, and a gorgeous blue tufted high back bench that worked beautifully with her eyes.  Management was very accommodating, staff acted as if photo shoots happened every day and even opened a conference room to us for changing and storing our bags. Turned out their location was the shot that we used for her bridal portrait!  Simply gorgeous and I think her photographer planned to return again and again.  Thanks Hotel Indigo!

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Jerry E.
Nice rooms and helpful staff; bouquet furniture in room with no carpet; walk-in shower without tub; window treatment is wooden type blinds. There are no room dark curtains, so expect early morning sun light.

Some rooms are next to a building that has outside security lighting that shines in windows. Your room may never get dark. The air conditioning is loud and hard to control. Paid $170 per night.

The free internet lacks bandwidth; slow.

04/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Susan L.
Very nice decor.  The staff was very nice.  We got a great rate of around $100 a night so we scored!  We also got free snacks cuz we were part of their rewards members program.

I would stay here again for sure.

06/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Dave L.
Overall a pretty decent hotel but it's not worth $200+ a night. You can use Priceline.com and get a 4 Star hotel in the Galleria area for $80-$90 a night...

08/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Sonia T.
I stayed here for the weekend recently, while the bf was in town just for a little staycation.  This is the second time I have stayed here, before I moved back to Houston, and it just keeps getting better and better.  We scored an AWESOME rate for the weekend at $50.00 a night (thank you priceline!) for a standard king room.  The lcoation is PERFECT for out of town guests, you can walk to many places to eat, and the galleria.  Parking is FREE--and its a safe area.  The rooms are simple painted in blues with a true beachy feel, and the beds are super duper soft.  The AC is the only gripe, which is a bit loud, and the rooms have a stand up shower which is open and can get a little chilly.  They have free Wi Fi, and all cable channels with a mini fridge for your leftovers from all the great places to eat nearby.  Service was fantastic, and everyone was really friendly.  On friday night after going out for my boss's birthday we went and sat at the bar to end up meeting an actor from Washington DC that was in town visiting to watch his grandsons football game at KinKaid.  he had been married for 45 years, and told his lovestory to us over a great glass of wine.  The bartender was helpful, and my boyfriend has bnreakfast on Friday morning, while I headed to work which he said was very good.  The only other drawback was no pool, but for $50 could I really complain?  Great place to stay if you have family in town, a large group, or just for a little r and r.  Will be back!

04/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Lauren C.
Not a bad place but wasn't as good as we'd hoped.  It was the most affordable place we could find near the Galleria.  Aesthetics were nice but the worst part was trying to figure out our AC unit.  It was hardwired to 72 degrees and if we tried to lower it the unit would turn off completely, even just set to 70.  There's no shower door which wasn't too pleasant and no curtains.  Unfortunately, the blinds don't keep out sunlight whatsoever.  Probably wouldn't stay here again

03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Caitlin A.
Hotel Indigo was the perfect hotel for a casual weekend full of shopping & relaxing in the Galleria area. The room was clean, the staff was helpful. The A/C is a little noisy and there weren't curtains in our room, so it was a bit bright once the sun came up in the mornings, but it would take a lot more than that to make us not stay there next time we visit.
Parking is a major plus- private lot with plenty of space that was so nice when returning to the hotel late at night (and a heck of a lot cheaper than valet.) The other hotels we looked at in the area didn't offer this convenience.
We booked/paid in advanced and got an awesome rate for a King room. Hotel Indigo does charge an additional $25 for "incidentals" when you check in- you've been warned.
At Hotel Indigo, you wake up feeling like you're beachside & look out the window to see the Galleria only a stone's throw away. The best of both worlds!

20/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Emerson F.
This hotel is good, but not great. It's almost worthy of my "get it together" list. I stayed here 2 times. Once on opening weekend, and once recently. The hotel is nice, but the amenities don't justify the price. This is an exceptional hotel at 120-150 bucks, but at the $220 price, it's missing the mark. There aren't ice machines on each floor, and no pool or hot tub. You can get much better service at a number of hotels in the area for the price.

I do like the interior though. It's different and reminds me of Fla, and the front desk staff was very nice at check in/out. I've never seen stripes used so much in decorating though. A lil over the top.

17/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Tracy J.
Gosh, I really liked this place.

It's decorated in a very interesting way. I can't speak from a guy's perspective, but for a girl it was really nice to walk into a room with lavender , navy, and lime accents on white. The wall that the bed was against was wallpapered with big blueberries! Yet the whole thing worked. There is a playful seaside theme to the decor. I just really liked the feel of it.

Interesting shower, no curtain, but the water still doesn't spray out much. They had all the towels, toiletries, etc. that you would expect, and I think there was even a hairdryer. A rough robe in the closet.

The room was perfectly clean, the bed was high and comfortable. The lobby was fresh and fun. I felt very comfortable and happy staying there. Nice, helpful concierge, too.

The room service food was pretty awesome. Everything we ordered for our late night feast was prepared like you would get in a decent-to-very-good restaurant. I liked the smoked salmon appetizer.

The main issue with the place was the loud air conditioner. Otherwise, I'd recommend it, especially to females.

25/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Christine M.
First impression as I drove into the parking lot: OK not bad looking, looks a little cheesy but maybe it'll be a lot better in the inside. I walked in and the front door only opens on one side when it looks like both doors would open up. I looked like an idiot standing on the side that didn't open...oops!

The front desk associates were very friendly and explained how everything works at the hotel. I got my room keys and proceeded to the elevator. As the doors opened to the 4th floor I soon began to realize how big the hallways were. Part of me just wanted to do cartwheels up and down the hallways just because they were so spacious!

The hotel room was a bit on the small side and the flooring is some type of hardwood flooring which is nice because the reduction of allergens, but sometimes when you go to hotels you want to indulge and have that plush carpet underneath your feet. The bathroom doesn't have much room as far as places to put your makeup, flat iron and what not while you get ready. The shower also does not have a door, but has the beach get away open shower feel. Just keep in mind that the water does splash onto the tiles at times. The bed is super comfortable!

Overall the room had a beach house feel from the hues of blue to the shutters and other decor. At times the decor was a bit cheesy and it made you wish that when you looked outside you saw the beach rather than the parking lot.

This wouldn't be my first recommendation as far as places to stay but its decent for a couple of nights away.

14/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Suzi T.
I would rather sleep in my car than stay at this hotel again.   I posted a review about my unpleasant stay on Tripadvisor and the general manager contacted me and asked for my personal info and date/time of visit so he could address the customer service issues, and in return he would host me on a complimentary visit and assure a great experience.

I revealed my identity as asked, and heard nothing.   Weeks later I emailed and asked that I be contacted -- nothing.  Waited a while and then contacted the BBB and filed a complaint -- and they won't even answer that complaint.  

I feel violated.   The general manager's tactics were unethical to say the least.  I wish I could give negative stars.

03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Brent B.
I have stayed in an Indigo in another city when my reservation was bumped due to weather. I stayed this time because my first choice hotel was sold out and the Indigo was half the price of other Galleria Hotels.

It is a value hotel. Would not be my first choice. The rooms are good sized, the hotel is clean.
Towels are not at all soft!
The staff and service is mixed. Lovely staff at the desk but the person who answered the room service order was gruff and near rude.
Great location, easy parking, and pleasant enough but they fail on getting past the basics such as the housekeeping staff not talking loudly in the hallway and banging the doors. Also the blinds are hung so that it is day light in your room as soon as the sun is out. No black out blinds.

Not horrible, but a B- but a great value if you are looking for that.

10/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. David G.
People who created this hotel are clever; it is appealing but was built at very low cost. Amenities few as others noted. Staff at this location are very attentive. My company's US HQ is around the corner and I am obliged to stay here...it is the nicest "reasonably priced" hotel in the Galleria. I have learned to get used to it. Food is decent in hotel and you don't have to go too far to get something better. Get up early if you expect to have your pick of the sparse gym equipment.

31/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Cass D.
If all you care about is decor you will undoubtedly be pleased with your stay here. There is no pool, there is no microwave, there is no laundry facility. The gym equipment is very basic. The beds are incredibly uncomfortable. The nicest thing about this place was that the room was fairly spacious. Otherwise, I would not recommend staying. The front desk personnel told me there was no stair cases when I inquired because I didn't feel like waiting for the elevators, the next day I found the stair case at the end of the hallway for my room. No free breakfast here. The roomy shower was kind of nice, but unless you want to freeze your ass of make sure you shut the bathroom door when you hop in.

17/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. CG E.
Manager took good care of us with a free night after a mishap (water turned off during our stay for repairs - with no warning).  Great location and friendly staff.

23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. diana c.
went in lobby for a conference which was cancelled due to the big freeze we had today, ha ha.  the front desk guy was a real turn off, had the persona of a bouncer in some shady club.

28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Sophia V.
Such a cute hotel! I am in love with the atmosphere. The decoration at this hotel gives it such "home-like" feel. I am so in love with the brights that this hotel has to offer. It is so refreshing! The staff was friendly and very hospitable. Always there to lend a helping hand.

Definitely a place to stay at when you're visiting Houston. My out of town family and friends love this place!

Con: just a shower! no tub. But who really needs a tub?

28/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Christopher H.
Because I was working in one of the Galleria towers, the Hotel Indigo was an obvious choice for me location wise. And from there, everything was pretty much downhill.

Their lobby area is rather nontraditional. They have a floating receptionist desk in the lobby, with a cafe style restaurant/bar in the back. I can't speak to the place itself, but it seemed comfortable and the food was reasonably priced.

The decor was all greens and, yup - you guessed it, indigo. For the most part it worked just fine. What did strike me was how wide open the hallways were.

The room was where things fell apart. There was a hallway when you first entered, with a closet and bathroom to the left, and it led into the bedroom, which was barely big enough to contain the king sized bed. The AC was at about the same decibel level as an approaching 737, which meant it was unusable at night. The TV, while having a ton of channels, had no sleep function (I'm the type to have the TV on when I go to sleep). And the desk area had a basic table chair, which is very uncomfortable when actually trying to do any work.

There was a mini-fridge, though.

For the money, there are many better hotels in the Galleria area.

01/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Shannon S.
I booked a two week training here for my business and found the staff to be very easy to work with.  I have never gotten so many compliments from my students about a Hotel as I did for this location.  Everyone found this to be a very pleasant place to stay and be at for the training.  The conference rooms were a bit narrow and oddly shaped but I was able to adapt things to work and the staff assisted me with getting things to my specifications.  The color scheme was a bit bright and gaudy (with light blue and green) but the students seemed to like it and not be distracted by it so no big deal.  Another big bonus for me is that this location is near to some easy to access restaurants so that my students can eat an enjoyable meal and still return in a timely manner to get back to work.  I especially liked the Alexander the Great's Greek Restaurant that was across the street as they had some really great food.

The only small complaint I have is that the beds were really high and I nearly broke my ankle a few times getting out of it the first few times until I got used to it (and I'm not at all a short person so it is a really high bed!).  

I will certainly be using this location again for my trainings!

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Haley V.
Stayed one night. Booked with Travelocity Top Secret Hotels. Very nice, clean, and friendly staff.

29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Jim C.
Summary: Not bad, different, good food, noisy climate control, great shower but no tub.

Long version:

I usually prefer suite hotels, but since they often only have rooms with one bed and I was traveling with a female friend I decided to try a regular hotel instead. Since I'm back to working for a company big enough to get corporate hotel discounts I went and looked for someplace I could get at corporate rates. Hotel Indigo stood out because I'd never heard of it before, and on seeing Michelle C's review, helped by the fact that the corporate rate was only $83, I decided to give it a shot.

It's certainly different decor-wise. Very pretty, although the blueberry wallpaper was a little strange. The checkin staff was very friendly, and it was nice to get the paper bags of treats they give to Priority Club members, and nice that they gave us each one rather than just one for the room. They made for a nice snack before dinner.

We got in late as we stayed for the fireworks at the Renfest and it took us a while to get to Houston, so we decided to just order room service rather than going out for dinner - and it was surprisingly good! The lump crab cake and its sauce were delicious. The lox appetizer was pretty good. The greek panini was OK, good not great.

Other good things: pretty rooms and hallway, ice and soda machine just down the hall, nice firm comfy bed with lots of pillows.

Bad things: Well, I wouldn't say the climate control was like a 737, but it certainly wasn't quiet. It was pretty much what you'd get at a Holiday Inn or cheap motel.

Also... no tub???? The shower was very nice, I have to admit, but this place is right next to the Galleria... after a day of shopping or touristing I want to relax in a nice hot tub. But I couldn't here.

All in all, if you must go to a hotel and want something different, this is a nice place to go. But suite hotels are a much better bargain, in my opinion, and there are a Staybridge Suites and an Embassy Suites right next door.

Edit: They have a WIRED network connection in addition to the regular wireless! Wired connections are so much better than wireless, they don't suffer from the dropouts which stall wireless TCP/IP connections occasionally (those are the things that make some things take forever to load occasionally). Too bad the iPhone doesn't have a regular Ethernet adapter. If you have one of those wireless travel routers this would be a good hotel for you, you can make your own local hotspot.

23/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Courtney C.
We stayed at Hotel Indigo along with our out-of-town guests and our wedding party last weekend for our big Tex-Indian wedding weekend! Everyone LOVED the hotel and commented on how accommodating the staff was throughout the four days. We had a mix of guests ranging from small town country folks, to city dwellers and even a few international guests; literally everyone loved it and felt comfortable. I, as well as a number of our guests, come from the hotel industry so we can sometimes be hard to please but there were no complaints! We hosted the mehndi in the bridal suite one night and had about 20 guests; everyone had plenty of room and didn't feel cramped at all. The open parking was a huge plus, and honestly, a big reason why we booked this hotel. Anyway, you get the picture...nothing but kudos all around. Great staff, great hotel, great location, great rooms. There is no way you can stay at this cheery little hotel and not be happy!!

30/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Destiny D.
It's been awhile since I stayed in this hotel. But we stayed just for two nights and we were really impressed with it. The room was very clean and very eye catching. We loved the room and the bed was really comfy. The parking was great, and it was right next to the galleria. The entrance and exit was not a problem at all. I really don't recall us having a problem entering or leaving the hotel at all. I would recommend this hotel to anyone!

22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Michelle C.
Somebody else in my office handled my travel arrangements for a recent visit to Houston.  She mentioned that something must be going on in town, as all the hotels were completely booked and everything that was available was way more expensive than usual.  She managed to snag me a room at the Hotel Indigo for more than twice what I had paid in the past to stay here - but I was fine with that, as I was familiar with the property and knew I would be comfortable there.

So I sauntered into the hotel at 10 p.m. after a lovely dinner with some friends I hadn't seen in ages.  The woman working the front desk can't find my reservation.  I impatiently hand her the confirmation that my assistant had printed for me, and she looks at it, then very politely points out that the reservation is for the following night.  She then proceeds to tell me that they are completely booked.  

Insert whimpering noises here.

I ask her whether she might help me find someplace to stay, knowing that just driving around trying to find a room is going to be highly unpleasant.  She asks me to wait a moment, then goes to get the guest service manager, William Wood.

William tells me that they have a room that somebody has smoked in, and it is their policy to air the rooms out for four days after that happens.  This room is on its fourth day, but asks if I would like to come with him and smell it to see if it will work for me.  I sigh with relief and gratefully tell him that I will gladly take the room, unsniffed.  William sends somebody from housekeeping to make up the room and even gives me a discount due to its supposedly-smoky smell (which I can't detect at all, and I'm pretty sensitive to cigarette smoke).

It's customer service like this that earns Hotel Indigo a fifth star in my book.  Thanks, William, for saving my trip.

28/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Ali C.
Stayed here three nights with my husband for a get away weekend. A HUGE plus was free parking and super easy access in and out of the hotel so it was very convenient when we wanted to get out and about. Plenty of restaurants and shopping right down the street. The interior of hotel and room is unique and hardwood floors in room gave it a 'clean' feel throughout our stay. Bed allowed us to sleep very well; although, no heavy curtains so light comes in easily. No pool- bummer. Bathroom vanity is small but there is a little shelf stand in the bathroom so I just used that to store makeup, etc. The staff is the most pleasant staff I've ever encountered at a hotel!
Would definitely stay again!

13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. m e.
For it's affordable online prices, this place gets 5 stars. I go whenever I visit Houston throughout the year. Really nice and comfy rooms, and they have room service if you want it. It's a casual atmosphere, so we go out for food, but the rooms and beds are so comfy and clean I really recommend this place. You're in the galleria area
So you have a ton of options. The street it's on can be annoying to find though.

14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Robert C.
Never again. The service here is horrible. Rude staff and I had to hound them to get my incidentals deposit back. avoid this place there is a reason the rates are so low.

30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
30. Mark H.
This is a four-star place with one major problem: its proximity to the loading dock of the huge Galleria mall next door. If your room faces that loading dock, get ready for frequent and annoying noise and poor sleep beginning sometime after 3:00 a.m.  So, if possible, reserve a room on the other side of the hotel (that would be the west side.) I actually changed rooms during my stay, so had the experience of both a standard room and a suite.

Otherwise, this is a nice hotel with friendly staff. It's very close to where I need to be for work, so I didn't have to rent a car. Things are clean and in good condition. The layout of the rooms can be a little odd, but they have a decent amount of space and amenities. Some other things that hurt the rating: a lack of a true closet in the suite; a shower enclosure that's completely open on one end, making for a chilly experience in the shower, no pool, and really lousy towels (harsh, not at all plush). Climate control worked but controls were slightly balky.

But the beds were comfortable and the place was otherwise nice. I will stay here again, but will carefully select the location of my room.

08/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Kristmas R.
Flippin' great price and clean rooms. We couldn't be happier. Great place that is made even greater by the staff ( you know who you are CARL)! I've stayed all over Houston due to medical needs and let me tell you- Hotel Indigo values my needs, which made feel better! Thank you guys xo

24/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Ronnie G.
Very friendly staff, comfortable rooms, i will definitely stay here again. Nice relaxing hotel, not the regular chain type.

30/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Elle J.
I did very extensive research on nice Galleria area hotels before booking Hotel Indigo though hotels.com , and I made the right choice. Whereas most Galleria hotels nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING, this place was definitely worth the value. Here's what I loved about it:

-The Galleria is within walking distance
-Free Wifi
-No extra charge for having more than 2 ppl per room
-Reasonably priced for a hotel of this caliber. It's not a luxury hotel but more on par with a Hilton Garden Inn.
-No major cleanliness issues
-Hassle-free check-in and check-out

What I didn't love but didn't mind:
-Loud A/C
-Strong smell in the lobby, like air freshener overkill
-Pretty sure there was a couple of hairs that weren't mine on a pillow, but there are tons of pillows on the bed so that one just got tossed aside. Otherwise it was clean.

I stayed here for only one night. All I needed was a nice place to sleep. I can't comment on the other amenities like they gym or cafe because I didn't use them, nor did I care about their not having a pool because I never use them at hotels anyway.

I was about to book the Westin before finding Hotel Indigo, but here's why I went with Indigo: Sure, the Westin has free parking but I read lots of reviews complaining how terrible it is to find a spot. Sure, the Westin is directly attached to the Galleria, but it's like a 5 minute walk from Indigo to the Nordstrom side of the Galleria (and besides, everyone could use the slightly extra exercise).

05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. David B.
We stopped by at 1:30 pm and were able to go ahead and check in to our room which was a plus. Front desk was friendly and helpful with his service. This was our first time visiting this hotel and we were impressed with the bright colors and decor in the lobby.

Pros: Decor very nice and bright, felt like being at the beach. Bed was very comfortable and I slept great. Price was very reasonable for this hotel. They have no mandatory parking fees like so many of the other hotels in the area. Location is great too. About 3 minute walk to Nordstroms and the Galleria.

Cons: Rooms are pretty tiny compared to other hotels. No counter space in bathroom, vanity was very tiny. No real amenities in this hotel, pool, spa etc. Pillows are tiny for some reason. They are half pillows which is weird considering we were on a king size bed. Instead of 2 king pillows, there were 4 baby pillows.

I would stay here again if in the area. I think next time we may try another hotel for comparison. Nice hotel though for the money and great location.

02/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Cindy B.
My husband and I just spent the weekend here as a quick anniversary getaway.  The hotel was nicely decorated - fresh, beachy, and fun.  We stayed in the king suite with living area and kitchen.  The room was plenty big enough, clean, and quiet.  The hotel is tucked in behind another building, so a little tough to find at first, but ample parking and walking distance to the galleria and several restaurants.  It would have been nice to have a pool and hot tub, but that's minor.  We were given drink coupons, so we went down to the bar Saturday night around 10:30pm, and the bar/restaurant attendant acted like it was closing, even though they weren't supposed to until 11pm. He acted like he really wanted to get out of there. We decided on just drinks, no food.  The guy was pleasant and joking with us, but still a little unprofessional.  We enjoyed our stay overall and will stay, again.

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Tonya M.
A really nice hotel that is close to where I am working as well as walking distance to the Galleria for entertainment purposes makes this an all around nicely located and eloquent hotel to stay.

Now, my stay began with me being a bit bent that all the chain hotels I could have stayed at in Houston were way overpriced for my customer so I had to choose from options I was not accustomed to NOR was I gaining points for my vacation in St. Thomas. But the bright Indigo walls and conk shells started making me feel like I had already made it to St. Thomas and my nasty negative feelings began to melt away.

The bed is amazingly comfy, the decor is really nice as well (shades and shades of Indigo... they don't call it Hotel Indigo for nothing :-)) A kitchenette (sans microwave) type setup in the room was conducive to assisting me in maintaining my low calorie meals. Wi-fi that actually allows me to use VPN to get to my corporate network is a total bonus as I have noticed that a lot of hotel wi-fi networks have cut this feature off which is highly necessary when doing business travel. I suppose the chains just want you using their business center for that. who knows.

There is a teeny gym here but its nice enough to help me continue to attempt to burn calories when I am not burning the midnight oil for work.

The hotel restaurant is nice for the evening meal with varied choices to suite the varied clientele they cater to here (steak lovers to lighter choices and some crab cakes as well). Its small though so allow for an earlier or later meal.

I am staying for 5 weeks total so I'm happy that it was such a find. Definitely enjoying the work time here.

28/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Diana M.
very nice people at the front desk. fresh. good attention. reasonable pricing excellent decor

23/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Steven R.
My review is for a two-night stay (in Friday, out Sunday) in the "king bed two-room suite."

My praise for this hotel began with a PriorityClub issue I had while booking. I am a platinum elite member but there was an issue with the account and the status not showing up, so I emailed the hotel. They were nice enough, without giving me any trouble at all, to upgrade me to the suite. This was very nice of them, since even with status upgrades are generally not guaranteed.

Check-in was a breeze, the hotel was easy to find, and all the staff is very friendly. The decor is nice, very modern and colorful.

The suite was very spacious. It could be 800 sq. ft. My only complaint is the lack of kitchenette. They say "kitchenette" but that actually means mini-fridge with a microwave on top, and the only sink is that in the bathroom. But the hardwood floors and big-screen TVs in both rooms were delightful, and the king bed extremely comfortable. The drawback on this particular room was proximity to the elevators. Every time the elevator doors opened we could hear them through our walls, which was very annoying at 7am. There are also no curtains on the windows, just oversized blinds that are difficult to pull up and let down. But it's difficult to keep light out of the room. Still, though, they are luxurious enough and definitely worthwhile. I'm curious to see what the Presidential looks like.

This has all the amenities you could want as well: room service, complimentary toiletries, tea/coffee, etc. Overall it's a great place to stay and I would recommend it!

But don't use the front desk to call a taxi: the service they use stood me up tonight and made me late for a wedding. I'd suggest a towncar if it's time-sensitive.

27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Mike C.
No Pool! WTF!
Anyway, It's for a younger crowd I would say...it's clean and nice, but it does not compare to The Westin Oaks . Sorry Indigo, I don't like you...

30/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. Eddie S.
Very eye appealing interior as well as the rooms.  Sometimes you feel like you've stepped into pastel land because of the color used here. Like all of the reviewers said the rooms were a little small and way off the ground but that was not something to be bothered about.

Walking to the Galleria does not take but 5 minutes from front of door to the doors of the Galleria, big plus if your staying in town for a convention of such.

Out of all the fancy schmancy hotels to stay in especially around the Galleria you might want to check this out first before everything changes

28/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Joy M.
I stayed here for one evening- Friday to Saturday. We opted to try Indigo because it was close to Chinatown and the Galleria. It was a 5 minute walk to Nordies and a 5 minute drive to Specs. For the price? Not too shabby.
Hotel Indigo and all your periwinkle, blue and purple craziness (the colors might be a deal breaker to some)... Oh yes, what an impression you made! The casual laid back beach feel made me think I was minutes away from the coastline. In actuality, I think we were maybe 45 minutes away from the gulf. Your front desk associates were cheerful, helpful and so nice! The bed was tall- so tall in fact- that I had to do a little jumpsky just to get on it.
+Aveda products- woohoo!!
+Clean interior
+Large shower
-Our smoke detector went off in the middle of the night. What a noisy little thing! There wasn't even a fire in our room.
-No shower door. The water kept spraying outside, soaking the towel mat.
+/- Hard wood floors. Kind of strange, but cool at the same time.

26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Christopher W.
I got a great deal on this hotel from Hotwire and from the location, free internet, free parking and how nice the hotel looked I thought I had a steal. I had a very comfortable bed and nice room until I woke up the next morning and found that my room was covered in black ants. Black ants were in my bed, all over the floor and in the bathroom. Thank Zeus I was only here one night and I hope to never be here again unless they call an exterminator.

12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Georgina M.
Closer to 2.5 stars

This hotel has a great location, a reasonable rate, cheery and modern decor, and an extremely friendly and accommodating staff. Additionally, it has free parking and free WiFi. Both of those are big pluses in my book. Unfortunately, it also has some negatives. The biggest one for me has got to be the pillows. They were about half the size of a normal pillow and extremely unsupportive. Our second night there we requested more pillows and we managed to cobble some semblance of a head support.
The HVAC unit is very loud. At first, you don't think it's going to be a big deal. Then you realize you can't watch television or really sleep because it sounds like you're next to a jet engine. Our second night we opted for no climate control because we  just needed to rest. We were able to hear the dings from the elevator and the music from the cars in the parking lot. Our first night, the smoke detector was running low on battery and beeped all night because we checked in after the building engineer was gone for the day. They did offer to swap our rooms, but it wasn't bothersome enough for us to want to switch.
The shower did not have a door or curtain. It was a cool glass enclosure. However, the shower head was positioned for somebody of my height (under 5ft). My travel companion stated he had a great deal of difficulty showering because the water would hit near his chest. Luckily, it's the removable kind, so you can take the shower head and use it like a hose and rinse yourself off that way, if you're taller than I am.
The sheets and towels were a little rough, but nothing really to get worked up about.
Overall, I would stay here again if I had my own pillow and was a day where I wouldn't need the HVAC (which in Houston is not often).

09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
44. Arick W.
Fairly standard as far as middle priced hotels go. The place is clean, the staff are all very friendly, and the whole place is pretty modern looking with the decor. The bed and bedding are very comfortable. Slept better here than I do at home actually. There's tons to do and eat around the area during the day. At night after 10 PM there is absolutely nothing to do. The walls here are pretty thin however. There was a bachelorette party that got back at around 1 AM and they were LOUD. Probably woke up the entire hotel. The staff seemed to do nothing about it either because they were screaming and hollering in the parking lot for about an hour. It was annoying. Also my only other gripe is the room's AC unit. It's seriously the loudest air conditioner I've ever heard in my life. There's no adjusting it either, it's either on or off and when it's on you feel like you're staying on an airport tarmac with 747's flying by. We just left it off the entire time and dealt with the hot room rather than ruin our hearing.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
45. Bobby B.
This is my favorite hotel that I stay in when I travel to Houston. I am a priority club member and it seems like I always get bumped up to a suite. The suites here are very spacious. Everything is updated, new, and fresh. This is a great hotel.

13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Christina B.
Very attentive staff, they offer guests the use of the Hotel Car on a first come first served basis within three miles. We used it on three ocassions and each of the drivers was very courteous and well informed. I would stay there again.

17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Andrew A.
I was in Houston for a business trip.  My stay and meetings were held at the Hotel Indigo.

The service at this hotel was by far the best service I have had for business or pleasure.  The front desk staff was cordial, friendly, and customer service that was top notch.  They checked in our 17 trainees without a problem and it was efficiency of the check in that was the most impressive.  Michael and Doug at the front desk, I give you kudos!

They also have a small restaurant/bar area.  I was only able to eat breakfast there each day.  Everyday I had the Hearty Texas Breakfast with eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and a biscuit with a glass of OJ.  Great way to start the day.  Anna who was the server was also very attentive and friendly.  It was always a pleasure to get a good morning and have a good day from her.  Great way to start the day.

Now about the hotel, it is located among other suite type hotels and next to one of the largest malls in American - The Galleria.  It has ample parking and a workout room (under renovations when I was there), one large elevator and one regular sized elevator and a large lobby sitting area.

I had a room with a king sized bed.  Clean and no bed bugs!  Large room with small closet, large bathroom with a stand up shower only, flat screen 32" TV, coffee maker, fridge, desk, and free wifi.  The only draw back if you can call it that is the AC is a unit but they had a thermostat on the wall. Now Houston was HOT when I was down there and I when I was first in the room, I thought the thermostat controlled the AC.  All it was good for was telling the temperature in the room.  After I figured it out, my room was a cool 68 degrees the whole time.

If you are ever in the Galleria area and need a hotel stay, I highly recommend the Hotel Indigo for your stay.  Michael, Doug, and Anna will treat you like one of their own.

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Sean R.
Location, location, location! Scored a great rate on this hotel last year and the fact it was close to the Galleria made it an ideal place to stay.  It's close enough to walk to the Galleria if you have the stamina otherwise it's literally a short drive around the corner.  This is a boutique type of hotel, small rooms with beach décor. The hotel was very clean. Offers free parking. Friendly staff.

Definitely would return!

22/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Sheldon T.
Treated like a jester!

The front desk clerk named  Becka is the rudest front desk clerk I've encountered at and hotel I have ever stayed at! Don't let him check you out of the hotel !!!

06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Rob K.
Bright, cheery and comfy at a very reasonable rate, I will be back.

The rooms, like the foyer, are painted in bright blue, yellow and white "Florida colors" that may be cheesy but they do make you feel just a little better. The bed is super comfortable, as are the pillows. Free internet is a welcome plus.

The restaurant is spartan and serviceable, but not remarkable. Prices of the meals are not fantastic but not above hotel standards.  The hotel manager made the rounds while we were eating breakfast, asking each of the guests if all was fine.

If you are going to be spending time in the Galleria, I would suggest the Hotel Indigo.

27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Kim D.
- beautiful, eclectic,  and colorful decor
-free wifi
-good parking
-beds are super comfy

-we never had our room cleaned, trash emptied, or towels replenished
-no microwave in the Queen bed suite
-you can hear pretty much everything outside of your hotel room; makes it hard to sleep when some random chick is yelling "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!"
-tiles in the shower can use some deep cleaning. My toes didn't want to touch them. Ew.

21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
52. James B.
My wife and I stayed at this hotel overnight and were pleasantly surprised. There was so much room and the joining living room was fantastic and the decor

21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Honey J.
Free Wifi!
Free Parking!
Right by The Galleria!
Beautiful decor!
Amazing suites with seperate bedrooms!!
Mini fridge
Small bar in lobby with snacks as well.
I mean what else could you ask for?? It is so hard finding a hotel in the Galleria area where they won't add a valet and/or parking fee AND a fee for WiFi on top of their already "Galleria High" prices.
I love Hotel Indigo and we often stay here when we want to spend a night on the town and not worry about driving back to our city.
Also we were given 2 complimetary drinks upon check-in.
This is truly a hidden gem.

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Kate F.
Work has been sending me to the area a lot for work lately and I finally found a hotel I liked.  After trying several in the area I landed on Hotel Indigo.  I like it for several reasons- modern décor, free parking (and safe), bar/room service quality, and rooms.  Oh and wifi is free and generally in good quality.  Its in an area that if you don't have a car its not a big deal (which is hard to find in Houston!).  I had a turkey sandwich and was not expecting anything great but it surprised me for sure!  Also the wait staff and bartenders are incredibly nice.
I think going forward this will be my hotel of choice!

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Stacey M.
I had my 40th birthday party here.  The staff is great food is wonderful.  The colors are bright and cheerful.  The rooms are comfortable and lovely.  We had a great time!

22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Donnie C.
Just checked out this morning. Stayed one night in the King deluxe room which didn't feel deluxe. The king bed felt small and looked liked it was squeezed into this space. This room has no central air, it's a wall unit below the window that continuously comes on and off. This is suppose to be a non smoking hotel, but we encountered the smell of smoke on the 6th floor where we were staying. Reported this smell to the front desk upon check out. Front desk didn't seem too concerned, but did say she would leave a message for management. I still haven't heard from management. It's walking distance to the Galleria or Nordstrom and plenty of free parking too. I posted a brief 2 star review on the hotel's site too.

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
57. Stefanie B.
This is the cutest boutique hotel I have ever stayed in. Love this place. Been here about four times and would highly recommend it to anyone staying in the Houston (yuck) area.

The bed is scrumptious. I adore the decor. Very modern and funky and all the rooms are a little different. The shower was big enough for two of us. Close to the Galleria, restaurants and night life.

04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Stephanie S.
I read the reviews before booking and assumed everyone who said the rooms were small were most likely spoiled. I stayed in a king room and it was in fact VERY small. Hotel Indigo uses no carpet in the guest rooms as a selling point, however it its place is a lower end laminate that has either been continually wet mopped or has sustained water damage. The room we stayed in had very warped flooring.
Hotel staff was nice. Rooms and common areas were clean.
Location was fantastic. Free parking in a lot, not garage, which is a plus in my book.
Book your reservation to include breakfast. I had the anselmo omelette and it was great.

13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
59. Kelly R.
Lots of places were all booked up during the Rodeo in Houston.  We wanted to book a airbnb but didn't book fast enough.  Anyway it was nice to be in a hotel where they cleaned daily.  They didn't clean one day and I just called down to the receptionist and they had someone come up in 30m about.  They give you new toiletries everyday which is a huge plus.  Some hotels never replenish.  The hotel was nicely decorated but still had a dirty feeling to it for some reason.  Our room was above the front door and there was noise all night long outside-drunk people smoking and I assume still partying.  They should place families on the opposite end of the front door.  The last night we were there the fire alarm went off then stopped abruptly.  I tried calling down to see what the deal was but there was no answer.  I had to get dressed at midnight and walk down to see what was going on.  There was no fire.  I'm glad I wasn't on the 8th floor or anything.  

The parking is great and it's near the Galleria if that is on your list of things to do.

17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0