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Company Info:

Rating: 3.96

Address: 5701 Main St, Houston, TX, 77005

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    Comments (216):

    1. Alan J.
    Slick. Trendy. Zaza Dallas Uptown holds a special place for me, though.  It's all about ambience.

    22/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. sasha e.
    our suite was on the 12th floor! perfect. beautiul. bedrooms were everything i expected. so romantic. the view was extraordinary. the pool area lovely,cabanas reminded me of las vegas. will be bck there soon.

    29/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Vanessa R.
    I went to Hotel Zaza, or the restaurant/lounge in the hotel, a few days ago. I'll give them this...the decoration was beautiful..very appealing to the eye. The bar/lounge are was nice. Nice crowd, big patio..so far so good. THEN we decided to get a table and have some dinner. After the hostess sat us it took about 5-10 minutes for the waiter to come to out table (mind u there is about 3 other parties in there so it wasn't cuz he was busy)  When he does grace us with his presence he was very short with us..and slightly rude...as if he was just too good to talk us. We didn't hear any specials...recommendations..nothing. It took about 30 minutes for our food to be served to us...which would've been fine if maybe the waiter came by and checked on ur during that time of let us know why our food even appetizers were taking so long. We got nothing. When the food does get there..its not serve by our previous waiter but who cares! I'm starving. I had the deconstructed ahi roll..it's an appetizer..but filling enough to be a meal. It was good...great? No...but definitely good. We had other appetizers such as the the nachos, which were alright..i mean u really can't mess up nachos, and the crab cakes, which were the size of hush puppies but very good! The waiter never came to check on us until it was time to clear our plates. He then comes back with menus and asks if we'd like a dessert. Before we got to answer him and say no, he had already walked away. WoW. about 5-8 minutes later he comes back again and asks if we'd like dessert we say no and he gives us our check...when he comes back and drops off the cc receipt he put in on the table and walks off...doesn't say thank you...have a great night..nothing at all. I could not believe it. So although the food was OK I don't think it made up for the lack of customer service. I would never step foot in that restaurant again.

    08/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Rachel N.
    Loved Hotel ZaZa!  Great location if you like the Museum District and would enjoy a stroll through the park.  It's a nice hotel, but not the typically stuffy 4-star.  Also, brunch on the Monarch patio was wonderful!  Love outdoor dining in Texas in the early fall!

    19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Julie M.
    So you know it's not that good when you have a gift certificate and the service is 50% of it's normal price and you still feel like you didn't get a good deal.  I went here for a massage during spa week and felt like all the massuse did was rub me down with oil - still had all the same knots I went in with.  The facilities are really nice and I love the steam room and the ambiance but at the end of the day you go to a massuse for a massage and this did not cut it.

    27/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Larina C.
    Originally I thought that the location of this hotel was odd but I can see how it's convenient to get to downtown, Museum district, medical center, and Rice village.  This hotel is extravagant and lovely. Any event held here is sure to be nicely done and go off as a hit.  The rooms are sleek, modern and comfortable. The Monarch lounge is  the new IT bar for night life, it's got a beautiful crowd and the interior to match.  I want to try the Za Spa next.

    23/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Katherine G.
    We had dinner at the restaurant, which was great. Then we went to the bar, and defintely a swanky bar. I like the atmosphere, but I would say it is better for a group of people to go.

    29/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Lisa V.
    Its a fannnncy W Hotel-ish vibe here.  This is the environment where I want to drink martinis in.  Do it here.

    04/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Vanessa G.
    I guess I am rating both ZaZa and Monarch in the same review since they are connected.
    We decided to stay again close to Memorial day weekend.  I have to say our room was beautiful and 1100 sq feet to go with it. Ok so I like ZaZa  a lot but I think we may have stayed when it first opened up and now it has been worn in a little. The staff is always polite, never a problem there but the crowd seems to have changed a little. We went to Monarch and though the waiter was very attentive and nice,  the accommodations were not what I expected. The bar used to be separate from the dining area, we got to the restaurant late so maybe that is why we had to sit so close to the bar, I'm not sure but I like the separation. The dress code was not dinner attire,  I guess because it was right near the bar, the attire was more a dressy bar attire than what I feel should have been able to expect for dinner. I also think presentation of a meal is important when you spend $140 for a simple dinner for two; our appetizer wasn't very appealing to look at.  I think we had the salt and pepper shrimp for our appetizer anyway it came in a metal basket with newspaper to catch the oil. It was ok for a popcorn shrimp but if I wanted Joe's Crab Shack  I could have just gone there, dinner looked better. The bar was something for sure, not necessarily a good thing though. I have to say the crowd looked sad. We decided on our second night there to go down for a drink, I actually didn't care to dress up, it just wasn't worth it.  I just want a drink in the hotel bar not watch the bar games go on, after a while you've seen it or done it enough times, it's like watching a baby take it's first step, you get over it.
    Over all I still liked my room, it was very comfortable and we seem to have good luck so far. We never use anything from the minibar so never had to worry about that. We used the gym and water and fruit was available anytime and free of charge.  I like ZaZa and I am sure we will give it another try just to see if something else changed but then we also might try something new just to get a different feel.

    11/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Stephy S.
    What to say about the ZaZa...

    Well let's see now, for the most part I think it is a long list of positives including a very cool, sleek and trendy design scheme with fun photos of the rockstar, actor and hip model persuasion. I'm pretty used to this in LA, but it didn't really bother me and I'm sure for travelers coming to Houston that is super cool and hip to them.

    It's a hat tip to the weird and quirky art in the elevators that definitely make you go "Hmmm?"

    It's a high five to the fancy pants yet not trying too hard decor in the rooms with the yummy chocolate browns, high red and black headboards, light trumping thick curtains and mirrors across the walls that make you feel like you are staying in a room twice its true size.

    It's a big ole hell yes to the water pressure in the tall shower (yay, thanks for making us tall folk not have to bend down to wash our hair, much appreciated!)

    It's a yay yay to the nice big plasma TV where I was able to watch a variety of big haaaarr infomercials, car dealership ads and new programing from the fine state of Texas.

    What I didn't like were a few things, that sadly kinda dropped their rating a bit...

    For starters there is the strangest smell when you walk into this hotel. I don't know if it's the fountain or intentional, but it pretty much hits you like a musky wall when you enter and it is anything but appealing. I stayed here 5 days and each day, same smell that you couldn't ditch until you got to the elevators.

    The airport guy they "suggest." I was in Houston on business and while I know that my company will cover things like cabs to and from the airport, I also want to save money and so the night before my departure, I asked my cabbie how much it is to go to the airport, to which he looked at the sticker on his window and said it was a $35 flat rate. This seemed reasonable and so I planned on just taking a cab the next day. When i checked out I said I needed a cab to Hobby and they said, "Oh we'll call our guy, he's great" I assumed they were calling their airport cabbie guy and so I agreed. Then an SUV shows up and I asked the guy who called him in if it was the same price as the cab, to which he said, "Oh yes, same price." Well big surprise to find out that the dude charges $55 dollars once we were already en route. LAME. I'm sure the hotel knows this and they may have a deal worked out and he may be reliable, but don't lie to me, that just left a really bad taste in my mouth.

    There's no bathtubs, only the solid glass "make sexy sexy" shower that would most likely fullfill any softcore porn scenario you and your waterlogged honey wanted to play out in front of the mirror. I personally don't need to see myself in that grand openess and birthday suit glory and would opt for a nice deep tub anyday, but hey, that's just me.

    FInally, there's no water in the rooms. I stay at hotels a lot and there is always a highly over-priced bottle or two of water in the room, but not here. I wasn't feeling so hot during my stay here, so I definitely would have paid the high price to not drink tap water, but there wasn't that option unless I ordered room service and why would I do that for water?

    And so, for my 5 stars and the demerits mentioned I would give them a very solid 3.5 stars, but since that car thing really bugged me, I'm gonna go with 3 on the yelp scale.

    12/01/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Walter S.
    Posh and well-staffed (except in the restaurant, where waiters were not at all accommodating), proximity to museums.  Chic decor, will appeal to rockers and hipsters.  Car service can take you around locally, a nice extra.  Go see the Menil.

    26/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Dusty G.
    Zaza has a cool and hip ambiance, but to me, that's about it. Granted, I have never stayed in the hotel overnight, but I have personally hosted a party and attended several events at this venue. So, I feel confident in saying that, even though the look and feel gets high marks in my book (especially poolside) and the staff was somewhat nice to me, I found their overly pretentious demeanor and behavior towards others to be too much to handle. If you were to combine the staff at the Hudson in Manhattan and the Clift in San Francisco, the result would still be a more down to earth hybrid than what is found at ZaZa.  Now, don't get me wrong I loved to be pampered and enjoy nice things, seriously no problem there... but, elitism is just not my cup of tea.

    16/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Emmanuel C.
    First time here was for a birthday party in their Rock Star suite. I believe its valet only parking, the lobby was nice and trendy. I was really surprised  when I walked into the suite by the decor and style of the room. The suite itself was spacious and well furnished with a large stately dining table and plasma TVs. Will definitely consider having my birthday at this suite, it my budget allows for it.

    20/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Jessica M.
    I LOVE Hotel Zaza, seriously, I love it! Excellent service, amazing accommodations and I always feel like a queen staying there.  It's definitely worth treating you and your significant other to - Excellent environment that has not disappointed me yet! I would highly recommend Hotel Zaza, ZaSpa is definitely worth it too! The masseuses are amazing!

    06/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. David N.
    I came here once for a birthday party. This place was awesome. My friends rented out the "Houston we have a problem" room which had an outer space theme. It was a huge room and held our group of around 30 people. They even had a space suit inside. The room had 2 balconies. We were loud but never had security come up to our room. I think next year for my birthday I might have to rent out one of their special rooms and host a hotel party here. Looking for something different check out their themed rooms. Only problem here is the guest parking. It's either valet or street and street parking around here gets really crowded.

    16/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Christine H.
    I stepped foot into this boutique hotel for the first time Saturday night when I attended a wedding reception.  Here is the quick lowdown.  Pros: 1) It's a boutique hotel--which means it's special and not a cookie-cutter mold like the Hilton, etc.; 2) the views from the ballrooms are nice--the ground floor ballroom is circular and looks out to the Mecom Fountain, and the 11th floor ballroom (where we were) is square but has large windows overlooking Hermann Park and surroundings; 3) the food was good for hotel food--especially the sea bass which was tender but flaky.  Con (there is only one con, and it is a huge one): they force you to valet park, and the valet fee is $12!  Highway robbery, I tell you.  Next time, I'm going to bicycle there.  Another con I can foresee is that the 11th floor ballroom had no balcony access for the smokers, so if you wanted a cigarette, you had to go all the way downstairs.  This, however, could be seen as a pro if you don't smoke and like to make life hard on all the smokers.

    18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Michelle D.
    Went here last night for a birthday celebration, really nice. I was disappointed that i got there to late for the dinner menu and could only get the bits. I got the steak and sticks which were so good, but for 18.00 idk. anyway had a good time...minus no one really danced a lot of sitting and talking.

    19/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Lauren J.
    I didn't stay here with the party but we had a suite for pre-bachelorette stuff. It was so incredibly nice. If I could afford it, I would love to stay here.

    09/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. A R.
    We stayed at the zaza for our wedding before flying out to Monaco and the French riviera for our honeymoon. Our magnificent seven Bella vita suite was fab. Plenty of space for both my wife and I to get ready with out stylists, makeup artists and photographer. The beds are uber comfy and the room darkening shades create a great relaxing atmosphere to nap at any time of the day. The room service is a definite plus for anyone with a hectic schedule. The staff are all friendly and helpful; except they declined to iron our outfits for the wedding. They brought up a steam iron instead for us to use on our own...that was a little annoying. The zaza spa is just average though, my wife wasn't impressed with their services and she's an avid spa goer. Overall the hotel was great for the wedding.

    17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Crystal M.
    Oh Zaza. You are so misguided.

    I had been reluctant to stay here since the reviews on various travel sites were so mixed, but in the end the location won out and we decided to take our chances.

    We arrived late on a Thursday night, tired and hungry only to find that our hotel was in fact some kind of hot spot where locals gather to show off their tail feathers. The lobby was reminiscent of a night club complete with weird dark purple lighting, loud music, TV screens, provocative photos and rude idiots a plenty.

    Determined to find the bright side, we pressed on and tried to remain positive.

    Once we got up to our room, I can at least say that I was relieved to find it was quiet. It was a nice large room with a disproportionately small bathroom. The bathroom is also quite simply strange. The tub is actually inside of the shower stall and the shower is completely clear glass (not frosted or beveled). Note, there is no door to this bathroom, so you better be pretty comfortable with whoever you're staying with! The sink and vanity are also fairly small for a room of this size. Overall, a strange failure.

    The rest of it was equally confusing, but had a nice bed, good linens, nice big closets and two flat screens with HD programming.

    There was a theme of thoughtlessness which was definitely a thread throughout the hotel. Most of the staff were very friendly, but at the planning level, this hotel just wasn't thought out well enough to warrant being referred to as luxury.

    In a great hotel, you wouldn't be constantly thinking about little everyday things you need, because they'd already be there. Here we struggled with this constantly, whether it be needing an extra glass, a roll of toilet paper, etc. For example, even though we had a suite with a table that sat 6, they would only give us two glasses a day. If you called to have more brought up, THEY WOULD CHARGE YOU.

    Also, a tip: tally everything you take from the mini bar and make sure to carefully compare it to your bill at the end. Why? Because they don't restock it the same way everyday (one day you'd get 2 water bottles, one day just 1, one day none!) AND they don't rely on the censor system that most hotels use. Instead, what you consumed is being reported by an actual person who comes around to restock. I should also mention that we realized at some point that the restocker was coming earlier than the maid and was stealing her tips.

    Anyway, there were a number of costly errors on our bill that we had to hash out with the front desk when we checked out.

    Much to our surprise however, the person who checked us out was very accommodating when we told him about the variety of problems we'd had as well as the mistakes with our bill and he ended up making a more than fair adjustment.

    This hotel has so much potential: great location, good views, cool rooms, and for the most part good staff. They just need to sit back and do some serious tightening of the bolts in order to achieve the real 4 star status that they claim to have.

    02/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Courtney M.
    Love this pool! Great location  to enjoy a gin and tonic!

    29/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Jeff R.
    I have never stayed at the Zaza, and being that I live in Houston, I doubt that I ever will.  My review comes from the viewpoint of someone who performed with one of my choirs for a public radio station membership thank-you gala event.

    The Hotel Zaza's building was the venerable Warwick Hotel, which was built in the early 1950's, and had its existence until about two years ago, when it underwent a complete and utter renovation.  I thought the place would never be opened again, the job took so long.  

    The ZaZa (re-)opened last year, and having been to a wedding reception when it was the Warwick, I was taken aback at how much things have changed.  Gone are the days of olde-time upholstery and marble, and in with the new times of black marble and fashion photos of scantily-clad ladies and men bedecking the restrooms and the rest of the place (I kid you not).  

    The place is also dimly lit, and the whole atmosphere made me wonder if I had been magically teleported to Vegas.  Umm...where are the slots again?  Hey, it's Casino night at the ZaZa!  The perfect place for a public radio station get-together...umm...not.

    While I'm sure the hotel's service is excellent (and I'm sure the food at the gala was top-flight), the ZaZa did not impress me as a place to hold an event, especially with the low ceilings in the lobby area where the radio station event took place.


    15/12/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Jess L.
    My boyfriend and I stayed at this hotel on a Saturday night. We got a fantastico suite that has about 700 square feet. It was very roomy. The door enters into the living area which has a couch, flat screen, table seating for four, a couch, table and a mini bar area. We had a view of the pool. Connected to the living area is the restroom. There is the shower door that has a stand up shower and a tub right next to stand up shower. Then connected to the restroom was the bedroom with a window looking out at the pool. The closet is huge. I don't really use the closet at hotels anyways unless I need to hang a dress up. The room was as expected....nice, clean and well decorated. Our restroom did not have a hair blow dryer. I called housekeeping several times, but no one ever answered. I finally called the front desk to ask for one. Someone brought one up about 15 minutes later. The doors to the rooms seem like they aren't tall enough. There is a small crack at the bottom of the door which seems usually bigger than other hotel door cracks because at one point, our living area room smelled like someone sprayed cologne everywhere. We had a room by the elevator so I expect a guy who showered himself in cologne passed by.

    We went down to Monarch to have a small bite. We sat out on the patio. Most of the tables were dirty...it took a while for someone to get us a clean table. My boyfriend ordered the thin crust pizza. It didn't have regular tomato sauce but some kind of green sauce. It had cilantros and tomatoes on it also. It was really good. We finished it all. I got some steak fries that had cheese and bacon on it. That was good also. The bellini at Monarch was delicious! It had champagne with some sort of sweet liquid at the bottom with two blackberries in the drink. I drank two bellini's and got drunk! I didn't think two small drinks would do much...I wasn't trying to to get drunk....but I did and went back up to our room and knocked out for a few hours. I wanted to go swimming but someone was out there cleaning or doing something to the pool. The pool looked a little small from the view from our room. Maybe I'll be able to go next time.

    Overall, our stay was great. There weren't any real big problems. The location is okay....isn't near by much of anything, but the hotel itself makes up for it. I would definitely stay here again.

    11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Lana C.
    We booked a $400 suite for our wedding after-party late Nov.07 and the room is gorgeous.  Great views of the Medical Center and over looking the pool.  Soft bed sheets that do not smell like bleached out comforters. Large T.V.s in the living room and the bedroom. Tons of closet space.
    This building was the old Warwick Hotel where I stayed there in 2004. I also attended an event at the Warwick before they closed and completely renovated the hotel and revamped it to a boutique hotel- Hotel ZaZa. I find it to be just as beautiful now as it was then.

    All glass shower- large stand in shower with a tub in the same area. Blvgari Notte shampoo/conditioner and body lotion which was a nice touch.

    Zaza left us a complimentary champagne bottle (a Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin) in our room in an ice bucket.  
    Room service was not so great compared to other hotel chains (The Sheraton)...believe or not. We called 2X for extra towels and waited for an hour before it was delivered to our room.  Something like that really annoys me for a hotel in this price range.

    Photographs/art displayed in the hallways and the suite are very elegant and vibrant.

    Tucked away in the Medical Center just footsteps away from the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.. (second best collection in the nation to the MET in NYC) Tons to do in surrounding areas if you were to stay at Hotel ZaZa)

    We went downstairs to the Monarch for drinks and it was a typical lounge/bar with pretentious wanna-be hipsters. My Makers Mark and diet was strong, just the way I like it. The tab was a bit stiff for your cocktails but consistently strong so I think its better than other bars- no one likes to pay ten bucks for soda and a dash of bourbon.
    We didn't stay long but long enough for me to know not to return. People watching was not even great either- I went to the Dragon Fly in the Dallas location and that was beautiful, chic and the room filled with beautiful people.

    As far as nightlife, ZaZa is refreshing, especially in Houston. But the Dallas location is better.
    I would stay here, if I was visiting Houston because this location covers all the best parts of Houston. (Museums, restaurants, shopping and  easy access to public transportation -Metro Rail can take you into Downtown Houston.)
    I don't care much for the downtown hotels because downtown lacks retail shops where as Hotel ZaZa is so close to the Rice Village Shopping and dining.

    01/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Brittany M.
    Very nice upscale hotel!. Friendly staff.

    03/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Edward H.
    i have never had a bad experience here, until now.  What happened?  Did management change?  The staff all walk around thinking its a privilege for you to be staying there.  The pool staff, unbelievably obnoxious and rude.  And the room.  I felt like I was in camp.  Come on now.  This is for "cabin crew."  I supposedly took the last room at the hotel, but give me a break.  I should have switched to either the Four Seasons or the St. Regis.  Same price, much better room.  By the way, that is not a queen size bed.  It is a full size bed, which there is a two inch difference.  Sad I have to look for a new hotel to stay when I visit family.

    25/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    27. Rachel G.
    zaza must have either read some of these reviews or tweaked a few things after customer input.  

    they do have high priced water available in the rooms.  

    the smell that stephy speaks of didn't exist during our stay.  the lobby actually smelled really lovely, like essential oils, but not too strong and not like it was covering up something else.  i'm very sensitive to strong smells and can't stand the smell of perfume or cologne.  i was really nervous about the possibility of a bad smell, so i was happily surprised.

    this was a surprise birthday getaway for my husband.  he'd been talking about wanting to go to chicago, but we can't afford to fly anywhere.  we really can't afford to drive anywhere, but it was worth it when we arrived smack dab in the middle of the museum district in houston.  

    it's still expensive, but you can get a good deal on cheaprooms.com or lastminute.com (unless you want the fancy pants suites).  i found rooms for $100+ off the prices i saw on the website...which i definitely could not afford.  we arrived about 7pm to a clean room with a candle lit on the desk and a pack of pez on the bed.  this is their complimentary "turn down" service.  it's a nice greeting.  the quirkiness of having a pez dispenser on the bed was a new experience and we've stayed in some quirky places.  the fake post-it on the bathroom mirror totally fooled me at first glance.  upon further inspection we could tell it had been printed, not handwritten, and the plug for the restaurant should have been an obvious giveaway, but we were tired.  

    we dined at the monarch which had its own unique decor.  very pricey, but this was part of the birthday.  they brought out his dessert with a sparkler in it...very cute and didn't charge us for it as a birthday gift.  thank you.

    our waiter was unpretentious and laid-back while still being very attentive.  they did not rush us and the food was delicious.  i think i overdosed on the ahi tuna though.  i should have just stuck with the deconstructed ahi tuna roll....it was amazing.  i wish i could have it again right now at this very moment.  the seared ahi tuna entree plate wasn't as tasty in my opinion, but it looked very pretty.  i seriously do want to go back for the deconstructed ahi tuna roll.  it was $17 and it was filling enough for dinner.  i didn't need the entree.  but i did take a bit of the deconstructed roll back to the room (put it in the mini-bar fridge) and finished it off at 3am!

    my only complaints about this entire experience are the tiny bathroom and some of the decor choices.

    i couldn't open the bathroom door without hitting the toilet and i couldn't open the shower door without hitting the toilet.  small.  i didn't mind the large shower (great water pressure!) with glass doors, it actually helped the bathroom look large enough to tolerate.  

    the italian film posters throughout the lobby were great.  the photos of famous people and half-naked women...not great.  

    we were confused by the photo selection in our room.  over the bed was a huge antiqued photo of a lady lounging topless.  over the bed.  i'm not really into making out with my husband with other boobs in the room, especially over the bed.  could you put that in the bathroom?  on the side wall hung  a great image of ravi shankar playing the sitar.  


    how do these correlate?

    boobs, sitars...okay, maybe.  

    the color combo in our room was perfect though and at some point that photo above the bed just blended into the wall.  could've had something to do with the loads of wine we drank at the monarch!

    i have to mention how wonderful it was in the morning to be able to get a soy milk cappuccino delivered via room service to the room to soothe my wine headache.  it was $5, including their extra fees, and it was well worth it.  not that it was the tastiest cappuccino, but they had soy milk!  nice.

    oh, one last thing...at 1:50am we decided to head downstairs and see if we could catch last call at the bar.  no one was there drinking, but the bartender happily greeted us and chatted us up while we enjoyed one last drink on a tuesday night.  we were ready to go back upstairs if they were closing down or unhappy with our arrival, but that was not the case.

    20/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Walt C.
    I believe Hotel ZaZa is probably the only hotel in Houston  that attempts to cater to the "hipster" crowd.  I found the interior decor to be contemporary, more interesting than the W hotel chains but not as unique as the Jonathan Adler designed Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.  My Grande King room 1015 had plenty of space, however, the bathroom was little small.  There was also a tiny chamber between the bedroom and bathroom which was a complete waste of space.  They should've expanded the the bathroom to include that useless area.  There was no tub in the bathroom, however, I never use tubs anyways.  Bath products were Molton Brown.

    There was a large 40 inch flat screen HDTV which I happily watched the Laker vs Celtics game on.  The free Wifi worked without a glitch.  

    On Saturday and Sunday, the pool area was packed with people with music blasting from a local DJ.  It is a similar scene to the Palms hotel in Vegas.  If you want to host a private group gathering, cabanas are available for a fee of $100 plus a $350 minimum food/beverage order.

    09/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Torrie B.
    I'm writing this review to commend Hotel ZaZa for the excellent customer service. We booked a room for a weekend stay, and the following day we received an email announcement that they were running a rate special for the weekend that we had just booked at a higher rate. We called the hotel and they gladly honored the advertised rate. Furthermore, the pool was closing early at 4 pm on the Saturday of our stay to prepare for a private party. We were disappointed that we didn't get full use of the pool, but the hotel management more than made up for it by greeting us with a bottle of champagne in our room at check in, $100 ZaZa bucks, $50 credit for breakfast, and a $30 credit for lunch. They even let us use our remaining Zaza bucks balance towards payment for our room at checkout! Hotel Zaza is a true boutique hotel that hasn't lost touch with the people who keep it in business.

    10/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Meg G.
    I really liked the modern decor, even though I am usually more of a classic kind of lady.  The service was great, and I had no complaints.  Young people will adore this, and Houstonians should be proud.

    05/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Kristen H.
    LOVED this place! I travel quite a bit for work and am far too familiar with your average Courtyard Marriott. I stayed here while on a trip to Houston and found it to be a very enjoyable experience. Hotel had a really funky cool atmosphere - kind of dark swanky and loungy with artistic touches everywhere. Visually really pleasing. My room was also very nice - very cushy comfortable bed, clean, and unique. We also had a dinner event in a private room off Monach and the food was also excellent. I would definitely reccomend this place and would absolutely stay here again!!

    14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Emerson F.
    I swanky a word? Probably not. Maybe swank is though. I really felt like I had arrived when I.......arrived here. I mean I felt like Sammy D.J., minus Dean and Frank (Martin and Sinatra, brush up on your Rat Pack people), when I stepped in the door.

    This place caters to the cool, the hip, the...swank in other words. I am unretiring my use of the word swagger because you have to have swagger to go here. Well you don't have to, but in my mind..oh yea, I did.

    In all seriousness, this place took over where the Derek fell off. Nice, clean rooms, great bar/lounge. The staff was fun. That's a rare word to use for hotel staff, but they were a real delight. I can't wait for the fam to come back down again for the next holiday so I can stay here again.

    28/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Fiddos J.
    One of the nicest hotels I've stayed in in the US. Great decor - just the right amount of campy to make it very interesting. Also the food at their restaurant is really good.

    02/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Seth M.
    So I dig this place... aside from the fact that my Parents got married there when it was the Warwick Hotel in the late 70's and I remember a time they took me there as a kid and I rang up $800 dollars on Room service..

    I actually like what they've done to the place... I've even tried to buy some of the art they have in the lobby as well as the lounge but they wont budge at all. They wont even give me the name of the artists.. I was even willing to pay for THAT info but it seems as if their trying to be top secret with it. Pretty Weak.

    I don't go here for the crowd- I go for the food as well as the people I bring to lounge with. It's an Ultra relaxed setting and I think that's mainly why I like it so much. The people are a little above my ego and way below any normal sense of self. I don't want to say yuppie, but more so just not my personal liking. You've got the 50yr old single male Millionaire who's with the 25 yr old girl from Treasures as well as the 40 yr old Wife who's with the broke 20yr old pool guy, If you get my drift...

    However, Some of the best Seared Ahi Tuna in Houston. Their Steaks are very good as well. The First time I ate there I was with 2 girlfriends and I ended up spending $220 just at the dinner table- a few drinks included. We talked about how good the food was the whole time we were eating so it was well worth it.

    After we ate we went out into the lounge and had a few more drinks at the the bar. It was a pretty nice transition- it would almost seem that you forget your in Houston the way the layout and Decor is set up. Like I said before, very relaxed setting. I'm not a Harsh critic when it comes to service or staff but in this case it seems as if, I'm spending as much as I am for dinner and drinks- I might want someone to make sure on a constant basis that things are going well, not the case. However the staff does come running as soon as the cards or cash comes out.

    I just dig the atmosphere- it's the reason I go back- sometimes you have to create your own party and it's easy for me to do there.

    The rooms are decent and the Piano bar in back is nice and quiet if you want to bring a special someone.

    It's dark and sexy... that's the best way I can describe the decor.. to top it off they have a steel plaque on the wall outside that's inscribed with the words from the song Imagine- from John Lennon. A nice touch!!

    If you go, I'd bring a date or a party of 5 or more. It's not something I would recommend to go by yourself.

    But to all their own~!

    02/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. William B.
    If you like an ultra modern, hip, high dollar hotel with expensive room amenities, then this is the hotel for you.  LCD HDTV?  Check.  Mirrored walls?  Double check.  So much luxurious, soft sheets and covers on a full sized bed it looks like a twin. Color in the bubble. Personal sex kit in the mini-bar? Score. An artsy nude photo above the toilet of Nicky Hilton pulling a shoe-shaped cake from an oven?  You won't be disappointed if you're hoping for one (at least, in our room).

    I'm sure there's a crowd that likes paying tons of money for a stay in a hotel that screams "I have money, hear me roar".  That's not me.  Sure, it was swanky, but for the amount of time I actually spent in the hotel, I would have been better off in a Holiday Inn Express.

    A nice, upscale hotel.  Just not my bag, baby.

    27/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Deja C.
    This is an equisite, classy, funky, ecclectic hotel. The room was smaller than I expected, but with a great view. The decor was beautiful; I loved wandering through the halls just observing the art. The service was wonderful and we had an excellent breakfast in bed. My only complaint was that even though we requested (and were granted) a late check-out the night before, housekeeping knocked on our door AT LEAST five times before noon. Not cool.

    We didn't eat dinner at their restaurant/lounge, but we did head there for some drinks and dessert. Their creative martini menu was very intriguing, and we enjoyed all of our drinks. My favorite was the lavendar lemon drop. We also tried their cheesecake- very yummy! The bartender and cocktail server were very friendly and attentive. I loved the ambiance of the place; we got to sit on cushioned seats in a semi-private corner where we were able to have private conversations without feeling like we were in a crowded, stuffy, loud bar environment. The lounge is what made this experience five-star worthy!

    22/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. G M.
    I travel to Houston quite often and typically stay at the Medical Center Hilton. It was time for a change and Hotel Zaza was a big change.

    For not much more $$$ Hotel Zaza provided quite a different ambiance. Very nice.

    Yes - seems like a sexy hotel with room ammenities geared towards that style of living. wink, wink. nudge, nudge. Not my cup of tea, but otherwise an excellent hotel.

    My room was LARGE with large screen TV and a view of the fountain.

    I will be back in a couple of weeks and returning to the Zaza.

    16/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Sal S.
    If you are willing to spend the money, this place is fun.  I did not stay here, I just went to the lounge/bar/restaurant part.  Upper scale night time hangout, good music, good atmosphere, nice patio, pretty good service.  You can valet or just park on the street somewhere.  Did I mention its expensive???!

    09/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Nikki B.
    I want to address my new-found love for Hotel ZaZa Houston in a bullet-point-style list. Otherwise, I'm just going to be all over the map and it won't help those out there looking to stay in a sweet boutique hotel. So here goes...

    - Thank you black-out drapes. You made my stay at ZaZa ever so dark, quiet and unbelievably comforting.
    - Thank you 24/7 room service. I eat meals at odd hours, and you had no problem sending a delicious turkey wrap lunch with damn good fries (no, really, they're called Damn Good Fries) to my room at 3pm.
    - Thank you to the wonderful staff. Not only did you go out of your way to keep the hotel spotless, but everyone from the valet to the check-in clerk to the random suits riding the elevators with me was super duper nice.
    - Thank you to the thick walls. I didn't hear a peep of noise at night and rarely heard anyone in the hallways.
    - Thank you to the kickass bed, linens and pillows. I buried myself in a mass of white fluffiness and slept like a baby.
    - Thank you to the huge stand-up shower. I could have stood in there for hours.
    - Thank you to ZaSpa and the woman who rubbed my feet for an hour during my pedicure. Her conversation and those chairs made the pedi oh-so awesome.

    Things they could improve on?

    - I wish there was an ipod docking station
    - I wish the bathroom counter space was bigger. The sink is tiny and shallow, so I was constantly wiping up splashed water from the glass counter.

    Oh, and don't miss the cookie and punch bar in the afternoons in the lobby. I noticed it my last day there... darn!

    04/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Ryan B.
    I stayed here for the Houston Marathon (Jan 2011). The five-star rating is for giving me a late check-out of 2pm! That gave me time to run the marathon, get back to the hotel, take a shower and a nap, then drive back to Dallas. My friends who stayed elsewhere were charged for a later noon checkout. Thanks ZaZa. Keep this for your guests and the word will get out to peoplee coming to Houston to run the marathon. They'll skip the hotels closer to the race site in favor of being assured a few extra hours after the race to shower, eat, etc. IDEA: Post-marathon recovery meal! Run a promo to stay at the hotel for the race, provide shuttle service, and when you return to your room, Room Service will deliver some kick-ass grub, buckets of ice (for the bath), and in-room massage. Cha-ching!

    24/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    41. Leslie B.
    Writing this review from my room at hotel ZaZa... Listening to what sounds like either a) whales communicating or b) a really bad high-school flute player trying to tune their instrument. Turns out it is the elevator. I had to deal with it all night last night and thought I would be so tired tonight that I'd sleep through it. Not the case, it is just the right frequency to be the highest caliber of annoying. Also, the heater in my room was blowing cold air, however they did get that fixed today after I spoke to the front desk. On the very plus side, the staff is really great. The rooms and hotel in general are definitely unique and this is the epitome of a 'boutique' hotel. I would not be opposed to staying here again, but would definitely request a room as far from the elevator as possible.

    13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    42. Shanna L.
    While I'm on my Houston hotel kick, I thought I'd finish up with Hotel ZaZa.  I've stayed here a couple times, which is nice since I'm usually stuck in the Galleria area at all the business hotels - but twice this summer I was able to come to Houston for something other than meetings and checked it out.  

    I love the edgy look and feel of the ZaZa hotels, I've been to the Dallas one a bunch for parties and cocktails but have never stayed the night.  Anyway, it strikes me as original and well done, not cheesy and over the top.  I love the non-commercial design (for instance once I stayed in a bed with claw feet and a 6' headboard) and the fact that most of the rooms have their own appeal and are not carbon copies of the room next door.  

    I'd have to say my favorite is the bathroom, which features see thru sink and vanity, and is fully stocked with great Molton Brown products.  (I LOVE being spoiled with products that I actually WANT to take home!) They also have a scale in the bathroom, which I love since I'm a freak and weigh myself multiple times a day, not because I'm obsessed but because it amazes me how I can go up or down 2-5 lbs in a matter of hours.  

    The area it's in is nice as well, grassy and off the beaten path - so you actually feel like you're somewhere other than downtown Houston.  The pool is nice, and they have bartenders that will keep the drinks coming, and take pictures as well, all with a fun-loving attitude.  

    Of course, the rule is, no outside drinks allowed, but we had a 20+ person bachelorette party complete with a suite and a host of rooms, so they weren't too strict on us when we rolled in "clinking" suitcases full of booze and snacks.  

    I can't say enough how accomodating the service is, even to the tune of the valet not snickering when I pulled my egg-shaped 2 door/hatchback rental car in next to a porche.  

    Definitely on my list of places to check out if you must stay the night in Houston.  Yay ZaZa!

    07/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Sonia T.
    Stayed here over the weekend for a little summer staycation, and again it was a winner!  We checked in around 330, and unfortunately our room wasn't ready.  They were kind enough to give us a couple of drink coupons and a FREE appetizer while we waited and waited....and waited.   An hour passed and we were starting to get a bit antsy because the whole reason we wanted to check in early was to get our pool on.  They apologized, and ended up upgrading us to a larger room on the 8th floor.  We were able to head out to the pool to get some sun,  The crowd out there was a mixture of old and young, with some pretty serious eye candy, and a good mix of races, and ages.  It was diverse to say the least.  There was at least 5 weddings going on with an additional 5 baby showers, ect.  The mojitos could have stood to be a bit stronger, but the pool itself is very swanky, and you almost forget you are in Houston.  We showered, got ready and headed down to grab some appetizers meet with friends.  The outdoor seating is a nice touch, brightly lit up, and with fans for the HOT Houston summer.  The service was quick, and the lambchop lollypops ($16) were YUMMY!  It's a good place to meet with girlfriends, a great date night, or just for a nice dinner.  Another great night spent at Zsa Zsa.

    06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Jessica L.
    This place COULD easily be 5 stars.....

    It has:
    A great restaurant /lounge
    Funky cool hip decor
    Lovely, spacious rooms
    Finally a place that puts a closet in the bathroom - that makes sense believe it or not.
    A mini bar that doesn't just have snacks you can buy but an intimacy kit as well for purchase.
    each floor has a breakfast bar - a table with coffee and teas in the morning, so no mini pot in your room
    The desk has a stapler and mini binder clips!
    Fantastic breakfast food and lots of options
    Very nice staff - who gave me free pepto
    Fast Valet

    I hate being forced to use valet and having some dude carry my bags. Mainly bc I don't care around tip money all the time and then I feel like a douchebag.
    The restaurant is really your only nearby option and its SWANKY. Be sure and dress in business clothes - no jeans. And if you have big boobs - perfect, You'll fit in fine.  

    I got a great deal on this hotel on hotels.com and it's across from the HMNS and MFA.

    24/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Haley V.
    My rating is based on my experience, which I feel compelled to share for others out there looking to book upscale events... Beware! I am currently in the process of booking my wedding in Houston on New Year's Eve. Everything went so smoothly at first. We booked the location for the wedding, but wanted to book a location where we could rent a penthouse suite for the reception. With New Year's Eve being such a busy night we wanted to find a more simple atmosphere where our grandparents' could comfortably enjoy a laid back reception and easily be able to navigate back to their rooms without fighting crowds or traffic. Hotel Zaza seemed to be the perfect place. I called, spoke with the sales department and immediately received an e-mail back from a different person. We e-mailed back and fourth several times discussing options. Since I live in another state, I had to book a flight to Houston to finalize everything. The sales person e-mailed that she was available anytime on Monday between 9am and 5pm. So upon check in to the hotel I e-mailed her that we had arrived and that we could meet the next morning. She was sooooo unprepared. She told us none of the Magnificent Suites were available. She also had no idea of any suite she could show us. She seemed very rattled and lacked in knowledge in every aspect of hosting a party at the hotel. She didn't know the rates for any room, she wasn't sure about catering, availability... Anything. So after a very strange tour of the hotel which consisted of viewing one concept suite and a standard room, we left. Given that I am not well versed on Houston and was highly unprepared to view other locations, (I had already been led to believe suites were available) my Mom and I drove around discussing other options. Finally, we decided that maybe the person we met with just wasn't educated in availability. So we called the Hotel Zaza back and asked about availability. And one of the penthouse suites WAS available. So we went back and received a much better tour from the concierge. I flew back home and received a contract from the hotel to rent the room. There was some questionable language in the contract, so I asked about the ability to move some of the smaller furniture so that we could push the couch and larger pieces of furniture against the walls to make a more open space. I was then told this was impossible. I arranged to have a conference call with the Vice President the next morning. He was seemingly nice, but extremely patronizing. He refused to move any furniture, so I very simply declined working with their company. It was the most futile, exhausting process ever! As a large scale event planner, I have booked events across the country for many companies and I have never had to jump through hoops like this. Summary of the story: I was prepared to spend $3,000 for the suite, meet their excessive demands of $200 per person for 40+ people food & beverage minimum, 21% gratuity charge, 8.25% tax, $100 an hour for a bartender, $900 for a honeymoon suite, valet charges of $28 per car for at least 25 cars, and block 20 rooms. And they didn't want to have to move any furniture. Not to mention I wasted a plane ticket and an entire weekend of stay in Texas for absolutely nothing. Very, very disappointing. I have booked events across the board and I have never dealt with any company so unwilling to negotiate on any aspect at all. The hotel is beautiful, but I won't be back. It's just too exhausting and unreliable.

    16/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    46. Jay M.
    So a friend of mine tells me that he absolutely needs to check out Hotel Zaza. He recently moved from Miami and he heard about this place. This used to be the Warwick back in the day. The Monarch lounge is awesome. Very upscale. The decor is very classy. I will have to say that I have traveled a lot in the US and I have been to many many upscale establishments (you can do that if you have a company expense account) and Hotel Zaza hangs with the best. I was there for a party and so there was the patio area with music and dancing. This was some sort of a singles event.

    Their drinks are in line with what you get at a upscale nightclub. The manager Kevin is awesome. Walked around and took care of the guests in a professional manner. There were a couple of girls who were trying to rattle him but he handles them both courteously as well as professionally. The staff were extremely service oriented. The guests there were very friendly. There were several B'day parties going on and I was surprised that they were open to having conversations with me and my friend.

    Ok... so I wont recommend this as a first date spot. Mainly because its a club and while its a great lounge...it can get loud. Definitely a second date or a third date spot. Definitely.

    27/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Gina M.
    The mister surprised me with a night a ZaZa for my birthday last week. The room decor and view were amazing. I did have a small problem with the showers - the water kept running from lukewarm to cold at best and it was a pretty chilly night, so a steaming HOT shower would have been great. I chalked it up to me taking a bath so darn late in the evening. In the morning I tried again and yep. Same thing.

    The next day, we packed up and checked out. A few hours later, I called them realizing I'd left a pair of diamond earrings in the room. I called back pretty calmly and explained to the person on the other end of the line. They told me to "leave a message" with the hotel room service department and someone would get back to me. No "let me take your information and have someone call you back" JUST "leave a message".

    So I did. I was pretty resolved that these were gone forever and not expecting them to find them, but I was expecting someone to call me back.

    I am still waiting for that call 5 days later. By now, I am sure they are in the dumpster somewhere having been sucked up by the vacuum cleaner OR they are boxed up and wrapped nicely under someone's Christmas tree. Now I do realize it is my own fault for leaving them behind and that the likelihood that someone would have not pocketed a pair of barely been worn studs is fairly slim, but a damn phone call telling me they were gone would at least put my mind at ease.

    Yes, I am calling them back today, and I am sure I will just "leave another message".

    It's sad, I loved the hotel, but the customer service left a bad bad taste in my mouth.

    24/12/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    48. Keandra S.
    What was once known as the historic Warwick Hotel is now Hotel ZaZa-Houston = my fabulous hotel getaway!

    If you don't understand the culture of art & fashion, I will assure you that after staying a night in the "ZaZa", you will be a passionate artist trying to go all "Picasso" on your livingroom wall.

    My Hauteeee' Soiree in the Boutiqueeeee story:
    I always visit the Monarch Restaurant & Bar for Wednesday "Half Z's" & when there are really tasteful media parties/tastings. The Monarch is not operated by Hotel ZaZa, they are a seperate entity. Trust me, I learned the hard way when I called for the number for reservations on Hotel Zaza's website? lol hmmmm.

    We booked an overnight room for my sister since she was turning 21 (just rotten). The hotel room concepts are very intrinsic, well-thought out, just brilliant! From their ballroom, meeting rooms to their hotel suites. Unfortunately, we couldn't book or view any of the "Concept suites" , "Spa Suites" (Goregeous!) and the"Magnificent suites" because they were booked ever since we tried to make a reservation. Also, they have suites for individuals who are on business & they serve continental breakfast on that particular floor I do believe. If you check out their website, they have an excellent idea of what it looks like. Take my word for it, "it is exactly what it looks like online!"  We ended up booking a double bed standard room and I guarantee you that it was nothing standard about it! From the moment you enter into the elevator, you knew by the conceptual art, that the rooms were going to be an adventure. When we exited off the elevators, there were some beautiful feminist art pieces leading to the room. As soon as I stepped into the room I experienced an artistic "Alter ego" as if I was re-entering into someone elses past. I'm in agreeance with the other reviews that meantion the "sound proof" walls, I know we were loud but there wasn't any disturbances from us.

    The fabrication was brilliant, the room was a bit spacious than what I expected and there was a balcony where you could glance at the city. I was very pleased  compared to where we had stayed a couple weeks back in New Orleans, Hotel Le Cirque, which was located in the museum & art district as well. It wasn't my cup of tea.(That's another review haha)  Speaking of tea, on every floor, there is a Butler's pantry that serves HOT coffee & many varieties of tea every morning (and I mean hot, don't get curious and touch the shiny silver warmer!) My favorite was Passion & green tea, taste-tastic! I love their personalized cups & holders, a great way to say.. "We are very good at what we do". The service is excellent (very accomodating), when I lost my room key, they guy had ESP seriously, because when I walked up to the front desk, he immediately asked, "Did you loose your room key?" He gave me another one.
    You surely don't have to worry about security because Zaza stays "on the scene" HPD is always there lurking in and outside of the building. With all the security at the hotel, it had me feeling all "Fannnnccceettt'" (translation:Fancy) haha. Mainly because it is an "Upperclass slumber party", there are alot of "Very Important People" "big spendazz" & "celebrities" that stay here. Please note: They can't tell you who is staying there until they leave. There was a huge tour bus outside of the hotel. 2 weeks before we arrived, Usher was in the building! But that doesn't stop the lil' ol' lady from the 9th floor from wondering around with her 10th wine glass, stumbling on to the "very tiny" elevators.
    OMG! Just a suggestion, lets expand the elevators or build more onto the hotel.I found myself playing the elevator game with some strangers, on what elevator out of the 4 was going to come down first. I WON! haha. Elevators, that would have to be one of my only concerns. There was a woman, me & the bellman + the woman's dog on the elevator! Ugh! The Woman says,"He won't bite, be nice boy!", and I'm thinking to myself, "That's what they alllll say!".
    Street parking at Hotel ZaZa isn't the best, but you can leave your car over night for around $30 bucks or daytime park for around $13, I'm not too concise because me and my family went to Zaza with a plan. My mother parallel parked earlier during check-in time, around 4:00PM and when she left, I parked haha. I didn't move my car the whole weekend because they had an excellent chauffeur service in the top-of-the-line Cadillac SUV with exclusive Zaza tags & a Mercedez van with a nice sized screen, oh and some friends who loves to cruise his fanceeetttttt' car around the city. In conclusion, make sure you check your bill for the "overnight-parking" fee because it is an automatic fee if you bypass checkout.  I cannot wait to have another excuse to come stay at this hotel. I'm hoping I get a great V-Day deal, in which, they always send great rates & promotions through their "ZIP"club just enter your email online.

    Zaza is the ish!

    14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Ro N.
    Rooms are nice and the suite is huge but I wouldn't necessary come here to party.

    The New Years Eve Party here are just okay.

    20/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    50. Kristen M.
    Stayed here on a recent trip to Houston -- very nice, clean rooms and swank lobby.  Service was friendly and hotel staff were always opening my car doors and getting me what I needed.  I would stay here again.  Try the hotel bar if you are a single lady; it was full of men.

    17/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Jasmine P.
    Bar Scene: I don't really consider this "going out" per say but its a nice scene if you want to go somewhere to relax, listen to good music, and snack on some food. The crowd is mixed except the age group is probably 25+, so if you're 21-24..probably not a good scene for you because it wasn't for me. Oh and warning: dress up like you're going to a club.......or up like that because you don't want to be like me and go relaxed and tired.

    As for the overall hotel, prime location, great decor, and its really upscale. I believe the staff is friendly and pretty nice at the bar. Overlal I would recommend this spot =)

    16/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. LESLIE C.
    I havent stayed @ Hotel Zaza yet but I have been twice...both for completely different reasons...
    I will tell you a little about both experiences...

    First, 2 years ago I came her with a friend for dinner and to hang out at the bar/lounge.  
    Having lived in Palm Beach and around Miami for 6 years, I am a big fan of this kind of place...very trendy, upscale and swanky.
    I ordered the crab cakes for dinner and they were delicious...but left me starving.  A huge plate came out with 2 little balls of crab...they were no bigger than a golf ball.  That would probably be my only complaint.  I left dinner still starving...
    The service was awesome though and the atmosphere everywhere in this hotel is amazing.  
    We hung out @ the bar/lounge for awhile and it was nice.  Very crowded and filled with really beautiful people.

    Now on to the next visit....
    I went yesterday to the Zingara Swimwear Trunk Show at ZAZA's pool.  It was AMAZING.  They treat everyone like a "VIP" guest.  
    It was a typical HOT day in Houston so it was a little miserable at points because there werent enough shaded areas but the strawberry mojitos and "bubble & berries" helped cool us off.
    Once again, beautiful people everywhere and really great service.

    I know Lauren Conrad stayed here last month when she was in town for her book signing and yesterday Vince Vaughn and Tommy Lee had been there...we missed them though.  

    I heard they have day passes for the pool and spa so I need to look into that more and find out how much because that is definitley where i want to be laying out this summer....

    And one day I plan on staying there...one day!

    10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Jolyn B.
    Brand new luxurious hotel in Houston museum district.  ZaZa grand opening was talk of the town and beautiful.
    Hotel ZaZa takes great pride in the luxury of the details. You won't find a more graciously attentive hotel anywhere in Houston, Texas.  
    Services  include:
    Magic Carpet, a.k.a. complimentary car service
    Daily scheduled service to the Galleria Shopping Mall
    Daily valet parking
    Peep Show - ZaZa's twist on a gift shop
    Urban Oasis - poolside retreat and outdoor bar with private cabanas
    ZaSpa- in house spa with all the amentities to relax you
    Spa Caf
    Complimentary fitness center
    Monarch Restaurant and Lounge
    Turndown service each evening in every guest room
    Complimentary high-speed Internet access
    Wireless Internet access throughout the hotel
    ZaZa guest robes
    Italian linens
    Down-filled pillows
    In-room grab & go gourmet refreshment bar and refrigerator
    Pet Friendly Policy

    16/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. olivia b.
    My husband and I spent our anniversary at the ZaZa.  We dined at the Monarch restaurant.  The waiter was very attentive.  I am not all that knowledgeable about wines, and when I made my first choice, after telling him the qualities of wine that I do like, he was able to recommend a totally different wine, that was cheaper and he said would suit my tastes better.  I did enjoy it.  Plus, I love that he wasn't just trying to push up his per person average on a more expensive bottle that I may not have been too fond of.  We ordered appetizers (a giant tuna roll essentially) and dinner (Husband = steak, me = scallops) both dinners were skillfully prepared and well presented.  My husbands steak was not all that tasty, but it was an issue with the cut of the beef, not the preparation.  My scallops were delicious.  

    Our room was fantastic.  I'm pretty sure it was bigger than our house.  It was a corner suite (not one of their themed suites, but really fab nonetheless) with a great view of the Mecom fountain.  The beds linens were high quality and very fluffy.  Oh, and the suite had two bathrooms.  I DON'T HAVE TWO BATHROOMS IN MY HOUSE. (sad, huh?)  Only room complaint...the sofa isn't all that comfortable for zoning out in front of the TV while trying to wait out a hang over,  

    Yes, the hotel is fancy.  There are lots of pictures of pretentious celebs and the like.  It is dimly lit.  All of those negatives in my book, but excellent attentive service, and quality accommodations make up for the     stuck up facade.

    12/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Arturo P.
    There is nothing than a weekend of Indulgence and Luxury.  My company was hosting a symposium and I had the pleasure to enjoy the magnificent services that this hotel offers.  My meals were cater to my specifics. Also they made my stay a memorable time.  The views from the hotel and diverse rooms that cater the ambiance of a different era with the exciting allure of life style it portraits.  I felt like a movie star hanging out with my entourage.  There is nothing better than lusting about excellent service.  I have made a note to myself and I wrote  "myself- make sure you come back"  Thank you ZAZA I will see  you again.

    25/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. Kay T.
    So, yeah. I am a changed woman.

    I used to think, "Oh, I'd rather stay at run-of-the-mill cheaper hotels because I'd rather use my budget exploring the city I'm in than on the place I'll be sleeping."

    No more, people, no more.

    My stay at Hotel ZaZa was lovely. Everyone working here from the valet to the concierge the front desk, etc were so wonderful, helpful and just all around Texas-friendly.  

    My room was contemporary, cool and comfortable - I slept so well! The bed just sort of swallowed me up in a cozy mass of down comforters and pillows. Loved it. The bathroom was sleek and clean with a great walk-in shower that had a huge waterfall shower head. And just a side note: coolest sink ever. I want one in my own house! My room had a huge, slick desk on a mirrored wall that framed a gigasmic TV.  Oh, and the headboard? I gorgeous photo print of a lady laying out on a couch Titanic-style wearing only her birthday suit. Yeehaw! And there was a photo of Cameron Diaz on the wall (this sort of fit in to the theme, there are lots of celeb pics all over the hotel.)

    Henceforth, my outlook on traveling is different. Now, I want a swanky hotel with a gorgeous view of the pool surrounded by lush green trees against a backdrop of the city skyline! And if it takes up my entire trip budget, I'll just sleep in a little more and realize it was all worth it...

    21/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Joye P.
    My favorite hotel in Houston and one of the best - if not THE best - hotel I've ever stayed in.

    MUCH LOVE to Zaza.

    09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Nancy E.
    Such a beautiful place!!  My husband and I came here with a friend of ours to catch up and the ambience was PERFECT for an evening of catching up!  

    The music is not too loud.  The waiters are very attentive and give out such great recommendations of the items on the menu.  

    We went on a Friday night and it was packed but there was still space to enjoy yourself on your table and not be bothered.  

    I am definately going back.  And of course, this wasn't my first time but the last couple of times i went my friend was underage and we weren't allowed in twice, which was dumb cus she's married and all - she's just not 21.  But that's not their fault.

    19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Cyndi M.
    Well, I finally had my team book me into this hotel in Houston.  I was underwhelmed! The rooms were nice enough, the towels were FRAYED, the bedroom of the suite was smaller, although I liked where they installed the television. I thought as a frequent traveler they were very stingy on the hygiene items, did not leave me new ones for my second or third day, really. To dry clean a pair of slacks that I accidentally spilled a little wine on, are you ready folks??? $38.00!!!!!!!!!

    Still, the restaurant was good all be it a little pricey on the lunch menu, the food was fine, service good, etc.

    It was just OKAY, nothing over the top but GREAT location nevertheless.

    10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    60. Max G.
    I love this place. its in the perfect part of town for me. When I go to Houston  I want museums, parks and great food. and this location gives me all of those.
    I like that they left a bit of the old Warwick hotel in bits and pieces. elevator buttons, the occasional handle.
    Ive never had a issue with service. i call down for towel  2 minuets later .they are there. call down for my car., by the time im down its waiting.nice price for the suite. great views. there concierge service will take you anywhere you need to go within 5miles of the hotel.....sorry but as far as im concerned  any more than 5 miles out from there. is NOT the part of H-town I care to see. much love montrose area!!!! I'll be back soon

    30/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Mackey M.
    My Honda Accord felt out of place among the Corvette Z06's and BMW 5-Series' but what did I care? My Uncle said put the valet on his room tab.

    It was just a nephew meeting up with his Uncle for dinner and a drink while he was in town on business...it turned into amazement and wonder.

    I walked into the lounge and was showered in artistic and aesthetically pleasing decor. Pop art icons are plastered on the wall, Zebra print chairs, and exquisite carpet.

    If I were to analogize this hotel to another gorgeous place it would be Hearst Castle in California; both share alluring and captivating landscapes within the building; it the experience of a museum within a hotel.

    I, slowly, made my way to the Monarch Lounge to meet up with the Uncle and shimmied up to the bar. The bar food was very expensive for what was given; I had the Crispy Tuna Tacos which were good but for that price you would expect more. The Sliders my Uncle were good as well but still not enough for the money...unless my eyes somehow missed the gold flakes embedded in the beef.

    We then took our drinks up to his room to watch The Office and catch up. He told me that each floor has a table with some breakfast rolls and fresh coffee in the morning. His room was amazing; it had a flat screen television and the usual. I didn't really take a tour as we instead made our way to the amazing view on the balcony.

    I guess it depends on the side of the building your room is on but you never really notice how many trees Houston actually has until you are staring out over the medical/museum district. It is breathtaking.

    After taking it all in for a couple of hours I made my way back to valet which had at least 10 guys on duty so a wait was never a question.

    I expect to make it back here one day and stay for a night just to experience it. Hotel ZaZa received five stars from my simple visit...I hope it doesn't disappoint the second time around.

    22/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Kristina K.
    We decided to take a one-night trip to Houston - just to get out of town. Why Houston, you ask? Well, for the museums we heard so much about, of course.

    What also had we heard so much about before booking our trip? Hotel Zsa Zsa. The website indicated they have a pool that is open during the summer so we thought "a nice relaxing pool-venture? sign us up!". For an extra $30 on top of the room rate, we got a better room, $30 worth of free drinks/appetizers, and $50 towards breakfast the next morning. Not a bad deal.

    It was a nice hotel. The whole fashion-theme thing was taken a little too far, in my opinion, with the multiple flat screens all around the hotel airing fashion show runways. I get what they're trying to do, I do. I guess it just doesn't "speak" to me.

    The room was nice and had an incredibly comfortable bed. The food that we had was delicious and the service was great!

    My beef: when we went down to the pool for our "relaxing pool-venture", we quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. We were stopped at the doors by a group of security people wanting to verify our Names/Room #'s to make sure we were guests of the hotel before letting us out there. Fine, I guess, but it felt more like a group of a bouncers letting us into a club instead of going to a hotel pool. We quickly understood the correlation there, because when we walked outside, it was a fist-bumping-Jersey Shore-esque-techno-blaring- party out there. There were SO many people with fake boobs and way too much makeup on and NOBODY was swimming. They were, however, all sitting around the edge of the pool blocking anyone else from being able to swim, if you dared. We literally were outside for maybe 10 seconds before we turned right back around and went back inside. The bouncer dudes were like "change your mind? chuckle" and we were like "yeah, just a bit". Worst. Nightmare. Ever. NO THANK YOU.

    That night when we got back from dinner, I heard a lady waiting for her car in the Valet area say to one of the valet guys "It's a black VW. What the fuck is taking so long?!!". So yeah. That pretty much sums up the type of clientele this place attracts. Think Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian wanna-be's and that pretty much nails it. I doubt we'll return.

    09/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Bob Z.
    Nice rooms, stylish public areas, great location.  Expensive for Houston, but not insanely so for an upscale place.  This is probably where I'll stay whenever I'm in Houston and don't need to be right downtown.

    16/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Erika V.
    Love me some hotel ZaZa!!! Beautiful hotel!
    Room 364 with the pool side view is awesome!! The suites are divine and they have the best spa in Houston!! Enough said :)

    10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. K S.
    My hubby and I had our wedding here in Nov. 2009 in the Black Label Suite. It was absolutely perfect. The staff went well above and beyond what I had expected and the food we had for the wedding was excellent! Sea bass, sushi, vegetables, beef tenderloin, fruit cups...delicious! We had an open bar and the drinks were fabulous. I had specifically asked for chocolate martinis and they were awesome!
    The hotel was excellent with our wedding party. The rooms were well appointed and gorgeous. We plan on going back for our anniversary every year!

    03/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    66. Vivian N.
    I paid for a large guest suite and these guys upgraded me to the warwick suite.  In my entire life, I have never been able to experience the kind of beauty and luxury that they had given me by complimentary.  Don't go bothering them for it because this is only done very few times at the discretion of the manager and if there is availability, I just wanted to point out that their service is impeccable and they are very helpful and generous.  My sister had a bridal shower earlier this month and they've made it something to remember.

    * very spacious and comfortable, the beds were of top quality with comfy linens
    *the view on the 11th floor was just beautiful at night I could see the medical center from down below
    *the decor with the chandeliers and vintage like furniture was just amazing..it looked very very expensive
    *the atmosphere was romantic and exotic yet still contemporary and swanky, you wouldn't object to it

    *its' hard to try to get a guarantee on a room, nothing is set until the day you check in so your plans may have to be arranged if there is an event or a large group.
    *you cannot bring alcohol or food on premise because it conflicts with their business, you have to order room service
    * every time a towel or toilet paper was needed or any thing additional, you have to call room service so you can't get it right away, but I think they do that for more business or to tip out the guys who bring it up

    10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Meredith R.
    We had a perfect specialty suite for our wedding night (an affair to remember).  The hotel is very boutiquey and unique for a special night. I loved the artsty feel and whimsical decor.  The chandelier over the bed and mirrored wall was fun.  It's next door to the Museum of fine arts so its in a good walking distance if you are from out of town if you are planning a trip to that museum. Nice hotel, clean, comfortable and loved the champagne and strawberries waiting for us. Also at turn down the junior mints on our pillow was a nice touch. I'd go back!

    29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    68. Padraig M.
    I've had family stay here while visiting me. Fairly ok price. Room was pretty classy, although you can tell it was a "boutique" makeover of an older building, and not a complete strip down of the structure so some of the soundproofing is a bit off , some rooms have doors that open right on top of the bed etc.

    restaurant/ bar is pretty good, with friendly service (breakfast). The highlight, and this might sound crazy, was the car service my guests used during their stay. Really saved us a bundle and made the stay very convenient, safe and happy. Drivers were friendly and reliable. Hope they keep this service - it will keep customers there from my end.

    A friend also had her wedding there and was very happy with it. They did  quite a good deal for her on the food and the bar/restaurant. she came away happy.

    15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Vien N.
    Great wedding venue! The decor was modern and appealing. The hors d'oeuvres were pleasantly good. The chicken satay was a bit on the dry side and messy, but the potato-crusted crab cakes and goat cheese-jalapeno poppers were delicious.

    The salad was less than memorable, but the raspberry cognac sorbet was AMAZING. I question whether it should come before the main...it made everything taste like crap after. By the time the main came out though, the sorbet had dissipated from my mouth and I was ready to take on the fish and steak. The fish was moist, flaky, and oily, but the flavor was quite subtle. The steak was cooked perfectly rare, which I like, and whatever marinade it was steeped in permeated across the entirety of its tenderness.

    The open bar was well stocked, and they made a pretty good gin & tonic.

    26/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. Jamie W.
    Love this place. I pretty much lived at their bar (The Monarch) and for good reason! Great food, great cocktails and great people! I have been working here for a few months on location for a job and have not found any other place that feels so right. Erica, Travis and the boss, James, are top shelf people! They made me feel right at home along with the entire staff there even though I was not staying there! I love the avante garde decor and the attention to detai from security to layout, it is well thought out and appreciated. Yes... it reminded me alot of L.A. but in all the RIGHT ways and right places! Without the pretense, long lines, fake people or riff raff.... it pretty much just needs a dance floor but... upon second thought... maybe more of a lounge near the bar! I have to say, they made a fan out of me. I have not actually stayed in their rooms (they set me up in a private corporate townhome nearby) but my bosses stayed here and they are nothing  short of fantastic. The scallops are amazing as is there fries (I dont know why though! LOL) and you have to get Travis or Erica to make you a lemon drop before you die so your life will be complete! I highly recommend checking it out at least once while in Houston.

    20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. NowIamaMrs. B.
    I absolutely LOVE this hotel! From teh staff to the ambiance all was more than pleasing. I visit frequently and decided to have my birthday gathering here. I had teh Houston We Have a Problem room and a problem it was lol. The ladies loved it and it was comfortable for everybody just downright sexy. Love the bar area just everything is pleasing. Good work you guys!

    10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    72. Andrea R.
    Houston, I'm going to tell it to ya straight....
    I haven't exactly heard raving reviews about your city. In a few months I'm marrying someone who was born and raised in Dallas and apparently there's a little Texas rivalry going on.  This Texas rivalry I don't quite understand- isn't the state big enough for all of you?

    Hotel ZaZa was my first Houston destination and I wasn't expecting much, but within 5 minutes of my stay I declared it my favorite hotel ever. And this is coming from a gal who travels a lot!

    Why I'm gaga over Hotel Zaza:
    * The candy bowl of red hots when I checked in
    * The chocolate covered sunflower seeds waiting for me on my bed (basically if you feed me candy I'm happy ;)
    * The funky modern atmosphere
    * The comfortable down comforter beds- I slept better than I have in months!
    * The HUGE plasma TVs. Even my Dallas fiance would become a Houston fan after seeing those TVs
    * The fancy bathrooms that had me looking online to see where I could get a sink like theirs for my bathroom back at home
    * The well equipped FREE gym
    * And I can't forget the friendly staff who always seem to have a smile on their face

    After a wonderful 2 day stay at the ZaZa I don't plan on staying anywhere else in the future. And rumor has it that Houston isn't the only place blessed with a Hotel ZaZa- there's also one awaiting my next trip to Dallas!

    22/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Maria J.
    i was very impressed with the decor, very unimpressed with the service. Service wasn't bad, but it wasn't memorable. I stayed in a room with 2 double beds. The size of the room was good, the beds were very comfortable. I loved the headboards and the claw feet. The mirrored wall I was not crazy about, but that didn't really make a difference in my enjoyment of the room. The pool is nice and worth a visit.

    24/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Darlene D.
    I can't say enough about this hotel and it's amazing staff. The decor is stunning, vibe is alluring and the staff is impeccable! If you are one whom requires top notch customer service, then this is the hotel for you. One of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. I must thank Victor the manger, Reda the concierge and Spencer for creating a magical experience. Hotel ZaZa is my only choice when visiting Dallas.

    30/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. Reena M.
    I have been here a couple of times and love it. The rooms are comfy and you get a great view. I love the decor. There is a different theme on each floor ( I think).
    I was surprised the first time here 2 years ago for my birthday. Ever since then, I was hooked. The pool area is so fun. The Sunday music is fun and relaxing. Being able to sit out and get some drinks at the same time is pretty relaxing to me.
    I like how there is complimentary coffee and tea on each floor in the morning. I know i need coffee first thing. The food is great too.
    At the Monarch Lounge, the service is quick and the people are fun. There are a couple of snooty people who think they run the place but all I do is ignore them because I am at the Lounge to have a great time. For the birthday treat they put sparklers on and it looks so nice when they come serve it to you.

    If you haven't been here yet, I don't know what you're waiting on. It is worth every dollar.

    17/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Ellen C.
    Holy moly NO THANK YOU.  This review is going to be kind of super biased and unfair, but my girlfriends and I stopped by here on a Friday night because one of them claimed it was the snazzy place to be.  I've always meant to check out this place, but it somehow came to be less and less popular amongst my friends sooo the opportunity stopped presenting itself, until a few weeks ago.  
    So, this place - it was filled to the gills with pretentiously overdressed and styled peeps of pretty unvaried nature.  The decor was classy and sophisticated enough, but the people, oh the people . . . something about that particularly ingredient felt feign, insincere, awkward.  Not saying I was styling out of control here, I mean come on, it's me!  But it just felt overly stuffy and obtuse, with everyone seemingly straining to be hot diggity stuff.  Or maybe I was just painfully sober and imagining things.  It happens.  
    There seemed to be a birthday party or two occurring, so that was a bit much for my sense.  We sat down for a moderate amount of time before we were actually approached by a server.  The $12 base cocktails were to be expected, but we somehow felt not so keen on indulging in these when there was dancing and more liveliness to be had elsewhere.  Granted it was a bit early in the evening, but everyone just seemed completely wrapped up and aloof and it just didn't feel like a place for three girls to be all by themselves.  So we promptly evacuated the premise and trekked to Washington Street, wherein pandemonium ensued (see my other reviews).

    31/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    77. Katie C.
    I actually just joined Yelp specifically to write this review.  I have never complained about a business before but I feel compelled to tell others about my experience at Hotel Zaza.

    While getting dressed for a wedding at Hotel Zaza, I dropped one of my makeup brushes behind the dresser.  When I went to get the brush, I found several items shoved between the wall and the dresser:  (1) a box of pantyhose, (2) a box of condoms, and (3) an enema kit.  I called the front desk to tell them, and in response they offered to remove the items and to give us a free meal at the restaurant.  No refund, no discount, no switching rooms.  I am still perplexed as to why they thought I would want to eat at their restaurant after finding these items in my room.

    This place is filthy, it has terrible customer service standards, and I will never stay there again.

    23/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    78. Robert A.
    I love Hotel Zaza.  The restaurant there has awesome food.  The Deconstructed Ahi Role is definitely an award winner for me.  It costs 17 dollars and it is worth every penny.  I also had a shrimp salad which was very delicious as well.  I like the inside of Hotel Zaza because its very diverse in nature.  The inside of Hotel Zaza has large paintings and it is dimly lit making the atmosphere very relaxing.  There is black piano with a nice chandelier above it.  The pool on the second floor has a variety of lights (purple, blue, orange, etc) which light it up during the night.  Free fruit is given out in the gym which I really like if you need some calories before you work out.

    Robert Altmiller

    06/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Robin S.
    Negatives: Really shocked. This place is not worth $240 a night (only accounts for location, not service). And that price is on the lower end at this hotel. I have received a lot better service from cheaper hotels like the Hampton. Front desk people were rude and just seemed like they really didn't care if I enjoyed my experience. Had to ask about 3 times to get my phone in my room fixed...still not working.  You can only valet for parking and day valet is $12 and overnight is $27. Turn down service skipped my room at least one night..maybe two. Food is mediocre and waaaayyy over priced. I was there 1.5 hours before check-in time at 4pm, and the receptionist made me wait. Most hotels will offer you a room even if you are a little early. There is no one here (its a Monday/Tuesday) there is tons of availability. I had been staying in a room I liked but checked out because I thought I was leaving, but then I ended up booking another night and I got placed in a much smaller room, with a smaller bed even though there hotel has many occupancies. Also none of the rooms have a iPod dock...seriously...$240 per night and no iPod dock. haha. You can't put anything in the refrigerator bc they stock it up with all their crap that you have to pay for.I am not going to recommend to any of my friends to stay here. I unfortunately have to stay tonight because it is too late to cancel and there is no refund..but I will prob change hotels for the next three days. POSITIVES: Pool side service is good, like the bartenders and the cocktails, they have a ping-pong table.

    16/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    80. Roshmi M.
    Great hotel with fabulous service...beautiful pool and stylish look in an awesome location

    27/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    81. Michael T.
    We stayed on Dec 15 and it was the most amazing experience! Treated like a rock star and the room was amazing ( black label ). It was 2400 sq ft of WOW!!! My fav part was the tub outside on the porch, loved it. We ate at the Monarch and it was absolutely amazing. We were greeted by the manager and during our appetizer we got to meet the awesome chef and enjoyed the whole experience. Our waiter was so nice ( such a professional ) and put the finishing touches on our evening. I wish I could put into words just what a wonderful evening we had. I 100% recommend this and if I could add stars I would.

    17/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. Kevin N.
    What up ZaZa!? There's all kinds of cool and funky going down at the Hotel ZaZa, and they're not particularly subtle about it: from the fashion-forward artwork that frames each of the rooms (and the elevators, and the bathrooms, and presumably every other nook + cranny), ZaZa isn't above putting reminders out there that luxury is as much a state of mind as it is a reflection of your immediate accommodations.

    Located near Hermann Park, it's an easy jump to downtown and West U and some of the divier enclaves on Main from here, and I really did enjoy my stay almost as much for the proximity as I did for the uber comfy environs once I got back to the hotel. Didn't get the chance to eat in the restaurant, but hopefully next time. If you think about it, there's nothing really quite like the deep exhale you get in a really fabulous hotel. And I for one am anticipating my next one.

    19/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Mishka B.
    I've read reviews, saw pictures online & called. The first thing: I was quoted a rate that was cheaper than what I ended up seeing online when I booked it. The room was actually $2000 not $1095. I called back & got "Oh, I don't know how I gave you the wrong rate" WTH? Next thing: Arshay told me the black label room would be available to show after 10am tomorrow because it's "out of order." I got there at 11am & Ignocio (manager) told me the room is occupied! So it went from out of order just last night?! He walkie talkied Justin to take me to see a similar room. Justin is a sweetheart, I like him. We got to the 12th floor & the furniture is pushed to one side of the room & all carpet is pulled up. Justin was so shocked and apologized. When we got back Ignocio didn't seem to care. I really was looking forward to celebrating my birthday there! The part that I saw was gorgeous however.

    13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    84. Pierre H.
    Had a pretty good experience here.  Went for a Happy Hour event and it was actually a pretty nice situation.  Got in there and the waitresses were all kinds of classified.  The look and feel in the bar area was good.  I didn't get a chance to venture outside but it looked really nice.  

    The prices weren't to bad considering it is an upscale hotel.  I mean what can you really expect.  The appetizers on the other hand seemed pricey and tasted rather cheap.  Like you could have gone to your local HEB, bought a pack of something out of the frozen food section, popped them in the oven and saved yourself about $20.

    Not sure if I would go back to there again unless specifically for an event.

    26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    85. John V.
    I never get to review Houston hotels....so I'm glad to get to do this one.  

    All I have to say is "no one on the corner have swagger like us!"  You come here to get pampered, to tip valet and the bell man.  You get greeted with smiles and welcoming hellos.  So expect to drop some money here, but also expect to get every dollars worth.

    My wife and I stayed here after our wedding night.  I checked into a Fantastico suite around 4pm.  When I booked online, the room was 800 sq.ft., it looked more like 1200 sq.ft.  Now, I was already liking this place.  To the left was a full size dining room table with some bubbly in a bucket, about 6 chocolate covered strawberries and a little card with my name on it.  Ok I think, things are getting better and I haven't even gone to the alter.  To the right was a full size couch and a flat screen tv.  On the right wall was a doorway into a nice sized bathroom.  Past the bath room was the bedroom.  

    The bedroom was large, the bed was large, and there was another TV.  I attached a picture of the bed room.  The bed itself was a comfortable soft.  The sheets were soft.  The pillows were soft.  Everything was soooooo comfortable that we ate breakfast in bed.

    The breakfast room service was surprisingly good.  It wasn't your standard hotel food.  It was good food.

    Overall, this place deserves 5 stars.  I booked online and stated in the comment box that i was spending my wedding night here.  I did not have to follow up with them or remind them.  I give them props for that.

    16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    86. Michi A.
    I get the Fantastico Suite every time I stay. For the money you can't beat the amount of space you get. A full room with great views, big closets, nicely appointed bathroom (albeit normalish size), a large living and 6 seat dining area. Of course, like the rest of the hotel the decor is pretty dark and chic. I can't say the bed is great, of course I may be spoiled because I have memory foam at home. Loved the water pressure, lately most hotels water pressure have sucked, but not at Zaza. I don't like how nosy the small talk is coming from the hotel staff. It's like everyone there wants to know the run down of my life and why I'm there. I know they are being courteous and giving good CS, but sometimes it's a bit much. The top three reasons one star  is knocked off are: too firm bed, nosiness and the parking $27 overnight.

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Kristen W.
    i'm in love with this hotel!

    i don't really understand all of the decor - it looks a bit like it was designed by a team of kardashian sisters - but that's ok: it's clean, very comfortable, they have awesome amenities and the staff is great.

    make sure and hit up the gym - it's one of the nicest hotel gyms i've ever seen!

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Michael Y.
    Spent the night here after my company Christmas party.  Fantastic place, fantastic service and worth every penny.  My only complaint is that I don't live far enough away to justify more trips here. :)

    27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Mom N.
    Recently a large group of our  family and friends stayed at the ZaZa.  It was wonderful.  The room were very nice and the three suites were amazing.  I cannot recommend it enough...

    24/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    90. Jaire Q.
    Finally made my way to Hotel Zaza! I didn't stay at the hotel over night, I simply went to a party there. I thought the place was great. The decor is very nice, it kind of reminds me of the Rice Hotel. I guess that's what The Rice must have looked like when it was open for business. The bar and the patio were pretty great too. I didn't think the hotel overly pretentious at all! This is supposed to be an upscale Hotel and if you go there, you have to expect great service, look, atmosphere etc. If you don't get that, then they are failing at what they are trying to sell! Yes, I expect the Valet to open the door for everyone in the car and greet us courteously. And I also expect every single employee to be professional and make my visit a memorable one,  and that is just what they did. I had a great time and felt absolutely comfortable dancing around to East Coast hip hop!

    Drinks were good. I drank Malibu Pineapple all night and they were perfect, not too strong and not too pineappley ( I just made up that word!).  Hotel Zaza was just what I expected it to be, a nice hotel in the middle of the city. Now,  living in Houston, I doubt I would ever stay there over night, but if I ever do Yelp will be the first one to know!

    26/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Ashley R.
    Hotel Zaza hands down is a beautiful hotel. With a unique set up and at the heart of everything.

    However don't be fooled. I have no problem spending money if there is value given. This place is expensive- but for what? Your decor? I commend staff on opening doors but when it comes to customer service this place is seriously lacking.

    My biggest frustration and reason for writing this review is a $260 credit card charge from the Hotel's Monarch of which I was given the run around to try to receive an itemized receipt. I left a tab open and come to find out this dandy place charged me $260. After speaking to the Monarch Hostess, the front desk, then back to the Monarch Hostess where a manager finally came out- I asked why my card was not accompanied with a itemized receipt. *Note: I have been in the restaurant industry long enough to know that all closed tabs come with an itemized receipt, period.* The Manager gave me a shocked look and then informed me he'd have to go downstairs? and see if he could find this receipt but it would take anywhere from 15-20 minutes. I did not have this time to wait- he made no other suggestions and I left. Wish I caught his name but his introduction was "Hi, I'm a manger"- well that's great to know!

    I called my credit card company to  review this transaction- and this is how I found out about the absurd amount of money I was charged, with no receipt to back this up. I am now going through the pain of disputing the charge of an amount not justified.

    I am a Houston resident and chose to have a night out at this Hotel. By no means will I ever recommend this to any of my friends, family, co-workers, etc.

    Total let down and rip off. Thanks Hotel Blah Blah

    22/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    92. Jana B.
    Certainly the best hotel in Houston. Very nice staff, great (but not big) breakfast, nice location (close to the museums). And lots of 20 year old brides running around...

    20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. K W.
    Hotel ZaZa was the BEST decision I made for my wedding venue. Not only did my guests have an amazing place to stay the night, but they enjoyed the fabulous ambiance of the hotel, as well as the amazing food. I can't say enough about this place-- I can't wait until my one year anniversary just so I can go back and treat myself to a stay-cation! LOVE ZaZa!!

    29/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    94. Andy R.
    Different but predictable.  

    Seems like a committee of different designers put the place together.  

    A corporate drones idea of heaven.

    15/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    95. Kou V.
    Not impressed at all. Renovation is poorly done. No attention to detail. There is a lamp placed right in front of my tv! The tv also has burned in images. Also, why is there no dresser? The sink is cool but impractical, it splashes water all over you. The headboard is crooked as is the wall lamp. The carpet also bunches because it's not stretched properly. They should be ashamed for charging this much for such a cheaply renovated hotel.

    11/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    96. David S.
    After several years of saying "we should stay there", we finally did.  The hotel is awesome.  We were upgraded to a suite (thank you) which had a magnificent view of downtown.  The attentiveness of the staff is incredible.  Without prompting at all they just seem to appear from thin air and ask if they can help you.  Saturday night people-watching in the lobby and bar is worth the price of the stay by itself!  I would highly recommended.

    24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Que N.
    I finally stayed at Hotel Zaza! And the reviews are in---ZAZA ROCKS!!!

    The high quality of service made me feel like I was a VIP! We pulled up to the valet and were greeted by the friendly staff. After checking in, we were given complimentary champagne. In the evening hours, there's complimentary snacks (I saw fig newtons and oreos) and beverages (ok, I really liked the strawberry water but the iced tea looked good too). Speaking of VIPs, sign up to be a ZZIP (Zaza Important Person) on their website and you can choose which free welcome amenity you want ( we got a full bottle of red wine).

    We had the standard king room and were amazed by the space and the setup of the room. The bed was firm and comfortable for my back. The pillows were nice and fluffy! And the view from the 9th floor was beautiful--overlooking the fountains and park--with a good view of the city skyline.

    The only down side here is parking because it's valet only and a whopping $24 for overnight, $12 for day.

    I would definitely come back again for another weekend getaway. The hotel offers special weekend packages throughout the year.

    Hotel Zaza, you're an A++++ !!!!

    08/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Danielle P.
    I'm not quite sure what all the hype for this hotel is unless people have not been to better hotels.  I have always wanted to go to a hotel and have a spa-cation.  My husband and I just moved here and really needed some rest and relaxation along with some pampering.  After doing my research I chose ZaZa from reviews I read about their spa.  We got a couples massage, aromatherapy bath, and a mani-pedi each.  The mani-pedi was really no big deal, but it sure was pricey and the service from the technicians was not overly friendly.  The one who did my husbands mani-pedi just left him when she was done without saying anything and didn't even invite him to sit in a more comfy chair while he waited for me to be done.  He just assumed she was done when she didn't come back.  My tech didn't even pcik up my slippers or put them on for me since I had wet nails to walk out in. I get better service at the multitude of Asian nail salons around the city which I pay less for.  Since the gratuity is automatically added in at the end there was nothing I could do to let them know service was not to my liking.

    We get back to our room and find a bottle of champagne with chocolate covered strawberries, but no note.  We had to call the kitchen to see if the champagne was complimentary or not.  It would have been nice to find a note accompanying the treats saying "Welcome to ZaZa.  We hope you enjoy your stay with this complimentary bottle of champagne.  If there is anything we can do please do not hesitate to ask."  Something of that sort.  Most hotels charge an arm and leg for champagne, so I didn't want to risk opening something I was going to have to pay for.

    Dinner was good, but again the service was nothing to be noted.  Very small talk from server who did not show any interest in carrying on a conversation when we tried starting one.  Restaurant and bar were quite empty and nothing special (just pricey). Lastly, breakfast the next morning was inedible.  We both ordered Eggs Benedict and the white of the egg was practically transparent.  Service was slow and had to flag him down several times.

    Sorry ZaZa, but we did not feel you lived up to your reputation and hope you take all these tips into consideration.  After spending more than $1350 at your hotel for 1 night with spa services we definitely did not feel like our money was well spent.  Granted we stay at hotels ALOT, but we are getting better service at a Residence Inn we are staying at (for corporate housing) in the Galleria than we did at this hotel.

    25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    99. Nutchanat P.
    What was that smell?!? Seriously!!!

    I was here 2 nights and 2 days, I could smell that wet carpet smell everywhere I went! (no, it's not my upper lip).

    They have a wide variety of room sizes to pick from allowing you to meet your budget needs. The rooms start from 250sqf - 2400sqf, with or without a balcony. The bed was comfortable and we had a big flat screen TV with a nice bathroom and thick walls. Trust me when I say thick. There was a party going on the first night at the end of the hall (which was just 2 rooms from us), and I couldn't even hear how surprisingly loud the party was until someone opened the door to get in and out the room.

    Whisper: I heard Kid Rock always uses that 2400sqf suite up on the top floor every time he's in town. I also heard that housekeeping always finds good stuff left in that room every time too!!! Ummm...I wonder what that good stuff was...

    A must when you spend time here, if you're like me, on a business trip with hubby and can't do everything with him, what do you do? Go ZaSpa baby! Jet lag? They got oxygen for you. Tired, sore? Massage baby, massage your whoooole body. Make sure you make an appointment though, and if you have time left why not get a pedicure and manicure?

    Herman Park is within walking distance of the hotel so you can easily take a walk in the park with your 4 legged baby. Yes, they allow your four legged friends here.  And if needed, they have an on-site sitter here too! Cool huh?

    Still have time left, then how about the Art Museum and/or Natural Museum of Science? It's just a short walk away.

    Do you need any more reasons to stay here?

    So, if you could look past the wet carpet smell (hopefully they take care of that soon) and no complimentary in the room coffee brew...It's a nice place to go spend a night or two or extended stay in downtown Houston... Zaza...

    29/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Tony M.
    Man... I feel so old right now. This was the Warwick Hotel... This was where I had my prom... I feel so old right now...

    Anywhoo, one of my buddy's had his birthday party in one of ZaZa's themed rooms and it was pretty cool. There was plenty of room for everyone to lounge around and get to know each other. Eventually, we moved down to the bar and that's where the fun began. The bar is ultra-chic with prices to match. This place could easily be called a premiere cougar den because the cat's where on the prowl! Since I'm a few years outside the age of cougar prey, I just sat back and watched the madness! Drunk aging women are funny.

    The drinks were god but a bit pricey. We got some pretty good sushi and they had an impressive wine list. I could go back a few times if invited.

    27/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    101. Paul R.
    Didn't stay here---just came for a seminar.   The seminar room was uncomfortably warm.  They took a while to come up with additoinal seating that was needed.  Parking is a little bit of a mystery.  BUT, this is the sexiest hotel lobby and hallways I've seen.  My review is not on my experience, it's on the date night I imagine one day having here.

    27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Adam R.
    We went here on our Wedding night.  Awesome hotel.  The staff was very accommodating.  We got a free drink ticket for the downstairs restaurant Monarch.  We had the "Affair to Remember" suite.  The room was awesome.  We had a bottle of champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries waiting for us when we arrived.  I think every single light in the room had a dimmer switch on it.  The shower was completely see through in the bathroom are (awesome), and it had a gigantic tub.  It also had a mirror spanning the length of the room directly next to the bed.  I will post pictures later.  The only thing that was a little off about our stay was dealing with the valet guys downstairs.  They were helpful, but they were also a bit slow.  

    All in all, it was great.

    29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    103. Ben M.
    Excellent property!  Breaking it down:
    Service: a bit snobby but thorough and responsive
    Guest room: OFF THE HOOK!  Upgraded to a fully furnished super modern suite with separate dining room, living room, double bathroom...far m space than I need, but I appreciate it.  
    Room service- great quality room service food, menu is limited
    Mtg room: the mtg has a hint of gothic and dash of tacky, it works.  The hotel also has a very playful element by including candy, little toys on the table...fun!

    All in all, this is hands down my favorite hotel in Texas!

    18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    104. Caroline T.
    Moscow mule kicks the back of my neck. Their ice berg lettuce with blue cheese ranch dressing salad is absolutely delicious and their tuna tacos were inhaled with one bite! 4 tacos are not enough, my only complaint!

    02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Austin S.
    Boutique hotel, great staff, great stay ... dare I say, great value?

    Once again the ZaZa Houston has exceeded all of my expectations - fantastic accommodations, attentive service and amazing value. As someone who stays in various hotels over 100 nights a year, I consider myself to be a seasoned traveller. In the past, while in Houston, I would stay at the Four Season, St. Regis or Hotel Icon because these properties are attentive without being cloying, helpful without being annoying, and detail-oriented without being heavy-handed. After a couple of less than memorable stays at the ZaZa years ago, I gave them another chance during a 4th of July promotion, and was very pleased I did. Since then, I have stayed 4 times and 10 nights at the stylish ZaZa, and have enjoyed a remarkable level of refined comfort and luxury. It reminds me of a W hotel - bold, sexy and ready to party, but on a boutique hotel scale.

    The ZaZa is a welcome respite from the "business traveller" hotels and although it enjoys a isolation from dense hotel zones, it is perfectly located - cosseted by beautiful landscaping and parks, next to museums, Rice University and the Texas Medical Center, 5 min from Downtown (a simple drive up Main), and 10mins to the Galleria area. Indeed, in its prior incarnation it was the Warwick Hotel - host to and destination for international royalty and celebrity for countless years.

    In my experience, the Zaza staff goes above and beyond my expectations and provides memorable bespoke service, satisfaction and repose in an environment that is eclectic, glamorous, and cultured.

    During a recent stay (early September 2012), I arrived on a Saturday afternoon in a midst of THREE wedding parties - vehicles filled the port-a-cochere and guests crowded the lobby, yet the staff was unflappable. It was like watching a well-rehersed drill. The staff is professional and gracious and made sure that my stay would be (and was) pleasant and exceptional (which it was). The valets orchestrated a remarkable feat by keeping the cars flowing through as greeters unloaded luggage, the front desk processed rooms, and the bellmen skirted me around those gathered in the lobby and got me to my room.

    It's always a pleasure to stay in places that not only provide comfortable surroundings, but whose employees take the time to make sure the stay is pleasant. Such has been my experience at the ZaZa. As I've said before, the staff is wonderful. However, what makes them so is not how many smiles they give when everything is perfect, but how they react on those occasions when there is a unexpected problem (ex. A/C issues) - and EVERY hotel experiences the unexpected. If there is an issue, no matter how big or small, I have found the staff to take ownership of it and go above and beyond to make sure the outcome is satisfactory to the guest. This is the hallmark of a well-managed hotel. It's what sets it apart from many other hotel of similar quality, and it's why I actually look forward to staying at the ZaZA while in Houston.

    Room Tip: Spend a little more and upgrade to a suite - they are truly magnificent.

    27/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    106. Sofy G.
    I really like this hotel.

    Decor is stunning,kind of funky-retro-modern-rockstar- glam style lol. The service so friendly, love the snack bar in the Lobby, unique rooms, comfy beds ... Perfect for couples :)

    Nice but boring views as everything in Houston.

    Breakfast   Is totally  d e l I c I o u s.

    03/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    107. Santiago M.
    Nice place.  Interesting decor...

    03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Huda A.
    I attended a wedding at the Houston Zaza in January with my best friend, and thought everything was very beautiful. So when my best friend's wedding was approaching, we decided to have her bachelorette at the Zaza.

    When I called to make the reservation, the woman asked me if there was any occasion I was booking their Moulin Rouge concept suite for. I told her we were having a bachelorette party for my friend, and she said, "Oh, that'll be really nice!"

    As soon as we arrived, the disappointment started. I had in my hands a very small fruit tray and some crackers and cheese, thinking we could snack on something while getting dressed to go out. The concierge told me no outside food was allowed  and said they would hold it for me and I could get it back when we leave. I didn't argue or question it, I just agreed to let them hold it. My only problem is that I think that might be something they should tell people when they make the reservation. I also felt like the staff was a little too intrusive. They asked why I was visiting, so I said for a bachelorette party. The lady stopped what she was doing to tell me there are no parties allowed at the hotel. So I had to explain further and say that we were just meeting up in the room, then a limo would pick us up to take us to dinner and out for drinks. Then she asked how many people would be spending the night. And I told her just the bride and a couple of the bridesmaids. The way she was questioning me made me feel very unwelcome.

    While the bellhop escorted us to the 11th floor, he also asked what we were using the room for and also told us there are no parties allowed. I understand that every hotel has their rules and policies and I'm not saying that shouldn't be their policy. But since I told the lady who took my reservation that I was having a bachelorette party, she should have mentioned some of these rules.

    When we got to the room, I was disappointed again when I realized that the description from the website was different than what was actually in the room. Here is what it says:

    "Sink into leopard-print carpeting, sumptuous sofas and a four-poster bed draped in plush fabrics. Meanwhile, purple velvet cascades down one wall, and risqué, Parisian-inspired artwork adorns the others."

    In reality, the carpet was not leopard print and you definitely could not "sink into" it. It was the same type of carpet you would find at a cheap motel or department store. The bed was not a "four-poster", just a regular king size bed with a headboard and only one sofa, not plural. And there was no purple velvet cascading down any wall. So basically, the room is nothing like advertised. It also seems to be much smaller than the 864 sq ft that the website says. My apartment is 870sq ft and is definitely MUCH bigger than the Moulin Rouge suite. The last discrepancy is that it claims to have a garden tub and shower. There is no garden tub at all. There is a regular size tub with a showerhead.

    The final strike was our brunch experience at the Monarch restaurant. First, when I tried to make a reservation for 10 people a few days before, I was told for a party that large, she had to take my name and number to a manager who would call me within 24 hours and set up my reservation. No one ever called me back. So while we were at the hotel Saturday night, I made the reservation in person.

    We ordered our meals shortly after being seated, and then waited for over an hour for the food to come out. When it finally did come out, it was cold and all wrong. Every person in our party was either given something completely different than what they ordered or something was wrong or missing. Several of us ordered the omelete where you choose up to 4 ingredients to add and no one had the correct ingredients. The bride didn't get her meal until after everyone else was done eating, and it was still wrong. One of the girls has a severe gluten allergy and we chose to have brunch there because the menu on the website clearly stated "Gluten-Free Friendly" but when she asked if there was a gluten-free menu, the kitchen manager came out to tell her they basically don't have anything for her except some fruit. Even their eggs are an egg substitute that is thickened with some wheat agent so she couldn't even have an omelete.

    A manager finally came out and listened to all the issues and comp'd our meal and even brought out some dessert trays. But as the maid of honor who tried so hard to plan a special night for my friend, I just feel so disappointed in the Zaza overall. I appreciate the meal being comp'd but I would have been SO much happier to pay for the meal and have everything go right. I wish I could say we have good memories, but instead we have horror stories. We won't be back and I will tell everyone I know tosave their money and go anywhere else because the Zaza is NOT worth it.

    11/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    109. Brett H.
    Just got back from my stay ... I know people love to hate on places on Yelp or blow them up with kisses. I will be doing neither. What i will attempt to do is simply explain my stay , and let you decide ( with my opinions tossed in occasionally of course )

    Arrival : I was greeted by some very nice ( slightly overly excited to grab my bags ) * and get a tip * , Valet and baggage assistants.

    Check In ~ Well here is where it gets good , and i mean GOOD . I Made a reservation that day online. Got there , and they didn't have my reservation... I was a bit confused , and pulled out my iphone to show the reservation , when I handed it to Mary at the counter , she had the easiest opportunity to put me on blast and make me look VERY silly , but she said " Well , sir , we can complete the booking now at the desk , and leaned in quietly ( so much that my wife didn't even hear how silly I was ) and said " You did not press the submit button "Not only that , she got to know me well enough to send a bottle up for our 4th anniversary along with a very personal note !!!

    The Room : Well , the room was great , a little smaller than i thought it would be , BUT it was AMAZING. Bathroom was large and had a tub and shower together , nice products ( which is good because I didnt bring my own )

    Dinner : Well .... Dinner ( the FOOD and Service ) was AMAZINIG , Sadly we could hardly hear our selves talk. There were two LARGE corporate parties , and a heard of young people that were down there for New kids on the block concert that was in town for the night. It was so loud , we were actually screaming while we sat next to each other. We noticed 3 tables complain and even leave prior to ordering. I would say , personally ( have been in the service industry for about 14 years personally ) that if the outside is going to be fully booked , probably dont allow another group to take over 1/2 your tables near the bar just my thoughts though . Bartender also MAY need training , or just have the guts to ask " Whats in that " we ordered a Malibu baybreeze , first time it came out totally incorrect  ( wrong color was our first clue )  Then we ordered a cucumbur martini ( specialty drink on your own menu ) and was told after a semi long ( 5-7 minutes ) wait , that they could not find all the inggredients. needless to say , i was a bit unhappy , but went with a couple of glasses of pinot noir , which were great. The App. we went with was the crab cake and I loved it and the sauce on the plate was amazing as well . Wife went with a salmon , they asked if Medium was ok , which she said of course , and i got a ribeye at med-rare. My steak was perfect , cooked exact , taste was above expectation!! Her Salmon , well .. we would not order the Salmon , it was actually still cold in the middle , and had the place been a LOT quieter we would have sent it back but at that time we were READY TO LEAVE. We were offered dessert but it was SO loud we declined. Our server was amazing , and was over the top the whole way.

    Departure : I think the valet thought we were "white trash " for lack of better words , were were overlooked even though we called down 10 minutes ahead. We could see our car , but were told " We will get it for you in a second sir " while several people who got down well after , got loaded and left... And it was hot , I drive a decent car , but i know i was in gym clothes and looked like trash bc well , i was going to be driving all day. Oh well , not the note i wanted to leave on but .... you know

    Long story short .... Good / Great ~ Yes , Perfect ... Nope , Some people did over the top while a few did less that the bottom. I would stay again , but would make sure the bar area was not going to be insane.

    29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    110. Courtney D.

    When my sister told me she was going to celebrate her 30th birthday at Hotel ZaZa in Houston a couple things crossed my mind:

      1.   The party itself will be cool because ZaZa Houston--originally Warwick Hotel--is a pretty chic spot.  
      2.   Not so sure about the food--let's be honest a lot of hotel banquet food is just so-so.  Drinks will be good but the food, I just don't know.

    Turns out the catering was fantastic!  We spent the night and upgraded our room to one of the cabana rooms.  I will definitely come back to stay as well as throw another event.

    21/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. Smorga M.
    I travel quite a bit for business and get my fair share of hotel experiences.  The ZAZA was a favorite of mine in Dallas so I tried the one in Houston during a recent business trip.  
    Maybe I am just getting older (46) but this location is not as good as the Dallas location.  The restaurant is really a let down with some really poor quality steaks.

    If this were my first bad meal there I would not post this review but about a year ago I had the same experience so I guess shame on me for trying a second time.

    One item that is not their fault but you need to be aware of is that there is nothing around the hotel so walking to a bar or local restaurant is not an option.

    18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    112. Monica S.
    I checked at 2am and out at 7am, so the fact that I don't remember a thing (except that my key card worked) means I slept really really well.

    Plus, when I asked the dutchess of Houston for the best (read: cool and cozy) hotel, she quickly offered up the ZaZa. That should be reason enough to stay here.

    11/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Mike B.
    Saying you like something is a generic statement.
    I think ZAZA is the best Hotel in Houston.  Being greeted by a valet with a great smile is the way to start your stay.  The front desk is polite and sincere in how they treat their guests. The rooms are very hip and trendy the only issue I had was that there was a picture of Reverend Tutu in my bathroom and I felt guilty when I got nude to take a shower, because he kept looking at me.   ;)

    Love the rooms and the beds are very comfortable. Don't be surprised if you slip into somewhat of a coma.

    A true hotel experience and they go out of their way to cater to your needs.
    Great Value and you will not be dissapointed. WOnderful management and you can tell that their staff truly like what they do and want your business.

    27/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    114. Samantha P.
    Just have to give my favorite Houston hotel some love for being amazing. I met my (now) fiancé at the pool on Labor Day 2011... Dreams do come true here- and sometimes there's a good one amidst all the douche bags at the pool! ;)

    22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    115. Jill M.
    After 6 stays, I feel comfortable saying this is the best hotel I've ever tried.  Period.  And I stay in hotels ALL THE TIME. If I'm willing to forgo my Hilton Honors or Marriott Rewards to stay at a boutique property, you can trust that the place is spectacular.  

    The lobby looks like something out of a movie: gorgeous chandeliers, dark marble floors and countertops, modern stylish furnishing, neat water features, and Hollywood themed artwork. The staff remembers guests' names and preferences.  As a loyalty member, I got a bottle of wine welcoming me to my room and a box of Junior Mints on my pillow at turndown. Little details, like a candle being lit on the nightstand, or a note being left on the desk, make the hotel welcoming and personal. I found the the bed and the chairs new and extremely comfortable, so I can rest well and be productive on my trips.

    If your trip focuses on pleasure rather than business, the Zaza location will work well.  Adjacent to the Museum of Fine Arts, walking distance from Hermann Park and the Museum of Natural Science, and a quick drive to the Menil Collection and Rothko Chapel, Zaza offers easy access to some of the best cultural experiences Houston has to offer. The hotel shuttle can drop you off at one of the many great local restaurants nearby as well.  A drive up Montrose will offer dozens of great dining options just moments from the hotel.

    If you choose to dine at Zaza, the Monarch's breakfast menu won't dissapoint (I haven't had any other meals there).  I've ordered an egg white frittata, a breakfast sandwich, and a prime beef omelet, all of which exceeded my expectations and cost less than $15. This time, because of a special rate package, I got $50 worth of breakfast, as well as valet parking, for free.

    This hotel features not only stylish, luxurious appointments and a great location, but also a surprisingly good value.  I have never paid over $180 for a room.  And if you check out the specials, the spa also offers  affordable luxury. For instance--$89 for a manicure, pedicure and 25 minute massage. Seriously, Zaza can't be beat.

    06/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    116. Alli V.
    This hotel was super modern and artsy. The rooms were not your typical boring hotel rooms although there were a few quirky things that didn't make it 5 star for me: no full length mirror in the room and my shower was a stand alone a few feet away from the desk (there was a tub, no shower, in the bathroom).  The pool was beautiful. The bar in the hotel was pretty empty most nights (even for their happy hour which I heard was supposed to be one of the most popular?) but the bartenders were very friendly and helpful. There wasn't much to walk to in the neighborhood but they had a great shuttle (free for trips witn 5 miles - and there is a lot within 5 miles!).  The shuttle was an oversized Cadillac SUV not a boring van!
    I would definitely stay at Zaza again.

    03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Leann W.
    We stayed one night for my surprise bachelorette party and were upgraded to the Tycoon Suite at no additional charge since our booked room was not ready when my bridesmaids arrived. This was a wonderful treat and speaks to the superb service we received while there. I couldn't have asked for a nicer experience.

    28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    118. John S.
    I saw the pictures online and thought the layout looked a tad tacky, but in person it's pretty damn impressive. The hotel staff are top notch, the hotel is very large and decor is executed amazingly. The gym is great and the pool with full bar is amazing! First of 3 nights here, but so far impressed! Downsides: Parking is $27 and valet so you have to wait in line and tip to get in or out....there's not really any accessible parking around and the wifi is pretty slow, but pretty average for a free wifi at a hotel...that's about it. Edit: Want to add there is a free shuttle (Lincoln Navigator limo for within the area/downtown) it's first come, first serve but with the crazy Houston traffic and no parking I wish I had forgone the rent a car and shuttled during my trip. Even if I had tipped outrageously to the equivalent of my $250 rent a car, still would have been worth it to not drive and navigate the LA like traffic and parking.

    10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    119. Jason M.
    I've stayed here while attending a charity event for the past 5 or so years.  I like this place.  It's very boutique like and not all the rooms have the same layout, however the style and amenities are eclectic.  In my room, there was a large flat screen mounted on the wall and free WiFi.

    Before the event, we headed to the bar for a drink.  Beers were $6.

    Overall a good hotel and I'd stay here again if I was in the area.

    17/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Janine B.
    I came here for a recent Bridal Event. Although I have been here several times before for Birthday Parties, Happy Hours and Brunch this is my first review.  The valet staff were very courteous and welcoming. The hostesses directing traffic toward the event were very friendly too. This hotel is so very swanky and in the perfect location. The event was held in the main level of the first floor but also an 11the floor Ballroom was decorated for a wedding and they had hand passed Appetizers and Champagne. On the 11th floor they had one of their concept suites open so that we could get complimentary massages. It was awesome. The view from this wrap around suite  as well as in the Ballroom was gorgeous. After the event we sat out on the Patio and enjoyed some nice cocktails and a wonderful view. Service was a bit slow on the patio, that was my only issue. Everything else was top notch every time I am here, I wonder why I don't come more often. They have a very nice pool area, with cabanas and private seating areas too. Though I have never actually stayed in a room here, this place has a lot to offer.  I think I need to plan a romantic getaway weekend.

    14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    121. Jamie H.
    My boyfriend and I have stayed here 3 times and I am such a huge fan it's crazy.

    I planned my boyfriend's Birth-a-Palooza weekend in a pool villa and it was glorious. First of all there was a BATHTUB in the SHOWER..... case and point place is awesome.

    Second, the staff really went all out making our check in a surprise. He was blindfolded with earmuffs on and they surprised him with a glass of champagne (BTW watching a man cautiously drink champagne with a blindfold and earmuffs on is hilarious), assisted us to our room and had mini-cupcakes in the room.

    Every visit is great and their specials make it too good to pass up. Best place to stay in Houston hands down. We stay here for stay-cations and every single time has been great. A little pricey but worth every single penny you pay.

    22/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    122. Kelti L.
    We stayed at Zaza for my husband's 35th birthday weekend, and WOW.  The concierge went over and beyond for us!  I was able to mail them some decor to hang in the room to surprise him upon checking in, and they were so very accommodating. We were contacted multiple times before our arrival to see if there was anything else they could do to make our stay more personal, and I really appreciated that extra attention.  We were also surprised when we checked in that they had upgraded our room as a birthday gift from Zaza to us - so great!  Overall, Zaza goes above and beyond to make your stay as memorable and great as possible.  We will definitely keep on being return clients!  Thanks, Zaza!

    03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. Drew K.
    Love the atmosphere of this place, love the events they host, love the delicious menu at Monarch, and love the staff. All of my visits to the hotel and Monarch restaurant have been positive. Zaza is a very unique hotel and stands out to me as the obvious choice when comparing it to other hotels in its price range.

    13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    124. Frank B.
    Stayed here on a visit to Houston to meet up with a friend and for my birthday weekend. Let me start at the beginning. My flight was delayed from Newark by an hour and a half. We finally landed around midnight. Then the rental counter didn't have my reservation. After clearing that up, I finally arrived at the hotel after 1 am. I was exhausted. I checked in and went up to my room to crash. When I got to my room, there was a birthday cake and a carafe of milk on ice, waiting for me! Very nice of them to do that for my birthday. I was also pleasantly surprised at the room I was given. I was given a suite called the soho loft. Amazing! Staff was very nice and very eager to help in any way possible. The decor is trendy yet sophisticated. Would stay here over and over. Definitely recommend this hotel.

    31/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    125. Cameron K.
    Years ago, this used to be the old Warwick Hotel.  It's on Main Street, in the heart of the Museum District.

    Hotel ZaZa completely remade this hotel into a chic and modern establishment. This was our second stay at ZaZa and we enjoyed it even more than the first visit.  

    We had booked this with another couple, over a month ago, for the 'King Tut' package. This was a room, parking, breakfast and tickets to the King Tut exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.  
    At check-in, our room was not ready but the Concierge manager was very polite and apologetic, giving us 4 drink/appetizer tickets.  By the time the room was ready, our bags were whisked upstairs to our comfortable room.
    The rooms are decorated with modern style and taste in mind.  The beds are quite comfortable and we slept great.  
    Bar area was very nice, breakfast was nice.   The service you experience here is world-class. They really go out of their way to make it a special experience.  

    Reading about the Rock Star Suite makes me want to return.

    19/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    126. Jacqueline D.
    Had dinner at the Monarch on a Thu night.  There was a live band playing Indie music as well covers and they were pretty good.  The vibe was energetic, service was good, and the food was fresh and tasty.  Definitely recommend making reservations.  

    Valet was a little steep at $12, but there's free parking on the street if you manage to grab a spot.

    03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Rebeccah M.
    Great service.  Laid back. Pet friendly. Highly recommend.

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    128. Belle K.
    This is one place that you can never go wrong with. Wether to stay, eat or party, we have had many good times here!

    The staff has been wonderful, we have never had a hard time getting seated and the food always come out great.

    We often come after work for cocktails and also for company events that are out of this place.

    I love the luxurious ambiance and trendiness of Zaza!

    19/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    129. Sheri W.
    I was initially disappointed with a resent experience with check-in at ZaZa Houston and posted such. But, I owe ZaZa an apology and amended posting for my previous review. After I had posted, I decided I should contact management directly to address my disappointment. Amazingly, the situation was immediately rectified beyond my expectations. Thank you ZaZa for being such a class act in exceeding my expectations and providing such stellar performance in regards to your facilities, customer experience and customer satisfaction. I highly recommend ZaZa Houston and look forward to future stays.

    14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    130. Emilye S.
    Great hotel! The staff was so welcoming. The room was extremely nice. Great water pressure and the bed was a-mazing. We also hung out at the pool and I highly recommend it! Will definitely be going back!"

    09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    131. Nupur L.
    One of my favorite activities in any city is to stop at one of its trendiest hotel bars and do some people watching. It's the most consistently revealing activity I've found for gauging a city's ethos. I'd always wanted to go to ZaZa for that reason and it did not disappoint at all in that regard.

    Everyone is very tall here. Chanel doesn't count unless there's a big gold logo on it. It's cool to wear your shirt unbuttoned and your suspenders unattached to your pants, I guess. Every other sentence you utter will be "How does she walk in those?"  After spending time here, I really want a leather dress.

    The interior of the bar is done in standard bougie boutique hotel decor. I like that though. The patio is where it's at. It's heated and well-insulated from the elements with wrapping. In the evening, the lighting really makes it quite a spectacular place to grab a drink.

    I'm well-aware that you come to these places more for atmosphere than for quality of drinks but ZaZa failed notably on this account. My friend's Sazerac was fine but far too redolent of anise. I ordered something with St. Germain and Red Bull.

    If you stop reading after that line and never read my reviews again on account of my questionable taste, I don't blame you.

    Regardless, they really could have made it more artful than what resembled  a sewage water suspension in a glass. I seriously thought they had served me a drink in a brown glass but as I sipped it,  it turned out to be just a very ugly drink. It was incredibly watered down as well.

    The other atrocity was the bathroom. This was the dirtiest, worst-kept bathroom I have visited in Houston in recent memory. The contrast was even more stark given the surroundings. Toilet paper was all over the floor but none was available for actual use. It smelled awful. I found it annoying that they lack paper towel dispensers and force you to put your hands under those germ repositories otherwise known as "paperless hand dryers." It was so gross.

    Three stars were returned for the comfortable sofas, my excellent dry martini and and ever-so-slightly-too-sweet but very tasty Manhattan. The ceviche was very fresh and if you like frozen grapes, those add a nice touch to the fish. My teeth are too sensitive for them, sadly. Appetizers you pay through your teeth for, predictably, but drinks are actually reasonably priced unless you go top shelf.

    With all that said, I still can't wait to come back.

    14/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    132. Stephen D.
    Love Shack Room. WOOO.
    That being said, it's adds to the experience of a fine hotel when everywhere you look you can see creative, sexual and eye pleasing art. When people say art is everywhere at the hotel ZaZa, please believe them.

    We stayed in a pool bungalow called the Love Shack. Fish themed, with a very large possibly 4-6 person shower separate from the bathroom. The decor is creative, cheesy and comfortable at the same time.

    The staff is helpful, the complimentary shuttle is very very convenient but beware that it is first come first serve and everyone wants to eat dinner at 7:00pm so be flexible and patient.

    You can also go outside by the pool and experience one of the outdoor cabana's with television inside, really relaxing and romantic. The bar at the restaurant is extremely overpriced and they do not know how to make a cocktail, but it is very nice and eye pleasing.

    Great experience. Great location, not close to restaurants and night life. Across the street from & museums.

    03/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    133. Liz V.
    Ok I'm not comfortable writing bad reviews but I have to say... This hotel is pretentious, overpriced and truly not worth the money.  We weren't good enough for the VIP elevator( as informed by personnel), the pool closed at 9 and we could not get back into the building without having to go all the way around..then we had a difficult time fitting two, normal-small sized adults in "double" sized beds (please be advised these beds are truly doubles and no bigger) Our reservations clearly indicated three adults with a roll-away... They would gladly upgrade us for another $150...The staff is wonderful!  Our room cost $279.62... Not worth it... Sorry Hotel zaZa...we will return to Four Seasons, Doubletree, Hyatt, Etc but not here...

    06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    134. Jennifer S.
    Nice decor.

    Horrible horrible customer service. The staff behaved as if they were more important or had better things to do then assist with any needs.

    Upon check in, I was greeted with contempt and told I would need to wait several hours to get my reserved room, which was not ready upon arrival at 4pm.  I was there for a wedding, and the only person in our group who did not have a prepared room.  When I asked when the room would be ready, I was brushed off with a sly comment of, "I don't know."  Because of my late and off-putting check-in, I was unable to timely attend the rehearsal for the wedding party at the church.

    Several other instances of deliberate mistreatment by members of the staff, including standing by and watching rather than working.

    I am all about customer service being rewarded if it is well deserved.  That is the idea behind tipping.  However, with such a name like Zaza, I am appalled at the behavior of all the employees.  I was left to feel that unless I lavished each employee in an array of exuberant tips, then I was not to be treated with hospitality or respect.

    I will never stay again.  I have been treated better at a Holiday Inn Express.  As a frequent traveler, I have stayed at some of the most expensive places around the states, including the Four Seasons in Chicago which is one of the most luxurious hotels in the states, etc.  

    It is not about the price. Rather, the treatment.

    Snobbish employees and worthless staff.

    12/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    135. Monica A.
    Love this place, my first experience was with the Monrach.  My mom and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon lunch on the patio, great food, great service.  We walked the hotel and enjoyed the views as well as the lovely pool area.  My latest experience was for DeVry Alumni Banquet, what an event.  The dining room was lovely with the best view, we were lucky enough to see the Friday night fireworks from MM park.  The reception cocktail area was nicely done.  It was a great event, the food, and service was great.  

    Look forward to actually staying at the hotel.

    11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. C M.
    This place is horrible, the service is horrible the front desk is horrible! Although they will check your bag quickly!

    27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    137. Beth N.
    Where the fabulous and fierce run free....you never know who or what you will see here, which is why it's always a good time.  Any of Benji's 3 current locations are legendary and I've been to them all, but this is my fave.....no, it's not because of walking distance of my house.

    Why?  Because the service rocks and if you're a regular, they know it and show it....extra blinkie rings, food not on the menu, discount on a last minute room, birthday party dinners, letting you have a casino party, asking you to keep it down rather than shut down the suite party, neighborhood food/drink specials, limo to the game, happy hours specials, after-hours pool side photo-shoots, going along with your midnight scavenger hunt games, ect...and that's for me, a nobody.  I feel just as VIP as the actors, singers, international royalty, and the business men that I had only seen on TV or magazines, but when they are in Houston, this is where they stay & play.

    Since I moved to Houston 4 years ago, I have had so many good times and memories at this place I can't even keep count.  Check it out-you won't be disappointed.

    TIP-Have 1 drink in the bar & have bartender stamp it for FREE valet ($12 savings)

    08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    138. Clay C.
    I visited their pool the other day and had a great experience.  Calm environment, chilled drinks and nice lunch outside while working.  Service was great.

    22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    139. Rich B.
    I love the Zaza. I think I prefer the one in Dallas, but this is still a really nice hotel.
    Let's see. What to love...
    Awesome bed. I slept like a big-ass baby.
    Nice bathroom with all the stuff you need.
    Free Wifi.
    The little butler's table thing on every floor is great - coffee and a paper every morning.
    Room service is quite good.
    The restaurant that is on premise is fine. It looks more like a bar, but the dinner I had was tasty although hotel pricey as you'd expect (how did I run up a $70 bill on an entree and glass of wine?).

    Only real issue was that I was very excited to get a room with a balcony, but if you are on a low floor, there is quite a bit of noise from the AC units on top of the main part of the hotel (that is also you view). Cue sad trombone sound.

    21/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. James N.
    Hotel decor is nice, but the service is extremely horrible. I will never go back again!

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    141. Shane W.
    After three years of going to Houston relatively often, a client finally recommended Hotel ZaZa. The only downside to this recommendation is thinking of all the nights I've spent in hotels that were not Hotel ZaZa.

    Most business hotels are bleh. In my mind, there are five classes of hotels:
    - Hotels that offer hourly rates and a pretty fair chance that you'll take home some sort of bug
    - Highway hotels that you probably won't find a body under the mattress
    - Highway hotels that have a pool, and orange juice in the lobby
    - Typical business hotel, Marriotts, Hyatts, Sheratons, bla, bla, bla.
    - Places like Hotel ZaZa, W Hotels and Kimptons

    Yeah, it's that good. In addition to all the other copious amenities, all I can add is that they had two dog bowls under the front entrance awning. One, in Texas heat pushing 100 degrees, always had water in it over the two days I was there. The other had dog treats. Places that take care of your dog always strike me as places that are going to take really good care of you.

    I sent them an email asking for my receipt (because I may be a hotel's nightmare; I don't actually check out, I just leave.). My email was sent at 1:21pm. Their response, with a pdf of my receipt: 1:23pm. Boom.

    03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    142. Alicia C.
    I really wish I could give this hotel a higher rating. My husband and I chose Hotel Zaza for our wedding last month. We booked the Black Label Suite (one of the Magnificent Seven Suites). We stayed two nights, but also booked an additional room for guests who were visiting from out of town.

    We paid in person at the hotel as they didn't have an online payment option for catering (odd I know). Upon signing the relevant documents and paying the associated costs, the members from the Accounts Department only thanked and shook the hands of my husband - not me. I found that to be extremely rude (HELLOOOO I am the bride).

    When we checked in a few days later, we were told the room had recent renovations - OK! So why is it the chairs in the dining room were so weathered? The upholstery on them needed to be changed......badly. That aside, the room is very tastefully decorated.

    Onto the fun stuff...the wedding. I had requested some favors delivered to the room the night before so they could have been packed then to avoid having to do so the morning. The favors were not done in the colors that had been requested (even though confirmed on their end). A call to front desk advised us that the chef and all the office staff from Catering had already left and we would have to wait until the following morning (sigh).

    Following morning came and we called the Catering Team and advised them of such - no apology. Just that she'd call back with information. Half an hour passed and I called back as I didn't receive a call and well yeah because that day was the WEDDING DAY! She then said that pasty chef was making some of them over in the requested colors. GREAT! (would have been nice of you to call and state such, but GREAT). The chef brought them up herself which I thought added a nice touch but then we were scrambling trying to finish the rest of the favors (very same thing we were trying to avoid). The setup team arrived 35 minutes later than they had stated and that did push back our "To Do" list a bit but we were able to make it back up for an almost prompt start to the wedding ceremony.

    The food we did have for the reception was very well done and the guests all agreed. The attendees who would have been serving, clearing glasses, bar tending, etc.

    A few days afterwards we received an internal email chain which showed communication between the Accounts and Catering Departments which was forwarded to us. That chain should have been left off in the communication sent to us as some of it was casual and clearly only intended for internal purposes.

    I am also surprised that for a hotel that purports to be a high end one, there is no post follow-up on events (seemingly only if there is money still owed or refund due). I communicated my highs and lows to them - didn't even get a response. They'll get there.......someday I guess.

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    143. Meagan G.
    Stayed here for two nights in September for a work function. The decor was eclectic and interesting. Hotel room was nice, spacious and appealing and comfortable. I loved having a big desk and window view of the pool while I was working. Nice closet and bathroom. I had lunch at the Monarch and ordered the wedge salad (Baby Iceberg | Maytag Blue Cheese | Scallions | Maple-Rubbed Bacon | Heirloom Tomatoes | Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing topped with Salmon. It was excellent and a very generous portion. The front desk in the evening seemed a little "young" or untrained. I called after dinner about 11pm after realizing I had forgotten to pack saline solution for my contact lenses. When I called to inquire if they had a store or any in house I could use, the lady who answered the phone asked me who told me to call her. I expressed that I told myself to call "O" on the phone for assistance. Anyhow, all in all it was a good stay. But that's why I have given it 4 instead of 5 stars.

    30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Cece B.
    We had previously stayed at the Warwick (reincarnated ZaZa, Houston) and were looking forward to trying a Fabulouso suite. Our first setback, was that we requested early check-in and they could or would not honor it.  I don't know of any other hotel that has a 4pm check-in! On the dot of 4pm, they finally gave us a room key.
    The suite is large and glitzy, but there are just too many aspects of the decor and amenities that keep this  property from being truly a luxury hotel....despite the prices.  The dining chair seats were ripped and worn.  The coffe table was so damaged that it looked like something for a secondhand shop.  The carpet was in need of replacing or re-stretching.
    The air conditioner was louder than a window unit!  It was so annoying.  The toilet paper was thin and the towels, though bright white, were like sandpaper.  The mattress was way too saggy and soft. None of this is synonymous with luxury.
    Although they provided two closets in a single King suite, there was not any place to use as a vanity and no desk. You may be a fan of the big screen TVs, but almost all the channels were not HD and it made for terrible viewing.
    The restaurant and room service, as well as the valet service were very nice, but not exceptional.
    Overall, the stay was disappointing. We had spent our wedding night at the Warwick many years ago and thought the Fabulouso Suite would be a great way to celebrate our 45th anniversary.  About the only thing Fabulouso about the experience was that it was fabulously expensive. It might be fun for an event, but the rooms don't live up to the hype. We won't be recommending ZaZa to anyone.

    30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    145. Butter S.
    Amazing hotel,  beautiful rooms.  Excellent service and pool atmosphere.  I felt like a celebrity!!! The prices are insane,  but worth it if you've got it to spend!!!!

    24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    146. Kathleen F.
    I have to give Zaza 5 stars because they treated me and my husband like royalty when we stayed with them for 2 nights after our wedding!  We got to the hotel (still in our wedding duds) to check in the woman checking us in was incredibly nice and there was a group of girls in the lobby cheering for us as we walked in!  I mean - already - what an incredible memory!  The woman checking us in upgraded our room to the rock star suite!   That room is bigger than our apartment doubled and as you can imagine the excitement from our wedding, reception and then to a wonderful suite for the next 2 days ... we were in heaven!  We arrived to the room with a bottle of champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries from the staff.  Our jaws dropped when we entered the room!  From the smaller room we were expecting to this massive 2 bedroom, 2 bath, full on office, massive living room and complete kitchen = it was the icing on the cake to our stay at home semi-honeymoon.

    Along with the room upgrade, champagne and strawberries, they also loaded us with coupons for dining and the bar!  The views from the room the fabulous and the in-room food service was fantastic.  All the waiters wished us well and were so friendly and polite.  We were very sad when we had to check out and go back to reality (work and school).  With all that said....


    09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    147. Ben F.
    Trendy with some odd artwork but clean, large rooms.  Service is excellent at the hotel but the restaurant/bar is okay.

    10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    148. Paul H.
    Disappointed to run counter to the positive reviews, but my wife and I stayed in the Hotel Zaza two nights this weekend (December 28th and 29th, 2013) and were really, really disappointed.

    1)  25 minute wait to check-in
    2)  Parking courtyard loud until after 2:00 am (which our window overlooked), parking attendants part of the noise problem
    3) 1:40 am room service knock on our door (we didn't order room service) and were awakened by the knock on the door.
    4)  Clogged drain in the shower
    5)  Re-scheduled spa appointment that they didn't actually reschedule (even though they indicated that they would)
    6)  Confused and poor service in the Dragonfly (breakfast)
    7)  Curtain with massive stains

    While the management on duty tried to atone for these missteps, paying attention to the details matter -- and the Hotel Zaza failed time and again to get the details right.  One positive note, the decor and atmosphere were eclectic and most interesting.

    31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    149. Kat R.
    Had all of our wedding guests stay here and the overall attitude every time something went wrong was just no bueno. Had bags for hotels to get at check in - 50% of them got one. bridal brunch - they were completely unprepared despite months of planning with them.  

    More than anything, I was surprised that every time we tried to work with them (with 15 - 20 rooms reserved under our block) they seemed annoyed to do anything about it and made me feel guilty for requesting it be fixed. Not what I expected and was disappointing since we picked ZaZa for our guests to ensure top service.

    Might be a great spot for you to stay on your own, but don't recommend for your wedding party or events.

    21/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    150. Katherine P.
    It was Monday 11/29 and my boss looks at me and my colleague and tells us we need to plan a company party for Wednesday 12/7 because the CEO, CFO, COO, and 15 other senior management folks were coming into town. After approximately 22 minutes of "wtf," "shit, crap, damnit, whattt?" "how, really?!!" we decided on doing a party in a fancy suite. I've heard fantastic things about Hotel ZaZa in Dallas during my stint in DFW. We picked up and the phone and called Hotel ZaZa with our fingers crossed hoping they could accomodate 50 people on such short notice.

    Hotel ZaZa was AMAZING. Very quick responses, gave us so many options/suggestions, had us booked and ready to go the very next day. Basically, they saved us a huge hassel. Fast-forward to the night of the party. We arrive early to decorate and get things set up. We walk into a beautiful suite with the staff setting up the delicious food and decorating the suite for us. They brought us some snacks, made us drinks, and checked in to make sure we were set and ready to go. I don't think I've had a better experience planning a party with such short notice (or a decent amount of notice!). The party goers had so much fun and they were very impressed with the suite and the staff. Hands down, Hotel ZaZa will have our business again. They truly exceeded our expectations.

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    151. Steve D.
    I find that "boutique" in hospitality is often a comparable term to "cozy" in real estate. It generally means you're going to get a tiny room in a hip old building with lots of amenities to take your mind off the lack of space.

    Everything about ZaZa exceeded that expectation. It's a large older hotel completely redesigned to upscale boutique standards, with an edgy fashion motif throughout. Spacious, well appointed rooms, many optional in-room amenities, and (great touch) a butler's pantry on each floor to get excellent coffee and teas in the morning. Great bar with gorgeous, stylish patrons that made me feel a tad like Barney Rubble by comparison. The setting in Houston's beautiful museum district is absolutely perfect for this hotel, and an excellent alternative to the sterile downtown area.

    If I hadn't smashed my foot on the lion's claw footer on the bed in the middle of the night it would have been a perfect stay. Highly recommended.

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Franci M.
    Zaza was a fantastic hotel with an epic pool. Overall, the feel was a bit dark...photos of celebrities and models. Very boutique feel with different fabric and animal print textures. Room was furnished very sophisticated and chic. We had a balcony as well which was nice. Work out facilities were good, but stretch out area was very small. Pool was amazing...reminiscent of a fancy geek or Italian hotel. Def Euro inspired and chill music playing. I was totally at ease and didn't want to leave! The only reason I did not give five stars was the pool staff was not very attentive and had to chase or waive them to get a drink and close out. Also, check in woman was extremely nice and welcoming. Woman checking out was a bit rude and snobbish when I asked to keep my luggage for a few hours. Concierge was hard to find and had to wait a bit more than once.

    18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Jorn S.
    These guys take themselves WAY too serious. Service is average. Food is bad. And when you take a picture of the hotel they need to confiscate your camera or escort you off the property. Zara, you're not that special.

    16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    154. Sonya V.
    This place was just perfect in every way.  We were in a suite called the "Tycoon" that was large enough to accommodate two people/bedrooms and still allow total privacy.

    ON my arrival their were snacks and champagne waiting.  My bags were delivered even before I had completed check-in.  There was also fresh ice at the bar.

    The baths (there were 2+) were comfortable with plenty of counter space and lots of higher-end toiletries.  

    There was no noise, the shuttle service was accommodating and the staff efficient.

    This is a slightly-funky boutique hotel.  It reminded me of L.A. rather than Houston.

    For the amenities the price is spot-on.

    Except for room-service breakfast I did not dine (the juice and fruit were great) and also did not use the gym, though they looked well-better planned than the typical hotel situation.


    20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    155. Marci C.
    Ive stayed at the BEST hotels in NYC and Dallas and this hotel has never been beat. Amazing staff, always beautiful rooms and decor and I've always had a great experience at this location and in Dallas.
    This trip I was able to stay in 3 different rooms (mag 7 bella vida room, themed room an affair to remember,  and one of their splendido suites. OFF THE CHARTS!!!

    the only complaint i have is their room service can be really slow and they forget some things you order but other than that, A+ and i HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

    08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    156. Wendy W.
    Like Jorn S., I also have an issue with their photography policy. Back in 2012, a friend reserved a room for my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary. Since Hotel Zaza is such a beautiful hotel, I wanted to take advantage of the gift and had some portraits taken in our room. Well, apparently they have an anti-photography policy, to protect the privacy of other guests. My friend didn't know, we didn't know, so imagine our surprise when we're notified around 10pm that they're kicking us out. First, I feel it's a bad policy to remove guests from their room so late; I don't know if they attempted to contact us earlier while we were at dinner, but that's when I was notified. Second, I had the portraits taken in our room, nowhere else where there would have been other guests. If you want to talk about violating guests' privacy, I felt like my privacy was violated if someone saw me having pictures taken somewhere I THOUGHT was private.

    My husband and I were so excited to stay there, and had been seriously thinking about booking one of the themed suites for a special occasion for quite some time. The hotel also is really nice. I understand hotels can make whatever policies they want, but I do think this is a really silly policy that isn't always enforceable (given all the pictures here), and I feel they didn't handle it very courteously. If the consequence of taking pictures there is being escorted off the property, then I think this policy needs to be made known at check-in, or even while you're reserving. On the "bright" side, they did waive our valet fee since we didn't actually get to stay the night.

    We almost thought about giving them another chance when we were deciding where to stay for Valentine's this past weekend, and while I typically don't hold grudges, there are far too many other boutique hotels in Houston with better customer service to consider them again. We'll continue taking our business to Magnolia and Four Seasons instead.

    ETA: They also flagged my review for removal at a different site today, one I wrote in 2012, and I was forced to remove it due to a lack of receipt proving I'd been there (I didn't pay, obviously I don't have a receipt). My opinion of them has further decreased; how about just contacting me directly, or replying, if you have a problem with what I wrote?

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    157. Michael M.
    This is the best hotel I have ever stayed at. I always stay at the Dallas and the houston zaza. The staff and management are amazing there.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Yer M.
    For $300+/night this place is not worth it. The service was terrible. We stayed here two nights.


    We enjoyed napping by the pool and the tasty popsicles they bring you on a hot day. The view of the fountain from the patio is very good also. I used the gym and it was clean and well-equipped, with a view of the pool.

    - Checked in, valet failed to bring two items up to our room and called us 6 times in 10 minutes to tell us they don't have the items.
    - The front desk confiscated a cooler of beverages (water, wine, sodas) after it was taken out of our car by the valet and we only found out hours later when we went to inquire about why it hadn't yet arrived at our room. Apparently it sat in the lobby for hours before anyone noticed.
    - Waited more than an hour for two tacos and a quesadilla, ordered poolside on Sunday afternoon. When the food arrived, it was mediocre.
    - Refused entry to restaurant when I left my ID in my room (I'm 38 years old and paying a few hundred bucks a night for a room at your hotel and you are CARDING ME?!)
    - Sketchy people in the elevator Saturday night. They said they were locals. Just really sketchy.
    - Our floor (7) smelled faintly of cat pee.
    - Ordered breakfast and had to run to Easter service across the street so we asked them to take our largely unfinished food up to our room. They boxed it up, wrote down our room number, and said they'd do it. We got back to the room a couple of hours later and it wasn't there.
    - Front desk told us they had 5 shuttles when we checked in. We went down to get one to go to a performance at the Wortham and were told they only have three shuttles and it will be a 10 minute wait. Not too bad but don't say you have 5 shuttles when you have three.
    - Asked to be picked up at the Wortham and they did not know where it was even after we read them the address 3 times.
    - Called the concierge to ask if the restaurant was still serving a full menu at that time, they had no idea. Asked if the spa was open. They had no idea. The concierge doesn't know basic facts about the hotel services? Really?
    - Went to the front desk to nicely tell them about our experiences to give them a chance to remedy the situation. The person at the front desk then called our room and spoke to us thinking WE were the manager!!! "Hi, I would like to tell you about some complaints some of our guests are having..." and proceeded to repeat what we just told them. This was a good laugh!! It was exactly the issue we were raising-- this place does not have its act together and every single person fails to "close the loop" on requests.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. Do not stay here. Ever.

    22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    159. Houstontexas L.
    I cannot think of a better hotel in Houston. Get a pool view with a cabana under your room. We got room 360 awesome. The restaurant is up to par with Tonys, and marks. The art changes weekly. The only drawback is the teenagers at the zoo nearby.

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    160. Tony A.
    Much Aloha & Mahalos to the staff at the ZaZa!

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    161. Serena N.
    Went here for a wedding and had an amazing experience!
    Beautiful hotel and courteous valet.
    I just wish they had more seating area for the cocktail hour as we had to stand (in heels) the entire time.

    16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    162. Riddhi C.
    This review is based working with Hotel Zaza on a corporate level.  We negotiated a corporate rate with the hotel and one of the nights, they were not able to give us the rate.  They graciously upgraded one guest to a suite.  Unfortunately, there were four guests coming in.  I let them know that unless they can do all of them, it's fine to keep their current rooms.  LaShawn, the senior group sales manager, spoke to her boss and upgrade all four guests, with no extra charge!  They went above and beyond what most hotels would do.  I was really impressed with the level of service I received.  It's very rare to find hotels that upgrade people with no charge, let alone four guests.  I'm very happy we are using them for our Company.  Will continue to do so in the future!!

    31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    163. Sherry K.
    I was so, so disappointed in this hotel. My boyfriend lives outside the country and we will only get to see each other about 3 times per year for the next two years, so each time is very precious. Because he has paid so much money in coming to see me, I wanted to make his most recent visit extra special. Neither of us have much money, so we usually just stay at my house when he is here, but we both had always talked about splurging one day and getting a really nice hotel for a couple of nights.

    My plan for his one-week visit a few weeks ago was to spend the first two nights at Hotel ZaZa so that we could not only experience a "luxurious" hotel, but also be walking distance from the museums and Hermann Park. The only reason I am giving them two stars instead of one is because the location was the highlight of Hotel ZaZa for both of us. Oh, and the one other positive is the bedding was comfortable.

    Even so, this experience definitely had me crying on the first night. When I booked the hotel on Booking.com , I made a special request for the room to be romantic with a great view. I live in SW Houston and adore it, but beautiful views may be where it is lacking most. So I wondered, "Will we be seeing the light-filled skyline? Or the lovely fountains surrounding Hermann Park?" You can imagine my dismay when we walked in and our "beautiful view" was a parking garage. No skyline or fountains or trees...a parking garage. I can get that in SW Houston for a fraction of the cost.

    As if that was not bad enough, I had read reviews about the staff making guests' stays extra special and romantic, like having chocolate-covered strawberries waiting or fresh flowers in the room upon arrival. Oh, and a refrigerator filled with snacks and drinks. Guess what we got? A bowl with fruit that appeared unwashed and only one of which I could eat. We were about to collapse from heat exhaustion when we first arrived and there was nothing at all in our refrigerator. Oddly enough, I had joined their ZIP club to get extra amenities, and the only reason I got the frustratingly unlikeable fruit bowl was because of that. Even in my special requests section of the ZIP club form, I reiterated my request for an extra romantic stay due to the little time I have with my boyfriend...Do they even read those, or do they just not care?

    Another unhappy surprise for me: I do not have a functioning bathtub in my home (just a shower), so I was REALLY looking forward to soaking in a bubble bath at least once during my stay at this expensive, "luxury" hotel. Naturally, there was NO bathtub. Never, ever in my life had stayed at a hotel without a bathtub. It figures that the most expensive hotel I ever stayed at would be the one to not have a bathtub for a romantic stay.

    At even the "cheap" hotels I've stayed in, there is some kind of breakfast included. The very "worst" breakfast at a hotel I had was just muffins and honey-buns, which were actually pretty good. Hotel ZaZa has absolutely no breakfast included in the ridiculous cost, and there is no coffee maker included in the room, so you have to get dressed just to go get some of the free coffee at the end of the hall (which, for us, was REALLY at the end of the hall). Also, I had planned on us having a romantic evening at their restaurant, but the menu was so limited that neither of us even wanted to go.

    To top it all off, the TV was of terrible quality and appeared to be damaged. I am including a picture of that.

    Lastly, I was not in love with the decor, unlike everyone else. I am an artist and definitely enjoy quirky and unusual styles, along with ornate decor of times past, but Hotel ZaZa's decor was...eh. A picture of Courtney Love did not impress me and actually annoyed my boyfriend, and was not really how I would have wanted to be greeted each time I entered my room. But maybe Hotel ZaZa lovers are more into the "heroin chic" thing.

    After all the great reviews I had read for this place and the way they say that they "roll out the red carpet" for you, my boyfriend and I were actually going to see about eventually getting married at Hotel ZaZa if they "wowed" us during this visit...Needless to say, they didn't. As we were checking out, we did tell Jonathan (I believe that was his name) at the front desk about our dissatisfaction. While he was nice, the best he could do was give us a $50 voucher off an amenity during a future visit. Let's face it: Our visit was terrible and we have no reason to come back. A lot of people I know have talked about really wanting to visit Hotel ZaZa but are worried about the quality not matching the price, and I am glad I can at least inform them about my experience so that they do not waste their money.

    26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    164. Sylvia B.
    On Business in Cold Houston, but felt super warm and welcomed at this charming historic hotel! Loved the very spacious rooms and the warm cozy bath robe waiting for me in the room! Super quiet room in the middle of downtown Houston!

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    165. Elvira A.
    Though reviews on Trip Advisor are useless since they only allow moderate to good reviews and reject bad ones (done it to me twice), that's TripAdvisor's cheating customers out of all reviews, this hotel is really fantastic so nothing for them to censor.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    166. Helena E.
    My stay at Zaza was great. Instead of staying at a cookie cutter hotel I chose to stay at the the beautiful, funky Zaza. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Not only that , they saved me! I accidentally left my drivers license in the hotel after checking out. They sent their shuttle driver to bring it to me at the airport. Thank you Zaza!

    07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    167. Joe D.
    I have reviewed this hotel before and it is still awesome. However, I am writing to talk about Michelle who is a bartender. She is the nice, super cool and more importantly,  cares about her clients. Don't lose her, she is one of the good ones.

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Judy H.
    I was in Houston for business and a team meeting.  When I found out we were staying at the ZaZa I was so excited.  The staff was awesome, when I was ready to check in my room was not available, I was upgraded to a suite that overlooked the pool.  Imagine my surprise when I checked in, the bathroom was bigger than my bedroom at home!  Let's just say that I left the Houston Feast with the Beast early to come back to my room.  I took a bubble bath!  My hotel stay was the very best ever!  
    Cheers to Cliff who offered me champagne when I checked in!  I Love,Love,Love the ZaZa!
    Best experience in the world
    Peace Out ZaZa I love you!!!!!!

    09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    169. Josh L.
    Overall Hotel ZaZa was a good experience.  Staff was courteous, room was very nice, and the design was well done.  I will probably stay here again if I am back in Houston.  The restaurant there, the Monarch, had good food overall, however I thought for the level of restaurant the staff would be better trained as servers.  There was one person in particular that would reach over the table and did not understand the basics of serving.  Probably should do a service refresher here.  It may have been a one off, however overall the food was good and the staff was friendly.  I would recommend this hotel to others.

    07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    170. Benjamin I.
    My partner and I stayed at the Hotel Zaza over Labor Day weekend and the whole experience was perfect.  I had originally made the reservations a few weeks prior.  When we arrived in Houston and checked in to the hotel we checked in and made our way to the room.  The room was great, perfect really, with the exception of not having a bathtub.  Although they had supplied us a room with a beautiful view, I was hoping to also have a tub in the room.  When we asked the front desk if that could be arranged, we were then put in touch with the GM and he had our belongings moved to another room that was truly beautiful and well beyond my expectations.  This hotel has amazingly friendly and hospitable staff members as well as very unique and stylish accommodations.  I highly recommend staying at the Hotel Zaza.

    29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    171. Janny S.
    Staying for three nights at Villa Champagne, one of the concept suites on the 11th floor. Room is very nice once you find it (did i miss it or isn't it missing from the signs?), and check in staff was courteous.

    Management does need to hire more housekeeping staff, as our room was not ready at check in on Sunday afternoon at 4pm! The front desk was very apologetic and dealt with it as best as they could, offering a free dinner for the wait.

    Room was clean, spacious, and well appointed. Funky, with character.

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    172. Kassandra H.
    Can't believe it's been a year!  Staying tomorrow so excited.. Roll out the red carpet, Matt :-)

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    173. Gabriela H.
    Great gym
    Nice rooms
    Comfortable beds
    Complimentary shuttle

    Poor customer service among front desk staff
    No WiFi in rooms or lobby they give you a code, but there is no signal

    23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    174. Amanda M.
    Sa-wan-key. I thought the Hotel ZaZa was a great place to crash for the night in the museum district. If you're visiting the museum, it's the perfect location as you can just walk. The restaurant was also very nice, a little pricey, but very tasty.

    My only complaint was that when I asked for the front desk to print something for me, because their public printer was out of ink, they charged $5 to my room and didn't tell me. I thought that was lousy service from such a nice hotel. I complain about this because it was a work trip and any extras that show up on my bill cause problems.

    15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    175. Fregilia L.
    This hotel establishment is just amazing. The rooms are beautiful and if you are looking for a themed room this is the place to stay. They have over six beautifully themed rooms to chose from and the options are amazing. This hotel is probably my favorite one in this city. I love how fashion forward it is. All the employees clearly work well together because I have yet to come here and not be impressed from everyone. I am looking forward to checking out their spa next!

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    176. Tim B.
    We had our wedding ceremony & reception at Zaza.  It was really amazing.  Both of the rooms we used were setup perfectly, there was a small army of attentive, professional, smiling staff members.  The food was delicious and perfectly served.  

    So many of our guests told us they were amazed by the hotel.  From the first time we contacted Zaza until the day we left after our wedding they were always professional and top of things.  

    I would definitely recommend this place for a big event, or even just a weekend getaway or dinner.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    177. Bret B.
    ZaZa is that rare hotel that works for business, special event, party, date night or weekend at the park with kids (not the greatest place for kids but right next to Hermann Park, zoo, museum etc.)

    I have stayed at least 25 times at both ZaZa Houston and Dallas.  I prefer Houston ZaZa but with full disclosure I am a Houston guy.  Both are great.

    The Houston ZaZa is really one of the best locations to put up out of town visitor.  It is is amazing, beautiful location with easy access to Med Center, Rice U, and 10 min to downtown or galleria.

    The staff takes a lot of pride in Texas hospitality and that is what I think separates this hotel.  What I think is awesome is the staff is very pleasant and not snooty.  

    If you need to do a business meeting, wedding, party, or just night out with your spouse this is a great spot.  Although dressy I never feel uncomfortable in scrubs or jeans at the ZaZa.

    31/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    178. Isabel L.
    Really disappointed  came Christmas eve was one  of the last guest to leave. Had wonderful dinner. Tip the bartender $24. Tip.   On credit card. Took 3 twenty dollar bills ask melanie change for a twenty to tip ballet accidentally left $40 on the bar. The next day called left message with a recorder  . Called again talk to night manager took my discription tge way me my husband look .we were the last guest to leave .  He said look on cameras . Never called me back .. in way it hints me that they were being dishonest. . If he would called me back I would have a change heart. So beware if you leave anthing thier and you call for it they are not going to call you back .. a five star hotel handle it  like motel 6 .   I was tried to follow the golden rule . Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Zaza faild on that. Me my husband hosted our wedding . It has change my perceptions of the hotel.. probably will not be back again....

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    179. Todd W.
    Nothing like the original in Dallas. Supposed to be a cool, boutique hotel but they run it like a small-town Sheraton. Actually that's not cool. Most Sheraton hotels are far more relaxed. Not a fan.

    06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    180. Rita P.
    Good hotel. Convenient to have fridge and microwave in the room. Nice breakfast. I'm allergic to gluten but that wasn't any issue. Sonia and Hugo helped me daily with gluten-free waffles or pancakes and they even served me with it so I didn't need to queue.

    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    181. Dorothy H.
    From lamps with dimmers, coffee delivered to your room, pickup and delivery of shoes for shining, and a great staff the Hotel ZaZa

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    182. David B.
    This place is awesome! We were at a reception and the staff was fantastic! The wife had a situation and the staff did not freak out, stayed calm and professional! The one person who shined the most was Victor! Over and beyond! Top ten!
    They kept us close to the rest of the party, checked in on us. Even when things were better Victor not only had service ready but had items ready to go if we needed it!
    If you have not stayed here please do!!!

    22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    183. Glenna G.
    Good, clean hotel. Staff are top notch. Rooms are very nice. Close to the main street.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    184. Alex V.
    Horrible experience and  customer service. Staff and management are very unprofessional. I felt very discriminated, and felt like they were being racist. Any question I had , was always a rude no, and they never tried to at least accommodate. They definitely need better customer service. I waited 2 hours for champagne service, I had to call and remind them. They are other 5 star hotels nearby, that are just as nice and have way better service than Hotel Zaza. Beware if you stay there, there is nothing special about this place, the rooms are nice but the staff and manager ruin that by your experience with the stay at this hotel,

    20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    185. Marney R.
    This, along with the Ritz Carlton in Laguna, are my favorite hotels so far. The amenities are wonderful, the GYM is great, the customer service is exemplary and the food at both Monarch and room service is excellent. I would absolutely recommend staying here, whether it's for business or vacation. Although if I'm here for vacation ever I will definitely be trying the spa services.

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    186. George P.
    A very clean and pleasant hotel that costs quite a bit for any facilities that other hotels provide free or at a nominal rate. This one charges a good deal for internet in the room and $25 a day for the fitness center.Loved it.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    187. Desmon N.
    Great hotel with great service as well. This hotel is well worth the asking price. The decor gives you a romantic/ luxury feel. I would stay here again.

    14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. Tory A.
    I was staying in Hotel ZaZa on business and needed a place to stay. This Hotel ZaZa was a good choice; the rooms were well done and the staff was efficient. Food was affordably priced and tasted rather good. Overall, a very good value.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    189. Joseph R.
    In my humble opinion this is the nicest, classiest small hotel I have been to. Love he decor, the style, the staff and everything in between.

    10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    190. Laura S.
    Our work Christmas party is here every year and everyone has a great time! The staff is very friendly and attentive. The hotel is beautiful!

    I know that it costs our company pays a ton to have its party there but everyone is always very pleased with the location. Our employees can get a room for around $150 (group rate) for the night which makes it very convenient for those that live out in the burbs or for those that will have too much to drink.

    13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    191. Corinne C.
    . Chic boutique hotel in the museum district! I have attended a couple of events and stayed here once a few years back. I recently visited for the Party in Pink and again to the Monarch restaurant for drinks before a corporate event.

    The rooms are gorgeous! The decor is beautiful, staff was friendly and room service was great when I stayed.

    The pool area is nice and I have heard the spa is great as well. I have visited the Monarch on a couple occasions. I'll have more of a review there.

    Overall, This would be my choice of hotel to stay at if I were choosing a hotel in the Houston area.

    24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    192. Mike H.
    The best of the best! Tried the Divino Suite this time.  Nice room. It has a main living room, dining room, large bedroom with walkin closet. The master bath is huge with a huge shower and separate tub.

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    193. Bileili V.
    This hotel is not only gorgeous but has Amazing staff. Everyone here is so happy and incredibly kind.

    They ensure that everything goes right. They give you free rides nearby and wait for you.

    The interior design is impeccable. Its no wonder this place is rated so highly.

    16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    194. Cristina M.
    Hotel Zaza is the place to host any event! I recently hosted a brunch for my wedding party here and was treated as royalty. The set up of the hotel was amazing. I felt as though I was transported to a modern day alice and wonderland scene! Friendly, attentive staff, great valet! Couldn't have been more pleased :)

    10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    195. David P.
    We traveled to TX to celebrate our anniversary. With my online reservation I stated "for anniversary weekend" and that did not go unnoticed. We received special recognition that was not expected. We had a beautiful room and great service. We will stay there again.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    196. Tom A.
    One of the worst hotel experiences in my life. The only reason I did come here was that their location in Dallas was really up there but definitely not this one!
    I check in my suite is STILL NOT ready the lady tells me to go grab a drink at the bar. She was welcoming and nice. inside the bar this one waiter tells me that I need to "lose the hat."  Tigers were playing and I was just excited for it.  It's a hotel and I'm a high paying customer I'm not in a club or a romantic restaurant.  Totally my mistake not to ask for his manager immediately.
    then we go to the suite which was not my requested pool view and everything is so outdated. We had to wait another hour for it.
    The valet service guys (whom btw make you feel as if you're in a jungle in Africa) were so aggressive for a tip. Literally like 15 of them stood by while I'm checking out.
    NEVER AGAIN THAT'S FOR SURE! Thumbs dowwwn.

    21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    197. Ronnie S.
    Our first stay at Za Za Houston. Elegant and maximum hospitality. While it was a little pricey it is worth the price for location and ambiance. Only reason it does not get a 5 Star rating is only rooms with coffee or tea maker are the Magnificent Seven Suites. Not even the Concept Rooms have these. ??? They do have concierge service next to elevators but only 6:00 am to 10:00 am. Walking there for each cup can get old.

    Valet parking again on the very upper side of pricey. $39. Location to Metro Rail is great. Get into and out of downtown with ease and safe. We will come back in the future. Thank you.

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    198. Chloé T.
    First of all, I LOVE the lobby. I've stayed here several times, and my parents always come here when they visit me in Houston. They usually have champagne in the lobby as well as complimentary lemonade/iced tea in fun flavors, snacks, and various travel needs (Benadryl, ibuprofen, etc) for you to grab on your way in or out.

    The staff is extremely courteous, although can be a bit snotty at times. I had a brunch voucher due to an unpleasant dinner experience at the hotel restaurant (separate review) and the staff were hesitant to let me redeem it, because I was using it weeks after my stay at the hotel (somewhat understandable, but OK).

    The rooms are clean, and I'd be curious to see the suites in person. Funky vibe, great valet service (free within 5 miles, and there's A LOT to do within 5 miles), and lots of fun.

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    199. Shaun A.
    good change of pace for Houston. I've stayed once or twice and loved it. At times I get an odd feeling but overall a nice place in a good location. Museums all around, zoo, park and a bunch of hospitals around the corner. Can't wait to see what the Austin build will have in store.

    10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    200. Andrew C.
    Came here for the Houston rodeo and stayed 2 nights. Comfortable and clean hotel, but very bizarre art and the lobby smells like pickles.

    12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    201. Gina F.
    I've stayed at the ZaZa about 20 times over the years and I used to LOVE the hotel. But, the service is getting worse and worse.

    I booked one of their specialty themed suites and I requested a Nespresso machine when I made my reservation. There was none in the room. So, I called downstairs 3 times. The first time I said, "I requested a Nespresso machine in the room and..." without a word, they transferred me to Room Service. I spoke to Room Service to someone who could not understand English and thought I was ordered an Espressso... But when I finally explained that a Nespresso was a coffee machine, without a word, she transferred me to the front desk who transferred me back to Room Service. I had to call 3 times and the front desk was not polite or accommodating. They very rudely told me that they didn't see the machine on my reservation and that they had "no machines left" - They didn't apologize or offer to do anything. So I asked for 2 cups of coffee to be delivered to the room instead. And what did she do? Without a word, she transferred me to Room Service AGAIN - without apologizing. Then it took an hour to get two cups of coffee. The poor room service guy was so nice and apologetic.

    I am a VIP customer at the ZaZa but I have not been treated like a VIP at all. I stayed in one of their themed suites for over $600 a night and you'd think they would be polite and accommodating. But the Geisha House suite was nothing special at all. It was a basic, generic room with Japanese lamps and a few Japanese sculptures. I was very disappointed. Also, the phones were broken in my room and the only one that worked was in the bedroom. The wine opener was broken and then it took 45 minutes to get another one delivered while I had 5 guests waiting. It was a VERY frustrating experience.

    I really don't know if I will be a repeat customer anymore.

    26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    202. Jando S.
    A grand mix of contemporary and chic, Hotel ZaZa almost feels like a hotel from LA smack dab in the middle of downtown Houston's Museum District. The experiences will vary for hotel guests and those simply visiting the hotel, but there is little doubt that this is one of H-Town's nicest venues to stay and play.

    Folks might be surprised to learn this is no giant nationwide hospitality conglomerate, but a local Texas entity that has another ZaZa location in Dallas (and soon to be Austin). For a state that likes to pride itself on going bigger and badder, Hotel ZaZa has done exactly that with its amenities that scream a bit of Vegas luxury and Southern charm.

    While I haven't stayed at all 300+ rooms in the hotel, I can say the regular deluxe I've been in was lovely. Comfortable bed with a posh interior, equipped with all the modern appliances and electronics one could ask for. For a NYE party, a suite would be an ideal spot to ring in the New Year.

    Has there been a more gorgeous looking fitness center? It might as well operate as its own venue for a trendy gym. The concierge is extra helpful and very professional, always mindful to help make every accommodation for the best possible stay.

    If there has been any blemish, it might be Monarch ( yelp.com/biz/monarch-res… ), the on property restaurant + lounge. They try hard with the food, but the execution comes off as a little ambitious, which translates to an overpriced output for pretentious palate seekers. Trendy with lots of eye candy all around, at least the decor is in line with the rest of the hotel theme.

    30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    203. Nick R.
    I am a lover of boutique hotels! Being in the hospitality industry opened my eyes up to a bunch of hotels I would never have checked out otherwise and I am GLAD. We came in for a party in the heights and I wanted to stay somewhere with a W vibe but without the pretension. Man, did I get what I wanted.

    When we arrived, we were bombarded so quickly by overly attentive valet that I wasn't sure who was going to help me. Not a bad problem to have but, I felt so overwhelmed that I picked the first person I saw to help me with bags. It was something I quickly overlooked as I walked into the gorgeous lobby and felt like that wasn't such a bad problem to have. The koi pond was an AMAZING touch and had a peace sign with a santa hat just on top of it; the concierge tells me they change it monthly. If you're ever in the neighborhood, I highly recommend seeing what amazing unique thing they've done with it. I was upgraded to one of their entry level corner suites at check in (which was early by the way) which was great! I'm not sure what part of Houston I was looking at but, it was wonderful at night. They have a shuttle to anywhere within a four mile radius which I thought was a great amenity and one that I took advantage of! The sugar cookies and lemonade in the lobby were a great touch as well and quite delicious! Free wifi is always great too! I liked their wifi code for December, it was quite cheeky and appropriately named.

    Those are all the positive things I have to say but there were a couple of issues that I didn't particularly enjoy about the hotel... I wanted to book a side by side massage for our day of departure but, they only had a slot available at noon. I stopped by the front desk where the agent stuttered that I'd have to ask for a late check out in the morning... no biggie. However, I tried calling in the morning several times and no answer. At one point, the operator just started forwarding me over since she knew I was trying to reach them.  I asked if it would be better if I just went downstairs and she said "that probably would've been best from the get go." Hmm... odd phrasing. I overlooked that too until I got dressed and downstairs and the lobby was EMPTY. The girl from check in had been talking to some manager for quite some time as I was standing there. One of the valet guys had even come up and asked if they could help me... I wish he could have. After a while, I told the girl that I wanted to have a side by side massage with my boo as we had never had one before and anticipated not being able to have one until after the holidays. I also said I just wanted some time after the massage to grab my things and that it wouldn't take too long afterwards for us to jet. A couples massage at the Zaspa would've just made my month and she said the latest she could do was 12:30. Guess we'll be getting a massage in the new year somewhere else instead. Womp, womp.

    When I was ready to get picked up from Highland Village, I called the hotel and asked for the shuttle. I was quite specific in that I needed to be picked up across the street from where I was dropped off and that getting across the street would be quite difficult. When the valet operator called to say the shuttle was waiting for me, I told her I couldn't see it and that I was where I previously told her. She said quite briskly that he was picking me up where he dropped me off and pointedly that he had other people to pick up. I don't know if y'all know but, Highland Village is so bad when it comes to traffic that they have policemen out there directing traffic. I had to quickly run with several bags across the street and felt as though it all could've been avoided had he just picked me up where I specifically mentioned when I requested the pick up. Great amenity but, sad that my way back to the hotel worked out the way it did.

    All in all, enjoyable stay with a few setbacks that I felt would've been more appropriate at a more affordable hotel. Would I stay again? Maybe. Would I stay somewhere else? Probably. I hope my review didn't come off high maintenance and think I didn't expect much considering price point. I feel as though if you put yourself out there in a certain light that people are going to expect you to back it up. When you don't, it just leaves a bad taste.

    16/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    204. Mark J.
    We went to the ZaZa to meet some friends. As we parked the car we told the attendant, that we are meeting some friends in the lobby and would be out in a few minutes. Less than 10 minutes later we came out and the Valet had the nerve to charge us $15 (that's $90 and hour), but not only that he was extremely rude and condescending .
    I guess its the only luxury hotel in Houston where you are better off parking your car down the block and riding the train in - although that doesn't seem very customer service oriented.

    13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    205. Roselyn O.
    I always love this place. This hotel is a boutique style that is very sexy. I have never encountered an issue with the staff. The only rooms I typically stay are the concept suites with the massive tubs and dining tables on the inside with chandeliers. Hmm.. Nice for romantic getaways :)

    09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    206. Jim C.
    Stayed here 3 nights for a wedding and had a great experience.  There are not many hotels in the museum district and this one is very busy on the weekend.  It has a Bohemian feel sort of like the Grand Bohemian in Orlando but more of a toned downed version.  

    It is an older hotel that was completely rehabbed into a popular place.   The front desk, concierge and valet offer good service.   Get one of the rooms with a balcony.  They have a good restaurant that has indoor and outdoor seating.   Highly recommend.

    18/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    207. Jenna D.
    2.5 stars. We booked for the first 2 nights after our wedding. The first night they had a huge event going on and It took 10-15 minutes to use the elevator. I would have chosen a different hotel if I had known about it.

    The bathroom was a joke, the sink basin was tiny and the faucet was huge. Impossible to wash my face without creating a lake on the floor. The shower had no tub basin or door, just a curtain that hung to the floor so the floor outside of the shower became soaked with each use. Also because of the air flow, the shower curtain would creep in on you while you were showering. Having a dirty hotel shower curtain rubbing on my back each shower skeeved me out. We had to use towels to mop up the massive amounts of water on the floor after each use and I almost broke my butt on the wet bathroom floor on multiple occasions.

    The bed and room were VERY comfortable.

    We had a balcony but it was useless as it overlooked the restaurant and the room smelt of cheeseburgers and exhaust whenever we opened the door.  

    The staff were all amazing with the exception of the person who confiscated my beer siting hotel policy not to allow outside food and drinks into the hotel. He called me to say he felt badly about it and would send up a bucket of beer to make up for it but nothing ever showed. CALL AND PROMISE, THEN TO NO SHOW WAS WORSE THAN TAKING THE BEER AWAY, how about some follow through people? Huge slap in the face.

    The valet / shuttle staff are on point and amazing.

    11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    208. Gary S.
    Nice pool and spa. Service mixed; front desk unable to break a $20 for instance. Evenings extremely busy with special events, especially on weekends.

    26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    209. Renia L.
    Visited the #ZaZa yet again, for a Preferred Hotels Group luncheon and had the best dessert trio ever. The Churro dipped in chocolate was grand!

    Thanks #Chef!!

    13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    210. Steve L.
    Usually when I travel on business I stay at a big chain hotel because let's face it, I'm a sucker for the points. I'll put up with the generic, cookie-cutter service and decor of the big chains just so I can get those lousy 500 points that's probably worth about 50 cents.

    It's been years since I stayed at a boutique hotel like the Hotel ZaZa, and boy was it an eye opener. It's like going to Le Bernadin after years of eating at TGI Friday's.

    When checking in, the man at the front desk couldn't have been nicer. When I asked him for a room with a view, he went out of his way to find one for me. The room itself wasn't huge, but it was still beautiful, modern, and distinctive, with a nice view of Rice University and the Houston skyline in the distance. Strangely, the thing that impressed me most was the sink in the bathroom. It was one contiguous piece of glass with the middle indented to form the shape of a basin. The first thing both a client I was traveling with did was take a picture of the sink and send it to our respective spouses. Can't say I ever did that in any hotel.

    One evening while taking the elevator, one of the managers got on the elevator with me and greeted me by name--and I wasn't wearing a name tag or anything. I was slightly creeped out at first, but after I got over that I was thoroughly impressed. And speaking of the staff, every time you enter the front door there's a gaggle of them to open the door for you.

    The decor of the hotel is lovely, if a little creepy at times. There's a giant peace sign (which during the holidays was wearing a Santa hat) on a wall in front of a pool with Koi fish. Behind that there's a gorgeous chandelier over a grand piano. In the late afternoon they have fresh snacks; one afternoon they had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and (non-alcoholic) sangria; another afternoon they had gingerbread men cookies and hot cider.

    Ah, the creepy part. Some of the artwork is, shall we say, a bit avant garde. There's a painting in the lobby of a kid's body with a lamb's head holding a lion by a leash. There are chairs in the piano room that are painted to look like a bulldog is sitting in them on one side and a fawn's head on a nude woman's body on the other. My room had photos of a half-naked lady and a lady wearing a mask. You get the idea. This ain't the Holiday Inn Express.

    When I ordered room service the first day I ordered a waffle, which in typical room service fashion was covered and soggy by the time it got to the room. Two mornings later I ordered the waffle again and put a little note says "could you please leave the waffle partially uncovered for crispness?" The gentleman delivering it ended up sprinting from the kitchen to my room before the waffle could get soggy, and then asking me to check it to see if it was okay.

    I didn't get to check out the pool, the spa, nor the dungeon. Maybe one day.

    There were a few little things I wasn't too crazy about. If you drive there, valet parking is mandatory and $30 a day. I realize that this is mainly due to the location, but paying an extra $150 wasn't something I was prepared for for a four-night stay. They had a shuttle (complete with bull horns) that would take you anywhere within a 5-mile radius, but they seemed to be a little disorganized as far as being able to tell us exactly when the shuttle would come and go. Speaking of being a little disorganized, while there always seemed to be a gaggle of employees congregated at the front door, it didn't always seem very orderly. Granted, all "first world" hotel problems, but just enough to make me feel this was just a slightly less-than-perfect experience.

    That said, I will be back at the ZaZa the next time I'm in Houston. Overall a great stay and head-and-shoulders above anything you'd find at a big chain.

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    211. Sulisa C.
    My husband's company party was held at this hotel last week. It was my first time visiting and I was very impressed. When we pulled up, the valet services were efficient. When we entered the hotel, there were friendly staff who greeted us left and right. They guided us to the second floor where the party was held. The set up was beautiful - it was right by a glistening pool.

    I was pleased with the serving staff as well at the party. They were attentive to detail. I believe the hotel catered the food as well. They were excellent options - portabella soup, lobster salad, crusted chicken, baked fish, etc. I can't leave out the desserts! The macarons were perfect like the ones in Paris!

    If I have guests visiting me in Houston, I'll definitely recommend them this hotel.

    24/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    212. Tiffany J.
    I've had many great evening in The Monarch at Zaza! The bar menu has great options that accompanied by an extensive wine and cocktail list!!!!! Lite bites are what's for Happy hour or dinner. Sliders, puzza, truffle fries.....Oh My!!

    19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    213. Jon L.
    Hotel Zaza looks like it could be a film set or the decked out house of a fabulous and flamboyant rich woman. I felt transported to a different fantasy world with excellent service and amenities.

    The last lobby looks absolutely great and often you can catch some refreshing beverages and cookies complimentary from the hotel. Check out the free morning coffee on the second floor.

    The room we stayed in felt very grand with nice finishes in the room and bathroom. The products they included were high quality and smelled great.

    We got room service breakfast. The oatmeal tasted hearty and the parfait was actually absolutely excellent. They were made from high quality ingredients.

    What makes Hotel Zaza truly an excellent hotel are the amenities. This included a well furnished gym that had fruit for guests. The car service though was nothing I've ever seen. They had free car service to and from any location within a five mile radius.

    Overall great experience at a hotel that really added to our trip experience.

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    214. Garrett V.
    Can't say enough good things about this place. Friendly, attentive staff, great rooms. Comfy beds. Free water bottles, free tee and coffee in the morning.

    Tips- Make sure you call ahead to get your car if you valet. It takes a little while.  Ask for a room with a balcony.

    Restaurant is okay. Bit pricy for what you get, but the atmosphere makes up for it. Fun people watching.

    06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    215. Christian W.
    I am ashamed to see what has become of this historic hotel. I recently stayed here for a wedding and it was plain awful, lights out everywhere non working fridge, hostile staff members. I've had better service at a motel 6. The brides room was not turned down on the day of the wedding, nothing seemed to work, elevators out which causes horrible lines to go to your room. Probably the worst part is there restaurant I payed 12.00 for eggs and bacon, the bacon was so far overcooked it was damned and the poached eggs were still translucent. The management won't even come out of their little room to talk to folks. So BRIDES BEWARE if you want to have an awful experience and ruin your wedding night and your party's weekend then this is the place to stay, honestly I'd rather sleep at a motel 6 for the same money before I go here again. Oh and if you want a shuttle, they got them, but they only seat 5. Their bus was conveniently in need of repair the whole weekend and was never moved.

    The only saving grace was the drivers, they were polite and timely, and we're well compensated for their personality. That's where the one star comes from.

    08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    216. Royal M.
    Hard to find anything to say about ZaZa but AMAZING!!!  My wife and I stayed here while we had appointments at MD Anderson. The staff is AMAZING!  I think her name is Emyle she was super AMAZING!  We had a rough couple of days at a hotel down the road closer to MD. Even though we couldn't get a medical rate she did everything she could to make our stay Amazing, and she did!  The Monarch restaurant is AMAZING the ZASPA is AMAZING. We will be headed back to Houston for more MD Anderson and ZaZa it will be and any other time. Anyways I just want to thank Emyle again she has no idea what her kindness meant to my wife and I.


    03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0