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Royal Sonesta Hotel in Houston, TX

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.11

Address: 2222 W Loop S, Houston, TX, 77027

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    Comments (87):

    1. Emily S.
    I got this hotel on priceline and for a four star hotel, it is outdated.  The worst part about it is the rooms are fairly small and therefore you can hear noise coming from the rooms next to you.  This has happened the last two times I have stayed.  The redeeming factor of this hotel is the manager, Elizabeth, is extremely kind and accomodating. My boyfriend was very sick to the point we could not travel home and she allowed us to have a very late check out for free.  I will probably not use priceline again for the Houston Galleria area in hopes I don't get this hotel...

    24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Cindy L.
    Not really sure why no one has reviewed this place yet, but I really like this hotel.  I've visited and stayed at this hotel for various occasions.  The rooms are spacious and clean, the food is tasty, and the staff is polite and helpful.  The whole place is very classy, and the hotel pays attention to details such that its occupants can feel pampered and at ease.  It is a little bit pricey, but you get what you paid for.  I would recommend this hotel to any Houston visitor.

    16/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Frankie S.
    This hotel recently changed management and is now the Royal Sonesta. My advise is to stay away!!!!! My completely less than ideal experience with them began with the name change.... My room had been booked when the name was still the Intercontinental and nobody informed me or my company that there was an immienent name change. My flight didn't arrive until very late in the evening and my driver was unable to find the hotel (because we were looking for Intercontinental and the sign said Royal Sonesta). Circled the freeway loop 3 times... Grrrr, but not a huge issue. Got to my room after some minor delays at the front desk - it was right around midnight and the name change was happening at midnight - apparently there was a slight misunderstanding about issuing the key (Royal Sonesta or Intercontinental???? -  resolved to Intercontinental). Got to my room and filled out the Room Service breakfast order and placed in on my outside door handle (Love breakfast in my room - Yay, tomorrow will start off well). Next morning.... no breakfast :(  Order is still on the room door handle in spite of me putting it out well before their 1:00 am cutoff. Ok, no big deal - I'm carrying 15 extra pounds - I don't really need a big room service breakfast and they have a little coffee maker in the room ..... Head out - conduct my business and return around 6:00 pm. Head for my room on the 18th floor... key doesn't work. Grrrrrr - head back down to the front desk and am told, "Yes, the keys aren't working". I just need to wait a few minutes for security to come and let me into my room. "Security" comes about 5 minutes later and we head back up to my room. Am told to see the consierge if I need to leave and return later (having dinner out, so had asked this question). Apparently housekeeping didn't have access to security because my room hadn't been cleaned. Wow - just wow - this is a difficult transition for these people. Leave for dinner and get back to the hotel around 10 pm. Go see the consierge who tells me to go to the front desk for a key - little snot (it's my 2nd late night in a row and maybe I'm a little cranky). Front desk has my key - nice. Get to my room and the next morning, my breakfast is there too!!! Sweet :) Go to check out and they tell my the company credit card wasn't accepted. Hmmm - that's BS since the company credit card has about a bazillion dollar limit. Give them a personal credit card so I can just get the hell out. E-mail our corporate admins who contact Royal Sonesta Houston with confirmation of our company credit card (numbers, names, balances, authorizations, etc). Assured they will credit my personal credit card back the charges and re-charge to the company credit card. Three days later.... the charge hits my personal credit card. I'm so done with this hotel - it's too bad - we have people there in Houston almost monthly and another hotel will now get our business.

    22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Chris B.
    Doesn't quite rank at the same level as newer Intercontinentals in Boston & San Francisco (both of which I've stayed at), but fits the bill for a solid business class hotel in the Galleria area. The windows are rock solid in keeping out the noise from nearby 610. Ask for a room with a view of downtown Houston -- the skyline looks very impressive from this vantage point.

    06/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Brian K.
    Must stay.  Just got back from a event for work and stayed there two nights.  The staff was extremely friendly and catered to all of our needs.  Will hopefully get to go back soon!

    16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Christine M.
    I got a great deal through Hotwire and well if you've ever purchased through Hotwire, you don't know what hotel you're booking until you've made the purchase. So I opted for the "4-star" hotel and ended up with the InterContinental hotel.

    I was content with the choice, because from the pictures and the website it looked somewhat decent. Then the fine tuned details came into play. It's $16/night to park in the self park garage and $27 for valet. The garage isn't attached to the hotel so to speak so you have to go down one elevator and go through a little walkway to get to the lobby of the hotel. Then go up another set of elevators to get to your floor. Once I got to my hotel room, I looked around and it was a decent size with a nice king sized bed. The TV on the other was an old set and a lot of the channels were somewhat fuzzy and the selection of channels was blah! For a supposedly higher end hotel, I would expect at least a flat screen with a wide selection of movie channels and so forth, but not basic channels plus HBO and a few ESPN and a whole bunch of news channels. The mini bar was set up, keep in mind you have a 20 second time limit before they charge you. The coffee was underneath one of the tables when it was supposed to be in the bathroom. The Internet isn't free, you have to pay for the usage. You can either buy the hour or 24 hours or longer periods. You would think with the clientele that stays in the hotel and the fact that many of the hotel's patrons are business people, the Internet would be paid for by the hotel and it would be free wi-fi. The fitness center and pool area are both quite small, but since it was the holidays I really didn't have time to try the equipment out.

    All in all, the place was OK. I think I was disappointed though because of the rating it was given, I would have though the service and amenities would have been better.

    27/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Keandra S.
    this place rocks!! shout outs to brandy and the management team!! vip party's rock!!


    21/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. MJ A.
    This was my wedding venue.  My overall impression of this place, AESTHETICALLY, was magnificent. It was a 5 star on the sophistication and elegance scale for the physical appearance of the venue.  Their prices (to use their ballrooms for events like weddings, cotilions, etc.) are quite reasonable for such a beautiful place.  The reason and ONLY reason this place gets a 1 from me is on the night of my wedding reception (the day that's supposed to be the best day of my life), while my wedding party and I were waiting to walk into the ballroom to be announced, there were 2- 3 people in my wedding party that told me my event coordinator, Christina, from the hotel, the woman i had worked with for a year planning this event was saying some very UNPROFESSIONAL things about the party.  She clearly couldn't handle chaos which she thought, gave her the right to bad-mouth the people that were helping in setting up the table decorations (and those people were my actual family members).  I was upset when I heard this news, but decided to let it go for that evening... I had just gotten married for Pete's sake!  I enjoyed my evening and complimentary suite (btw, they promised a Honeymoon Suite which is significantly larger than a regular room, but when we arrived in our room, it was just a regular room...nothing "Suite-ish" about it), but the next week when I received the survey to rate my latest event at their venue, I let them have a piece of my mind.  I told them how upset I was with the way Christina handled a little chaos.  If she can't handle the heat, she shouldn't be in the kitchen, in other words, she's probably in the wrong career.  I assume the survey made its way back to Christina's desk because not too long after I submitted my survey, I received a delivery of flowers and hand written note from Christina stating that she had hoped I enjoyed my reception at the hotel.... and blah blah blah! It was all tainted with her guilt.  I do reccommend this place for your events, but i DO NOT reccommend Christina as your event coordinator... unless you want someone to talk badly about your choice in table deco, dj, photographer, food, etc.

    Luckily, I'm only getting married once... and won't have to do that again.

    07/04/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Shanna L.
    OK I lied.  ONE more Houston hotel review, and I promise I'm out! But I realized I forgot to review my #1 favorite place to stay in H town.  And I know it's odd for that place to be the InterContinental, but what can I say?

    I always book my business trips on priceline, and every time I'm coming to Houston it's a roll of the dice if I'm going to be at Derek, Hilton Post Oak or this place.  And I always get super excited when its this place.  

    I can't put my finger on it, but I just like the vibe when I walk in. It's classy, but not pretensious, business, but not boring.  The amenities are great - although I have not checked out the gym or pool so can't comment on that.  The service is impeccable, the rooms are stately and comfortable, and they stock great products (you know I have to have a robe and a scale in the bathroom).  

    Also, I like the parking garage. I'm usually a valet-er, but if I have to be somewhere super early I like to self park in case something happens - I never have a minute to spare and I have the worst luck about calling down to get my car and then 20 mins later I'm still waiting while a family of 10 is leaving at the same time as me, all in separate vehicles.  Anyway, the parking garage is roomy and always has a spot by the elevator.  It's not creepy and I always feel safe, even alone at 11pm.  

    Of course the location is great for me, my office is near the Galleria, so it's a short drive in, complete with a drive thru starbuck's on the way!  I love the Galleria area for a short stay during the week, there's tons of shopping and dining options - most are chains but on the higher end scale - no chili's or olive gardens over here!  

    To sum it up, if I were sending one of my top executives to stay in a hotel near our Houston office, I'd definitely recommend the InterContinental first.

    07/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Joye P.
    The coffee machine in the room was not in the bathroom.  The mattress was hard.  No wireless internet.  The restaurant service was slow (but restaurant coffee and breakfast were good).  


    Hotel ZaZa in the museum district is eons better.

    09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Haley V.
    Ehhh, I'm not so impressed. Rooms are nice, service is ok. But the restaurant is terrible. Food was not good at all. There is no place to just sit and hang out. The pool has chairs outside, but I can't get my room key to open the door to the pool. The bar has last call at midnight. The restaurant closes at 9pm some nights, earlier on others. This hotel is really, really close to great restaurants and the galleria, but it is surrounded by a fence, so you have to walk quite a way down a long dark alley/ street to get to the closest restaurant, which is Maggiano's.  Would be great if I showed up late at night and checked out early the next morning. But given that we stayed for 4 nights, it's a very frustrating place to be. When we get back from a long day, the restaurant is closed and you would have to walk through the dark alley to go anywhere else. The traffic is very heavy everyday trying to pull out. I guess b/c we are so close to the galleria. It would be great if we could just walk to the galleria, but all the walking paths are blocked, so there's no way to get there unless we drive. Very isolated to be so close to so much. No outdoor patio areas. And zero entertainment. Should be a 3 star hotel. Not sure how they got the 4 star rating. Will not stay again.

    29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. jamie j.
    Had a few issues....

    Thursday (9/27)
    -Tried to check in at approximately 7:05PM. Re-checked during check in to confirm that my room was joined to my parents room. I was advised all the connecting/lockout rooms were given away but our rooms are next door to each other. Check in manager checked for 30 minutes for ajoining rooms.
    -Assigned a room that was next to my parents - the given room was not hearing distance thus I asked to be re-assigned.
    -Went back to registration and they "just received a cancellation" and found ajoining rooms- hmm.
    -Upon completion of getting my second assigned room, I asked the check in desk if I could get a refrigerator and a baby crib - I had to call to follow-up on request since nothing arrived after 30 minutes.
    -I was not advised that the room was club level - rode the elevator for 10 minutes trying to figure out why we couldn't get to our room floor
    -Surprised that I was told that this was a "premier" room when it is next to the elevator! I heard buzzing all night from the elevator going up and down and the "chiming" from the call button ringing each time the elevator stopped on the floor.

    -Called, Friday morning, to advise that TV still didn't work
    -Called maid service (on Friday) at 11:30am to ask to clean room (maid knocked at 9am and asked them to come back)
    -Ate at "The Restaurant." Ordered "the brunch" plate and advised the waiter that my husband and I are allergic to gluten/wheat- bread, pasta, etc. Asked to substitute the pancakes for bacon. The egg/salmon come on top of a piece of bread. I thought I made it clear to the waiter that we were allergic to wheat? Very disappointing.
    -Spoke with manager around 2:30pm to advise of the room issues (TV and check in) thus far, maid service didn't come per request and hairdryer was sticky from hairspray- he advised he would follow-up with maid service and replace the hairdryer

    -Called to advise that the tub starts to fill up when showering; no resolution.

    Sunday (9/30)
    -Left the hotel at 10am. Got back at 2:30pm and the room had not yet been cleaned? Waited until 6pm and then called housekeeping and was told that rooms aren't cleaned until 9pm. Advised that I had been away all day and felt that my room should be cleaned before 9pm at night. Housekeeping agreed to send someone to clean.

    After 3 emails to the hotel, the Front desk manager contacted me and offered to refund me for ONE night of my stay. I just received my credit card bill and discovered that my credit card bill is higher than the final printed bill that was given to me during checkout (not even considering my one night refund.)

    P.S. They make you PAY for WiFi. Really? Who requires that anymore?

    06/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Dede H.
    I wish I could give them ZERO STARS as a rating. They're customer service aspect is BELOW zero. I usually only stay at Marriott locations but my friends paid for a weekend at this hotel for my birthday. Needless to say a few of my birthday gifts(cash) came up missing after house keeping was in the room. Now, after calling a hundred times over the course of a month before I could even get someone to answer or to call me back after repeated messages. they told me although they showed housekeeping or some hotel employee was the only ones to access the room between the hours we were out snd it was missing, they "are sure no one of their employees would steal anything". They told me there was nothing they would do because they are privately owned and can handle it however they choose, which was doing nothing. RUINED my birthday but now I know which hotel brands to trust and not to. Especially since they seemed unequipped to handle anything more than a check in and a check out.

    10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. jack s.

    It has been years since I stayed in a hotel with a mattress so bad that it caused my back to go out. I was in a double bedded room and both mattresses were terrible. Another sign of the poor quality was the old style TVs with snowy reception. The management of this hotel should be fired. I so hated this hotel, I may never stay at another Intercontinental.

    15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Therese T.
    My parents stay here all the time when they visit, so we're often here. I am glad they've done a stacked system of parking, where they charge by the hour, and not a flat rate like they did. The facilities are pretty good; my parents complain though that their Ambassador Lounge happy hour is only from 5-7 pm whereas in Europe it's 5-10 pm. I'm not drinking right now, though, as I'm preggo. The pool and the fitness center are pretty nice; the area is right in the heart of 6-10 in the Galleria area, so if you're visiting and like to shop, it's pretty easy to walk to the Galleria from here.

    09/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Rick F.
    Rooms: Spotless
    Atmosphere: Upscale
    Lobby: Fun, Entertaining
    Service: First Class
    Price: Expensive

    One night only! Everything was perfect! Looking forward to staying again soon!

    27/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Cali H.
    The place was immaculate and in a nice area. My friends and I rented a room close to downtown to hang out. The room was kind of small. Nicely decorated. The delivered the bill early around 3 am. Yeah this review is boring. Parking was $16 for overnight... unavoidable. Close by to downtown and Galleria. Fin.

    11/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Becky O.
    I will never, ever, ever stay in this place again. I go to Houston for work two times a year and stay there for a week each time. I normally stay at the Marriott Sugarland (wonderful location and exceptional hotel).

    This year (in August 2009), my co-worker convinced me to stay here instead since it's a bit closer to our Houston office. WRONG CHOICE!

    I got badly bitten by bed bugs. I gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking they were mosquito bites because I'd been out the night before. The 2nd night, I didn't go out. I went straight back to the hotel, order room service and slept. From 3 bites, it increased to 7! I still have the scars on my legs two months later!!!

    The 2nd day I immediately asked to speak with the Manager. I also read up on them. These things travel in suitcases w/your clothing so you have to get rid of the suitcase and wash all clothes in hot, hot water to ensure you don't bring them home.

    The Manager said they'd move me to a suite, apologized and said they would look into it. I requsted that my clothing get dry cleaned & that my suitcase be replaced since not only would I risk bringing these things home but they can jump to other luggages in the plane when you check your bags!!!

    While I was at work, they had their "pest inspection" people come in and when I arrived from work the 3rd day, I met with the Manager. In the meantime, I talked to my co-worker about it who always stays here when he goes. He then put two-and-two together and realized he'd also gotten them during his last trip and took them home. They didn't bite him but bit his wife. His wife does not trave. He had to bring in pest-control people into his home. He had no idea how they'd gotten them. Well, now he knew.

    Anyway, the Manager brings me this little 2" x 4" print out that says "no findings." So, he said unfortunately, they didn't find anything and checked everything in the room. I said, I can show you "My Findings!" I was itching all flippin' day and I've never gotten bitten like that. Not to mention (I did the research) bed bugs tend to bit in a line-pattern and what I had on my legs was EXACTLY the images you see online of what the bed bugs look like.

    I was so upset with his nonchalant response. What was it going to cost? $65 suitcase + $30 for dry cleaning...$100 bucks to compensate a BUSINESS customer who stayed there 1 week (and travels there twice a year) and pays $280 a night??? And these companies wonder why they go out of business.

    Because they have ppl working for them who have no business sense and make horrible calls like this because they think they're "outsmarting" the customer. WRONG!

    I ended up having to throw away the suitcase when I got home and bought a new one (but yes, it traveled in the plane with everyone else's). I also bagged all of my clothes (including the ones I was wearing) before re-entering my house when I returned from the trip and washed them in super hot water. Well, thank goodness they didn't get in my house. So, in case you ever have a bed-bug eposide while traveling, this is what you do.

    29/10/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Alden G.
    Staff is friendly and the lobby and rooms are attractive. The location is excellent, within walking distance of the Galleria (10 mins walking, or use hotel van).  Good convention/meeting facilities. Outdoor pool and hot tub, though they may not be open if weather is inclement. The concierge was particularly helpful. Good place to stay if you need to be in this part of Houston.

    19/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Michael L.
    This is supposed be a 5 stars hotel but it was not even close. The elevators were extremely slow especially with two very large groups occupying the hotel on Memorial weekend. The stairs were situated in the restaurant which were not allow to be used by guests when the elevators was taking too long. The management were very rude to guests when trying to control noise level within the hotel rooms. Lots of people got kicked out without reason. Overall, I stayed in numerous InterContinental and this one drop the ball.

    29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    21. David S.
    Excellent Customer Service!

    I enjoyed my stay at the Interncontinental Hotel. I had never been to this hotel. I came to Houstoin for my niece's quinceanera. The beds were comfortable and the roomw as spotless. I enjoyed the swimming pool, jacuzzi, and restaurant.  The stay was everything I would expect from a high end hotel.

    19/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Danielle F.
    Two words describe this hotel: efficient and businesslike. Small rooms with mahogany wood, leather reading chairs and striped motifs provide you with the comfort you need while working. The restaurant is pleasant, tabletops set with wine glasses and cloth napkins. It sports a bar off to the side for afternoon cocktails. The top floors provide breakfast and happy hour at no additional cost. A pool and gym is also available.
    The staff may be dense to the point of retardation but they mean well.

    The InterContinental is like a man in a nice suit. It's not Armani but the suit looks good and so does he.

    30/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. Gloria S.
    For the price I paid I enjoyed my stay!  I really can't say much since we checked in late, all that mattered was that the rooms were clean, modern, and comfortable.  The interior decor had a manly feel to it as they used a lot of browns in various tones...  Loved the shower head since it was removable, bathroom was spacious but not a lot of space to place your stuff on.  

    Nice lobby area, building is located right next to the free way but did not hear anything (slept like a baby on the 11th floor!), you can choose to self park ($16) or valet (price unknown).  Front desk was friendly.  

    Check out was simple!

    02/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Ron A.
    I went to the "Restaurant at Intercontinental" to sample their "Houston Restaurant Week" dinner menu and it was a big disappointment. In a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, service is 5 and food is 6.

    Service was extremely slow and the restaurant was not even half full! I arrived 7pm, order taken after 10 minutes, first course after 15 minutes, second and third after 20 minutes! Displeased, I ordered my dessert to go!  

    Food was good to mediocre. I had "Truffle Ricotta Cheese" (with petite arugula and smoked pecans) for starter, and it was actually good. I like the dressing and it's overall flavor and texture. However, the good food ends there. My 2nd and 3rd course, "Allgäuer Käse Spätzle" and "Beer-Braised Pork Shank", were both so-and-so. And the dessert that I ordered to go (Chocolate covered Pavlova), never mind...

    I think I am not coming back :(

    16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Emily J.
    I stayed here while I was in Houston for a bar miztvah and had a great weekend. The staff is extremely courteous and did everything in their power to make our stay extremely enjoyable. The lobby bar is a nice place to grab a drink from their extensive and pretty affordable wine list. Rooms are clean and equipped with all the amenities one could want. I used the health club and pool every morning and loved it. There is fresh fruit and water in the gym and pool area, a nice touch. The food from room service was delicious and delivered in a timely and courteous manner. Location is perfect, you're a short taxi ride away from the Galleria and the heart of Houston. Only complaint, no free Wi-Fi, but I have come to not expect that anymore, anywhere!

    17/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Gyo K.
    Main floor men's room stalls are filthy on a Sunday night. Don't remember this happening under Intercontinental.

    05/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Keven W.
    I went to travelocity.com and did the secret deal and got this room for $67 dollars a night and with the feels it ended up being $75 dollars a night. It was a four star hotel which I was looking forward to going to.  

    Okay I admit though I was pissed off with the $16 dollar a day self parking which I thought was really B.S. I know the hotel has to make money, but if you are a guest it is like come on you know.

    I have to admit the room we got was really nice, the covers were clean, but the t.v. was definitely no flat screen as advertised.  The sensors were really sensitive as I got charged $9.00 for jack daniels which was really B.S.  The towels and showers were really nice as well and liked the room.

    the internet is $11 dollars a day. Definitely there are hidden costs though.

    30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. S R.
    I think some of the other reviews nailed it.....this hotel is perfectly adequate, but if you compared it to somewhat less glamorous hotel names like Holiday Inn or Ramada, it wouldn't be that different from them. Nice lobby but totally average rooms.

    I had no issues with the bed, bathroom, or internet (which worked great), but if you're spending your own money, you could probably do better elsewhere. If you're here by default for a conference or your company's paying for it, it's OK, but don't think you've hit the luxury-hotel jackpot.

    It's also right next to the freeway. Surprisingly, this caused no noise issues....I was on the 8th floor facing it and I heard nothing. The problem is that it's on one of those weird only-in-TX one-way freeway frontage roads, meaning getting back here from just one block to the south (read: the Galleria) can turn into a major expedition.

    16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Sonia T.
    Sold 4 stars.  Recently stayed here for a little staycation, and loved it.  Priceline will give you a solid deal of around $65, which is fantastic for a 4 star hotel.  The parking is $16, and each time I have stayed here I have not been disappointed.  The last time I was there, there was a pastor convention in, which made for some interesting people watching.  The beds are soft, they have numerous cable stations, and great bath products.  I would recommend this hotel to just about anyone whether you are an out of town traveler ( they have a shuttle that will run you to the galleria, ect) or just for some relaxation.  I would place this hotel over the JW Marriott, or definately above the Derek anyday.  Good deal, soild choice!

    13/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Elizabeth N.
    Great hotel, close to the Galleria Houston, and close to many restaurants. Stayed here twice before, once for an event held nearby at the Galleria, and the second time was for an event held at this hotel. The rooms are spacious, the view out the window is great, and I just loved the overall atmosphere. They do have a workout room for guests as well as an outdoor pool on on the same floor as the fitness room. Parking here is expensive though, and there's no where else to park but here at the hotel garage. I'd definitely stay here again though.

    16/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Rachel P.
    Wow.  Instead of just totally giving my opinion of this place I decided to compare it the the hotel I stayed at the next night.

    I was in Houston on Sat. for a wedding near the Galleria.  Pricelined the hotel and got the Intercontinental.  I'm a gold priority member so I was excited since I generally like this brand of hotels.  

    The next night I was in East Texas for work and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express for work.  I admit all I could do was compare and contrast the two and was blown away that a Holiday Inn Express could be so similar (if not better) to the Intercontinental.

    HIE- $120, Intercontinental-$130 (after priceline price + parking one car and valet parking another car).  The decor in both was almost exactly the same, the Int. might have had a few more upgrades but not much.  The bed at HIE was great, very similar to what you might expect in your own home, normal soft sheets.  The bed at Int. my boyfriend sat down on it and it was so old and ridiculous I almost bounced right off.  Every move you made the whole bed went nuts it was like a waterbed!  The sheets were crisp but not soft and the mounds of down comforters were just hot halfway through the night.  

    The HIE came with a micro/fridge, boring old school TV, desk, sitting chair/ottoman/lamp.  The Int. had a minibar, safe, boring old school TV, desk.  The furniture at the Int. was so big it took up so much of the room there wasn't much room to move around!

    The service was about the same at both.  Of course walking into the Int. it's gorgeous and very plush but that's where it stopped.  Getting on the elevator the halls reeked of old smoke.  The HIE was a fairly new establishment but had milk and cookies in the evening, a nice sitting area with a big screen TV if you wanted to chill outside the room, breakfast in the morning.  Nothing special but if you want to catch a yogurt or toast or something it's nice to have.

    I wouldn't say I disliked the Intercontinental but really that close of a comparison with a HIE is just ridiculous.  If I hadn't gotten it at the priceline price I would be majorly upset.  There are lots of luxury hotels in that area and if you're spending the money, go for something else.

    04/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    32. mark s.
    I was goofing off on Priceline and I accidentally got a hotel by mistake.  Who would have known I would get a Hotel such as InterContinental for such a low price?  My advice to out of town travelers, go through Priceline and hope you get this hotel.  I stayed a Saturday night and it was cheap.  I couldn't believe it was available because the Houston marathon was going to be the next day.

    I never valet so I had to selfpark my car.  I go to the lobby to check in and the guy was helpful.  He was quick and a foreigner (not that it had anything to do with it -- just an observation).  I could tell by his accent.  Maybe he was just acting to create somekind of atmosphere for the hotel.

    While I waited in line, I noticed that a flight crew was also checking in.  I find out they are an Air France crew.  

    The front desk guy who was helping me check in  informs me that parking would be $16 and I think it was about $20 for valet.  Noone is touching my Ford Pinto.  Just joking.

    I go to my room.  It was clean.  Nice room.  The view I had was overlooking the freeway -- 610.  The bed was nice.  On this trip however, I never got to test it out for all its comforts and sturdiness, if you know what I mean.  I did like the pillows though.

    It was time to check out.  As I approach the front desk, I notice two ladies.  They were also not American.  I can tell by their accent.  

    I like the diversity of the staff.  I even noticed the bellhop was Asian.  i think they covered every continent with the staff.  Is this why they call this place InterContinental?

    Given the price, service, location of the hotel, ambiance and the palm trees at the entrance, I have to give this place 5 stars.

    One thing they need to fix is their TV Information.  I was looking through their Nightlife section and they had a couple of places that are no longer in business -- haven't been in business for years.  They have to talk to the DishNetwork people and change it.

    19/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Takara C.
    Beautiful Hotel!! Great food!!

    19/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    34. Ellen C.
    Okay, basing this review on a wedding reception experience back in June 2009 . . .

    My friends chose InterContinental for their wedding ceremony and reception to accommodate their 300+ guests.  Everyone filed in the ceremony room comfortably and we all milled around, visiting the open bar and every now and then.  HOWEVER, what the hay - there was another wedding occurring in the smaller ceremony/reception/dinner area extremely nearby and those jerkfaces guests were siphoning off free drinks from my friends' open bar.  Whoah, klassy . . . not!  I found out later these jerkfaces also accused my friends of stealing their wedding gifts - laughable, really.  But that wasn't too much the hotel's fault.  Just a little FYI to be cautious and attentive if you happen to book a wedding here on the same day as some one else.  

    The dining room/reception area was marvelously decorated, but not overkill (but my friends are into simplicity).  The service was prompt and professional, although they had no idea what to do with my vegan self - the wait staff just served me whatever the vegetarian option was - ah well, happens all the time, no biggie.  

    The restrooms were ginormous, of course, and quite pristine despite being overloaded with people from two weddings.

    Really I thought it was quite a lovely wedding venue for those of you looking into that sort of thing.

    28/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Yuri B.
    Do I start my nagging with the flickering lights in my room? Or the house keeping that never comes to clean your room? I am very disappointed at this hotel, especially for what I paid to stay here a night. The first day everyone was nice when they greeted me into the hotel. I was happy only to find the hotel was under construction, I was ok with it. Then I got to my room to find a 90's hotel bedroom. Old televisions flickering lights, and a toilet that didn't even flush properly. I hate to nag but for $1200 for 5 days and they claim to be a 4 star hotel I expect a lot more. I also didn't get house keeping for 2 days until I called downstairs furious. 5 pm on the third day my room was finally cleaned. I expected a lot more for the price I paid. $35 dollar breakfast a day I think the hotel should have better quality care. I hate to nag and rarely do I leave reviews but I would hate for someone else to have a bad experience. Don't waste your money this is an outdated short staff hotel.

    11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Kimberly C.
    Stayed at this hotel over Memorial Day weekend. There were two big events taking place in the hotel, and the management was overwhelmed trying to accommodate all the guests. As a result, there were many unhappy customers, yet little apparent action from the hotel management.

    For example, the management failed to place the rooms of the two large events - a wedding and a fraternity convention - near each other, which meant that there was a lot of noise in the hallways and at night for other guests that were not traveling with one of these events.

    Management and security was also quite rude to the guests attending the large events. Security was a particular nightmare, and I witnessed them speaking in a very hostile manner to well-behaved professionals for no apparent reason.

    As I have seen mentioned in other reviews, we also experience extreme delays in using the elevators. Throughout the weekend, there were incredibly long lines. It was quicker to walk up to the 17th floor than to wait and use the elevators.

    For a place in the business of customer service, they failed pretty miserably at meeting the needs of their customers, and were unapologetic for their shortcomings. While the price was good for decent rooms, I will certainly look elsewhere for my next trip to Houston.

    18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    37. Ashley H.
    I stayed here for a business conference.  My overall impression was "blah"  Personally, I didn't find this hotel elegant and luxurious like some do.  To be honest, it reminds me of a 2.5 star hotel (like Hampton Inn, etc).  And 2.5 star hotels are actually what I usually choose for hotel stays.  Room:  the plus sides: bathrobe (REALLY scratchy, though), scale (I refuse to use that though), and selection of pillows.  The bad:  very few tv stations, CRT tv, alarm clock only on one side of king sized beds, no available outlets near bed and the GODAWFUL Internet.  $10/day and although I didn't have to pay for it in my case it was so bad.  Couldn't get the wireless to work and had to ask staff for an Ethernet cord.  When you do connect, the connection is extremely spotty and the proxy server is really slow.

    My overall impression: it has a few fancy things, like nicer lobby restrooms and a bathroom, but the overall "experience" is not what you would expect from this caliber of hotel.

    03/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    38. Ben R.
    This review is for their ability to host a convention.

    The Houston InterContinental hosted an annual meeting for my company, with about 400 people in attendance. Over the course of the week we needed both a large area for everyone to meet as well as smaller rooms for individual breakout sessions. Over all I'd say these requirements were met, and during the large sessions there was an audio engineer at the back making sure everything went smoothly.

    Food and drinks were also provided at the appropriate breaks. Thumbs up.

    20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Christopher H.
    I don't ask for much out of a hotel - I really don't. I want a clean room, comfortable bed, a decent TV with sleep functionality, free internet access and, if I'm in the city, reasonable self-parking. InterContinental fails on three of those counts.

    First - the TV. For a hotel that's this nice, is a flat screen too much to ask for? Or a sleep function?
    Second - the parking - $16/day? For self parking. Come on guys.
    Third - internet access - $11/day? Why do higher end hotels feel the need to nickel and dime you to death, especially on this item?

    With all my complaining aside, it really is a nice hotel, the bed is comfortable, and came with an assortment of pillows with different firmnesses which I appreciated. The rest, though, far outweighs nice pillows.

    08/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    40. May N.
    I've been here for a 400+ South Asian wedding and a smaller scale office holiday party.  Unless you're a balla, $5 self-parking is the way to go.  The first few levels are valet parking so keep driving up.  The garage is connected to the hotel so no worries about getting caught in the rain or anything.  

    As for a venue, it's a nice place in the swanky "Uptown" area.  That's right, I used quotation marks.  The upscale neighborhood is west of "downtown" which is in the center of Houston.  Maybe I've been to NYC too many times.  Food was pretty tasty.  The large wedding was served Russian service-style.  The office holiday was buffet-style.  Man, they took away the food really quickly, too!  I had hung out waiting for the line to die down and didn't even get to try this shrimp dish that ran out really quickly.  I meant to go back for seconds and when I looked up from my leisurely dining, they were clearing the food and I didn't even get to try the soup.  Before I realized it, they were advising us to check out the dessert buffet in a separate room across from our ballroom.  Of course, I tried one of every dessert.  The chocolate cakes were delicious, the mousse was very rich, and I would have liked the macaroons much lighter and fluffier.  

    On a side note, the bathrooms are very nice.  Floor to ceiling doors provide much privacy in the individual stalls and you won't find any paper towels here to dry your hands with, only warm washcloths.

    14/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    41. Itchy C.
    I have stayed in 3-star hotels with better amenities. CRT TVs are not 4-star hotel amenities.

    Pros: courteous and helpful staff, close to galleria mall, decent fitness center

    Cons: No free Internet ($10 a day), No free parking ($16 a day for garage and $27 a day for valet), beds are so uncomfortable (polyester sheets/pillows and hard mattress), low room ceilings, CRT TV not LCD, outdated bathroom, Outdoor pool is untidy (bugs floating)

    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    42. Sonny W.
    Good hotel.  No complaints.

    Came in around 3pm and the bar was very accommodating and let me order from their lunch menu.

    Other info on the room.
    TVs were a bit old--not flat screen and goes into the really old archaic cabinets.
    They have in-room safes.
    There's also a cube refrigerator.  They warn you "if you rearrange items, you will be charged"; however, they provide a space for you to put a small takeout box so that's nice.  
    A coworker said he may have set off a charge for picking up the bottle of wine (Maybe they have a weight sensor).

    24-hour access fitness room..I didn't get to check out though due to lack of sleep from night activities.

    As for transportation, it is bad.  If you go out it may take 15 mins for them to flag a cab for you.  When I left at 4:30 am, I made sure to have Supershuttle reserved (because, reading taxi reviews on yelp, sometimes the taxi companies don't show up!).

    23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Corbin S.
    I was here for a conference the weekend of June 21st and I loved it! The staff is so nice, helpful, and friendly. The meeting rooms and ballroom was exquisite, the food was delicious, and the service was fantastic. They accommodated our large group (about 400 people) very well. My room was also fantastic.  Kudos to all the staff! I was thoroughly impressed and would definitely stay there again.

    30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Ko N.
    I stayed here on a Saturday night because I was in the galleria area for a wedding.  I got the room for $67 (plus tax) on Hotwire.  Parking was $16, which is a bit absurd.

    I'll be basing my review on the $67 price.  Contrary to its rating on travel sites, no way can this place be considered a 4-star hotel.

    The lobby was very nice, while the room was a decent size, and nicely updated.  The bath was tiny though, and the ceiling was so low that I couldn't raise my arms without hitting it.  Their TV was an old (RCA I think) tube TV...which was odd, given that even most 3 star hotels have flatscreens now.  

    The room was quiet, which is a huge plus.  The AC worked well, and there were large windows.

    The service, on the other hand, was unacceptable.  They only had two twin rooms, which I guess is fine, but the woman seemed annoyed that we asked her for a queen or king bed.  I had forgotten my tooth brush, so I went downstairs and waited in line, and when I finally asked her for one, she rolled her eyes and gave me a small box.  I got back to my room only to realize it was a shaving kit.  I go wait in line again, and tell her she gave me a shaving kit.  She rolls her eyes again, and tells me they are out of tooth brushes, so she will send one up to the room.  It never arrived.

    Checkout was a breeze.

    Three stars, because the room was better than you'd expect for $67, while the service was outright hostile.

    31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Hang T.
    The phrase "cookie cutter" comes to mind when I think of this hotel. Got the deal on priceline. Got there and it looked like a really nice hotel. Tall and very businessy, but everything was just so blah. Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad either.

    The only thing I really remember about that place was the nice staircase they had, but that's about it. Rooms were typical, but I remember the pillows sucked. The only real good thing about this place was it was super close to the Galleria if you wanted to do some shopping, but I think you need a car for that.

    I wouldn't stay here for the nice rooms. I would stay here for the location.

    31/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    46. Colleen B.
    My husband and I used a Groupon to stay here for a staycation. We had an easy check-in (sometimes when using a Groupon or coupon it can confuse the front desk). We went up to our room to take a nap and rest. We weren't asleep an hour and a maid barges into our room - scaring the daylights out of us - then apologized and left. My husband went downstairs and talked to a manager and they comped us dinner in the bar, which was a nice gesture.

    The room: for a "superior" room, we were surprised by the antiquated Zenith TV, that was very old. We couldn't view the screen very well - because it was a terrible picture and the words/picture wrapped further than the screen allowed. Very odd, for a very nice updated room.

    We had to pay for wifi, which is an amenity in most hotels now.  I mean really?

    Bar staff was VERY nice, particularly Su, who shared with us she has been with the hotel for 15 years.  Total highlight of the stay.

    All in all, wasn't bad for the Groupon rate, but did NOT meet our expectations.

    25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Mimi T.
    I bought a Groupon for 2 nights stay- one of the best Groupon purchases I have ever made! I stayed in September.

    Check-in process was great. The lady at the front gave me a corner room on the 19th floor. The room was nice and cozy. The bed was comfortable, and they offer slippers and bathrobes. Everything about my stay was GREAT, and I LOVED IT! My boyfriend and I very much enjoyed our stay even though we were both fighting a cold.

    On the 1st night that I arrived, I had some problems with parking. I had a feeling the valet guy was trying to pocket the money because he said I couldn't charge the parking to my room. That was odd, so I proceeded to self parking. Parking is expensive.

    Turns out, I get free valet parking with my Gropuon and the girl at the front desk helped me settle the situation. I got $50 credit, so I paid the hotel tax and still have some left over credit for breakfast.

    I looked at the menu in the room, and opted to have breakfast in the restaurant because it was close to the check-out time. For the same exact food, the price for dining in the restaurant is a couple dollars cheaper than dining in the room. I ordered the muesli oats with seasonal fruits. It was a huge serving, and was delicious. The guy at the table next to me ordered an omelette, and the serving size was quite small. Service at the restaurant was really slow, so be prepare for that.

    I had to take off 1 star because there was a messed up charge on my credit card. The people billed me the discounted amount that I had already paid Groupon. It took about a week, and 2 phone calls to settle the matter.

    08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Linda T.
    I live in the Woodlands so sometimes when I go into the city for events I usually stay in the Galleria area overnight. I found this deal on hotwire for Royal Sonesta, formally known as the Interncontinetal. This hotel is nice, clean and in the heart of the Galleria. I wouldn't book a room here directly from the hotel site and pay for full price but since I got a good deal on hotwire why not. Rooms are comfy and clean, self parking is $15 I think? Kinda pricey if you ask me. I'm not sure how much valet is. I really dislike hotels that make you pay for self parking but I guess that's the norm. A big negative is they charge for wi-fi!!! They have the restuarant and bar in there but I've never tried it, since it's right in the Galleria area I rather just go out and eat at  restaurant somewhere outside, so many other great restaurants and bars to choose from in Houston.

    26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    49. Hector M.
    4 star- really?

    It's 1999 all over again!
    -Still charging for wifi $12 for 24 hrs.
    - a 27 inch Zenith tube TV LMAO, my grandmama back in Honduras upgraded to a LED.

    Royal Sonesta--- stop calling yourself a 4-star.

    13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    50. Kate I.
    I love naming my own price for hotels. It's sort of like my lame, tame version of gambling, and it gives me a thrill.

    But I can officially no longer do it for the area in Houston where I like to stay when I come to town, and it's all because of the Royal Sonesta.

    We stayed here in December, and yeah, we named our own price through Priceline, but I dunno, I don't think that makes us second-class citizens or anything.

    The first thing I noticed when we walked in was that the entire hotel smelled like vomit. Not just a hint of vomit mixed with other scents, but like, pure, unadulterated puke smell everywhere. It grossed me out, but hey, it's not their fault if some drunk person tossed their cookies in the lobby, right?

    Well, it was all downhill from there. First, they put us in a room that reeked of cigarette smoke -- which actually doesn't bother me, but it's a non-smoking hotel, and I didn't want to get stuck with a cleaning bill upon checkout, so we asked to switch rooms. The surly front desk clerk acted like we shat in her cereal, and let us know she was doing us a HUGE favor by letting us switch rooms.

    When we finally did get a room, it was incredibly hot and stuffy no matter how low we turned the a/c.

    And even with all of that, it would have been an okay stay, but as the icing on the cake, housekeeping woke us up twice, at 7 and 8 in the morning, by just unlocking our door and walking right in -- despite the "privacy please" sign on the door. We had had a late night out, so we were in no shape to be up that early, so after the second time it happened, I called the front desk, told them what was up, and asked if there was anything else we could do to keep housekeeping out of our room until checkout.

    The same surly desk clerk said, "No. You have a DND." and hung up.

    A while later, the head of housekeeping called our room (and woke us up again), wanting to know when we were checking out because they needed to clean our room. I was flabbergasted. Check-out is at noon. It was still well before 10 a.m. at this point. I told her we would be checking out a little before noon, and she said our room was already showing as checked out in the system. In the background, I could hear surly desk clerk talking, so somehow she approved this phone call.

    "No," I told the woman on the phone. "We are not checked out. I don't know anything about your system. Maybe you could talk to the other hotel staff about it? Surely they know we didn't check out yet?"

    When we did check out at around 11:30, I talked to the front desk clerk (who was somewhat less surly than the first one) about it, and she first explained it away as a glitch in the housekeeping system. But when I pressed her about it, she suddenly decided it was Priceline's fault, saying they must have marked us as "early departure." I seemed unsure about this, so she glanced at her screen and said, "oh, yup, I was right - That's what it says here."

    When we got back from our trip, I contacted Priceline and asked about it, and they said they never marked us as early departure. I then contacted the hotel manager about it, and they never got back to me.

    I just like sleeping way too much to ever stay here again. And because you don't know what hotel you're getting until your deal is accepted when you name your own price, my bidding adventures in this part of Houston are over. Pretty lame way to treat customers, if you ask me -- even if they're there via Priceline.

    Oh! Also! I stayed here before when it was the InterContinental (hence my tip), and it was way better.

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    51. Markus N.
    As another person mentioned, most reviews here are old and outdated. The place is nice, located at a decent location close to the Galleria shopping mall. They renovated the hotel recently, the rooms are spacious and modern, with nice LCD flatscreen TVs, comfortable beds and free Wifi Internet. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, they even have a courtesy van that drives you to places in the neighborhood. This hotel may not be able to compete with the top hotels in the world (therefore I awarded only 4 stars), but it is a descent place with friendly and professional staff. I enjoy coming there every time.

    04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Jackie L.
    If you read through the reviews you'll realize that the InterContinental was bought out by the Royal Sonesta a few months back.

    I was here for a weekend for work. I arrived to the valet who took my keys. I walked inside and checked in. I was informed daily parking is $18/day and valet is $27/day. I go to the parking garage which is to the right of the hotel and an attendant gives me a pass once I give him my name and room number which he just wrote down. Not very 4 star if you ask me. The garage has right turns and small parking places so if you have a large vehicle good luck.

    The room:
    - TV is an old school Zenith
    - If you touch an item in the fridge for "more than 20 seconds" you will be charged on your bill
    - There is an Internet connection at the desk in the room for a 24 hour fee of $11.95 if you are not in a club room (they have wifi but didn't feel like getting charged)
    - Towels and products in the bathroom are nice as well as the bed
    - If you read through the booklet you will find that they offer a lot of services from a seamstress, to baby sitting,restaurant,  ATM and currency exchange
    -  If you read through the booklet it said no animals allowed but I saw a poodle when I was leaving so this could be wrong
    - Workout room is great but pool is tiny (Located on 5th floor)
    - Reading through the reviews, it seems as though there was an elevator problem but this was fixed as you are immediately greeted with an elevator whether its at the hotel or the garage

    The location:
    It's right off 610 but it's on the north feeder road so it's a pain to get to as well as during the day because galleria traffic is often busy

    Overall: It might appear to be a great price for a 4 star hotel but with the added charges and non exceptional basics I'd look somewhere else unless you have some sort of discount

    14/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    53. Stephen T.
    If this hotel is described as a 5 star place, I would disagree...

    I arrived here for a stay of 4 nights for business meetings with my company, which all took place in the hotel. Most people will not be here for that purpose, so I will leave that off.

    When I arrived I got my room no problem, but when I got up to my room, the TV was broken. Yes the repair man arrived shortly, but it took him forever to fix it. After that, the outlet on the desk didn't work, so I had to do my emails from the bed during the next 4 days. I slept well, no problems. The next day a lot more of my co-workers arrived, and I came to find out that even though we all had reservations that we set up in February, about 50 of our guys didn't get a room. They had to wait until that night to get rooms!

    Back to my room... It was clean, bathrooms were well stocked... blah blah blah... All the stuff that a decent hotel has standard was there, but the things that are supposed to set this place apart... Service, the little extras... Were lacking.

    Finally, price. I read on here that people got rooms for around 70$, which my thinking of, "oh, we have 250 people in our group and we are having our meetings here... we should get a great rate!" Wrong, we all paid around $145.00 a night... No idea why!

    All and all, it's not like this place is in the middle of the mountains and is the only option... It wasn't worth the money my company paid... for Damn sure!

    12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    54. Brian W.
    The hotel bar area is a great place to host events.  I attended a meet up event here with 200+ people.  The service was outstanding!  They even had appetizer samples brought out from the hotel restaurant.  They have definitely brought it to the next level from the Intercontinental Hotel days.

    11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Dani G.
    Beautiful modern and clean hotel!  I got a great deal through Hotwire so I stayed for a mini staycation and loved it!  Convenient location near dining and shopping. The hotel staff was super friendly and there's a restaurant on site. Free wifi in the rooms, comfortable bedding, large tv and mini fridge. 2 things I wish I would have known before arriving (knowledge is power):
    1.) $100 charge for incidentals - the difference is refunded after your stay but still $100 for walking in....hmmm not a fan.
    2.) No Self Parking - the hotel is in the process of remodeling so their parking is valet only. Not a deal breaker but an expense to note.

    Overall I enjoyed my stay and would return. Hope this helps!

    01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Raffi M.
    An aging but pleasant hotel worth the $50 a night on priceline but not a heck of a lot more.  One bright note: their coffee was excellent, for a hotel.

    * I know Houston well, so the awkward location on the highway service road didn't bother me.  If you are in for business and need to rent a car, though, it might be a problem. If so, there is a way into the hotel parking lot from Post Oak Road around the back, in between the Hilton and the Magianno's.

    13/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    57. Marisha F.
    This is my 3rd stay at the Royal Sonesta. I live in Orange County, California and I fear change. I ended up here the first time I had a business trip, my company hosted an annual meeting here the second time, and I'm here again because I don't know anything about any other place in the area. The first time everything was under construction and it was awful. The second time, it was super loud with continuing construction.  This time it seems like it's all done and things are nice. I stopped by CVS a couple of blocks away to get water and whatnot because everything is so freaking expensive here. Other than that it's ok.

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    58. Kan K.
    Royal Sonesta hotel have a nice rooms but they over charge for everything else.
    Self-parking is $16 per night. Valet is $27 per night. A pack of gum is $5 a pack of chips is $6..
    Not going back..

    02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    59. Kisha M.
    I booked this room through Hotwire.  After learning the name of the property I paid for I came to Yelp to read reviews and was really bummed out.  I had given up my full-price room at the Sheraton to stay here for about half the price.  I spent the week leading up to my stay kinda bummed about the hotel I ended up at based on the reviews on Yelp.

    You guys, listen to me, the reviews couldn't have been more wrong.  I loved this hotel!

    Service- I was greeted warmly by everyone I encountered.  The parking attendant, front desk, random bellhop walking down the hall and the gift shop lady.  Everyone was nice!  If you come to the hotel and experience anything less than hospitable you might want to sit in the corner for some self-reflection.  It's you, not them!

    The room- I had a lovely room on the 18th floor.  It was very modern and clean.  The furniture, the bedding and yes, even the tv.  A nice big flat screen.  The bathroom was a little small, but it was just me so who cares.  I had nice hot water and loved the bathroom ameneties in mango.

    Parking- Yes, I paid $16 a night to self park.  It's a major metropolitan area.  You have to pay for parking.  If you are looking to park for free, let me direct you to the nearest motel 6 or other 1 star hotel.

    Location- I live in a big city, so I understand how streets work.  The concept of the hotel being on a loop was not hard to understand.  I got in and out with no problem no matter what direction I was going.  It also helped that I traveled with my GPS so I never had to wonder if I was going the right way.

    My only word of advice is if you stay at the RSH and want to go to the Galleria, I would take a shuttle, cab or walk.  It took me 30 minutes to find parking.  But that is on the Galleria, not the hotel.

    I had a great stay at the hotel, and I would definitely stay here again.  Please ignore the negative reviews.  This is definitely a 4-star property.

    22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Brent A.
    really nice rooms, clean, big TV, beautiful lobby and bar.  Picked this up on hotwire so for the price, this is a great deal.  Staff was very friendly and accommodating during our stay

    27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Jana J.

    We stayed here and the hotel seemed really nice until I went to sleep. I woke up with bites all over me and wasn't aware they were bed bugs until later. I have tried calling the hotel over and over again but the phone just keeps ringing. I really want to let them know that they need to properly sterilize that room. Don't stay in room 721 if you go!

    29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    62. Fregilia L.
    I was only here for one night. I was stressed out and did not want to stay at home so I decided to leave home and spend the night away in a nice hotel. For the one night I was there I enjoyed myself. My room was very spacious and I could see the city beautifully. The bed was amazingly comfortable and there were not any noise issues.  I love the way the place looks on the inside. It's so chic! I love the lighting fixtures and how they have redone the place. The bar downstairs was calling my name but I ignored it...that's another review for another day.

    24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Michelle N.
    I recently stayed here for a short weekend in Houston.  I'm familiar with Houston so when my friend chose this one, I was clueless to what kind of hotel he had picked.

    As I drove up, I quickly realized I did not recognize the name because the hotel was brand new.  I came to find out later this hotel had taken over the Hotel Continental?  I could be wrong but it made sense since this is a new hotel right by the Galleria.

    The decor is beautiful and I was extremely impressed.  I was greeted by friendly staff at every corner.

    Then, I open the door.  Really?  That's it?  The room was itty bitty.  I hear my friend playing music from his phone - come to find out they do not have a USB port or iPod/iphone docking station.  Call me bourgeois but if you're going to claim yourself as a 4 star hotel, you have to get with the times!!  Oh, and we had a TUBE TV.  

    The walls are super thin - we could hear our neighbors come from home from late night partying.  Sigh.. there went our sleep.

    30/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    64. Christina C.
    Very nice and chic hotel. $16 to self park is ridiculous, this is not the medical center and I did pay for the room. $2.71 for some tic tacs, rip off. The pool was as big as half a standard pool. The gym was really nice and so were the almost new equipment. The beds are nice and comfy. We did not order room service because it was such a rip off, $3 charge delivery fee, 20% service charge and 8% beverage fee, WTF? The food was already over priced. This place use to be The Intercontinental now it's Royal Sonesta, wonder will it be next because this place won't last. Highly overrated. Thank goodness I used a Groupon! I am being very kind rating this place  a 3 star.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    65. David G.
    Pretentious, snobby, and very poor service.  Bar tender service needs vast improvement.

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. Tim Y.
    I really never understood what it was like to be a handicapped person until I started dating my current girlfriend.  I still can't claim that I know what it's like, but I do now understand some of the discriminatory practices that are taken against those who are less capable than others thanks to the Royal Sonesta Hotel.

    My one star rating comes simply from our parking experience at the hotel.  She has a handicapped parking tag for accessibility, but the valet parking at the hotel is apparently much more valuable.  

    There is a parking space on the first floor of their garage marked handicapped which, when my girlfriend tried to park in it, as she is permitted to do, she was informed was not for handicapped people, rather valets.  They said that they would make an exception "this one time," she parked there because she got there before the valet parked a car in the CLEARLY MARKED HANDICAPPED SPACE, but if they beat her to it in the future, it would be "first come, first served."

    We went out to dinner and upon arriving back the night of our stay, the parking space was taken by a waiting car which was on and not a handicapped vehicle (it had no tags marked as such).  When we stopped to ask the valet if the car was moving because we would like to properly use the space, we were told that it's for valet only, (again even though it was marked handicapped).  I snarkily asked if there were handicapped valets, because it's a handicapped space.  Hey, why not, the hotel might have hired a handicapped person to park cars.  That would be nice, right?  But I already knew the answer to that question.

    We had to inconveniently park 4 floors up because this space was taken by valet.  

    In the end, to correct for the handicapped spot being a valet parking space, the hotel staff put a cone in the space to prevent any actual handicapped persons from using the space and insure that their valets who aren't handicapped had access to the space.  

    ...And in the end we all sadly learned that the $10 a night extra that people pay to valet park at Royal Sonesta is worth more to the staff and management of the hotel than the accommodation of a handicapped person.

    19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    67. Joe B.
    Most of the reviews on this place are old. I was at their grand "re-opening" last night and they have completely remodeled the place including rooms. I was told that they still are working on several floors so I would expect the Priceline and Hotwire customers will get the older rooms but give me a break what do you expect for $65? All rooms are supposed to be completed on Jan.

    This place is a solid four star hotel. Redone in a modern clean look, very nice redo on a spectacular piece of property. It is an older property so you have to expect smaller rooms than new ones but they have done a really nice job on them with some pretty cool features like floor lighting.

    I am going to put some clients up here and will post something later about their experience. If your looking for a modern chic hotel in town I would certainly consider the RS!

    21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Shavonda S.
    Hubby and I decided to stay here the night before we took off on our week long anniversary vacation to Cabo. The room itself was very nice and clean - so nice that we ditched our dinner plans and opted to just lounge in the room and relax (best decision ever). What I especially thought was a unique feature of the room was the auto night light that comes on as your feet hit the floor when the room is completely dark (it's the little things that bring me joy!!!).

    The rest of the hotel is very upscale and is filled with lots of modern decor that will make you do a double take just to admire it. It also has a full bar and coffee shop down on the main floor adjacent to the lobby as well. The gym (with a view of the pool) is also wonderful and filled with lots of cardio & weight equipment to choose from.

    Sonesta is located right around the corner from the Galleria Mall along with plenty of restaurant options. If you enjoy the outdoors, there's a really nice running/walking trail over at Memorial Park not too far away either.

    We will definitely stay again in the near future!

    1. Ask for a room view that overlooks either the city or the Galleria Mall area.
    2. To avoid the traffic congestion via the main entrance to the hotel, take the back way that's located on the side of Royal Sonesta's parking garage.

    09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    69. Joe P.
    If you value your sleep then DONT stay here.   All night I was kept up by some mechanical noise.  Maybe it was the elevators.   I was so angry for getting no sleep I complained to the manager and I got a free breakfast.   That hardly makes up for the trashy day I'm about to have because I got 0 sleep.

    08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    70. Bobby J.
    Clean, friendly, expensive and near the galleria. Didn't spend much time in the hotel but they have everything you need. No complaints

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Jason Y.
    I had no problems with my experience here.  The staff was warm and accommodating and the food at our event was delicious.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Michelle L.
    Lovely hotel with friendly and efficient service. I attended a day-long conference here and found the environment and food to be better than most hotels offer. Highly recommend for meetings and events. A/V team was awesome. Wifi was reliable and fast.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Ateya R.
    I love love love love this place! I thank Amina, Hilda and Managers for always making me feel at home. It's right around corner from Galleria. Perfect for walking distance. I stay in room 1426 all the time. Double bed, perfect city view. I like using both beds. One for laying my clothes out and one to sleep in. And it's perfect! This is the place to stay! Trust me! Every restaurant is in the area. Can't go wrong!

    19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. Chris Z.
    The hotel is is nicely decorated and the rooms are clean.  The first time I stayed there I had to deal with a loud group of women next door who stayed up until 5AM yelling screaming and using the F word.  I was offered a free upgrade next time I visited.  When i visited again I did not receive an upgrade and I had to deal with the smell of marijuana in the hall.  Not such a bad smell but I was with two young teenage girls.  The front desk person even acknowledged the smell saying someone else complained as well.  She said unfortunately there was nothing they could do about it except cover up the smell in the hall.  I was once again offered an upgrade.  I think thats just what hotels do when guests complain.  I don't know when I will be staying in Houston again.  I really liked this hotel but it seems the class of guests they attract are trash!  Might as well be in a cheap hotel in Vegas.

    20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    75. Joseph R.
    First class hotel. From the moment you check in the time you leave. It's a great place near the galleria (about 2 blocks) the rate I paid was less than $105.00 for a Saturday. That was awesome. The room service food was really good. Had a quick dinner and before checkout a breakfast delivered. Room is really clean and very modern and the Samsung LED TV is brand new as well.

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    76. Saad A.
    Awesome hotel! Clean, friendly staff, nice rooms. The room service was awesome too! Their grilled chicken dish was amazing!

    16/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    77. Maliha S.
    We stayed here for one night and liked it very much. It's located off the feeder of I 610, surrounded by business buildings and an Extended Stay America.   It is located very close to the Galleria and a number of restaurants and shops.
    The rooms are very comfy, although a bit small. We got a standard King room. The bathroom was very tiny compared to the room size.
    The hotel doesn't have many amenities but it is good if you want to go to the Galleria. The pool is very tiny and is always crowded. It does look like a nice place to hold a reception though. There are so many conference rooms and a grand ballroom.  
    Overall nice hotel but could improve on the amenities.

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Lorraine M.
    I hate to write this review because our event was wonderful. However this hotel is under staffed. Bar staff was fabulous in train to accommodate. Breakfast mgr was rude closed Buffett on a table of 11 at the exact time restaurant closed. It was crazy and rude.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    79. Tanya L.
    Oy this hotel. We got it off Hotwire thinking it would be a different hotel, but alas this one came up. The hotel itself is very pretty and nice. The hotel feels grand and the rooms are pretty. We stayed at the end of the hallway, which I was excited about until I realized you could hear the freeway from our room. Not the biggest deal, but it did make the room feel less nice.

    Here's why I won't be staying here again - these folks gouge you for extra money every chance they get. EVERYTHING costs extra! I needed to send 1 business email  - you can't even log on to the business center computer without swiping your credit card. $18 for self parking without in and out access is outrageous, even for the area, and you can't make yourself feel better by taking mini shampoos because they don't have them! Just crappy stuff in dispensers. I didn't even bother with the WiFi.

    If this hotel didn't charge an arm and a leg for basic amenities I would stay here again. But unfortunately all the extra fees make me feel taken advantage of, so no more stays for me!

    12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    80. Vanessa A.
    I really wanted to give them another try, but was highly disappointed. Beautiful hotel but the rooms are not in line with what you expect. I have stayed in two separate rooms and both were equally noisy. One I heard the elevator all night. Not the doors or people but actual gears pulling the elevator up and down. The last time I stayed I requested a room at the farthest end from the elevator, but the AC turning on and off was so loud, I thought someone was slamming into my door! The rooms are hot, humid and stuffy. The vents are either dusty or moldy. I suffered horribly from coughing in my room and once I wrapped a towel around my face to breathe, it all went away. That's a big health issue.

    07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    81. Susie M.
    Lovely hotel. The décor is very modern, with clean lines and gray tones throughout. The hotel always had a fresh linen smell, and the rooms were well appointed with a desk, minibar, fridge, safe, and chaise lounge, along with the regular furniture. I loved the view straight on to the Galleria. Not much during the day, but at night this time of year is lit up with Christmas lights along the main Post Oak drag.

    The location is phenomenal, literally minutes from the Galleria, Highland Village, and even less than 10 minutes from Rice Village or Upper Kirby areas. The shopping and dining options are endless. Also a quick drive to downtown locations, which was nice as we stayed here the evening of a show at The Hobby Center.

    The guy at the front desk was not overly friendly, but professional. The valet attendants on both days were the best. Quick and friendly, and ready to help with directions if needed. Happy to tip them extra as they were hustling even in the wet and cold weather. High compliments to them!!!!!

    Great stay, and a bargain on the discount sites. Highly recommended.

    22/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. Ivory W.
    I recently stayed at the Royal Sonesta Hotel while visiting from Dallas for a girls weekend trip. My friend booked our room via Priceline and was able to score a really good deal. The hotel is decorated nicely in modern décor. There's a full service bar, restaurant and PJ Coffee shop on the first floor. They offer free in room Wi-Fi as well as a business center for guest.  It's conveniently located in the Houston Galleria area which is great for shopping and dining out. We stayed in a full size double room which was comfortable for two girls with tons of stuff. The room was clean and housekeeping stopped by each day to tidy up and refresh our towels. Parking is either valet ($21 per stay) or garage parking ($16 per stay).

    The only drawback is that the hotel is located right off the interstate service road which is heavily congested at certain times during the day which makes it difficult to exit. Otherwise our visit was great.

    05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Jenn S.
    This is a beautiful hotel with a very friendly staff.  The Valets, Front desk & Bartenders were all so pleasant & helpful. We stayed on the 16 floor & had a view of 610 loop/downtown, which was beautiful at night. Room was a little small, but the decor was modern & the beds were comfy! Loved having a mini refrigerator in the room & loved the 24 hour room service. We didn't have a chance to use the fitness area but it was great to hear it was open 24 hours. Just walk into the gorgeous lobby and you will know you've chosen the right hotel. We will definitely stay here again!

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    84. Elyse L.
    Some family members and myself traveled to Houston this weekend for the passing of a loved one, and picked this hotel since the area was convenient and safe. It's mere minutes from both downtown and the galleria, as well as a lot of cute shops and restaurants.

    I hated the parking situation. It's $19 to self park and the garage is cramped and limited being that you can only park on level three and up, as I'm assuming the bottom levels are reserved for valet which is $21.  

    The elevators in the garage take you straight into the hotel, but it lets out near conference rooms which are clear on the other side of the lobby. There was a huge noisy conference going on all weekend, not to mention a few ladies of the night and their pimp who made nightly visits to the lobby bar. I will say that once in our room it was a lot more quiet, but we could sill hear the thumping of the music below.

    I was sharing a room with my grandma and appreciated the rooms being large enough that we each got our own queen sized bed. It was obvious they had been renovated recently and there were some cool features. Each room has a single cup coffee maker, mini fridge, and a safe where you can store valuables which would have been great but ours was broken. We weren't carrying anything of great value however so we didn't bother to use it.

    I also liked the motion activated floor lights so that when my grandma needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night she could find her way without having to turn a big light on. There was also a close up mirror in the bathroom that lit up making it perfect for doing makeup, and two comfy robes and bags for dirty laundry in the closet.

    I had also never seen shower dispensers before for soap, shampoo, and conditioner instead of the miniature bottles. I'm sill not sure how I felt about those. It was kind of cool to have but also left me wondering how many other hands had touched those while in the shower and how thoroughly they are cleaned by the maids.

    The male employee at the front desk when we checked in was horribly rude and unhelpful, but at check out this morning we had a woman who couldn't be more kind and accommodating. It was very Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

    The rooms are nice enough that I wouldn't have a problem staying again in the future, but it wouldn't be my first choice of hotels.

    01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    85. Kashif H.
    The hotel appearance is exquisite. I came here to relax while my wife attended a conference. Keeping that in mind I came in dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. When I walked in I immediately felt as though I was underdressed. This is definitely a high-class hotel based on my initial view. Good things include fresh and clean appearance in the lobby and in the foyer. Some areas of improvement may include more attention to detail by the valet staff. Once I pulled in they were quick to approach my vehicle however they waited a significant about time and I had to ask at least three times to get assistance with my luggage.

    The check in process was quite efficient. We called ahead because the room is under my wife's name and her employer is paying for the hotel therefore I could not check in without her calling the head. It was a smooth process I walked up presented my identification and explained the situation. I believe the gentleman's name was Eric and he is a supervisor. He made the process very smooth he was very detailed and explaining the hotel amenities and giving me pertinent information about the hotel without being too wordy.

    The room itself was a king-size room. I believe they call it a king corner room. Plenty of room inside the room itself however the bathroom was a bit small. The air conditioning unit is not the best. I like to have my room cool and set the thermostat at a very cool temperature of 65°. Keeping in mind that my wife is usually very cold neither one of us were very happy with the air-conditioning. It seems as though it was very hot and the temperature was not coming down. I'm still waiting on someone to come and address this issue.

    The restaurant downstairs is very nice appears to be very upscale as do the prices. I ordered a steak garlic mashed potatoes and had a glass of water for dinner. My wife had the catch of the day which came with some vegetables. The servings were not very large at all however they were cooked properly. My steak was very tasty but their steak sauce could use some improvement. The price on the other hand was extremely high. We spent over $80 between the two of us for that meal. I'm not sure that that price is appropriate for the quality of meal we received. As for desert don't even mention it. Once again price was an issue and selection was extremely poor.

    There is a small store inside the hotel where they serve coffee and provide amenities in the event that you forgot something. The quality of products they offer was very nice however the price once again was extremely high. The price for the coffee was very reasonable however for a bottle of mango juice the cost was over $8. The breakfast buffet is priced at $21. That's actually not too high for a breakfast buffet in a hotel. Considering they have numerous options for meals. I'm going downstairs shortly to have breakfast and will report later on the quality of their breakfast.

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    86. Amelia H.
    My spouse and I stayed here for two nights.

    Pros: The hotel looks updated and modern and is easy to get to. Self-parking was easy ($19 per day) All the staff members we interacted with were so nice, they are definitely the best part of this hotel!

    Cons: the AC was awful...it was terribly humid the entire stay, to the point of not be able to sleep comfortably. It was so swampy that clothes I had laid out felt cold and wet the next day.

    We could hear lots of clanging and noise; the elevator, TV from the room next door, etc.

    The hotel didn't allow outside food delivery to our room. We had to get fully dressed and go down to the lobby. If we were going to do all that, we would have just gone out for food. I have never had that problem before and have ordered delivery at two other NICER Galleria area hotels with no problems.

    The toilet didn't work well and hadn't been fully flushed from a previous use.

    Once when leaving, a valet was riding as close to us as possible, tried to cut around us and honked at the gate to be able to exit through the entrance and still ended up behind us. I would understand the frustration if we were going slow, but we weren't! I expect a professional driver, and hotel employee to act more professional and courteous to guests. I'm so glad we didn't valet after seeing that display! Your cars are being driven horribly!

    I would not choose to stay here again.

    13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    87. Angela C.
    First off, before we even left home, we hit a snag.  Turns out my mom couldn't watch our elderly dog, so I called the Royal Sonesta thinking I was going to have to cancel.  But can you believe it?! Royal Sonesta is a Pet Friendly Hotel! Bailey dog gets to live it up like a royal too...and boy did he ever.

    When you first step foot into the Royal Sonesta your eyes immediately go up.  The large open foyer and ballroom area is gorgeous.  There is a very spacious lounge for cocktails near the front entrance.  Lots of comfortable, low lit seating spaces.

    We had self parking, so you come in through the parking garage. I wish there had been another way to an elevator because we did have to walk Bailey dog through the front desk area to take him outside.  A few people stared, but I'm assuming that is because they had never seen such a handsome dog before!

    We were up on the 18th floor and the kids were so excited to be up so high!  We walked into our room and it was really nice, clean, comfortable.  I had to lay on the bed immediately.  Houston traffic is amazingly insane and I was so ready to be there!

    One thing I noted: I did not hear any noise from any other rooms...at all!  I'm so glad too because my boys make a lot of noise and I would hate to have bothered anyone!

    So then after a wonderful night sleep, we got up to explore the hotel.  Grabbed coffee downstairs at PJ's.  The barista was extremely friendly and professional.  I felt like I was treated like a true royal!  They had lots of snackies and sodas as well, quite expensive but that is to be expected.  Be sure to bring your own.

    If you are headed to Houston, TX and looking for an amazing room with top-notch service and is pet friendly, you have to check out the Royal Sonesta Hotel.   They have the ballroom that can be rented out as well.  It is really gorgeous!

    Or if you are in town on business check out the fully equipped business center!

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0