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Holiday Inn Express & Suites OZONA in Ozona, TX

Holiday Inn Express & Suites OZONA in Ozona, TX

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.75

Address: 1308 S Avenue E, Ozona, TX, 76943

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    Comments (4):

    1. Jan G.
    I had tried to stay here the last time I was in the area, a few weeks ago but it hadnt quite opened yet. We were grateful to have this quality of lodging basically in the middle of no where. Let me start with room and ammenities before I comment on the staff.

    The rooms (two doubles in ours) was spacious with good beds, bedding, flat screen tv, microwave and mini fridge. The bathrooms were properly stocked, good lighting and fantastic showerhead. The room temperatures are maintained inside the room and everything operated well.

    At $101/night, it might seem a little high for timbuktoo, but its worth every penny. The breakfast was ample and the physical site was modern.

    The staff was eager to please but not very well trained as of yet. I had trouble locating both reservation over the phone but the woman assured me that both rooms would be waiting. One of the girls was training behind the counter but again, alot can be forgiven when you present a willingness to help and a genuine attitude.

    Wouldnt think about staying anywhere else when visiting Ozona/Sheffield.

    20/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Eric D.
    My expectations for a hotel in a town I could barely find on my map were not that high, but I needed a place to stop and the reviews here looked good - and they were accurate! The place felt safe and was clean and comfortable. It was a bit more expensive than others, I'm sure, but not bad and I thought it was worth it. Very happy I stayed here! Front desk staff (Brandi) was nice and helpful.

    11/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. James S.
    Work in progress. . .the front desk staff are mostly competent, but they have their moments.  The room right next door had issue with what I believe was a smoke detector low battery for 4 nights. . .well, it didn't get fixed night after night.  Needless to say the famous holiday inn express quote was not in my immediate disposal of things to say.

    Its one of the better looking hotels in the area. . .in fact, the other closest holiday inn express is over 100 miles.  It should have the finished touches so that other towns could build one, but there still needs to be some training and refresher courses.  The person cleaning my room, left my pillows on the table instead of on the bed, which is no big deal, but perception of being complete in your duties and responsibilities should be enforced. . .on the flip side, my mini fridge went down, and was replaced fairly quickly.

    The breakfast buffet is awesome.  Different selections everyday.  The common areas are well maintained.  The night clerk is usually overwhelmed with travellers and have to turn most people away to other local hotels are sometimes even other counties.  I don't know if its the season, but it happens.  At least they do a good job on trying to look for potentials for future potential customers.

    The rates are high due to the volume of customers compared to big city holiday inn expresses.  you can tell the remote locations are usually higher with a bunch of oil companies and contractors looking to  get work done and sending droves of personnel to accomplish a job, rooms go quickly.  Its also hunting season. . .game hunters are flocking in huge numbers to get out and get their fill.

    I'm not a fickle person when it comes to accommodations from sleeping in a 3x9x3 foot rack, or on cots with mortars and gunfire could be heard short distances away, or in open man berthing with bunk beds.  I just know what quality is and have seen it, so the expectations from Holiday Inn Express is a higher standard and should be exhibited, regardless of location, anywhere in the world.

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Michele R.
    We're fans of the HIE for an overnight stay but, frankly, given this one was in Ozona our expectations weren't very high. We're pleased to say our expectations were greatly exceeded here.

    The building is only a few  years old so little wear and tear on rooms and public spaces.

    Everything, rooms, baths and public spaces was spotless.

    Our king room was spacious, the bed was comfy, the wifi was free and speed was good.

    Staff is cordial and check in was very efficient.

    We don't use much from a breakfast bar at any property but yogurt and fruit, so we were happy enough with this one for both.

    Given all of the above, a reasonable rate and the location out in the "wilds" of west Texas, we would definitely stay here again if passing through.

    The room selection here is VERY important, though, to minimize noise from both the freeway (back of building) and centralized AC units on the front of the building (to the left as you face the entry).  

    Quietest rooms are front of building to the right of the entry (as you face it) as first choice. Second quietest are back of the building to the right of the entry. Avoid rooms, back or front, on the left side of the hotel.

    Earlier check in helps secure a better room. On the Friday night we stayed here, it was a full house and my understanding is that is not unusual.

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0