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Black Bear Lodge in Park City, UT

Black Bear Lodge in Park City, UT

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.50

Address: 7447 Royal St, Park City, UT, 84060

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    Comments (4):

    1. Jessica W.
    I meant to post this sooner as it is about my trip four months ago.  I wrote it after the trip but wasn't sure yet I wanted to post such a negative review..here goes

    I debated giving Black Bear Lodge 3 stars since my experience last year was extremely pleasant.  And with this past trip being so unpleasant, it should average out to 3.  However, my rating mostly has to do with the service from the staff rather than the actual lodge because what good is a luxury lodge if the customer service sucks?  And seeing as it's easy to be nice when everyone is happy, I feel that the way they handle problems that arise shows their true color.  Thus, I've decided to give them 1 star.

    But just to be thorough, I will give a quick review of the lodge.  We rented two units - a one bedroom and a two bedroom.  For 9 people, it was quite comfortable with the three bedrooms, two pull-out couches, and five bathrooms!  Not to mention the three fireplaces and two hot tubs.  The décor is forgivably a bit outdated with a very woodsy/log cabin feel.  There's also a kitchen fully stocked with pots, pans, plates, utensils, etc.  It's really handy having the kitchen to cook an occasional meal, especially since 1. it saves some money and 2. the lodge does not have its own restaurant.  It's a little inconvenient if you absolutely don't want to cook (you are on vacation afterall), and especially if it's cold and snowing outside.  But it's not a big deal to me since I like to be immersed with the locals anyway.  And the lighting situation is annoyingly dim but I'll also make my peace with that.  All in all, the lodge is great.  They also offer to pick up groceries and to give complimentary shuttle rides.  I mean, there could always be improvements, but nothing significant enough to ruin my experience there.

    What was enough though was the attitude we received from the front desk when we had a legitimate complaint.  We had tickets for a movie for Sundance and had called for a shuttle to pick us up in front of Flanagan's on Main St at 11:15p and take us to the theatre.  We get out there at 11:10p and wait in front of Flanagan's in negative degree weather.  At about 11:20p, we call the front desk to check in on the status and we're informed that the driver is on Main Street and should be there in 2-3 minutes.  After another 10 minutes, we give them a call and the lady (I believe her name is Annie) tells us that he picked up a group and they're on the way back to the lodge but she found that odd because he was supposed to take them to the theatre.  Umm.. light bulb..?  Any moment now?  We let her know that we were the group that was supposed to be picked up and asked if there was another shuttle that can pick us up.  She said no and told us to grab a cab on Main St.  Okay, fine, we'll do that.  But we're frustrated and disappointed since we were depending on that shuttle and are now running late.

    On a related note, the previous night we had got out of a movie around quarter after 11p and were told that the shuttle driver had left to go home already (despite shuttle service being offered until midnight).  Their dependability is lacking and when we call them out on it, all we got was attitude saying, "well it's a complimentary service."  Yes, but if you're going to offer something, don't do it half-assed.  Don't say it's available til 12 and let the shuttle driver leave at 11.  Don't say you'll pick us up and then pick up someone else and tell us to take a cab.  And what's worse is when we call to vent our frustration, Annie makes excuses for the shuttle driver, blames us and then hangs up on us.  We tried calling back a couple times but no one answered the phone.

    The next day we try to again explain our frustration to the front desk clerk, Jesse, who also proceeds to make excuses for the shuttle driver and for Annie (which btw, when we had asked for her name, he did everything he could to not tell us before finally telling us.. so who knows if Annie is even really her name but it was the blonde lady that worked Friday evening, January 29th, 2010).  Does anyone working there know anything about customer service?  How about an "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" just to appease your guest?  Regardless of whether it was your fault and never mind the policy "the customer is always right."  But just a simple "I'm sorry" goes a long way.  At the very least, the night the shuttle driver left early, the guy we spoke to offered to call us a cab, so we let that go.  But Annie was rude and unhelpful and we were almost willing to just let that go once we were able to say our peace to someone that cared, but then when we spoke with Jesse the next day, he didn't offer much sympathy.  So here I am on yelp now letting people know that to enjoy your time at Black Bear, stay away from the front desk staff, and especially away from Annie.  Though, I do want to add that the guy that helped check us in on Thursday before (the 28th) was actually very nice and he

    24/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Ashley B.
    I spent President's Day Weekend here back in February. The condo was large, spacious, and comfortable. The kitchen was fairly well stocked with spices, pans, and silverware, perfect for simple cooking. We had a hot tub on our deck, major bonus! The front desk was nice and helpful. Although this place is not ski in ski out, it is only a short walk to the lift. The only problem I had was the condo was not well cleaned. Although the top surfaces were clean, the beds were made daily and fresh towels put the bathroom, do not look under the furniture. We found socks that did not belong to us, crumbs, uneaten goldfish, overall not acceptable given the price.

    Everything but the cleaning job was very good.

    30/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Roger T.
    Another reviewer gave this place fewer stars because of the service. However, I rented this unit directly from the owner (online VRBO) and did not have to deal with the front desk. The condos are probably more like 4 stars, but I gave it 5 stars because of the location and the price (much less expensive than the higher end hotels). It is located mid mountain and only a 3 minute walk to the chair lift. The unit was clean, spacious, and comfortable. I would definitely stay here again on my next vacation to Deer Valley.

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. David M.
    This place has to be one of the best in all of Deer Valley.  It is hard to think of something else you would want or need. Here is a check list.  We had a large, clean and well decorated one bedroom, check.  Two bathrooms and washer & dryer, check. Full kitchen, two flat screen TVs and free Wifi that works as fast as yours at home, check. If that's not enough, how about an always hot jacuzzi tub on you balcony, with a great view of the skip slopes, check.  Oh yeah, baby. The location is very close to the Village at Silver Lake, which is mid-mountain and has all of your ski rental, lift tickets, and,of course, the lifts to take you to the top.  Need more?, ok, how about the FREE shuttle service into downtown Park City? I am sure there are other places to stay, but I don't see how they could be better than Black Bear Lodge. The next time we ski Deer Valley we will be back to visit The Bear!

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0