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Carriage House in Park City, UT

Carriage House in Park City, UT

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.18

Address: 1940 Prospector Ave, Park City, UT, 84060

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    Comments (11):

    1. Kumar D.
    The Carriage House was one of the few affordable spots in Park City that showed up on major travel sites like Orbitz.  The room was spacious and clean: master bed in one room, sleeper sofa in the living room with a privacy drape, and a full kitchen.  The building has a heated outdoor pool and indoor hot tub (emphasis on the hot).  Zeke at the front desk was very helpful and gave good suggestions.

    The Carriage House is located on three shuttle routes: one to Park City Mountain Resort and Main St, one straight to Main St, and one to the Canyons.  We skiied at PCMR one day and Canyons the other and it couldn't have been easier to get around without a car.

    I would have given this place four stars (for the value) but my wife didn't sleep well on account of the thin walls were very thin and uncomfortable bed.

    22/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. lee l.
    Unlike the other reviewers, I stayed here during the Sundance Film Festival, so our kitchenette apartment was *not* cheap, even though we had the discounted filmmaker rate. Everything in the room, however, was.

    The heater (a window unit) made a deafening noise whenever it was on. It got to the point that whenever I was in the room I had a headache. I asked the staff to fix it but no, actually that's the normal function. Which begs the question, no central heating in a ski resort!?!?

    The TV remote's batteries went dead and no one had any. Sorry suckers. The kitchenette was ridiculously old, and not in a charming way. We stayed for a week and there was ONE packet of coffee. The card in the room said housekeeping would change the towels and make the beds, but we later found out, nope they don't do beds. In fact, they only do 1 midweek cleaning which I practically had to beg for.

    The hot tub on the first floor would have been nice, IF there hadn't been a deafening fan in that room too. How to kill the awesomeness of a hot tub? Make it sound like an airport runway.

    This place needs a serious makeover from anyone who has just an inkling of what a comfortable place might be like. Or at least turn all the damn fans off. If this were some $50/night Motel 8 at least I'd be expecting it, but for over $200 night, it was atrocious.

    11/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Phu H.
    Ok I know we didn't book a 5 star hotel, but geez louise they should have at least the basic amenities. I'm talking about clean sheets and a working blow dryer. If they had replaced the the bloody sheet the first day we called instead of taking two days and having to go down to the front desk to get it myself I might have given them another star. The hair dryer exploded upon being turned on. The heater/AC is obnoxiously loud. Other than all that the place is rather cozy. The best thing about the place, there was hot water for at least one whole minute. If you don't mind a poorly run establishment and being minutes away from a few resorts this is the place for you.

    27/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Kenneth R.
    I was here as part of a large group, and I got a small apartment in the Carriage House: I had a bedroom, a separate bathroom and a common area with a kitchen nook and some living room space.  The apartment itself was no great shakes -- it could have used a deep cleaning, some fresh paint and a bit of modernizing.  On the other hand, the personnel at the C. H. were pleasant and helpful.  I suspect that my small condo, or whatever it was, receives plenty of large families and groups of college students in high season.  If there's room to sleep on the floor, you can fit another one in.

    My door was operated by a 6-digit key code that conceivably gets changed each time there's a new occupant.  I liked not having to carry a metal key or a key-card.  (Key cards tend to get de-magnetized at the most inconvenient moments.)  I kept with me the piece of paper that I received at check-in; it listed my code for entering the building and the code for entering the apartment.  On the other hand, I memorized both quick enough, so the process of getting into my place became super-easy.

    17/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Jenny B.
    This place is like a studio apartment equipped with kitchenette and just a small closet to hang your jackets. Probably around less than 400 square feet, shouldn't have more than 2 people in here, unless you want to feel claustrophobic. The location is pretty centralized between Park City and The Canyons, also there's a plaza with a great mexican food nearby as well. We got a pretty good deal for staying here, so we might come back in near future, we'll see.

    05/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Damien S.
    Well, you get what you paid for. The quality of the mattress in our room was remote at best.  The convertible sofa was half broken and did not include an any kind of mattress at all. The main room was overheated whereas the bedroom was getting frigidly cold. Just got enough hot water for two showers. The furniture was just outdated. Very low speed wifi connection. But easy to park, cheap prices. So if you're only looking for a place to sleep and not considering spending a lot of your time in this condo, then it may do the trick.

    01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Kellen T.
    My recommendation is to avoid this place and look elsewhere.

    Check in - The 'lobby' is behind a locked door accessible only by keypad combination. I was not notified of this or provided the keypad combination upon booking, so I was locked out in the cold with my luggage until another guest arrived and let me in. There is no receptionist, bellman, concierge, or any other staff on premises to help check you in or attend to any problems that come up. You are directed (via printout on the wall) to Skype video chat someone via an iPad mounted to the wall. Neither of the Skype contacts provided actually work (I was promptly hung up on each time I called) so you must dial a 3rd number via a separate telephone to actually speak with someone. The telephone has a bad connection so you must yell into the phone for the person on the other end to hear you. I had to yell my credit card information into the phone which felt sketchy and uncomfortable. The (receptionist?) on the phone mentioned that they were supposed to have created a 'welcome packet' for me with room #, room keypad code, parking pass, etc but that they had not done so. Instead they gave me the room number and code over the phone and told me I needed to drive to the Silver King hotel to pick up the parking pass. Very very frustrating, confusing, inconvenient, and uncomfortable check-in.

    The room - I booked the 'premium' studio. Amenities are supposed to be nicer than the standard rooms. I hate to think what the standard rooms look like. Our premium room was pretty basic. The pillows and linens were cheap and awful. The phone did not work at all. The thermostat did not work. The air conditioning unit was unplugged so we woke up freezing in the morning and had to figure out why the heater wasn't working. Once the heater was plugged in it was very noisy. The bathtub was cracked and peeling. The walls are very thin so you hear every conversation and stomp of feet from people above you and on each side of your shared walls. The people above us must have been nocturnal because they were extremely active and noisy from 10pm-6am. Our room was right above the entrance to the building which made it very noisy from people coming and going. Did I mention it was noisy?

    The atmosphere - overall feel of the building was low rent / dorm. The building and elevator were run down. There were holes in the walls, stains in the carpets, etc

    Finally, the few good things: the wifi is relatively fast. Our room had a kitchenette which was well stocked.

    I would not stay at this place again. There must be better options in the area.

    28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Paul W.
    We had to stay here after an emergency at home. The place we got was clean and okay for the price. We could not get the AC to work, then realized there were fans in the closet. The television would go out at times (Comcast) and the WiFi was very spotty in the room and area.

    17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. David O.
    I've spent a few weekend business trips here. The first time I came to Park City I staid at Carriage house and it was amazing. The internet was fast, hot tub was great, the pool was warm. And the Marriott is right next door so there was a bar within walking distance. A few things I found strange but not horrible, there are four doors into the buildings, but you can only get into the building by using one, not the closest to the two buses stops or the one closest to the Marriott.

    Because my first trip went so well, I decided to stay there again. The second time was horrible to say the least. The keypad at the front door didn't work, so I had to wait for another person to come and open it. When I got to my room, the carpet in front of my door was soaked as if someone had put the skis against the door and let all the snow melt before bringing them inside. The carpet in the stairwell was also soaking wet. Once in the room, all the windows were closed but there was a definite breeze coming in the room. When I set up my laptop for work the internet failed again, again, and again. I called the front desk I was told the each of the unit is individually owned and need to bring the window breeze to their attention. But the internet problem I could call the number on the website, I had to wait till the next day for the internet to be back up. Being on a business, internet was a big deal, so i had to got the the marriott to do my work. The remaining couple days I spent my time at the Marriott, instead of the room at carriage house.

    And recently, I came to Park City and again my employer put me up at Carriage House, again the internet failed over and over again. So again on this trip, I find myself sitting that the bar at the Marriott. I might at well stay there instead of Carriage House, the carpet is in good condition, nothing looks rundown, internet works great, they have people at the front desk all the time, the bar and resturant staff is great.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Kimberly L.
    We booked 4 nights at the Carriage House and only stayed 2 because the accommodations were just so unbearable.

    Starting with arriving: no front desk, you need to call and get codes for everything. People live here too, it's confusing and not maintained. A fire alarm warning was going off in the "lobby" the entire time we were there.

    The room looks nice, until you notice how dirty it is! Mirror scum, bathroom floors dirty, dust all over moldings, black mold on the ceiling in the bathroom, and every single dish and utensil had either lip marks, crusted on food, or was just plain dirty. Dust in the dresser drawers, fridge smells gross.

    The single pane windows are a double pain in my ass. The room retains NO heat and therefore the heater turns on for 5 minutes, then off for 5 minutes, then roars alive for 5 minutes... No joke. Our friends are staying in another room here and have the same issue. Also- noise. Poorly constructed, you hear all your neighbors at 2am. You hear them shoveling the sidewalks at midnight. You hear toilets flushing. Our coffee maker turned on in the middle of the night to brew a pot of water. At 3am. Unprovoked. Haunted? I'll leave that up to you. I'm just saying that neither of us filled the coffee reservoir with water, and on night 2, at 3am, starts brewing a pot of hot water. Not safe!

    Huge water heater fills the closet, yet the hot water ran out in my 15 min shower. Too scared to take a bath because I'm worried about what will crawl out of the tubes in the jetted tub. Gross.

    The bed! It's so extremely uncomfortable, sounds like a child's bed with the diaper protection? Bedding isn't warm either. Creaks and cracks, which wakes me up every time someone moves.

    In conclusion, if you're a hard sleeper and don't really give a crap- this place is for you! It's fairly cheap (100-190/night depending on the nights of our stay) and on a bus line. But- if you're like me- a light sleeper who needs a good nights rest to function, don't stay here.

    I'm here in the lodge at park city mountain, not skiing, because I'm fvcking tired. Waste of a day pass. Excited to stay elsewhere tonight, finally get some sleep and get a good day of skiing in tomorrow.

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Rock G.
    I WAS an owner for six or seven years, and this complex has a spectacular HOA.  They take turns being board members, and each seems to have been a professional in their position at some point in the past.
    I have experienced amazing upgrades, and amazing upkeep, despite guarantees like the new roof "going south".  Somehow, they got it together and kept upgrading, I left a much better property than I arrived to.  The economy was the only reason I lost $$ on this property.
    I used "Crash Pads" to manage my unit, so I had none of the problems that all the other owners had using the half dozen rental management services--and I brought in more $$.  If you are good at managing your own rentals, there would be more $.
    The only downside, is the company the HOA has managing the building for them, and as long as they are in place, your investment is at risk.  This company, ACS, is not even a one star company as far as responsibility goes.  While anyone can seem to be a superstar when everything goes well, Their ethics are exposed when how they handle (or more importantly do not handle or avoid) the situation. This company enjoys seeming like they are good because of the spectacular HOA board.  In reality, if anything goes wrong, and needs a few minutes attention, the owner loses.  ACS should have no greater financial responsibility than selling lemonade at a Farmers market or perhaps managing a dollar store as long as they own it.
    As far as staying as a guest, you won't lose as long as you read the ratings and reviews and are aware of the few limitations that exist.  Each unit is individually owned with each owner arranges a company to handle rentals.  The Carriage House as a building, as common area amenities will not be a cause of disappointment.
    Just do not consider buying a unit as long as ACS is managing the building.

    Ignore the generic pictures of units, as each one is individually decorated and furnished, some great and lavish, others way too basic--for similar rates.

    It has been pointed out to me that Carriage house deserves a MUCH lower rating sine they chose ACS.  If they keep ACS beyond the annual meeting in December, I will change this to 2 star overall...but as a past owner, not a guest.

    25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0