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Club Lespri Inn & Spa in Park City, UT

Club Lespri Inn & Spa in Park City, UT


We offer world class facilities in an Olympic destination. Whether a romantic getaway, family outing or corporate retreat, these luxuriously appointed accommodations offer guests an intimate escape within the Lespri mansion.


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Rating: 3.67

Address: 1765 Sidewinder Dr, Park City, UT, 84060
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Comments (6):

1. Madster L.
Sadly, I must review Lespri again and it is not a favorable review. Please note that I almost never leave a negative review, even if I have a less than great experience but the rudeness I experienced was dissapointing enough that I have chosen to update my review.   The hotel tonight app offered a room for $100 ($118 a night total with resort fee and taxes included) I booked directly with the hotel to save them the fee they pay hotel tonight and they thanked me by overcharging me. I was very polite and questioned the amount. I was then told it was wrong and another invoice was sent that again was overcharging me. When I called, I reached a man that had zero customer service, was incredibly rude and told me that the girl that assisted me my first stay was let go because of all of her mistakes (really? completely unprofessional!)  I then called to go over the invoice with Sara (Guest services Manager)  and instead of honoring the rate that hotel tonight gave, she essentially said sorry I ever gave you a discount to begin with and that hotel tonight is incorrect in their pricing. Again, really?  I will say that Lespri has beautiful rooms but not honoring a price that even today is on hotel tonight and speaking rudely to a customer, especially that had written their first review on yelp over a mere $25. RIDICULOUS.  My review of the restaurant remains and that team of employees, from the servers to the chefs should teach Sara and her team a thing or two about Great customer service!

14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Silva M.
Had a rough start with a condo that didn't have hot water, a working tv nor shades in the master bedroom--but once we explained it to manager Pat, we were upgraded and treated like royalty.  I loved our stay.  We are work out junkies, and the gym was FANTASTIC especially trainer Laurie Kitts--you MUST get a session with this beautiful and FIT trainer--you will not be disappointed.  An avid gym rat for years, she taught me moves that worked me and my fiance in ways I could not believe.  A wonderful experience from start to finish!!!

03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Wendy S.
Loved our stay. They only have 6 rooms but we loved our stay. Rooms are huge and had a kitchenette. They didn't have a stove but a mirowave and fridge. They had dishes to use and dishwasher. Nice fireplace. Bathroom had a sunken tub--although not jetted. Staff very friendly and helpful. We stayed 2 nights and did't have one problem. Rooms cozy and the king bed was the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on and the pillows were just as comfy. Would stay there again. Bought great deal on a groupon. Sites of Park City are amazing and we had plenty to keep us busy on our stay.  They do not have a swimming pool but had a nice work out room and a sushi bar and restaurant on the main floor.  Thanks Lespri!!

19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Brenda S.
Do you have to actually give a star? I can't tell you how dissatisfied & dissapointed I am for booking a stay here.
I saw a Groupon for a stay at Lespri & thought it sounded like a nice romantic place to stay for my anniversary...They advertise themselves as a boutique hotel that has a fabulous steak & sushi restaraunt inside the hotel! "Wow I thought after reading their website & seeing the beautiful restaurant with it's delicious looking pictures & great sounding menu..this place sounds perfect for a romantic getaway for my husband & I "
But since I always read reviews, I took to a couple of sites that other guests had heartily complained about this wonderful sounding place, saying that it's dirty, & loud & they put you in a room overlooking a parking lot.. Woah I thought this doesn't sound good, maybe I'd better keep looking.. But my husband & I had stayed in a boutique hotel in San Diego when we got married & it was perfect, quaint & overall a wonderful experience.
So I bought the Groupon, & armed with my knowledge of the parking lot I called to make my reservation .. Upon which I kindly asked the woman making the reservation to "please put us in a room that isn't overlooking the parking lot" she assured me that I would not be by a parking lot, she could promise me that because with only 6 rooms she had control. I thanked her & mentioned how greatful I was since this was our anniversary stay & my husband & I had to request time off work several months ago so we were really looking forward to coming to Park City.
So with my mind at ease about our room, I thought this sounds great, a nice romantic room & quiet :) ahh thanks fellow reviewers for saving me there. Now time to make a dinner reservation in the romantic steak & sushi place onsite.. So I quickly booked our 8:00pm reservation for 2, & eagerly anticipated our stay.
The day arrived and we drove 2 hrs to the hotel arriving at around 6ish thinking we could unwind before dinner. Upon pulling into the parking lot we noticed th 7-11 directly across the parking lot & the people outside the hotel loitering (I say this because of their age & appearance) but we saw a man in a suit open the door & ventured in.
As you walk in you see what appears to be a very nice restaurant to your left & a chaotic kitchen to your right..we were concerned thinking we went in the wrong door since it looked like we were in a restraunt waiting area, not a hotel lobby..but after waiting to be greeted we sheepishly asked if we were in the right place? We have hotel reservations. Yes the man assured us, & we proceeded to check in. We then asked if the restaurant to the left was where we would be dining since it's our anniversary & it looked just as I had hoped..dark wood, wine , & candles..the man informed us that there was a large party in the sports bar so it would be noisey & packed ..we said we weren't concerned, we had an 8pm reservation so we figured they had room for us.
We then were told our room was upstairs, take the elevator to the left..we'll after locating it we soon discovered it was out of service. Ahh 3 flights of stairs yay.. But not to worry, we were both so hungry & excited about the restaurant, that stairs didn't seem to matter.
Then the room, nice yes with a cozy bed & fireplace things looked good. But outside our window was the parking lot & 7-11! Dismayed yes, but we closed the blinds & changed into our nice clothes for our romantic dinner.
Walking back down 3 flights of stairs we found the sports bar thinking a drink before dinner would be nice, but soon saw that there was no real seating just a long table against the wall looking out at another parking lot & construction..still undaunted we ordered drinks & waited for 8pm. Then as we prepared to tab out to head to the dining area we were informed there wasn't room in there for us, but they had sports bar patio seating. "Uh what? We have reservations!" so I headed to the front desk where the same man who knew we had 8pm anniversary dinner reservations then informed me that we in fact couldn't sit in the nice dining area because it was full.
I was so upset at that point I wanted to cry, but we got a cab & went to a wonderful restaurant Edge steakhouse, where we were treated like royalty & we gladly paid for a $200.00 dinner because we had an exceptional meal & a staff that is so kind I kicked myself for not just booking there in the first place. (Speaking of booking, I called 30 minutes before we arrived & they seated us promptly & the chef made us a souflet to die for upon hearing it was our anniversary)

Next morning I was awoken at 5am by noise, banging of dumpsters,traffic & music! I can't stress enough how upset I am, I will NEVER stay at the Lespri again, & if you read reviews, know that they are all true. This place sucks!

08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Dane N.
I've eaten at Lespri many times- the restaurant deserves 5 stars for sure, but the rooms were just as classy 2 weekends ago. Rented two with my girlfriend and some friends from out of town and they were clean and big and the staff was pleasant and sweet. I think they've cleaned up their act based on some less than stellar experiences I've read about. Give them a chance!

12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Kara B.
Wow! I can't believe I'm the first to review this place. Property management company, day spa, sushi bar, wine bar, steakhouse and hotel in Park City in an amazing location only a minute from the resorts. The rooms were equip with a fireplace, coat hangers, huge spa tub, upgraded room and all. I felt like I was in London and its boutique style had so much charm and made me feel so comfortable. If you are looking for a unique experience or getaway, I would highly recommend. Very affordable. Only complaint I had was there was no jacuzzi, but the long bath made up for it. Thank you for such a wonderful stay. I won't forget this one.

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0