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The Sky Lodge in Park City, UT

The Sky Lodge in Park City, UT

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.60

Address: 201 Heber Ave, Park City, UT, 84068

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    Comments (15):

    1. John E.
    it stinks in the hotel

    28/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Dave L.
    We had our guests stay at the Sky Lodge for our wedding weekend this past September, and we all were treated like kings.  The hotel manager Chris went out of her way to make sure our stay along with the needs of our guests, such as transportation and meals were all taken care of.  Chris worked with us months ahead, and came up with solutions for our problems before we even thought of them.  The rooms along with the Penthouse which we rented out for a night are ridiculous wonderful and large.  The Sky Bar at the roof on the back is a spectacular place to hang out with friends around the fire pits.   We also hosted our rehearsal dinner at their restaurant Easy Street and the food was amazing.  All in I could not think of a better place to host, party and stay in Park City than at the Sky Lodge.
      The only downside was the lack of personnel to help out at the front desk at times, but they were still always able to accommodate us and help our guests.   I would definitely recommend having guests of a party stay here, and hosting any functions at the Sky Lodge given the wonderful and kind team Chris has put together.  

    Thank you!  

    02/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. E.M. B.
    The Sky Lodge is my absolute dream of a place! I am from Park City, but my husband worked at Sky last season, and we would have 'staycations'. The rooms are amazing, and since it is a small, boutique hotel, they are all different. Most of them have hot tubs on the deck, and two that we stayed in had pool tables. The rooms are all super modern and encompass all sorts of awesomeness! Easy Street, the restaurant, is nothing less than orgasmic! I will have to review that separately. The rooftop bar (Sky Blue) is so chic, and is a hidden secret of PC. The bar has a deck hot tub as well, flat screens, a nice variety of booze, and friendly bartenders (Cody is the best!). I secretly hoped my now-husband would have proposed on the deck overlooking PC (though I can't argue with him proposing over the ocean in Mexico, side note!). Sky is pricey, and there's no way we could have stayed there without his beyond rad discount, but if you are a baller walking around with mad-bills, STAY AT SKY. I love St. Regis and Waldorf, but Sky is without a doubt my number one.

    04/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Jennifer D.
    What can I say? I didn't actually stay here but got a chance to check out some rooms. They're beautifully appointed and this would be an ideal place to stay with a wedding party or any other group. A tranquil spa with great energy is tucked away downstairs. If the massages are half as good as the vibe, they'd be well worth it.

    16/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Janine R.
    You drive up and are greeted by a huge outdoor fireplace that is so elegant and pretty. The front desk people welcome you, sit you down, and find you a room. It has a small hotel sort of feel to it, though I'm not sure how big it actually is.

    I don't know how we wound up getting a room the size of a one-bedroom apartment, but I'm not complaining. The TV sinks in and out of the bureau in the bedroom so if you don't want one, you can just push a button: voila! We went during the off season (late November) and it was ridiculous cheap. Like $300 (note during peak season it's more around $750) for our massive room with kitchen with stainless steel appliances, living room, dining table, balcony with mini hot tub!!!!!!! Unfortunately I had the flu so I did not get to try it.

    I'm not sure why the bathroom is so huge though...it seems like there is a lot of wasted space. I think the floor is marble or some kind of stone and the counters in the kitchen are granite and all is oh so elegant. Also, they say it is designed with the environment in mind, not sure how, but feel better about your extravagance!

    There is not bath tub in the room we were in, just a huge, sexy shower, but remember the outdoor, private hot tub! OOOOh. And a tiny little old-fashioned shaped fireplace in the bedroom!

    12/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Kim c.
    RUN DON'T WALK FROM THIS HOTEL!!!!!  It may look pretty on the outside but  it is UGLY on the inside, meaning the management! We were supposed to have our wedding reception here Aug 10, 2013.  The management was so horrible that even though we already had our invitations sent out with the information on it, my fiance and I decided it was worth it  to switch venues with only 6 weeks to go.  The GM will NOT take any responsibility for anything! Here is what happened, I initially talked to the salesman Terry and he was great.  He sold me on the place.  We worked everything out and we sent in our deposit. Literally the next day Terry sent me an email (not the hotel)  saying he was no longer with the hotel and gave me the name of who would be taking over our event. The girls taking over the "events" for the hotel were the receptionists.  These poor girls were just thrown into this.  They actually admitted to me that they were just handed our  file and they didn't know what was going on.  Mind you,we live in Phoenix so we can't just run up there and see what is going on.  After many emails and phone calls trying to get through to them how my name was spelled, the hotel finally hired an outside events company to come in and run their events.  I was thrilled. Jenny, from the events company, Finishing Touches, knew her stuff and was hired to come in and do the dirty work for the manager. The dirty work being... having to move our event to a different room because of the liquor laws.  I couldn't have minors in the original room.  I had asked about this from the very beginning because I knew Utah had some very restrictive liquor laws. I was told not to worry about it.  Anyhow, I was ok with this.  There were a lot of weddings that were moved to a location that did not work out for them.  I loved working with Jenny and I was so happy the hotel had the wherewithal to hire their services.  Maybe 2 weeks of working with Jenny I had sent her an email regarding my menu.  She then returned the email telling me the hotel no longer needed their services. She was not allowed to contact me about this unless I had contacted her.   They (the hotel) DID NOT even send me a preemptive email telling me this with a new contact person.  At this point I have had it.  Long story short, I asked for compensation for the trouble and hassle they put me through and the GM BRENDA NAGLE, argued with me. She tried to blame it on her former employees.  I told her flat out that her employee drama should NOT be my problem.  The only thing BRENDA NAGLE did right was tell me she would be more than happy to give me my deposit back so I could find another venue.  They refunded all my money back quicker than anything else they did for me. This is supposed to be a 5 star hotel.  We have chosen Hotel Park City to host our reception and they have been SO amazing! They spent an hour with me on the phone discussing options before I even decided to switch venues. My fiance and I finally feel like we are dealing with a real hotel.

    02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Sasha N.
    You basically never have to leave the room unless it is  to saunter down main street and get on a shuttle and meet famous people en route to an obscure movie... oh sundance!

    28/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Lisa P.
    The best part of this place is the staff--they really know the meaning of customer service! A few of the amenities were not available b/c we were there just prior to The Sundance Film Festival but Todd, the manager, made sure our stay was wonderful! It is no wonder the staff is so good!  We stayed in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom sky suite.  The bedrooms and bathrooms were very large; the sitting area was cozy but there was so much to do since the place was so conveniently located it didn't matter.  The rooms were immaculate and we had a 2 person hot tub on our balcony.  Would recommend requesting a higher floor towards the front for the best views of the mountains and town.

    22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Bonnie F.
    I wish there were more than 5 stars for this terrific boutique hotel. I just returned from a girl's ski trip and a stay at The Sky Lodge.  I honestly can't say enough about the location, service, accommodations, and attention to details.  First, the room is hip yet warm and inviting.  We had a two bedroom suite with a beautiful view of Park City Mountain Resort and the Town Lift.  There was plenty of room and lots of little extras that make it super comfortable.  My friend and I both commented that whomever designed it thought about what a woman might like.  Plenty of the rooms have their own hot tubs. Ours did not (sadly) but there are two other community hot tubs that we used.  Turndown service includes bottled water.  Our room had a great little kitchen with a coffee maker that was stocked with Peet's coffee and all the necessary  sweeteners and creamers.

    The employees are extremely helpful and friendly.  The concierges Sara and Carla both helped us with many (and I mean many) requests with a smile.  The hotel also has a shuttle van that will take you to the lifts or even to a restaurant if they are not too busy. Our drivers were also always helpful and friendly.  Diego was particularly sweet as he always helped us haul our gear after a long day of skiing.  The van always was stocked with bottles of Dasani water to quench our ever present thirst.  One night I forgot my gloves at a restaurant and they insisted it was no problem to just run and get my gloves.

    The bar on the roof is a pretty cool little spot and a great way to end a long day.  Most days we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant and it was well-priced and absolutely delicious but that can wait for another review.  Lastly, the location is perfect.  You are right off of Main Street and can easily walk to restaurants, shopping, and PCMR Town Lift.

    12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Cristie E.
    The Sky Lodge is an absolute dream of a hotel. Perfect in every way possible, from check in to check out. Located right off the main street in Park City, you are walking distance from the best dining in town and the bars. Need to go somewhere else, perhaps check out Deer Valley? Fear not, the hotel has a private van that can take you anywhere you need to go and the drivers are extremely nice and helpful. The van will also drop you off everyday at the base of the mountain. We didn't even have to worry about ski storage, the shuttle takes care of everything for you!

    Beyond the transportation, the employees are polite, knowledgeable, and professional. They are will help with anything you may need throughout your vacation. My condo was spacious and well decorated- it even had a pool table in the living room! The beds were so comfortable, we asked the front desk who makes it so we can look into buying one. I had a good nights sleep every night I was there, which is ideal when you are vacationing.

    The spa was also fantastic. II had a complimentary sea salt bath which was absolutely perfect after a day of hard skiing. The hotel also has an indoor pool with jacuzzi (your muscles will thank you after skiing all day) and a rooftop bar (chic, chic, chic). The lobby also has an outdoor patio with a fire, which is sublime with a apres ski drink in your hand.

    Will I be coming back to the Sky Lodge?  100% Yes.

    24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Gus J.
    Simply the WORST.  Do not even think about staying here.  Pricey.  Inattentive staff that has been turned over numerous times since this place opened.  Mentioning to locals that your staying at the Sky and you will find out what everyone else seems to have known for a long time.  So many better choices.

    16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Denis B.
    If there wou d be less than one star I would use it.  Our recent stay was  DISASTER!The first day we were there there was a  rotten smell in our room.  It smelled like sewage.  The front desk said they would look into it.  Nothing changed.  The second day was worse. The odor was sickening. They said they would look into it. Nothing happened.  They then said they would comp one of the two nights and the parking.  When I received my Amex bill they added $105 for a "resort fee" and was told I had to pay it.  We only used the room and nothing else.
    The irony of it all was we were one of only two rooms rented in the entire hotel. One of the employees admitted that they had the same problem constantly in our room and three others.  Why would they put you in a room that they knew stunk to high heavens when they were empty ??????

    Their general manager obviously doesn't care about customers.

    12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Gwen A.
    If I could give zero stars I would. Horrible experience!! We had been shopping for a wedding venue and came across Sky & Main. I had been to the hotel before and it seemed clean and quaint with a decent location. I began to go over plans via email with their coordinator. We did pricing, menu, room rates etc. I wanted to take my fiancé up to go over everything before we finalized the plans, and thank god we did. When we arrived we were greeted and shown the property. While we were going over everything Alexandra, who was in charge of events, slipped in the word construction. She stated that it 'should be done in time.' Of course hearing this as a bride I wanted to be sure so she stated that she would be meeting with the contractor in the next week and would email me shortly after to update me. A few days after the date she said she'd contact me I had heard nothing. I emailed and left voicemails with no return. Finally two weeks after she said she would let me know I got through to her on the phone. During our conversation she informed me that she had not yet heard from the contractor. I asked why she had not informed me over the last few weeks and she had no response. She then followed with telling me that I should just find a new venue! I have been working with this company for two months to get everything set  for our wedding just to be told that I should just find a new venue 2 1/2 months before our wedding!!!! There were no apologies, returned phone calls to the manager etc. How this place is still in business I do not understand. Horrible service. Horrible communication. I will be letting everyone I know that this is an unethical, ridiculous place and to not waste their time with it.

    13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Kris D.
    It's my understanding that this property recently underwent a change in management. Reading the negative reviews here, I just can't believe we are reviewing the same hotel and staff. Please head over to Trip Advisor for more recent, and much more accurate reviews including mine:

    Incredible Service, Fantastic Location, Luxury Boutique Hotel

    My Dad and I just returned from 4 amazing nights at Main & Sky (The Sky Lodge). Immediately upon booking, the customer service agents were so attentive and on top of everything! They immediately arranged for transportation from the airport, and inquired about any other assistance or arrangements we would need. Upon arrival Monday night we were lucky enough to be upgraded from a two bedroom suite to a residence with a hot tub on the deck! There was a bottle of wine, welcome desserts, fruit and Danish basket, breakfast parfaits in the fridge for the morning, as well as a $100 credit to their restaurant Tavern.  What a wonderful way to be welcomed!! The residence was a fantastic dual master. Each bedroom had a fireplace, beautiful soaking tub that fills from the ceiling, Bose sound system, bathrobes, and the comfiest beds. The bathrooms even had little TVs to watch while soaking.  

    We were hoping to stock the fridge with a few beers as well, and the most amazing customer service agent ever, Ian, offered to run down to the local brewery and pick-up craft beer for us while we unpacked!  After Ian returned from the brewery (in no time) we started chatting with him about the different resorts in the area and where we should go - Park City, Canyons, Deer Valley). He told us that the resort offers free transportation to all 3 resorts and offered to show us around Canyons in the morning since it was our first time in Park City. In the morning, we met Ian in the lobby and he took us down to the garage where he had already loaded all of our gear into a brand new Acura SUV (Main & Sky is sponsored by Acura so they have like 5 brand new SUVs to drive guests around town in). We hopped in the back and in less than 10 mins we were in front row parking at Canyons. Ian recognized that I didn't have anything to cover my face from the wind/snow and so he came to the rescue and offered me one of his fleece neck gators to keep warm. Boy did that save the day!! When we were ready to be picked up, we just gave the resort a call and one of the black Acuras was at the bottom of the lift in no time. The Ski Valet adjacent to the garage was super convenient with hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and glove and boot warmers/dryers ready for you as soon as you hop out of the car.
    The hotel couldn't have a better location - right in between the bottom of Main Street and the Town Lift.  Every morning, the staff asked if we would like a ride to a resort, but we really enjoyed being able to walk to the lift.

    I can't say enough about the entire staff at Main & Sky, in particular - Ian. He was so attentive and helpful, gave great advice, waved hello when we saw him on Main Street, and really made us feel like we had an awesome friend in a town we had never visited before. The staff at this hotel is truly all about going the extra mile for their guests. We will absolutely return and hope to find that Ian has been promoted to a manager!

    06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Petro D.
    This place, in short, is the cat's meow!  I love it. I travel a ton and stay at a lot of hotels. This place stands out. They have customer service down to a science. We've stayed here twice. Both times for spring skiing. The first time we stayed here, I asked the front desk for plastic cups that we could use for putting alcohol in. They told me they did not and apologized over and over. The second time we stayed here we checked into our room to find a bottle of wine, a tray of chocolates, a hand written welcome letter and A SLEEVE OF RED SOLO CUPS!  Our two stays were a year apart and they remembered we wanted plastic cups!!!  Where does that happen anymore?!??

    From the moment you arrive at the Sky Lodge you feel like a VIP. They offer complimentary shuttle service to anywhere local. If you have skis they check them for you, put your boots on driers and make sure everything is ready for you in the morning. SIMPLY FANTASTIC.

    The lobby attendants and valet are friendly and quick to answer any questions or requests. The rooms are luxurious. The service is exceptional. They offer both morning cleaning and evening turn down. This is a great location for restaurants and nightlife as all are walking distance.

    Now the only reason I didn't give five stars is because they have put their rooftop hot tub out of order. We used to love this amenity. It's the only thing missing after a day on the slopes. There is still an indoor hot tub on the first floor but it's not the same as having the fresh air.

    All in all, this place is so worth it. I strongly recommend this hotel for anyone planning on staying in the Park City area.

    Book it.

    Do it.

    11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0